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Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, Then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! We DO NOT promote rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a story, of fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, YOU DON'T BELONG HERE & SHOULD LEAVE NOW!!

The Rape Of Detective Rockford

While all my people were busy congratulating each other for preventing the rape of another young woman by this monster that the press has dubbed "The Predator", I was quick to remind them that we had gotten lucky only once and that he had won twenty two times in the last ten years that we know of.

He was the most prolific rapist of our day and there was no indication that he was going to stop any time soon. We had to stop him, there was simply no other way. In ten years he had never left one piece of evidence for us to go on. No semen, no body hair, not even a scraping from under a victims nails, nothing. We would have to force him to make another mistake like tonight. We think he picked this last girl at random instead of his usual pattern of stalking and making sure he was not being watched. One of our patrol cars happened to see the "take" and called it in. If the patrolman would have waited for us to arrive we could have surrounded the house. But he decided to be a hero and take the guy himself. All that got him was a fractured jaw and our rapist escaped through the back door.

Well it was almost ten pm and we would be back at it bright and early in the morning so I decided to go home and get a hot shower and fall to sleep after I tried on a new party dress that I had picked up today for the policeman's ball on Saturday night.

I climbed the stairs to my second floor townhouse and realized just how long a day it had been. I turned on the news and poured myself a Crown and seven. I found a good stiff drink always helped me relax after a day like today. They were talking about the rapist and how we almost caught him tonight. I slipped out of my slacks and blouse while standing in front of the TV set. Enough of that story I thought and took my drink and headed for the bedroom.

I layed my glock 17 on the dresser. Most everyone on the force used a .45 now days but I figured if you couldn't stop somebody with 17 rounds of 9mm hollow points you shouldn't be a cop anyway. I finished undressing and looked at myself in the mirror. Not bad I thought almost thirty one years old and still not one ounce of body fat. My breast were perfect and my ass firm and tight. God I thought to myself, I'm so vain.

I piled my long auburn hair on my head and headed for the shower. I let the steaming hot water flow over my aching body for nearly twenty minuets. God that felt so good. After drying off I wrapped myself in a towel and went to the bedroom to try on my new outfit.

I slipped it on over my head. It was silky black that was vee'd almost all the way to my navel in front. I couldn't possibly wear a bra with it, not that I needed one, and it was so thin and silky I certainly could not show a panty line.

It was almost too short so I put on a pair of my gold five inch spiked heels just to make sure I could wear it. I took a look in the full length mirror on the back of my bedroom door. Wow, I thought, I look fantastic, if I must say so myself..............

Suddenly I hear a noise from the living room that does not sound like a tv set. I pick up the glock and head down the hallway. When I reach the living room I see nothing out of the ordinary. I scan the room, gun at waist level and see nothing. But I feel a presence.

As I turn to go back down the hall he strikes. A hand, a strong hand slides over my mouth and another grabs my gun. I instinctively raise my foot and slam my stiletto heel down into his foot. He screams and spins me around with such force that I slam into the wall. He takes me by my throat and holds me against the wall while he holds the glock in front of my face and pushes the mag release button and smiles as the mag drops to the floor.

He tosses the gun across the room and pulls me hard against him. With his free hand he grabs my dress and rips it completely from my body with one quick move. His eyes devour me as he holds me struggling against the wall. He slams himself against me pinning me to the wall.

"Do you feel that my pretty little detective?" he whispered as he took my breast in his hand.
"That is what I am going to give you tonight....all night until you can take no more."

With all the strength I could muster I brought my knee straight up and into his groin. He yelled and doubled over and I took off for the bedroom to get my backup gun. By the time I get to my room he has already recovered and is charging straight towards me. I don't have time to get my gun from the nightstand. I will have to face him.

I turn to face his charge with my back to the double windows that face into my backyard. I take two steps towards him and grab his lapels. I let his force drive me backwards and I roll onto my back while putting both my feet in his stomach. His momentum and my feet send him smashing through the windows and down two stories to the ground below.

I look through the window and see him struggling to stand up. I grab my pistol and my police cell phone and head down the stairs. As I head around the back of the building I push the allcome button on the phone. That will bring any patrol cars in the area to my location immediately.

I round the front corner of the building just in time to see a dark blue sedan burning rubber and speeding away. I can see what looks like an E and an R on his license plate.

Four patrol cars are screeching to a stop with lights flashing as it occurs to me that I am as naked as the day I was born.......except for those gold stilettos...........

The first officer out of his car sees my predicament and brings his patrol blanket with him and quickly throws it over my shoulders.

"You're a cop aren't you" he stammered, trying to get the words out of his mouth.
"Yea...yea, you're the lead on the predator case, I saw you interviewed on the news last night."

"Yea, and so did he apparently"

"Is that what happened here tonight?"

"No, but that's what he had planned. He didn't expect to run into a delicate little detective that was trained in the arts."

"Where did the hole in the window come from?"

"I threw him threw it........"

The young patrolman looked at her 110 pounds and began to chuckle until her stoic expression told him that she was deadly serious.

"You know how to use that radio officer?"

"Yes mam."

"Then call in an attempted rape and get a crime scene team over here now."

She described the car to another patrolman and ordered him to put out an all points bulletin on it.

"Alert all the hospitals for someone coming in with multiple glass cuts, and put your eyes back in your head or get me another blanket."

The next day was brutal, up all night with the crime scene team and back on the case by 8:00 am.

She called her detectives together for a briefing on what happened the night before, and to give them their assignments.

"One more thing" she said before dismissing them, "I want to know how he found out where I live. I'm unlisted, my address doesn't appear anywhere except the police files, and nobody followed me home last night." She looked from one detective to the next looking for some indication that one of them may have some knowledge as to how this happened, but no one blinked.

Detective Rockfords younger sister was also her administrative assistant. She had started at the department two years ago after high school with dreams of completing her law enforcement degree at night school. She still had a couple of years left but had made herself invaluable to Rockie organizing incoming leads and generally running the administrative part of her section. After Rockie had dismissed her detectives she noticed Julie looked as if she had been crying.

"Whats up sis, something bothering you?"

"I so sorry Rockie.....I think it's my fault." Julie fought to hold back her tears.

Rockie walked over and put her arms around her. "What are you talking about Julie?"

"A man called a couple of days ago saying he was on the invitation committee for the policeman's ball and he needed the addresses of a few people that hadn't been mailed yet. You were one of the addresses I gave him Rockie , I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry about it sis, I didn't get hurt and we drew the bastard out. Now maybe he has made a big enough mistake that we can catch him. Just make sure that you advise the other people whose address you gave out. Were there any other women on the list?"

"No Rockie, just a couple of patrolmen." Julie lied thinking she had caused Rockie enough trouble. She had also given him her own address. She never dreamed he would try anything with her after almost getting caught trying to rape Rockie. Little did she know.

He spent nearly three hours picking sharps of broken glass out of his back. It was almost impossible with a hand mirror and a pair of tongs but he was smart enough to know he could not get away with going to the emergency room. When all the glass was removed he poured raw alcohol over his back inflicting an enormous amount of pain on himself.

He could find no relief as he suffered face down on his mattress for two days before the burning and throbbing began to subside. The whole time all he could do was devise a plan to to gain his revenge. He worked out every detail of how he would do it. The time, the date and the method. With weeks to work on it he had what he thought was a perfect plan.

It was the night of the policemens ball and Rockie had replaced her dress that was ripped in half by the her attacker. She had liked the original so much that it took her a week to find another that was close to it. This one was a backless little number, cut very low in the front and a slit up to mid thigh. She would normally wear nylons and a garter belt on a night like tonight, but with the slit going so high up her thigh she was afraid if she got to do any serious dancing, she may show a little more lingerie than she wanted to, and besides her legs were so perfect she didn't really need the nylons, she just loved the way they made her feel.

As expected when she strolled into the ball all heads turned her way. The male detectives couldn't take their eyes off her and their wives couldn't stop whispering to each other about how the department dare allow someone like her to work so closely with all the male cops.

Rockie was certainly a knockout but her ability as a patrolmen and then a detective, was the reason there wasn't a cop or detective on the force that wouldn't grab at the chance to have her as a partner.

Rockie mingled for a while, rubbing elbows and occasionally doing the obligatory dance with the chief and the mayor, but after two hours decided she had done her social duty and said her goodbyes and headed out, planning on going to her favorite dance club for a couple of hours before calling it a night.

The valet took her stub and hustled off to retrieve her Vette. He returned in an instant and was more than happy to hold the door on the Vette open as Rockie slid her gorgeous long legs in. She held out a ten dollar bill for him, which he didn't notice until she spoke. "I'm up here junior" she said as he meekly tore his eyes from her legs and accepted the tip.

"I'm-----I'm sorry mam. I wasn't thinking----I didn't mean anything by it."

Rockie smiled at him, "You don't ever have to apologize for being a man, junior."
and drove off. A few minuets later she pulled into the parking lot at Trumps, her favorite dance club. One of the few clubs where the really great male dancers were as plentiful as the women. Here she was able to dance for hours and when her partner got tired she could turn on her heel and have her pick of a dozen more.

As she turned off the Vette her cell phone rang. She looked at the phone to see that her sister Julie was calling.

"Hey kido I just pulled into Trumps, where are you?"

"Detective Rockford?"

"Yes---yes, this is detective Rockford-----who is this?"

"This is an old friend Detective, I'm surprised you don't recognize my voice."

"Why do you have my sisters phone, and who are you?"

"I have your sisters phone because I have your sister, and I have your sister due to that little falling out we had back at your apartment last week. Now unless you want me to treat her the same way I have treated all twenty three of the other ladies in my
life you will do exactly as I say. Kapish?"

Rockie was horrified. It was him. He had not only admitted he was the man that attacked her, but also admitted to the twenty three rapes over the last ten years.

"You don't have my sister----your bluffing." Rockie said with all the confidence she could muster.

"Don't be stupid Detective, it doesn't become you. How else would I have her phone? And even if I could manage to get her name and number to show up on your phone if I were calling from my phone, how would I get your private cell number?"

Rockie tried to remain calm. "Prove that you have her, prove that you have Julie."

"All in good time Detective, but for right now you need to do exactly as I say or I'll begin to work on your little sister in ways that you can't even imagine."

Rockies legs were shaking and her lips trembling. "If you harm my sister I'll hunt you down-------and I promise you, death won't come to you quick enough."

"Now now Detective, lets keep this on a professional level shall we? I want you to reach behind your seat. You'll find a jar of liquid and a cell phone. Bring them forward and lay them on the seat next to you."

Rockie felt the jar and the cell and layed them on the passenger seat.

"Have you found them Detective?"

"Yes" Rockie replied tersely.

"Now I want you to open the jar carefully, very carefully Detective, it contains acid, and ease your cell phone into the jar and put the lid back on."

Rockie knew he couldn't see her so she turned the power off on her phone just as the cell phone on the seat began to ring. She picked up the phone.

"The next sound you hear Detective will be the plaintive wail of your sister as I slice one of her lovely nipples off."

"No no don't you dare--------I did what you wanted ---leave Julie alone."

"Your phone is still sending out a gps tracking signal Detective, which it wouldn't be doing had you dropped it in the acid."

Rockie knew he might be bluffing but she couldn't afford to call his bluff. She quickly unscrewed the lid from the jar and dropped the phone into the acid.

"There it's done----it's in the jar."

"I know Detective I know, and Julie is breathing much easier."

"What do you want from me, why are you doing this?"

"Come now Detective Rockford, you can't be that naieve. I want the same thing I came after at your apartment last week. I want you. I want to ravage you, I want to rape you in every way a woman can be raped. I want your mouth, I want your hot dripping pussy, and then I want that beautiful round ass. I want to rape you until you pass out in ecstacy."

Rockie knew what he wanted, she knew the minuet she heard his voice on the phone, but to actually hear the words, to hear what he planned to do right from his monster lips was horrific. She sat there holding the phone, shaking, trying to think of some way to get her and her sister out of this mess.

"You know I'm the lead Detective on this case, if you let us go I can steer the investigation away from you-----you know in another direction, so you can stop and leave the area----if you'll let my sister go."

"Nice try Detective, but we both know you don't have a snowballs chance of catching me. You have absolutly no evidence. So your only decision is whether you are coming to me or I am going to take everything your little sister has. To tell you the truth, I'd rather have you, it's an ego thing you see, but I'm am quite curious to see what little Julie looks like naked."

Rockie was silent. Her anger was enormous but she knew she had to keep control if there was any chance to turn this around.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked in her most submissive voice, remembering that she had beat him once and she might be able to do it again.

"That's a girl Detective Rockford, saving Julie is a noble cause, one worth giving yourself up for, I commend you. Now listen closely. There is a gps route programed into the phone you have in your hand that will reveal itself to you one leg at a time, if you follow it, in two hours and thirty five minuets it will take you to where I will meet you. You will stay at the speed limit at all times and you will stop at the designated filling station for fuel. You will speak to no one for any reason. I've wired your car with sensors. There is a gps tracking device so I will know where you are at all times. If you flash your lights, turn on the radio, jam on the brakes I will know, and I'll assume you are trying to signal someone, and Julie's nightmare will begin. Kapish?"

"I understand" Rockie said, her entire body racked with fear, her mind racing to think of ways she might deceive him and get a message to the police.

"Start your engine Detective begin your journey into my world. And Detective, one more thing if you attempt to make a call on that phone it will shut down immediatly, all functions will cease, and I'll know what you've done. And your beautiful little sister will be mine."

Rockie pulled out of the parking lot intent on following his orders precisly. He watched as she made the first three turns on the gps route.

He turned to Julie who he had tied and gagged in a chair. "Well now Julie it looks as if your big sister is going to come to your rescue----unfortunatly she won't be in time sweetheart, as a matter of fact I think she will be about two hours and thirty five minuets late." He said as he lifted Julie roughly from the chair and removed her gag.

"Mister you told my sister you wouldn't hurt me if she agreed to meet you----this----this isn't fair." Julie cried.

He laughed at her as he calmly unbuttoned her silk blouse. "Your sisters a special crimes detective and your just finding out tonight for the first time that life isn't fair. Thats what one would call ironic isn't it?"

The tears began to flow down Julies cheeks as her soon to be rapist slipped the straps of her bra down over her shoulders. He pressed up against her as his huge hands reached behind her and deftly unhooked her white lace bra.

"Please don't do this" Julie pleaded as he tossed her bra aside and stepped back to admire her breast. "Those are very nice Julie, I'll bet their firm aren't they? Beautiful firm tits run in your family don't they?" he laughed as he walked around behind her.

He unbuttoned her skirt and slid the zipper down slowly. With his hands on her hips he pulled the skirt down and let it drop to the floor leaving her with only her panties and pantyhose. He let out an angry grunt that freightened Julie as he stormed off across the room. He quickly returned and dropped to his knees in front of her. With lightening speed he pushed the button on his switchblade and grabbing the waistband of her pantyhose quickly and with great precision, cut the panty from the pantyhose.

"I hate pantyhose" he growled as he got to his feet.

Julie looked at him in complete horrer. He was evil itself she thought as he stood staring at her. He slid both his hands into her panties and slowly ripped them from her. "Your a beautiful young woman Julie" he said as he took off his shirt.

"My sister will kill you when she finds what you have done" Julie whimpered. He laughed again as he unbuckled his trousers and let them drop to the floor.

Julies eyes grew wide as she saw the size of his manhood. She had only been with one boy in her young life and he wasn't even half the size of this man. Her knees began to shake as he stood before her stroking his huge cock. "You want to try that don't you Julie?" he smiled at her as he said it.

Julie felt guilty when she realized there was a certain truth about what he had just said and quickly put the thought out of her mind.

With her wrist still tied behind her back he picked her up in his arms and carried her to one of two full size beds at the end of the room. Julie kicked and screamed as he threw her down on the bed. "Stop it you monster----stop it and let me go"

The more she struggled the more excited her rapist became. He loved it when they fought him. The struggeling young women that he had raped over the years were exactly what kept him coming back for more and more. She squirmed and twisted in his arms as he tried to posistion her on the bed. The feel of her tight, smooth young flesh in a fight to save her honor was excilerating to him. He managed to get her face down and straddle her hips. He pulled another pair of handcuffs out and secured her ankles one at a time. Julie continued trying to kick him but she knew the fight was lost. She screamed and cursed him as he mounted her beautiful young ass.
================================================== =====================

With his hands firmly on her hips , he hoisted her to her knees. She twisted and bucked to no avail. he strength was overpowering. He slid his hands around in front of her and cupping her breast pulled her into and upright position. His chest was flat against her back as he pulled her tighter and tighter against his rock hard cock. His rough hands roamed her entire front from her flat stomach to her perfectly formed tits. They inch slowly and seductivly towards her pussy. Julie groaned and squirmed as he gently slid his fingers over her now swelling clit.

"Stop it you evil bastard" she screamed as he slipped a finger inside her now, hot dripping pussy. "Please stop-----now please."

His capable fingers began to stroke her labia as his other hand slid up her smooth body and firmly covered her mouth. He put his lips next to her ear and whispered, "I'm going to let you tell me how you want it Julie. That's a choice your whore sister isn't going to get." He sped up his stroking of her clit as he continued to whisper in her ear.

"How do want it Julie? Do you want me to fill that sweet little pussy or do you want to try and take it in your hot little ass?"

Julie screamed into his hand. He laughed as he pushed her shoulders to the bed so that the only thing in the air was her gorgeous round ass. He layed his cock between her cheeks and began to slide back and forth.

" Please don't fuck my ass-----I'm begging you. You said you'd give me the choice so please ----please don't fuck me in the ass."

"Then just what is it you want me to do Julie?" he said with that disgusting laugh.

"Please don't make me say it"

"If you don't tell me what you want I'll just assume you want to get fucked in the ass, since that is what you're sticking up in my face.

"No please don't----I I want you------ I want you to fuck my pussy"

And with that her rapist pushed his cockhead against her opening and slipped his massive head into her tight sweet pussy. Julie grunted loudly at first in anticipation of his jamming his huge cock in her. But to her surprise he took his time, gently pushing in as she quietly moaned, and pulling back out. Then again he pushed and pulled as she prayed he wouldn't split her wide open. Her pussy was dripping wet and he began to push deeper and deeper. Julie felt guilty as she began to feel the pleasure of his gentle rythem. He pushed more and more of his massive cock into her and she was surprised when she was able to take it all with very little pain. He kept up his gentle stroking for at least twenty minuets. He began to hear slight moans from julie's mouth as he plunged deeper and deeper into her belly. Her hips began to push back slightly when he picked up his speed.

Julies moans became more evident as she felt his balls slapping her ass. He owned her now and they both knew it. Julie didn't care. Her ecstacy was building at such a rate that she didn't even notice when he dialed the cell phone that Rockie had and tossed the phone on the bed next to julies head.

He began to pound her relentlessly. Julie responded in kind, pushing her fine little ass back at him with all the force she could muster.

Rockie answered the cell to hear the sounds of her sister in complete ecstacy. She was horrified as Julie screamed for more and more. " Ohhhhh god fuck me oh yea don't you stop------don't you dare stop."

Julie exploded in erotic pleasure. Her orgasm was more than she had ever experienced and her sister was able to witness every scream and moan as she passed road sign after road sign on the way to rescue her little sister.

Rockie screamed into the phone for ten minuets before her little sisters rapist finally picked it up. "Sorry Detective, you were just a tad late arriveing, so I was forced to start without you."

"You son of a bitch, you said you wouldn't hurt her if I submitted myself to you!"

"Oh Detective I can assure you Julie was feeling no pain, as a matter of fact I would say just the opposite. She seemed to be enjoying herself immensley." He said again with that disgusting laugh. "She is a beautiful girl Detective and very passionate."

"You keep your fucking hands off her you monster, or you'll answer to me when I get there." Rockie fired back at him.

"You've got a lot of mocksy Detective, talking to someone who just made your pretty little sister number 24 on his own personal hit parade, and who also incidentally, still has her chained to the bed with her tits and clit wired to a twelve volt battery. Would you like to hear what real pain sounds like Detective?"

"Don't you do it-------please don't hurt her----I'm begging you please-----------"

"Just finish your drive Detective, continue to follow the GPS directions and you'll be here in thirty five minuets. I'm getting very anxious to "answer to you." he said with almost more arrogance than Rockie could stand.

The last five miles was dirt road that seemed to go deeper and deeper into the woods. It was unimproved road so Rockie had to keep her speed under twenty five mph. She knew from the GPS that she was getting close. It showed one more turn and less that one mile to "destination" She made the turn on what looked like a very narrow lane that was lined on both sides with very tall pine trees. The semi-full moon gave it a very erie appearence as the moonlight shown through the pines.

The GPS gave the audible signal that she had arrived just as she cleared the trees lining the road in what seemed to be a wide open field. Just then the cell phone rang.

He had left Julie back at the cabin and was sitting in the shadows just out of sight, seventy five yards away. He watched from his electric golf cart as Rockie pulled up and stopped. When she answered the cell he simply said, "Get out of the car, leave your handbag, and gun in the car bring only the cell phone, and keep the line open. If I see anything at all in your hand except that phone, I'll push this handy red button on my remote and activate your sisters little electrical toy."

Rockie's hand gripped the butt of her Glock 17. She knew if she left the car without it she was finished. She knew he was somewhere watching her, but hoped that she would be able to get close enough to him to see him and get off a shot before he spotted the gun.

She swung her legs out of the car and stood next to it waiting for his next instruction, her eyes scanned the area trying to pick up a figure, a sillouette, anything that looked like a man against the moonlit sky.

"There's three fencepost another ten yards down the lane Detective, I want you to walk to them and wait."

Rockie began to walk carefully. She was still wearing the six inch stilletoes that she had worn to the ball. With each step she took her eyes strained to capture a glimps of the monster. One shot, she thought to herself, all I need is one shot.

"Stop right there Detective" came the voice over the cell phone.

"I want you to put both your arms straight up in the air over your head."

Rockie turned the Glock around in her hand, holding it by the muzzel in an effort to conceal it.

He watched as she slowly raised her arms against the moonlit night sky. He saw it. He saw the squared butt of the pistol sticking out past her palm.

"Aw Detective, I wish you hadn't tried that. Now you've caused Julie some real serious unpleasentness."

"What?-------no no I havn't tried anything, don't hurt her please."

"If you look to your left Detective, you'll see another cell phone on top of the first fence post. Pick it up and push #7."

He gave it just enough time to make the connection to another cell layed by Julie's head on the bed, and pushed the button on his remote.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh god noooooooooooooooo please noooooooo "

Julie cried out in agony as the direct current passed through every fiber of her body.

"Stop" Rockie cried. "Please stop-----i'll do whatever you want. Please don't hurt her anymore."

"If you fuck up again Detective I'll give her a full five minuets of that, Kapish?" he said in a now rough and angry voice.

"Yes -----yes I promise I won't--- just don't hurt her, please."

"Now hold that pistol over your head and let me see the magazine drop out of it."

Rockie obeyed immediatly.

"Now with your other hand still in the air pick up the mag and throw it as far into the pine trees as you can, and I had better hear it hit thoses pines or I push the button again."

Again Rockie followed his instructions perfectly.

"Now empty the chamber and throw the pistol into the woods on the other side of the road."

Rockie moved the slide back and the round ejected from the pistol. She then threw it across the road towards a very thick pine tree that stood out from the others by ten feet or so.

"You're doing much better now Detective." again with the laugh.

"Near the second fence post you will find a set of leg irons hanging on the fence, go and get them."

Terror struck her heart. She knew if he took her ability to run, she was certainly finished. She hesitated for just a second.

"I see a thought crossing your gorgeous mind Detective that will get your sister very badly treated."

"No don't---- I'm going---I'm going."

Rockie walked to the post and took the irons from the fence.

"Very good Detective, now I want you to put them on your ankles one at a time. And I want to hear them click at least five times each as you close them around your ankles."

Rockie bent over and cuffed her right ankle just like she had done to so many perps in the past. She knew it was over as she clapsed the remaining cuff around her second ankle. She picked up the phone and stood back up.

"Now take off your dress." The words slid out of his mouth like poison. It was against everything Rockie had ever stood for. To let some maniac get her into this position.


Rockie reached down grabbing the hem of her dress and slowly pulled it up and over her hips. He drove the golf cart closer and watched intently as her gorgeous body was revealed in the moonlight. Up past her breast and over her head came the silky gown as her rapist lusted after her with his eyes. He wasn't surprised to see that she was completely nude. No Panties, bra, or nylons. That how she was the night in the apartment when he had tried to take her the first time.

She stood with her dress covering her as he made his way from the cart. She heard his footsteps and finally the sillouette she had been straining to see. When he came into plain view she was shocked to see he was barechested and wearing only a pair of army camo trousers. He walked up to her without a word and took the gown from her hands and hung it neatly over the fence. He circled her staring at her from her toes to her fantastic face. She was even more stunning in person that she had been on all the TV reports he had seen.

Rockie hadn't had the chance to see his face or anything else about him the night he attacked her at her apartment. She was shocked to see his well muscled chest and trim waist. He definitly worked out. It was ironic she thought, somehow she envisioned him to be some old sick ugly pervert. Well he was fairly old and certainly a pervert but ugly and sick he wasn't.

"So we meet again, Detective" he said with a smile.

Rockie was scared, very scared. He had shown her his face, which means she could identify him and he had demonstrated his penchant for violence.

He walked behind her again and took a pair of handcuffs from his belt. Speaking softly in her ear he reached around and gently pulled her wrist behind her and squeazed the metal cuff closed on her. "It's Time Detective, it's time to meet your destiny." He pulled her other wrist behind her back and closed the cuff.

"On your knees Detective" Rockie obeyed immediatly, she knew it was her doing that got her sister Julie involved in all this mess, and the last thing she wanted was to cause her more harm.

He walked in front of Rockie and opened his trousers. "I'm sure you know that if you were to do anything stupid at this point Detective, your sister will pay the ultimate price."

He reached into his pants and pulled his cock out. Still in a semi hard state it hung in front of Rockie's face. Even in this state it was impressive. Most serial rapist that she had dealt with in the past all seemed to have a inadiquacy problem brought on by having a small cock and a domineering mother. This was certainly not the case here.

"You look puzzeled Detective, certainly you aren't going to act like you don't know what comes next?" her soon to be rapist questioned. "What is it that troubles you Detective Rockford?"

"I.........I don't get it. You seem to be a well spoken man, educated, a...a man of the world. You're not bad looking and you obviously stay in shape. And you are obviously equipped well enough to satisfy most any woman. Why in god's name do you find the need to rape?"

The rapist laughed out loud. "I must tell you Detective, you have got a lot of guts. Here you are an absolutly gorgeous woman, as naked as the day she was born, on her knees in the middle of god knows where, who is about to be raped and sodomized by someone who will probably go down in history as the most prolific rapist in modern times, and you're still on the job. Still trying to come up with an angle that may cause me to make a mistake that you can capitalize on."

He took a handful of her beautiful auburn hair as he pushed the head of his cock past her wet, hot lips. He let out a slight moan as her lips tightened around his hardening shaft. "I'll tell you this much Detective......" he said as he withdrew his cock slowly, "It's never been about me.........it's about you Detective, you and your sister, and Angela, and Suzann, and Rachel and so on and so on."

He held her head in both hands now and slowly and gently began to cycle his huge manhood in and out of her gorgeous mouth. He pushed at the back of her throat to test her willingness to accomedate his size. He listened as she took a deep breath through her nose to hold while he blocked her wind passage. He smiled as he realized she knew what she was doing.

He withdrew and drove his hot meat deeper this time causing her to pull back. "I'll take it slower Detective and give you time to adjust to my size." And that's what he did for the next ten minuets or so, slowly pumping his meat in and out of her gorgeous face, and talking to her constantly. "You are beautiful Detective Rockford, I'm very fortunate that you were assigned my case, don't you think?" he whispered as he gradually pushed himself deeper and deeper into Rockie's throat. He increased his speed as Rockie showed she was able to handle his size.

Rockie felt the head of his thick hard dick pushing into her throat. She had her breathing adjusted and was taking the full length of his cock pretty well. She had been here before, and not just a few times. When Rockie had time for a boyfriend, and not devoting twenty hours a day to her job, she was a very sexual person..........and she loved to give head. She prided herself in being the best at it that she could be.

Her rapist started to drive harder and faster and Rockie tried her best to keep up. She kept thinking about her little sister tied to that bed with that 12 volt battery connected to her, any time she wanted to give up. Rockie looked up as he began to let out what she heard as a low, gutteral, primal growl. His massive sillouette against the full moonlit backdrop was a devastating sight as he pumped harder and faster. His balls were slapping her chin and she began to moan as he banged her face harder and harder.

He was eight full inches into her throat with every drive, she didn't know how much more she could take. Suddenly she felt him swell and harden even more and then he exploded. Screaming like a werewolf, he trapped her face against his groin as he exploded a huge wave of cum directly down her ever so willing throat. Rockie swallowed as he finally withdrew and unleashed a second wave in her mouth and lips. She was able to grab a breath just as the third wave exploded in her face.

He continued to push and pull her head back and forth on his still rock hard cock until he was completely empty. "Clean it up whore" he ordered her in a tone much less cival than she had heard from him tonight. Rockie licked his cock and balls making sure to find every bit of cum. He stood her on her feet and fed her the rest of his cum from her face.

"You did very well Detective, if you continue like this you may just save your little sister quite a bit of unpleasentness." He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the golf cart. Once there he started the cart and headed into the woods to the cabin where Julie was.

"Why don't you keep me now and let Julie go, I'm the one you wanted, I'm the one who you wanted revenge on, Julie just had the bad luck of being my sister. You've already raped her once, I'll tell her to go home and stay there and not call the police and to just wait for me till I get back."

He laughed again." Usually Rockie, and I think we know each other well enough that I can now dispense with the formalities, usually when a deal is struck both sides profit from the transaction. From what I can see, the deal you're suggesting only has benifits for your sister. What do I get out of your offer?"

Rockie thought for a moment. She had already made the offer of her steering the case in the wrong direction, so that he would be free to carry on with his rapeing. He was so egotistical that he thought he would never need her help like that. What could she offer him?"

I'll stay with you for whatever time period you choose, and I will do whatever you want.........willingly. And.........and I'll do it better than you've ever had it done before."

She must really think I'm a fool he thought to himself. To think I would trust her whore sister not to go to the cops the second I turned her loose was ludicrous. He knew she must have something else up her sleeve so he decided to play along and see where things went.

When they got to the cabin he carried her in and layed her on the bed next to her sister. Julie was crying and Rockie was telling her how sorry she was. "Allright that's about enough of that, now lets get down to business."

"Julie, your sister has made me an offer, that if I go along with, would have you back home and safe in a couple of hours. And she says, that you could be trusted not to contact the police until you heard from her. Now I think the minuet I set you free , you would drive straight to the nearest police station and bring them back here for me. What do you have to say about that?"

Julie's eyes shifted from the rapist to Rockie and back. "I would do exactly as my sister told me to do, if she said not to call the authorities then I wouldn't."

"And just how do I know I can trust that?" he said with a sarcastic smile.

"Because you would still have Rockie with you, and if I sent the police when you heard them coming you would still have time to.....to....hurt her."

He looked at Julie and turned quickly to Rockie, "Well Detective, we have a deal."

Rockie was somewhat shocked by his acceptance, she never dreamed he would go along with it.

He unshackled Julie. "Now Rockie, just to be sure I understand our deal completely, please explain exactly what you are going to do for me."

"Don't make me say it in front of Julie.....please"

"Say it whore, just like you told me in the golf cart."

Her eyes lowered so as not to have to look at her sister Rockie began to speak. "I'll stay with you for as long as you want, and do anything you want, willingly and...and I'll do it better than you've ever had it done before."

"You don't have to do this Rockie." Julie whimpered out between her tears.

Their rapist walked over and unlocked Rockies leg irons, then her handcuffs. He drew a pistol from behind his back.

"Now Rockie, as soon as you complete my first task, I'll take Julie down to your car and send her home. And then you can plan on spending the next three days and nights totally in my control."

Oh no Rockie thought, he is going to make me blow him in front of Julie. "What do you want me to do?" Rockie said, almost fearful of what his answer would be.

"Make love to your sister.And make it the best I've ever seen" he said with that sickening smile.

Rockie shook her head. "What?.....what did you say?"

"You heard me Detective, the only way she leaves here tonight, is if you make love to her, and it better be good." was his response.

She had to get her sister out of here. She didn't know what his plans were for herself, but she knew she could save Julie. She walked over and sat down on the bed next to her sister. Rockie took her little sister in her arms and whispered in her ear, "We'll get through this Julie, and when he turns you loose, I want you to find the nearest police station and lead them right back here. Understand?"

Julie whispered yes, as the tears began to roll down her cheeks.

Rockie layed her back on the bed and took her place beside her. She stroked her sisters cheek and kissed her softly. "You're so pretty Julie, and I love you so much."
Rockie kissed Julies cheeks and her neck while her hand gently moved downward.
Julie's eyes widened with anticipation as Rockie began to caress her breast. It was the strangest feeling, Julie thought. Not only was this her first same sex experience, but it was with her older sister. She felt a tinge of excitement as Rockie's hand cupped her breast and circled her nipple with her fingers.

She didn't know why, probably just an automatic response, but when Rockie started to kiss her nipples, she took Rockie's head in her hands and pressed her face to her breast. Julie's action aroused her older sister and Rockies passion began to grow. Rockie's fingers found her sister's pussy wet and ready as she slipped a finger inside her.

Julie moaned and grabbed Rockie"s hand, pressing it against her clit. Her sisters response was all Rockie needed. She started kissing her lips passionatly as she stroked her tight little pussy. Julie began pushing her pussy hard into Rockie's hand as Rockie increased her speed and intensity. Julie was moaning loudly and Rockie felt like her little sister was on the verge of orgasm. She knew that would never do for their rapist, she was sure he wanted the whole show. She slowed her stroking and began the very sensual journey from Julie's lips to Julie's lips.

Julie gasped when Rockie's lips first touched her clit. "Ohhh Rockie" she moaned. She opened her gorgeous legs as wide as she could, affording her sister all the space she needed. Although Rockie had never given head to another woman, she knew what she liked and began to give it all to Julie. She nuzzeled her labia with her tongue, increasing the speed until Julie pushed herself into Rockie's mouth. Rockie's tongue flicked Julie's clit like the wings of a hummingbird. Julie moaned as she took Rockie's head in her hands. The more Julie reacted the hotter Rockie got.

Rockie was on her knees between Julie's. Julie lifted her legs and draped them over her sister's shoulders. By now both were moaning ecstaticly as their rythem was perfection. Rockie's tongue shot in and out of her hot little sister like a serpent. Julie drove her hips harder and harder against Rockie's hot, pleasure giving mouth.

"Ohhhh god yes, Rockie. Yes yes yes yes yes." Julie screamed as she exploded in ecstacy. Rockie was surprised but smiled at the thought that she had been able to give her sister so much pleasure. As Julie regained her composure she thought it odd that her sister had given her the best orgasm of her young life.

Rockie took her sister in her arms once again and held her for what she thought may be the last time.

"Very nice ladies....very nice indeed. Well, detective you have certainly lived up to your part of the bargain. Now if you'll help little Julie with her clothes I'll take her back to your car and send her on her way."

Julie cried out, "I'm .....I'm not leaving without my sister. You've got what you wanted, let us both go."

"Very noble of you Julie, however your sister and I have some unfinished business to deal with. You see she attacked me at her apartment, throwing me out of a two story window, and seriously tarnishing my reputation. I have,.......a score to settle, and I intend on settleing that score to the maximum tonight. Now get your clothes on."

"Do what he says Julie, it's better this way, believe me honey."

He cuffed Julie's wrist behind her back and after replacing Rockie's restraints and securing her to the beds headboard, put Julie in the cart and headed back to Rockie's car.

Once there he helped her out of the cart and walked her towards the car. "You know Julie I got the distinct impression that you were really enjoying your sister making love to you. You were screaming at the top of your lungs when you came. Do you realize that?"

"I love my sister, I love her very much."

"And she loves you I would say, and it was well demonstrated." again with that hidious laugh.

He turned her around and unlocked her handcuffs. Julie reached down and opened the door. "Where are the keys?" she asked.

Her rapist laughing says, " You didn't really think I was going to let you go so you could find the police and have them come and arrest me did you?"

The words sent chills down Julies spine. Her knees became weak and she started to cry. "You said you would let me go, you promised.....you made a deal with Rockie." she sobbed.

"Well that just goes to show you, you can't even trust a seriel rapist nowdays can you?" he stepped forward and ripped her dress completly from her body. Julie screamed as he grabbed her hair and pulled her against him. "Stop please" she yelled.

He forced her mouth against his and shot his tongue into her. He pushed her roughly against the car. She hit with a thud. She tried to dodge him but he grabbed her and slammed her against the car again. She felt the hardness of his cock as he tore her bra off and slid his hand into her panties.

Julie was shocked. When he raped her earlier he was gentle, almost like a lover, but this was different, this was violent and she was terrified. "Please let me go.....let me go like you promised. I won't go to the cops, I promise."

He scoffed and dragged her to the rear of the car. "Please don't do this." she cried.

The words had not left her mouth when his thundering backhand slammed across her face. "Stop your god damn whimpering whore." He said as he spun her around and roughly bent her over the rear deck of the Corvette. Julie tried to straighten back up but he quickly shoved her down. "Stay down whore, you're about to get a little sample of what your slut sister is going to get all night."

He spread the cheeks on her fantastic ass, and placed the head of his enormous cock on her little pink rosebud.

"Oh god no.....please not that, you'll split me open. I'll do anything you want.....I'll suck your dick....anything please just not my ass...please."

As the last please moved off her trembling lips he drove his steel cock deep into her virgin ass. Her yell was deafening. Her ass was bone dry so when he withdrew he conjured up a mouthful of spit and dropped it on his cock. This time he pushed it in slowly and again withdrew. The third time in he went all the way into her belly. His growl was midevil as he withdrew and slammed her again and again.

Julie pounded on the rear deck with her fist as she felt her insides being ripped to shreds. She screamed and moaned to no avail. It was clear as he pounded her tight ass relentlessly that he had no interest this time of making her cum. This was all about him.

He sodomized her for another twenty minuets before he blew his giant load in her ass.
She lay across the hood, sobbing uncontrolably. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the door on the Vette. He sat her in the passenger seat and handcuffed her to the chicken bar. He then put one cuff around her ankle and the other around the seat frame. He moved the Vette behind a stand of trees in case someone would mistakenly turn on to this clearly marked dead end road, and then headed back to the cabin.

His mood was calmer and much more civilized when he arrived back at the cabin. It seems the viciousness that had taken over his persona had run its course.

"Is my sister headed home?' Rockie asked tenatively.

"Yes she is Detective." he calmly lied to her. " I just hope for your sake, she listens to you and stays away from the police until she hears from you."

"You don't need to worry about that, Julie will do exactly as I told her to do."

"Let's hope so Detective, let's hope so." His tone was ominous, almost Rockie thought, as if he suspected they were up to something. He helped her up off the bed and unlocked her handcuffs and leg irons. "You're a breathtaking woman Rockie, absolutely stunning. Why don't you slip that dress back on for me."

Rockie pulled the silken dress over her head and shoulders, and let it fall down over her shapely hips. "Outstanding Rockie, simply outstanding."

"There's a bottle of Crown Royal and some ice behind the bar over there, what say you walk on over and fix us a drink."

Rockie bristled at the thought of taking orders from this monster, but she also knew that if she played along with his little games, she may stall him long enough for Julie to contact the police and lead them up here. She walked seductivly over to the bar and made two drinks. She carried them back and handed one to her rapist.

Rockie took a seat across from him in an overstuffed chair similar to the chair that he sat in. She took a large drink of the silky smooth whisky and closed her eyes as she let it slide down her throat. When it had taken effect she looked at him and said, "How long will you keep me here?"

"Probably six or seven hours, just about dawn. Then sadly I'll have to take my leave of you as it will become unsafe for me to linger any longer."

Rockie took another huge drink and swallowed, "And then?" He looked at her rather confused.

"And then will you kill me?" she said in a whispering voice, almost as if she was afraid to hear the question much less the answer.

He answer came in a tone of disgust. A tone that indicated he was insulted by the very content of the question. "Of course not Detective.....I'm a rapist, not a murderer. The thought of destroying a creature as magnificent as you is repulsive to me. It goes against everthing I cherish about this rotten life." He smiled gently at her. "I intend to have you screaming tonight Detective, but not because you're being murdered."

Rockie stood and collected his glass and made them two more drinks.

"Now you tell me Detective, do you intend on keeping you word? Will you make good your part of the deal we struck, as I have mine, or will I be forced to subdue you and take you by force?"

Rockie stood at the bar with the two drinks in her hands. "I'm a woman of my word, so yes, I will uphold my end of the bargain. Tonight I belong to you. You have all the power, you could have kept her, you could have done much worse to her, and you didn't. But I will make you another promise sir, and that is that after this night ends, I will hunt you down and you will pay for what you've done to my sister and the other 23 victims in your crime spree." She set the glass in front of him and took her seat.

He took a pad of paper and a pencil from the lamp table next to his chair. He wrote a name on the paper and stood up handing the slip of paper to Rockie. He swirled his liquor around in the glass and drank it down. Walking behind the bar he took out two candles and carefully lit them setting one on either side of the bed.

He switched off the table lamp that was the only light in the room, and sat back down in his chair. "The candle light suits you well Detective" he whispered as he perused her beauty while the light flickered all around her.

"Why have you written this name for me?" Rockie ask.

With a wry smile he said, "You'll need a name to scream tonight, you can't just holler out Sir in the midst of all that passion, now can you?"

Rockie couldn't help but smile. "You certainly have an enormous ego don't you?"

"Yes I do my gorgeous detective, but I warn you it is richly deserved."

"I would think that a man so proficient as you seem to think you are, would not have a list of 24 women that he has had to take by force. When a gentleman is that good at satisfying his women, the word tends to get around and the need for force cease to exist. Doesn't that make sense?"

Once again that condesending laugh. "The 23 that have reported the rapes are the ones that could not live with the fact that they had been not only taken against their will, but also taken to heights of Ecstasy that they had never before known."

"Are you saying there have been more?" Rockie asked as if she had never considered the possibility.

"Many more my pretty little detective, many, many more. You've witnessed my appetite here tonight detective. And you know the first rape you have me associated with was almost twenty years ago. Do you actually think one woman a year would satisfy my urges?" was his retort.

"How many?" Rockie queired.

"Lost count years ago."

"Ten? twenty, more than twenty?" Her voice becoming excited.

"What does it matter how many Detective, the vital statistic was that only 23 called the police."

Rockie was relentless. Like Rather after Nixon she wasn't going to stop until she got her answer. "Tell me.....tell me how many. Was it more than one hundred? More than that?"

Clearly frustrated at her need to know and beginning to become irritated, he stood and walked over to her. He held out his hand, which she took. He pulled her from her chair and pressed her tight against his body. He held her still as his eyes took in every feature of her beautiful face. "Somewhere Rockie, somewhere in the neighborhood of five hundred. That's five hundred women that never called the police. Five hundred Rockie, that I overpowerd, abducted, raped, sodomized and sometimes brutilized, and they never called the authorities.

He kissed her tenderly and pulled back and looked deeply into her gorgeous eyes." And I'm going to spend the next six hours showing you why."

"Call me Roxanne" she said softly as she wiggled free from his grasp and slipped her dress over her hips and threw it across the chair.

He watched her intently as she crawled onto the bed, while never taking her eyes from his. He removed his shoes and dropped his camos and climbed between her outstretched legs. From his knees he began to caress her thighs. His strong hands moved slowly from her knees to her hips. His fingers gently crossed over to her hard flat tummy and down to the inside of her thigh. His fingers trailed downward, back to her knees and he raised first one leg and then the other to remove her heels.

He straddled her left leg and leaned down to kiss her. Her eyes were wide open as she raised her head to meet his lips. He kissed her from his soul. This wasn't a kiss from a seriel rapist Rockie thought, this was a kiss born of passion and wanting. He kissed her lips and her cheeks. He kissed her ears and her delicate neck. She was like a dainty flower to him that needed to be handled gently when all his urges screamed for his animalistic nature to takr over.

Rockie's hands went over her head as she gave herself freely to him. Her mind was far away from being a policewoman, and only knew now she was a woman.

His tongue explored her warm, wet mouth. Their tongues danced that hot, passionate dance that only two willing lovers could dance. Rockie felt his manhood grow against her thigh and anticipated the feeling she would have as he filled her. He was larger,by far, than any man she had ever been with and she was already dripping with desire.

He held her tiny wrist above her head as he continued making love to her beautiful face. "You're more beautiful than any woman on the planet Roxanne." he whispered as he released her hands and began to work his lips down her neck and between her perfect breast. His fingers caressed her side as he trailed them across her ribs and up to gently caaress her rock hard nipple.

Rockie took her breast in her hand and offered it to his waiting mouth. She moaned ever so slightly as the warmth of his mouth encircled her nipple. She pushed her breast harder towards his face and he responded by sucking her into his mouth.

Rockie was already lost in passion. She had planned to go along with him as was part of their deal, but she always thought she could control her body as to not let him sweep her away. Things had already moved beyond her ability to stay in control as he made his way down her flat tummy to her mound, where he immediately began to kiss and nibble on her with an energy that excited her even more. Damn him she thought to herself. as the waves of erotic pleasure swept over her.

He lifted her gorgeous legs and draped them over his shoulders, all the time kissing and biting the insides of her fantastic thighs. He moved up one thigh and down the other, each time purposly barely brushing her burning pussy with his bearded cheek. He teased her again and again getting so close and no closer. It went on for what seemed to Rockie like hours. She could finally take no more. She spread her legs as far as she could and grabbed his head with both hands. "Come on Sean.......give me what I want.....give me what I need."

Sean smiled to himself and slipped his tongue lightly over Rockie's clit. "Ohhh god thank you, " she whispered.

But Sean was just beggining. He hands slid under Rockie's firm, round ass as he pulled her into his mouth. His tongue explored her labia from top to bottom. He flicked every wrinkle and crevass with the most talented tongue Rockie could ever have imagined. He titilated every part of her hot, sweet pussy for the best part of an hour bringing Rockie to the first of her orgasms of the night.

Her orgasmic gyrations hadn't yet subsided when he slipped his magical tongue into Rockie's still throbbing pussy. "Ouuuu Sean, I love that please......please don't.........please don't stop." she laughed as she rubbed the sides of his sweating head. And he didn't stop. Within just a matter of minuets ,he had her on the verge of a second orgasm. Rockie began to moan loudly, grinding her hips into his face. Sean's intensity grew as did his speed as Rockie pushed harder and faster.

"Ohhh Sean I need you.......I need you inside of me.....I need you inside of me now Sean, I need you now."

Sean's mouth was going a mile a minute. Technique was cast aside. His sloppy, dripping, wanton mouth was operating on its own.

"Sean please........please fuck me Sean. I'll give you anything Sean....I'll do anything Sean, just fuck me Sean this very instant. Put that fucking cock in me now Sean, right fucking now!"

Sean got to his knees, took Rockie by her hips, and lifted her onto his hot throbbing cock. Rockie's lips trembled as their eyes met and he impaled her on his manhood.
Her moan was devastatingly erotic to Seans ears. He pushed himself as far into her as he could. Roxanne felt her belly being filled with his hot, passionate meat. "Oh god thats good" she whispered as he withdrew. He hesitated at her opening to watch her reaction. "No no no Sean. Don't stop...... please."

Roxanne grabbed his cock with both hands and with her beautiful legs quickly closing over his shoulders, scooted her ass, drawing him back inside her. Sean smiled at the irony and began what Rockie would remember as the best fucking she had ever had, willing or not.

He grabbed her hair and snapped her head back giving his mouth full access to her delicate neck. Rockie swooned as he filled her with his enormous cock and bit her neck repeatedly. His slid in and out of her with great speed and ease as her juices were in full flow. Rockie would close her eyes one second and open them the next as if in complete shock. It was almost like when one closes their eyes to refocus because they don't believe what they just saw. He pounded her relentlessly, very fast and hard at first, and then agonizingly slow and gentle the next.

He took her to the edge of ecstasy time after time, just to take it away from her at the last moment. Rockie stared up at him in erotic disbelief. How could this monster of a man, who had committed so many horrible crimes, be the instrument of such unbounded pleasure? Her hips ached for the anticipated explosion she knew would soon be hers. Her body in the beggining simply wanted it, but now this master had made her need it.

She put her hands on his muscled neck and pulled her face up to his. She jammed her lips against his as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She felt his sweat covering her body as she started pumping her hips back and forth sliding on and off his cock as she hung suspended under his massive frame.

"Oh sweet jesus" she cried as he slammed her back down on the bed and drove his cock to her womb. "Oh god again Sean hit me again baby." Rockie's gorgeous legs were completly vertical and spread as far as she could open them. Sean tried to drive his entire body into her as she screamed for more. Rockie felt the impossible as he slammed her again and again. His cock was growing inside of her. She could feel the head banging her cervix as the thickening shaft brutilized her g spot.

His strokes were short and powerful now like a jackhammer. "I want your cum Roxanne, give it to me........give it to me now."

Rockie closed her eyes as their bodies became one and the same. Her orgasm started in a place she didn't know existed, and burned it's way throughout her entire, quivering body, until finally exploding in her pussy and thighs, and all the way to her toes. Her body convulsed uncontrollably as if she was in the midst of a siezure. She opened her eyes but could only see streaks of light and flashes of colored brilliance.

And then it was over. Damn it, it was over. It was the longest most intense climax of her life and she wanted it to last forever. Her rapist knelt again in between her splayed legs. The sweat was running from his hard as steel body like a river rushing downstream. Rockie fought hard to catch her breath to no avail. He knelt there staring at her, as her beautiful chest heaved up and down. He spoke no words but Rockie knew by the strange look on his face, that there was more to this story.

His expression was strange she thought, almost as if he had captured his prey, and was now deciding how best to eat it. She felt weird, not neccesarily frieghtened, but certainly uneasy. She reached out to him, hoping to break the silence and relieve this awkward moment. She became aware as he took her hand and pulled her towards him, that he was still fully erect.

He pulled her all the way to him so they were chest to chest and face to face. He kissed her as gently and deeply as he had all night. And then he simply lifted her petite frame and turned her around. Rockie shuddered in abject terror as she realized what was about to happen. "No Sean.....I can't..I....I...can't take you I........."

He bent her over so that her face and tits were on the bed and that gorgeous round ass was straight up in the air. Rockie tried to scoot away but his strong hands quickly brought her back into position. Remember the deal you made beautiful. The deal that saved your sister. You're a woman of your word, isn't that what you told me?
"Yes." came the reluctant whisper from her trembling lips, "That's what I said." she cried as he covered that fine ass with oil.

He was very thourogh as he massaged the oil all over her lower back and ass. He spread her firm cheeks and lubricated her rosebud. "Sean please, there must be something I can do instead of this, I'm begging you, please."

He continued to massage the oil into her ass as he spoke, "Roxanne, I'm a lifetime seriel rapist. I've done what I'm about to do to you hundreds of times in the last thirty years, quite frankly risking my freedom each time I've completed my life sustaining act. What could you possibly offer me that would be more appealing to me than that gorgeous round ass that is staring me in the face?"

If she was nothing else Rockie was logical, and try as she might she could think of no answer for him. "Nothing" she whispered, "Nothing at all."

With that he plunged his rock hard cock as deep into her ass as the oil would allow him to. He moaned as her canal spread open to accomedate his huge cock. Rockie opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. He drew back and slammed her ass a second time, this time burying his shaft all the way to his balls. The pain was horrific as she tried again and again to scream to no avail. He pulled out except for his cockhead and squirted more oil on his throbbing cock.

Rockie was crying now as he pushed into her for the third time. "Please stop......" she begged, as he began to slowly cycle all the way in and all the way out. The pain had subsided somewhat when Rockie realized that each time the head of his cock passed her ring she was getting a slight surge of arousal. She swept the thought from her mind and prayed that this would soon be over. She tried to take her mind to another place but each time his bulbous head hit her ring he brought her focus back to here and now.

He was growling a deep and gutteral sound when he reached around her thigh and began to caress het clit. "Oh god" Rockie uttered. "Please don't do this to me."

She knew what was happening to her. The circumstances not withstanding, she was a very sexual woman, and with his expertise she was becoming aroused while being sodomized by the rapist she had been chasing for months and months.

His speed was increasing. His fingers manipulated her labia and clit like a master on a keyboard. He began to lift her hips towards him with his free hand, driving himself even deeper into her belly. Rockie's screams of pain had turned into long, sensuous moans of ecstasy. Rockie began to drive her ass back at him with each of his thrust. He lost his balance and had to use his hand on the bed to keep from falling over. She quickly grabbed his hand and guided it back to her clit.

His sweat covered her body as she took his entire cock with every stroke and drove her ass back for more. The sounds coming from Roxanne were the most primal, sensually erotic moans he had ever heard. He pushed her flat to the mattress trapping his hand on her hot, throbbing pussy. Roxanne was screaming in ecstasy as he pounded her ass again and again. He could hold back no longer. She felt him grow in her canal as he bit the back of her neck and slammed her like a jackhammer.

"Ohhhhhhh god...............awwwww yes. She screamed as she felt him load her ass with his cum. It burned her and intensified her own orgasm to the point that she went unconcious.

Rockie woke up to the sound of the door being broken open with a battering ram. She was handcuffed to the headboard with just a sheet pulled over her when the men and women of her rape squard came pouring through the door guns drawn. One of her detectives quickly unlocked her handcuffs after they had declared the room safe.

"How long has he been gone Detective Rockford?"

Rockie answered still trying to shake the cobbwebs from her head, " I don't know I must have passed out. How long ago did Julie call you?"

"Julie didn't call Detective.......the rapist called."

Rockie climbed out of bed taking the sheet with her to cover herself. Ironic she thought, this was the detective who was first on the scene the first time he tried to rape her. He must be pretty used to seeing his boss naked.

"Somebody find my dress" she barked out. "What did he say when he called.........exactly."

"He first asked who was in charge of the "Predator" case since Detective Rockford went missing. I ask him what made him think you were missing. He said "Because I've just spent the last eight hours with her and her lovely younger sister." I told him your second in command was Alisha Maddox and he demanded to speak with her. I put her on the phone with him and he told her that she could find victims 24 and 25 at this address. And then he hung up."

"What about Julie have you seen her, did she try and call you?" Rockie demanded.

"We found Julie handcuffed to the safety bar in your Corvette at the bottom of this road." replied the detective.

"That son of a bitch, he swore to me he would turn her loose if I agreed to stay with him." Rockie screamed.

"She's on her way to the hospital Detective, he sodomized her and it looked as if she lost quite a bit of blood."

"What time is it detective?"

"4:00 am Detective"

"I want everyone who has ever worked on this case back at the precinct in two hours, and I mean everyone. I don't care who they are or if they're on vacation, I want them all while this trail is hot."

She dropped the sheet and reached behind a chair to pick up her dress. "Nine detectives in the room and I had to find my own dress.........it's no wonder we haven't caught this monster yet. Lets get going"

Two hours later all her staff and some that had worked this case in the past were assembled in the briefing room. The sargent bangs a gavel on the podium as Rockie walks in the room. "All right everybody listen up, we got a lot of ground to cover and not much time, this trail will cool quickly."

Rockie looked around the room and said to the detective who had made the calls to everyone, "Where's Alisha?"

"I left a message on her machine when she didn't answer or return her pages."

Rockie was visably disturbed, "Damn it, I need her here she has all the latest notes, call her again, and send a squad car out to her apartment."

Just then the phone rang in the briefing room. "It's for you Detective Rockford."

"Who is it Ray?"

"You'd better take it Detective." he said as he signaled another detective to trace the call.

"Hello Roxanne, I hope you had a relaxing nap. Don't bother to trace the call dear, we won't be on that long." Roxannes blood began to boil.

Roxanne turned her back to the assembled group. "You gave me your word you monster."

"Come on now Detective, I'll tell you the same thing I told your whimpering little sister, just before I .....how would you say, expanded her horizons. It's a sad state of affairs when you can't trust your rapist anymore, don't you think?"

"You bastard, where are you?"

"Glad you ask Detective, lets just say I'm having breakfast with a friend I'll call number 26.....................You know her better as Alisha......................

The End (Well, not for Alisha)

copyright 2009

Brigit Astar
10-10-2009, 02:10 PM
jakeleg, this is a good story--well-written; I give it an 8 on the Richter scale.

10-11-2009, 02:00 AM
Thank you Davesmistress and Bridget, your words are appreciated.


06-27-2010, 03:38 AM
Thanks for the thanks Cain