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10-02-2009, 03:03 PM
A true story that happened to Dave back in July of this year.

I was going to Texas to watch my son graduate from an Air Force course he had been attending. Being one of the first on the plane, I settled in to read a book I had brought with me. A few minutes later, a young lady, of Chinese origin, sat down in the seat next to me.

She was about 29 years old, about 5-4, and weighed about 115 lbs. She was not Miss Universe beautiful, but she was very pretty. She had on a short skirt and nice shoes. I continued reading but could not help but notice she wore a very nice smelling perfume. It smelled so good it was distracting me from my book. I eventually put it down.

I noticed she was playing cards to pass the time. She asked me, in broken English, ”Are tired from your book?" I said, ”A little", not wanting to tell her that her perfume was making me uncomfortable and causing me an erection. Hearing that she asked me to join her in a card game.

As we played, I learned her name was Xin Tang. She was from Chengyan, China and worked at an eyeglass manufacturing company as an eyeglasses designer. She was married and her husband was the company manager. He had stayed in China to run the business and she was traveling in the US to expand their business. She was going to Texas to meet with some clients that might be able to help their company.

As our plane was landing, Xin told me she hoped her ride was at the airport, because she was a day early, and had not been able to get hold of anyone in Texas. I explained that if she needed, I could give her a ride, once I got my rental car. With that she smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

We gathered our luggage and stepped out to the curb area and looked around for about 45 minutes, but no one was there. I went and got my rental car, thank goodness for prior planning.

As we got to the car, I opened her door and she got in. It was quick, but as Xin got in I got a brief shot of her purple thong panties. My dick almost blew out my zipper. Strange how little things like just a panty shot and good smelling perfume can do that to a man.

Anyway, we are leaving the airport and she is chatting away about how nice I am for doing this and how much she likes the USA. Things in China are much different, apparently.

Anyway, it takes an hour, but we find her hotel. A very nice place, I must add, much nicer then where I was gonna be staying for three nights.

Xin gets out, but asks me to wait. I do, thinking she's going to try and give me some money. She comes back and asks me to escort her to her room. I valet park the car and follow her to a very nice suite.

After settling in the room, she comes out wearing a dark blue silk robe. Xin tells me she has been away from her husband for three and a half weeks and I was one of the few people that have gone out of their way to offer her assistance. She then asks if I liked her thong. I get a little embarrassed knowing I had been caught looking up her skirt. She tells me, she also noticed the effect it had on me. I asked her how she new. She said, again in thick accented English, "Well, your crotch was only millimeters away from me when you closed the door." I don't think I was that close, but..............Seeing my embarrassment, Xin asks if I'd like to see her thong up close.

Now, let me explain something here. I am a 49-year-old guy. Things like this don't happen to me. Here I am in a nice hotel with a very pretty 29-year-old Chinese woman, I met 4 1/2 hours ago. Now, she's asking if I want to see her purple thong up close...........

Well, I stutter a "yes" and "of course", somehow, and she drops her robe. There Xin stands in her purple thong and nothing else. She has little champagne titties and long nipples. They had to be 3/4 of and inch.

After dropping the robe, Xin steps over to me and starts kissing me. By now my dick is busting the teeth on my jeans, to get out. My hands go to her tits and I start playing with those long nipples. While I am doing this, Xin is caressing my back with he fingertips and going down my back. She gets to my waist and moves her hands slowly to the front of my jeans.

By now my hands are at her thong and I lightly insert a finger into the thin waistband. With that a low, guttural moan escapes her lips. I pull the material away and insert my hand. Now I am touching her pussy. It is shaved clean and smooth. I slowly insert my finger into her pussy and gently touch her clit as I do this. She moans something in Chinese and her knees go weak. Her pussy clamps down on my finger like a vice. She is flowing like a bathtub faucet open full. I mean it is running over my hand and drenching her panties and running down her silky smooth legs.

After a couple of seconds she mutters something else in Chinese and starts unbuckling my pants. Xin pulls my pants down and goes to her knees. Now, like I said, I am 49 years old. My wife hates giving blowjobs, but this little Chinese girl relished in it. She engulfed my dick like it was the last one in the world.

Now me, not having had a blowjob in a few years was ready to pop a nut almost immediately. I had to stop her before I drowned her. As I tried to gently push her head away, she again mutters something in Chinese and engulfs me dick again. I tell her I am about to cum and she starts this humming thing. It feels like she has a vibrator in her throat and that's it. I start cumming like never before. Now, my knees go weak.

Xin swallows every drop and then explains in a heavy Chinese accented English, "My husband do not like cumming in my mouth and I never get to do blowjob". I tell her that her husband is a nut and needs to be examined by doctors.

I explain that after cumming like that I need a break. Remember, I'm old. With that she goes to her suitcase and comes back with a vile of green liquid with Chinese writing. She says, "You drink." Being skeptical, I look at her. She says, "You drink. Trust me."

I do and man alive. I have a night like never in my life.

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thank you for this addition

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What is her address?