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12-18-2009, 12:10 PM
Part V - The Ravishing of Shelly

Shelly had just finished her bikini fashion shoot on the beach and was heading to her changing room when Dr. Vicki stopped her. "Shelly, how are things?" she asked "You really looked great today during the shoot, I could not take my eyes off of you and those poses you were striking....Wow!" Shelly replied "Thanks, I am really enjoying my new figure and career here. I guess I have you to thank you for most of it. I'm just glad I am modeling now and all that preparation work is behind me. I cannot wait to travel from here and work for the magazine," Shelly smiled back at Dr. Vicki.

"Shelly, since you first arrived here you have handled yourself particularly well" Dr. Vicki stated.

"Well, I am not sure handled things all that well. I was really ashamed of some of the things I was asked to do, and sometimes required to do. Anyway, I have mostly tried to forget about all the bad things and focus on what's fun and positive" Shelly replied. "Bad things?" questioned Dr. Vicki, "Like what would you call bad, the locker room and the training?"

"Not really the locker room, more so the "selection night", that was horrible. When I do remember that night, and I try not to do that often, then I'm thinking 'is he going to return', along with that cock of his" whispered Shelly. "I mean its been 6 months ago and I guess he's forgotten about me. I was hoping he would."

Dr. Vicki interrupted "Shelly he's not forgotten about you, in fact he's been saving himself for you and, unlike the rest of the male models around this place, he gets very fixated on one girl. I would not be surprised if he's really fallen for you, and just does not know how to face you after that night."

Shelly replied "Well, he hasn't been around and that is just as well as I guess. Maybe he's moved on and never really 'selected me'. Besides, I could never take that cock inside me again." "You know they strapped me to a table and I was left with no choice but to accept him. I was scared to death as were the other girls."

"But you took him and his length. Even I could not do that and he's tried several times on me, but that has been a long time ago" Dr. Vicki said in response and looking down at Shelly's figure. "Anyway, the reason I am here is that he sent me to tell you he will want you soon." Shelly stared at Dr. Vicki then replied "I don't think you understand, I cannot go through having sex with him again. His body is awesome and all that, and his face is certainly hot as I recall, but he's just too much, he's huge!"

Dr. Vicki replied "I know dear, I examined him a long time ago and that is a sight you could never forget." Dr. Vicki whispered in a hush tone into Shelly's ear, "He's fifteen inches long and at least seven to eight inches around, perhaps more at the base...I have his measurements more or less memorized." Shelly giggled, "I guess having sex when I was younger helped me despite my shyness, but that's something I never really wanted people to know or figure out." Dr. Vicki looked at Shelly and said "What do you mean 'when I was young'! You're ARE young just look at you. Then Dr. Vicki sternly said, "You know, you did take it all, and I know you did, along with that training toy I gave you but apparently stopped using. You didn't follow your doctor's advise" Dr. Vicki whimsically remarked.

Shelly snapped "I've been more or less taken by every man here! The locker room, the cocks hanging down in my face. This place is totally twisted when it comes to sex. I have had cocks up inside every opening!!"

"But not in your vagina little Shelly" Dr. Vicki cut her off. "Not in that pussy of yours....I kept you from having to worry about cum inside your vagina, getting pregnant, you know. A lot of girls have ended up that way around here."

As Dr. Vicki quieted Shelly, she continued "Anyway, I didn't come over here to argue with you, I came over here because I want you to come to my beach home now, I want to show you something. Please come along." Shelly looked confused then replied "Ok, fine, let's go."

As the two walked together, Dr. Vicki pulled Shelly closer to her "You really are nice and I want to comfort you so you are not in fear around here. You are so special to me, Shelly. I didn't mean to upset you by mentioning the Grand Master." Dr. Vicki whispered. Shelly looked and gave her a shy smile in return, "I like to know that you care for me, and I like hearing it, and I feel you are the only person around here that likes me as a friend. You have also made me look great. The other girls here just ignore me."

"Like I said," Dr. Vicki stared at Shelly, "They're all just jealous of you and who's to blame them. Come on, I will help you relax and enjoy yourself."

Shelly and Dr. Vicki finally came up to the beach home. It was beautifully appointed and inviting both inside and out. "This is really a nice place, its gorgeous" Shelly admired. Dr. Vicki replied "Thanks, its really special to me. And speaking of special, please follow me to my most favorite room." As the the two passed down a hall way, they entered a room that was lit with candles of all shapes and sizes. The smell was wonderful and Shelly took it all in. "I want to live in a place like this someday" Shelly said to Dr. Vicki. The middle of the room had a large padded bed table. "This is my massage table, and you Shelly are in for a treat!" Dr. Vicki said holding up her hands and wiggling her fingers smartly with a big smile coming across her face. "This is what I do best. Please come over here." Shelly walked over and Dr. Vicki said "here, let's remove your bikini top" as she pulled and untied her bikini strings, "then let's remove these cute bottoms of your's" as her hands slid slowly and softly down Shelly's sides - pausing just enough to hook her thumbs into the sides of Shelly's bikini bottoms and then continued pulling downward.

Shelly's enormous triple D breasts dropped from her bikini top, and her nipples were immediately erect and distended from her dark aeroles. Shelly stepped forward out of her bikini bottoms, revealing her smooth bald pussy and mound that extended out. "That breast augmentation certainly agreed with you.....I am so proud of my handiwork I must admit" Dr. Vicki said while staring warmly at Shelly's figure. "Now, up you go and relax. I see you also just waxed." Shelly replied, "I was waxed this morning just before my shoot. They wanted that smooth look for the bottoms I was wearing." Dr. Vicki looked at Shelly's full pussy mound and her youthful and full figured lips, then felt her own pussy starting to swell and get wet.

Shelly climbed up onto the table and laid down on her back. "Don't freak out, but I use a lot of warm oil when I provide my massages. Just relax and close your eyes." Dr. Vicki calmly told Shelly. With that statement, Dr. Vicki picked up and poured a large vase of warm oil onto Shelly's breasts, then continued the warm stream of oil down her tummy and onto her pussy mound. The oil was thick and warm and felt relaxing to Shelly. "Wow, you do pour a lot of oil....my gosh." Shelly whispered in quiet protest. Dr. Vicki's hand started working the oil over Shelly's body. As she worked the oil into her body and supple skin she stopped to pour even more warm oil until Shelly's skin had a thick wet sheen of oil encasing her figure. Her body was oiled completely. "There, I think that's got you covered!" Dr. Vicki laughed.

As the message continued, Dr. Vicki whispered into Shelly's ear, "Open your legs and lift them back." As Shelly did so, Dr. Vicki's face slid between Shelly's thighs. Her lips found Shelly's pussy mound and she softly started to part Shelly's swollen mound with her tongue. "This is the best part" Dr. Vicki softly spoke just before she pulled Shelly's clit mound into her mouth and started sucking and pulling her clit and clithood in and out of her lips and mouth.

"Oh my...." Shelly immediately relaxed and the tickle in her pussy overwhelmed her - but she felt shy and a bit ashamed. Shelly then slowly opened her legs a bit further "I have thought about doing this with my friend Sally, but I was always unsure how to ask her. I have never had a girl or woman do this to me....." she calmly stated...."oh my, that feels so nice...oh my goodness, oh..." Shelly's belly started to tense up and she felt what she knew to be a climax starting to build "please, oh....I feel so, so ....." Shelly let out a gasp and dropped her head back letting her feelings and sensation take control over her mind. She reached down and grabbed her legs and pulled herself open and wide for Dr. Vicki...."Oh my, Oh my....that feels so good..."

Shelly was now completely spread apart by her own hands for Dr. Vicki's oral session. Shelly then felt her pussy being opened as Dr. Vicki had reached up with one hand and inserted three fingers deep inside Shelly's pussy. Dr. Vicki knew immediately where to find Shelly's G-spot as she curled her fingers back and upward into Shelly's open cunt. Shelly then felt her belly contract hard as she tightly closed her eyes. Dr. Vicki was now rapidly working her hand in and out of Shelly's now open pussy as she sucked on her clithood while simultaneously rolling her tongue over her protruding clit.

Shelly suddenly convulsed and fluid shot out from her cunt opening as she came hard. "Ahhhhhh....ooohhh!" Shelly cried out while a thick stream of fluid shot from her pussy and into Dr. Vicki's chin and now opening mouth. She convulsed again and again from her climax while Dr. Vicki worked her fingers and tongue firmer and faster against her and inside her. Shelly again released a shot of fluid as her contractions inside her cunt deepened from Dr. Vicki's hand and tongue movement. "Ohhhhhhhh...eeeeeeeeeee...ahhhhhhhh!!" Shelly gasped from her second orgasm, convulsing and arching her back and continuing to tightly close her eyes.

Dr. Vicki eagerly lapped at Shelly's pussy lips trying to catch her fluid as it ejaculated from her cunt. "That's it Shelly, cum for me.....cum hard!" Dr. Vicki seductively implored.

Then as her climax subsided, Shelly opened her eyes and above her face hung an enormous cock hovering intensely.

Shelly gasped loudly. "Oh My, Ohhhhh...." Shelly's gasp trailed off.

Glistening and wet with oil the cock was fat and curved upward with huge veins buldging out the flesh. Shelly then heard a deep voice gruff out "Now its time to fuck...."

As Shelly heard those words, the table portion holding Shelly's head fell away and collapsed. Shelly's head dropped down and was caught by an enormous pair of hands, which grasped the sides of her head and face. "Open for me..." the huffing voice said.

Shelly then saw an enormous sets of balls hanging down as the fat cockhead pressed open her lips and mouth. Shelly's mouth fell open as the head and thick shaft abruptly entered her mouth and pressed down into her throat - the oil helping ease the cock's entry into her throat as she choked.

The cock was the Grand Master's organ and it pushed into Shelly's throat as she gasped and choked harder, trying to catch her breath. "That's it my dear, take me down your throat like a good girl." The Grand Master pumped his cock forward gagging Shelly, then holding his cock in place for what Shelly thought was an eternity while her throat muscles convulsed around the intrusion.

Her face turned deep red as she continued to convulse and swallow.

He pulled his cock free of her mouth as long thick trails of slimy throat mucus pulled out with it. He then pushed his cock foward again and repeated his violent throat entry. "That's it....throat fuck me like you were throat fucked in the locker room....." Shelly gasped and choked hard as the cock pushed out the sides of her neck from the expansion of entry. "So Shelly, you were wanting to leave me?" inquired the Grand Master as he again held his cock down her throat.

Dr. Vicki looked up at the Grand Master and smiled at him, her face glistening wet with Shelly's ejaculate fluid and oil mixed with it. "She's open for you my dear....." Dr. Vicki calmly cooed to the Grand Master. The Grand Master again pushed his cock deep into Shelly's stretched out throat and said, "Good....I will get to her cunt in a minute." Shelly's tears and throat mucus poured down onto her forehead and into her hair. Her face was distorted from the violence of having to orally please the Grand Master. Dr. Vicki replied "No hurry, when you are ready my dear.....I will continue to 'play' with her for now." The Grand Master again withdrew his cock only to push it deep into Shelly's throat after she made a quick gasp for air.

As Dr. Vicki finished her reply, she collapsed her fingers into a ball and then pushed her entire hand as a fist into Shelly's pussy opening. Her fist passed through Shelly's opening and her arm slid half way up to her elbow and stretched the length of her pussy. "I'll make sure her cervix isn't in the way" as Dr.Vicki winked and slyly smiled at the Grand Master.

Shelly's muffled scream tried to find its way out, but the Grand Master's cock had her throat fully consumed.

"You will be a good girl and open your legs for me even wider won't you?" purred Dr. Vicki as the flesh on Shelly's belly pushed up into a mound around her belly button from the intrusion deep from within her. Dr. Vicki pumped her fist and arm in and out of Shelly's gapping cunt. "Amazing..." Dr. Vicki continued as her other hand had worked a vibrating dildo into her own cunt. The Grand Master worked his hands down and over Shelly's heaving breasts. He slapped at her right breasts causing it to jiggle violently, then he reached down and pulled both her nipples upward stretching her breasts outward.

Shelly could not cry out, the Grand Master's cock was deep into her throat and Dr. Vicki's hand and arm was buried even more deeply inside...."Shall we meet in her middle?" Dr. Vicki continued with a slight erotic laugh while pushing her arm further inside. Shelly's cries once again tried to escape the oral seal made from the Grand Master's cock..."I do wish I could feel your cock head from within!" Dr. Vicki again erotically laughed.

The ravishing of Shelly had begun.

"Shelly you are to fuck me deeply and do completely as we say" the Grand Master instructed. And with that he withdrew his enormous cock from her throat. Shelly gasped for air and choked hard as her face was wet and dripping from her own throat mucus and tears. "Keep your legs open..." he instructed her. Shelly laid there gasping for air when she felt a ball gag enter her mouth and the straps pull tight around the back of her head. "This will help you with your emotion and cries" the Grand Master stated as he walked around the side of the elevated bed as Dr. Vicki withdrew her arm and fist. A distinctive "pop" came from Shelly's pussy as Dr. Vicki abruptly withdrew her arm and fist, still clenched in a tight ball. Shelly gasped from the feeling of her belly being once again pulled flat.

The Grand Master climbed atop the table, his enormous and fully wet and erect cock turning upward and swinging from side to side - its shaft achieving every bit of the fifteen inches Dr. Vicki had described. "Open for me Shelly." And with that command, the Grand Master lifted Shelly's legs and placed them over his shoulders. He pushed forward entrapping her legs and lifting her ass and pussy off the table and placing her cunt at the perfect angle for the deepest possible penetration.

His cock head moved to the entrance of her pussy, now open and gapping. Dr. Vicki grabbed his enormous shaft and placed the head at her pussy entrance. "There you go my dear...." Dr. Vicki stated as she kept her hand in place to guide the cock's entry into Shelly's pussy. The Grand Master pushed his hips downward in one full motion. His cock entered Shelly and slide deep within her belly. Shelly cried out from underneath the ball gag in her mouth, turning her head violently from side to side, sweat now breaking out all over her body and around her face. The Grand Master's cock completely disappeared into Shelly's body. His cock sunk deeply as his balls now pressed and rolled up firmly against the bottom of Shelly upturned pussy and ass.

The Grand Master looked deeply into Shelly's eyes and calmly said "Time to fuck...." as his hips lifted upward fully withdrawing his cock to just its head, then pushing firmly back down fully penetrating Shelly with each thrust. The Grand Master fucked deep and hard, with long punishing strokes into Shelly's cunt. She cried out from under the ball gag with each deep entry. His balls slapping hard against the base of her upturned pussy and ass.

"That's it Shelly, take it deep and hard..." Dr. Vicki calmly whispered in her ear. The Grand Master continued to quicken the pace of this thrusting. His ass and thighs were now rapidly moving up and down as he fucked Shelly as fast and deep as possible. Shelly's cries were now continuous under the ball gag as her vaginal canal and cervix absorbed the impact of his massive cock, and the sound of his flesh slapping Shelly's flesh filled the room.

Dr. Vicki came over and dropped her head and face down onto Shelly breasts. Taking a nipple into her mouth, her teeth clamped down just enough to firmly grip and pull Shelly's nipple outward. Dr. Vicki swung her long leg over Shelly's head and pushed her ass down onto her face. "I only wish I could feel your tongue right where I want it...." Dr. Vicki deeply sighed, then reached down and pulled open her well curved ass cheeks, engulfing Shelly's face. "That pretty face of yours would feel great tonguing my ass opening" cooed Dr. Vicki. Both Dr. Vicki and the Grand Master each slapped at Shelly's breasts - continuing the jiggling of her flesh. "Oh how I have wanted to suck and bite those nipples" as Dr. Vicki again lowered her head and face onto Shelly's breasts and continued to torment her breasts and nipples.

Dr. Vicki then held up a ball of thin nylon rope. She proceeded to loop the rope around Shelly's left breast, then pulled the loop tight causing the rope to sink in around the base of her breast and into her flesh. "Tie her tits for me...." stated the Grand Master. "Don't worry my dear, that is exactly what I am doing..." replied Dr. Vicki as she continued to wrap the rope around the base of her breasts and then pull the rope tight to cause her nipple and surrounding breasts to become engorged and red. As she wrapped and made the rope even tighter, her left breast began to turn slightly purple. The Grand Master pinched and pulled Shelly's nipple upwards, drawing her engorged breast outward and allowing Dr. Vicki to make another couple of loops of rope around her breast. Shelly met the extension with a sharp scream under her ball gag. "You do that so well...." observed the Grand Master. "Yes, I know.....now for the right one" Dr. Vicki replied as she moved the rope and her attention to Shelly's right breast. The Grand Master reached out and pinched the nipple on her right breast and pulled firmly outward, allowing Dr. Vicki to start the wrapping and tightening process all over.

When Shelly's tits were completely tied and bound, the site of Shelly's purple and engorged tits made the Grand Master 's cock even harder. He responded by continuing with long and firm strokes, then he would push deep into her and hold his cock in place. Shelly would cry out from under the ball gag each time he held himself deeply into her belly. Her purple engorged tits distended outward from her chest and rubbed up against the Grand Master's chest.

"Did you make arrangements for Goon to join us my dear?.." the Grand Master cooly asked as he pumped his cock in and out of Shelly. "I most certainly did" replied Dr. Vicki. And with that Dr. Vicki said "Goon, would you care to join us please." Goon stepped into the room. He was pulling on his hard and stiff cock, the leather strap Mistress kept in place was removed. "I have him freed up so he can cum as he pleases tonight" excitedly stated Dr. Vicki. "His cum is always great for lubrication as thick and white as it is!"

The Grand Master then slid his arms under Shelly's legs and lifted her up off the table. His cock remaining deeply embedded in her pussy and womb. Dr. Vicki wrapped a wide leather belt around Shelly and the Grand Master - the kind used by the Grand Master when he lifted weights. "Strap her firmly to me just like this..." stated the Grand Master. He slowly grinded his hips keeping his cock fully embedded inside Shelly. Shelly continued to gasp under the ball gag. Tears gently streamed down her face - welling up from not knowing what was coming next.

Once Shelly was strapped to the Grand Master he turned to Goon and said "Care to join me in a DP of Shelly's openings, Goon?" Goon stepped forward oiling his cock, his eyes fixated on Shelly's ass held up by the Grand Master.

Dr. Vicki said "But introductions first you guys. Shelly, I would like you to meet Goon, he has the cock that has been fucking your friend Sally here. Those cries you once heard were from her of course." As Dr. Vicki finished her statement, Goon stepped underneath Shelly's ass. He placed his enormous head at her anal opening and then he pushed upward firm and deliberate. Shelly's anal opening at first clinched, then gave way. Goon's cock slid deeply upward. The cry that came out from behind Shelly's ball gag was more piercing in its intensity. More tears streamed down Shelly's cheeks as she was aggressively violated and fucked. The cocks each turned upward into her body as the two men began pumping their hips back and fourth - reaching an intense "in and out" motion as Shelly ass cheeks jiggled from the motion. Her fuck continued until both men were completely drenched in sweat.

Dr. Vicki exclaimed "Fuck her deep and hard my boys...." as she pushed her vibrator now in and out of her own cunt and furiously rubbed her clit. "I want to lick her out when you are through....."

The Grand Master and Goon fucked Shelly in and out for over 20 minutes in a standing DP position. When Goon's cock popped out of Shelly's anal opening for a moment, he quickly gathered his enormous arrow straight shaft into his hand - its length once measured by Dr. Vicki at over twelve inches. "My goodness, Goon, you are huge tonight!" exclaimed Dr. Vicki, "I don't believe I have ever see you this big and erect before." "Shelly, you are having quite the effect on these two gentlemen."

As Goon placed his cock head back at Shelly's anal opening, the Grand Master bucked his hips forward. Goon's cock head inadvertently slid from Shelly's anal opening and rubbed up against the Grand Master's cock and her vaginal opening. Goon pushed his hips aggressively forward thinking her anal opening was once again resisting his entry. Shelly screamed intensely as Goon's cock then abruptly entered her pussy canal along side the Grand Master's cock - further thinning her vaginal lips around the joined cocks. His cock slid up and fully disappeared alongside the Grand Master's cock. "Oh my gosh ,...Goon!" cried out Dr. Vicki "You guys are making her do a doublevag penetration!!" Shelly's pussy burned and stretched open like never before. She continued to cry out and plead for herself, but the ball gag prevented anyone from hearing her pleading words.

The continued cries of her voice and the increased tightness of her cunt created a sensation that over took both Goon and the Grand Master. Their cocks stiffened rock hard and both men gripped and pushed hard and deeply up into Shelly's womb and belly. Both cocks simultaneously releasing their cum loads deep inside Shelly's cunt. As they both furiously pumped in and out to further stimulate their ejaculation strokes, Shelly's pussy lips also pulled out and in with each violent stroke. Her ass jiggling in the motion of each cum thrust and her engorged breasts rolling up and down on the Grand Master's oiled chest.

She was held as if she were a fuck toy, and the fuck was one of sport.

Thick white cum streaks then began to appear on their joined shafts, and slowly the cum gathered and ran down to their balls. Dr. Vicki fell to her knees and quickly worked her tongue and open mouth over their balls - catching their cum into her mouth. After both men had bucked their last penetration and cum load into Shelly, the men withdrew their cocks and cum poured out from Shelly's stretched and gaping fuck hole and into Dr. Vicki's waiting mouth. The white thick cum filled her mouth. Their cocks only becoming semi-soft, swinging from side to side, and remaining engorged and fat.

As Dr. Vicki stood, Shelly was pushed down to her knees. The Grand Master removed the ball gag and Dr. Vicki placed her mouth directly over Shelly's own mouth. "Here's another cum load for you, Shelly." the Grand Master stated as Dr. Vicki poured the cum from her mouth into Shelly's mouth and onto her face. Shelly gulped and actually swallowed thinking her cooperation would end the fuck session that evening - hoping their cum ejaculation was the finale, and the ravishing was at end.

As Dr. Vicki stepped away, the cocks on both men had grown hard again, and Shelly was picked up and then placed back onto the table. She softly cried "noooo", as streams of tears gently ran down her face. The men's bodies glistened with sweat and oil. Their ass cheeks clinched and their hips pushed forward so they could make sure Shelly could visually see their once again erect cocks. Dr. Vicki said to Shelly, "You've certainly fucked enough to know how long men last the second time around," as she stared intensely into Shelly's eyes. "You will have to work it now my dear to make them cum or you are in for a long evening!" Dr. Vicki exclaimed in laughter. Shelly's friend and doctor was now her chief tormenter.

Shelly's cries were a little softer now as the back and ass of each of the men raised and lowered - signaling once again the fucking of Shelly had begun. This time with Goon feeding his cock into her mouth to throat fuck her, and the Grand Master now lying underneath Shelly as her body was firmly held into place on his chest by the belt. The Grand Master's hands reached up and pulled Shelly's ass wide open, as if inviting someone to fuck her ass deeply. Her anal orfice opening was red, wet and gapping from her DP fuck with Goon's cock.

As Dr. Vicki stepped away wiping her mouth, a door opened.

Mistress entered the room with an enormous strap-on dildo attached to her body. "My turn...." Mistress spoke as she walked past Dr. Vicki and towards Shelly's upturned ass - the Grand Master's cock continuing to pump in and out of her cunt. Mistress paused and took in the sight of the entangled bodies and penetration of Shelly and then softly cooed....."my turn it is." Mistress then calmly climbed atop the fuck table. She straddled over Shelly's ass pointing the oddly shaped bulbous tip of her strap-on at Shelly's anal opening. The strap-on was shaped like a club - with the tip in the shape of a fat ball around three inches in diameter, then tapered down a long twelve inch shaft. Mistress smiled wily then spoke: "Hello my dear, I've heard so much about you...I plan to 'pop' open your anal opening to help stimulate the Grand Master's cock inside you. I hope you don't mind me helping him out." A whir from the strap-on began as Mistress started the vibrator that was embedded in the bulbous head. "Who knows, you might enjoy this....." Mistress whispered.

As Dr. Vicki closed the door, the bulbous head of Mistress's strap-on pushed down and stretched open Shelly's anal opening before abruptly entering her. The shaft then followed fully disappearing into Shelly's upturned and spread open ass. Shelly's piercing cry was once again heard, but this time without the ball gag in place.

Outside Dr. Vicki's beach house, the Trainer and a dozen other semi-naked men walked towards the entrance while overhearing Shelly's cries. Their cocks grew rigid with excitement. Behind one of the men, Sally trundled along with her legs open from the expansion ring, and a leather collar and leash guiding her way. She was mostly naked with her pussy having just been freshly waxed. Her deep black brunette hair was pulled back into a cute pony tail with a bright red bow adorned at the top. Her nipples on her otherwise flat chest poked out into the evening breeze. For the last 6 months, Mistress had continually subjected Sally's nipples to stretch sessions, including vaccum pumps and weights attached to nipple chains. Her nipples now measured well over an inch and a half when erect and were the object of bites and stretches during sex.

As Sally ackwardley walked along, her pony table swung back and forth as if ready to be grabbed and pulled. Bright red lipstick had been applied to her protruding facial and vaginal lips - the color contrasting sharply against her pale white skin and black hair. She wore white stockings pulled half way up her thighs along with tall spike heels - further complicating her ability to walk with the men. However, the look was visually stunning. Sally looked more so like a young child's doll than a young lady of 18.

With the arrival of the men, the ravishing of Shelly would continue well into the night. The ravishing of Sally was soon to commence.

When Sally entered the room, the site of Shelly being ravished by Mistress, Goon and the Grand Master shocked her. She gasped and fell to her knees. A ball gag was immediately placed in her mouth and strapped around her head by one of the men. Dr. Vicki then produced an anal hook and proceeded to insert the ball end of the hook deep into her anal cavity. The other end of the hook ended in a ring. The ring was tied to a rope that was then tied by Dr. Vicki to her pony tail. This effectively bound Sally's ass to her head causing the small of her back to bow inwardly. The result was to ensure both her anal and pussy openings would remain raised and exposed for her fuck while she was on all fours.

As Goon withdrew his cock from Shelly's mouth, the intensity of Mistress's vibrating toy inside her anal cavity had caused the slut inside Shelly to climax. Shelly breathed deeply and gasped "Ahhhhhhhh....ohhhh!" as if trying to fight the fact that she was climaxing from the ordeal. Goon jacked off his cock into Shelly's face and shot three thick streams of cum into her face and open mouth. The Grand Master and Mistress continued their double penetration of Shelly. The Trainer quickly stepped up and replaced Goon by placing his cock into Shelly's mouth. Goon's cum worked well in lubricating the entry of his cock so as to allow passage down her throat. Shelly once again gagged and chocked as the trainer held her head firmly while pushing his cock into her.

Mistress looked over at Sally and said "Now Sally, welcome to your reunion with Shelly! See how Shelly is having an orgasm.....I do hope you finally learn too!"

Sally stared at the site of Shelly's penetration session as the men began to encircle her body, their cocks hanging long and threatening between their legs. They soon descended on Sally's body and penetrated her mouth and pussy.

That evening, the participants had divided into five groups of three each. Another table was brought in and Sally was placed upon it beside Shelly's fuck table. Dr. Vicki had earlier removed Sally's expansion ring and soon a cock had abruptly entered each of Sally's openings. Her newly expanded cunt was useful for multiple doublvag sessions - with two cocks entwined inside her vaginal cavity. The anal hook keeping her firmly held in place.

The group fully used the fuck holes of the two girls, until each group of men had came several times. Dr. Vicki and Mistress participated in the groups with Mistress wily noting her cock never gives out.

That evening, Sally participated in five DP sessions. Shelly had endured 8 DP sessions, but unlike Sally, had the Grand Master inside her pussy canal the entire time. Mistress took delight in her use of the club-shaped strap-on. The ball seemed to cause the girls to particularly cry out harder than with any male cock entry.

The ravishing ended at 3:00 am in the morning - the girls laid covered in cum and their hair and make-up was smeared in oil and cum. Camera flashes occurred throughout the evening recording the scene of their bodies being completely used - Video cameras also recorded the events of the evening.

When Shelly was picked up and taken to the shower to be cleaned up - Dr. Vicki advised her she no longer would work as a swimsuit model. The decision was made to make her work as a nude model and be filmed in sex scenes. Her first shoot was to be in three days and Shelly's modeling hopes were now finished. At her first picture and video shoot, Shelly was made up but then told to spread her legs wide and pull her pussy and ass open for the camera lens. Her still photograph shoot was often followed by gang bang sessions with as many as 12 men and sometimes a few women. The Grand Master would often come by and abruptly fuck her in front of the film crews, sometimes having them record the fuck sessions. Shelly was bound to the Grand Master in a sexual relationship - only because her pussy had taken his length.

Sally was to remain a sexual slave to be used by the Spa Resort community - and under the care of Mistress. There were no sexual bounds placed on the degrading activities the Mistress imposed on Sally, and guests were often invited "to do as they pleased". Mistress strived to find new ways to expose Sally and her body to the twisted depths of her mind.

The End