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08-28-2009, 08:37 AM
When I married my second wife, I’ll call her Rose, she had 3 children from her deceased first husband, and a lot of trouble, threats, deceipts, you call it, in short, the man was a class A shit.
Also, when I married her, she had only had sex with that shit, and in the 3 years after she divorced him he came back to her a few times just to beat her up and rape her.
He also threatened her if she would ever contact another man he would take away her children, and now I know that he could have done that.
My wife comes from a country where rape between husband and wife does not exist, and rape after divorce, well, let us just say that to get in the court will cost a lot.
And men are mostly right and have most rights.

However, when I married Rose I soon found out that I married a perfect, sweet woman.
And with that I mean every compliment I can make about her and to her.
I just wished I had met her earlier, years earlier.

I also found out, after our initial “trial period” that Rose awakened to a very sensual and sexual woman.
I asked her more than once if she was ever like that before, and she assured me very vocally that I awakened her, and that she liked sex very much, and now more than ever.

When on holiday in the Netherlands, I asked her if she would like to visit a club?
She just wanted to know what club I meant.
So I told her that in this club you were expected to walk around in your underwear, and if you wanted, you could have sex with a man or a woman or any combination, and the woman decided what happened.
At first she did not want anything like that.
But a week later she asked me to tell her again what could happen in this club.
And next day she asked me if we could have a look only?
So off we went that evening.
We were shown around the club by one of the staff, and really this club, Amourette, was fantastic.
Four floors, plenty of space, big bar, dance floor, bubble bathe, sauna, Turkish bath, toilets and a big darkroom in the cellar; a big restaurant and erotic corners with very comfortable couches on the first floor; showers, toilets, dressing room and three erotic rooms on the second floor, and on the third floor a gigantic darkish erotic room complete covered with matrasses.
The entrance fee was all inclusive, food, drinks, towels, condoms…..everything.

We sat ourselves on the bar and had a drink, looking around.
I soon found out that there were a few men interested in my wife, but I can understand.
She is small, only 5 feet, weighs a mere 94 pounds, has long black hair, a light brown beautiful skin, her tits are a very perky A-cup, nice wide hips and she does not realise that men are interested in her, although her age was already 45 years.

Around 9 the tune was played and all guests were expected to change in underwear.
Rose felt rather uncomfortable dressed like this, and that showed in her behaviour.
The attention she got now was so obvious that even Rose felt it, and it made her very shy.
She sat with me at the bar, and looked around, and really did not know what to do.
After maybe 30 minutes a nice looking blond woman approached her and invited her to dance with her.
After some prodding by me she decided to follow the woman on the dance floor and very hesitatingly started to move her body on th sound of the music.
Slowly a smile came upon her face, she also smiled at me.
The woman made a sign to me to disappear and I did so.
Hid myself behind a column and some plants and sat down there.
From time to time I had a peek at the proceedings, and maybe half an hour later Rose was sitting at the bar and talking to the blond woman.
The woman gave Rose a kiss and disappeared to return after a few minutes with a man, probably her husband or friend.
The man hoisted himself upon a barstool, and the woman kissen Rose again and went dancing again.

Rose and the man started a conversation, and soon he placed a hand on her thigh and stroked her.
Rose looked around anxiously, probably looking for me, but I remained hidden.
He started stroking his hand up and down her thigh, sometimes coming very near her pussy.
Then he placed his hand on her back and let it slowly go down till her arse, and within a few moments his hand disappeard in her slip, and remained there.
They did some more talking, did finish the drink, and then he helped her of the barstool, and walked hand in hand with her to the next floor.
From my position I could see that he touched her legs and bum, and I heard Rose squeal softly.
I followed later, and saw them enter a room, kissing.
The door was closed, but thanks to some spyholes I could have a look, and with me some other people.

Rose and the man started to kiss, and stroke each other.
He undid her bra, and slowly pulled out her slip, and directly dived between her legs and started to lick Rose’s pussy.
He did very well, because Rose reacted within a very short moment.
She started to wiggle with her legs, a sure sign that she like the proceedings, and started to utter little gasps.
And it really did not take very long before I saw and heard Rose cum.

Noww the man laid beside Rose, and pulled his underwear out.
Rose saw his size, and gasped loudly, and I hear her say that it was big.
But even so, the man laid her hand on his dick, Rose grasped the tool, and the man started to finger Rose.
And within a few minutes Rose climaxed violently, and I think she squirted.

Now I guess the man thought it was time to proceed.
He opened her legs wide, and slowly he entered Rose.
First slowly, but then faster he started to fuck her, making small movements now and big deep thrusts next.
He fucked Rose very well and for quite a long time in this manner, and Rose had several climaxes.
And then he climaxed, and all of a sudden I remembered he did not use a condom, so he filled up her pussy with a hot load.
After a brief rest the man climbed on Rose again and started to fuck her again, very hard .
He lasted a very long time, and Rose kept on climaxing.
After nearly half an hour the man climaxed again, filling her pussy again.

The couple remained in the room for some time, then he cleaned up her pussy and his dick, they dressed and walked very unsteadily to the bar.
Where I found my wife sitting, alone, on a towel with a very big wet spot because of the sperm leaking out of her pussy.
She kissed me, and held me for a very long time.
Then she told me she wanted to go home.
Where we made love.

The next week Rose wanted to go again to the club.
I had no problems with this, so there we went again.
Now this time she had a swing first with one man, which did not take very long.
She told me he was not very nice to her.
Half an hour later two young guys approached her and asked her please to come with her.
She decided to come with the guys and followed them to the darkroom.
Being a darkroom, there is not much to see, of course, but the sounds speak for themselves.
There were, going on the sounds, two other women busy in one corner, and I heard Rose with her guys install themselves in the opposite corner.
Then I heard some rustling of clothing that was taken off, and then kissing sounds.
Also some slurping sounds, and a woman voice with something in her mouth asking not to push it in so deep.
Not very much later a sigh and a grunt, and then fucking sounds.
After some time a grunt from a man and a squeal from a woman, indicating a climax.
Directly followed by another sigh and a grunt for the next round.
Followed after some fucking sounds by the male and female expressions of a climax.

Silence for maybe 10 minutes and the repeat of the first round followed.
It took some more time now, but the results were the same.
When the three were ready, they said thank you to Rose, obviously kissed her and then they went.
I heard Rose search for her bra and slip, and when I asked her if I could help her, she fell in my arms.
And yes, I was so aroused from what I had heard, I also fucked her.
In her used, full and stretched pussy,.

The next time we were back in this club was nearly a year later, Rose had not enjoyed anything other as me in that year.
But the next visits she managed a gangbang with four guys and a gangbang with five guys.
The visit a year later did run a little out of hand, really,
In one run she was fucked by twelve guys in the course of 3 hours.
Which was a little too much, not to be repeated she said, then.
Now she tells me, it was kind of interesting.
Next visit maybe we can have a repeat?

This year we have found a few guys who have visited us in our second house.
And of course with a healthy portion of sex involved.
They come back regularly.

Anyway, up till now, 28 different guys have fucked Rose, and I guess more will follow.
She is 48 now, looks even better as before, and when she walks on the market or in the shops, guys look at her.
From any age, from any race.

Next weekend I am so sorry, but I mixed up the appointments.
So Rose will be busy, 3 of our friends will stay over the weekend, arrive on Friday and depart on Sunday.
I guess she will be angry with me for this stupid mistake.
Or maybe not.

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thank you for this addition

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Nice thoughtful and erotic story. Sounds true.

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Names are changed or omitted, but the story is very true!

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Thank you for posting that.

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Very sexy story.

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thank you :)