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Part I - The Spa Resort

Sally and I were both young, just turning 18 but very different sexually. Both of us were innocent-type girls, but Sally was still a virgin with a pale, slight body. She was flat chested by had very large nipples that I used to admire when she showered. She had black pussy hair that was very think but with protruding vagina lips that told of a large clit underneath her "hood" of flesh. I was more of a curvy body type, with larger than normal breasts but very puffy nipples that I used to hate. Our difference was our sexual experiences - I had been already fucked quite a few times, often with guys getting lucky on their first date. I just loved to fuck, but was ashamed of the encounters afterward. Sally, on the other hand, was a virgin but who liked to hear all about my dates. She was a one guy girl looking for the right guy to one day take her viginity.

Both of us had full pussy hair, which often our hair peaked well out from our bikinis when we went swimming. Back then, we just had hair and thought nothing of it and this was normal. Mine used to be sticky after each fuck and I always took a shower to "fluff" my pussy back to normal after each date.

We went on our senior trip together to place near the beach. There we met this cute guy and girl who told us we should become models. After finally being convinced they were serious, we went along with them to this resort spa where we were warmly welcomed. The head lady at the hotel took our photos then asked us to get undressed for some more photos. She told us the photos were meant to better size us for the clothing we would eventually wear and model, particularly swim suits.

Later on that week, we met many other male models who started coming to the resort. They were all well dressed and built very nice. At the beach, I could not help but notice their buldges, which were enormous. I would look at their "stuff" very shyly, but I would never comment. My lips would feel slippery when they came by to talk. I commented one evening to Sally about the guys. She said they were cute and built very nice. When I asked her about their swim suits, she said they appeared "rather full down there", but she didn't say much of anything else.

After another two days, the head lady approached us and told us that evening there would be a special skin health clinic at the spa for the girls. We were excited. We went up the main stairs of the resort and were greated by another lady wearing a long white gown. She smiled and told us to go into the main room downstairs and not to put any make on, but to shower and exfoliate our skin. We went to the showers and when we were through, we dried our hair and several other girls helped us fix our hair rather nicely. There were three other girls like Sally and I and they seemed very nice. We were given juice and lots of water to drink, and fresh fruit. One of the girls shyly commented how full our pussy hair was, and that you don't this much on the models running around the resort.

After awhile, the head lady requested that we enter the spa. The room was darker and many candle were burning, and their scent was wonderful. There were five beds positioned in the room and the five of us each took a bed - with Sally taking the bed on my left side. I was at the end.

Other women walked into the room wearing the same white gown as the lady who greeted us was wearing. They uncovered our bodies by removing our robes. They then gave us some tea to drink. About 15 minutes passed and I was feeling very relaxed. The ladies then came into the room and lightly oiled our bodies. The sensation was great and made me relax further. The head lady told us softly it was important to relax for the evening. That we were going to be going through a selection process with a man she described as the owner of the resort.

Five carts were wheeled into the room and the head lady again told us it was important to relax. Straps were placed around my legs and around my mid section. I started to worry but everything else seemed so relaxed that I tried to fight my concern. A cover over the cart was removed and there was a silver bowl over several burning candles. A warm clear liquid was being heated. The head lady then announced that long pussy hair was unwelcomed on their models had to be removed by waxing.

I swallowed hard and a couple of the girls started to protest but could not get up due to the straps. The next thing I know, hot wax was being brushed over my pussy hair and legs. I looked over at Sally and she was stairing straight ahead, as if in shock. The wax cooled firmly to my pussy, gripping my hair and skin.

The head lady then asked the attendant girls to remove the wax on her command. She paused then said "Remove"......The soft sound of wax ripping and pulling our hair out was quickly overcome by our screams. I twisted on the bed but could not move away. Other girls were wiggling and thrashing, but suffered the same restraint. Sally was buckling trying to get away when I saw her attendant lady quickly grab another strip of wax and pull. Her hair came lifting off and Sally screamed again. Soon all of our pussies were completely bald and and our skin was stinging.

The attendant ladies then began covering our pussy mounds with oil and some type of cream. This soothed the pain. However, with their oiled hands, the attendant ladies started to part our pussy lips. I felt two to three fingers pushing into my pussy. Then a fourth as if measuring my diameter. She pushed firmly up against my cunt, and I felt the knuckles of all four fingers pressing to enter my stretched opening. My attendant lady turned to the head lady and said "this one is quite open....especially for as young as she looks". I looked over at Sally and her attendant lady was pushing her fingers around despite Sally's crys and resistance. Sally's attendant lady looked over at the head lady and told her "this young lady is quite tight - almost virgin like. She will struggle to make it I do believe..." The head lady responded, "I guess we will soon find out...."

The head lady then instructed the attendant ladies to help "open" the models further....With that command, the attendant ladies pulled back a small sheet on the tray carts. Each lady then picked up a gleaming Graves speculum and then stepped up into and between our spread-eagle legs. The head lady announced that "you will each now be opened further to accomodate our needs....The speculums are large and some of you may find this discomforting at first, but please breath deeply and try to relax." The bills on each speculum were 7 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, and the apature opened to a full 3 inches by 2.5 inches. Each bill would reach back to the cervix and fully open the vagina cavity well beyond the point that any of the 18 year old models had experienced - certainly, not for Sally who was about to have her virgin vaginal opening abruptly pulled and stretched apart.

The head lady then requested the attendant ladies to insert the speculums. Each lady inserted two to three fingers deeply into our pussies, then quickly slid the tip of the speculum bills up and into our openings. Crys and shreaks filled the room from the feeling of abruptly being penetrated by the billls. I felt the tip press up inside me, deeply touching my walls. The head lady then instructed the attendant ladies to beging fully expanding the speculums, and to leave them in our pussies until she instructed them to remove the devices. More crys and screams filled the room as the speculums were expanded - opening and stretching our cunt holes. Sally gasped as she felt her insides burn from the bills pulling open her cunt. Inside me, the bills quickly opened into place and my attendant lady quickly adjusted to the butterfly screw to lock the speculum into place, at its widest point. The head lady noticed how quickly I was opened and looked down into my pussy. "Your quite wet inside I see.....your cervix is also lifted up and back into your belly....you should be quite interesting and popular here!" she exclaimed. "She is obviously well sexed with cocks."

On the table next to me, Sally thrashed her head from side to side as her attendant lady kept applying firm pressure to the speculum trigger and turning the butterfly screw. The speculum finally opened to its full apature and was locked into place - Sally's pussy being the last to open and adjust from the device's vaginal intrusion.

Suddenly, a door in the room opened and in walked a large man wearing a white robe. He wore a mask over his face. He walked to the center of the room between the five spa beds. The head lady went over to great him.

She removed his robe and as it fell away I saw his enormous frame. He was well muscled, tall and exceptionally tan. I looked down and found an enormous cock hanging from his body. It was limp, but engourged in size - which made it incredibly fat, but it also hung long. I had never seen a sight like this in my life. His cock looked like it belonged on some animal, not a human. And I gasped. Other girls taking in the sight also gasped and one I think screamed "on no", as if she knew what lie ahead.

The head mistress and two attendant ladies went over to him. They began oiling down his cock, and one girl licked and kissed his balls, then pulling on his enormous ball sack with her teeth. His ball skin stretched out a good 8 to 10 inches before she let it go with her teeth. It snapped back as if to tighten his balls firmer under his cock - which was becoming quickly engorged and erect. Another attendant girl fell beside his cock and started helping the other girl work his massive size. He held one blond attendant girl by the head and pushed his enormous cock in and out her mouth. Her throat expanded outward as his cock choked down her throat, becoming more and more lubricated with the thick wetness of her throat. She finally pulled away, and cried out and gasped for air. His cock was enormous and I could take my eyes off the sight. Other girls were mumbling, "please let me up"........The head lady then announced that he would penetrate each
of the girls, then fuck each of us as a means to make his selection. The girls all started to fight the restraints further.

The man was now fully erect. Oil glistened and dripped from his cock and balls. The head lady then asked all of us to look at his cock - the attendant ladies then grabbing and turning our heads to make certain we obliged her request. She told us he was 15 inches in length and extremely large in girth. She said "some of you will find this very difficult, if not all of you". She explained, "no other man, or male model for that matter, has his size and cum load. Other men here, you will soon find out, are all around 9 to 12 inches in length. But nothing like what you are about to experience."

He then walked over and positioned himself in front of the first girl, The spa bed had legs that protruded. The straps to our legs had been fastened to the bed legs. The attendant girls pulled a handle that lifted and spread open our legs. The first girl was spread exceptionally wide as he was adjusting the legs so she would be spread at her most open point for an obstructed penetration.

He positioned his enormous head at her pussy entrance then began to push forward. The girl let out a deep scream and groaned and huffed heavily. His enormous head opened her pussy lips and I could see her pussy stretching wide - with her lips becoming thinner the more her cunt gripped his cock. She opened more the further he penetrated. His hips then bucked forward and about half of his cock quickly penetrated her then it stopped. She bucked and screamed as her body convulsed from the intrusion. He pulled back. Her lips pulling in and out with his cock movements - despite the oil applied liberally to her and his enormous cock.....he then pushed forward and began deep, long, strong strokes into her cunt, completely unmindful of her protests.

He finally withdrew and her cunt gapped open, and she was read and pink on the inside. Her pussy area gapped and was wet with oil as well as from her own wet lubricant. I grew more and more nervous and was shaking somewhat. But there was also a side to me that could not allow me to take my eyes off of him and his enormous cock as it entered the girl's pussy with each thrust of his hips. However, with each firm and deliberate penetration, his cock stopped at the same point. The head lady stated "I think you can go no further....." With that comment, he withdrew and his cock plopped out and down, swinging around as if some great rod hung by its end point.

The man moved on to the next table, positioned the girls legs wide open, then pushed his cock up and into her. The penetration was about the same as the first girl, and the result was the same from her - screams and protests.

The man systematically moved down the spa beds in the room. He finally came to Sally. Her legs were up and lifted. The head lady said "you may have some difficulty with this young lady more so than the others, she appears to be quite tight......I do hope she is cooperative though." The man moved his cock head to position in front of Sally's bald pussy. The attendant girls re-lubed his cock and stroked its length to make him as hard and stiff as possible. The head lady said "you will need to be a like a rod for this penetration, if you are to make it happen".....It was almost demeaning to the man, who turned and said "I will run this cock up the length of your cunt if I do not find a nice selection tonight. You told me these were promising young ladies."

With that, he turned to Sally and said "open for me......and he pushed his cock head up and into her pussy. Sally's hips bucked as she screamed out.....He and the attendant ladies grabbed at her hips to hold her, but she fought him off. He finally positioned his cock head and pushed forward, his hips and muscles ripping with excitment. His cock head slide inside Sally's cunt about two to three inches. She then spat at him, landing her spit in his eyes and mask covering his face. He bucked forward, and she screamed ever more loudly as his cock stretched open her virgin cunt hole. His cock made it to four or five inches when it stopped and his cock bent almost in half. He yelled and pulled out of her cunt........I was looking at the whole encounter and said "poor Sally......" I thought I had whispered this, but the man quickly looked in my direction. "Would you like to try next? Although you are last and I haven't comed yet. I hope you can
accept me...which I doubt."

The man turned to the head lady and instructed her to take Sally away to Room 111. "Have the Mistress train her, and introduce her to "Goon" for her fuck training. She is to be able to take his cock in all her holes when through....." The head lady nodded and the attendant girls wheeled Sally's bed into the hallway. She disappeared into the darkness when I heard "now let's see about you....."

The man had the attendant ladies quickly raise my legs. He instructed them to make me spread as wide as possible - to stretch me open. My legs quickly came back and opened. I did gymnastics and I opened much wider than the other girls. The man then positioned his cock head and my entrance, and pushed forward. I felt his enormous head open me up wide, and I screamed. Then his head pushed past my opening and his thickened cock shaft followed, stretching me even wider than his head. He pushed forward and his cock sank deep into my pussy. His balls touched my ass and I gasped deeply and loudly. His entire cock pushed into my pussy, his head hitting my cervix and pushing and distending it up into my belly.

The head lady gasped in amazement....."She's taken all of you, and in one deep thrust." The other attendant ladies all gather around my spa bed. The man withdrew his cock, placed it at the opening and once again thrusted forward. My skin on my belly lifted up from his enormous intrusion, as his cock shaft disappeared into my stretching cunt. He bucked forward and started to fuck me deeply with long powerful strokes. He then began thrusting his hips forward quickly, lifting my ass and pussy off the spa bed with each stroke.

The head lady fell to her knees and said "finally, we have found her...." She seemed relieved....Perhaps because the man would make good on his earlier threat. The man fucked me hard, with his balls slapping against me. His balls felt enormous, and hung down full of cum. My early days of fucking (and my facsination with penetration when I was younger), had me owning a pussy that was more worn than usual for an 18 year old girl - a MILF pussy connected to a young lady.

Finally, the man bucked forward, pushing deep into me. I screamed out loud and felt a warm liquid being injected deep into my belly. He held his cock deep inside me as the shaft and head twitched up and down against the walls of my distended cervix, my belly feeling each enormous shot of cum from his cock and balls. I felt several loads released into me, but he seemed to cum more and more. Finally, he withdrew and thick white cum poured out of my cunt and onto the spa bed - dripping and running down to the floor. The attendant ladies and head lady all stood and staired as my gapping cunt drained his cum. Long, thick white drips and streaks of cum fell from the spa bed to the floor.

The man said "Well, you finally did find her. I want her to see Dr. Vicki,have her breasts enlarged and I would like her to loose another 15 pounds. I think she will be my life choice, but I like her a bit more thin with very large breasts. I also her want her trained for anal.....if her pussy could take all of me, her ass must do the same, and you know how I feel about oral." With that, the attendance ladies cleaned me up, pulled a sheet up over my body and wheeled me out of the room. I only remember seeing the hallway entrance when suddenly there was a jolt to my body and all went dark.

Part II Continued - The Spa Resort

When I awoke, I thought perhaps I had just had a nightmare, or a very wet dream. I took a deep breath and was immediately greeted by a very sharp pain that ran through out my chest. I looked down and my chest was covered with a sheet but it was uplifted and protruded enormously. I gasped realizing the last words I did hear were something about a Dr. Vicki and my breasts being enlarged.

I gently lifted my arm and pulled the sheet away. Wearing a large sports looking bra, my eyes widened as I saw the words put into vision - my breasts were now enormous. I gasped rather loudly and was greeted again by a sharp pain in my chest.

"Good morning" I heard. "Please don't get up or move until we have a chance to speak" the voice said. I turned to my right and standing next to me was an older, but gorgeous red haired lady wearing a doctor's robe. "I'm Dr. Vicki and you, my dear, may just be my best work yet....". I just stared at her and blinked.

"The Head Master, the fellow whose enormous cock you encountered is absolutely smitten with you," she said. He asked, make that instructed me, to implant the largest sizes possible. You my dear were quite a bit of work, but I did manage to fit the 550ml size implants under your muscle cavity, just barely though." I continued to stare at her...."They are the largest size possible, and at first I didn't believe it would work...but we finally managed" Dr. Vicki continued, "Unfortunately, you will be quite sore for a couple of weeks. But I think you will ultimately be very pleased with the attention it gets you as a swimsuit model".

Dr. Vicki continued "You have caused quite a stir around the Spa Resort." "No one girl has done what you just accomplished". "What's that?" I asked. "Why you've took all of the Grand Master's cock.....and I mean all of it from what I heard.....you made him cum." Dr. Vicki said "I do find it quite difficult to believe, judging by your youth, looks, etc., but the Head Lady told me all about it and you would not be here otherwise."

"His cock hurt me quite a bit...." I exclaimed to her, as if to protest my innocence. Dr. Vicki laughed then said "I'm certain it did hurt, but unlike the other girls moving their hips up and away in protest as he tried to fuck them, you pulled your legs back after he fully entered you.....as if by some natural reaction" she said slyly. "And he did fuck your cute little cunt for over 20 minutes before he came" she continued. She pulled the sheets away and I found my legs were strapped into stirrups. "Because judging by the examine results I made on you," Dr. Vicki said, "there was still and enormous amount of cum deep inside your pussy, as if still draining out of your cervix, which it probably is." Dr. Vicki moved closer, "There are many girls jealous of you, which I know you can't believe, but you will soon find out and likely just love this fact." Dr. Vicki continued, "If you will now allow me, and hold still, I have to satisfy my own curiosity
about your pussy". With that she pulled a cloth off of a table revealing an enormous dildo. "This is an exact mold, or replica, of the Grand Master's cock" she stated, "I am going to insert this inside as while you are healing, I am under strict orders to make sure your ability to fuck him was not a fluke".

Dr. Vicki lubed down the Dildo, and placed it at my entrance. I started to say something but just sat there, under the haze of the anesthesia. I then felt my pussy lips opening and a burning stretching sensation over took the haze. Dr. Vicki pushed firmly and the dildo slid deep into my pussy. I made a large gasp when suddenly Dr. Vicki said "I see the dildo stops around the 10 inch mark.....amazing penetration so far, but you are very tight now". With that observation, Dr. Vicki placed her palm at the end of the dildo and pushed very direct and firmly onto the base of the dildo. My pussy gave way and opened further and I screamed.....The dildo slide all the way to the base. "That's it, good girl !" cried Dr. Vicki, "open nice and wide....". And with that she quickly strapped the dildo into place such that the object remained embedded in my cunt when she removed her hand from the base. I was gasping for air, when she said "You are to leave this
object inside you for the next several days." "You may take it out to shower and relax a bit, but it must go back in" she continued "I will be inspecting you to make sure this is the case as I don't want any negative reprocussions from the Grand Master....like his cock pounding me in the ass or worse yet, a visit by the Mistress and Goon."

"Goon" I heard her say....."Sally, what about my friend Sally?" I questioned while still adjusting and breathing hard from the impaling of the dildo.

"Well" Dr. Vicki started, "She is with the Mistress and Goon, who is the gardner for the Spa." "Who is Goon?" I asked.

"He's a large man, very nice actually, but essentially kept in total control by Mistress." She uses him for, well, ....let's just say for certain "training" purposes."

"Like what?" I asked. "Not to worry you, but Goon has an enormous, but some would say, ugly cock. Its bolt arrow straight at the base and very thick, but then curves upward and is covered by large, thick veins, and capped by a large bulbous head. A bit of a monstrous looking thing actually." "The Mistress withholds sex from him for weeks on end, until she has a need. Then she pumps him full of erection medicine like you see advertised on TV, places a cock pump over his cock, and pumps him to a very stiff unbending size and straps his balls and cock with leather to hold his size and put her in control as to when he can cum". Dr. Vicki went on, "The girl to be trained is often required to watch the Mistress's cock preparation efforts just so they understand more of the fuck session to follow, and perhaps to make them tighten their pussy further." Dr. Vicki advised, "The girls are usually bound on all fours with their ass and pussy area thrust and
held into the air and their backs curved inward. The Mistress then usually convinces the Goon that something was done by the girl to his flowers. He's a bit mental and then reacts very aggressively. However, like I said, the Mistress keeps in control by tying a leather strap around his balls to keep him from either cuming or becoming to wild on the girll. But funny thing, if you can call it funny, she is often guilty of being quite aggressive with the girl herself."

Over in Room 111, Dr; Vicki's words were being carried out as if she had been watching each moment. The Goon's cock had just been pumped up, his cock swollen from the vacuum pump with the veins all sticking out. He lowered himself over Sally's upturned ass, placed his cock head directly onto her well oiled cunt lips, then he beared down thrusting his enormous cock into her pussy. Unlike the Grand Master's penetration attempt, Sally's body was held very much in place. His oiled down cock split into her pussy and she cried out as she was entered. With each stroke he penetrated Sally deeper, until his balls were against her pussy lips and his cock fully embedded. He held his shaft into her....shattering her virginity, or what was left of it...Then the Mistress's voice spoke out over Sally's cries "Now, fuck her deeply and thoroughly my dear Goon...Those screams and gasps are from someone who picked your prized flowers earlier today." With that, Goon
stood bent over Sally's cunt and humped his long legs and hips furiously downward and upward, his low hanging heavy balls slapping hard against her split open pussy lips and clithood........Sally met each full thrust into her pussy and distended cervix with her own cries...."You are not to cum until I tell you too." stated the Mistress. "Fuck her deeply, Goon, fuck her deeply...." the Mistress calmly coo'd as she rubbed her pussy and clit as she watched Goon deeply penetrate Sally against her cries of protests.

Goon had finally started to feel his climax building and his balls started to tighten upwards. "Are those your balls tightening up my dear Goon?" the Mistress asked. Goon's fucking motion increased to an ever faster pace, his balls making a distinct slapping sound against Sally's bald pussy mound - as if he was hurrying to shoot his load. "I don't think so!" exclaimed the Mistress. And with that statement she pulled hard on the leather leash in her hand causing his balls to jerk violently back up against his ass, pulling backwards and up and turning bright red, the deep purple. Goon let out an enormous cry and pulled his cock from Sally's freshly stretched pussy.

"My goodness....look at Sally's pussy gap open....well done Goon." the Mistress stated. Goon was aching and bending over waiting for the pain in his groin to subside. "Now put your cock in the pump and get erect again.." she advised him. We will give her pussy a break now, but we of course will concentrate on Sally's ass next......" Sally wimpered under her breath.

Goon withdrew his now erect cock from the pump and the Mistress once again tied off his balls and cock. Goon dutifully hovered over Sally's ass held high in the air, then positioned his heavily lubricated cock at her anal entrance.

As Shelly was being wheeled down the hallway with the Head Master's replica dildo embedded in her pussy, Shelly heard a loud cry come from behind a door as she was passing. It was a voice that sounded familar to her. And it was, for on the other side of the door Goon's cock entered Sally's ass from behind and stretched opened her virgin anal tunnel. She also heard a female's voice exclaiming over Sally's cries "Well done, Goon! You penetrated her all the way to your balls....you may cum inside her when you are ready."

Dr. Vicki looked at Shelly and said, "I think your friend is in there.......with Goon". More cries and gasps were heard, as each penetration fell inside her. Finally, a loud male cry was heard. Goon released his load deep inside Sally's ass, holding his cock firmly inside her. When he withdrew, white thick cum poured from Sally's gapped open ass as she collapsed from exhaustion onto her restraints. Her body glistening wet from her perspiration and oil that had been liberally applied over her body.

"Well done again, Goon" the Mistress's voice was overheard saying. Give yourself a minute then let's introduce Sally's mouth and her throat to your cock. I would like to see you made hard again, but without the pump, please". With that, Goon's heavily cum glistening cock dangled heavily between his legs. He looked up, and approached Sally's face. She looked up at the cock that was now dandling before her mouth, and her mouth fell open. "Good, she's learning quickly isn't she Goon" the Mistress calmly stated. "They always do at this point. She is well on her way to becoming a wonderful housewife slut for one of our male model friends....." With Mistress's nod, Goon grabbed Sally's head and fed his enormous tool into her mouth. Sally choked and gagged but was soon working her head and back and forth, just how Shelly had described to her the blowjobs she had performed on many of her dates.

A few minutes later, another male cry was heard as Goon flooded Sally's throat and mouth with cum...."Don't loose a drop my dear Sally, not one drop....." the Mistress commanded. Sally gulped and choked down his massive load of cum - the first time she had ever even tasted cum.

Part III - Sally is reunited with Shelly, plus the fate of the other three model girls.

Brigit Astar
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fantastic story--hot and intense--so exciting--well-written too

10-13-2009, 11:25 PM
Shelly was finally presented to the trainer to begin getting in shape, and achieving the body the head master instructed her to have. The Trainer was a striking male, cut body and great personality. Shelly took an immediate liking to him and during their workouts she would get nervous flutters in her stomach as she did when she liked a guy and got horny around his presence.

The training sessions were hard, but always ended with nice rub down on the work-out mats. After a couple of weeks, the trainer began working stretching sessions into her routine - often grabbing Shelly's legs while he sat behind her, and stretch her legs up and back. Teaching her to completely spread open with her pussy mound protruding at the farthest point forward. She always felt shy and embarssed when he stretcher her like that - she often drew stares from the other males working out in the gym. The trainer told Shelly he was under instructions to allow her to open wider for the grand master and he did what he was told. She felt comfortable as both the trainer and Dr. Vicki told her that under no circumstances were any other guys to enter her or penetrate her pussy. Her pussy was viewed as off limits.

After one particularly hard day of working out, the trainer asked Shelly to follow him to the locker room. "Its time for your **** that Dr. Vicki instructed me to provide you...." Shelly obliged and followed the trainer to the locker room. He asked her to shower. "Just go into the showers through that door and wash up, then we will have lunch..." Shelly did as she was told.

She entered the shower and was alone - only a round padded vinyl table sat in the middle of the shower and the room was warm with the water running. Shelly thought the padded table was strange, but she sat her towel on the table and started to get wet. She closed her eyes and put her head under the warm water. When she opened her eyes, before her walked in the trainer - his body was completely naked, his muscles bulging. Shelly gasped when she looked down and saw the trainer's cock was completely erect. The cock was very thick, so thick the cock got wider down the base. His cock curved upward and was around 10 inches long. Shelly just stood there.

The trainer said, "Shelly, its ok, just come over here." Shelly walked over and the trainer took Shelly's arms and pulled her towards him. "I want you to touch me".....Shelly took his cock in her hands and was immediately wet from the occasion. "I want you to close your eyes now....." he instructed. Shelly complied. When the trainer told her to open her eyes, she was shocked to see a room full of men enter the shower room. All naked with their cocks in different stages of erection. "Your **** is a high protein ****" advised the trainer, "You are to accept a cum load from each of us and must swallow". "You will start with me first...." and with that, the trainer pushed Shelly down to her knees, grabed the back of her head, and guided his cock into her throat..."That's it, Shelly, suck my cock deeply. I've been waiting for this since I first met you. And, in case your wondering, the grand master's instruction was only to stay out of your pussy. Dr. Vicki prescribed protein from our cocks.........and also asked us to train you anally" Shelly gasped as the cock pushed into her throat. She then suddenly felt a cock head running down her ass, then stop at her opening. "Spread open.....nice and wide..." With those words Shelly suddenly felt her ass stretched open and a cock abruptly penetrate into her tight opening.....the cock sliding in all the way without any time for Shelly to adjust.

The pumping of Shelly's openings had started. As she was gasping and chocking, suddenly her mouth was flooded with the thick white cum from the trainer. He held her head in place instructing her "take ever bit down your throat.....you have another 24 loads of cum to go." The trainer's load was thick and shot large amounts of cum into her throat. Shelly tried to swallow as the cock continually was thrusted in and down her throat from the massive hands held on her head and pulling and pushing her down on his cock.

The man with the cock in her ass reached down and lifted Shelly's legs up - lifting her off the ground as his hips and cock stayed grinding deep against her ass. He placed her on the table, withdrew his cock and instructed her to turn over on her back. Shelly did as told, but her head fell off the side of the table and was then greeted by another cock entering her mouth. "Time to learn to throat fuck and be fucked deeply in your ass......"

Dr. Vicki walked into the Shower...."Good, I see you started Shelly protein ****...., let me help you guys out." Dr. Vicki went over and removed her clothes, then climbed the table and layed her pussy next to Shelly's head. "Guys, please use my pussy to jack-off your cocks, then pull out and cum in Shelly's mouth....And Shelly, don't miss a load." As Dr. Vicki was moving into position and telling Shelly what to do, the fifth load of cum was pumped into Shelly's mouth, with her choking and and trying to swallow.

Dr. Vicki told the men "use my pussy and her ass to jack-off your cocks, but just make sure each load is in her mouth......" With that statement, the circle of men drew tight around Shelly and Dr. Vicki. Their cocks would be pulled from Dr. Vicki's cunt and placed into Shelly's mouth for their ejaculation. Dr. Vicki said "Shelly, sorry to tell you this, but this is how you will finish your work-outs for the next two weeks.......and consider this both your lunch and dinner. So make sure you swallow as much as possible."

Part III - The Expansion of Sally

The mistress had not fully turned Sally and was getting frustrated. She had Sally taken to Dr. Vicki for an examine. "I have picked her as my trainee, but she is most uncooperative. I've never had such a girl so stubborn in my practice" exclaimed the mistress to Dr. Vicki. "The grand master will be disappointed in me, completely disappointed, if I don't succeed with her. He really does not like her, and told me to keep her for myself." The mistress told Dr. Vicki that she wanted complete control over her, and "her pussy, particularly her pussy." "She should be able to take whatever I decide is to fuck her...."

Shelly was strapped into the examination chair - essentially a gyno examination chair with leg braces and stir-ups to holder her legs wide and apart. "I want you to expand her opening"....requested the mistress. Dr. Vicki looked at Sally's cunt, rubber her fingers around the lips...."I could place an expansion ring into her" advised Dr. Vicki. "That will hold her open and we can adjust the size over time." With that statement, Dr. Vicki walked to a cabinet, open the door, and came back with a stainless steel tray with a sheet covering it. She pulled the sheet off and on the tray were several oval shaped stainless steel rings in various sizes. "This should be a good size to start with...." As Dr. Vicki picked up the ring and placed it near Sally's pussy, Sally bucked and thrashed her hips around. "See what I am talking about !!" exclaimed the mistress. "She is always fighting what I want her to do". Dr. Vicki looked at the mistress and said "perhaps its because you torment her....you do have your reputation." The mistress deadpanned "You know my tastes, and that is with women. I want her for me and to learn from me, but first she is to completely cooperate before she learns to behave as I do...." Dr. Vicky shook her head "OK, but I'm glad you never selected me...."

Sally shrieked as Dr. Vicki began pulling open he pussy and trying to place the expansion ring inside her. "Hold still and this won't last long....you'll get used to the pressure of the ring in a day or two" said Dr. Vicki. And as she was trying to place the ring, the mistress looked down at the tray. Her eyes cast over the remaining rings. She pulled the sheet back further, and reached down and grabbed one particular ring. She held it up and passed it over her had and onto to her wrist - like a bracelet. "What about this one?" asked the mistress. When Dr. Vicki turned to look, her eyes widened. "I only use that on women over 40 or usually to help open them after pregnancy...." "That ring opening is 4 inches long and 3 inches wide and would be very, very difficult to fit inside her..." stated Dr. Vicki.

"Well...." said the mistress, "We should get started then". "Goon, help the good doctor will you...." And with that command, Goon stepped forward. He crawled up and over the table. "Lower you ass onto Sally's mouth to cover the emotion we are about to hear." With that, Goon lowered his ass deeply onto Sally's face and mouth, her cries being drowned out. "Now, reach inside her pussy and pull wide and do as the doctor says." Goon placed his fingers inside Sally and pulled her apart, Dr. Vicki then placed the ring towards Sally's stretching and ever increasing gapping cunt. "This will be difficult" said Dr. Vicki shaking her head. A muffled scream came from under Goon's ass as the ring was being worked into place.

"There, the lips of the ring are behind her labia and vaginal opening. It won't come out unless we take it out" said Dr. Vicki. The mistress bent down and examined her work....."Good, I can clearly see her cervix." And next the mistress took her lubbed hand, reached through the expansion ring, and slide her middle finger into her cervix opening.....Sally screamed out from the instrusion...."I think I now have just what I need for her cooperation. With my hand in place, she is like my puppet....." And with that statement, the mistress pushed her middle finger into Sally's cervix. Sally cried out, "please no, no further....I will do what you want, just stop, please......"

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just posted an update......hope you enjoy.

Brigit Astar
10-13-2009, 11:37 PM
simply excellent

10-13-2009, 11:47 PM
Which part made you the most excited?

Brigit Astar
10-14-2009, 02:02 AM
the part that got me the most excited was Shelly in the locker room sucking cock as she gets screwed in her ass

10-14-2009, 03:35 AM
fantastic writing. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Jake

10-14-2009, 10:14 PM
Thanks....just posted some pics of me (Shelly) in leather. Let me know what else you would like to see me do !

mrs babyisblue
10-15-2009, 07:54 AM
yes it is hot and intense and fantastic writing really Enjoyed it thank you :)

10-15-2009, 06:17 PM
Very hot story, thanks for sharing!

12-02-2009, 04:36 AM
Sally feeds Shelly

After Mistress withdrew her hand from Sally's pussy, held open by the now fixed expansion ring, Mistress instructed Goon to assist Sally from the examination table. "Goon, do give Sally a lift down like a gentleman please..." the Mistress stated. Dr. Vicki released Sally's legs from the restraints and stir-ups and Goon placed his arms under Sally's naked body and lifted her and then placed her feet on the floor. "She will have trouble walking with her legs together for a few days, maybe more..." said Dr. Vicki. Sally took a step forward and her legs stayed apart. "How do you expect me to walk and do my activities in the garden?" Sally protested. The Mistress looked at Sally and said "My dear, I like you best with your legs spread anyway....now lets go." Goon led Sally out of the examine room and to the garden area. He gave Sally a drink and fruit and showed kindness despite the buldge his cock made whenever he was around her. As the two walked out Dr. Vicki turned to Mistress and said "I want to talk to you about my problem girl now.....Shelly". "What problem would that be, I thought she was the golden girl and so-called "selected" by the Grand Master as his personal lady, cover model, etc., etc., etc." Mistress sarcastically responded.

"Well...." Dr. Vicki continued, "She has been doing great, but she is on my "protein cum ****" or rather the trainers....she has about lost her weight, but she almost daily has been with men, up to 25, taking their cocks orally for their cum....She was in tears the past couple of days. I need her to finish her 'meals' but I want her relieved of having to orally service the men in their locker room for their cuml." Mistress responded "Well if its relief from men you want, you of all people know I am just the person for the job. I would love to put the men in their place." The Mistress continued..."I might have just the right idea.....tomorrow, when your precious Shelly finishes her workout, take her to the ladies locker room shower and have her stay there. She will get her protein but without the cocks dandling in front of her....I promise." Dr. Vicki looked puzzled and then stated "I am not sure I was asking for you help, but now you have me curious." The Mistress cut her short..."Just have your Shelly in the ladies locker room shower and stay put." Dr. Vicki then demanded "Will this somehow involve her friend Shelly you are supposedly "training". We all know your objective is to make her a complete lesbian S&M freak like you....." The Mistress grabbed Dr. Vicki's arm and said coldly...."just have her there, you have done enough to me and our relationship." Dr. Vicki also reached down but instead grabbed Mistress's crotch then pushed her fingers firmly up into her and said "you miss this hand don't you!" then sharply turned and walked off. Mistress stood there and shook, knowing the one person she could never control was the one she also loved and who walked away. "Why her?" Mistress coldly thought......

The next day Shelly finished her workout and stood stiffly in front of the men's locker room door, hesitating to again enter....The trainer started to take her hand, but Dr. Vicki said from behind "Shelly, come with me, you are almost finished and you will be off to your first magazine cover shoot". Dr. Vicki led Shelly into the ladies locker room. "I have arranged for you to complete your protein meal in here today, but without the men. Just enter the ladies shower area." Shelly did so and when she walked in a padded stool and warm shower greeted her. "There is a cup of tea and a small door on the shower wall. When I tell you to open the door, you will find a tube to dispense your protein." "Is my meal still from the men...?" Shelly inquired. "I think so, but just put the tube in your mouth when you are told to do so, then suck hard and swallow. Trust me, its a relief for your mouth - although all the men here are talking about your incredible oral skills I must say !!" Dr. Vicki excitedly added. Shelly calmly took her seat and said thanks. She took a sip of tea and just began her wait.

On the other side of the adjacent wall, Mistress walked into the room with Sally, who was naked. "You are here to help your friend Shelly my dear. She has had to deal with quite a few men, and their cocks, and you are here to help. Now sit up on the table." Sally, now more submissive with the expansion ring in place and her fear of Mistress compounded softly complied. As she layed naked on the table in the men's shower, Mistress grabbed her legs and pulled them back over her shoulders. "You are to remain wide and Goon will help you." With that statement, the room began to fill with men, all naked and in various stages of erection, with Goon grabbing her ankles and holding her legs back and open.

"I am Mistress and each of you fellas are in for a treat. A hand-rub from me that you will never forget." Mistress pointed to one of the largest men, with a heavy and large set of balls hanging low with his enormous cock. "Please straddle Shelly's body on all fours and place you cock just over her open pussy..." the Mistress added. The man complied and climbed up and over Sally's body. "Any of you others may feel free to use Sally's mouth to increase you readiness to cum." And with that one man stepped forward and grabbed the back of Sally's head and started to feed his cock into her mouth. Sally turned her head in protest by the Mistress yelled "open for him now!" Sally complied.

The Mistress began applying oil to the man's low hung cock and started pulling long downward strokes pointing his enormous head towards Sally's pussy gaping open from the expansion ring. The Mistress increased her stroking speed and then inserted two fingers from her other gloved hand into the man's ass. She rubbed just inside the man's ass increasing his erection and making him reach his climax almost immediately. "That's it !!" exclaimed Mistress "I want every drop of your cum into her open cunt !!" The man grunted and his muscles tightened as the first blast of thick white cum poured heavily from his cock and into Sally's gaping opening. He released more and more thick white streams of cum and exclaimed loudly as Mistress continued to rub inside the man's anal cavity and pulled and milked his cock hurridly. "I want it all !!" commanded Mistress, "push all your cum into her". As the man gasped and finished his load his cock grew limp. " You are now down, so off with you and to the next" Mistress calmly ordered. As the man climbed down another man quickly took his place. "Sally, you are here to have your cunt completely filled with cum...then your friend Shelly will aid you to avoid pregnancy by cleaning you out with this tube" as the Mistress held up a long clear tube than ran into a box on the wall. "I do hope she is hungry" Mistress sarcastically remarked. Sally cried out "I don't want to become pregnant you bitch....." Mistress laughed and said, "very well then, we'll see where we get too." Within a minute another groan was heard as the second man released his load through Mistress's cock grip and into Sally's cunt opening. "Good," the Mistress stated, "you are starting to fill."

At the final point, 15 men had Sally's expansion ring expanded cunt filled to the top over her opening. White and thick the cum started to roll down when the tube began to fill. The filling was the first sign of Shelly sucking and "feeding" from the tube and unbeknown to her from Sally's gapping cunt.

When Sally's cunt was almost empty another 10 men entered the room - some black and some white. "We're not quite through my dear...." Mistress calmly stated. Another set of loads. And the process repeated itself.

When Mistress had finished and the tube no longer emptied Sally's vaginal cavity, Mistress told Sally, "you are still about a quarter full and no telling how much has drained into your cervix..." Mistress pulled the tube from the box and placed the tip into Sally's mouth. "I suggest you finish Shelly's meal..." Now suck hard you little tramp...and may be your cute little cunt will not experience pregnancy." Sally gasped and strained to take the tube into her mouth. Mistress then laid down on Sally's body pressing her legs back. "Let me help you with this..." pushing the tube into her mouth. "Now suck like a good girl..."

Sally began pulling cum into the tube. As she was doing this, Mistress pulled her own full pussy lips opened and sealed them to Sally's expanded pussy ring. Sally then felt what could only be described as a warm liquid rushing into her open cunt. "I will help you wash that cum down..." The Mistress had opened her bladder and began pissing into Sally's cunt. Both the cum and piss mixed together as Mistress gripped Sally's cheeks and face and ordered her to suck and drink deeply. "You are learning my dear , you are learning......" The Mistress pushed harder and increased her stream into Sally's pussy. Her piss stream thickening and filling Sally completely as some of the overflow ran to the shower floor. "Don't spill too much my dear, or we shall have Goon also flush you out....." Goon stepped forward with his enormous cock, and smiling ackwardly in anticipation of relieving himself into Sally. "Don't rush Sally my dear Goon....let her enjoy." Sally gasped and chocked as the tube contents emptied into her mouth.

Shelly had cleaned up and walked out of the ladies locker room. She was made up, her hair looking sharp and sexy and her body glowing a healthy tan. Dr. Vicki looked at her and said "Shelly, you are just stunning. You will be the top swim suit model this year. Congratulations on finishing your training." Shelly looked at Dr. Vicki and said "thanks....I am looking forward to it...." Dr. Vicki then added, "and the Grand Master is looking quite forward to seeing you again."

Part IV to cum soon.

Brigit Astar
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