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10-02-2009, 02:55 PM
John's story about his wife M. Hope you enjoy.

It was about 8 years ago, we had been married about twenty years at that point, I had been suggesting to M that she could have sex with a long time friend of ours, who I knew she had fancied for years, and who was single with nearly 8 inches, compared with my 4 and a bit inches. Every time I brought the subject up when we were having sex, it was obvious that although she denied she would like to try sex with him, it always seemed to get her horny and help give her multiple orgasms.

Our friend lived only a few miles from us and we visited him quite often, one night on the way over to see him, I stopped the car, and started snuggling (kissing) M, I then pushed a packet of condoms into her hand, and told her that I wanted her to enjoy herself. I told her that I would make an excuse to leave the two of them alone, by saying that I had to go and see someone about a business matter. M insisted that she was too nervous, but pleased to be given the chance. Later that night I did as I said and left them alone for about an hour and a half, but when we left, M told me that she had felt too nervous too carry out the plan, I said not to worry, that there would be other times.

Over the next few months, I gave them the same opportunity a few times, but nothing happened, and I had all but given up thinking it would happen, however, despite M offering to give me the condoms back, I told her to hold on to them, just in case!

One weekend we took our caravan over to a site about a mile from our friendís house, where we often went to. On the Saturday we drove round to visit him, and after a while we decided to have a barbeque at the caravan. M said it was a nice day and she wanted to walk back with our friend, and get some wine on the way from the village shop, as they were still drinking coffee, I told them to take their time, and I drove back to ready the barbeque at the van.

It was about two and a half hours before the two of them arrived, complete with wine and cans, I never thought any more about it, as they were in the habit of chatting together for hours. After the barbeque, I had only had a single glass of wine, and I said I would run our friend home, who, was obviously well oiled, and by this time it was about 10pm.

When I got back to the caravan, M had made up the bed, and was waiting for me dressed in black lingerie. I noticed that she was really horny, and that when I tried fingering her she was wetter than usual. She couldnít get me inside her quick enough, and I had just started to fuck her when she pulled me to her, and whispered, ďthis is my second time todayĒ. I knew right away what she meant and why the two of them had taken so long, but to make sure, I asked M if she had had sex with our friend, she just nodded, then moaned, pulling me even closer. I then asked if she had let him cum inside her, M just smiled and said, ďcanít you tell?Ē, so I assumed that he had. It was the best sex we had ever had, and it lasted all night on and off, some of the time just talking and holding each other. I remember at one point, I asked M if she had enjoyed having a much bigger cock, she pulled me towards her, grabbed mine and moaned.

At some point that night, I remember asking M if she would tell me more about what had happened, and who had started things. She was quite shy about it at first, but she told me that it had started when the two of them had playfully squeezed past each other in his kitchen doorway, and that he had given her a playful kiss, which led to them snugging each other in the doorway. M stopped him in case one of the neighbors would see them through the kitchen window, and he took her hand and led her through to his hallway, where he stopped to lock his front door. She said they started snugging again at the bottom of the stairs, letting him grope her tits, and ending up in just her bra and knickers, she also said she had groped him, opening his zipper, and she felt how big and hard he was. They then went up to his bedroom, where, after more snugging and stripping off completely, they ended up in his bed together. M said that she didnít want to go into the details of what they did, except to say that he had cum once, but she lost count of the number of times, that he had made her cum. She also said that on the walk back to the caravan, they had agreed that what had happened between them was a one of.

For years I assumed that our friend had fucked M, but recently when we were talking about her taking a different friend as her lover, we were recounting what had happened previously, and she went into more detail about what the two of them had done that afternoon, 8 years ago. Apparently, they stopped short of actually fucking. M went as far as telling me that she had ended up kneeling between his legs on the bed, and wanking him till he came in her hand. She said that because I had obviously assumed that they had fucked, and that as I had always seemed to like the idea, she could see no reason to tell me different until now. I could see in her face that what she was telling me was the truth, the details of which she had kept back from me for so long. M then told me that he had masturbated her, making her cum many times over, she wouldnít say how, but just that he had a different way of touching her, and she was at pain to emphasis it was different, not better than me. I asked her if she had also given him a blowjob, and she said no, but from the look on her face, Iím fairly sure she did, but Iíll need to wonder about that. I also asked if he had given her oral, but she has still not said whether he did or not, just saying that she wanted to keep some things to her memory of the experience between them. M admitted that she now thinks she should have taken the opportunity to fuck our friend, just to feel how a bigger cock felt inside her, and she commented that his is the biggest she has ever held.. Even though M didnít actually fuck him, effectively, I suppose I have been cuckolded, given that she has had multiple orgasms by another man, who has seen M totally naked, and who has played with her body, and like wise she made another man cum in his bed. Our friend has since moved out of the area unfortunately.

We both still get horny whenever the time she spent with our friend comes up, and in no way do either of us regret what happened. I feel that if M does manage to find a lover to have sex with, I will be OK with it, knowing what has already taken place. I just hope I get to see her with someone else, and to be allowed to reassure her and join in, but even if that is not the case, I have told M that I still want her to take any opportunity that comes her way, and M says that she will tell me if she does get over her nerves about her first time, and fucks someone without me being there.


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