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(It's been way too long since the last chapter, so I doubt anyone really cares anymore, but... yeah... here's lesson 15. ("~_~))

"Attention! Do not read any... further if you are... either too young... not allowed... to view this... kind of content... in your region... area... whatever... offended by this... kind of material... or related to... the author... by blood!" Lupin gasped out the words as he and Tina ran through the night air, trying to catch the crow with the key. "In other... words: Read... at your... own... risk!"

"Who are you talking to?" Tina asked as she continued running along beside Lupin. Her face was reddened not directly because of the running, but because the ben wa balls were getting as much a workout as she was.

"Um... look! The crow dropped the key!" Lupin exclaimed as he pointed toward the crow. Sure enough, the heart-shaped key fell from the crow's beak and landed... in the back of a pick-up truck. Before either Lupin or Tina could react, the truck was already pulling away. "Aw, c'mon!"






The gym... well... what was left of it, anyway, echoed the grunts and groans the two girls made as they exchanged blows. Synn's destructive tonfa left huge holes in the walls, floor, and ceiling. Motoko's deadly blade left giant cuts in the walls, floor, and ceiling. The windows were shattered and remnants of the lights littered the floor. One of the basketball hoops was torn clean off and the bleachers were crushed right down the middle.

Both of the girls decided to take their fight up in the rafters. They jumped around from beam to beam, trying to get a good hit on the other. Synn was not just good at using her tonfas for causing massive damage to her enemies, but she was also good at defending herself with them. Motoko, on the other hand, only had one blade to defend herself with, but her skill, technique, and footwork more than made up for that. After their weapons clashed for the umpteenth time, they dropped back down onto the gym floor.

The auras they exuded were powerful and conflicted against each other. The opposing forces pushed against each other, attempting to exert dominance over the other. The strength of these two girls was so strong that even a normal person could see the brilliant mixture of red and blue light enveloping the entire gym. They swirled about the room, doing their best to protect their respective generals of this miniature war.

"Something is different about you," Motoko stated as she allowed the tip of her blade to hover just an inch off the ground. She tightly gripped the hilt with her right hand while her left fist was raised in a guarding position.

"These arms and legs aren't the same ones as last time," Synn explained with a cocky grin on her face. "They're at least ten times more durable. Even these tonfa are made of stronger stuff, so don't expect a repeat of last time."

"I did not," Motoko replied as she brought her blade up. She pointed the tip directly upwards and pressed the palm of her hand against the back of the sword. After that, she pointed the tip up and away from herself as she gripped the hilt with both hands. "This fight is of a much higher level than the last, to be sure, but the end... will be the same."

"....." Synn narrowed her eyes into thin angry slits right before she charged directly toward her opponent.

Title: WTF High's School Defence Force - Lesson XV
Class: 4D
Room: 104

"Crap..." Lupin muttered as he watched the truck pull away.

"No!" Tina cried out as she quickly ran to chase after the truck. "NonononononoNO!!!"

Tina continued running after the truck, but of course there was absolutely no way she was going to catch it. When the truck was a good distance away, Tina slowed to a stop, gasping for breath. Her eyes were wide and filled with fear for she was sure the key was now gone for good.

"Hey... Tina?" Lupin walked past Tina and stopped in front of her. He took off his backpack and dropped it to the ground. He crouched down and said, "Get on."


Several Days ago...

Zero (previously known as Thirteen and Spike, later to be known as Fallout and Lupin) was learning to get the hang of controlling his territory. He stood knee-deep in the cool water with the sun blaring down upon him. His eyes were closed in deep concentration as he focused on maintaining his aura. He could feel everything that was happening in his aura as though it were an extension of his body. No... His aura really was an extension of his body. Now that he understood that, he found it easier to maintain and control.

Testing out the limits of his territory, he brought it back in toward him, but without having it drawn back into his body. Instead, he tightened the energy around himself, forcing it to increase in concentration. It was as though he were weaving together armour of energy for himself. Soon, his territory was limited to within an inch from his skin. Despite the thin layer of what was essential nothingness, he felt... invulnerable. He felt as though nothing could-


A rock smashed into his face, shattering into a million pieces. Well... the rock, anyway. Zero's face was fine.

"Nice defence, Zero!" Motoko exclaimed happily from the beach.

"You could've killed me!" Zero exclaimed with an incredulous look on his face.

"But I did not," Motoko grinned. "I am sorry, but I could not resist. Your aura looked so strong and sturdy that I just had to test it out."

"You could've killed me!" Zero repeated.

"I know and again, I am sorry," Motoko waved off what she did as though it were some harmless prank. "But you should be happy! You have already come so far. Your aura is now usable!"

"Um... Well... I guess," Zero shrugged his shoulders. "I mean... yeah! It's cool! It's like I'm wearing armour! Didn't feel a thing when that rock hit me."

"....." Motoko studied Zero's face thoughtfully, and then asked, "You are not satisfied?"

"Well um... it's not that, I mean..." Zero stammered, trying to piece together his thoughts. "I just... I guess I was hoping for something a little more. I feel more protected and stuff, but... I don't feel any stronger. Wait... Hold on."

Zero's attention was on a large boulder conveniently placed on the beach within walking distance. Motoko watched as her friend walked toward the boulder, stopping right in front of it. She quirked an eyebrow when Zero bent down to grab it. It was pretty comical, since the boulder was as tall as he was.

"Hurgh!" Zero grunted as he tried to lift the boulder until his face turned purple. When it didn't work, he stopped and took a few deep breaths. He turned his attention toward a smaller boulder that was right beside the first one. "Eh heh... maybe I should try a smaller one."

"You do that," Motoko replied indifferently. Where'd those boulders come from, anyway?

"Hurgh!" Zero grunted again as he attempted to lift the smaller boulder, but to no avail. After a good two minutes of trying, he gave up. "I knew it. I didn't get stronger at all."

"Do not be so sure of that," Motoko replied as she stood beside Zero. "Physical abilities such as strength, speed, and endurance are not really the point of spiritual energy. They increase as your spiritual energy grows, for sure, but that is not what your aura is used for. Instead of lifting the boulder, try punching it instead."

"Eh? You mean like this?" Zero punched the larger boulder. His fist made a soft thud, but other than that, nothing happened.

"Right, but this time, concentrate all of your energy into your fist right before impact," Motoko explained. "You may need to make a few practice punches before-"



The boulder was gone.

"....." Both of them stared at the empty spot where the boulder once sat.

"Yes, just like that," Motoko replied, unfazed by the explosion. "You should probably be more careful, though. We would not want an accident like that happening again, after all."


"Get... get on? What are you..." Tina's head was swimming. Most of her mind was already on her lost key, so she had a hard time comprehending Lupin's words.

"Just trust me... okay?" Lupin looked back and up at Tina with a surprisingly determined look on his face.

"....." Tina wordlessly obeyed and got on Lupin's back. Her cheeks flushed when she felt Lupin's hands on her ass. She wrapped her arms tightly around her classmate's shoulders and rested her head against his neck.

"Right... here we go..." Lupin mumbled to himself as he unsteadily started walking. He gritted his teeth and started going faster.

"What are you... oh..." Tina's voice faltered as she felt that familiar feeling from the football field. She shuddered visibly as she felt the strange air envelope her completely.

Lupin's aura was coming out in full force as it covered him and the girl on his back. He concentrated on the shape and form of his dark blue aura until that familiar and protective armour was back. It was a thin layer about a quarter-inch thick, but it was pure and concentrated energy. Lupin was used to the pressure, especially considering it was his own, but for Tina it was overwhelming.

The dark blue aura was filled with strong emotions that intruded upon Tina's consciousness. The small atmosphere that made up of only the space being occupied by those two students was far heavier than the outside world. The overwhelmed girl could barely see past the barrier. It was as though she entered a completely different world. Her heart raced and her blood boiled. Was it fear she felt? No... It wasn't fear at all. What she felt was... excitement.

Tina hadn't felt nearly this excited in her entire life! She no longer felt as though the energy was pressing up against her. No... This time she felt as though she had become a part of it. The aura passed easily through her and filled her from head to toe. She did not know what the ocean smelled like, but she was sure that that was what she smelled. The scent of the ocean filled her nostrils and the raging waves pounding into each other dominated her ears. The aura comforted her... protected her... caressed her...

Squeezing her arms tightly and pressing her chest up against Lupin's back, she stifled a moan of a pleasure. Her face turned as red as a tomato once she realized what she was doing, but was unable to stop herself. For the first time in two weeks she felt something caress her dripping wet pussy. A noticeably dark spot was growing on the seat of her jeans as she felt an unseen force move in and out of her. She felt a tingling sensation on the tail bone of her spine and various spots on her back. It was unlike anything she ever felt before. To top it all off, the ben wa balls that were currently trapped inside her pussy were going off like crazy, causing jolts with each step Lupin took.

Lupin was way too focused at the moment to notice what was happening on his back. He felt something wet on his hands, but figured that his palms were getting sweaty. He noticed Tina's breathing was getting heavy, but just figured that she was overwhelmed by the speed they were going at. He definitely noticed Tina's breasts press tightly against his back, but also knew that he had to concentrate as much as possible or they were both dead.

By using the same concept as the explosive punch, Lupin was able to turn his aura into a rocket to propel himself forward into dangerous speeds. To protect himself and Tina from the continuous explosions, he encased both of them in a thin yet protective layer of armour. There were also mini-explosions happening on the soles of his feet every time he kicked against the ground, allowing him some degree of control over his ridiculously fast dash over the busy highway. He was making his way past stunned drivers as he manoeuvred between vehicles. He inched closer and closer toward the truck with Tina's key.

"Almost there..." Lupin gritted his teeth as he made a mad dash for the truck. He could see it. It was just a few metres away...

"Oh my god..." Tina gasped once she realized that she was just a few inches away from an orgasm for the first time in two weeks. She didn't think it was possible, but she could feel it approaching! What was more; she could just make out the truck past the boundaries of Lupin's territory and realized how close she was to getting the chastity belt off!

"Just a little closer..." Lupin growled as he put everything he could into getting as close to the truck as possible without crashing into it. The heart-shaped key was within sight now! In fact, he realized it was possible to just reach out and grab it!

"Oh my god!" Tina cried out, no longer able to suppress the pleasure she was feeling. She was getting excited for several reasons at once and it was taking a toll on her delicate little mind. The roaring waves were approaching. It was just a matter of time before they crashed.

"A little closer..." Lupin reached out to grab the key...

The truck pulled away, pulling the key out of Lupin's grasp. Lupin stared as the key moved farther and farther away.

"No..." Tina's eyes went wide as she felt the energy recede and her orgasm fade. To add insult to the injury, she noticed the truck pulling away again.

Then there was a huge burst of energy. Lupin reached out with his aura, creating a small tendril of energy. The tendril touched the heart-shaped key, surrounding it with energy. He lifted the key off the bed of the truck and pulled it into his awaiting hand. He moved his other hand over to compensate for the lack of balance, which ended up having his hand pushing up against Tina's crotch.

"Got it," Lupin smiled triumphantly.

As for Tina, the huge burst of energy felt like a million volts of electricity passing through her entire body. The waves crashed against each other, creating an eruption from deep within her being. She shook uncontrollably as the orgasm took hold of her entire body. Her muscles spasmed all at once and drool spilled out of the corners of her lips.

She screamed out in sheer pleasure, soaking the seat of her jeans with her juice.

"Eh...?" Lupin blinked as he stopped on the highway. He turned around and for the first time noticed the thirty car pile-up.


"You... you were holding back..." Synn gasped as she struggled to stay on her feet. She was hunched over with her back to Motoko. Her metal tonfa tightly gripped in her fists.

"Yeah... sorry..." Motoko replied with a sigh and her back also facing her opponent. She carefully positioned the tip of her blade against the opening of her sheath, slowly and carefully sliding it back in. As soon as the sword was all the way in, it clinked into place. "It was an honour..."

Suddenly, Synn's clothes exploded, reducing the material into strips of ribbons. Synn visibly shook as she stood there in the nude. She dropped her metal tonfas, causing a ringing series of metallic clings as they fell against the wooden gym floor. At last, she fell to her knees, completely overwhelmed by the blue aura that had cascaded upon her. What was left of her clothes floated down around her; scattering about a series of random patterns. She wanted to get up and continue fighting, but the pressure was too much. It was almost like that time she fought Neon, except... this time it was much more... pleasant.

No... It was definitely different. The waves of energy that Neon emitted compelled Synn to submit. The kind of atmopshere it created was meant to instil fear and obedience. She was able to resist the urge to submit and obey... that was... until she was defeated. However, this atmosphere that surrounded her now was not unpleasant at all. She felt... safe and secure. She felt as though she had no need to fight back anymore. Her inhibitions lowered and... Yes, strangely she felt aroused by the situation. The blue energy waves rippled through her body, causing her to relax and let go. She could feel her pussy juices leaking out and around the chastity belt she still had on her. She wanted to take it off and finger herself, but... if she did that...

Motoko's territory had, by now, expanded to the rest of the gym. Despite it being her own energy, she also found herself being affected by it. It gave her... power... and lots of it. She was becoming aroused by the blue energy that her own body was giving off. Instead of clouding her mind, it gave her a strange sense of clarity. It was clear to her now that she was the dominant one of the two. With this foreign mindset, she approached Synn. The red energy barrier that surrounded the other girl no longer had the sturdiness and strength that protected its owner only seconds ago. Now it was a mere inconvenience that could be pushed aside while Motoko's own blue energy went to work.

Motoko knelt down behind Synn, unsure what to do. Normally, after defeating an opponent, she left them to wallow in their defeat. This time things were different for some reason. She could not leave Synn in her current state. She just couldn't. Instead, she reached out and wrapped her arms around the cyborg girl. She placed a hand under Synn's chin and turned it so that their eyes met. Entranced by the moment, Motoko closed her eyes and kissed Synn on the lips.

"Mmph..." Synn closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the other girl's lips on her own. She felt a tongue push past her lips and she accepted it, allowing it to slide into her mouth and explore her oral orifice. She moaned as they continued swapping saliva and moaning into each other's mouths. After a couple minutes of making out, Motoko broke the kiss. Their eyes opened and stared into each other some more. Synn turned around so that her body was facing Motoko's. With trembling hands, she reached out and began undressing her new mistress. The bandages were cut and piled onto the side.

With both of them completely naked, Motoko stood back up again. Synn looked up at the other girl with glazed eyes as her hands felt up the pale smooth legs. She held onto Motoko's hips and stuck out her tongue, tentatively touching the smooth and bare pussy before her. She licked the wet and ready slit, worshipping it with her tongue. Noticing little streams of girl juice running down the inner thighs, Synn leaned her head in and licked those up as well. After deciding that she could no longer wait, she pressed the tip of her tongue against the hood of the clitoris. Once the little pink nub was within her sights, she went to work on licking and nibbling on it.

Motoko's hips buckled and found that she had to hold onto Synn's head and pressed it into her pussy. Her legs trembled as the mouth below her continued eating her out. Soon enough, she could no longer hold it in as a huge orgasm came over her. Screaming out with pleasure, she allowed her girl juice to squirt into her new lover's mouth. Stronger and stronger waves of blue energy pulsed from within her, affecting everyone within range, which meant Synn.

Synn found herself getting more and more aroused as the girl standing before her reached her second orgasm. She didn't know how it was possible, but she was on the verge of her own climax from just eating out another girl! This encouraged her to work her tongue more aggressively and forcefully. She could feel her own orgasm building up as Motoko reached her third orgasm. It wasn't long before she was able to join her new lover in the throes of orgasmic pleasure.


"You've gotta be kidding me," Sandra crossed her arms and scowled.

"I kid you not," Rock replied.

Rock paced back and forth in front of the table that Sandra and Trent sat at. Trent was busy making a card pyramid while Rock and Sandra talked. They were inside the school library even though it was after hours and no one was supposed to be currently in there.

"Demons? Spell books? Freaky monsters made by mad scientists?" Sandra raised an eyebrow. "What do you take me for?"

"Then how do you explain what happened to you that night on the football field?" Rock asked.

"Ah ha! You do know something!" Sandra exclaimed. "What did you guys do? Drug me or something?"

"Hey, we had nothing to do with your little gang bang session with the football team," Rock growled back.

"Steroids," Sandra said. "You and... and that Berserker guy used steroids! That's how you were able to do stuff like break through the floor and knock down goalposts!"

"You really think there are steroids strong enough to do that kinda stuff?" Rock countered.

"Of course there are. It's the only explanation," Sandra replied with gritted teeth. "You guys also used drugs on me and Heather. Made us... do those things..."

"What about that vision you said you had of Lupin being covered in blood?" Rock asked.

"A hallucination," Sandra replied. "My mind still had fragments of memories of that night I was drugged. Lupin probably overdosed and went berserk or something."

"Yet the football team's surprisingly chipper the next morning."

"Which proves it was just a hallucination!" Sandra shouted angrily. "That doesn't change the fact that I was drugged and raped!"

"Except you just admitted that vision you saw never really happened!" Rock growled back.

"Hey, I blacked out without even touching a drop of alcohol," Sandra replied. "I woke up next to Heather while covered with... uh... with... urgh! You know what we were covered with!"

"No, tell me. What were you two covered with?" Rock smugly asked.

"Doesn't matter!" Sandra growled. "That's the only logical explanation I came up with and there's no way in hell you're getting me to believe that bullshit you told me!"

"You've got no proof," Rock waved dismissively.

"You don't either!" Sandra shot back. "You're a demon summoner, right? Well then, summon something!"

"Don't think I won't!" Rock shouted back angrily as he jammed his hand into his pocket and rummaged through them.

"I'm waiting," Sandra sat back with her arms crossed. "I don't see any little green men running around."

"That's aliens, dumbass," Rock growled as he pulled out a red coin. He slammed it against the table and shouted, "I summon thee!"


Right in front of Rock's hand, a potted plant materialized out of thin air. It was around one foot tall, had a single grey stem, and had several blue and red leaves. At the top of the stem was a sac the size of a baseball.

"....." Sandra stared at the plant.

"....." Rock's eyes darkened once he realized what he summoned. "Um... let me try that again..."

"How did you do that?" Sandra asked, ignoring Rock's last sentence. Her eyes were wide with amazement as she reached out to make sure that the plant was really there. "Is it... it's gotta be a trick... right?"

"Wait, you mean this impresses you?" Rock asked incredulously.

"You just..." Sandra touched the rim of the pot, and then reached out to touch the leaves. "You just... made it appear. Right in front of me."

"By the way, what kind of demon is that?" Trent asked, suddenly deciding to join in on the conversation.

"Actually... I'm not entirely sure," Rock scratched his head. "I think it's one of those that are already under contract with my family. There're tons of those, you know."

"What does it... do?" Sandra asked as she brushed the tip of her finger against the plant's sac.

"Hiss!!!" The sac opened up, revealing razor-sharp teeth!

"Ahh!" Sandra screamed as she pulled her finger back before she was bitten. The sac revealed to have a neck twice as long as its stem. It reached out and snapped at Sandra. The frightened girl jumped out of her seat and back away.

"Whoa! Cool!" Trent grinned widely as he held his hand out toward the plant. He pulled it back any time it looked as though the fanged sac was about to bite his fingers off. He played around the demon plant in that manner, teasing it as he moved his hand in different spots just out of its reach.

"Trent, stop teasing the plant," Rock growled. "We don't know what it can do."

"Aw, c'mon! It's a rip-off of a minor enemy character from Mario! What could it possibly do to hurt us?"

At that moment, the plant released a gaseous purple fume that was quick to cover the entire room.

"Ya just had tah ask, didn't ya?" Rock growled as he quickly covered his mouth and nose with his sleeve.

"Wha... what's happening? What's it doing?" Sandra panicked as she scrambled out of the way of the dangerous-looking fumes. "Make it stop!"

"Ugh..." Rock's eyes rolled back as he slumped to the floor.

"....." Sandra's panicking stopped as soon as the scent of the demon plant's fumes hit her.

"Um..." Trent looked between Rock and Sandra. Grabbing the potted plant, he made a mad dash out of the library. He was thankful that he was immune to most toxins.

Unfortunately for him, the demon plant's fumes were not one of them.


Trent hit the floor.


"....." Motoko wordlessly got up from the floor and pulled her clothes on. She decided to leave her bandages since it would take forever to get those back on again. As she pulled her clothes on, she avoided Synn's eyes, not wishing to look at the resentment that was directed toward her. "I... I am... sorry. I... do not know what came over me..."

"... Just like the rest of them..." Synn muttered under her breath. Her own clothes were torn to shreds, so she had nothing to cover herself with but her hands and chastity belt.

Motoko had no reply, so she simply pulled on her shirt and jeans. The only thing left was her jacket, which she hesitated to put on. Taking hold of it by the collar, she dragged it over to her defeated opponent. She dropped it in front of her. "Please... if you do not mind... you could... um... borrow my jacket..."

"....." Synn stared at the jacket, and then started putting it on.

Motoko turned around and stared into the empty darkness of the destroyed gym.

"You couldn't control it, huh?" Synn asked after she put the jacket on and stood up. "You were just as out of it as I was, weren't you?"

"... Yes," Motoko nearly whispered.

"....." Synn looked away for a moment, and then clamped a hand on Motoko's shoulder. "It's fine. We'll just call it the winner's privilege, all right?"

"Eh?" Motoko turned back around with a surprised look on her face. "You're not... you're not mad?"

"Mad? I'm pissed!" Synn growled. "But the same thing happened to me once, so I'm letting it slide. Next time we fight, though, it'll be you licking my cunt! You got that?"

"Eh... heh..." Motoko chuckled nervously as a drop of sweat rolled down her temple.

"Don't you dare lose before you fight me again," Synn seethed as she walked away. "Oh, and I'm keeping this jacket!"


"Mmm..." Sandra's moans filled the empty library as she sat there on the ground with her back up against the bookcase. She spread her legs and rubbed her clothes against herself. Her eyes were glazed over and filled with nothing but pure lust. She immediately stripped off her shirt, and then pushed her jeans down to her ankles. It would appear that the demon plant's fumes had increased the temperature of the library, figuratively and literally. Sandra's hair and skin was slick with sweat. A thin film of wetness covered her from head to toe. Her bra was a much darker colour at this point and very clearly soaked in sweat. In only her bra and panties and a body that was quite obviously highly aroused, she was a sight to behold.

Finding it suddenly hard to breathe, Sandra reached back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts popped out, exposing her erect nipples to the air. The wet sheen of sweat that covered them glistened brightly against the lights. Her left hand went up to rub and grope them, eliciting louder moans from the sweaty horny girl. She took hold of her left nipple and pulled it away from her body, watching her fleshy mound stretch as a result. She tried to reach out with her tongue to lick it, but unfortunately for her, as beautiful as her breasts were, she was not that well-endowed. She could only content herself with drooling all over them.

She slipped her right hand into her panties for she was quite eager to get at her dripping wet pussy. Her sweaty hands mixed well with the flowing girl juices, creating a very audible squish as she pushed two fingers past her swollen lips. She rolled her tongue out and panted heavily as she melted against the intense heat that was swarming all around her. Two fingers were obviously not enough to satisfy her, so she pushed in the other two fingers. She pushed all four fingers up to their knuckles into her cunt. Her panties soaked up the aroma of sweat and arousal as she continued finger-fucking herself.

Suddenly, her eyes turned up toward a different sight presented before her. She licked her lips hungrily as her eyes fell upon Rock's exposed cock. Her classmate was standing over her with only his shirt on and his large manhood standing proudly. Pushing herself off the bookcase behind her, she got on her knees and shuffled forward to get a closer look at the manhood. With her fingers still in her pussy, she reached up with her other hand and took hold of the erect prick. She didn't even bother to look up at Rock's face to notice that his eyes were just as glazed over as hers.

Rock placed his hands on Sandra's head and pushed his cock into her mouth. Sandra could only respond by placing her left hand on Rock's right hip and taking his manhood into her mouth. She moaned as she swirled her tongue around the thick shaft and sucked on it vigorously. She bobbed her head up and down, getting more and more of it into her mouth each time. She was hesitant to go further at first, but her inhibitions were easily swept aside by her hunger and lust for cum in her mouth. She relaxed her throat and took in all of Rock's cock. She hummed a little tune, allowing the vibrations in her throat to stimulate the throbbing flesh even further.

In mere moments, Sandra felt the cock in her mouth throb powerfully as it shot several loads of cum deep into her throat. She swallowed it all up, relishing the taste of it. Pulling her mouth off the still-erect cock, she ran her tongue up the shaft and suckled on the still-sensitive tip. Rock groaned with pleasure as Sandra cleaned up the mess. After that, Sandra pulled away from the cock, looked up into Rock's face, and gave him a satisfied smile.

The fun wasn't over yet, though. Not by a long shot.

There was suddenly a second cock thrust into Sandra's face. She looked up to see that it belonged to Trent, who decided to completely strip off all of his clothes. Sandra gave him a weak smile before wrapping her lips around his cock. She sucked on Trent's cock loudly, making audible slurping noises as she ran her tongue along the underside of the shaft. As she sucked on Trent's cock, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and wrapped them around Rock's cock. She stroked Rock's cock, giving him a hand job. Sandra had a wild look behind her glazed and entranced eyes. Her breasts heaved up and down as her body did its best to keep up with her arousal.

Sandra alternated between Rock and Trent, sucking off one of them and stroking the other at the same time. Eventually, she ended up just stroking them at the same time as she allowed her jaw to rest. However, a few seconds later and the hunger for more cum persuaded her to put her greedy little mouth back to work again. Soon enough, she had both cocks throbbing and ready to unload. She quickly aimed both of them at her face and opened up her mouth to catch the cum. A lot of it ended up on her face and in her hair, but a good portion of it ended up in her mouth, which she swallowed quite eagerly.

The violet-eyed girl's hunger was not yet satisfied, however, for her pussy still ached for cock. As Rock lied down on his back, Sandra pulled her jeans completely off before straddling him. She pulled her panties aside and lowered herself upon Rock's hard and throbbing manhood. She groaned loudly with pleasure as she impaled herself, almost drowning out the slishing sound that her pussy made. Her juices ran down her thighs and the length of the cock. She cupped her breasts and fondled them roughly, lost in a daze of arousal.

Soon enough, Sandra felt hands on the back of her shoulders. She didn't need to look back to know that Trent was right behind her. She leaned forward as she continued bobbing up and down on Rock's cock, riding the waves of fierce and wild pleasure. Her fingers reached out and intertwined with Rock's, locking together tightly. She felt Trent's cock poking at the entrance to her dark star. A noticeable tingle of anticipation ran up her spine for she found herself wanting another cock inside of her at the same time. She looked over her shoulder and pleaded Trent with her eyes. She wanted it. She wanted to be fucked in both holes.

Trent grinned as he teased Sandra a little more for he enjoyed the sight of pure lust on Sandra's face. Of course, he could only continue teasing for so long before his own desire to ass fuck such a deliciously hot girl won over. He rammed his cock hard and deep into Sandra's ass, prompting a loud scream of pleasure from deep within Sandra's throat. Sandra panted and groaned as both her holes were filled by her two classmates. Sweat continued pouring heavily down her face and onto her breasts. She felt herself burning with desire for she found herself close to what she wanted. She rocked her hips, slowly at first, but soon enough all three teens were fucking with all they got. Sandra could feel the throbbing cocks in her holes and knew that it wouldn't be long before she was filled with more cum.


High above the highway, two figures watched the aftermath of the 30 car pile-up. Each of them stood atop a lit street lamp. One was a blonde teenage girl with predatory yellow eyes. She wore a black dress with slits along the lower sides, revealing the smooth skin of her legs. The other was a young man in his early twenties. He wore a brown suede jacket, sunglasses, and grey jeans.

"So what do you think?" Sera asked, tilting her head in a curious manner as she turned toward her friend.

"Still has a long way to go," Mr. Smith replied with crossed arms. He took off his sunglasses, cleaned them, and then put them back on. "He'll need more training before he's ready."

"Is that really what you think?" Sera asked coyly. "Or are you just jealous that I'm paying him more attention than you."

"Don't be an idiot," Mr. Smith grumbled. "I could care less who you pay attention to."

"Oh? Then you wouldn't care whether or not if I paid attention to you?" Sera teased. "You wouldn't care if I knew you lied to Tina?"

"Hmph," Mr. Smith grunted as he pretended to ignore Sera.

"You didn't just find the key in your post office box. They never put that key in with your mail in the first place," Sera giggled as she revealed what she knew. "No... You ran all over the city looking for that key when you found out it was missing. You noticed that Tina was looking sad, so you found out what was wrong by yourself."

"You talk too much, you know that?" Mr. Smith growled as he leapt off the street lamp to jump onto another. He jumped from one street lamp to the next, making his way back to the school.

"So... Have you thought about it?" Sera asked as she followed her homeroom teacher by travelling in the same fashion.

"Yeah, sure... I'll consider it," Mr. Smith replied indifferently. "Training that kid, I mean."

"You'll be a great teacher," Sera grinned. "Seriously though, you're not doing that well as a normal teacher right now."

"....." Mr. Smith had no response.


Dashing into her house, Tina said a quick 'hello' to her parents as she kicked off her shoes and ran up the stairs into her bedroom.

She slammed the door to her room shut with a loud bang!

She tore one of her socks off and forgot the other one. Her shirt came off as did her jeans. As her bra joined the pile, she paused for a second. She turned her attention toward the door, and then quickly locked it. Her parents weren't the kind to just barge into her room, but she just couldn't take that risk. Not this time.

Jumping onto her bed, she pulled down her...

She jumped out of bed and rummaged through her jeans until she found the key. Once she had the key out, she unlocked her chastity belt and threw it on the floor. After two weeks of entrapment, her pussy was finally exposed to the open air again. The first waves of pleasure were already upon her as she climbed back into bed.

Plunging her fingers into her pussy, she stroked and played with herself. Shivers of excitement ran throughout her body, striking her nerves wherever they went. It's been two weeks since she was able to touch herself and it showed on her face. She bucked her hips against the bed, panting with each plunge of her fingers. Of course, just having her fingers inside herself wasn't enough. Her thumb sought out her clitoris, luring it out of its hiding place. A stab of pleasure struck her as soon as her fingers found her clit. She rubbed her clit vigorously, trying to achieve the same mind-blowing orgasm that she experienced on that highway on Lupin's back.

Turning around on her bed, she pulled in her knees and pressed them against her mattress. She pulled her pillow into herself and bit into it as she raised her ass slightly into the air and continued to finger herself. As she rocked her hips, she soon realized that she left her ben wa balls inside of her! However, they felt so good that she decided to leave them to do their work for now. Her girl juice dripped down from her sopping pussy as she worked away with her fingers, enjoying her own touch. She whimpered softly into her pillow, unable to hold back the moans of her arousal, which were excitedly trying to escape from her throat.

Her thoughts momentarily went back to today's events. She remembered being humiliated by Angela and her friends... and was surprised when she found herself becoming increasingly aroused by that memory. Shame poured into her soul, adding fuel to her passionate lust. She absolutely couldn't believe that she was getting off on being humiliated by Angela like that! She was made to say all those nasty things about herself. She was made to take off her shirt and crawl around in the hallways like a dog. She couldn't believe that... she enjoyed being treated like that! However, her heightened state of arousal was more than enough proof.

She thought for a moment that perhaps she really was every bit as perverted as the cheerleaders said she was. After all... what kind of a girl would willingly wear a chastity belt all day? What kind of a perverted slut would get off on that? Small drops of tears emerged from the corners of her eyes as she debased herself with her own thoughts. Her fingers worked more furiously and her pantings became heavier. As she worked toward an orgasm, she briefly wondered why it took so long this time. Usually, she would be done in less than a minute, but...

Then she remembered... she already came today. Her thoughts turned toward the memory of riding on Lupin's back as they chased after the pick-up truck with her key. She remembered being enveloped in a strange feeling that seemed to emanate from her classmate. She remembered how her state of mind became clouded and how she found herself becoming increasingly aroused... just like she was now. The waves of orgasm were approaching once more.

Beads of sweat decorated her reddened face as she rocked her hips to the rhythmic waves. She pushed her fingers deeper inside herself, listening to the moist squishing sounds of her sopping wet pussy. She brought herself higher up into the air until finally she dived and crashed into the waves of ecstasy.

It was almost as though she couldn't even breathe. The flowing waves of pure pleasure, which surrounded and drowned her, carried her to places she had never even imagined before. She wanted to scream, but nothing came out. There was only a silent void of darkness all around her. The pressure of the hostile environment alone was enough to crush her into a single piece of arousal. She couldn't move her body. She couldn't see. She couldn't hear. She couldn't speak.

After what seemed like forever... she finally collapsed onto her bed, gasping for dear sweet air!

She trembled silently on her bed as she came down from what she could only describe to be a mind-blowing orgasm. Every muscle in her body ached so much that she left her fingers inside her pussy for a couple hours before she gathered the strength to pull them out. As she did, the soaking wet ben wa balls came rolling out of her gaping cunt. She remained flat on her bed for hours, focusing on only her breathing.

It wasn't long before she was called to dinner by her mom. She ignored her parents at first, but... she knew that if they thought something was wrong, they were going to break down the door. Gathering up as much strength as she could, she called hoarsely to her mom that she wasn't hungry. Her mom could tell that something was wrong, but seemed satisfied enough to hear her daughter's voice. She decided to leave her daughter alone for now, not wishing to just butt in on her daughter's life.

It took several more hours before Tina found the strength to get out of bed. She took a long shower, enjoying the feel of water on her now unrestrained crotch. Once she was done, she came out of the washroom and stared at the chastity belt on her bedroom floor.

She sat on the edge of her bed and continued staring at the belt.

Finally, she made her decision.

She finished drying herself. Then, she picked up the chastity belt... and put it back on.


Lupin wasn't entirely sure what he was doing when he decided to head back to school. He really didn't know what he was doing when he went inside the girl's locker room. All he knew was that there was something that he had to do and until he got there, he won't know what it would be.

His eyes scanned the locker room, trying to figure out what the gift was trying to tell him to do. That was when he noticed one of the lockers. For some strange reason, it stood out from the rest even though it looked exactly the same as all the other ones. Figuring out the combination was easy since he had only needed to turn the dial until he felt the need to stop, and then turn it the other way. Once the lock was off, he swung open the locker and looked around inside. His eyes immediately went toward the camera on the top shelf.

"Huh... pretty expensive stuff..." Lupin noted as he took the camera out of the locker. He turned it around in his hands, examining it. He turned it on and saw all the movie files. He wondered what they were, but knew that he couldn't just sit around in the girl's locker room and watch them all. Taking out a memory card he bought for a reason he didn't understand until now, he transferred all the movie files onto it. Once that was done, he placed the camera back on the top shelf.

He stood in front of the open locker for a while longer, thinking to himself. He looked back up at the camera, and then took it back out again. He set the timer so that the camera would start recording the next morning. He put the camera back on the top shelf, closed the locker, and put the lock back on.

With that over and done with, he left.


The next morning...

Up on the fourth floor of Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School, several orange cones and yellow ‘caution tape’ was used to surround a large hole in the floor so as to prevent students from falling in. A short distance away from this hole was the entrance to the school library, which opened up as a group of students piled out of there.

"So what happened after that?" Lupin asked as he and his friends made their way down the school hallways.

"She got pissed. What else could've happened after that?" Rock grumbled in response. "She was pissed. I mean really pissed. Ready to murder in cold-blood pissed."

"Well you did summon the demon plant," Motoko put in.

"Only cause she asked for it!" Rock growled. He then muttered, "The stupid bitch..."

"I think she was expecting something... uh... tamer?" Lupin raised an eyebrow. He had to step around the large hole to avoid falling into it.

"Like what? A cat with bat wings?" Rock snapped. "How retarded is that?"

"So what did you two do with the demon plant?" Motoko asked curiously.

"I dunno. Trent got immune to it, somehow, so we just let him handle it," Rock shrugged.

"Trent..." Lupin replied.


"With a demon planet..."

"Uh huh..."

"A plant that can make anyone near it super horny," Lupin said.

"What's your point?" Rock asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I threw it in the girl's locker room!" Trent exclaimed. His friends immediately whirled around to notice that he was approaching them. “Did you guys know that one of the goal posts is broken? Everyone’s out there taking pictures of it! Wanna see mine?”

“We know. Lupin broke it. We saw him do it, remember?” Rock scowled.

"Um... is that safe?" Lupin asked with a worried voice.

“Well, broken goal posts are usually only dangerous as they’re falling,” Trent replied. “After that, they pretty much just lie there. Not moving.”

"He means the plant!” Rock growled irritably. Turning toward Lupin, Rock assured him, “Don't worry. It'll wear off by the time first period starts. The summoning'll too. It'll be back in the demon realm before it causes any more trouble."

"Wait a moment... is there not cheerleading practice this morning?" Motoko asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Cheerleading..." Rock began.

"... Practice," Trent finished.

"Demon plant!" Both of them exclaimed at the same time. Once the realization hit them, they immediately made a mad dash for the nearest tunnel entrance.

"I think I will skip first period..." Motoko said.

"Why?" Lupin asked.

"Gym," Motoko replied.

"Ah... But they said that the demon plant will unsummoned by first period," Lupin replied.

"I do not wish to risk it," Motoko sighed.

At that moment, the two of them happened to pass by the open doors of the gym, which were blocked by strips of yellow ‘caution’ tape and orange cones. Lupin peered inside to see a bunch of construction workers, the Principal, two Vice-Principals, and a group of police officers.

"So how're things between you and Synn?" Lupin asked, turning his attention away from the wreckage that was what was left of the gym.

"Oh... fine... just fine..." Motoko replied with a hint of irritation on her face.

"Monica! There you are!" A voice exclaimed from behind Monica.

"Eh..." A drop of sweat ran down the back of Monica's head.

"Did you hear?" Synn grinned as she clapped a hand on Monica's shoulder. "We're gonna play outdoor dodge ball today!"

"Oh, I see-" Monica began.

"I convinced the coach to put us on opposite teams," Synn cut in.

"But I was-"

"Head shots count, too!"


"You're not gonna back out, are you?"


"I knew you wouldn't!"


"Girls like us never back down from a challenge!"

"What do you-"

"This time, I'm gonna be the one who'll win!"

"In what aga-"

"C'mon or we're gonna be late!"

"Huh?" Monica felt herself being dragged away toward the girl's locker room.

"Uh... What about Homeroom?" Lupin tilted his head in confusion as he watched his friend being dragged away by the cyborg girl. A mental image of the cyborg girl with a maniacal look in her eyes and lobbing off cannon balls at Monica came into his mind. Shrugging that mental image away, he headed off toward Homeroom by himself. "Ah well... I'm sure it'll be fine... right?"

As he rounded the corner, he noticed someone familiar waiting for him in front of Homeroom. Tina, wearing a blue knee-length dress, greeted Lupin with a simple wave, "Um... hi. Good morning..."

"... Good morning," Lupin replied, unsure how else to respond.

"Thank you again for getting my key back," Tina said as she gave Lupin a shy smile.

"Oh! Um... it's no problem. Really," Lupin smiled back in response. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he straightened his back and said, "Just duty my doing."

"....." Tina tilted her head.

"Let's pretend I got that right..." Lupin blushed.

"Sure, why not," Tina found herself giggling a little. She stopped just long enough to reach into her pocket and pull out a small box. She held it out for Lupin. "Um... Just a little something. As thanks for helping me out."

"Oh, um... thanks," Lupin hesitated as he wondered if he should accept the gift. A couple seconds later and he did. He opened up the box to see what was inside.

"It's okay if you think it's stupid," Tina said as she looked away. Her face was as red as a tomato.

"Uh... isn't this..." Lupin just looked at his gift with confusion written all over his face. The gift was a heart-shaped key.

"Yes... I mean... I guess... I should explain, shouldn't I?" Tina asked as she stared down at the floor.

"You want it back once a week?" Lupin asked as he scratched his temple.

"Um... well... yes, but... I mean..." Tina stammered, worried that she might have made a big mistake after all.

"Okay, sure," Lupin replied with a shrug.

"R-really?" Tina looked up and stared at Lupin.

"I like it," Lupin replied as he took the key out of the box. He took out his key chain (a small Leonardo from TMNT) and keys and added the heart-shaped one. He beamed at Tina and said, "Thanks!"

The two of them stared at each other for a few more seconds before they realized that the hallways were almost empty.

"I guess we better get to class," Tina said as she jerked a thumb toward Room 104. She backed up into her Home Room as she continued staring and smiling at Lupin.

"Yeah, I guess... I'll see you around," Lupin smiled back as he turned around and headed off in the other direction toward his own Home Room.

"Wait! Lupin!" Tina exclaimed.

Too late.

The bell rang.

Well... technically, the intercom just made chiming noises.

"Huh... Now where’s my Homeroom again?” Lupin wondered out loud as he made his way down the hallway, trying to find Room 104.


Character Profile Section:

Name: Tiehhsin "Timothy" Ying
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 65kg
Occupation: High School Student, Former-Assassin

Miscellaneous Information:
-Likes chess, astronomy, puzzle-games, and reading books
-A fan of Sherlock Holmes
-Favourite season is Autumn
-Has all the albums by Eminem
-Favourite subjects are Art and Science
-Has no least favourite subject
-Hates elevator music

Estimated Physical Statistics (before Sera's training):
Strength: 1100lb dead lift
Speed: 11m/s
Stamina: 110 miles

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