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Night nurse Julie Roger’s secret.

Julie Roger’s was 26 years old and although not what most men would call a stunner; she was five six tall medium build and over the last three years as a nurse had developed 40D bust line. Her short cropped blonde hair and emerald green eyes always seemed to sparkle in the presence of men.

She had as a matter of course; once qualified as a state registered nurse three years ago; she had chosen to work mainly nights; she kept telling herself it was because there was less management around and she was less likely to mess up without their presence.

Over the last six months she had become very good friends with another nurse; Gwen Owens; despite the fact their shifts only coincided one week in three. It was on one of the rare occasions when Julie was not at work that our story really begins. Julie and Gwen had decided on a girl’s night out together. There is no real mystery about it but the truth is the booze she had consumed had led her to letting slip the secret she had been careful to protect since she was sixteen.

Julie loved to be a slut; not just a loose woman type of slut but a full blown submissive, willing to please by obeying anything kind of a whole hearted slut. The way the secret had come about was that after several strong drinks; Gwen had asked how come Julie always chose to work nights and why had she never mentioned a boyfriend or male acquaintance.

Julie blurted out that she avoided men since that night when she was sixteen; Now Gwen immediately thought that this meant that she had been raped or sexually abused and pressed her for more details. Caught between a rock and a hard place; Julie began to blurt out her story hoping that Gwen would not think too badly of her.

“It all began when I was fifteen and I was going steady with a boy two years older than me called Steven!” She began. “One Friday night he took me for a drink and after a couple of drinks we wound up at his friends house; there was me, Steven his mate Andy and another boy Geoff!” she continued, “Everything was fine till Geoff older brother Adam turned up with his mate Alan; well with me not being used to drinking and being the only girl there, well to cut a long story short I fucked them all in my mouth, cunt and arse and loved every single thrust of it and I made no bones about telling Steven so!” she almost sobbed. “He never said a word until next day when I phoned him; he was very off with me and told me to fuck off as he was not going to go out with a slag who loved being gang banged for free at the drop of a hat! I was devastated and had no one I could turn to in order to talk it through!” she confessed.

She anxiously scanned Gwen’s face for any tell tale signs of disgust but instead saw a flicker of compassion. Gwen confessed, “I would have loved to be in your shoes that night; all those rampant young ever hard pricks! I too would have made a pig of myself.”

Julie breathed a sigh of relief and smiled; suddenly Gwen beamed back a broad grin and leaning forward said in a stern voice, “Grab your coat; we are going to my house and you’re in for a real treat!”

Intrigued now Julie almost in a trance did grab her coat and they more or less staggered from the pub and hailed a cab to Gwen’s house. In the back of the cab Gwen explained that her husband Gareth was at home and she should leave all the talking to her. Then in the darkness of the back of the cab, Gwen forced her hand between Julie’s thighs and ordered her to open them wider; soon Julie’s white lacy panties were clearly on show and Gwen spotted the Driver adjust his interior mirror for a better view.

Soon Gwen had Julie’s panties pulled to one side and three fingers buried deep inside her soaking wet cunt; Julie ended up having to bite her top lip to stop from screaming out her passions. All too soon the cab pulled over and came to a stop. Gwen jumped out and spoke to the driver and then stuck her head back into the cab telling Julie, “Settle up with the taxi driver, there’s a good little slut!”

When Julie asked the taxi driver what they owed; he replied it’s a free ride if you give me a full blown blow job and a good feel at those tits and cunt. Julie was about to laugh it off when a stern voice from Gwen told her to get on with it and don’t take all night.

The Taxi driver then joined Julie in the back of the cab and soon had his eight inch cock out and as Julie wrapped her lips around it he slid his hand between her thighs and began finger fucking Julie’s soaking cunt. The taxi driver never told Julie he was cumming instead he simply pulled out of her mouth and sprayed his load all over her white blouse. Then he told her he wanted to see her fucking tits and she should open her blouse and hitch up her bra. There was Julie feeling all desires of the slut she truly was and loving every second. Ten years of pent up passion suddenly exploded around her. The taxi driver began by pinching her nipple and then soon had his mouth fastened to her nipple and mid suck he gripped it between his teeth and pulled away. Small explosions were going off inside Julies head and she suddenly lost control and found for the first time she could remember her cunt was squirting like a fire hose.

The sated driver thanked her and handed her his mobile phone number telling her if she ever needed a free taxi ride again she should call him. Then before Julie had time to adjust her dress; Gwen dragged her from the cab calling her a fucking whore; she had just had sex in exchange for cash. Julie tried to argue it out but suddenly stopped when Gwen pointed out that the taxi fare would have been at least £15 and she had paid with sex instead. Julie suddenly realised she had indeed took the first step to being a prostitute and all at Gwen’s command.

With tits still exposed she was led forty yards up the road and even made to stand exposing them further in the lights of the taxi as it turned round and sped off. Then she was led up to the house’s front door and Gwen Knocked before standing behind Julie. Julie tried to cover her breasts but was quickly told to leave them. Gareth then opened the front door and looked shocked that a woman he did not know would be stood there with her tits out on his doorstep. Just then Gwen stepped from behind Julie and told him to let them both in. Gareth laughed as he said, “You surely mean all three of you; or are you going to stand outside while I take these two wonderful tits inside!”

All Three of them entered the house and immediately on closing the door Gwen introduced Julie to Gareth; she introduced her as a horny fuck slut who needs to be controlled and introduced Gareth as his lord and master Gareth; the one to be obeyed. This done Gareth then demanded to know why this filthy fucking whore of a slut was so dressed upon reaching his house; Gwen told Julie to tell him and not to leave out a single detail.

Julie told him how Gwen had played with her in the back of the taxi but had not let her cum and she suspected Gwen had offered Julie’s services instead of payment for the taxi ride and how she had been happy to suck off the taxi driver whilst he frigged her cunt with four fingers in the final stages; a little embarrassed she had to explain how she felt when he had shot his spunk over her white blouse and then expose her tits to his fingers and mouth. She finished her description of the events by adding that she was now a proper whore having paid for the journey with sex instead of cash and how turned on that had made her.

Gareth then turned to Gwen and called her a teasing little bitch and for being so bad to Julie she was to find the spunk stains on her blouse and suck them all off. Instantly Gwen pulled the open blouse off Julie and began searching for the spunk splatters and delicately licked them all up whilst Gareth slipped his hand up Julie’s skirt and found her soaking wet panties. He immediately ordered her to raise her skirt and show these trophies of her lust; fearing a punishment but excited by the situation too; Julie raised her skirt and without thinking opened her legs wide.

Gareth laughed as he gripped the sides of her lacy panties and in one full movement he tore them from her body; he then held them up to his nose sniffing as he did the wet patch so clearly visible; then he popped the panties into Julie’s open mouth and told her to suck her horny cunt juice from them. Julie now noticed the tent forming in Gareth’s trousers and she inwardly smiled; she thought tonight was going to be the best she had experienced for such a long while and yet another six or seven pricks would have made it so perfect for her.

By now Gwen was confident she had sucked all the spunk from the front of the blouse previously worn by Julie and waited further instructions. While Julie was sucking the cunt juice from her own destroyed panties; Gareth had managed to get four fingers into her soaking wet and steaming hot cunt. Suddenly the fingers were gone and he looked from Gwen to Julie and ordered them both to go up to the bathroom and undress; then they were to wait for his arrival.

The two sexually excited females waited what seemed like hours for Gareth to join them in the bathroom and to be honest Julie was beginning to sober up a little and began wandering what she had got herself into; not that she was complaining for her inner body cried out to be used as the slut she saw herself to be.

After fifteen minutes Gareth entered the room carrying a strap on dildo in black rubber about 10 to 12 inches in length; Gwen winced for a split second as she remembered him forcing it up her arse only two weeks ago and then he fucked her cunt with his thick cock while using the dildo on her anal ring. Gareth instructed Julie to climb in the bath and told Gwen to put the bath plug in place; then he made Gwen stand over Julie and told her to start pissing, he informed Julie she was to open her mouth and catch the piss there but not to swallow any of it.

While Gwen began pissing; Gareth undressed and taking his cock in hand he began to piss too aiming his flow on to Julie’s tits and cunt. Julie felt that the piss hitting her body and filling her mouth was scalding hot and her nerve endings were red raw as she twitched and shivered with delight at being used this way. Soon both flows of urine began slow and then stop; wondering what was going to come next sent a shiver down Julie’s spine. Especially when Gareth told her to stand up and Gwen to kneel down; Gareth then told Julie to piss all over Gwen. Because she was slow starting to piss Julie got her arse slapped for the delay; she tried to force the piss out and a few short spurts came forth but nothing else till with Gareth’s coaxing she relaxed and the yellow stream began as a trickle and soon flowed freely; as Julie moved her hips to aim the flow all over Gwen; Gareth slid his hand up the back of her thigh and soon began probing her anal ring with his index finger. This caused Julie to wiggle her ass even more spreading her golden shower higher into Gwen’s face; Julie began to think she had died and gone to heaven as the sensations she was feeling now were exquisite.

All too soon Julie’s flow of piss began to wane and then Gwen was ordered out of the bath and told to go shower; stepping across the bathroom into the shower cubicle Gwen began to wash herself clean; Julie watched expecting to be told to go do the same but she was shocked when Gareth told her to kneel down and then to lower her head down over the bath plug. Then as he began to stretch her anal ring with his fingers he ordered Julie to begin lapping up the combined urine like the bitch on heat she was.

I sense of disgust and yet a never before level of thrill shot through her body; here she was in front of a man she had only recently met naked having been pissed on and now she was forced to drink like a dog the self same urine whilst that man pulled and prodded her anal ring with the threat of the thick black dildo could be being pushed up her arse any second.

Fearing further punishment Julie bent her head and took a tentative lick at the pool of yellowish piss; she surprised herself by thinking it was not as bad as she had imagined and now she lapped repeatedly like a dog over his favourite bone. She concentrated on lapping up the piss and tried to forget the possible outcome in her arse. Just as Gwen finally emerged from the shower; Julie had her hair pulled up and this forced her head back away from the piss she had been drinking doggy fashion.

Gareth now pulled the plug out of the bath and ordered Julie over to the shower; Expecting a nice hot relaxing shower was about ensue; Julie sighed a contented sigh. She stepped into the shower enclosure and waited to be told to shower; instead Gareth unscrewed the shower head and replaced it with a slim line model; then he inserted this up her cunt until the shower head was completely inside her.

Next Gareth turned to Gwen and told her to hold Julie tight; he then turned on the shower. Unseen by Julie Gareth had turned the heat setting on to minimum and now almost freezing cold water gushed out into her cunt and flooded up into her womb. She actually screamed as the sensation hit her; much to Gwen and Gareth’s delight. For almost ten minutes she had to endure the cold water filling her insides and then she was warned she would be punished if too much escaped as Gareth removed the shower head. Julie tensed all her muscles in anticipation of the shower heads removal and was rewarded with a bare minimum of leakage.

Secretly she breathed a sigh of relief as she had already sampled some punishment metered out by Gareth and was not too impressed; Her stomach felt bloated and distended as she waited hoping to be told to release the liquid which now filled her; instead she froze in panic as she now felt the shower head pressing against her anal ring. She was caught between a rock and a hard place for if she relaxed her muscles to allow the shower head easier entry she would lose most of the fluid in her cunt and if she held her muscles tight then the shower head would be painful as it entered her anal recess.

Julie decided that she would have to endure the pain and held fast with tight muscles until she felt the shower head stop pushing against her body and suddenly her whole anal canal was flooded with moderately warm water. The confusion of warm water in her arse and the cold almost freezing water in her cunt began to give her the cramps and she whimpered and actually began to beg to be allowed to expel both lots of water. Gwen began mimicking her pitiful pleas until a slap across her face told her to stop; Suddenly Gareth seemed to take pity on her and slowly pulled the shower head out of her arse and after a further five minutes told her to release the enemas.

With a gasp she relaxed her muscles and a torrent of water flushed from her cunt and arse; next Gareth washed her off with the cold water and allowed Gwen to pat her dry with a towel; before he led them both through to the master bedroom.

Once in the master bedroom he tossed the strap on dildo to Gwen and told her to put it on then climb on the bed; meanwhile he explained to Julie that for tonight she was to climb on top of Gwen and slide the dildo up her cunt and when told to she was to ride it hard and fast but she had to listen to his commands because if he told her to stop she had just five seconds to do so or face punishment.

Gwen was now laying on her back the black rubber dildo pointing at the ceiling like some monstrous cock; Julie climbed on to the bed and positioned herself above the dildo and placed its tip against her cunt. Gareth simply said begin and Julie slammed herself down hard onto the rubber cock and began riding like a woman possessed. She was barely aware of Gareth climbing on to the bed behind her and the first she was aware was when he told her to stop.

Instantly she plunged down hard and held it there; Julie then felt the unmistakeable pressure of a cock against her anal ring and with some effort she took Gareth cock deep into her bowels; Gareth simply repeated the word begin and now Julie began riding the two cocks filling her holes. As she settled into a fairly fast hard pace she felt the nerve endings sparking like electric cables and explosions of vivid colours going off inside her mind; she knew she was so close to an earth shattering climax but just did not want to stop till she collapsed on the bed like jelly.

Meanwhile as she rode the cocks Gwen reached up and began twisting her nipples with her thumb and forefinger of each hand; Gareth reached round and did the same to Gwen’s as all three felt their passions rise to an incredible level before Gareth grunted he was cumming and Julie felt the scalding splashes of his spunk hitting the walls of her arse. This sent her over the top and she began squirting juices from her cunt as she screeched Gwen’s name; this in turn sent Gwen over the top and for the first time in her life she cum like a banshee without having anything stuffed up her cunt.

Suddenly three sweating tired bodies collapsed in a heap on the bed and an hour later there were the first signs of movement as Gwen tried to move out from under Julie but only managed to move the rubber cock in and out of her cunt which caused her to stir and purr like a kitten. Eventually Gareth woke and moved off the top of Julie who was then able to move of Gwen and as they lay there; Gareth told the two women of his dream.

In the not too distant future we will hold a party and you two women will be the only females there; You will serve all thirty male guests topless and have on only a short flared skirt; the men will be allowed to fondle you where ever they wish but until the appropriate time none will be allowed to fuck you.

Then when I give the signal you two will use your hands or mouths to wank off all the guys and catch their loads in a bowl; then the guys will be allowed to fuck you in any hole they want provided they wear a condom and agree to empty its contents into the two bowls provided. Once the guys have fucked you to their hearts content and have left you two will take the bowls of spunk and go to the bathroom where both of you will kneel face to face in the bath whilst I pour the bowls over you and you will not be allowed out of the bath till you have licked each other clean of all those mixed portions of baby making seeds.

Both Gwen and Julie both smiled at each other and whispered bring it on and soon.

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Thanks for posting it. great story

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thank you niteowl for this story; it's right up there with your quality stories, but then most everything you write is of quality, so it's nothing unusual.

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Thanks for all the encouraging comments and for all of you who took the trouble to read my work.