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12-20-2009, 11:12 AM
Third and final part to follow; then the true reason for the story title will become apparent.

Planned or was it coincidence 2.
It was several days later and now it was Katie’s turn to relate her fantasy. Both she and Jamie were sat in dressing gowns side by side when she started.

Jamie; you had to go away for seven days because of work and I was left here alone; by the third day I was as horny as hell and found that my fingers and vibrator were just not hitting the spot; so I decided to slip down to the video store and pick up a new adult DVD. I thought I locked the doors but maybe I did not; but when I returned to the darkened house; I started straight away to prepare for the new DVD.

I entered the lounge and drew the curtains and made it cosy in here what with the heating turned up and nice dim lighting. I quickly stripped off my clothes and put the DVD in to the player and settled down on the sofa, my favourite two vibrators beside me.

Soon the action on screen began to heat up although I must confess I was unsure about the title of the DVD; it was called bondage slaves delight. Soon I watched on the screen as a woman was bound hand and foot to a wooden bench type bed. Her arms fastened behind her back and her legs kept open by a spreader bar.

Then another woman entered the screen with a large black monsterous dildo, she forced it into the mouth of the bound woman before rubbing obscenely along her cunt lips. The poor defenceless woman squealed with a mixture of pleasure and lust.

I must have got engrossed in the film because suddenly everything went black as a pillow case was put over my head and my arms were pinned by my side; I felt hands pinching my nipples and no matter how I fought, I was powerless to resist the hands exploring my body.

Just then a voice warned me to keep my eyes closed or I would be made to really suffer; the pillow case was pulled from my head and replaced with a blindfold; my arms were bound behind me and my hands were tied together. Next I felt my legs forced apart and I was aware of the feeling of someone staring at my shaved cunt. I cannot explain why but instead of feeling fear I felt a surge of horniness rush through my body and my cunt began to juice up.

My ankles felt the tightening of the ankle straps and I tried to close my legs but to no avail because of the wooden bar keeping them from closing. Although I could not see anything; I could feel the eyes burning into my tits and my cunt.

Just then I felt the feather light touch of someone’s fingers on my left breast and shuddered as it traced a soft gentle path towards my nipple; just as it reached my nipple I felt a delightful sensation on my right nipple and realised it was being pinched, pulled and twisted much like you yourself like to do when teasing me.

My nipples hardened like quick drying concrete and I felt such a thrill course through my veins that it took me a while to realise I now had fingers spreading my cunt lips; how many fingers I could not tell except my cunt felt crammed full; suddenly the voice told me I was a horny fuck slut and wanton whore and they were going delight in filling my fertile cunt with the baby making seeds to give me a bastard child which with luck would be a female to carry on my sluttish behaviours.

I was pulled forward until I fell down onto my knees and smelt the unmistakeable aroma of fresh cock waft up my nose, quickly followed by the heat of a cock head press against my lips. I was commanded to open my mouth like the cock sucking bitch I am and accept the prize my body was craving.

My mind was in a whirl for the voice sounded so familiar and yet so strange but its words scorched me to the soul for it seemed that it knew me so well. So it was I was knelt sucking a strange man’s cock while he called me all the names under the son; but I never lost sight of my objective; to suck the spunk from his very balls.

I almost achieved this but before it happened; I was grabbed by two pairs of hands and lifted of the ground; carried for some distance and then placed rather carefully on top of a warm body; After a little rearranging I felt the tip of this persons cock pressing against my open wet cunt and a quick shuffle had the cock plunge inside me. I knew this could not be Jamie for this cock was smaller than his; but I began to grind my hips against it causing it to work slightly in and out.

Next I felt further heat against my backside as a larger thicker cock pressed against my cunt entrance; I was scared and yet so turned on as I thought this bigger cock was going to force its way up alongside the smaller one. I had heard of slutty women who could take two cocks at a time up their cunts and often wondered how it would feel.

But no the new cock simply rubbed against my cunt lips before seeking out my anal ring; the pressure against my anal rosebud increased as the cock forced its way up my arse inch by inch till I felt the pubic hairs tickle my arse cheeks. Wow I could not believe it I was taking a cock up both holes and was powerless to resist; not that I would have anyway, I was far too turned on now to object to anything.

Once more my nipples were ravaged by fingers pinching and twisting them lewdly, all of which added to my excitement. I just about managed to open my mouth to scream my fifth or sixth orgasm when I suddenly felt a cock push past my lips and invade my mouth. It seemed to go on and on until it touched the back of my throat and the same gruff strange voice told me to relax. Then at least another two inches of cock slipped into my throat causing me to gag and almost pass out; but nature took over and I realised that I was able to breathe through my nose as the thick cock almost blocked my throat.

For the next goodness knows how long I was pounded in every hole until the cock in my mouth swelled and spewed forth its hot torrent of spunk; too much for me to swallow as some leaked out of the corners of my mouth; I expected the cock to be pulled from my mouth but it was not instead it was thrust forward and held there. I almost panicked that it was going to block my air way completely but then the strangest thing happened. I found myself almost blacking out in the midst of the greatest orgasm I had ever felt and at the same moment; the cock in my cunt and arse trembled as they spewed forth their seeds too. When I came too I was untied alone and covered in love bites and spunk.

As I related this fantasy to Jamie he was sat between my legs slowly licking my cunt and flicking my clit with his powerful tongue. I thought I may have revealed too much of my inner self to him as he suddenly sat up and sighed.

We both stood up and he wrapped me in his arms as we slowly made our way to bed; he actually whispered in my ear he would love to see my fantasy come true and he wanted me so much to be his personal cum slut and obey like a good little bitch his commands. I knew then that I would trust Jamie in everything sexual we ever decided to do and realised how deeply I loved him.

Brigit Astar
12-20-2009, 11:42 AM
every story you write causes me to rub my breasts and cunny till I climax. Damn, but you are good.

12-20-2009, 06:15 PM
Wow I could just imagine you doing that too...... Shame its always better to have someone else rub them for you......lol