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Warning! You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, Then DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! We DO NOT promote rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a story, of fiction, and if you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, YOU DON'T BELONG HERE & SHOULD LEAVE NOW!!

Putting Out To See

The Kissimmee chain is a group of individual lakes in central Florida all connected by a series of dams and locks that control the water level and allow boaters to traverse fron one lake to another without having to trailer their boat and re-launch at each lake.

It was here that I had launched a twenty -three foot Maxim for a sea test. I picked it up at a dealer that I had purchased other boats from in the past and he had no problem letting me take it for a three day test to determine if I liked the boat well enough to buy it. It was nicly outfitted with all the toys, had sufficient power and a surprisingly large cutty cabin. So I packed enough supplies for the three day weekend and looked forward to a quite trip fishing and just enjoying the outdoors.

I launched on Lake Toho, the northern most lake in the chain and set her at cruising speed once I cleared the no wake zone. She came on plane fairly well for a large hull and seemed to operating well within specifications. It was very clear day and in the distance I could see what appeared to be a classic wooden speed boat, maybe a Criss Craft or possibly a McCulough, whichever she had beautiful lines and was running full out and heading directly at me probably making sixty-five knots.

She was making the distance short between us with her high speed and at about three hundred yards I thought I should make a course correction because she was still heading nose to nose with me. I made a difinitive move to starboard to indicate I would pass to her port side. As soon as I did she made an identical move to my starboard side so we were again nose to nose and closing rather quickly. Maybe it was inexperience on her part or perhaps just not enough attention paid so I made another very difinitive move to starboard and once again she followed with an identical move to her port.

I knew now that I was dealing with a very inexperienced boater or a young kid with more guts than brains. I made almost a full ninty degree turn to port and went full throttle and I'll be damned if the speeding Criss Craft, it was now close enough for me to tell, turned full starboard and continued on a hardline colission course.

I knew I could not outrun her with this tug and I really did not think she truly wanted to ram me so I pulled the throttle into neutrel and came to a standstill. The speedboat continued to come straight towards me full speed and only at the last possible moment turned hard to her port side avoiding my boat by less than twenty-five feet .

The driver was a woman in a black two piece bathing suit all alone in the boat and as she turned avoiding the wreck she looked directly at me and flipped me the bird. She was going too fast for me to get her registration numbers off the front of the boat but I committed to memory the name of the boat painted across the stern in huge gold letters,"TOES"

As her wake hit my boat the Maxim did about a eight foot rock and roll but handled it and I pushed it back into gear and made my way south heading for one of my favorite big bass spots. I could not help wondering what had made this woman act in this manner. I just wrote it off as she was probably just having a bad day and needed someone to take it out on.

I made my way deep into the lily pad covered backwaters of West Toho very near the mouth of the canal to East Toho and found a likely spot for for my favorite gamefish and put out a anchor to hold me in position to fish wild shiners up against the pads. This time of the year they come up from the deeper water a little earlier in the afternoon to gather near the lily pads for the evening feed.

I put out two lines about twenty five yards apart both with nine inch live shiners two feet below the strike detectors. It wasn't long before the closest shiner began to figit as if there was something in the neighborhood making him very nervous. Suddenly I saw a swirl about three feet south of number two shiner. The shiner also knew he was there because he took off like a shot headed due north. Just as the strike detector was about to reach the safty of the lillies the water exploded. The shiner had made an valiant effort to avoid his fate by jumping two feet straight out of the water but a beautiful nine pound largemouth followed him right out and caught him in mid flight. I waited until the bass hit the water before setting the hook. Once I did the monster bass headed deep and fast. He bent my rod in half as he tried to get lost in the pads and then after I turned her around he made a second run under th boat. I was able to turn her again and after about five more short runs I was able to bring her boatside where I removed the hook and thanked her for an exciting afternoon. As I released her she gave a swift kick with her tail splashing water three feet in the air as if she were making a statement about how I had treated her this late sunny afternoon.

I fished for another two hours catching two more and releasing both so they could be caught again. I think it was Emerson or possibly Thoreau who said "Most men fish all their lives not knowing that it is not about catching fish." I was not one of those men.

I headed out towards the main channel as the sun was getting low in the western sky. I meant to make my way to the locks at the south end of Toho before they closed at eight o'clock, otherwise I would have to anchor up near the dam and spend the night listening to the numerous old cat fisherman who haunt the deep water this time of year.

There was not much traffic on Toho this time of year especially when the sun got low so I was surprised to see two boats side by side about a thousand yards ahead just off the main channel and tucked in between a couple of grass islands. As I shortened the distance between us I noted that one of the boats was the one I had the run in with earlier in the day. The other was probably seventeen feet with a seventy five horse power outboard aluminum hull fishing boat.

At first I suspected that one of them had broken down and the other had stopped to offer assistence. As neither boat was moving I decided to join them to see if possibly I could offer some help. As always when approaching a situation like this I preferred to be prepared for any thing that may occur so I retrieved my nine mm glock from the glove box and put it in my waist band behind my back.

As I pulled within about sixty yards I could see this was more than one boater helping out another. The young woman in the black two piece swim suit who earlier today had flew by me at sixty knots was on her knees and no longer in the swim suit. The two men surrounding her were very rough looking sorts, one with no shirt and numerous tattoos and the other with a huge beer belly and a rather long pony tail. He was the one that spoke up first."This here is a private party mister you had better just move along." The short dumb one next to him must have thought that was funny judgeing by the way he let out a dufus type of laugh.

I had pulled my boat into neutral and was gliding towards them at about three to four knots but had timed my approach to be dead in the water just about at their side. I could see that the young woman was shaking like a leaf and thought it strange that she would be so frightened at a "Private party." "It doesn't look to me like everyone at the party is having fun" I said as our boats grew closer. The short dumb one went into his pocket and came out with a six inch blade and said "mister we said this is none of your businees so yall had better just get lost." I watched as ponytail moved his hand off the womans head and reached into his pocket. The bad news was that ponytails knife was a lot larger but the good news was they had both brought knives to a gun fight.

About fifteen yards from their starboard I shoved mine back into gear and gave it enough throttle to hit them but then pulling it back out of gear. It would be a glancing blow at one or two knots and just enough force to knock people down. As we hit they were both thrown to the deck and I jumped both gunnels landing between them and pulling my glock. I grabbed ponytail, by the ponytail and stuck the business end of the glock in his face. Short and dumb started to reach for his knife and I hit him in the head with the glock and quickly turned it back to ponytail.

I pulled ponytail to his feet and bent him over the inboard compartment and patted him down. He was clean, so to speak, so I put short and dumb in the same position and took another knife off him.
"Now real nice and slow I want you boys to climb back into your boat with no sudden moves because I'm real nervous and my finger is real close to the trigger." They both climbed into their boat. "Now I want you, shorty, to remove the engine cowling and hand it to ole ponytail there"
"Thats real good. Now I want you to take the distributor cap and plug wires off the engine and throw them over to me."

"Ah now that ain't right mister we won't be able to git back to camp and we will be stuck here all night." He obeyed and tossed the cap and wires over to me. "Now you got two cans of "off" laying there I want you to set them on top of the engine." Once again shorty complied but with a confused look on his face. "Now do you boys have your life jackets aboard.?" "Yea we got um, they are under the seat." "Ponytail I want you to get the jackets out from under the seat, and listen ponytail, if I see anything in your hand other than life jackets I'll put seventeen rounds in your sorry ass, kapish? "What did he mean by that ." screamed short and dumb.

He pulled out the jackets and after putting them on I had them untie their boat from from the criss craft and I took her rope and tied it off to my rear cleat.

"One more thing before we take our leave of you boys. Hand me your drivers licence both of you." with that I took aim and killed both cans of bug spray to make their evening just a little more enjoyable. Then I took aim again, and sensing that I was going to shoot bonnie and clyde, the naked lady screamed at the top of her lungs as I shot three holes near or at the water line of their aluminum boat. It probably wouldn't sink them unless they were real stupid but it sure would keep them busy bailing water all night.

I pushed my throttle into gear after helping the naked lady aboard and as she sat across from me in the mates seat I suggested this might be the appropriate time to put her suit back on.

"Where is your dock" I asked as we began to move through the water.

"I don't have a dock, I trailered over from haines city and put in on the Kissimee river." she said while slipping back in to her swim suit panties and bra.

"Well" I said "We will be hard pressed to make it through two sets of locks before they close at eight o'clock."

"It might help" she scowled "If you would put some speed on this tugboat"

"It would seem to me that speed is probably what got you into all that trouble today darlin"

"How about saving the lecture and getting me through the Toho locks?"

"If I go any faster the nose of your criss craft will start to dig in and if I continue we will fill it up with water. Now I don't suppose you'll beleive me so be kind enough to watch your boat and tell me when to ease off the throttle."

With that I eased it to three-quarter throttle and within ten seconds she was screaming for me to pull back. I thought to myself that probably won't be the only time tonight she screams at me to stop.

"Need any more evidence?" I asked.

She glared at me as we slowly made our way towards the locks leading to lake cypress and lake hatch.
We had about ten miles to the locks and another five through Cypress and Hatch and fifteen to the locks at the south end of Kissimme. I knew there was no way we would make it by the time they shut down the locks for the evening but this was not the time to tell her.

As we made our way to the lockes I attempted to make small talk but got all one word answers. No friendliness or gratitude just a very arrogant attitune.

I finally asked what she was doing earlier in the day by heading her criss right at me at full speed.

"I was having a bad day and you were in my way."

"Well then why did you pursue me when I turned out of your way?"

"Look" she said "Could you just drive the boat and get me back to the ramp?"

She was as nasty and arrogant as she was beautiful. I looked at her at each opportunity without being obvious. She had a gorgeous set of legs, long and firm with nice wide hips and a tiny waist. Of course I had already seen her tits and they were perfectly round and firm and a face that would launch a thousand ships.

We locked through at south Toho and I headed towards a small and little known cove on Cypress where we would put on the full canvass top and spend the night.

She proved that she knew the lake system well as she recognized the fact that we were not headed into Lake Hatch and down the canal to kissimmee.

"Where are we going?" she barked.
"I'm going to find a safe spot to anchor for the night. Its seven-forty-five and we have another hour to get to the Kissimmee locks."

"I'm not spending the night on this boat!"

"Well unless you would like me to set you adrift in your criss craft I don't see where you have much choice."

"You know thses lakes well enough to know that there is no power on earth that will get those locks open at nine PM. So your choices are anchoring by the dam surrounded by cat fisherman, not unlike your friends from earlier today, or anchoring in a safe cove where we won't have to worry about someone coming aboard in the middle of the night.

"Don't you have a cell phone so we can call someone?" she whined.

"I come out here to get away from people, why would I bring a cell phone, and if I did who would you call Triple A?"

"Well I'm starving I haven't eaten all day can you at least catch me a fish or something?"

Ignoring her constant whining I got the on- board grill out and attached it to the gunnel. After firing it up I got two strip steaks out of the refrigerator and put them on the grill.

"How do you like your steak?"

It was the first time I detected a trace of a smile. "Medium rare" she said in a civilized voice.

I smiled when I thought to myself she had better enjoy her medium steak because the rest of the meat she is going to get tonight will be very rare.

While the steaks were cooking I poured two glasses of wine. After drinking half the glass she said "Hey I like that what is it?"

"Lambrusco" I replied "But from a very good month." Wow another smile.

I refilled her glass which she dispatched rather quickly. She was no stranger to the grape.

I kept the wine flowing in her direction as we finished our steaks. As the sun was about to set I went about the task of putting the top,sides and back screens on the boat. When the sun went over the horizon the bugs would come out in force so it had to be in place by then.

I put some music on the cd player mostly Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn mixed with a little Jimi Hendrix Georgia Blues. We finished the first bottle of wine and I opened the second as we listened to blues and talked about how sad it is that most of the great blues guitarist died so young.

The wine was starting to have an effect on her and for a while I thought this might be easier than I had suspected. Then her mood seemed to change suddenly. I suspected she may have seen the way I was looking at her long gorgeous legs or that fine ass when she walked past me to use the head.

In any event we finished the second bottle in silence. The more I looked at her the more I wanted her. She was a beautiful creature and I was about to take her.

She stood up abruptly and asked "Well where shall I sleep?"

"Well, I said theres the cabin up front that sleeps four or you could just stretch out there," pointing to the large bench seat across the back of the boat." But the truth of the matter is that you're not going to have to worry about where to sleep for quite some time" I said as I stood up between her and the cabin door.

"What in the world do you mean by that."

"Because I won't be finished with you for three or four hours."

As my words sunk in I stepped forward and reached for her arm. She quickly stepped backwards into the collapsable table knocking it down and falling down with it. She was quickly back on her feet and squaring off with me.

"You had better stay the hell away from me"

"Oh I don't think so Toes. As amatter of fact I'm going to get real close to you. Now put your fists down and come over here."

"Not on your life pal. If you come near me I'll knock you out."

I laughed as she stood there in her fighting stance. It must have really made her angry because she picked up an empty wine bottle and came charging. I was able to block her first blow but as I reached for her arm she sidestepped my grasp and connected with my thigh. I had to disarm her quickly before someone got hurt.

I grabbed her throat with my right hand and the wrist with the bottle in it with my left. I drove her back to the bench seat across thr rear of the boat and forcing her down on her back ripped the bottle out of her hand, slapped her sharply across the face and ripped her bathing suit top from her body.

I grabbed her other wrist and held them both over her head with one hand. Toes bucked wildly kicking and screaming so hard that she slid off the bench seat and on to the deck. I straddled her and regained control by applying my weight to her hips to immobilize her.

"Let me go damn you."

"Not on your life whore, not until you pay for your boat ride." I say with a laugh.

I pull her to her feet and spin her around folding one arm behind her back and putting it in the position where she will do exactly what I say.

"Oh damn that hurts, let me go."

I ignor her pleas and head her in the direction of the cutty cabin. She resist but each time she does I apply some pressure to her armlock and she concedes. I swing open the cutty door and push her in bolting the door behind me.

I spin her around again "Now lets have a look at those tits sweetheart" She brings her knee up trying to put it in my balls but I was ready for it and blocked her blow with my leg.

I pushed her down on the bed and perused her gorgeous body while I unbuttoned and removed my shirt. She was indeed a beauty, long slender legs, wide shapley hips, a fabulous set of tits and a face you could stare at all night.

" Give me your panties "

"I most certainly will not"

"One way or the other I'll have them soon enough, so why not make it easy on yourself?"

"You stay away from me you monster"

I reached in a compartment and retreived a beautiful nine inch skinner and slowly and deliberately slid it out of its sheath. Her eyes widened and she pushed herself further back on the bed, putting as much space as she could between her and my knife.

"Please don't hurt me, don't hurt me with that knife"

"Give me your panties NOW"

The tears were now flowing and she was shaking so badly that I don't think she could take off her bottems if she tried. I stepped forward, grabbed her suit, made two quick cuts and she was naked.

I re sheathed my knife and stowed it noting to myself that she was very careful to watch exactly where I put it. I fully expected that sometime this evening she would make a play for the knife. I moved toward the bed and she came across with a round house swing that I easily blocked.

"So you're not going to take this laying down Huh" I smiled.

I moved on her quickly, she kicked and I grabbed her ankle then then the other ankle as she tried to twist away. I flipped her over on her stomach. What a great ass I thought to myself.

"Let me go you son of a bitch" she screamed

I grabbed some rawhide straps I keep in my bag and bound her wrist together secure enough that she could not pull free.

"You bastard I'm warning you you'll not get away with this."

"You know I think you just may need a lesson in humility you spoiled little whore." With that I tied a second strap to an eyelet at the head of the bed and secured her wrist to it. Now her top half at least was immobile.

I turned around still straddleing her and tied a third strap around her ankles. "Let me go" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Save your breath whore no one can save you from me now."

I sat down on the bed next to her and began to rub her gorgeous back. Her skin was soft and silky. I squeazed her shoulders and worked my way down to the small of her back. Her waist was no more than twenty four inches and widened out to a perfect thirty six inch set of hips.

Her ass felt nice and firm as I moved both my hands onto it rubbing and squeazing and caressing.

"Stop it please I don't want you to do this." I always find it interesting when the tone of their voices changes from sharp defiance to a softer "plea." I take it as a sign that they are feeling different about what is happening then they were when being so defiant.

I reach for a bottle of oil. Her eyes follow my every move. I open the container and pour a generous amount all over her lower back and ass. "What are you doing" I ignore her and begin to massage the oil into her back. She tugs at her wrist restraints only to feel the leather tighten the more she pulls. My hands work the oil down onto her warm beautiful ass and my finger gently slide between her cheeks. "Ohh" she gasps as the warming oil settles onto her rosebud. "Please what are you doing?" "I told you I was going to give you a lesson in humility you spoiled little cunt"

And with that I slid my finger into her ass. "Oh no you can't.....you musn't no please."

You know you are totally helpless and in my control and you can't bear the thought of it. You feel me push my finger deeper and begin to cry. " Please stop I'll do whatever you ask just don't do this please."

"I don't think you've learned you lesson yet I'm going to show you the meaning of humility."

I stand up and slide my swim suit off as you look back over your shoulder. "Oh god no please"

I pour oil on my cock and begin to stroke myself as your sobs grow louder. You eyes widen as I move closer to your face. I hold my glistening cock inches from your face." Now I'm going to put this entire cock in your ass whore and there is nothing you can do to stop me."

I grab your hips and pull you up to your knees. You scream, beg and try to make deals all to no avail. I spread your fine hot ass cheeks and center the head of my manhood on your rosebud.

"Ahhhhhhhh no god no Ohhhhhh." I push in my head and spread your ass open by two full inches. "Oh no stop" you yell "Please no more." I withdraw and drive forward again going deeper with each punising stroke. "Oh god I can't take any more" I slap you hard on your ass and you scream again. I continue to drive my cock into your ass each time going deeper until I am a full eight inches into your hot ass with my balls slapping your pussy.

You are sobbing uncontrollably, your chest is heaving and with each heave you drive your ass backwards right into my assualting prick. "Now you know don't you bitch? Now you know what its like not to be in control don't you whore?" "Oh yes.... yes I do I'm sorry please just stop please just stop."

My cock is like a steel rod as I drive and drive and drive. I pick her hips up and slam her down on my steel time after time. Her tears have subsided and she has picked up my cadence and started to moan as my speed picks up and I press towards the cum.

And then it happened. Wether it was her need to get this over with quickly or she actually moved from pain to pleasure She let out a scream" Oh god yes" and began to move her ass like a women possesed. Snapping her ass back and forth and up and down and moaning like she was in the middle of an enormous orgasm. I felt my cock swell to its maximum just before I exploded into the depths of that fine ,fine ass.

I shot wave after wave of cum deep into her ass as she moaned and shook in a almost seizure like state. She stopped shaking after a minuet or two and she looked over her shoulder "I hate you....you son of a bitch."

"Turn over on your back whore and we'll see just how much you hate me. And don't make me tell you again." I draped her long perfect legs over my shoulders and for the next hour and twenty minuets I did things to her beautiful, warm, dripping pussy that she never imagined were possible. She yelled no at least a hundred times and screamed yes two hundred more. My tongue found her clit quickly. I sucked it into my mouth I flicked it, I bit It, I squeazed it with my lips again and again. She was wildly out of control as her hips slammed into my face time after time after time.

I slid my tongue inside her hot pussy as my fingers gently pinched her clit. She moaned in ecstacy as I slipped my thumb into her ass while my face was buried in her sweet hot pussy. I licked and sucked and bit until I thought she would lose her mind. She screamed at me to fuck her over and over but I made her wait until she could no longer stand it and then I mounted her placing the head of my cock at her center "Give me that cock you son of a bitch, fuck me fuck me now"

I slid my manhood slowly into her anxious wanton pussy "Ohhhhhh Yea Ohhhhhhhhyesss"
"Oh god I love your cock oh please give me more"

She opened her eyes and pulled back and drove forward again, a little faster and a little deeper.
"Oh yea give it to me, give it all to me."

I quickened the pace but not near as fast as she wanted. I wanted her to take it at my speed.
"Uncuff my hands" she whispered
"Not on your life sweetheart"

I drove into her deeper and deeper as my pace picked up and her passion was once again peaking. She wrapped her beautiful long legs around me in a deathgrip and began to slam her hips into my cock with a wild abandon. We carried on for a good twenty minuets our passion rising and falling as I tried desparetly to keep her from cuming until she absolutly could fuck no more. That moment came soon when she began to moan very loudly and screamed "Oh god I'm going to cum, please let me cum please let me cum." And I did.

She came forever and then she came some more as I exploded inside of her sweet, dripping pussy. My first wave went deep into her love canal. The second wave was so hugh that she couldn't contain it all and it came shooting out the sides of her pussy. I kept pumping until I was empty and she was no longer slamming her hips at me.

"My arms, please"
I uncuffed her and reached over and locked away the knife. She laughed."You know I'm going to have you arrested in the morning" "Sure you are Toes sure you are."

I rolled over on my back and Toes layed a leg between mine and her head on my chest and fell quietly to sleep.

When I woke up, Toes was on her knees between my legs and had most of my cock deep in her warm, lucious mouth. She was a gorgeous sight that beautiful face moving slowly up and down on my cock and her big beautiful ass sticking up in the air just begging for me to slide my steel into her again. I mounted her from behind pushing my manhood deep into her sweet wet pussy. We were a perfect match. We made love for hours and the hours turned into days. By the time we got to her launch ramp and loaded her boat she could hardly walk. As she climbed into her Suv I pointed to a cell phone on the seat and said "Shall I wait here for the police?"

She smiled and said "Well if you do you'll be waiting a very long time."

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