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Chapter one... Melissa is mislead.....

Melissa hoped her master would open his flight bag and use some of the toys contained inside because she thought they were magical; the way they made her feel.

However I digress; Melissa was 44 years old, five foot four tall and very slim with 38 D bra size, her mousy hair was short cropped and he cute butt was one of her best assets. Meanwhile her master, John, an older man by five years, was six foot tall and medium build; his seven and a half inch cock was almost always ready for action, especially when it came to the bondage and BDSM scene.

Today was an ordinary day and the world went gently along minding its own business; in fact for a late summer’s day it had been pleasant if a little on the cold side; but now as the hour reached 9 pm things were about to spring into life. John Summoned Melissa to his den; he stamped his foot when he was made to wait for her arrival and no sooner than she had entered and closed the door behind her, as she had been trained to do, he turned and demanded to know where the fuck had she been.

A rather nervous Melissa mumbled that when you called master I was on the toilet and was unable to respond instantly, please forgive me she pleaded. Very well but I will not tolerate lateness, if you are to be delayed you should call out and tell me you are indisposed. Melissa never raising her eyes from the floor merely nodded.

“I fancy a photo bondage session, tonight; so be a good slut and go upstairs remove all your clothes and select one of your leather bodices, then put on a blouse and skirt and nothing else!” Master John demanded.

“Yes Sir!” replied Melissa, then she gave a little curtsey before turning and exiting the room; John thought to himself, yeah, you may well think you’re little prank has earned you some leeway but do not count on it, my horny little fuck slut.

Meanwhile John prepared his camera on a tripod; ready for Melissa’s return; a keen amateur photographer, John had purchased all the little gadgets to make his hobby passable enough to actually earn a living from portrait photography. He then fitted the tripod on to a dolly (A little stand on wheels which made for smoother movements on the camera whilst synchronised shooting) now he was ready he sat at his computer desk drumming his fingers on the actual desk as his patience was tested whilst waiting for her.

A whole five minutes elapsed before Melissa appeared dressed in a white blouse and black pencil skirt; hesitantly she stood looking at the floor and whispered, “hope you like the choice of my harness/bodice master?”

I walked up to Melissa and slid my hand up her tight skirt and told her, “This will never do, it’s too tight; how the fuck can I access your cunt in this let alone slide toys up you! Now go change at once and don’t keep me waiting too long, bitch!”

Melissa turned and hurried out of the room and was quickly back wearing a wrap around black skirt; again I approached and now easily slid my hand up her skirt and felt the leather straps on each side of her cunt lips and said, “Ah, you are wearing the strap harness, a very good choice for what I have in mind, my horny little fuck slut!”

I turned and picked up my flight bag and told Melissa to bring the camera on the dolly and follow me. I walked slowly heading out into the private secluded garden behind my home. I had the fore sight to have a really heavy duty six foot high trellis fence erected some years ago; when I went through a phase of growing my own vegetables. Now it served a much more sexual purpose as it was ideal as a restraint holder.

Melissa shivered a little as the cool night air hit her and I could see she was almost faltering; I placed my flight bag upon the picnic bench only a few feet from the trellis and told Melissa to come here; once there I made her pose as an innocent young woman whilst I took a couple of pictures; then she was ordered to remove her blouse whilst I took pictures at every stage of her removing the item.

Her tits were free of restraint now as the harness she wore simply crossed the base and tops of her tits with thin leather straps; already Melissa’s nipples were extremely hard and erect. Further pictures followed as I posed her this way and that and even made her press her nipples against the trellis as she rubbed only the ends of her nipples against the smooth wood.

Soon she removed her skirt accompanied with even more pictures until her shaven cunt lips were framed by the straps of the harness and illuminated by the moon; her cunt lips were already open and moist with juices as I demanded she rub herself against the trellis, stopping her short of her first orgasm of the night.

Then reaching into my flight bag I pulled out a short length of red soft silk bondage rope and tying it around her right hand I reached up and tied the other end around the top of the trellis; I then took a couple of photographs and asked her to look scared in one and horny in the next; this was followed by another piece of the same type of rope and her left wrist was secured and then stretched up to the left side of the trellis. Now her back was pressed tight against the trellis and after a few more pictures her ankles were tied to the lowest parts of the trellis and then her knees were opened wide and tied as far apart as possible by other ropes attached to the trellis.

Now completely immobile, I returned to my flight bag and having moved the picnic table to where Melissa could easily see it; I slowly emptied the bag on to the table; examining each item I removed and commenting on its use and effects.

“Oh look vibrating nipples clamps; good point is the vibrations are really strong whether used on erect nipples, cunt lips or directly on the clit; bad point is the clamps are not very strong so do not really bite into the flesh where attached!” I would say and stressed the bite as I said it. With that I would start the vibrations and lightly hold it against her nipple for about 5 seconds as if to emphasise the point.

“What have we here, oh gosh, it’s a pink dog collar, something my bitches have to earn the right to wear as it signifies my ownership of the horny bitch wearing it! Would you like to wear it, slut Melissa?” I would ask and immediately put it aside without waiting for her answer.

“Oh yes Master very much so!” she replied.

“Well you better start behaving better and do not keep me waiting in future and you may just earn that right one day!” I snapped.

“Look what I have found; it’s a pink and purple feather tickler; so soft and light across sensitive nipples or clits but not for badly behaved whores at all!” I continued.

“Ball gag, oh yes I can see me needing that for you my little horny cunt, especially when I decide what punishment you shall receive for keeping me waiting earlier!” I commented.

“A selection of vibrators, oh dear I can’t see me using them today as you have not earned the right to a climax as yet!” I teased.

“Ah here is what I was looking for; a blindfold; I am told it heightens the other senses, so your hearing would be more acute and your skin more alive; yes this will come in handy as it will also stop you seeing the punishment coming and make you only feel it when it arrives!” I teased further.

Next I brought out a paddle and slapped it against my hand testing its flexibility and the crack sound suddenly made Melissa stand straighter and tense up; no words were needed for this so I placed it where I could instantly grab it if I desired.

The next item out was a medium sized butt plug, which I commented upon, “Oh yes shame I never got the extra large size one of these, I would love to see the look on your face as it forced your anal ring wider to accommodate the six in wide tapered bulb before sinking into the three inch round retaining groove; they say that even this poor three in model makes you feel like a shit has got stuck! I must remember it goes in easier if lubricated or should I,
After all you never make things easy for me your master do you; you miserable tart?”

“Maybe I should lubricate it with washing up liquid, I suppose that would almost be like a soap enema and the penalty for it slipping back out would be maybe 24 slaps with the paddle six on each cheek and six on each breast!” I laughed out loud.

The last three items out of the bag were a small cat-o-nine tails whip; which when used in my hands never raised welts but did colour up the flesh and always felt like a swarm of stinging bees; A egg shaped plastic vibrating pod, attached to a control box which had seven different pattern vibration generator in three strengths, it also had a sound to vibration generator so you could play any IPOD or CD and it would convert the bass rhythm to vibrations so the heavier metal the music the stronger the vibes; and of course the old favourite a set of strong steel handcuffs.
All the time I had been examining the contents of the bag; I had also been observing Melissa and she had become excited as each new object had been emptied out onto the table; now I approached her and slipped my hand lightly over her cunt, yes it was most definitely wet but not yet soaking.

I rubbed her cunt harder against the palm of my hand and caused her hips to jerk and a soft moan escape her lips; so I immediately raised the same hand and ordered her to lick her cunt juice from the palm of my hand. As she did so I leaned forward and asked her how she would feel if she was discovered like this by four men. She gulped and mumbled extremely embarrassed and yet extremely turned on master.

I returned to the table and picked up the blindfold, before returning to Melissa and placing the blindfold in place; then I kissed her cheek and whispered I won’t be long and laughed as I commented, “Don’t go away, now!”

Now because Melissa could not see; I moved into phase two of the plan and carried out a tape player and played a pre-recorded conversation I had got four different males to help me make; the conversation went like this….

1st man, “what do we have here; who could leave such a sexy looking whore naked and tied up like this for anyone to find?” Melissa immediate tensed up and strained to hear where the sound was coming from.

2nd man, “Yeah look at those tits and that shaved cunt! Wow how I would love to be getting a large portion of those cunt lips sat squarely on my cock!” Again Melissa strained her head forward as if trying to hear footsteps.

I then paused the tape and said, “ok guys who wants to be first to feel this bitch’s caress of her hot mouth on their cock?”

3rd man, “Shit, I wish it could be me but I never have any such luck!” Melissa shuddered at the thought of being discussed in such a matter of fact way.

4th man, “No Peter, with your monster cock you would ruin her for the rest of us, best you go last!” Now Melissa began to blush at the realisation she could actually be about to be fucked by four cocks and one of them was a large one by the conversation she was hearing.

Again I paused the tape and asked, “Hey, Melissa, you slut which would you prefer to start with, a small but thick seven inch cock, a larger but thinner eight inch cock or a equally thick ten inch cock or the holy fuck it will kill her twelve inch and extra thick cock?”

“Master, whatever you choose is fine by me but my own preference would be smaller to larger as it would mean I feel it more and my slutty cunt would be stretched further and further as the action continued.” A quivering nervous Melissa responded.

“Yes; but bitch what would you do to keep the other cocks happy while they waited for the whore in you to accept these loads of baby making spunk?” I enquired.
Melissa groaned, “Oh! Master what wouldn’t I do? I would do whatever you told me to and more; to wank them; suck them and even offer them my arse if it was your wish, my beloved master!”

Neither I nor Melissa was aware of the slightest of movements, not five feet away on the other side of my neighbours fence; As Sally, the rather horny housewife and partner of Jack my neighbour, crept along to get an even closer look at Melissa. She had spotted Melissa tied up; whilst closing her bedroom curtains, apparently as she was just about to enjoy an early evening session with her vibrator. I had always known Sally was a horny bitch from the noises I could hear through the wall in my master bedroom; when Jack fucked her she became very vocal and recently she had taken to squealing like a pig when she brought herself off as well.

I spoke to Melissa, “Tell me whore; which do you prefer cocks or cunts?”

“Both master; each has qualities I crave, the cock for his rigid hardness as it fucks my inner core and the life giving seeds it plants inside this sluts cunt and also the cunt with its sweet nectar of juices and the ability to manage multiple cums, so both master!” Melissa answered excitedly.

Quietly pressing play on the tape recorder; Melissa now hears, (1st voice) “I bet this horny cunt wants a cock in each fucking hole and one in each hand for good measure!” Melissa twists trying to detect where the voice may have been. Such is her preoccupation with the mystery voices that she does not hear me pick up the paddle and only then realises what she is in for when the first swish lands home directly on her clit; she jolts upright and screams but it is not a scream of pain but one of intense passion. Panting Melissa begs for more and harder slaps.

As I run my hand over her feverishly hot cunt and smear her cunt juices over her clit; my ears detect a low whimper of frustration from Jacks side of the fence. I lean in to Melissa and demand she talks dirty to me. She begins by telling me my slut is as horny as a wart back toad and she needs her cunt stuffed full of my friends cocks. I tell her to repeat it only louder, whilst I am just going indoors to get something but me and my friends will be listening. Sally can’t resist a little snigger at this; as she can see Melissa and I are alone and yet Melissa thinks there are five males present.

“Master your slut is as horny as a wart back toad and she needs her cunt stuffed full of your friends cocks!” Melissa repeats louder. Suddenly I am peering over the fence and telling Sally to remove her hand from her knickers and to come across the fence and it will be to her advantage.

Without further argument, Sally is now stood on my side of the fence in just knickers and a bra, her nipples clearly rock hard and the wet stain on the panties; a dead giveaway as to her state of arousal. I whisper into Sally ear; go suck hard on Melissa’s clit you fuck slut.

In two seconds flat Sally is not only sucking on Melissa’s clit but has three fingers buried deep inside her wide open cunt; of course Melissa is not sure if it is a male or female that is toying with her because she thinks there are only 5 males present and no females; but the scent Sally is wearing is clearly too feminine to be a male’s after shave or deodorant. Melissa only became sure it was a female when she felt tit to tit contact between them as I pressed Sally into Melissa’s body as I run my hand across both their cunts.

I made both women French kiss and swap spit with their tongues as I spanked Sally for spying on my private fun although I was glad she had as the fun now doubled. I knew that the bag of tricks would work their magic on two hot horny cunts before tonight was out.

To be continued If enough feedback.....

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