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08-16-2009, 12:31 PM
Valerie made an appointment at a photo studio for some boudoir photos for her husband. She is 37 years old, 34A-28-36. Her outfit consists of the dress, 69 yard stifff petticoat, white garter belt, stockings and 3 inch high heels. She is excited yet......The first photo has been taken....now what happens?:pa

(you can be her, the photgrapher or a third party. Be descriptive of her feelings and body. Let's have some fun);boobjump;

06-17-2010, 12:23 AM
She has made anotherappointment.....

10-17-2010, 07:17 PM
Valierie is clearly attractive, yet also stiff. Boudior photos for her husband should be taken in stages. Starting with her removing her dress and showing herself in her lingerie. Then she ought to remove her bra nd show off her breasts by putting her hand under them and displaying them in a seductive manner. Her husband will definitely be aroused when Valerie displays her round pink youthful buttocks. Surely her husband would love to see her presenting herself in a bold knee chest position. If you are further interested you may contact me privately at: shore.richard@gmail.com

07-10-2012, 03:08 AM
Valerie is told by the photographer if she wants to look hot and sexy for her husband, she has to really feel like that, then it will show on camera.
"How do I do that"? she asks.
You have to get horny, the photographer tells her.
"Oh, she thinks for a moment, I would like to, but how do I get horny here?

The photographer calls in his assistant and asks her to handle the camera for him.

He smiles at Valerie, do you find me attractive?

Yes, she stutters, he sits down beside her and starts running one hand very lightly up her thigh.

I am going to kiss you now, and he bent his lips to hers and took her tongue into his mouth.
With his other arm he held her tightly.

Valerie began to moan. She didn't realize but she opened her legs, slightly.

The Photographer began to kiss and lick Valeries neck until he reached her pretty, pink stiff nipples, poking through the sheer material of her teddy.
She gasped as he took her nipple between his teeth.
He bit and licked and sucked until Valerie was moaning and gasping.

More more she begged, oh my God please suck them, hard.