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(I wrote this pretty fast, I hope you enjoy it... just a little fantasy)

New Years Visitor

New Years was going to be pretty lonely seeing as Jean's parents were gone to Florida and his sister was spending it with her friends and husband in Vermont. Jean was your average guy; 6 feet tall and 200 pounds with short brown hair and brown eyes; He had an average build and at 26 years old was at the peak of his life. It was with sigh that he opened a beer, the familar sharp hiss coming from the can, before he took a large swig from it. Looking out the window he saw light snow falling; it was a familar site in the city of Montreal... Snow; the accursed white death as he called it. He had just gotten home from a 2 year trip abroad; he had left to see what was out there and found that life wasn't as good for some people as it was for him, here in Quebec. He was glad to be home but lonely; he had spent Christmas alone and was feeling sorry for himself, when his phone started ringing.

"Hello?" Jean answered.

"Hello Jean" a soft, gentle voice sang.


"Yes, how are you?"

"I'm not bad, and you? how's Brian?"

"I'm okay, your uncle is away on business but the kids and I are a bit lonely, and I hear you're spending new years alone; would you like to come over for dinner?"

"That sounds like fun, when would you like me to come?"

"Anytime" she said.

"I'll be right there" Jean said, with renewed energy.

Jean hopped into his car and drove half an hour to his Uncle's home where his Aunt Jennifer and her two daughters greeted him with a group hug. Jennifer was middle aged but still very beautiful; she had curly dirty blonde hair, and soft, beautiful features that time did not wither. Her form was sleek and athletic, with breasts that were large and inviting. Her daughters were younger versions of her; Stephanie, the older was 17 and was in her final year of high school, she had long wavy blonde hair and a body that Jean did not remember being so beautiful and inviting. The last time he had seen Steph, they had played tag in the nearby park with Jean's sister and family. Stephanie smiled at Jean with a softness like her mother had. Sofie, Stephanie's younger sister had jet black hair, like her father and piercing blue eyes. She was fiery even as a youngster and he saw that her fiery spirit had not changed in the two years he had been away, But he found himself overwhemed with so many beautiful women around him. He wouldn't have thought to lust over either of his cousins but with their developping bodies it was hard not to.

"I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful women" Jean said laughingly, his cock raging underneath his pants.

"Jennifer smiled, noticing the rather obvious bulge in between her nephews legs.".

Sofie smiled at her cousin, "Hey Jean you wanna watch a movie with us? we were just going to start watching Sound of Music."

"Sure" he said, taking his boots off.

They sat down on the couch, Jean flanked by his two cousins and Jennifer sat on a beanbag at his feet. Jennifer was wearing a sweater that had a deep 'V' and as the movie progressed he found his gaze lingering to this 'V' more and more. He could make out the sides of her breasts, they were freckled, lightly. He wondered about her nipples, he licked his lips thinking about how they would taste in his mouth, about how soft and tender they would feel to his touch. He imagined licking her sweet breasts while his fingers slid down to hairy, wet pussy. Her breasts in his mouth and his fingers between her legs rubbing her and finger fucking his Aunts sweet cunt feverishly. It was enough to make Jean blush and cause the hardon in his pants to grow even more, it began to ache as he continued staring at Jennifer'sbreasts as he lost himself in his lustful fantasy.

The sudden, soft voice of his Aunt woke him from his fantasy, "See something you like?"

She had bent her head back and noticed his staring eyes. Jean blushed immediately, stammering for an answer.

"I... uhhh... ummm"

"It's okay" she said with a small laugh as she got up off the bean bag and sat on her nephew's lap.

Stephanie and Sofie smiled but were envelopped in the movie and weren't really paying attention. Jennifer felt her nephew's thick, hardon and moved herself so that it straddled her eagar pussy. Slowly she began moving back and forth along his long and hard cock. Her back leaning against Jean's strong chest as she moaned quietly. She took one of his hands and guided it down into her tight jeans. he eagerly began rubbing his aunts hairy pussy, she answered by moaning into his ear and licking, and sucking it feverantly. Jean looked at Steph, than at Sofie who were now staring at them. He was unsure what to do; he definately didn't want to stop but thought it inappropriate if his cousins saw him fooling around with their mom.

Just than Stephanie spoke, "Wake up!"

Suddenly Jean's eyes opened to see the three women looking at him, their faces adorned with bright smiles as little Sofie said "You fell asleep!"

"Sorry" Jean said blushing.

Jennifer smiled at him, "It seemed you had quite a dream she said looking down at his pants."

His eyes like quarters, he looked down to see a large wet spot around his crotch, "I... oh..."

"come with me" Jennifer's soft voice sang.

Stephanie and Sofie just smiled as their mom led him upstairs, " You can change into something that belongs to your Uncle, I'll wash these if that's okay"

"Thank you and I'm really sorry"

"It's okay, Jean; but I'd like to know what were you dreaming about?"

"ummm" Jean blushed as he stared at his Aunt.

It took her a moment to connect the dotes but she smiled, "Me? and what was I doing?" she said softly as they came to the bedroom.

"You were..."

"Don't be scared, I'm not going to be mad"

Jennifer turned on the light as they walked in, and she headed toward the closet and pulled out some grey jogging pants than placed them on the bed. She turned to her nephew, who was standing at the entrance of her bedroom with a worried look on his face. She smiled at him softly and sat down on her bed.

"Come sit beside me" she smiled.

Jean hesitated for a moment before slowly walking over and sitting next to her. Was this really happening? he wasn't sure if he wanted to do what he thought was going to happen. I mean it's his Uncle's wife. And fine he cheats on her and is probably cheating on her as they spoke but it didn't change the fact that he would be fucking his Aunt... not a blood relative but why did he feel so guilty about it. It was going to be okay, he thought. They were just sitting next to eachother, nothing was going to happen, it was going to be okay.

His glass house shattered as his Aunt moved her soft fingers up along his upper thigh, slowly creeping up to the wet spot around his crotch. He sighed and began running one finger up the side of her body, his earthy brown eyes locked onto her deep blue eyes. This was going to happen they both thought, and nothing could stop the train now.

"Wow... hard again. I thought it might take a bit longer." She said, slipping her hand into his pants

"Jenn.." Jean began before being interrupted by his aunt who smashed her lips against his.

It was all downhill from there; their clothes flew off and their naked bodies twisted and mixed with eachother as they passionatly kissed; their tongues lips and teeth meeting with feverish intensity. Jean began straddling his aunt with his big, throbbing cock. She moaned loudly as she felt his iron rod teasing the entrance of her hairy soaking pussy. It had been so long since she had felt a man's desire, She grabbed his huge member and positioned it at the entrance of her sodding cunt.

What neither of them knew was that just out of view Stephanie and Sofie were listening in on the two lovers, peeking now and than to watch the action unfold.

That's all it took for Jean to plunge his throbbing monster into his Aunt's sweet pussy. She gasped as he began thrusting into her wildly, his eyes feral and savage as he grabbed her tits, feeling their soft freckled flesh in the palm of his hands. He was an animal as he pounded his Aunt; her screams echoing throughout her home.

Stephanie and Sofie hearing the cries of their mom who was in pure ecstacy; Jennifer's screams began getting more and more desperate and louder as each second passed. Jean's feverish pace only quickened as his hard, fast and unstoppable thrusts caused his aunt to shriek even louder as an intense orgasm hits her like an unstoppable locomotive. Her body began to spasm wildly as wave after wave of her sweet juice gushed all over her nephew. He didn't stop however; even with her weak attempts to push him off as she came. The ecstacy seemed never to end as his unwavering piston kept pumping in and out, over and over again. Jennifer's big freckled tits heaving back and forth wildly as Jean drove himself into his hot Aunt over and over again like a raging barbarian. Her thoughts were only on her pleasure as she
continued to shriek louder.


Jean turned his Aunt around on her hands and knees and slipped his soaking cock out of her pussy. As soon as it was out it was back in, but this time thrusting into her sweet asshole. Jennifer screamed in surprise and shock as Jean raped her ass with as much or even more animalistic passion as he did when pumping her cunt. He positioned his legs infront of hers to get a better angle on her backdoor. Her shrieks of pure pleasure transformed themselves into cries of mixed pain and ecstacy as Jenn had never felt something inside her tight bum. She loved it, loved the pain that brought itself mixed in with pleasure, loved the feeling of a hard, throbbing cock pounding her without mercy. Jean reached forward, kneeding and massaging Jenn's wildly rocking freckled tits. Jennifer was lost in a dream of passion as she looked toward the entrance of her bedroom, and catching a glimpse of her daughters peeking in on them.

Shock envelopped her, grief, guilt and pain at the thought of her two children seeing her with another man. She tried to pull Jean off but he was too far lost to stop now, and she knew it. She had seduced her nephew into bed and though it was amazing, maybe it was wrong. Jean saw his aunt looking toward the entrance and smiled as he noticed his two cousins.

He kept fucking their mom, even more excited now. He grabbed his aunt's shoulders and began pushing her into his throbbing cock as he continued to pound her sweet ass. Stephanie and Sofie watched, in awe and shock as their mom screamed and shrieked as another orgasm envelopped her. She buried her face into a nearby pillow as a rush of juice exploaded out from her cunt. Jean never stopped, he stared at his aunt's big tits as they heaved back and forth wildly.

"You're mom is such a good fuck, you know that?" Jean said to the two girls.

He turned his Aunt around who's voice was hoarse from screaming. Taking his cock out of her ass, he laid her on her back and moved his thing to her mouth, letting his big, bulging cockhead tickle the entrance of her soft lips. As her two daughters watched she opened her mouth, letting her nephew's cock disappear into her wanting mouth.

Jean moaned happily, " awww... I'm gonna fuck your face like I fucked the rest of your holes, what do you think about that?" He said pulling his cock out so she could answer.

At first she said nothing, feeling humiliated infront of her two daughters. Jean pressed her however, his big aching cock inches from her face. She wanted it so bad, wanted to feel that hard throbbing manmeat of his fucking her face. It had been a long time since she had felt a man doing this to her. She briefly though of her marriage, how it might have been her fault that her marriage was dwindling into nothingness. Her meandering thoughts were suddenly choked away as she looked at her nephew, who's cock was inches from her mouth.

"I know you want it, Jennifer. I can see it in your eyes. You want me to pound that sweet face of yours. Pound it like your husband can't, fuck you like Brian can't. Tell me and I'll pound your sweet mouth, I'll fuck your aching pussy, I'll rape your tight ass."

"aww... Jean" Jennifer pleaded.

Jennifer's gaze briefly lingered on her two daughters who were staring at her in pure shock. They would have to have a long talk after this, but for now she would enjoy the sex she was enjoying so much.

"Say it" Jean repeated.

Finally Jennifer gave in, "MMmmmm I want your big hard cock fucking my face!"

"I didn't hear you?" Jean said teasingly.

"Give me your cock, fuck my face with your thick, hard manmeat. Than cum all over my face, my tits.. everywhere. I want to taste your cum, I want to drink it like the slut that I am."

Stephanie and Sofie looked on in pure shock and horror, "Mom.." they said softly as their cousin plunged his aching manhood between his aunts wanting lips. He plunged it deep and hard, unconcerned with her gagging or heavy breathing. Laying ontop of her face he kept forcing his fervent dick down his aunt's throat.

Just than took his big thing out his Aunt's mouth and made her kneel on the bed. He stood infront of her and again plunged his aching cock into her mouth. He grabbed her curly blonde hair roughly, shoving her face all the way down his long cock. Stephanie and Sofie watched as her mom got her face fucked, they watched her gag and throw up as Jean brutally pounded their mom's face for what seemed like forever. Jennifer's face was red from gagging, embrassement and humilation. Finally Jean pulled out of his Aunt for the last time and began spraying his cum all over her face. As his eruption continued it began dripping, rather generously down Jenn's chin and onto her big freckled tits.

When all was said and done, Stephanie and Sofie's mom sat at the edge of the bed; face and upper body entirely covered in cum. Her tits glistened with her nephews jizz as he lay on the bed panting. Finally he turned and sat beside his Aunt. He looked at his two cousin, Sofie had tears in her eyes and Stephanie just stood there speechless.

"Your mom is such a hot slut."

Sofie sniffed as a tear ran down her cheek, ".... Mommy?"

Jennifer smiled weakly, trying to be consoling even if she was soaked in cum, "It's okay Sofie, Mommy really needed that."

Stephanie looked at her Mom who was covered in cum, "Why? Why would you cheat on Dad?"

"Have you ever had a fantasy? this was one of mine, one of them for so long and it was better than I ever thought it would be."

"It still doesn't make it right, Mommy" Sofie said with a sniff.

"Your Dad is cheating on me, we're drifting apart; it's not right morally but I feel like I'm wasting my life just spending days working and coming home. I love you both with every fiber of my being but I want to be happy, I deserve it; this year I'm going to take a active role in making myself happier; and I think I will be seeing a lot more of you my sweet nephew" Jennifer said winking at Jean.

"Alright, it did look like you were having a good time" Stephanie said with a sly smile.

Jennifer smiled at his older daughter, "I'm sure your cousin wouldn't mind showing you just as good of a time, sweetheart"

Stephanie blushed heavily and stammered, trying to find an answer, "Well.. I... umm... haha"

"All you've gotta do is ask Stephy" Jean smiled.

"That'll be dessert I think; right now it's time for Supper, the turkey should be ready soon." Jennifer said smiling, as she scooped up some cum from her tits and tasted it.

"I think you should take a shower, Mommy" Sofie said softly.

"Good idea" she laughed, "I'll be right out; be good you three"

Stephanie went downstairs, saying that she was going to check on the turkey. Sofie watched Jean get dressed in her dad's jogging pants and one of his shirts. She looked at him quizzically for a few moments before speaking her mind.

"What about me?"

"What do you mean, Sofie?"

"I mean what about me. You're going to have sex with Stephanie but what if I want..."

"Well I guess we could; are you sure?" Jean said.

"Yeah, after we go to bed, I'll come downstairs in the basement and we can do it, okay?" Sofie said, her cheeks a deep red.

"Okay, and don't feel like you have to, alright? this is totally up to you"

"he he, thanks... I have one request though" Sofie said.


"Can it be not as rough as with Mom? it kind of scared me."

"No problem" Jean said ruffling his little cousins long, raven black hair.

Chapter 2- The Long Night. (coming soon)

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thank you for this addition

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I have the second chapter ready-ish but I might post in in the incest forum. I appologise for the lack of depth in this chapter, I've tried to remedy that in chapter 2, adding a bit more character development. Still I hope you enjoyed it.

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Great read hope you continue with your stories.