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Bought and paid for.

Jamie Downing or JD to his friends; excitedly burst into to his living room; he told his wife Katie that finally luck was turning to their side. Having been made redundant in the last round of credit crunch closures; he hastily told his wife of his deal with his old boss.

“Old Jack Bennett has agreed to sell me his seven year old white Bentley!” he hastily told her; “and at a real bargain price too!” he continued. “It is easily worth fifteen thousand pounds and he has agreed to sell it to the car to him for only eight thousand!” he almost regretted telling her that for Katie flew into a rage.

She shouted, “What the fuck are you playing at; you know that all your redundancy pay for the job you just lost only amounted to five thousand!”

JD tried to explain, “Yes love but you know we can earn our living from luxury car hire and especially weddings along with your skills at flower arranging we can offer a really good service. Old Jack has agreed to give us six months interest free time to pay the remainder of the money”

Suddenly Katie realised he was trying his best to make good the situation and she smiled; but JD hesitated before he smiled. Seeing this Katie sensed she was not told all the facts and so she pressed him for all the details of this great purchase.

JD confessed there was a little matter he had not mentioned; He had agreed as part of the deal that the pair of them would work as servants in old Jacks home each weekend for the length of the interest free period. He then told her that Old Jack had invited them over tomorrow night for the weekend to put all the facts before them as a trial run so to speak.

It took quite a bit of persuading for Katie to eventually agree to join JD in going to Jack’s on the Friday night.

At this point I should describe all the characters; Katie 28 year of age, five foot four tall slim build with 38 DD breasts with extremely sensitive nipples and she always keeps her cunt shaved clean.

JD or Jamie; 29 years of age, five foot ten tall, medium build with an average sized circumcised cock of 6 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter.

Old Jack; 52 years old six foot 2 tall and a few extra pounds of padding; his cock is uncircumcised and seven and a half inches in length and almost three inches thick.

Friday afternoon Katie showered and talked her smooth body before walking naked into the bedroom to select what she planned to wear that night; she could not explain why but she felt wickedly horny and excited like a schoolgirl going on her first date; she toyed with the idea of wearing a plain trouser suit which would hide her largish tits but found herself plumping for a short wrap around skirt, white blouse with quarter cup bra and petite panties. She even found herself unable to resist playing with her sensitive nipples as she tried to recall what old Jack looked like.

She was face down on the bed riding her way through her orgasm with three fingers buried deep inside her cunt when she felt a playful slap on her arse. She jumped and turned over to come face to face with her husband Jamie. He teased her that she was fantasising about their forthcoming play night. For every two weeks JD and Katie engaged in fantasy play; one session it would be JD’s fantasy and the next they would play out Katie’s fantasy. Strange thing was though that the last two or three play sessions the fantasy’s seemed to intermingled not just Katie’s desires but just as much JD’s fantasy too.

The last session two weeks ago had been Katie’s fantasy so to speak but she had decided to use a strap on to fuck JD up the arse; but in doing so she had made him shave his cock and balls and wear an old skirt; bra and blouse. Then she insisted on make him up with full make up; she noticed as soon a she had in put on the bra, his cock began stirring and by the time she applied the final touches of the lipstick, he was sporting a fully fledged stiffy.

Then with JD on his knees he was made to such the strap on rubber cock as if it was a real one and once it was soaking wet in his saliva he had to beg to be fucked; Katie took great delight in calling him all the names a slut and tart loves before slowly sticking the rubber cock deep into his boy pussy. She was amazed that he actually spurted his white semen without his cock being stroked once as she fucked him from behind. The pools of white spunk were then up by JD without him even being told to do so.

Now Katie hoped to be tied up and teased for a couple of hours before being soundly spanked and fucked by JD, always making out he had just picked up this whorish tramp that night and was fucking her for the first time.

At seven pm on that night, both JD and Katie presented themselves at Jack’s front door; JD was clearly nervous as he almost hopped from foot to foot while Katie was excited in a sexual way for she already felt her panties were more than just a little damp.

Just then the door opened and there stood Jack, Katie instantly recalled him as the man who she was sure leered after her at so many Christmas parties in the five years JD had worked for the company; strange thing was that instead of now being disgusted her heart skipped a beat and her nipples stiffened even more.

She just about realised that for every weekend for the next six months this man would own her body and along with that he would lay claim to her mind too. Quickly they entered the house and was ushered into the living room; Jack spoke slowly and calmly as he asked, “You both know what this means being here tonight?”

Both Katie and JD nodded.

“Very well then!” continued Jack, “Then here are the rules for the next six months; every Friday night at 7 pm you will present yourselves here at my home; go to the servant’s bedroom and change into whatever clothes I leave out for you; each pile of clothes will be labelled with the name of the wearer; refuse any order of mine and the terms of this sale are broken; you will forfeit the car and any monies paid instantly! Is that understood?” he demanded.

JD spoke firstly, “Yes my wife and I fully understand!” he said.

“Your wife, (laughter), you mean my new sex toy and slut! Will have to speak for herself?” demanded Jack.

Reluctantly Katie spoke; “Seems I have little choice as you have already taken his redundancy money and we need the car to make our plans work!” she stated rather coldly.

“Oh my dear, you have every choice; you can leave now and keep your virtue intact or you can agree and let me devour your body at long last; but I am a benevolent man; I will tell you now that I will not ask you to do anything which I would not demand of your husband as well!” Jack stated.

“Oh yes; I forgot to mention to JD; I am bi sexual and always aim to be the master and to this end you may refer to me as MASTER or SIR, is that understood?” he continued.

Both JD and Katie, looked at each other and said “Yes, Sir!”

“Good then first things first; I always have a bath on a Friday night, so JD; remove your trousers and underwear; make sure your upper clothes do not hang lower than your waist and go run me my bath; ten inches from the top of the bath no less; then wait there so you can wash me! Now go!” Jack demanded.

Quickly as Katie watched her husband he removed his trousers and underpants before tucking his shirt up around his waist and holding it there with the belt from his trousers; she noticed his cock was already hard and standing proud. Both she and JD noticed the leer on Jack’s face as he ogled JD’s cock.

No sooner had JD left the room; Jack turned his attention to Katie. “Well my little whore; I have admired your fine tits for so long and have never seen them in the flesh, so remove your top and bra immediately while I decide your chores for tonight!” He demanded.

Nervously yet excitedly Katie unbuttoned her blouse and as she slipped it off her shoulders she heard a muffed gasp from Jack. “Oh my, how wonderful a choice of bra; it holds your big tits up so well and yet allows me to admire your hard nipples standing so proud and I suspect in need of a good sucking!” he added.

Katie blushed but the words seemed to spur her to even high levels of horniness; suddenly her nipples were being pinched and pulled by her new master; he marvelled at their rubbery feel and the way Katie moaned as he pulled them this way or twisted them that.

Suddenly the fingers were gone leaving Katie’s sensitive nipples pleading for further contact; as her mind registered his next command; “raise your skirt, Slut; I want to see your panties!”

As if in a trance she did as she was told but again blushed red as she realised her panties must by now be well soaked in cunt juice for she had been so excited all afternoon and evening. With eyes closed she waited in anticipation until she felt the first probing of his fingers, the finger ran up the crease of her cunt pressing firmly enough to solicit a further lusty groan as it flicked her clit; she felt another gush of cunt juice escape her open lips.

“You fucking slag; you have been fantasising about being with me and making your wimp of a husband watch you taking a real man’s cock, haven’t you?” he demanded.

Katie never opened her eyes but merely nodded in agreement; she want so much for this to be over and yet was excited to new levels at being called a slag and being the plaything of this powerful man. Again she waited what seemed like hours for his next words but in fact it was only minutes as she was told to remove her panties and place them in his hand.

Once he had then in his hand he ordered her to hold up the front of her skirt while he knelt in front of her and then ordered her to open her legs wider; He then said, “I can smell how wet your horny cunt is bitch; you want me to fuck you and then make your wimp of a husband lick my spunk from your cunt; don’t you?”

“Oh God; Yes Master but make him lick me slowly and show you the spunk before he can swallow it and if you have your cock buried in his boy pussy at the same time; so much the better !” she uttered without thinking.

“Ah so our little JD, is a cock loving queer then!” he snapped.

“Oh no, Sir; he loves to fuck cunt as much as you do, Sir; it’s just he too is bi sexual and really would love to try his first real cock up his boy pussy!” she explained.

Just then JD arrived back in the living room and smiled as he saw Master on his knees as he thought licking his wife’s hot wet cunt; the smile was soon wiped off his face when Jack told him to get out and in future to knock before coming into a room where he was.

Quickly JD exited the room closed the door before knocking and waiting; after what seemed a reasonable delay, Jack called out for him to enter. JD stepped into the room and announced your bath is ready master.

Jack instructed Katie to go to the master bedroom and to put on the uniform waiting there on the bed for her; he stressed that she was to put on everything that was in the pile without exception. Then he ordered JD to follow him up to the bathroom as his duty was going to be to wash his master and then dry him before he was going to watch his horny cock loving wife take a real man’s cock.

JD walked three paces behind Jack all the way upstairs and into the master bathroom; where he was told to undress Jack and once he had completed the task; Jack told him to stand perfectly still or he would be punished; then taking hold of JD’s prick in his left hand and his balls in his right hand; Jack began stroking JD’s cock as he did so he watched closely JD’s breathing then as soon as it appeared his breathing was getting fast and shallow he squeezed really hard on JD’s balls.

JD let out a pitiful cry and his cock immediately shrunk and became soft; Jack laughed and then bent over spread his legs and demanded JD’s lick his arse clean before he got into the bath. As JD set about licking his masters arse; Jack noticed his cock return to full erection and without warning he let out a fart; grabbing JD’s head as he did so and holding it tight so JD took the fart full in the face.

Then Jack climbed in the bath and insisted that JD remove the rest of his clothes and proceed to wash him; Jack insisted JD begin by washing his cock slowly and thoroughly; delighting in this submissive male stroking his cock in pretence of washing it. Just then there was a knock on the bathroom door and after being told to come in; in stepped Katie dressed as a French maid complete with frilly underskirt and six inch high heels. The low cut top showed off her large tits to perfection and Jack insisted she lean over the edge of the bath and check how well JD had washed his cock with her mouth of course.

Jacks full seven and a half inches of rigid baby making cock slipped into Katie’s stretched mouth; with JD watching eagerly as Katie’s cheeks puffed out to accommodate such a fine cock. Then Jack told JD to get on his hands and knees and open his legs wide; half expecting Jack to climb out the bath and slip that great looking cock up his arse; JD did as he was told. Then with a nod from Jack; Katie moved behind JD and raised her skirt at the front to reveal the 11 inch rubber strap on cock and slowly forced it into JD’s boy pussy.

As he watched Jack slowly stroked his cock and promised to fill not only Katie’s cunt with his baby making seed but also her arse and the boy pussy of her cuckolded husband. By now Katie was slamming the rubber cock into a squealing JD; and with much verbal encouragement from Jack he made it plain that JD was a cock sucking faggot and he was being fucked by his wife as a slut with nuts. Suddenly Jack demanded that Katie pull out of JD’s boy pussy and make JD suck the rubber cock clean.

While JD was busy sucking the rubber object so recently stretching his tight anal ring; Jack made Katie pull the elasticised top of her French maid’s uniform down so her large tits fell free. He made Katie play with her nipples whist ramming the rubber cock in and out of JD’s mouth.

While everyone was distracted; Jack got out the bath and knelt behind JD. He saw that his anal ring was still stretched open having not yet returned to normal so he slammed his seven and a half inch cock straight into JD; forcing him to lung forward ramming the rubber cock past the point of his throat and nearly choking him. Between the two of them Katie and master Jack fucked JD vigorously and it was only when Jack felt his nuts tremble; warning of his approaching climax that he pulled out and aimed his cock as he stroked it up towards Katie’s exposed tits.

The first string of sticky white spunk hit her full in the face and was left hanging from her nose as the second hit the intended target of her tits and the less powerful consecutive spurts fell onto JD’s back. Before he allowed JD to stand he made him lick the spunk from his wife’s face and tits and then instructed Katie to scoop up the spunk on JD’s back before making him lick her hand clean.

By now the water in the bath had drained away so he ordered JD to kneel in the bath and had Katie hold; her master’s soft cock in her hand and whispered to her to aim it into JD’s face. Soon a slow trickle of golden piss turned into a torrent as JD took a golden shower; another first for him today.

As soon as he had finished pissing all over JD; Jack ordered him to take a shower and join the slut and the master in the master bedroom. Not forgetting his lesson from downstairs; JD knocked on the bedroom door before waiting to be called in. He waited and waited fearful of angering the master further by entering unpermitted. The problem was that jack had his mouth clamped to Katie’s soaking wet hotter than hell’s pussy as his tongue worked double time on her clit. Eventual at a time when he broke for a breath he yelled for JD to come in. The first thing JD saw was his wife and lover sucking on the massive looking cock of his master while having her delicate cunt eaten savagely.

Jack soon pulled his head away from the delicious flowing cunt juices and ordered JD to take over sucking his cock preparing it to fill the cunt of his wife and his master’s new found slut. As JD sucked Jack told Katie exactly what he intended to do to her.

He said, “I am going to begin by sliding my hard cock, prepared so well by your wimp of a cuckold husband, against your cunt lips and make sure it rubs against your sensitive clit; whilst pinching your nipples!”, “And then when your turned on enough to start begging me to fuck your worthless slut of a cunt; I will insist your husband asks me nicely to fuck his beloved wife with my real masterful cock and to make her my sex slut; but not only that but to fuck her bareback and to make her pregnant with a bastard child he can raise as his own!”

“Then if he has done a good enough job of begging me to turn his wife in to a fucking whore; I will fuck her doggie style like the bitch in heat she is; whilst the wimp has a wank into that glass over there on the side; he is to wank as fast as he can and if he cums in the glass before I do he will have to allow me to piss in the glass and mix the two before drinking it; but if I cum before he does; then I will not only drink his spunk from the glass but also suck clean his cock; however whatever happens you my fuck slut Katie are going to take my spunk up your cunt and then raise your cunt above your head while your wimp of a cock sucking husband tries to stop you getting pregnant by sucking out the deposited spunk! However if you my cum bucket of a whore cum before either JD or me then you will have to wait an hour before he is allowed to clean your cunt out with his tongue!” Master Jack stated.

“But before your allowed to go home on Sunday night; you will have had a load of my spunk in each of your three holes my slutty little whore and your cuckold of a wimp of a husband will have had a load in his mouth and boy pussy plus worn a butt plug of my choosing for over twelve hours.” He continued.

With that Jack demanded JD begin sucking his cock; once his cock reached its full magnificent hard size of seven and a half inches he ordered Katie to get into the doggie position and slide his cock across her cunt lips while watching JD begin wanking his own cock with the glass in hand to catch the spunk.

As Jack pinched her nipples and rubbed his cock over her cunt lips; Katie began begging modestly at first to feel the thick member buried deep inside her cunt; hearing his wife steadily increase her volume and passion to be fucked by another man encouraged JD in his wanking and without being prompted he began begging his master to fuck the bitch but not only that but to fuck her so well as to leave her in the family way so he could raise the beloved child as his own. Then suddenly with out and self control Jack shot his load into the glass and groaned; he had done exactly as Jack had expected and got too carried away in seeing his wife being fucked by another man and lost self control.

Now jack really went to town fucking Katie hard and fast telling her what a worthless two bit whore she was and how by the time he had finished with her she would pimp herself at a moment’s notice if he; her master; demanded it of her. Then suddenly he lurched forward and held his position as Katie screamed out that he was filling her fertile and horny cunt to the brim with his great baby making seed and how she wanted to be his personal whore for evermore.

As Jack pulled out of Katie’s swollen spunk filled cunt he made JD suck his cock clean and then whilst Katie raised her legs above her head against the bed head he leisurely pissed into the glass containing JD’s own spunk and delighted in making him drink it; no; not down in one but he made him sip it swirl it around inside his mouth before showing his master before swallowing it. Jack knew by doing this it would take JD over ten minutes to drain the glass and all the time Katie would be helping the spunk sink deeper into her cunt and womb before JD could have a chance to suck it out again.

Sure enough an hour later JD was allowed to suck the spunk from his wife’s cunt but was slightly distracted by Jack playing with his balls as he sucked JD’s cock.

That night JD was tied up at the base of the bed with his cock tied to the metal bead stead; and his sleep was disturbed by the sounds of his wife going through several orgasms and begging her master to fill her arse or cunt with his next load.

In the morning Jack took pity on both of his new sex toys and allowed them to return home before returning that night for the second round only this time he told JD he was going to be fucked nonstop for at least four hours.

When JD and Kate returned to Jack’s house; once inside they immediately went up to the servant’s bedroom and put on the clothes laid out for them there. This time JD had to wear a skirt and false bra but nothing else; and Katie had to put on a leather harness which left exposed her cunt and tits, some self supporting stockings and nothing else; apart from the combined strap on anal butt device designed and built by Jack.

When they entered the living room they were shocked to see; four men all naked and sporting hard cocks and two women on their hands and knees making sure the five cocks in total remained rock hard.

JD was then led over to a bench where he was told to lie on his back and his legs were quickly secured into two stocks holding them wide apart; JD’s hands were secured to the upper feet of the bench and his head fell back into a crevice. Once secured the men moved forward and jabbed his mouth with their cocks always moving in a clockwise circle. Suddenly JD felt the familiar size and hardness of Jack’s cock pressing against his anal ring.

He relaxed and allowed slow entry but suddenly he felt a mouth on his cock and it was not a mouth he could recognise. This mouth instead of gentle sucking motion actually scraped their teeth along the length of his cock and catching beneath his cock head; dragging almost painfully his helmet up and away from the intruding cock now buried in his arse.

Soon at Jacks command; the four other cocks took turns in fucking JD’s mouth always forcefully never gently; JD was in seventh heaven if a little sore by the time he had swallowed seven loads of spunk.

He wondered where his wife was but could not get the chance to ask and could not see her through the crowd changing places at his mouth, Katie was on the dining table being eaten by one of the women whilst occasionally a spunk tasting cock was thrust into her eager mouth until it was hard enough to return to fuck her wimp of a whore of a husband.

Both Katie and JD were in their idea of heaven and had several more further adventures with Jack but that’s another story; maybe one day I will dare to tell you………LOL.

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