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10-09-2009, 05:58 PM
I know how much you like sex and how you love the feel of a nice hard cock stretching that sweet, tight pussy of yours so I have planned a special evening for us. We go out to a local club and have a few drinks with my buddies Jake and Mike. We are all enjoying the music and catching a nice buzz from drinking martinis all night.

You keep pawing at my strong chest and putting your hands on me so I can tell that you are very horny and looking for a good fuck once we get back to my condo. The four of us leave the club after midnight and catch a cab back to my place. It's not uncommon for my buddies to crash at my place so you think nothing of it.

The two of us step into the kitchen to mix up some martinis for everyone while the guys lounge on the couch and listen to music. I quickly spin you into me and drown you in a deep passionate kiss, allowing my hands to slide down to your ass and caress it with a gentle squeeze. My cock quickly gets hard and you can feel it pressing against my pants wanting to be released. I am certain that your pussy is wet and ready for action but Mike and Jake are still in the living room waiting for their drinks.

You can't help yourself and you drop to your knees and quickly unzip my pants, engulfing my cock with your hot, wet mouth. I look down into your deep, sexy eyes and watch your mouth slide along the length of my cock. The vision of you sucking my cock is wonderful and your tongue feels exquisite as it slides along the bottom of my cock and then swirls around the head of it as you continue to work my cock in your mouth.

Your eyes are closed and you are really focused on sucking my cock until you hear me clear my throat. You open your eyes to see two more hard cocks to either side of me as Jake and Mike have joined us in the kitchen. I nod my head as if to say help yourself and you continue to work my cock with your mouth as you reach up and grab the other cocks with each hand. It is such a sexy sight to see you working all three cocks at the same time.

I suggest that you take the guys into the living room where everyone will be more comfortable while I continue mixing the drinks. I join the three of you in the living room a few minutes later to see the guys sitting on the couch with you kneeling on the floor in front of them, Jakes big cock in your mouth and Mike's being squeezed by your hand. You pause and look up as I approach with the tray of drinks. While you take your mouth off Jakes's cock to grab your drink your other hand never leaves Mike's alone, squeezing it and pumping it as if it's a perfectly natural instinct.

I make a quick toast "Here's to an evening of fun". We cling our glasses together and you quickly chug your martini and have your mouth back on Jake's cock before the rest of us have completed taking our first drink. We look at each other and smile, knowing this is going to be a very good evening. I sit on the arm of the couch and watch you for awhile as you take turns sucking each of the hard cocks in front of you, first Jake then Mike and back again.

I am sure your pussy is dripping wet and ready to be fucked so I dcide to check for myself. As I quickly remove your clothing the guys do the same thing so we are all naked in less than a minute. Even when removing your clothing you manage to stay in contact with the cocks in front of you. You can now see the toned bodies of Jake and Mike and you are even more turned on by the scene that is unfolding.

I lie down with my back on the floor and slide my head between your legs so that your pusy is facing directly down at me. You immediately take the queue and lower your pussy to my face riding my tongue immediately. I have just verified that your pussy is completely soaked and tastes delicious as you continue to thrash it about my face looking for that first orgasm. With your mouth urgently sucking on Jakes cock and your hand firmly grasping Mike, your first orgasm rips through your body as you ride my face furiously bucking every bit of pleasure from your climax.

You now need a cock inside you as you quickly mount Jake's cock which had been a focus for your mouth for much of the evening. You straddle him on the ouch and it feels so good when his big hard cock stretches your soaked pussy to its limits. You are so wet that his full length quickly disappears inside you and gives you a feling of absolute fullness. You quickly start to bounce on his cock as your pussy still has pleasure pulses flowing through it from your orgasm. You gaze into Jake's eyes as you have always found him attractive and fuck him in earnest, loving the feeling of his hard cock filling your pussy so nicely. Jake says "That's it fuck me baby, fuck me hard".

The scene is really hot and Mike and I want a part of the action. I motion for Mike to slide a little closer to Jake on the couch. I lift you up slightly so you are no longer squatting on Jake's cock but in more of a doggy position facing him. He covers your nipple with his mouth as I pound into you from behind doggy style. You now have your second hard cock in you for the evening and you are loving every minute of it. I can't remember your pussy ever being so wet and I fuck you hard from behind wanting to give you the hard fuck you so desire.

I slide out of you and guide you towards Mike, where you quickly position yourself to sit on his hard cock. He is a little wider than Jake and I so you experience a new level of pleasure as his cock expands your pussy further than ever before. You slowly lower yourself over his length, eyes closed and mouth open in a silent scream as the sheer pleasure brings you to a new height of arousal. Once fully inside, you sit and rest for a moment allowing your pussy to get fully accustomed to his girth. You have never felt so full and you are really looking forward to slding on this hard pole.

You start to buck your hips on Mike's cock and the waves of pleasure return. Your pussy is on fire and you love the feel of this big hard cock on the walls of your pussy. You grind your hips against Mike, fucking his big cock with your sweet pussy. He squeezes your nipples as you buck wildly against his cock, your pussy squeezing his cock and forcing the cum to start rising in him. The two of you are moaning loudly, and as you continue to ride him wildly his orgasm approaches and he fills your pussy with a big load of cum.

Jake and I quickly pick you up wanting to keep your pleasure at a high. He lies at an incline at the end of the couch and we slide your pussy quickly onto his cock, with your back against his chest so that you are also on an incline. He starts moving his ccok quickly in and out of your slick pussy while I finger your clit hoping to bring about your next orgasm. You are grinding your hips wildly as the combination of my fingers and Jake's cock has you in a frenzy. You are moaning loudly now and I can sense your orgasm is quickly approaching.

I stop moving my fingers and you let out a gasp of frustration, but we were hoping to make this a special night for you. I move between your legs and quickly cover my hard cock with the sweet juices from your pussy. The view of your legs spread wide open with Jake's cock fully buried in you is wonderful, and I position my cock to also slide inside your pussy on top of Jakes. You don't know what I am doing at first until you suddenly feel a second cock sliding into your pussy. You are so wet and turned on from the fucking that my cock actually gets inside you fairly easily.

You have a brief moment of shock as you think about having two cocks inside your pussy at the same time, but that quickly disappears when Jake and I start sliding our cocks in unison. It feels like one super sized cock is stretching you beyond belief, and you have never felt so fulfilled in your entire life. You never want this moment to end, but in this position my cock is sliding nicely across your clit as Jake and I are fucking you and you can feel that next climax quickly approaching.

You start to scream out "Oh god yes! Fuck me with your hard fucking cocks! Stretch my pussy and fuck it hard! Ohhhhhh"

Jake and I pound you hard as your orgasm pours through your body. You see fireworks as you experience the best orgasm of your life, and your pussy tries to ocntract around the two contacts inside you and simply can't. This makes your orgasm last for what seems like an eternity as Jake and I continue fucking you hard until we each empty a load of cum into your gaping wet pussy.

We remove our cocks and your pussy still feels wide open, absolutely soaked, and very well fucked. You lie there in the after glow of the best fuck of your life wondering what we can ever do to top this one.

10-10-2009, 01:36 AM
Thanks for the addition

Brigit Astar
10-10-2009, 01:37 PM
RunningMan, this is a good hot intense story. It's difficult to write a story in the second person viewpoint, but you did it with this story. This is one of the better stories I've read in quite awhile.

11-04-2009, 12:52 AM
Good story. Thanks for sharing.

08-12-2010, 11:03 PM
Liked it. Who should I invite over? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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