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12-04-2009, 10:42 AM
My name is Sonia, I am what they call mixed race, some black, some Indian, some white, some Asian.
My skin is golden brown, I carry D-cups, long black curly hair, 172 cm tall, about 60 kilo, a little narrow hips, and a still tight bottom!
My age now is 48, I am still married to the same man for more than 25 years, had 3 children from my husband, and I must confess I deceived my husband for the whole of our marriage.
He still thinks I am a kind of virgin, that only he ever fucked me.
But he did not.
I started having sex in a rather young age, really.
I guess before I got married, around 200 guys fucked me, once, twice, or many times.
I was, what you might call, an easy lay.
And I liked it, very much and most of the time it was me that opened the proceedings.
I was on the pill right after having my first period, stopped that the night after I got married, and 4.5 years later after having my third child I picked the habit up again.
I guess, everybody has bad habits, mine is the pill, and sex..
I don‘t smoke, don’t drink, but boy, do I like sex.
I met my husband when I was 20, we married 8 months later, and never during that period did we have sex.
Because my husband believed in sex when married, and not before.
I am not really a firm believer in sex in marriage only, but I must admit I tried to abstain for 3 months.
As I was so horny all the time I started to have sex again, and much!
The night before our marriage I organised a gangbang together with a friend, and it was a real huge success.
Both of us were fucked so many times we lost count, I do know that my pussy hurt a lot, and the amount of sperm in there and on my body was enormous.
The next morning it cost me a lot of time to get presentable again, the dried sperm in my hair, upstairs and downstairs was a killer.
My pussy hair was not a problem, just shaved everything away, but my head……awful.
Anyway, after repair of my external looks, I was still having a sore pussy and my tits were very much aching too.
From past experience I knew that having sex did not take that ache away but made it much more bearable.
But that was not really an option before the marriage, and to wait till after the marriage and reception, I did not want to wait that long, because my future husband was well endowed, but I had no idea if he would be able to fuck, at all, because of his archaic ideas.
Anyway, we would be married in the afternoon, quite late, and the church was even later, so who knows what could happen.
My tits were, and are, rather big, D-cup, and when I was 20 also rather firm, only a little sag really.
The marriage dress I was going to wear did not really need a bra, so I left that thing on the table, and to be ready for anything I also missed my slip, the weather was warm, so I would not really miss those things.
Anyway, I think I was in luck, and the missed slip brought me luch!
Some friends came to wish me luck, and I managed to get two guys so far they would have lunch with me, of course it did not cost me much trouble to get fucked by both.
It was quite a session, the guys were so much enchanted by fucking a bride to be, that both of them managed three servings, without disturbing my hair and makeup too much.
However, the groom was waiting some time for me to repair that damage, while the two guys remained behind in the house after I left in the car for the civilian marriage.
Me leaking sperm in my, happily, very wide dress.
But indeed, the sore pussy was very much more bearable.
In the church, two hours later, sperm still dripped on my thighs, and it was kind of sticky around my pussy and ass., and thighs!
I managed to survive the party, and indeed, around midnight I managed to play the virgin for my husband when he penetrated me for the first time.
And he was not bad at all, two nice servings in the night, and a repeat performance in the morning.
I must say that he fucked me nearly every day, and he was becoming better all the time.
A few months later I was pregnant, gave birth rather easily, got pregnant again, gave birth and did it another time.
That was enough, three children in a little more than 4,5 years, plenty.
Luckily, I was free of strectchmarks, well, maybe a few, and my pussy was maybe a little easier to get in to, but not much so.
I thought I had done enough, wanted some extra sex again, knew for certain that I had to do that very secretly, and did not want to get pregnant again.
I talked the pregnancy part over with my husband, he agreed that 3 children was enough, so I could go on the pill again, which I did.
The sex part was needed more thinking, but as my husband was working shifts all the time, and not in our town, every day that he worked gave me 10-12 hours to plan naughty things.
Anyway, two weeks later I had the first fucker banging me again, in my own bed, and a week later number 2 & 3, in the unused house above a shop in a shopping centre.
After that, a steady stream of fuckers used my pussy for relief, mostly in the daytime, but a few in the night.
Now I am 48, and still going strong, and maybe loving to fuck more and more.
I always noted down the amount of man I had sex with, and altogether I managed to fuck with more than 2100 different men.
Not a bad score, about 60 each year.
And oh wonder, most men still tell me I have a tight pussy!
My tits are not so proud any more, but not wearing a bra in summer does not make me look silly.
I still have very long black and curly hair, my pussy is still very bald, and I am still happy.
And oh yes, my husband still fucks me 2-3 times a week.
I love life.

Brigit Astar
12-04-2009, 01:16 PM
thank you for this addition