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Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, Then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! We DO NOT promote rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a story, of fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, YOU DON'T BELONG HERE & SHOULD LEAVE NOW!!
Sandi's Story (Simply Irresistible)

After two tours in Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm and finally snipering in
Afghanistan for the last two years he'd had enough. He had served and
defended his country for most of his life and it was time now for the young
guys to take the lead. He mustered out and planned to take a couple of years
and just relax. No missions, no targets and no constant danger. He had
plenty of money, the Marine Corp had fed and housed him for nearly thirty
five years. So most of his pay had gone to the bank. And he was finally
tired. His life had been the life of a warrior. Dangerous missions,
overcoming diversity, adapting to terrible circumstances. It was the same
things that made life so exhilarating for a young man that in mid life
became habit and finally just plain painful.

So the final day came and it was done. Back in the world he bought a older
farmhouse on twenty acres, about fifty miles away from the closest city. He
needed his space, and the acreage gave him plenty of room to do his daily
fitness run. He was fifty six years old and could still run ten miles in
full gear and never break a sweat.

After he got settled in and began a daily routine he realized that he needed
something to do.It had not occurred to him that the absence of danger and
the lack of daily goals and accomplishments would weigh so heavy on his
mind. So he bought a tractor with a front end loader and proceeded to build
the largest, most difficult obstacle course he could imagine. There were
hills that went nearly straight up, and gullies filled with rubble and
barbed wire. There were overhead hand over hand bars that ran on for one
hundred feet and a rope climb that went forty feet straight into the air.

He routed a stream that crossed his property back and forth throughout the
course making pools that had to be swum across in three different places. He
built the whole thing amongst the existing trees and landscape so it turned
out to be almost unnoticeable unless you were actually looking at one of the

It took him six months to complete and he began to work out on the course
every day. He would time himself each day and each day he would improve his
own time. He finally got his time down to thirty-eight minuets flat and try
as he might could not get it any faster.

After the obstacle course he he constructed a five hundred yard rifle range,
complete with motorized moving targets. That took him another six months.
Now what? he thought to himself. And that is when the idea occured to him to
open a para military training camp. The market was certainly right for it.
There were not only plenty of young people who would love to get some
advanced training before joining the military, but also those who would
come out on the weekends to live out their fantasy, like all the three piece
suits who put on their leather vest and played hells angels on their Harleys
every weekend. This might be fun.

He put a small ad in the classified section of Craigslist. It didn't
take long before he got a couple of responses, and he started taking
students, usually by themselves or in groups of two or three. It
turned out to be as he had expected. Mostly the business men who
wanted to test themselves over a three day weekend when there was very
little chance of them getting hurt.

He made a reservation for two men on this particular weekend. Both
were involved in the banking business and of course arrived Friday
afternoon on their Harleys dressed in all the appropriate leather.
Jake had to conceal his amusement as they anxiously grabbed there gear
and headed to the bunkhouse to change. Such pussies he thought. By the
middle of the day Saturday both of them would be ready to throw in the

Jake always started them out with an hour in the bunkhouse with a
lecture about weapons and loaded guns. He told them that he wanted to
establish a base line for their three day progress, so he wanted them
to run the obstacle course as fast as they could. Jakes record time
was 38 minuets. He figured Roger and Danny here for about two hours

Jake drove them around the course in his off road vehicle, pointing
out each and every obstacle and test. He pulled up and stopped in
front of the forty foot vertical rope climb.

"Now gentlemen, I use the honor system here, it is very important that
you complete the course and all the test involved. If you lie about
making all the test the money you have spent will have been wasted,
and your honor will never be yours. When I see you at the finish line
I won't ask, I'll assume you finished all the obstacles or you
wouldn't be at the finish line. Do we understand each other?"

As usual both men were impressed with Jakes professional manor and
inspirational rant about honor.

In unison both responded, "Yes sir"

Jake drove them back to the starting line. He got out two stop watches.

"Oh Jake I almost forgot." said Roger. "My girlfriend said she may
drive up to watch this afternoon when she gets off work, would she be
able to come out on the course if she shows up?"

"Not a problem Roger, if she shows I'll drive her out to watch you two
men go through your paces. Now I've got two watches here in case there
is a race to the finish line, but I don't expect to see one of you
without the other.....Marines don't come back alone. Now GO."

They had been out about 30 minuets when Jake snuck through the trees
to check on them. They were stuck at the 100 foot hand over hand
obstacle and looked like they would be here for quite some time.

As Jake got back to the start line he saw a small car pulling into the
driveway. Well he thought to himself, this must be Rogers girlfriend.
She wheeled into a parking space next to the two Harleys. The driver
side door opened and Jake saw what must have been the best looking
pair of legs he had seen in years. She hadn't noticed Jake standing
there and made no attempt to pull her skirt down from that elevated
position that all short skirts seem to get to when their wearer slides
out of the drivers seat.

Jake stood mesmerized staring as she checked the mirror to be sure her
hair and make up were ok. She swung her legs out and planted her feet.
Her car was a sports model and sat very low to the ground so her skirt
road even higher as she grabbed the door and pulled herself up and
out. Jake caught a glimps of the top of her nylons and felt his ears
begin to flush.

She fixed her skirt and turned to see Jake. "Oh hi, I didn't see you
standing there." she said with a surprise. She walked toward Jake.

Jesus H Christ Jake thought to himself, she is absolutely
breathtaking. He tried to snap himself out of his trance and say
something to her, but the shock of this gorgeous creature suddenly
appearing in front of him had him more tongue tied than he thought was

"I..........I...........I was standing here by the tree, that"s......
that's probably why you didn't notice me." he said trying to regain
some kind of control.

She smiled and said "Well my name is Sandi and my mentally disturbed
boyfriend is here to try and become a cowboy or something this
weekend........whoops I shouldn't have said that, you might be here
for the same training."

Jake smiled at her comment. "No not hardly Miss, I'm the one that
gives the cowboy lessons."

"Well thats what I thought. You are too old to want to mess around
with that........oh oh I did it again didn't I? I just
meant.......well you know your older and you don't have to prove a lot
of that macho stuff like the young guys do. " She said smiling. "I
hope I didn't offend you."

Jake returned the smile, "Not offended at all Miss, and your right, I
don't have a thing to prove anymore."

"So where are the knuckleheads"

"They started about an hour ago and the last time I checked on them
they were about 10 minuets into the course." he laughed.

"Well that doesn't surprise me." Sandi said laughing. "Roger needs to
leave a bread crumb trail to find his way to work sometimes. Aren't
you afraid of leaving them alone out there?"

"Well they have to turn into men sometime don't they?"

Sandi walked about 30 feet in the direction of the starting line. "I
don't think you'll be able to do that in three days."

Jake watched her hips sway back and forth as she carefully made her
way across the gravel. "You should be careful walking in that gravel
with those high heels Miss."

"I will, thank you.....and you can call me Sandi. By the way what
should I call you, Sargent?"

"Well Sandi my name is Jake, but my friends all call me "Daddy"

Sandi was well aware of the looks she was getting from Jake. It didn't
bother her, as a matter of fact she was used to it and rather enjoyed
it. She thought about how good a shape he was in for an older man,
kinda wide at the shoulders and narrow at the hip, he gave you the
impression he could handle just about any situation that occurred. She
figured him for late forties or early fifties and he reminded her of
some of those hard ass drill sergeants she had seen in the movies.

"Well Jake, how do I go about getting out there to watch these two
hero's go through their paces?"

"You can hike out there it's not that far, but with those shoes I
would suggest that I drive you out in the off road buggy there." Jake
said with a laugh.

"I think I'll opt for the ride if you don't mind too, too much, but do
you have a ladies room I can use first?"

"Hop in the buggy and I'll take you up to the house, it's the only
facility on the premises until I get a clubhouse built down here."

Jakes eyes followed her every move as she walked over and climbed into
the off road buggy. Her legs were fabulous, that beautiful round ass,
and fantastic face.....and all wrapped up in a package that couldn't
weigh more than 95 or 100 pounds. He could feel the primal being that
was his very essence begin to take control.

His eyes constantly glanced back and forth from the dirt road to the
house and back to Sandi's thighs. His mind was going a hundred miles a
minuet. He knew what he wanted and he also knew what that meant.

As they turned through a curve in the road the old Victorian farmhouse
came into view. "Wow" said Sandi " That's the last kind of house I
would expect to see here on a farm. Has it been in your family or did
you buy it?

"I bought it 2 years ago and have been restoring it slowly ever since."

"I would just love to decorate a old four story house like this" Sandi
said with genuine enthusiasm.

"Is that what you do for a living." Jake asked.

"No, I work in human relations but decorating is my first love."

They pulled up in front and Jake walked around to Sandi's side and
helped her get out of the buggy. "Watch your step here Sandi, the
sidewalk up to the house is unlevel and full of broken rock."

He offered her his arm and she reached out and took hold as they made
their way to the house. Once inside Jake led her up the stairs. " The
only bathroom I have redone is off the master bedroom on the third
floor. There are four more in the house, I just haven't had time to
get to them yet.

When they reached the third floor Jake pushed open a huge oak door and
pointed inside. "The bathroom is in the far corner back there, I'll
wait for you downstairs."

"Thank you Jake"

He watched closely as she seemed to glide across the room to the
bathroom door. It was as if he no longer was in control. Every thought
was clear and calculated, he knew exactly what he was about to do and
yet he could not stop himself.

As Sandi closed the bathroom door he quietly pulled the bedroom door
closed, and taking an old iron key from his pocket, slipped it
silently into the keyhole and locked the door........from the outside.

Jake silently descended the three flights of stairs and started the
buggy and headed back to the parking area.

Sandi was amazed by the redecorated bathroom. Everything was done in
Italian marble in stark black and whites. Gold fixtures on everything
including a four legged bathtub. And next to that was a shower with at
least ten shower heads, benches, and bigger than most bathrooms. She
finished up and went back in the master bedroom. Her eyes grew wide as
she looked around the room. Everything was rich, old oak including the
dressers and bureaus. The ceilings were at least twelve feet high and
the center piece of the room was a giant four poster bed in the center
of the room. Very impressive she thought to herself.

She snapped out of her daze and headed for the bedroom door. The smell
of freshly sawed wood was still evident as she grasped the door knob.
When she first turned it without results she assumed she hadn't
grasped it firmly enough. With the second attempt she quickly realized
something was not right. There was no movement in the handle at all.

She grasped it firmly with both hands and turned it first to the right
and then to the left with the same result. Determined , she pulled
with all her might but the door did not budge. Embarrassed now,
knowing she had to call out for help she tried desperately one more
time to no avail.

"Jake...........Jake are you out there, can you hear me Jake I can't
get the door open Jake, It must be stuck, Jake........can you hear

Jake was at the hand over hand obstacle giving the boys a pep talk to
spur them into continuing their weak attempts to clear this first
serious test. He left them with the knowledge that he was sure they
could complete this test and he was just as sure they they had enough
pride that they would not return to the bunkhouse until they did.

Sandi was beside herself that she couldn't open a simple door, and mad
at herself for leaving her purse, with her cell phone in it, in her
car. She paced around the room looking for a phone and every few
minuets going back to the door and calling out for Jake. At the far
end of the room she opened an oak shudder to look out the window. The
window was stained and blurry from age. It obviously had not yet been
restored. She could see that the off road buggy was gone from in front
of the house and her view was unobstructed all the way to the curve in
the road where she had first seen the house.She also noticed, for the
first time, an old dilapidated barn across from the house. The widow
sash and sill had been painted so many time over the years that
opening the window was impossible. Not that opening the window would
help her out of the room but at least if she saw Jake she could call
out to him. She never thought twice about the iron bars on the outside
of the window, just assuming they were some type of old time burglar

Finally she threw herself into a large overstuffed chair to wait for
Jake to realize he had forgotten her or that whatever he had to run
off to do was finished and he would wonder where she was and come
looking for her. What a great afternoon this had been.

Jake slipped into the drivers side and picked up the keys that Sandi
had left on the center console. He started the engine and slowly moved
the car up the dirt road towards the house. He knew she would be
frantic by now. As Jake came around the curve in the road Sandi heard
what she thought was a car engine. She rushed to the window, and
squinting to see through the frosted glass, saw a car come around the
trees and stop in front of the old barn across from the house.

Her blood ran cold as she recognized Jake getting out of her car,
opening the barn door, and pulling her car inside. Her hands began to
tremble as she watched Jake come from the barn and cross over to the
house. Her mind raced as she tried to think of all the possibilities
for what was happening.........and none were good. God, if she only
had not left her phone in the car. She ran back to the door and jerked
on the handle frantically, then back to the window ripping at the
handle, trying to break the layers and layers of paint.

And then she heard the first thud. What was that? A second thud and a
third. It was footsteps.....Jakes footsteps, and they were headed up
the stairs.

Back to the door she ran. "Jake.....Jake I'm.....I'm locked in Jake
I....I...can't get out Jake the door is stuck."

There was no response, just the constant cadence of the
boots.........Jakes boots, coming, coming up the stairs.....coming for

Sandi layed against the door, her chest heaving in and out, almost in
a state of hyperventilation, crying now, almost sobbing as the
bootsteps stopped. She knew he was there, just on the other side of
the door, and his presence was terrifying. She took a step back as she
heard the sound of metal touching metal.
The key had been slipped into the keyhole. Her eyes locked on the
handle, her heartrate out of control. Two more steps back she took as
the handle began to slowly turn.

"Oh god please...........please help me."

Her knees shook as the handle clicked and the door swung open.

"Why are you doing this?" Sandi screamed.

Jake calmly closed the door and slipped the key back into the keyhole.
The lock clicked and the sound sent terror through Sandi's heart.

Jake turned slowly, returning the key to his pocket and looking Sandi
up and down. She stood petrified as he slowly moved around her, his
eyes looking her over as if he were making an appraisal. He stopped
behind her and slowly let his eyes follow the curves of her gorgeous
hips. "Fantastic" he quietly muttered. He moved around to her front,
his eyes quickly refocusing on her legs. Sandi watched a sick kind of
smile come across his face as his gaze drifted from her legs up her
body to her waist area and then her breast.

"You need to unlock that door and let me go Jake.........Jake.....did
you hear me?"

His eyes darted up to meet hers as if he had been snapped out of a trance.

"Take off your blouse, whore." he said directly and with absolutely no

"I most certainly will not ..........and I'm not your whore. Now open
that fucking door or I'll scream."

Jake didn't respond except to move closer to her. "I'm giving you the
chance to make this easier.............even pleasant for yourself
Sandi, but I'm not a man who is given to a great deal of patience. So
I will ask you nicely one more time, take off your blouse."

With that Sandi balled up her fist and swung at Jake with all the
power she had. Jake caught her wrist mid flight and folded her arm
behind her back just as her other arm came swinging around from the
other side. With the second wrist also being intercepted before
landing and folded neatly behind her back, Jake slammed her petite
little body hard against his.

Sandi felt the hardness of every part of Jakes drill Sargent body. His
thighs felt as hard as telephone poles, his chest like a steel plate
and his manhood pressed against her like a ballbat. She was helpless
in his grasp. His eyes never left hers as he switched both of her
wrist to one hand and took a handful of her golden hair intertwining
it between his fingers. He turned her head to face him and paused. He
pushed her face slowly towards hers, almost as if he were savoring
each second. He pressed his lips against hers and kissed her. Sandi
tried to say stop but he kissed her again. She tried to turn her head
to avoid his third assault but Jakes grip was way too strong. His
kissed her again and again. Her lips her cheeks, her soft white neck.
He moved her head and face to any position he wanted to kiss and
nibble and lick. It was as if he were making a painting or playing an
instrument. His energy intensified the more Sandi struggled and
resisted. This monster had a very unusually tender touch.

He pulled her head back and released her hair from his grip. With his
free hand he opened the top two buttons on her blouse. With her pretty
soft lips quivering, and a tear forming in the corner of her eye she
whispered, "Please Jake..........please don't do this to me."

Jake seemed impervious to her words and opened her blouse all the way
to her waist. His eyes devoured her white, tender flesh, and the look
of her lacy white bra. It was all Jake could do to keep from ripping
her naked and having her now. But he meant to make this last. He
released her wrist and opened her silken blouse. He pulled it down
over her dainty shoulders and off her arms. "Jake ...please....stop
this before it goes too far."

Jake ignored her pleas and tossed the blouse over the arm of a chair.
"Now slip out of your skirt beautiful."

"I won't Jake..........please don't make me do this."

"You're really anxious to test yourself aren't you Sandi?" Jake said
as he went to the top drawer of the oak bureau. He took out a pair of
black leather gloves and began to slowly pull them on to his hands.
Sandi watched in fear as he stretched them tightly over each finger.
He walked back to where she was standing and looking her straight in
the eye said, "Once again Sandi...slip that skirt over your head."

"NO" Sandi screamed defiantly.

The words hadn't fully left her trembling lips when Jakes lightening
fast left hand connected with her face. "Oh nooooooo Jake no" Sandi
screamed as she stumbled back.

The return backhand caught the other side of her gorgeous face before
she could finish her sentence. Sandi lost balance and fell to her
back. Jake was straddleing her within seconds. She saw him reach
behind his back with his right hand, grab the waistband of her skirt
with the other and with lightening speed and precision accuracy, make
one movement and cut her skirt completely from her body.

"The next time I ask you to do something I would suggest you obey, or
be prepared to pay the price for your insolence." Jake said as he
offered his hand, which Sandi accepted, and he pulled her to her feet.

Her cheeks were still smarting from Jakes hand when he pulled out a
chair from the dressing table and positioned it behind her. "Sit down

Sandi obeyed as Jake walked behind the chair. He reached around her
head and put a blindfold over her eyes. "Jake....please........what
are you doing?"

Jake wrapped the black silk blindfold around her head twice and then
tied it securely in the back. Once again in front of Sandi he took her
wrist in his hand and wrapped a leather cuff around it. The cuff was
six inches long with a foam lining. It was kept closed with velcro and
double steel buckles. He adjusted the cuff tightly and buckled it.
"What are you going to do to me Jake? Please Jake, please let me go."

Jake did the other wrist the same way and repeated the exercise on
each one of Sandi's pretty little ankles. The cuffs were made so that
they could be connected to each other which Jake did to the ankles
cuffs and the wrist cuffs. He took Sandi's hands and pulled her to her

"Jake,.....this blindfold is making me dizzy.....and I can't move my feet"

"Then I suggest you stand very still, beautiful." Jake said with a laugh.

Jake slid over a ladder that had been used during the remoldeling. He
brought out a chain from the bureau and draped it over the wooden beam
that ran the with of the master bedroom. He attached one end to
Sandi's cuffed wrist and he stretched the other over to a hook on the
wall. After moving the ladder he took the slack out of the chain and
pulled Sandi nearly off the floor. "Please don.t do this Jake, you're
hurting me....please."

He fastened the chain to the wall tight enough that Sandi had to stand
on her tip toes to keep from putting all her weight on her arms. Jake
had her stretched very tight. Sandi heard the metallic click of Jakes
switchblade. She shuddered as he layed the flat part of the blede
against her stomach. He slid the knife slowly up her perfectly smooth
skin. "What is that Jake ......what are you doing?"

Jake said nothing and slipped the blade under the shoulder strap on
Sandi's bra. She gasped as he sliced quickly through it and moved on
the her other shoulder. He made quick work of the second strap and
soon Sandi began to hear a very low, gutteral sound begin to come from
Jake. His fingers slid effortlessly beneath her bra strap between her
breast. "Please stop this......stop this before you go too far."

She could feel the fabric seperating as the blade sliced easily
through it. Sandi yelped as she felt the protection of her bra fall
away. "Absolutly magnificent" she heard Jake exclaim. "Just absolutely

Jake walked away and returned with a three legged stool which he
positioned directly in front of Sandi. He took a seat on the stool,
his strong hands going immediatly to Sandi's hips. She felt the size
and strength in his hands and knew that he would do with her as he
liked but began to bargain just the same. "Jake please don't do
this.......Rogers out there.......what if he comes up here?.....what
if he sees what your doing.....there are two of them you know Jake."

Sandi felt Jakes breath on her tummy as his face grew closer. She
could feel his eyes devouring her, she knew what was coming but still
cried out when first his lips made contact. "Jake stop!" she pleaded
but there was no stopping and she knew it.

Jake began to move his lips across her belly, back and forth, up and
down. He began to kiss her, nibble her, lick her all the while working
his way towards her breast. Sandi's tummy began to move in and out as
her breathing betrayed what Jake was causing. Damn him to hell, Sandi
thought to herself as she tried to fight the urge to give in to the

His lips touched the base of her breast. "No Jake ....please" He
pushed at her breast with his mouth as he guided his lips closer and
closer to her beautifully hard nipple. With his hands in the small of
her back he forced her forward as if to push her breast against his
face. Then he leaned back as if he were admiring a beautiful work of
art. The sudden silence and lack of motion scared Sandi and she
blurted out, "What.......what are you doing Jake?"

"I'm about to give you you first orgasm of the night Sandi, and there
is absolutely nothing you can do about it, is there?"

His tongue lightly flicked her rock hard nipple. Sandi swooned as his
lips sucked her nipple into his warm, inviting mouth. His tongue was
everywhere on her breast. His kissed her, licked her and nibbled on
her breast and nipples. He sucked her breast into his mouth and
slowly.....so very slowly released her save only for her large
beautiful nipple. He kissed it and bit it with his hot masterful lips.
Sandi began to moan for Jake to stop but they both knew that is not
what she wanted. His hands slid down and filled themselves with that
beautiful, firm ass. She felt his rock hard chest against her hot
little pussy. Jake wrapped his arms tightly around her tiny waist and
devoured her breast until Sandi could hold it back no longer and let
go with an erotic scream as she climaxed in Jakes hands.

Sandi had not yet caught her breath when Jake reached down and
unhooked her ankles. With one lightening fast move he ripped off her
panties, spread her gorgeous legs and lifted her onto his shoulders.
Sandi found herself suspended between her wrist chained to the beam
and her legs drapped over Jakes shoulders. And Jake found himself face
to face with .......heaven.

Jake tasted her gently. Kissing her labia over and over, his tongue
flicked out like the wings of a butterfly. With Sandi's gorgeous ass
filling his hands he pushed her warm, wet pussy against his face.
Sandi tried hard to wiggle away from him, to keep him from mastering
her but it was to no avail as he continued to pump her hot sex against
his wanton face. "Please...........please I want you to stop.......you
don't have the right to take me like this...........please" she begged
him as his tongue darted in and out of her sweet young pussy.

Sandi began to sweat as Jake literally raped her with his tongue. She
never realized anyone had a tongue so big and so strong. She could
feel him deep inside of her squirming like a snake, while his lips
caressed her clit. His fingers dug deep into her tender young ass as
she felt her hips begin to push back against his masterful mouth. This
couldn't be happening she thought, not to her. No one could make her
cum against her will. The speed of Jakes tongue increased as Sandi
began to involuntarily moan. Her hips were flying back at Jake and her
legs were wrapped tightly around his muscular neck. "Ohhh god no" she
begged as she felt the warnth of another climax begin to move through
her needful young body. This one was almost like an electric shock
that sent convulsions from her head down to the tips of her toes.

She released her grip on Jakes head as he set her feet back down on
the floor. "Allright you've had me Jake.......you forced me to cum
against my will, now will you please let me go?"

Jake unhooked her arms from the chain and took off her blindfold. He
took Sandi in his arms and walked over to the bed where he threw her,
down on the bed.
He stood and stared at her for what seemed an eternity. "What
Jake..........what are you doing........what are you going to do to me

Jake went to the bureau and brought back with him a number of ropes.
He took Sandi's wrist and wound a ten foot length around it several
times after looping it and then tied it to the left post on the king
size bed. "Jake! stop it , your hurting
me. Why are you doing this to me?"

Jake repeated the exersize on her remaining wrist and secured it
tightly to the right post. Jake took off his shirt and much to Sandi's
surprise he had a chest that would rival any twenty five year old she
had ever seen. He removed his boots and stepped out of his khakies.
His briefs could barely conceal the manhood she had felt when he
pulled her against him the first time. Jake climbed onto the foot of
the bed and took Sandi's calve in both hands. He caressed her leg
gently starting just below her knee and working his way slowly and
sensuously down to her ankle. What happened next was one of the most
erotic things Sandi would ever experience.

Jake moved his fingers along the straps of Sandi's high heels. Slowly,
he would slide his fingers along pushing gently here and touching
there. Always returning to some part of her leg with his hands, he
slid his fingers under the straps on her shoes and touched the arch of
her foot making her feel things Sandi didn't think were possible. He
was turning her on by removing her shoes. First he unbuckled one strap
and then the next. His eyes were always there to meet hers as he
rubbed and caressed her beautiful little feet. It took him almost
twenty minuets for him to remove her shoes, and when he finished Sandi
was completely mesmerized. He wrapped another rope around her ankle
very tight and secured it to the post at the foot of the bed. Sandi
was so aroused at what had just happened that when Jake reached for
her other leg she freely extended it to him. And when he spread her
gorgeous legs to their maximum, she began to welcome the thoughts of
what was about to happen.

Jake mounted her and layed his manhood on her belly. His hands started
at her hips and slowly slid up her waist and over her breast. He
lowered himself and began to kiss Sandi's soft, warm lips. This
monster had such a velvet touch Sandi thought to herself as he kissed
her again and again, and she fought to control her arousal. "Jake stop
please.......you don't have to do this....why are you doing this
Jake......what are you doing?"

Jake put his mouth to her ear and whispered," Because Daddy wants to
play........Daddy wants to play with his little girl."

The lightening bolts of electric deja-vue shot through Sandi's entire
body. How could this be? How could this be happening again to her? How
could he say the same exact words that her uncle had used so many
years ago. Her mind raced. The thoughts of her mothers brother, when
she was just a freshman, that summer when uncle Bob had come over to
fix the pump on the above ground swimming pool, and caught Sandi in
the basement smoking pot.

" Well now Sandi, I bet your mom doesn't know you do this does she?"

"Oh god no Uncle Bob......it would kill her to find out, I don't do
this......I was just holding it for a friend and thought I would try
it just this once. Please.....please you won't tell her will you? She
works so hard, not having a husband and all, it would really hurt her
to think I was turning out wrong."

"Of course not Sandi...I like you. I would never want to get you in
trouble, but if I'm going to do something for you, I'm going to expect
you to do something for me."

"Oh yea Uncle Bob I'll do whatever you want. I can baby sit for you,
and I can do some yard work or clean out your garage.....and you won't
even have to pay me."

Bobs eyes scanned her petite little body in her two piece bathing
suit. His cock was already rock hard and he knew exactly what he
wanted. That flat stomach, her round little hips and tiny waist, that
innocent look in her eyes, were enough to drive a man crazy.

"Good" said Bob, "you can start by holding this pump motor while I try
to break this nut loose from the housing."

He guided her up against the work bench and took her hands and put
them on the motor where he wanted her to hold it. "That's right Sandi,
now you just hold it still while I get this wrench on that bolt.
Standing right behind her he reached around her and placed the wrench
on the bolthead. He cock was also in instant contact with that fine
little ass. He feigned trying to turn the bolt but each time the
wrench would slip off the bolt and he would drive her mid section hard
against the table.

"Uncle Bob.....I don't think it's going to come loose."

"Sure it is Sandi, it will just take some force." he said as he pushed
his cock against her ass.

Sandi became uncomfortable as it dawned on her that Uncle Bob was
rubbing harder on her ass than he was on the bolt. "Uncle Bob
please.........your crushing me against the table. You're hurting me."

Bob dropped the wrench and put his hands on her delicate shoulders.
"Uncle please....."

His hands quickly moved to the hook on her bathing suit top and had it
off in a flash. "Uncle Bob no!"

Before she could even turn around his hands had moved to her hips and
slipped under her suit and slid it down over her ass and dropped it to
her ankles. "Uncle Bob you can't do this! What do you want?"

"Daddy wants to play with his little girl Sandi, Daddy wants to play."

Bob took her by the arm and pulled her over to an overstuffed chair,
the kind that everyone has hidden away in their basement, because its
too comfortable to throw away and too ugly to leave in plain sight.

He threw a couple of pillows on the floor in front of the chair and
sat down. He pulled his cell phone from his belt and punched some
numbers into it. "What are you doing.....who are you calling Uncle

"First call is to the authorities Sandi, I'm sure they will be
interested in that little bag of pot you have stashed and then the
next call to my dear sister to let her know that she may be able to
bail you out of jail when she gets off of work at 3 am."

"You can't do that Uncle Bob, I'll.......I'll.....tell them you tried
to rape me."

"Yes of course Sandi, and I'll simply explain that when I found you
with the drugs and told you I was calling the police that you tore off
your own bathing suit and cried rape. Unfortunatly for you there are
no marks on your pretty young body and no semen in your hot little
box. Who do you think they'll believe? And your mom will still know
about your drug habit by then won't she now?"

"Please hang up the phone uncle Bob.....please."

"Get on your knees Sandi."

"Uncle b..."


Sandi knowing he could ruin her life and there was nothing she could
do to stop him, dropped to her knees sobbing.

"Now open my trousers Sandi."

She begged him with her eyes, she pleaded for him to show her mercy,
her tiny body trembled with fear as her delicate little hands opened
his zipper and slid his trousers down around his ankles. When she
looked up she was face to face with his hard penius. She gasped. The
only time she had ever seen a mans penius was in her health class at
school and when her three year old cousin ran around without his
pants. This wasn't the same.

Bob reached down and pulled her face into his lap. Sandi pulled back
and tried to escape Bob's grip. " I can dial this phone at any time

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to wrap those gorgeous , soft lips around the head of my
dick Sandi."

" Uncle Bob please don't make me do this........I'll never smoke

"It's not about pot anymore Sandi, now get busy."

Sandi knew there was nothing she do to stop this, she was absolutely
powerless. She leaned down and touched her lips to the head of Bobs
cock. "That's a girl Sandi, now use your tongue and your lips, treat
it like a ice cream cone Sandi."

Sandi, it seems was a quick study, and her head was bobbing up and
down taking most of Bobs six inches into her mouth with little
trouble. She reached up and took Bobs balls in her hand while she
licked his throbbing cock from top to bottom. "Sandi had been at it
for ten minuets or so when she stopped abruptly, looked up at Bob, and
said "How long must I do this Uncle Bob?"

"Until you get it all into your throat and make me cum, and when I do
cum Sandi, you had better swallow every bit of it."

Sandi was determined to end this as soon as possible so she plunged
her pretty little face right back down on Bobs steel shaft. She pushed
his cock into her throat until she made herself gag, then she would
pull back and drive it in again. She began to get a rythem and was
soon taking his full six inch cock all the way into her hot mouth with
each and every stroke. Bobs hips began to come up off the chair which
made Sandi thing he was getting ready to cum.

Sandi speeded up and started rubbing Bobs balls and moaning as Bob
grabbed her head and started power driving his cock deep into her
mouth. Sandi no longer had any control. Bob was pumping her gorgeous
face and moaning loudly when suddenly, Sandi began to feel the
strangest feeling. It started in her pussy and moved throughout her
tender young body with a cadense that was in strict compliance with
Bobs moans and hip thrust. She felt the eruption coming up Bobs shaft
and exploding in the back of her throat. She swallowed as fast as she
could just as another wave shot into her waiting mouth. Again she
swallowed quickly as Bobs stroking slowed down. She made five or six
more cycles up and down the length of his softening shaft each one
dispensing smaller and smaller loads of cum. He didn't have to tell
her strangley enough. She kept stroking his cock until he was
completely spent.

"You did very good here today Sandi, so for now your secret is safe
with me. I'll need to see you again from time to time to.....renew our
agreement, so when you get the message, Daddy wants to play, on your
machine, you will drop what your doing and meet me here within the
hour, or I'll start making phone calls. Do we understand each other
young lady?"

"Yes Uncle Bob.....I understand."

"Good girl now get dressed and run along, I need to get this pump
fixed for your mother..........and Sandi do you see the red light
there on the table?"

Sandi looked around, "Yes I see it" she said defiantly.

"Be a good girl and push the button right above it if you will."

"What is that Uncle Bob?"

" It's a video camara Sandi."

Jake watched the expression on Sandi's face. She seemed to be off in
another world as he slipped the head of his huge cock past Sandi's
labia. She snapped back with a start as she felt the massive width of
jakes manhood.

She felt the fullness of his head as Jake inched it into her. "You see
how easily I'm sliding into you Sandi, You keep telling me no, but you
beautiful little body is screaming yes."

"Jake stop it please I'm begging you Jake stop it STOP IT" Sandi
screamed as Jake continued to fill her full of his massive cock.

Jake had half of his nine inch cock in her, when Sandi's lips began to
tremble. He pulled out just as slowly as he had pushed his way in and
rested his cockhead at her opening. With tears streaming from her
gorgeous brown eyes, she looked directly into Jakes eyes "Why me Jake

Jake got to his knees, straddleing Sandi's hips, she could feel the
full impact of his balls and his huge cock as they pressed gently
against her flat belly. "Because you are the most magnificent creature
on the planet Sandi and there is no power on earth that could stop me
from having you, posessing you, owning you, even if it is just for one
minuet or one hour or one day.

He guided his cock to her center again and slipped effortlessly past
her lips and into her love channel. He ignored her pleas to stop and
soon she abandoned all hope. Jake pushed further and further into
Sandi's hot, wet pussy. Each stroke he made drove deeper and deeper
into Sandi's essence. He began to whisper in her ear as he stroked her
again and again. "You ask me why Sandi?....... because you have the
eyes of an angel. His hand slid down her side to her hip. You want to
know why ?.....why me Jake? It is because of the most beautiful face I
have ever seen Sandi. Your look is irresistable, your lips, your
hair,,,,,,your mouth all screamed out for me to take you the moment
you stepped out of that car. And the only real surprise is that I was
able to control myself this long. "

"And now here you are, strapped to my bed, completely helpless and in
my power. Do you feel That Sandi? Do you feel my cock swelling inside
of you Sandi?" Jake grabbed her hair and turned her head towards him.
"Answer me Sandi, do you feel me growing inside you?"

"Yes.......yes Jake I can feel it.....please....st...."

Jake felt Sandi's hips begining to move as he continued fucking her.
He held her head in his hands stareing directly into her gorgeous eyes
as his hips pushed him deeper into this beauty. Jake picked up his
speed as he felt Sandi starting to move underneath him. She couldn't
stop herself. She felt every ripple and vein on Jakes cock as it
passed back and forth, pulling and tugging at her lips. She knew her
arousal was increasing, as hard as she tried to fight it. He was
relentless. Before long she felt the slapping of his balls on her ass
and the banging of her cervix with his enormous cock. Jakes sweat
flowed freely from his chest and arms, covering her and adding to the
erotic feelings she was being swept away in. He was a monster she
thought, a primitive animal, someone who should never be released on
society, but right now all she wanted in the world was to cum.

Her eyes closed and she began to turn her head back and forth as Jake
banged away at her like a jackhammer. Jake held himself up on his arms
as his speed increased. Sandi's moans left no doubt. Her fear had
turned to anticipation, her pain to pleasure, and her need for reason
was replaced with just the need.

Jake reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his knife. He reached
behind himself and cut the ropes holding Sandi's legs. He pushed her
gorgeous, long legs straight up in the air. "Now Daddys going to give
it all to you baby" and with that he slammed the whole nine inches of
his magnificent cock all the way to Sandi's cervix.

Sandi screamed, "Ohhhhh god Jake Ohhhhhh"

Jake withdrew and slammed her again....."oh Jake" and again "oh god
Jake please." He was impaling her with a stucato rythem where each
stroke brought her closer to orgasmic ecstacy. She slammed her hips
against him with all her might. Sandi's eyes glazed over as her
screams of "Finish me Jake Oh god please finish me Jake." Jake cupped
his hand over Sandi's mouth as if to silence her screams. He began to
growl and Sandi felt his cock grow even larger inside of her. Her
orgasm hit her all over just as she felt Jakes explosion of cum. She
wrapped her legs around him and pulled just as hard as she could. Jake
kept pumping her until he was completely drained. Sandi's orgasm
seemed to go on and on. When she finally calmed down, and with Jake
still fully hard and buried deep in her sweet, sweet pussy, Sandi
quietly whispered, "I hate you"

"Keep that thought" Jake told her, "I'm going to check on your boyfriends

Jake was back in thirty minuets. "Well, they're making progress, they
finally got past the hand over hand and should be getting to the rope
climb any time now. Which is great because it will take them three or
four hours to figure this one out, which will give me plenty of time
to......enjoy my company....so to speak.

"It's time to let me go Jake.....you've proven your manhood, to
yourself I guess, as you certainly did nothing for me, and I'm
expected back in the city shortly. People will miss me if I don't come
back tonight Jake........"

Jake walked over and untied her wrist cuffs from the bed post. He
carefully removed her cuffs from her wrist and her ankles. Sandi
thought to herself that he was going to let her go. She rubbed her
wrist and ankles." You know Jake, you had those awfully tight." Jake
stared at her. "You know I could be really shitty about this and tell
Roger, or even worse, go to the police." Jakes eyes almost burned her
as they perused her perfectly built little body. "Jake...Jake are you
even listening to me? What would you do if I went to the cops....huh?"

Jake walked over to Sandi, and picked her up in his arms, "You need a
bath beautiful." and with that he carried her off into the master bath
with Sandi kicking and screaming all the way.

He slid the glass door open and hit the control knob. Water shot out
from ten different directions. He walked in with Sandi still in his
arms and still raising quite a fuss. The water showed down on them
from every direction. Warm, cleansing water covered her gorgeous young
body as Jake released his grip and let her slide to her feet. She
tried to step towards the door but he blocked her with his heavily
muscled arm. Sandi put both hands on his chest and tried to push him
away but he couldn't be budged. He played with her like a cat toys
with a mouse. Sandi bounced back and forth between his arms, trying to
find a way, any way, to get around him.

Jake laughed at her, "You're not trying very hard little girl, I don't
think you really want to escape.....I think you want Daddy to play
some more don't you little girl?"

Those words again.......that look of smug satisfaction that Uncle Bob
had on his face when he uttered them. It all came rushing back to her
again. It was graduation night and Sandi, her mother and Uncle Bob had
all gone to the ceremony at the campus. Her mother was beeped and had
to go to work and asked her brother if he would mind seeing to it that
Sandi got home safely. Sure he would he said, but first he was going
to take her to out for her graduation dinner like they had all
planned. Bob said he would take her to the steak house that was on the
outskirts of the next county over that had always been one of the
families favorites.

"You're and angel Bob" said his sister. "I'll not get home until three
tommorow afternoon because I'll have to work my regular shift also.
You two have a good time, and remember Sandi, I'm very, very proud of
you honey."

Bob had made those calls to Sandi now for two years. Always when her
mom was working and always limited to him forceing her to suck his
cock. He never wanted to chance getting Sandi pregnant. The only time
he had come close to fucking her, he had surprised her coming out of
the shower. He hadn't called to let her know he was on his way over,
so Sandi was totally shocked when she came out of the shower and found
him butt naked and strokeing his cock.

Sandi yelled for him to leave, but he simply picked her up and set her
back in the shower and followed her in. He turned the water back on
and began to rub Sandi"s smooth little body. "Uncle Bob
please........" He began to kiss her very roughly. He held her head in
his hand to keep her from turning away. His lips moved quickly from
her mouth to her cheeks. He was almost manic in the way that his
wanton mouth moved down her neck and to her perfectly formed breast.
He fell to his knees as his mouth trailed down her flat tummy to her
hips. His hands were full of her firm little ass as he drove his face
tactlessly into her virgin pussy. "Uncle Bob No!" she screamed as his
mouth found her most tender parts.

He had never tried anything like this before and although Sandi had
heard her friends talk about it she had never dreamed of it being done
to her. His tongue quickly found its mark and Sandi couldn't help but
yelp as this new feeling quickly took hold of her young innocence. His
tongue lapped at her sweet, hot little pussy relentlessly. She felt
herself being swept away with arousal. She willfully opened her legs
further to accomedate his invading mouth.

Sandi got lost in her arousal and slid down to the floor of the tub.
Bob quickly lifted her fantastic legs up and draped them over his
shoulders. With his hands he pushed her virgin pussy hard into his
face. His tongue shot in and out of her like a wild serpent. Sandi
began to moan in her innocent ecstacy.

"Oh Daddy......... oh yea Daddy...oh god that feels so good
Daddy...........please don't stop Daddy."

She banged her hips against his face as her hands took hold of his
head. She began an almost whispered roar as she ground her hot pussy
into Uncle Bobs face. "Fuck me Uncle Bob.........I want you to fuck

Bob came to his knees and looked down at his pretty little girl. He
positioned his rock hard cock at her opening and looked into her
pretty brown eyes, and as quickly as he had risen to his knees, he
dropped back down. He couldn't risk it, he couldn't take the chance of
makeing his niece pregnant.

They had driven over an hour already. This isn't the way to Chads
Steakhouse Uncle Bob, didn't you say that's where you were taking me
to eat? "That's what I said Sandi, but what I meant was I'm taking you
to Uncle Bobs hunting cabin."

Damn you she thought to herself. I wish you would die and leave me be.
If she were only bigger, or maybe one of those boys who were always
trying to take her out might help her. Oh whats the use, if she did
anything or had somebody beat him up, he would just show the videos
that he always took to mom and ruin my life anyway.

He turned on the lights in the cabin and opened a bottle of whisky. He
took a couple of drinks and offered some to Sandi. "I can't drink that
stuff Uncle Bob, it taste horrible." He laughed at her and pulled out
a camara. "Stand over there by the fireplace Sandi, I want to take
some pictures of you in your graduation cap and gown." Sandi walked
over and stood by the fireplace. "Come on now Sandi, give Daddy a big
smile." Sandi tried with a half hearted smile.

"That's good Sandi Now take off your cap.............and your gown."
he said with that sickening smile, while he took another long drink
from his whisky.

She knew she had no choice, and it did no good for her to beg him, so
she slipped the graduation gown off over her head. He snapped three
more pictures as she did. "That very nice honey, now your bra and

Sandi was soon naked and Bob wasted no time at all moving in. Sandi
automatically dropped to her knees in anticipation of the now, almost
common, assault on her mouth. But Bob took a hold of her goleden locks
and pulled her to her feet and guided her to the bedroom. His hands
were all over her as he took another long drink from that bottle.
Sandi had never seen him so aggressive...and drinking so heavily.

Once in the bedroom Uncle Bob got very rough with her, pushing her in
front of him and finally throwing her on the bed. "What are you doing
Uncle Bob? Why are you treating me so rough?" Sandi was scared at
Bob's behavior and thought she had better try and placate him. "Don't
you want me to give you your usual blow job tonight, Uncle Bob?" Sandi
asked him.

"Not tonight beautiful.......tonight you graduate.....tonight I make
you a woman."

Oh god, thought Sandi just what did he mean by that.

Bob slid the belt from his trousers and tossed it on the bed next to
Sandi, and then undressed. He took her tiny wrist in one hand and
looped the belt around them. Drawing the belt tight he dragged her to
the head of the bed and tied the belt to the brass headboard. "Uncle
Bob stop this.....what are you doing?"

Sandi was frantic. She had no idea why she was being bound. She begged
Bob to release her but Bob had a strange singleness of purpose in his
eye that was not to be denied. He climbed on the bed and ripped her
beautiful, long legs apart. In a flash his face was buried deep in her
virgin pussy. Is this what he meant by making me a woman? She kept
thinking of the night in the shower, and how good he had made her
feel. But tonight was different.....she wouldn't lose control like she
did that night. She could do it .....she knew she could.

Bob pushed his hands under her round little ass and began to pull her
harder and harder against his mouth. He pushed her legs into the air.
His tongue started at her little pink rosebud and slowly flicked its
way to her clit. Sandi tried to think about other things to take her
mind away but it was getting difficult. Bobs tongue shot in and out of
her hot little pussy giving her a sensation she had felt only once
before. That night in the shower was all flashing back to her. The way
her knees weakened and she slid to the tub bottom, the ways her ears
had warmed each time his tongue vibrated across her clit. She was
getting the same needful feeling in her belly she had that night. Her
hips started to gyrate slowly and her legs tightened around Bob's
shoulders. "Oh god" she whispered as the wave of passion began to
sweep her away.

Just then Uncle Bob stopped and jumped from the bed. He walked calmly
over to the bureau, picked up something and climbed back on the bed.
He held it up so Sandi could clearly see as he unwrapped it. Sandi was
terrified. He was going to fuck her. She watched in disbelief as he
dropped the package off to the side and rolled the sheepskin slowly
over his throbbing cock. She had never seen him so big. His cock
seemed to be twice it's normal size. "Please uncle Bob.............."

When he mounted her she screamed for him to stop, please she
begged....you're my uncle.....you can't do this. He knealt at her
bottom rubbing the head of his cock along her labia. He watched her
gorgeous brown eyes flash with anticipation each time his cock would
make contact with her swollen clit. "You look so absolutely helpless
my beautiful little niece, you have had this coming for a very long
time now, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You are
completely in my control."

Sandi started to speak just as he pushed his head past her opening.
She gasped as he pulled out and pushed right back in. He pushed to her
resistence and withdrew several times. Tears were flowing down Sandi's
cheeks now as she anticipated the inevitable. Uncle Bob kept pumping
his very short strokes as he took her hips in his hands. Sandi felt
the pressure against her hymen and begged him one more time to stop.
He simply smiled and said, "Here we go baby doll"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god noooooooooooo" Sandi screamed.

Bob had slammed his cock all the way to his little whores bottom. She
yelled again as he withdrew and hit her again. "Oh Uncle Bob please
stop....please you're killing me......."

Sandi crying and screaming had turned Bob on even more and he just
continued to pump her tight pussy relentlessly. Soon he felt her
juices begin to lubricate his cock as her crying began to subside.
Sandi tried to pull her wrist free but the harder she pulled the
tighter the belt got. "You don't want to escape now, my beautiful
little whore, the hard part is over. Now I'll just work you through
the pain, and take you places you've never been before."

And that is exactly what Uncle Bob did. For the next six hours he
fucked her over and over, making her cum at least nines times. After
her third orgasm he cut her wrist loose as she was now a fully willing
participant. Sandi was on her hands and knees, driving her perfectly
round ass back at Bob as the sun was coming up in the window of the
cabin. She exploded in her final orgasm and collapsed under Uncle Bobs
weight. Just as she drifted asleep she whispered, "God how I hate you"

Sandi's de-javu ended abruptly as Jake lifted her with his arms around
her tiny waist. She couldn't help but to wrap her arms around his neck
to keep from falling backwards. He lifted her high enough that her
breast were at the level of his mouth. He began to to ravish her tits
with and energy that Sandi found exilerating and way beyond her
ability to control. Jakes mouth kissed and bit and sucked her nipples
until she came, while all the time screaming for him to stop.

Then he lifted her high enough to position his cockhead at Sandi's
opening. She looked at him, glared at him, would have slaughtered him
if looks could kill while he slowly let gravity impale this stunning
young woman on his massive cock. The warm soothing water ran down
their bodies as he raised her again, and again let her own weight
force her down onto his steel. Again and again he lifted and she slid
exactly where they both wanted her to be. "Damn you Jake damn you to
Sandi whispered in Jakes ear as she felt every ripple and vein slide
into her belly.

She wasn't sure when it happened, it could have been during the two
hour shower in Jakes arms, or when she was spread eagle on the shower
floor with Jakes giving her more orgasms with his marvelous mouth, in
one night than she had had all during the previous year, or it might
have even been when he was giving Roger and company their graduation
certificate, (even though neither one of them actually finished the
course) and explaining to Roger, "Yes that is Sandi's car parked in
the old barn, we sort of hit it off while she was waiting for you, and
well, one thing led to another and she has decided to stay for the
rest of the weekend, but it did indeed happen that she realized that
somewhere during the last two days and nights she stopped being raped
and started being a woman........Jakes woman.

copyright 2009

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