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10-27-2009, 02:42 AM
Authors note: This started as a roleplay with a very talented young woman, and when she was suddenly taken away, I thought it was too good not to complete. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Jake

Melissa's Obsession

She seemed pleasent enough, she always had, ever since we started working together two years earlier. She was cute and blonde and sweet and I had been crazy about her from the first time I laid eyes on her.

I know she had caught me staring more than once, I just couldn't help myself. I liked everything about her, the way she walked and the way she talked. I loved the way she would sit at her desk staring out the window seemingly trying to think of solutions to all of the worlds problems. Or maybe just hers.

Well the biggest problem is I've never gotten the vibe from her that she might be interested in me and I'm certainly not going to ask a beautiful woman like her out unless I have some indication that she might say yes.

I don't know what I'm going to do. Sometimes I think I would like to follow her home sometime and just take..........aw no I couldn't do that..............

Life is so unfair sometimes. They always say you should never date a guy at work, and I don't want to risk getting hurt or rejected. But I can't help feeling the way i do about this guy.

Of course, I could never tell him how I feel. He's so amazing! So perfect! The very thought of him makes my blood boil and my knees crumble out from under me. He seems like such a wonderful man, and he has this irresistible dominant male quality to him. Not abusive, or chauvinistic. But like he's totally in control of his life, and knows exactly what he wants.

Now if only it were ME that he wanted...

Honestly, I hate my shyness. And sometimes, I just wish he did feel the same way, and that he would make the first move for me. There are times when I long for him to catch me off alone, and just take me! Put his hands on me! Touch me, even if I protest out of habit! I wish he would set all this ridiculous propriety aside, and just tear all my barriers down! Come at me with full force, and shake me to my core! Do away with all the pride and hesitation, and unleash all his passion on me!

But what am I talking about? Nothing like that will ever happen. Intense, hot-blooded men like that don't really exist. He will never notice me. And even if he did, I would be too shy to let him know that I want him.

I'm having a early morning meeting with three of my salesmen before sending them out for the day when she barges through the door without knocking.

Our eyes instantly fixate on each other and we both seem to freeze in time for just a split second.

"Oh my god" she says "I'm so sorry, I didn't realize there was a meeting going on in here, I mean I didn't know.....I...I...just needed to get the file on the Bolger case. We have a hearing this afternoon and..."

"Melissa" I said softly. "Its all right. You haven't disturbed us at all." I'm not quite sure if I was smiling or not. I"m not even sure of what I had said. But I did know that when she looked at me with those sparkeling eyes, and actually spoke to me, that something had changed and would never be the same.

"Take all the time you need Melissa, we were just finishing up." I motioned for the three salesmen to take off and wished them a productive day.

I watched as she searched for the file. I wanted to speak, I knew I had to speak. I had spent the biggest part of my life knowing exactly what to say and now I had absolutly no words, zero...zilch..nada.

She turned to me as she pulled the file from the drawer. "Again, I'm sorry for barging in on your meeting."

"Not at all Melissa, no need to apoligize I assure you that your interuption is the most pleasent thing that will happen to me today."

She quickly turned away as she closed the drawer, almost as if she was afraid of what I might say next. Without another word she walked out of the meeting room and headed down the hall.

I stood in the doorway and watched her walk the entire length of the hallway as the Musak played through the intercom..........

Your just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch
I want to hold you so much..............

Just as Melissa turned into her office she took a quick look back.

My obsession was overpowering.

I step into the solitude of my office, closing myself inside, and propping my back up against the door. My heart is pounding furiously as I clutch the Bolger file to my chest, eyes tightly closed. Once again, I have made a complete fumbling klutz of myself, right in front of Jake… When will I ever grow up, and stop acting like a love-struck teenager?

"Idiot!" I criticize myself.

The truth was, the file could have waited. Not to mention the fact that when I passed Brian out in the hallway, he offered to go down to run down and get it for me, since he was the one I needed to pass it on to anyway. But I had insisted on getting it myself, making up a story about a few other things I needed to look for. As usual, any excuse I could conjure up to go see Jake. To be around him.

Now if only I could get past that--- stay in his presence, and muster up the courage to have some kind of professional or even friendly conversation with him, without choking on my own tongue…. Not like that would help, though. Doubtful he's interested in me at all. Sure, I've seen his eyes move in my direction a few times, but what is he supposed to do? Stare at the floor all the time?

Then I recall his words: "Your interruption is the most pleasant thing that will happen to me today."

I savor them in my mind, playing them over and over again. Prickly sensations chase their way down my spine, as I try to steady my breathing. God, if only those words meant what I wished they did! Or better yet-- if only those damn salesman hadn't been there! They totally threw everything off, at the begging. Had we been alone, we might have gotten off to a better start. I might have had the chance to actually speak to him. Maybe I could have just asked him out for coffee. Out to lunch. Something.

Oh yeah, right. Like he would actually give me the time of day… Fat chance! If he had even the least bit of interest, wouldn't he have said something by now?

Then again, who am I to talk? 2 years have gone by now, and I've never grown the guts to say a single word to him!

But its different for me. Modern times or no, most women still generally prefer the man to make the first move. That's kind of an unspoken rule, no matter what culture you live in. Most men know that too. And because of that, men are usually more bold than women in dating. So obviously, if Jake isn't saying anything to me, I can most likely forget it.

Slowly, I turn to peek out my door, opening it only an inch or two. Jake is still out there, with his back to me now, talking to a couple of salesmen. Suddenly, he pauses in mid-conversation, and starts turning his head in my direction! Almost as though he could sense that I was watching him! Quickly, I shut the door again, before sees me.

Or at least… I hope he didn't see me. Jeez, what is wrong with me? I haven't behaved like this since I was in grade school!

Finally, I let out a pinned up breath, and stride over to my desk, tossing down the file and kicking off my binding high-heel shoes, as I normally do, when nobody is around. But before I can sink down into my cozy, swiveling computer chair and get down to work, I hear a knock at my office door…

"Oh for Pete's sake, what now?" I sigh, quietly.

Probably just Brian, stopping by for that file, I assess. Had I been thinking more clearly, I would have just dropped it off at his office, before returning to mine. But as usual, Jake had my rationality all twisted up… Or rather, my silly girlish infatuation did.

I make my way back over to the door, and pull it open, expecting to see Brian… But instead, I am now standing face-to-face with Mr. Wonderful!

"Jake…" I gasp, blushing every shade of red. He looks down at me with those incredible eyes of his, and flashes me his killer smile.

"Sorry, were you busy?" He asked, his gaze shifting downward, awkwardly, to my nylon-clad bare feet.

"Um… No, no, of course not." I stutter.

Then I nearly kick myself-- Of course not? Right on, Melissa! You'll definitely make employee of the month now. I reach up and tuck my hair behind my ear, nervously.

" I mean no, I'm not." I correct myself. "Did… Did you need something?"

Had I actually caught her sneaking a last look at me before ducking into her office? Or was this just my mind creating evidence to support my fantasy? I had to know. I needed to find out once and for all. I simply couldn't continue to hold this....this dream girl only in my mind. I had to get her somehow into my arms.

I had no plan whatsoever in my head as I fired off down the hall to Melissa's office. I wasn't formulating some cute little story or opening line to catch her offguard. I felt so good when she was in the meeting room, close to me, where I could see her, smell her scent, close enough to where I could actually touch her. And when she spoke her voice filled the room with the only music I wanted to hear.

And then she was gone. And all of a sudden I knew what it would feel like if I lost her. Lost her! What was wrong with me. I was having a love affair with this magnificent creature in my mind and I was the only one who knew about it.

Well that all ends right now. Faint heart never won fair maiden. I found myself standing in front of her office door raising my arm to knock. The sound of my knuckles banging against the wooden door brought the reality of what I was doing up in front of my eyes like a red flag. It didn't matter. I was like racehorse in the starting gate. My breathing was deep, my nostrils flared and the adrenylyn was flowing to my muscles.

Open that door screamed my mind. And then it happened. The door swung open and there she was. The face of an angel. Those sparkeling eyes full of life and energy. The look on her face of surprise to see me and the beautiful sound that came out of her mouth. "Jake"

She said my name. And my name never sounded so good.

"I'm sorry" I said "Were you busy?

"No" was her reply "No... of course not"

There was something very appealing, almost erotic, about her standing in front of me in her stocking feet. I felt the heat in my neck and ears as I caught myself slowly moving my eyes from her feet back up to her face. I knew better than that but I was lost in the moment.

Melissa nervously brushed her hair behind her ear. "Did you need something?"

I stepped forward towards Melissa to get out of her doorway. "May I come in?"

"Of course" she said without moving back.

I was close enough now to once again smell her perfume, close enough to take her in my arms, close enough to....to make a serious mistake.

I stepped away putting a safe distance between us. "Melissa you have developed quite a reputation with the company for your orgainizational skills, Brian tells me that he wouldn't know what to do without you."

She thanked me and seemed a little embarassed by the compliment.

"I'm working on a project that needs an enormous amount of orgainization laying out the parameters for the new networking system we are going to be selling and I have very little time to complete it. And I know with your work load you wouldn't be able to work on it with me during the day but I thought, if you were free the next couple of evenings, and I could pry you away from your boyfriend, you may be able to help me get this thing wrapped up. Of course the sales division would pay you double time for however long it takes."

"Oh and one other thing...if you decided to do this we would have to do it at your place. I'm having new hardwood floors put in my house and it really is a disaster area."

Melissa looked at me as if she was trying to think of an excuse. How do I know that? I'm a salesman. I make a living anyalizing peoples expressions and body language. Had I gone too far too fast? Had I said something inappropriate?

"Look" I said "You can think about it and let me know this afternoon or in the morning. Ok?".........................

I am almost rendered speechless at Jakes bold proposal to work together on my own private turf. I normally don't let anyone from work visit me at home, or see any part of my personal life.

This is unreal! I think to myself. The man I worship actually admires me? He wants to work one-on-one with me, in my house?

A highly unorthodox suggestion, as far as professionalism goes. No doubt about that. And thank god nobody was within earshot! Lord knew the kind of talk that would circulate around the office if people heard about this. …

But its also everything I've ever dreamed of, for the past 2 years! The chance to be alone with the man of my dreams, in a comfortable setting, on a daily basis, for hours on-end! What could possibly be better?

Suddenly, I realize how long I've been standing there, with my jaw dropped, saying absolutely nothing. Yeah, great signals, I think to myself. Nothing tells a guy 'Go away, I'm not interested ' more than standing there, looking back at him like a deer caught in headlights!

What are you doing?? My subconscious screams at me. Say something-- NOW! He's about to walk away, and you're taking a mental vacation! You don't need to think about anything, and you know it. You want him. More than anything. Snap out of it, and act like a grown-up!

Now Jake is turning on his heel to walk back to his office…. I suddenly feel a title wave of adrenaline rushing through my body, causing all my inhibitions to vanish momentarily.

"Absolutely, I would love to work with you!" I blurt out my answer, almost desperately, "And my place would be fine."

He turns back to look at me. For a moment, he seems almost stunned, but then a smile begins to warm up his handsome face. Is he really that glad to be working with me? I wonder. Or did I simply catch him off guard with my quick response?

"Alright." He says, calmly, "So… How does tonight sound?"

Wow! Tonight? Wasn't expecting that one…

"Um… S-sure. I mean I don't… have any plans or anything, if that's what you mean. What time did you wanna come over?"

He pauses, looking upward for a second.

"Mmmm, how about seven?" He asks, though it sounds more like a final decision, than a question.

I feel a heavy stir of primitive female arousal inside me, as I look at him now-- that air of hard and powerful maleness, the wall of command in his tone… Amazing how just a few words from his lips automatically forces me into submission. Normally I feel like such a cold, hard, career woman in this place. Completely desensitized to the differences in gender, except when in defensive mode over mine. But somehow, Jake's presence is always able to soften me, and make me feel so feminine. And more importantly, unafraid to be so!

"Alright," I agree, "I get off at five, so I'll just leave my address on your desk."

"Sounds like a plan." Jake says, curtly. Then turns and makes his way back to his office.

I feel my heart pounding like thunder against my ribcage, as I watch Jake walking away from me. I want him to turn around and come back to me so badly right now! I want him to push me into my office, slam the door closed, and just take me, right on the floor!

My god, how can any man be so perfect, in every way? I wonder.

As I rush around my apartment, shuffling a few random piles into order, I glace down at the watch on my hand--- 6:50pm. Jake is due to arrive soon.

I would have cleaned up earlier, but I got stuck in a mild traffic jam on the way home, which surprisingly, doesn't normally happen on my usual commuting route. Then of course, I had to take a shower as soon as I got home, to wash away the busy day. Then dry my hair, apply some light makeup, and change into something casual.

I chose my wardrobe carefully-- snug, white capree pants, and a pastel-pink button up blouse. I just love the way caprees are so soft and comfortable, yet hugged my lower body. And this blouse always gave off a modest appearance, but still accentuated the curve of my hips and shape of my breasts, just right.

If Jake does have any interest in me, this particular choice in outfit will definitely help it along. Nice, soft, feminine style and colors. No power threat. And if he doesn't, I decide, its not skimpy enough to send off the wrong message.

Finally, I seem to have my apartment in order. It wasn't really messy, just a couple of things here and there. I'm generally a neat person. But I certainly don't want a co-worker thinking I'm the clutter type….

Just as I finish arranging and smoothing the cushions and pillows on my large, beige couch, I hear my doorbell ring….

As I stand motionless staring into the most beautiful pair of eyes on the planet I suddenly think to myself about the effect she is having on me. I've abandoned my normally stoic attitude. I've lost all my basic rules of conduct by first flirting with her this morning and now by making up this incredulous story to be alone with her simply because I'm afraid she will say "no thanks" if I ask her out. What is happening with me?

And on top of all that, what must she think of me now to exibit such a low degree of professionalism? I need to get back in control. I decide to apoligize and withdraw my request before she has a chance to say no but just as I open my mouth to speak she blurts out.

"Absolutely, I would love to work with you."

The music was playing again and it was a wonderful sound. Those eight little words had made everything right in me. I stopped worrying about rules and professionalism as we agreed on a time.

I take one last look at Melissa before turning to go back to my office. I can sense a connection between us. A feeling of mutual anticipation. I feel like shes mine. I feel like I could take in my arms at this very instant and devour her.

"I'll leave my address on your desk" she says as I make my way down the hall.

I left work early and headed home to shower and change clothes. I still wanted to maintain some modicum of professionalism so I wore a dark blue double-breasted pin stripe suit, with a salmon shirt and matching silk tie. Frankly I look pretty good in a suit and tie and my plan was to sweep Melissa off her feet.

She looked like an angel when she answered the door. I had never seen her in anything but a plain business suit. She was absolutly breathtaking.

"Jake your right on time" she smiled. And you look very nice. I didn't realize we would be dressing up." she said with that gorgeous smile.

"I thought we may take in an opera a little later" I joked.

"You can spread your papers out on the coffee table there while you brief me on the general outline of your project if you like."

Her voice was so soft and her manner like silk. I set my files down and watched as she crossed the room to her music system.

"Do you mind if I put on a little background music? I'll keep it low."

I was boiling inside. Just being alone with Melissa after all this time was overpowering. Seeing how she looked in form fitting clothes instead of her conservative business suits was causing a sensory overload. I had to clear my mind.

"I...I don't mind at all" and I love that song.

"I do too" she said "but I can never remember the name of it"

Her back was to me as she adjusted the volumn. I closed the distance between us silently and when she turned around she was surprised to see herself within inches of me.

"It's Chris Deburgh The Lady in Red or as would be more fitting this evening, The Lady In Pink."

I'm not sure whether I saw fear or anticipation in Melissa's eyes but it was very evident to both of us that something was about to happen.

"Do you dance?"


I've never seen you looking so lovley as you do tonight,
I've never seen you shine so bright......

The music played as I reached out and took her right hand in mine. She put her free hand against my chest as if to push me away but with no real force. I put my arm around her waist and started to dance.

I have never seen that dress your wearing
Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes

"Jake.....stop please I.....I don't think...........................

I feel Jake's arm firmly around my waist, drawing me to him. It is a gentle hold, but at the same time, firm enough to where I cannot break it.

Inwardly, I admit that I do like him, very much. More than I have ever liked any man. But there is still some part of me-- perhaps it is my female pride-- that simply will not allow me to savor this moment. Maybe I am afraid he will see me as "easy" if I just go along with this. Maybe he will think I am trying to gain some favor at the office. Or maybe it is a sudden, subconscious reminder of reality that Jake and I do work together…. And this could make things around the office a bit awkward…

There is just something about the difference between what goes on in your head, and what happens in real life. In your mind, everything is safe. And if you do something you regret, you can simply forget about it. But there is no erasing your actions in real, day-to-day life.

Before, it was just a fantasy to have Jake. Be with him. But now, here he was-- in my apartment, dancing with me. His arms around me. This was no dream, and it was no figment of my imagination.

Modestly, I suggest that he and I should stop. But Jake pays absolutely no mind to my request. Instead, he draws me even closer! I can feel the warmth of his body now… Smell his cologne… And I begin to tremble now, from head to foot, as intense anxiety charges through my veins. It is obvious now, that Jake does return my feelings!

We are so close in proximity now, I can literally taste his breath… I cautiously look up into his eyes, and I am stricken still by what is there--- Raw male emotions, older than mankind itself; Determination. Lust. Pure unstoppable testosterone… It all radiates from him now, nearly overwhelming me completely!

And this form-hugging outfit I had chosen was no doubt enhancing it all.…

Despite how I've felt about Jake in the past, I decide it would probably be best to stop this now. Before either of us does something we will regret. Finally, I manage to break my eye contact with him, and I try to step back. But he still has that firm grip on me.

"Jake, what are you doing?" I say, "Let me go!"

But he doesn't. His hand that had been holding mine only a moment ago, had now slid back and manacled my wrist in a tight grip. His other hand grasped the fabric on the back of my blouse, pulling it tighter against my skin.

I reach my hands up and grab his biceps, attempting to push him away. But its no use. His muscles feel like iron bulges under the smooth material of his suit. My breathing speeds up, and my heart begins to pound now, as I realize that I am in no way any physical match for Jake.

Now I feel him pushing me backward, in the direction of the couch. As my calves hit the edge of the cushions, my knees buckle underneath me, sending me toppling backward. Jake comes down with me, landing on top of me, pinning me beneath him with his body weight. Fiercely, he kisses me on the mouth, and down my neck.

I am still in an upright position, as I attempt to struggle my way out from under him. But he grips my shoulders, pushing me over until I am laying down. When I try to kick him, he quickly straddles my legs, making it impossible for me to even move them.

"Get off me, Jake!" I scream.

His hands reach up to the opening of my blouse now. I try to claw at them, but he grabs both of my wrists, and pins them above my head, with one hand. With his free hand, he rips the front of my blouse open, exposing my white-lace bra.

He raises up off me now, to get a firm grip on my capree pants, and begins jerking them down, one side at a time.

"No! Stop!" I scream, "Jake, please stop!"

All of a sudden, I find myself wishing I had chosen to wear jeans, which might have made this a little harder for him. But, I realize, that probably would have only slowed him down, temporarily…

Finally, despite my struggling, he manages to get my pants down to my ankles and pull them completely off. I am still wearing my white panties and bra, though my panties are scrunched halfway down my hips now….

As Jake climbs back on top of me, I think about all the times I wanted him so bad… Wanted him to 'just grab me and take me'. But again, the real thing is always so much different than anything you can imagine. And I feel a twinge of guilt run through me now, as I start to think that I've brought this all on myself. I led Jake on.

And where did it get me? Trapped in a position where I could not change my mind, or back out….

When a woman says no it's like a slap in the face, a wake up call. Jake had been told no before and had always been able to stop. To pull back and mentally reconsider the action and the consequences. But this was different.

He had a yearning for Melissa the likes of which he had never experienced. Was it her look or her way? Maybe the shyness or the way she had avoided him for two years while always giving off that certain vibe that screams no while silently whispering yes. Or was it her scent? The scent of this beautiful woman, whom he had adored from afar for so long now in his grasp, filling his head with her primal smell while trying to deny him his destiny.

It didn't matter. His actions were now automatic. He grabbed her wrist and folded her arm behind her back pulling her tighter up against him. She tried to push him away but he had too much advantage. His adrenalin was flowing and he would not be denied.

Melissa began to back up as once again she shouted for Jake to stop. Jake stalked her, his mind analyzing the look in her eyes and the expression on her perfect face. He wouldn't stop....he couldn't stop. She was his and he meant to have her.

Melissa backed into the couch and fell backwards onto it as Jake sprang on her like the primitive animal that he had become ignoring her screams for him to stop. As he grabbed her wrist and held them over her head everything went into slow motion for him. Each movement was measured and deliberate. Every scream or protest was muffled.

He watched as his own hand took hold of and felt the silkiness of her blouse rip apart beneath his grip. Melissa tried to get her feet between them to push Jake away but she ended up only helping Jake to work her capris down over her hips. As he tossed them aside he grabbed her ankle and very slowly ran his hand the full length of her gorgeous leg.

He was towering over now devouring her with his eyes. She was breathtaking in her white lace bra and panties. Jake was completely taken with her beauty when suddenly Melissa was able to pull her knees up to her chin and plant both of them in Jakes chest. She pushed with all the might she could muster shoving him backwards. He went flying over the coffee table landing in the middle of the floor on his back.

He kipped back to his feet just in time to catch Melissa trying to run past him. She pushed off of him and took a swing. Jake caught her fist in his hand, bent over , wrapping his arm around her thighs and lifted her over his shoulder. With Melissa kicking her legs and pounding his back with her fist Jake took off to find her bedroom.

At the end of the hallway he opened her door and carried her in slamming the door behind them and throwing Melissa on the bed.

"Jake you stop this.....just stop it now."

Jake stepped back and looked at Melissa. This is it he thought. There is no going back from here. If he were going to stop, it would be here and now. He knew after the next few seconds the die would have been cast. There would be no taming the beast inside of him that roared to be freed.

As Mellisa knealt on the bed planning her next move, Jake slipped his suspenders over his shoulders, unbuttoned and removed his shirt and calmly stepped out of his trousers.............

He moved towards her as she knealt on the bed. The look in her eyes was one of anger and anticipation. As he approached Melissa took another swing at him. Jake calmly caught her fist in mid flight and pulled her roughly against him.

Melissa gasped as he folded her arm behind her and looked directly into her eyes. Jake kissed her lips as she struggled to escape his powerful grasp.

"Jake no....please not this way..."

Jake kissed her again and again not giving her the chance to breath much less letting her plea with him to stop. The more his lips covered her face, her lips, her neck the less Melissa felt the strength or the will to fight him. She could feel everything that she had anticipated about this moment. His reckless abandon, his powerful will, and his refusal to be denied.

He pushed Melissa onto her back grabbing her bra and ripping it from her gorgeous young body.

"Oh god Jake...."

Jake was on top of her before she could realize what had happened. He pinned her wrist over her head as he used his powerful legs to open hers. Melissa continued to resist although her will was almost non-existent. She had never felt this complete lack of control, not having any choice in what was happening, and she knew she should be hating the feeling.....but she wasn't. She wasn't hating it or Jake or herself for getting into this situation. As he pressed his lips gently against hers all she wanted, all she needed..... was Jake.

Jake felt the change in Melissa's body tension and knew his primal instincts were right. He stopped raping her and began to love her. He released her wrist and slid his hands down her arms to her face, her neck her hips. He touched her with his fingers, the face he had longed after for so many, many months.

Melissas eyes were staring intently into his as Jakes passion began to mass itself. He could feel Melissa begin to respond. It was in the touch of her soft warm lips and the look in her eyes. She knew nothing would stop Jake and in reality she was glad to have the control taken from her by this man she had wanted for nearly two years.

She took his head in her hands as she guided him to her neck where he touched so gently with his lips. He moved to her breast kissing and licking as his pace quickened and he became more intense.

"Oh Jake.....I.....I've never wanted anything so much"

He moved his mouth fevorishly to her stomach as Melissas hips began to rise and fall. Jake slid effortlessly between her gorgeous thighs and draped them over his shoulders. He slid his fingers under the waistband of her panties and ripped them off.

He attacked her hot, wet pussy like a man possessed. His lips were relentless licking, biting, kissing. Melissa used the strength of her musceled legs to drive herself into Jakes mouth.

I wanted this so much for so long, Melissa thought as she held Jakes head. How could this be wrong? No, No No it was right, oh so right and Jake knew it, he knew what I wanted...he knew what we needed.

Jakes filled his hands with Melissas beautiful firm ass. He began to rock her back and forth as he devoured her womanhood. His tongue darting in and out of her like so many tiny bolts of electricity,leaving her to moan in ecstacy with each new invasion.

"I'm yours Jake.......I'm yours."

Jake couldn't get enough of Melissas hot dripping pussy. He rocked her back and forth with her legs straight up in the air licking her from clit to rosebud and back over and over, again and again, until his beautiful girl exploded in ecstacy.

Melissas entire body shook in erotic convulsions as her hands and legs gripped Jake in every way possible. As Jake slowed the pace Melissa continued to moan with each and every nibble, bite and kiss. Jakes mouth slowly and deliberatly made its way back up the path to Melissas fabulous face.

Their eyes met as lovers for the very first time.

"Love me Jake.........love me like no one else ever could."

Jake kissed her soft, warm lips as Melissa reached between them with both hands, stroking Jakes hot, throbing cock in one hand and cradleing his huge balls in the other. She guided his massive head to her center not knowing how she would be able to take all of him.

"I want you Jake.....I want every bit of you inside me."

Jake ever so slowly pushed his head past her wet lips and into her
pussy. Melissas eyes widened at the width of Jakes cock. He was way bigger than anything she had ever experienced. As he slowly filled her with his cock Melissa felt like she would split up the middle. But then Jake withdrew and again pushed forward a little faster and a little deeper. That was better Melissa thought as Jake withdrew again, and again pushed forward a little faster and deeper.

He kept this pace up for the longest time as if he was letting her get accustomed to his size. He talked to her constantly telling her how beautiful she was and how he had waited a lifetime for this night. Before long Melissa found herself longing for the moment when Jake would drive the rest of his cock deep into her willing body.

Jake could see it in her eyes. He could feel it in her anxious hips. She pushed herself up towards him further, reaching for more cock but Jake would always pull back making her want him that much more.

Hers moans were unmistakably telling Jake everything he needed to know. He quickened his pace for ten strokes or so and then drove his eight inch cock all the way to Melissas bottom.

"Oh Jake ........Oh god Jake...."

Jake took her mouth in his and slammed her again sucking the breath from her lungs and driving himself deep in her belly.

"Ummmmmmm Jake......... fuck me baby fuck me Jake"

He pumped her again and again as she wrapped her legs around him pulling as much of his cock into her as she could. His sweat covered Melissas body as he drove her to the edge of the bed. Her head was hanging off the bed as Jake rose to his knees, grabbing her hips and slamming her time after time after time onto his rock hard cock.

"I want you in me Jake .....I want you in me forever....."

Melissa started to moan in a manner that drove Jake to the brink of orgasm. He again layed her down on the bed, took her hands in his and holding them stretched out over her head began to drive himself into her.

"Look at me Melissa let me look in those beautiful eyes when we cum baby."

Jake and Melissa exploded together in orgasmic ecstacy that they would both always remember as the night they began their.........forever.

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