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Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, Then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! We DO NOT promote rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a story, of fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, YOU DON'T BELONG HERE & SHOULD LEAVE NOW!!

The Doctor Is In (And Will See You Now)

It was quarter till five when Jenny stuck her head in the office door.

"She's here Doctor.....she just walked in."

Jenny was talking about the Doctors four thirty and last appointment of the day. She had been fretting for the last twenty minuets that the patient would be late arriving and Jenny would not still be here to weigh her and take her vitals.

"I put her in room two Doctor but I don't have time to prep her so you will have to do it. I can't be late for Bobby's first recital..........see you Monday Doctor."

"But Jenny, what is she here for?" He called after her as she went through the door.

"She's a new patient Doctor.....wants a complete yearly physical. She has her records from her last doc with her......see you Monday."

He hated new patients with a passion. Well not the patients themselves but all the posturing and getting acquainted that went with a new patient. And there must be a story behind this one as she was apparently leaving one doctor to switch to another. There must be a reason he thought, maybe a disagreement as to treatment or a suit of some kind, oh what the hell. She was probably just a patient who tired of the way her doctor didn't listen to her.

Well he thought, lets get this over with as he grabbed his stethoscope and headed for the examination room. He knocked twice as was his custom before entering a room with a patient in it, and walked in.

He stopped dead as his eyes focused on the lovely young woman seated in the chair next to the
desk. "Janet.....Janet what in gods name are you doing here?" He asked with a most bewildered look on his face.

He hadn't seen his sister-in-law for about three months since the last family get together.

"I was under the impression that you saw Dr. Rosen at the clinic."

Janet, feeling more than a little bit uncomfortable, and looking down as if she'd done something wrong said, "Oh this might be a mistake Bob. I...I just thought, well I mean I wanted to, oh I don't know what I mean. Maybe it would be better if I just left and we forget about the whole thing."

"Now just relax Janet and tell me why you decided to schedule an appointment with me." Bob said reassuringly

"Well for some time now I have been wanting to change doctors, not that Rosen isn't a good doctor, but he...well I mean that we have a tough time communicating. He's one of those doctors that just tells you what to do and doesn't really explain anything to you. And I'm the type who needs to have things explained in detail and, well things just haven't worked out."

"So everyone of my friends I ask tells me that one of the best docs around is married to myyounger sister, not that I hadn't thought of that on my own, but I just didn't know if you would think that it may be inappropriate or something like that. So I decided to give it a try and here I am. If you want me to go I will."

Bob laughed out loud. "Don't be ridiculous Janet, why would I want you to go? Bob said as he wrapped the blood pressure cuff around her arm. He was having a tough time keeping the cuff in place on top of the silk blouse Janet was wearing.

"How about pushing your sleeve up for me so I can get your blood pressure?"

Janet unbuttoned her cuff and slid the sleeve up her arm while Bob secured the cuff. Janet was quiet as Bob pumped the cuff full of air. He couldn't help letting his eyes drift up her arm and across to her breast. His sister in law had the kind of body that stood out in a crowd. To say he had never noticed would have been a lie but he never actually did any of the flirting that he had been known for in his wilder days and certainly never entertained any thoughts of anything ever happening between the two of them especially when he considered the fact that his wife was every bit as hot as Janet.

"What did Brenda say when you told her you were coming to see me?" Bob said as he released the air from the cuff.

"I haven't told her yet" Was Janet's reply. "I thought I would wait until I found out if you were going to accept me as a new patient."

Bobs mind began to toy with all the possibilities of that statement as he took her by the arm and guided her onto the scale. He reached in front of her barely brushing her breast with his wrist as he slid the scale weight to one hundred and twelve pounds.

"You can sit back down. Your blood pressure is a tad high for someone your age and weight."

"You know that happens sometimes when I'm at the doctors office, other times like at home it is always around one ten over seventy. I think they call that white coat syndrome."

"OK, well we will make sure we check your circulation real thoroughly once I get you up on the table. Now, what is bothering you today?"

"Oh there's nothing wrong with me Bo..... I mean Doctor. I wanted to get my yearly physical"

The doctor walked across the small sterile room and took a dressing gown from the shelf. He returned and stood directly in front of Janet. He placed the gown on the desk next to her and said,
"I'll give you a few minuets to remove your clothes."

As he walked towards the door Janet said softly. "Everything Doctor?"

"You can keep your shoes on Janet."

Bob made busy for a few minuets in his office entering her vitals in the computer and giving a lot of thought about being able to thoroughly examine one of the most beautiful bodies he had ever seen.He headed back to the examination room after giving her enough time to undress. He gave her the customary two knock and walked in. Janet was sitting on the end of the examination table, high heels on and legs crossed.

"Is this how you want me doctor, or should I lie down?"

"That's just fine for now Janet" he replied as he moved along side her.

"Any problems with your hearing Janet? he asked as he peered into her ears with that little pointed scope.

"Nope I hear everything just fine"

He tilted her head back and looked in her nostrils.

And then after asking her to uncross her legs, her tested her reflexes by holding her thigh just above the knee with one hand and tapping on her knee with a little rubber mallet. Both legs shot straight out.

Bob put a latex glove on his right hand and stepped in front of Janet. Facing her, he took her jaw in his hands and pressed lightly on the hinged areas. "Open and close your mouth please. Again........and one more time. Now open and hold." He leaned in and pressed himself against her knees. Bob put his finger in Janet's mouth running it along the base of her gums. First the outside of the gum line and then the inside. He repeated the procedure on her upper gum line and then began to probe her tongue with his finger. He layed two fingers on her tongue and ask her to say "ahh"

Without hurting her, he slid his fingers as far into her throat as he could until she began to gag. " Good Janet, now I'll listen to your heart."

Wow Janet thought to herself, he is really thorough. She had never had a doctor examine her mouth and jaw like that before.

He untied her gown behind her neck and spread it far enough to expose her back. He held the business end of the stethoscope between his palms, warming it for a few seconds before touching it to her back. With a hand on her right shoulder he placed the scope above her shoulder blade. "Breath big deep breaths please." He moved the scope to three different places and then to her lower back, all the while his right hand positioning and re-positioning along different areas of her back.

Janet tenses slightly as Bob gently lowers her gown from her shoulders stopping inches above her nipples. Now with his left arm stretched around her back with his hand on her left shoulder he touches the stethoscope to her breastbone. "Breath normally please"

He continued to check her heart beat in several places incuding over the tops of each breast. As he slid the scope between her breast the back of his hand brused the top of her gown, causing it to drop further. Janet instinctivly grabbed at the gown to prevent it from falling. Bob gently, but firmly took her hand away, allowing the gown to fall and expose her breast. "Relax Janet, your in good hands." He said as he slid the sleeves down and off her arms. She was naked from the waist up, and although neither one of them said or did anything out of the ordinary, they both knew that something had changed, something significant.

Bob tried to continue with the exam. Fortunatly he stood at her side so she was not able to see his eyes wander back, again and again to what Bob would later think of as the greatest set of tits he had ever seen. When he put the scope on the inside of her left breast it was very firm. He moved it to the bottom and then to the outside with the same result. They were perfectly matched with large silver dollar sized nipples and as firm as he had ever felt. Absolutly gorgeous, he thought to himself.

"All right Janet let me have you lay back on the table. He pulled out the foot support and took her arm to help her lower herself. "Now lift up your fanny please." she pushed herself up from the table as Bob slipped the gown out from under her." I am going to start by listening to your pulses in order to check your circulation. We need to find out the cause of your elevated blood pressure."

In a somewhat flirtatious tone, which Janet knew immediatly was the wrong thing for her to do, she said."Whatever you say Doctor Bob."

He started by putting the scope on the arteries in her neck. He would press the arterie, release and look at his watch. He moved methodically from her neck, under her arms and to her breast. He checked each of her breast in three different places and then moved to her belly. First he checked just below her rib cage. then four or five inches lower. By the third move down her flat belly he had to move the gown further down. He was now working just above her womanhood. He listened in three places and then without warning he picked up the gown and tossed it onto a nearby chair.

Janet feels completly vulnerable. She has never had a doctor that was so confident that he could virtually strip her naked without any of the niceties that most docs fumble through.

Bob continued with his exam. "Open your legs for me Janet" he said matter of factly. She obeyed immediatly and he put the scope first on her left femural artery and then the right. The back of his hand brushed her labia and she gasped. He worked his way down her leg checking in two or thee spots and then worked his way back up the other leg.

"I'm going to remove your shoes and check the pulses in your feet now Janet."

"Ok doctor." Janet half whispered. She was beginning to feel that this was not right. She was feeling things, she thought, that she shouldn't be feeling. His hands were so firm yet so gentle. The way he touched her.....not that he touched her inappropreitly it was just that.....that well she was getting nervous. She thought that maybe she should tell him she didn't have time to finish and go home. But that wouldn't do either. He would really think something strange then.

She would just go along and get through this. She thought to herself that she was just being silly.

Her heels were the type with ankle straps. Bob unbuckled them and slipped them off her feet. Jesus, he thought to himself, even her feet are perfect. He checked the pulses in three places on each foot and then, with a pointed scribe scratched along the bottom of each foot and timed how long it took for the color to return.

"Well, your circulation seems to be pretty good Janet, maybe it's just the white coat syndrome that is causing the elevated blood pressure." he said as he moved to her side and lifted her arms over her head.

She knew what was coming next. She shuddered to think that her brother in law was about to give her a breast examination. My God what was I thinking?


Bob began to examine her. The warmth and soft touch of his hands made her even more apprehensive. It shouldn't feel this good. Bob pushed and prodded, searching for any thing out of the ordinary. At one point he cupped her breast and with his index and middle finger straddled her very erect nipple, while his other hand began the exam on her otherbreast.

Janet was visibly agitated. Bob could feel the tensness in her body and the little beads of sweat forming on her lip. He had seen similar reactions from female patients during full exams but was surprised that Janet reacted like this. He joked to himself that he must be even more charming than he realized.

With one hand cupping each breast Bob asked Janet to take a deep breath and hold it. "Deeper Janet...as deep as you can and then hold it."

Her gorgeous chest rose up off the tables and pushed her firm, round, perfect breast, hard into Bobs hands."That's good Jan, you can relax for a moment."

Janet closed her eyes and took another deep breath, grateful for the pause in action as Bob walked over to the medical cabinets and opened the door. Still wary about her decision to make Bob her doctor and wanting to get up and run like a schoolgirl. But that was just the point wasn't it? She could panic and walk away but Bob would always look at her like a silly immature schoolgirl, and after all she was a rather successful business woman. No...no she decided. I'll overcome this fear and nervousness, I'm not going to be intimidated.....I'll be just fine.

Bob walked back over with something in his hand.

"Ok Janet, turn over for me and I'll take a look at your spine.

Janet quickly turned face down on the table, feeling a bit relieved that her breast and cleanly shaven womanhood were no longer open for inspection.

He began by pressing his fingers along both sides of her spine, feeling each and every boney protrusion. His hands were very strong yet delicate, and she wondered if he had ever thought of becoming a surgeon. He worked his way slowly down her spine, always with an eye on her tiny waist and beautiful ass. He felt himself growing large and hard as he examined the lower part of her back. He needed to focus, he told himself, or maybe that was the problem.

"When did you break your tailbone?" Bob asked

"I was just a little girl maybe six or seven, you can still tell that huh?"

"Yea that's the type of break that you can always feel if you know what you're looking for. Ok spine feels good, lets do something else."

He walked in front of her and picked up a large, very firm, rubber pillow. "Lift you fanny again for me Janet."

Janet pushed her ass into the air and he slid the pillow under her. Janet wasn't quite sure what he was doing and her nerves attacked once again. "Doctor I.........what are you....."

"Is this your first anal exam Janet?" Bob asked as he spread her beautiful, firm cheeks and squeazed the warm jelly into her crack.

With her voice trembleing Janet said, "I...I've never had one before. I didn't know I needed one. Do I have to have this now?"

"Yes you do and yes you should have one each year with your physical just like your gyno."

Janets entire body was was trembling. Bobs hands moved gently across her ass. His left hand spread her cheeks while the index finger on his right smoothed the warm jelly across her rosebud. He pushed the very tip of his finger into her star. Janet yelped but Bob knew it was more fear than pain. She was very tight he thought as he withdrew his finger and replaced it with the tip of his thumb.

He rubbed gently back and forth on her delicate star, pressing his thumb firmly against it but not in. "Janet, I want you tou push slightly against my thumb and when I tell you, I want you to release. Can you do that for me?"

"I think so."

"Good. Now push and hold it......good Janet now release. Very good now lets do that again......good now hold...hold it...and now release. One more time now Janet....and push.....hold it........hold it..........just a little longer..........and release."

And with that Bob pushed his thumb all the way into her. Janet screamed, and her back arched as Bob buried his thumb all the way to his palm. He backed it out and squirted more jelly on his thumb before driving it back into Janets bowels. Janet settled down as Bob moved his thumb around the inside of her channel. He began to move in and out slowly his free fingers now precariously close to her labia. Janet moaned slightly as he inadvertently brushed against her lips with his fingers. Bob felt himself becoming aroused to a point where he thought he may loose control. Janet moaned again as his fingers purposely rubbed her lips as he pushed deep into her ass again.

"Bob.....doctor please.....your hurting me....please stop" Janet lied. She wasn't being hurt. After the shock of his initial entry, the feeling of his thumb inside of her wasn't bad, in fact it was quite nice she thought, especcially when he accidentaly brushed her clit with his fingers. No she told him to stop because she wasn't hurting, in fact she made him stop because she felt too good.

"Bob ..I'm sorry I'm just so nervous. I'm so scared. Like a little girl going to the dentist the first time. I'm sorry."

"It's all right Janet, as a matter of fact it's pretty normal when a patient and doctor are together like this for the first time that there is a lot of nerves and awkwardness among both. Would you like me to give you something?"

"Like what doctor, you mean some kind of a seditive?"

"Sure Jan, just a little something to help you relax."

"I'd still be awake wouldn't I ?"

"Yes of course, you would be fully awake and alert and know everything that was going on."

"Yea.....yea I think so doctor, that sounds like exactly what I need."

Bob went to the drug cabinet and prepared a syringe. Jan watched intently as he transfered the seditive from the bottle into the syringe. With her ass still high in the air Bob found a vein behind her knee and administered the seditive.

"Now, we'll give that a few minuets to take affect and see how you feel."

As Bob knew, by the time the words were out of his mouth, the drug was already taking affect. Janet looked at Bob much more relaxed and smileing, "I'm feeling much better already"

The seditive he gave her was left over from a clinical test he was involved in last year. The new drug had proven to be a very effective seditive in its early stages but the study was cancelled abruptly when it was found that ninty-five percent of the patients in the study had absolutly no recall of anything that occured during the three hour period that they were under the influence of the seditive. The FDA quickly stopped the study and sent represenitives out to collect all the remaining samples. However Dr Bob forsaw the possibilities of this type of seditive and substituted saline solution in the original viles for the drug which he hid away for another time. This was one of those times.

He stood near the head of the examination table and removed his white jacket. He wanted to test Janets reaction level. "How do you feel now Jan?" he asked as he put his hand on her shoulder. "I'm...I'm very relaxed Doctor, very."

"Good, then its ok if we get started again I guess?"

"Uh huh, whenever you're ready Doctor."

Bob moved again to her side, and with no warning, spread her cheeks and slid his thumb into her slick little rosebud.

"Oh Doctor" she moaned.

He began to work his thumb in and out while his fingers quickly found her clit. He made no pretense now about any anal examination. His fingers were working feveriously on Janets well lubricated pussy. His thumb plunged in and out of her tight little ass like a mini pile driver.

It took Janets mind some time to actually realize what was going on. She was sort of in a slow motion funk. Her ass was already pumping up off the table to meet Bobs commanding hand when the reality hit her.

"Bob!...what are you doing?.......stop it.....stop it right now."

Bob ignored her demands and slapped her fine ass. Janet felt the sting of his hand on her hot little ass that sent a cascade of feelings throughout her body. What was he doing? Was this some kind of a dream? Could this really be happening?

Bob was two fingers into Janets pussy and his thumb still banging away in her ass. His speed was increasing and Janets hot ass followed his lead. Janets surprised shouts of protest had now turned to low, erotic moans as Bobs masterful hand guided her first moments of ecstacy.

The orgasm shot through her drugged body like a black powder fuse headed towards its payload, and when it hit she bounced off the table ramming her ass into his hand time after time until her energy was spent.

She collapsed on the table losing the pillow under her hips. She curled into the fetal position, breathing very heavily, trying to figure out what had just happened, and how she could have possibly let him bring her to such a huge climax.

There were tears beginning to roll down her cheeks when Bob stood in front of her and calmly removed his clothes.

"You can't do this Bob.....you have to stop..you can't do any more to me!"

Bob slid the leg support back under the table. He grabbed Janets ankles and pulled her towards the end of the table putting her feet on the floor. "Bob STOP" she screamed.

While she struggled in her drugged state, he quickly slid his belt out of his trousers and wrapped it around her ankles.

The next thing Janet felt was her cheeks being spread and what felt like the end of a ball bat being pushed against her asshole.

"Bob you can't.......Bob please no....... Bob if you do I call the cops....I swear I will Bob Nooooooooooo oh god nooooo."

He covered his huge cock with oil and pushed his head past her ring. Janet screamed in agony as his steel shaft began to force its way deeper and deeper into her bowels. She yelled for him to stop as she struggled to tighten her ass to no avail.
Her will was weak and her mind was so addled by the seditive. She was fully aware of what was going on but had no desire to stop it.

He drove all the way in and Janet felt the welcome slapping of his giant balls against her ass. She ws relieved to know there was no more of his cock to split her open with. He began to grind his cock into her firm, round ass. She felt every bit of him. Every bump and vein on his rock hard cock as it passed in and then out of her sent shivers down her trembleing legs and up her spine. She felt him swell inside her as his hand reached around her thigh and his fingers went to work on her now dripping
wet pussy. The resistence had completely left her voice when she spoke, " Please Bob...........please"

He continued to drill her beautiful ass while his fingers slowly, expertly circled her clit. He knew just when to push and when to release, when to pinch and when to slide the tips of his fingers into her. She found herself no longer capable of outrage and pain as she gave herself to the submission and pleasure. Her moans grew louder and more intense as the Doctor increased his speed and the force with which he drove his cock into her bowels. Soon her hips were rocking back and forth with the same incredible intensity that he used to impale her with.

She arched her back again and again, driving that fine, round ass into the doctor as if to beg for more and more cock. He sodomized her for nearly an hour before finally emptying his balls into her. She screamed in ecstacy as the hot liquid jettisoned into the deepest part of her belly. Her pussy exploded in a clitoral orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced. He kept banging her needful ass until every drop was spent, and every scream had left her lungs.

The doctor lifted her back onto the table and removed the belt from her ankles. He wiped the cum from her ass and thighs and covered her with the gown.

"I'll be back in a few minuets Janet. You can get dressed and we'll discuss your follow up appointments."

"Is he serious?" she thought to herself. "After what has happened here today he expects me to come back?"

Janet put her clothes on and took a seat next to the doctors desk.

Again the customary two knocks and entry. "Ok Janet, I'm going to want to see you again the same time next month. I've made you an appointment for five in the afternoon just like today. I hope that's convenient for you."

She didn't know why, and never even thought about it until she was in her car and on the way home, but she told the doctor OK and confirmed the appointment for next month.

At work the next day her friend asked her how her doctors appointment went.

"It was just great" she said with enthusiasm. "He said I was silly for worrying about us being related. He wants to see me again next month to watch my blood pressure, but he thinks it's just something called white coat syndrome. I'm so glad you suggested I go to him."

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