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10-30-2009, 03:34 PM
This one is short and sweet!

For her ...
You are topless, wearing a skirt and waiting for me to join you in the bed. I remove my shirt and slide on top of you, we kiss gently at first as I press my chest against your now heaving breasts. Our tongues are engaged in a gentle dance as we are swept away with the instantaneous pleasure.

You decide to take control, rolling on top of me allowing me to fondle your beautiful breasts. You sit straight up and slide your body forward until you are straddling my face. I can now see that you aren't wearing any panties and I can smell the sweet aroma of your moistening pussy. I reach my tongue out and part your tender lips, you gasp in pleasure. My hands roam up your back and gently massage your muscles as my tongue continues it's tantric dance on your most sensitive areas.

You start to grind your hips against my face as you feel the pleasure building and my hands move to your beautiful mounds as I squeeze and tweak your nipples. Your juices taste so good on my tongue, your scent is heaven to my nose, and your moans are music to my ears.

My tongue quickly rolls back and forth over your clit as you climax in a wave of pleasure, thrashing about and soaking my face with your wetness. I enjoy every second of it and thrive on the feeling of providing such a sensual creature as yourself with such a pleasurable experience.

For him ...
The jolts take me over as my hips rock wildly back and forth. I let out a cry of release, my hands reaching into my own hair as I let the pleasure just take me away. Coming down from my high, I can now feel just how damp your mouth and chin are against my throbbing pussy. It feels so good what you do to me. My hands reach down gently to your hair, and I see you looking up at me- I can feel the grin that has formed on your mouth, as your eyes take on a mischievous twinkle. I just love that sexy smirk, and decide now is a fine time to try something new.

I slowly remove myself from your face, and lay down beside you, propped up on one elbow. You have not made a move. My finger tips lightly dance over your lips that I now yearn to kiss. I lick that smirk and can taste myself on your mouth. My tongue parts your lips and our kiss deepens, as you run your hand into my hair. I break off the kiss, and looking down, I can see your hardness tenting your boxers. I can't wait to get them off of you. We share another passionate kiss before I bow my head down, and place light kisses along your firm chest. I suck one nipple into my mouth, lightly grazing my teeth across it, as I firmly pinch the other. I feel your cock twitch against me which makes me smile my own wicked grin. I work my way down, scraping my nails along the way. My hands feel that v indent at your hips, like a sign pointing me exactly where I want to be.

I pull down your boxers, and your hard rod is freed. I slowly lick the very tip, tasting the little bit that has seeped out from you, and you let out a low moan. I bring my tongue and hand to the base of your cock, and take long licks, swirling around, until I am again at your head. My hand holds that base as my mouth slowly takes you in inch by inch. As I begin to move mouth up and down over your hard cock, I take my other hand, and place it to my still wet pussy. Taking two fingers, I pump myself at the same pace that I am sucking you.

Once I have drenched my fingers, I place them at the base of your cock, but instead of running up. I drag them back to the rim of your ass. You give a slight jump, but make no sign for me to stop, on the contrary, you lace your fingers through my hair and begin to pump my mouth slightly quicker. My fingers make small circles round and round and you move your knees up placing your feet flat on the bed. I continue with these circular motions until I hear another moan from you. I abruptly stop everything and pull completely away.

Your eyes snap open, and you look like a kid who just found out there's no Santa. Reaching into the night stand, I return with some lube and squirt it onto my fingers. You lick your lips and pull me down for a hard kiss. I quickly slide my way down your body, taking your throbbing erection in one hand, as my other returns to your opening. I slowly insert one finger, letting you adjust to the coolness of the lube and the pressure from my finger. Gently I crook my finger seeking out that small bump that will bring you intense pleasure.

You let out an 'Ahhhhhhhh' , and I know that I have found what I've been looking for. With the lightest of touch, I massage that spot with my finger tip, as my mouth engulfs your cock. I keep up with my attentions, placing you on the brink of release, as the pressure builds and then lessens, builds and then lessens. You've been on the edge long enough, and I remedy this by wiggling my finger just a bit as I increase the pressure. 'Oh Fuck!' is the only thing I hear as you push my head firm to your cock, and cum hard down my throat.

Brigit Astar
10-30-2009, 08:57 PM
very hot and good RunningMan

10-31-2009, 03:12 AM
Well done RM Jake

mrs babyisblue
10-31-2009, 09:03 AM
thanks :)

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