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09-24-2009, 02:47 PM
I typically write my stories as if I am addressing a woman, since many of them have been written for a specific individual. You may not like this approach but I still hope you enjoy my story. I typically run 4-5 times a week (hence my name) and have a sauna afterwards, which is my inspiration for this little encounter.

I have just returned from another run and you always like the look of my chest and abs when I take off my shirt upon returning. My abs are flat and tight while my chest and shoulders are well defined. My body is still sleek with sweat when I step into the sauna for my usual post-run relaxation time. I am still listening to my iPod and my eyes are closed as the heat of the sauna relaxes my tense body.

I feel a small rush of cool air and immediately know that someone has opened the door to the sauna. As I glance up I first see your long sexy legs and then the towel covering the rest of your body. You close the door behind you and step over to me near the bench. I am already sitting their naked and you can see my cock starting to get hard as I expect that we will soon be naked together and our bodies intertwined.

I reach up to remove your towel and you slap my hand away. This is a sign to me that you plan to dictate everything that is about to unfold. I enjoy it when you take the lead on occasion and treat me as your sexual servant.

You reach down and grab a firm hold of both my nipples and twist them hard, sending a strong joly of pleasure and pain through my body. My cock only recognizes the pleasure and quickly jumps to full attention. You simply look down at it and smile.

You order me to lie down on the bench. I am looking forward to feeling your mouth on my cock but I soon discover that you have something else in mind. You step next to the bench where my head is located and slowly straddle my face, giving me a full on view of your freshly shaved pussy. It is already glistening with sweat from the heat of the sauna and I can't wait to spread your lips with my tongue.

I am expecting you to face my body for easy transition to a 69 position but you climb on me facing the other direction. I gather that your plan is to ride my face without any other distractions, including my hard cock. Your pussy is now positioned immediately over my face but I can't see much since you still have the towel wrapped loosely around your body. I reach my tongue out and touch your outer lips, I feel your hips move in reaction to my touch.

I sense your anticipation and decide to tease you initially, running my tongue along the outside of your pussy. I continue this for several more strokes and can sense your pleasure building. You grind your hips into my face trying to force my tongue to penetrate you further. I can sense your growing wetness and slide my tongue in deeper, to the opening of your pussy, then all the way up to your clit, and back down again. This is exactly what you wanted to feel, my tongue applying pressure to your most sensitive areas.

You rotate your hips against my face, and have me pinned to the bench, as I continue to slowly lick the length of your pussy with long smooth strokes. With each repitition I place my tongue at the entrance to your pussy, and you try to force yourslef onto it, but I slide it up the length of your pussy instead. This has the desired result as your pussy is now soaked with pleasure, and while you yearn to be penetrated by my hard cock you cannot deny yourself the intense orgasm you know you will experience from the touch of my tongue.

My tongue has now quickened its pace and is spending more time sliding over your sensitive clit. I love the feeling of your wet pussy against my face and feeling you grind against me. My cock is rock hard but my focus at this time is on licking your sweet pussy and building you to an explosive climax. All that exists for me right now is my mouth on your pussy, and doing everything possible to feed your pending orgasm. I can feel it building as your pussy gets wetter, you move your hips faster, and your moans get louder.

You remove the towel and I open my eyes to see your eyes locked on mine, witnessing the ecstasy in your eyes has me focusing on your clit with more earnest. I apply more pressure with my smooth tongue, sliding it back and forth quickly over your clit. I take a moment to admire your body, looking at your pubic mound buried in my face, up to your tummy then your breasts, heaving with every breath. Then my eyes move further up to your neck and your head tilted back, mouth open taking long, deep breaths as my tongue has your orgasm building quickly.

You look down again, our eyes meet, and you plead to me "Make me cum Al. Lick my pussy and make me cum". I love it when you tell me what to do, and enjoy it even more when you talk dirty to me. My tongue picks up its place on your clit, never losing touch even though your hips are now moving quickly back and forth over my face, as if you are fucking my tongue. You yell out "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum on your face baby!"

You reach down with both hands grabbing my head, and really start to fuck my face in earnest. My tongue is lashing at your clit as your grip on my head tightens and your hips begin to rock wildly. The pleasure in your clit is quickly building to a crescendo and you can feel your orgasm quickly approaching. My tongue continues its magical dance on your clit as the waves of pleasure start to flow through your body.

You completely lose control, pressing your hands against the end wall of the sauna as you grind your pussy into my face. The pleasure in your clit is tremendous and you want to squeeze every bit of pleasure out of this orgams as you continue to ride my face. My hands are now gripping your ass tightly as I pull your pussy to my face and continue to cover your clit with my tongue. The pleasure continues to shoot through your body, eminating from your clit, as my tongue continues its attention. My face is covered with your wetness and I love the smell and taste of your pussy.

While you love it when I make you climax with my tongue, you always look forward to a nice hard fuck from my cock afterwards to keep the pleasure rolling, and likely bring you to multiple additional orgasms. You tell me to sit up on the bench, with my back against the wall, and my feet on the floor. You stand up with your back to me and quickly lower yourself in a sitting position on my lap, sliding my hard cock into your pussy as you do so.

You let out a gasp as my cock slides against the sensitive walls of your pussy. You quickly slide up so my cock is at your entrance again, but don't let it slide out as you once again impale yourself on my cock. You do this a few times slowly before picking up your tempo. Having my cock deep inside you is bringing about a new sensation, and you can feel a different type of orgasm building inside you.

You quicken your pace yet again and I look down and love the site of your ass sliding up and down my abs as you fuck yourself with my cock. My hands are on your hips and helping you move up and down on me. You really start to pound against me as electric shocks of ecstasy are shooting through your pussy with every stroke. I urge you on as my hands ride your hips and I thrust my cock upwards to meet your every stroke.

You moan "Fuck me, fuck me" as you really start to thrash against me. I can tell your next orgasm is upon you and I thrust deep and fast into your pussy to maximize the pleasure. You scream out "Ohhhhhhhhhh" as multiple small orgasms sweep across your pussy. Every stroke of my cock brings about a new pleasureable sensation. You have lost control of your limbs and it is now up to me to maintain the waves of excitement within your pussy.

I quickly move you into a doggy style position on the bench with me standing behind you. I slide my cock into your gaping wet pussy, and can penetrate you further than before from this position. Feeling my cock slide all the way inside you is sending new waves of pleasure through your pussy. I grab your hips and start to move quickly, burying my cock deep inside you with each stroke.

You feel another stream of pleasure deep inside your pussy and yell back to me "Fuck me hard baby. Fuck me with that nice hard cock of yours!" I continue to move my cock quickly withion your pussy, feeling my own climax building as I bottom out in your pussy with each stroke. Your moans tell me that you are loving the feeling of my cock and I can feel the cum moving up my shaft. I start to fuck you really fast and say "I'm gonna cum ..." I grab your hips and start pumping furiously as I can feel my rgasm approaching. My extra attention has the fires burning in your pussy, my cock feels so good and you want to feel me cum inside you.

I start to moan loudly as my cum approaches, you ready to feel me bury my cock deep inside you. I moan louder, pounding your pussy, and you can teel that I am ready to cum. It feels so fucking good and I am about to shoot my load when I pull my cock out of you and my first shot goes all the weay up your back reaching your neck. I look down as my cock continues to spew forth hot loads of cum all over your sexy ass.

I slap your ass with one hand and gently slip my cock back inside your pussy.
This doesn't surprise you too much as you know this "workout" session is far from over.

mrs babyisblue
09-25-2009, 06:13 AM
i dont mind this approach good story enjoyed it :)

09-25-2009, 06:59 AM
Good story well written, thanks for sharing it here.

Brigit Astar
09-25-2009, 01:02 PM
good story, RunningMan, thank you

10-06-2009, 04:25 AM
Good read and well written. Thanks