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Who is the bitch 02.

It was two days later I met Denise again and she gave me such a scowl; I walked up to her and stuck my hand up her skirt in front f her friends and said, “Fucked any good dogs lately!”. She spluttered and tried to deny it but got strange looks from her friends; I put her out of her misery by saying, “See anyone can cause offence with words! Just because they are said does not mean they are true!”

The other girls laughed but also giggled pointing at my hand still stuck up Denise’s skirt; “Oh that is true; Denise here is fucking me; but what she really wants is one or two of you to join us so she can suck my spunk from your bodies!” Again Denise blushed but did not try to deny it or even move away from my hand. One girls simply said “fuck you!” and stormed off, but the other two asked Denise, “is it true! You want to lick our bodies covered in his load?”

Denise now bright red almost refused to answer till I told her I wanted her to answer truthfully or pay the penalty later; so she nodded and mumbled yes. To her surprise both the remaining girls said great lets go somewhere private. I interrupted them to say we would meet them at Denise’s house at 8 pm but we had some unfinished business to sort out.

Soon Denise and I were at the woodland glade again; the scene of her so recent sexual surrender to my will. She snapped you got me in fucking trouble the other night, my dad was furious that you knew about him fucking me; I calmed her down by saying look has any one been round asking questions. She replied no; so I pointed out then I had not told anyone and it was our secret hers and mine and of course her dad’s.

I asked if he had fucked her; she smirked and said and how; he had me bend over the settee and slipped his large thick cock up my cunt while I told him every single detail of our night; he was most excited when I told him you willingly accepted another man’s cock and juice; he even suggested you may like to taste his spunk as he had now tasted yours off my face; she admitted her dad had found it even more of a turn on to actually be able to visualise the face of the person fucking his precious daughter and wanted her to arrange for you to fuck me at our house so he could secretly watch from the wardrobe.

Fuck that I said; he may as well be stood beside the bed as it don’t bother me; ring him and tell him he will have a real treat tonight if he agrees to my rules. Tell him to hide in his bedroom till he hears my voice in your bedroom then he is to count slowly to fifty and then come on in. We will be there at 8 pm. Denise shot me a look as she suddenly saw my plan; not only would her dad get to see me fuck his daughter but with the two other girls there naked we could have an orgy.

Quickly she dialled his number on her mobile and told him of part of my plan; telling him only that he would be able to join Denise and I around 8 15 pm; but only if he agreed to my rules and to stay hidden till he heard my voice. Denise blushed and then closing her phone told me he had agreed provided that he could eat your spunk from my cunt or even better direct from source.

At 7.55 pm we were at Denise’s house and waiting patiently for the door bell to ring; no sooner did it ring then Denise dashed to the door and opened it. There stood Ruth and Amanda; both dressed to the nines as slutty as they come.

Ruth seventeen years old and four foot eleven tall; her dark brown hair was short cut and she wore a low cut top which showed great cleavage of her 38 DD tits; she also wore a short wrap around skirt and inviting Denise to check it out; I was informed she had no knickers on. When Denise pulled her hand out from under the skirt I grabbed that hand and sniffed the cunt juice on her fingers before making Ruth lick the fingers clean; Denise seemed upset hinting she had wanted to taste that; later I suggested.

Amanda was a tall girl nearly six foot two and very skinny; which made her 36DD tits appear much bigger and to be honest if you saw her you would think she was very much top heavy; she wore a simple round neck tee shirt but clearly did not bother with a bra as her nipples were already prominent through the material and her auburn hair was shoulder length; she finished her apparel of with a pair of jogging bottoms and panties; as a disappointed Denise found out as she stuck her hand down inside the jogging bottoms.

I hushed them all up and said we are going to go into Denise’s bedroom but as soon as I close the door you have all to undress quickly and quietly and then lay yourselves on Denise’s bed with Denise in the middle but you need to be top to tail; in other words Denise with her head on the pillow and you two with your heads to the bottom of the bed.

They all nodded agreement and scampered up the stairs; I made out to close the door but did not shut it firmly; this was so Denise’s dad could enter silently. The girls hurried quietly casting their clothes of and scattering them around the room; however before they got on the bed the demanded I strip and show them what I had to offer. I smiled and slipped out of my clothes revealing my seven and a half inch cock which was still only semi hard.

The girls giggled and licked their lips before climbing on to the bed as ordered; then in a louder more firmer voice I demanded that the girls now put their hands on the nearest cunt to them and Denise had to put both her hands on her two friends cunts. This was the signal for Denise’s dad to make his way into the hallway and begin his slow count; meanwhile I offered my cock to Amanda to suck; much to Ruth’s dismay but I told her not to worry as soon that would be taken care of. She smiled thinking that soon she would be sucking my cock but only I saw the silent figure of Denise’s dad; naked and sporting a fine eight inch hard cock advancing towards the bed. It was only when his cock touched Ruth’s cheek that she saw him and gasped. I introduced him to the three sluts fopr tonight who are wanting the fuck of their lives and just to make sure they get it they have agreed to lick each other clean of any spunk we give them. Denise’s dad John; then reached forward and slid his left hand along the open crack of Ruth’s cunt making sure to tease her clit; while his right hand found his daughter’s cunt and he slipped three fingers into her cunt held open by the other two girls hands.

I simply lowered my mouth over Amanda shaven cunt and began to lick her lips lightly; she soon began squirming and her cunt lips opened further even despite Denise’s hand sometimes getting in the way; soon I was flicking her clit as she began moaning my name and begging to be fucked. I immediately invited John to slide his cock into this wanton whore’s burning cunt but Densie sat up and said No daddy; please let me suck her to her first orgasm and then if you want you can fuck her and fill her with your wonderful seed for me to lick from her horny cunt.

John smiled and nodded; so Denise moved Amanda round until she was across the bed and Denise knelt beside the bed with her mouth fastened on to Amanda’s cunt; I indicated fro John to come around and fuck his own daughter just to show the other two that there was no taboo’s here tonight.

I immediately went round and began sucking on Ruth’s cunt while she wrapped her lips around my cock and used her tongue to stimulate the cock head. John meanwhile had lifted his daughter’s arse off the floor and positioned himself behind her; he said in a clear voice, “Well my horny fuck slut daughter which hole will your old man fill with his cock tonight!”

Denise barely broke contact with Amanda’s cunt as she replied “the choice is yours you randy fucker”.

Then as John slipped his length into his own daughter’s cunt; Denise raised her head and screamed out; “go for it dad, fill my cunt with your rock hard meat and fuck the living daylights out of me!”

I by now had Ruth on the verge of an orgasm and told her to move over Amanda’s face where I returned to licking her cunt from behind until she screamed her orgasm and shot loads of juice all over Amanda’s face; I made Ruth lick it all off whilst I stroked my cock around over Amanda’s firm tits. Amanda herself was now whimpering as her own climax seemed to be about to break; Denise too was screaming into Amanda’s cunt with lots of groans; Then the pair of them came together ; Amanda soaking Denise’s face with her cum as Denise squirted her juices out around the pounding cock of her father.

I suggested that John may now like to stop fucking his bitch of a daughter and try fucking Ruth after Amanda had cleaned Denise’s cunt juices from his cock. Instantly his cock was out of Denise’s grasping cunt and shoved into Amanda’s face for her to suck. Then three minutes later Ruth was crowing about how big this cock was that was filling her cunt to the brim; she looked really worried when I said she should try it up her arse then. The other two girls laughed and climbed into a sixty nine position and as they sucked each other’s cunt I got behind Amanda and slid my cock past the sucking lips of Denise and began fucking Amanda.

Round after round we fucked them always stopping before we came but ensuring they cum; and always a different girl got to suck the juices of another girl off our cocks; then it was decide the girls should crowd together in a group and wank John and I off so we could shower them in spunk and they could then lick each other clean as the original idea of this night was supposed to be.

I could not help but admire Denise’s dad’s cock as his own daughter began wanking him; Ruth and Amanda took turns to kiss my cock as they stroked it until John suddenly announced he was cumming and blasted loads of sticky white spunk all over the girls, this was too much for me and seconds later my own spunk was duly delivered all over the eagerly waiting girls. Then as I went and stood beside John as we watched the three bitches start licking each other clean.

All too soon the girls said they would have to go or their parents would go looking for them but they begged us to arrange another night like tonight for them soon; I whispered to John that I did not need to dash off as I thought we had some unfinished business; Denise’s dad smiled and slid his hand down on to my cock and gently massaged it as we watched the two girls dress and Denise led them downstairs to show them out. Naked she sprinted back upstairs and walked in on her dad on his knees sucking my cock like a whore on heat; I motioned for her to come over to me and began fingering her cunt; it did not take much before she was moaning all over again; although she did encourage her dad by telling to alternate between long sucks and short ones on my coc.

She told him to suck me like she sucked him that morning and suddenly I felt John’s hand reach up around my arse and his index finger pressed against my anal ring. I immediately relaxed my muscle and told Denise to go lick her dad’s arse because before I go home tonight I am going to fuck him up the arse just like you like it. Without anyone touching Denise’s dad’s cock it suddenly jerked and spurted semen all over the polished floor. He released my cock for a split second and ordered Denise to lick it up like the cat that got the cream.

Not long after he returned to sucking my cock I gripped his head holding it tight to me as I unleashed my second load of the night directly into my slut’s dad’s throat. After I pulled out he licked his lips and said that was fantastic; not since Denise’s mother had passed away had he had such a great sexual night as this one.

I told him it was not over yet because now as my male bitch he was going to get his boy pussy fucked and his own daughter was going to be watching to make sure he complied properly; I added that if he did as he was told I may just reward him by allowing his daughter to suck him off whilst I fucked his boy pussy. To be honest I expected an argument about him being my male bitch but he never said a word.

I got Denise to suck my cock hard again; whilst I instructed her dad to play with his cock; as he did so he stepped forward and offered me his cock to suck. I opened my mouth and allowed him to put the head inside my mouth before I brought my teeth together in a hard pinch on his cock head. Denise’s dad froze in fear I may just bite harder and I opened my mouth and he withdrew his cock I snapped; “I will suck your cock when I am ready but not before you fucking worthless male whore! Now for that you will allow your daughter to spank you six times with this paddle.

Denise fetched a chair and placed it beside the bed and sat down on it; meekly her father now approached and placed himself over her lap and accepted the spanking counting out the strokes and offering comments he often made his daughter repeat when he spanked her.

Then as Denise delivered the final spank to her father; I slipped in behind him and forced my cock up his arse. His cock was trapped between himself and his daughter’s thigh and she commented on how hard he was getting as he was begin fucked like a horny bitch. As I fucked her dad I reached forward and played with Denise’s tits; telling her that maybe I should arrange for hormone injections for her father to develop tits too. Suddenly I could not hold back any longer and shot my load deep inside Denise’s dad’s arse; I immediately pulled out and made Denise suck my cock clean and then had her dad stand over Denise and eject the semen from his arse before making him lick it all up.

Finally I made Denise stand and had her father sit on the chair and then I gave him the blow job he wanted so much but as I sensed him about to cum I made denise take his load in her face and then had him lick it clean.

Extremely shattered and well satisfied I slipped from Denise’s house on the promise that tonight would be the first of many adventures I planned to have with her and her father.