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11-21-2009, 03:20 PM
My wife and I have been married for six years. We are very much still in love with each other. Our problem is we don't communicate our feeling to each other very well.

Debbie is a very good looking woman, short, only five feet tall and one hundred and five pounds. Blond frosted hair and bluish eyes. Nice body 34C tits, thin waist, good legs and a butt like none other I have ever seen.

I have always enjoyed watching other men looking at her and even like it when they try to score with her. I get excited thinking what she would look like being fucked by someone else.

She always has nice cloths on and sometimes the outfits are even a bit revealing. Most of the time she is not an exhibitionist. But if she drink a bit to much she becomes more daring. When she has had a bit to much she told me, if you get me a little drunk you can do anything you want to me. I have kept that in my mind from the first time she said it to me.

When we are in bed and fucking, not making love, I am able to get her a bit nasty. She has told me she does because it is just us playing a role. and will never happen in real life. Although she gets real turned on during some of these play times. We will do things like, me telling her how to dress so she can show off her body to strangers. Me tying her up and blindfolding her then telling her I am going to have one of my friend come over and fuck her good. I will go change my aftershave, comb my hair different and change my voice so she will think it is one of my friends, or at least someone other than me. She acts frightened at first but after a while she really gets into it and climaxes like never before.

I have been honest with her and told her I would like to have some of these nasty things come true. How I would love to see the satisfied look on her face when she has someone else fucking her. I also told her that she knows she would like to tease guys but that she wonít admit it to me or herself. If she can be a little nasty when she has had to much to drink than she would like it when she is straight, but wonít let go.

I told her I had a deal for her. I am sure you do, she said. I told her I would take her somewhere for a week and she would have to put on whatever I told her to. Nothing that would be considered over the top, just something sexy and that would accentuate her body. If she would just do this one thing for me and if she found out she really didnít like it or it didnít turn her on that I would never ever bring it up again and I would give her five thousand dollars on top of it all. She hedged a little but finally said she would do it.

That night we had a couple of cocktails to finalize the deal and Debbie got buzzed and was feeling good. We were in our room getting ready for bed and I had brought two more drinks up with me. Without hesitation she started drinking her last drink. I looked at her and said, why donít you put on that sexy white see through nightly for me. Sure big boy, she answered a bit slurred. She went and put it on and we sat on the bed drinking and talking.

You sure look good with what you have on tonight, I said to her. This is what you like, isnít it Jimmy? But I bet you think I would even look better if there was someone else around that could look at me. All I could say was, being honest with you, you know I would. God your so nasty honey, she answered. Maybe, but I bet you are getting a little turned on knowing that. I am not, she said. Want to make a bet then, I asked? Yea, what do you want to bet? If your not turned on you can go on a shopping spree. If you are turned on then I want you to stand in front of the window for a while and talk to me. Your on mister, now how are you going to tell. I told you that you would get turned on if someone other than me was looking at your body in that night gown? Okay she said, now how are you going to tell if I am or not? I walked over to her and pulled down the see through panties showing her the wet spot in the crotch. Then I took her hand and put it between her legs making her feel how wet she was. Thatís not fair , she yelled. Come on Debbie, that proves you were a bit turned on thinking that a stranger could see you perfect body. She couldnít deny it, She hung her head and said, you win, I didnít think you could tell.

Brigit Astar
11-21-2009, 11:23 PM
good start--please continue