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09-26-2009, 03:57 PM
The Making of a Cock Whore
M/b, Brutal Rape, Submission
By Sexulot

I stood back watching the smorgasbord of little kids trick or treating, Kids dressed as all sorts of things, the best were the little girls dressed as princes, angles, ballerinas their smooth legs showing, those cute little panties peaking out. My cock throbbed and my mouth watered.

Then I saw him no more than 16 and dressed as Tarzan the bikini briefs showing his ass off that sweet tiny little ass, just begging to fucked, I follow him at distances making sure his parents weren’t with him, after half and hour I knew he was alone, and I saw my change as he past the graveyard.

I swooped on him, “Billy” I yelled as I grabbed him, he turn and got ready to scream “Your no my son, have you seen Billy he’s dressed in a costume like you?” I asked with fake fear in my voice, the boy looked at me “I’m Joey I haven’t seen him, I’m sorry”

I placed my hand on his shoulder “I’m sorry I scared you” the boy smiled at, and I thought my Cock was going to jump out of my pants, when it was clear in one swift move I picked him up cupped his mouth and ran into the graveyard, he was kicking and squirming trying to get lose.

Once we were deep in the graveyard I set him down the night air was broke by aloud crack as I slapped him, then another loud crack, he fell to the ground, I dropped on him and punched him in the stomach he gasped for air, I slapped him again, and a again finally he laid on the ground, his nose and mouth bleeding, I smiled at him “Now the real fun starts”.

I freed my hard cock precum was dripping from it, I grabbed his hair and pulled him up and shoved my cock in his mouth, holding both sides his head I shoved in down on my cock, it disappeared into his little mouth, he cocked and gagged I watch as his eyes rolled into his head and pulled him off, he coughed and gasped for air, then I shoved my seven inch cock back down his throat, I did this over and over the feeling was great his throat was so tight.

Once my cock was soaked from him I pulled his bottom off, and spread his cute little but checks “No please no” he whimpered in a horse voice, I slapped him in the back of the head took am and thrust my cock up his little sweet boy cunt, his scream would have been blood curdling but after jamming my cock down his throat it was never heard.

My cock when deeper and deeper till it was buried in his ass, I felt the blood of his ass leak onto my cock “Your going to beg men to fuck you when I’m done” I said as I forced my cock in and out of him, the slapping of my body against his filled the air, I reached under him and started stroking his cock, “You are a cock bank you will take cock up your ass” I yelled and started jerking him harder as I raped him.

He had his face buried in the ground and was crying “Why why” I laughed “Because you are a cock whore I slammed my cock deep into him his but was bruising up nice “You spend your life giving your Ass to men” at this point he laid his head on his arm and was moaning “You are a cock whore beg me” he dug his fingers into the ground raid his head and said “Fuck my ass fuck my ass” his tears had stopped the begging could be heard in his voice.

“You need what?” I asked him “Cock men’s cocks” he moaned, and know was moving his hips to my fuck him “Why should I fuck you?” I yelled at him “Because I’m a cock whore, I need Cock” he moaned, I leaned in to his ear and said “What man will you let fuck you after I’m Done?” he moaned “Daddy I want Daddies cock”.

I picked him up leaned him over a tombstone and fucked him more, I could feel it was building up in me “Just your daddy?” I asked “No I’m a cock whore I want cock” I smiled because I knew he was mine totally now, I grabbed his hips and held my cock deep in his ass as I blew my wad up it, fin I finished I pulled out of his ass, he turned around and dropped to his knees and sucked my cock clean, “you are a true cock whore now” I pulled my cock from his mouth and put it away.

I smiled as he stood up and walked from the Graveyard, to the house across the street, he rang the bell, when a man open door he saw Joey naked, he pulled him in the house “What happen I’ll call the cops” before the man could move Joey turned bent over “Fuck me I need cock please fuck me” the man looked and Joey smiled when he heard the mans pants drop to the floor.

10-10-2009, 04:30 PM
please do another chapter it was really hot, maybe when the father is fucking him?

Brigit Astar
10-11-2009, 11:45 AM
good story--please continue it