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10-31-2009, 02:37 AM
It had been one year ago today that the bastard had said he was leaving me for his medical assistant. On New Years eve of all nights while I was getting dressed for the party of the year put on at the best hotel in town by the research hospital where we both had worked for five years.

We had made the divorce short and sweet. I wanted no part of him once the jerk had betrayed me and since we had no kids and we were both self sufficient there was no reason for the traditional "Battle Royal" I got on with my life and since the hospital was so big we rarely ran into each other.

I threw myself into my work putting in many long hours and keeping very busy. I couldn't screw up enough courage to start dating again although there was a constant barage of potential candidates. After all I was only thirty and still very beautiful. Much prettier than the tramp he was now married to. I was a perfect thirty-six with gorgeous legs and a fabulous face, so I'm told every day by the hoardes of young interns that would love to "guide me through this time in my life"

But I just hadn't wanted to get involved again so I turned them all down and had lived a very solitary life for the last year.

But tonight was different. Tonight was my coming out party. Tonight was once again the New Years eve party put on by the hospital and I was going. I didn't care if Mark was there or not. I hadn't been layed in a year and I was hot!

As I got dressed for the party I fixed myself a rum and coke and layed out what I was going to wear. I was going alone although I had many invitations. I did not want to be committed to any one man tonight. I was planning on playing the field. I picked up the phone to call myself a cab to take me downtown but the phone was dead. Strange, I thought, we hadn't had a storm but you sort of get used to that kind of thing when you live so far out in the country. Oh well I thought I would finish dressing and then use the cell phone in my car.

I put on the skimpiest little black dress I owned along with a pair of six inch gold spikes. My panties and bra were black lace and of course I wore real nylons held up by the sexiest black lace garter ever.

I was off.

In the driveway I unlocked the Vette and reached in to retrieve the cell phone. It wasn't where I kept it in the console between the seats so I got in and searched for it on the passenger seat and the door storage compartment to no avail. Could I have taken it inside with me this afternoon? I headed back in the house and on the way scooped up my cat who had escaped when I left the front door open. I began frantically searching everywhere I might have layed the phone down. On the table in the foyer, the coffee table in the living room and finally on the formal dining room table that I had to pass on the way to the rest of the house.

It was nowhere to be found. Well, I would look one more time under the seat in the car and if not there I would drive myself to the party even though I had already had a couple of drinks and would no doubt have a few more at the party. But then if all went well I would not have to drive myself home anyway.

Back out at the car I squatted down and ran my hand under the seat. I felt nothing.

"Looking for this?"

I froze as the reality hit me that someone else was in my driveway, at my house in the country, fifteen miles from the next
closest home.

I slowly turned to look over my shoulder as I was getting to my feet. What I saw devastated me.

He was very tall maybe six foot two or three and was dressed in a full length duster. His black jump boots were snug fitting and disappeared under the duster. He must have had a hooded sweatshirt on under the duster as the hood that covered his head was not the same material as the coat. His eyes were covered by a pair of wrap around sun glasses and his hands by a pair of black leather gloves.

In his hand was my phone looking as if someone had layed it on the concrete and stomped on it. I reached out for the phone and he put it in my hand. "Yes I am" I said with my voice cracking "Where did you find it?"

He did not answer, instead he reached inside his coat and pulled out a very big knife. I screamed as he stepped towards me blocking my escape. I was up against the car. He was no more than twelve inches from my face. He brought the knife up under my chin. My god I thought was he going to cut my throat? "Please .......no please don't hurt me"

He didn't move. He kept the knifepoint against my chin and stared at me for what seemed to be an eternity. He said nothing as his stare went from my face to my neck following the line of my cleavage and down to my waist and legs. The reality of what he wanted now struck me like an electrical shock. With his free hand he reached out and grabbed the front of my dress pulling me towards him. "You'd better get the hell out of here......my husband is about to come out here" With no warning he backhanded me across the face and sent me crashing to the pavement. As quick as I hit the ground he snatched me back up by my hair and stood me back on my feet.

I was terrified now as I knew he would not hesitate to hurt me if I tried anything else. I would have to carefully pick my spot to escape from this monster. He pushed me violently towards my front door and in my spiked heels I was not able to move my feet quick enough and hit the pavement again.

"Please stop you're hurting me" I pleaded. My palms were skinned up and on of my nylons now showed a long run from the pavement. I was face down on the driveway when he reached around my waist and pulled me up. This time sliding me along his legs and finally his groin before standing me back on my feet.

He opened my front door and pushed me inside. I thought to myself, I can not possibly overcome this mans size and strength but maybe I can bargain with him. "I can give you money.........please I have a lot of money." He turned me towards him and took me by the neck. With absolutly no expression on his face he drew me to him and slapped me again this time knocking me back against a Chinese room divider which crumbled under my weight and again sent me diving to the floor. He moved like a cat quickly hovering over me, leaning down and administering two more sharp slaps to my already sore face. "Nooooooo.............please stop don't hurt me please"

He scooped me up around my waist and put me over his shoulder and carried me to the master suite. When he got me to the bed he almost slammed me down on it. This man wanted to hurt me and that was even more terrifying than whatever else he was intent on doing. He knealt on the bed beside me as he went into his pocket. He came out with a pair of steel handcuffs and quickly cuffed my wrist together around the wrought iron headboard Mark had had imported from Italy. As I lay there completely defensless with my soon to be rapist gently rubbing the inside of my thigh, my entire body was shaking with fear.

He hand moved up my thigh slowly as he intently watched the expression on my face as if he was looking for some kind of response. He stopped just short of the top of my nylons, stood up and left the room. I heard the front door slam and then there was quite. Had he gone? Could it be? Could he had possibly had a change of heart? I heard nothing for almost ten minuets and then my world was once again shattered when he came back in the bedroom door carrying a large black briefcase. He went to the nightstand and pushed everything off of it and put the case on it.

I watched from the corner of my eye as he opened the case. What I saw next sent me into hysterics. I began to scream uncontrollably and yanking at the handcuffs as hard as I could. He pulled a bright yellow electric drill from his case and walked to the foot of the bed. I was still thinking clear enough to pull my feet up and away from his reach, but thank god it wasn't me he was after with the drill. He reached up and drilled two holes in the ceiling at the foot of the bed one at each corner. He then climbed onto the bed and drilled another hole in the ceiling at about where the center of the bed would be. I watched in terror as he took three yellow J-hooks from his case and screwed them into the three holes. And then he hung long leather straps from all three hooks. I couldn't help myself. "Please mister what do you want with me, what have I done that you want to hurt me?"

He said nothing but kept on with his work. Next he pulled leather ankle and wrist restraints from his case and very carefully put one on each of my ankles and wrist. They were soft leather with buckles and velcro to secure them. They fit very tightly and had metal clasps on them so they could be connected together which he did to the wrist cuffs after he removed the steel cuffs he had put on me earlier.

My fear was building as I knew we were getting close to something happening, I just did not know what.

He stood at the end of the bed and grabbed me by my ankles. He jerked me towards him until he could get his hands on my waist. He stood me up, turned me sideways and stretched my arms over my head and tied my restraints to the leather strap hanging from one of the hooks. My legs were shaking so badly that I could hardly stand in my spiked heels.

He took a step back and looked me over from head to toe. He unbuttoned his duster and slipped out of it letting it drop to the floor. My eyes were on his boots which went all the way uo to his knees. Tight fitting like the fighters wear and laced all the way up. His legs were bare from the tops of his boots to mid thigh were his hooded sweatshirt began. His sweatshirt had a zipper down the front which was down about eight inches at the top, just enough to expose a bit of what appeared to be a very muscular chest. He presented a terrifying image.

He picked up his knife from the table and unsheathed it as he approached me. "Please.....please don't hurt me I won't fight you please....." I begged him. I had never been so frightened in my life. But he would not talk. He would not do anything to let me know he wasn't going to harm me. He seemed to enjoy seeing my fear. My tears and sobbing seemed to empower him.

He layed the blade on my cheek and I screamed. He slowly ran the knife across my face, over my chin and down my jaw to my neck. I whimpered like a schoolgirl begging him for mercy offering him whatever he wanted just to leave me unharmed. He made no response.

He continued with his blade down my neck and on to my shoulder where he slid the point under the strap on my dress. He looked me directly in my eye and with a flip of his wrist he cut the strap and the front left side of my dress fell forward. His breathing got heavier and I saw sweat forming on his forhead as he guided the knifeblade across my collar bone and under the strap on the right side. He once again stared me right in the eye as he cut his way through the second strap. My dress front dropped to my waist and I stood there with my black lace bra fully exposed. His eyes still were fixed on mine. He had not yet looked down to see the prize that he had just uncovered. When he finally did I heard the first sound come from him , other than his first question in the driveway, that I had heard all night. It was a primal, gutterall noise the type of noise you would expect to hear coming from a wild animal about to devour his capture. It was horrific.

While my eyes were fixed on his he had already cut my two bra straps. I never even saw his hands move. He put his knife back in its sheath and layed it on the table. He slid first his left hand under the black lacy fabric of my bra and then his right. He was very careful to touch only the bra material it seemed, and not my breast. Then he again focused on my eyes while he slowly and forcefully ripped through the elastic holding my bra together. As the material tore through he ever so slowly spread the two cups and allowed the bra to fall to the floor. And he was still staring me right in the eye.

He stood there staring in my eyes for what seemed an eternity as I trembled and the tears rolled from my cheeks. Finally he reached up and touched a teardrop to his gloved finger and bringing the finger to his mouth licked the tear away. He then leaned forward and putting two fingers under my chin gently kissed my lips. Once, twice, three times his lips touched mine. Not like you expect a rapist to do but more like a lover. This monster could act like a very gentle man.

He slid his blade out of its sheath and layed the cold steel against my belly and smoothly slid it under my waistband. With one snap of his wrist my dress fell to the ground and I stood terrified in my nylons and panties. He walked around behind me and put his hands on my waist. I could feel the warmth of his hands through the leather gloves. I had always known the feel and smell of leather to be inviting and sensuous but now it was just terrifying.

I felt his breath on my bare neck as he began breathing deeper while he rubbed my hips pulling me closer and closer to him. "Please" I begged again "Please I don't want this, you don't have the right to take me like this! What do you want? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO ME?" I screamed at him. And then for the first time he answered me.

He leaned in putting his mouth very close to my ear and whispered; "I'm going to finish stripping you naked. And when your naked we will see how well you are able to take orders. Then I am going to fuck you in every way you've ever imagined being fucked. And finally,assuming you do not do anything to get yourself hurt, I will give you a night you will remember for the rest of your life." I started to sob uncontrollably. It was too much for me to deal with and now this arrogant bastard had the audacity to suggest that I would remember this rape in a good light.

I wanted to kill him. I thought If I were free I could strangle him with my bare hands. I began to scream at him to let me loose, That he had no right and that I would spit in his face when the cops dragged him off to jail.

As I continued to rant and scream his left hand slid over my mouth while his right hand cupped my breast. I yelled into his hand and tried to bite him but he was too quick and too strong. He took my breast harshly in his powerful hand and squeazed it hurting me. Then he let go of my mouth and took my other breast in his hands and began to pinch my nipples. He rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers as he pulled me against him. I could feel the massive bulge of his penis against my fanny. He massaged my breast, hard at first and then more gentle. He played with my nipples until they were both erect circleing them with his fingers, pulling ,twisting and pinching making them hard against my will.

"Stop it.....stop it damn you stop!" He ignored me and bit my neck, once twice three times and then he took my ear into his mouth. His disgusting hot tongue explored every bit of my ear as I screamed in vain. And then he stopped.

The next sound I heard was a swish of air as his hand cut through the air and landed loudly on my ass. WHACK..... The sting from his giant hand was enormous. WHACK...WHACK...WHACK three more times he struck my ass each one stinging worse than the last.

"Noooooooooo!!! Oh.......please no...no more please....."

"I have a lot more of that for you Rocky" he said as he went to his case a picked up what looked like a bullwhip through my tears and running make-up.

"Please don't use that on me" I pleaded.

"Just make sure you behave yourself Rocky and I'll have no need to lay my whip across that pretty little ass."

"I will" I said "I'll behave..." but I didn't mean it. I knew he meant to hurt me before he was through with me and if I got the chance I would run.......or kill him if I could.

He walked in front of me and grabbing me by my hips he pulled me up against him and once again I felt the hardness of his cock. He took a handful of my hair and jerking my head back forced his tongue into my mouth. I tried to turn my head away but his grip was way too firm. He raped my mouth with his tongue, biting my lips, tugging on my tongue and sucking the air out of my lungs. He pulled back and looked at my face smiling as if he saw a reaction he liked. I couldn't help myself I thought. It was not me, it was my body reacting...... I was not... enjoying this I...couldn't be.

He reached between my thighs and slid his two fingers around my lips. He moved them gently back and forth against the soft leather of his gloves. I felt my self begin to heat up although I was fighting it with all my being. "Stop it ....please stop it."
He was rubbing faster now and lifting me with each stroke across my quickly swelling clit. "Don't do that! damn you!" I was dripping wet and there was no way I could hide it. He smiled that discusting smile again and said " I think you're ready"

With terrifying speed he drew his knife and, reaching over my head, cut the leather strap holding my arms over my head. He re-sheathed his blade and spun me around by my shoulders. With my back towards him he pushed me forward so my upper body fell forward onto the bed. He had both his leather clad hands on my bare ass moving them from my ass to my waist. He started to grind on my rear end as he pulled me harder against him. My head was swimming as I imagined what was coming next. I knew about it, I had thought about it once or twice, and had girlfriends that had done it, but I had never been fucked in the ass and had no intention of starting tonight.

He realesed his grip on my hips as he pulled his zipper down. With all the strength I could muster I pushed off the bed throwing my whole body back against him and knocking him backwards and to the floor.

Screaming as loud as I could I broke for the bedroom door. Stumbling in my spiked heels I fell up against the door and kept right on going. I headed for the front door. Hearing him yell at me to come back energized me that much more and I turned and picked up a large ball shaped lamp from an end table near the front door. I raised it over my head and screaming again headed full steam towards the bedroom door.

We arrive there at the same time. As he came charging out I slammed the lamp into his face with all the strength I had in my body. I hit him square and the lamp shattered into a thousand pieces. He was staggering as I headed for the front door. Once outside I made a beeline for my car where I had left my keys in the igniition. I jumped in the Vette and reached for the ignition. No keys! Oh god that son of a bitch had taken the keys! As the reality of that sunk in he appeared at the front door of the house and staggered out with that black bull whip in hand.

I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could towards the back pasture. "Damn these heels I thought" but I couldn't stop and take them off with all their straps and buckles it would take me five minuets to remove them. It was pitch dark back there this time of night and he wouldn't be able to see. I ran and ran until I could not chance making any more noise. I stopped by a grandfather oak that was about five hundred yards from the house. I decided to wait here to see if I could hear any movement from him.

I hadn't moved in ten minuets when I realized that my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I was now able to make out the silouettes of two of my horses in the pasture about fifty yards away. Thats it ! I thought. If I could get to my thorobred he could get me far enough away where this bastard would never find me. I sat down and unbuckled my spiked heels with my hands still connected. It was difficult but this was easy compared to what I was about to do. I had been riding all my life and once up on Joey it would be a cinch. But to get up I would have to grab two handfuls of his mane and swing my five foot six self up seventeen hands.

I crouched behind the oak and surveyed the entire pasture. I saw no shawdow of him anywhere. I screwed up my courage and broke for Joey. I was full speed in my stocking feet racing across the field. I grabbed Joeys mane with both hands, yelled him a quick "giddy-up" and taking four or five strides next to him as he took off held my breath and swung myself onto to his back.

Perfect. Most horses would have spooked and taken off with someone running at them full speed in the dark but not my Joey. He was well trained and now it would pay off. He would carry me to safty away from this maniac.

He was just about to hit his stride when I heard the sharp "Crack" and felt the sting of that hidious, terrifying bullwhip wrap around my chest. I never saw him. I never saw it coming. I tumbled backwards off my horse with the whip traping my arms next to by body so that I couldn't even break my fall. I landed hard on my back knocking the breath out of me. I lay on the ground with my chest heaving in and out trying to get back my breath.

And there he was. Walking slowly up to me as I fought to get the whip from around my arms. When he got to me he stood there with that sickening smile, looking down at me with blood on his face and stark naked except for his boots and gloves.

He straddled me as he pulled me up off the ground with his bullwhip. He pulled me high enough that I was face to face with the biggest cock I had ever seen. The look on his face told me he was no longer in the mood for gentle. He grabbed a handful of my hair and shoved my face into his groin. He held his enormous dick in one hand and my hair in the other staring at me and stroking himself.

"Please" I whimpered "Please don't do this......"

The tears were again flowing down my cheeks as he touched the head of his dick to my lips. I was no virgin to oral sex. In fact I usually loved the taste of Marks cock sliding in and out of my mouth before the divorce. But this dick was twice as long as Marks and at least two inches around. He pushed again and I knew I had to take him into my trembling mouth. I opened far enough to wrap my lips around his head. I tried to slide back off but he wouldn't allow me to. He pushed further in and I was already having trouble keeping my teeth away from him. He hit the back of my throat and my gag reflex caused me to pull back.

He allowed me to pull away but quickly pushed himself right back in. I already had more cock in my mouth than I had ever had before and he wasn't but halfway in yet. "Use your lips whore" I closed my lips around his shank as he slid out and back in pushing a little deeper each time. He began a rythem, his hips moving slowly back and forth pushing his steele manhood a little deeper into my throat each time as if he was allowing me to get used to his length and girth a little bit at a time. And I did.

After ten minuets he had my head in both hands and was driveing nine inches of rock hard cock into my throat with each and every stroke. And to my own amazment I was able to handle it. He speed had also picked up and his balls were hitting me in the chin with every stroke. His cock was swelling in my slobbering mouth when I realized I was making a moaning sound each time he drove his cock all the way into my throat. "umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm umm" His speed picked up and my moans were getting louder. Was I doing this to get it over with? I must be I thought I could not possibly be enjoying my own rape........could I?

He continued to pummell my face for another twenty minuets, slowing down and fucking my throat painfully slow and then suddenly speeding up to the point where I thought he was getting ready to cum but then he would slow down yet again.

My jaws were aching and I needed a break but I knew that would not happen so I decided to make him cum. I grabbed his balls and caressed them as I pulled away from his cock. I moved my lips up and down the length of his shaft while flicking the bottem of his cock and his balls with my tongue like Mark had taught me to do.
He began to moan and shoved himself back in my mouth. His cock was larger than ever as he slammed himself deep, deep into my throat.

I heard that primal sound come from him just before he exploded what seemed like a gallon of cum down my throat. I had to swallow to keep from chokeing as he kept pumping my face with all the force he could muster with his hips. His cum squirted out the sides of my mouth and down my chin and dripped onto my breast. He kept cuming and finished off with a wave of seman in my eyes and face. I was covered with this monsters cum. He used his dick to wipe the cum off my face and then he made me clean his dick with my tongue.

After I collapsed to the ground. He laughed that sickening laugh and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and headed for the house.

When we got back inside I begged him to leave me but he said my night had just begun. He took me to the bathroom in my master bedroom and set me down in the shower. He turned on the shower and walked in boots and all. Mark had installed one of thoses showers that shot water from every direction. It had always been one of our favorite playtoys but that was all about to change. He finished stripping me pulling my nylons off, or what was left of them then my gater belt and my panties. When he had me completely naked he stood me up and covered my body with with one of the liquid soaps I kept in the shower.

He kept his soft leather gloves on as he gently rubbed my body from my ankles up my calves to my thighs where he spent quite a bit of time before moving slowly up to my fanny. He wasn't near as gentle as he filled his giant hands with my ass. With him on his knees in front of me deeply massaging my ass I found myself pressing my belly against his face. "God what am I doing" I thought as I quickly pulled back, but it was too late as he pulled me right back pushing his face into my stomach. He turned his head back and forth against me slowly sliding downward to lay his lips on my well trimmed pussy. He worked his way around it like he was playing an instrument. Kissing , licking nibbleing all along the edges but never going to my center. "Damn you" I screamed. " Damn you to hell, let me go please let me go....."

He stood up and cupped my breast. The warm water and the fragrence of the strawberry soap began to intoxicate me and I soon found myself pushing my fanny back against his enormous cock. My mind was screaming no, no, no but the growing heat from in between my thighs forced me to ignore my mind and let my body betray me. I felt his huge cock sliding in between my thighs and I reached down and took his head in my hand. I held it and he slid back and forth in my hand. He continued to stroke and I felt every vein and ripple on this mans cock. God help me I wanted it. I wanted it so bad that I could forget everything he had done to me for this moment of ecstacy. I leaned forward and put my free hand on my knee and guided his cockhead to my pussy lips. I waited anxiously for him to slam his dick into me. His hands slid down to my waist from my shoulders and then to my hips. Here it comes I thought as he tightened his hold on my hips.

Suddenly he slid his arm around my waist and picked me up off the floor. He held me under the shower rinsing the soap from my body laughing like some kind of a fiend the whole time. He carried me out of the shower to the bedroom and threw me down on the bed. Quicker than i could imagine he was on top of me tying my wrist together and then attaching them to the headboard. He turned me over and pulled me to my knees forcing my face to the mattress. He pulled something from his case and took his position behind me on the bed. He lay his giant cock on my ass as he emptied the entire contents of a bottle of oil all over my back and ass. It was very warm as he began to rub it across my back, up to my shoulders and all over my ass. He slid his leather hand between the cheeks of my ass making sure that every bit of my backside was covered in oil. As he rubbed the oil over my ass and the backs of my thighs his fingers slid over my pussy lips and he once again let out that primal noise. He reached around the front of my thigh and found my opening with his leathered finger. I gasped as he took his cock in his other hand and positioned it between my cheeks and started to slowly grind back and forth.

He pumped me for ten minuets steadily sliding that huge shaft back and forth between my ass cheeks. God I was ready I had never been so ready.... "You want it don't you whore?"

"Go to hell you bastard" I screamed. I would never tell him...never let him know what he had made me do.

"C'mon Rocky you know you want me to give it to you, you know you are dying to get this big fucking dick in you belly."

"Tell me what you want Rocky and I'll give it to you all night long, all you have to do is tell me whore. Admit your a whore and you would do anything to get your beautiful thighs split by this giant cock."

"You repulse me you monster" I screamed at him.
Just as I did I felt him spread my cheeks with his thumbs and before I could move my ass he slammed his steel deep into my ass. "Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....OhhhhhhhHelp me please somebody arghhhhhhhh god no please..."

I felt like I had a baseball bat up my ass as he pushed deeper and deeper. I had never been ass fucked before and I knew this was going to kill me. "Please stop I'll do anything you want anything I said, I'll be your whore you can have me whenever you want me just don't do this." He just laughed that same discusting laugh an pushed more of his cock into my ass. If it wern't for all the oil his enormous width would have ripped me apart. But as it was he had driven most of his giant shaft into my bowels. The pain stopped after about ten minuets as he got into his rythem. And his rythem was very, very slow. Once he was all the way in me he would reach around the front of my thigh and gently rub my clitorus as he began to withdraw from my ass. And it would take him fifteen or twenty seconds to fully withdraw stopping just short of his head coming out. Then he would release my clit, grab my hips and drive his manhood ever so slowly to the deepest part of my bowels. Then reaching around he would start the cycle over...and over...and over... and eventually it began to feel right, eventually I began to anticipate his reach around to fondle my clit and I longed for his gentle carress when his hand moved from my clit to my hips. After forty five minuets he finally began to pick up speed and I found myself more than eager to match his pace. He began to bang his hips against my ass and I responded in kind. I began to moan as he steadily held my clit between his leatherd fingers so gently while brutally slamming his cock into me.

"OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH" My moans were in sink with his strokes and soon ,like it or not I was in the middle of an orgasm the likes of which I had never known. I swung my ass wildly in a circular motion trying to feel every bit of his massive meat. He never let go of my clit, the sweat was flying off me as I came and came and came screaming at the top of my lungs. I collapsed on the bed flat out and he stayed in me all the way to the mattress.

Oh my god,Oh my god I coulden't believe what had just happened to me. I was in total ectasy while my rapist had sodimized me into the biggest orgasm I had ever had! What the fuck was wrong with me? How could this happen. I hated what he had done, taking me against my will, using me for his primal pleasure and yet.....and yet............

He pulled his cock out of my ass with the same speed at which he put it in. He cut my hands loose and pulled me to the foot of the bed where he attached the cuffs on my ankles to each of the two straps he had earlier attached to the hooks he put in the ceiling.

My legs were nearly vertical and spread perfectly for him to have total access to my very essence. He dropped to his knees and slammed his face into my pussy leaving no doubt about what he would take from me next. He was like a wild man. His mouth surrounding my pussy. Licking, tasting, biting, tugging, and kissing every part of my intimacy. He made long slow strokes across my lips, sucking them into his hot mouth. His tongue explored every fold and wrinkle of my pussy lips. He caressed my clit with his tongue while his fingers slid effortlessly into my pussy. He licked me and stroked me with a maddening rythem that took ahold of my mind and body. I pulled my ass up from the bed with my cuffed ankles driving my pussy into his face. I filled both my hands with his head and pulled him into me with all the force I could muster. I wanted him inside of me!

I had never been so hot in my life. I would have done anything at that moment to have his cock in me and he knew it.

"Cmon give it to me you monster, thats what you want isn't it? Let me have that big cock you bastard. I'll beg you if thats what you want. Cmon fuck me please fuck me I'm begging you."

He got to his feet slowly. My hips were still pumping away as he stood there between my thighs with that enormous cock hard as steel. He looked at me with those vicious dark eyes that had first terrorized me in the driveway. He grabbed me by my hips picking me off the bed, and with no effort on his part at all, impaled me completely on his giant manhood. Oh god that felt so right. Nothing I had ever done sexually before or since has ever felt so right. I let myself be taken now to a completely different place. For the next two hours I was no longer with a ruthless rapist who used and hurt me. For the next two hours I was mastered by a man who knew how to give me everything a woman could ask for. I came for him time after time each one more intence than the last.

Sometime in the night he had cut my legs loose, I don't remember when, but I was free in his complete control as he tossed my tiny body around on his cock, lifting me and slowly lowering me back down on his manhood over and over again. He'd lay on his back and let me surround his cock with my pussy, sliding up ever so slowly and slamming myself back down on his steel shaft. He walked across the room carrying me still fully impaled on his cock and fucked me up against the bedroom door. He was relentless in his lust for me and I for him.

Finally he climbed onto the bed, and with me still in his arms and layed me on my back. He began to kiss my mouth as he fucked me, first very light and gentle and then more intense and passionate. I opened my mouth and searched for his tongue with mine. "Open your eyes Rocky" he whispered, and I did. I would have done anything he asked. He continued to drive himself deep into my very essence until sometime near dawn when he exploded inside of me filling me full of himself and giving me the biggest and LAST orgasm I have ever had.

When he left he told me not to go to the police.

And feeling pretty brave I said, "Oh yea, and what if I do?"

"Well then I won't come back" He smiled and then he walked out the door.

That was two years ago. I didn't tell the police.

But I'm still waiting.

copyright 2007

Brigit Astar
11-01-2009, 02:07 PM
this may be the best rape story I've ever read

07-15-2010, 03:32 AM
Thank you Bridgett, I intend on posting a follow up co written by myself and Rockie very soon.