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Hi everyone, I'm posting this story with the permission of the author. It does contain an underage young lady and her dad, so if incest or stories about a 13 year old having sex is not your cup of tea don't read it. Also REMEMBER this is Fiction and not real life, it in no way should be considered acceptance of sex between an underage boy or girl with an adult "consensual or not"!

A bit of an introduction: This story is based on a series of 3D postings by an incredible computer artist Steve Strange, it not only includes the original story but continues it for a number of years. It is a very long story with many chapters, so this is going to take awhile to load, and read as well (That's the reason its here in Novels instead of in the Incest subsection). I'd don't recommend trying to read it all in one day, but if you do have a lot of coffee handy. OK, here goes.

Chapter 1 - A Young Girl's Dream

Thirteen year old Amanda was alone in her room. It was Friday night and
all of her friends were out on dates. She wasn't because she didn't have
a boyfriend. She wished she had a boyfriend, someone that could take her
out, take her to the movies and maybe even hold her hands or even
better, kiss her. She was dying for someone to ask her out, anyone.

Unfortunately even if that miracle occurred her mother wouldn't let her
go out. She was too young, her mother had told her repeatedly. When she
was fifteen she could go on dates. But that was almost two years away.
She'd be an old woman by then.

If only she could go on a date with out her mother going crazy. If she
could at least taste what it was like to go to the movies with some
handsome guy, to hold his hand, perhaps even to get a kiss. She was
missing so much that her friends were getting to do.

As she knelt on her bed she dreamed about her date. A tall, handsome man
would take her to the movies. They'd sit in the dark theater and hold
each other. After the show they'd go someplace and kiss. It was a dream
but one she so desperately wanted to make happen. But she couldn't think
of any boy her mom would let her go out with. With out a guy it wasn't a

Then she saw the picture of her father on her night stand. He certainly
was handsome. If she could find a man like dad to take her out she'd be
so happy.

'Maybe I could ask dad to take me out,' she thought. 'It wouldn't be the
same as going with a "real" boyfriend but at least it would be a date.
My friends always say he's cute, so why not? I'll ask him tomorrow.'

All the next day Amanda tried to think of a way to ask her dad to take
her out. Everything she thought of sounded so childish and she didn't
want this to be a childish date. She wanted it to be as close to a real
date as it could be. As close as it could be with her dad taking her

Just before bedtime, Amanda heard her dad come upstairs. She knew her
mom would be watching the television for at least another hour. This washer best chance. She knocked on her parent's bedroom door.

John had just pushed his jeans down when he heard his daughter knock. He
pulled them back up and said, "Come in."

"Ah, dad..."

"What is it, sweetie?"

"Dad," she started and then took a deep breath, "could we like, go see a
move on Saturday? Just you and me. You know, like a dad-daughter kind of

"A.h, like a date huh," he chuckled at how coy is daughter was being.
She was just so damn cute. "Well, I don't know what my wife would say."

"Dad," she pouted, "Don't tease me. Just tell me if you don't want to

"I'm sorry sweetie. I was just kidding. I'd be happy to go to the movies
with you, any guy would. I'll talk to mom."

Amanda was excited as she laid down in her room and thought about going
out on a date. It would be her first and she was planning on making it
perfect. She planned on buying new clothes and maybe even some
underwear. Even if her dad wouldn't know, she would feel prettier if she
had new lace thongs and a sexy new bra underneath her clothes.

As she slept Amanda dreamed of their date. When she woke she couldn't
remember all the specifics but she knew she had a great time and so did
her dad. In her dreams it was a real date.

The next day Amanda went to the mall to buy some new clothes. She found
a really cute sleeveless mini dress and some high heeled sandles. The
shoes hurt to walk in but her dad was so much taller. The almost four
inch heels would help even the difference. She only hoped her dad would
like her new clothes.

Finally she went to Victoria's Secret. She'd never been to one before.
'If mom knew she would kill me,' she thought. She knew her dad
wouldn't see the lingerie but she still wanted to buy something that she
thought her dad would like, something romantic, something that a
girlfriend would buy for a real date. Even though she knew it was a bit
silly, she wanted to look good for her date with her dad and she hoped
it would feel more like a real date if she wore sexy underwear.
Timidly, she walked into the store. The assortment of bras, panties,
nighties and other things she wasn't sure of was overwhelming to Amanda.
She tried to imagine herself in some of the sexier things. There was a
white bra with cups that wouldn't even cover her nipples and a matching
garter belt and g-string. Amanda wished she had the courage to wear
something like that. But even if she did, she knew her breasts weren't
big enough yet. Perhaps in a few years she could buy something that

She kept searching. Finally she found a short pink camisole top and a
matching lace thong. The top was satin and felt so good in her fingers.
She almost couldn't wait to see how they felt to wear.

Amanda counted each day until Friday. Every night she dreamt of the
date. Each morning she woke with a warm, happy feeling. She was more
excited every day.

Friday finally arrived and every hour seemed to drag on. When she could
no longer stand the anticipation, Amanda went to her room and started
getting ready.

First she took off her regular clothes and took a long bubble bath. She
had swiped some of her mom's scented bath beads because she wanted to
smell especially nice for her date.

She pulled the new clothes and underwear out from the drawer she'd hid
them in. The thong felt even stranger than she'd imagined. It pulled
into her butt. The top was just as nice and she took a moment to look at
herself in the mirror. 'Too bad dad won't see these things,' she
thought. 'I think he'd think they were very sexy.'

Amanda pulled the dress on and slipped her feet into the sandals. Again
she went to the mirror. It looked wonderful but she needed to fix her
hair and maybe wear some jewelry. She even wanted to wear makeup, but
her mom didn't let her have any yet. All she had was some pink lipstick.

She tried all kinds of different ways of fixing her hair. Finally she
brushed the sides back and pulled the front and top up and held them
with a clip. The clip had a pink bow that matched her dress.

On her dresser was the small box with her jewelry. There wasn't much in
it but she did have the pearls her grandmother had given her for her
birthday. She had never worn them. She put the earrings on and felt the
weight on her earlobes. It was strange at first but then she looked inthe mirror and saw how nice they looked with her dress. The necklace was
pretty short but even that was perfect.

She put on her lipstick and took one final look in her mirror. Amanda
was happy with how she looked but suddenly was afraid her father
wouldn't like it. What if he told her to change? What if he scolded her
for trying to be too grown up?

It took her fifteen minutes to talk herself into leaving her room. She
knew her mom had left already. She was going to a different movie by
herself. Amanda's dad was in the master bedroom still getting dressed.

Slowly Amanda worked her way down the hall. The door to her parent's
room was slightly ajar and she could see her dad standing by closet in
his slacks. He didn't have his shirt on. She stared at his naked back.
It looked so strong and masculine. Her dad was in great shape with well
formed muscles that rippled when he moved. His daughter almost went weak
in the knees looking at him.

John noticed someone outside his room. It had to be Amanda since Jen had
already left. He turned and called to her. When she walked into the room
John was transfixed. It was his daughter but not his little girl. The
woman that was standing five feet from him was the sexiest thing he'd
ever seen. He was getting turned on just looking at her.

Amanda saw her dad staring at her and all her fears started to multiply.
He was going to tell her to change, she knew it. He didn't even have
words to describe how mad he was.

"My God," he started. "Sweetie, if mom knew I was taking you out in that
dress she would kill me."

"I... I'm sorry dad," she almost cried. "I just wanted to look good for
you. I can change back into something else."

Amanda started to turn away. John knew he should tell her to change but
he didn't want her to. There was something strange going on here. This
was not what he'd expected when he agreed to take Amanda to the movies.
As her father he should let her go but as her date he wanted her to wear
that sexy pink dress.

"Sweetie," he said, stopping her. "You don't have to change." Amanda
turned and smiled shyly.

John almost lost it. He started babbling like he did when he was a teen."I mean... mom's not at home so she doesn't have to know..." Then he
started to feel a new confidence. He knew how important this night was
to Amanda. It would be a special night for him and his daughter,
something they would remember for the rest of their lives.

"And more importantly, I feel honored that you dressed up for a simple
movie date with your old dad."

'Yes! He liked it' Amanda thought. She felt a bit shy as she stood in
front of her dad. She couldn't help thinking about the lace thongs she
was wearing. Would her dad like them too, if he knew?

John had been searching for a shirt to wear when Amanda came in.
Normally he would have worn a nice oxford or at least a one of his
better polo shirts. But he was feeling younger and hipper than he had in
a long time. He pulled a simple white t-shirt out of his dresser and put
it on. He tucked the shirt into his pants and escorted his sexy
daughter-date to the car.

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Chapter 2 - At the Movies

Neither John nor Amanda remembered much of the movie they went to see.
For him it was almost two hours of conflicted emotions. He felt so
alive, so young, so virile. He almost became aroused numerous times.
Amanda was just so damn sexy. Even though he was her father he was still
a man and he couldn't help but responded to her beauty and the incipient
eroticism of their date.

At the same time he was her father and he kept trying to tell himself to
stay in control. He was even angry with himself. He shouldn't react this
way to Amanda. Sure, things with Jen weren't great but even if Amanda
wasn't his daughter he was married. And even if he wasn't married,
Amanda was a child. She was barely thirteen.

Amanda had no such conflict. She didn't know what was happening. She had
never been out on a date and had never had a man focus all his attention
on her before. It was making her young head spin. With out conscious
thought, Amanda kissed her dad on his chest as she put her arms around

John almost jumped when he felt his daughter's lips on his chest. When
her arms wrapped around him he responded instinctively by putting his
arms around her. It was an instinct he knew he shouldn't have had. He
also knew he should let go, even push her away gently. He couldn't. It
felt so good to have her in his arms.

Amanda's heart was pounding like never before. She could feel the
warmth of his breath in her hair. She felt his strong shoulders. She
could smell his cologne. His hand was just inches from her thong. She
melted into him.

This was her dream come true. She didn't care that it was her dad who
took her out, actually she was kind of happy it was him. No boy in
school was this good looking or this well built. No one else's arms
would feel this good. All her friends would be jealous if they knew.

Two young twenty-something were a few seats away. John caught a glance
of them looking at him and Amanda. 'I haven't had a date for a year,'
the one whispered to the other, 'and that little schoolgirl has that
guy. It's not fair.'

'God, she can't be more than fourteen or fifteen,' replied her friend.
'I mean the guy looks like he's thirty for christ's sake.'
In the quiet of the theater John could hear what they said. Part of him
knew he should be embarrassed. But the only thought he had was that they
thought he was thirty. He felt that way, but he'd passed that milestone
a long time ago. He sure didn't feel forty one tonight.

The movie ended much too soon for John and Amanda. They didn't want to
end the wonderful something that was going on. They were the last ones
to leave the auditorium.

When they got to the lobby, Amanda and her dad stopped and looked at
each other. They both knew they didn't want the date to stop so soon.

Amanda started babbling. "Dad, I'll do anything, just don't take me home
yet, please! Can't we go somewhere instead? Just you and me. Mom doesn't
have to know."

John was feeling the same way. As his daughter rambled on he was
thinking, 'Oh god, I really shouldn't do this. She's just a kid, and...
and still, she's the sexiest date I've ever had. I even think the guys
at work would be a bit jealous if they saw me with her.'

Amanda was still going on. John put a finger to her lips. Something
clicked on inside Amanda when she felt her dad's finger she closed her
lips around it, sucking it into her mouth like a lollipop. That was when
John realized something serious was happening between them.

He rushed them out of the theater and onto the sidewalk. His passion had
finally overcome his reason. He couldn't hold back anymore. John pulled
his daughter into his arms and said, "Sweetie, I want to spend the night
with you alone, just you and me."

Amanda's heart stopped. She didn't know what was happening, but it felt
like she was being swept into a fast moving river. It was very scary but
also very exciting. "I'd like that, dad," she replied, "very much."

Even though he was still nervous, John just knew he had to feel her lips
against his. He didn't care that she was his daughter, or for that
matter just thirteen years old. He had to kiss her, now or never.

Amanda felt her dad's lips brush against hers. This was unlike any kiss
she'd ever felt before. There were sparks of emotion exploding in her
head. What had been a fun night had suddenly become serious in a way she
didn't understand. Her father was not acting like a father, she knew
that. She realized that he was acting like a real boyfriend. The night
had magically become a real date.
John held Amanda tighter and tasted her sweet lips. He opened his lips a
fraction and ran his tongue across her lips. Amanda slowly responded and
he gently let his tongue glide into her mouth. He touched her tongue and
after a second of confusion she was kissing him back. He knew then that
he had to have her. He had to make love to her or die.

Across the street was a hotel. John had been to a few parties there and
knew it was a fancy place. It was perfect for what he was going to do.
He walked into the lobby with Amanda on his arm.

At the desk he suddenly realized how this would look to everyone else.
He needed to come up with a cover story. He did the best he could.

"Uh, hi, we need a room for the evening," he started and saw the
astonished faces on the people across the desk.

"Do you have reservations?" a thirty something clerk asked.

"Ah, no," John said, trying to think of something. "You see, it's like
this, ah, my daughter and I were at the movies and I guess I locked my
keys in the car. My, ah, wife is out, out of town and won't be back
until tomorrow morning. We, ah, I mean, I thought we'd just stay here
until she can come with the spare keys tomorrow."

"Well, we're pretty booked up, sir," the suspicious woman said. "Let me
look at what we have available."

"I'll take any room," he said and then as he looked at his daughter.
'God, she's sexy,' he thought. He knew just the room he wanted. "We'll
even take the honeymoon suite." He laughed as he said it but he wasn't
sure he was fooling anyone.

The woman shook her head. 'It's not up to me to judge. He does look like
he could be her father. Oh, well, it's their lives.'

"Well, that room is available," she told him, "for $545 per night."

"We'll take it," John told her with much too much enthusiasm. He handed
over his credit card and filled out the registration.

Amanda was really excited about staying at a hotel alone with her dad.
It felt like she was her daddy's girlfriend, especially when she heard
him ask for the honeymoon suite.
"Come on dad, hurry," she said getting impatient. "I want to see our

As they walked hand in hand to the elevator everyone in the lobby was
thinking they were almost behaving like a real couple.

As they rode the elevator, John kissed his daughter again. This time she
didn't hesitate. She kissed him back and he had the joy of feeling her
soft tongue gliding over his lips. She tasted so fresh and sweet. He
smiled at how he'd always called her sweetie and now he was finding out
exactly how sweet she really was.

John was suddenly nervous when they got to the room. Amanda stood there,
not sure what was going to happen next. Her father looked at her and
tried to think of her as his daughter. That didn't work so he tried to
think of her as an innocent thirteen year old child. That didn't work
either. All he could think of her as was the sexiest date he'd ever had.

He held her in his arms. Amanda's arms were about his waist. Her head
was buried in his chest. He knew he should stop but he couldn't. He was
almost hypnotized as he watched his hand reach up to her shoulder and
push the thin strap aside.

Amanda looked into her dad's eyes. She didn't know what was happening
but it felt so good to be with him she wasn't going to stop him. When he
pushed her other strap off her dress started to fall. He pulled it down
with his strong hands and revealed the sexiest underwear he had ever
seen on a woman. His hesitation ended. He almost wanted to go home and
divorce Jen right there and then. How could he return to her after this,
he thought?

Amanda watched as her dad pulled his shirt off. Her lips were trembling
as he unbuckled his belt and pushed his slacks down. He kicked his
loafers off and pulled his pants off and took off his socks. He stood
in front of her in nothing but his underwear. He manhood was now fully
erect and quite obvious.

"You're just the cutest girl I've ever held in arms, sweetie," he sad as
he held her again. Now he could feel her naked skin. Amanda reached
behind him and held the top of his leg. Her hand on that more intimate
spot was burning away his doubts. "And...I don't know about you, but I'm
really happy we had this date."

"I'm happy too, daddy," she said as he kissed her forehead. And she was
happy. Happier than she'd ever been. She wasn't sure what was happening.It was nothing like what she'd dreamed and yet it was. It was better and
it had the same feelings as her dreams. She would do anything her father
asked her just to keep this wonderful date from ending.

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Chapter 3 - Going to the Next Level

Both Amanda and her dad were a bit scared to push their relationship to
the next level. John knew what that meant. Amanda did not. She only knew
that the feelings she'd dreamed of were coming to pass. Her fear was the
fear of the unknown. She didn't know what to expect. John knew what was
happening. He was afraid that it would ruin his life, and possibly ruin
Amanda's. It certainly would damage his marriage.

John couldn't resist kissing Amanda again. He pulled her tight. His lips
met hers and at that instant the last of his inhibitions blew away.
Amanda felt it too. She surrendered completely to her father. It was
like she was riding a magic carpet. At that moment the rest of the world
didn't matter to either of them. They existed just for each other.

Amanda put her arms around his neck as he picked her up in his strong
arms. One hand held her back while the other slipped under her thong and
held her by her butt cheek. She felt nervous. Her heart beat like a drum
as she realized what she and her dad were about to do.

John carried Amanda to the bed. He gently, tenderly laid her in the
middle and then took a second to shed his underwear. When he joined her
on the bed he was no longer thinking about what would happen because of
this night. He only knew he needed to make love to Amanda.

Before he removed the last of her clothes, John started kissing her. He
kissed her hands and her cheeks, her shoulders and even her feet.
Finally he pulled her thong panties off.

Amanda looked at her dad. 'He really loves me,' she thought. The way he
looked her in the eyes and how he touched her, tenderly, caringly. 'I
almost wish dad would break up with mom.'

Amanda looked at her dad's strong chest and his tight stomach. He was
the most handsome man she'd ever seen. Then her eyes were drawn down.
Sticking out from between his legs was his, his... his thing. It was
huge! She was fascinated by it. She reached out and touched the tip.

"It's... so... hard, daddy," she said slowly as she put her small hand
around the thing.

"Ohh," John groaned, "sweetie, that feels so, uhh, good." John almost
came just from her touch. He was harder than he could ever remember
being. His cock was sticking almost straight up. With his little girl's
tiny hand around the shaft it looked gigantic.
Amanda knew that she and her dad had long ago crossed the line for a
father/daughter date, but it wasn't until she reached out and touched
her dad's dick that it sunk into her. She was going to have real, grown
up sex with her own dad. She was scared and excited at the same time.
She had no idea what to expect but she trusted her dad completely.

Amanda's excitement was mixed with her youthful curiosity. She played
with her dad's cock, touching it, running her fingers over the head and
down towards the balls.

"Oh sweetie," John moaned the first time her fingers touched his balls.
"Oh how I wish tonight would never end. I wish I wasn't married. I wish
you and I..."

Amanda was too inexperience to know if she was doing the right thing,
but she had to be doing something right. Her dad obviously seemed to
like it. He kept telling her he loved her, over and over. She loved him
too and that must be what this is all about. It was all about love, she
figured and she loved her daddy more than anyone in the world.

John knew he wouldn't last long under his daughter's touch. He had an
undeniable physical need. He softly pulled her top off, exposing her
budding breasts and then pushed her gently down onto the pillows. He
knelt between her legs and lined his hard cock up at the entrance to her
virgin pussy.

"I really want to do this with you sweetie, you know?" he told his
daughter as his cock head made its first contact with her flesh.

"I know, dad," she assured him. "I want it too, so much."

And so, slowly, gently, Amanda's dad did the unthinkable. He started
fucking his little girl.

Amanda was surprisingly wet and his cock head slipped into her with only
a modest amount of pushing. John paused and let her and him get used to
the presence of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. Then he slowly
started pushing again. He felt her hymen but it didn't stop him. He
pushed right through it. Amanda winced for a second but her eyes opened
and she smiled. He kept pushing until he was completely buried in her.

Amanda looked between her legs as her dad, in slow and rhythmic movements
started making real love to her. He had finally pushed himself all the
way inside and stopped there for a while.
"Oh God, sweetie," he moaned, "I can't believe how good it feels to be
inside you."

"Oh yes daddy," she moaned back. "That feels so good, ooh, don't stop,"
she begged. "Ooh, yes, please don't stop."

Amanda had never felt this good in her entire life and although it still
hurt a bit, the feeling of love and lust for her dad was far more
powerful. She wanted this more than anything in the world.

John also looked between his daughter's legs and was amazed to see that
his cock was almost completely buried in her tiny body. If it had
started to poke out of her mouth he wouldn't have been surprised. He
supported himself on his knees and hands and started making small,
gentle thrusts into her. He could feel Amanda's pussy walls relax just
a bit. It was still incredibly tight but he could move a little easier
now. He pulled almost all the way back out.

"God you're tight, sweetie," he said, concerned about hurting his little
girl. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Amanda put her hands on his ass and pulled him deeper into her. "Dad,
I'm okay," she assured him. "It feels good to have you inside me." And
it did. Every second it felt better. She wanted him all the way inside.

As John gently pushed his hard, thick cock back into her grasping
pussy Amanda gasped. She'd felt a little jolt of pleasure that was more
intense than anything before.

John saw the unmistakable expression of lust and sexual ecstacy on his
daughter's face. It was good for her too. He wasn't just using her for
his own purposes. He let himself go. He started fucking her with long,
gently strokes of his hard cock. His shaft drove into her again and
again. He pulled her legs up to her shoulders and pushed down, to get as
far inside her as he could. His cock sank the last inch and he felt her
smooth skin against his rough pubic hair.

Amanda wrapped her legs around his waist and kept pulling on his ass
with her soft hands. The feeling was almost overwhelming. He knew he
wouldn't last much longer. He was going to cum. He wondered if she'd had
her period yet.

"Oh God, baby," he cried as the full realization of what they were doing
hit him. "I think I'm going to cum. I should pull out."
"No dad," she pleaded. "Don't pull out, please?" The jolts of pleasure
had been getting stronger and more frequent. Each time he slid his thing
into her she felt them. She never wanted this to stop.

"Oh god," John moaned. He was almost at the point of no return. He knew
he had to stop. He couldn't cum inside her. She might get...

He never had time to finish his thought. He erupted inside his girl. His
legs trembled and his arms almost wouldn't bear his weight as he
released load after load inside her. It was the most amazing feeling of
his life. His daughter's little body underneath him, her hips gyrating
as he continued to push in and out of her. Sex with his wife wasn’t' even
near this good.

Amanda felt a new, warm feeling deep inside her. It ignited a fire that
spread the pleasure jolts to every part of her body. For what seemed
like forever she felt her dad's thing jerking inside her and each time
the warm feeling would grow. She knew from sex ed he was shooting his
sperm into her.

"Ohh, daddy," she said. "I feel so warm inside."

John finally pulled out of her. He held her in his arms and kissed her.
He thought of the possible consequences of what he'd done and said
"Mmmm, baby, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have cum in you. I just couldn't
help myself."

"Dad, shhh," she stopped him with a gentle kiss. "It's okay." Another
kiss, "mmmm, I didn't want you to pull out, remember?" She kissed him
again and this time they both gave up trying to make sense of it. They
just let their love run free.

Amanda knew there was a chance that her dad had just made her pregnant
but when she thought about it, she really didn't care. She just felt
proud that such a handsome man wanted her so much. She kissed him harder
to let him know how much she wanted him.

They stayed like that for a long time, reluctant to see this magical
night come to an end. John and Amanda rolled back in forth in each
other's arms. That was how John noticed that his daughter's pussy was
leaking a large amount of his cum mixed with her pussy juices and a tiny
amount of blood.

John used a Kleenex to wipe off the cum that was oozing out of her. Healmost couldn't believe that he had actually fucked his own daughter. He
felt bad. She was just a kid. Cute, sure! But still a kid. A seventh
grade schoolgirl and he had led her on, flattered by her attention, the
sexy clothes, her scent.

"Dad," Amanda asked as her dad cleaned her up. "Can't we stay here all
night? I... I love it, dad, and... Maybe we could, like, do it again."

Now that he had satisfied his physical needs, John was more in control
of his feelings. He was ashamed and scared. How would he explain this to
Jen. If she ever found out what happened she'd kill him and no one would
blame her.

He still felt attracted to Amanda in the worst way and being in this
room with her, both of them naked, was too tempting. They had to leave
for more reasons that he could explain to her.

"Sweetie," he explained, "we can't. We should be getting home. I'm sure
mom's already wondering where we are. The movie finished a long time

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Chapter 4 - Aftermath

When John and Amanda got home the house was dark. John hoped Jen had
given up on waiting for them and had gone to bed. That would make things
much simpler. He parked the car and opened Amanda's door. She hugged him
and he kissed her. He hadn't planned to do that. It was just that he
needed to feel her lips again so he'd have the strength to face his
wife, if he had to.

As they walked into the kitchen from the garage, Jen came in from the
dining room. She was in her white night gown, the one she wore when she
wanted to have sex. That only would make matters worse.

Jen had waited up until almost midnight. Each hour she got madder and
madder. She had seen a very romantic movie and it had gotten her 'in the
mood'. By the time John got home with Amanda she was ready to bite his
head off. And that was before she saw what her daughter had worn.

Amanda looked like a slut. Her dress was so short you could see the tops
of her stockings. It was no dress for a thirteen year old. She and John
constantly fought over what Amanda wore but this was much worse than
anything they'd argued about before. She tore into John before he even
said a word.

"Calm down, honey!" he pleaded when Jen let him get a word in. "She just
wanted to look nice, for christ sake."

"John," she lectured him, "you know girls this age. They don't know what
they want."

John knew differently. After tonight he knew his Amanda was no baby but
Jen couldn't allow herself to see how grown up their daughter had

"Come on, Jen," he argued. "She not a little kid anymore..." She was a
woman now, thanks to him.

"She's thirteen years old, John, not twenty" Jen added in her most
exasperated tone of voice. "I can't believe you let her wear those
clothes. She looks like..." Jen was about to say a whore but she
couldn't bring herself to say that with Amanda standing there. Instead
she concluded "well, just too old for her age."

The more he argued with his wife the less guilty John felt for cheating
on her. Jen had grown more shrill and combative as the years went on. Ithad grated on his affection for her and never more so than right then.

"What's wrong with that, Jen?" he shot back. "Why are you acting like

That launched Jen into another tirade about how John was irresponsible
and that Amanda was at an impressionable age. Amanda was quiet
throughout the heated exchanged. Her dad still had his hand on her
shoulder and the contact kept fresh the memories of their love making.

She felt a bit awkward looking at her mom so soon after having sex with
her dad. She felt like a traitor. After all, she hadn't tried to stop
him. She let it happen. She was the reason dad was cheating on mom. She
also knew she wanted to have sex with him again. That made her feel
worse but also more excited.

John sent Amanda to her room with a soft word and a gentle squeeze of
her shoulder. He didn't want her to be a witness to the ugly scene
unfolding between her parents. When their daughter was gone, John and
Jen moved the fight to their bedroom.

John went into the bathroom and Jen followed him. He sighed as he
stripped his clothes. His wife was always like this. Always fast to pass
judgement. Always ready to explode about something. As he got undressed
he remembered how he'd undressed in front of Amanda earlier. It had felt
so exciting then. Now it was just a chore. A routine part of getting
ready for bed.

John also didn't feel like fighting back. Normally he'd be yelling as
loudly as Jen but not tonight. He wasn't sure what was different. Was it
because he was so sexually satisfied that nothing could upset him that
much? Was it because he no longer really cared what Jen thought? Was it
both reasons?

When she realized she wasn't going to get a reaction out of her husband,
Jen changed tactics. She tried to reason with him.

"Hey, come on John," she said in a much softer voice. "I think it's
great you want to spend time with Amanda. She really needs it too but,
please, she's your daughter, not your date!"

"Jen," he added in his usual calm tone, "for the last time. Amanda is
growing up. We can't control everything she does or wears."

"John, I'm just asking you, don't encourage her. She's just a kid. Shelooks up to you, adores you. What you say and think is so important to
her. Don't you see that?"

"Jesus, honey, can't I even tell her she's pretty now?

"Of course you can," Jen told him, starting to feel she'd overblown the
evening's events. "It's just that, well, just be careful with her,
that's all."

"You know I am, Jen."

As he brushed his teeth, John remembered what he had told Amanda, "I wish
I wasn't married, sweetie." Now that felt more true than ever. He
thought about Amanda. He wanted to go to her room.

"I'm going to check on Amanda," he told his wife when he came out of the
bathroom. Jen was already in bed and just grunted as he walked out.

Her room was dark when he knocked lightly on her door. He was afraid
she'd already gone to sleep. He wanted to talk to her to make sure she
was alright. He called out quietly, "Amanda, it's me. Can I come in?"

"Yes, dad, I'd like that," he heard her soft, sweet voice say. He opened
the door and found her kneeling on her bed, naked. The sound of her
voice and the sight of her beautiful body were like a salve on his
irritated nerves. He knelt at the side of her bed and put his hands on
her hips. She put hers on his shoulders and they stared into each
other's eyes.

"I'm sorry it ended like this tonight, sweetie," he told her. "I just
want you to know I'd be proud to date you any time you want, baby. I
don't care what mom says!"

"It's okay dad," she said. "I know mom."

They both laughed. "That's my girl!" he said.

"Dad," she started tentatively, voicing a concern she'd had since they
left the hotel. "Can we still date? I mean, won't mom explode again if
we do? And I don't want to stop, dad. I want to go out with you again."

They both knew what she meant. She didn't just want to go out she wanted
to have sex again. She wanted to feel her dad inside her and feel his
warm stuff fill her up again. She wanted to taste his sweet kisses.
John smiled. He wanted to feel her pussy on his cock too. He wanted to
kiss her and make love to her. He knew this one night with her would
only make him want her more and more.

"Sweetie, don't worry. I love you. I'll go out with you anytime you
want. And don't worry about mom. I'll handle her."

"Okay dad," she said, satisfied. "I love you."

John kissed her. It could have led to more but they both knew they
weren't alone. John and Amanda talked for ten more minutes and when John
left they had already decided that they would go to the mall the next
day to look at some new clothes for next Friday's date.

Amanda laid in her bed and recalled every time she'd touched her dad
that night. She especially recalled their time in the hotel room. She
was still a little sore between her legs but it was a good sore. She
couldn't wait until she had him inside her again.

As she laid there she started to rub herself. It felt almost as good as
when her dad touched her there. She also started to get wet again. She
rubbed harder and faster and started to feel the little jolts of
pleasure again. That made it easier to remember what she and her dad had
done and she could almost feel him in bed with her.

09-16-2006, 06:40 PM
Chapter 5 - At the Mall

John didn't tell his wife what he planned to do with Amanda that
afternoon until they were ready to leave. She was already a little
upset. John had spent almost the entire morning with Amanda. She'd sat
on a stool in the garage while he tinkered on his car. He'd played video
games with her in the den. They'd even fixed ice cream sundaes for lunch
and ate out on the patio. Jen had hardly seen either one with out the
other since she got up.

"You're gonna go shopping with Amanda?" she asked John. He had just told
her and was standing in the family room holding his daughter's hand. "At
the mall?" Her voice was starting to get an edge to it. After all, John
never took her to the mall. She really didn't want to admit it, but she
realized she was actually jealous of Amanda. She didn't want John to
know that. Somehow that would make it worse.

"Jen, please!" he sighed, "Let's not fight about this too."

"No," she forced herself to say. "It's just that," Jen tried to think of
something to say. "Well, no, it's great that you spend time with

John hadn't expected that response. "You sure?" he asked. "You sound a
bit... annoyed."

Jen was annoyed and even more annoyed that John had seen it. She forced
a smile and told him, "It's okay, John. Really. You two have fun!" She
even tried to convince herself it was a good thing.

Amanda was almost giddy as she rode to the mall with her dad. He'd given
her a quick kiss in the garage before they left and it had made her
almost light headed. She couldn't stop smiling. He was smiling too.

They parked and walked in, hand in hand. She was wearing the sandals
from the night before. They hurt her feet like hell but they made her
feel so sexy and her dad had commented on them when they were getting
dressed in the hotel room. Getting dressed after he made love to her.

The girl's mind was flooded once again with the images and feelings from
that wonderful time. She was hardly sore 'down there' now and was
already eager to do it again. She turned and smiled at her dad.

They went from store to store, picking out more and more sexy clothes.
John knew his wife would hate everything, but screw her. He was sureAmanda was going to look so hot in the things they'd found and he
couldn't wait to see her in them. She wanted him to see them too and she
didn't want to wait until they got home.

After they'd already been in the mall a few hours, Amanda led her dad
back to one of the big department stores, a more upscale one than most.
They looked around at the clothes and 'intimates'. Amanda selected
numerous items. She took them into a dressing room near the formal
dresses. The room was deserted. She dropped her selection in the room
and ran back out.

"Dad," she whispered. "Dad!"

John was looking at the formal gowns and trying to imagine Amanda in
each one. It was a very pleasant way to wait for her. He finally heard
her calling and turned around.

"Come here," she said.

John was worried for a moment that something was wrong but then he saw
the mischievous grin on his daughter's face. He quickly walked over to

"There's no one in there," Amanda told him. "You could sneak in and I
could show you how these things look."

John knew that was very risky. There might be no one in the dressing
rooms now but that could change quickly. Even if he got in with out
being seen, they could still get caught in there or when they came out.
He was about to tell her no when she took his hand and practically
dragged him in.

John stood in the back corner of the little room. Amanda had him face
the wall while she changed. It wasn't because she was modest, they were
well past that now, it was because she wanted him to see her outfits
when she had them on.

She put on the first one, a white lace cami top with a matching skirt.
"How do I look in this, dad?" he heard her ask.

John turned around, prepared to be impressed but what he saw floored
him. "Baby!" he almost shouted. Then he went on in a softer voice, "you
look absolutely amazing! Wow! I can't believe I'm going on a date with
such a beautiful girl."
Amanda turned around and showed him the outfit from all angles. It was
almost obscene. It was a little past slutty. Jen would kill him. But he
loved it. His little girl was the hottest girl he'd ever seen.

"Can we buy it dad?" she pleaded. "Please?"

John just nodded with a grin from ear to ear.

Amanda made him turn around again as she changed into her next outfit.
Each time John was amazed. Everything looked so good on her. She had put
on a pair of white stockings with the first outfit and left them on.
They were as erotic as the clothes she kept showing him.

"How about this, dad?" he heard her say.

John started turning around the instant he heard her voice. When he
looked the world stopped.

First he saw his gorgeous daughter in a see through nightie and matching
g-string. His cock, already three quarters erect from the fashion show
got fully hard in an instant and was pushing painfully against his tight

Second he saw a young woman in a formal gown walking by. She had jerked
when Amanda said "dad" and he could feel the woman stare at him for a
short moment. He felt a bit uneasy.

The woman walked past with out making a scene but John was suddenly very
worried about their being caught. It shook him out of his fantasy for a

"I don't know, sweetie," he told her. "Mom told me not to... Well, lead
you on. If she finds out, she'd, I don't know, explode!"

Amanda pouted. He'd let her get all the other things. Okay, this was a
lot sexier than the outfits she'd shown him before but she'd expected
him to be much more excited. Amanda hadn’t seen the woman that had
walked past their booth.

"But," Amanda pleaded, "Couldn't it be like a secret? Just between you
and me? Mom doesn't have to know."

"Amanda," John said, fighting to be strong, "I don't know. I'll think
about it, okay?"
Amanda started modeling the nightie for him. From the back he could see
everything. The material was so thin he could plainly see her ass
cheeks. They looked so luscious. He knew how soft they were and he
longed to touch them. His cock hadn't weakened one bit. He started to
forget the danger.

Amanda changed into a slip dress. This time her dad watched her change.
She started pulling a pair of silk bikini panties on. He couldn't help himself. He had to hold her.

"Come here, baby," he called to her. "Let me help you with the panties."

"You like them, dad?"

"Baby, I love them. Any dad would."

Amanda still didn't know what kind of effect she was having on her dad.
She was just enjoying having his arm around her waist and to feel him
pulling her panties up, an intimate act that made her feel very close to
him. She pushed back against him, wanting to feel more of his hard body.

It took a second for her to realize that his cock, he'd finally told her
what to call it, was hard. It was pressing against her back. He was
excited. That made her proud.

"You think I'm sexy?" she asked.

"Amanda, I already told you. Trust me! You look sexier than most women!"

"Are you two okay in there?" a voice from outside the booth asked.

"Yes," Amanda said. "We're fine. Thank you."

John was amazed at how grown up Amanda sounded right then. The concerned
person must have heard the clear confidence in her voice too because she
walked away with out saying anything else.

Amanda still had several more outfits. Now John was helping her change
and they were getting more and more intimate. Several times he pulled
her close and kissed her. She took every chance to rub her body against
him. She even rubbed his cock through his pants more than once.

Amanda put on the last outfit, a silk blouse and grey miniskirt. Her
father asked her to put the white stockings back on too. He was so hard,
seeing her in that, he almost creamed in his pants. Amanda started
teasing him, not really knowing what she was doing.
She got his shirt off and undid his pants. His cock was now pushing his
underwear out. Amanda wrapped her hand around it and looked lovingly at
the proof of her father's love for her.

"Sweetie," John said, feeling anxious again. "Maybe we should wait. It's
not safe..."

"Dad," she cut him off, "I could, ehh, maybe, you know, I could suck on
it." She'd heard some of the girls at school talk about doing that.

"Baby that's ehh," he started and then realized what she was offering to
do. "You mean? You want to do that? Here? Take it in your mouth?"

"I don't know, dad," she said as her hand started to rub up and down his
throbbing cock. She'd felt it jerk when she said the word 'suck'. "I
mean, I could try."

"Sweetie," he almost moaned. "Not even mom..." Jen had never given him
oral sex. It had been so long since he'd had that pleasure he couldn't
remember it.

"Dad," she said as she started pulling his underwear done. "I'm not mom,
you know?"

John smiled as she got on her knees and held his shaft in her little
hand. "I know. I just don't want to push you, that's all."

John watched as Amanda leaned her head forward and kissed the tip of his
cock. She pulled away and then kissed it again. On the third time she
opened her lips and let them slide over his cock head. He felt her
tongue start to swirl around it.

"OH GOD!" he gasped in a hoarse whisper. "Sweetie!" He took a deep breath
as Amanda started sucking and then her head started bobbing a little
bit. "That's just, uhh, amazing." She was now getting nearly a quarter
of his long, thick cock into her itsy bitsy mouth. Her lips were
spread so wide it contorted her face. "Oh, please. Don't stop."

Amanda wouldn't have stopped for anything. She was looking deep into her
father's eyes, conveying all the love she felt for him. She was so happy
she could make him feel this good. His cock tasted a little funny, kind
of salty but not bad. It wasn't gross, like some of the girls said it
would be. Actually, sucking on it was kind of fun.
"Hmmmm," she hummed with his cock deep into her mouth. She bent her head
down so she could get more into her. "Hmmmm." She was really going at it
now and John could hear slurping noises as she pulled her mouth back.

John could see she was trying to get all of it in her mouth but there
was no way it would fit. "Easy baby!" he told her. "Just take it slow."
He didn't want her to choke and he also wanted to prolong this as much
as possible.

John started to worry about what would happen when he came. It was very
likely they'd get some of his cum on the clothes. They couldn't let that
happen. John stopped his daughter by gently pushing her away.

"Daddy?" she asked.

"Take your clothes off," he whispered. "We don't want to get them dirty."

She smiled and stripped out of the outfit in seconds. John also got
undressed so he wouldn't get any cum on his own clothes. Amanda got
back on her knees. This time her dad held his cock while she put her
hands on his hips. She started sucking again.

John felt his climax starting. He didn't want to shoot in her mouth if
she wasn't prepared for that. She might not like it and that might mean
she wouldn't suck his cock again. That was a risk he didn't want to
take. He pulled out of her just as his first shot came.

"OH JESUS!" he all but yelled. "I'm sorry baby," he said as the first
shot hit her just below her eye. "I can't stop," he told her as the next
one went just below her other eye and they started dripping down her
face. "Oh sweetie," he gasped as he shot once past her ear and it
dropped onto her shoulder. "OHH!" and a shot hit her forehead. "Yess!!"
Then in her hair. Then twice more on her forehead. John was starting to
think he was never going to stop cumming.

When he was finished Amanda's face was coated in his cum. It was
dripping down off her chin and onto her flat tummy and the floor. Some
was on her lips. He watched her lick it off and then smile at him.

Like the night before, now that John had felt the relief of his orgasm
he was embarrassed and scared. He couldn't let anyone catch them like
this, naked, her covered in his sperm. He pulled his handkerchief out of
his pants and started wiping off her face.

"I love you dad," Amanda said.
"I love you too," he told her.

It took longer than John wanted to get Amanda cleaned up, wipe up the
mess on the floor and get dressed. They bought all the clothes,
including the sexy nightie, god help him if Jen ever found it and left
the store as quickly as they could.

John noticed that they hadn't been able to get all the cum out of her
hair. He felt that every person in the mall was looking at them and knew
that he'd just let his thirteen year old daughter give him a blow job.
He bought a ball cap from one of the kiosks in the mall and had her wear

09-16-2006, 06:41 PM
Chapter 6 - Dealing with Mom

John stopped at a gas station on the way home and had Amanda wash his
cum out of her hair. He couldn't let Jen find it. When his daughter came
back and no longer had the incriminating evidence on her head he felt
his troubles were over.

They took a second before they left the gas station to sort the new
things into things he felt Jen wouldn't freak out over and the items he
knew she'd never let Amanda keep. When they got home, Amanda went in
with the 'safe' bags while John hid the more erotic, more illicit, items
in the garage.

"Oh, you're back," Jen said as Amanda walked past the sun room. She got
up from the day bed and called her daughter into the room so she could
see what she got. It was obvious that her mom wasn't happy. "What did
you buy?"

Amanda reluctantly opened one of the bags for her mother to see.

"Let's see what you got," Jen said in a mock cheerful voice. She reached
in and pulled out a jumper. It was probably a little tight for Amanda,
and it was cut to show off curves Amanda didn't have yet. Still, it was
reasonably tame.

"This looks nice," she told her daughter, holding it up. Amanda smiled,
and stuffed the clothes back in the bag and tried to leave.

"Wait," Jen commanded. Amanda froze. "Wait," her mother repeated in a
more relaxed voice. "Let's see what else you got."

She pulled out a small bag inside the bigger bag and opened it. There
was a tiny, lavender bikini in it. The top was simply two small patches
of fabric with a flower pattern held together by very thin strings. The
bottom was just as skimpy with a thong back. There was also a skimpy
wrap that was the same color.

"What is this?" Jen asked in a voice that was barely under control. She
was about to explode but knew that wouldn't solve anything. She took a
deep breath and tried to reason with her daughter.

"Amanda," she started. "What's wrong with you? I mean, those clothes,
please! You shouldn't let your day buy things like that for you."

"But mom," she moaned, "it's just a bathing suit."
"No buts, young lady," Jen said, struggling to keep her voice even. "You
hear me? You don't have to accept everything he buys for you."

"Mom, I..."

"Amanda!" Jen almost shouted, losing her control for a second. Then she
continued in a softer voice, "I'm just telling you. Stop seeing dad like
this. Get a boyfriend, for Christ's sake. Go out with your friends. Date
anyone you like, but please, not your dad." Amanda could sense the
desperation in her mom's voice. Never before had she said she could date
and now she was begging her to go out. To go out with anyone but her

"It's not right, honey," Jen told her.

"I think you're wrong mom," the naive, love struck teen said. "I think

"Well you can think all you want," Jen cut her off. In her most
sarcastic voice she went on, "I mean do you really think he has any real
interest in you? Come on. I know your dad."

Amanda rushed up to her room and locked the door. She flung the bag of
clothes on the floor and fell onto her bed with her head buried in her
pillows. She cried for a long time.

"She has to be wrong," she told herself. "I know how dad feels. He told
me and he wouldn't lie, would he."

"Why would he lie?" It didn't make sense to her. "Mom has known him a
long time. Maybe she knows something. Maybe he's told her something."

Her heart was beating like a drum. She had let herself fall in love with
her dad. The last few days, she'd felt so wonderful, like the world was
perfect. Now it was dark. She wasn't sure what had happened.

She tried to reason it out. Why would dad lie? Did he just want the sex?
That didn't make sense. He had taken control last night but then she'd
let him. She wanted it too. It felt so right when he was in her. Could
he have been faking all the things he'd done?

Amanda realized how little she knew about love. How do you know for sure
a boy likes you? How do you know you love him? That was easier. She knew
she loved her dad. He was the perfect man for her. If only he loved herback.

John came in and found Jen waiting for him in the kitchen. 'Oh brother,'
he thought to himself, 'here it comes.'

"John," Jen said coldly. "I thought we talked about this. You went out
and bought her those sexy things on purpose just to get me mad, didn't

"Not now, Jen," he said. "I don't want to fight now. Where is Amanda?"

"She went up to her room."

"You didn't..."

"I didn't do anything. It isn't about her, John. This is about you. You
know better. You're leading her on."

"I'm doing no such thing," he protested.

"That bathing suit is obscene. Can't you see? She can't wear something
like that."

"So you say," he shot back. "Lot's of girls wear suits like that. We see
them on the beach everyday, you know that. You're just jealous that you
don't have your figure anymore. You can't wear something like that.
That's what this is about."

John knew that was a low blow. Jen had tried to keep the pounds off but
ever since Amanda was born she'd carried around extra weight, especially
in her hips and thighs. She might have tried harder, given up the
sweets, cut back on the booze, but it wasn't fair to compare a thirty
seven year old woman's body to that of a thirteen year old.

Jen just stared at her husband. His remark hurt. It hurt deeply. In part
it was because it was true. Jen couldn't wear such skimpy clothes
anymore. She hadn't been able to for years and years. Still, their
daughter was too young for things like that. It wasn't just jealousy. It
was... It was... It was just wrong. Why didn't he see that?

The house was very quiet that night. Amanda didn't come down for dinner
and John was about to go up and check on her but Jen told him to let her
be. He was ready to tell her to fuck off but he didn't have the energy
to deal with the fight that would come of that. Also, he was worried
that perhaps Amanda didn't want to come down because she felt bad aboutwhat had happened. She didn't seem upset when they got home but perhaps
her mom had said something that led Amanda to rethink how she felt about
him. That wasn't something he could deal with either.

As usual, John went up to the bedroom before Jen. He almost knocked on
Amanda's door but he didn't. Her light was off and she could be asleep.
Jen probably wouldn't come up but he also feared that she might see him
coming out of Amanda's room.

On an impulse he went back to the balcony and looked down at his wife.
She was still sitting on the day bed, sipping her second, or was it
third, after dinner drink. She'd come to bed half wasted. Shit! If she
kept that up she'd never loose those extra inches.

Still, it was partly his fault. She was partly right. He was leading
Amanda on. Perhaps he'd led her on too far. 'My God,' he thought. 'I
fucked her. I let her suck my cock.' Of course that was too far. He
should feel deep shame but he couldn't. He could only think about having
her again.

He went back to his daughter's door and listened. He couldn't hear
anything and figured she was probably asleep. He walked past and into
the master suite.

In the shower, John was still thinking about Amanda like he had all
afternoon and evening, but now he was letting himself get aroused. He
needed a release. He pictured her in the sexy bathing suit as he stroked
his hardening cock.

"Daddy," he imagined her talking to him, standing on the beach behind
their home. "Do you think I'm prettier than mom?"

"Uhhh..." he moaned. "Uhhuuu, Sweetie," he said out loud, living his
fantasy, "It's not really fair to mom. You don't play in the same..."

"OH GOD! I'm cumming baby.. OHH CHRIST!!! UHHUHHH!!!"

His cum splashed against the shower wall and then he slumped against the
back of the shower. It took five minutes under the cold water before he
could come out and face his wife.

He dreamed about Amanda all night. All the scenes from their trip to the
mall came back to him. The sexy skirts, lace panties, satin lingerie and
especially of her mouth around his cock. He then started to dream about
sexy images of his daughter on the beach. The two of them, together, asa couple, making love on the sand.

09-16-2006, 06:43 PM
Chapter 7 - Understanding Each Other

The next morning John woke at his customary 6:30. Even though it was a
Sunday morning and he didn't have to get up he swung his legs out of bed
and put on his pants. Jen was snoring, sleeping off the booze she'd had
the night before.

He shook his head and walked out to the balcony and looked out on the
ocean. It was still dark and everything was still. It was the perfect
time to think.

'What is going on with Amanda?' he asked himself. The question was too
complex to deal with like that.

'How did he feel about her?' He loved her of course. He'd loved her even
before she was born. Most men would have wanted a son but he was
thrilled when he learned they were having a girl. A girl would be so
much fun. Boys would just get in trouble, he knew. He'd been trouble for
his parents. Girls you could buy pretty dresses and dolls. You could
hold them on your lap and they adored you.

But it wasn't just that he loved her as a father. He loved her as a
woman too. Her scent. Her skin. The way she kissed him. The way he got
excited just being in the same room with her. How hard it was to
concentrate on driving with her next to him. He'd felt this way before,
when he'd first met Jen, but now it was stronger and deeper. It stirred
him in ways he'd never felt before.

John had to admit that he was in love with his daughter. Deeply,
passionately, erotically, in love with Amanda. Even thinking that
thought was getting him aroused.

But did Amanda feel the same way about him? She was so young. Just a
kid. But she was so grown up too. It was wonderful to watch her.
Innocent but very interested. When she first saw his hard cock he
thought her eyes were going to bulge out of her head. He still smiled
when he thought of that.

She certainly didn't seem like she had any doubts. Hell, she practically
raped him in that dressing room. If she didn't love him it would make
all the things they'd done impossible.

Had he forced her in anyway? No, he didn't think so. He'd encouraged,
perhaps. He'd certainly let things happen he could have stopped but he
had never forced or coerced her. He was certain of that.
Still, he couldn't be 100% sure. Not unless he could talk to her. He had
to know. He had to find out how she felt about him.

John walked back into the bedroom and saw that Jen was still all but
comatose. She wouldn't wake for hours. He left their room and went down
the hall to Amanda's bedroom.

He listened at her door. He wasn't sure at first but it sounded like she
was crying. It almost broke his heart to hear it. He tried the door but
it was locked.

"Amanda?" he called softly. "Sweetie, can I come in?"

He heard her unlock the door and he turned the knob. She was standing
with her back to him by her bed. He came around and looked into her
face. Her eyes were all red and puffy. It looked like she'd been awake
all night.

"Dad," she asked with a quivering voice. "Do you care about me? I mean,
really really much?"

John put his arms around her back and said, "Sweetie, why do you ask
such a question? You know how I feel about you."

Amanda sniffled and said, "I'm sorry dad. It's just that mom told me you
don't really care about me."

"She said WHAT?" John asked getting angry.

"She said that you don't really care about me and that I should stop
being with you all the time," Amanda gasped out. She swallowed hard and
added, "She even told me that I should get a boyfriend."

"Oh baby," John cried, "I'm so sorry, but I really, really love you,
sweetie." He smiled at her but she was still looking for something.

"I love you as my daughter," Amanda looked away but he put his hand on
her chin and gently turned her head back. "and as a young attractive
woman. I'm in love with you!"

Amanda blinked some tears out of her eyes. He'd just said he was in love
with her. She looked deeply into his eyes and she knew it was true. He
started to grin and so did she. He put his arms back around her and she
reached up and put her hands around his neck.
He kissed her and they felt the passion rise between them. "Mmmmm,"
Amanda groaned, "I love you too..."

'And mom can say whatever she wants,' Amanda thought as her dad kissed
her again. 'I already have a boyfriend and I don't care that it's dad.
He's so much better than all those jerks at school.'

"Baby," John asked, "do you want to do it? Now? Before mom wakes up?"

Amanda smiled her sweetest smile. "You don't have to ask, dad, you
know?" she told him. "I'm here for you anytime."

"I'm so happy to have you baby," he told her as she undid his pants and
pushed them down. "I can't even begin to describe what you mean to me."

Amanda held her dad's hard shaft and started pumping it. "Thanks dad.
I'm sorry for what I thought after mom talked to me. I'm so sorry."

John stopped her with a kiss. His hands held her head as their tongues
met and he again felt the unique thrill he only felt with her. His need
was urgent and so was hers. He pulled her top off while she shimmed out
of her bottoms. Now they both were naked.

He picked her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist
and her arms around his neck. While he held her with one hand the other
fit his cock into her incredible tight hole. Amanda grunted when the
tip slid in.

"It's okay dad," she said. "It doesn't hurt. It feels wonderful. I've
wanted to do this again since our date."

John let her slide down his pole. He looked down and saw her pussy
spread wide to let him in and watched inch after inch of his cock

When it was completely buried, he knelt on her bed, still holding her
and started lifting her ass, pulling her oh so tight pussy up his shaft
and then letting her fall down again. After a few strokes he kissed her
and she kissed him back with more passion than ever before.

John started to fuck his daughter with greater force. His cock was
driving into her over and over, splitting her open again and again.
Amanda was moaning into his mouth. Her legs where pulsing in rhythm to
his thrusts. She was fucking him back.
"Amanda, baby," he cried. "I'm almost there, uhh, and, I shouldn't cum
in you again. It's too risky."

"Dad," his adoring daughter said in a clear and confident voice. "It's
okay. I know what could happen and I want you to stay in me."

"Sweetie," he asked in shock. "You want me to cum in you?"

"I've thought about it dad, and, if you want it, then, you know..."

"Sweetie, we can't have a baby together," he started but even as he did
he could see her pregnant with his child. It was driving him mad. "It's
well, just too... OH GOD! NO! I'm... Oh shit..."

"Oh yes!" she cried as she felt him filling her again. "Daddy, oh, that
feels so good." She felt a wave of the pleasure jolts sweep over her
body each time she felt her dad's cock jerk and more cum went into her.
She kissed him hard to let him know how much she loved him.

Finally John stopped spurting. He gently lifted her off his still rigid
cock and set her on the bed. She pressed her body against his and they
kissed again. The both felt so in love.

"Sweetie, baby," he asked as he wiped a strand of hair away so he could
look at her pretty face better. "Why are you doing this with me? I mean,
you're so pretty. I'm sure you'd have no problem finding a 'real'

Amanda gazed into his loving eyes and said, "Dad, I... It just happened,
you know? On the date? It felt so good to have someone and, well, you're
handsome, dad. I was flattered, you know? Every girl at school wants an
older guy."

"Amanda, I'm your dad. I'm not your average boyfriend, am I? And you're
still a kid."

"I know and I've thought about that too. I don't know what to say, dad.
I love you. That's why I asked you to stay inside me. to show you how
much I love you, daddy."

When he heard her call him daddy his heart stopped. She did love him.
She loved him as much and as deeply as he loved her. He had no more
doubts. Everyone else might thing this was wrong but it wasn't. Not for
them. He and Amanda were in love and it was only natural that they sharethat love with each other in this special way.

"Baby, we just have to be careful, that's all," he told her. "You know,
with mom." Amanda nodded. She wasn't going to do anything that would
keep her away from him. Mom could never find out, she understood that
even before he said it.

"And, we should get some pills for you, maybe some condoms."

When he said that they both realized that they were really lovers. They
would have more sex and it was going to be wonderful. They kissed each
other again.

Amanda noticed that her dad's cock had never gone completely soft. She
started stroking it and it started getting hard again.

"Dad," she asked with an impish grin, "do you think we could do it
again? Before mom wakes up?"

John smiled. "Of course. You don't have to ask, sweetie. I'm here for
you anytime."

09-16-2006, 06:44 PM
Chapter 8 - The Rush of New Love

Amanda was daydreaming on her bed. She'd come home from school and
started to change but she'd only gotten her blouse and shoes off. She
saw her reflection in the mirror on her dresser and looked at herself.
Daddy had told her again that morning how beautiful she was. She could
see that it was true. If her daddy said it, of course it was true.

Her daddy had visited her again that morning. She could still feel how
his big cock filled her and how the warm cum made her cum. She knew now
that the jolts of pleasure were how girls cum. Her daddy promised to
make her cum as often as he could. Cumming inside her was the best way.
He was going to get her pills soon but they couldn't hold off. They
needed to make love as often as they could now that they understood how
they felt.

She loved sex with her dad. It was better than anything she'd ever
imagined. 'When he cums in me,' she thought and sighed. 'It's like the
whole world just stops. The warm feeling inside. Dad's smell and the way
he speaks with me when we do it. I just wish I could tell a friend like
Sam or Cloe.'

'Cloe thinks she soooo cool with Martin. He's such a great boyfriend.
He's all of fourteen. Well, daddy beats Martin all to heck. I bet Cloe
hasn't had sex and even if she did Martin's cock wouldn't be near as
nice as daddy's.'

'They'd just die if I told them how it felt to have a real man. To have
him hold you and kiss you. To have him make love to you. To feel him
shooting his stuff into you.'

"Amanda!" her mother called from downstairs. "Amanda! Are you changed
yet? You have chores to do, young lady!"

"You have chores to do, young lady!" Amanda mimicked her mom in a sassy
tone. Still she couldn't put her off for long. She wanted to be all done
by the time her dad got home from work.

She changed into a pair of short shorts and a halter top. It wasn't the
sexiest thing she had but it was the sexiest thing her mom would let her
wear and she wanted her dad to see her in it when he got home. She
dragged herself downstairs and found her mom in the kitchen.

"We have to pull the weeds from all the planters," Jen told her
daughter. She almost had to push the girl out to the garage. She handedher a pail and a pair of gloves.

"You do the back and around the pool. I'll get the front."

"I'd rather be in the pool," Amanda said, not realizing she'd said it

"Only after you've picked out all the weeds," her mother told her.

Amanda walked to the back of the house and started pulling weeds. She
hated it. It got her all dirty and she wanted to be all clean and pretty
when daddy got home. She started to dream about the next time they could
do it. She wondered if she could get him to do it before she went to

Amanda started at the back of the house but the sun was in her eyes
there. She strolled over to the pool area and started with those
planters. As she did she wondered what it would be like to have sex in
the pool. She giggled at the idea at first but then she realized, you
can't see what people are doing under the water very easily. They could
be doing it and even if mom walked out she couldn't see.

She figured on talking her dad into going into the pool with her. He
sometimes would go in there after work. It was a nice day for the pool.
But she had so many weeds to pull. Her mom would not let her swim until
all the weeds were gone.

Now that she had the proper motivation, Amanda worked like a beaver. She
pulled weeds as fast as she could. She was also careful to get them all
so her mom couldn't complain. In twenty minutes she had them all pulled
and went out front to tell her mom.

"What now?" Jen asked as her daughter came back out front. The girl was
always slow but lately she was in a dream world. "You can't be done."

"But I am," Amanda said proudly, holding her bucket up as proof.

Jen squinted at the bucket. It looked full but then the girl was tricky
enough try and fake it. She took the bucket and felt around in it. It
sure seemed to be full of weeds. Her daughter was staring at her with a
smug expression that all but said 'so there!'

"Let's take a look, Amanda," Jen said and went to the back. She was
shocked that the girl had really done it. There wasn't a week to be
"Well, I never..." she started. "See, you can do good work when you want

Amanda's expression hadn't changed. "Can I go in the pool now?" she

"I suppose," Jen told her.

Amanda followed her mother back to the front and dumped her bucket in
the large bin they used for yard waste. She was just taking off her
gloves when her dad pulled into the drive.

"Daddy!" she screamed and ran to his car. He got out and gave her as
nice a hug as he could with Jen standing right there. He gave Jen the
obligatory kiss.

"I'm going in the pool," she told him with the most excited voice she
had used since she got home. "Would you like to join me?"

"Sure, sweetie," John said. "I could use a good swim tonight. If that's
alright with you, honey."

"I suppose," Jen said. "Just don't stay in there all night. I already
have dinner in the oven."

John and Amanda hardly heard her. They were walking into the house by
then, hand in hand.

Amanda and her dad had taken every opportunity to kiss and touch during
the week since their first date. Had anyone known about their
relationship it should have been obvious that they were in love. The way
they spoke to each other, the looks between them, holding hands all the
time, kissing a lot.

Jen noted parts of this but she didn't make the connection. She just
thought they were being close. How could she possibly imagine that her
husband was having an affair with their daughter?

'The man must be in a mid-life crisis,' she thought. 'His damn ego must
just love all the adulation he's getting from her. Well, they both will
have a rude awakening soon enough, I'm sure. Amanda will realize her dad
doesn't want to be her boyfriend. And John will come to his senses and
realize she his damn daughter. I just hope I'm not left to pick up the
Just inside the door, John picked Amanda up and gave her the kiss he'd
been dying to give her since he got home. Amanda kissed him back and
held him so tight. She breathed deeply, smelling his manly scent again.
It was good to be back in his loving arms.

"Daddy," she said when it looked like he was just going to stand there
and kiss her all night long. "I really, really want to go in the pool
with you."

The way she said it perked John's interest. "Why sweetie?"

"You'll see," she said couquishly. "I promise you'll like it. We both

She kissed him again, quickly on his lips and then squirmed out of his
arms and ran up to her room. John followed more sedately, enjoying the
view of her pretty ass in those shorts.

John changed quickly into his swim trunks and headed out to the pool. He
wasn't surprised when he found Amanda already standing on the patio in
her lavender bikini. She was so damn sexy in it. Just like his dreams.
He couldn't help but kiss her.

"Come on, daddy," she said, pulling away from him. "Let's get in the
pool." And with that she jumped in and swam over to the far side.

John figured he'd pushed it enough. Jen could come out here at any time.
She'd already seen too much, he thought. Amanda couldn't keep her hands
off him. And, in truth, he couldn't keep his hands off her either.

He dived into the pool and glided under the water to where Amanda was
standing. He surfaced right in front of her. She put her arms around him
and he felt his passion rising again.

"Oh sweetie," he started to protest weakly. "Mom's in the front..." he
kissed her and then pulled away. "mmmm, we shouldn't."

He kissed her again. "Mmmm, daddy," Amanda purred. "Yes, kiss me,

"Not here, baby."

"Ohh, please"
"Ohhhh God, you taste good."

"Don't stop."

John gave up even trying to contain himself. He pulled her tight and
kissed her as hard as he could. Her tongue felt so damn good as it slid
over his own tongue. The girl was a natural kisser.

This time it was Amanda that broke away. She playfully grabbed her dad's
cock and squeezed him so tight it almost hurt. Then she ducked under the
water, pushed off the wall and swam to the other side.

John crossed the pool with only two strong strokes and caught her again.
"I can't let you get away that easy," he said, then covered her mouth
with his and kissed her.

Amanda put her hand on her dad's cock and started rubbing it. It was
already hard. She reached into his trunks and pulled it out.

"Let's do it, dad," she said. "Right here, now!"

"Amanda!" he cried as she pushed his trunks down further and then pulled
the strings of her bikini bottom loose. "We can't. Your mom is right..."

"She can't see! Don't you get it? If we stay under the water you could
be in me and she'd never know."

"I don't know," he said. He was tempted, of course, but the girl didn't
understand the danger.

Amanda took her dad's hand and put it between her legs. He instantly
started rubbing her pussy. She grabbed his cock again and started
pulling on it.

As John moved his hand between Amanda's legs her thong started to work
itself loose. It came out and floated to the bottom of the pool. He
started rubbing his daughter's naked pussy and found that she was wet.
He slid a finger into her. He knew they shouldn't. It was way too

Even as he tried to talk himself into stopping he was picking her up.
Amanda held his cock until the tip slipped into her and then she grabbed
his ass and pulled herself onto him in one smooth move.

"Oh baby," he cried. It was always tighter in her than he remembered. Ithad only been that morning but he had forgotten just how small her pussy
was. His big shaft almost didn't fit. He grabbed her naked ass and
started pulling her on and off his cock.

"Yes, daddy!" she encouraged him. "I love you! I really do."

"I love you too, sweetie," he said and smiled. He stopped worrying about
getting caught and just fucked her. God it felt good. As he thrust into
her repeatedly, his trunks slid down his legs. When they were around his
ankles he kicked them off.

"Oh do it daddy!" she cried. "I'm going to cum. Cum in me, daddy! I want
to feel it again."

"OH BABY!" John slammed into her and released his load.

"YES!" Amanda yelled. "Yes! I feel it! Oh yes, I feel your cum, daddy!"

John grunted again as more of his baby making sperm shot into her
possibly fertile body. He had to get her on the pill fast. This was just
too risky.

"Oh, oh baby!" he panted as he finished. "I love you. I love you so

John kissed his daughter deeply, feeling her love on her lips. He didn't
want this moment to end. He was still deep in her pussy and his cock was
only slowly getting soft.

He stopped suddenly when he heard the patio door open. Amanda heard it
too and pulled off him. "Ugh!" she cried when his cock popped free.
They didn't have time to put their suits back on. so they stood at the
edge of the pool.

"Is everything alright out here?" Jen asked. "I thought I heard

"Oh, that was me," Amanda said, turning around to face her mom. "I asked
daddy to throw me up out of the water and he got me so high I got
scared. I'm okay. Sorry to worry you."

Something about the way she said it bothered Jen. She'd heard Amanda
scream but it didn't sound like she was scared. It sounded, different.
And she hadn't heard any splashing. But she could see that they were
okay. They were just standing there in the shallow end. It obviously wasinnocent enough.

"Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes," she told them and then turned
and went back in.

"Oh sweetie," John said when the coast was clear. "That was too close,
way too close."

"I'm sorry daddy," Amanda said, "but I just needed to have you again. It
turned out okay, didn't it."

"Yes," John laughed. "With you it always works out okay."

John started looking for their bottoms. He found his stuck in the drain
but Amanda's was no where to be found. He slipped his trunks on and got
out. He checked the pump and there it was, in the leaf basket, Amanda's
lavender thong. He turned off the pump, opened it and retrieved the

He laughed as he carried it back. When he got close to the pool he waved
it at his daughter. She laughed too. Then John saw Jen in the kitchen
window. She wasn't looking at them, but she could have. He quickly hid
the tiny thong in his large hand and dove into the pool.

09-16-2006, 06:45 PM
Chapter 9 - The Second Date

John got up and shaved. He looked back at the bed and saw Jen stirring.
Well, she hadn't gotten as drunk the night before. He'd hoped to sneak
into Amanda's room again this morning but apparently that wasn't in the
cards. Still, he was taking her out that night so he'd only have to go
with out her sweet love for a few more hours.

He brushed his teeth and started to leave the bedroom. Jen was sitting
up by then and asked, "Aren't you going to put your robe on?"

"Nah," he said dismissively.

"At least put a shirt on," she called at his back. "Amanda will see..."

She'd noticed how much more casual John had been about being dressed
these last few days. She'd even seen him walking around in his underwear
right in front of their daughter. It wasn't right. She'd told him but
he'd just shrugged her off.

And Amanda was wearing sexier clothes everyday. She'd given up trying to
get her daughter to dress modestly. Now she just tried to keep her
dressed. Amanda too had gotten much too casual about putting enough
clothes on. Her father had gotten her night clothes that were much to
revealing for a girl her age but she wore them around all the time now.

Jen got up and put her robe on. She found John in the kitchen making
coffee. He poured her a cup and she sat at the table. "John, you
shouldn't walk around the house like that," she told him. "Amanda
already has her school girl crush on you. It doesn't help when you walk
around half naked."

"Uh, whatever," he said as he got down cereal bowls. He set them on the
table and got out his granola cereal and Amanda's frosted something or
other. She had to ask him to get her cereal.

Just then Amanda walked in. She was in a skimpy PJ set that hardly
covered anything. She went right up to her dad and he scooped her up
into his arms. Jen just stared at his hand on his daughter's butt.

"Good morning, sweetie," he said cheerfully. "Today's our big day."

"Are you going to pick me up after school, dad?" she cooed.

"What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't pick up my date?"
"John, for Christ's sake," Jen groaned, "Not this Friday too?" She
hadn't heard about their plans. They ignored her now, too.

"Ohh, dad," she held her dad's head in her hands. "You're the best in
the whole world."

"For you angel, I'll do anything."

"You're so sweet, dad," she said and then she kissed him not three feet
from her mom. It wasn't the passionate, deep, tongue kiss she wanted to
give her dad but it was much more than most daughters gave their dads.
Her dad was kissing her back, too.

Jen just stared. She was annoyed but even with them kissing almost in
arms reach of her she couldn't believe that anything truly wrong was
happening. John was acting irresponsibly and Amanda still was holding on
to her silly crush.

All through breakfast they made eyes at each other. Eventually, Jen
stopped trying to engage them in a conversation. It was just too much
work and she was failing anyway.


"Hey Amanda," Cloe called to her. She was at their usual lunch table.
Sam was sitting next to her. Amanda came over and sat across from her

"Martin is taking Cloe to the junior high dance tomorrow," Sam told the
late comer. "She's going to be in a real dress, aren't you Cloe?"

"Uh huh," Cloe said. "And one of his buddy's brother is going to drive
us. He has a van."

Cloe emphasized the word van like it was something of amazing

"That's nice," Amanda said, already dreaming about her night with her

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Cloe asked.

"Don't know, hang around the house I guess," she said.
"It's too bad you aren't getting a chance to go out more," Cloe went on.
"It must be soooo boring to be around your 'rents all the time."

Amanda shrugged, "It's okay. My dad is taking me out tonight."

"Oh," Sam and Cloe said together. Cloe asked "What's that all about?"

"Oh, nothing," she said coyly. "He's just taking me out, that's all.
What are you doing tonight?"

"Uh, nothing, I guess," Sam admitted.

"I have to work on my science project," Cloe said.

"Oh, too bad," Amanda said. "I'll be thinking of you tonight."


Amanda had stashed her high heeled sandals in her back pack. When her
dad picked her up she kicked off her boring school shoes and put on the
sexy ones that made it so much easier to kiss him. John just laughed and
rubbed her leg.

"What do you want to do, sweetie?" he asked.

"Can we go to a hotel again?" she answered immediately.

"Sure, but what else?"

"Nothing," she said plainly. "I just want to be with you. I want to do
it. Over and over."

John laughed, "Easy, sweetie. I'm not a machine. We'll have to eat
sometime, too."

"Sure, we can eat too," she said with a happy smile.

John drove out by the airport. There was a nice hotel his company used
for out of town clients. He knew they were discrete. He still worried
about them getting caught.

He checked them in and the desk clerk said, "Have a nice evening, sir."
as she watched the man walk away with the very pretty, very young girl
he claimed was his daughter. 'Hmmm, no luggage,' she thought.
'Something fishy is going on.' But she would keep it to herself. Thatwas official hotel policy and she'd known three people that got fired
for talking about guests.

"Don't you want to go eat something first, sweetie?" he asked again.

"Dad, can't we, like, go to the room right away?" she replied.

'God,' John thought, 'I can't believe we're doing this again.'

Amanda took his arm and thought, 'Eating? Now? You're so cute dad.'

Amanda stripped her clothes off the second the door to their room was
closed. While her dad got undressed, Amanda called Cloe. After the
conversation at lunch she felt she just had to share the moment with her
best friend, even if she couldn't really tell her.

John shook his head. There was his daughter. Naked. On the bed, waiting
for him so they could make love. It was just too unbelievable. He was
hard before he even got his clothes off. She was on the phone talking to
Cloe by the time he laid down.

"Cloe I have to go, dad's waiting," he heard her say.

"No it's only me and dad," she said.

"Yeah, I'll tell him you said hello."

"Say hello from me too, baby," he told Amanda.

"Yes," she said. "I'll tell you more at school. I promise, okay?"

She hung up the phone and saw her dad's big dick sticking straight up in
the air. Her pussy was getting wet just looking at it. She stood up on
the bed, held the big pole with one hand and sat down on it.

"Easy, baby," her dad said. "You're so small. I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm okay, dad," she grunted as the first few inches sank into her.
"Uhhh, but it's so big."

She lifted up a little and then tried to go down further. A few more
inches slid up her tiny hole. "And I want to be good for you dad," she
went on. "You know, like a woman."

"Sweetie, you're so good to me in so many ways," he told her as hecontinued to watch his shaft be swallowed by her pussy. "And I really
love you for that."

Amanda pulled up one more time and then went down again. It was easier
this time. Her dad's dick was getting coated with her juices. She got to
the bottom and almost had him completely inside her. Again she went up,
half way this time and then she went down faster than before. Finally
she felt the coarse hairs of his privates on her butt cheeks. She
stopped to catch her breath.

John was amazed. She'd gotten his entire cock into her. It felt so damn
good. She obviously wanted to do it to him this time so he just stayed
there. Eventually she did start to go up and down, making small
movements at first but as she got stretched out a little and his cock
got slipperier she moved more and faster. Soon she was riding him like

"Ohhh! Daddy!" She cried out. She was feeling her cum start. It was
happening so fast this time. "Oh! OH!" She lost her balance and fell.
Her father caught her in his strong arms and gently lowered her to the
bed. His big cock was still in her.

John took over, flexing his hips and driving his hard shaft into her
over and over.

"Ohhh! Soon sweetie," he was grunting in time with his thrusts. "Uhhhh,
God... You're so tight... Oh baby... I love you... I'm gonna... Ohhh..
Yeah... Cum!!!"

John felt it start. He drove into her as hard as he could and his first
blast came shooting out. "Oh Jesus, honey," he cried. "I'm sorry! OHHH!

John had the hardest and most overpowering orgasm of his life. His
daughter's loving pussy was milking his spasming cock as load after load
of potent sperm shot into her. God, he had to get her on the pill. Soon!
He just couldn't hold back. He came in her every time.

He pulled out of her slowly. Her pussy actually went 'pop' when he came
out. He pulled her over to him and wrapped her in his arms. She felt so
small and delicate. 'Jesus, I can't believe I'm falling for her like
this, and it's just getting worse,' he thought as he kissed her.

"Ohh, mmmm," Amanda moaned as she kissed him over and over, "You're...
mmmm. the best... mmmm. dad... in the whole world."
"You really mean that, sweetie?" he asked. "Amanda, "I... I'm
overwhelmed. I never thought I would fall in love like this again."

That afternoon they made love three more times. Amanda especially liked
doing it in the shower. Each time it was easier and she found she new
feelings. It just kept getting better.

Finally, around eight, her dad said they had to stop. She didn't
understand why but when she asked him he just said "I'm not a machine,
sweetie." She didn't know what he meant by that. They got dressed and
headed out to a fancy restaurant. In the car her doubts came back.

"Dad, are you serious with me?" she asked. "I mean, I know I'm just a

"Baby," he cut her off and put his hand on her knee."You're a young
beautiful woman and you make me wish that I was divorced. What more
could I tell you?"

"I'm sorry dad," she said. "I'm just afraid.."

"Sweetie," he cut her off again. "You're my daughter and the woman I
love. I'm never gonna leave you. Ever. You know?"

Amanda smiled contentedly. She knew. She knew very well. "Thanks, dad."

09-16-2006, 06:46 PM
Chapter 10 - Friday Night Fights

Amanda wanted to go back to the hotel after dinner. John almost gave in
but he didn't want Jen to be any more upset than she already was. The
more he thought about what was waiting for him at home the more he was
tempted to take Amanda back to the hotel and spend the night. It would
be a whole lot more pleasant than the fight he knew was going to happen.

It would be better, for that night, but John knew it would only make
matters worse. He pushed his raging libido aside for the moment and
drove them home after he promised Amanda to take her out the next Friday

He pulled into the garage and turned off the car. He sat for a moment to
work up his courage. Amanda turned to him and said, "I love you dad."

With those simple words she brighten his outlook. Let Jen rail on him.
So what! Amanda loved him and that was all he needed.

He leaned across the car and kissed her. She kissed back and for the
next five minutes they sat in the car and necked. Finally he stopped. It
was time.

Amanda and John walked up the stairs together, still holding hands even
though they didn't fully realize it. She hugged him one last time before
she went into her room.

"I love you, daddy," she mouthed and then blew him a kiss as she shut
her door.

John stood outside her room for a minute looking at the door and wishing
he could spend the night in there. But he wasn't a coward. He had to
face Jen and he would.

He strode confidently into the bedroom. She was sitting in bed, reading
a book. He grunted at her, pulled his shirt off and tossed it on the
hamper as he walked into the bathroom.

Jen got out of bed and started letting out all the things she'd been
pondering while her husband was out with her daughter.

"Come on, John," she said, five minutes into her spiel. "I think she has
a crush on you and when you ask her out she thinks you're, well,
confirming her feelings, you know?"
"Please, Jen, I don't want to hear it."

"So, you mean you don't care that you're leading her on?"

"Jen, for Christ's sake drop it. We've been over this before."

"How can I drop it, John? My own daughter is dating my husband. How do
you think I feel?"

"I'm sorry, honey, but you can't blame me for that."

His last retort was like a knife in her heart. "John," she begged,
"please, don't do this to me."

"Just drop it Jen," he replied more forcefully. "If I want to spend time
with my daughter I will. You aren't going to drive a wedge between
Amanda and me. I won't let you. If you don't like it, well, I'm sorry.
But really, look at..." He stopped. Even as aggravated as he was he
couldn't lash out at her that way.

"Look at what? Look at me? Is that it? What John? Aren't I good enough
for you now? I'm not the skinny girl you married, right? You don't feel
all macho and manly when you go out with me, do you?"

John shook his head and ignored her. He shouldn't have said it and now
he had to pay the price. She'd could go on like that for hours.


Amanda had already fallen asleep. She'd changed into one of her old
pajamas. The pink flannel ones with the silly sheep. They were childish
but she liked them and they were so comfortable and warm and the night
had turned chilly, almost like winter.

As she slept she dreamed her favorite dream....

"Amanda, honey," her dad called. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, dear," she said. She came down the stairs and he held out her
white coat. She let him slip it on her arms. She started to button it
but the middle buttons were so tight. She looked down and saw her tummy
all pushed out.

'That's strange,' she thought. 'How did that happen?' Then she
remembered. It was the baby. She was going to have a baby. Her dad'sbaby.

"Come on, sweetie," he said. "We're going to be late."

She turned and kissed him. She could feel his warm lips on her. She was
melting into him. Then they were in their bed. She knew it was the bed
she shared with him now. She was naked and so was he. His hard cock was
sticking out from his body and she watched it move toward her pussy.

Still dreaming, Amanda's hand went inside her panties. Her fingers found
her wet slit and one of them slid into it. Then a second finger joined

Her dad was in her now. His cock was filling her and making her cum. It
was a powerful dream. the feeling of her dad's big cock inside her
almost felt real. She could feel his hands holding her legs back. She
could smell his manly scent. She heard him grunt as he thrust into her
over and over.

"Oh baby," he cried out.

"Yes daddy," she said. "Cum in me. Do it! Make it all warm and

In her dream she even felt his cum shooting into her. Her fingers were
working like crazy. She was oozing so much pussy juice her panties and
pajama bottoms were already soaked. It was making a puddle on the bed.

She came, both in her dream and on her fingers. She rolled over and
hugged her pillow tightly. In her dream she was holding her dad. Her
head was nestled against his strong chest as he stroked her cheek.

"I love you," he told her.

"I love you too, daddy," she whispered in the silence of her room.

09-16-2006, 06:47 PM
Chapter 11 - The Company Party

The next few weeks John and Amanda's love for each other grew and grew.
Jen noticed more things. She'd caught them snuggling on the couch under
a blanket and she could have sworn she saw Amanda's hand on John's
crotch. Something moved when she came in and they both looked guilty.

Then there was the way Amanda was dressing. John had taken her to the
mall several more times and her daughter now had a full closet of sexy
clothes and that was all she wore. Even to school. She'd almost become
accustom to her daughter's new wardrobe. She couldn't stay upset about
it forever.

He'd continued to take her out on dates. Every Friday he'd pick her up
at school and they wouldn't be home until very late. She never asked
where they went or what they did. She didn't really want to know. She
was afraid to know.

Then one night they were out until 3:00AM. John said they lost track of
time. When she asked him where they'd been he just said, "out." She let
it drop.

More and more nights, Jen found herself home alone. Even when John and
Amanda were home they hardly talked to her. She consoled herself with a
drink, or two, or three.

She'd put more weight on too. Only her frumpiest clothes fit now. That
made John's news all the more troubling. His company was throwing a
party for his 20th anniversary. It was going to be a big, fancy, catered
dance at the company headquarters. John had just informed her that he
wanted her and Amanda to go with him.

"Honey," she protested feebly, "I'm sure Amanda has other things to do
than go with us to your company party."

"Listen Jen," he shot back, "I really want both of you to come."

"John," she went on, "She's a kid. A party like this wouldn't be fun for

"Jen," he retorted in a voice that would not countenance argument. "I
want her to come, okay? It's not just any party. We're celebrating my
20th year working for the company and I want the whole family there."

'I wish I could go alone with dad,' Amanda was thinking as she listenedto her parents. Her dad had already asked her to go to the party with
him. And even though her mom would come too, she really felt like she
was going as her dad's girlfriend, secretly, but still it was a big step
for her.

They'd already bought a dress for her and her dad had gotten her a new
necklace and a choker. She was so excited about the party and even more
excited about the clothes.

On the night of the party, Amanda spent hours in her room getting ready.
Her mother kept calling into her room to hurry up but Amanda didn't
listen. John told his wife to back off. Amanda would come out when she
was ready.

When she finally came out and modeled her new dress for her dad he
almost drooled. He'd never seen her look more radiant. She was a goddess
in gold. The shiny, stretchy dress clung to her slim, tiny body like a
second skin. John was enchanted from the moment he saw it.

"You know," he said in his most affectionate voice, "the guys at work
are gonna be jealous of me when the see that dress, sweetie and I really
insist that you'll let me dance with you. You know, at least the slow

Jen was standing right there. She was holding Amanda by the hand.
'Jesus,' she thought, 'he's flirting with her. It's almost like I'm not
even here.'

"Sure dad," Amanda said, wrapping her arm around his waist. "I want that

"We're late," Jen said as much to break up the little scene that was
developing in the living room. "Let's go."

There was a brief scuffle at the car. Amanda stood at the front
passenger door. Jen had to actually ask her to sit in the back. John
ignored her too. She started to wonder why she was going.

John's office was downtown in one of the high rise office towers. They
parked in the underground garage and took the garage elevator to the
lobby. John was holding Amanda's hand and had hardly glanced at Jen.

Jen had been to John's office before. When the door to the elevator
opened she walked out into the lobby and headed directly to the tower
elevators that went to the floor his office was on. It took a minute forher to realize that John and Amanda weren't right behind her.

As soon as Jen was out of sight, John kissed Amanda. He knew it was a
risk but he had to kiss her or he'd burst. She kissed back and for a few
seconds they were the only people in their world.

"John?" he heard Jen calling. "Are you coming?"

He looked out and didn't see her. She had to be around the corner. Phew.
That was close. "We're coming," he called out and released his daughter
from his tight embrace.

As they walked across the marble floor of the lobby he could hear the
clicking of Amanda's heels. It was so sexy he was getting hard. He even
had to shift his cock. Amanda saw him do it and giggled.

"There you are," Jen said when they finally caught up. She stabbed the
call button and turned to face the elevators.

Amanda pulled on her dad's sleeve. He looked down at her and she reached
up. Some of her lipstick had smeared on his face. She wiped it off with
her thumb. John took a quick glance at his wife's back then grabbed his
daughter's hand and sucked on her thumb for a second. She giggled again.

"What's so funny?" Jen asked. "Is there something stuck to my shoe?

"Nothing mom," Amanda said. "I'm just so happy to be here I'm giddy."

"Hmph!" Jen grunted.

When they got to John's office he ignored Jen and started introducing
Amanda and showing her around the place. Jen watched them go off. She
shook her head and went looking for the bar.

"Where is your desk, dad?" she asked.

"In my office," he said playfully. "Would you like to see it?"

"Of course," she said with a wrinkly in her nose.

John opened the door to his private office. Amanda slipped in. John
looked down the hall, almost like a thief would do and snuck in behind
"Mmmm," Amanda murmured as he kissed her again.

John's cock was getting hard again. He adjusted it once more.

"Would you like me to take care of that for you, daddy?" she asked with
an impish grin. "I could suck it for you. Would you like that?"

Boy would he but that was so dangerous. Even thinking about it had him
weak at the knees. Anyone could walk in. But he also was thinking about
her lips around his cock, sucking, licking...

"Okay, but we have to be careful," he said and led her behind his desk.
"Get under there so no one can see you if they come in."

Amanda smiled and crawled under his desk. John unzipped his pants and
pulled his raging hard cock out. As soon as he sat down his daughter
wrapped her hand around the shaft.

"Oh Jesus," he said as her lips opened and took the top few inches in.
"Oh baby! That's so good. Oh, I love you so much, sweetie."

"Mmmm," Amanda mumbled. She couldn't talk. Her mouth was full. Instead
she decided to show him how much she loved him. She started bobbing her
head up and down, letting her tongue slide all over his cock. She just
loved doing this.


John's head shot up. It was William, the senior vice president. He was
standing in the doorway.

"Why aren't you at the party?" he asked. "It is your party after all?"

"Oh, uh," John tried to respond calmly but Amanda hadn't stopped. She
was still sucking his cock as aggressively as before. "It's just, you
see, I had some things I wanted to check on. I'll be out there in a few

"Okay then," the intruder said. "You always were the hardest worker
here. You just never know when to quit."

John watched him leave. He saw several people pass the door. Any one of
them could walk in just like William had. He looked down in his lap and
saw the back of his daughter's head, bobbing. He could hear the slurping
and sucking sounds she was making. The stress and fear of being caughtcombined with the incredibly erotic sight below him.

Amanda wasn't prepared for what happened. Suddenly her dad's cock
exploded in her mouth. A large shot of cum flooded her mouth. She pulled
off him and the second hit her in the face. The third went into her
hair. This was going to be a mess. She had to stop it. She didn't know
what to do. In a panic she put her mouth back on her dad's spurting cock
and swallowed the rest of his cum.

"OH JESUS!" John moaned, trying to keep his voice down. "OH MY GOD! OH
YES! Yes! Suck it all out, sweetie. Take all of daddy's cum. It's all
for you. Oh yes!"

"There you are," Jen said just as Amanda swallowed his last load. He
looked down and saw her wipe the cum that hit her face off with her
finger and then suck the finger clean while she smiled up at him.

"Where's Amanda?" Jen asked.

"Uh, she went to the ladies room, I think," he lied. 'No, my sweet
daughter is under my desk,' he thought. 'She'll come out as soon as she
finishes wiping up my cum.'

"People are asking where you are," Jen said. John just stared at her,
wishing that she'd just go away. "You should be out there." He just

"Hmmph," she grumbled and left. Finally the coast was clear. John lifted
Amanda up and sat her on his desk. He took out a box of Kleenex and
started wiping her face. Amanda felt her hair.

"Gosh, dad," she said, "not again. You got it in my hair the last time
too, remember? I can't wear a ball cap tonight, though."

John tried to think of a way to explain the big white blob in his
daughter's hair. It almost looked like a bird had... He smiled.

"I haven't shown you the neatest part of my office," he said, helping
her off his desk. He walked her over to the wall of windows behind them
and pushed. One of the windows was a door and it opened onto a balcony.

"Oh cool," she said, rushing to the edge and looking down. "This is so

John smiled. "Oh I'm so sorry, dear," he said. Amanda turned around witha confused look. "I'm sorry that bird messed up your hair. Maybe you can
clean it up in the ladies room?"

Now she understood. She came back to him and kissed him. Then she
started out into the hall. Suddenly she realized she didn't know where
the bathroom was. She turned back and her dad pointed her in the right

John checked himself in the mirror before he walked out. The party was
in full swing now. He got himself a bourbon and water at the bar and a
coke for Amanda. He saw Jen across the room. She already had a drink.

An hour later the speeches had been made. John was given a plaque for
his office and a crystal mantle clock. He'd thanked everyone and shaken
everyone's hand. It was now time to enjoy the party.

The music started and he led Amanda out onto the dance floor. It was a
nice slow dance and he was able to hold her close, just the way he

Jen watched them from the side of the room. Avery, one of John's
employees came over. "I understand that's your daughter," he said to
start the conversation. "She's really quite beautiful. She really takes
after her dad, doesn't she?"

"Oh she takes after him alright," Jen slurred out. "She takes after him
every chance she gets."

Avery looked at her. It was obvious she was drunk. He backed away

'Look at the little tramp,' she thought as she took another sip of her
drink. 'She's practically glued to him out there. I should be the one
dancing with him. He's my husband after all. I'm the one that put up
with all the late hours. The long trips. This should be about me too.
What's she think she's doing?'

Jen was working herself into a frenzy. She was getting so mad her fists
were balled and her jaw was clenched. Before she knew what she was doing
she walked out on the dance floor.

"John," she said with her hand on his shoulder. "You should be dancing
with me, not her."

"You're drunk," he whispered. "Go sit down and dry out. Don't make ascene, especially in front of all my co-workers."

"I'm not the one making a fucking scene, ass hole," she said in a
moderately loud voice. "You're the one that's flirting with a fucking
baby. She's fucking thirteen, you bastard. What do you think could
happen? Huh? Tell me that. Fucking tell me that!"

"Let's go," he told Amanda. He took her by the hand and grabbed Jen's
arm. He started to walk them out of the party but Jen turned and tried
to slap him. She was too drunk to do that and keep her balance. She fell
to the floor at his feet.

John looked at his wife lying on the floor in a jumbled mess. He
detested her at that moment. She was disgusting and his only thought was
to get her out of there.

"We're leaving," he said, pulling her to her feet. "Now!"

09-16-2006, 06:48 PM
Chapter 12 - Silver Linings

John dragged Jen out of the office. Amanda went over and collected all
his awards and followed as quickly as her tight dress allowed. She
caught up to them at the elevator.

Jen was in a daze. When she fell she her head hit the floor pretty hard.
That combined with all the liquor in her blood made her one step away
from unconsciousness. John was holding her up against the wall to keep
her from falling.

He had to practically carry her to the car. He dumped her in the back
before he helped Amanda into the passenger seat.

He was silent the whole drive home. Amanda could see how upset he was.
She just put her hand on his leg and squeezed it gently. "I love you,
dad," she assured him. He finally smiled.

When they got home, Jen was just barely able to climb the stairs with
John holding her. He left her in the bedroom and got undressed in the
bathroom. When he came out, his wife was passed out on the bed.

Amanda knocked on the door. She was genuinely concerned for her mom. She
seemed sick to her. The young teen had never seen someone truly drunk
before. "Is she alright, dad?"

"Oh honey!" John said as he looked at his daughter. She was wearing the
white, lace, see through nightie. The one he'd bought for her the first
time they went to the mall. "Oh sweetie."

"Is she, dad? Is mom okay?"

John looked back at his wife. The contrast couldn't be more stark. On
his bed was a drunk, fat, smelly woman that he was learning to loathe.
Standing in his doorway was an angel in white that he loved more dearly
than life itself.

"She'll be okay," he told her. "She'll sleep it off. She won't wake up
until noon, maybe later."

Suddenly John knew what that allowed. He went over to her and hugged her
tight. "Ah, sweetie," he said with a sly grin. "There isn't much room on
my bed. Would you mind if I slept with you tonight?"

"You mean the whole night?" his daughter was astonished. "Until morningand everything?"

"Especially everything," he said as he caressed her face.

John knew her answer with out her saying it. He picked her up and
carried her to her room. He gently set her on the bed and crawled in
beside her.

"Dad," she said, "I really enjoyed the party, until the end that is. The
people you work with are neat."

"They liked you too, sweetie," he said as he started stroking her face.
"Everyone there thought you were so beautiful."

"Mmmm," she moaned as his hand traced down her neck and across her
budding breasts. "Ohhh!" she added when his fingers slipped under the
filmy material of the panties and started rubbing her slit. "OH GOD!"
she let out when his finger slid into her.

John kissed her. Holding her tight with one hand while the other
stimulated her pussy. It was so easy now. He didn't hesitate or doubt.
This was so wonderful it had to be right. How could something wrong feel
this good?

Amanda started feeling a cum. She held her dad tight and started bucking
her hips as his finger drove into her. It was so much smaller than his
cock but the feeling was very similar.

"Oh daddy!" she cried as she came. "Oh yes! Oh! Yes! Oh! Oh, that's so
nice. Oh, I love you so much."

"I love you too, sweetie," he said, slowly pulling his hand out. "More
than I can ever tell you."

She just held him tight for a while. She felt his hard cock pressing
against her leg. His finger was great but she wanted something more.
Something, bigger.

"I want to be on top this time," she said as she reached down to pull
his underwear off. John just smiled and nodded. He lifted his hips to
let her get his briefs off and then laid there and watched his little
girl straddle his hips.

Her petite hand held his huge cock steady as she lowered herself onto
it. He saw the head spread her lips and then suddenly it popped in.With out pausing, Amanda slid her pussy down his long shaft until she
was sitting on him. In the last weeks she'd gotten much more used to
having him in her. It never hurt at all now. In fact, every time they
made love it felt better and better.

John put his hands on her butt and started to lift her up but Amanda
slapped his hands away. "I want to do it. I want to it all for you
daddy," she said. Then she started to lift herself up.

John watched his glistening shaft reappear. In the moonlit room it
sparkled like crystal. When just the bulbous head remained buried in
her, Amanda stopped and then slowly let herself down again.

"Oh, sweetie," he said as his cock sank into her again. "Oh sweet baby,
I love you."

"I love you too, daddy," she said. She started moving faster. John was
in heaven. His lovely daughter was fucking him. The scene before his
eyes was almost as stimulating as her tight pussy sliding up and down
his cock. He started to loose himself in the eroticism.

"Oh, yes. Oh fuck. Oh God! Yes! Oh baby! Oh!

"Do you like it when I do it like this, dad?"

"More than anything in the world."

Amanda glowed with pride because of that. He felt the same way about
this as she did. It made it even better. She started slamming herself
down on his cock as hard as she could.

It still took a big effort to force her pussy down on him and it wasn't
long before she started to get tired. John noticed how she was lagging
and took over. He held her hips steady and started thrusting his big
cock up into her. It was so tight! But it felt so good!

"Oh yes, daddy," she cried out. "That feels so good. Oh! yes! Yes! OH

Amanda was cumming on his cock. Her pussy milking his shaft was too much
for him. He exploded into her. Load after load. It felt like gallons.
Finally he was spent. He let Amanda slowly down, taking his still
leaking cock deep into her one last time.

"Oh, daddy," she cooed. "That was the best ever. I can't even imaginehow it could be better."

John and Amanda rested in each other's arms but they weren't through for
the night. John went soft and eventually pulled out of her but they kept
kissing and touching. Soon, well before John would have guessed
possible, his cock started to swell again.

John climbed between her legs and held his shaft as he moved forward.
Amanda stopped him and wrapped her hand on his shaft. "Let me do that,
dad" she requested.

John let go and watched his daughter guide his cock into her wet pussy.
It slipped in easier now. In one glorious push he impaled her with his
rock hard pole. When he was all the way in, Amanda wrapped her legs
around his ass and said, "I love you, dad. I love you so much."

John smiled down at her and started sliding in and out of her. He pulled
almost all the way out and then pushed in, firmly. It was still
incredibly tight. He pulled out and pushed in, faster. "Oh yes, daddy!
Yes! Daddy!"

He couldn't believe how good it felt. He was fucking her and she loved
it. She was begging for it. God was this wonderful. It washed away
everything bad in his life.

John thrust into her again. Driving deep, burying his shaft completely,
amazed once again that her tiny body could accommodate his massive cock.
Even her mother couldn't take it all at first. It was almost a year
after they were married before he got completely into her and she was a
full grown woman. Amanda was still a child. I very sexy, erotic child.

"Oh, yes! Oh daddy! Yes! I want you inside me. Make me cum with it,
please. Make me cum. I want to feel you shooting inside me again."

Each time she spoke, her father felt a thrill. This was so forbidden.
Here she was, barely a teen and she was begging him to fuck her. To fuck
her and cum in her pussy.

"Oh baby," he moaned. "Take it. Take daddy's big cock. Take it deep and
let me feel you cum on it. I'm going to do it until we both cum so hard.
Oh yes!"

"Yes daddy! Oh yes! Please! I want it! Oh, oh, oh! YES!"

John shot his first load as he sank into her. He held himself deep inher as he went off again and again. Amanda had her eyes squeezed tightly
shut, concentrating on the feeling of his cock jerking and shooting deep
in her pussy.

"Oh, daddy," she said when he laid next to her and pulled her into his
arms. "I love you. Are you really going to stay here all night?"

"Yes, sweetie," he said. "I'm going to be here all night. I want to wake
up with you in my arms. Nothing would make me happier than that."

"Me too. I want to wake up like that too. Oh, I love you so much."

Amanda suddenly felt so tired she couldn't keep her eyes open. She
kissed her dad and then drifted peacefully off to sleep. John felt her
soft, regular breath on his chest. As he closed his eyes he again
thanked God for Amanda.

09-16-2006, 06:50 PM
Chapter 13 - Waking Up Together

John woke when the sunlight streamed into Amanda's room. She was still
in his arms, sleeping as peacefully as she had done when she was a baby.
He could still remember holding her in his arms back then, watching her
sleep. He loved her then and even more now.

Her naked body felt so soft against his side. He felt her gentle
breath on his chest. It was just so good to wake up like this. He knew
his day was going to be wonderful.

"Uh, huh," Amanda mumbled as she woke. "Daddy? You're still here? It was
real then. It wasn't a dream?"

"No, sweetie," he assured her. "It was real. All of it was real."

He kissed her. God, she even tasted good in the morning. He held her
tight and gloried in how wonderful her soft skin felt, how nice it was
to kiss her. If only...

"Dad?" she said when her hand found his hard cock. "Are you ready now?
So soon?"

"I've been up for a bit," he explained. "I was watching you sleep."

"Is that why?" she pulled on his shaft.

"Yes, honey," he told her. "Just looking at you gets me excited."

"Just by looking?" she asked. "Really?"

"Uh huh," he smiled at her. "Of course, what you're doing now is nice

Amanda kissed him again as her hand started pumping his cock faster. It
was getting even bigger as she held it. Her little hand hardly fit
around it.

"Daddy?" she said. "You wanna know something?"

"What, sweetie?"

"I get excited too," she said. "Just from looking at you. Sometimes I
get excited just from thinking about you."
"That's wonderful, honey," he told her. "That happens to me too. We must
really be in love, huh?"

"Yes," she said. "We really are."

They kissed again. Letting their lips and tongues communicate their
passion and love. Amanda's hand slowed as she concentrated more on
kissing him.

"Get on top of me, sweetie," John suggested. Amanda quickly climbed onto
him and sat on his stomach. He pulled her head down and kissed her.
Amanda could feel his cock rubbing against her leg. She started to move

When the tip just touched her pussy her head was on his chest. She
kissed his strong chest and reached between them. She grabbed his shaft
and held it while her dad pushed her hips back. The head slipped into
her and she let go.

John felt his cock enter her. He closed his eyes to savor the moment.
When he opened them his daughter had her hands on his chest and was
pushing herself back, taking his long, thick pole into her once again.

"Oh daddy," she cried. "Oh... Yes... So tight! Oh, God! Yes!... It's...
so... wonderful." She had him completely inside her. John held his
daughter's hips and started fucking his cock into her. His cock was
sliding easier now. Amanda was getting the dreamy look he'd come to
recognize as the first stage of her orgasm. It wouldn't be long now...

"OH YES! OH DADDY! Yes! OH! YES!" she cried out. John worried that Jen
might hear her but it was too late for that. He was about to cum too.

"OH! Baby! Yes!" he cried just as loudly as she had. "Oh, take it. Yes!"

Amanda rested her head on his chest. They both were breathing heavily.
She recovered faster and started pulling herself up. His cock slowly
pulled out of her.

"I love you daddy, mmm" she said as she kissed him. "I wish I could wake
up like this everyday. Wouldn't that be wonderful? We could do it every

"I'd love that too, dear," he confessed. "We'll try to find as many
chances as we can but we have to be careful your mom doesn't find out."
"I know," she pouted. "But I want to be with you so much. Sometimes I
just can't help myself."

"It's okay," he told her. "I have trouble too. We still have to be
careful. That's all I'm asking."

"Sure dad," she promised.

She cuddled on his chest while her body still glowed from doing it. She
never wanted to move.

"Sweetie?" he said. "Uh, sweetie, I have to go. I mean, to the

"Oh sorry, dad." She rolled off him and watched him walk across the room
to her bathroom. His naked butt looked so tight and cute. Just looking
at it made her happy inside.

When he returned, Amanda was sitting on the bed. The covers had gotten
thrown off when they made love and he could see her in her naked glory.
He loved looking at her in all the sexy clothes she wore but this was
even better. She was so cute. So sexy.

He was getting excited again. His cock started to grow and get hard even
as he walked back to the bed. Amanda's eyes got wider the closer he got.
She was staring right at his groin. When she licked her lips he almost
lost it.

With out saying a word she crawled to the edge of the bed and stood
there on her hands and knees. She started licking her lips continuously.
John knew what she wanted.

"Daddy," she asked timidly, "would you like me to suck it again? You
really seem to like that and, well, I like it too."

He walked up to the edge of the bed, right in front of her. "Sweetie,
you can do that anytime. I love it when you suck it. I just can't
believe you want to do it."

Amanda kissed his cock and then sucked it into her loving mouth. As he
watched her licking and sucking it his hips began to buck involuntarily.
She was getting very good at this. If she kept at it much longer he'd
cum again. That would be great but he had another idea. He gently
pushed her head back. She reluctantly released his cock from her lips.
"Am I doing it right, dad?" she asked suddenly worried that she'd done
something wrong.

"Oh yes, but," he said. "Stand up."

Amanda did as he asked. Her head was now slightly higher than his. His
cock was rubbing against her thigh. She put her hands around his neck
and kissed him.

John pulled her tight, holding her ass. When Amanda's legs went around
his middle he started letting her down. His cock found the entrance to
her pussy all on its own and she settled down on it. They kept kissing
while his shaft slid into her.

"Oh daddy!" she said. "This is one of my favorite ways."

John liked it too. She was so light. It was so easy to hold her and fuck

Amanda recalled all times they'd done it like this. They were some of
the best times. The absolute best of all times was two weeks ago when he
held her like this in the shower at the hotel. She'd cum so hard she
almost passed out.

"Dad," she asked. "Can we do it in the shower?"

John grinned. He realized how much she had liked doing it there. He'd
loved it too. "Of course," he told her.

With his cock still buried deep inside her, he carried her to her
bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. He held her with one hand
while he started the water. When the temperature was right he stepped

...and almost fell on his ass. The shower floor was very slippery. He
held onto the shower head and got his balance.

"Whoa," he cried. "Hold on."

"Daddy!" she cried in fear.

"I've got you, baby."

John got his balance back and stepped out of the tub. This wasn't going
to work. "I'm sorry, sweetie."
"It's okay," she said but her voice told a different story. She really
wanted them to make love in the shower. Perhaps there was a way.

Before he could think of all the dangers of this other way, John pulled
her tight, kissed her and then carried her out of the bathroom. When he
opened her door and started down the hall Amanda was shocked.

"Where are we going, daddy?"

"To my shower. It won't be slippery in there."

"But what about mom?"

"What about her?"

If he thought it was okay, it must be. She held him tight as he carried
her into the master bedroom. They were both naked and his cock was deep
in her pussy. Mom was sleeping on the bed, still in her party clothes.
It looked like she hadn't moved all night.

"She's not dead, is she dad?"

John was feeling no fear. He should have, he knew. This was the most
reckless thing he'd ever done, but he made it even worse. With his
daughter's naked body still in his arms he walked over to the bed and
looked at Jen. She was breathing.

"She's okay," he told his daughter. "She'll be out for a while longer."

John carried her into the bathroom and Amanda forgot all about her mom
being in the next room. Her dad started the water and this time he
didn't slip. They started doing it again. It was as wonderful as she'd

"OH DADDY!" She was yelling again. John knew it was much more dangerous
now. He tried to stop her but he couldn't. The only thing that would
make her quiet was to stop fucking his big cock into her and he wasn't
about to do that.

Miraculously, Amanda's screams did not seem to have awakened Jen. She
got control of herself and now when she felt the need to yell she buried
her face in her dad's chest. She was doing that a lot now since he was
really pumping his cock into her.
"Oh my fucking head," John heard and froze. It was Jen. She'd woken up
after all. "You in the shower, John?"

"Uh, yeah," he said. He pulled Amanda off his cock and held her in front
of him as he faced the back wall. Amanda could feel his still hard cock
pressed between them.

Jen sat on the toilet and peed. Then she took some pills out of the
medicine cabinet and swallowed them. "My fucking head is pounding." She
explained as she left.

Amanda was trembling with fear. She was sure her mom had caught them.
Only her daddy's strong arms holding her kept her from collapsing to the

"It's okay," he told her. "She's gone."

"What are we gonna do, daddy?"

"Can we finish what we started?" he asked.

"Really? Is it safe?"

"Probably not," he admitted. "But I have to make love to you. I just
have to."

"I love you daddy," she said as he lifted her back up. Her hand fit his
big, hard cock into her again and they resumed.

It didn't take long before Amanda was cumming. Her dad wasn't far behind
her. She heard him grunt and then his cock started going off inside her.
She'd never get tired of that wonderful feeling.

09-16-2006, 06:51 PM
Chapter 14 - Hangover

Jen stumbled back to bed. She wasn't anywhere near ready to get up. She
only hoped the aspirin she'd just taken would work by the time she got
up. She was still in the clothes from last night. She stripped them and
left them in a pile by the bed. Naked now, she crawled under the covers.

John obviously hadn't slept there. He probably had slept in the guest
room. He'd done that a few other times when she'd gotten that drunk. She
must have woke up when he started the shower.

She was in bad shape this time, she realized as she drifted back to
sleep. She couldn't even see clearly. Some things were double. It even
looked like John had four feet...

John peeked out of the bathroom. Jen was out again. He waved Amanda out
and she scurried across the room and out the door. John grabbed some
clothes and followed her, still naked and not wanting to spend an extra
minute in the same room with his wife. He got dressed in Amanda's room.

"How about I take you out for breakfast?" he asked as he pulled his
zipper up. "Anything you like?"

"Hmmmm," she said. "That does sound nice. I am hungry."

So they left for the day. John didn't intend to be back until late.
Perhaps, very late.


Jen woke for the second time some hours later. The house was quiet. Her
head still hurt but it was almost bearable. Her mouth was dry and her
stomach was very queezy. She'd slept for almost ten hours but she still
felt like shit.

She got up and threw on some jogging pants and an old sweatshirt. She
didn't even bother with underwear or shoes. She went down to the
kitchen, still a little unsteady on her feet, and fixed a strong pot of
coffee. She wasn't even surprised that John and Amanda were gone.

As she sat at the kitchen table and sipped her coffee, Jen remembered
everything that had happened the night before. Unlike some fortunate
souls, Jen could remember what she did when she was drunk. She could see
it all clearly and she was ashamed.
"My god," she sobbed. "He must hate me." She buried her head in her

Everyone saw her. She was so drunk. She knew that she'd embarrassed
John. In his own office. In front of the people he worked with. At his
own party, for Christ's sake.

Why? Why had she lost it so badly? So what if he was dancing with
Amanda. You knew he was going to. What was wrong with it anyway? Fathers
dance with their daughters all the time. Daddy danced with me when I was
a little girl. Why did it bother me so much?

Amanda's crush. God she had it bad. John was just blind, that must be
it. He can't understand what's going on. It's not his fault. He was
never a young girl. If he'd only listen to me.

He won't do that now. Certainly not after last night. I've been driving
him away. It's my fault too. I've let myself go. Look at John. He's four
years older than I am but he's kept in great shape. Okay, I've had a
baby and that ruined my figure. But that was thirteen years ago. I've
used it as an excuse.

I'll go on a diet. I'll start working out. Maybe I can start going to a
gym. When I'm more attractive, then John will stop paying so much
attention to Amanda. He'll see that I can make him happy in ways she
never could. I'll make him remember what it was like when we were first
married. He couldn't keep his hands off me then.

I need to get Amanda to listen too. She's just a kid. She doesn't know
what she's doing. How it effects her dad. It is actually a good thing
for her to have a strong relationship with her father. It is. But she
needs a mother too. Especially at her age. She's going to have feelings
she won't understand. I need to be there for her.

She is growing up. I haven't wanted to let her. She was such a cute
baby. Always smiling. Happy. But she can't stay little forever. She's
becoming a young woman. She'll do it rather I like it or not.

I should be taking her to the mall, not John. He just lets her buy
anything she wants. I could help her find nice things. Pretty things.
Yes, even sexy things, but things a girl like her could wear. She
doesn't even have the curves to wear half the stuff she's got. It'll be
years before her boobs will be big enough for all those tops. They just
look silly on her now.
I have to change. I have to show them how much I need them, how much
they need me. How much I love them. If I don't I'll lose them. I'll
lose them both. But they won't just believe me if I tell them. I'll have
to show them. That's what I'll do. They'll see a new me. A better me.
I'll be the wife John should have and the mother Amanda needs.

Jen went back up to her room to get dressed. She looked at all the
clothes in her closet. Almost none of them fit. Her tight jeans she
hadn't worn in years. John always liked her in them. The pretty dresses
she'd wear when he took her out. I'm going to get back into them.

She found a nice sweater. It was a little tight around the middle but
not too bad. None of her nice pants would fit. She got a plain skirt. It
wasn't great, but at least it was better than the rags she'd been

She took her selections and laid them on the bed. In her lingerie drawer
she saw her lacy bras and silky panties. They too no longer fit. She'd
have to loose four inches around the middle and at least a cup size on
top. She sighed, "Well, at least I'll look decent even if I'm in granny
panties under it all."

Before she got dressed she needed a shower. A long, hot shower. It felt
good to stand in the steamy shower and let the water fall on her. Her
hair was a mess. She washed it twice and then conditioned it. She used
to have such nice hair.

At the mirror she brushed her hair out and tried to style it into
something a little more appealing. That was going to take a trip to the
salon. At least it was clean, that was better than it usually was.

Jen got dressed and looked at herself in the mirror. It wasn't as good
as she'd hoped. She still looked frumpy. She frowned at the middle aged
woman looking back at her. 'Of course he doesn't more attractive than
her. How could he when I look like this?'

But, she wasn't going to give up. She went back to the bathroom and put
on makeup. She had gotten out of the habit of wearing makeup everyday.
It had been too much of a bother. But now she needed the help, the color
the cosmetics could give her. It would also hide the huge bags under her
eyes. 'Maybe I should talk to Sue. She had that face lift last year.'

By noon Jen was as attractive as she'd been in over a year. She looked
at herself in the mirror again and was partially pleased. There was
improvement. A lot of work would be needed to look like she wanted butthis was a start.

Now that she was almost presentable, she started getting the house in
top shape. She was going to be the perfect housewife. She started in the
master bedroom. She stripped the bed and carried the sheets out. When
she got to Amanda's door she paused, dropped the sheets and went in and
stripped her bed too.

"That's funny," she said. The middle of Amanda's bed had a wet spot. She
hadn't wet her bed since before she started school. It didn't look like
pee. Jen sniffed her finger and recognized the scent.

She must be masturbating, she reasoned. The girl's hormones were raging.
It might have happened for Amanda like it had for her. One night when
she wasn't much older than Amanda, Jen felt an ache 'down there'. She
had started to rub it and the ache went away. Another night it ached
again so she rubbed it and the ache changed into a nice feeling.

In a few weeks she was rubbing herself every night. Her mom had caught
her one time and they had a long talk about sex and boys and feelings.
She needed to have that talk with Amanda. She was already having the

'When she realizes her dad doesn't think about her the way she thinks he
does she might do something rash,' Jen thought. That was something she
had to worry about. 'What if she found some older boy to take his place?
A boy that would use her? It would be better if she kept her crush on
John than that.'

Jen sat on her daughter's bed and considered that. If she tried to
separate them too fast it might be worse than anything. She'd have to
tolerate the silly looks, the almost innocent touching. She couldn't
risk the possible consequences.

She gathered up the sheets and pillow cases and dumped them on the pile
in the hall. She then picked the whole thing up and carried it to the

'I should wash the guestroom sheets too,' she remembered as she loaded
the washer. 'John must have slept on them last night.' But the washer
was going to be full with the things she had. It was so full she had to
repeatedly adjust it. That was when she found John's underwear. It must
have been mixed in with the sheets. Funny, she hadn't noticed it when
she stripped their bed.
While the sheets washed she went to the market. She was going to fix
John's favorite dinner, steak and potatoes. She was going to have it all
ready when they got home, she'd only have to put the steaks on. She'd
fix a nice salad for herself. 'My diet starts now!'

The rest of the afternoon she kept herself busy. She cleaned the house,
dusting for the first time in months. She set the dining room table
with the better china and flatware. She even put out wine glasses.

To show Amanda how she was going to accept her growing up she even put a
wine glass at her place. One glass of wine wouldn't hurt her. She baked
the potatoes and made the salad.

The one thing she forgot was to change the sheets in the guestroom. It
had just completely slipped out of her mind when she got busy with her
other tasks.

09-16-2006, 06:53 PM
Chapter 15 - Out and About

John and Amanda went to their usual Saturday destination, the mall. They
walked around, casually looking in the store windows. They'd seen most
the stuff already. In truth, Amanda had more clothes than she could
wear. Certainly she couldn't wear the stash of clothes her dad was
keeping for her in the garage.

Amanda just enjoyed being with him. They didn't have to even do
anything. Just holding his hand and being close was so nice. She knew
they'd make love again. It would be wonderful. For now she could just
enjoy walking with him.

A pink pair of shoes caught her eye. It was in the window of a shoe
boutique. It was a pump with a long, pointy toe like she'd seen on TV
shows. It was so sexy. The heel was very high. Maybe even higher than
her sandals. They would look so good with so many of her new outfits.

John felt her slow down. He turned and saw her looking in the shoe
store's window. "Is there something you like in there, sweetie?"

"Those pink shoes," she pointed out. "They look so sexy. Do you like

John saw the ones she was talking about. Of course he liked them. My
god! They were some of the sexiest shoes he'd ever seen. For Amanda to
wear them would be amazing.

"You do, don't you?" she asked when she saw the expression on his face.
"Can we get them? Please?"

John smiled down at her and nodded. She tried them on. It was so hard to
walk in them but she wouldn't give up. She promised to get used to them
by their next date. John gave the clerk his credit card.

That was the only thing they saw at the mall. The movie theater wasn't
showing anything good either. Both of them were getting bored. John
suggested they go for a walk in the park. Amanda smiled at him. She'd
go anywhere he wanted.

At the park, John took her by the hand and they strolled around the
lake. It was so pretty. The air was fresh and fragrant with the scent of
all the flowers. At the far side of the lake they stood on the shore and
held each other. They kissed. It was just so romantic. Amanda felt so
wonderful. Her daddy's kiss tasted better than anything.
John could see other couples walking on the path. More than one was
staring at them. He knew they should stop. But Amanda's lips were so
sweet. The feel of her body against his and her arms wrapped around his
neck were intoxicating. He wanted to just stay like this forever and
tell the world to go to hell, but, he knew that if someone made a scene
it might all be over. He wasn't willing to risk that. Still, he had to
work up the strength to stop. It took a few minutes but finally he was
able to pull his lips away from her.

"How about we go out on the lake, sweetie?" he said. They had to do
something or they'd end up back in each other's arms.

John rented a small row boat and helped Amanda into it. He rowed them
out to the middle of the lake, stowed the oars and carefully moved over
and sat next to her. He put his arm around her and pulled her tight
against his side.

"It is just so beautiful out here," he said. "I'm always surprised when
I row out here. I used to do it all the time."

"It is pretty," she sighed. She hugged him tight and said, "I love you,

"I love you too, sweetie," he replied and kissed her head.

For close to an hour they sat out there on the lake. It was so peaceful
and quiet. They just held each other. Being together was enough. They
didn't need to _do_ anything. When Amanda started to get a chill he
rowed back.

It was still early, before 4:00. John certainly didn't want to go home
and neither did Amanda. They wandered around the beach area and ended up
at the boardwalk. Since it was Saturday evening the place was getting

John and Amanda strolled down the old wooden boardwalk. Near the shore
there were lots of little shops selling food and other things. As they
went out toward the end the crowds thinned. There were a few people

"Dad," Amanda asked. "Do you think we'll be together forever?"

"That would be nice, wouldn't it?"
"Sure, but will it happen? Will you still love me like you do when I'm

"Of course, sweetie. I'll always love you."

The breeze off the ocean was cool. John suggested they go back. On the
way they browsed at the little shops. They were just having a great time
trying on hats or looking at sea shells. Then at a little jewelry store
John spotted a pretty pearl ring. It would look nice with the pearls
Jen's mother had given her for her last birthday.

"How do you like this, sweetie?" he asked showing her the ring.

"Oh, that's nice," Amanda said. "It's so pretty."

John decided right then to buy it for her. He called the attendant over
and handed him his credit card. Amanda left the shop with the ring on
her finger.

"Thanks daddy," she said with a kiss and a smile. "I love it."

"Let it be a sign of my promise to love you forever, honey."

"Oh, daddy," she cried and wrapped him in a huge hug. She kissed him
hard right there on the boardwalk. John knew people were watching but he
couldn't push her away now. He kissed her back. For a few seconds he let
himself go and just enjoyed the taste of his daughter's sweet lips.

"I love you, daddy," she said with the special gleam in her eyes she had
only for him.

John put his arm around her and they walked back toward the car. The
little amusement park next to the boardwalk was open and Amanda wanted
to go in but her dad said it was getting late. They should be getting
home, but first there was something special he wanted to share with her
but he didn't tell her what.

John gave her another kiss when they got to the car, he just couldn't
help himself. As they drove Amanda admired her ring. Her dad just
smiled. He stopped along the highway. It was a stretch of road with out
much on it. Amanda looked at him but he wasn't ready to give his
surprise away yet.

They scurried across the road and John helped her over the guard rail.
He carried her through the few dozen yards of brush and onto a desertedsection of the shore. There wasn't a beach here, just rocks.

He helped her cross the rocks and then climb down a steep slope. Finally
he turned her around.

"Oh daddy!" she cried. It was a perfect view of the ocean. Not a sign of
civilization could be seen. The sun was just above the horizon and the
colors of sunset were reaching their peak. "It's so beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you, sweetie."

"Oh, daddy, mmmmm!" Now that they were alone she kissed him like she'd
wanted to all day. She loved how he held her and kissed her. His strong
lips and supple tongue sent shivers of joy down her spine. She could
stay in his arms forever. When he pulled away she felt sad.

"Look," he said and pointed out to the sea. The sun was just about to
touch the horizon. He stood behind his daughter and held her against his
body. Her head rested comfortably against his chest and she put her
hands over his. John felt so at peace.

They watched the sun set. As the colors of the sky faded they kissed
again. They only stopped when it started to get so dark John worried
they'd have a hard time crossing the rocks back to the car.

As they walked back they were shocked to see someone else. An artist had
been sitting on the rocks not forty feet from them. She had a large
sketch pad in her lap and was smiling serenely at them.

"Hello," she called. "I need to show you something."

John was a little annoyed that this special, private moment had been
intruded on. He wanted to tell the interloper to fuck off but he
couldn't talk to a lady that way. She was already walking over to them.
As she got closer she spoke again.

"I hope you don't mind, but you looked so charming out there, I sketched
you," she explained and showed them her pad. It was a picture of John
and Amanda in each other's arms, kissing passionately with the ocean in
the background. It was actually a very good picture.

After she let them look at that sketch for a few minutes the artist
flipped the page and showed them another sketch. John and Amanda were
gazing out at the sunset in this one. It was also very good and even
more romantic than the first.
"I want you to have them," she said. As John and Amanda watched she
carefully tore the two sheets out of her book and handed them to John.
"You two are such a cute couple. You remind me of how my husband and I
were when we were first married. He was a lot older than me too. I miss
him so much. Seeing you two brought back so many great memories. Thank
you." Before John or Amanda could say a word the woman turned away.

09-16-2006, 06:54 PM
Chapter 16 - Family Dinner

Jen had dinner ready at five but it was after seven now. They still
weren't back. She had to put the potatoes back in the oven to stay warm.
She was just starting to worry something had happened to them when
John's car pulled in the drive.

She took a deep breath and straightened her skirt. She wanted them to
see how much better she looked. She also needed to remind herself not to
be upset with them for being gone so long.

Amanda came in first. She had a few folded sheets of paper in her hand.
Her mother thought she didn't have enough clothes on to be out in the
night air. She'd catch cold or something.

"Hey mom," Amanda said happily, "you look nice. Oh, you made your
spinach salad. Is this for dinner?"

"Uh, yeh," Jen told her. "Have you eaten?"

"No, we didn't. I mean we had lunch but that was hours ago. We'd love
something to eat, wouldn't we dad?"

John had come in and saw the steaks sitting by the grill top. "Uh,
sure," he said. "Steaks? Wow? What's the occasion?" Normally Jen only
fixed steaks for special occasions. She thought they had too much
cholesterol for him.

"Nothing, really," she said. "I just wanted to fix a nice dinner, that's

Amanda had already gone up to her room. John looked at his wife
curiously for a moment. There was something going on. This wasn't what
he expected to find when he got home.

"Uh, I should clean up," he said before he left.

When he came back down, the steaks were grilling and Amanda was sitting
at the dining room table. There were candles and flowers out of Jen's
garden in a vase on the table . It looked fantastic. And the house was
really clean for a change. Something strange was going on. John liked it
but it made him wary. What was Jen up to?

She came in wearing an apron and carrying a plate with the potatoes. The
salad is already on the table. When she left Amanda smiled at her dad.
"Mom looks pretty good, doesn't she?"

John looked into the kitchen and saw her at the cook top. She did look
good. He couldn't put his finger on it but something was different about
her. Then it hit him. Jen was wearing makeup. The usual pallor of her
skin was gone and she'd covered up the dark circles under her eyes. She
looked years younger. Actually, she looked pretty good. Not in Amanda's
league, not even close, but better than she'd looked in a long time.

"Yeah," he said half to himself.

"She looked so sick last night," Amanda went on. Then in a whisper she
added "when we went in there I thought she was dead. I really did."

"She looks better than I thought she would," he told her. "And did you
notice the house? It's so clean. Something's up. I wonder what..."

He stopped as Jen came in with the steaks. She put the biggest one on
John's plate. Amanda got a piece half his size. Jen had a tiny piece.
She put the platter on the sideboard and picked up a bottle of wine. She
poured a glass for John and herself and then one for Amanda.

"Mom?" she asked.

"Well, you're being so grown up," her mother explained. "I figured,
well, you could have a glass of wine at dinner."

Both John and Amanda blinked when she said that. 'Who are you and what
have you done with my mother?' Amanda thought. Never in a million years
did she expect her mom would let her have a glass of wine.

Jen saw their astonishment. It was time to give the speech she'd

"I've had all day to think about things," she started. "I guess, last
night, I hit bottom. I'm so sorry, John. I ruined your special night.
I've just been so... so... ugly. I let myself go. I know I'm not the
pretty girl you married. I'm sorry. I'm going to get back in shape,
you'll see. I'm on a diet and I'm going to start going back to the gym.
It's going to take a while but I'm going to get back into my pretty
clothes. I want to be attractive again.

"And Amanda, I've been a bad mother. I've been so afraid to let you grow
up. I guess it was making me feel old. Well, you are growing up. You'regrowing into a beautiful woman. I almost missed it. I want to be there
to help you."

"I know this is easy to say, and, I've let you down so much you won't
believe me, but I want you to know I'm serious. You'll see. This is a
new me."

Jen sat down and they ate. For a while it was like a normal family. Jen
seemed a little on edge at first but things settled down. She asked them
about their day. They gave her the sterilized version. Amanda even
showed her new ring to her mom.

When dinner was over John said, "Jen, that was wonderful. Really! We
haven't had this nice a meal in a long time. Thank you."

"No, thank you," she says. "Thank you for everything. I know I've
disappointed you and I'm going to make it up. You'll see."

Amanda helped her mom clear the table. To her daughter, Jen's behavior
didn't seem all that strange now. Her mom seemed happy. She didn't make
nasty comments about her being out with her dad all day. She didn't tell
her clothes were wrong. Her mom even told her how pretty she was.

John sat at the table and worried. This wasn't normal. Jen was trying to
win him back. He could see it now. She was going to try and woo him.
Unfortunately he was already in love with Amanda. He was totally happy
and not interested in anyone else. He couldn't tell Jen that. He
couldn't just reject her either. She'd loose it big time. He had to
handle her very carefully. He was pretty sure what was going to happen
next. He only hoped Amanda would understand.

"Thank you, dear," Jen said as Amanda brought in the last dirty dish.
"Now you go out and keep your dad company. I just have to get these in
the dishwasher. I'll be out in a few."

Amanda walked out with a contented smile. She and her dad went into the
family room and sat on the love seat. John had to warn her about what
was going on.

"Sweetie," he whispered. "You're mom isn't what she seems. Not
completely, anyway. She's trying to be the perfect wife. She's trying to
win my affection back. That's what his is all about."

"Oh," Amanda hadn't thought of that part. That wasn't so good.
"Ah... she's going to want, well, to have sex."

"Oh!" Suddenly Amanda was getting a little upset. She was her father's
girlfriend now. She didn't want to share him with anyone else. It wasn't

"I don't like it either, honey, but, well, if I don't she's going to be
worse than before. She could really loose it, you know."

Before John could explain further Jen came in. "Well, that's all done.
Boy but it's late. I'm going to go up and get ready for bed. Amanda,
dear, don't stay up too late."

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned back to look at her
husband. "I'll be waiting, dear. Don't be too long."

John forced a smile and Jen left. Amanda looked at her dad with genuine
hurt. "Do you really have to, dad?"

"I'm afraid so, sweetie," he said as he caressed her cheek. "But I want
you to know I'll be thinking of you. I'm going to close my eyes and
pretend that it's you that I'm with. I have to. It's the only way I'll,
well, you know..."

"It's the only way you'll get hard?"

"hee hee," he giggled. "Yeah, if I think of her I'll be as soft as an
over cooked noodle."

"I'm going to miss you, daddy?"

"I'm going to miss you too, honey. I promise, someday soon we won't have
to deal with this."


John held her hand and rubbed her ring with his thumb. "Promise!"

09-16-2006, 06:55 PM
Chapter 17 - Modus Vivendi

Starting that night an uneasy peace settled on the household. Jen
stopped hassling John about all the time he spent with Amanda and she
didn't make negative comments about Amanda's wardrobe. She kept the
house clean and her appearance continued to improve.

John realized that it would all blow up if he and Amanda got caught
doing anything too questionable. He laid down the law with Amanda. They
couldn't kiss in the house or even touch too much. At least, they
couldn't if there was any chance her mom might see them.

John had made love to Jen Saturday night but it was the most mediocre
sex he'd had since the night of his first date with Amanda. In bed with
Jen, touching her and having her touch him, only made him realize how
much he loved his daughter more. That first night he'd thought to
himself it would be hard to go back to his wife. He hadn't even begun to
understand how hard it would be.

He'd gone back to work Monday dreading the looks he'd get from the other
people in his office, but it was nothing like that. Everyone seemed to
ignore what Jen had done. Instead everyone had nice things to say about
Amanda. They thought she was so grown up, so attractive. That made her
father very proud.

John knew things were different when Jen didn't even blink when he told
her he was taking Amanda out Friday night. She smiled, somewhat forced
he suspected, and said, "Have fun."

And they did. It had been almost a week. A week where he'd had to make
love to Jen twice. He was so hot for Amanda that this time it was he
that dragged her to the room. He got undressed so fast he actually beat
her to the bed.

Amanda was worth the wait. He'd almost forgotten how incredibly tight
she was. When his cock slipped into her that night it was almost like
the first night. His only regret was that he didn't last as long as he'd

"Oh, daddy," she cooed. "That feels so nice. I just love it when you cum
in me."

"I'm sorry, sweetie," he panted. "I, oh, just wished I'd lasted
"Shhh, mmmm," she stopped him with a kiss. "We can do it again, can't

"Sure, I'd like that," he smiled back at her. "But, well, would you like
to eat first?"

"I suppose," she said, not feeling particularly hungry. "I mean if
you're hungry."

John called one of his favorite restaurants and got them a quiet table
while Amanda put her clothes back on. He found her standing on the
balcony looking out at the city's night lights.

She was wearing clothes she'd packed in her school bag. John had to take
a big gulp as his mouth started to water just looking at her. Her skirt
was a knee length gold print on some shiny material. On top she had a
matching cable knit sweater. On her feet were a pair of new gold sandals
with impossibly high heels for her tiny feet. She was sexy,
sophisticated, sweet and sultry all at the same time. Her father's cock
was getting hard just looking at her.

"It's so pretty up here," she said looking out from the fortieth floor.

John came up behind her and held her in his arms. "We have a table
reserved in an hour. But, we have time..."

"Hmmm," Amanda acknowledged his news with out words. She just loved having
his hard, strong body pressed against her. It made her feel strong
herself. She started rubbing her butt against him.

There was cross member that went around the bottom of the railing, about
three or four inches above the bottom. Amanda stood on it and now when
she rubbed her butt against her dad she was right against his quickly
hardening cock.

"Ohhh," she moaned. "I can feel you. You're getting hard again daddy."

John certainly was. He had been waiting for this night all week. His
hormones were raging like a teenager. That in part explained what he did

He pulled his daughter's skirt up to her waist and unzipped his pants.
With one hand he held Amanda's while the other freed his hard cock. He
tried sliding her thong to one side but he ended up having to take it
off. Now his cock was rubbing against her naked pussy.
"Mmmmm," she hummed. "That's nice, daddy. Are we going to do it right

"Would you like that, sweetie?"

"Oh, yes. I like it anytime."

John pulled her waist back a few inches, forcing her to bend over a bit.
He searched for her opening for a few seconds and then slid the tip into
her. Then, with both hands on her hips, he started fucking her.

"Oh... daddy... yes..." she gasped as he shoved his big cock into her
tight pussy. "it's... going... in. Yes... I... oh... love... it."

John started stroking his cock into her. Looking out over the city he
had almost the perfect backdrop. Only the ocean would be better and he'd
been trying to figure out how to do it there. Amanda's tight pussy was
so wonderful he'd be getting off soon.

"Don't... stop... daddy!" she told him. "I want... to... feel... it...
again. Ohh!"

"Yes, baby," he moaned. "I'm... shit! close! Yes! It's! OH! OH!"

John started cumming. He slammed into her as the first shot came out.
Then he pulled back and slammed into her as the second and third flew
out. He pulled back again and was going to slam into her one last time
but his cock slipped out. His cum shot out from the balcony and they
both watched it fall out of sight.

The handsome cab driver was getting warm. His damn head was sweating
under the stupid cap he had to wear. He took it off and wiped his
balding head with his hand. He was just about to put it back on when...


"Damn birds!" he cursed.

09-16-2006, 06:56 PM
Chapter 18 - Home Fires Burning

One night John had to work late. He didn't get home until almost 7:00.
Jen had dinner on the table when John got there. He stole a kiss with
Amanda before they sat down but it only whetted his appetite for more.
She was frustrated too. He had to warn her to be cool. He didn't want to
get Jen upset.

After dinner, Amanda hatched a plan she'd worked on all day at school.
"It looks like such a nice night out," she said as she and her mom
cleared the dinner table. "Maybe we can have a bonfire."

"It's a school night, dear," her mother told her. "You have to do your

"It's done. I got to it right when I got home."

"Oh... well..." Her mother hadn't expected that. Normally she had to
chain Amanda to her desk before she'd get finish her homework.

"It does sound nice," John added. "Come on Jen, why not?"

Jen wasn't a big fan of bonfires. She didn't like fire in the first
place. It had always scared her. But, she could see she was out voted.
In her new spirit of cooperation she agreed.

"But not too late," she warned them. "You both have to get up in the

John and Amanda went out to the wood pile together. They knew that mom
could walk out at any moment but they needed to have something. John
grabbed her and actually lifted her off the ground in his arms as they
kissed passionately.

"Ohh... mmmm... daddy," she moaned. "I love you. This is so frustrating.
Mom won't leave us alone."

"Mmmm, yes, mmmm," he murmured back. "I know, but just kiss me now. We
don't have much time."

She held his head in her hands and kissed him as good as she could. She
wanted him to know just how much she loved him and missed being with
him. She worried that he'd loose interest. Perhaps mom would win him
back. She couldn't let that happen. She loved him too much to let him
"Are you two okay out there?" Jen asked. She saw John holding Amanda.
Had she gotten hurt?

"Uh, yeah, we, uh," John stuttered.

"I got a splinter, mom," Amanda said. Her dad smiled proudly at her.
"Dad got it out. I'm okay now."

"Well, be careful. You could get an infection from that ratty old wood."
Jen hated the wood pile ever since she saw spiders crawling out of it.

Amanda sat next to her father near the fire. Jen sat back a ways. She
was so far back she felt very little of the heat. She was getting a

"Aren't you two getting cold?" she asked. "It's freezing out here."

"It's nice by the fire, mom," her daughter said. "You should sit over
here by us. It's really warm."

"No thanks, that's a little too close for me. Those sparks are falling
all over the place."

"Amanda's right, Jen, you should sit closer. It's very cozy over here."

"I... I..." she knew she should go sit next to John. It was just that
she was so afraid of the damn fire. She'd be as stiff as a board and
he'd notice. No, it would be better to go in and get ready for him to
come to bed. "I think I'll go get ready for bed. I could use a nice hot
bath to get rid of this chill. It's cozy in the tub too, you know John."

"Well, maybe later," he said meaning not tonight. "I'm going to stay out
here until the fire burns down."

When Jen left John kissed his daughter. She kissed him back finally free
to be with him. This was their only chance. John put his hand on her not
quite flat chest. "Mmmmm," she moaned loving the feel of his hand.

She'd changed into her sexiest jeans with a thong under them and a crop
top when she'd come home from school. She'd expected her mom to bitch at
her but she didn't say a word. Now she wished she'd worn a skirt. Then
she'd only have to take off her panties.

Amanda started to tare at her dad's shirt. She had half of it out of hispants when he stopped her. "No, sweetie," he said. "We can't do it here.
Let's go out on the beach. Mom won't be able to see us there." The
bathroom windows looked out on the patio but not on the beach.

Eagerly Amanda let her dad lead her out to the secluded section of beach
behind their house to a place he had surveyed for exactly this purpose.
It was blocked from the house by a large outcropping of rock. As long as
you didn't stand up no one from the house could see you. When he got her
to the perfect place he pulled her down onto the sand.

"Mmmmm," he said, "I've wanted to do it out here forever. But, we have
to hurry. Your mom won't stay in the bathtub for too long."

He unbuttoned the two bottons of her jeans and pulled the zipper down.
He had to work hard to push the tight denim over her still very slim
hips and down her pretty legs. It was much easier to get her thong off.

While her dad had been busy with her pants, Amanda had unzipped his and
pulled his hard cock out. While she held it lovingly, he gently rolled
her onto her back in the sand. Holding her legs by the ankles, he let
her line him up. With one strong push he got the tip into her. It took
several more, strong, forceful shoves before he got as much of the
shaft as he could buried in her sweet pussy.

"Oh... oh.. daddy! Oh! Yes... Hmmm..." she grunted as he sank into her.
As soon as his cock was started into her she grabbed his ass and tried
to help him get in. Now she was pulling him back in every time he pulled

"Oh, yes!" John cried as he again felt the wonderful sheath of his
daughter's tiny pussy clamp around his steel hard shaft. No, sex with
Jen wasn't anything like this. It was as different as gruel and filet
mignon. "Oh, sweetie. You're so tight."

"Ugh, oh..." she moaned still pulling him in deeper. "Is that good? OH!
I... mean is... uhhh, ... is it a good thing?"

"Oh, yes!" he assured her. "I just love it when I'm in you. It's the
best thing in the world." John let her know just how much he loved
fucking her by giving her smooth, strong strokes. He wouldn't be able to
hold out long. He'd gone with out her for too long.

"OH! SHIT! Soon, baby..." he warned her.
"Yes... don't stop. Do it, daddy, please! I want it...."

"OH YES! YES! OH!" And he did. His cock exploded deep in her pussy. He
kept thrusting, pulling blobs of his cum out on each stroke. It mixed
with the sand and made a sticky mud between his daughter's legs.

"Oh, daddy! I love it when that happens. It just feels so warm and
wonderful. I wish I could feel this way all the time... mmmm"

John fell onto the sand beside her and pulled her over to him. He kissed
her deeply, wanting to keep the afterglow of their love making strong.
He was relishing her sweet kiss when suddenly Amanda pulled away.

"Uh, dad," she said. "Look!" She pointed toward the house. There,
standing on the balcony was Jen. She was looking out over the ocean but
they were clearly visible. She had to have seen them. Shit!

Obviously they had moved out of the shadow of the rocks while they
fucked. John looked over his shoulder and could see a trail in the sand
where he had pushed Amanda's butt a little bit on each stroke. They'd
only moved four or so feet but it was enough. Their heads and torsos
were clearly visible from where Jen was standing.

John covered his daughter's body with his and rolled them behind the
rock as quickly as he could while he kept an eye on her mother. Jen
didn't seem to be looking at them right then.


Jen had seen them but she didn't recognize them as John and Amanda. She
just saw the heads of two lovers on the beach. It was dark and she
couldn't make out their faces. It wasn't the first time she'd seen young
couples out there. It made her think back wistfully of the times she and
John had done it out there. It had been years since that had happened.

"Once I look decent in a swimsuit again," she said to herself, "I'll
seduce him out there. That will remind him of how good it can be to be
with me."

09-16-2006, 06:57 PM
Chapter 19 - Shopping with Mom

The next Saturday over breakfast, Amanda and her dad were a talking
about a trip to the mall. "Oh, I think I should take her today," Jen
broke in. Both her husband and daughter stared at her like she'd said
something terrible. "Amanda and I haven't had much time together.
Besides, she can help me get some nicer clothes."

Amanda started to object but her mom persisted. When her dad said it
might be for the best the girl was deeply hurt. Had he forgotten his
promise so soon? Didn't he want to be with her anymore? Had her mom won
him back already? The girl sulked out of the kitchen in a deep funk.

When her mother went up to her room to get dressed, Amanda's dad caught
up with his girl in the family room.

"Dad..." she started wailing almost the second he walked in the room.

"Shhhh," he said. "Look, I know you don't understand. I want to go with
you in the worst way but we can't risk upsetting your mom. Try to be
nice, sweetie. Be nice with her, I mean. I think we can work with her
but we have to be very careful."

"But dad..." she pleaded. "I don't wanna go with her."

"I know, honey, but do it for me, okay. I'll make it up to you."

"Last night, uh, did she, I mean, was it good? Better than me?"

"No, sweetie. It was awful. I had to keep thinking of you just to stay

"Really? You're not just saying that to..."

"Shhh, she's coming." He quickly held her in his arms and kissed her. He
only pulled away seconds before Jen walked in.

"Ready to go, dear?" she asked her daughter.

"I 'spose," Amanda said with little enthusiasm.

The ride to the mall was in almost total silence. Her mom tried to start
a conversation a few times but Amanda was barely able to be polite. She
was dreading having to try on the awful clothes her mom would pick out
for her.
Amanda's attitude started to change when her mom walked right past the
children's section in the first department store. The girl figured her
mom was going to start by looking at clothes for herself. 'At least I
won't have to try on some stupid kid's clothes,' Amanda thought.

The girl got confused when her mom walked right past the Women's clothes
and started looking in the Junior's section. Nothing in there would fit
the cow. She watched with suspicious eyes as her mom held up a pink
cami top. It was a little tame by Amanda's standards but pretty. 'If
she'd only let me get stuff like that today wouldn't be a complete
bummer,' Amanda thought.'

"What do you think of this top, dear?" Jen asked her daughter. "Say with
a nice skirt, or maybe even shorts?:"

"I don't know mom," the girl said trying not to imagine her mom in
shorts and that top. It would be enough to make her sick.

"Oh I think you'd look wonderful in it," her mother said.

"You mean for me?"

"Well, thank you dear, but I'm not quite ready to wear something like
this. Maybe after I've lost a few more pounds. No, I thought it would
look nice on you."

"Oh!" Amanda was stunned. It wasn't the thing she'd have picked out but
it did look nice. She walked up to her mom for a closer look. Her mom
handed the girl the top and went looking for a skirt or shorts to go
with it. Amanda was trying to picture herself in the top when her mom
came up behind her with a few skirts.

"I wonder if dad would like it?"Amanda said not aware she was speaking

"He probably would," her mother said with a hint of darkness in her

Amanda jumped at the sound of her mom's voice and spun around. Jen
recovered her cheerful mood and showed her daughter the skirts. "Let's
see you in them," her mom suggested.

Amanda followed her mom into the dressing room. It was almost identical
to the one she'd sucked her dad's cock in. The memory made her smile,especially since it was something her mom had never done.

"Nice," Jen said when Amanda had the top and the first skirt on. "But
try it with the pink skirt."

Amanda wiggled out of the khaki one she was in and pulled the other one
on. It looked better. She liked the way her legs looked in it. She stood
on her tip toes to get an idea of what it would look like if she wore

"Oh, yes," her mother said. "Very nice."

"Yeah," her daughter replied. "Thanks mom. It's, ah, great." Amanda was
still standing tip toe, turning one way then the other looking in the

"I guess we need to get you some shoes to go with that," her mom said.
She didn't like the idea of her daughter wearing high heels at such a
young age but she seemed to wear nothing else but those stupid sandals.
Perhaps she could fight fire with fire.

By the time they got to the shoe department Amanda was having fun. She'd
stopped wondering why her mom was letting her get these clothes. She
even let her try on some very sexy looking shoes. It was her mom who
picked out a very nice pair of ankle boots.

Amanda couldn't believe it when they left that store with the boots, top
and skirt. It certainly wasn't as overtly erotic as she and her dad
would have picked out but it was classier. The girl was learning that
her mom had a pretty good eye for fashion.

Jen had to admit to herself that she was having a good time too. It had
been years since she'd been able to enjoy shopping for clothes. For too
long she'd been restricted by her size. Amanda was a little slim and
flat for a lot of looks, but the girl did look nice in clothes. She only
wished she would get over her silly crush on her dad and start
attracting boys her own age.

After a quick snack at the food court they went to a store specializing
in fashions for larger woman. Jen was by far the slimmest woman there
and Amanda seemed tiny next to the massive ladies browsing the racks. In
the back, Amanda found a nice dress for her mom. Jen looked at it and
explained to her daughter what was good and bad about the dress. In this
case it was too tight on top.
Mother and daughter then started a hunt for something that would fit Jen
and look good on her. It took the better part of an hour but in the end
they found a very nice knit top and skirt outfit. By the time they left
the store Amanda was chatting happily with her mom.

"I hope daddy likes my new outfit," she said. "I think I'll wear it this

"I don't think you should wear it to school, dear," her mother told her,
knowing that John usually picked Amanda up at school for their 'dates'.

"Oh, that's okay, I'll just take it in my backpack," the teen said
carelessly. Her mother looked at her questioningly but Amanda simply
walked on, thinking about how nice the skirt and top would look with her
new boots.

All the way home, Jen had to fight the desire to quiz her daughter on
what exactly happened on her 'dates' with her father. She knew nothing
too bad could happen, after all Amanda was just thirteen, but from the
casual way Amanda had said she'd change into her date clothes after
school she realized that it wouldn't be the first time her daughter did
that. Where would she change? Where was John when she did? What was she
wearing on these dates?

Unwilling to spoil what she figured was a good start and repairing her
relationship with her daughter, Jen let the matter rest. Once Amanda got
interested in boys her own age her infatuation with her father would
end. And once Jen got back in shape and redid her own wardrobe her
husband would turn his attention back to her where it belonged.

09-16-2006, 06:58 PM
Chapter 20 Mom is Surprisingly Helpful

Amanda told her dad about the trip to the mall that night. He was highly
skeptical but at dinner Jen confirmed the gist of her daughter's story.
John was even more shocked when his wife mentioned that his daughter was
going to wear her new outfit on their date Friday.

Jen had never brought the subject of John taking Amanda out every Friday
night. When she was told about a date or if she overheard them talking
about it she had always made some objection. John watched her face
closely as she continued talking to her daughter about the plans for
Friday evening. He expected to see tremendous tension in her eyes but he
didn't. It looked like Jen was only mildly curious about what her
daughter was going to do that evening.

Amanda was very happy with the change in her mom's attitude. She started
enjoying time spent with her mom. Of course her mom kept asking her
about boys in her school and if her girlfriends were dating. The girl
brushed off her mom's inquisitiveness and her mom didn't seem too
interested in pursuing the matter.

Friday morning at breakfast, Amanda and her dad started discussing their
plans for the date. Cloe had gotten four passes to the Boardwalk
Carnival as a present from her grandmother. She was taking Martin and
offered the other two tickets to Amanda and Sam but Sam's parents didn't
want her to go to the place at night with out an adult with them. That's
when Amanda said she'd talk her dad into taking them.

"So when do we have to pick up your friends, sweetie?" John asked.

"Don't know," the girl replied. "Six-ish? I know Sam can't go 'til then
cuz her folks don't get home 'til then."

"That's fine," her father assured her. "I'll still pick you up at
school, right?"

"Of course, daddy," she cooed. "That gives us time before the date..."

"Uh, right," her dad cut her off before she got too detailed on the
'before the date' activities. Jen had been very calm so far and he
didn't want to set her off. "I'll be there at 3:30, right?"

"Sure, then we..." the girl continued, not taking her father's hint.

"Hmpf!" John grabbed his daughter's thigh under the table and squeezedit, hard. She stared at him ready to yell but she saw he was trying to
tell her something. Then she noticed he kept flicking his eyes toward
her mom. The teen bit her lower lip when she realized she'd almost told
her dad how she wanted to suck his cock again while her mom was reading
the paper across the table from her.

"So you're going to the boardwalk?" Jen asked casually.

"Uh, yeah," her husband and daughter replied in unison.

"In that top and skirt we got Sunday?"

"Sure, mom," Amanda said.

"And you have them in your backpack?"

"Oh shit, sorry, I mean no," Amanda admitted.

"You finish your cereal. I'll go get them," her mother volunteered,
"otherwise you'll be late for the bus."

Both John and Amanda stared at her back as she left the kitchen. This
was the last thing they'd have expected her to do. She even brought
Amanda's new boots with the sexy top and short skirt.

"I didn't know if you were going to wear hose or stockings or
something," her mother explained as she put the date outfit in her
daughter's school bag. "I grabbed a pair of your lace stay-ups."

"Uh, thanks, uh, mom," her daughter replied. The girl was almost in
shock. Her dad was eying his wife suspiciously.

"Well, you'd better get going," Jen said, taking her daughter's empty
bowl. "You too, John. You know how traffic is and if you want to leave
early this afternoon you don't want to be late this morning."

With that she ushered the two of them out of the house. As she watched
John pull out of the driveway and Amanda walk to the school bus stop she
leaned against the doorway with a big smile and thought, 'Have fun
walking all night in those boots, dear. I just hope your dad doesn't
get mad when you start complaining every five minutes how your feet

John was waiting for his daughter when she got out of school. He saw her
wave to Cloe and Sam before she practically skipped over to his car. She
gave him a sexy kiss and they drove off to the hotel he'd already
checked into. They weren't in their hotel room five minutes before they
were naked on the bed.

John started to crawl between his daughter's legs when she stopped him.
"Uh, daddy," she asked timidly. "Can I, like, suck you first? That's
just so cool and I want to do it again. I promise not to go to far,

"Sure," her father said with a happy surprised look on his face. "You
can suck it any time you want, if it's safe, I mean." He was still
having trouble keeping his daughter from getting too frisky with her
mother around.

He rolled over onto the bed beside her and watched his little girl
examine his hard, thick shaft seriously. She ran her hand up and down it
a few times before she leaned over and kissed the head. She giggled when
her father let out a loan moan.

"You like that, don't ya?"

"You bet, sweetie."

She started licking his big organ like a lollipop. After a while she
started sliding the end into her mouth. Her father started to give her

"Hold my balls in your hand, honey."

"That's good. Not too tight. Perfect."

"Suck on it as you pull it out. Uh huh! You've got it."

"I can't believe you get so much in. Don't try for too much, you might

"Is that good?" she asked, taking her mouth off while her hand continued
to pump him.

"Oh, sweetie, you're fantastic," he held his arms out for her and she
came forward for a kiss. She ended up lying on his chest, his big cock
tickling her pussy and brushing against her legs.
"Can I be on top this time?" she asked. He just smiled. She sat up on
his stomach, got to her knees and reached between her legs. She found
his shaft with one hand and fit it at her pussy entrance. She started
grunting as it slipped into her.

"Uh, yes... so... tight... Gets... better..." her face was twisted into
a grimace that was a combination of pleasure and pain. Her father was

"Take it easy, sweetie," he warned. "Don't hurt yourself."

"It's... okay." She stopped for a second with a third of his massive
pole in her. "I just need to get used to it again. It's been too long."

As she talked she felt her pussy relaxing. Suddenly she slipped down
another inch. "Oh!" she moaned. "See? It's going in easier now."

"Ugh! Oh! Ah! Yes! Ugh!" A few more shoves and it was buried deep inside
her. Then she started to pull off him, letting his now glistening shaft
appear between them. Since she was more relaxed and he was well coated
with her juices, her second stroke was much easier. In one slow but
smooth motion she took him back into her pussy. Then they both started

John put his hands on his daughter's hips and guided them up and down as
he flexed his own hips. His little girl's face shone with love and
pleasure. She really loved sex, he could tell. He made sure to pace
their love making so she'd get off first.

"Oh daddy!" she let out as the first spark of deeper pleasure hit her.
"It's so good!" She threw her head back. "I feel you so deep."

John held her hips steady and took full control. He kept his movements
regular and strong, moving her side to side slightly so his cock would
find new places to arouse. The effect was everything he or his daughter
could want.

"OH DADDY! YES!" she yelled when he found a particularly good spot. He
kept her there and drove into her again. "ARGH! YES!"

He felt her pussy spasm around his cock. John was too close to hold back
so he fucked her as hard as he could. Soon they both were grunting as
his cock started to jerk and his cum shot deep into her again.

"Oh yes!" she purred. "It's so nice. So warm! Oh, daddy!"
"Oh shit," he wrapped his arms around her as she laid her head on his
chest. His cock was still deep inside her. "We really have to get you on
the pill. This is getting way too dangerous."

"Sure, daddy," she said dreamily. "Ahhh, it's just so nice to finally be
with you again."


After a quick shower they got dressed. When Amanda pulled out her date
clothes she asked her dad about her mom's behavior.

"Why do you think she was so cool about my clothes?"

"I don't know," he answered honestly. "I think she's up to something but
I can't put my finger on it."

"Well, it was nice of her, anyway. I mean, this is a pretty outfit and I
just love these boots."

"You said she picked them out?"

"Uh huh," she said pulling the first on. "At first she didn't want me
to try on any heels but then she goes and grabs these."

John finally saw how high the heels were and had an idea what his wife
was trying to do.

"I think your mom thinks your feet will start to hurt and you'll have a
lousy time. That's the only reason I can think of why she'd let you get
such sexy boots."

"But I don't think that will happen," the girl said getting to her feet.
"See, they're a little higher than my sandals, but they aren't that hard
to walk in." She demonstrated by walking back and forth. Her dad's cock
reacted to the way they made her sexy ass bounce. "I've worn higher ones

"But she doesn't know that, sweetie," he reminded her. "Anyway, you look
fantastic. Shall we go pick up your friends?"

09-16-2006, 06:59 PM
Chapter 21 - Carnival

They were at Cloe's house just a few minutes late where they also picked
up Martin and Sam . The three teens crowded into the back of John's car
for the drive to the boardwalk.

Martin was very impressed with the car. He took every opportunity to
tell John how much he liked it. John showed off a few times by spinning
the tires at a light or taking curves a little faster than normal.
Amanda's friends started to think her dad was 'way cool'. Amanda agreed.

When they got to the boardwalk, John parked the car and the three teens
in the backseat ran off to the entrance to the Carnival. John and Amanda
followed more sedately. He bought a ticket for himself and followed his
daughter through the turnstile.

Amanda found her friends in the line for the roller coaster. She and her
dad joined them and they chatted as the line slowly moved forward.

"Mr. Carmichael, Amanda says you take her out almost every Friday," Sam

"Sure do," he said. He was holding Amanda by the shoulders while she
leaned against him.

"So, like, what do you do?" Cloe wanted to know. Amanda had been rather
vague about the details of her dates.

"Oh, let's see. We've gone to the movies, of course, and out to eat. We
went to the park a few times. Just hang out, you know."

"Wow, like, my dad would never just hang," Sam told him. "You're pretty
cool, for an old guy."

"Thanks Sam, I think." Amanda just smiled pleasantly happy to show her
dad off to her friends. She wondered what they'd think if they knew
everything that went on during their dates.

When they got in the roller coaster cars, Sam got in the front by
herself, then Cloe and Martin and finally Amanda and her dad in the last
car. As they pulled away from the station, Amanda pulled her dad's head
down and kissed him. He cast a cautious eye at the cars ahead of them
and when he saw that they weren't looking he kissed his daughter back.

They soon were lost in a world of their own. A few people noted thecouple kissing as the roller coaster climbed the first hill but no one
took a second look. The lovers didn't break until they heard screams as
the coaster started down. Amanda held tightly to her daddy's arm as the
ride twisted and turned, dropped and climbed. She didn't let go until
they made it back to the station.

Her dad helped her out of the car and she found she was a bit unsteady
on her feet. The high heels only made it worse. She had to hold his arm
while she walked. Cloe finally noticed her friends boots.

"Wow, Amanda, those are sure sexy boots," she said admiringly. "My
mother would never let me wear something like that."

"Oh, these," Amanda said giving her boots a casual glance. "My mother
picked them out for me. I've been wearing heels like this when I go out
with daddy. He's so tall, you see, and, well, it makes things easier."

"I don't think I could walk more than ten steps in them," Sam told them.
"I had to wear heels for my sister's wedding last summer and my feet
hurt for days."

"Really," Amanda said looking at her boots again. "I've never had a
problem. You have to be careful where you walk, and stuff, but it's like
no big deal now. I can walk all day in them."

John bought them all junk food. The Tunnel of Love was right next to the
food stand and after they finished, Cloe and Martin announced they were
going to try that ride and headed off. When Amanda said she and her dad
were going to join them the teenager lovers both gawked at her.

"Don't worry," she told Cloe and Martin. "Daddy's cool. If you guys are
going make out in there he won't mind, will you daddy?" John shook his

Couples rode through The Tunnel of Love in small boats, shaped like
swans that held one couple each. The boats floated along in a dark
tunnel with dimly lit pictures of cupids, hearts, flowers and other
fading romantic images. No one really was looking at the pictures

Again, Amanda and her dad got the boat behind Cloe and Martin. They
could hear the teens necking even before the boats entered the dark
tunnel. Amanda and her dad started making not long after.

Cloe let Martin kiss her. He was the first boy that had and she was kindof getting to like it. At first it was just gross and slimy but he'd
learned to keep his tongue under better control and swallow most of his
spit. The pair still hadn't figured out what to do with their noses.

As their boat made a sharp turn, Cloe could almost make out Amanda and
her dad. It looked like she was whispering something to him. Before she
got a better look they were blocked by the back of her boat. A few
minutes later the boat turned again. This time it looked like Amanda's
dad was looking for something in the boat. Perhaps they dropped
something, because he was definitely bent over, his head about even with
his daughter's chest.

On the next turn it looked like Amanda was whispering to him again. Then
it looked like she was leaning way back in the corner, and almost like
she had her legs, well, one leg, over her dad's lap. As the other boat
moved out of view, Cloe heard some one moaning. Perhaps someone had
gotten sick.

"Oh yes, daddy," Amanda was moaning. Her dad's fingers were deep in her
pussy. Her top was pushed up, exposing her small breasts. She was so
close to cumming.

"Shh, sweetie," he warned her. "Not so loud."

"Sorry," she whispered. "It's just so good."

Her dad slid off the bench and knelt on the floor of the boat. There was
a little bit of water in the bottom and he felt his knees get wet. He
put his head between his daughter's legs and used two fingers to spread
her pussy lips. When his tongue slid up her slit his daughter yelled.

"OH DADDY!" She quickly stuck her fist in her mouth. Fortunately, her
scream had been muffled by the echoes in the ride. She felt his fingers
reenter her as he started sucking on her clit. Soon she was slamming her
head against the side of the boat as her insides started to spasm.

Cloe squinted as she looked back at her friend's boat. She couldn't see
either Amanda or her dad. Had they fallen out? Also, the boat seemed to
be rocking. She was starting to get worried.

Amanda came off her orgasm as they neared the exit. Her dad slipped her
thong back on her legs and got back on his seat just as they came out.
Cloe and Martin were waiting for them.

"Are you guys okay?" Cloe asked. "I saw your boat rocking and I didn'tsee either of you."

"Oh," Amanda had a story ready, "Daddy dropped his keys. We were feeling
around the boat trying to find them."

As they wandered the amusement park, Amanda held her dad's hand or put
her arm around him. If they waited in a line, she leaned her back
against him. When he won a stuffed lion for her she kissed him.

As he noticed Amanda's friends didn’t seem to take special notice of
these mostly innocent public displays of affection, John started to
relax and let his love for Amanda show more openly. He slid his arm
around her as they walked or would tenderly brush her hair back. He even
kissed her a few times.

Sam wanted to ride the ferris wheel. The park had a big one that
dominated the skyline of the boardwalk. The line was long but moved
pretty fast and soon they found themselves being loaded into the ride.
Cloe, Martin and Sam were jammed into one seat and Amanda and her dad
were given the next one.

Amanda had been watching the ride. Each person seemed to get five to ten
minutes before they were told to get off. If she hurried, she figured
she could get her dad off in that time. After the orgasm he'd given her
in the Tunnel of Love she just had to do something for him.

As soon as the ride started she pulled his zipper down. John started to
object but she asked, 'pretty please', and he gave in. Before they made
it to the top of the ride the first time, his hardening cock was wrapped
in her sexy little hand. John was kissing her, deeply, with lots of
tongue and passion.

When they would swing down to the bottom Amanda would let go and John
would cover his lap with Amanda's stuffed lion. By the third time around
he was getting very close. The next time they went to the top the ride
stopped. Amanda bent over and took her dad's hard shaft in her mouth.

"Look up there, Steve," the guy that worked the hotdog stand said to his
friend who sold cotton candy. "Some lucky bastard is getting a blow job
on the ferris wheel."

"Well, I'll be damned," Steve said seeing what his friend was talking
about. "Looks like she knows what she's doing, too. I've never been able
to talk Maria into that. Shit, the ride started. Do you think she'll
keep goin'?"
Amanda reluctantly took her lips off her dad's cock. She flicked the end
one last time with her tongue. The ride stopped a bunch as they made
their way down and they could see that everyone was being taken off and
no one was getting on. John realized they must be shutting the ride down
and quickly zipped his pants.

"Sorry," the operator told them. "We're having a slight problem. You
have to get off."

Amanda stared at the man. Didn't he understand? She couldn't leave her
dad like that. One more time around, that's all she needed. John had to
all but drag her off the ride.

"But dad," she objected, not caring who heard her. "It's not fair. You
were so close."

Amanda's friends weren't nearly as disappointed about the ferris wheel
as she was. They headed off to the House of Mirrors. Amanda and her dad

Once inside the attraction Amanda started to see a chance to take care
of unfinished business. She pulled her dad into a corner and squatted in
front of him.

"Not here, sweetie," he said with a smile.

"It's okay, daddy. No one can see and even if they do it will be all
messed up. They won't know I'm sucking you." She was pulling his cock
out while she said it.

He was hard again instantly and watched his daughter wrap her lips
around his shaft and start bobbing her head. He quickly lost any
inhibitions and was quietly encouraging her.

"Grab the balls, honey. Mmmmmm.... Yes. You're getting very good. Lick
the head. That's it. Oh, that's very good. Yes."

"Don't cum in my hair this time dad," she said. "When you're close just
keep it in my mouth, okay?"

"Sure, sweetie, but do you really want to eat it?"

"Hmmmmm Hmmmm!" she mumbled around his cock.
"Oh baby!"

Sam had gotten lost. She caught fleeting glimpses of her Cloe and Martin
but they were always reflections. She started turning around every few
seconds, trying to find her way out. When she saw Amanda's dad she only
saw his back. The crazy mirrors made his body look all squished down so
he seemed to be a midget. She couldn't see Amanda but she knew her
friend would be close by. She tried to find her way over to them.

John was close. The sight of his daughter's sweet face sucking his cock
always got him hot and knowing that she was going to swallow his cum
made him even hotter. The teen had been an innocent virgin just weeks
before and now she was the hottest lover he'd ever had. It was just


Amanda had her hands on his butt, keeping him from pulling his cock out
of her mouth while she swallowed as fast as she could. She got most of
it down but with his cock in her mouth there wasn't much room for
anything else. Some of his cum spilled out of her lips and started to
drip down her chin. When her father finished spurting, she released him,
wiped his cum off her face with a finger that she then licked clean.

Sam found Amanda and her dad, standing in a corner, kissing. They did a
lot of that. She didn't see her friend's hand pulling her dad's zipper

"You guys lost too?" she asked.

"Yup," Amanda said with out a trace of embarrassment. She and her dad
turned around, arm in arm to face Sam. "This place is spooky. Have you
seen Cloe or Martin?"

"Yeh, but that don't do much good," Sam told her. "All you see is

"Well, let's find our way out," John told the girls. "I'll show you a

He had Sam put her right hand the mirrored wall. He told her to keep her
hand on the wall and it would lead her out. After many twists and dead
ends they found Cloe and Martin still lost themselves. Sam proudly told
them to follow her as she led the group out.
By the time Amanda and her dad got home it was well after midnight. They
had dropped Amanda's friends off hours earlier and then gone back to the
hotel. They spent their time there in either the bed or the shower.
Amanda didn't want to leave but her dad knew they had to get home. He
was worried that her mother would finally be upset.

But, nothing happened. Jen was in bed when they got home. Amanda got a
long, passionate kiss from her dad before they separated and went to
their own rooms. Jen rolled over, facing away from John as he slipped
into bed and he fell asleep dreaming of his daughter's tight pussy
grabbing his hard cock.

09-16-2006, 07:02 PM
Chapter 22 - A Woman Reborn

"Easy, Mrs. Carmichael," the tall, blond Adonis who was her personal
trainer at the gym told her. "You don't want to over do it, right?"

"Oh... Steven," she panted. "I was... just... getting... going."

"Well, I have to say you sure are working hard, but you don't want to
get so winded. If you do then you don't get the same work out. Your body
starts to react differently. Work smart as well as hard, right?"

"Right," Jen agreed, finally slowing down on the bike.

"Anyway, it's time for your weigh in," he informed her.

Jen followed him apprehensively to the scale. She closed her eyes
theatrically as he slid the counter weights down the balance arm.

"Ahem," he prompted her to look. "I think you'll like it..."

She opened her eyes. Even after several weeks of weigh in’s she still had
trouble reading the scale but Steven helped as usual as he noted her new
weight in her file. "155, that's another five pounds this week. Almost
25 total. You're really sticking to it, Mrs. C."

The twenty something hunk patted his star client on the back. "Now
remember, don't over do it. If you pull something you won't be able to
exercise until it heals."

"Sure, Steven," Jen said staring at the scale. She hadn't weighed that
little in years. She was trying to think what things in her closet might
fit now.

She almost floated to the locker room. She even felt lighter. In the
shower she took a minute to look at her body. It did seem to be thinner.
Her boobs were smaller, she knew from the way her bras had been fitting.
Now her hips seemed to be getting into the game. Now if she could only
get her tummy to shrink.

At home she pulled out a lace panty she had never worn. Her waist had
finally shrunk enough to wear them. Then she dug to the bottom of her
lingerie drawer and pulled out one of her old bras. Unlike the ones
she'd been wearing this one was definitely sexy. Lace cups, underwire, a
hint of padding. She felt sexy just putting it on.
In her closet she picked out a silk bouse. It was something she and
Amanda had found at the mall and she was dying to wear it. Finally she
grabbed a pair of jeans she hadn't worn in years. It took some serious
pulling to get them on but then they were supposed to be tight, she
reminded herself. By lying on the bed and really sucking her gut in she
was able to get them buttoned. When she had the zipper up she stood and
looked in the mirror. 'Not bad,' she thought.

She spent fifteen minutes at her makeup table getting her hair and face
the way she wanted. After another critical look in the mirror she headed
downstairs to show her husband how she looked.

John was in the family room playing video games with Amanda. She
casually walked by but he was too engrossed in the game to notice. She
waited patiently for a break and then told them dinner would be ready in
a few minutes. Amanda looked up with a smile; she'd just beaten her dad
again. John just grunted an acknowledgment.

Amanda poked her dad in the ribs. He looked at her and saw her motioning
with her head. Finally he noticed Jen standing in the doorway. He stared
blankly for a moment.

"Doesn't mom look nice, dad?" his daughter prompted him.

"Oh, yeah, you do, Jen. Lose some more weight?"

"Why yes. So nice of you two to notice."

"Those jeans look nice on you, mom."

"Oh, I've had these for years," Jen said, turning to give John a good
view of her newly improved profile. Unfortunately he had turned his
attention back to the video game. Her daughter smiled at her with a hint
of satisfaction Jen found a little unsettling.

'At least he noticed I've lost some pounds,' she told herself as she got
dinner on the table. 'That's progress. Last week he couldn't see any
change. Of course, Amanda had to prompt him tonight, but he probably
would have noticed on his own. I think.'

"That blouse looks very nice, mom," her daughter observed as she came
into the dining room to help set the table for dinner.

"Yes, thanks to you for finding it. I'd forgotten how it felt to wear
"It is nice isn't it? I love how it feels too." her daughter agreed
which puzzled her mother since she'd never seen the girl wear silk.


Jen continued her hard work at the gym and stayed on her diet. She
slowly but very definitely was getting back in shape. She had more
energy and stamina than she could remember ever having, even when she'd
been a girl Amanda's age.

She started playing racquet ball at the gym and even entered a
tournament only weeks after first picking up a racquet. To everyone's
surprise she made it into the semifinals. Her daughter came to cheer her
on during her match. She was waiting for her mother when she came out of
the locker room.

"You were robbed mom," the girl declared. "That last game was unfair.
You weren't ready when she started."

"Thank's dear," her mother said with a proud smile. "I would have lost
anyway. After all I was already down 14 to 5. I'm just shocked I made it
this far."

"Of course you did," the girl told her. "I was just telling daddy last
night that you could do anything you really wanted to do."

'Then why can't I get him to look at me instead of you?' her mother

"Great match, Mrs. C.," her trainer, Steven, told her. "You certainly
didn't look like a beginner out there."

"Thanks to you," Jen replied and then on an impulse gave the hard bodied
blond an appreciative kiss on the cheek. "You've taught me everything I

"Uh, gosh, Mrs. C.," Steven stuttered. "I guess I'll, uh, see you

"I wouldn't miss it," she said cheerfully as she strutted out of the

"Gee, mom, you sure got him flustered."
"Huh, oh, you mean Steven?" Jen said casting a casual glance back at the
gym entrance. The boy was standing just inside the door watching her.
She gave him her prettiest smile. "He's a nice kid. I should have
introduced you to him."

"I think he likes you, mom," Amanda observed.

"What makes you say that?"

"The way he looked at you and how he got all messed up when you kissed
him. Was he watching us leave?"

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean anything, you know. Besides, I'm a married
woman. Most married people don't let themselves think of other people
that way."

"I'm just saying, you've turned his head, that's all."

Jen knew her daughter was right. But why could she get a stud like
Steven to look at her lustfully and John just didn't seem to care?
Perhaps it was just all the old baggage from the years she'd let herself
go. But, she knew now that her sex appeal was coming back and it
wouldn't be long before she'd have her husband's attention back where it

'And,' she thought as the car pulled out of the lot, 'it's kind of fun
to have twenty-two year old boys swoon when you walk by.'

09-16-2006, 07:03 PM
Chapter 23 - A Perfect Scheme

The family retired to the family room after a wonderful dinner prepared
by Amanda and her mom. Amanda and her dad snuggled on the couch,
chatting about their next date while her mother sat across the room
quietly reading one of her new exercise books.

"So mom," Amanda asked, "what do you want for your birthday?"

"Oh that's right," she said in mock surprise. "That's coming up, isn't
it. Oh, I don't know. I really don't want anything." 'Except for my
husband back, if you're done with him.'

"No, Jen," John chimed in, "what would you like? New clothes?"

"Hmmm, that would be nice, but I still want to lose some more inches
before I do a lot of shopping."

"What about a trip to the spa? You did that a few years ago, didn't
you?" her daughter asked.

"Yes, the one at the resort," Jen said with fond memories. A day of
being pampered did sound like fun. "That would be nice."

"Sure but you've already done that," her daughter said. "Isn't there a
better one? You know, someplace really nice."

"Well, Susan Webber raves about the one she went to last year, but
that's down in San Diego."

"Well, why not?" her daughter asked. "It's not like I'd need a
babysitter or anything, huh?"

"Gee, I don't know..."

John had been only half listening to his daughter's conversation with
her mother. But now he started to piece together Amanda's plan. She
was scheming to get her mother out of the house for several days. His
eyes started to go wide as he thought of the possibilities. The girl had
even managed to make it sound like it was Jen's idea.

"Why not, Jen?" he chimed in at last. "Make a long weekend of it, hell
make a week of it. I'm sure they've got a great work out program and you
deserve a treat after all your hard work lately."
Jen flushed at the unexpected compliment from her husband. "Gosh, a week
is an awful long time..."

"Not really," Amanda suggested. "I mean, it's been a week since we went
to the mall last and it doesn't seem so long, does it?"

"I guess, but to be gone for a whole week... What would you guys do?"

'Oh, you wouldn't believe,' her daughter thought then said, "Probably
eat a lot of take out, huh dad?"

"I think we could do better than that," he corrected her. "You're
turning into quite a good little chef." He gently stroked his daughter's
face as they stared at each other with lover's eyes. Finally he turned
to his wife and said, "We'd all go but Amanda can't skip that much

Jen still had misgivings about the idea. The spa sounded like fun and
Susan sure raved about it. But a bell was ringing in the back of her
head that it wasn't a good idea to leave John and Amanda alone for a
week. She just had a funny feeling but she couldn't pin it down.
Every time she tried to decipher it she just hit a dead end.

In the end she decided to go. She'd leave on Friday and return the
Sunday a week later, ten days, nine nights in a luxurious resort in the
mountains outside San Diego. As the trip started to draw near she got
increasingly excited.


John and Amanda waved as her mother headed past the security checkpoint
on the way to the plane to San Diego. Jen waved back, smiling in
anticipation of her week at the spa. Her friend Susan had told her all
about it and it sounded fantastic.

When her mother was out of sight, Amanda turned to her dad and kissed
him. John hesitated for a moment since they were in such a public place
but he couldn't resist his daughter's charms. He kissed her back
oblivious to the stares of dozens of shocked travelers.

Since it was Friday, their normal date night, John and Amanda went out
directly from the airport. In a bold move, Amanda was already in her
date clothes. Her dad had picked her up at school but brought her
straight home. She changed while her mother finished packing. Jen didn't
even comment on her daughter's overtly sexy outfit.
In her tight jeans, skimpy top and heels Amanda didn't look thirteen,
but she didn't look like she was twenty either. The obvious age
difference between her and her father drew the attention of several
people as they walked arm in arm out of the terminal.

The hour was later than the usual start of their dates and they also
knew they'd have all night to make love, so they didn't have a hotel
room. Instead, John took his daughter out to eat and then home.

It wasn't long before they were in John's bed, naked. Amanda started
sucking her dad's already throbbing cock while he gently stroked her
hair. She had her mouth full of his meat when her mom called.

"Hello," John said with a very happy tone of voice.

"I'm here," Jen told him.

"Oh, uh, great," he told her than with his hand over the handset he told
his daughter, "lick it some more."

"Yeah, the flight was great and this place is everything Susan said it
was," Jen was saying. "Ah, I half expected you guys would be out or

"Nah, we, uh," then to his daughter, "do my balls," and then his wife,
"uh, we knew you'd be calling. Yes, we knew you'd call and we wanted to
be here."

"Oh," he heard his wife say, "well, ah, that's nice. Is Amanda there?"

Amanda had her dad's cock in her mouth again while her hands were
pulling on it. Her dad held out the phone. "Your mom wants to talk to

"Hey mom! How's the place look," she said as she laid on the bed, spread
her legs wide and started pointing at her pussy. Her dad got the hint and
crawled between her legs.

"Oh, Amanda it's wonderful. I really wish you could be here. In a few
years I'll have to bring you. Just the two of us."

Amanda knew she should reply but her dad's cock was half in her and like
usual it was hard to keep her voice level on the first stroke. Her
mother noticed the dead line.
"You still there?" but she got no answer. Amanda felt her pussy relax
and her dad slipped the rest of the way in.


It took a few seconds before the girl could answer. "Uh, oh, sorry. Uh,
mom," she stuttered. Her dad started to stroke his cock into her slowly.
"Uh, dad... Uh, he distracted me for a second. So, uh, the place is
nice, huh?" She buried the phone on the bed while her mom answered and
told her dad, "go easy. I'm having trouble talking."

"Well, what do you think was going on while you were sucking me? Huh?"
He had a huge smile on his face and didn't let up his fucking. Amanda
closed her eyes, sighed and picked up the phone again.

"You there?" she heard her mom ask.

"Uh, yeah, mom," Amanda said trying to ignore her dad's huge cock in her
tight pussy. "We must have a bad connection."

"Well, uh, then I'll just say good night. I'll call you tomorrow. Let me
talk to your dad."

"Sure, mom. Have a great time." 'I know I will,' the teen thought as she
handed the phone to her dad. He had to stop fucking her to take it.

"Yeah," he said slightly out of breath.

"You okay?" his wife asked. "You sound winded."

"Oh, uh, well, I just came up, I mean, down stairs."

"Huh? Well, I'll call you guys tomorrow. And, thanks for this John. I
think it's going to be a wonderful week, other than missing you."

"Yeah, sure, have a great time."

"I love you, dear," she said in her sexiest voice.

"Right, love you too," and he hung up the phone.

John's cock had pulled out of his daughter's pussy. She was already
pulling him back to her with one hand and guiding his cock with the
other. John smiled as she lined him up and held his pole as it slid backinto her. It was much easier this time.

"Oh, daddy!" she cooed. "I hope mom doesn't worry about us. We were
kinda crazy on the phone."

"I don't think she noticed too much and... Oh, sweetie, that's so
good... and, she's going to have a lot of fun herself."

"Just think, daddy. A whole week together. This is fantastic!"

"Sure is, sweetie," he said. "I just hope we can keep our hands off each
other when your mom gets home."

"I'm not worrying about that. I have you now and that's all I care

"Hmmmmm," he kissed her while his cock pistoned into her pussy.

"OH DADDY!" she cried out as she felt her climax begin. "OH YES! DO IT!"

"GOD!" her dad yelled. "Oh God this is good."

"Don't stop!" she urged him.


John's cock slid into her one last time as the last of his cum drained
out of him. He'd have to get her to the doctor this week and get her on
the pill. They were playing with fire. But it sure was fun..

09-16-2006, 07:05 PM
Chapter 24 - A Perfect Day (the morning)

Saturday morning John woke with Amanda's head resting on his chest. It
had been a long and tiring night for them both. His lovely daughter's
body felt so soft. Her skin was so smooth. He felt her stir slightly
then let out a low groan.

"You okay?" he asked as she rolled off him.

"Yeah, it's just that lately my chest hurts when I lay on it. I think my
boobies are starting to grow."

John looked closely at her chest and in the morning light he could see
what he'd only felt before. The small mounds were definitely getting
bigger. Hardly lumps before, they were now clearly very small breasts.
"They're very nice," her father said, running his fingers over the
nearest one.

"I'm glad you like them," she said. "Almost all my friends have had
titties for a long time now. I was starting to think mine would never
get here."

John kept his stimulation going. His daughter's nipple swelled to almost
double its normal size. "Hmmmmm," she moaned with her eyes closed, "that
feels nice."

"Daddy?" she said with eyes now fixed on his face. "Do you think we can
really live like this someday? You know, like we were married or

"Would you like that?" he asked her while he rolled over and
brought his lips down to the well stimulated nipple and let his hand
move over to its twin.

"Oh yes!" his daughter replied enthusiastically. "I'd love that more than
anything in the world. Last night was just fantastic! I want to do that
every night and wake up like this every morning. But, do you think it
will ever happen?"

"I'd like it too," he told her with out answering her question. "And we
have all week to be together."

"Oh, that's nice," she said as his tongue started flicking her nipple.
He reached a hand down between her legs, which she spread wide the
instant she felt his touch. He found that she was already very wet.

He no longer needed to ask if she wanted to do it. He knew she did and
so did he. He got between her legs with out taking his mouth off her
budding breast. He would have kept sucking her tittie but she was so
much shorter than him that his cock was bumping against her knees when
he was in this position. He gave her one last flick with his tongue
before he moved his body forward.

Amanda smiled as her dad's body slid over her's. He stopped to kiss her
and they spent a few minutes enjoying that before he continued to bring
his cock closer to her pussy. She slid her tiny hand between them,
caught the shaft and guided it to her entrance.

"Ugh!" she grunted as the head slipped in. Her father paused, lettingher get used to him again. He then pushed his pole slowly into her,
watching her face for any sign of discomfort.

"It's getting easier, isn't it?" he asked her.

"Uh, huh!" she said. "It hardly hurts at all now. It starts feeling good
right away."

"Oh baby," he said. "Why didn't you tell me it hurt?"

"I, uh, was afraid you wouldn't want to do it any more."

"Oh, sweetie, you know how I feel."

"Yeah, it's just sometimes I think maybe you don't, ya know?"

"Don't you think that. I'm so in love with you it's making me crazy."

"Really? You wouldn't just say that, right?"

"What do you think?" he said with a sly grin as he started fucking her.

"I guess not," she said with a smile of her own. "Oh, that feels really
good now. Mmmmm..."

"Oh, baby, we have to get you on the pill this week," he said as his
thrusts got stronger. "We can't keep forgetting, or I'm going to have
to, oh, that's so tight... I'm going to have to pull out or start using

"No! Don't pull out! I just love how it feels when you cum in me."

"Okay, but we..." he couldn't talk anymore as his daughter started
pulling his ass, forcing him to fuck her faster. "Oh! Baby! Yes! OH GOD!

"Oh yes!," she purred, "I feel it! Shoot it in me daddy! Oh yes! It's so
nice and warm."

"I love you, sweetie," he assured her as he slowly pulled out of her.

"I love you too, daddy."

They didn't get out of bed until almost ten. They hadn't made love
again. They had just laid in each other's arms, kissing or cuddling. It
was a warm and peaceful feeling neither one wanted to end.

Finally, John had to pee. Amanda got up and came to the bathroom with
him. She watched in fascination as his pee arced into the toilet. He
just smiled at her as he shook the last drops off.

"Would you like to take a shower?" he asked her.

"With you?" she asked back. He nodded and led her by the hand into the
shower. When he had the water temperature just right they stood under
the spray in each other's arms and kissed.

Amanda playfully grabbed a bar of soap and started rubbing it on her
dad's chest. He cooperatively raised his arms to allow her to get his
sides then turned around. He felt her rubbing the soap on his back and
then his ass. Finally she squatted to do his legs.

When John turned back around she went to work on his privates. His cock
was already fairly hard and after a few strokes of her sudsy hands it
was as stiff as a board. His daughter even lathered up his balls but she
always kept one hand on his shaft, adding soap if it ever got hard to
slide it up and down.

"Are you going to finish me that way?" her father asked.

"Would you like me too?"

"Well, maybe you could suck it?"

"Sure," she giggled. "And I'll even let you shoot it all over me. You
seem to like that." She stood and positioned her daddy so the spray
rinsed the soap off his cock.

"It's not that," he objected, "it's just that it's hard to control, ya

"I guess, but you sure look happy when you get it in my hair."

"Well, it does look kind of cute."

She smiled as she got to her knees on the floor of the shower and
started licking and sucking his huge cock. It was so big she couldn't
get much more than the head in her mouth but her dad had taught herto use her tongue on the shaft and balls.

"Oh, darling," he moaned. "That's so good."

"Mphf?" she asked, her mouth full of his cock.

"Yes, you're doing great."

"Pump it too. Yes! Oh, sweetie."

Amanda went to work as hard as she could. Her dad's cock was twitching
on her hand like it did just before it exploded. She wanted to take the
first shot in her mouth so she put a hand on his ass to keep him from
pulling out too soon.

"ARGH!" he screamed as his first blast shot into her mouth. The girl
then pulled her head back while her hand continued to pump him
and let the second shot hit her nose. The third
went in her right eye which stung a lot. Finally the fourth and fifth went
into her hair.

"Oh, sweetie," he said as he wiped his cum out of her eye. "I'm sorry
about hitting you in the eye."

She grabbed his fingers and sucked the milky substance off them. "It's
okay, daddy," she assured him. "It only stings a little."

Her dad wiped a big blob of semen off her nose and then held his fingers
out for her. She sensually put her mouth around them and licked them
clean. "Mmmmm," she purred. "You sure taste good."

09-16-2006, 07:06 PM
Chapter 25 - A Perfect Day (the afternoon)

Amanda had her dad get the stash of very sexy clothes they'd hid in the
garage. She spread them out on his bed and tried to pick out one outfit
to wear. It was hard since she had so many very sexy choices and she
wanted to look her sexiest for her dad. She finally picked a red micro
skirt and matching bikini top.

Her dad was standing across the room in his underwear admiring her as
she got dressed. His cock swelled, making a prominent bulge that his
daughter thought was funny. "Gee, dad," she giggled. "Are you going to
be hard all day?"

"I think I just might be, sweetie," he told her with a smile. He came
over and hugged her. "You're just the prettiest thing I've ever seen."

She held her dad's hand for balance as she slipped her feet into her
sandals. "What are we going to do now?" she asked.

Her dad looked out the window at a blue sky and the Pacific Ocean. "Gee,
I don't know. I guess lunch and then what ever you want."


"You want to go for a swim, daddy?" the girl asked as she put their
lunch plates in the dish washer. "I can wear that pink bikini."

"The one on the bed?"

"Uh huh," she replied with a sly smile.

"Sure," he said, "sounds like fun."

"Okay, then you go up to our room and change. I'll be up in a bit."

"What did you call that room?"

"Well, it is going to be our room for the week, right? And it's our bed,
too, right?"

"I guess."

She came over and put her slender arms around his neck. Gazing lovingly
into his eyes she went on. "And I'm going to call you honey and dear and
all the things I've wanted to call you. It's going to be like we reallyare married, if that's okay with you?"

"Sure," he said not quite as enthusiastically as she would have liked,
"just don't do it when your mom's around, okay."

"Of course, honey. Now, get up their and change. Put on your blue
speedos, okay? They look so good on you."

"Yes, darling," he said, stooping to kiss her. "You're even beginning to
sound like a wife."

"Oh," his daughter said with the start of concern in her face. "Is... Is
that bad?"

"No, sweetie, I mean honey, I'd love to be your husband for the week."

'And maybe longer,' she thought as he walked away.


She made her dad go down to the pool before she changed. She wanted to
surprise him, she explained. He was sitting on the patio when she walked
out. The pink bikini top covered a larger portion of her chest than it
would on a older, larger, girl but it was still about the sexiest thing
he'd ever seen her wear. She had put a matching wrap around her waist,
hiding what he knew was a very skimpy bottom.

Her dad stood as she came over to him. He wrapped his arms around her
and kissed her. "You're absolutely gorgeous, sweetie."

"Thanks, dear," she said. "I thought you'd like it." She kissed him
back. With one hand she undid the wrap and let it fall to the ground.
She stepped back and turned around to give her dad a full view of her
sexy body in the skimpy bikini.

He started toward her but she walked away. He walked faster and she
broke into a trot. She made him chase her around the pool a few times
before she let him catch her. When he did he threw her into the pool and
jumped in after her.

"Daddy!" she screamed. "That wasn't very nice."

He trapped her in a corner and kissed her. "It wasn't very nice to make
me chase you, either."
"Mmmmm, okay," she kissed him back. "I'll forgive you, but only because
your kisses are so yummy."

"Mmmmm," he moaned. "You're so sexy, baby. I just can't believe we get
to be like this."

"Uh huh," she said slipping her hand into his speedos. "It's like my
favorite dream."

"Oh, that's getting tight," he said referring to his swim suit.

"So, take it off," she said, using her free hand to pull it off one of
his hips. He let go of her and slid it off. While he did that his
daughter pulled the string on her bikini top. It floated across the
pool. Her father pulled the twin knots of the bottoms and pulled it out
from between her legs.

"That's better," he said as he pulled her close again. His hard shaft
was now caught between their bodies. His daughter's legs wrapped around
him and he held her butt in his hands as they kissed deeply. Slowly,
Amanda's legs worked up until they were around his waist. When he pulled
her ass up his cock slipped between her legs.

"Are we going to do it in here, dear?" she asked.

"Would you like that?"

"Duh, of course," she said. "That's why I wore that sexy bathing suit."

"You don't have to dress sexy to get me to want you, honey," he assured
her, "but feel free to keep doing it."

"I like dressing sexy for you," she said as she tried to get the end of
his cock in her pussy by squirming around. "Wouldn't any loving wife?"

"Well, not every one..." he had let her squirm long enough. He reached
around her and grabbed his shaft. She'd gotten close and he only had to
move it the tiniest amount before the head popped in.

"Oooof," she cried out in shock. "OH GOD! It's like so much tighter..."

"Probably the water," he said with concern. "If you want to stop..."

"Noooo..." she wailed. "Just, ugh, give me, oh, a few, ah, eeee,
The girl slowly worked her hips back and forth, side to side and each
time another few millimeters of her dad's thick pole slipped into her
tiny pussy. She had to stop and catch her breath with only half of it in

"It, ah, was so much, ah, easier, oh, the last time, ah, we did it
here," she said. "Okay, yes, now it's getting easier." She'd slid down a
full inch in one movement.

"Are you okay now, sweetie?"

"Oh yes," she positively purred. "I think I'm ready."

He started slowly, lifting her ass just an inch or two before letting
her back down. After a minute his daughter started to flex her legs,
telling him to go faster and farther. He complied by lifting her half
way up his cock before pulling her back down.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "It's so good."

"Yes!" he agreed. "You're so tight! Oh, baby, I love you so much!"

"I love you to daddy," she said before she covered his mouth with hers.
Her tongue started to thrust into his mouth just as energetically as his
cock was driving into her pussy.

"OH GOD!" he yelled. "OH SHIT! YES! I'M GOING TO CUM!"

"Yes honey," she told him, "do it. Oh, yes, oh! Oh! Oh, I love you!"

"I love you too, darling," he said kissing her with his cock still
buried deep inside her. They stayed there, in each other's arms for
minutes, just enjoying the after glow of another fantastic fuck. When
they finally separated, John started to look for their bathing suits.

"Oh oh!" he said. "I think they got sucked in again. I'm going to have
to get a new drain cover in here if we're going to keep losing our

09-16-2006, 07:07 PM
Chapter 26 - A Perfect Day (the evening)

The rest of the afternoon they lounged by the pool or snuggled on the
couch. Amanda changed into several of her other outfits, giving her dad
a private fashion show at one point.

They shared lots of kisses and even some fairly heavy petting but
it never went as far as making love. Now that they could do it when ever
they wanted they no longer felt the overwhelming need to do it all the
time. Instead they enjoyed just being together.

Amanda fixed her dad a romantic dinner. She got out the family's best
china and silver and set the dining room table for two. A pair of silver
candle stands held a total of four white tapers. A few dozen other
candles around the room were the only sources of light.

Amanda changed into a sexy pink dress and pink pumps and told her dad to
put on a nice clothes too, as if they were going out. While he was
waiting for her to come down, he got out a bottle of wine and a pair of

"Daddy?" she asked when he handed her a glass of wine.

"I thought we should have a toast before dinner," he said. "To our love,
may it always be as fresh and wonderful as it is right now."

"Oh yes!" she agreed. He clinked his glass against hers and took a sip.
She took a cautious sip of her glass and then smiled at him. The wine
made her feel warm almost like when he came in her.

"Now, shall we eat?" he asked, holding her chair. He was intentionally
playing up the gallantry for her since she seemed to want a very
romantic evening. She was very impressed.

Dinner was excellent, though neither of them paid too much attention to
the food. They held hands through most of the meal and hardly took their
eyes of each other. When they were through, John picked her up in his
strong arms and kissed her.

"I love you, darling," he told her. "I don't care what anyone else might
think. I'm going to love you for the rest of my life."

"Mmmmm," she murmured as he kissed her. "I love you too, dear."

"Do you want to go upstairs now?" he asked.
"Yes, but, well, let me go up first, okay? I, uh, want to change into

He kissed her again before he set her down. "I'll come back down, okay?
Just wait down here." He just smiled as his daughter scampered out of
the room.

It didn't take her long to change. She came back down in the skimpiest
nightie he'd ever seen. It was almost completely see-through, made of
white lace. She did a graceful pirouette before his eyes.

"Do you like it?" she asked.

"Oh baby," he groaned. "It's fantastic. You're so sexy." He picked her
up again and kissed her hard, letting her feel the intense passion that
was building in his loins for her sexy body. "Now what?" he asked.

"Take me to our room," she asked. "I want to spend the rest of the night
making love on our bed."

John carried her up to the master bedroom, kissing her frequently along
the way. Once he'd set her down, he got out of his clothes as
quickly as he could and joined he on the bed. She held out her arms and
pulled him close to her.

"Oh daddy, this is so wonderful. I can finally love you like I want too.
It's so hard sometimes to keep it all bottled up."

"Yes, it is wonderful. It's like... like a honeymoon, I guess, even
though mine wasn't nearly this nice."

"Oh, that's a great way to think of it," she said. She had his cock in
her hand, it was very hard of course. He kissed her as she started
pulling on it.

"You know, daddy," she purred with her head on his chest. "This was the
most perfect day of my life. I just wish mom was here to share it."

"Uh, sweetie," he reminded her, "that would have kind of put a damper on
things, don't you think?"

"I know," she pouted, "but she's been so cool with me lately. I really
like hanging with her at the mall and everything. I just wish things
were different, that's all. I'd just love to tell her all about us andhow happy we are."

"I don't think she'd see it the way we do, honey."

"I guess."

09-16-2006, 07:08 PM
Chapter 27 - The Make Out Party

The rest of the week they lived as lovers. Most mornings they made love
before getting out of bed. The only time they didn't was Monday morning
when they overslept. Every night until Friday he took her out. That night
she had something else planned at home.

John anxiously watched Amanda putting out big bowls of chips and smaller
bowls of salsa. She had a stack of new CDs next to the stereo already
lined up. In the kitchen, bottles of soft drinks filled the
refrigerator. He still wasn't sure this was a good idea.

His daughter had talked him into letting a few of her friends come over
to listen to some new CDs. At first it just sounded like no big deal.
Cloe and Sam would come over and they'd listen to the latest music for a
few hours. But, as the night got closer, things seemed to get more

First he heard that Martin was coming. Martin was Cloe's 'boyfriend' and
Amanda explained that they went everywhere together. Then he found out
that Sam had gotten a boyfriend of her own, some guy named Jake and he
was coming too. As John learned of the guest list he found that all of
her friends were coming as couples. Only Amanda didn't have a date her
own age. John was worried she'd give out too many hints about the true
nature of her relationship with him.

The party started innocently enough. Eight couples, counting him and
Amanda crowded into the family room where they listened to music,
chatted and snacked on the chips. Like most parties, even grown up ones,
the people separated by gender and by 9:00 there were two distinct
clusters, all the girls in a group centered on Amanda and the boys,
including her father, in another group out in the garage. The boys
wanted to see his car.

"See, I told you they'd be out here," Amanda said as she walked into the
garage with the girls in tow. "Daddy, why are you guys out here looking
at that stupid car when we're getting so lonely in there?"

She came up and put her arms around her dad in a most undaughterlike
way. Each of the other girls was doing something similar with their
date. "Let's go in, okay?" she said. "We promise to make it more fun
than gawking at the car."

John let his daughter lead him back to the family room were she set him
down on one end of the couch and casually climbed into his lap. Henoticed that the lights were dimmed and the music was much softer than
the stuff the kids had been listening to earlier.

All of the other couples were paired up as they returned to the room.
They each found a quiet, somewhat secluded corner of the room and
started to kiss. John saw a wide variety of experience before him from
couples that didn't seem to have a clue what to do to some he suspected
were very experienced.

Amanda started peppering her dad's face with little kisses. It took him
a second to realize what she wanted him to do. "Sweetie," he whispered in
her ear, "we can't. Not with people here. If they knew..."

"Shhhh," she cut him off with a whisper of her own in his ear. "They
don't care. Look at them." She turned her head and scanned the room. All
her friends were totally involved with their private activities.
"Besides, I think Cloe suspects us anyway. I know Sam does. They're cool
with it."

"You haven't told them anything, have you?" he whispered with a trace of
panic in his voice.

"Duh!" she replied. "I'm not, like stupid. I'm just saying no one will
freak if we make out. That's all. No big deal. We can do the other stuff
when they leave." She looked him in the eye and smiled. Slowly John felt
his inhibitions melting away, as they always did when she was in his
lap. Still he couldn't bring himself to kiss her in front of so many

"Unless," Amanda whispered, her lips brushing his ear, "you want me to
whip your cock out and suck you off right here. I'm sure several of my
friends would love to learn how to do that."

She pulled back to see the shocked expression on her father's face and
laughed. "I'm just kidding, honey." Then she brought her lips to his and
kissed him tenderly. She kept at it until finally her father kissed her

Finally John gave in completely. He pulled his daughter tight against
his body and kissed her passionately. Her lips tasted so sweet and his
cock was getting so hard he almost wished she could suck him off, but
nothing would get him to let her do that with her friends there.

The lovers retreated into their own world, oblivious to the teenaged
couples around them. John worked his hand up his daughter's shirt andstarted playing with her tittie while she rearranged herself on his lap
so she could feel his hard cock against the fabric of her thong. Her dad
started pulling on her ass, making her rock on his pole almost to the
point he messed his pants.

John lost all track of time. He felt so free and alive with his darling
daughter kissing him, feeling her soft, sweet body against his. When she
pulled away he started to pull her back.

The music had stopped. Everyone was suddenly looking at Amanda wondering
what to do. She started to get off her dad's lap.

"Don't get up, Amanda," Sam said. She was sitting by the stereo with
Jake. The couple turned their attention to the stack of CDs. Amanda saw
them struggle to read the labels in the dim light. She reached over her
dad's shoulder and turned on a lamp.


"What 'cha doin?"


"Sorry! They can't read," Amanda explained to her startled friends. "As
soon as we have a new batch of CDs loaded I'll turn it off."

John could now see that several of the girls had their shirts off. He
saw numerous pairs of small but pert breasts, some covered by hands and
others out in the open. Amanda saw them too and noticed how her dad was
staring at her friends boobs.

When the music started back up she turned the light off and people
resumed making out. Amanda kissed her dad for a few minutes but then
back away and lifted her t-shirt over her head and flung it over the
back of the couch before her dad could react.

"No, sweetie," John protested.

"Too late, daddy," she told him.

John stopped to consider what to do. It was obvious that every person in
that room knew he'd been making out with his daughter. Half of girls had
their shirts off already and he saw the other's stripping out of
their's. When his daughter pulled his hand to her budding breasts he
didn't move it away.
The rest of the night, John and Amanda sat on the couch and made out
like a pair of teenagers. When he was thirteen, John hadn't even kissed
a girl and he never was at a make out party. He'd only heard rumors of
them when he was a kid. Being in the middle of what seemed to be a very
hot one was exciting, once he got used to the idea of fourteen
youngsters watching him tongue wrestle with his half-naked daughter. As
the night wore on he found himself enjoying himself immensely.


John jumped when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. "Amanda, Mr.
Carmichael, sorry, but we're leaving. My mom will kill me if I'm not
home by midnight. Great party!" One of his daughter's friends was
casually making her farewell as if Amanda wasn't naked from the waist up
and hadn't been tongue kissing her father when the kids came over to them.

"Great party, Amanda," the girl's date said. "Cool car, Mr. C." The boy
stuck out his hand, which John shook. He stared at them as they left the

"See, daddy?" his daughter whispered in his ear. "My friends are cool."

"Well, I guess so," was all he could say. They started kissing again but
soon two more couples were leaving. Finally, Amanda asked her dad if he
could reach her shirt. He was able to pull it out from behind the couch.
He helped her put it on and they started to say good night to the rest
of their guests. Cloe and Martin were the last to leave.

"Night, Amanda," the girl said. "This was the best party we've ever been
to, right?"

"Shit yeah!" Martin agreed. "You've got a cool house. And that car is

"Come on, motor head," Cloe said, pulling her date toward the door.
"I'm sure these two are looking forward to the rest of their night with
out a bunch of company."

"Night, Cloe," Amanda said, giving her friend a hug before she left.

"Have, fun," the girl whispered just loud enough for John to hear, her
eyes shining up at him. Obviously Cloe knew everything. John just
chuckled and smiled.
John and Amanda stood arm in arm and waved as Martin's brother's van
left with three of the seven couples. As the tail lights faded out the
teen turned to her dad and said, "Now, let's have fun like Cloe said."

09-16-2006, 07:10 PM
Chapter 28 - Jen's Return

Amanda was sitting on the pool deck with her legs over her dad's
shoulders. He was in the pool, licking her pussy. Because he was in the
shallow end he had to bend over quite a bit to get his head between her

"Oh, honey," she cried. "I wish you could do that all day."

"Sorry, dear," he said standing up and putting his hard cock at her
pussy entrance. "Your mom's plane gets here in just over an hour. We
have to finish this."

"Oh, daddy," she purred as his cock started to slide into her. "It's
getting so much easier."

Amanda started playing with her budding titties as her father fucked
her. His long, thick cock drove deep into her on every stroke to the
amazement of them both. Even after over a week of almost nonstop sex the
lovers were not satisfied. They had to leave for the airport in less
than thirty minutes but they couldn't deny themselves one last time

John knew he had to hurry but his cock felt so damn good in his
daughter's loving pussy. He was taking his time, letting it come almost
all the way out before slowly pushing it back in to the point his body
was pressed firmly against hers. He could tell his little girl wasn't in
a mood to rush either, or she would have started pulling his ass.

John bent his head down so far it almost hurt and kissed her. She
wrapped her hands around his neck and her legs around his waist and he
picked her up and carried her to the middle of the pool. All the while,
his cock continued its same, smooth rhythm.

"Oh, honey," she purred. "I've loved every minute of this week. I only
wish it wasn't ending so soon."

"We'll have more weeks like this, darling. I promise. Don't ask me how
yet but I want to live like this too, even if only for a while.

Amanda and her father kissed as they fucked in the pool. Her legs flexed
to raise and lower her pussy on his shaft while his hands supported her
weight. It was as natural as breathing to them both after all the
glorious sex they'd shared the past week. If any of the thrill of theirpassion had eased it only allowed them to enjoy their mating for longer
periods. As they fucked this time, neither one felt the urgent sensation
of an approaching climax.

It was many minutes before John felt his balls start to tighten. He
grabbed his daughter's tight ass and started driving his cock into her
harder. "Oh baby," he cried. "Oh, I'm close... It's... oh... yes... God!
Oh no... Yes! YES! YES!"

Amanda felt his cock jerking as it released load after load of his
precious cum into her hungry pussy. The warm feeling she loved so much
filled her again and she smiled into the face of her lover.

"I love you daddy," she said softly. "I always will."

"I know, darling, sweetie," he said, stroking her face. "I'll love you
forever too." They kissed, forgetting completely about her mother's
flight. They didn't separate until John's cock started to soften and
Amanda's legs got tired. She slipped off him and stood pressing her
naked body against him.

Something caught her eye. Floating in the water, not on the surface but
a foot or two below, was a blob of cum. It had leaked out of her and was
drifting toward the drain. She laughed and pointed it out to her dad.

They both watched it in fascination. It seemed to be alive, swimming
along like some amorphous fish. When it got close to the drain it sped
up and in an instant it was gone.

"Boy, that really flew at the end, huh, dad?"

"Yeah, it sure... did..." John said as his eyes glazed over. Somewhere
in the back of his head a bell was going off. He was supposed to be
somewhere... "Shit! Your mom! We're late!"

"Oh no!" his daughter said as they swam quickly to the edge of the pool.
John hoisted her out and then jumped out himself. They ran, naked, back
to the house. Halfway there Amanda stopped. "Our suits!" They had
undressed on the patio and their bathing suits were still there. She ran
back to get them while her father went in the house.

She found him in the master bedroom. He was frantically pulling some
underwear on. She grabbed a sexy thong from the pile of clothes she'd
brought into what had been 'their room'.
"Baby," he said watching her pull them on. "You've got to get that stuff
out of here."

"Yeah, I know. I will."

"And the stuff in the shower. Make sure you get everything."


They were dressed in record time. John checked his watch. Jen's plane
was due to land in ten minutes. He didn't know how he'd make it in time.
He picked up his daughter's clothes pile and carried it to her room as
she buttoned her blouse. He dropped the pile in her closet and headed
back to the master bedroom. His daughter was coming out with an armful
of toiletries.

"This is it!" she assured him but he went in and made a check himself.

They ran to the car and tore out of the drive. As they drove to the
airport John instructed his daughter on how to find her mom's flight
information with his Blackberry. It turned out her flight was five
minutes late. Still, they wouldn't get to the airport until ten minutes
after she landed.

"I... I'm going to drop you off, sweetie," he said. "Do you remember how
to get to where we saw her off?" Amanda nodded. "Good. Just tell her I
couldn't find a place to park. I'll pick you up outside baggage claim."

John earned several obscene gestures from other drivers he cut off as he
entered the airport. He screeched to a halt to let Amanda out. She undid
her seatbelt and turned to kiss him. "I love you dad," she said tenderly
before she ran into the terminal.


Jen sat in a window seat but didn't look out as the plane taxied to the
gate. Instead she admired her fingernails. Before she'd left the spa
she'd gotten a complete make over including a pedicure and a manicure.
Her fingers never looked so nice. She never felt as pretty and sexy.
Surely John would notice her now.

The plane came to a stop and she stood with the other first class
passengers. The handsome flight attendant that had been so attentive
during the flight smiled as she walked to the door. She'd been flirting
with him the whole flight, just for fun. As she left she put her hand onhis arm and said, "Thank you for everything," in her sexiest voice. The
boy, he couldn't be more than twenty five, looked like he was going to
blush. It made Jen feel even better.

She was almost skipping as she made her way out of the gate area. As she
left the security checkpoint she started scanning the faces for John.
She wanted to see him before he saw her so she could see his reaction to
her new look.

Her first sign that something was wrong was when she got to the middle
of the open space between security and the escalators to baggage claim
and hadn't seen her husband. She stopped and started turning around to
look for him.

"Mom!" she heard her daughter call. "Over here!" Jen turned to her right
and there was her daughter's smiling face. She looked past the girl but
still didn't seen John.

"Hey, you look fantastic," Amanda said, giving her mom a very
affectionate hug. "Your hair looks great!"

"Uh, thanks," Jen said a little dazed. "Where... Uh, where's your

"Oh, he's going to pick us up at baggage," her daughter explained. "We
couldn't find a parking place."

"Oh," was all Jen could say as she felt her excitement start to drain

"So, how was it?" her daughter asked. "You look like you got a lot of

"Oh, yeah," Jen said absently. "It was great. No place to park, huh?"

"Yeah, he's circling around the baggage area. Your hands look really
cool. How'd they get that pattern on your nails."

"Huh," Jen said as her daughter grabbed her hand and held it up. Her
nails had an airbrushed pattern. Jen looked down at her pretty nails.
"Oh, an airbrush. The, ah, girl did that this morning. My toes too."

Amanda looked down at her mom's feet and saw the same pattern on her
toes. "Wow! That's like so cool. That place must have been something."
"Oh, yeah," Jen said absorbing some of her daughter's enthusiasm. "It,
ah, it was. I've never been pampered so much in my life."

"Like how?"

"Oh, well... A massage twice a day. Facials, two... no three times. The
nails, my makeup," she turned to give her daughter a good look, "let's
see, a lot of time by the pool, with, don't tell your dad, very cute
pool boys to bring me cool drinks."

Mother and daughter shared a conspiratorial laugh. "Sounds like lots of

"It was, but I missed you and your dad."

"I missed you too," her daughter told her honestly as they arrived at
the baggage carrousel.

"So, what did you do?" her mom asked. "You and your dad?"

"Well... I had school of course. I did most of the cooking. Dad worked,
obviously. I don't know. Not much. We went out Friday, of course. Hung
out by the pool. No big deal."

Jen's bag was one of the first ones out. She hefted it off the moving
belt and extended the handle before she and her daughter headed out the
doors to wait for John.

He was there in less than a minute. Jen waited for him to notice her new
look but he was rushed to get the bag in the car and get them moving. A
very bossy police woman was urging people to move with frequent blasts
of her whistle.

"So," her husband finally asked as they pulled out of the airport. "Did
you have a good time?"

"Oh yes, thank you. It was fantastic, other than not being with you. I
missed you so much, John."

"Uh huh," he grunted as he pulled onto the freeway.

"Amanda says you guys had fun," Jen said, scanning his face for some
sort of reaction. He smiled as if recalling a particularly pleasant
"Yeah, I guess so," he said, his voice not matching his face. "We, uh,
missed you."

"Oh, that's nice," she said almost with an tone of suspicion. The whole
drive home he hardly took his eyes off the road. Amanda prompted him to
notice her nails and hair which he complimented blandly. His attitude
was so distracted that her good mood was almost gone by the time they
got home. Only her daughter's cheerful chatter made her feel like
someone was happy she was home.

09-16-2006, 07:11 PM
Chapter 29 - Suspicions

When John's lack of interest in her didn't change a week after her
return from San Diego, Jen started to suspect he was having an affair.
Nothing else she could think of could explain why, after all her
changes, he didn't seem to find her attractive in the least.

Here she was, weighing less than when they married, in better shape than
any other time in her life, and with new sexy clothes. She'd even asked
her daughter to help her pick many of them out. Yet John was only
polite. He'd compliment her if prompted by Amanda, sure, but not once
had he said anything that she could even twist into a sign of desire.

'So, if he's not interested in sex from me,' she reasoned, 'he must be
getting it somewhere else.'

But Jen's new found self confidence was not going to let her give up
with out a fight. First she had to find out what she was up against. Who
was this Jezebel who was stealing her husband? When and where did they
meet? Who else knew about it?

She immediately thought of Amanda. Her daughter's relationship with her
father was still as close as ever. However, since her return she'd
noticed that it was less... something. She didn't see as much of the
flirting the two seemed to have been constantly doing with one another.
Perhaps John had finally realized how silly it was or perhaps his
'girlfriend' was giving him the attention he'd been getting from his
daughter and he no longer needed the adulation of a thirteen year old.

Jen's own relationship with her daughter had improved markedly in the
last few months. Once she forced herself to see her daughter as growing
up she found she really enjoyed spending time with her. At times they
were almost like girl friends. Perhaps, she could get some information
out of Amanda.

Amanda and her father continued their Friday night dates with out fail.
It was so routine now that Jen was hardly upset by it. They had to talk
about something given all the time they spent together. Perhaps her
father had said something. Maybe Amanda didn't understand everything
that was going on, she was only a child after all.

She'd ask Amanda that night, after dinner, but she'd have to do it
carefully. She thought about how to go about it all afternoon.

John knew something was different the minute he got home from work. Jen
seemed distracted and withdrawn. She had usually asked him about his day
or something but all he got from her that evening was a suspicious look
and a almost inaudible, 'Hello.' He searched for his daughter to see if
she knew what was going on.

He found Amanda in her room finishing some homework. "Hey, sweetie," he
said, poking his head in her room.

"Daddy!" she cried as she got up from her desk and ran to put her arms
around him. It was almost like when she was real little. What happened
after was nothing like back then. She looked up and down the hall and
then kissed him passionately as she pulled him into her room. They fell
on her bed and allowed themselves a few minutes of intimacy.

"Oh, darling, I missed you," she purred with her head on his chest.
"School took forever and... Oh I'm so glad you're home." She turned and
kissed him again.

"I missed you too, my love," he told her. "God I've missed you. It's
only been, what..."

"Twenty six hours," she glanced at her clock, "and twenty minutes."

He laughed. She'd been counting the hours since they'd last made love.
It just seemed so cute how, well, horny, she was for him. He felt the
same way, even if he hadn't been watching the clock.

"Uh, I noticed your mom seemed awful quiet when I got in," he started.
"Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"No, she, uh, seemed okay when I got home. She asked about school and
stuff like what we did while she was gone, you know, did we eat out or
stuff. I told her about the party, but not the kissing part. She seemed,
I guess, okay with it. Why?"

"Well, she's very quiet, that's all."

Just then they heard Jen coming up the stairs. In a rehearsed move they
got off the bed and quickly went to her desk. Amanda sat down while her
father stood over her like he was helping her with something. Jen hardly
glanced at them as she passed. A few minutes later she walked back by
and casually told them dinner was ready.

As they finished a very quiet dinner, John heard his wife ask her
daughter to help her clean up in the kitchen. He excused himself to the
family room.

Amanda picked up her plate and her father's and followed her mom into
the kitchen. At dinner she had noticed her mom's changed mood. She
started to worry that her mom had found out about her and her dad.

"Thank you, dear," she said, taking the plates from her daughter. "Ah,
Amanda, can we talk for a bit?"

"Uh, sure, uh, mom."

"Sit down," she said as she sat at the kitchen table. Amanda nervously
sat across from her.

"Ah, I want to tell you how nice the last few months have been. We've
gotten a lot closer and that means a lot to me."

"Uh, me too, mom," the girl agreed guardedly.

"I know you and your dad are close, and, well," Jen took a deep breath
and went on, "you must have seen that things between him and I are...
let's just say strained."

Amanda gulped. She didn't like where this conversation was going. She
started to really fear her mom knew something. If she did, what would
she do? Her dad had made hints that it would be very, very bad if she
ever found out about them.

"I was wondering, well, hoping, if you'd," she paused, uncomfortable
with asking her daughter to betray her father but she had to. It was the
only thing that would keep the family together.

"You don't know what your dad does when he's not here, do you? When he's
not with you?"

"Uh, gosh, I don't know. Work? He does work a lot."

"Yes, I know about work, but, he hasn't mentioned anyone he visits?" Jen
had hoped her daughter would have picked up her hints but she hadn't.
She knew the girl wasn't that slow. Their conversations over the past
few months had shown her how smart and attentive her daughter was. Itwas as if she was intentionally holding back.

"No," Amanda replied a little to quickly. "I mean, I'm not sure I know
what you're talking about."

Jen went for broke. "Has your dad talked about another woman? Someone he
goes to see?"


"I... I, uh, need to know. I don't want our family to split up. You know
how many of your friends parents aren't together and well, I don't want
that for you. If your dad is... If I can I want to make things work, do
you understand? To do that I need to know what's going on."

"Uh huh."

She could just tell from Amanda's face that she'd hit pretty close to
home and that the girl knew more than she was ever going to tell. It
started to make sense now. Perhaps the 'dates' were really a cover for
John's affair. The bastard was using his daughter to cheat on her. Damn
him! He probably dropped her off somewhere and then picked her up after
he'd gotten laid.

"I need to know... Dear, it's important that I know where you are when
you are out with your dad. He doesn't leave you somewhere does he?"

"No!" Amanda cried. She felt an overwhelming need to defend her lover,
even if it meant denying their relationship. "We, uh, we go to eat and
stuff. To the movies."

"So he's there the whole time?" Jen asked in a voice that was getting a
very hard edge.

"Yes!" Amanda replied louder. "He's with me. Really! The whole time."

"Okay," Jen said in a very quiet voice. This wasn't getting anywhere.
Amanda would defend her father to the death. It was clear she was hiding
something, probably the affair. "I just want you to know I'm worried
about you, dear. If there is something going on that shouldn't be you
need to tell me."

"Nothing's going on, honest," she said in a way that only confirmed her
mother's suspicions.
"Okay, dear." Jen got up from the table and left the room. Amanda sat
there in terror. Her mom might know! She must know something is going
on. She ran to find her father.

09-16-2006, 07:12 PM
Chapter 30 - Anger and Passion

"Hey, sweetie," he said as she burst into the family room. He patted the
couch next to him but she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the
library. When they were in there she shut the door.

"What's going on?" he asked in a concerned voice. The girl was on the
edge of a panic.

"Mom..." she gasped. "She's asking questions. About us. Our dates. She
thinks something is going on."

"What did she say?" he asked suddenly very serious. "Exactly what did
she ask you?"

"She wanted to know if you left me alone or if you talked about some

"I should have expected this," he said to himself. He pulled his
trembling daughter into his arms and held her tight. "Don't worry,
sweetie. She doesn't know. If she did she wouldn't have asked those
questions. I think she's seeing how little I feel for her and she's
creating another woman to explain it."

Amanda didn't understand her father's explanation but his strong arms
were calming her down. She only needed one more thing to make everything
alright again. She leaned her head back and looked at him.

John saw her tear filled eyes. He wiped a tear off each of her pretty
cheeks and then leaned over and kissed her. It was a gentle, loving
kiss. Their lips touched softly. He could taste the salt of her tears.
Slowly, he pressed harder, pulling her tighter to him. His head turned
as did hers and in an instant they were deep into a passionate kiss.

As he kissed his daughter, John's anger boiled over. Jen had no right
upsetting Amanda like that. If she had problems with him she should
confront him, not go around his back. Every tear on his adoring
daughter's face fueled the fire in his heart. Only her soft arms and
sweet lips kept him from rushing out of the room to kill her mother.

When they parted, John wiped the last of Amanda's tears away. He hugged
her tight. "Darling," he told her, "I'm going to deal with your mom. She
had no right doing what she did. It's... well, going to get pretty
uncomfortable around here for a while. Just know that no matter what
happens we will be together. If I have to run away with you, that's whatwe'll do. Okay?"

"Oh yes, daddy," she said, smiling for the first time. "Can we run away

"I know that sounds good, but no, let's hope we don't have to. You don't
want to leave your friends, this house, everything, do you?"

"I would."

"I know. Let's pray that doesn't happen though."

"I love you, daddy."

"I love you, too."

They kissed again. It was a good thing for Jen that John had that
release. He channeled his anger into passion for his daughter. At that
moment he needed her and he suspected she needed him. He locked the

"Baby, I need you," he said as he lifted her onto his desk.

"I understand," she said.

"It's just that I need to find some way to release all this...."

"Shhh... It's okay."

"I need..." he pulled her shorts and underwear off in one move.

"Yes, daddy..."

"I sorry, baby. I don't want to use you... I need this... I need to..."

"You need to fuck me. I understand."

John had almost gone into a trance. His daughter's coarse language broke
him out of it. "What did you say?"

"You need to fuck me. It's okay. I want you to. Fuck me daddy. Let me be
here for you."

"Oh, sweetie," he cried as he stepped between her wide spread legs. "I
do. I need..." He fit his rock hard cock into her. She was alreadyextremely wet and he had no problem ramming it home. "I need to fuck

"Yes daddy," she moaned as his cock hit bottom. "Fuck me. I'm here for

"Oh, sweet darling, I love you so much. You're so good for me..."

"Shhhh.... It's okay. Just fuck me. Get it all out, okay?"

John never felt more loved as he did at that moment. Amanda understood
him better than anyone else ever could. He could feel his love for her
calming his anger at her mother. With each hard thrust of his cock a
little bit more was taken away. Soon the hate was overshadowed by the
deep affection he felt for his little girl.

"Yes, daddy," she moaned. He grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him.
Her legs spread even wider and he could now get deeper into her than
ever before. Amanda had no problem taking his long, thick shaft into her
tiny opening. She'd stretched or grown or both in the last few months.
She was still incredibly tight but only in a good way now. No longer did
they have to work so hard to get his cock in her.

"Oh fuck me daddy," she pleaded. "Do it to me. Yes."

His daughter's words stirred a deeper feeling than anger, even than
love. He felt uncontrollable lust for her at that moment. He needed his
daughter's body like an addict needed their fix. A hunger was burning in
him for her like he'd never felt before. He started slamming his cock
into her with all his strength.


Some part of his brain may have known that her screams were loud enough
to be heard outside the room but he was so consumed by lust he didn't
care. Even if Jen had walked in on them right then he wouldn't have




John kept fucking her even after his cum was drained from him. His cock
stayed rock hard. It was minutes before he slowed and then stopped,
still deep inside her. He pulled her body up to him and kissed her.

"Oh, darling," he panted. "I'm sorry... I just needed..."

"Shhhh..." she stopped him with another kiss. "I'm always there for you,
darling. I love you. You needed this. I understand. I really do."

John finally pulled out of her. Some of his cum started to leak so he
grabbed some tissues from the desk and started to wipe it up, like he'd
done on their first night. "I'm going to talk to her," he said. "She
can't talk to you like that. Getting you all upset."

"Don't be too angry, dear," she instructed him. "I... I kinda understand
what she's feeling. If I thought I was losing you it would make me
crazy. And, I love her too, you know? I don't want to see her hurt." In
her tiniest voice she added, "any more than she has too."

"Oh sweetie," he said running his loving hand down her beautiful cheek.
"You're just so wonderful. So caring. I'll try to be calm. I... It's
just that this is going to hurt her. It's too late to prevent that. I...
I love her too, I guess. Not like I love you, of course, but she's been
a part of my life for a long time. I just can't let her treat you like
that, that's all."

09-16-2006, 07:13 PM
Chapter 31 - Confrontation

John left the library with most of his anger abated. He still intended
to lay down the law with Jen. She had no right involving Amanda. He
found her in the bedroom. The sight of her rekindled some of the hatred
he'd felt earlier.

"What the hell were you trying to do?" he asked in a voice that was
barely under control.

"What are you talking about?" she replied in an icy cold voice.

"You got Amanda so upset she was in tears. If you have a problem with me
you come to me, god dammit. You don't fucking involve her."

"I wasn't trying to upset her..."

"Well you did," he cut her off. "She's very upset. How did you think
she'd feel?"

"It's not that. I'm just... You... Damn it John, are you seeing someone
else? Are you using her to sneak around behind my back."

"It's always about you, isn't it? I'd never use Amanda like that. I'm
not seeing someone else. God. I thought you'd changed some, but you're
still the same selfish little bitch as before. At least when you were
drinking you didn't try to get our daughter involved."

"Well, what am I supposed to think? You don't show the slightest
interest in me, even after all I've done. I know I drove you away, but
damn it John, I'm still your wife. You show her more attention than you
show me. It's not right."

"So that's what it's about. You're jealous of Amanda." John shook his
head and walked away. He suddenly had an intense need to use the toilet.
Jen followed him.

"Don't walk away!" she demanded as she put a hand on his shoulder.

"You will not talk to Amanda that way again," he said turning to look
directly into her face with eyes that were burning with hatred. "She's
not a part of this and I don't want her to ever be part of something
so... so ugly."

Jen took his insult like a slap in the face. She staggered back fromhim, out of the bathroom and fell face first onto the bed. She started
to sob uncontrollably. She never even noticed John leaving the room.


He stayed up that night until she'd cried herself to sleep. She woke
when he got out of bed the next morning. Her mood had darkened from
self-pity to disgust. Never had she felt such hatred for anyone.

Amanda noticed the change the instant she came down for breakfast. Her
father and mother both greeted her as usual but they never said a word
to each other. Her dad seemed to go out of his way to ignore her mom.
Her mom stared at him angrily every time his back was turned. It was so
upsetting that the girl was almost in tears.

As she ate her cereal Amanda had only one thought. It was all her fault.
If she hadn't asked her dad to take her out, none of this would have
happened. She couldn't stop being with him now. She loved him, even
needed him, too much, but when she saw how hurt her mom was the teen's
heart was almost broken.

The problem was that the girl loved both her parents. If she loved her
dad more it was only because there was a very special part of their love
she could never share with her mom. Her mom's pain hurt her deeply.

John saw in his daughter's face how upset she was. He needed to talk to
her but not with her mother around. "Would you like a ride to school,
sweetie?" he asked.

"Uh, sure, dad."

In the car she was still quiet. He smiled sweetly at her a few times and
got a forced smile in return but she was still upset. Finally he spoke.

"Don't let your mom get you this way, darling. It's just going to be a
hard time. There's no way to get around it."

"It's all my fault," she blurted out in a sob. "If I hadn't asked you...
It's my fault. I'm so sorry..."

John pulled the car over and turned to her. "Sweetie, Amanda, honey..."
She was sobbing into her hands. He gently pulled them away and kissed
them. She finally looked up into his loving eyes. "It's not your fault.
You did nothing wrong. What's happened between us is... It's beautiful,
right? Would you want to go back and change that? Really?"
She shook her head and let out a very soft, "no."

"It will get better," he assured her. "This is the worst part. Things
will get figured out in a few weeks, maybe sooner. Just don't blame
yourself. This was coming on long before we fell in love."

John leaned across the car and kissed her. She latched onto him in a
second and kissed him back. They sat like that, in passionate embrace as
the morning traffic passed them by. When he pulled back she was much
more calm.

"Thank you, dear," she said. John was struck by the way she used the
endearing term. When she first started calling him 'dear' or 'honey' it
was like some sort of game, like they were playing house. Now it was
pure and natural. She called him that out of the depths of her heart.
Nothing could have so brightened a day that had started so gloomily as
the knowledge that his little girl loved him so much.

John kissed her again, a quick peck on the lips. "I love you!"

"I love you too," she said, finally smiling sweetly..

After he dropped her off John started thinking about how to leave Jen
and stay with Amanda. The problem was that his chances of getting
custody of his daughter were almost zero. Unless he destroyed Jen in
court Amanda would have to live with her mom. And John didn't want to
destroy his wife. He could bring up her drinking and her anger, the way
she'd mistreated the girl for so long, but it would all be wrong. And it
would hurt Amanda who'd grown much closer to her mother recently.

The best John would get was visitation, every other weekend and a few
weeks every summer. That would certainly allow them to be together, and
in a much better atmosphere, but it wasn't what he wanted. He wanted to
see her face every morning before he left for work. He wanted her to be
there when he got home. It wasn't enough to only see her some of the


Jen sat at the table long after her husband and daughter left. Her
emotions were in a mess. She was mad at John for ignoring her. She was
mad at Amanda for being so attractive. She was also depressed. Her hopes
of the past months had been dashed. John didn't love her, that was
plain. She now doubted she'd ever win him back.
She walked out to the family room. In the corner was the bar. She poured
herself a drink. Even in her darkest days she'd never drank this early.
It wasn't even 8:00. She looked at the glass. The odor of the booze
assaulted her senses like a bad memory. She set the glass down.

"No," she said aloud. "I've come too far to do that to myself again."
She poured the glass into the sink and walked away. Her strength in
resisting that temptation made her feel better.

She sat in her favorite chair and reflected. She knew, just knew, that
John was sleeping with someone else. It was obvious now that she had
allowed herself to admit it. His clothes, the way he ignored her, there
were so many signs.

She should throw him out. She didn't deserve what he was doing to her.
She'd been faithful. She'd gotten herself back into shape, made herself
attractive again. She was a good wife. Better than he deserved. If he
didn't have the respect to be faithful then he should leave.

But she couldn't give up that easy. She still loved him. The thought of
going through her life with out him was unbearable. She would fight.
After all, he hadn't left on his own. There must be something here that
he doesn't want to leave. Amanda, sure, but even if he left he'd see
her. No, John must still feel some loyalty to their marriage. She'd
build on that.

All she had to do was convince him she could make him happy. She could
give him more than any other woman could. It would be hard but she'd
done so many things lately she wasn't about to stop.

09-16-2006, 07:13 PM
Chapter 32 - Take Your Lover to Work Day

Amanda saw that her father was right. The atmosphere at home had gotten
better in a few days. Her parents were hardly talking to each other but
when they did it was civil. They both were nice to her and didn't argue,
at least while she was around.

Soon she had something else to think about. 'Take your daughter to work
day' was coming up. The year before her mom had pressured her dad to
take her but he'd resisted. Now she was positive he'd take her. A whole
day with him was enough to make her completely forget the family's

Her dad was as excited as she'd expected. It was her mom that hesitated
this time. But, she gave in when Amanda pleaded.

When the day came, Amanda rose extra early. She wanted to look her best
and had spent the week before going over her wardrobe. She wanted to be
sexy from her head to her toes, inside and out. She started with a
g-string and garter belt with sheer nylons. The way the nylons made her
legs glisten excited the young girl. She had picked out a mid length
gold skirt. It's shiny material enhanced the look of her nylon encased
legs. On top she put on a sexy cami and a gold cable-knit sweater with
elbow length sleeves.

She picked out some pearl tear drop earrings her dad had given her a few
weeks earlier. In her jewelry box she found a matching necklace and
bracelet. She fixed her hair and then put on some makeup. She wasn't
real good at that yet so she kept it simple. A little eye makeup and
some lipstick.

Finally she brought out her shoes, a pair of gold, ankle strap sandals
that just made her legs so sexy. The heels were as high as anything
she'd worn but when she looked in the mirror she knew they were perfect.
She picked up a clutch purse that matched the skirt and put her lipstick
and some gum in it. After a final look at the mirror she went down to

Her dad was speechless, which made the girl happy. "Morning, daddy," she
purred sexily. "Morning mom."

"Is that what you're wearing to your father's office?" her mom asked.

"Sure, it's my office look," she gave her parents a twirl so they could
see the whole outfit.
"I think you look fabulous, sweetie," her father told her. She could see
the lust in his eyes and gave him her sweetest smile in return.

"Amanda, I know you're very grown up and all," her mother objected, "but
you're only thirteen. You don't want to... to embarrass your father in
front of his employees."

"She's fine, Jen," her father said firmly. "You're perfect, honey. I
wouldn't change a thing. Can I get you some breakfast?"

"Sure, d.. uh, dad," she'd almost called him dear. "A big bowl. I'm, uh,
kinda hungry." In truth she was pretty sure she wasn't going to be
eating much for lunch. Her daddy had promised her a very special lunch
date which she suspected didn't include a lot of food. As tasty as her
daddy's cock was it wasn't going to keep her going all day.

Her father stepped out while she ate. Her mother stared at her but
Amanda was in such a fantastic mood she just smiled sweetly back. When
she finished her cereal she took the bowl and spoon to the sink. She
leaned against the counter to finish her juice while she waited for her

Jen looked at her and saw not her daughter but a very sexy young woman.
For a second her mind went blank and it was like she was looking at
'her', the other woman instead of her daughter. With a shake of her head
the illusion went away. She started to wonder if this woman John was
seeing knew how much he flirted with his daughter and if it bothered her
as much as it did her mom.

"Ready, sweetie?" he asked as he came back with his coat, her jacket and
his briefcase.

"For anything," she purred. As her dad helped her with her jacket she
spoke to her mom. "I'll see you tonight, mom. Good luck on your racket
ball game."

"Okay, uh, thanks," Jen said in a daze. There was something unnatural
about the scene she was observing. She couldn't figure it out. She never
suspected John of being unfaithful more than she did right then but she
knew he'd be with Amanda all day. Nothing could happen while she was
there, could it?

In the garage, John opened his briefcase and showed Amanda her white
lace nightie he liked so much. Her dad had asked her to give it to himthe night before. She bit her lower lip and nodded eagerly. It was going
to be a fantastic day.

When they got to the parking garage, Amanda pulled her dad over and
kissed him. "I love you dear," she said. "I can't wait until this

"Me too," he said, kissing her back. "Mmmmm..."

She flipped down the visor and took a second to fix her lipstick. John
was so excited by the sight of her running the slender tube over her
pursed lips he was getting hard. His eyes never left her. She smiled
back at him as she put the tube back in her purse then she reached out
to his face and used her thumb to wipe off some of the pink that had
smeared onto his lips. Her dad caught her hand and sucked her thumb. The
pair gazed longingly into each other's eyes.

"Uh, dad?" she asked. "Are we going to go to work or are we going to do
it right here?"

Her father didn't answer for a while. He almost considered her
alternative, but he reminded himself of the room he had already booked
and how sexy she would be in that nighty. He finally was able to tear
his eyes away. "Let's go to work," he said. "We'll, uh, do it later,

"Sure daddy," she said. He came around the car and helped her out. She
put her hands around his neck and whispered in his ear, "I can't wait
until you fuck me again."

09-16-2006, 07:14 PM
Chapter 33 - At the Office

"John?" they both heard. When they spun to face the voice they saw
William, the Senior V.P., walking up. "Amanda? Is that you?"

"Hi, Mr. Parker," she said. "It's take your daughter to work day."

"I can see that," he said looking at the sexy thing holding the arm of
his best associate. "Uh, you look, uh, very nice."

"Thank you," she said sweetly as they followed him to the elevator.

"I've got the fourth quarter loading estimates in my in box," John
informed his boss. "Mark, Avery, Claire from Boston and I are meeting at
9:00 to review it and come up with our need assessments."

"Good, good, I was just thinking about that on the way in," William
said. To Amanda he went on, "I think your dad has my car bugged. He
always seems to have the thing I'm most worried about ready before I can
even ask for it." Amanda beamed with pride as they left the parking
elevator and crossed the building's lobby. She loved hearing people talk
about her man that way.

As the conversation lulled she listened to the click of her heels on the
marble floor. It was such a sexy sound. As they neared the elevator to
her dad's office she heard what sounded like an echo. Then she realized
someone else in heels was behind them. When they got in the elevator a
pretty girl joined them.

"Good morning, Elaine," her dad said.

"Good morning Mr. Carmichael, Mr. Parker," the new girl said. Her
friendly eyes came to rest on Amanda.

"Elaine, this is my daughter Amanda," he said in introduction. Elaine's
eyes went a bit wider in surprise but then she smiled and extended her
hand. Amanda took it with a smile of her own. "Elaine is the department
admin.," her dad explained. "She keeps my calendar straight and handles a
million other things."

"It's nice to meet you, Amanda," she said. "It's take your kid to work
day, right?"

"Uh huh," Amanda said. "I love your earrings."
"Oh," the girl said casually touching one, "thanks. I love your outfit.
Pretty hot for a highschool girl." Amanda just smiled and didn't correct
her mistake.

When they got to his office John paused outside the door. "Elaine, hold
up a sec," he called. The girl dutifully stopped and waited.

"Sweetie, I have to go over this report and I have a meeting at 9:00,"
he told his daughter. To Elaine he asked, "where is it?"

"Conference B," his admin. said.

"Anyway, why don't you hang around with Elaine for a bit? I'll check on
you when I get a chance."

"Sure, daddy."

"Good, now don't get in her way."

"I won't." Before he could turn away she winked at him. John smiled and
felt a stirring in his loins. He was already yearning for their special

"Come on," Elaine said, "I'll put you to work."

"Great!" Amanda said. "See ya, dad!"

Elaine's desk was across the hall from her dad's office. She took
Amanda's jacket and hung it on a coat tree in the corner before she sat
at her desk and put her purse in the bottom drawer. Amanda asked if she
could leave her's there too and Elaine nodded. Unencumbered, she gave
Amanda a quick tour of the office, introducing her to anyone she didn't
already know.

"So what exactly do you do?" Amanda asked.

"Well, I'm the department admin., like your dad said," the older girl
explained. "Your dad's department handles rail cars..."

Amanda sat down on the girl's desk as Elaine explained her dad's company
to her. From what she picked up they leased train cars from one group
and rented them out to others. Different parts of the company dealt with
shipping containers or pipelines or trucks. Elaine worked with her dad
and his direct employees. She also dealt with the payroll, benefits, and
other stuff for the whole department.
"Wow," the sexy teen said when Elaine finished. "You must be really

"Sometimes," Elaine agreed, "but if you keep it organized it isn't too

Just then the phone rang. "West Coast Logistics," the admin. said once
she had her headset on. "Certainly..." She punched a few buttons and
transferred the call.

"That's what takes up most of my day," she said. "I'd get twice as much
done if that thing didn't keep ringing all day."

"Can I help?" Amanda offered. She looked at the phone next to her on the
desk. It had dozens of buttons. "I, uh, don't understand your phone..."

"Oh, it's not that much. This is just like a regular phone..." In five
minutes Elaine had explained the equipment to her new friend. "Want to
answer the next one?" she asked.

Amanda nodded eagerly and was given the headset. She felt so grown up
when she put it on. It was as if she was becoming her dad's secretary.

It didn't take long for the phone to ring again. Elaine picked up the
handset and then pointed at the 'AND' button. Amanda pressed it.

"West Coast Logistics," Amanda said getting a reassuring nod from

"Elaine? Is Elaine there, it's Claire McKinney," an older women's voice

"Tell her I've stepped away," Elaine whispered with a conspiratorial

"She's away from her desk. This is Amanda, can I help you, Ms.

"Yes, dear, I need to know the bridge number for the 9:00 conference. I
had it written down but my desk is a mess."

Elaine scribbled the number down and Amanda read it off. "675 326 9901
and the code is 65."
"Thank you dear."

"You are most welcome."

Elaine pointed at the 'END' button and Amanda ended the call.

"Wow," the older girl said. "You did that like a pro."

So Amanda sat at Elaine's desk most of the morning answering calls. It
didn't take her long before she didn't have to interrupt Elaine on every
one. When her dad came out of his office to go to his conference he
stopped at the desk.

"When you said you'd put her to work, you weren't kidding," he said to

"She's great," Elaine said. "She's handling almost all the calls, aren't
you Amanda?"

"Yup!" she smiled. "I'm your new assistant admin."

He left with a huge smile, shaking his head.

09-16-2006, 07:16 PM
Chapter 34 - Afternoon Delight

[ Attached are two images Steve Strange did for the original series but
never released. He sent them to me when I started writing this story.
They go with this part. Scott.]

As the morning went on, Elaine showed Amanda how Outlook worked and how
she could see her dad's schedule. She smiled inwardly when she saw two
hours blocked out for 'Lunch'. 'I'm glad I had a big breakfast,' the
teen thought. 'There's no way we're going to be able to eat, too.'

At noon her dad's door opened and Avery left. Her dad was sitting at his
desk and Amanda saw him looking at her. She winked and then tapped her
wrist. Even though she didn't have a watch on, her dad knew what she was
saying. It was time for lunch. He nodded.

Amanda took off the phone headset, grabbed her purse from the bottom
drawer of Elaine's desk and stood up. Her mentor was talking to Liz
Collinsworth at the next desk.

"I'm leaving for lunch, Elaine," she announced. "What do I do with
this?" She held up the headset.

"Just leave it on the desk."

She walked around the desk and across the hall to her dad's office.

"You ready to go?" he asked her.

"Oh yeah," she said. "I'm so, uh, hungry, I could eat a, a, a telephone

"Heh heh," he chuckled. "Uh, just let me close this file..." He turned
back to his computer. "So, did you like answering the phones?"

"Sure," she said. "I loved every minute of it." Then she struck a sexy
pose, with her hand on her hip. "I wish I could be your secretary, dad.
For real."

He turned back and saw her standing there. His mouth dropped and his
eyes bulged. She was so damn sexy and the thought that in minutes she'd
be in the sexy nighty hidden in his briefcase was making him tremble.

"God, I'd never get any work done..." he said half to himself.
He got up and Amanda took his arm. He led her across the hall where Liz
was sitting at Elaine's desk showing her something. "We're going to
lunch," he told Elaine. "Then, uh, I'm going to show Amanda around
downtown. We'll be back around 2:00."

"Surely, Mr. C," Elaine said smiling at both of them. "You have a 2:30
with Mr. Parker." She added for Amanda, "Hurry back. I'll show you how
to work the copier next."

John smiled at his real life secretary as he left with the one of his
fantasies. He felt so virile as he all but strutted out of the office
with his daughter on his arm. They didn't say a word until they were in
the elevator and the door was closed.

"Kiss me," she asked. He did. They melted into each other as the
elevator started down. A few floors lower it stopped. John glanced at
the people getting on, he didn't know any of them. He pulled Amanda into
the corner of the cab and started kissing her again. As they got closer
to the ground floor they were pressed tighter into that corner but not
once did they stop their passionate kiss.

Only when the elevator began to empty into the lobby did John stand up
fully with a blissful smile. Amanda wiped her lipstick off his face
before she took his arm and followed him out. In the garage elevator
they kissed again, drawing stares from a mother with two young children
in tow. This time the elevator didn't go as far. When it stopped, Amanda
and her dad waited for the woman and her children to leave. Every few
steps on the way to her car she turned and gazed back at Amanda and her
dad. Amanda just smiled serenely at her.

They shared their most passionate kiss when they got to the car. John
opened Amanda's door but she pulled him back to her before she got in.
They stood there for minutes ignoring the other people in the garage.

Finally he asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Only for you, darling," she purred. "I want you so bad, daddy."

Someone was getting into the car two down from their's and heard her say
that. The thirty year old accountant jerked his head around as Amanda
kissed her dad one more time before getting into the car.

"Did she say 'Daddy'?," he asked his lunch companion.

The hotel was one John had taken Amanda to before but this time he got
the penthouse suite. Amanda walked across the spacious entrance and out
to a large roof top garden. The chill morning air had given way to a
perfect afternoon and she immediately knew she wanted to fuck her dad
out here. But first...

"Uh daddy, I'm going to get changed," she said. He'd set the briefcase
down on a table. She opened it and pulled out her nighty. She held it up
for him to see as she sauntered into the bedroom and closed the doors.

John walked out into the garden and gazed around. The fresh air filled
his lungs and made him feel even more alive. Before he even had a chance
to be bored his daughter's sexy voice called to him.

He walked quickly to the bedroom and saw his daughter lounging in the
middle of a huge bed in the white lace nighty. He was speechless. His
heart raced as half his blood rushed to his cock.

"You're a bit overdressed, daddy," she said as she rolled off the bed
and came over to him. She grabbed his tie and pulled him fully into the
room before she undid it and pulled it out from around his neck. John
sloughed off his coat while his daughter started unbuttoning his shirt.
When she finished the last button she moved to his belt, letting him
remove the shirt.

John watched his daughter's little hands unbuckle his belt and then pull
his zipper down. She opened his pants and pushed them down. He kicked
his shoes off.

Amanda knelt at her father's feet and pulled his pants off his legs.
Then, with loving eyes she gazed up at him. "I love you, daddy!"

Her hands grabbed the waist of his underwear and pulled it down,
releasing his hard cock. She wrapped her slender fingers around the
shaft and kissed it before she extended her tongue and started to lick
the head.

She gave him the perfect blow job. He wouldn't want anything different.
One hand pumped his shaft gently while her other hand caressed his
balls. Her mouth slid up and down the shaft while her tongue bathed him.
She took a third of his massive member between her pretty, pink lips and
then he saw her cheeks cave in as she sucked on it while pulling her
mouth slowly up the hot pole.
He was going weak in the knees. If she didn't stop soon he would blow
his cum right into her mouth. He was torn between saving himself for the
main course or enjoying this appetizer to the utmost. Just before he was
about to cum she stopped.

She got to her feet and kissed him. In her flat feet it was much harder
for him to bend over to meet her lips. Midway through their kiss he
picked her up and carried her to the bed. He laid her gently on the
covers and then pulled the lace panties down her pretty legs. He tossed
them aside as he climbed into the bed next to her.

He kissed her, gently and with deep love then moved his lips down her
neck and between her small breasts. His daughter was trembling by the
time his mouth reached her belly.

He gently but firmly separated her legs as he laid between them. His
fingers were deep in her pussy and it was very wet. Her womanly scent
came to him and he almost swooned. He put his head forward and kissed
her mound. Her hand went into his thick brown hair and she pushed him
lower. He tasted her pussy lips and then ran his tongue down her
hairless slit.

"OH DADDY!" she cried out. He smiled as his lips attached to her and he
strained to return the intense pleasure she'd given him moments earlier.
Her feet came to rest on his back as he started licking and sucking. "OH

"OH DADDY! OH GOD!" She was cumming. John knew he didn't make his
daughter cum every time they made love, even though she assured him she
enjoyed their sex life. That fact made times like this even more
special. As his daughter lost control of her slender body he felt a deep
pride in what he had been able to give her. He didn't let up for
minutes, keeping her thrashing on the bed.

Finally his daughter gently pushed his head away. He looked up and saw
her face. Even before she said a word he knew what she wanted. She said
it anyway, "Fuck me daddy! Get it in me, please! I need you so bad."

John silently rose to his knees and pulled her small body to him.
Amanda grabbed her father's hard cock and put it at the entrance to her
pussy. With one hard shove he drove it deep into her.

"OH YES!" she screamed. "OH YES! FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME!"

John did, with a smile on his face. His little girl was cumming on hiscock. He had waited for that moment since he got out of bed. His hard,
lean body was giving her the ultimate pleasure. His strokes were full
and hard. Filling her with his pole and then smoothly pulling back.

"OH GOD! AGAIN! I'M... CUMMING... AGAIN!" His daughter had bent her head
down and was watching him fuck her. He felt her body go tight with
sexual ecstacy. Even her pussy muscles were grabbing at his cock.

He looked at her. She was impaled on his hard shaft. Her small breasts
were clearly visible through the almost transparent nighty, the nipples
erect. Her eyes were locked on his cock sliding into her over and over.
It was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen and his body reacted.

He felt his balls tighten. His cum was imminent. He raised her ass and
brought his body fully over her. Her legs held him around the waist and
she grabbed his ass. He drove down, hard, into her loving body as the
first spurt started.

"Oh shit! YES! OH BABY! GOD! YES!"

"Oh daddy," she purred. "I love it. I love feeling you cum in me. Oh,
keep doing it. Oh yes!"

Both lovers were exhausted from their exertions. They rested on the bed
in each other's arms as their bodies recovered from the intense sexual
release each of them had just experienced.

John spoke first, "Oh, darling. That was the most incredible sex I've
ever had."

"But, dear," she said as her hand found his now flaccid cock. "We're not
done yet." Her hand started to slide over the still slick shaft and it
started to swell. In minutes it was fully hard again.

She kissed him and then pulled him off the bed by his cock. She held it
like a handle as she led him out of the suite and into the garden. He
seemed to understand what she wanted and sat on a bench. She pushed his
shoulders until he was lying flat on his back.

John watched as his daughter straddled him. She held his cock steady
while she put her butt in just the right place. He felt his cock head
slip into her and then he saw inch after inch of his pole disappear into
her body.

His daughter fucked him with slow steady movements. When he tried tohelp she playfully swatted his hands away. She wanted to do this all by
herself. He folded his hands behind his head and watched her.

She experimented with different angles and with twisting her hips as she
slid down his hot, thick pole. It lasted forever. He'd just cum moments
before and his body wasn't about to cum twice in that short a time. His
daughter was tireless as she made love to him. Her tiny hands pressed
into his chest or abs as her hips continued to rise and fall.

"Oh daddy," she purred. "I could do this forever."

"Oh sweetie, I wish we could. It would be wonderful."

She seemed to know they had to finish. She started moving faster and
soon she was panting and grunting. He grabbed her hips and started
thrusting up.

"OH GOD!" he yelled. "OH... YES..."

"Yes daddy," she said. "do it! Oh, yes! Nice! Oh..." she closed her eyes
and bent her head back. "so nice..." he heard her say.

09-16-2006, 07:17 PM
Chapter 35 - Back to Work

Amanda and her dad took the time for a quick shower before putting their
clothes on. It was 2:15 when they left the suite and after 2:30 when
they got back to his office.

"You're late for your 2:30," Elaine said as they walked in. "Mr. Parker
is waiting."

John handed Amanda his briefcase and said, "I love you." He gave her a
quick but hard kiss, right in front of Elaine. His admin.'s eyes went
wide at the sight of her boss giving his daughter a very romantic kiss.
He grabbed the folder she held out to him and in a flash he was gone.

Amanda put her dad's briefcase in his office and came back to Elaine's
desk. "So, you were going to show me the copier," she reminded her.

"Uh, yeah," Elaine said looking at Amanda in a different light. "It's,
uh, over here." She started walking away and Amanda followed. The admin.
sorted through a stack of paper in the output basket of the color
printer and found the updated loading report. They needed twenty two
copies printed and bound before the FedEx pickup at 4:00. She handed the
originals to Amanda.

"We need to make twenty two copies of this," she said, getting her head
back to business. "The originals go in that tray," she instructed Amanda
who dutifully put the papers there. "We select the number of copies
here," Amanda punched the '2' button twice. "Select one sided to two
sided" Amanda did. "Collate, Tray 2, which is plain paper." The proper
selections were made.

"Now start?" the eager teen asked. Elaine nodded and the machine read in
the stack of originals.

"Now we have to bind them," Elaine explained. She waited for the first
copy to complete, pulled it out of the copier and walked over to another
machine. She pulled out a transparent front cover and a thick back,
sandwiched the report in them, held the package in the machine and
stepped on a foot pedal. A crunching noise came out and when Elaine
pulled the stack out it was neatly bound.

"So, do you think you can bind the rest of the copies?"

"Sure," Amanda said proudly. "It looks pretty easy."
"It is. Just be sure you get it all even and hold it firmly in the
machine. I have to take this one to your dad." Elaine left with the
first copy.

Amanda went back to the copier and grabbed the next set of copies. She
mimicked Elaine's actions and soon had a neatly bound report sitting on
the counter. By the time Elaine got back four more were stacked on top
of it. Elaine started handing her assistant the copies as they came out
of the copier.

Elaine took a close look at her boss's daughter. The girl couldn't be
more than fifteen but she had the presence of a fully mature woman. The
way she'd kissed her dad was just too intimate. Could she and her dad be
lovers? That was a kinky thought. What exactly had happened on their

The girl's clothes were very sexy. Those heels would kill most women's
feet but the teen was walking and standing in them like they were
sneakers. She had no problem standing at the binder with one foot on the
pedal while she held the paper.

Elaine figured she'd ask an innocent question and see if she got an
innocent answer.

"So, what did you have for lunch?"

"Huh, oh, uh, a sandwich," Amanda said not looking at her.

"From the deli across the street?" Elaine knew her boss hated the place.

"Yeah, then we walked around and daddy showed me some stuff."

"I thought your dad hated that place?"

"Huh?!" Amanda stopped and looked at Elaine's face. She had a half smile
half smirk that made Amanda's skin turn clammy. Elaine handed Amanda
the last report and when Amanda had it bound she picked up the stack and
carried it back to her desk.

She pulled their purses out of her desk and handed Amanda her clutch.
"I'm going to the ladies room, come with me," Elaine said. It was a
command. Amanda followed timidly.

In the restroom, Elaine pulled her compact out and took out her powder
pad. She fixed a shine on her nose. "You might want to fix your lips,"she said in a kindly tone. "They got smeared when your dad kissed you."

Amanda instinctively looked in the mirror. Her lipstick was messed up.
She grabbed a piece of paper towel and wiped it off. "You're not going
to tell, are you?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"What's there to tell?"

"Uh, nothing, I guess."

"Go ahead, fix your lips. That pink looks good on you."

Amanda's hands were shaking as she opened her purse and pulled out her
lipstick. She had to take a second to calm down before she could apply
it to her lips.

"So what did you do for lunch?"

"Uh, well..."

"Did he take you someplace?"

"Yeah, ah..."


"The Bennington Arms"

"Oh, that's a nice place. How are their rooms?"

"Nice, ah... Shit!"

Just then another woman walked in. Elaine smiled knowingly at Amanda
then dabbed some more powder on her nose. "Marcie, have you met John
Carmichael's daughter?"

"No," the intruder said. "Hello."

"This is Amanda, she's been helping me all day."

The older woman came to the sinks, washed her hands and then smiled at
the teen. "It's a pleasure to meet you, young lady." Amanda watched
Marcie leave.

"Amanda," Elaine said to get her to look at her. "I don't really carewhat you and your dad are up to, understand? But I do care what happens
to this company. This is the best damn job I've ever had and I'm not
going to let anyone fuck it up. Do you hear me? If you want to sleep
with your father, that's not my business, but don't go being so careless
around here. He's a large part of our success and I will not see him
ruin his career."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Damn, this is the craziest thing I've ever seen. You really fucked

"Uh, yes."

"Damn! I'd have never guess he'd be one to do that. Well, just be
careful. Okay?"

"You're not going to tell anyone, are you?"

"No, your secret is safe with me." Elaine ushered Amanda out of the
restroom. "Although, if you can't keep your hormones under better
control everyone is going to know."

"There you are," John said as the two returned to Elaine's desk. "Did
those reports go out?"

"They're right here," Elaine said. "Amanda and I got them copied and
bound in record time. She's quite the assistant, Mr. C. You can bring
her to the office anytime."

"Thanks," he said. "Uh, I'm pretty proud of her." He saw a queer look in
his daughter's eyes.

"What does the rest of my afternoon look like?" He asked.

"A meeting with MD, uh, now until 3:30 and then AC from 3:30 until
4:00," his daughter said reading the info from Elaine's computer. Her
dad smiled when she told him about the 3:30 meeting.

"MD is Mark Daniels," Elaine explained after her boss left.

"Who is AC?" Amanda asked.

"You, Amanda Carmichael."
"Oh," the girl said. She didn't know about 'the meeting'.

"I'll cover for you two," Elaine said softly. "Just keep it quiet."


"Just keep it quiet. And you only have thirty minutes."

"Really? You'd do that?"

09-16-2006, 07:17 PM
Chapter 36 - Thirty Minutes

Amanda stood with Elaine outside her dad's office at 3:30. As soon as
Mark left Amanda and Elaine walked in. Elaine shut the door.

"Here's the deal," she said. "I know. You shouldn't really go kissing
her in public if you want to keep this secret. Anyway, you're the best
damn boss I've ever had and I'm going to just have to deal with your,
let's call them idiosyncrasies. You have," she checked her watch,
"twenty-eight minutes and that includes time to get dressed. Keep it
quiet." With that she left, closing the door behind her.

Amanda smiled as she walked around his desk. Her dad was still in shock.
Had he been that careless? Who else knew?

"Come on, daddy," she pleaded as she unzipped his fly. "We don't have
all day." She pulled his cock out. He still wasn't sure what was
happening but his cock was ready for action. It was getting harder by
the second.

"Just push my underwear aside," she suggested as she bent over his desk.
John just stood there as his daughter pulled her skirt up, exposing her
pretty ass. "Come on, daddy," she pleaded again. "Are you going to fuck
me or not?"

Some how that question was funny. The whole situation was bizarre. His
secretary had set up a bogus meeting so he could fuck his thirteen year
old daughter in his office while his coworkers were walking past his
closed door.

John finally stood behind her and grabbed her hips. Her little hand
reached between her legs and caught his shaft. As he pushed forward she
guided it in. He sighed as it sank into her pussy.

"Hurry, daddy," she urged him. "We have to be done. Elaine made me

He checked his wall clock. It was 3:38. Twenty two minutes. "We have
plenty of time, sweetie," he told her as he started thrusting.

"Oh, daddy!" she moaned as his cock started to move. "We have to keep
real quiet too, so no one hears us."

"I'll try," he said as he started to speed up.
"And finish in my pussy. We don't have time to clean up any messes."

He stopped. When she looked back at him he smiled and asked, "Are there
any other instructions?"

"No, I guess that's it. Just fuck me now." She smiled as he started

John had never done this to a time limit before. He found it an
interesting challenge. He wanted to finish between 3:50 and 3:55. That
would give them time to get their clothes rearranged and to share one
passionate post-coital kiss.

It was 3:40. Amanda had started to whimper and moan under him. He kept up
a nice steady rhythm, plunging his cock into her pussy with firm but
gentle strokes. His mind wondered. This was their third time today. Even
when Jen had been in San Diego they hadn't made love any more often than
this. If her mother wasn't going to be home tonight, John knew that
he'd love nothing more than to fuck his little girl a few more times
before falling asleep with her in his arms.

At 3:45 he started getting more serious. He sped up, pushing harder too.
Suddenly he had a desire to see his adoring daughter's pretty face. He
pulled completely out and turned her around. After a second of
disappointment she realized what he was doing and happily sat on his
desk. John fit his cock back in her and started fucking her again.

"Oh, daddy," she moaned. "Do you think I can come here when school's
out?" Her dad hadn't thought about that possibility. Certainly not every
day, he'd be too distracted, but it was an interesting idea.

"Perhaps," he said with a smile. "Would you like that?"

"Oh yeah," she told him with a wicked smile.

"We'll see."

John saw it was approaching 3:50. He redoubled his efforts. Soon he was
panting and Amanda was moaning. He had to force himself to keep from

"Oh baby," let out in a strangled groan. "Oh this is so good."

"I love you!" she said simply.
"I love you too," he replied and then his climax suddenly hit him. He
buried his head in his daughter's shoulder as his cum filled her for the
third time in 3 ½ hours.

"Oh daddy," she moaned. "It's better than ever. It's just so warm

John wanted to stay in her for a long time but it was 3:54. He gently
pulled out, adjusted her skimpy g-string and then helped her off the
desk. He sat in his chair and pulled her into his lap. He kissed her
deeply, keeping one eye on the clock. At 3:58 he gently pushed her off.

"Did you get lipstick on me again?" he asked. She wiped it off with her
thumb. He grabbed a tissue from his desk and wiped her lips clean.
They'd gotten very smudged. Amanda took her lipstick out and was putting
a fresh coat on when Elaine knocked once and walked in. It was 3:59.

"Uh, your 4:00 canceled," she said with a sheepish grin. "I'm, uh,
sorry you two had to rush." She walked over and put some papers on his
desk. On the far side, right in the middle was a wet spot. She motioned
for Amanda to come over. "You leaked," she whispered in the girl's ear.

Amanda casually walked around her dad's desk, wiped his cum up with her
finger and then sucked the finger clean. "Damn," the older girl said
shaking her head, "and I thought I was wild at your age."

"Thank you Elaine," John said sincerely. "I won't forget this."

"Surely, Mr. C." she said.

09-16-2006, 07:18 PM
Chapter 37 - The Hunt is On

Jen was more convinced than ever that John was cheating. He'd denied it
and she hadn't brought the subject up again. Instead she had started a
fervent search for proof. Once she had it she'd confront him again and
this time she'd make it stick. What would happen after that she wasn't
sure but until she got John to admit it there would be no hope he'd

She scanned their bank statements and credit card bills. Nothing showed
up on either. John had used his expense account to pay for the rooms
he'd taken Amanda to. The clothes she knew about so he didn't try to
hide them. In short she couldn't find a paper trail that would prove

She started spying on his office. His secretary was one of her prime
suspects. Elaine was a cute blond that John had just raved about for the
two years she'd worked for him. Perhaps he'd found a new reason to
appreciate her.

After Amanda left she got in her car and drove downtown. She parked in
the public garage across the street and then hid in his garage where she
could see his car. He never moved it. Perhaps they left on foot.

The next day she concocted a disguise and sat in the little café off the
lobby of his building. She kept watch for most of a week. She did see
him leave a few times but always with a group of his employees and they
all came back about an hour later.

The only other times he was out of the house for extended periods was
when he took Amanda out. She'd suspected that was when he saw 'her' from
the beginning but she put off following him out of fear of being seen.
Then she had a brilliant idea.

The next time John and Amanda were out she called his cell phone and
asked to speak to her daughter. In seconds Amanda was on the line. Her
mother had a phony question prepared but she was so flustered when
Amanda said hello she forgot it completely. She said something stupid
and hung up. That seemed to be one more dead end.

After a few weeks of hiding, sneaking, prying and snooping she hadn't
found one shred of evidence that her husband was being unfaithful. She
stopped and tried to make sense of what she knew.

She knew he was cheating on her. That was a fact to her now. It was theonly thing that explained how he acted. She was also sure Amanda was in
on the secret.

He didn't seem to be doing anything during the day. She'd convinced
herself that he never left the office except for lunch and that was
usually with one of his employees, all male, or in a large group. In any
case he returned in just over an hour every time she'd spied on him.

She wasn't as sure about the times he was out with Amanda. She didn't
dare call him again. Perhaps she'd been unlucky and Amanda happened to
be with her dad. Other times she might not be, but she didn't know how
to find out.

Jen's head spun every time she tried to make sense of it. After a while
she gave it a rest but kept her eyes peeled. If he dropped the slightest
hint she'd follow up on it ruthlessly.


"Shit, that's your mom," John said. He was fucking his daughter on her
bed. Jen was supposed to be at a racquet ball tournament all afternoon
but it was only 2:30.

John pulled out and started getting dressed. Right away he realized he
couldn't find his underwear. Amanda had flung them across the room when
she took them off and now they were no where to be found.

He just did with out and pulled his slacks up over his naked ass. The
seam between the legs scratched his balls uncomfortably but he had no
choice. Amanda had pulled a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on. She hadn't
found her underwear either. They quicky made her bed and then sat at her
desk looking over the school work she left open for just this situation.

Jen stood at her daughter's door less that two minutes later. "What are
you working on now?" she asked. Her husband had been giving her daughter
a lot of help on her homework lately. She found them like this three or
more times a week, rarely on the weekend though.

"History," her daughter explained with a smile. "I've got a paper on the
Civil War. Daddy's helping me look stuff up." Jen could see pictures of
Union Gen. Grant and Confederate Gen. Lee on her daughter's monitor. Her
history book was open on her desk. "I thought your tournament went all
afternoon?" her daughter asked.

"Uh, I lost in the second round." Jen had always made the semifinalsbefore but she was so distracted with thoughts of her husband's
infidelity she'd been beaten by a much poorer player. "Anyway, I've got
a ton of laundry to do." She came in and stripped her daughter's bed.
Lying on the floor was one of her daughter's thongs.

"Can't you get these in the hamper?" she asked holding up the stray

When she'd left Amanda whispered to her dad, "So we know where my
underwear went. I wonder where your's is?"

In the laundry room, Jen dropped her daughter's sheets on the floor
before she dumped her hamper next to them. As she sorted through her
daughter's laundry she was reminded just how skimpy Amanda's underwear
had become.

As she got to the bottom she found something strange. A pair of John's
underwear was mixed in with Amanda's clothes. "How the hell did you get
in Amanda's basket?" her mother asked the misplaced underwear. With no
obvious answer she tossed them into the pile of whites and continued


Jen found John in the pool with Amanda. She needed him to move his car
so she could go to the gym. The two of them were making so much noise
splashing each other they didn't even hear her call from the patio door.

"JOHN!" she yelled. Finally he stopped. He looked shocked, like a boy
caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He quickly swam over to the edge
while she walked halfway out. Amanda hid behind a large planter.
Obviously the girl didn't want to witness the ugly scene about to play
out between her parents.

"What? I thought you'd gone to the gym."

"Your car is blocking mine," she said. "Get out and move it?"

"Gosh, Jen, I'm all wet," he objected.

"So, put a towel on the seat. Come on, get out. I'm going to be late as
it is."

"In a second," he said.
"Now!" she insisted.

"In a second," he repeated in a deeper voice that allowed not argument.

"Fine! You don't care if I miss my yoga class. What does that matter to
you? Why did you parked your damn car there in the first place..."

Amanda heard her mother's voice trail off as she walked away. "Is she
gone?" she asked her dad.

"Yeah honey, she's gone," he assured her. The naked teen swam out from
behind the planter.

"I think mine got sucked down the drain again," she explained as she
handed his swim trunks to him. He quickly slipped them on and gave her
a quick kiss. "Wait for me. I'll be right back."

"I can't start with out you, can I? Hurry back, dear."


That Friday Jen decided to wait up for them. They'd been getting in well
past midnight for several weeks. If John had booze on his breath she'd
know he wasn't out with Amanda, or if he had been he'd be in big trouble

As she sat alone in the dark house she tried again to figure out what
her husband was doing. She was just as sure he was cheating as she'd
ever been. The only person he's ever alone with is Amanda. He can't be
having an affair if he never sees anyone. If Amanda is always with

The image of her daughter standing in the kitchen the morning he took
her to his office came into her mind. Like it happened that morning she
saw her daughter in a different guise. She wasn't the teen playing grown
up, flirting with her father. In her mother's eyes, Amanda became the
other woman....

"No...." she said aloud. "That's impossible."

'Or is it?' she asked herself. She tried to banish the thought from her
mind. It was too terrible. 'He wouldn't,' she repeated. 'Not with his
own daughter.' She could suspect her husband of many things but never
abusing his own daughter. He was too good a father for that, even if he
had become a lousy husband.
And Amanda wouldn't... No she would, Jen realized. Sure she would. She
and her daughter had gotten very close. The girl was her closest friend
and at times she was the only person that seemed interested in how she
felt or what she thought. She knew Amanda was very uncomfortable talking
about her dad. That made sense in so many ways. She adored her father
but Jen knew her daughter loved her too. Seeing them fight had to be
hard on her.

But Jen tried to think past her daughter's relationship with her and
concentrated on her feelings for her father. If he came on to her,
sexually, she'd be all over him. Her silly crush was as strong as ever.
They'd hid it for some reason but she'd seen them still flirting. The
girl never talked about boys at school except to say how dumb or
immature they were. She wouldn't understand what he was doing but she'd
go along. She was still a kid in many ways but if her father opened that
door she'd rush through it.

But John wouldn't. Not with Amanda, his own daughter. He couldn't. Not
that. Never.

But then who?

She headed to bed with a pounding headache. It was 1:00am and they
hadn't gotten home.

09-16-2006, 07:19 PM
Chapter 38 - It Gets Ugly

"God damn it, John," she yelled the next morning, "how could you keep
her out that late? It was after 2:00 when you got home."

"I told you, we missed the movie and went to the late show."

"You should have come home," she said. "She's only thirteen. That's just
too late."

"We were having a good time and I didn't want to bring her back to..."

"What? To me? To what, John?"

"You've made this place a hell on earth," he told her. "Can't you just
give it a break?" He turned around and headed for the door.

"Give what a break? That my husband is cheating on me? Don't deny it.
Don't turn away! DAMN YOU!"

He stopped in the bedroom door and in an eerily calm voice said, "I told
you I wasn't seeing anyone else. Get that through your thick skull."

He left with her fuming.


Before Jen came down, John and Amanda had left for the mall. Jen brooded
over his words all afternoon. By the time they returned she was ready to
bite his head off. The fact they seemed in such a good mood and that it
was almost 8:00pm only made it worse.

"You missed dinner," she said throwing a pan into the sink for effect.

"We ate at the mall," her daughter explained.

"You should have called, John," she continued. "I had no idea when you'd
be back."

He ignored her which only pissed her off even more. "I'll get your other
bags from the car, sweetie," he told his daughter and turned around and
left. Jen was waiting for him when he returned.

"What were you doing?" she demanded to know.
"Shopping," he said tersely as he headed across the kitchen. She blocked
the door to the family room.

"Move," he demanded.

"No," she said. "Not until you tell me what really happened."

He glared at her and for a moment Jen feared he was going to hit her.
But he turned away and left the kitchen through the door to the dining
room. Jen was left trembling with fear and rage.

She drank a glass of water and tried to calm down. It took five minutes
for her hands to stop shaking. At last she worked up the courage to
confront him again.

She found him in the bedroom. His shaving kit was on the dresser and he
was pulling out a change of clothes. "What are you doing?" she asked.
He ignored her as he went to his closet and grabbed his robe.

"Where are you going?" she asked in a louder voice. Still he acted as if
she wasn't there. Only when she blocked his exit by standing in the
doorway did he speak.

"Get out of my way, Jen," he said in a quiet voice.

"No!" she shouted. "Not until you tell me where you're going!"

"I'm sleeping in the guest room tonight, probably for many nights to
come. I'm sure as hell not sleeping in here. Now step aside," he put his
hand on her arm and forced his way past her.

John heard the door slam behind him and turned around. His face showed
deep concern. He knew how bad Jen felt and knew that most of it was his
fault. He still cared enough about her that her pain hurt him. He
turned back around and walked to his daughter's room.

"Daddy?" she said when he opened her door with out knocking and walked
in. She was changing into her PJs and was standing beside her bed
topless. He closed her door and sat on her bed with his things in his

"Daddy?" she repeated when he didn't respond. She sat next to him and
put her arm around his back. "Are you okay? What's with this stuff?"

"I... I... ah, um... I'm sleeping in the guest room tonight. I've had itwith your mom. I just can't deal with her anymore." He hung his head as
if in shame.

"Oh, honey," she cried sensing his sadness. "Can I do anything?"

"Yes," he said looking her in the eyes. His hand brushed her cheek and
he continued, "Go to her. Talk to her. She's in her room. She needs
someone to be with her."

"Of course, dear," she assured him. "I'll do that."

John kissed her. It was the most intense kiss of their relationship but
it wasn't passionate in the normal sense. John's love for Amanda reached
a new level. He was crying when they separated.

"It'll be okay, daddy," she told him. "I'll go to her."

"I love you," he said with conviction. "God help me, but I love you."

"I love you, too."

Amanda knocked on her mom's door but didn't get an answer. She tried
turning the knob but it was locked. "Mom?" she called out. "It's me.
Can I come in?" Her mom opened the door.

Amanda saw her mom's tears and hugged her. Jen held on to her daughter
just as tight as she could. Slowly they made their way to the bed.

Jen cried on her daughter's shoulder for almost an hour. Amanda tried to
comfort her with clumsy words, "It will be alright," "It's okay, mom,"
but mostly it was just her being there that calmed her mom.

"Let's get you ready for bed," Amanda suggested when her mom had stopped
crying for a full five minutes. Jen let her daughter lead her to the
bathroom. With her help she changed into a long sleep shirt and got into
bed. She sat with her mother until she had fallen fast asleep.


"Hey," Amanda said somberly as she walked into the guestroom. Her dad
was sitting on the side of the bed in his shorts.

"How is she?" he asked.

"It's all my fault," he moaned. "She doesn't deserve this, not all of

Amanda's emotions were strained to the breaking point by the tears of
both her parents. She sat on the bed next to her dad and held him tight.
He grabbed her with both arms and cried.

"Da..Dad," she asked hesitantly, "are you sorry? About us I mean. Do
wish it never happened?"

John stopped crying and looked his daughter in the face. The pain he saw
there only made him feel more despicable. "Oh, sweetie, no. It has been
the most wonderful thing ever in my life. It's just that it's hard to
see your mom like that. I don't hate her. I really don't. I get angry,
sure. She drives me nuts, but I don't want to hurt her. It just seems to
happen that way."

Her father held her for many minutes more. Then she asked, "Do you need
me dad? You know? Do you need to be with me?"

"Oh darling," he cried. "I don't know... I mean, yes! Of course, but I'm
not sure it's the right time."

"Do you wanna maybe see what happens?"

"But your mom..."

"She's sleeping. You know she won't wake up."

"Oh sweetie..."

"Shhh... Mmmmm." She kissed him and gently pushed him down onto the bed.
Her hand went into his shorts and found his manhood growing. She pulled
it out as it became stiff. She left his lips and moved her head to his

"Oh, honey," he moaned as she sucked him. Her hands were stroking him as
her lips slid down his shaft. He felt her tongue dancing around the tip,
which was now deep in her mouth.

While she sucked him she tried to pull her panties off. It was hard to
do one handed. Suddenly she felt her dad pulling them over her butt. She
lifted each leg as he removed them completely.
"I think you should be on top, daddy," she told him. She laid on the bed
and watched as he mounted her. Her hand guided his hard, thick cock to
her wet pussy and she felt it sink deep. "Oh, yes! Now... Fuck me

"Oh baby," he cried as he started thrusting into her over and over. "Oh
god, I love you! You always seem to know just what I need."

"That's because I love you," she said sweetly. "I will always be there
for you. Always."

John felt his confidence return. He'd destroyed one woman but he had the
love of this wonderful girl. Something had to be right about him or his
darling daughter would not be so good to him. He vowed to be good to
her, starting with how he made love to her. He slowed his strokes and
started concentrating on getting her off first.

He put his hand on her mound and found her clit with his thumb. He
started rubbing the little nub while he stroked his cock in her pussy.
He could see how his daughter loved it. Her breathing was getting
faster. Then she was panting, almost grunting. He sped up, trying to
drive her to a spectacular climax.

"Oh daddy..." she moaned as a strong tingle started in her pussy. "It's
so strong. It's... ah... oh... bigger. Oh! Yes! I feel... OH GOD! OH

John smiled. He'd done it. Amanda was cumming like crazy. She deserved
it so much. Satisfied that he could make the woman he loved most in all
the world happy he allowed himself to cum.

"Oh baby," he moaned while she was still cumming. "OH! YES! UGH! YES!"


John kissed her. He didn't have to tell her he loved her. He could tell
from the way she kissed him back that she knew. He was sorry about what
Jen was going through and he would do his best to make it as easy for
her as possible but he loved Amanda too much to end this. If that hurt
Jen it was unavoidable.

Amanda fell asleep shortly after her father pulled out of her. His cum
leaked out of her pussy into the bed but he didn't care. He also didn't
want to wake her. He set the alarm for 5:00 and fell asleep beside her.

09-16-2006, 07:20 PM
Chapter 39 - Amanda's New Role

The next morning John woke his daughter gently with a kiss. She smiled
as she opened her eyes and saw him gazing down at her. He kissed her
again. Somehow they just ended up making love. It was a surreal
experience. One minute they were kissing and the next minute he saw her
sitting on him, taking his cock deep into her.

He shared a quick but sensual shower with her before he sent her to her
room. Before she left she got him to agree to let her sleep there that
night too.

Jen left for the gym with out seeing either one of them. Amanda made
breakfast, eggs and bacon, for her dad and herself. When they finished
she talked him into helping her clean the kitchen.

John didn't want to be there when his wife got home. He asked Amanda to
come but she said her mom shouldn't come home to an empty house. John
smiled with pride. Instead of going out for the afternoon together,
they made love on her father's bed one more time before he left.


Jen felt better after her work out. She'd caught several of the young
men at the gym checking her out. The most obvious by far was her
personal trainer, Steven. To boost her self respect she flirted like
crazy with him. She felt certain that, had she suggested it, he would
have taken her to his place and ravished her.

She was surprised to find Amanda alone when she got home. The girl was
vacuuming the family room when she walked in.

"Where's your father?"

"He, uh, left," Amanda said, being sure to give her mom a hug. "He, uh,
didn't want to be here. I think he feels pretty bad."

"_HE_ feels bad?" her mother said, starting to get angry. "Well isn't
that convenient."

"Mom," her daughter pleaded. "Please, don't talk like that."

"I'm sorry, dear," she said hugging her daughter back. "I know you're
close to him."
"And, I thought maybe we could go to the mall."

"Huh? You just went yesterday."

"But you didn't. There's some killer sales I'm just dying to show you.
And you just have to see this outfit I saw. It would be perfect on you."

"Gosh," Jen said feeling like she was being handled. "If you really want
to go..."

"I do," Amanda said as she yanked the vacuum cord out of the wall and
quickly put the machine away. "Just let me grab my purse."


When John got home and saw Jen's car was gone he started to hope for
some time alone with Amanda. His hopes were dashed when he saw the note
on the kitchen table.

"Dad, We've gone to the mall. Probably out late. Dinner is in the
fridge. Love you!"

John was in his room when they got home. It was almost 10:00pm. He heard
them talking and giggling in the kitchen like school girls. The sound of
his wife's laughter took a load off his heart. It appeared that Amanda
had worked some sort of magic.

His daughter knocked on his door an hour later.

"Hi daddy," she said. "I'm sorry we're so late. Mom was finally having a
good time so we just stayed out. I hope you're not mad."

"No, sweetie," he said holding her close. "I missed you though." He
kissed her and got a nice kiss back but he sensed Amanda was worried
about something.

"What's the matter?"

"It's just... Daddy, mom talked a lot about when you guys were first
married. It sounded so much like us now. She said it just seemed to

"That's one way to describe it," he said.

"Is that going to happen to us?" she asked. "Are you going to not wantme when I'm old?"

"No, sweetie," he told her. "We're not the same as your mom and I were
twenty years ago. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. No, I
can't imagine I'll ever not want you."

"But why did you and mom..."

"I've thought about that a lot. It started a year before you were born.
Her mom and dad were killed in a car accident. That hurt your mom
deeply. She got very depressed. She seemed to come out of it when we
found out we were going to have you but her pregnancy was hard. She had
to stay in bed a lot. When you were born she was pretty sick."

Amanda had heard bits and pieces of her family's story but this was the
first time she'd heard it all. She listened to her dad with rapt

"She had put on a lot of weight while she carried you. I mean a lot.
More than you would remember. Some of that was my fault. I felt so bad
for her lying there all the time I'd just get her anything she wanted.
Ice cream, donuts, bologna sandwiches."

"Mom hates bologna," Amanda reminded him.

"She does now," he told her with a laugh. "Back then she couldn't get
enough of it. When you were born your mom weighed over 220."

"No way!"

"Oh yes, she was huge. Did you ever wonder why she's never in any of
your baby pictures?" Amanda nodded. "She tore up every single one that
showed how big she was."

"She loved you, of course, and was a good mother. She took good care of
the house but she let herself go to hell. She tried to diet but she
never stuck to it. Then she started drinking..."

"That was bad," Amanda remembered those dark days vividly.

"Anyway, you can only see someone you love destroy herself for so long
before you pull back. I had my career and it was just going so great.
When you were a baby I worked a lot more than I do now, sixty hours a
She saw how sad these memories were for him and hugged him. She didn't
say a word but he felt comforted by her closeness.

"I told myself that I was being a good husband and a good father because
we could afford this house, the nice vacations, fancy cars. I should
have been here. I didn't give you and your mom the thing you needed
most, my time."

"We had good times," Amanda told him. "All those times we went to Disney
World. And then the two weeks in Hawaii. You looked so funny trying to

"Yeah, that was fun, but it wasn't enough. Your mom sank lower and lower
and I wasn't around to stop her."

John got quiet as he finished his confession. The nuns in his grade
school had taught him that confession was good for the soul. He did feel
better getting it all out.

Amanda just sat there and listened. It was the very thing he needed. She
always seemed to know what to do. At times like this he almost forgot
she was only thirteen.

"You know dad, she finally did take care of herself. And she did it
herself. Look at her now. She's skinny! She can almost wear some of my

"I don't think so, sweetie," he said with a chortle.

"Well, almost. When my tits come in we'll be about the same size on top.
At least she thinks so."

"Now that will be interesting..." he said with a leer and rubbed her
small mounds. She smiled but held his hand. She wasn't ready for that,

"You know she could have done that anytime she wanted," Amanda pointed
out. "She didn't need your help. In a way, us falling in love is what
finally got her to get in shape."

John hadn't thought of it that way. 'His affair with Amanda was a good
thing for Jen?' Now that was a strange concept. He looked deeply at his
daughter. She certainly wasn't talking like a young teen.

"You know," he said proudly, "you just might have a future as a ministeror a counselor."

"Daddy!" she poked him in the side. "I'm being serious."

"So am I," he said pulling her into his lap. "You've made more sense of
this mess than I've been able to. I feel much better now. I'm sure your
mom feels better too, after talking with you."

"I think so..." her eyes went unfocused as she tried to think how her
mom was feeling.

"Now, doctor, I think I'm ready for my physical therapy."

"Huh?" she said. He worked his hand between her legs. "Oh..." She smiled
and kissed him. She was ready now, too.

09-16-2006, 07:21 PM
Chapter 40 - Healing Time

"Hey sweetie," John said to the teen sleeping beside him. "It's 5:30.
You have to get up. We don't want your mom to catch us."

"Oh, daddy," she moaned. "I was having the most fantastic dream..."

"What was it about?" She could see his smiling face inches from hers.

"We were together. I mean, all the time. I didn't have to sneak out of
here every morning. Mom was cool. It was just perfect. Everyone was
happy. Ahhhhh..." She laid her head back on his pillow as she recalled
every part of her dream.

"It sounds like a wonderful dream. But now I'm afraid you do have to
sneak out of here." His eyes told her how much he hated that too.

"Not before I get a kiss," she told him. He kissed her tenderly.

"I'm sorry about, well, you know..."

"It's part of being a woman," he told her. Amanda's period had started.
Instead of the hot sex they both had looked forward to all day they had
to settle for some cozy cuddling under the sheets. Even limited that way
they wouldn't have thought of sleeping alone.

It also reminded John that he needed to get Amanda on the pill. He'd use
condoms but she loved the feel of his cum shooting into her and a used
condom would be hard to explain if Jen found it.


Amanda didn't fall back to sleep. She sat on her bed and thought about
the part of her dream she hadn't shared with her dad. In her dream she
was having his baby. Her mom was almost as excited as she was. Everybody
was happy for them.

As she imagined herself with a baby she picked up one of her old dolls
and cradled it in her arms. She never told her dad about her desire. He
kept saying how they couldn't have a baby and he had to get her pills or
something but she didn't understand why.

Fantasizing about starting a family of her own brought out a maternal
instinct in the girl. She got up to fix breakfast for the family.

Jen smelled the coffee brewing as she came downstairs. She hadn't slept
well, again. Sleeping alone was something she wasn't used to, even
though it meant she didn't have to fight him for the covers or feel his
coarse beard scraping against her.

"Great!" she said under breath. "He's up already." She dreaded seeing
him like this, when she looked her worst. Something her daughter said
the night before came back to her. "It's what's inside that matters."
She tried to work up a good attitude as she walked into the kitchen.

"Morning mom!"

"Oh, it's you," she said surprised. "Where's your dad?"

"Don't know," she said as she poured her mom a cup of coffee.

"Thanks," she said and took a cautious sip. "Hey, this isn't bad. Who
taught you to make coffee?"

"Uh, you did," her daughter explained. "You used to make a lot of it in
the morning. I saw how you did it and well, I guess I got it pretty

"Oh, yeah," Jen had almost forgotten the mornings she'd had to fight a
hang over. She'd go through two pots, minimum. She was glad those days
were over. "Well, it's pretty good. A little strong, but that's how I
made it back then. Put a little less coffee in next time."

"Oh, okay. I'm making omelets. Want one?" Jen saw the ingredients for
western omelets. She'd only planned on having the coffee and maybe half
a bagel but the omelet sounded pretty good.

"Sure," she told her daughter, "I'd love one. Can I do something?"

"Ah, maybe make some toast? I know daddy likes toast with 'em."

"Okay, do you want toast too?"

"Sure! Sounds great!"

John walked in as Jen loaded the toaster. "What's going on?" he asked no
one in particular.
"Amanda is making us breakfast," his wife informed him. "You can start
with coffee."

As John poured himself a cup Jen quietly warned him, "She made it. It's
a little strong."

"Morning sweetie," he said, giving his girl a kiss on the cheek as she
minded the skillet. "Omelettes? What's the occasion?"

"Nothing," she said smiling at him. "I just felt like making breakfast,

"Works for me," he said.

"John," Jen told him, "get the salsa."

John joined his wife at the kitchen table. Amanda glanced her shoulder
at them over. It was the most cheerful morning the family had shared in
months. She knew that if her mom and dad were by themselves they'd be
just as nasty to each other as always but at least for a few minutes
they sounded like a normal, happy family.

Amanda even cleared the table when they were done. She would have to go
up and get dressed soon but she wanted to keep the warm feeling she'd
manufactured going as long as possible. She came back to the table with
the pot of coffee.

Her mom waved her hand over her cup but her dad held his out. As Amanda
poured the coffee she almost felt like she was his wife. She'd slept
with him for two nights now and even though they hadn't made love the
night before she was feeling more in love with him every day. With her
mom in a better mood the girl was as giddy as she could be.

When her dad playfully pulled her into his lap she giggled. Then she
looked deep into her father's eyes and asked, "Did you enjoy your
breakfast, dear?"

Her dad had a momentary lapse in judgement. He started to kiss her right
in front of Jen. Just before he slid his eager tongue between her sweet
lips he caught himself. He cast a cautious eye at his wife and was
relieved to see she'd picked up the paper. She hadn't seen them.

As Jen didn't seem to be about to put the paper down he kissed Amanda
again. This time he let her taste his tongue for a second. He pulled
away with the girl longing for more but he nodded his head at her motherand she understood. She quietly got up from his lap.

When Amanda had left to get dressed and John went to get his coat and
briefcase Jen put the paper down. She'd seen Amanda fall into her dad's
lap. It was the worst display of flirtation the pair had shown in a long
time. It drove away much of the happy, relaxed mood of the morning. She
had picked up the paper so she wouldn't have to see anymore.

John hung around the kitchen, waiting for his daughter to come back. Jen
was ignoring him again which he'd come to accept. With out Amanda there
it was hard to be in the same room with her. Fortunately Amanda came
down in a few minutes.

"Hey sweetie," he said. "That was a great breakfast. How about I give
you a ride to school? It's getting kind of late to catch the bus, isn't

"I'd love a ride," she said. It meant another nice kiss before she got
to school.

As they left Jen spoke. "Amanda?" Father and daughter turned in unison.
"Thank's for breakfast. It was sweet of you to do that."

"My pleasure mom," she said then took her dad's hand and walked away.

09-16-2006, 07:22 PM
Chapter 41 - Bras

The mall was not crowded as Amanda and her mother walked down the
concourse. It was a Wednesday morning, the first Wednesday of Amanda's
break. and she'd be out of school for the next four weeks. Since her
school was on some stupid schedule the breaks never lined up with

"Uh, mom," the girl said outside the Victoria's Secret. "Uh, I think I
need to get some bras?"

"Oh?" Jen said and then looked down at her daughter and saw, as if for
the first time, the twin swells of her daughter's developing breasts.
They weren't very big, yet, but if she took after her dad's family she'd
end up rather well endowed. Jen herself was, a down C cup after losing
all that weight. In a few years those little mounds on her daughter's
chest might be huge. On Amanda's tiny frame they'd look even bigger.

"See?" the girl said looking at her chest too and then pushing the small
boobs together, making them appear many times their natural size.

"Well, I do, but don't do that, it's not nice." Jen then smiled. Buying
your first bra was a right of passage for any girl. It was one of the
very first steps along the road to womanhood. Jen suddenly looked
forward to sharing it with her daughter.

Amanda saw her mom start to walk away. She called her back.

"What?" Jen asked more perplexed than upset.

"What's wrong with this place?" her daughter asked, meaning Victoria's

"Uh, they probably won't have what you should be looking for."

"But all my friends get their bras here," the teen pleaded. "I've gotten
lots of panties from them. They're very nice. They've always helped us
when we've been here."

For a moment Jen froze. The thought of her husband taking her baby into
a store like that was infuriating. She'd never been in one but the
reputation the place had was enough. She was still fuming when she
realized her daughter had pulled her into the store.

"Uh, Amanda, really," she said and started to turn around.
"Please mom!" the girl pleaded. "Can't we just look?"

Jen hesitated. She wanted to drag her daughter out of there but she
didn't. Now that she knew her daughter had been in there, even bought
things there, meant that looking at their bras couldn't make things
worse. Perhaps she could show the girl what was so bad about them.

"Okay," she said reluctantly, "but we're just looking."

"Sure, mom," Amanda said happily. "Maybe we can find something for you
here?" Jen thought that highly unlikely.

A helpful sales girl helped them figure out Amanda's proper bra size,
32A. With that vital information in hand they started looking at the
wide assortment of choices the store offered.

Some were a bit trashy, like Jen had expected, but most were fairly
decent, a bit pricy, but well made. There were a few that she might let
her daughter wear.

"What about this one, dear?" Jen asked before she realized that Amanda
wasn't standing beside her anymore. She saw her daughter across the
store gazing at a display with a bra, garter-belt, g-string set.

"I thought we were looking at bras?" her mother asked.

"I know," the distracted teen said. "I was just thinking how much fun it
would be to wear something like this." 'Yes. The next time I go to
daddy's office. I'll wear it. With a black skirt. Oh, and a silk blouse.
Let a little of the black bra show. Mmmmmmm...'

"Why would you want to wear something like this?" her mother asked. "No
one is going to see it but you."

"I guess, but, well, it would make me feel all pretty inside, you know?"

It was a phrase Amanda had used on her the day her dad moved to the
guestroom. It made sense and the more Jen watched her daughter the more
she realized that one of the big differences between them was Amanda's
radiant personality. She was just bubbly. It probably was one reason
John got a thrill out of flirting with the girl.

"Don't you ever wear something like this, mom?"
"No," Jen said looking at the display. It was trashy. Something she'd
expect to find in a men's magazine or on a stripper. But... it was sexy.

"You should," her daughter told her. She'd learned to love wearing sexy

"I don't know, not this certainly," Jen said feeling a little slutty
just thinking about it.

"No, this probably isn't right for you," Amanda said, feeling the garter
belt, "but that would look good." She pointed at a red bra and matching
string bikini panty. A vision of her coming out of the bathroom in them
flashed into Jen's eyes. Oh, maybe. She went over to the display and
felt the material.

"It's so soft," she murmured.

"Buy it, mom!"

"I don't know..."

"Why not? I bet you'll feel so sexy in it."

'Probably,' her mother thought. 'Would that help her attract John's eye


"Here, you're a 36C, right? And, ah, medium panties?" Her daughter
handed her the articles she'd picked out. "Oh! It comes in blue too!"

"No, not blue," Jen said. Red! That was a better color for her. Suddenly
she was getting excited about how she'd look in them. For a minute she
tried to think how John would react. Then she shook her head clear and
looked for her daughter.

She was back at the first display, digging through the drawers below.
She already had a bra in her hand. "What do you think you're doing?" her
mother asked.

"Looking for the g-string," Amanda said plainly. "Oh, there!" She found
the drawer. "Now let's see if they have the belt in extra small. You
look in those drawers, okay mom?"

Jen hesitated. She hadn't had any intention of buying anything when theywalked in the store but here she was with a sexy bra and panty set in
her hand. 'So what if Amanda got the sexy underwear,' she figured.
'She's having a good time and no one is going to see it.' She opened a
drawer of garter belts and started digging. The second label she saw
read 'XS'.

"Here honey," she said calmly handing her daughter the sexiest lingerie
she'd ever seen. It seemed so unreal but her daughter acted like it was
as normal as anything.

"Thanks!" She held it up to her hips and smiled. "Now, lets see what
else we can find."

"How about this one?" Amanda about five minutes later. Her mom had
relaxed and started enjoying herself. She smiled as she took the latest
discovery from her daughter. It was a pink push up bra. It would make
the girl look positively buxom.

She saw the look in her daughter's eyes. No wonder John liked taking
her to the mall. The kid loved to shop. Her enthusiasm had infected her
mother. In a more sane moment she'd have said no and followed up with a
lecture on modesty, but what she did was almost the exact opposite.

"Hmmmm, it is a nice color," Jen said. She saw the place Amanda had
found it. There were a pile of v-string panties that matched it. "And
here's the panty," she said picking through the pile. "But, no, no,
here, XS."

For more than an hour mother and daughter shopped. Amanda found a new
nightie she just knew her dad would love. Now that she was sleeping with
him almost every night she'd found she liked to wear sexy night clothes
when she snuck into his room. Of course she couldn't buy it with her mom
there but she promised herself she'd come back for it.

Jen picked out several new bras. Since she'd lost all that weight she'd
only gotten a few new ones. The most tame one they picked out was far
more erotic than anything she'd ever worn.

By the time they checked out they'd collected over $800 worth of
lingerie. They chatted excitedly as they carried their many pink bags to
the car. When Jen closed the trunk she asked her daughter, "now what?"

"Shoes!" the girl said with a wicked smile.

09-16-2006, 07:23 PM
Chapter 42 - Helping Out At the Office

Amanda walked up to Elaine's desk with a smile. She'd convinced her dad
to let her come to work with him at least one day while she was on
break. Today was the day.

She'd gone back to the mall to get an outfit to go with the sexy
lingerie she'd gotten with her mom. What she got had to be at least as
hot as the gold one she'd worn her first time there. What she found was
a tight black skirt with black hose and shiny black pumps. Her blouse
was pink and she'd made sure that just a trace of the black bra showed.
She had a pretty strand of pearls and her favorite pearl tear drop
earrings on. Her purse was black patent leather.

"Morning, Elaine," she said cheerfully.

"Wow! Look at you. I see your father's been pretty good to you lately."

"Always," she said as Elaine took her purse and stashed it in he desk.
"Of course, I've been very good to him, too," the teen added in a much
lower voice.

"Of course," Elaine chuckled. "Just keep it quiet here, hot stuff."

"Surely," Amanda said, mimicking Elaine's favorite phrase.

Amanda jumped right in to answering the phones. About 9:30 Elaine gave
her a memo to edit. She'd used Word for school reports and had no
trouble making the indicated corrections. By 11:00 she was looking
forward to her lunch date with her dad.

She hadn't seen him since they walked into the office. Mr. Parker had
called him into his office as they walked in that morning. At 11:45 she
was getting worried he'd forgotten. At 12:01 he called.

"West Coast Logistics," she said.

"Hey, sweetie."

"We're late," she reminded him.

"Uh, I'm going to have to cancel. I'm sorry, darling. Something's come
up and I have to deal with it. I'll tell you about it later, okay? Just
take some cash from my briefcase and go to lunch with Elaine."
"Oh, daddy..." she whined.

"I know, I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. Tonight. We, uh, we'll have
a date tonight. Right after work, okay?"

"Really? It's Tuesday."

"I know. I have to go, dear. Pay for Elaine's lunch, okay?"

Amanda hung up the phone as Elaine came to get her purse. "Uh, daddy's
tied up with Mr. Parker. He told me to go to lunch with you. His treat."

"Really," the older girl said and then saw the disappointment in her
young friend's face. She knew it wasn't because she didn't want to go to
lunch with her. The girl was upset that she wasn't going to have a
nooner with her daddy.

"Well, that sure beats a salad at the deli downstairs," Elaine said. "Do
you like Chinese?" Amanda nodded as she got both of their purses out of
Elaine's desk and followed her out of the office. They were almost to
the reception lobby when Amanda remembered to get some money from her
dad's briefcase.

As she watched the girl return Elaine looked at Amanda's shoes. The girl
seemed to be born to wear heels. The ones she had on had to be over 4"
high and with her tiny feet they looked much higher. Chang's was two
blocks away.

As they rode the elevator down to the lobby she asked Amanda, "Can you
walk a few blocks in those shoes?"

"Huh," Amanda said looking at her feet like something was wrong, "yeah.
Why not?"

"It's just that if I wore shoes like that my feet would kill me

"Really? Why? These are pretty comfortable." She twirled a foot.

"You never cease to amaze me."

"I guess I started wearing them when daddy and started dating," Amanda
explained as they walked out to the sidewalk. Dozens of young male
office workers stared openly at the girl. Elaine noticed how Amanda
didn't even seem to care. "He's so much taller and, well, it makeskissing him easier."

"I just can't get over how open you are about being your dad's lover."

"I guess it's just nice to have someone like you to talk to. There's no
one else I can do that with. I think my friend Cloe knows but she
wouldn't really understand."

"Because she's just a kid?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

By the time they got to the restaurant, Elaine and Amanda were talking
like best friends. Amanda felt so relieved to finally have someone
besides her dad she could be open with. Elaine was still more than a
little shocked that her staid boss was fucking his teenaged daughter and
from she'd just heard, sleeping with her every night.

"So, your mom doesn't know you're sleeping with him?"

"Nah," Amanda said casually as she sampled some of the moo sho pork.
"She's pretty sure dad's having an affair but she doesn't know it's with

Elaine just shook her head for the thousandth time that afternoon.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Amanda asked. "Uh, about sex?"


"Uh, when I'm, saw, sucking him, what are the best places? For him, I

"Well," Elaine tried to think how to describe a man's erogenous zones to
Amanda. "is your dad circumcised?" Amanda shrugged her shoulders.

"Is there a piece of loose skin on the end of his dick that pulls back
when he get's hard?"

Amanda squinted as pictured her dad's cock in her mind. "I don't think

"Then I think you might want to try the spot right behind the hood,
that's the part of his dick that looks like a mushroom. It's split on
one side, the bottom. That's pretty good. His balls are good, of course,just be gentle. They freak if you get too rough. Some guys like their
nipples played with but some think it's gross. A lot of the places that
feel good for you are good for them too."


"I can't believe I'm giving sex tips to my boss's daughter."

Elaine's cell phone rang. She looked at the number and answered, "Yes
Mr. C." "We're on our way back now." "Okay..." "Surely" "Where?" "Oh,
my. Should I tell her?" "Yes, sir." "Surely."

"Well, you are one lucky lady," she told Amanda as she put her phone
away. "That was your boyfriend. He asked me to reserve a room for
tonight for the two of you."

Amanda smiled. "When he canceled lunch he promised me he'd take me out

"Yeah, well, you're staying at the Ritz."

"Is that a nice place?" Amanda asked naively.

"Oh, it's alright," Elaine said with a laugh. "I'm sure the sheets are
clean, if that's what you're worried about."

09-16-2006, 07:24 PM
Chapter 43 - The Racquet Ball Lesson

"Are we going to the mall after your workout?" Amanda asked her mom. It
was Saturday morning and they had talked about it at breakfast the day

"Sure," her mom said. "I'll be home by..." Jen stopped and checked her
organizer. She'd forgotten she had scheduled a private racquet ball
lesson with Steven that afternoon. She'd be at the gym until 4:00. By
the time she got home, picked up her daughter and they drove to the mall
it would be almost 5:30.

"Oh, damn," she said. "I forgot about my racquet ball lesson. After you
talked me into entering the City Wide tournament I signed up for some
private lessons. I could cancel though. It's no big deal."

"No, don't do that, mom," her daughter said. "You go to your lesson.
We'll go to the mall another day. We'll miss that sale, but so what?"

"We could go, but by the time I get home..."

"Hey I know," the teen suddenly brightened. "Dad? Can you drop me off at
the gym this afternoon? Then mom and I can go to the mall right from

"Sure sweetie," John said. "If you want me to."

"I hadn't thought about that," Jen said to herself. "That might work.
I'm going to be done about 4:00. Meet me then, okay?"


"Bye, darling," she said to her father in the parking lot of her mom's
gym. She kissed him one last time. It had been a very erotic morning and
afternoon. He'd even joked that he was looking forward to this break so
he'd be able to fuck her properly that night. He pulled her tight and
kissed her hard.

"Tonight," she promised. "As soon as mom's asleep."

John smiled. He'd wait. They'd only slept apart two nights since he'd
moved into the guestroom.

Amanda was early because she had rushed them out the door fearing to be
too late. It was only 3:35 when the girl at the desk recognized her andwaved her through.

Amanda had been to the racquet ball courts a couple of times to watch
her mom play. She found her there with Steven, the blond hunk that she'd
met before. She took a seat in the darkened stand area and watched her
mom play.

She'd seen enough of her mom's tournament games to realize how much
improved her game was. The way she swung her racquet seemed much more
natural and she didn't seem to be running around frantically. Even the way
she stood looked more confident.

Steven stopped her at one point and demonstrated something with his
racquet. Her mom tried to copy it but was having trouble. Her instructor
stood behind her and held her by her wrist. He swung the racquet back
and forth a few times.

When he stepped away Amanda caught a look her mom gave the blond. For
just an instant her mom's eyes glanced at the guy's shorts. Amanda
looked herself and saw the guy had a hard on. Then she realized he'd
been standing with his hard cock pressed against her mom's ass while he
was holding her arm. The most amazing thing was that her mom didn't seem

Amanda started to watch the lesson with new interest. She caught the guy
rubbing against her mom more than the teen thought was necessary. She
even saw her mom turn her ass toward him before bending over to pick up
a ball.

When the lesson was over Amanda saw things heat up for real. As her mom
and her instructor collected their stuff, she could see her mom talking
but didn't know what she said. It could have been, "Thanks for the
great lesson." Suddenly her mom kissed him. It was just a quick peck on
the lips.

Her mom turned away all red in the face. Steven put his hand on her
shoulder and she froze. Then Amanda saw her mom turn back and start
kissing the guy passionately.

As she watched her mom's hands holding the guy's head and his hands
descend to her ass the teen's jaw dropped. She'd only seen a few of her
friends kissing their boyfriends but none of them had shown this kind of
passion. It reminded her of how she kissed her dad.

The thought of all her time with her father, in his arms, and now in hisbed, reminded the girl that her mom wasn't getting this sort of
attention from anyone. She saw how happy her mom looked in the arms of
her instructor. That made her daughter happy for her.

Amanda watched the pair stumble into a corner of the court where she
couldn't see them. She got off her seat and moved until she could spy on
them again. By this time the guy had her mom's sport top pulled up and
was sucking on one of her breasts. When she looked down she saw her
mom's hand slide into the guy's shorts.

In seconds her mom had pulled the guy's cock out. It wasn't as big as
her daddy's but her mom seemed to like it. She was pulling on it.
Amanda's own hands itched in the memory of her father's cock.

She saw her mom throw one leg around his back. He looked up and it
seemed like they were talking. His face looked surprised and she saw her
mom nod. When his eyes narrowed she saw him grab her mom's ass and pull
it toward him.

They were fucking. She couldn't see the guy's cock going in but the
movement was unmistakable. She'd never fucked her dad like that. He was
too tall. Even in her highest heels his cock hit her stomach. But she
had fucked him while he was standing and she rightly figured out exactly
how things were working on the other side of the glass.

As she watched her mom fucking the blond stud, Amanda felt herself get
wet. She spread her legs and put her hand up her skirt. She started
rubbing her pussy through her thong and then pushed it aside and drove
two fingers deep. The lovers started kissing and Amanda started licking
her lips in sympathy.

Steven's strong hands went to Jen's ass and he picked her up. Her mom
instantly wrapped both legs around his waist. Now her daughter could see
his cock. It was driving deep into her mom's pussy on every thrust. She
saw their tempo increase. His hips were bucking so hard her mom's body
was bouncing like rag doll.

Amanda saw him slam in to her mother harder than ever. He was cumming.
He did it again. Again. Again. She could faintly hear her mother's
screams as the guy's cock shot off in her.

They stood there, her mom's legs still around his waist. She could see
her mom's pussy flexing around the guy's shaft. She'd done that with her
daddy lots of times but she'd never known what it looked like.
Finally he let her down. She kissed him again, hard and long before she
straightened her clothes. Then her mom was coming out the small door.

"Uh hmm," Amanda got her mom's attention. She saw the happiest smile on
her face, very much like one she'd seen her dad have after really good

"Oh hi, dear," Jen said and then she stopped cold. "Uh... How long were
you out here?"

"Long enough," her daughter admitted. As Steven came out the teen
retreated into the shadows. The guy came over to her mom and kissed her
again. Her mom resisted for a second and then kissed him back. For a few
seconds she forgot her daughter was standing just feet away.

"Tuesday, then?" He said as he released her.

"Uh, right."

"I'm looking forward to it, Mrs. C." He gave her a sly smile. Her lips
twitched into a quick grin of her own.

When Steven was gone Amanda came back into the light and said, "I was
pretty sure he liked you." She turned to watch him walking away. "He
looks like a nice guy, too."

"Uh, I can explain," Jen said to her daughter. "It's just... well..."

"Mom, it's okay," her daughter assured her. She picked up her mom's gym
bag and followed her toward the showers.

"You aren't going to tell your dad, are you?"

"I would never do that," she told her mom sincerely. "Uh, what's going on
with you and dad is your business."

"Thanks," her mom said meekly. Now that her panic was abating her shame
was taking over. Her daughter had seen her fucking Steven. Damn! She was
so consumed with herself that she didn't hear her daughter talking.

"Mom?" Amanda asked, "You okay?"

When her mom looked at her the girl said, "Your lessons must be

"You sure looked like you knew what you were doing out there."

The double entendre caught her mom by surprise. When she figured it out
she snorted. That made both of them break into giggles. Jen never even
stopped to think about how Amanda seemed to know a lot more about sex
than she should have.

09-16-2006, 07:25 PM
Chapter 44 - Parent/Teacher Night

Tuesday of the second week after the new term was parent/teacher night
at Northridge Academy. Normally, Jen went to these things but she'd told
them at dinner Sunday that she had a racquet ball lesson that night.

John had changed into a sport coat for the evening. He walked into the
kitchen and found Jen standing by the island in her gym outfit. There
was an uneasy peace as they waited for Amanda.

The girl came down in a pair of jeans her mother hated. They looked like
they were painted on and the waist barely came to her hips. The sexy
ankle boots looked completely out of place on a girl her age and the
cropped top was almost indecent. Jen knew better than to say something
now. It would only cause a fight and she didn't want to leave the house
any more upset than she already was.

"Ready to go, sweetie," John asked. His daughter came over and hugged
him. She looked into his eye for a long second.

"Sure, dad." She turned to her mom. "Have a good time. At your lesson, I
mean." Her dad started to lead her to the car.

"Oh!" the teen cried and started for her room. "I forgot my thing. I'll
meet you at the car, daddy."

John exchanged a look with his wife. What thing? She shrugged and he

When Amanda came back carrying her new organizer Jen wrinkled her brow.
'What did she need that for?' her mother thought. Still, when her
daughter came and gave her a hug she felt much better, even if the girl
was dressed like a slut. Hopefully John wouldn't drool all over her in
front of her teachers.

"Bye, mom," Amanda said. "Tell Steven I said hi! Oh, and, uh, have a
good time. A really, really good time."

When her daughter left Jen was smiling. She intended to have good time.
Unknown to her daughter and certainly to her husband, her racquet ball
lesson was at the young man's apartment.


"Mr. Carmichael," a stunning, young teacher told him. "It's so nice tofinally meet you. Your daughter talks about you all the time."

"Uh, thanks, Ms.," he squinted at her name tag, "Greene."

"Amy," she corrected him, "call me Amy."

"John," he told her shaking her hand.

"Well, what's there to say," this ebullient teacher started. "Your
daughter is my best pupil. She's quite mature for her age. Her homework
is perfect. I know I can call on her in class at any time, which makes
my job so much easier."

"That's nice to hear," he said proudly.

"Oh, she's just blossomed before my eyes. The first month of the year
was a little rough, but since then she's been a new woman."

John thought back. The school year started in August. Their first date
had been in September. He smiled knowing that his love affair with
Amanda had a positive effect outside the bedroom.

"So, that's all I have," Amy Greene concluded. "Do you have anything you
want to ask me?"

"Uh, no, not really. Amanda talks very highly of you. I have to admit
I've helped her with some of her homework. I make her do it, you know, I
don't just give her the answers, but, well, I've helped her look things
up on the Internet and I've checked it for her."

"That's wonderful! I wish all the parents did that. Keep doing what
you're doing with her. It's having a marvelous effect. She's going to be
quite an amazing woman soon. You should be very proud."

"I am," he assured her, "I certainly am."

He got up to leave. She had the last word, "do keep working with her.
The attention you're giving her is the best thing for her."

John smiled and walked away thinking, 'It's not too bad for me, either.'


"Oh, Amanda," Amy Greene caught her star student. "I was just talking to
your dad. He seems very nice."
"Oh, hi Ms. Greene. Yeah, dad's cool."

"Not many fathers come to these things. I hope you don't mind me asking,
but is your dad, well, single?"

Amanda suddenly didn't like her favorite teacher as much. "No!" she said
a touch to forcefully. "He has someone he's VERY happy with."

Amy Greene watched the girl storm off. 'Oh well,' she thought. 'I should
have know. The best ones are usually taken.'


Jen rested on Steven's couch and surveyed his apartment. It was clean
but very cluttered. It reminded her of John's dorm room back when they'd
first started dating. They'd done it on his couch too. This one was more
comfortable for that sort of thing.

She saw her naked lover come back with two cans of beer. She didn't
really like the stuff and hadn't touched much alcohol in months, but she
didn't want to be impolite. After all, the boy had just given her a very
fulfilling orgasm.

She watched his soft shaft swinging randomly before him. She hadn't seen
many men naked. Before John she'd only been with three guys. Since she'd
been married she'd been faithful, until a week ago Saturday, anyway.

This was her first time in his apartment. He'd made her dinner, which
she found sweet. Hopefully he wasn't falling for her. She was just here
for the sex. If things got to complicated she would have to cut it off.

"Here you go, Mrs. C," he said.

"Steven," she said after taking a tiny sip. "You really should call me
Jen now. I mean, it's not like we're strangers, right?"

"Okay, uh, Jen," he said it as if the name didn't quite fit in his mouth
the right way. "I, uh... It's just that..."

"You've never been with a woman as old as me?" she asked with a
confidence that surprised her.

"Uh, no ma'am," he admitted.
"You mean you don't seduce all your rich, female clients?"

"Oh, no!" he said defensively. "I didn't... I mean it wasn't because...

"It's okay, lover, I'm only giving you a hard time."

He sighed and visibly relaxed. Jen laughed at how easy it was to get the
boy flustered. This was fun! She knew it was wrong, perhaps as bad as
what John was doing, but damn it! She was having the time of her life.

He smiled lasciviously at her and said, "Actually, Mrs. C., I mean Jen,
you gave me a hard time earlier."

"I seem to recall that," she smiled. "But what about now?"

As she watched his cock inflated. She took his can of beer away and set
it on the table with hers before she kissed him. The taste of beer on
his tongue was a distraction but she soon found herself getting aroused

As happened every time she'd been with him, he took over. She felt
herself being laid down on the couch. He was over her and all she had to
do was spread her legs.

He certainly wasn't flustered by the time he put his cock in her. He
found her hole easily and his long shaft slid smoothly into her pussy.
With one hand on her breast he started fucking her.

"Oh Steven," she purred. "It feels so good. Don't stop, honey. Oh yes!"

He was all business. She'd noticed he never said a word while they had
sex. John always was shouting or at least grunting when he came. She
imagined that Steven let his cock do the talking.

And that organ seemed to be rather eloquent. He seemed to know how to
make subtle shifts in the angle he drove it into her. Each new one
brought out its own array of pleasure. She assumed it was from his
professional study of the human body.

Certainly his body was something to study. She'd always thought of John
as being in good shape but he was a cream puff next to the greek god
that was fucking her now. There wasn't an extraneous ounce of fat on
him. His perfectly toned and shaped muscles bulged delightfully as he
pistoned his glorious cock into her deprived pussy. It was exciting justwatching him make love to her.

He shifted his weight a little and suddenly Jen felt a flood of orgasmic
pleasure come over her. "OH GOD! YES! THAT'S GREAT! DON'T STOP! OH GOD!

Her face contorted with sexual release as wave after wave of awesome
climax was unleashed with in her. In the midst of her ecstacy she felt
him shudder.

"Yes, lover. Keep going. Fill me up! Cum in me Steven. Oh yes!"

His hips started making hard jerks as he released a torrent of cum deep
in her pussy. She reveled in the sheer bliss of their illicit union.

Steven slowed and then stopped. His still dripping cock came to rest on
her stomach as he kissed her. She held him tight but as the high of
their mating subsided she still felt an emptiness deep in her heart.
This wasn't love, only sex. Sure, it was great sex. Mind blowing,
fireworks and spinning lights sex but it wasn't enough.

As her young lover caught his breath she let her mind wander. More than
ever she felt like a fully desirable woman. If a stud like Steven wanted
her then any heterosexual man would. If John didn't want her then it had
to be because something was seriously wrong with him.

Unless... unless, the other woman was even more desirable than her.

09-16-2006, 07:27 PM
Chapter 45 - Change of Plans

John saw Amanda and Cloe talking as they left the school. When they saw
him, his daughter waved enthusiastically. That was the normal Friday
afternoon pattern. But, this time both Amanda and her friend came to the

"Missed you all day," his daughter said as she leaned over the car door
and kissed his lips quickly. "Missed you too, sweetie," he replied when
his daughter stood back up.

"Hi, Mr. Carmichael," Cloe chimed in. John smiled. Obviously the girls
had something to say so he let them get it out.

"Uh, Cloe, Sam and a bunch of the other kids are meeting at Hamburger
Hut tonight. We're just going to hang," his daughter explained as John
saw his plans for their usual date night changing.

"Can you and Amanda come?" Cloe asked excitedly.

"I suppose," John said and saw his girl's face light up. "Of course."

"We might go to the beach after," Cloe informed him. "Uh, do you guys
have a blanket or something to sit on?"

"At home," John told her.

"But we're not going home, are we?" his daughter reminded him.

"No problem," Cloe assured them. "I'll tell Martin to bring an extra
one. His mom's got a whole pile of them."

Amanda hugged her friend, "We'll see you tonight."


"Oh! So good daddy!" she moaned as her father's cock slid into her at
long last.

They'd gone right from school to the hotel room her father had askedElaine reserve for them. It was still only 5:00 and Amanda had told him
the gang wouldn't be out until around 8:00. They'd spent the last hour
and a half fooling around and had just gotten down to business.

Today John had let her undress him completely. He had hardly lifted a
finger letting his adoring daughter do everything from untying his tie
to pulling his socks off.

When he was naked he undressed her. John was still getting used to
Amanda's new bras. They fascinated him in a way his daughter found very
amusing. He also found her growing tits interesting and gave them lots
of attention.

He introduced her to something he called sixty-nine. He laid on the bed
and had her suck his cock but she was facing away from him. It was weird
to suck his cock from that angle. Everything was upside down. But when
he licked her pussy she suddenly saw the marvelous possibilities of this
new form of sex play.

He stopped her before she got him off but her disappointment was amended
when he concentrated on eating her pussy. She hadn't had many orgasms.
Some times she'd go several days with out her daddy getting her off,
even though she loved being with him anyway. But lately he'd been
working extra hard to make her go crazy down there. She loved it and
happily laid back on the bed when he started.

John didn't want to rush things. He would rather have spent a few more
hours here with Amanda before they'd go grab a bite to eat, then come
back for some more sex. But he saw how much his daughter wanted to be
with her friends. Honestly, he got a kick out of it too. It was like he
was a kid himself again. He was still getting used to the fact that all
of Amanda's friends treated him like he wasn't her forty-one year old
father. To them he was more like her sixteen year old boyfriend. And,
truthfully, that's how he felt.

Finally he started fucking her. He wanted to have enough time when they
were through for a long, shower with her, maybe taking her there too,
which happened about half the time, and still have enough time to get
dressed and grab a quick bite before going to Hamburger Hut. Amanda told
him nobody really ate there.

John had learned what positions and moves his daughter responded to bestand he systematically worked his way through them. When one seemed to be
particularly good he stayed with it.

"Oh daddy!" she moaned. "It's... Oh, so good. I'm getting... oh... that
tingling... yes! Oh! I feel it! Yes! OH! DADDY! I CUMMMMMING! OH YES!

John smiled as his daughter climaxed violently beneath him. His cock
kept moving while her fists pounded the mattress and her feet kicked his
back. Her face was flush with sexual energy as her sounds degenerated
into grunts.

When he figured she couldn't take any more he slowed down, with out
coming to a complete halt. "Was that nice, sweetie?"

"Oh.... daddy! I.... oh... It was, gosh, fantastic! Oh! Yes... ahhh..."

She slowly unwound from her orgasm. As she came fully back to her
senses she realized her daddy was still fucking her. He hadn't cum! Her
body was still quivering and she started to wonder, even hope, that
she'd get off again before he was through.

John saw his daughter's eyes suddenly focus on his smiling face. She
knew they weren't done and her face broadened into her prettiest smile.
"I love you, daddy!" she told him as he started moving faster.

"I love you, too, darling," he answered.

The lovers' eyes stayed focused on each other as his thrusts grew more
forceful. Amanda started raising her hips as he drove down into her in a
perfect, effortless rhythm. John felt his climax near. He desperately
wanted to get Amanda off again and tried to distract himself. It worked,
but only to a degree.

"Oh daddy..." she moaned. "I'm so close... Yes, oh yes. So good."

"Oh baby, daddy's close too," he grunted.

"Just a little more... Oh... yes... Yes. Oh Yes. OH! YES! OH DADDY! YES!

Her climax built much more slowly this time. He could see her body tenseup like a spring. It took all his concentration to hold back his cum.
It seemed to happen in slow motion. Her mouth started to move with out
sound. Her eyes screwed themselves shut. Then suddenly...

"OH GOD! YESSSS! OH DADDY!!!! OH! GOD! YES!!!" she finally screamed as
her body erupted in an explosion of sexual release the girl had never
even imagined. And then it got even better...

"YES! OH! GOD! YES!" John started to cum. He sank his cock into her and
felt her pussy walls milking his shaft. He lost count of how many times
he spurted, but it seemed like it lasted for hours.


The feel of her dad's hot cum shooting into her unleashed a new round of
orgasmic convulsions in Amanda's tiny body. She was still cumming when
he fell into the bed beside her.

"Oh, sweetie," he moaned. "I'm spent. That was..."

"Oh yes..." she turned and kissed him. "Mmmmmm... Oh daddy..."

"I love you," he said with all the feeling he could.

"I know. I love you too. That was the most wonderful feeling. I... When
you started cumming it was like a bomb went off. I'm still shaking."

"I can't believe how good it is with you," he said. "It's just...

She rested her head on his chest and watched his cock deflate. She felt
so loved and happy here with him. If only they didn't have to sneak
around. It could be like this all the time. Oh, that would be wonderful.
At least her friends were cool. They didn't seem to mind that daddy was
her boyfriend.

"Well, baby," he said. "Are you ready? We probably want to take a
shower, don't you think?"

"I 'spose," she said. "I mean, yeah, but I'd just love to stay here too.
Ya' know?"
"I know. We can stay, but your friends are expecting us. And, well, you
are coming to my room tonight, aren't you?"

"Uh huh," she said and turned to face him. "Daddy, do you think we won't
have to sneak around someday? You know, be a real couple?"

"Gosh, sweetie," he swallowed hard. "That's going to be hard. People
wouldn't understand, see. Your mom... Well, even other people. If they

"But my friends are cool. They saw us kissing and no one cared. And
there's Elaine. Lots of people would be cool, don'cha think?"

"Well, your friends don't really know what's going on. I haven't figured
out Elaine, except that she's very loyal to me. But, baby, I'm afraid
we're going to have to keep it secret."

"I guess..." he could see her getting sad.

"But," he said getting her to look back up at him, "a lot of people
won't know I'm your dad and, especially when you're a bit older, they
won't think anything when they see us together. It's people that know us
we have to be careful around."

"So, like, we could let people think we're like married or something and
not that you’re my dad?"

"Something like that."

"Oh, really? That would be cool! People would call me Mrs. C., hee hee.
And maybe I could get, you know, a ring. I'd call you dear and honey."

"Easy, sweetie, uh, until you look a bit older that wouldn't go over too
well. In a few years, I think, maybe. Okay?"

"Yeah, but I'm getting older all the time. You'll see. We could be like
that real soon. I'm sure of it." She smiled and was suddenly even
happier with what was waiting in the bottom of her school bag.

"Don't grow up too fast on me, baby," he asked. "You should enjoy being
a teen. It's a really great time of your life."
"It is. Especially when I'm with you. Mmmmmm." She kissed him and saw
the image of her standing next to him with a wedding ring on and having
everyone think she's his wife. Oh, and a baby! Some day. That too...

09-16-2006, 07:28 PM
Chapter 46 - Change of Plans

John saw Amanda and Cloe talking as they left the school. When they saw
him, his daughter waved enthusiastically. That was the normal Friday
afternoon pattern. But, this time both Amanda and her friend came to the

"Missed you all day," his daughter said as she leaned over the car door
and kissed his lips quickly. "Missed you too, sweetie," he replied when
his daughter stood back up.

"Hi, Mr. Carmichael," Cloe chimed in. John smiled. Obviously the girls
had something to say so he let them get it out.

"Uh, Cloe, Sam and a bunch of the other kids are meeting at Hamburger
Hut tonight. We're just going to hang," his daughter explained as John
saw his plans for their usual date night changing.

"Can you and Amanda come?" Cloe asked excitedly.

"I suppose," John said and saw his girl's face light up. "Of course."

"We might go to the beach after," Cloe informed him. "Uh, do you guys
have a blanket or something to sit on?"

"At home," John told her.

"But we're not going home, are we?" his daughter reminded him.

"No problem," Cloe assured them. "I'll tell Martin to bring an extra
one. His mom's got a whole pile of them."

Amanda hugged her friend, "We'll see you tonight."


"Oh! So good daddy!" she moaned as her father's cock slid into her at
long last.

They'd gone right from school to the hotel room her father had askedElaine reserve for them. It was still only 5:00 and Amanda had told him
the gang wouldn't be out until around 8:00. They'd spent the last hour
and a half fooling around and had just gotten down to business.

Today John had let her undress him completely. He had hardly lifted a
finger letting his adoring daughter do everything from untying his tie
to pulling his socks off.

When he was naked he undressed her. John was still getting used to
Amanda's new bras. They fascinated him in a way his daughter found very
amusing. He also found her growing tits interesting and gave them lots
of attention.

He introduced her to something he called sixty-nine. He laid on the bed
and had her suck his cock but she was facing away from him. It was weird
to suck his cock from that angle. Everything was upside down. But when
he licked her pussy she suddenly saw the marvelous possibilities of this
new form of sex play.

He stopped her before she got him off but her disappointment was amended
when he concentrated on eating her pussy. She hadn't had many orgasms.
Some times she'd go several days with out her daddy getting her off,
even though she loved being with him anyway. But lately he'd been
working extra hard to make her go crazy down there. She loved it and
happily laid back on the bed when he started.

John didn't want to rush things. He would rather have spent a few more
hours here with Amanda before they'd go grab a bite to eat, then come
back for some more sex. But he saw how much his daughter wanted to be
with her friends. Honestly, he got a kick out of it too. It was like he
was a kid himself again. He was still getting used to the fact that all
of Amanda's friends treated him like he wasn't her forty-one year old
father. To them he was more like her sixteen year old boyfriend. And,
truthfully, that's how he felt.

Finally he started fucking her. He wanted to have enough time when they
were through for a long, shower with her, maybe taking her there too,
which happened about half the time, and still have enough time to get
dressed and grab a quick bite before going to Hamburger Hut. Amanda told
him nobody really ate there.

John had learned what positions and moves his daughter responded to bestand he systematically worked his way through them. When one seemed to be
particularly good he stayed with it.

"Oh daddy!" she moaned. "It's... Oh, so good. I'm getting... oh... that
tingling... yes! Oh! I feel it! Yes! OH! DADDY! I CUMMMMMING! OH YES!

John smiled as his daughter climaxed violently beneath him. His cock
kept moving while her fists pounded the mattress and her feet kicked his
back. Her face was flush with sexual energy as her sounds degenerated
into grunts.

When he figured she couldn't take any more he slowed down, with out
coming to a complete halt. "Was that nice, sweetie?"

"Oh.... daddy! I.... oh... It was, gosh, fantastic! Oh! Yes... ahhh..."

She slowly unwound from her orgasm. As she came fully back to her
senses she realized her daddy was still fucking her. He hadn't cum! Her
body was still quivering and she started to wonder, even hope, that
she'd get off again before he was through.

John saw his daughter's eyes suddenly focus on his smiling face. She
knew they weren't done and her face broadened into her prettiest smile.
"I love you, daddy!" she told him as he started moving faster.

"I love you, too, darling," he answered.

The lovers' eyes stayed focused on each other as his thrusts grew more
forceful. Amanda started raising her hips as he drove down into her in a
perfect, effortless rhythm. John felt his climax near. He desperately
wanted to get Amanda off again and tried to distract himself. It worked,
but only to a degree.

"Oh daddy..." she moaned. "I'm so close... Yes, oh yes. So good."

"Oh baby, daddy's close too," he grunted.

"Just a little more... Oh... yes... Yes. Oh Yes. OH! YES! OH DADDY! YES!

Her climax built much more slowly this time. He could see her body tenseup like a spring. It took all his concentration to hold back his cum.
It seemed to happen in slow motion. Her mouth started to move with out
sound. Her eyes screwed themselves shut. Then suddenly...

"OH GOD! YESSSS! OH DADDY!!!! OH! GOD! YES!!!" she finally screamed as
her body erupted in an explosion of sexual release the girl had never
even imagined. And then it got even better...

"YES! OH! GOD! YES!" John started to cum. He sank his cock into her and
felt her pussy walls milking his shaft. He lost count of how many times
he spurted, but it seemed like it lasted for hours.


The feel of her dad's hot cum shooting into her unleashed a new round of
orgasmic convulsions in Amanda's tiny body. She was still cumming when
he fell into the bed beside her.

"Oh, sweetie," he moaned. "I'm spent. That was..."

"Oh yes..." she turned and kissed him. "Mmmmmm... Oh daddy..."

"I love you," he said with all the feeling he could.

"I know. I love you too. That was the most wonderful feeling. I... When
you started cumming it was like a bomb went off. I'm still shaking."

"I can't believe how good it is with you," he said. "It's just...

She rested her head on his chest and watched his cock deflate. She felt
so loved and happy here with him. If only they didn't have to sneak
around. It could be like this all the time. Oh, that would be wonderful.
At least her friends were cool. They didn't seem to mind that daddy was
her boyfriend.

"Well, baby," he said. "Are you ready? We probably want to take a
shower, don't you think?"

"I 'spose," she said. "I mean, yeah, but I'd just love to stay here too.
Ya' know?"
"I know. We can stay, but your friends are expecting us. And, well, you
are coming to my room tonight, aren't you?"

"Uh huh," she said and turned to face him. "Daddy, do you think we won't
have to sneak around someday? You know, be a real couple?"

"Gosh, sweetie," he swallowed hard. "That's going to be hard. People
wouldn't understand, see. Your mom... Well, even other people. If they

"But my friends are cool. They saw us kissing and no one cared. And
there's Elaine. Lots of people would be cool, don'cha think?"

"Well, your friends don't really know what's going on. I haven't figured
out Elaine, except that she's very loyal to me. But, baby, I'm afraid
we're going to have to keep it secret."

"I guess..." he could see her getting sad.

"But," he said getting her to look back up at him, "a lot of people
won't know I'm your dad and, especially when you're a bit older, they
won't think anything when they see us together. It's people that know us
we have to be careful around."

"So, like, we could let people think we're like married or something and
not that you’re my dad?"

"Something like that."

"Oh, really? That would be cool! People would call me Mrs. C., hee hee.
And maybe I could get, you know, a ring. I'd call you dear and honey."

"Easy, sweetie, uh, until you look a bit older that wouldn't go over too
well. In a few years, I think, maybe. Okay?"

"Yeah, but I'm getting older all the time. You'll see. We could be like
that real soon. I'm sure of it." She smiled and was suddenly even
happier with what was waiting in the bottom of her school bag.

"Don't grow up too fast on me, baby," he asked. "You should enjoy being
a teen. It's a really great time of your life."
"It is. Especially when I'm with you. Mmmmmm." She kissed him and saw
the image of her standing next to him with a wedding ring on and having
everyone think she's his wife. Oh, and a baby! Some day. That too...

09-16-2006, 07:29 PM
Chapter 46 - Lover's Cove

John listened as the kids talked about school and parties and general
teenaged gossip. After about forty minutes couples started slipping out
almost unnoticed, dragging their blankets with them. John strongly
suspected that some very heaving necking was going on just around the
rock outcropping to their left.

"Want to take a walk?" he asked his daughter. Amanda beamed a big smile
at him. He lifted her off his lap and set her on her feet before he
stood up. He pointed at the blanket and she smiled again and nodded
eagerly. She had the same idea he did.

She picked up her shoes and helped him fold the borrowed blanket. Hestuck it under one arm and held out his other hand.

A hundred yards away, around a tall pile of rocks they found the absent
couples. They were scattered widely in the dark, sheltered cove. All of
them were necking. No one seemed shocked or even surprised when Amanda
led her dad to the back of the cove.

"Over there," he pointed at a particularly secluded spot that wasn’t
occupied yet. She smiled and headed for it. They spread the blanket out
and sat side by side.

"Oh daddy," she sighed. "This is just perfect. You really are my
boyfriend, here. It's just so nice."

"Mmmmmm," he agreed. He turned her head and kissed her. She kissed back
and in seconds they were lying on their sides in passionate embrace.
Amanda smiled as her dad pulled her shirt out of her skimpy shorts. He
slid his hand up and started playing with her little tits.

Amanda pushed him to his back and sat astride his stomach. He put his
other hand in her shirt and soon was feeling both of her nipples through
the lacy material of her pink bra. She undid his shirt buttons and
pulled the top of his shirt open, exposing most of his strong chest.
Tentatively she put her fingers on his nipples and started rubbing them.
Slowly they started to pop up they way her's did when he touched them.
She giggled as she pinched them lightly and flicked her finger over

When she got tired of that she slid back so her ass was over his cock.
She felt his hard shaft and smiled before she bent over and kissed his
left breast. She heard her dad moan as she licked his nipple and started
sucking lightly on it. She made a mental note to thank Elaine for the
advice the next time she saw her.

Licking her daddy's nipples got boring pretty fast. Maybe if she could
watch his face but the light was to low out here. She felt his cock
rubbing against her tummy and knew it would be much more fun to suck.

So, she slid further down her dad's body until her head was even with
his belt. She undid that and unzipped his slacks. He lifted his butt and
allowed her to pull them and his shorts down. She grabbed his hard shaft
and licked it from the base to the head.
This was more like it. She concentrated on the spot Elaine told her
about and saw immediately how right she was. Her dad was groaning like
he was ready to cum and she'd just started. Not wanting that to happen
yet, she left that and started sucking it in her mouth.

She just loved the taste of her daddy's cock. And the smell. The rich
manly aroma of his body intoxicated her. At night, while he was sleeping
she'd taken to putting her nose in his chest hairs and just breathing.
Down by his cock the scent was ten times stronger.

She experimented with his balls. She knew to be gentle but other than
that she wasn't sure what to do. On an impulse she took her lips off his
shaft and sucked one of his testicles into her mouth.

"Oh baby!" her dad cried. "Oh, god!"

'Okay,' she thought with a smile. 'That seems to be good.' She switched
to the other ball. Her dad's coarse hair was poking her soft skin but
she ignored it for as long as she could. When she just couldn't take it
any longer, she went back to his shaft.

"Oh, darling," he moaned. Amanda was giddy. She was getting much more
confident at this. Just one short conversation with Elaine had helped so
much. She'd just have to go to lunch with her again. 'Daddy would
understand,' she thought. 'But, maybe I won't tell him what we talked
about. Then it could be a surprise...'

She couldn't get more than a few inches of his cock in her mouth. By the
time she got it her lips around it her face was stretched so far it
almost hurt. But, she found that he seemed to like it when she slid her
lips up and down the shaft. When she spread them a little and started
using her tongue her dad really went nuts.

"OH GOD! BABY! What are you doing? That's incredible! OH YES!"

Suddenly she felt his cock jerk. Shit! He was cumming too soon. She
didn't stop, though. She'd learned that once he started he couldn't
stop. She kept jerking it with her hand and sliding her lips up and
down. She got her mouth over the end just as the last spurt came out.
It tasted a bit like chili.
"Oh, baby," he groaned. "You're getting so good at that. I can't believe
it. I'm sorry. I know you didn't want me to cum but, god, you started
licking it and... I'm sorry."

"Shhhh..." she quieted him. "It's okay. I, ah... I'm happy it was so

"I'll make it up to you tonight, okay?" he promised. "When we get home."

"That sounds perfect."

She cuddled next to him on the blanket. Most of his cum had landed on
his stomach and she started rubbing her finger through it. Every once in
a while she'd lick his sticky goo off them.

"It tastes like the fries," she said. "Want some?" He shook his head at
the offered finger full of semen. She shrugged and went back to cleaning
him off.

The cum that hadn't landed on John had soiled the blanket. Since it was
dirty anyway, Amanda used a clean corner of it to wipe her dad's cum off
him before they folded it up.

They saw most of the other couples had left the cove. They could still
hear cheerful voices coming from down the beach and from the reflected
light they knew the bonfire had been tended by someone. John helped his
daughter to her feet and they walked slowly back to join the others.

When they got there Cloe saw John set their blanket on rocks behind
them. At first she was afraid Amanda and her dad were leaving but when
Amanda asked if they could share her and Martin's blanket she happily
climbed into her boyfriend's lap.

"Uh, Martin," John said in an embarrassed whisper. "Tell your mom we got
the blanket dirty. We'll wash it, okay?"

"Hey, don't worry Mr. C. They get dirty all the time. You don't have to
wash it."

Amanda whispered something in her friend's ear. "Uh, Martin," Cloe said.
"Let them wash it if they want to."
"I'm telling ya, mom does them all the time. It's like..." He saw Cloe
staring at him. He just shut up. When the girl gave him that face he
knew he was about to get in trouble. He usually didn't understand what
was going on, and this certainly was one of those times.


They stayed at the beach until the bonfire burned out around 1:00am.
Everyone's opinion of Amanda's dad went up ten fold when the beach
patrol came by just after midnight. When they saw they had an adult with
them the two officers left them alone. If John hadn't been there they
would have been told to go home.

Cloe, Martin, Amanda and John were the last ones to leave the beach.
They all paused at the edge of the pavement as Amanda put her shoes on.
In the light of the parking lot, Cloe saw something on her friend's

"Amanda, you've got something in your hair," Cloe pointed out. Amanda
felt for it and sure enough, a blob of her dad's cum had landed in her
bangs. She shot him a dirty look. He sheepishly handed her his
handkerchief and she tried to wipe it out.

09-16-2006, 07:32 PM
Chapter 48 - Another Parent/Teacher Night
There was an uneasy peace in the kitchen as John waited for Amanda. He
was taking Amanda to Parent/Teacher night so Jen could go to a racquet
ball lesson. Jen was there too, in her gym clothes, staring at him with
poorly hidden anger.

The girl came down in a pair of jeans her mother hated. They looked like
they were painted on and the waist barely came to her hips. The sexy
ankle boots looked completely out of place on a girl her age and the
cropped top was almost indecent. Jen knew better than to say something
now. It would only cause a fight and she didn't want to leave the house
any more upset than she already was.

"Ready to go, sweetie," John asked. His daughter came over and hugged
him. She looked into his eye for a long second.

"No!" the teen cried suddenly and started for her room. "I forgot my uh,
thing. I'll meet you at the car, daddy."

John exchanged a look with his wife. What thing? She shrugged and he
went to the garage.

When Amanda came back carrying her new organizer Jen wrinkled her brow.
'What did she need that for?' her mother thought. Still, when her
daughter came and gave her a hug she felt much better, even if the girl
was dressed like a slut. Hopefully John wouldn't drool all over her in
front of her teachers.

"Bye, mom," Amanda said. "Tell Steven I said hi! Oh, and, uh, have a
good time. A really, really good time."

When her daughter left Jen was smiling. She intended to have good time.
Her racquet ball lesson was at the young man's apartment.


Amanda led her dad into the school. He'd been there many times over the
years but never for parent/teacher night. That was something Jen had
always gone to. Amanda quickly saw Cloe and her mom standing near the
center of the auditorium and made straight for them.

"Hey! Clo!" she called when she was still ten yards away. The friend
somehow heard her over the din and turned excitedly to greet her.
"John?" Cloe's mom looked surprised. Kat St. Claire was a single mom.
He'd met her a few times. "Where's Jen?"

"Oh, mom had a racquet ball lesson tonight so my dad came," Amanda

"A racquet ball lesson?" Kat couldn't picture Jen Carmichael playing
racquet ball.

"Uh, yeah, she's entered herself in the city tournament next month,"
John informed her.

"Really? Well... that's great. It's good to see you, John," Kat said
suddenly very friendly. Amanda gave Ms. St. Claire a disproving look.
Something about her tone of voice annoyed her.

Amanda listened to Cloe's latest gossip report with divided attention so
she could keep an ear on what was going on between their parents. She
heard Ms. St. Claire saying, "all the good men are either committed or

"Uh, you in there?" Cloe asked. "Hellooooo?"

"Huh, sorry, Clo," Amanda said but her attention was still on her dad.

Cloe finally saw what was bothering her friend. She'd seen her mom hit
on guys so many times she'd learned to just tune it out. Usually she
wouldn't do it if the guy's wife or girlfriend was standing there, but
then, her mom didn't know how Amanda felt about her dad.

"Uh, mom," Cloe interrupted.

"Just a minute, dear," her mom said to her with out taking her eyes off
Amanda's dad. "I'm talking to Mr. Carmichael."

"But you wanted to meet Mr. King, the science teacher, 'member?"

Kat shot her daughter a nasty look. She had said that last term but why
did the girl pick this moment to remember it. John looked... interested?

"Well, I'll let you go," John said quickly. Amanda smiled at him and thepair walked off.

"She was hitting on you, dad," his daughter informed him.

"I noticed," he stopped her and looked in her face. "Don't worry. I'm...
how did she put it? ...committed."

Amanda smiled happily. "Well, you're certainly not gay," she said off
handedly. Her dad almost choked.


"Mr. Carmichael," a stunning, young teacher rose to meet him. "It's so
nice to finally meet you. Your daughter talks about you all the time."

"Uh, thanks, Ms.," he squinted at her name tag, "Greene."

"Amy," she corrected him, "call me Amy."

"John," he told her shaking her hand.

"Well, what's there to say," the ebullient teacher social studies
started. "Your daughter is my best pupil. She's quite mature for her
age. Her homework is always perfect. I know I can call on her in class
at any time, which makes my job so much easier."

"That's nice to hear," he said proudly.

"Oh, she's just blossomed before my eyes. The first month of the year
was a little rough, but since then she's been a new person."

John thought back. The school year started in August. Their first date
had been in September. He smiled knowing that his love affair with
Amanda had a positive effect outside the bedroom.

Five minutes later he left Ms. Greene's classroom. She was the last
teacher on his list. He went looking for his daughter.

09-16-2006, 07:33 PM
Chapter 49 - Biology Class

"There you are," he said finding Amanda chatting with Sam and Cloe. He
walked up and put an arm around her shoulder. "Hello Sam."
"Hi Mr. Carmicheal," Sam said.

"Uh, daddy, we were just talking about the beach. Everyone had a great
time and, do ya think, maybe we could have another one, like at our

It did sound like fun. John almost agreed right there but, he knew he'd
have to clear it with Jen or there would be hell to pay. "Let me check
with your mom," he said. "But, if she's okay with it, absolutely."

"Cool!" "Great!"

"You're the best, dad," Amanda said with a hug. "Uh, are you, like done
with the teachers and stuff?"

"I think so," he said.

"How 'bout I show you around, huh? You haven't seen much of the school."

"Ah, I..." but before he could say another word he was being led away.

"See ya' later, girlfriends," Amanda said over her shoulder.

She led her dad down a hall of classrooms. The first few were lit up,
but as they kept going the rooms were dark. John wanted to ask where
they were going since it was obvious Amanda wasn't really taking him on
a tour. The corridor tee'd into another and Amanda led him to the left.
The third door on the right was unlocked. She pulled her dad in and
closed the door.

John could see just enough in the dark room to tell it was some sort of
science lab. It was surprisingly similar to the ones he'd been in way
back when, except for the row of computers along one wall and the big
monitor screen where the black board had been in his school. The center
of the room was still filled with the high lab benches he remembered.
Most of the benches had stuff on them but Amanda casually pushed the
junk on one bench to one side.

"We, uh, probably should hurry," she said in a hushed voice, pulling her
top off. She undid her pants and squirmed until they were past her butt.
"Help me up," she told him. "and then take my boots off."

John wasn't real comfortable with doing it there, but his little girl
was tempting and if they could manage to keep quiet he figured they'd be
relatively safe. He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her to the
bench. She stuck out a foot and he unzipped the high heeled boot and
pulled it off. She took it and set it on the bench next to her.

When the other boot was beside the first, he pulled her jeans off. Even
with them off her hips he had trouble tugging them down her legs. They
were that tight. He worried that if they had to make a quick get away it
would take forever to get her dressed.

He stepped back and admired his nearly naked daughter. She was wearing a
black lace cup bra and string bikini panties. She started to take her
bra off.

"No," he said. "Leave it on. It looks sexy on you."

"Daddy, you're a kinky old man," she said pushing her bra strap back
onto her shoulder.

"Well, now what?"

"Duh," she said. "Now you fuck me. Gosh dad, did you go mental or

John laughed as he pushed his pants down and stepped between her legs.
The bench was almost the perfect height. By leaning forward just a bit
his cock was the same level as her pussy. He pulled her panties aside
and pushed into her.

"This is my earth sciences lab," she explained as her daddy's cock
entered her, "and this is the bench Cloe and I share. I thought it would
be, like, so cool to do it here. That way, I'll have something to remind
me of you when I'm in school."

John laughed. "But, tonight it's a biology lab," he kidded her.

"Huh, no, I said it's earth science."

"Never mind," he laughed again and started thrusting into her.
"Oh, yes," she moaned softly. "This is much better than Mr. Carson's
dumb class."

John shut up and concentrated on fucking his daughter. The dark bra and
panties were such a contrast to her fair skin that they were clearly
visible in the dark room. Seeing them on his little girl was almost as
arousing as her tight pussy around his hard cock.

"Oh!" she cried suddenly. "I get it. Biology! Funny, daddy. Like sexual

"Well, let's hope not," John said. 'Note to self. Pills! This week.'

John continued making love to Amanda until they suddenly heard someone
open the door.

John pulled Amanda off the lab bench and they hid behind it. She tried
to struggle into her jeans but it was making noise so her dad stopped
her. Their only chance would be if the intruder never found them. To
their horror a light turned on at the front of the room.

Amanda peeked around the bench. It was Mr. Carson. He was sitting at his
desk writing something. He wasn't acting like he knew they were there.
She crept back behind the bench.

Her dad had pulled a pad out of his pocket and had written on it. With
the extra light she could read "Who?" She took the pad and pen.

"Mr. Carson."

"We OK?"

"Think so. writing s-thing."

John shrugged. There was nothing to do but wait the guy out. Hopefully
he'd finish whatever he was doing and leave with out finding them.

Amanda saw her dad's pants were still down to his knees. His cock was
only a little hard. She wrapped her hand around it.

"No" he wrote. She nodded and kept strong his now hardening shaft. Verycarefully she moved around to his other side. Now she could get her head
down there. She started sucking him.

John had never been so nervous in his life. If they made a sound her
teacher would catch them and he'd be ruined. He'd heard what convicts
did to child molesters in prison and it wasn't pretty. And that's what
they'd charge him with. But, the risk was also enhancing Amanda's blow
job. He was as hard as he could be.

Amanda smiled around his cock. This was the most adventurous thing she'd
ever done. She'd never think of this classroom the same way after

When her dad lifted her head off his cock she fought him at first but
then she saw his eyes. He understood now. He pulled on her shoulders and
she obediently climbed onto his lap. She fit his cock into her with one
hand while she put a finger on his lips. They both were grinning
wickedly as she sank onto his shaft.

"Hmmpf!" they heard. Mr. Carson had started talking to himself. "well...
all of chapter 4, skip chapter 5, and just to see if they're reading the
damn text, the sample exercise on 65. That should be enough. Vocab...
geyser, continental drift, magma, oh, lava pipe..."

Amanda stopped riding her dad's cock and grabbed the pad and pen that
were still in his hand. She started frantically writing down the words
her teacher was obviously going to put on the test scheduled for the end
of the week. Her dad made an accusatory face at her but she kept

John couldn't let her cheat like that. He gently took the pad out of her
hands. She started to object but he was firm. Instead of giving her the
pad back he started flexing his hips, moving his cock a few millimeters
at a time in her pussy. She surrendered and started fucking him again.

She tried to concentrate on Mr. Carson's voice as well as her dad's
cock. He was still coming up with vocabulary words for the test and she
was trying to memorize them as he said them, but her father's cock was
making her pussy so hot it was hard to think of anything but her sexy
daddy. She gave up completely and focused solely on making love.

When her dad looked like he was going to start grunting she kissed him.She was getting very hot now. Her pussy was dripping wet, probably
making a puddle of her juices on the floor. He had started thrusting
into her. The tingle she got before an orgasm started and...

John realized his daughter was about to cum. He held her head so she
wouldn't pull away from his lips and scream. When her climax exploded
she struggled to pull away but he had a good hold on her. He had to work
so hard to keep her under at least some control he lost track of his own
orgasm. Suddenly it hit him and now it was Amanda holding his head while
he shot his load deep in her pussy.

They stayed lip-locked for minutes as they calmed down from their mutual
climax. John could feel his cum dripping out of his daughter's pussy and
down his balls but they didn't dare move.

Mr. Carson had stopped talking while they were cumming. He was still
writing something. Amanda could hear the scratching of his pencil on
paper. She felt her dad's cock go soft in her pussy and still her
teacher kept writing.

John checked his watch. It was after 9:30. Long past the end of the
parent/teacher conferences. He was starting to think the guy lived in
the classroom. But, finally, at almost 9:40 the light went out and they
heard him walk to the door. They didn't move until they heard the door
close. Then there was an ominous 'click'.

Amanda slowly lifted off her dad's cock. Her dad pulled his pants up
before he helped her with her jeans. When she stood up she stopped in

"Dad," she called to him in a hoarse whisper. "My boots, look."

John saw them sitting on the bench. Her teacher could have seen them any
time if he'd turned his eyes that way. John looked at Amanda and suddenly
they both had the giggles.

While Amanda put her boots on, John tried the door but it the guy had
dead bolted it from the outside. He crossed the room and tried a
window. It wouldn't budge. He tried the one next too. No luck. None of
the window's opened.

"Daddy?" Amanda was getting scared. She had no idea what they were goingto do. 'Were they going to be stuck in here until the next morning?'

John saw how upset she was getting and held her tight. While she
trembled in his arms he took stock of the situation. Door and windows
locked. First floor. Break a window? Nothing else to do.

He released Amanda and picked up one of the stools the students sat on.
She almost screamed as he thrust it through a window.


The next morning Jen was reading the paper when Amanda came down for
breakfast. "You guys got in awful late," she said.

"Huh, oh, dad had to help Cloe's mom change a flat," she told her mom
the rehearsed story.

"Well, you must have just missed the police," she said and showed her
daughter the article.

She stared at the paper in shock. 'Northridge Academy Vandalized' When
her dad came in she handed the paper to him.

"I hope Sam's mom appreciated your help," Jen said.

"Actually it was Kat St. Claire," he said as he read the article.

"Doesn't look like they did much damage. Strange. Probably just some
kids." He handed the paper back to Jen. "It doesn't even talk about
anything being taken."

"I don't know why anyone would want to take anything from a stupid
science room," Amanda said.

Just then the coffee was ready. Jen put the paper down and didn't get
back to it until shortly after John and Amanda had left.

"Funny," she said as she re-read the story about Amanda's school. "It
doesn't say anything here about it being a science room."

09-16-2006, 07:34 PM
Chapter 50 - Just Hangin'

It was what had become a fairly typical Friday night. The usual gang was
just hangin'. John was leaning against his car with Amanda in his arms.
Cloe/Martin and Sam/Jake were in the same posture against the car parked
next to his. The night was getting pretty boring.

Sam: "So... what we gonna do?"

Cloe: "Don't know..."

Martin: "Too early to bag it..."

Jake: "Hit the beach?"

Sam: "Nah, too cold."

Amanda: "A fire'd be nice..."
Jake: "Fire ban. Beach troller's get us fer sure."

Mr. C: "Not if we do it at our place."

"Really daddy?" Amanda suddenly lit up. "That be, like, so cool."

"How we gettin' there?" Cloe asked.

"I got wheels," John sad patting the side of his car. "Think you four
can cram in the back?"

With the top down it wasn't too bad. Martin and Jake got in then Cloe
and Sam climbed into their laps. Amanda cranked the radio up as her dad
backed out of the parking lot of the Hamburger Hut and the party started
before he shifted into drive.

They made an obligatory pass down the drag so everyone else could see
them crusin' in Mr. C's cool car. As they pulled into the drive at home
all six were singing along with the radio.

John almost opened the garage door out of habit but stopped. They'd have
to leave to take their friends home later so why bother. They all
spilled out and Amanda led them around the side of the garage.

The three boys, Martin, Jake and Mr. C., stopped at the wood pile and
grabbed an armful of wood each. They found their three girlfriends
waiting for them at the fire pit. "Hey, sweetie," John called to Amanda.


"Go in and get a lighter, would ya?"

"Gonna cost ya?"

"How much?"

"Usual." Amanda offered her lips up to him and her dad gave her a fast
but very hot kiss.

"Woo hoo! Gettin' hot out here already!" Cloe said, fanning herself for
effect. Amanda laughed all the way to the house.
As she rummaged in the kitchen junk drawer her mother walked in
nothing but her terrycloth robe.

"You're home?" Jen said, startled. "We... I, uh, didn't hear the garage

"Oh, hi mom," she said looking up with a smile. "Yeah, got boring so we
'sided to have a bonfire."

Jen peeked out the kitchen windows and saw Cloe St. Claire for sure and
at least two of Amanda's other friends out by the pool. 'Shit!' she

"You in bed already?" Amanda asked. "It's only 9:00. Got an early game
or sumthin'?"

"Shit," Jen muttered under her breath and peeked into the garage.
"Shit!" John was parked right behind...

"Mom? You okay? You look kinda crazy."

"I, uh, need your dad's keys."

Amanda narrowed her eyes. Something very strange was up.

"I need to move his car. Now!"

"Is everything okay down there Mrs. C.?" Amanda heard. Her mother went
white. After a moment of confusion Amanda gave her mom a friendly,
reassuring smile.

"Sure, mom," she said. "Dad's keys. Uh, could you like get my boombox
from my room?"

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, it's going to be a bit noisy when you and..." she pointed to the
ceiling, the master bedroom was directly above them, "move the cars. I
thought, maybe, you'd like it if we couldn't, like, hear." She didn't
wait for her mom to reply.
"Hey dadster!" she called when she was halfway to the firepit. He looked
up and she tossed the lighter to him. "Toss me the car keys!"

Without asking for a reason, John fished them out of his pocket and
tossed them back. Amanda gave him an explanation anyway, "I'm going
stash Martin's blanket in the trunk while I'm thinking of it. And, how
about I grab my box so we can have some tunes?" That was greeted by a
chorus of approving replies.

Amanda walked back in and saw her boombox sitting on the island. She
walked past her mom with only a, "just a sec," She pulled from the
bottom drawer of her dad's dresser the cleaned and neatly folded blanket
which she gave to her mom with the keys.

"Can you put this in daddy's trunk, mom?" she said innocently. "I
borrowed it from Martin's mom a few weeks ago and keep forgetting to
give it back."

As her mom left she had one last instruction. "Leave the keys on the
island, okay?"

Amanda cranked the boombox up as she stepped out of the house and
carried the thing on her shoulder. Cloe was dancing in Martin's lap by
the time she got to them.

She sat in her dad's lap and gave him a very undaughterlike kiss.
"Miss me, lover?"

"Uh, the keys?"

"Oh, drat! I left them in the house. Want me to go get them?"

"Later." He pulled her close and stated kissing her. They had some
catching up to do since the other two couples had started as soon as the
fire was going.

It was a risk to make out so close to Jen's bedroom, but unless she went
out on the balcony she wouldn't be able to see them. Since the night
wind was getting a bit chilly her husband figured it was pretty unlikely
she'd step out to see what was going on. His daughter was even more
unconcerned since she knew her mom was already undressed.
As make out sessions went, it was pretty tame by John and Amanda's usual
standards. He kept his hands outside her shirt when he felt up her boobs
and she was very discrete about rubbing his cock through his pants.
Mostly it consisted of a lot of tongue wrestling.

After twenty minutes of concentrated necking the fires was burning low
and everyone was ready for a breather. John and Amanda were the last
couple to come up for air.

"Anyone want a soda?" Amanda asked as her dad led the other boys back to
the wood pile. She got nods from everyone and headed back to the house.
Her mom was sitting at the kitchen table with her head in her hands.

"Was it a clean getaway?" she asked humorously before she saw her mom
was crying. It couldn't have been from seeing something outside. She was
still in her robe and she couldn't have seen them from the kitchen.

"You okay?" Amanda said in a sincere voice. She closed the refrigerator
and came over to her mom. "Mom? Hey, it's okay."

"Oh!" Jen wept. "I... I'm... oh....."

"Hey, shhh, mom, it's okay. Really. I understand. Really, I do."

"But, I..., oh god, he..."

"Look, no one's going to know, right? You know I would never say a

"But he was here. In my bed! God, what was I doing?"

"Gee, mom, I'm not sure I can answer that, but hey, keep it together.
It's not like anyone died, is it?"

"Oh my dear, my dear Amanda..." Jen hugged her daughter so tight the
girl's shoulder's started to hurt.

"Uh, mom..." she said after a few minutes. "Mom. Uh, they're going to
wonder where I am. I just came in to get sodas. You just go to bed,
okay? We... we can talk in the morning."

A dim glimmer of life came back to Jen's eyes. She kissed her daughter'sbrow and let her help her to her feet. As she slowly climbed the stairs
she recognized on Amanda the familiar scent of John's cologne. In
another context it would probably have set off warning bells, but in her
inwardly looking mood it only brought back feelings of the safety she'd
found so often in the arms of the man that wore it and that only
provided another source of soothing.


Since the house was completely dark when they got back from dropping
everyone off, Amanda went directly to her dad's room. They were both
getting undressed when she told him, "Honey, I think I'm going to go to
the gym with mom tomorrow morning."

"Why, baby? You getting tired of your old man?"

"No," she said with a giggle and pulled him into bed. "It's just... Did
you notice she never came out and asked us to turn the music down
tonight? I, uh, think she's kind of lonely, ya know? I just thought I
should spend a day with her, that's all."

"I'll miss you, sweetie," he said as his hand found one of her puffy
nipples. "Saturday morning is one of my favorite times of the week."

"I'll miss you too, daddy, but, I think I should do it anyway, know what
I mean?"

"I do, and," he kissed her sincerely, "it makes me very proud to be your
dad... and your boyfriend."

"How about my lover?"

"He's pissed as hell you're not going to be here."

"I'm here now..."

09-16-2006, 07:35 PM
Chapter 51 - Number One Fan
"Morning, mom. I made ya some coffee." Amanda greeted her mother
cheerfully when she came down. "I thought, maybe, like, we could hang
out today. If it's alright with you, that is."

"Morning" Jen croaked. Her daughter was at the kitchen table finishing a
bowl of cereal. Her boombox was still on the island. "Uh, what time did
you take everyone home?"

"Gosh, almost midnight, I guess. I hope we didn't keep you up. I made
them turn the music down after 10:30." Which had led them to find a nice
soft rock station that was just the perfect background for the heavy
petting that all three couples were engaged in by that time.

Her daughter was fully dressed and for once she wore a fairly modest
outfit, jeans (a little tight and low cut for her mother's taste) and a
short top (at least this one covered her navel). She had on the ankle
boots she seemed to wear all the time now.

With an effort Jen asked, "Uh, don't you and your dad have plans? Why
would you want to hang around me all day?"

"Well, we haven't just hung out in a while, know? And, like, we could
shop or whatever."

"I was going to the gym." Jen informed her daughter as she poured
herself a cup of coffee. The girl was getting very good at making it.
After a few sips, Jen's brain started working.

"I, uh, guess you can come too, if you really want," her mom said and
took a deep breath. That seemed to clear away most of the cob webs in
her head. "Uh, thank's again for covering for me last night. I, uh, owe

"Hey, no problem," Amanda told her. "Like, I'd do it anytime."

Jen was embarrassed. That was twice her daughter caught her with Steven.
While she craved the physical attention the boy provided, her affair
hadn't satisfied the deeper hunger, her need for emotional intimacy.
Steven was quite the physical specimen, but she'd learned he didn't have
much to offer outside of the bedroom or the gym.

"I have an aerobics lesson at 8:00," Jen told her daughter.
"That's like dancing, right?"

"Uh, kind of," her mother chortled. "It's a little more intense than

"Could I, like, try it?"

"Well, they do let visitors attend a free class..."

"Great! I'll go get something to change into..."


Amanda was struggling to keep up with the class of mostly middle aged
women in spandex. She positively knew the instructor could run her into
the ground. With half the class to go she had to stop and just
concentrate on breathing.

Jen saw her daughter drop out and put her hands on her knees. "Uh...
stand up... dear," she warned her. "Put your... hands... on... your
hips. Makes it... easier to... breathe." Her mom didn't miss a kick or
twist the whole time.

The teen did as her mother told her and found it slightly easier to draw
air in. She gawked, amazed at her mom. She was, like, totally having
fun. The more she sweated the better she seemed to feel. No wonder she
was so into this stuff.

When instructor started leading the class in five minutes of cool down,
Amanda saw her mom urging her to join in. When the music stopped she had
to grab her mom's shoulder to stay standing.

"Phew," Amanda said when the music finally stopped. Still holding her
mom she observed, "I can't... believe... you do that... every morning."

"Well, dear," her mother said as calmly as if she'd only been taking a
brisk walk, "I've worked up to it. This is an advanced class after all.
You'd do much better starting with the beginners for a few weeks, like I

"I guess," Amanda said with growing respect for her mom. "But I'm notsure I could ever keep up with you. That was hard!"

"Oh, you feel like that the first few times but then it's better."

Jen led her daughter to the showers and they washed their sweat off in
adjacent stalls. Jen started to get curious about what had happened the
night before.

"So, you and your friends just sat around the fire?" She got an
affirmative grunt. "Just, what, talking and listening to music?"

"Pretty much," Amanda said, not about to tell her about the kissing

"And your dad just, what, sits there?"

"Oh, dad's cool. He joins right in. Everyone likes hangin' with him.
'Course the guys just think his car is so cool, but he, uh, well, he
keeps us in line, sort of too. I don't know, it just seems to work, ya

"I guess, but when I was your age the last thing we wanted around was a
grown up."

"Dad's different. He's grown up sure, but he treats us like grown ups
sort of, and he's fun, too."

"Hmpf, you've really gotten close to him, then."

"Oh, yeah. He's like my best friend sometimes. But, then so are you,
mom. It's kind a neat to have such cool parents. My friends are like

Jen hadn't expected to be put in that category. Cool parent? That was an
interesting idea. She stepped out of the shower wrapped in a towel and
waited for her daughter.

They had gotten much closer, Jen realized. Was it similar with her
daughter and John? Was their playfulness just an outgrowth of their

Jen knew the key to keeping her family together was Amanda. She was thecommon ground she and John shared. The one ray of hope she could cling
to was that as her and John's relationship crumbled, their relationships
with their daughter grew stronger.

"Wow," Amanda said as she grabbed a second towel and dried her hair. "A
few minutes ago I thought I was going to, like die. Now, I feel great!"

"Endorphin’s," her mom said and got a weird look from her daughter.
"They're chemicals your body makes when it's hurt or after exercise. Uh,
they're like a drug, I've been told. They make you feel pretty good."

"So, you're saying, I'm like, high?"

Her mom laughed. "Something like that."

"So why do people, like, shoot stuff into themselves and all that?"

"Beats me, dear."

09-16-2006, 07:36 PM
Chapter 52 - Balls and Nails

Jen treated her daughter to a smoothie from the juice bar on the
mezzanine level of the gym. As they chatted Jen noticed Steven working
with another client.

As ashamed as she felt for being caught with him she couldn't deny the
physical attraction. Damn, sex with him was hot. Hotter than anything
she'd ever had before.

It might have been because it was wrong, cheating. It might have been
because she felt she was getting even with John. Perhaps it was just
that she'd missed it for so long or even that she was finally in good
shape and could be a better participant. Perhaps, just perhaps, Steven
was a better lover than John.

"You really like him, huh mom?" Amanda asked when she noticed who her
mom was watching.

"Uh, what?" Jen said, shocked out of her near trance. "Uh, oh, it's
complicated, dear. I, ah, really can't talk about it." 'Not with you,
anyway,' she added in her head.

"That's cool," Amanda said and started talking about the racquet ball
tournament. "I'm going to talk dad into coming. If you want that is."

"That would be nice, dear," Jen said knowing there wasn't much chance of
that... unless he came with Amanda. Then, and perhaps only for that
reason, he just might come.

"Do you think I could learn to play someday?"
"Oh, it's not that hard," Jen said off handedly. "I picked it up pretty
quick so I think anyone could. I, oh, could see if a court is free. We
could hit the ball around a bit."

"Really?" Amanda said with more enthusiasm than her mother expected.
"That would be, like, so cool."

So, they signed out a court they borrowed a racquet and eye protection
for Amanda. Jen showed her how to hold the racquet and the basic ideas
and then served the ball. Amanda returned it easily and her mother
started an easy volley with her.

"Gosh..." Amanda said with a smile. "This is fun...." She hit another
easy forehand. "we should play..." A simple backhand this time. "I could
help you train."

"Well," Jen said getting a little bored but enjoying the time with her
daughter. "I'm afraid you'd have to get a little better to really help
with that. But, I'd enjoy playing with you anyway."

"I'm doing pretty good, aren't I?" Amanda said having to reach off to
her backhand to return the ball.

"Oh, yes, for the first time you've picked up a racquet," Jen said. She
was really having to restrain herself. She could have killed the girl at
any time.

"So, you're like, holding back, right?"

"Oh, just a little," Jen lied.

"Okay, show me what it's really like," Amanda insisted.

"Okay," Jen said and waited for the ball. She killed it in the corner.

"Hey!" Amanda cried. "How was I supposed to get that?"

"You weren't," her mother laughed.

"Then what was I supposed to do?"

"Well, you can't hit the ball like you did, that set me up..."
Jen started to demonstrate a few of the finer points and found that
after a few minutes Amanda was getting much better. She was still no
match for her mom but Jen wasn't as bored and the two women where
enjoying themselves.

"That was fun," Jen declared as they collected their things. "How about
I pick you up from school Monday and we play a few games?"

"Really? I'd love that!"

As she took her second shower, Jen realized how much fun it was to be
around Amanda. The girl's adulation was intoxicating and she began to
understand somewhat of her husband's desire to spend so much time with
her. He certainly hadn't gotten praise from his wife in a long time.

"So what else you got planned today, mom?" Amanda asked as they got
dressed. Jen still wasn't used to seeing her daughter in push up bras
and thong panties, but no one else in the locker room seemed to notice.

"Well, I was going to get my nails filled," she explained showing her
daughter the 1/8" gap at the base of her salon nails. "Perhaps I could
drop you at home."

"Why?" Amanda asked. "Can't I just, like, hang around? I mean, if you
want to, but, gosh mom, I'm having a blast hanging with you."

The girl was like a drug and an addictive one at that. "Okay, you can
come," Jen said and got a huge smile in return. "How about we get some
lunch first?"


After lunch at a soup and salad place near the gym Jen drove to the nail
salon. She was a regular, coming every Saturday about this time. When
she introduced Amanda, the receptionist asked the obligatory question.

"Are we doing you today, too?"

"Oh mom! Can I? Please? Oh, I just love your nails and..."

"Okay, dear. Okay." That got a hug.
Amanda sat at a table a bit removed from her mom. Jen watched her chat
cheerfully with the young Vietnamese girl that was prepping her nails.
Her daughter was a great kid and soon to be a phenomenal woman. Her
grades had been perfect this year. She was very smart, and very good
with everyone she met.

The only thing that bothered her was the way she flirted with her dad. A
girl her age should be interested in boys her own age. Her mother could
see now that Amanda would dominate any boy, not in a bad way, but her
strong personality would overwhelm any teenager. Perhaps that was why
she hung around her dad. She needed someone stronger to hone her
feminine charms on.

In any case it was clear that Amanda loved both her parents and their
constant bickering hurt the girl. Jen knew she was at least partly to
blame. She'd neglected John for years. It didn't forgive what he was
doing, but it might explain it. John, like any man, needed to have his
ego stroked from time to time and he hadn't gotten that from her in
ages. Amanda did it constantly. Perhaps that was something she could
learn from her daughter.


John heard them get home about 7:00. They'd been gone all day. All he'd
gotten that morning was a kiss from Amanda when she'd left his bed and,
well, he was horny. Amanda and Jen were laughing as they came in the
family room with a dozen shopping bags between them.

"So that's where you were?" he said with a laugh. "Shopping! It explains

"Oh, daddy!" Amanda said. "That's not all we did." She plopped into his
lap and held out her hand, letting him admire her pretty pink nails.

Instantly John felt his cock stir. The idea of that little hand with the
pretty fingers wrapped around his shaft was getting him hot. Of course,
in his horny state it hadn't taken much. Amanda felt his cock push
against her butt and squirmed just a bit as she gave him a sexy smile.

"Aren't they pretty?" she said. "Mom got them for me. And she's teaching
me racquet ball and I tried to do aerobics."
"Why don't you put your things away, dear?" her mother suggested.
Amanda gave her dad a quick kiss and left with over half the shopping

"You took her to the gym?" John asked.

"She wanted to go," Jen said. "It was a fun day. For both of us."

She took a seat on the couch and observed, "We have a great daughter."
John smiled and nodded. "She really likes the way you are around her
friends. I don't know how you do it, but, those kids really look up to
you, John. You're quite the role model to them."

That was an interesting way to put it. If she only knew... "Well,
they're a good bunch. They don't get in trouble or anything. They pretty
much just have fun."

"Well, it takes a special person to relate to them like you do," Jen
said. "Can I get you something? Beer?"

"Uh, sure," John said. This was almost pleasant. Jen didn't seem ready
to bite his head off. She'd been nice before, just after she'd hit
bottom, but it was an act then. This wasn't an act. She was relaxed and

Jen returned with his beer and an iced tea for herself and started
relating the things she and Amanda did. They were chatting amicably when
their daughter returned and sat between them.

"Well, I'd better get supper started," Jen said as she picked up the
phone. Her husband and daughter looked at her like she'd grown a second
head. "Yes..." She gave out their phone number and they realized she was
ordering a pizza. By the time she hung up all three of them were

"Gee, mom," Amanda said, "I was going to help, but it looks like you
have thinks pretty much taken care of."

"Yeah, Jen," John chimed in, "you really shouldn't work so hard in the
kitchen. I mean we appreciate it and all, but be reasonable."
"No sacrifice is too much where my family is concerned," she said with a
serious tone and then broke up as she carried her shopping bags up the
stairs. As soon as she was out of sight, Amanda climbed into her dad's
lap and kissed him.

"Mmmmmm.... I missed you daddy," she purred in his ear. "I hope you're
not mad or nothing."

"No, baby, mmmmmmm." He kissed her, knowing they didn't have much time.
"Your mom is in a great mood. Really this time. You two must have had a
great time."

"We did, but, mmmmmmm, I missed you too." They tongue wrestled for as
long as they dared.

"Do you really like my nails?" she asked as they waited for Jen to get

"Oh baby, yes! They're, like, totally sexy!"

"Mom was right," she giggled.


"She said that if you spent more time hanging with us you'd start
talking like us too." They were still laughing when Jen came in.

09-16-2006, 07:39 PM
Chapter 53 - A Couple's Shower

"What's it say, daddy?" Amanda held an envelope addressed to both of

"I don't know," he explained. "I didn't open it. Elaine gave it to me as
I left."

His daughter eagerly tore open the envelope and found a card. "It's a
shower for," she opened it up and read the inside, "Katheryn. At
Elaine's apartment. A week from Saturday."

She handed him the card and asked, "Can we go? It's for couples. You
know, the guys come too."
"I suppose," he said.


Amanda held the bride's registry and was reading to her dad. She was on
the kitchen gadgets.

"A blender. A toaster. A set of knives." She turned to him and asked,
"How much are we spending?"

"We?" he asked. "So, you're like going to put in some of your allowance
toward this?"


"Okay, uh, I guess $200."

"Cool, now we're talking..."

"You just like to buy stuff, don't you?"

"Huh, oh, sure! It's fun," she said pouring over the list for things in
the $200-$250 range. She'd already figured she could talk her dad into
that much more. "Beside's Katheryn's cool."

"I know," John said. "And she's been dating this guy for five years, or
that's what Elaine tells me."

"Gosh, wouldn't it be fun if someone threw a shower for us someday?"

"Uh, not likely, sweetie."

"I know," she playfully slapped his chest. "I can dream, though. I'd get
better stuff than this, though. We've already got most of these things."

"I know, but Katheryn's just getting started. And the stuff you think
we've got is your mom's and mine. We let you use it, but it's not the

"What ever... I want to look at those." She pointed at a display of
crystal serving bowls.

John held their present as Amanda rang the door at Elaine's apartment. A
stranger answered but ushered them in anyway. There were already a dozen
couples in the modest apartment.

"You made it," Elaine said. "Let me show you where to put that..."

She led them to a table with other presents. John wondered why she felt
she had to escort them but then he found out.

"Just set it down," Elaine told her boss. She continued in a whisper,
"And keep your hands to yourselves, okay?"

"Don't worry, Elaine," Amanda assured her. "We promise. Right, daddy?"

Elaine got a contrite nod from her boss but she'd keep her eyes on the
randy couple anyway.

They did their best, but it was so natural to them now that they were
giving everyone at the party an obvious display of their love. The
people that knew them from work had become accustomed to the way John
and Amanda flirted and passed it off as just innocent fun. People that
didn't know them just assumed they were a couple, as was obvious from
some of the questions Amanda got.

"So, how do you know Katheryn?" one of Katheryn's bridesmaids asked

"Oh, uh, we work together," she explained.

"Does that mean you all work for John?" another friend of the bride

"Sure, he's great," Amanda explained.

"That must be rough," the bridesmaid observed, "dating the boss. How do
you handle that?"

Amanda suddenly realized they didn't know she was his daughter. They
thought she was dating him, which she was, but it meant she hadn't done
too good a job at hiding their relationship. Unsure what to do sheplayed along.

"Uh, well, we haven't had a problem, yet," Amanda said. "It's working
pretty good, actually."

"Well, you certainly look happy together. That's the way Katheryn looked
at Alex when they first started dating. Are you guys looking at
something permanent?"

"Gosh, I hope so."

"So... is he going to get you a ring soon?"

Amanda almost said she'd gotten one, the 'promise ring' her dad had
bought for her at the boardwalk but she stopped in time. They were
talking about an engagement ring. The idea of getting one of those from
her dad made the girl smile.

"I see," the bridesmaid said. "You are but he just doesn't know it yet,

All three of them laughed and the other friend added, "That's the way it
always works, isn't it. They'd never get around to that if we didn't
drag them by the curly hairs, or something a little thicker, if you know
what I mean."

"Elaine!" the friend called the hostess over. "We were just talking with
Amanda. She's got her pretty pink claws pretty deep into your boss."

"Oh really," Elaine said as she shot Amanda a look but the girl just
shrugged. "We're, ah, going to start opening presents soon. You might
want to freshen your drinks." She quickly led the teen away.

"Sorry," the girl said but they both knew she wasn't that sorry. "They
just assumed I was dating him. What should I have done?

"Just be careful," Elaine whispered and went to check on the other half
of the happy couple.

"No, uh, the age thing isn't really a problem," John was explaining and
Elaine knew he was as bad as his daughter. "It actually adds a lot. We
get to see things from each other's point of view."
"Uh, Mr. C?" she called him away. He didn't even offer an apology.

"Oh, don't worry Elaine, they don't know us," he explained.

"Oh really? Then you didn't see Hank hitting on Gena, did you? And he
was also making a few moves on Liz? What if either one of the them
started seeing him and he casually asked about your hot office romance?"

"Didn't think of it that way," he mumbled. "I'll be more careful."

"It's like teaching kindergarten," she was saying as she walked away.

After that John kept to the people from the office. It was safer, he
figured. Elaine saw his change in conversation Partners and stopped
worrying about him. Amanda was going to be more work. She decided to
stick by her, just in case.

She spent the next hour not two feet from the teen. When there was
someone with them Elaine carefully steered the conversation onto
Katheryn. When they were alone they talked about Elaine's love life.

"So you haven't had sex in almost six months?" Amanda replied after
hearing about the end of Elaine's last relationship.

"It can be done," the older girl assured her.

"I think I'd go nuts, or something," Amanda admitted. "It's been like
two days for us and I'm, like horny all the time."

That worried Elaine. She needed to really keep them under control but
just then she was called into the kitchen. She started to drag Amanda
with her but the girl had slipped away.

As Elaine came back out she caught Amanda and John slipping into the
bathroom. She shook her head and checked her watch. In ten minutes she'd
be standing outside the door. "How many times am I going to have to
cover for those two?" she muttered.

"Baby, this isn't a good idea?" John told his daughter even as she was
unzipping his pants.
"Shhhh, daddy!" she said as his cock came out. "No one saw us and
besides, mom will be home. And she's kept me up the last two nights. I
don't know when we're going to have another chance."

Jen had been much more involved in their lives which would otherwise
have been a good thing but it made it impossible to have sex. John
surrendered against his better judgement. His daughter's lips around his
no hardening cock were the best argument she had.

"Oh, baby..." he moaned as she started nibbling on his cock. Her pretty
pink nailed fingers were pumping the shaft. He watched her open her
mouth wide and take almost four inches of his manhood into her little
mouth before sucking hard on it as she pulled her lips sensuously up the
bumpy skin.

"Shhhh..." she warned him. "If anyone hears you, Elaine will kill us."

John stifled another moan as she took his cock back into her mouth. God
she was getting good at this, but he knew their time was very
constrained and he needed to fuck her so bad.

Amanda smiled as her father gently lifted her head. She knew what was
coming next and when he sat on the toilet she happily pulled her dress
up to her waist. Her dad pushed her thong to the side and held his prick
as she started down. When she felt the tip she paused to let him get it
in her and then sank down on it.

"Oh daddy!" she cried out and now it was his turn to remind her to be
quiet. "Shhhh..."

"Oh daddy," she moaned more softly. "It's so good. Oh god! Yes!"

She was facing away from him so he couldn't kiss her. Instead he pulled
the top of her dress down and started playing with her tits while she
started bouncing on his cock. "Oh god I missed fucking you," he whispered
in his daughter's ear.

"Me too," she whispered back. They found that if he craned his head as
far forward as he could and if she turned as far to her left as possible
they could kiss. "mmmmmmmmm...." That didn't last long because it
limited Amanda's ability to move and she was doing the fucking.
John picked her up and had her kneel on the closed toilet seat. He
folded her dress over her back and rubbed his cock salaciously up and
down her butt crack. "Put it in, daddy," she begged. "Fuck me!"

He looked down at the obscene spectacle that was his huge cock resting in
the crease of daughter's little ass. He rubbed prick up and down a few
more times before it caught in the folds of her pussy. Then he pushed it

"Oh yes...." she moaned. "Oh, that's better."

John knew they had to hurry but it had been so long and if Jen kept
hanging around he wasn't sure when they'd get another chance. He wanted
to savor this time. Still, he sped up, grabbing her ass and pulling her
back as he slammed forward. His daughter twisted her head back and
smiled at him as he started going at her with all his strength.

"Ugh!" she stifled a scream by burying her face in her arm. John felt
her body tensing, a sure sign she was about to cum. He started using
shorter, faster and harder strokes. Her body started to shake and he
made sure to hold her tightly, in case she lost her balance when her
orgasm hit.

"OHGMfpf!" He heard the muffled cry as she started cumming. He was close
too. He started making longer strokes of his cock into her pussy. It's
incredible tightness was coaxing intense pleasure from his manhood and
it didn't take long before...

"OH!" He cried aloud and then sank deep and swallowed the rest of his
grunts while he pumped burst after burst of cum into Amanda's pussy.

They were still joined, his cock hardly softer, buried deep in her
pussy, and they'd only partially recovered when they heard a nock at the
door. "Ah, just a minute," John called out.

"Okay, but you come out first," Elaine told him. "Amanda stay. And,
hurry up, both of you."

Less than a minute later John opened the door and gave his admin. a
sheepish look. She glowered at him as she pushed past him into the
"Sorry," Amanda said as she got the same look. "Uh, it was my fault. I
pulled him in here."

"Uh, right," Elaine said after she closed the door. "You forced all
190lbs of him, against his will, in here. You take judo or something?"

"Well, it wasn't that hard," Amanda said. She reached down and adjusted
her thong.

Elaine shook her head and said, "Fix your face. It's a mess."

"Gosh, Elaine, I don't have..." Amanda started to say she didn't have
her purse but stopped when Elaine handed it to her. "Oh, uh, thanks."

When Amanda had repaired the damage to her makeup Elaine let her out of
the room. John was waiting for them.

"Sorry," he said but it wasn't that sincere. "I, uh, we owe you one,

"Surely, Mr. C. That you do."

09-16-2006, 07:41 PM
Chapter 54 - The Bike

When a motorcycle pulled into the parking lot of the Hamburger Hut no
one paid it much attention. When it pulled up to the gaggle of teens
centered on Cloe St. Claire a few of the boys looked on covetously.
When the girl on the back took off her helmet and it was Amanda
Carmicheal everyone stopped and gathered around.

"OH WOW!" Martin declared. "You got a Harley! Unbelievable! Oh man!
Jake, look, a Hog!"

That was the general consensus of the males. The females were more
impressed by Amanda's leather pants, leather jacket and the decorated
helmet with her name in script across the back. To complete the 'biker
chick' look she had mid-calf high lace up boots with spiked four inch
metal heels.

"Hey, Cloe," she said as if it was no big deal to arrive as she had.
"You look hot."

Cloe was a pretty sexy version of Vampira. With the biggest bust of the
eighth grade, she only need a moderate amount of padding to create the
signature cleavage of the character. Martin was in a dread locks wig and
a Bob Marley t-shirt. Sam was decked out as a bum. Jake was, well, Jake.

"Wow, girlfriend," her friend said. "You sure look different!" On closer
inspection her leather clad friend was wearing racier, heavier makeup
with lots of eye liner and dark red lips. It made her look sexy, even
dangerous. "You're gonna like kill at the dance."

Amanda smiled at the reaction her costume got. It had been her idea but
it had taken two shopping trips to get everything and then an hour at
Elaine's apartment having her help with the extensive makeup.

"Oh, thanks, we, uh thought we'd take daddy's new bike out for a spin
'fore we head over, ya know." she explained. "Figured we'd find yall
It was obviously the night of the eighth grade Hallowe’en dance. Everyone
(except Jake) was in costume but Amanda and John's get ups were, by
common consensus, the best by far.

On the other side of the bike John was receiving the adulation of his
thirteen and fourteen year old friends. "Cool bike!" "Oh, man!" "This is
so cool."

He smiled as he took off his own helmet, a twin of his daughter's except
with his name on the back. He took Amanda's helmet and set them both on
the seat, as they visited.

"Hey, stud," Amanda called, fully into her role as a motorcycle momma,
"get us some drinks."

"Sure, babe!" her dad responded, also in character.

When he got back she pulled him down to her by the lapel of his leather
jacket and gave him a deep tongue kiss for all to see. Except for a few
lewd whistles no one reacted. They'd seen Amanda and her dad kiss

"So what 'cha two doing?" Sam wanted to know.

"Like my girl said, tryin' out the new wheels," John explained.

Amanda started rubbing her leather clad behind suggestively against his
crotch. "Soft, but... lumpy!" she declared before she settled her weight
against him and let him wrap his arms around her.

"So, like, what's it like to ride a Hog?" Martin was dying to know.

"Oh, man, the sound. Holding my man so tight," Amanda told him. "It
don't get better, does hot stuff?"

"No babe, except for, well..." he said before he started humping her
back side. Amanda responded by grinding her butt back. They finished
their little show with another kiss.

"Man are you two horny tonight," Cloe observed. "Is it the bike? The
clothes? What?"
"Oh, I don't know," Amanda said sounding like herself for a bit. "I
guess the whole thing, huh daddy? Ever since we put these things on and
got on the bike I've been, hot! Ya know?"

"They're never gonna let you in," Sam said. "They specifically said no
underwear showing."

"You mean this?" Amanda pointed at the leather bustier that was visible
under her jacket. "Hell, Cloe's boobs are practically hangin' out.
What's wrong with this?"

"I'm just saying, if it shows, you don't go."

"Well, if they give me shit, I'll just..." she pulled the zipper of her
jacket up a few inches to cover the offending undergarment.

"But until then..." her father added as he reached up and pulled the
zipper back down a little further than it had been.

"Gosh, Mr. C.," Martin was walking around gawking at the all the chrome
and the classic lines of the motorcycle. "This is one kick ass machine."

"Thanks, Martin," John said. "Uh, we like it. It's fun to ride, ya

"I can see that, friend," he replied meaning how hot it got Amanda. "I
just hope you can handle her, ya know?"

"Ya' talking about my hog or my squeeze?"

Amanda turned around in his arms and said, "Hey, dadster, we still

"Sure babe," he assured her and then mounted the bike.

As they put they put their helmets on Amanda explained their plans,
"We're gonna ride for a while, ya know? We'll meet yall at the dance."

Amanda climbed onto the seat behind her dad and hugged him tight as Cloe
filled them in on the after dance plans. "Uh, we were kind a thinkin'
'bout goin' to my place after. Mom's out on a date. Gonna be late, Ithink anyway."

"Cool, Cloe's after, got it stud?"

"Got it pretty lady."

Their friends then stood back as John kicked the motor to life and they
pealed back onto the road.


"John? John Carmichael?" It was Amy Greene, Amanda's social studies
teacher who was chaperoning the dance.

"Evening, Ms. Greene," he said as he filled two glasses with punch.

"Amy, remember, uh, what are you doing here? Like that?"

"Oh, Amanda had this idea to come as bikers," he explained and left with
her still wondering what was going on.

"Here babe," he told his date and got a kiss as a reward. She got up and
let him sit where she'd been then settled comfortably on his lap. She
was explaining how her mom had reacted to their costumes.

"She called him, what was it dadster?"

"A forty-year-old pre-adolescent."

"Right, and she laughed so hard she got the hic-ups. Then we laughed.

"She hates the bike, but... oh well!" John explained his latest marital
squabble to his young friends.

"Yeah, we've had it what, a week?"

"Week tomorrow," her dad reminded her. "We picked it out a week ago
Tuesday but they didn't have it ready until Saturday and I had to get a
new license."

"We ordered the helmets right after we signed the papers for the bike."
"Hey, isn't that the song..."

"Yeah, right..." Amanda set her glass down and dragged her dad out to
the dance floor. They started dancing to the fast music with just a hint
of the suggestiveness they had shown in the parking lot of Hamburger
Hut. Even so a few of the chaperones cast a suspicious eye toward them.

When the music slowed down their dancing was even more erotic, but in
ways that were less easy to see. When she figured no adult was watching
she took to squeezing his butt through his leather slacks.

John slowly worked his hand between them and massaged her tit. They
kissed playfully so often people stopped noticing. They didn't sit back
down until the band took a break.

"Phew!" Amanda sat down and drained the last of her punch.

"Can you hand me my glass, babe?" John asked.

Amanda smiled as she reached for his glass, drank it dry and hand both
glasses to him. "Here, and, I wouldn't say no to a refill."

"That wasn't nice," he said with a smile.

"Oh, I'll make it up to you, you know that," she replied.

While he was gone she followed Cloe and Sam to the bathroom. Amanda was
checking her makeup when Ms. Greene came in.

"Hello ladies, Amanda," she greeted them. Sam and Cloe quietly excused
themselves, not being in the mood to talk with a teacher. Amanda remained
quietly applying fresh lipstick.

"I see you talked your dad into coming," the teacher observed, taking
out her own compact.

"Uh, yeah," Amanda said as if every girl had brought her father.

"I'd have thought a girl as popular as you would have had no trouble
finding a date."
Amanda shrugged.

"Well, at least it looks like your father is having a good time. He sure
seems to like dancing with you."

This got another shrug.

"Okay, well, I guess see you in class Monday," the teacher finished and
started for the door.

"Sure, Ms. Greene," Amanda said to her back. When the door closed she
added, "been nice talking with you."

"There you are," her dad said when she got back to the table. "We were
about to send out a search party for our dates when Sam and Cloe came
back. I was starting think you were ditching me."

She straddled his lap and kissed him. "No chance of that, my love."

To Cloe she asked, "Hey, girlfriend, how long we hanging around here?"

"Oh, how does until about 11:12 sound?" It was 11:11.

"Well okay, but no later."

"Uh, how you guys getting there?" John asked. They couldn't pile onto
the back of his bike.

"Cab," Sam explained. "Then Cloe's mom's gonna take us home tomorrow."

"Okay, then, we'll meet you there, okay?" Amanda said.

The teen biker chick took her dad's hand and they left. As they walked
out of the school auditorium she seductively pulled the zipper of her
jacket down a full four inches, exposing an eyeful of artificially
enhanced cleavage and leather bustier.

Mr. Carson was coming in. He was another of the chaperones and had just
finished checking the parking lot. When he saw Amanda his eyes locked on
her chest. As she passed him she pulled herself closer to her dad and
said, "Night Mr. Carson, daddy's taking me home now."
The man blinked twice and almost stumbled up the stairs, not sure of
what he'd seen.

09-16-2006, 07:42 PM
Chapter 55 - The After Party Party

The cab was just pulling away from the St. Claire house when Amanda and
John pulled up on the Harley. He parked it on the drive and they joined
the rest of their friends in the big living room. Cloe was already
getting some music on the stereo.

John and Amanda had been to several of these make out parties, all but a
few with only these two couples. Everybody was comfortable with what
went on. John was pretty sure he caught Sam watching Amanda suck his
cock when they were at their house a few weeks earlier and Amanda told
him that Cloe and Martin 'did it' for the first time that night. As
sexually heated as things had gotten at the dance he wasn't sure what
would happen here tonight.

It didn't take long to get started. Amanda stripped out of her jacket
and casually tossed it on the couch. They'd been on the couch the last
two times they were here and had started to think of it as 'their' spot.
John shed his own jacket before he pulled his date to him and kissed herhard.

"Any one want a soda or something?" Cloe called from the kitchen.

"Two cokes," Sam yelled back.

"How about you Amanda?"

"They've started already," Sam informed their hostess. "Just get them
their usual." Sam watched her friend give her the thumbs up sign while
her mouth stayed plastered to her dad's face.

Cloe and Martin came back with the drinks. Amanda and her father had
fallen onto the couch but were just as involved as ever. Their hostess
set Amanda's Diet Coke and John's Pepsi on the table next to them.

"I knew they'd be hot tonight," she commented to her boyfriend. "She was
all over him from the moment they showed up at the Hut." She led the boy
to the stairs and announced, "We'll be upstairs but you guys know where
everything is." And with that they headed to Cloe's bedroom. Sam and
Jake quietly slipped into the media room were another couch awaited

Just that fast Amanda and John found themselves alone. She had ended up
lying on her dad's chest. She let her knees fall to his sides, sat up
and started to undo the hooks down the front of her leather bustier
until her dad reached up and stopped her.

"This is kinda uncomfortable, ya know," she said. "Let me take it off,

"No, I'm don't want you to take it off," he said still holding her
hands. She pouted. He always gave in to her, what was up tonight? "I
want to take it off myself."

She smiled and he released her hands. He slowly undid the hooks starting
at the top. He paused as each one came undone to run his finger down her
vanishing cleavage.

"Man you did look hot in this," he said as he dropped the bustier to the
floor beside them. His daughter smiled.
John started playing with his daughter's tits. "Cool party, wasn't it?"

"Hmmmmm," she said agreeing with him and starting to enjoy where his
hands were. "We were the hottest couple. Ms. Greene even noticed."

"Oh?" John stopped rubbing his daughter's tits. Being caught by a
teacher was something he'd worried about before the dance but the fear
had slipped from his mind long before he walked into the auditorium with
Amanda on his arm.

"Hey, don't stop," she pouted.

"Sweetie, do you think she suspects us?"

"Don't know," Amanda said casually. "I just stood there and let her

"Hmmmmm," he said deep in thought. They'd gotten so comfortable around
her friends, who were now as much his friends, that they'd been too open
at the dance. He'd have to find someway to keep the school quiet.

"Hey, lover," she said grabbing his hands and making them start moving
on her puffy breasts again, "did you forget what we're doing here? This
is a make out party, after all."

"Sorry babe," he said and started rolling her nipples in his fingers.
"I'm just thinking I'm going to have to smooth some things out at your
school. We can't have your teachers talking about us."

"Whatever," she said. "I'm not worried about that right now. I'm much
more worried about how I'm going to get your cock out of those pants.
Damn they're tight."

In the end his pants were not that hard. It was her pants that caused
the most problems. To get them off they'd have to remove her boots but
those were laced up and it would be a real pain in the ass to undo all
that and then just as hard to put them back on.

"Stand up," he ordered her. His cock was already hanging out as he
reached for the zipper in the back of her leather pants. It was a very
long one, reaching almost down to between her legs. He pulled it as far
as possible and then pealed the black leather off her ass, exposing hercheeks and the black spandex thong she wore.

He was able to force the pants a few inches down her legs but that kept
her legs from spreading. Even so, by bending at the waist her pussy was
now exposed. He tested it with his fingers.

"Oooooh," she moaned. "Oh yes!"

He followed up with his prick a minute later. Her pussy was even tighter
than normal and it took a while before he could his entire shaft into
her but then it was pretty easy to fuck.

Cloe came down the stairs and saw Amanda standing, holding the arm of a
chair. Her father was behind her holding her ass. Cloe could clearly see
his huge prick sliding into her. She stopped and gawked, amazed at how
much bigger Mr. C. was than Martin and how easily it seemed to go into
her friend's tiny pussy.

She'd suspected that Amanda and her dad went all the way but until she
saw them actually doing it she hadn't been sure . But there they were,
fucking. And, and from what she could see, doing a pretty good job of

"Oh so good, daddy!" her friend was moaning. "Yes, fuck me! Oh, don't
stop. Mmmmmm..."

"Yes, baby," her father was saying. "Take daddy's big cock. Oh, god.
You're so fuckin' tight! Oh GOD this is good."

"I've been hot for you all night," she explained needlessly, since
everyone at the dance had seen them. "Those pants make you look so hot!
Yes! Harder, daddy!"

Cloe stood transfixed by the sight of Mr. Carmichael fucking his
daughter. They both were very turned on, judging by the groans, moans
and grunts she was hearing from them. Amanda started calling out, "Oh
Yes!" over and over as her body went rigid. Then her father joined her
cries with "Oh God! Yes!" and started jerking his cock into her as he
obviously came.

Cloe snuck back up the stairs and made a second entrance a few minutes
later. By that time Mr. C and Amanda had their pants up. He was sittingon the couch with her astride his lap kissing him. She was still topless
but they had been like that around Cloe before.

"Sorry to bother..." she said dashing through the room. "We left my
purse down here and, well, need some stuff."

A minute later she came back through with a string of condoms in her
hand. Amanda stopped her.

"Hey, Cloe, we're gonna hit the road, know?"

"No rush, guys. Mom all but promised to be out all night. You can crash
here if ya like."

"Nah, we have a bed waiting at home and, well we don't mom to like worry
or nothing."

"Cool, then we'll see you in school?"


John watched Cloe return to her lover with the rubbers. The sight of a
thirteen year old girl being more responsible than he was again prompted
him to get Amanda on the pill. But he'd reminded himself so often that
he was able to forget it even before he and Amanda left.

09-16-2006, 07:43 PM
Chapter 56 - Benefactor

"Mr. and Mrs. Carmicheal," Nathaniel Overman stepped around his desk to
great the parents of one of his eighth grade girls. They'd called the
meeting and he hadn't a clue what they wanted to talk about.

"Principal Overman," John answered for Jen and himself. "Thank you formeeting with us. Uh, we've watched our daughter Amanda's progress this
year and we have both noticed, her mother and I, that, well, it's been
nothing short of phenomenal. We credit Northridge with a large portion
of the credit."

"On behalf of the school, I thank you for your kind words." The man was
leading up to something but he didn't know what.

"As you know, Amanda is continuing into the secondary program and will
be here for the next five years. We would never even consider putting
her somewhere else, you understand. And, well, we're in a position to,
perhaps, in a small way assist the Academy in continuing to provide the
outstanding education our daughter has so far received."

This was starting to sound very interesting. If their daughter had been
a marginal student he would have suspected they were trying to buy their
daughter a higher class standing, but he'd checked Amanda Carmichael's
grades. She was a solid B average with all A's so far this year. This
was not a girl that needed that sort of help.

"And how may that be?" Principal Overman asked.

"We are making a pledge," John started and instantly Overman's pulse
quickened, "of one million dollars as five equal donations over the
remaining five years of our daughter's attendance. We have with us a
cashier's check for the first installment."

Overman looked at the check John Carmichael handed him like it was a bar
of pure gold. Northridge Academy was in better financial condition than
most institutions like it but $200,000 was, well, $200,000, a lot of
money how ever you counted it.

"Gee, Mr. Carmichael, I don't know what to say," he stuttered. "Thank
you. Thank you very much. Our school is very pleased to accept your
generous gift. Uh, we'll have our attorney send you ah.. I mean...
You'll get the proper documentation, well of course..."

"Mr. Overman, it is our pleasure to help a school that has helped our
beloved daughter and which we fully expect will be a help to her for
several more years. We look forward to good and friendly relations with
this institution for many years to come."
As they left the principal's office Jen spoke for the first time. "Uh,
not that I mind, John, but what prompted this? You still haven't given
me a straight answer."

"Oh, nothing in particular. I just think Amanda has done so well this
year and, like I told him, we should help as much as we can."

"So, what, you're driving home one day and you suddenly think, 'Let's
give $1,000,000 to Northridge?'" she said suspiciously. "That doesn't
sound like you."

"Well, it's done and I for one think it's a good investment. We were
going to give the money to some charity anyway. Can you think of a
better one?"

That had been his argument all along but it never had quite satisfied
Jen. Having no reason not to do something was not the same as having a
reason to do it.


The following Friday a rumor had started running around the faculty
lounge that a student was romantically involved with a parent. Such a
titillating piece of gossip was just as hungrily consumed by the faculty
as it would have been by the eighth grade class.

"I'm telling you, Marc," the tenth grade chemistry instructor was
telling the eighth grade earth science instructor after the weekly
science department meeting, "some one saw them. Apparently it was pretty
obvious, or so I'm told."

"Hmmmm," Marc Carson replied skeptically, "and did you get the who or
the where?"

"Well, not all in one place, but what my sources have been able to piece
together, it was Amy Greene that saw them and it was at the eighth grade
dance a few weeks ago."

"Ms. Greene has a very active imagination Robert," he reminded his
colleague. "The girl, she's only twenty-two, you know, is sometimes more
like one of her students than a faculty member."
"Well, I'm just telling you what I've heard."

"Yes..." he said pulling on his beard. "I think I'll have a chat with
young Ms. Greene."

Marc Carson was one of the most senior faculty members. Although
everyone called him Mr. Carson he was in fact Dr. Marc Carson, SciD. and
a former professor of geology at Case Western. The poor attitudes of his
university students had soured him on teaching at that level twenty
years earlier and since then he'd been teaching at Northridge.

As a tribute to his seniority and his superior academic credentials,
Carson had been the faculty advisor to the board of directors for the
last eight years. He was at the meeting when Principal Overman announced
the Carmichael Grant. The grant was not yet common knowledge since the
P.R. firm was still working on a proper press release. As soon as he
heard 'Greene' he began to suspect what was REALLY going on. He casually
caught up with the young lady in the faculty lounge that afternoon.

"Ms. Greene," he said formally.

"Oh, hi Marc," she said quite informally and in that short a time lost
what ever chance she had to make her case to the most influential person
she could hope to reach. "I was hoping to run into you. I have
discovered something quite disturbing about one of our students."

"Yes, I'm well aware of your suspicions, Ms. Greene," he informed her.

"Oh? Then you saw it too. You were there, after all."

"What do you think YOU saw, Ms. Greene?"

Amy was so excited to have the ear of Marc Carson she wasn't picking up
any of the chill he was pouring into their conversation by the gallon.
She further damaged her position by sitting. Now Mr. Carson would be
looking down on her at the same angle he would have used with a fourth
grader when he explained the true nature of the universe.

"It's Amanda Carmichael, the poor child," Amy started. "Her father,
well, what can you say, he is, well it's obvious. So, we have to do
something, right? Call someone."
"Except you haven't told me what you saw, Ms. Greene."

"Huh?" she was brought short. She'd seen everything. Perhaps Marc
hadn't. He was perhaps not as keen as her at picking up things like
this. She'd just have to explain it.

"Well, you saw what she was wearing? And, well, they were dancing," she
shook her head in a display of disgust. "She was sitting on his lap most
of the night and, well, I saw them, you know, kissing. It can't be
plainer than that, can it?"

"I see..." he said softly. She smiled waiting to be congratulated for
discovering this deplorable situation and sounding the alarm so they
could save one of their students.

"So, you saw Amanda Carmichael wearing an outlandish outfit..." Amy
started nodding energetically but Mr. Carson wasn't done, "...at a
Hallowe’en costume party. She was dancing with her father... in the midst
of a hundred other people at a school sponsored dance. She... sat, you
said? ...in her father's lap. And, then... she kissed him."

She was nodding slower and slower as the man towering over her with a
scowl talked. Suddenly it didn't seem as obvious as it had just moments
before. But, she'd seen it. She'd talked to the girl.

"But Marc, I was there, I saw it..." she was pleading now. "I even
talked to her. She was acting like... like..."

"Like a biker's woman?" he suggested.

"Yes! Exactly! Now you understand," she saw a ray of hope.

"So, you are so concerned that one of our brightest and most creative
students was _acting_ like the character she came dressed as to the
costume party, that you feel compelled to besmirch the good name of one
of this school's most generous patrons."

"Uh, gosh, gee," she was suddenly lost. Her great triumph had suddenly
turned to disgrace and she hadn't seen it coming.

"Ms. Green," he sad with the same voice of authority he would use with
an eighth grader, "I must advice you that accusations of that sort aremost serious and should only be made in the presence of clear evidence.
Good day."

Sometime later Principal Overman asked Marc about the disturbing rumor.

"Nathaniel," Marc replied, "I've heard this too and discovered its
source. Ms. Greene it would seem had developed, well, an inappropriate
interest in Amanda Carmichael's father after the last parent
conferences. Mr. Carmichael, it would appear, was polite in his
rejection of her attention but Ms. Greene was wounded, or so it would
seem. She has misconstrued events at the eighth grade costume party into
some plot worthy of a dime store novel. I place no more faith in it than
I do in the tooth fairy."

"Yes, that make's much more sense. I know John Carmichael, as you know,
and he seems like a fine upstanding man and a devoted father." Principal
Overman paused. "Do you think I should talk with Ms. Greene?"

"Far be it for me to instruct you on your responsibilities, Nathaniel,
but I have spoken with her and I think she understands her error."

"That's good enough for me, Marc," the principal said relieved that he
didn't have to deal with that problem. "Now, we need to talk about the
new science programs. What can we do for $25,000 this year?"


"So, you what, bribed them?" Amanda asked when her dad explained not
only what he did but why he did it.

"That's one way to think of it, sweetie," he said. He held her against
his naked chest as they sat in bed early that Saturday morning. She'd
have to leave soon but they were drawing out the separation.

"Maybe we can bribe a bunch of other people," she said. "That way we can
be more open, huh?"

"We can't be open at school, honey," he reminded her. "And at this rate
we'd be broke in a month."

At a million dollars a rumor he was not exaggerating.

09-16-2006, 07:44 PM
Chapter 57 - Benefactor

"Mr. and Mrs. Carmicheal," Nathaniel Overman stepped around his desk to
great the parents of one of his eighth grade girls. They'd called the
meeting and he hadn't a clue what they wanted to talk about.

"Principal Overman," John answered for Jen and himself. "Thank you formeeting with us. Uh, we've watched our daughter Amanda's progress this
year and we have both noticed, her mother and I, that, well, it's been
nothing short of phenomenal. We credit Northridge with a large portion
of the credit."

"On behalf of the school, I thank you for your kind words." The man was
leading up to something but he didn't know what.

"As you know, Amanda is continuing into the secondary program and will
be here for the next five years. We would never even consider putting
her somewhere else, you understand. And, well, we're in a position to,
perhaps, in a small way assist the Academy in continuing to provide the
outstanding education our daughter has so far received."

This was starting to sound very interesting. If their daughter had been
a marginal student he would have suspected they were trying to buy their
daughter a higher class standing, but he'd checked Amanda Carmichael's
grades. She was a solid B average with all A's so far this year. This
was not a girl that needed that sort of help.

"And how may that be?" Principal Overman asked.

"We are making a pledge," John started and instantly Overman's pulse
quickened, "of one million dollars as five equal donations over the
remaining five years of our daughter's attendance. We have with us a
cashier's check for the first installment."

Overman looked at the check John Carmichael handed him like it was a bar
of pure gold. Northridge Academy was in better financial condition than
most institutions like it but $200,000 was, well, $200,000, a lot of
money how ever you counted it.

"Gee, Mr. Carmichael, I don't know what to say," he stuttered. "Thank
you. Thank you very much. Our school is very pleased to accept your
generous gift. Uh, we'll have our attorney send you ah.. I mean...
You'll get the proper documentation, well of course..."

"Mr. Overman, it is our pleasure to help a school that has helped our
beloved daughter and which we fully expect will be a help to her for
several more years. We look forward to good and friendly relations with
this institution for many years to come."
As they left the principal's office Jen spoke for the first time. "Uh,
not that I mind, John, but what prompted this? You still haven't given
me a straight answer."

"Oh, nothing in particular. I just think Amanda has done so well this
year and, like I told him, we should help as much as we can."

"So, what, you're driving home one day and you suddenly think, 'Let's
give $1,000,000 to Northridge?'" she said suspiciously. "That doesn't
sound like you."

"Well, it's done and I for one think it's a good investment. We were
going to give the money to some charity anyway. Can you think of a
better one?"

That had been his argument all along but it never had quite satisfied
Jen. Having no reason not to do something was not the same as having a
reason to do it.


The following Friday a rumor had started running around the faculty
lounge that a student was romantically involved with a parent. Such a
titillating piece of gossip was just as hungrily consumed by the faculty
as it would have been by the eighth grade class.

"I'm telling you, Marc," the tenth grade chemistry instructor was
telling the eighth grade earth science instructor after the weekly
science department meeting, "some one saw them. Apparently it was pretty
obvious, or so I'm told."

"Hmmmm," Marc Carson replied skeptically, "and did you get the who or
the where?"

"Well, not all in one place, but what my sources have been able to piece
together, it was Amy Greene that saw them and it was at the eighth grade
dance a few weeks ago."

"Ms. Greene has a very active imagination Robert," he reminded his
colleague. "The girl, she's only twenty-two, you know, is sometimes more
like one of her students than a faculty member."
"Well, I'm just telling you what I've heard."

"Yes..." he said pulling on his beard. "I think I'll have a chat with
young Ms. Greene."

Marc Carson was one of the most senior faculty members. Although
everyone called him Mr. Carson he was in fact Dr. Marc Carson, SciD. and
a former professor of geology at Case Western. The poor attitudes of his
university students had soured him on teaching at that level twenty
years earlier and since then he'd been teaching at Northridge.

As a tribute to his seniority and his superior academic credentials,
Carson had been the faculty advisor to the board of directors for the
last eight years. He was at the meeting when Principal Overman announced
the Carmichael Grant. The grant was not yet common knowledge since the
P.R. firm was still working on a proper press release. As soon as he
heard 'Greene' he began to suspect what was REALLY going on. He casually
caught up with the young lady in the faculty lounge that afternoon.

"Ms. Greene," he said formally.

"Oh, hi Marc," she said quite informally and in that short a time lost
what ever chance she had to make her case to the most influential person
she could hope to reach. "I was hoping to run into you. I have
discovered something quite disturbing about one of our students."

"Yes, I'm well aware of your suspicions, Ms. Greene," he informed her.

"Oh? Then you saw it too. You were there, after all."

"What do you think YOU saw, Ms. Greene?"

Amy was so excited to have the ear of Marc Carson she wasn't picking up
any of the chill he was pouring into their conversation by the gallon.
She further damaged her position by sitting. Now Mr. Carson would be
looking down on her at the same angle he would have used with a fourth
grader when he explained the true nature of the universe.

"It's Amanda Carmichael, the poor child," Amy started. "Her father,
well, what can you say, he is, well it's obvious. So, we have to do
something, right? Call someone."
"Except you haven't told me what you saw, Ms. Greene."

"Huh?" she was brought short. She'd seen everything. Perhaps Marc
hadn't. He was perhaps not as keen as her at picking up things like
this. She'd just have to explain it.

"Well, you saw what she was wearing? And, well, they were dancing," she
shook her head in a display of disgust. "She was sitting on his lap most
of the night and, well, I saw them, you know, kissing. It can't be
plainer than that, can it?"

"I see..." he said softly. She smiled waiting to be congratulated for
discovering this deplorable situation and sounding the alarm so they
could save one of their students.

"So, you saw Amanda Carmichael wearing an outlandish outfit..." Amy
started nodding energetically but Mr. Carson wasn't done, "...at a
Hallowe’en costume party. She was dancing with her father... in the midst
of a hundred other people at a school sponsored dance. She... sat, you
said? ...in her father's lap. And, then... she kissed him."

She was nodding slower and slower as the man towering over her with a
scowl talked. Suddenly it didn't seem as obvious as it had just moments
before. But, she'd seen it. She'd talked to the girl.

"But Marc, I was there, I saw it..." she was pleading now. "I even
talked to her. She was acting like... like..."

"Like a biker's woman?" he suggested.

"Yes! Exactly! Now you understand," she saw a ray of hope.

"So, you are so concerned that one of our brightest and most creative
students was _acting_ like the character she came dressed as to the
costume party, that you feel compelled to besmirch the good name of one
of this school's most generous patrons."

"Uh, gosh, gee," she was suddenly lost. Her great triumph had suddenly
turned to disgrace and she hadn't seen it coming.

"Ms. Green," he sad with the same voice of authority he would use with
an eighth grader, "I must advice you that accusations of that sort aremost serious and should only be made in the presence of clear evidence.
Good day."

Sometime later Principal Overman asked Marc about the disturbing rumor.

"Nathaniel," Marc replied, "I've heard this too and discovered its
source. Ms. Greene it would seem had developed, well, an inappropriate
interest in Amanda Carmichael's father after the last parent
conferences. Mr. Carmichael, it would appear, was polite in his
rejection of her attention but Ms. Greene was wounded, or so it would
seem. She has misconstrued events at the eighth grade costume party into
some plot worthy of a dime store novel. I place no more faith in it than
I do in the tooth fairy."

"Yes, that make's much more sense. I know John Carmichael, as you know,
and he seems like a fine upstanding man and a devoted father." Principal
Overman paused. "Do you think I should talk with Ms. Greene?"

"Far be it for me to instruct you on your responsibilities, Nathaniel,
but I have spoken with her and I think she understands her error."

"That's good enough for me, Marc," the principal said relieved that he
didn't have to deal with that problem. "Now, we need to talk about the
new science programs. What can we do for $25,000 this year?"


"So, you what, bribed them?" Amanda asked when her dad explained not
only what he did but why he did it.

"That's one way to think of it, sweetie," he said. He held her against
his naked chest as they sat in bed early that Saturday morning. She'd
have to leave soon but they were drawing out the separation.

"Maybe we can bribe a bunch of other people," she said. "That way we can
be more open, huh?"

"We can't be open at school, honey," he reminded her. "And at this rate
we'd be broke in a month."

At a million dollars a rumor he was not exaggerating.

09-16-2006, 07:45 PM
Chapter 58 - Wake Up Call

"Can I be on top, daddy? Please?"

"Sure sweetie," John told his adoring daughter. This would be the third
time they fucked since they got home two and a half hours earlier. This
time it had taken the girl a good ten minutes of concentrated sucking to
get his cock hard again but he could now see it standing proudly in the
moonlight as Amanda climbed over him.

She put his cock in her slit and rubbed it a few times. She'd found that
doing that made the initial penetration much easier. When she had her
daddy's cock head good and lubricated with her pussy juices she settled
down on it.

The moon was shining in the window behind her, lighting his daughter in
silhouette. John watched his shaft disappear into the shadow that washis little girl's body. When she got it all the way in she stopped.

Amanda hooked a finger in the strap of her blue, half cup bra and asked
him, "Daddy? Can I take this off now? It's kinda tight, ya know?"

"Sure honey, I'm sorry. You should have said something."

Amanda eagerly took it off as she said, "Oh, it's okay. I know you like
it and I like it too. It's just I've been wearing it since about 3:30.
That's like over thirteen hours."

She tossed it onto the jumbled pile of their clothes at the side of her
father's bed. "That's better." She started lifting her butt off him and
letting it settle back down, fucking him with relaxed moves. She knew
this was their last time tonight and she wanted to make it last.

Amanda leaned back and put her hands on his knees. John knew that in
this position he could have seen his cock piercing her pussy lips if
there had been more light. As it was the only details of her sexy, lithe
body he could make out were two darker patches of flesh around her puffy
nipples. He put his hands on her sides and started rubbing both nipples
with his thumbs.

"That's nice, daddy," she said as she continued to move her moist pussy
up and down his hard, thick shaft. She was content to just stay like
that, slowly fucking him while he played with her titties. Her dad was
also in no hurry and so the illicit lovers settled into an extended,
comfortable pattern.

When Amanda's arms got tired she sat fully up. That let her force his
pole deeper into her pussy. The feeling down there changed and she
started feeling the pre-orgasmic tingle. She closed her eyes. She was
going to cum again, the third time that night.

Her father caught the change in her body. Suddenly there was a tenseness
that hadn't been there seconds earlier. He was learning to read his
daughter's emotions and this told him in a clear voice that she was
about to get off. He let it build in her. Waiting for just the right

He pulled her down to his chest just as she started to cum. She moaned
loudly into his pectorals as he started driving his cock into her withrapid, hard thrusts. Her body convulsed from her hands to her pussy.
John was about to cum himself...

They froze when the phone rang. Amanda was still cumming. Little spasms
kept hitting her pussy as she basked in the wonderful pleasure her
daddy's cock had just given her.

The phone rang a second time. She looked her dad in the face. 'What do
we do?' was the unasked question. They just stared at each other in the
dark. The phone didn't ring a third time. Either Jen had answered it or
the caller had given up.

Amanda now noticed that her dad hadn't cum. The warm feeling of his
ejaculate was missing from her pussy and his cock was still as hard as a
bar of steel. She started flexing her hips, moving up and down his still
embedded shaft.


"Hello?" Jen looked at the clock. Who would call at 5:00am? She'd heard
John and Amanda get in a few hours earlier so it wasn't them.

"Jen? Hi! It's Anne! How's life back on the west coast?"

"Anne?" Jen sat up. Anne Daniels Palmer Reed Kramer (she forgot the next
ex-husband's name) Smythe had been Jen's best friend in high school. She
was what John called a serial divorcee. It seemed like every few years
she left one rich husband and started searching for the next. Jen didn't
bother asking her why she called so early. The concept of time zones was
far beyond Anne's cognitive abilities. "You okay? Uh, and um? uh..."

"Sebastian? Uh, we're history." Anne made it sound like she'd changed
hair color, actually Anne changed husbands much more often than hair
color. She'd been a bottle-blond for over ten years or three husbands.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Jen said with as much sympathy she could
muster at 5:00am.

"Old news, but hey, I was thinking of coming out west. Seeing you."

"Great, uh, when?"
"Well, next week is Thanksgiving," Anne reminded Jen. "I haven't been to
a family Thanksgiving in years, not since Robert dragged me to his
sister's house with all her screaming kids."

"Well, I suppose..."


Jen suddenly had a flash of insight. If Anne stayed with them John would
have to move out of the guestroom and back to the master bedroom. Then
she would have a better chance to win him back.

"Say, why don't you stay here? Uh, we have plenty of room."

"Gee, you still have that house on the beach?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, I guess. Sure. That sounds okay."

They chatted for a few more minutes. Anne would probably get there
Wednesday night, she'd call when she had a flight picked out. They left
open how long she'd stay. At the minimum Jen would have two nights,
probably more like four to seduce John.

When she hung up it was only 5:20. She had a 8:00 step class but she
didn't need to get up for that for another hour. Unfortunately she was
now wide awake and knew she'd never get back to sleep. She got up and
put her robe on. The morning paper would be on the drive. On Saturdays
it had a sports and leisure section she enjoyed.


John was still panting. His daughter was kissing him and his cock was
still deep in her pussy, drowned in his own cum. He groaned as she
gently pulled off him and slipped into the bathroom. She came back out
seconds later, wiping his dripping cum off her hairless pussy with a
handful of toilet paper.

"What do we do now?" she whispered. "Do ya think mom's up?"

"I don't know," he whispered back. "You'd better go."
She pointed at the pile of discarded clothes. John shook his head. They
couldn't risk Jen catching her coming up the stairs with an armful of
clothes. Instead, Amanda kicked the pile under his bed.

"Shit!" she cursed under her breath. "I didn't bring any PJs."

"What do you have here?" he asked. Amanda kept her sexiest nighties
buried under her dad's t-shirts. She opened his drawer and looked
through her growing collection. The tamest was a silk chemise with lace
embroidery. She slipped it on.

"What about this?" she asked her dad. He turned on his side and admired
his daughter's pretty form in the shiny material. She had just enough
swelling in her bust to do it justice. He smiled lasciviously. She
smiled back and started pulling playfully at the ribbons that tied down
the middle of her chest.

"Get out of here before I pull you back to bed," he told her.


When Jen got to the top of the stairs she saw Amanda sneaking across the
family room. She waited for her to get almost to the top step . The girl
was wearing a sexy silk chemise her mother had never seen before. While
it covered more than some of her PJs it was by far the most explicitly
sexual thing she'd ever seen the girl wear.

"What are you doing walking around the house in that at this hour?" Jen
demanded to know.

"Mom!" the girl said in shock. "Uh, Uh, I got a drink of water."

"And you went all the way downstairs to get it?"

"Uh, yeah, the, um, water up here is gross."

"Well, get back to bed," her mother said, "and you shouldn't be walking
around the house like that. Next time put a robe on first. You don't
know if your father is around."

Amanda nodded dutifully as her mother passed her. The teen made it toher room before she succumbed to a case of the giggles. "That was
close," she said to herself as she climbed into bed. Her daddy's cum was
still leaking out of her pussy. She rubbed her fingers in it and licked
them clean as she settled into her bed.

09-16-2006, 07:48 PM
Chapter 59 - House Guest
Jen watched the sky-cap hoist Anne's two big, heavy suitcases into the
trunk. Her friend had told her she only planned to stay until Sunday but
in addition to the two big bags, she'd brought a rolling carry on and
the largest makeup case Jen had ever seen. As she closed the trunk, Jen
caught Anne tipping the sky-cap $20.

Her friend was almost covered in gold and diamonds. The heavy makeup
Anne wore couldn't hide all of the plastic surgery scars on her face.
The woman before her looked nothing like the pretty little girl from the
wrong side of town Jen had met almost thirty years earlier.

"You look good," she lied. Anne looked like a whore, which she could
have accused her friend of being. Of course it was legal if you married
the guy and got his money in the divorce.

"Not as good as you," Anne said amazed at the change in her formerly
frumpy friend's appearance.

"Thanks," Jen replied proudly as they pulled out of the airport garage.
"I finally decided to get in shape. It's been a lot of hard work,
though. I'd really let myself go."

"I'm sure John appreciates it," Anne said off handedly.

"Oh yes," Jen said as convincingly as she could. Her friend cast a
sidelong look across the car. Jen's eyes were fixed on the road ahead as
Anne started getting a suspicion that everything wasn't as good at home
as Jen was telling her.


"Can't you help some, sweetie?" John asked his daughter who was pouting
on her bed. "They're going to be here soon."

"I don't wanna," she told him. He came into her room and knelt at the
side of her bed and put his hands around her.

"I don't want to sleep there. You know that, right?" he pleaded with her
for the hundredth time. "It's just that Anne is coming and, well, we
can't let her know..."

"We always have to hide," she cried. "Why does mom's stupid friend wannaspend Thanksgiving here anyway?"

"Oh, honey," he pulled her to his shoulder.

"It's just... just... I can't help you put your stuff back in her room.
What if you don't want... I mean if she..."

"Is that what you're worried about? That I'll want your mom more than

She bit her lip and nodded with tears in her eyes. "She told me she's
going to keep you there. I saw her buy lots of new nighties and stuff."

"Oh, darling," he said and kissed a tear from her cheek. "Don't you
worry about that. Your mom can try but I'm in love with you now,
understand. This is just for show. We can't let strangers know our
business. I hope you understand that's all this is about."

"Are you sure? One hundred percent for real positive?"

"Absolutely! When she's gone things will go back to how they were,
promise. It's only going to be four nights."

Amanda hugged her dad. She felt better but her insides were queasy from
the emotional stress. Still, she managed to give him a little smile. He
kissed her, to show her how much he truly loved her.

"Oh, daddy! It's going to be the longest four days ever."


After she had explained how she felt he couldn't bring himself to ask
Amanda for help. He left his daughter in her room and went back down to
the guest suite. He still had several loads of clothes in the dresser
to move and then he had to clear out the bathroom. He grabbed his
t-shirts and as many of his socks as he could and headed back up to the
master suite.

When he got back down he found Amanda unloading his dresser into a
laundry basket. She gave him a sad smile. "I guess if she found out we
couldn't, you know, be together, huh?"
"I'm afraid that's true," he said.

"I guess. Well," she handed him the full basket. "Put my nighties on my
bed. I'll, ah, stash them somewhere, okay?"

"Oh sweetie, I really appreciate this and... I'll make it up to you.
You'll see."

"Dad?" She stopped him when he was at the door. He turned and she said,
"I love you."

"I love you too, honey."

When he got back she had collected all his toiletries into two plastic
bags. In a third she had the things she kept in his shower. She
followed her dad as he left. "Uh, what about this?" she asked picking a
recent picture of the two of them off the dresser.

"Nah," he said with a grin, "leave it there. It can keep the memory of
all our good times going until we can get back here, okay?" She
brightened slightly at the thought of again spending her nights with

"Now, double check everything while I put this away."

Amanda opened every drawer and looked in the closet. She checked the
bathroom, including the shower founding nothing of her dad's or her's.
It was a sad sight, like the empty livingroom after Christmas or
something. She dragged her feet to her room and hid the dozen or so
sexy nighties and naughty underwear in her bottom dresser drawer.

"Did you check everywhere?" her dad asked, standing in her door with the
empty laundry basket. She nodded sadly, as she took the basket back in
her closet.

"Thank you sweetie," he told her. He followed her into her room and
caught her when she came out of the closet. "I know how hard this is for
you, and well, it really makes me proud of you."

"Yeah, I guess," she moped.

"Sweetie, love isn't always about the good parts, ya know? Sometimes itshows up most when you have to do something you don't want."

He held her face in his hands. She gazed up at him and said, "I do love
you. Really."

"I know," he answered and then kissed her. She slowly wrapped her arms
around his neck as his lips burned away her gloom. She could never feel
sad when she was in his arms. She suddenly wanted him. She had to show
him one last time what it meant to be with her before he went back to
his wife's bed. She pushed him back until he fell onto her bed.

"Daddy," she said softly. "I, uh, you know, like that night, in the
library, well, I guess, now... You see, I..."

"Shhhhh," he put his finger to her quivering lips. "I think I
understand. Mmmmmm." He kissed her as his hand undid the string
waistband of her shorts. When his hand slipped into her panties she
kissed him back with all her strength.

"Oh, yes," she cried between kisses. "I need you daddy. Mmmmm.... Before
they get here.... Mmmmmm.... One more time... Mmmmm..."

Amanda released her father's neck and used both hands to push her shorts
and panties off. Her dad pushed his shorts down and felt his daughter's
soft hand grab his hard shaft. His fingers slid between her legs and
were instantly soaked by the wetness of her pussy.


Jen listened to the update to her friend's sordid life story as they
drove. The short version was she'd gotten bored with husband number five
and one day told him to leave. The wimp, and all her ex-husbands where
weak men with big wallets, stuck his tail between his legs and forked
over half of his family's fortune after a little less than two years of
marital happiness. Oh, and that didn't include the $20,000 a month in
alimony. And the house on Long Island. And of course the Rolls Royce.
She let him keep the summer place in the Hamptons. The one she'd gotten
from husband number three was much nicer.

By the time they pulled off the freeway, Anne had pretty much filled Jen
in with as much information as she'd ever wanted know about her friend's
most recent divorce settlement. She also found out Anne hadn't selectedvictim number six, yet.

"I'm thinking of moving back west," Anne informed her. "I miss my
friends, you, Carol, do you ever hear from her? No, too bad. Well,
there's lots of nice shopping and to be honest, I can afford to live
someplace nice now."

'Run out of rich single men in New York?' Jen thought of asking but kept
her tongue.

"So, other than working out, what's new with you?"

Jen checked her watch. It had taken Anne almost fifty minutes to get
tired of talking about herself. Had there not been that slow down just
after they got on the freeway they'd have been home about the time she
was describing her handsome divorce lawyer.

"Oh, housework, being a mom..."

"So, Amy's what ten?"

"Last summer Amanda turned thirteen," Jen corrected her friend's
interruption. 'And she's going on twenty-four,' she thought to herself.

"Oh right, Amanda, sorry, I'm terrible with names, you know that. So
you're the mother of a teenager. Is she as wild as we were?"

"She's a pretty good kid," Jen said with a fair amount of genuine

"Does she have a boyfriend yet?"

Jen strangled a grunt. "No, not really." Anne saw her friend's face
harden. She never wanted kids herself and didn't have the slightest idea
what raising one would be like. But, if Amanda was anything like she'd
been at thirteen her mother must be going nuts.

"Playing the field, then, huh?"

"No, not that," Jen said.

"Ya lost me girlfriend..." she said as Jen turned onto the street herhouse was on.

"Who's that?" Anne asked when a tall, very fit and well tanned man of
about fifty waved at Jen's car.

"Milt Oberst."



"Damn, you see so much of that these days."


"Oh, daddy! Yes! Oh, fuck me! Please! Don't stop!"

"Yes, baby. Daddy's here. I love you. Always. Oh god. You're so tight.
Oh... So good..."

"Oh! It's starting! Oh! Daddy! YES!"

John had been fucking her for fifteen minutes. As each minute ticked
away he became less concerned with Jen's return and more worried about
giving his little girl an orgasm that would keep her happy all through
the long holiday weekend. A welcome side effect was his own monster cum
that was building as his shaft slid in and out of his daughter's
incredibly tight pussy.

"Oh baby! Cum for daddy! Let it out! Oh, daddy loves you! I do!"

"OH GOD! Almost... I... Love you... Too. OH!"

With each thrust of his cock into the horny teen he saw her edge closer
to a climax. Almost... A few more strokes...


"I guess it's broken," Jen said after trying the remote for the garage
door for the fifth time. Maybe the batteries had died. She parked the
car on the drive and the two women got out. Jen started walking toward
the house digging in her purse for her house keys.
"Uh, Jen," Anne asked still standing by the car, "can I get my roll on
and case? John can bring in the bags, but I'd just love to freshen up
right away."

"Oh, of course." Jen transferred her house keys to her other hand and
started searching in her big bag for the car keys she'd just dropped in
there. She pulled them out and started walking back to the car. On the
way she hit the trunk button. Anne got her smaller bags and Jen closed
the trunk.

They walked up the seldom used front walk and Anne waited patiently as
Jen put her key in the lock.



John smiled as he watched his daughter start to experience the very type
of orgasm he'd intended to give her. He wasn't sure it would keep her
satisfied all weekend, but at least for the next day or so she'd have no
doubts about his love.

"OH!" She could only get out a syllable at a time now as her body was
wracked with sexual ecstacy. "GOD!" "YES!"

Bebebebebeeb. 'What was that?' A far corner of John's mind asked when it
heard the almost ignored sound.

"FUCK!" his little girl yelled at the top of her lungs.

She was almost at the peak now. He kept driving, finding just the right

'Oh, it was the alarm system. Someone just opened a door'


John grabbed a pillow and covered his daughter's face with it. She
struggled at the sudden, surprising move. Her dad had to use all his
strength to keep the pillow over her mouth so it could muffle her

Jen turned her key and opened the door. "Let me take this one?" she said
grabbing Anne's monster makeup case. "Your room is in the back."


Both women stopped when they heard the vulgarity. Jen paused, confused.
What was that? In a second her motherly instinct kicked in. It had been
Amanda's voice that had screamed. She dropped the makeup case and ran
for the stairs.


Amanda was still cumming and that only made it harder to make her
understand. Also, her squirming had another effect. Her father's cock
started jerking as he started shooting off in her pussy.

John removed the pillow and whispered, 'she's back' even while his cum
was still pumping into her.

"Amanda?" they heard her mom's frantic call. "Are you okay? What's

"I'm fine! Sorry! I broke..." she saw the porcelain doll her dad had
given for her tenth birthday sitting on a shelf, "my china doll."


Jen stopped halfway up the stairs. "You're okay?""

"Yeah, I'm fine," she replied in a disappointed voice that wasn't faked
in anyway. "Sorry!"

"Well, watch your language. That's no way for a young lady to talk." Jen
turned to go back down the stairs. After a step she half tuned again and
asked, "Do you know where your father is?"

"I'm up here, Jen. I'm helping her clean it up." John said as he pulled
his cock out of her.
"Okay, don't get cut. I need you to bring in Anne's bags when you're

John pulled his shorts back on and then helped Amanda with hers. She
watched sadly as he took the doll into the bathroom. She heard a faint
tinkle like broken glass and when her dad came out the shattered head of
her most cherished doll was in a washcloth.

09-16-2006, 07:50 PM
Chapter 60 - Dinner Conversation

It had taken Jen and Amanda all morning and much of the afternoon to put
the family's thanksgiving dinner together. Anne sat in the kitchen most
of the morning but hadn't lifted a finger to help "I'm not very handy in
the kitchen, you know," she explained as if it was beyond even her
feeble skills to get a pot out of a cupboard or measure a cup and a half
of water.

She did entertain the other two with tails of her marital woes and
divorces. Jen and Amanda passed many exacerbated looks between them.
Anne's stories got old very fast.

Their guest's behavior changed completely when John was around. Perhaps
she just couldn't help but ply her charms on any male around. Perhaps
she'd picked up some of the tension between Jen and her husband. But,
whatever the reason, she was hitting on John when ever he was around.

It started pretty innocently. She complimented him on keeping in shape.
She started asking if he worked out with Jen and if not what he did. Itbecame much more explicit when she excused herself from the kitchen and
started helping him get the dining room set up.

It seemed she always found a reason to be on the same side of the table
as he was. If she wasn't rubbing against him, she was asking him to
reach something for her. John was getting annoyed but didn't make a
scene. He just counted the hours until the woman was gone and he could
go back to his room and share his bed with Amanda again.

Both Amanda and Jen caught her flirting with John and both women became
upset for the same reason. Each saw her as trying to steal away her man.
As the time for dinner approached it got so blatant that Jen and Amanda
started talking about it.

"Gosh, mom," Amanda observed when they heard Anne laugh uproariously at
some supposed humorous comment by John, "do you think she's going to
keep that up all day?"

Jen wiped her hands on a towel and leaned against the counter.
"Probably," she replied recalling how Anne always liked to manipulate
men with her charms. "She's made quite a living that way."

"It's rather annoying," Amanda said meaning she was getting annoyed.

"Oh, I'm used to it," Jen replied looking sternly at her daughter.
Amanda missed the blunt reference to her own flirtatious behavior.

Anne watched Jen and Amanda move the food from the kitchen to the table
and only as they brought out the last items did she offer any help.
"Here I can help with that, dear," she told Amanda as she swiped the
pumpkin pie the girl had made all by herself. The teen had let it slip
earlier that it was her father's favorite and she was very proud of how
it had turned out.

Anne strutted into the dining room as if she'd not only baked the pie
but grown the pumpkins. "I hope you like pumpkin pie, John," she said as
she set the pie in the middle of the table. Jen rolled her eyes as she
deftly moved it to the side board. "Now where do I sit?" their guest

"How lucky for me," she said, making quite of show of being sat next to
Amanda took the seat opposite Anne, also next to her dad. She shook her
head. 'Like, even if dad wasn't in love with me, he's married to your
friend,' the teen thought. Jen was left to take the last chair, opposite

John started passing the food, politely offering Anne first choice of
everything. She seemed to have some comment about each item.

"Would you like some yams?" he asked.

"Hmmmmm, I wouldn't usually, but you seem to like them," she said
observing the modest serving on his plate. "Well, my new motto is try
something new. I'd love some John." She let John spoon some onto her
plate and then just smiled at him. He handed the bowl to his daughter.

She had him serve all the food that way, taking at least a spoonful of
everything John had on his plate but not much else.

"White meat or dark?" her host asked.

"Well, I've tried both and each as their good points. Lately I've been
on a white meat kick but... What I really like is white meat that's well

John had no idea what she was talking about but put two slices of breast
meat on her plate. It was at this point he noticed both his daughter
and his wife staring coolly at Anne. He'd been a little slow on the
uptake but now he realized that Anne was hitting on him. He'd just
written her earlier behavior off as her as being flirtatious by nature.
But the other two women in the house had read her better than him.

"Thank you John," she said and patted his hand. "It always amazes me how
pale people are out east. You would stand out in any crowd, John, but
certainly with your dark color, no one would mistake you for a local."

"Well, thank you Anne," he said smiling at her. "Uh, I've been able to
spend some very nice times on the beach these last few months."

Jen started to glower at her husband. He was now flirting with her, damn
him. She was so consumed by rage she didn't notice the confused and hurt
look on her daughter's face.
"Yes, that's something I miss about California," Anne said. "Out here
you always see such beautiful people on the beach. I wasn't much for the
water, mind you. Too cold for my taste. I like it hotter than that."

"Oh, it can get pretty hot out on the beach," he said still smiling
innocently at the temptress. "I especially like the warm evenings out

Amanda suddenly realized what he was talking about. He was telling Anne
about their nights on the beach. The time they did it on the beach just
off the patio out back and the make out parties when they and their
friends would have a bonfire. She relaxed and started to enjoy the way
he was almost openly talking about them but only she and her dad knew
what he was really saying.

Anne kept it up all through dinner but John gave back as good as she put
out. By the time Amanda and Jen started clearing the plates his wife was
furious and his daughter was fighting back an urge to giggle. John gave
Jen an unreadable smile when she took his dinner plate. He knew he
shouldn't play with her this way but he knew he had to pop Anne's bubble
and the bigger she inflated her ego the more devastating the result
would be.

"Would you like some pumpkin pie, John?" Jen heard Anne ask him as she
came in with the other deserts.

"It is my favorite," he said. "I think I will have a piece..."

Anne smiled as if she'd won some significant victory. She reached for a
knife to cut him a slice but John stopped her.

"...but since Amanda made the pie, it's her right to serve it," John
announced. He saw Anne fight the urge to strangle the teen. She'd had
him all setup. Even though Anne couldn't boil water she'd learned years
earlier that one path to a man's heart was his stomach. Another is a few
inches lower but that route didn't work at the dinner table except in
rare circumstances. If she had gotten John to take the pie from her she
figured she had a chance of... well, something. She hadn't thought it
out that far.

Amanda on the other hand proudly took the knife her father offered. Shecut a big wedge and gleefully put it on a plate for him. John spooned a
generous helping of whipped cream on his dessert while his daughter got
a smaller piece for herself.

"Cream?" he offered his little girl.

"Oh, yes daddy," she cooed seductively. "I'd just love it if you put
some of that delicious cream on my pie. Lots. Just be careful and don't
make a mess."

Now they both had an incipient case of the giggles.

Anne's defeat was everything John had hoped it would be. She sulked in
her chair unable to understand where she'd gone wrong. She almost had
him eating out of her hand, literally. Was he still that loyal to his
wife? She'd picked up hints that he was cheating on Jen.

"Lemon?" Jen asked, offering her friend a slice of lemon meringue. Anne
waved her off absently. Jen shrugged and took a bite of the pie. Her
face was screwed up as she pulled the fork out from between her lips but
it wasn't only because of the tartness of the pie. It was also caused by
the tartness of her thirteen year old daughter.

Jen finished her pie then silently got up. She started to clear the
dessert plates and to everyone's surprise, Anne got up and helped.
Amanda and John watched them walk into the kitchen.

"That was funny, daddy," she told him, finally succumbing to the urge to

"Well..." he said, waiting for the coast to be completely clear. "I
couldn't let her talk like that in front of you and not get her pretty
good, could I, sweetie?"

He figured they had a second or two of privacy so he kissed her. He
tasted the whip cream still on her tongue. Now it was his turn to laugh.

"What was 'don't make a mess' all about?" he asked, still holding her in
his arms, reluctant to let her go.

"Well..." she smiled up at him, "I didn't want you to, you know, get it
in my hair like you usually do. Mmmmm..." She kissed him. They werepushing their luck at this point but the sexual tension of the meal had
stoked their fire and the fact that it had been over twenty-four hours
since they'd made love made it hard to resist each other. Finally John
worked up the strength to push her away.

"You'd better help your mom," he suggested.

"What are you going to do?"

"See if the game is on."

"Can I watch it with you?"

"Hmmmmm..." he pondered the possibilities. "Having you snuggled close
would probably be the best part of the game. But, go help your mom,

"Mmmmmmm..." Amanda wouldn't go until she had one more kiss from her

09-16-2006, 07:51 PM
Chapter 61 - The Game

John's alma mater hadn't fielded a decent football team in years. The
current team wasn't any different. Still, he caught one game a year,
usually the one on Thanksgiving, just to hear the old fight song and seepeople wearing the school colors.

Ten years ago they would have been on one of the networks but as their
teams kept being lousy they no longer were able to get decent opponents
and as a result he had to search for them on the satellite pay-per-view

"How bad?" Amanda asked when she was done helping her mom clear the

"Not as bad as last year," he said patting the couch next to him. She
came over and rested against his side as intimately as she thought she
could get away with. "We've played five minutes and still no score."

He put his arm around his little girl's neck and pulled her tight to his
side. He could see her mom by the sink. Anne must have been sitting at
the kitchen table. He could hear her but couldn't see her. When Jen
turned her back he playfully grabbed Amanda's left tit while keeping his
eyes on the game.

"Daddy?" she giggled playfully. He moved his hand away.

"Huh? What sweetie?" he asked with a straight face.

She gave him her happiest smile.

A few minutes later Jen turned away again and this time he quickly slid
his hand down her top and into her bra. He found her nipple and rolled
it between his thumb and forefinger for a few seconds. Then he pulled
out as fast as he'd started.

"Daddy!" she giggled again. "You're going to get us in trouble..." He
just smiled at the screen.

"I'm getting cold," Amanda said when the game went into a timeout. She
put her hand right on his cock and pushed herself up forcing her dad to
stifle a groan. Before she removed her hand she gave his soft shaft a
firm squeeze.

A few minutes later she came back with a quilt. She sat down and her dad
helped her spread it over both their laps. Amanda pulled it up to her
As play resumed on the field, John deftly worked his hand back into her
top. Her bra cup was too tight to move his hand very much and after a
bit he pulled it out.

Amanda looked up at him and gave him a sly smile as she put a hand
behind her back and undid the hooks of her bra. Then she grabbed her
dad's hand and pulled it back to her chest. This time he had no problem
playing with her tits.

To John's astonishment, his team was holding its own. It was nearing the
end of the first quarter and neither side had scored. Their opponent
wasn't a highly ranked team, but still, by this time last year they
were down 14 to 0. He found himself getting interested in the game even
as his hand continued to idly caress his daughter's nipple.

With two minutes to go in the quarter his team caught an interception.
Starting on their own thirty-five yard line they started to march down
the field like they knew what they were doing. Their freshman
quarterback was making perfect sideline passes, advancing eight or so
yards almost every play. With twenty seconds left they'd made it all the
way to the opposing teams thirty. The quarterback called a time out and
the kicking team came out.

It wasn't until the frantic action on the TV paused that he noticed his
daughter's hand had unzipped his slacks and pulled out his cock. He
looked at her for a second and then smiled while he moved his hand
across her chest and started playing with her other breast.

Both of their hands stopped while the teams lined up. The ball was
snapped, set. The kick was up! It had the distance. It seemed to be
fading left... It's going to be close.

"Score!" he yelled, prompting Jen to poke her head out of the kitchen.

"We just scored," he explained.

She scowled at her husband and daughter on the couch and returned to the

Amanda's hand had started pumping his now rock hard cock like crazy the
moment the referee had lifted his arms signaling the field goal. Johnlooked down at the quilt and could plainly see the unmistakable signs of
the celebratory hand job his daughter was giving him.

"Let's just hope your mom didn't see this," he said pointing at his lap.
Amanda grimaced but kept moving her hand, although quite a bit slower.

"Sorry, daddy, I guess I got excited."

John's team went into the second quarter with a three to nothing lead.
By the time the quarter started he and Amanda were lying on the couch
still covered by the quilt. She'd had to release his cock but it was
still out of his pants, rubbing against her stockings.

Once they'd gotten settled in their new position, John worked his hand
up his daughter's top. He lifted her bra over her breasts and resumed
his stimulation of her nipples.

As the game progressed, Amanda squirmed her body until her skirt was
bunched around her waist and her daddy's cock was poking into her butt
at the top of her legs. She looked at him, trying to get him to read her
mind. After several facial contortions he figured out she wanted him to
slip it between her legs. After a quick check of the kitchen and not
seeing Jen or Anne he lifted her top leg a few inches and got his shaft
nestled against her satin string bikini panties.

Slowly they started rocking, causing his cock to slide back and forth
between her nylon encased legs and her satin covered pussy. Once they
had established a comfortable rhythm, John returned his attention to the
game. He didn't notice Amanda pulling on the knots on either side of her
panties. He also didn't notice that every stroke in was pushing her
panties up. It wasn't until his shaft made contact with her moist flesh
that he realized what was going on.

He felt Amanda push her discarded underwear into his hand. He thought
about what to do with it and ended up stuffing it into one of his pants
pockets. While he took care of that his daughter was trying to stuff his
cock into her pussy.

She was failing in large part because the angle was all wrong. To get to
her pussy her daddy's cock had to point down too far. She needed to
raise her hips a few inches.
"Hand me a pillow," she whispered. Her dad reached over his head and
grabbed one. Amanda slid it under her hip. She squirmed a bit and

"Ahhhh..." they both sighed as his cock sank about half way into her
pussy. That was about as far as it would go before her butt was pushed
hard against his legs.

They started rocking again but this time his cock was sliding in and out
of her wet hole which felt better for both of them. After a few
experiments they found that it worked best if John kept his hand on his
daughter's hip and gently pushed and pulled.

They started a very slow fuck. The game had bogged down into a defensive
battle as both quarterbacks seemed unable to find open receivers.
Suddenly their team's running game came to life.

Two big fullbacks alternated in the "Power I" formation. They got a
steady three to four yards a carry. When they crossed the opposing
team's twenty yardline John started getting very excited and started
fucking Amanda more aggressively as if it would add power to the next
draw play.

They were chewing up the clock. There was just over a minute in the half
and it was first down and goal on the seven. Their opponents had used
up all their time outs and their team was saving their last one for the
last play of the half. As a result precious seconds ticked off the clock
on every play.

"Oh daddy," Amanda moaned as the ball moved to the four. Second down.

"I know, sweetie, we're getting close," he said.

"I know I am," she moaned.

Suddenly John realized he'd been fucking his daughter so aggressively the
quilt had slipped completely off of them. It laid in a heap on the
floor. Amanda's top and bra were pushed up past her tits, exposing both
of her nipples and her skirt was bunched up at her waist, giving any one
who cared to look a wonderful view of his cock driving into her pussy
with growing excitement.
John started to reach for the quilt but paused when the ball was
snapped. Only his hips moved, keeping his cock moving in his little
girl's pussy. He heard her moaning over the roar of the crowd.

The whistle blew and their quarterback frantically signaled for time
out. There were two seconds on the clock and the ball was inches from
the goal line. The fact that it was fourth down was unimportant now.


He looked at his daughter and saw she had her hand stuffed in her mouth.
She was cumming. He needed to pull the quilt back over them but he
couldn't bring himself to interrupt her orgasm. He kept his cock driving
into her as she swallowed her ecstatic screams. She was still cumming
when the teams lined up for the last play of the half.

John kept fucking Amanda as her orgasm continued and the quarterback
started the snap count. They saw the big fullback charge the goal and
vault over the heads of his linemen. Two even bigger linebackers from
the other team met him mid air and he was stopped short of the goal.

John froze. No! Not that close! Damn! Damn! But then he realized the
ball hadn't been whistled down. The TV zoomed out and he saw the
quarterback release a lobbed pass to the opposite corner of the end-zone.
A lone receiver stood there and caught it with out a defender in sight.

"TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN!" he yelled. On each scream he slammed into Amanda
and shot a blast of cum into her pussy. "TOUCHDOWN!"

Amanda was dizzy from her orgasmic release. Her eyes wouldn't focus on
the screen. Even so she retained more awareness of their vulnerability
than her father. She reached for the quilt and started to pull it over

"Daddy." she called in a strangled whisper. "Daddy! The quilt! Pull it
up. Hurry before someone sees!"

He came to his senses just in time. He got the quilt over their hips and
legs while Amanda pulled it up over her exposed breasts just as both Jen
and Anne came out of the kitchen.

"What was that all about?" Jen asked.
"We scored!" Amanda said as the extra point was made. "It's ten-zip."

"I thought you hated football," Jen asked her daughter.

"Oh, not anymore," she said with a grin. "Daddy's given me a whole new
appreciation for it."

"Look at him," Anne said as she and Jen returned to the kitchen. "He's
so excited by that stupid game he's flushed. My fourth husband was like
that. I don't think you ever met Philipe."

"Oh baby," John was able to say at last. "That was... so dangerous. We
almost... got caught. But... my god... It... so good."

"Just think, daddy," she cooed as she pulled his hand back to her
nipple, "there's a whole half to go."

09-16-2006, 07:52 PM
Chapter 62 - Sales, Shoes and Sex

Amanda and John watched the rest of the game undisturbed. His cock
didn't come out of her until the game was over. Twice more he shot off
in her tight pussy and she'd gotten three more orgasms herself. These
times they'd been more careful to keep the quilt over them.

While they adjusted their clothes they tried to figure out a plan that
would let them get together that night too but nothing seemed to work.
For one thing, Jen and Anne finally came out of the kitchen. It didn't
look like they were going to be able sneak off somewhere. He'd suggested
he'd get up real early and go to her room but they heard that Jen and
Anne had decided to go to the early bird sale at the mall. They wanted
to be in the parking lot at 5:30. That precluded any early morning
trysts. Of course, Amanda was expected to come along on the shopping

As a result the teen was in a blue mood when she left the house. She'd
learned to enjoy shopping with her mom and under other circumstances she
would have jumped at the chance to do this but, her dad was all alone
back home and Anne was still gabbing away which got more annoying as the
day went on.

Fortunately the shopping was everything they could hope for. The mall
had been decked out in holiday colors for weeks but now the stores had
all their Christmas displays up too. Santa was in the main concourse
with a line of little kids waiting to have their pictures taken.

"I guess you're a little old for that, now," Anne said to Amanda as they
passed 'Santa's Workshop'.
"Slightly," the teen said with just enough sarcasm to get a half grin
out of her mom. "Of course, if Santa turned out to be a dirty ol' man I
could slam my spiked heel into him."

Anne took another look at the girl. She still was trying to think of
Amanda as a child. Jen had told her her daughter was thirteen but Anne
still saw her as a ten year old. But, not many ten year olds walk around
the mall in stiletto heels. And, from the way the girl was walking in
them it was plain she did it often.

"I wouldn't do that, dear," her mother chided her. "You'd only get a
lump of coal then." Jen couldn't understand why Anne kept seeing Amanda
as a little girl forgetting that up until a few months age she'd had the
same problem herself. 'Couldn't she see her in that obscene outfit?' she
thought. 'Perhaps she doesn't want the competition.'

"What are you getting your father?" she asked her daughter.

"Well, he likes that new cologne he's been wearing," Amanda said. She
also liked it and she was going to make sure he didn't run out. "But
that's not enough, really. He's been so good to me this year. I was
thinking of getting something else, something very nice."

"He likes silk ties," her mother suggested.

"I know, but that seems so... impersonal," Amanda objected. 'For my
lover I want to get something that shows just how I feel,' she thought.

"Well... you know, men like jewelry even if they don't like calling it
that," Anne informed them. On things like this she was an expert.
"Perhaps a nice watch or... would your dad wear a bracelet? Some men do?
Maybe a nice chain?"

Jen could see that Anne was really thinking of something she could give
John. It seemed calculated to annoy her but it also made her feel
better. The idea of John wearing a bracelet was funny. And a chain? Give
me a break.

"Hmmmmm... that might work... Maybe a bracelet with my name. Love,
Now Jen turned to her daughter. 'Did she actually intend to buy her dad
a bracelet. Well, good! Perhaps now John would understand how silly her
little crush was. She was sure he'd be polite but Amanda would see his
face and realize, finally, that her dad just doesn't think of her that

"What do you think, mom? Would dad like a bracelet?"

"Oh, I'm sure he'd be happy to get anything from you," Jen said

"What are you going to get him?"

"I'm not sure," Jen said. Then it hit her. She didn't have a clue what
to buy him. They'd talked so little in the last few months that she
didn't know what he wanted or needed. She knew some of his underwear was
getting ragged but... No, that wasn't what she wanted to get him for
Christmas. She wanted something romantic. Something that would show him
that his wife was the woman he should show attention to.

They ended up in a jewelry story and Jen watched Amanda and Anne look
over various bracelets. She didn't realize there was such a selection in
men's items.

"Oh, this is pretty, dear," Anne told Amanda. "Does your father prefer
gold or silver?"

"Platinum, or maybe silver, definitely not gold," Amanda replied with
out a second's hesitation. Jen frowned. She wouldn't have been able to
recall John's taste in jewelry that fast. She'd bought him a few watches
over the years and... yes, he preferred silver, stainless, platinum would
be best. How many things about her husband did her daughter know?

Amanda bought a platinum bracelet which she left to be engraved. Jen now
concentrated on getting John a nicer present than what he'd get from his
daughter. Something personal, intimate. Some silk boxers? Maybe.

The three women walked abreast down the concourse. They were taking
their time. It was still very early but the mall was crowded with
holiday shoppers. They went in several of the stores and checked out the
window displays of the rest.
"Oh.. oh..." Amanda sounded. They had just passed a shoe store and the
teen had silently dropped behind her companions. She was staring at the

"What did you find, dear?" Jen asked her daughter.

"Those pink sandals. Oh, mom, look at them. With a nice dress..."

"Where would you wear something like that?"

"The company party," Amanda said off handedly. She'd been scouting for
the perfect outfit since October.

"What makes you think you're going to that?" Jen asked and regretted it
as soon as she said it. Anne was listening intently.

"Well... I have been working there when I've had days off school, and,
well, daddy kind of asked me already."

Jen knew one reason she hadn't been asked. The last company party she'd
gone to had been a disaster. John had to know she wouldn't embarrass him
like that again but to even show her face in front of his coworkers was
too much. But, now Anne would wonder why Amanda was going and Jen was

Jen and Anne followed Amanda into the store and waited while she tried
the shoes on. They were very sexy with thin pink straps encrusted with
semi-precious stones. The heels were at least 5 ½" high and needle
thin. They buckled at the ankle. Amanda stood and looked at them in the
mirror from several angles.

"What do you think, mom?" she asked. "With a nice three quarter length
dress. My boobs are coming in nicely. With a good bra I could even get
something off the shoulder, perhaps sleeveless."

Jen tried not to imagine her daughter in such a sexy ball gown but her
daughter's vivid description was hard to ignore. She realized she was
jealous. She wanted to be the woman in the pretty dress walking into the
ballroom on John's arm. At least he wasn't taking 'the other woman' to
the party. Perhaps things there had soured. Perhaps he was just not
quite ready to come back to her. Certainly nothing had happened in the
bedroom the last two nights.
"Perhaps, but we're supposed to be doing Christmas shopping today," her
mother said to change the subject. Anne however seemed fascinated by
Amanda's sense of style.

"So this party is formal," she stated.

"Oh, yeah," Amanda effused. "It's in a big ballroom downtown. The men
are all in tuxedos and the women all wear gowns. It will be my first
formal party."

"That's a big day for any girl," Anne told her. "And you're going too,
right Jen?"

"I haven't decided," Jen told her cringing internally at the question.
"John's parties are mostly people standing around talking about work.
It's such a bother to get all dressed up for that."

Jen almost wilted under Anne's gaze. It was as if her friend could read
her mind. Soon she'd be asking about her marriage in uncomfortably
direct ways. Especially with Amanda there, Jen didn't want that to

"Oh, well, I'm sure dad would like it if mom came and all, but they only
allow one guest," Amanda said. Jen started to get angry but Amanda was
actually riding to her rescue. "You see, daddy's been taking me to work
with him when I'm not in school. It's a lot of fun. I've been helping
Elaine, she's his admin., plan the party when ever I've been there. I
begged him to let me go. So you see, I'm kind of like an employee though
not really."

"I see," Anne said in a tone that told them she didn't see.

They left the store with Amanda's new shoes. For the next hour they
browsed. Amanda found a nice scarf for Elaine. Some earrings for Cloe and
Sam. She stole off and got her mom a new jogging suit and a new racquet
for racquet ball. She'd checked with Steven on the perfect one.

While she was gone, Anne watched Jen pick over various things for John.
She got him a tie which seemed like a let down after the bracelet Amanda
had gotten him. She also picked up some diamond cufflinks and a matching
tie clip. That was better. Anne explained that she already had orderedmatching presents for her exes and soon to be ex. She was just along for
the fun of it.

They met in the food court around 11:00.

"Did you guys get to Saks?" Amanda asked her shopping companions when
they found her.

"No, uh, we were on the other end of the mall," her mother explained.

"Well, they have dresses that would make your eyes water," her daughter
explained. "I mean, sexy party dresses. I want to go back and look at
some of them."

"I suppose, but how about a break? I'll get us something to drink," Jen

"I'd like a few minutes off my feet," Anne stated as Jen walked away.
"I don't know how you walk around in those heels."

"That's what a lot of people say," Amanda said taking a look at her
boots. They only had a four inch heel. No big deal. "I don't know. I
guess I just have a weird foot or something."

"Well, I'm sure you get a lot of men staring at you," Anne said.

"Oh, yeah," Amanda laughed. "They almost look like they're going to
drool, but sorry guys, I'm not on the market."

"So, you've got a boyfriend?" Anne asked.

"Yeah, but, well, mom doesn't know," Amanda said conspiratorially.

"I see. Well, I won't tell on you," Anne replied. Finally she had a
subject she could talk about with the girl. "So, is he older?"

"Uh, you could say that," Amanda said.

"Well, that's okay," Anne assured her. "Younger men have their good
points but I find older men to be more romantic. So, this guy, does he
treat you good?"
"Oh yes!"

"Well, did you get him something good for Christmas?"



'Oops!' Amanda thought. She couldn't tell Anne the truth. Fortunately
her mom came back and saved her from the embarrassing question.

"You know, Jen," Anne said as her friend sat down, "I still can't get
over how much you've changed."

"Well, I've been out of shape most of my life. It had gotten pretty bad
the last few years. It feels good to be in shape."

"I bet it makes sex better."

"Anne!" she said. She was annoyed but she also laughed.

"I never thought of it that way," Amanda said. "You must have, like a
lot more stamina and everything."

Jen cast a suspicious glance at her daughter. What would she know about
that? But the teen wasn't through.

"And you're way more flexible now, right? That must come in handy. And
then there's the 'how you look with your clothes off' thing, huh mom?"

"Amanda!" Jen said blushing. It was all true of course but to hear it
from her thirteen year old daughter was... weird.

"Oh, kids these days grow up much faster than we did," Anne added. "I'm
sure she and her friends have talked about sex quite a bit, right dear?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, some."

"Well, let's go look at those dresses and then, I don't know, maybe
home?" Jen said to change the subject.

09-16-2006, 07:53 PM
Chapter 63 - Frustration!

They ended up getting Amanda a pretty party gown. It matched her new
shoes nicely and was a bit more modest than Amanda wanted. She'd found a
pink sleeveless dress with a sequined bustier top. It was sexy and would
have looked fantastic on the girl but Jen had stood firm. The halter
dress she was getting was grown up enough.

John was watching TV when they came in. Amanda proudly told him she'd
gotten her party dress but he couldn't see it until the night of theparty. She took the dress right up to her room.

Jen made two trips to the car to get the rest of the bags which she
divided between her room and Amanda's. When she came down Amanda was
curled up next to her dad but Anne was no where to be found.

She was in the guest suite. She used the toilet and then started to
freshen up her face. Her lipstick tube was slippery and as she pulled it
out of her case it slipped from of her hand and rolled under the bed.

"Oh great!" she said to herself as she got to her knees. She reached
under the bed and felt something soft. She grabbed it. It was a jumble
of clothes. A pair of men's underwear tangled up with a bra. Another
grab produced a tie, a silk blouse and a pretty skirt. Finally she got
her lipstick accompanied by a pair of nylon stockings, some pumps, men's
shoes, socks. slacks, dress shirt, a thong and a garterbelt.

Obviously some couple had been in here and stashed their clothes under
the bed. But how did they leave? What did they wear? She could see that
the men's clothes probably belonged to John but there was no way that
other stuff was Jen's. For one thing the bra was two cup sizes too small
and the shoes were a size 5 and she knew Jen wore 7 ½.

'So he _is_ cheating on her?' she thought. 'And... they almost got
caught. Hmmmm..." She started digging into the pockets. In the shirt
she found a receipt for some restaurant. 'Recently, too. Interesting.'

She found John sitting on the couch with his daughter watching some
mindless thing on TV. She had picked up enough to know John was loaded.
His daughter hadn’t flinched at spending $200 on a bracelet for him and
her shoes cost almost as much. The dress... it was over $700. No, if his
daughter had that kind of allowance his wife's must be... in Anne's
league. And that was a very exclusive league to play in. And he was drop
dead gorgeous to boot.

'Sorry, Jen,' she thought, 'but he's too tempting to let go.'

"What are we watching?" Anne asked as she sat on the opposite end of the

"Huh?" Amanda replied. "Oh, Sport Center." Anne could now see that John
had his arm draped comfortably over his daughter's shoulders and she wasnestled up against him with her head against his chest. She'd have to
get rid of Amanda before she could make a serious play on John.

"We had fun at he mall, didn't we," Anne said. "Your daughter got you a
very nice Christmas present, John. You'd better be good to her for four
more weeks."

She figured she could annoy the girl into leaving. "She also got a
gorgeous dress for that party. She just can't stop talking about it."

"That's nice," John said with out taking his eyes off the screen.

"So, Amanda," Anne went on sotto voce, "does your dad know about your
special fella?" This got a nod.

"Is that true, John? You let your little Amanda date?"

"Sure," he replied tersely.

Anne was getting frustrated. She couldn't seem to wedge her way in.
Perhaps this was something he really wanted to watch. Men were funny
about sports that way. Why his daughter was hanging on every word the
over the hill jocks on the TV were saying she didn't have a clue. The
girl was certainly no tomboy.

She didn't want to annoy John and she could see she was in danger of
doing that if she kept pestering them. She shut up and tried to be
interested in this Sport Center show. She'd had two husbands that
considered themselves to be sports fans. While luring them in she'd had
to sit through things like this. She could do it again, especially for a
prize as nice as John.

She always thought of these shows as sports gossip. They talked about
who was playing for whom and what people thought about upcoming games.
It was really quite boring. Still, she was able to keep her face from
showing her disinterest.

After thirty minutes she couldn't take it any longer. Perhaps if she'd
been the one curled up next to John it would be different. Then she
could have distracted him with playful kisses or teasing caresses. But,
sitting five feet away was as good as sitting in the next room.
"I think I'll go see what Jen's up to," she announced as though the
other two cared.

"Gosh, daddy," Amanda whispered when Anne was safely out of earshot,
"what was that all about. I figured we'd be able to get some kissing in
during commercials."

"I don't know, sweetie," he said. "But, she's gone now. Mmmmm...."

Just as soon as he'd finally been able to start kissing his daughter he
heard footprints in the next room. Damn! This time it was Jen and

"Uh, Anne was wondering if we could have a bonfire tonight?" Jen told

"Gee mom, it's getting kind of cool for that," Amanda objected.

"Oh, I don't mean to be a bother," Anne piped in. "I was just thinking
that it was so clear out and... maybe another time."

"I suppose if we got the fire going big enough," Jen suggested, "it
wouldn't be so bad." Both her husband and daughter were shocked to hear
her say that. Jen hated the smallest fire.

John shrugged. It was just two more nights. He could make it. They'd
find some time, some place. He could tell Amanda was getting as
frustrated as he was.

"I'll, uh, get the fire going," John said.

"I'll help you daddy," Amanda rang in.

"Can I help, too?" Anne asked and followed them out to the wood pile.

Amanda held out her arms and let her dad pile a few pieces of wood in
them. Anne stepped up and started to do the same.

"Just be careful of the spiders," Amanda warned her. "They get into the
wood sometimes."

John saw Anne's eyes go wide with fear. 'Way to go, sweetie,' hethought. He could see it took every ounce of courage in Anne's lustful
heart to keep from dropping the three pieces of wood he'd given her. She
followed Amanda to the pit but didn't return.

"Mmmmmm...." she kissed him right off, not wanting to risk losing this
opportunity. "She's helping mom make some drinks."

"That's nice," her dad replied, lifting her off her feet in his arms.

Unfortunately that was all they felt they could risk so John loaded
Amanda down again and then grabbed a big armful himself. They both
cursed their frustration as they piled the wood.

By the time they had the fire going Jen and Anne were bringing out the

John sat down and Amanda instantly sat in his lap. John wrapped her in
his arms and held her close. The night air was chilly and the fire
hadn't warmed it up much. She rested her head on his shoulder and prayed
the wood would burn quickly or Anne would get cold even faster.

Anne brought them each a cup of hot chocolate which they eagerly
accepted and thanked her for. They knew all she'd done was carry it out
(if that much) but it was warm and they were cold. She got a cup for
herself and set down next to John.

"You have the right idea," she proclaimed. "We should huddle together
out of the wind to stay warm."

'Or... we should go inside and under warm covers to stay warm,' Amanda
thought. 'Preferably with my daddy's body pressed against mine to keep
me especially warm.'

Jen sat well back from the fire as was her habit. She soon was chilled
and got up to leave. "This cold isn't for me," she explained. "I'm going
inside. I'll wait up for you John."

Amanda cast a worried look at her father. John smiled at her and shook
his head slightly. She needn't worry. She understood and put her head
back on his shoulder.
Anne carefully picked up a piece of wood and tossed it into the fire.
"There is something so romantic about a fire," she said to no on in

"Yes," Amanda agreed. "Especially when you can curl up with someone
special." Her dad squeezed her a little tighter both to signal his
agreement but also as a warning.

Just a minute later Anne threw another piece on the fire. This one
landed on the edge of the pit and Amanda had to kick it into the blaze.
When Anne immediately went to pick up another piece John stopped her by
grabbing the other end of the stick.

"Uh, that's enough," he said. "I don't want the fire to get too high.
The sparks could start landing on the house. Also, I don't plan on
staying out here all night." Anne let go of the piece she'd picked up
and John put it on the bench between them.

There was little conversation. John and Amanda stayed relatively warm
but Anne had to be cold. They kept hoping she'd go in but she seemed
determined to gut it out. Slowly the pile of wood went down and once the
last piece was on the fire the blaze itself started to diminish. Still
the unwelcome guest did not budge.

Amanda stirred the embers until the fire was good and out and then got
up so her dad could douse the pit with water. Fire safety was one thing
he was very serious about as their friends had learned.

"Well... That was fun," Anne declared but no one believed her. She left
the empty mugs for Amanda to collect as she escorted John to the house.
Even then she didn't get the private time with him she'd been angling
for all evening. His daughter was soon right behind them.

John desperately wanted to kiss Amanda good night but he knew Jen would
have the bedroom door open so if he didn't do it downstairs it wouldn't
happen. They both loitered in the kitchen praying that Anne would leave
but she didn't. Finally, Amanda couldn't wash the mugs any more with
being obviously stalling. She gave her dad a most daughterly and
unsatisfying kiss on the cheek as she left.

"It's late for me too," John stated just as Anne looked ready to start a
conversation. He was two steps behind his daughter as they climbed tothe upstairs bedrooms.

Anne went to bed frustrated. She been trying for hours to get a few
minutes alone with John to feel him out. Was he in play or not? She now
had a burning desire to know.

His daughter seemed glued to him all night. Perhaps she saw Anne as a
threat to the family and was being his protector. She'd heard of that
happening though she'd never run into it herself. Well, she had one more
day and a little extra before she left.

Amanda was only able to look longingly at her dad as he passed her
bedroom. She sadly undressed, put on her most juvenile PJs and fell on
her bed. She'd had a lousy day, except for the shopping and sitting with
daddy for most of the evening, a few good kisses...

Okay, it wasn't lousy but she'd hoped it would be so much better.

John found Jen still getting ready for bed. She was in her white silk
nightie, the one she wore when she wanted sex. John just ignored the
blatant suggestion as he got undressed.

As he brushed his teeth he looked into the mirror. He wanted nothing
more than to march down the hall to Amanda's room and spend the night.
He missed her so. It had been a lousy day, except for sitting with
Amanda all night, a few good kisses...

Okay it wasn't lousy but he'd hoped it would be so much better.

He realized it must have been frustrating for Jen too. Anne was supposed
to be her friend and she hardly said a word to her all evening. He knew
Jen was lonely and that was partly his fault. She had really gotten
herself in shape. If he wasn't fucking Amanda on a regular basis he'd
probably find his marital bed quite sufficient. But, having tasted the
teen's sweet nectar no other fruit would satisfy him now.

But a starving man will eat almost anything and Jen certainly wasn't a
bad lover. She'd gone with out for so long she would probably be very
exciting. And, the gratitude she's show...

But he'd be cheating on Amanda. How would he tell her? He'd promised
they weren't going to do it. Of course Amanda wouldn't have to know.Just one time. For old times sake, heh?

"Strange night, wasn't it," he said as he climbed in bed.

"That's one way to look at it," she replied. "Of course it seems like
your fan club has doubled in size."

That comment brought back all the old memories of Jen. Her sarcasm and
her pettiness. Like he'd asked Anne to fawn all over him. He caught
himself starting to get worked into a frenzy like he'd done before when
they 'discussed' things. He was in no mood to have a fight.

He rolled away from her and turned out the light. Jen would never know
how close she came to getting the thing she'd dreamed about for months.

09-16-2006, 07:54 PM
Chapter 64 - The Great Escape

"Oh shit," John breathed. He was in the library and Amanda was just
getting to her knees. His cock was hanging out of his pants and her
pretty hand was wrapped around it.

"Not again," his daughter moaned. "Can't they leave us alone for fifteen

"I guess not," her father replied as he helped her to her feet. She
sadly stuffed his manhood back in his pants and pulled his zipper up.

"That's the fourth time," she reminded him. First they tried to get up
early but Jen was up before them. Then they tried going out on the beach
but Anne tagged along. John even sneaked into Amanda's room but Jen was
in the next room so that didn't work. They went to the library when it
looked like Jen and Anne were settled in the kitchen. They hadn't
stayed there long since he now heard the TV going in the family room
just outside the library doors.

"We have to get out of the house," he surmised. "Maybe we can get a

Amanda looked very hopeful at that suggestion and watched her dad make a
few calls. But it was a holiday weekend and all the hotels were booked.
He even tried a few motels they normally wouldn't have even considered
but they were that desperate.

"No place?" she almost cried when he hung up the phone.

"Not a room to be found," he told her.
That's when Amanda had her idea. Perhaps they could find a room. She
picked up the phone and dialed Cloe's number.

"Yo, girlfriend," the other teen answered.

"Need a favor," Amanda said.

"Anything ya want."

"Uh, we need a room, actually, uh, just a bed for a bit."

"Oh! What's up?"

"Mom's stupid friend is here and she won't leave us alone. It's been two
days and we're going nuts."

"Gosh, too whole days..." Cloe mocked her friend's horniness. "Most of
us go a whole week, you know."

"Well, can you help us?"

"Sure, mom said she'll be out all day. When do you want to come over?"


"Okay, I'll see you in a bit then."

She hung up and told her dad what she'd arranged. He smiled and kissed
her. Still, they had to get out of the house with out Jen suspecting. He
remembered something he'd seen in a movie.

"Go upstairs and pack your school bag," he told his daughter.

"What for?"

"You're going to Cloe's to study. I'm going to get a call in a few
minutes calling me into the office. I'll be able to give you a ride."

Amanda smiled as she understood her dad's contribution to their escape
plan. She kissed him quickly and scampered up to her room. John picked
the phone up and called Cloe.
"Yo, girlfriend," she answered.

"Actually, it's me," John whispered.

"What's up Mr. C.?"

"Uh, I need a favor."

"Yeah, Amanda just called. We're cool."

"Thanks but I knew about that. I need you to call my cell phone in, say
ten minutes."

"Sure, but why?"

"Just call, okay. I... I'm going to be talking nonsense. Just ignore it,

"Sure, but I want the full story when you guys get here."

"You still have the number?"

"In my phone."

"Thanks, Cloe."

John casually searched the house for Jen. She was to be the audience for
the little bit of street theater he was writing. He found her in the
kitchen starting dinner.

"What's for supper?" he asked.

"Huh? Oh, ha, turkey casserole. What did you think?"

"Ummm, that sounds good." Just then his phone rang. "Who the hell could
that be?"

He took a look at the dial. It plainly said "Incoming call from CLOE".
John mumbled "What would Parker want on a Saturday?"

"Yes, sir, what can I do for you?"
"Hi, Mr. C."

"It was fine. How was your's?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"That's great but you didn't call to talk about our holiday's. What's

"Uh, you've lost me. Are you, like, having Alzheimer's or something."

"Gosh, William, I would, normally but we have out of town company."

"Who's William? This is getting weird."

"Avery was working on that. Want me to call him?"

"So there's an Avery too? This is like some soap opera my mom watches."

"Oh, that's right. I forgot. He's in Baja."

"Who's in Baja? Is that William..."

"I suppose, but you owe me boss."

"Is this just a joke, Mr. C.?"

"Yeah, right. I'll call you from the office."

John hung up the phone and saw that Jen had been listening. He made his
best 'disgusted and disappointed' face. "When's your casserole going to
be ready?" he asked his perplexed wife.

"Uh, a few hours. I could stretch it a bit. Do you have to go to the

"Yes!" he spat out. "Avery fucked up. He's down in Baja but he forgot to
get a lease renewed. Now Confederated Grain has five metric tonnes of
winter wheat and no way to ship it. I've got to go see what I can
scrounge up on a holiday weekend."

"How long is that going to take?"
"A few hours. I know CSX has some hoppers sitting idle. We're going to
pay through the nose for them but I don't have many options. Still, I'll
need to call their traffic center and get them on a consist. Shit, they
won't have loading documents. I'm going to need help."

He stopped and dialed a number on his phone. It was Cloe again.


"Hey Mark. How was your Thanksgiving?"

"Are you okay, Mr. C.?"

"Good, good. Hey, I, uh, hate to call like this but Parker just called
me. Avery left us a little pile of shit."

"Avery again? Is this guy someone I know?"

"Good guess. He didn't get the Confederated Lease sent off. They have a
shit load of wheat and no way to ship it."

"Wait! Mrs. Carmichael is there, isn't she?"

"That's right. You understand then. Well, I need you to get the loading
docs written up while I call CSX and beg them for a string of hoppers."

"This is just a joke then. I get it. Cool. I'm supposed to be Avery or
someone, huh?"

"I'm going to get a few things together here and then, traffic won't be
too bad. I'll meet you in thirty minutes?"

"Sure, Mr. C," she said in a deep voice, her best impersonation of a

"Great! Thanks again."

He hung up and scowled out the window. "I owe Mark for that. With his
help I should be done in a few hours. If I leave now I'll get home," he
checked the wall clock, "by 7:30. I promise. No later."
"Well, if you have to go," Jen replied. "I can hold dinner that long."

Just then Amanda walked into the kitchen with her books. "Can I get a
ride to Cloe's?" she asked her parents. "I just called her and we're
going to work on our homework together."

"I'm just leaving," her dad informed her. "I can drop you on my way."

"Where you going, daddy?"

"The office. Mr. Parker needs me to do something right away."

"Want me to come too and help?"

"No, sweetie," he said with a smile. "You go to Cloe's. I won't be

"Can you pick me up on your way home?"

"Sure. I'd be glad to."

09-16-2006, 07:57 PM
Chapter 65 - The Great Escape

"Oh shit," John breathed. He was in the library and Amanda was just
getting to her knees. His cock was hanging out of his pants and her
pretty hand was wrapped around it.

"Not again," his daughter moaned. "Can't they leave us alone for fifteen

"I guess not," her father replied as he helped her to her feet. She
sadly stuffed his manhood back in his pants and pulled his zipper up.

"That's the fourth time," she reminded him. First they tried to get up
early but Jen was up before them. Then they tried going out on the beach
but Anne tagged along. John even sneaked into Amanda's room but Jen was
in the next room so that didn't work. They went to the library when it
looked like Jen and Anne were settled in the kitchen. They hadn't
stayed there long since he now heard the TV going in the family room
just outside the library doors.

"We have to get out of the house," he surmised. "Maybe we can get a

Amanda looked very hopeful at that suggestion and watched her dad make a
few calls. But it was a holiday weekend and all the hotels were booked.
He even tried a few motels they normally wouldn't have even considered
but they were that desperate.

"No place?" she almost cried when he hung up the phone.

"Not a room to be found," he told her.
That's when Amanda had her idea. Perhaps they could find a room. She
picked up the phone and dialed Cloe's number.

"Yo, girlfriend," the other teen answered.

"Need a favor," Amanda said.

"Anything ya want."

"Uh, we need a room, actually, uh, just a bed for a bit."

"Oh! What's up?"

"Mom's stupid friend is here and she won't leave us alone. It's been two
days and we're going nuts."

"Gosh, too whole days..." Cloe mocked her friend's horniness. "Most of
us go a whole week, you know."

"Well, can you help us?"

"Sure, mom said she'll be out all day. When do you want to come over?"


"Okay, I'll see you in a bit then."

She hung up and told her dad what she'd arranged. He smiled and kissed
her. Still, they had to get out of the house with out Jen suspecting. He
remembered something he'd seen in a movie.

"Go upstairs and pack your school bag," he told his daughter.

"What for?"

"You're going to Cloe's to study. I'm going to get a call in a few
minutes calling me into the office. I'll be able to give you a ride."

Amanda smiled as she understood her dad's contribution to their escape
plan. She kissed him quickly and scampered up to her room. John picked
the phone up and called Cloe.
"Yo, girlfriend," she answered.

"Actually, it's me," John whispered.

"What's up Mr. C.?"

"Uh, I need a favor."

"Yeah, Amanda just called. We're cool."

"Thanks but I knew about that. I need you to call my cell phone in, say
ten minutes."

"Sure, but why?"

"Just call, okay. I... I'm going to be talking nonsense. Just ignore it,

"Sure, but I want the full story when you guys get here."

"You still have the number?"

"In my phone."

"Thanks, Cloe."

John casually searched the house for Jen. She was to be the audience for
the little bit of street theater he was writing. He found her in the
kitchen starting dinner.

"What's for supper?" he asked.

"Huh? Oh, ha, turkey casserole. What did you think?"

"Ummm, that sounds good." Just then his phone rang. "Who the hell could
that be?"

He took a look at the dial. It plainly said "Incoming call from CLOE".
John mumbled "What would Parker want on a Saturday?"

"Yes, sir, what can I do for you?"
"Hi, Mr. C."

"It was fine. How was your's?"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"That's great but you didn't call to talk about our holiday's. What's

"Uh, you've lost me. Are you, like, having Alzheimer's or something."

"Gosh, William, I would, normally but we have out of town company."

"Who's William? This is getting weird."

"Avery was working on that. Want me to call him?"

"So there's an Avery too? This is like some soap opera my mom watches."

"Oh, that's right. I forgot. He's in Baja."

"Who's in Baja? Is that William..."

"I suppose, but you owe me boss."

"Is this just a joke, Mr. C.?"

"Yeah, right. I'll call you from the office."

John hung up the phone and saw that Jen had been listening. He made his
best 'disgusted and disappointed' face. "When's your casserole going to
be ready?" he asked his perplexed wife.

"Uh, a few hours. I could stretch it a bit. Do you have to go to the

"Yes!" he spat out. "Avery fucked up. He's down in Baja but he forgot to
get a lease renewed. Now Confederated Grain has five metric tonnes of
winter wheat and no way to ship it. I've got to go see what I can
scrounge up on a holiday weekend."

"How long is that going to take?"
"A few hours. I know CSX has some hoppers sitting idle. We're going to
pay through the nose for them but I don't have many options. Still, I'll
need to call their traffic center and get them on a consist. Shit, they
won't have loading documents. I'm going to need help."

He stopped and dialed a number on his phone. It was Cloe again.


"Hey Mark. How was your Thanksgiving?"

"Are you okay, Mr. C.?"

"Good, good. Hey, I, uh, hate to call like this but Parker just called
me. Avery left us a little pile of shit."

"Avery again? Is this guy someone I know?"

"Good guess. He didn't get the Confederated Lease sent off. They have a
shit load of wheat and no way to ship it."

"Wait! Mrs. Carmichael is there, isn't she?"

"That's right. You understand then. Well, I need you to get the loading
docs written up while I call CSX and beg them for a string of hoppers."

"This is just a joke then. I get it. Cool. I'm supposed to be Avery or
someone, huh?"

"I'm going to get a few things together here and then, traffic won't be
too bad. I'll meet you in thirty minutes?"

"Sure, Mr. C," she said in a deep voice, her best impersonation of a

"Great! Thanks again."

He hung up and scowled out the window. "I owe Mark for that. With his
help I should be done in a few hours. If I leave now I'll get home," he
checked the wall clock, "by 7:30. I promise. No later."
"Well, if you have to go," Jen replied. "I can hold dinner that long."

Just then Amanda walked into the kitchen with her books. "Can I get a
ride to Cloe's?" she asked her parents. "I just called her and we're
going to work on our homework together."

"I'm just leaving," her dad informed her. "I can drop you on my way."

"Where you going, daddy?"

"The office. Mr. Parker needs me to do something right away."

"Want me to come too and help?"

"No, sweetie," he said with a smile. "You go to Cloe's. I won't be

"Can you pick me up on your way home?"

"Sure. I'd be glad to."

09-16-2006, 07:58 PM
Chapter 66 - Distracted

Amanda saw her dad's car in its usual Friday afternoon spot as she left
school. He was watching for her as he always did and started waving the
second he spotted her. She ran to the car with her customary enthusiasm.

"Hey, sweetie," he greeted her as she came up. "Mmmmmmm...." he kissed
her when she got to the car. "How was school?"

"Boooooring," she moaned then she turned to him with a big smile, "but,
I did learn something pretty cool."

"Gosh, learning in school," he kidded. "Who'd a figured."

"No, really, daddy," she told him as he pulled into the street. "Cloe
told me about this new club that's opening tonight. It's called Moves
and it's a disco just for teens."

John smiled at how excited she was. It took a minute for him to realize
that she'd stopped talking and was staring at him expectantly. "What?"
he asked.

"Can we go? Tonight, I mean. It would be, like, so cool. We can dance
and, you know, have a good time. We'd take the whole gang. Please?"

"Gosh, sweetie," he pouted. "We were going to spend the night, just you
and me. After last week I was hoping to have you to myself for a night.
And we hung out with them the two weeks before that."

"Please daddy!" she begged. "It'll be fun, promise."

"But you promised me," he moped.

"I know..." she started to deflate. "I guess, if you really wanna..."

Amanda was still sulking when they got to the hotel. When John kissedher she kissed back but he could tell her heart wasn't in it. She let
him take off her shirt and she even stroked his cock but it was so half
hearted he stopped her.

"Sweetie," he asked but she didn't look up. "Sweetie, what is it?"

"Nothin'," she told him. "I love you. I... I guess we can go another

"It means that much to you?" he replied.

"Well, it is the opening night and all," she explained. "I mean, that
only happens one time, right?"

"But the place wouldn't be open now would it?"

"Uh, I guess not," she answered confused by his question.

"And, well, it's always, like, better to show up after everyone else is
there, right? That way they can, like, see you come in."

"Uh huh," she was starting to get excited and was pulling on his cock
more energetically now.

"How about," he smiled as he said, "we get there, say, 8:00. Would that
be good enough?"

"Really? No kidding? We can go?"

John nodded. He started to bend down to give his daughter a kiss but she
grabbed his head and yanked him down first and plastered his face with
the most thankful lip lock she could deliver.

"Now, what can we do between now and then?" he asked rhetorically as she
started pushing his slacks off his hips. When she had them completely
off she knelt at his feet and started licking his cock like a lollipop.
Her father grinned at the sight of his daughter eagerly attending to his
pleasure and added "That's nice. You're getting very good at that."

She couldn't reply because by then she had his shaft stuffed between her
lips. He could feel her tongue working on the head as she sucked it
hard. Even her pretty pink nailed fingers were helping out as theypumped her daddy's pole.

She started licking it again, going up the length of his cock in long,
erotic swipes, bending her head one way and then the other. Then she
slid her mouth over it again and sucked it hard once more. John didn't
know how much more of this he could take.

"Easy, baby," he warned her. "Unless you want me to cum now and then let
me get you off later."

"Mhphhhf," she mumbled as she sucked him hard. "No... I'll stop."

He helped his daughter to her feet and kissed her. Her hand kept pulling
on his cock until he lifted her shirt over her head. He removed her bra
and then undid her jeans.

She had on the skimpiest g-string he'd seen her wear. "You wore that to
school?" he asked.

"Huh?" She was not sure what he was talking about until he ran a finger
in the waist. "Oh, yeah, kinky huh? This way I could think of you all

"You're amazing," he said as he lifted her onto the bed. Naked, he
crawled between her legs. He wanted to be on top and she seemed to want
that too. He carefully lined his cock up and sank it into her with one
long stroke.

"Oh, daddy!" she moaned. "Now, fuck me. I've wanted you since earth

He laughed as they both recalled the night they'd gotten locked in Mr.
Carson's classroom. His little girl was as horny as he'd seen her. She
was already pulling on him, urging him to go faster, deeper. John had
been close to cumming when she was sucking him and hadn't backed off too
much since then. He was afraid he'd cum before he could get her off.

"Huh?" she cried as he pulled out. Her frown quickly turned into a smile
when she saw her dad lower his head between her legs. "Oh, yes..."

John licked her slit from bottom to top. His tongue found her clit and
he flicked it while he fingers found her hole. Two digits slid into herwhile his tongue kept up it's stimulation of her sexy nub.

"Oh daddy..." she moaned. He could feel her body start to quiver. He
backed off, not letting her cum until the sexual energy built up some
more. "Oh... yes.... So good....."

John had never been much for eating pussy until he started eating
Amanda's. Jen's had been okay but compared to his daughter she was day
old fish. Amanda's pussy was sweet as a peach. Her pubic hair was just
starting to come in and was still soft and sparse. He could do this for
hours and had on the few occasions they'd had that much time.

He felt her thighs start to pulse, gently squeezing his head. He'd
slipped his fingers out and had taken to running his tongue up and down
her sensitive pussy lips. Soon he'd plunge fingers and tongue back in
and drive her wild.

"Oh... daddy... yes... It's close..."

'I know, sweetie,' he thought to himself. 'Daddy knows. Daddy is going
to make you cum so hard you'll see stars.'

"Oh! Yes! Almost!"

Now. John drove his fingers back up his daughter's pussy as his tongue
lashed against her clit. Instantly Amanda was cumming.


He kept going, getting harder and faster. It was difficult now because
her thighs were pressing against his head like a vise. Her feet were
kicking him in the back and she'd even grabbed his hair.

"Oh.. Oh.. Oh..." she was reduced to grunting now. Still her daddy kept
her at a peak of sexual ecstasy unsurpassed in her thirteen years. Her
body was totally out of control and she loved it.

Slowly John let her down. It had been close to five minutes he figured
although he couldn't tell time when they were like this. Amanda seemed
to accept his slowing down and when he pulled his fingers out she was
"Oh, daddy," she moaned, "that was fantastic. I... can hardly... see

John just smiled as he mounted her. Her hands now grabbed his shaft and
guided to her well lubricated hole. It slipped back in easily and she
sighed as it sank deep.

John still loved how tight she was. They'd been fucking for months now
and although it was now much easier to get in it was just as tight. He
didn't understand but it was great. The velveteen walls gripped his cock
as he slid it in and out.

His ass was now moving rhythmically. Up and down, like a machine. Amanda
was still too week to even grab his ass but he could see her face and
knew she was still enjoying the afterglow of her climax and building to
a new one on his cock.

"Oh daddy," she moaned. "I love you... This is the best..."

"I love you too, sweetie," he assured her. His cock told the rest of the
story. He started to feel his nuts tighten. He was getting close. No
stopping this time until his cum filled her pussy.

"Oh..." he gasped involuntarily. "Oh yes..."

"Yes, daddy," she coaxed him. "Yes! Do it! Cum for me, daddy! Cum in me
again! I love it! Yes!"

"Oh baby!"



"Yes daddy." He saw her eyes start to roll back. It was happening. They
were going to cum together. It had happened a few times before and it
was always special. He tried to time his own climax but he was too far

"OH... OH..."

Just then he felt her pussy clamp around his pole. "OH GOD! YES!" He wascumming.

"OH DADDY! YES! OH YES!" She was too. His cock pulsed as each load of
sperm laden semen rushed through it to fill his daughter's loving pussy.
It seemed to last forever. Their bodies convulsed with orgasmic delight
as they completed the most intimate of unions.

"Oh, sweetie," he moaned as he collapsed beside her. He was spent. His
muscles would not respond for at least ten minutes.

"Yes, daddy," she purred and rolled against his side. "That was
fantastic. Two cums for me. I'll need to get you off next."

"Don't you think you should make your calls?"

She wrinkled her brow. She'd forgotten about the disco.

"Aren't we picking everyone up for the club?"

"Huh? Oh! Right!"

He smiled as she leapt out of bed and grabbed the cell phone out of her
purse. His cum was dripping down her legs as she called Cloe. He grabbed
some tissues from the night stand and went over to wipe it up.

"So? What about it?" she was saying. She put her hand over the
mouthpiece. "Thanks, it was starting to tickle." "Okay, Cloe. Can you
call the others?" "Great. Call me back when you find out."

She hung up and kissed her dad. "Mmmmm.. She's going to ask her mom.
Mmmmm... She's going to call back. Mmmm... We'll need a shower.
Mmmmmm... And are we going to eat? Mmmmmmm... But first... Mmmmmm...."

He watched her slide her tongue down his chest to his stomach and then
his cock. She was on her knees licking it. "After what you just gave
me," she said with a wicked smile, "I think you can cum all over my

John watched his daughter work diligently on his shaft. He could see she
had split goals. She earnestly wanted to give him a climax equal to the
two he'd given her. She also wanted to get him off quick so they could
get ready to go. Quick was winning but he was just fine with that.
Her hand looked so small. He'd never get used to that. Even with her new
longer nails her fingers looked so tiny. Her hand barely fit around the
shaft. Her mouth was full of his cock and she was sucking and licking it
with abandon. He saw her eyes looking up at him adoringly.

"Oh, sweetie," he moaned. "That's good. Oh yes! Pump it a little more.

Her free hand went to his balls. She'd learned just how hard to squeeze
them so it felt good. John soon felt an internal pressure building.

"I'm close, baby," he warned her. She just kept going.

"Oh... close..."

"Mhpf" she moaned and then put a hand to her hair.

"OH! YES!"

"Yes daddy!" she said taking his cock out of her mouth at the last
moment. The first spurt hit her forehead but the next three went into
her hair. It was so thick in her bangs it dripped down into her face.

Even when it stopped shooting she could see it leaking out of his piss
hole. She took his cock back in her mouth and sucked out the last few
drops. She still had her lips wrapped around him when her phone rang.

"Hey," she greeted her best friend. "Great!

"Oh, give us, what daddy, an hour? We'll pick you up."

She saw her dad head for the bathroom. Even so she turned away and spoke
softly. "'Cause, we need a shower."

"I, uh, let him spray it all over me." She wiped a blob of his spunk out
of her left eye and licked the finger clean.

"Nah, it's not so bad and he likes doing it that way sometimes."

"Cool. Hey, call Sam for me, 'kay?"

John came back with a damp cloth which he was going to use to wipe his
cum off Amanda's face. She stopped him. "No, daddy, I have to taste it

He watched his daughter eat several finger fulls of his cum before she
took the washcloth and cleaned most of the rest off.

09-16-2006, 07:59 PM
Chapter 67 - John's Taxi Service

John slowly pulled his daughter off his cock. They were standing in the
shower of their hotel room and had been unable to resist one last fuck
before they got ready for the disco. Amanda kissed him tenderly while he
held her.

"Mmmmmm..." she moaned through their kiss, "this is always great. I love
doing it under the water."

"Me too, sweetie, but we have to go," he reminded her. "Cloe will be
"Right!" Amanda replied with excitement. "I promise, daddy. This will be
fun. And... we can have another date. Okay?"

"Yes, already," he chided her as he got out of the shower. "Now get out
here so I can towel you off."

John had packed some casual clothes. Fortunately for their evening plans
it was one of his new 'young' outfits. Amanda had picked it out for him.
He felt strange the first time he dressed like this but he liked it now.

He smiled as his daughter came out of the bathroom. She was still naked
and completely comfortable walking around getting her clothes together
while her dad watched her.

"Like the show, daddy?" she teased him.

"Always, honey," he replied with a grin. "Maybe you can give me a repeat
performance later?"

"I'd love too," she promised as she pulled her underwear up. She had to
struggle to get her tight jeans up, shaking her hips erotically as she
did so. Her father couldn't keep his eyes of her pretty ass. He helped
her hook her bra, a task he loved to do almost as much as unhooking
them. She pulled the top on and tied her shoes.

Amanda took a few minutes to 'fix her face' while her dad collected
their stuff. It all packed into his satchel and her backpack.

"Ready, daddy?" she asked as she checked her eyes one last time. Eye
makeup was still tricky for her.

"You look great," he said as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms
around her. "Now, let's go have some fun."

Their first stop was Cloe's house. They both went to the door and Kat
St. Claire opened it.

"Come in," she welcomed them. "Cloe is still upstairs."

John saw her staring at him. He laughed. The kids never seemed to notice
how he dressed but the parents sure did.
"Uh, that's a new look for you, John."

"I guess," he said. "I just thought I'd blend in, you know."

"God, you're even starting to talk like them."

"Hey Amanda. Hey Mr. C." Cloe announced her entrance.

"Hey girlfriend!" Amanda gave her a hug. "You look hot. Ready to go?"

"Sure am." She turned to her mom. "See ya!"

"Have fun," she told her daughter. "Uh, don't stay out too late."

"What ever," Cloe said as they left.

Once in the car she and Amanda started to gab like they hadn't seen each
other in four weeks even though it had only been four hours. They were
still going strong when they got to Martin's house.

John left them keep talking in the car as he went up to the door.
Martin's dad answered.

"You must be John," the man said. "Uh, where's Cloe?"

"Out in the car with Amanda," John explained.

"This is Martin's mom," he introduced his wife. "Uh, you're Amanda's
guy, right?"

"You could say that."

"Pardon me for asking but, you obviously are not in middle school. How
did you meet Amanda?"

"Uh, well, you could say I've known her all her life."

"Friend of the family, then?"

"Something like that."
"Where do you go to school young man?"

"I'm not actually in school."

"Martin will be out in a minute," the boy's mother explained. "Have a
seat. We like to meet his friends."

His dad had seen John's car. He made the obvious assumption.

"Is that your dad's car?"

"No, it's mine." John was starting to enjoy this. He obviously looked
pretty young tonight.

"Is your dad rich or something?"

"Uh, no, dad's retired. He worked for Union Pacific as a locomotive

"I see. So, you work, I'm guessing."

"Oh yes."

"For the railroad?"

"Something like that."

"Martin," his mom called up the stairs. "Your friend John is waiting."

"I'm over here, mom," Martin called as he came out of the kitchen. He'd
been listening to his dad grill Mr. C. and was aware of what his dad was
doing. He'd also caught on to his dad's mistake about Mr. C's age.
Martin desided to play along.

"You ready to go, John?"

"Sure am. Our dates are waiting. It was very nice to meet you people,"
John said as they walked out the door.

"How does a kid like that afford that car?" Martin's dad wondered.

"You don't think he's a drug dealer, do you?" his wive voiced herbiggest fear about her son's friends.

"No, he's too clean cut. There's something else about him. He seems so
mature but..."

In the car Martin was having fun impersonating his dad as they retold
the conversation for the girl's benefit. They were all still laughing
when they got to Jake's house.

Cloe, Martin and Amanda had been to Jake's house before and knew that
his parents liked to visit before every one left. Unlike most parents
though, they didn't mind visiting with them. With the exception of Mr.
C, Jake's parents were the coolest ones they'd ever met.

Jake answered the door and they all trooped in to visit. Jake's mom had
been working in her pottery room and was wiping clay of her hands as she
came in.

"Hey mom," Jake called. "This is Amanda's dad."

"You're the one they call Mr. C, right?"

"John," he said with a grin as he shook her still not quite clean hand.

"I'm Liz," she turned to the kitchen, "Paul! Get out here. The kids are

"I'm coming. I'm coming." A tall skiny man with thin greying hair,
pulled back in a very long pony tail came out of the kitchen. He had a
white apron on over a Led Zepplin t-shirt.

"This is Amanda's dad, John," Liz introduced him.

"Good to meet you, John."

"Same here."

"So what's the adventure tonight?" Liz wanted to know.

"We're going to Moves, the new disco for teens," Amanda explained.

"Oh, right, the old Safeway out on 101. Cool," Paul replied.
"You're going too, right John?" Liz wanted to know.

"Oh yeah, sounds like fun."

"Amanda? Don't you have a date tonight?" Paul wanted to know.

"Uh, sure, he'll be there," she said looking at her dad. Liz mistook
that as a signal the girl didn't want to talk about the guy in front of
her dad.

"That's good," she cut in, thinking to save the girl from having to talk
about 'her guy' with her dad standing next to her. "Well, I hope you
have a great time."

"Well we won't keep you," Paul said ushering the gang toward the door.
Both he and Liz stood and waved as John backed the car out of the drive.

The drive to pick up Sam was very short. They couldn't go to her house
because her mom would never have permitted the girl to go. Instead, she
had feigned being tired and gone to bed. Once safely in her room she had
changed into her club outfit and sneaked out the window.

"Hey! You guys beat me to Jake's house," Sam said as they pulled over to
let her in. She was only three blocks from their last stop and had been
walking in that direction.

"We can go back if you want," Jake offered sincerly. He knew Sam liked
spending time with his parents. Her mom and Cloe's mom were both
divorced. Martin's mom and dad were, well, strange. Amanda's parents
weren't exactly together. Of all her friends, only Jake had what could
pass for a normal family with parents you could talk to. She had come to
enjoy the time she spent at their house.

"Nah, I'll, uh, see them tomorrow, right?" Sam intended to spend the
night there. That was something her mother would kill her for but
something Jake's mom and dad were cool about. She and Jake hadn't gone
all the way yet but they'd slept together before, just not that often.

Finally the entire gang was together.

09-16-2006, 08:00 PM
Chapter 68 - Disco
"There it is, daddy," Amanda shouted, pointing at the sign.

"I see it, honey," her dad assured her over the blaring radio. He got in
the turn lane and had to wait for a long line of traffic to clear. The
delay added to the anticipation he sensed from the teens in his car.

John worked to keep his attitude positive. He was still disappointed
that they were coming here instead of doing something on their own but
he could see how excited his daughter was and that meant more to him
than one night of hot sex with her. It was one more way he knew how much
he truly loved her.

As they neared the entrance he noticed a steady stream of cars stopping
to let off young teens. He recognized several of the cars from Amanda's
school. It would seem that half the teens in the area were coming for
the opening night. That made the parent in John happy. He had often felt
that there was not enough for kids that age to do and the months he had
spent hanging out with Amanda's friends had only reinforced that

John paid the admission charge for all six of them and they entered the
converted supermarket. Inside the place bore no resemblance to the old
store. It was dark, only the light of several large video screens and a
strobe illuminated the room. A large dance floor dominated the place.
Along the walls he saw tables and one corner looked like it had a snack

Amanda pulled him straight out on the floor and they started dancing.
Sam and Jake were next to them and Cloe and Martin were not far away.
John found that dancing had changed a little from when he was in school
but he got away with his old reliable moves.

Amanda and her friends were dancing in a similar if somewhat more up to
date manner but he could see a few of the older kids dancing much more
suggestively. They were grinding against each other and even more. He
tried a few times to see if Amanda wanted to dance like that but she
obviously did not. He let it go. He would be able to enjoy the real
thing later.

John could see that she was having fun just dancing. After a while she
was dancing more with Cloe and Sam than with him so he left to geteveryone some drinks. He found the snack bar in the corner. It was very
crowded with kids taking a break from dancing. He got a pitcher of coke
and some glasses and took them to a table not far from were Amanda was

Martin and Jake had wandered off while he was getting the drinks but
Amanda, Cloe and Sam did not seem to miss their dates. They were just as
active out there as before. John settled back against the wall to watch

They looked just like any other group of teens out there. He had gotten
to know these kids pretty well over the last few months and had started
to think of them as unusually mature. All of them were quite sexually
active although Amanda assured him that Sam and Jake had not gone all
the way yet, but it was not just that. They all just seemed more grown
up than he had been at their age.

But out on the floor they blended in. If anything they looked younger
than many of the kids. The oldest were about seventeen and they were the
ones dancing most suggestively. Amanda and her friends looked very
innocent by comparison.

It was times like this that John was reminded of just how young his
girlfriend was. He did not often think of his lover as a girl still
months away from her fourteenth birthday but she was.

When they were alone she did not act so young. She was not all grown up,
still having a lot of naivete' and insequrity, but she was mature enough
to be deeply in love and that was all that mattered when they were
together. When they were with her friends she was more like a young girl
but still more mature than most.

Here in the midst of a crowd their own age she acted her youngest. It
was just the opposite when she was at the office. No one would think she
was only thirteen unless they were told. She fit in perfectly with all
the staff and was treated as an adult.

It did not look like she was going to tire of dancing any time soon so
John went to look for Martin and Jake. He had become a sort of big
brother, older friend to them and was always able to have a good time
around them. He found them playing a video game stuck in the corner of
the snack area.
"Wannah plah dah winnah?" Jake asked around a bite of hotdog.

"Sure," John replied. The game was some sort of shooting thing. They
each had a rifle and had to shoot targets that flew up on the screen.
Martin easily beat his friend.

"You try it, Mr. C.," Jake said as he handed over the rifle. "He's beat
me three times now."

John slid a dollar into the slot and waited to see what would happen.
He drew a bead on a turkey that flew up from some high grass.

"Got 'em," Jake yelled in his ear making him miss the buck that trotted
across the field. John figured he would be well ahead of his young
friend if he was not getting slapped on the back or shouted in the ear
every time he scored. Still he won by a few hundred points.

"You can shoot, Mr. C.," Martin said putting down the rifle. Jake
decided he did not want to go against John.

"I used to go hunting with my dad," he explained. He saw the girls
arriving as a group.

"We're tired of dancing alone," Amanda announced. "Come on."

Each of the girls grabbed their date and dragged him back out on the
dance floor. John tried a few of the more suggestive moves again but
when Amanda did not respond he backed off and just danced. This time he
stayed up there almost an hour. Finally Amanda wanted a break.

John got a second pitcher of drinks and some more cups and found a new
table. He sat down and had the pleasure of having Amanda sit on his lap.
She poured a glass of soda and gave it to him.

"Thanks for coming daddy," she said as she poured herself a glass. "This
place is so cool."

"I'm glad you're having fun, sweetie," he said.

Amanda settled back against his chest with her head on his shoulder. "I
always have fun with you," she told him. He kissed her gently on thelips and she returned the gesture.

Slowly he saw her get in the mood for some necking. He checked around
and saw that no one seemed to pay them any attention. A few months ago
he would have been too nervous to kiss her in public but he had found
that nobody seemed to care, especially no one under twenty. He started
kissing her.

Amanda gently moved her dad's hand until it was over her breasts. He
felt the outline of her sexy bra and the suggestion of her nipples. They
slowly tuned out the rest of the world as they got more deeply into
their necking.

Eventually John tired of playing with her breast. He slid his hand down
slowly until it was resting on her thigh. He eased it between her legs
and she spread them just enough to let it in. He started rubbing her
pussy through the crotch of her tight jeans.

"Mmmmmm...." she moaned through their kiss. Then she smiled at him and
said, "Nice..."

John smiled back and then kissed her again. He started rubbing harder
and she encouraged him with her kissing. They could communicate very
effectively this way so he knew she wanted more. He deftly undid the
button in her waistband and slid his hand into her pants.

It was a very tight fit but between his wiggling fingers and her
squirming butt he managed to work a finger into her pussy. He started
sliding it in and out as far as the situation allowed.

"You wanna try that video game again, Mr. C.?" John heard Jake ask. He
did not stop kissing Amanda but he did look up at the boy who had just
realized what he had interrupted.

"Oops! I see you're busy. Sorry!" Before the kid could run away, John
gave him the 'okay' sign. Jake smiled and after filling a couple of
glasses from the pitcher left them alone.

It did not take much of that level of making out to get both father and
daughter hot. They could see their friends having fun on the dance floor
and knew they would not want to leave anytime soon. With out saying a
word they went in search of some private place to fuck.
Amanda first tried to sneak her dad into the girl's bathroom. She
figured they could hide in a stall. Cloe had told her that she and
Martin had done it that way a few weeks earlier. But when they saw how
many people were going in and out of the bathrooms they quickly
abandoned that idea.

Next they tried to sneak into the store room behind the snack counter.
They almost made it but the guy working the counter caught them and they
quickly slipped into the crowd before he could ask what they were doing.

Finally they found a unlocked closet next to the DJ's area. Amanda got
her dad's cock out of his pants and stroked it. She tried to get on her
knees but there was not enough room. John turned her around and pulled
her pants down past her hips. He got it inside her but everytime they
tried to move one or the other of them would bump into something making

"It's no good, sweetie," John said. "If we get caught..."

"Yeah, bummer. It was just getting good, too."

"Do you think they might want to leave?"

"I'll talk to Cloe. She'll understand."

John smiled. He knew she would too. As he pulled out of his daughter's
pussy he made a mental note to get the girl a very nice Christmas
present. This would be twice she had come to their rescue.

"Cloe," Amanda beckoned over the loud music. Her friend followed her to
the edge of the dance floor. "How late you stayin'?"

"Donno. Why?" Amanda just looked at her dad and then back at her friend.
"Oh..." the teen said realizing why Amanda and her dad wanted to go. "I,
uh, guess we can leave now, if you want."

"Well, we don't want to rush anyone."

"Right," Cloe said with a snicker. She leaned in to talk directly in
Amanda's ear. "But if you don't get your dad in bed he's going to crazy,
"Something like that," Amanda replied grinning wickedly. "But, uh, it's
not just him, ya know."

"We could go to Jake's house," Cloe suggested. "His folks are cool."

Amanda and Cloe explained the plan to Sam who John saw was amused by the
situation. The girls then told the boys it was time to go. Ten minutes
after John and Amanda left the tiny closet everyone was headed out to
the car.

They pulled into the drive at Jake's house with the stero blaring. His
mom was at the door as they piled out of John's car.

"You guys are back early," she said as she waved them in. "Was something
wrong with the place?"

"Nah," Sam said after she gave Jake's mom a friendly hug and a kiss. "It
was just, I don't know..."

"Some of us were looking for a little, you know..." Cloe half explained
as she wrapped her arms around Martin.

"I see," the very cool mother said. "Uh, I'll leave you be then..."

John expected her to invite him into the kitchen or something but she
just left. The other two couples quickly settled into two corners of an
old couch and started necking. John sat in a big overstuffed chair and
Amanda climbed into his lap. She kissed him but he was not comfortable
doing that with Jake's mom in the next room.

"What?" she asked when he continued to resist.

"She's right out there," he explained. "I'm not sure she's that cool, ya

"Oh, I bet she is," Amanda said and renewed her efforts. The challenge
was adding a new and exciting element for the girl. She sifted until she
was straddling her dad's lap.

"It's just that if she isn't things could be real bad," John protested
even as his daughter started pulling his t-shirt up. She exposed one ofhis boy-nipples and started licking it. He sighed. His daughter was
fanning his already raging libido. His reason was struggling to keep

"Mmmmmm..." Amanda lifted her head and kissed him tenderly. For a moment
John's resistance gave way and he kissed her back, hard and deep. His
daughter smiled inwardly, thinking she had won. She settled in for what
she expected would be a very pleasant time.

John was almost lost in his daughter's love. He held her tight as he
stove to kiss her more deeply and passionately. Then he heard Jake's mom
moving around in the other room. He suddenly pushed Amanda away.

"What?" she asked becoming annoyed with him.

"I can't do this here," he explained. "Not with her so close."

"But we can't leave," she pouted. "Cloe and Martin need a ride and..."
Amanda turned her head to check on her friends. Cloe was kneeling
between her boyfriend's legs sucking his young cock. "...they're not
ready to leave."

"I don't know what to do," John admitted.

Amanda studied him for a long moment and then kissed him quickly before
she got off his lap. She quietly crossed the room to Cloe and whispered
in her ear. John saw the girl nod with out taking her mouth of Martin's

"Come on," Amanda said. She took her dad by the hand and led him out of
the room.

"Uh, we're going to leave," she explained to Jake's mom. "Can you give
Cloe and Martin a ride home?"

"Sure," she said. John saw her looking at him with a suspicious eye.
"That's no problem."

"Thanks," Amanda said. "Let's go daddy." As they left she called into
the room with her friends, "Good night!"

09-16-2006, 08:04 PM
Chapter 69 - Almost caught...
John started apologizing the moment they got in the car. Amanda just sat
there. He finally stopped the car a block away from their house.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," he said for the four hundredth time. "I'll make it
up to you when we get home."

"Then what we sitting here for?" she asked and put her hand on the
shifter. He looked at her and slowly they both broke into very broad
grins. She put the car in drive and her dad released the brake. They
were home a few moments later.

John parked the car and helped his daughter out. She instantly jumped up
and clamped her legs around his waist.

"I love you, daddy," she said as she started kissing him. "Mmmmmm..."

John kissed back as he shut the car door. He carried her like that into
the house. As they slowy worked across the kitchen and family room
toward his room their kissing got more passionate. John stopped several
times to concentrate on his daughter's luscious lips.

When they weren't kissing they were giggling, especially when they
bumped into things which seemed to happen a lot. They even nocked a few
lamps over. John fixed the first one but he had almost dropped Amanda in
the process so he left the others.

When they got to the door to his room they stopped again and did some of
the most intense kissing of the night. John managed to work his hands up
his daughter's back, under her t-shirt and undo the hooks of her bra.
He was gently rubbing her soft skin when Jen found them.

The garage door had awakened her but it was the sound of them banging
into things that got her out of bed. She put her robe on as she decended
the stairs. She could see them in the shadows by the guest room. She
couldn't see what they were doing but she started to get a cold feeling
deep in her gut.

Jen forced herself to get closer. She was torn between needing to see
what was going on and afraid to find out. She quietly crept into the
family room. She saw that Amanda had her legs wrapped around her dad.
She could not see their faces or hear what they were saying. She steppedcloser.

John heard her trip over a lamp they had knocked over. "Jen?" he called
out in shock and surprise.

"What are you doing?" his wife asked. She could now see that he had his
hands in Amanda's shirt.

"Uh, Amanda had an eyelash in her eye. I, uh, was getting it out."

"But it's so dark. How could you see?"

"It's better now, daddy," Amanda said sliding off of her father. She put
her arm around him possessively and stood facing her mom.

Jen's sickly feeling grew when she saw them standing there together. She
knew she had seen something she was not meant to see and she also was
quite certain that John had not been removing an eyelash from his
daughter's eye. Jen did not know what to do or say as she stared blankly
at the pair. Finally, just to fill the silence, she said, "Well..."

"We'll keep it quiet, mom," her daughter said.

"Goodnight, Jen," her husband added.

Jen knew she was being dismissed. She knew she should stay and confront
them but she was afraid to do so. She was afraid of what she might find
out. She turned, picked up the lamp she had tripped over and went back
to bed.

As soon as his wife was out of sight, John picked his daughter up and
carried her into his room. He shut the door with his foot and gently
laid her on his bed. She squirmed seductively to make room for him to
join her.

John kicked off his shoes and stripped out of his jeans and shirts
before he climbed into bed. He lifted his daughter's shirt over her
head. Since he had already uhooked her bra he was able to simply pulled
it off her arms.

Amanda could see her daddy's big cock was all hard and eager to have
fun. She reached into his shorts and pulled it out with her pretty handwhile he worked on her jeans. He had trouble getting them off her hips
so she let go of his shaft and wiggled them over her butt while he
untied her shoes.

He pulled her pants and g-string off her legs, stripped out of his
shorts and finally they both were naked. He laid next to her and kissed
her as his hand explored her sexy body.

"Mmmmm..." Amanda kissed back loving the way her daddy's hand was
getting her even more excited. She spread her legs eagerly as his hand
slid past her stomach. He rubbed her pussy a few times before he slid
two fingers up her hole. "Ohhh..." she moaned.

"I want you," he said as he got between her slender legs.

His daughter caught hold of his cock and lined it up. "No, really?" she
kidded as he started to push. "I hadn't noticed. Hmmmmm...."

Her kidding stopped as he started fucking her with long, smooth strokes.
He went slow, obviously holding himself back. "Fuck me daddy," she said
to urge him on. "Fuck me."

John smiled at his horny daughter. She was humping her pussy up on his
cock. Soon she would grab his ass and pull him into her but he was
enjoying fucking her this way. He had waited most of the night to do it
and he was not going to rush. Since they had left the hotel, making love
with her again had been on his mind.

As he expected his daughter started pulling on his ass. Reluctantly John
sped up. "Oh yes, daddy... So good... Hmmm...."

She bent her head down and watched his long shaft drive deep into her.
She could feel it stretching her in a most delightful way, sending
sparks of sexual energy coursing through her young body as she felt
herself start to build up to a climax.

"Faster... Oh, daddy... Yes! Fuck me..."

John caught the urgency in his daughter's voice. She was getting close
much quicker than he expected. She must have been even hornier than he
had thought. He started slamming his hard cock into her.
"OH YES!" she cried. He pulled back and slammed in to her again. "YES!

She had her eyes closed and he could see the unmistakeable mixture of
pleasure and pain that was the sign of sexual ecstasy. She was very
close now.

Amanda felt her pussy start to quiver around her daddy's thick pole.
Then she saw flashes of light behind her eyelids. "I'M CUMMING!"

"Cum for me, baby," he said as he kept his cock driving into her. "I
love to see you cum. Cum on daddy's cock."


John was proud to give his girl that much pleasure. He was not even
close so he could fuck her with out worry that he would cum and not be
able to keep her going. Her pussy was spasming now, grabbing his cock so
hard he had to work to pull it out.

"OH OH OH" She was still cumming. The girl's body was thrashing below
him as he kept her on a peak of sexual climax for minute after minute.
Finally she started to settle down.

"OH Oh Oh oh oh..." She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Oh,
daddy..." She pulled his head down and kissed him. "Mmmmm...."

John kissed her back, as pleased with her orgasm as she was. He had
enjoyed giving it to her but he was now getting tired. He was in great
shape but the long night of dancing and the time in the hotel before
they went to the club had taken their toll.

"HUH! OH! Oh..." Amanda was surprised and then pleased when her dad
suddenly rolled them over. She was now on top. As she got herself
adjusted his cock pulled out of her still quivering pussy. She kissed
him again as she reached between them and found it.

She knelt up and fit the head to her pussy. John watched his daughter
sink slowly on his shaft until her soft skin was resting firmly on his
coarse hairs. It always amazed him that her tiny body could take his
oversized cock. But there was the proof before his eyes as she slowly
raised her ass. Her pussy lips were pulled out as she slid back up hislong pole.

"Oh, baby..." he moaned. The erotic sight was almost as good as the
exquisite feel of her tight tunnel rubbing up and down his sensitive
skin. She rested her hands on his chest and started to hump her ass
aggressively. "Oh yes..."

"I love you, daddy," she said. "So much..."

John replied by bucking his hips up to match her rhythm. They were
dancing again only this time it was to music only they could hear.

He looked up at his daughter's lithe body bouncing above him. Her pert
breasts were not yet big enough to do more the jiggle even though she
was pounding up and down with vigor. He reached out and held her by the
hips but let her stay in control.

"Oh daddy..." she moaned. "I'm... gonna... again... Oh, yes..."

"Good girl," he replied. "I'm getting close. Oooo... That's so good."

"Oh... yes... close..."

"Fuck me, sweetie," he urged her. "Daddy's close. So close..."

"Yes! Oh... don't stop... Oh! Don't ever stop..."

"So... Good... Oh... Yes.. YES. OH YES!"


John could not hold back any longer. He slammed his cock into her as his
first blast of cum shot out. He felt her pussy clamp around him again
and he released his second spurt. He pulled her down and kissed her as
they both enjoyed the rest of their mutual orgasm.

Amanda tried to squeeze more hot cum out of her dad's cock by flexing
her pussy muscles. She had learned to exert increasing control over that
part of her body. As she sqeezed she felt him still jerking deep inside

"Oh sweetie..." he moaned as his climax ebbed.
"Daddy... It keeps getting better. I love it. Mmmmm..."

"Mmmm... I know sweetie... Mmmmmm... You are the best. Oh, yeah, the
best by far. Mmmmm..."

They cuddled in the after glow of another round of great sex. In the
back of his mind he knew that he should send Amanda to her room but he
just could not bare to let her go. Instead he pulled the covers over
them and let her fall aslead with her head on his chest.

Jen had been in a bad mood all week, ever since she had seen John and
Amanda doing something in the dark. She wanted to ask him what was
really going on but never worked up the courage. It only made her more
upset to see the two of them so giddy with excitement.

Tonight her husband was taking their daughter to his company's annual
holiday party. By rights he should take his wife but they all knew that
would never happen. Not after the scene she'd caused at the last office
party she'd attended.

To make matters worse, Jen was finally in shape. Shopping for a pretty
party dress would have been such fun. She'd have been proud of the way
she looked for the first time in almost fifteen years. It would have
been such a reward for all her hard work.

But, no, even now her daughter was upstairs getting ready. They wouldn't
leave for hours but the girl was so excited she just couldn't wait. She
even saw John laying out his tuxedo. He tried to hide it but the man was
excited too. He'd hinted about some big announcement that would be made
that night but hadn't told her what it might be.

Jen was also frustrated. She'd started an article in the latest issue of
Runner's World and now couldn't find the magazine. She gave up searching
downstairs and went up to see if it was in her room.

As she passed her daughter's door she smirked. At least John wasn't
taking 'the other woman'. That was something she had reminded herself of
almost a hundred times a day since she'd learned Amanda was going to the
party. It was small consolation but it was all she had.
"Mom?" she heard he daughter call. "Mom? Can you help me?"

Jen paused. She didn't want to help her daughter but it wasn't all the
girl's fault. Jen had been the one that got drunk last time. She
couldn't really blame John for not taking her. And, it was the girl's
first formal party and that made it a big day for her. It would be a
shame to spoil it.

"What can I do, dear?" she asked as she walked into her daughter's room.
Amanda came out of the bathroom and Jen almost died. The thirteen year
old girl was holding a pink corset in one hand. It was obvious she'd
just done her nails.

"I can't figure out how to put this on with out smearing my nails," she
confessed. "It ties in the back."

"Where did you get that?"

"At the mall. I knew I couldn't wear a regular bra with my dress and
this looked so sexy. Now I just need to figure out how to put it on."

A strapless bra would have worked better, Jen knew, but she'd learned
that the girl had erotic tastes in lingerie. She shrugged. It wasn't
like anyone was going to see her in it. She took the corset and opened
the front hooks. It was loose enough that she could wrap it around her
daughter's middle and rehook it.

"Now turn around," she instructed the girl, "and grab the bed post."

Jen hadn't laced a corset up in years. At Anne's first wedding she'd
been a bride's maid and had helped her friend put one on. That was
sixteen years ago.

She got the laces taut and then started pulling. Amanda kept urging her
to go tighter. She almost felt like over doing it but resisted the
temptation. When it was done Amanda looked in the mirror.

"Yes!" she declared. "That's perfect. Now, hmmmm, I guess my stockings."

Amanda had a pair of shear white nylons laying on her bed. She picked
one up and started working it up her leg. When she had it on the girlattached it to the garters on her corset. She had the second one on
before her mother realized that the girl had no problem with the
garters. Obviously she'd worn them before.

The girl was also nonpulsed as she donned a very skimpy g-string. She
looked like a model in some men's magazine when she was done, especially
after she slipped a pair of pads into the bra cups of her corset giving
her some very respectable cleavage.

As she watched her daughter adjust her boobs Jen had a flash of insight.
She saw the girl, dressed in nothing but what she had on then with her
father standing behind her, smiling. She shook her head and the image
went away.

Amanda was trying to put on her shoes. The corset made it hard to bend
and she was having significant trouble.

"Let me help," her mother offered. Amanda thankfully sat on the bed and
handed her mom one of her sexy sandals.

"Thank's mom," she sighed. "This is hard work. I never knew how much it
takes to really get dressed up. And, I haven't even started my make up

Jen buckled the sandal and reached for the other. When it was on Amanda
went back to the mirror to check it out. Again the image of John leering
at his daughter came to her. It took a concerted effort to drive it away
this time.

"Those shoes are going to be hard to walk in by the time the night is
over," Jen warned her again. "You do have those pretty pink pumps, you

"Oh, but these are so much better," Amanda protested. "Look how they
sparkle. I'll be okay."

"You know you're going to be ready way too soon," Jen observed. "The
party doesn't start until 8:00."

"I know, but we're meeting the Parkers for drinks before," the girl
informed her as if she did that all the time. "Uh, dad and Mr. Parker
have to go over some things before the party."
"Is this something to do with the announcement your dad's been hinting
at all week?"

"Uh, kind of. I guess," the girl replied as she sat at her make up
table. She opened her cosmetic case and started choosing some eye
makeup. "How about these?" she asked, holding up a dual container of eye

"Hmmm, well, I'd think those ones would go better. Your eyes are such a
pretty brown."

"Let me try that..." Jen watched her daughter daub some eye shadow onto
a applicator and wipe it on an eyelid. She added the second color and
blended them with her finger. It was pretty roughly done. "I like it,"
the teen declared. "Thank's mom."

"Here, dear," Jen said reaching for a wipe. "Let me fix that up a bit."

"Okay," her daughter said cheerfully as she turned to give her mother
access to her face. "I'm still learning to put eye make up on."

Jen got the eye shadow off and then noticed her daughter had a bottle of
liquid foundation sitting on her table. "Are you going to wear this
too?" she asked, picking up the bottle of foundation.

"Uh, I was thinking about it," Amanda admitted.

"You have such pure skin, you don't need that. A little powder will do
just fine." Jen reached for her daughter's powder puff and applyed a
light dusting to the girl's nearly perfect complexion.

"Now we can do those eyes," she said picking up the pot of eyeshadow.
She coated her daughter's eyelids with the base color and then stroked
on the lighter contrast.

"Do you have any eyeliner?" she asked and got a shake of the girl's
head. "Okay, you can use some of mine."

As Jen left Amanda's room she realized she was having fun doing her
daughter's makeup. The girl's excitement was infectious, as usual. Jen
picked up her eyeliner bottle and also her eye lash curler and comb. Shehadn't seen those instruments on Amanda's table.

"So, you know what your dad's big announcement is, I take it," Jen
stated simply as she drew a line on her daughter's right eyelid. "Don't
blink, dear."

"Uh, actually, it's Mr. Parker's annoncement, mostly," Amanda admitted.
"I kind of heard, yeah."

"So?" her mother asked as she did the left eye. "What is it?"

"Well, daddy asked me to keep it secret until tonight. I promised."

Jen knew there was no getting through that. Her daughter was very good
at keeping secrets, something she'd had to rely on after she'd caught
her with Steven not once but twice. "Okay, well, I'll just have to wait,
then. Look up, honey."

Jen added a line below Amanda's eyes. She had the girl look at her for a
second. It was a very dramatic change. Her little girl looked like a
Hollywood starlet. Amanda didn't like the eye lash curler but Jen
insisted. Then she dipped the mascara brush and ran it along the girl's
lashes. First left, then right and then a second coat on both. She
combed the lashes gently.

Amanda wanted to take a look but Jen stopped her. "Let me finish and
then you can see the whole thing," she explained. She picked out a
lipliner and got her daughter's approval. She traced the girl's lips and
then brushed on the lipstick. "Blot," she instructed and Amanda
dutifully grabbed a tissue and lightly blotted her lips.

Amanda had picked out a deep blush that would have looked clownish on
the girl. Jen searched her case for a lighter color that would
compliment the girl's face. She brushed a dramatic sweep on each cheek.

Jen sat back and inspected her work. She cleaned up a little clump of
mascara with the nail of her pinky finger. She added a little powder to
Amanda's nose and forehead. Finally she let her daughter see what she'd

"Oh mom!" she cried. "This is fantastic. I look so..."
"...beautiful," her mother concluded for her. Then, under her breath,
she added, "and too grown up."

Amanda had already done her nails. Still, her mother inspected these
too. They were fine. As usual she wore pink although this was a darker
shade than she had seen her wear before. The nails were fully dry by

"How are you going to wear your hair, dear?"

"Gee, I don't know," Amanda said as she pulled her hair out and tried to
think of a style. Her mother had already picked up a brush and was
pulling it out.

"For a night like this, you can do something a bit dramatic," she
explained. She again turned her daughter away from her mirror as she
brushed out her hair. Then she took a comb and started dividing it into
sections. Jen was really into it now, almost feeling like she was back
in highschool and helping a friend, usually Anne, get ready for a fancy
party. Amanda had fine hair but it was long enough to do one of Jen's
favorite party hairstyles.

They went through almost the entire supply of pins her daughter had. Jen
had to get hairspray from her room. It took almost forty minutes but,
when she was done it looked fantastic. She smiled as she gazed at her
art work.

"Okay, take a look," she said at last. Her daughter had been trying to
steal peeks for the last ten minutes. Jen was rewarded by the shocked
look on Amanda's face.

"Oh mom..." she gasped. "That's... It's hard to believe it's me. Oh

"Do you like it?" Jen asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear it

"Oh, mom," her daughter cried, and wrapped her into a huge hug.

Jen hugged back feeling a warm tide of emotion. This had been a very
special time she'd spent with her daughter. Her bad mood was forgotten
and she was almost as excited about the party as Amanda now. "Be carefulwith your makeup, dear," she warned the teen.

Amanda got her dress out of the closet while Jen arranged a compact for
her. She dropped it in the girl's purse and then helped her get into her

She'd seen her in it at the mall but when she stood beside Amanda as she
examined herself in the mirror, with her hair up and her make up done,
Jen was shocked. The girl was a goddess. It no longer mattered that she
was only thirteen. Her look was ageless. It wasn't just the clothes and
the cosmetics. The girl glowed. She looked like a bride on her wedding
day. It was a happiness that Jen found herself sharing. She didn't
understand the source but it was overpowering.

"Wow mom," the girl said for the tenth time. "I don't know what to say."

"Thanks works," she said as she hugged the girl.

"Oh, thanks," Amanda cried. She was almost in tears.

"Don't cry," Jen said feeling tears well up in her eyes too. "We don't
want your mascara to run."

"Oh.... mom, I love you."

"Sniff, I love you too, dear."

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1725hrs CST Well I had a little rest and something to eat so I'll post a few more today

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Chapter 70 - Departure

"You ready," Jen asked her gorgeous daughter. They were standing in
front of the full length mirror in the girl's bedroom.

"Almost," she said. "Uh, tell him I'll be down in a few, okay?"

"Sure, dear." She collected the cosmetics and other things she'd brought
from her room and left. When they were back where they belonged she went
down to inform her husband his date would be ready shortly.

Jen saw John's eyes turn expectantly to the stairs as she came down.
When he saw it wasn't his daughter he was visibly disappointed.

"She's almost ready," she informed him.
"Oh, uh, that's nice," he said, trying to sound calm and failing

"So, she tells me you're meeting William and Carol for drinks."

"Huh, oh, yeah,", John admitted. He was still keeping his eyes on the

"And it's to discuss some big announcement, right?"


"Can I know what it is?"

"Oh," John said, finally paying full attention to Jen. "I'm sorry, I
thought I told you."

"No," his wife reminded him. "Amanda knows but not me."

"Sorry," John said and then a big grin broadened across his face.
"William is announcing his retirement tonight."

"Oh!" Jen was taken by surprise. William Parker had mentored John almost
from the day he'd started at West Coast. "That's too bad. I mean, it's
good for them, but he's been so good to you."

"Well, he's not done yet," John said crypically. He explained, "he
talked corporate into promoting me into his position. I'm going to be
the new managing vice president."

"Oh John!" she cried. "That's wonderful. How long have you known?"

"Since last week," he grinned. "I've had to keep it quiet because it
wasn't final until yesterday."

Jen hugged him. This was what John had wanted for years. And to have it
happen because his mentor and friend was retiring was perfect. He
wouldn't have felt good getting the promotion any other way.

John started to describe the transition and his plans for the office.
Jen got caught up in his enthusiasm even if she didn't understandeverything he was talking about. She simply knew her husband was happier
than she'd seen him in a long time.

"Uh, daddy? Are you ready?" Amanda had come down unnoticed while they
were talking. She was standing at the bottom of the stairs with an
overnight bag.

"Oh, baby..." John cried as his jaw dropped. Amanda smiled and turned
around to give him a better view. She set her bag down and came over. He
got off the couch and held her hands, admiring her at arm's length.

Jen saw that Amanda had put on a pair of diamond earings and a diamond
pendant necklace she'd never seen before. They were an exclamation mark
on her daughter's appearance.

"I take it you like how I look," his daughter said.

"You're beautiful..." he said slowly, as if entranced.

"Mom did my hair and make up," Amanda said.

John couldn't take his eyes off the girl. Jen knew she'd done a good job
but his reaction was more than she'd expected. The man looked aroused,
even lustful.

"So..." his daughter teased him. "Are we going to meet the Parkers or
are you just going to gawk at me all night?"

"Sorry, honey," he answered. "I, uh, I'll just get my bag."

John practically ran out of the room. He returned with a small suitcase
of his own.

"Uh, what are the bags for?" Jen asked.

"Oh, uh, well..." John stuttered. "You see, we're probably going out
after. William said the senior staff would probably, that is most of
them, anyway they all might want to buy me drink or two. I, uh, don't
know if I'll be okay to drive so..."

"We're staying at the hotel, mom," Amanda explained calmly. "We'll be
home tomorrow."
"I see..." Jen said, her old suspicions coming back.

"Come on, daddy," Amanda grabbed her dad's arm. He looked back at her
and was again struck by her looks. She only lacked one thing...

"Uh, Jen," he said with out taking his eyes off his date. "Do you think
Amanda could borrow your fox stole? It's kind of chilly and that dress
isn't very warm."

Jen wanted to scream 'No!', but any of Amanda's coats would look silly
on her in that dress. She shook her head as she went up to her closet to
get the fur.

John pulled Amanda tight the second Jen was gone. He kissed her, careful
not to mess up her face. "Oh, baby, tonight is going to be something
wonderful," he promised.

"I know dear," she replied.

They were still in each other's arms when Jen came back. She was so
shocked she dropped the stole. They didn't even notice her as she bent
down to pick it up. She had to 'hrmph' twice to get their attention.

John casually took the fur and wrapped it around Amanda's shoulders. She
affectionately held his hands for a second. Then he picked up both bags
and escorted her to the car with out a look back at his wife.

As Amanda waited for him to open the door she looked at her mother and
smiled. The image of John and Amanda was burned into Jen's mind. She saw
them standing in each other's arms. It wasn't a father/daughter embrace.
It went much deeper than that. For that second Jen knew.

Amanda is the other woman! He's sleeping with her. It all makes sense.
Tonight! He's going to sleep with her tonight! Oh my god!

She heard the car leave as she collapsed into the couch. The tears
started flow. It didn't make sense. How could John prefer Amanda to
her? It must be a mistake. She couldn't have seen what she thought she'd
seen. John was just excited about his promotion and Amanda was just
excited about her first formal party.
There was no way Amanda could be John's lover. She was only thirteen for
christ's sake. It was just crazy to even think that. More accurately, it
would drive Jen crazy to think of it.

She'd done this before. It was harder this time. The evidence was so
clear. She fought to suppress the image of John and Amanda together. She
kept repeating that it couldn't be true. She was mistaken. John would
never do that with Amanda. Amanda would never betray her mother like

It took two hours but finally Jen had managed to overlook the intimate
scene she'd walked in on. She concentrated on how happy Amanda looked in
her dress. She was beautiful. Glowing.

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Chapter 71 - Drinks

John and Amanda had dated for over six months but this was different.
They were going to a formal affair as a couple. They couldn't openly
display the true nature of their relationship, a point Elaine had
lectured both of them on constantly, but Amanda was her father's date.
She'd be at his side when he reached the pinnacle of his career. That
was important to both of them.

But first they were meeting William and Carol Parker at their house.
The Parkers lived up in the hills. John had been there before but Amanda
had not. She smiled absently as they climbed the twisting road, past
houses that got bigger and more elaborate as they got higher. Finally
they reached a gated estate. Her dad pulled into the drive and the gate
opened. He smiled at her as they drove up to the house.

William came out of the door as they pulled up. He opened Amanda's door
and assisted her to her feet. "My, oh my, don't you look good tonight,"
he said giving her a warm hug and chaste kiss.

"John!" he said as her dad walked around the car. "This is your big
night. Come in, come in..."

"Actually, sir, tonight should be about you," John corrected his boss.
"You've done so much for this company."

"Well, I did at least one thing right," he said as he closed the door.
"I hired you."
"Hello, John," Carol Parker said with a big smile. "And Amanda, you've
certainly grown up. My dear you are a woman."

"Thank you, Mrs. Parker," she said shyly.

John was escorted into the spacious living room by William while Carol
guided Amanda. The girl couldn't help but gawk at the beautiful house.
It looked like some place a movie star would live.

"Your house is beautiful, Mrs. Parker," Amanda told her hostess.

"Oh, haven't you been here?"

"No, I'm afraid I haven't."

"Well, thank you. We like it. Now that the kids have moved out it's
rather large for us. Still, when they grandkids are here it's nice to
have the space."

"How many grandchildren do you have?"

"Six," Carol said proudly, "and a third. Our youngest is expecting her

"What can I get you ladies to drink?" their host asked.

"Oh, my usual, dear," Carol said.

"Amanda?" her host asked. Amanda didn't know what to say. Asking for a
coke would seem so childish. Here they were, two ladies in formal gowns,
their men in tuxedoes sitting in this magnificent house. Suddenly she
felt very out of her element.

"Perhaps a club soda?" her father suggested.

Amanda smiled. "That sounds nice."

"Uh, right," William responded having forgotten for a second that Amanda
was still a teen. As he poured the lady's drinks he asked John, "Do you
still like a good scotch?"
"That would be great."

He poured John and himself each a generous glass. He handed John his and
Amanda's glasses. "Thank you, William," he said.

"Your girl is very charming," the man observed as they returned to their

"Yes, she is," John said smiling at the pretty teen. He handed the soda
to his daughter. "Here, honey."

"Thanks dear," she replied and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

John put his arm around her waist and gave her an affectionate squeeze
before he turned to William and said, "Now, you wanted to talk about
your speech."

"Right. We're going to the study," William informed the ladies.

Carol nodded serenely at her husband. Amanda gave her father a very
affectionate smile. When the men had left Carol invited Amanda to sit
which the teen managed to do gracefully in the long dress. She was
anxious as she tried to recall every point of etiquette her mother had
ever taught her. Head up. Sit on the edge of the seat. Keep eye contact.
Smile. Oh, and relax and enjoy! Yeah, right.

Mrs. Parker pulled out an album with pictures of her grandchildren and
sat next to Amanda. "This is my oldest," she said as turned to a page
in the album with a sixteen or seventeen year old boy. "He's a
ballplayer, like his father."

"His sister," Mrs. Parker turned the page, "is fourteen going on twenty.
She's just gone boy crazy. I'll bet you have a string of young boys
trailing you where ever you go."

"Well, not really," Amanda replied.

"Come now," Mrs. Parker persisted. "There must be some boy who is

"Well, there is one," the teen admitted. "He's a little older than me,
"Oh, that's okay," her hostess assured her. "Girls your age can be much
more mature than boys. Just be careful, dear. Boys sometimes try to take
advantage. Now, if I were you I'd look for a man very much like your
father. He's one in a million. William and I think the world of him."

"I do too," Amanda told her honestly.

Carol Parker smiled and returned to the album. "This is my oldest
daughter's oldest," she said pointing at a girl of about ten.

"Her brother," Carol showed Amanda a boy of about six. "They live in
Oregon. We don't get to see them much."

"Our middle son and his wife have twins," Carol smiled and laughed as
she turned the page. The boys were about two.

"Oh, they're adorable."

"I accused my daughter-in-law of drugging them so they'd sit still for
the photographer. Of course, their dad was just as bad."

"And here's are youngest and her husband. She's due in June."

"Oh, Mrs. Parker, they're all so lovely."

"Thank you dear," Carol said putting the album away. "Are you planning
to have children?"

"Oh..." Amanda was caught short by her question. "Yes, I mean I'd love
to. It's going to be a while though."

"William tells me you're helping out at the office."

"Oh, yes. I love working there."

"Well, stay close to Elaine Cooke. She's the brightest one there except
William and your father, of course."

"Oh, Elaine and I are good friends."

"I would have guessed that."
"Oh Carol," William said as he and John returned. "Are you boring the
young lady with pictures of the grandchildren?"

"No Mr. Parker," Amanda told him. "I enjoyed seeing them."

"Amanda you are going to be a terrific asset to some lucky man," Carol
Parker observed. "You have brains, beauty and grace. John, your daughter
is very special."

"I know," John said with a big smile.

"I was telling John we're going to take him and the senior staff out
after the party for drinks," William explained to his wife. "It will
give him a chance to establish his new position."

"That's nice dear," Carol replied then turned to Amanda and asked "Are
you coming too, dear?"

"Oh, I wouldn't miss daddy's big day," she told the woman and then
looked deeply into her father's eyes. "I want this to be so very special
for him."

John smiled back at her secret promise.

The four left not long after. John followed the Parkers and had he had
the listening device in his boss's car he was frequently accused of
having he'd have found out Amanda was the topic of conversation in the
car ahead.

"I thought John's daughter was younger," Carol said as they passed out
of their gate.

"Huh, oh, I don't know," William waited to make sure John's car made it
through with out problems. "Let's see, John's been with us for twenty
years. He got married a few years later. I think his daughter was
born... Gosh, Carol, I don't know. She's probably fifteen? No more."

"No," his wife objected. "She's got to be older. Sixteen or seventeen."

"But she's so tiny."
"Hmmmm... And her mother is a large woman..."

"Carol, that's so unlike you."

"Oh, I didn't mean it that way. She's rather tall. Almost as tall as
John. But there is no way that charming girl is only fifteen."

"You might be right. She sure fits in well with the admins at the
office. They're all in their twenties or older. But still..."

"Anyway, she's charming and, well, if his wife is not going to be...
Well, you know how much of his new position is social. She's going to be
an important asset for him."

"Yes... John's marital issues was the one concern I had about him taking
over. If there was ever a display like happened at his anniversary
party... Well, Chicago would never forgive him. You know how they are."

"Still, John seems happy. You'd never know there was a single issue with
his personal life. I mean, a drunk for a wife. It's sad."

"Well, I think Amanda will be a good hostess, at least until she finds
someone of her own," William admitted. "John has a few years, I reckon,
until that happens. By then... Well, that's a long time these days."

"Still, she's just a girl, dear," Carol reminded her husband. "I think,
hmmmm... I think I'll have a few chats with her tonight and see what I
can do to help her with her new responsibilities."

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Chapter 72 - The Party

John pulled into the drive at the hotel behind the Parkers. A valet took
the car and the two couples entered the lobby together. West Coast had
rented the penthouse ballroom for the party so the Amanda, John and the
Parkers caught an elevator.

It was just after 8:00 but already the party was in full swing. A DJ was
playing pleasant background music while couples mingled. Amanda was
taken by all the pretty dresses the other women were wearing. She held
her dad's arm and did her best not to gawk as he led her to the head
He told Amanda to leave her little clutch purse at the place setting
with her name on it. Seeing her name written in caligraphy on the folded
card was a thrill. It made her feel like she belonged there.

"Well, don't you look nice," the teen heard Elaine say from behind. She
turned to see her closest friend at the office in a pretty blue gown.

"Oh my," Amanda replied, obviously impressed with Elaine's
transformation. "You're stunning. Wow!"

"Elaine," John gave his admin a hug after his daughter finished.

"Mr. C, you look good too," Elaine replied. Then, in a much softer voice
she continued, "Just remember to keep it cool, okay?" She got a smile
and a nod from both of them.

"Now, I'm going to steal your date, Mr. C," she announced. "I have some
things she can help me with."

Amanda followed Elaine through a door in the back of the ballroom and
found herself in a service corridor. Stacks of unused chairs lined one
wall. On a table were two large decorated cakes. One wished Mr. Parker
a happy retirement and the other congratulated John on his promotion.

"Okay, the hotel staff is going to bring out this cake," pointing at Mr.
Parker's cake, Elaine explained, "when Mr. Parker finishes the his
speach. We, you and I, are going to bring out your dad's cake right
after that."

"Oh, cool," the teen in the pink gown replied.

"Just keep an eye on me when the speach starts and I'll signal when to
slip out."

As they walked back into the party Amanda finally asked a question she
had been dying to ask since she saw Elaine. "So? Do I get to meet your
date?" Elaine smiled and nodded.

"Greg, this is Amanda," she said to a tall blond haired man.

"Nice to meet you Amanda," he said extending his hand. "Elaine has told
me all about you." Amanda saw her friend gently shaking her head backand forth meaning she had not told him quite everything.

She learned that Greg was an airline mechanic that worked on big jets.
One of the perks of his job was free airfair and he had travelled all
over the world. Amanda kept him talking about his trips so he would not
ask too many questions about her. She got many approving looks from

"Oh, there you are dear," Carol Parker called as she found Amanda.

"Greg, this is Mrs. Parker, her husband is the managing vice president."

"Hello, Elaine, nice to see you again," the gracious older woman said.
"Can I steal your young friend?" Amanda followed her to a quiet table.

"I hope you are having a good time, dear," she started.

"Oh yes," Amanda said smiling from ear to ear.

"Have you been to a party like this before?"

"No, I haven't."

"Well, I think you are going to get to go to a lot of them. You should
understand some things about your father's knew position." Carol Parker
leaned in and put a kindly hand on Amanda's knee. "If I read the tea
leaves correctly you are going to have a big part to play in his

Amanda started to wonder how much Mrs. Parker knew about her and her
dad's special relationship. She did her best to keep her face passive as
the woman talked.

"Mr. Parker knows how good your dad is in the office. No one has ever
had as good an understanding of their business as your father does. But,
much of his new position will concern things outside the office. He is
going to have to meet with some very important people on a regular
basis. He is going to have to entertain them and impress so they feel
good doing business with West Coast."

"Yes, ma'am," the girl replied.
"He is going to need your help. I do not want to be intrusive, but I do
not thing your mother is going to be much help in that area." Mrs.
Parker paused to see what sort of reaction she got. No reaction was
enough for her to read. The girl was uncomfortable talking about her
mother but she could see Amanda and not the girl's mother was going to
be John's social partner. She had a little history lesson for the girl.
"Do you know the story of Harriet Lane?"

"No, ma'am."

"She was the niece of President James Buchanan. Buchanan never married
and when he was elected President his niece moved into the White House
and served as First Lady. Do you know much about our history leading up
to the Civil War?"

"Some of it, I guess," she answered honestly. History was not her
favorite subject but now she felt like she needed to pay more attention.

"Well it was a very tense time. People were dividing into very angry
groups. No place was that more of an issue than in Washington. There
were fist fights in Congress. It was a very bad time.

"Well, when people would come to the White House for the weekly formal
dinner party is was Harriet that worked out the seating arrangements.
She had to make sure every one had their proper precedence but she also
had to keep foes from sitting too close to each other. It was an
impossible task but the young girl did an excellent job. She was one of
her uncle's most important aides."

"I see."

"Your father is going to need someone to help him with the social
responsibilities that go with running West Coast Logistics. Do you think
you are going to be able to do that?"

Amanda finally saw where this was going. She smiled. The idea of being
her father's partner at social occasions like this sounded both fun and

"Now, understand that it is not always fancy parties. More often you
will have to entertain the stuck up wife of some CEO. Take her shoping
or to the club for lunch and smile while she goes on and on about howwonderful her husband is. It is often very boring but it is important
also. You can also learn a lot of things that can help the company. Men
talk to their wives and their wives love to talk to anyone that seems to
listen. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"I'm not sure, but I do know I want to help my dad in any way I can."

"That is the perfect answer, my dear. Oh, here come our dates."

"Carol, they are ready to serve dinner and no one will sit until you
do," William Parker told his wife

"First lesson, my dear," she instructed Amanda. "When you are the
hostess of a party everyone looks to you to tell them what to do."

Amanda and John followed the Parkers to the head table and sat down.
Amanda was seated next to Mr. Parker and her dad was next to Mrs.
Parker. Over dinner she heard several amusing tales about her dad when
he had just started with the company.

"So anyway, he got the railroad to release the cars but there weren't
any yard workers to move them to the right siding. Your dad didn't give
up though. He called his old man, your grandfather. Old man Carmichael
had retired from the railroad a few years earlier but his engineer's
license was still good. He and your dad went down to the railyard,
bluffed their way past the guards, borrowed a switching engine and moved
the cars in the middle of the night. That is when I knew just how
special your dad was."

Amanda smiled with pride at Mr. Parker's story. Her grandfather had died
when she was quite young and she hardly remembered him. She liked
hearing about him almost as much as she liked hearing how adventurous
her dad had been.

When dinner was over Mr. Parker got up to start his speach. Amanda had
learned that this was a custom at these parties and so she was not
surprised when many people paid little attention to what he was saying.
She realized that Mr. Parker had expected this when he stopped
dramatically before he made his big announcement.

Elaine started gesturing at that time so Amanda quietly slipped away and
joined her in the service corridor. Two waiters had already picked upher father's cake which they carefully handed to the two girls in formal
dresses before picking up Mr. Parker's cake. The sound of applause from
the ball was the signal to carry them in.

Amanda had missed the announcement but she saw her dad standing next to
Mr. Parker when she came out. He instantly saw her and smiled even
bigger. Mr. Parker was shaking his hand and Mrs. Parker was standing on
the small stage looking on happily.

When they set the cake down Elaine slipped back into the crowd but John
pulled his daughter up by him. He gave her a big hug and then held her
around the waist as they waited for the room to quiet down. He was still
holding her by the waist as he stepped up to the microphone to thank

"I, uh, don't know what to say..."

"That's a first," Avery shouted from a nearby table. That sparked a
round of laughter. Mr. Parker took the mike from John and scolded him
lightheartedly, "Don't heckle the boss, Avery."

"I have huge shoes to fill," John went on, "and I'm going to need the
help and support of everyone. This man next to me has done great things
for this company and we owe it to him to continue the great tradition of
excellence he has established. I know that together we are going to do
him proud."

The room erupted in fresh applause as John shook Mr. Parker's hand
again. Mrs. Parker hugged Amanda and then she hugged John. Finally the
cake was cut and the dancing began.

Amanda and her dad tried to dance but they kept getting interrupted by
well wishers. After a while she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek and
excused herself. Elaine caught up with her in the ladies room.

"Congratulations," she told the teen.

"What you congratulating me for?" she asked.

"I saw you up there," she explained. "You two are a team now. Every one
knows it. They don't know just how close you are but this is your night
Elaine leaned against the counter while Amanda fixed her lipstick. "You
don't talk about your mom much, but, well, after the last party I was
afraid your dad would never get this chance. There is no way Chicago
would let him lead this place if they felt his wife was going to cause a
problem. I know for a fact that Mr. Parker has assured them that your
dad had some one else to be his social partner."


"Don't go getting modest on me, girlfriend," Elaine said. "You love this
and you are going to do great. Just keep the bedroom stuff quiet. By the
way, you both are doing great tonight. I haven't been worried one time."

"Thanks," Amanda said still absorbing her knew position and
responsibilities. "Uh, we're going out after with the staff. I just hope
he doesn't get horny when he gets a few drinks in him."

"I'm not worried about him," Elaine assured her. "I've never seen your
dad get even tipsy. Just don't you go drinking."

"Uh, I can't, remember," Amanda reminded her.

"Shit, I keep forgetting how frickin' young you really are. Okay, just
be careful anyway, for me."

As they left the restroom Mrs. Parker found them. She took Amanda to
meet 'the other spouses' so Elaine figured it was a good time to
congratulate, and warn, her boss.

"Elaine," he called before she even got over to him. He had been talking
with Mark but quickly dismissed the man most likely to take his old
position so he could talk with his admin.

"Congratulations, Mr. C.," she said. Since Elaine had been one of the
few people in on the secret she had already congratulated him but once
was not enough for an achievement as big as this.

"And to you," he said getting a funny look from her. "Betty is retiring
too and I'm keeping you as my admin. Of course you are also going to be
the office manager but I know you can do both jobs."
"Gosh, uh, Mr. C, I thought June or Carol would get the job."

"Oh, they could do it but I need you. Mr. Parker agreed. I've talked
with them and they agreed too. You do want the job, don't you?"

"Hell yes!" she said. "I'm just surprised, that's all."

"So, congratulations to you too," he repeated.

She hugged him. "Surely, Mr. C"

"We'll talk about the transition on Monday. Betty, Carol and June know
but we'll make the announcement to everyone next week."

"Does Amanda know?"


"Damn that girl is good at keeping secrets. She never even hinted all
night. How long has she know?"

"A few weeks."

"Damn. She's going to be great in her new role. Uh, that is assuming you
don't mess things up."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Mr. C, you never have told me what your intentions are. Is this
some fling for you are do you feel the same way about her she feels
about you?"

"I'm in love with her, if that's what you mean."

"It is, but are you going to stay with her? Is she going to stay with

"I think so. We haven't talked about it that way. It's complicated, you

"Well, you'd better get it figured out in a hurry because it is only
going to get more complicated."
"You're right. As usual, you are right. Now, I haven't danced with you
tonight. May I have the privilege?"

"Surely, Mr. C."

They found Amanda dancing with Mr. Parker. When the current song ended
they exchanged partners. In passing Amanda commented to Elaine, "He told
you, huh?"

"Yes. You never even hinted."

Amanda just smiled, "Congrats. I think it's just great."

As Elaine was led across the floor by Mr. Parker she saw John and Amanda
dancing and thought they were pretty great too. She could see great
things ahead for her company and for the two of them.

09-16-2006, 10:31 PM
Chapter 73 - The New Team

The party started to break up around 11:00. Carol Parker rounded up all
the spouses of the senior staff, a group Amanda now found that she was
included in. They were instructed to find their men and tell them to
meet in the lobby bar at 11:30.

Amanda found her dad sitting with Elaine and her date. He patted his
lap, inviting her to sit there but she pulled up a chair and sat next to
him instead, getting a very approving look from Elaine. At 11:20 she
gently hinted they had to go.

She explained their instructions as they rode the elevator to the lobby.
When they got there most of the staff and their wives were sitting in
the bar. Carol Parker had kept a seat free for Amanda. Mr. Parker had a
seat next to him for John.

The group was cleanly divided by gender. The women were sitting around a
small table chatting about the party. Most of the discussion was about
how everyone looked so wonderful.

"Especially, you Amanda," Avery's wife Sue said. "Your gown is
exquisite. I just wish I could wear something like that."
"Oh but your dress is so pretty, Sue," the girl said to the woman easily
twice her age. "And it matches you eyes so well."

If it wasn't obvious that the girl was sincere the compliment would have
been simply ignored but soon every one was complementing Sue on her
inspired choice. Carol Parker just beamed at her young apprentice.

Gradually she let Amanda lead the discussion. The girl was a natural
charmer. She made everyone feel special. Privately Carol Parker adjusted
her estimate of the girl's age up by a few years. This girl had to be in
her late teens. No fifteen year old could be this mature.

It was also clear how proud she was of her father. Any time someone
spoke about him she listened with rapt attention. Her eyes glowed if he
was complimented.

The girl also found many nice things to say about the women's husbands.
Carol noted that few of the wives seemed as interested in her husband as
Amanda was in her father. She knew that several of the marriages were a
bit rocky and attributed the passing interest to troubles at home.

When she saw that Amanda was not only capable of being the hostess but
getting more comfortable in the role each passing minute, Carol quietly
slipped away. She caught her husband's eye and let him know it was time
to leave. He nodded, whispered in John's ear and then left. On the way
out he paid the bar tab.

John knew that the real purpose of this informal gathering was to
establish himself as the new boss. When Mr. Parker told him he was
leaving it was John's cue to take over. He silently watched his mentor,
boss and friend leave.

"Has anyone been to that new club across the street?" he asked his staff
after a few minutes. A few had and made positive comments on it. He
suggested they relocate the party and was pleased to see everyone follow
his lead.

He looked over at Amanda and saw her being the center of the
conversation in her circle. She noticed him looking and he knew she
understood what was going on.

"I think our dates want to try someplace new," she announced to thewomen around her. They all got to their feet and joined their husbands.
Amanda put her arm around her dad and he pulled her tight. In her ear he
whispered, "You're doing great. I love you." She just beamed up at him.

John had suggested the move to mark a clean break. From this point on
they were his team. He had worked with all these men for any where from
five to fifteen years. Many of them had been more senior than him at one
point. He knew they respected him as a coworker but he was a little
worried about how they would think of him as the boss. Tonight was
critical to making that transition work.

He reclaimed Amanda's fox stole from the coat check and then led the
group across the street. The club was crowded and much more active than
the lobby of the hotel. The upbeat atmosphere was just the mood he
wanted to create.

When they found a couple of tables open they settled in. There was not
as much space as in the hotel so several of the younger wives sat on
their husband's lap. Amanda sat in her father's lap and saw no one took
special note of it. Still she reminded herself to behave. She knew how
important tonight was to her dad.

The discussion this time included everyone. John and Amanda took turns
leading as they talked about the upcoming holidays. Mark's wife asked a
curious question. "Are you spending the holiday with John?"

Amanda felt her dad flinch at her remark but the girl just smiled
sweetly and replied, "Way of course." From that point on it became clear
that most of the wives did not realize Amanda was John's daughter. They
made passing references to her mother as if she was a big improvement.

"I like her," she heard one wife tell her dad. "She's a keeper, John,"
another said.

What really surprised the girl was when someone asked him how his
darling daughter was doing. Not even one of the men that she had worked
with at the office corrected the mistaken woman. She took that to be a
sign of their increasing level of intoxication.

Amanda had not been around many drunk people. Her friends were not in
the drinking crowd. Other than her mother she could not even recall
seeing someone drunk. She was learning that not everyone reacted toalcohol the way her mom did.

Avery got very funny. In the office he was quiet and serious. In the bar
he was laughing loudly at his own off color jokes. Mark seemed to get
horny. He kept pawing at his wife who seemed to be used to it. She just
casually swatted his hands away and when he got too aggressive she just
held them tightly.

Even her dad seemed effected. Elaine had told her she had never seen her
dad drunk but perhaps she did not see him at times like this. Something
was going on with him because she noticed him getting much more

It started with him rubbing her bare shoulders. He worked his hands down
her sides, his fingers pressing firmly into the sides of her breasts.
She could smell the whiskey on his breath and just assumed that was the
cause of his growing lack of self control. She did her best to control
his hands as she had seen Mark's wife do.

With his hands captured her dad started to gently kiss her neck. This
almost made the girl melt. She felt herself start to get wet between her
legs and she imagined she felt his cock growing under her butt. She
stiffened her resolve and moved in his lap so he could not get to her
neck as easily.

With her dad's advances checked for the time being, Amanda could pay
more attention to the other people in their group. A few of the older
couples had bid their goodbyes, leaving a hard core group of about five
couples. Three of them were flirting quite actively. Mrs. Parker had
told her the fourth couple were having problems and she definitely
picked up the negative vibes from them. That left only her and her dad.

When the fourth couple left her dad started getting much more eager to
kiss her. She playfully fought him off but she soon noticed that no one
was paying them any attention. It was almost like they were at a grown
up's makeout party.

Finally she let her dad kiss her. She still tried to keep things from
going too far. If he was drunk it was her responsibility to protect his
reputation. Still it was wonderful to feel his lips on hers. She
breathed in his manly scent and felt the moisture between her legs start
to flow like mad.
'They must all be drunk,' she thought as she saw the other couples
ignoring her dad and her kissing very affectionately. Her resistance to
his advances weakened by the minute and she gradually became more
affectionate, turning in his lap slightly so she could kiss him better.

He gently cupped her breast in his hand and started squeezing. She
finally surrendered completely. At that point she would have let him
undo the top of her dress and pull her boobs out for all to see.

It did not come to that, thankfully. Not long after one o'clock one
couple started making their excuses and soon Amanda and her father were

"Well, sweetie," he said in a clear voice. "Shall we find our room?"

"You're not drunk?" she asked when she felt his strong hands lift her to
her feet.

"Of course not," he said smiling at her. "Why would you think I was?"

"The way you were kissing me and all," Amanda explained. "They could see

"I wasn't drunk," her father said, "but they sure were. But, now I think
we should get out of here before we really make a scene."

He wrapped her fur around her shoulders and paid the tab. She took his
arm and let him lead her back across the street. His steps were steady
and his eyes were clear.

09-16-2006, 10:33 PM
Chapter 74 - Alone at Last

Amanda felt like a queen as she walked across the lobby of the hotel on
her father's arm. It had been a wonderful night and it wasn't over yet.
She'd wanted her father from the moment she'd walked down the stairs at
home. And while Elaine was very proud of how she'd acted around her dad
Amanda was almost bursting with lust.

In the elevator John showed that he too was ready to share their special
bond. The instant the doors closed he wrapped her in his arms and
kissed his daughter the way he'd wanted to all night. Amanda melted intohim as they rode up to their floor.

Their room was at the end of a long hall. They stopped to kiss several
times along the way and when they finally got to the door John found his
daughter wouldn't release him. He managed to pull the key card out of
his pocket and fit it in the door while keeping his lips locked on hers.
He twisted the handle and pushed the door open a fraction with his foot.
Then he lifted his little girl into his arms and carried her into the

"Daddy!!!" she squeeled with delight. "I... I wasn't expecting that."

"I thought I'd surprise you," he explained as he tossed her onto the
king size bed that dominated the room. He slipped out of his jacket
while Amanda climbed off and came back to him. She was in his arms

"Mmmmmm...." She kissed him. "Tonight was so wonderful. I loved every
second of it."

"Mmmmm..." He kissed her back. "Oh, honey. It was perfect. You were so
beautiful. Oh..." He held her at arms length to admire her once again.
"That dress is so gorgeous it's a shame to take it off."

"Oh, but you'll want too, daddy," she said with a hint of excitement in
her voice. "I, ah... I have a surprise for you." She turned and let him
work the zipper. Even before he had it all the way down he knew what the
surprise was.

"Is this what I think it is?" he asked as the laces of her corset came
into view. "Oh, Amanda..."

"Mmmmmm...." she turned to face him again and kissed him. As she did the
dress dropped to the floor. She gently pushed him back and stepped out
of her dress. When she broke from his lips she stood back and let him
see her exotic lingerie. "Do you like it?"

"Oh, baby," he said with a lecherous grin. "I love it. But... How did
you get in it?"

"Mom helped," Amanda said plainly.
"She did what?" John asked. How could Jen have let him take Amanda out
to a party knowing she had that on? What reason did she think Amanda had
for wearing it if not to excite him sexually? But all that wasn't
important now. All that mattered was his pretty daughter was wearing the
most erotic thing he'd ever seen any woman wear.

"Yeah, she helped," Amanda explained again as her father started running
his hands over her tightly encased torso. "Mmmmmmm...."

She pressed her hand to her father's crotch. His cock was hard. She
pulled his zipper down, reached in and pulled it out. With one hand
wrapped around the shaft she slowly sank to her knees before him. That
night she didn't tease him or fool around. She simply took his pole deep
into her mouth.

She removed her hand and held his cock with her mouth only. Now she
could finish undoing her father's pants and pull them off. While she did
that he removed his shirt and tie.

"Oh, baby..." he moaned as she started running her tongue around the
head. "Oh... so good."

"I love you daddy," she said simply and then took him back deep into her
mouth. John was tempted to let her finish him that way. He hadn't
blasted a load into her mouth in a few weeks, but he wanted to save
himself for better things tonight. He let her continue until he started
to feel the first warning signs of an orgasm.

"Easy, sweetie," he said as he gently pulled out of her mouth. Her
tongue kept going until she could no longer stretch it far enough to
reach his cock. Then he lifted her into his arms and kissed her.
"Mmmmmmm... Now it's your turn."

He laid her on the bed and pulled her g-string off. Even a month ago
such a sexy panty would have caught his attention but she wore g-strings
or v-strings or very skimpy thongs all the time now. Besides, compared
to the pink corset it was quite tame.

John pushed his daughter higher in the bed and climbed up between her
legs. He felt the soft insides of her stocking covered thighs rub his
cheeks as he playfully spread her pussy lips.
"Ohhhhhh...." the girl moaned as his tongue slid along her slit. "Oh,
daddy, yes. That's so nice. Lick me! Oh yes!"

John wiped his tongue along the sweet folds of her vulva and then slid
two fingers up her hole. He exposed her swollen clit and sucked on it.

"OH GOD!" she yelled at the unexpected stimulation. "OH DADDY! OH!"

John released the little bud from his lips and started flicking it with
his tongue. His fingers were now churning up a froth in her pussy as he
felt his daughter's body tense up before her first orgasm of the night.


John let her have it has hard as he could. A third finger joined the
first two and he started sucking her clit again. He felt his head being
crushed by her pulsating thighs and his back being pelted by her kicking

Slowly he let her relax. She was out of breath and limp when he lifted
his head and looked at her. Her face bore the contented look she had
after her best cums. He smiled at her with love as he lifted her
stocking encased legs to his shoulders.

"Oh, daddy..." she moaned. "That was fantastic..."

Suddenly she realized what he was doing. "Oh yes..." she breathed as he
got above her. She held her breath as he lined up his shaft and when it
started in she let it out. "ahhhhhhhh...."

"I love you, sweetie," John said as his cock sank all the way in his
daughter's loving pussy.

"Show me, daddy," she said. "Fuck me."

John pulled his ass up and then let his body fall back down. He did it
again. The next time he flexed his hips as he shoved his pole back into
her. Then he was fucking her with a passion driven from his deep love
for her.

"Oh yes," she cried. "OH YES! FUCK ME DADDY! OH YES!"
John felt his body respond to her cries. Each time Amanda urged him to
fuck her he felt a shiver of forbidden excitement course through him.
The effect was additive and soon he was getting close to a massive

"Oh yes... God, yes..." he started grunting as he slammed his massive
cock into her tiny body with a force that would have scared each of them
had this been the first time he'd fucked her like this. "Oh... honey...
I'm close... Oh... so... goood..."

"Me too, daddy," she moaned. "Oh! Yes! OH YES! FUCK ME! OH GOD!"

John was quickly losing control. He knew that he'd be cumming deep in
his daughter's pussy in seconds but he tried to hold off so she'd be
able to cum again.

"NOW DADDY!" she shouted. "I'M CUMMING! DO IT NOW! YES!"

John drove his cock into her hard and felt his cum start to spurt out.
He pulled back and rammed it in again as the second blast came. Once
more he thrust into his daughter and then held his shaft deep in her
tight pussy as it pumped the rest of his load into her.

"Oh baby," he cried as the tension left him. "Mmmmmmm...."

He fell onto her and kissed her deeply. With his arms wrapped tightly
around her he rolled to his back. His cock was still in her as she
rested on his abdomen.

"Oh, daddy," she purred. "That was worth waiting for. Oh God did you
make me cum. My pussy is still twitching."

"I feel it, sweetie," he told her.

Amanda started to squirm. Her father's semi-rigid cock was still deep in
her pussy. When it started to reharden the girl pushed herself to a
sitting position and started to rise and fall on it.

"Oh, daddy...." she moaned as she slowly fucked him. "Oh yes."

As John watched his little girl enjoy sliding up and down his massiveshaft. He put his hands on her sides and started thrusting his hips in
sync with her. He saw her throw her head back in growing ectasy.

As they made love John had a vision of many years in the future. In her
pink corset, with her obviously augmented boobs and with the exquisite
make up and hair she looked much older. He knew at that moment that they
were going to be together for a very long time.


"What, sweetie?"

"I love you," she said. "I mean, I really love you, ya know?"

"Yeah, honey, I know. I love you too."

"I know," she sighed as she started humping faster. John matched her
change with harder thrusts of his own. He felt his excitement grow and
then hold steady. He wasn't about to cum which was a good thing. He
wanted this time to last.

Amanda closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of her daddy's big
pole filling her pussy. She loved how it made her tingle deep inside. If
only they were this free all the time, she wished. To come home from a
romantic dinner and go to their room and make love for hours.

She looked down at her dad and caught his eye. She knew he was thinking
the same thing. She didn't know why she knew but it was as clear as she
knew her own name. 'Daddy wants to be with me as much as I want to be
with him,' she thought.

Amanda started twisting each time she fell back on her dad's prick. His
strong hands were pulling her down as he shoved his hips up, driving his
long thick shaft into her. They were both very close.

"Yes..." John moaned. "Oh sweetie... yes... so good..."

"Yes, daddy. Fuck me hard. Oh... I'm close... Oh, yes... OH! YES!

John lost it the instant he felt her pussy start to spasm. This time
their orgasms were perfectly synchronized. It had happened a few timesbefore and it was always incredible. This time was even better than

"Mmmmmm...." Amanda slid down her dad's pole one last time and then laid
on his chest and kissed him. As she did her dad pulled her up so his
head wouldn't be at such a severe angle and so his cock slowly pulled
out of her still quivering pussy.

The next morning John and Amanda woke slowly, still basking in the
wonderful night. She had changed out of her corset into a very sexy
babydoll nightie that tied in the middle. John playfully pulled the
string and spread the flimsy material to expose his daughter's luscious,
budding breasts. She moaned gently as his fingers traced around her

"I wish we could stay in bed all day, daddy," she said.

"Me too, but we're going to have to get up soon," he replied. "The
Parkers are going to be here soon. I promised we'd to go to brunch with
them. I hope you're not mad at me."

"I could never be mad at you," she said. He looked at her with a
suspicious eye. "Ok, maybe a little but not for this. We'll have other
mornings. I'm sure of it."

"Hmmmm..." he sighed and then kissed her, "mmmmmm...."

"We'd better stop before things go too far," she warned him. He
reluctantly rolled away from her and they started getting ready.

Even though they often slept together at home they rarely had gotten up
together. Even so it felt so natural to go through their morning
routines, naked, side by side. The room had a large bathroom with two
sinks. They each brushed their teeth and then Amanda peed while her dad
shaved. He relieved his bladder while she ran a brush through her hair.
She had seen him pee many times so that was not new to the girl.

John was dressed before his daughter and even when she had her pretty
print dress and pumps on she still needed to put her makeup on. So it
was not surprising that she was still in the bathroom when the Parkers
knocked on their door.
"Come in," John invited the couple. "Amanda is just finishing her face."

Carol and William came in and sat on the small couch in the room. John
chatted with them while he collected their things and stuffed them into
their bags. He did not notice the look the couple exchanged when he
picked up Amanda's nightie and casually threw it in with the other dirty

"Did everyone have a good time after we left?" William Parker wanted to

"I think so," John answered. "I know we did."

"I believe it," Carol Parker added.

"Sorry I took so long," Amanda said as she came out of the bathroom. She
had all their toiletries in her hands. She casually dumped them in one
of the bags which her dad then closed up. Her dress and his tux were in
a hanging bag in the closet. He took it out, put it on the bed with the
other bags for the bell hop to collect while they went down to eat.

John and Amanda led the older couple to the elevator lobby so they did
not see the perplexed looks they got as they walked arm in arm down the
long hall. William looked at his wife with raised eyebrows and got a
shrug in reply. In their marital shorthand it meant, "What do you make
of that?" and "It's their business, I guess."

Nothing was ever mentioned about the things they had seen.

09-16-2006, 10:34 PM
Chapter 75 - Twas the Night Before Christmas

It was Christmas Eve. Amanda had surprised her dad a few nights earlier
by decorating his room with lights and garland and even a smallChristmas tree. Tonight she had put two boxes under the tree, one
labelled 'To Daddy, From Santa' and the other labelled, 'To Amanda, From

When Jen went to bed that night they snuck into his room. Amanda
insisted they open their presents before they did anything else. In her
dad's box, Amanda had put a pair of red, silk pajamas. In her box was a
matching babydoll nightie. Both of them also got matching red robes that
were embroidered with their initials, 'JC' for him and 'AC' for her.
She put her nightie on and when she asked her dad how much he liked it
he said, "I'll show you."

An hour later Amanda had lost count of the number of times her dad had
made her cum. He had licked her pussy for most of the that time. She'd
managed to suck him some too but he did not let her get him off. Finally
it was his turn.

The teen smiled up at her dad as he mounted her. She saw his big cock
pointing right at her and spread her legs even wider in anticipation.
Slowly her dad pushed forward, gently nudging her pussy lips apart until
the bulbous head slipped in and they around it as if to keep him from
removing it. Of course John had no intention of taking it out yet. He
kept pushing until it was buried deep in his loving daughter.

"Oh, daddy," she cried. "Yes..."

"God, sweetie," he moaned. "You're so tight."

"Hmmmm... I can feel it so deep. Fuck me, daddy. Please!"

John answered her by pulling his cock three quarters out and then
thrusting back in smoothly but with force that matched his growing lust.
Then again he reared back before driving his massive cock into her
little body. "Oh, yes! Oh, so good!" she said.

John felt his daughter's legs wrap around his thighs as he started
fucking her with a steadily increasing tempo. He wanted to get her off
one more time before he finally had his well earned release. That meant
he had to pace himself. She looked so goddamned hot in that red thing
and her sexy voice urging him to fuck her was even more exciting. He
tried to think of other things to keep his climax from hitting too soon,
but the only thoughts that he had were of Amanda and especially makinglove to her.

In the last few months their affair had become so much more serious and
so much more intense. It was evident in everything they did but
especially in bed. Sex had become the only way they could fully express
their feelings for each other. Sex with Amanda had always been great but
now it was beyond anything he could ever have imagined.

He knew they were getting careless again, especially around Jen. He
tried to keep it bottled up but it was no use. He suspected Amanda
wasn't even trying anymore. He warned her a few times but he wasn't very
successful, especially since he was almost as guilty as she was.

The amazing thing was the Jen seemed to just ignore all the times they'd
slipped up and done something around her. The other day she had walked
right by them sitting on the couch making out. She had to have seen them
but she just acted like they weren't there.

Amanda and her mom had decorated the house together. It was more
elaborate than ever before. Amanda told him privately that she wanted
their first Christmas 'together' to be extra special. From the way she
talked, most of the new decorations where his daughter's ideas. Jen, it
seemed, had let her daughter take over.

That made sense to John. In the first few years they were in the house,
Jen had really enjoyed decorating for all the holidays but lately she
just went through the motions, putting up the same things every year. It
had gotten rather boring. Amanda's fresh enthusiasm added a sparkle to
this year's efforts that everyone, Jen included, commented had been
missing for too long.

"Oh, daddy! So good!"

John's attempt at self distraction ended when his daughter grabbed his
ass with both hands and started pulling him, hard, trying to coax him to
fuck her even harder. At least she wasn't raking his back with her nails
like she'd done a few times. He would have had a hard time explaining
those marks if Jen had ever seen them.

"Harder daddy!" she begged. "Fuck me harder. I'm getting so close..."

John complied with the girl's request, thrusting into her hot pussy withharder and faster strokes of his hard cock. He lifted her legs to his
shoulders and started driving down, using his weight to add to the
strength of his fucking. He soon had his little girl cumming like crazy.


"Cum for daddy, sweetie," he said, starting to pant as his own climax
neared. "Get off... on daddy's cock... Oh... I feel your pussy...
grabbing it."


"Oh... yes..."


That was all it took for John to lose control. He rammed his cock into
her as the first blast of cum spewed out. He reared back and let her
have it again. On the next thrust he pulled back too far and came
completely out, causing his next spurt to spray over her stomach. Amanda
quickly caught his pole and guided it back in before he could shoot
again. The rest of his cum went into the teen's hungry pussy.

"Oh..." she panted. "Daddy, that was..."

"Yeah!" he agreed, falling onto her. He felt his warm, sticky cum
squishing between them but he didn't care. He was so completely
satisfied that all he felt was the deep love he shared with Amanda. He
kissed her deeply. "Mmmmmm..."

As they kissed they rolled to their sides. John held her tightly in his
arms and she hugged him just as hard. Amanda's sweet kiss was the
perfect end to the great sex they had just shared.

Finally John rolled away from her. She pulled at him playfully as he got
out of bed. If she didn't know where he was going, and why, she would
have fought harder but she knew he'd be right back. She watched his
naked ass as he crossed the room to his bathroom. While he ran the water
she put her hands behind her head and smiled at the ceiling.

"Daddy," she called out, "do you think this could be a new Christmas
"What's that sweetie?"

"We share a special gift and then make love for hours."

"Sounds good to me. We've kind of out grown our old traditions."

"My favorite was you reading the Christmas poem."

"God, I read that so many times I didn't need the book anymore."

"Can you still say it from memory?" she asked as he came back and
started wiping the drying cum from her belly.

He finished and as he crawled into bed again he said, "Let's see. Twas
the night before Christmas and all through the house..."

As he started the familiar poem they turned to face each other. Amanda
saw the concentration in her daddy's face as he recalled the words. "Not
a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by
the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there."

Suddenly Amanda had a playful idea. "The children were nestled all snug
in their beds," her dad was saying as she slid her hand off his hip and
found his flacid cock. His eye's widened in surprise but he continued
the story, "while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads."

"What are sugar-plums?" she interrupted even as she felt his cock stir
to new life.

"I don't know sweetie," he said smiling at how erotic the story was
becoming. "And Amanda in her nightie and I in my, well nothing, had just
settled down for a long winter's nap."

"Hey, that's not how it goes," she objected. He ignored her and kept
going. "When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from
the bed to see what was the matter."

As the action in the story picked up John added a new sense of
excitement to his voice. Amanda responded by stroking his now rock hard
cock faster.
"I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I
flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash."

On the last line Amanda tossed the covers off them both. Her dad rolled
to his back, partly to make it harder for her to stroke him. He was
starting to have trouble concentrating on the story. The next line gave
Amanda a new idea.

"The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow gave the lustre of
mid-day to objects below."

With that line that Amanda started kissing his chest and then crawled
down to her dad's cock and started licking the tip. He stared at the
back of her head, forgetting the story as his daughter wrapped her
pretty lips around his thick cock. She took it deep and then sucked hard
on it as she pulled her mouth off it.

"Don't stop, daddy," she said turning her head to face him. "It's
getting to the good part."

"Uh, I, uh, lost my place..." he said. Amanda had moved her head below
his cock and was now staring up at him while she gently blew on his
shaft. It was getting harder for him to concentrate by the minute.

"...lustre of mid-day to objects below," she prompted him.

"Oh, right, uh..." It took her dad a few more seconds to pick up where
he left off.

"Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below. When, what to my wondering
eyes should appear, than a minature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer."

Amanda rewarded her dad's resumption by taking his cock back in her
mouth. This time she held it upright with one hand while she sucked it.
She watched her dad's face break into a smile as she bobbed on his hot

"With a little old driver so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it
must be St. Nick." John and Amanda were now both fully engaged in their

"More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, and he whistled andshouted and called them by name." John had sped up again and his
daughter had kept pace with him. As a result he was again having trouble
concentrating which was especially troubling since this was the part of
the story he always had difficulty with.

"Now Dasher! Now Dancer!" With each name Amanda bobbed her head and
swirled her tongue like crazy. "Now, uh, Prancer and Nixon, I mean

Amanda smiled around her dad's shaft at his goof. She didn't let up at
all, even though she knew he was only going to get more flustered. She
started ticklking his balls with her free hand.

"Oh, baby, that's not fair," he complained. "You know what that does to
me." When he saw she wasn't going to relent in the least, he struggled
to continue.

"On, uh, Comet! On Cupid! On, oh what's his name, Donner? and Blitzen!"

John paused to congratulate himself on getting past the reindeer names
before he continued. "To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"

Amanda slowly took her dad's cock deep into her mouth one more time and
then just as slowly pulled her lips back up the long, hard shaft. When
she released it she looked at him with a sly grin as she started to
climb on top of him.

"As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly," he said as he helped
her get into position. "When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the
sky, so up to the house-top the coursers they flew, with the sleigh full
of toys and St. Nicholas too."

Amanda was teasing him now by rubbing his cock enticingly along her
pussy slit but not letting it go in. Her dad was tugging at her hips but
she would not budge. There being nothing else to do he kept going.

"And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof the prancing and pawing of
each little hoof. As I drew in my and and was turning around, down the
chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound."

Finally Amanda slid down his pole. She started fucking him with long butslow movements, letting his cock come almost all the way out before
settling back down until she felt his coarse hairs tickling her tender

John stopped completely when his daughter took his cock into her pussy.
He watched in fascination as the long, thick pole sank into the girl's
tiny body. He was ready to forget the little game but his lover was not
about to let that happen. She settled down completely, resting her
entire weigh on his hips and said, "if you stop, I stop, daddy."

John chuckled at her coquetishness before he resumed. "He was dressed
all in fur, from his head to his foot and his clothes were all tarnished
with ashes and soot."

As soon as he started, Amanda started again. She was moving faster and
more energetically now. Her dad could see that she was getting hot just
like he was. He was starting to wonder what they'd finish first fucking
or the story.

"A bundle of toys he had flung on his back, and he looked like a peddler
just opening his pack. His eyes -- oh... oh, sweetie, uh uh..."

John knew he couldn't stop but it was getting so hard to concentrate on
anything except his daughter's sexy body and how her pussy was so warm
and tight around his cock.

"His eyes... His eyes - how they twinkled! His dimples how merry!" John
was back in control for a while. "His cheeks were like roses, his nose
like a cherry!"

"Oh, daddy..." Amanda moaned. She was fucking him hard and fast now.
John started thrusting up to meet her coming down and for a few seconds
they forgot the silliness and just fucked. "Keep going..." she panted.
"His nose like a cherry..."

"Uh, right, uh," John tried to pick up the story but he wasn't about to
stop or even slow down fucking her. "Uh, his droll little mouth was
drawn up like a bow and the beard on his chin was as white as the snow."

"Oh, yes..." she moaned again. "This is so crazy... Keep going, daddy!"

"The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth and the smoke, itencircled his head like a wreath." John had to pause because he couldn't
remember the next line. Amanda didn't seem to mind the delay but he knew
she wanted him to continue and now he wanted to finish the story too, if
only because he'd made it so far.

"Oh, I know..." he exclaimed when he recalled the words. "He had a broad
face and a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowlful
of jelly." He smiled at his success but saw that Amanda was starting to
concentrate more on his cock than the story. He continued anyway.

"He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf, and I laughed when I
saw him in spite of myself." John recited these words flatly as he
started to feel a fresh climax get nearer. If he wasn't almost done with
the stupid story he would have quit but his pride forced him on.

"A wink of his eye and a twist of his head soon gave me to know I had
nothing to dread. Oh fuck, sweetie..." Amanda smiled down at him as she
kept fucking him. John had stopped thrusting to better concentrate on
the story but now he resumed, feeling the urgent need to pump more sperm
into his daughter's waiting pussy.

"He spoke not a word, oh... uh... but went straight to his work. Oh
sweet Jesus. And filled all the stockings then turned with a jerk. And
laying a finger aside of his nose..."

John paused again. He was close now and he knew Amanda was even closer.
At anytime one or both of them would cum like crazy. He grabbed her hips
and started slamming his cock up into her as he said the next line, "and
giving a nod, up the chimney her rose."

"Oh daddy!" she exclaimed at the sudden thrust. "Oh yes! Oh, god, yes!
Fuck me, please, fuck me!"

"Oh, honey... So good!" John almost forget about the story but something
deep in his brain forced out a few more lines even as he and his
daughter started to cum.

"He sprang to his, uh, god! YES!, sleigh! OH BABY! To his team gave, Oh
no... a... a... a whistle. And, SHIT! IT'S COMING!"

"And away they all flew like the, OH GOD! YES!" Amanda felt the first
blast of her dad's hot cum flood her insides with the wonderful warm
feeling she loved so much.


"DOWN OF A THISTLE!" he grunted as more and more cum filled his
daughter. "Oh yes! Yes! Oh yes..."

"Oh... Oh..." she panted as her body continued to spasm even long after
her dad's cock stopped jerking deep inside her. "Oh daddy!"

They both were out of breath when they stopped cumming. Amanda rested
her head on her daddy's broad chest while her pussy leaked his hot cum
out around his slowly softening cock. John hugged her tight and kissed
his daughter's head. It was minutes before either of them could talk.

"But I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight," John said at last
in a tired but happy voice, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a

Amanda giggled softly as she peppered her daddy's chest with little baby
kisses while he gently pulled the covers over them. Eventually, Amanda
rolled off and her dad nestled in behind her as they fell into a deep
and very contented sleep. Amanda still had no idea what sugar-plums were
but she had something even better to dream about.

09-16-2006, 10:37 PM
Chapter 76 - Pajamas and Presents

Jen woke up to the smell of bacon frying and breathed deeply. Since
she'd been on her diet she hadn't had any, but that didn't mean she
didn't still crave it. She breathed again and detected the scent of
freshly brewed coffee.

It was Christmas morning and the family's tradition was to eat breakfast
in their pajamas and then open their presents. Jen checked her clock.
She was surprised that it was already 8:30. Normally she would have been
up for hours by now.

She rose, pulled a light robe over her pajamas and slipped a pair of
fluffy slippers onto her feet. She passed a hand through her hair just
to get the worst of the morning rat's nest out and headed down to thekitchen. She found Amanda standing at the cook top tending the bacon.

Her daughter was in a red, silk, kimono style robe and high heeled
slippers. Jen hardly gave her a second look. The silk was not common
but the rest of her morning look was something her mother had gotten
used to over the last several months. At least the girl was wearing some
sort of robe this morning.

"Morning, dear."

"Merry Christmas, mom!"

"Merry Christmas to you too. Is your dad up?"

"Yeah, we've been up for a while. Hey, I've made your coffee. Breakfast
will be ready in a few." She turned toward the guest suite and yelled,
"Did you hear that daddy? Breakfast!"

"I heard you, sweetie," Jen heard John say while she poured herself a
cup of coffee. She took a sip. 'Damn,' she thought. 'For someone that
doesn't drink this stuff, Amanda can sure make a good pot of coffee.'

"Can I get a cup of that, Jen?" John asked. Jen reached up and grabbed a
cup out of the cabinet and poured her husband one. "Merry Christmas,"
he said as he took the coffee, "and thank you."

"You're welcome, and Merry Christmas to you," Jen replied. She watched
John go over to their daughter. She was now making scrambled eggs. John
reached over her and grabbed a piece of bacon. Amanda playfully slapped
his hand.

"Hey," she protested. John whispered something to her and she laughed.
Jen then heard her say, "you'll get enough. But you have to wait."

That's when Jen noticed that John was wearing silk pajamas that were the
same color as Amanda's robe. As he stood there with his arms around her
while she fried the eggs, Jen tried to recall seeing John in those
pajamas before.

"Uh, those are new," Jen said. "Your pajamas, John. When did you get
Amanda answered for him, "Oh, I got them for him. They match mine, see?"
The girl had finished the eggs and had them on a platter. She turned
with the eggs in one hand and the bacon in the other. Her father tried
to swipe another piece of bacon but she pulled the plate away.

Jen could now see that Amanda was wearing a red silk nightie under the
matching robe. She watched her bring the food to the table while her
father followed behind still playfully reaching for the bacon. John's
pajamas were an exact match of his daughter's. When both of them were
facing her she could see Amanda's robe had a monogram AC on the left
breast. She had an inkling John had a matching robe with JC on his.

"Drop some toast, daddy," Amanda said and John dutifully left her alone
and got the bread out of the box on the counter. "Wheat for you, right

"Uh, yes, one slice," Jen said, shaking her head and taking another sip
of her coffee. Something was going on but she couldn't figure it out.
Somehow she felt like she was watching a performance instead of eating
breakfast with her family.

"Juice, honey?" John called when the toaster was full.

"Uh, no, the coffee is fine," Jen answered but John wasn't looking at
her. She saw Amanda smile at him and give a quick nod.

Amanda had set the platters down and had picked up her father's coffee
mug. The table was already set with two plates on one side and one on
the other. Jen had taken a seat on the side with two plates. Amanda set
the coffee cup down at the place opposite Jen and then nonchalently
moved the plate and utensils that were next to her mother to the other
side and sat down there. John brought over the toast and a glass of
orange juice.

"Thank you daddy," she said. He smiled back at her and they kissed. It
was just a quick one but still was much more tender than fathers and
daughters normally shared. Had Jen not gotten used to them doing things
like that it would have shocked her. As it was she hardly noticed.

Jen took two pieces of bacon and a small helping of eggs. She liked the
protein but the fat and cholesterol were things she could pass on. Her
husband and daughter seemed oblivious to the dangers in the food as theyate like starving beasts. They were so busy stuffing their faces they
didn't even engage in the flirtatious chatter that accompanied most
breakfasts lately.

That didn't mean they weren't flirting. John kept stealing her bacon
when ever she wasn't looking. She would steal it back when she noticed.
After a while she grabbed his hand in her's and held it while they ate.

"More juice?" he asked when finally he slowed down. "Sure," she answered
and he got up to get it.

"You're both pretty hungry this morning," Jen commented.

"Uh, I guess we both worked up an appetite," Amanda said cheerfully as
she helped herself to some more eggs. "You want any more of these, mom?"

"No, dear." Jen then watched her daughter divide what was left between
her and her dad's plates. John returned with the juice and got another
kiss, longer and more affectionate than the first. They resumed holding
hands when he sat down and Jen saw him gently running his finger over
her palm. Amanda just seemed to ignore it but when he took his hand away
for a second to get some more bacon she instantly looked over to see
what he was doing.

Jen sipped her coffee and thought about what was going on. They had
flirted for so long now it did not seem unusual. If anything it was less
overt than what she'd gotten used to, but there was something more
deeply troubling about it. It just seemed so natural now, like they
weren't even thinking about it.

Amanda watched her dad finish the last of his breakfast and then said,
"Well, are we ready to open some presents?"

"You bet!" he replied eagerly.

"I'll get the plates," Jen offered. "You two made breakfast."

"I made breakfast," Amanda objected.

"Hey, I made the toast," her father corrected her.

"Oh, big deal. Like that was all that hard."
Jen cleared the table as they went to the living room. She heard her
daughter giggle and then her husband joined her. She almost turned
around to see what was going on but stopped. She didn't want to know.
Instead she rinsed the plates and put them in the dishwasher before she
joined them. They were cuddled on the couch so she sat in her favorite

"You go first, mom. Open the green and yellow one on top," her daughter
suggested. Jen saw the box and was able to reach for it with out getting
out of her seat. The label read 'To M from J+A.' "J plus A?" she asked.

"Oh, I got tired of writing out our names so I abbreviated," Amanda

Jen carefully tore off the wrapping paper and opened the box to find a
new jogging suit. She held it up for them to see. "Thank you," she said.
"Thank you both."

"My turn," Amanda announced as she bounced off the couch and grabbed a
small box wrapped in gold paper. She eagerly ripped the paper off to
expose a watch box. When she saw it she beamed a wonderful smile at her
dad. Inside was a ladies Rolex that matched her dad's. "Oh, daddy!" she
cried. "You got it. Oh wow!" She lept back to the couch and into his lap
where she plastered his lips with a big kiss.

Her dad helped her put it on. "Thank you, daddy," she said more sedately
as she slid off his lap and onto the couch beside him after one last
kiss. "Mmmmm..."

"Now your turn," she said and John reached out and grabbed a box about
the same size as her watch. He found the bracelet she had gotten the
month before. He read the enscription aloud, "To Daddy. Love Forever.
Your Sweetie."

"I hope you like it," Amanda said. Jen had warned her daughter that this
gift was something her dad would not like as much as she hoped but she
saw him kiss her and then say, "Mmmmmm... I love it as much as I love

Jen stared open mouthed at them. The angle was wrong for her to see but
it was starting to look like a very passionate kiss. She was about tosay something when they stopped. "Now you mom," her daughter said in a
happy voice.

Jen picked out a larger, flat box labelled in her daughter's little
script "To Mom from John and Amanda." Inside was a new racquet, a good

"Wow," she said taking it out of the box and testing the balance. "This
is... It's so light."

"I had your, uh, coach suggest it," Amanda explained. She meant Steven.

"Thank you," she said while she kept her eyes on the racquet. She didn't
see her daughter open her next present. When she looked up John was
opening one.

He held up a pair of very small men's brief underwear. They could almost
have been thongs. "I know your old stuff is wearing out," she heard her
daughter explain, "and these will look so sexy on you."

John thanked her with a kiss. Again they seemed to kiss more deeply than
Jen was comfortable with even after the experiences of the last few
months. She forced herself to look away and picked out another box.
This one was from John by himself. It was a gift set of country CDs.

"Thanks, John," she said. They stopped kissing suddenly when she spoke
as if they had forgotten she was there.

Amanda picked out a package that also contained some CDs. She and her
dad looked over them, ignoring Jen. She heard her daughter point out a
box for John to open. It too contained CDs, artists Amanda listened to.
Jen stifled a laugh but then saw how genuinely enthusiastic John was
about them.

"Hey! This is the new Rihanna CD," he blurted out. "Where did you find

"I'm not telling," she said teasingly. "I can't let you know all my
secrets. Mmmm...." They kissed again. This time wasn't as long and
before Jen could get worked up too much more Amanda turned to suggest a
package to her mom.
It was from John. In the box was an envelope with a $2000 gift
certificate at the mall. "I, uh, figured you are pretty much in shape
now," he explained as she stared at the card, "and probably need, like,
an entirely knew wardrobe."

"Gosh, John," she said, "this is, well, unexpected. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Jen," he said then reached out and grabbed a box for
Amanda. "This one will come in handy in a few weeks."

In the box Amanda found a leather attache case. She opened it and found
her dad had stocked it with paper and pens and everything she would need
as a young executive intern. "Oh thanks!" she said giving him a quick
kiss. "This is for Chicago, right?" He nodded.

"What's for Chicago?" Jen asked.

"Oh, well..." John suddenly realized he hadn't told Jen about their
upcoming business trip.

"Daddy is taking me to Chicago when he meets with the big wigs next
month," Amanda explained. "I'm going to be his assistant, right daddy?"

"I'll need someone and well, Elaine is office manager now too and she'll
be busy getting herself established in that role so..."

"I'm going to take notes and keep his schedule, that stuff. Make calls.
It's going to be great."

Jen wanted to object but it was obvious that things had already been

John picked up a box and handed it to Amanda. She found a pair of very
sexy jeans in it and gave her dad a quick kiss before she showed him
what box to open next. That one contained some new jeans and t-shirts
for him, the kind he wore when he hung out with her and her friends.

Things settled down while they worked through the pile of packages under
the tree. Jen got some running shoes and a new pair of jeans from her
daughter. John got some monogram cuff links and tie clip from Amanda.
She got a charm bracelet and some perfume from her dad.
Jen noticed that neither of them had opened any presents from her. She
asked Amanda to open one and saw the girl liked the nice sweater she
got. John dutifully found a box from his wife and opened it to find some
silk ties.

John picked out a box for Amanda to open. Inside were seven pairs of
sexy thongs, each with the name of a different day of the week
embroidered on them. She handed him a box that contained two pairs of
silk boxer shorts.

Amanda got a new china doll from her dad to replace the one she had
broken a few months earlier. She wasn't very surprised so Jen assumed
she knew she was getting it. John got a nice kiss for it anyway. He got
some cologne from his daughter and Jen got some perfume.

When the boxes were almost gone, John got up and went in the library.
"Uh, mom, we got you one more thing," her daughter explained. "We kind
of guessed on some things like the size and all but, well, they guy said
you could return it if it isn't perfect. Anyway, uh..."

"Jen?" John said prompting her to look his way. He was holding a top of
the line racing bike. "Oh!" she cried. "Oh my! This is... Oh! I never!
Oh, thank you! Thank you!"

She jumped up and ran to the bike. John let go and rejoined Amanda as
they watched Jen check her new bike out. "I love it!" she declared.

"I've got one more thing for you, daddy," Amanda said. She pulled a box
out of a drawer in the end table and handed it to him. He opened it and
found a picture of the two of them from the Christmas party in a crystal

"Oh darling," he let out. "This is... Oh, wow. Mmmmmm....."

He gave her his most intense kiss of the morning. Jen looked up and
clearly saw the passion in their kiss. This was no way for a father to
kiss his daughter. Jen started to shake and felt her hands go clammy.
She gulped hard and looked away. She stared at her bike and tried to
think of how it would be to ride it.

When she finally looked up they were gazing into each other's eyes
adoringly. "I had Elaine take the picture," Amanda explained. "It turnedout nice, don't cha' think?"

"It's beautiful, sweetie," he said and kissed her again. Jen looked away
after a second and took her new bike to the garage. She could hear them
kissing as she left. She held the bike for support since her knees were
going weak. It was extremely light and yet very strong. It took no
effort at all to roll it across the kitchen floor. It was a wonderful
bike and she knew she would have fun riding it.

She had worked the image of them kissing out of her head by the time she
returned. John was collecting the discarded wrapping while Amanda was
collecting her gifts. Jen put her presents in a pile and started for her
room. As she passed the coffee table she saw the picture.

John and Amanda were standing in each other's arms. Jen had to admit how
good they looked together. She was reminded of how she had worked on
Amanda's hair and makeup that night and again was proud of her work. Her
daughter was turning into a stunningly beautiful woman.

09-16-2006, 10:39 PM
Chapter 77 - John's New Office

John woke when he heard the garage door open. His daughter's arm was
over his chest and her leg was over his hip. This was the third night in
a row he'd let her stay there all night. When he first moved into the
guest room she would join him for a while and then go to her own room.
Then she started falling asleep after they made love and he'd let her
stay there until four or so in the morning when he'd send her to bed
before her mom could find them together.

Lately she had been begging to stay the whole night and he was starting
to give in more often. It felt so good to wake up with her and sending
her away was the worst way to end their increasingly passionate nights.
It was one more risk they were running but he had felt out of control
ever since the Christmas party and that wonderful night in the hotel.

John tried to slip out of the bed with out waking his daughter but she
stirred as soon as he moved. He got to the window just in time to see
Jen head down the street on her new bike.

"Was that mom?" Amanda's sleepy voice asked from the bed.

"Uh, yeah," he said. "She's riding her new bike."
"I hope she likes it," the teen said as her dad climbed back into bed.
She curled back up against his side, not quite ready to wake up.

"We have to get up, sweetie," he said.

"Just a few more minutes, please? We didn't get to sleep until almost

"Well, your choice is a few more zzzz's or some more of this," he moved
her hand to his cock. She grabbed it lazily and John could see her
debating whether she wanted sleep or sex. "What's this? Is my little sex
pot finally satisfied?"

"No," she said firmly with a grin on her face, "but she is tired. You
wore me out last night."

"Well, I'll be more careful from now on," he told her.

"I'm not complaining, it's just, well, you know..."

"Yeah, I know..."

He kissed her as she rolled onto him. Her legs fell over his sides as
she tried to find his now hard cock with her pussy. She could do that
fairly often but this time she had to use her hand. She got the tip in
her slit and then pushed back until he was buried in her again.

Forty minutes and a shower later she had two loads of her daddy's cum
dripping into her thong. She was up in her room pulling on her tightest
jeans when her mom poked her head in the door. "Hey, Amanda," she
called. "That bike is fabulous. I can't thank you enough."

"Oh, hey mom," the teen said as she struggled to pull up the zipper.
"I'm, uh, glad you liked it."

"You're up early," Jen observed. It was only 8:00 and the girl was not
only almost dressed, she had made her bed too.

"Oh, daddy and I are going to work. He's moving his stuff into the
corner office. Elaine's going to be there too. She's also moving her
desk today."
"Okay, well, I guess then," Jen said once again feeling cut out of the
things going on with John and Amanda. "I need a shower."

Jen was still upstairs when Johna and Amanda left. It was the day after
Christmas and there was no traffic to bother them so they got to the
office before 9:00. Elaine was already waiting for them.

"Morning, Mr. C," she said. "Morning Amanda. How was your Christmas?"

"Wonderful," they both said as they smiled and gazed into each other's
eyes. Elaine normally would have slapped them or something but there was
no one around so she let them have their fun. As long as they didn't
keep sneaking off to fuck in the break room or something.

"Uh, how was your's?" Amanda asked after just a bit too long a delay.

"Normally I'd say not as good as yours, seeing how you're still making
goo-goo eyes but I did get one very nice present." Elaine held out her
hand. On her ring finger was a very nice engagement ring.

"OH WOW!" Amanda shouted. "You're engaged?" Elaine nodded happily. "To,
uh, Greg, right?"

"Uh huh," the older girl confirmed. "We've really been kind of dating
off and on for a few years but it got serious last summer. It cooled off
after a bit but things heated up again in October. He took me to meet
his family for Thanksgiving. He already knew mine. So, anyway, we're
thinking of getting married in April."

"Oh, that's wonderful," Amanda said hugging her friend.

"Yeah, congratulations," John added.

"Well, it's pretty cool but hey, we've got work to do. I don't want to
be here all day, if I can help it."

They followed her into the inner office area and started packing up his
old office and her previous desk. Elaine had arranged for boxes to be
delivered. John grabbed an armfull of the folded cardboard and started
pulling books off his bookshelves, expecting Amanda to join him but she
stayed out with Elaine, helping her but mostly getting all the detailson her guy and how he proposed.

"You were going to help me, remember?" he reminded his daughter.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Amanda replied. "We just got to talking, ya know?"

"Right, but Elaine isn't the only one that wants to get out of here, ya

The room had been John's office for over ten years and in that time he'd
accumulated a lot of junk. He used the move as an excuse to sort through
it and throw out as much as he could. It slowed things down a bit but he
figured it was the only chance he'd get to unclutter his space. It was
almost noon when he pulled the last picture off his wall and started
carrying the boxes to the corner office.

He found Amanda sitting on Elaine's desk. His daughter had disappeared
almost and hour before but he wasn't upset. Elaine's engagement would
have been enough to distract the girl but when she asked her to be a
bridesmaid, John lost all hope of keeping her busy helping him. At least
she seemed to have helped Elaine. Her desk looked all moved in,
including a new picture of Greg.

They were gabbing so intently that they made no sign they even saw him
walk past. He kept moving boxes and still they chatted. Even when he
carried the last box past them they didn't seem to notice.

He was surprised when both girls came in to help a few moments after he
set down the last box. "Is that the last one, daddy?" his daughter
asked. "Sure is, sweetie," he assured her. "Now, are you going to help

"Sorry, honey, it's just, ya know?"

"Yeah, I know," he accepted her kiss as an apology. "Mmmmm..."

"Now you just need to put them on the shelves," Elaine observed as John
and Amanda fell into a chair near his new conference table. "We can
help with that, but how about some lunch first?"

"Yeah, daddy, we're hungry," Amanda informed him as she squirmed on his
lap to get comfortable.
"Do you think that chinese place would deliver?" John asked. Most of
the offices in the area were closed. He wasn't sure the place would even
be open.

"I'll call," Elaine said as she picked up John's phone. "Yeah, can you
deliver to 500 West today?" "No, huh, but you are open for take out,
right?" "Okay, just a sec," she put her hand over the mouthpiece. "I'll
have to go pick it up. What do you want?"

She relayed their order to the restaurant. When she hung up she said, "I
think I'll walk, if that's okay. I'd like some fresh air."

"Sure, and use your company card," John told her. "Lunch is on me."

"Surely, Mr. C.," the young woman said with a smile. She grabbed her
coat and purse from the next room and was gone.

"So, daddy," Amanda purred, turning in her dad's lap to face him, "what
are we going to do while we wait for her to get back?"

"Heh heh," he chuckled. "What do you have in mind?"

"Guess," she told him as she pulled her shirt over her head. John undid
the front clasp of her bra and started rubbing and then kissing her
growing nipples. "Nice, daddy, but hurry up. We don't have all day, ya'

John smiled as he lifted her easily onto the table. She undid the snap
of her tight jeans while he pulled down the zippers of her sexy, high
heeled ankle boots. They both had to struggle to get her pants and thong
over her hips and off her legs. With her now completely naked, he
pushed his own pants down to his knees and stood between her wide spread
legs. He was already hard.

Amanad reached down and guided his cock into her. They hadn't fucked in
the office in weeks. The last time was one Friday when she had come
there after school. He had had to work a bit late and they were the last
ones to leave. She sat in his lap and rode his cock that night, just
barely finishing before the cleaning people came in.

"I like this table," she said, running her hand over the oak top as herdad started thrusting into her. "It's nice and solid."

"And you're thinking we'll get a lot of use of it, huh?"

"Surely, Mr. C.," she said, aping her surrigate big sister. John laughed
and then started getting more serious about getting them both off before
Elaine returned. He figured she had at least a ten minute walk each way.
If she didn't have to wait for their order, likely with so many places
closed, he figured they had about fifteen minutes which would allow them
a few minutes to get Amanda dressed and catch their breath.

At that moment Elaine stepped out of the building with the iPOD she'd
gotten from her brother for Christmas blaring in her ears. She instantly
turned around and went back in. It had clouded over and a light drizzle
was falling. "I'm not walking in that crap," she said to herself. She
drove instead. There was no problem finding parking, the first time that
happened in the five years she had worked downtown, and she was back in
her car with the bag of white boxes full of their lunch in no time. She
pulled back into the parking ramp only ten minutes after she'd left the
office, the music still drowning out all other sounds.

John checked the clock. It was getting close. They had about ten
minutes, maybe fifteen but he intended to play it safe. They could make
out for a bit if they finished early. He had been holding Amanda's
ankles but now moved his hands to her hips and used them to fuck her
even harder.

"Oh yes, daddy! So good!" She was moaning now, a sign she was getting
close. That meant he could stop holding back. He started ramming his
cock into his daughter with as much force as he could. He still couldn't
believe she took it so easily but countless experiences like this had
convinced him she wasn't nearly as fragile as she looked. "OH YES! HARD!

"Yes, baby," he cried, feeling his nuts stirring now. "I'm getting

"Me too. Oh, fuck me daddy! Yes! OH GOD! Yes!"

Elaine unlocked the outer door to West Coast's office suite, entered the
reception area and relocked the door. Her favorite song came on just
then so she left her iPOD going as she headed to the corner office area.

"Yes, baby! Oh! Yes! YES! OH FUCK YES! OH! OH!"

Elaine walked in just as John came, filling his daughter with his cum
until it leaked out onto the table beneath her. The secratary had a
perfect view of his huge cock still fucking in and out of Amanda's

"Elaine!" Amanda shouted. John spun around, pulling his still hard cock
out of her and saw his secratary staring at them. "Elaine? You said you
were going to walk there?"

"Sorry!" the girl said as she took out her ear pieces. "It's raining so
I drove. I'm sorry. I... I should have expected this. Shit, I'm sorry."

John was struggling to pull up his jeans even while she continued to
stare at them. He turned away, hiding his privates and saw Amanda still
lying with her legs spread and his cum dripping out of her. There was
already a sizable pool on the table.

"I... I'll get something to wipe the table with," Elaine said as she
finally tore herself from the erotic scene. While she was gone John
helped Amanda get dressed. She was just zipping up her boots when Elaine
returned with a wet rag and some paper towels.

"I'm sorry, guys, really," Elaine went on as John took the rag and wiped
the table.

"Hey, don't worry," Amanda assured her. "Yeah, we should have locked the
door. It's just, well, it kind of happened. We're sorry."

"God, I knew you, well, did it and all but, wow..."

"Yeah, we do," Amanda said. She looked at her friend and they both
slowly broke into grins.

09-16-2006, 10:40 PM
Chapter 78 - New Years Eve

Amanda and John started preparing the family room for their guests after
dinner. Since it was only going to be Cloe, Martin, Sam and Jake therewas not much to do. Amanda picked out some music first. She loaded her
dad's new Rihanna CD and let it blare out while they set out some
snacks. Amanda had mixed up some bowls of trail-mix. John put out chips
and salsa.

Jen hovered around the living room observing. She quickly saw that John
and Amanda did not need to talk much to cooperate perfectly. It would
seem that in all the time the had spent together in the last few months
they had gotten so used to each other's style they meshed together

When everything was in place John pulled her against his chest and
wrapped his arms about her as they surveyed the room together. It seemed
that they were pleased with everything because after a moment Amanda
turned her head, looked up at her dad and smiled. He smiled back and
gave her a quick kiss.

"Uh, are you just going to listen to this, I guess you have to call it
music, until midnight or are you going to play games or something?" Jen
asked. She saw Amanda look at her dad.

"I guess we could play some games," she said still looking at him as if
for approval. "I'll get some."

When she left Jen turned the stereo down a few notches. "Gosh, John, do
you really like this crap?"

"It grows on you," he explained and turned the volume back up a notch.
"She's starting to like my music too."

Something about that comment bothered Jen but before she could ask him
about it their daughter returned with a stack of board games. "This one
could be fun," she said lifting a dusty box labelled "The Newlywed Game.
It's a couples game, right?"

"Yeah, that might be fun," John agreed. The others, Life, Clue, Monopoly
were not. "We'll see what the other guys want to do but I'd love to play
this with you."

Cloe and Martin showed up not long after that. Both kids had small
suitcases which Amanda took up to her room. When Sam and Jake showed up
a little later John took their bags to the library.
Everyone seemed a little surprised to see Jen but they were friendly.
John and Amanda visited with their guests as the clock moved toward
midnight. After a while listening to the music, snacking and talking got
boring so Amanda brought out the game. Everyone thought it would be fun.
John and Amanda played as one couple while their friends paired off

The game was very much like the TV show. Jen acted as the emcee and
asked the questions. Most of these were pretty tame. "What brand of
soap does your mate use?" "What radio station does he/she listen too?"
Some of the questions did not make sense for kids their ages and she
could tell when someone made up an answer.

"Next question is for the guys and it's worth 20 points," Jan announced.
"What will your mate say you would want on the perfect hotdog?"

The boys scribbled their answers on notepads and then she had each of
the girls give their response.

"Uh, ketchup I guess," Cloe said looking at Martin as if she could read
his preference on his forhead. "We haven't had hotdogs."

Martin frowned and uncovered his answer, "mustard and relish". He hugged
his girl anyway.

Sam went next. She and Jake were in last place. "I know this one," she
informed everyone, "chili and... and... and... pickles?" Suddenly she
didn't seem so sure.

"Chili and onions" the boy's pad read. Everyone agreed to give them half
the points.

When it was Amanda's turn she confidently stated that her dad liked,
"The works; ketchup, mustard, relish, onions with some hot sauce." She
counted the toppings off on her finger as she declared them.

"Oops, I think you finally missed one, dear," Jen said. Amanda and John
had not missed a question yet and were far in the lead. "Your dad
doesn't like onions."

John revealed his answer; "ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, tabasco."At the bottom of the page he had added "The Works!"

Jen stared at the sheet in shock. John and Amanda hugged as they won yet
another round. "But you don't like onions," she complained.

"You always think I don't like them, but on hotdogs I love them, right
sweetie?" he explained, asking his partner to confirm his love of
onions. She just smiled and nodded.

In the end John and Amanda won 280 points to 100 for Cloe and Martin
with Sam and Jake getting only 30. The kids had had enough of board
games by then and started dancing energetically around the family room.
John was just as involved as any of them.

Jen listened to the music and tried to find something in it to
appreciate but failed. She prefered country or some of the softer rock
artists. This stuff was not to her liking, and she would have thought it
wasn't something John would like either. He proved her wrong when he
started singing the lyrics as loudly as any of the others.

As the clock approached midnight John and Amanda handed out party
favours and silly hats. Jen stood between the family room and living
room. When the guests all had their clangers and blow-whistles Amanda
handed her mom a noise maker and a hat. Jen did not put the hat on but
she gave the noise maker a few test spins. John and Amanda stood near
her as it passed five to midnight.

"Hey!" Cloe called pointing above John and Amanda. "Look up you two."

John and Ananda did and saw they were standing directly beneath a sprig
of mistletoe left over from the Christmas decorations. John bent over
and gave his daughter a quick kiss.

"Oh that's pathetic," Sam commented. "I've seen you both do better than

John tried again. This time he let Amanda have a full, hard and deep
kiss that lasted a good fifteen seconds. This one met with general
approval as their audiance cheered and laughed.

Jen saw everything, even strong evidence of John's tongue deep in
Amanda's mouth but she imagined it was just some play acting for therandy teens. She chuckled along with the rest but inwardly felt betrayed
and embarrassed.

John kissed Amanda again at midnight. This kiss was more romantic and
tender. They both tuned out the rest of the room as they celebrated the
best year either of them had ever known and began a year they hoped
would be even better.

"Mmmmmm... I love you sweetie."

"Mmmmm.... I love you too, daddy. Mmmmmm..."

When she broke from her dad's lips, Amanda gave her mom her most
affectionate hug. "Happy New Year's mom," the teen said. John leaned
over his daughter and gave his wife a simple peck on her cheek.

"Yeah, Jen," he added. "Happy New Year."

The affection Jen felt from her daughter was so strong and genuine that
the woman was a little dazed. She watched John and Amanda share their
New Year's greetings with their friends. Everyone was shouting and
laughing except her. She could see the party was going to go on for a
while longer but she was tired and planned to get up and do her usual
morning run. She quietly slipped away to her room.

Pretty soon the couples settled in for some serious making out. After a
while Amanda saw Sam leading Jake to the library. "What's up, sweetie?"
John asked when he noticed Amanda's attention had wondered.

"They're going to do it," she explained. "It'll be their first time. Sam
told us about it earlier."

"They still haven't gone all the way?" John asked a little surprised.
He'd seen them together for months and they were just as affectionate as
Cloe or Martin and he knew they did it as often as they could.

"Nope, and, well, they're both still virgins," his daugher said. "It's
kind of cute, ya' know?"

"Well, good for them, but, we're not, ya know?"
He was smiling. Amanda smiled back and they started kissing again. They
could go to his room but the couch was pretty comfortable and they had
made out in the same room as Cloe and Martin dozens of times.

For the next twenty minutes they gradually got more intimate until
Amanda was kneeling between his legs sucking his cock.

"Uh, Amanda?" It was Sam. She was standing only a few yards away in a
pretty nightie. Her face was racked with doubt and concern. John jumped
and tried to stuff his hard cock back in his pants but Amanda simply got
up and went over to her friend. He heard them whispering then Sam's face
brightened and she gave Amanda a big hug.

"They're having trouble with the hide-a-bed in the library," Amanda
explained when she came back. "When they both get on it they just sink
into it. I told them to use our room. I hope you don't mind. We can
change the sheets before we go to bed."

"That's fine, sweetie," John said. He started kissing his daughter again
and out of the corner of his eye he caught Sam leading Jake to the guest
suite. He silently wished them well as he felt Amanda pulling his still
semi-rigid cock back out of his pants. "Now, where were we?" she said as
she took him back into her mouth.

Amanda's jeans were too tight to get off conveniently so she just sucked
her dad until he got off. She knew she'd have plenty of cums before she
fell asleep in his arms so she didn't worry about herself. They had
finished and were lying on the couch kissing when Sam and Jake
reappeared, smiling from ear to ear.

Amanda and Cloe each excused themselves from their boyfriends and went
over to congratulate the new woman. "So..." Amanda started. "How was

"Great! Everything you said and more. I'm just kind of sore down there,"
Sam explained. Both her friends hugged her.

"That goes away," Cloe assured her. "You did use protection, right?"
Cloe was big on that and had lectured her friend about it until she was
told to just shut up already.

"Yes!" Sam replied with a trace of exaccerpation in her voice. "He worea rubber. Damn hard to get it on, too."

"Well, I think we're going to bed," Amanda said. "You guys sleep late.
Mom will get up early and go run. We, ah, probably don't want her to
know about the sleeping arrangements, if you know what I mean." Then she
added for Cloe's benefit, "Especially you two."

"We'll be quiet," she promised. "We do it in my room all the time and my
mom never hears us."

Early the next morning Jen got back from her run before anyone was up.
She poked her head in her daughter's room before she went to her own
room for her shower.

"Amanda?" she called from the door. She could see Cloe lying in the
middle of the bed and a lump in the covers she figured was either Amanda
or Sam. "Amanda?" she called again taking a step into the room.

"Huh, wha?" Cloe said waking up from a dream. "Oh, mornin' Mrs. C."

"Morning, dear. Is Amanda here?"

"Uh, no, she's downstairs," Cloe answered. Martin started to stir and
suddenly she realized what she had done but before she could correct her
mistake her friend's mother had left.

"Where could she have been?" Jen asked herself as she got out of her
running clothes. "I didn't see her down there. Maybe she was cleaning up
the living room." As she stepped into the shower she thought about the
lump in her daughter's bed. "I didn't think Sam was that big."

When her shower was done she saw that Cloe and Sam were both up. She
went down and found her daughter and her husband in the kitchen. They
were wearing their matching pajamas and this time she saw the John did
indeed have a matching robe with JC embroidered on it. They were making
breakfast. Sam, Cloe, Martin and Jake were also in robes and PJs sitting
around the kitchen table looking very sleepy.

09-16-2006, 10:42 PM
Chapter 79 - Travel Plans

Jen still was not comfortable with John taking Amanda to Chicago. "What
about school?" she stated her latest objection over breakfast onemorning.

"It's only two days and I've already called the school," John explained.

"I've got to turn my homework in early," Amanda added.

"But why? What's she going to do while you're in your meetings or what

"Like we said, she's going as my assistant," John said proudly. "She'll
be in the meetings too, won't you sweetie?"

"Yeah," she nodded happily. "I asked to go mom. I just love working in
the office and gosh, this is daddy's first meeting the CEO since he took
over for Mr. Parker. I'd just die if I couldn't be there."

"But she's just a kid, John," Jen pleaded. "How will it look?"

"You'd never say that if you saw her at the office," he rebutted. "She
fits in so well."

Jen had to admit that her daughter didn't look like a school girl the
last week of her break when she'd gone to work with him every morning.
Any one that didn't know she was thirteen and a half would think she was
twenty. The girl was growing up too fast. Sure, when she was with her
school friends she acted her age, but when it was just her and John she
seemed unnaturally mature.

"There will be other chances, dear," Jen said. "And perhaps next time we
all could go. We could even make it a vacation sort of thing."

"But daddy said he needs me there..."

"It's true, Jen," John said. "I'm going to have to take someone. I want
to come home with the new organization, the way I want to run the place,
and there is going to be a lot of leg work if that's going to happen.
I'll need some one to run faxes, get calls set up... Hell, just keeping
the notes updated on my laptop is going to be a full time job."

"And you expect your thirteen year old daughter to do all that?"

"Yes," he said firmly. "She can do it. All these things will take is alot of energy and she's certainly got that. Don't you sweetie? If Amanda
doesn't go I'll have to take Elaine, but I was counting on her to act as
our interface back here."

"Elaine and I work real well together, mom," Amanda told her. "She's
taught me so much."

That sparked a new fear for Jen. She'd never completely ruled out Elaine
as the other woman. John was very happy she was his secretary and when
he promoted her it was over several more experienced people. Was he
angling for a way to take his lover to Chicago? At least if it was
Amanda with him he could not cheat on her, right?

"I guess," she conceded, "but I'm not real happy with it."

"Thanks, mom," Amanda said as she gave Jen a warm hug.


It got worse. They were going to leave on Saturday morning. John
explained he wanted a day to get settled in and organize his
presentations. He'd also hinted that he wanted at least some time to
show Amanda around the place. Jen admitted that it would be a shame to
go to such a place and not do some sightseeing, but, it was January and
it got cold there.

Amanda spent most of the week before their trip picking out her clothes.
She'd need two suits for the meetings. Her dad suspected they'd go to
dinner with some of the folks there Monday night so she needed something
to wear for that. She also needed at least one outfit for Sunday and
maybe one for Saturday night. Elaine also recommended she bring one
extra outfit she could wear if the meetings went an extra day. Then she
needed stuff for bed. She spent most of her time on selecting those
things, her prettiest and sexiest nighties.

Her dad told her to pack everything but her suits and dresses in a carry
on bag. Her dad surprised her with her own company laptop that she
would carry in her new briefcase.

All told they had two carry-ons, two briefcases, Amanda's makeup case, a
folding bag with both their suits and two dresses for her and her purse
in the trunk of her mom's car when they left for the airport. Jendropped them off.

"Bye, mom," Amanda said when she gave her a hug. "We'll call as soon as
we get in, right dad?" John nodded as he pulled the bags out of the

Jen waited for a goodbye from her husband but he just thanked her as he
and Amanda picked up their bags and walked away. She watched in pain as
they headed into the terminal chatting like kids while she was forgotten
outside. When they disappeared behind the doors she sadly got in her
car and drove home.

"A good work out will cheer me up," she said and diverted to the gym.
"Perhaps Steven will be there..."


"Wait up dear," Amanda called to her father. She was struggling to put
her pumps back on at the security checkpoint. John came back and she
used a hand on his shoulder to steady herself while she slipped the
second shoe back on.

"All set?" he asked. She nodded. John had shown her how to stuff their
briefcases into their carry-on bags so they only had two bags each, the
carry-ons, her makeup case and purse. John was carrying the makeup as
they walked to their gate holding hands.

"Oh daddy," she said gazing at all the sights. "This is just so great.
We're going to have such a cool time. I just know it."

"I know, sweetie, but remember, business first, okay. We have to keep
'us' a secret"

"I know, for the thousandth time... but when we're alone..."

"When we're alone... it's different." That got a very happy smile from

"So, like, what's Chicago like? You've been there."

"Well, it's pretty cold right now. Windy. We'll be downtown and that's
not too much different from downtown here, only dirtier 'cause of thesnow I guess."

"Snow's not dirty."

"You've only seen it when we've gone skiing. In a big city it's filthy."

"God, if it's cold and dirty, why do people live there?"

"Don't know, you'll have to ask them."

"So if it's so cold and all, what are we going to do when we're not

He gave her a sly smile and said, "Oh... I think we'll find something to
do, don't you?" He kissed her and got a very warm kiss in return.


"Anything to drink?" a flight attendent asked when they found their
seats. Her dad was taking off his suit coat.

"What do you have?" Amanda asked in her best business voice. She'd vowed
to be as grown up as possible the whole trip.

"Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ginger ale, orange juice, tomato juice, beer,

When the nice woman got to 'wine', Amanda had a sudden idea. She wanted
to see how this stranger would treat her.

"Oh, a glass of white wine would be wonderful," she said. "One for you
too, John?"

"Sounds good, dear," he said as he sat down next to her. The flight
attendent smiled and left with John's coat. By the time she was back
with two glasses of white wine Amanda and her dad were holding hands on
the arm rest between them.

After they'd each taken a sip from their glasses, Amanda stifled a
giggle. Her dad noticed and looked at her with perplexed but amused
"Even you didn't notice," she told him cryptically. "I figured I'd at
least get a reaction out of you, but no."

"What?" he asked with a laugh.

"The wine, dear," she wispered in his ear. "And I called you John."

John winced. "You're right, I hadn't noticed."

09-16-2006, 10:43 PM
Chapter 80 - Checking In

"We have a reservation for Carmichael," John informed the woman behind
the desk.

"Here we are," she replied after a few commands on her unseen computer.
"King/non-smoking, staying with us until Tuesday." John nodded.

They had gone to hotels so often Amanda was totally relaxed while her
dad got them checked in. She hung on his arm and checked out the lobby.
About the same as many of the places they'd stayed at back home. The
floor was dirtier from the people waking in with wet shoes. The heat was
going full blast and she was actually hot. She released her dad, slipped
her winter coat off and draped it over her arm.

"Please sign here, initial here," her dad was instructed. The woman
handed him two keys and said, "Room 3301, elevators to your left. The
room will be at the end of the hall. Did you leave your bags with the
bell captain?"

"Yes," John handed her the claim slip. She noted the number and gave it

"Is there anything else I can do for you at this time, Mr. Carmichael?"

"No, thank you, Lois," he said reading her name tag.

John escorted his daughter to the elevator and stood there with his arm
about her shoulders as they waited. In the few minutes it took for a car
to arrive several other people had joined them.

"Have you stayed here before, John?" she asked. She'd told him on the
plane that she thought it best not to call him 'daddy' in public. He'dagreed reluctantly. He loved her innocence and how fresh it made
everything seem. But she had a point. As she'd proven with the flight
attendent she could come across to some people as much more grown up
that she actually was. The more people thought she was his girlfriend
and not his daughter the less likely they were to get in trouble. But he
had made her promise to call him daddy when they were alone.

"A long time ago," he told her. "They've remodelled since then."

"Are we eating here tonight, dear, or are you going to take me out?"

"Oh, we can go out, if want, sweetie," he said. She smiled and pulled
him down to her by his tie.

"I won't call you John in private if you won't call me sweetie in
public," she wispered in his ear. She released him a few inches, kissed
him solidly on the lips and then let him go.

"I say we go out," she told him.

"Yes, dear," he laughed.


Their room was very nice but nothing particularly special. The bathroom
was on the large side of standard. When they got in, Amanda sat on the
king sized bed and bounced a few times.

"Think this thing's up to the job, daddy?" she asked. "It'd be real
embarrassing if we broke it, huh?"

He laughed at how easily she changed peronalities. Two minutes earlier
she'd been the sexy career woman. Sophistcated, refined. Now she was a
hypersexual kid. It was never boring with her.

"I think we'll be okay, sweetie" he said coming over and sitting next to
her. "We haven't found the bed we could break yet, have we?"

"True, but three whole nights? And here we don't have to be careful
cause we don't care who hears us, right?"

He just smiled.
"So I can yell out FUCK ME! as loud as I want?"

"Well, not if it's too late. We don't want to disturb anyone."

"'Spose, but how about just a little bit, ya know, just to say we did.
Besides, we heard that couple that one time, 'member. In the room next
to ours. She was just yellin' like crazy."

John laughed and found he just had to kiss her. He pulled her down to
the bed and covered her with his body as his lips met hers. She kissed
back and things quickly started to heat up.

Just then the bellhop knocked. John was proud to see his daughter was
slightly out of breath from the intense kissing they'd just begun. She
was still lying on the bed when the young man started carrying their
bags in.

"John," she said, suddenly back in girlfriend mode, "hand me my make up.
I'm going to go freshen up before we go out."

The bellhop and set her case on the dresser. John reached for it and
handed it to his daughter. She thanked him with a kiss and closed
herself in the bathroom.

"Here," he said slipping the kid $10. "Thanks"

"Thank you, sir," he replied. As he started to leave he paused at the
door, gazed once at the bathroom door and said. "Have fun, sir."

"We will," John said to the closing door.


"We got in just a bit ago." Amanda was saying into her cell phone.

"Nah, we're in the room."

"Nice. Going to be crowded with two people, but, hey, we'll manage."

"We're going out."
"He's getting changed." Amanda smiled over at her father. He was pulling
on his underwear after a quick test of their bed. She was still naked,
sprawled on the quilted bed covers. "You want to talk to him?"

"John?" he heard even before the phone was to his ear.

"Yes," he replied.

"Amanda said you were getting changed? You're not doing that in the room
with her, are you?"

"I'm just putting on a shirt, Jen," he said. "Is that what you wanted to

"No, ah, I, ah, need to borrow your car," she said.

"What's the matter with your's?"

"It won't start."

"Okay, I guess. Just be careful with the clutch. Last time you almost
burned it out."

Back home Jen tossed John's car keys to Steven. He set them on the
dresser since he didn't have his pants on.

"Don't worry, I'll be very careful." She made sure Steven heard what she
said. He smiled and gave her a thumbs up to signify his agreeing to be

"Anything else?"

"No, that's it," she turned away from the semi-naked twenty-two year old
trainer before she added quietly. "Except I miss you."

"Okay, well, we have to go eat." He tossed the phone back to his

"Mom?" The line was dead. "She hung up."

John climbed back in bed. "Are you sure we have to go out? It looks so
cold and I'm sure the room service menu here is excellent."
"Why, daddy," she giggled playfully. "Aren't you going to at least buy
me dinner after what we just did?"

"Seriously, you really want to go out?"

"Yeah," she said and kissed him. "We don't get to go out like this much.
We hang with Cloe and Sam and they guys most Friday's now. I kind of
miss going out on dates with you."

"But we stayed in most of those times."

"Sure, but we have all night, right? And... I want to _BE_ your
girlfiend. I just love letting people see us in love. I have to lock it
up so much it hurts."

He wanted to laugh at how cute she looked. Naked, resting against his
almost naked body but with such a serious face on. No, on second thought
taking her out for a romantic dinner sounded like a great idea. And she
was right. They had all night...

09-16-2006, 10:44 PM
Chapter 81 - Romantic Dinner

John handed Amanda a glass of wine as they stood in the restaurant bar.
She thanked him with a kiss and took a sip while he tasted his bourbon
and water. It felt good to be out, but he was already waiting for when
they got back to the hotel.

"Mr. Carmichael?" John turned. "Your table is ready."

He offered his arm to his date and they followed the man to their table.
It was a quiet booth in the back, just like he'd asked for. The maitre
d' hadn't even blinked when he saw him with Amanda.

In the back of his mind John knew this could be dangerous. If he got too
comfortable with acting like this, and it wouldn't take much more, he
was afraid he'd start to slip up and act like her boyfriend back home.
He'd gotten comfortable kissing her around her friends in no time. If he
started acting this way around her at the office or worse at home there
would be trouble.

But tonight he pushed such worries aside. He was going to relax andenjoy the evening. He'd promised to show his daughter a great time on
their trip and he meant to do it. He knew she loved being romantic with
him and he had to admit it was fun for him too.

When they got to the table, John saw that the two place settings were
side by side at the back of the booth, just the way a couple would
desire to sit on a romantic dinner date. He smiled, realizing that was
excatly what was going on. He helped his daughter sit. She moved around
to the back of the booth in as ladylike a manner as she could.

"John," she cooed, like his name tasted sweet on her lips. "This place
is wonderful. Aren't you glad I talked you into going out?"

"Yes, darling," he said as he slid in next to her. His arm went around
her and he kissed her. For a few seconds they shut the world out.

Their waiter waited patiently. John caught him out of the corner of his
eye but kissed his daughter for a few seconds more. He'd tip the man
well at the end of the night. When he broke from her lips he gave her a
quick 'clean up' kiss before he turned to look across the table.

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"I'd like another glass of wine, dear?" Amanda told her date.

"Two glasses of your house white," he ordered. The waiter merely nodded
and left them to resume kissing.

"Oh, honey," she purred in his ear after a long, soulfelt kiss. "I'm so
in love with you. I'm so happy we had this chance."

"Mmmmm," he kissed her again. He tasted the wine on her lips but she was
sweeter. He couldn't think of her as a young teen. She looked, talked,
acted like a fully mature woman. Still, he knew he had to cut her off at
two glasses of wine. She was barely 85lbs and two glasses of wine could
have a very strong impact on her. At the least it would interfere with
their plans for the rest of the evening.

Jen had never kissed him like this. Even the quickest, most innocent
kiss with Amanda was filled with excitement, but here, in this romantic
setting, with her in such a beautiful dress, her make up, perfume... It
was almost more than he could handle.
Her lips were so soft, her tongue so gentle. Her hands knew just how to
touch him and her skin felt so warm and inviting to his touch. Never had
he imagined he'd ever feel this close to anyone, but here in his arms
was the woman he was born to love.

They had to break again when the drinks arrived. He dismissed the waiter
while they read the menu. The poor man was probably cursing them for
being so slow, but he'd be happy with the tip. John just didn't want to
rush anything tonight. They had three nights in Chicago but tonight was
the only one they could really stay up late.

"Is this the thing I liked that time?" she said pointing a pretty pink
finger nail at the Filet Mignon.

"The filet? Yes, I think you liked that. It was at the steak house,

"Hmmmm, but what's this?"

John described the unfamiliar entre'es to her as they cuddled together
in the booth. Even this was a wonderful moment he hoped to remember for
a long time. Feeling her warm body pressed softly against his side, her
tiny hand resting gently on his thigh.

In the end she selected a salad. She'd explained that she prefered a
lighter meal before a lot of activity. She'd said it just as plainly as
that and it took both of them a few seconds before they realized what
exactly she was talking about. That was the reason they were giggling
when the waiter returned.

"Do you need a few more moments?" he asked still as patient as ever.

"No," John said regaining control, "sorry. The lady will have the
chicken florentine salad. I will have a porterhouse steak, medium, baked
potato with sour cream and chives, and... How's your house red?"

"Very good, sir. It's a private label from California."

"I'll switch to that," John handed the menu over. "Thank you."

The waiter brought John a glass of the red wine. He sampled it and foundit very good. "Can I try a sip of that?" his daughter asked.

"Okay, but go easy on the wine. That has to be your last glass."

"Sure, dear," she said as she picked up his glass. He saw her pink
lipstick stain on his glass after she took a sip. "I like this one. It's
almost like..." but she couldn't describe it. Sweet but it made her
mouth feel funny.

He smiled and they started kissing again. John caught a few people at
tables close to their's look at them briefly but no one seemed to be
shocked or even surprised. He smiled inwardly, knowing that for this
night he could relax and be Amanda's lover openly. It was a wonderful

By then the waiter was accustomed to finding them in each other's arms.
He set their plates down on a tray he'd had a busboy bring out for just
that probablilty and waited just close enough to the table for John to
notice. John still took his time. While he liked a good steak and was
sure this would be one of the finer ones he'd ever eat, Amanda's kisses
were even more appealling. Finally his conscience got the better of him
and he stopped making the waiter stand there.

He silently served the plates. John smiled and nodded, dismissing the
man politely. He shared one more kiss with his daughter before they
started eating.

"Hmmmm," she said after her first bite. "This is good." John watched her
savor the next bite. The way the girl's lips closed around the fork was
erotic. She pulled the utensil out slowly. Her lips and mouth worked
sensuously as her eyes closed to hold in the experience.

When she had another forkful of salad she offered it to her dad. "You
have to try this," she said. He dutifully opened his mouth and let her
serve him. It was good, but not as good as watching her eat it.

He cut a piece off his steak. It melted in his mouth. In his already
highly aroused state it was nearly a sexual experience, and his lover
quickly recognized it for what it was. After his second bite evoked the
same response she had some good natured kidding for him.

"Gee, John, I'm sensing you'd rather make love to that steak than metonight."

"Hmmmm," he said as he swallowed. "You have to try it. It's the best
steak I've ever had."

He cut a small piece off and offered it to her. As her pink lips pulled
the cube of succulent beef from the fork he was again taken by her raw
sexuallity. All of thirteen and eight months. His lover for less than
seven months. Still she was able to provoke an erotic response from him
with no more effort than breathing.

"It is good," she agreed. "I guess I'll just have to work that much
harder to impress you tonight."

They ate slowly, taking small bites followed by long gazes. A sip of
wine only to clear their palates. By the time they finished they'd
satisfied one hunger but stoked another into a blaze. Still, they were
in no rush to leave.

John ordered a dessert they could share. They fed it to each other in
increasingly sensual bites. When it was over they savored the taste with
a kiss.

Now they were ready to go. Amanda had started stroking his thigh and if
she kept that up his cock would spring out of his pants. He sensed it
wasn't an intentional attempt by the girl to get him hot, rather it was
a reaction to her own arousal.

John helped Amanda to her feet so she could use the ladies room. While
she was gone he settled the bill, adding $75 to the almost $200 check
for the patient waiter. He collected their coats and waited eagerly for
her to emerge.

Amanda exitted the stall and after she'd washed her hands she took out
her compact and repaired her face. She was fixing her lips when an older
woman joined her at the mirror.

"That's quite a handsome man you're with, dear," the woman told her.

"Thank you, I think he's the most handsome man in the world," she said
with a smile.
"Love will do that," she advised. "Have you known each other long?"

"All my life," Amanda explained honestly.

"That's the best way," she said. "Good luck to you, to you both."

09-16-2006, 10:45 PM
Chapter 82 - Bothering the Room Next Door

Foreplay started in the elevator. John lifted her off her feet in his
arms and kissed her as deeply as he'd ever done. He was so hot for her
at that moment it took all his self control to keep from ripping her
clothes off right there and taking her on the floor.

Amanda was just as hot as her dad. It had been a night of overpowering
romance. Every touch, bite, sip, kiss, had increased her already
burning lust for him. Her body was trembling in anticipation as he
opened the door to their room.

As hot as they were, they moved in slow motion once the door closed.
John stood infront of her, admiring her beauty, feeling, as if for the
first time, her soft cheek. Her small hand touched his big strong one
and he felt such a connection to her it made his heart race.

"I love you, daddy," she said. It was a simple statement of their
complicated relationship. It meant she wanted him. Wanted to make love
with him. It also meant she wanted to be part of his life, in every way.
She wanted him in her life, too. She was telling him she'd give anything
for one more kiss.

"I love you, too, sweetie," was all he could say.

They spoke no more. He gently undid her dress and pulled it over her
head. He'd seen her put on the lingerie she wore but it still took his
breath away to see her standing two feet from him in the strapless bra,
garter belt and v-string. Her black, back seamed stockings made her
slender legs shimmer in the moon light that filtered into the dark room.

He felt more than saw her hands reach out to him and untie his neck tie.
She tossed it carelessly on the dresser and started undoing his shirt.
John shucked his jacket and then watched her remove the "AJ" cuff links
she'd given him for Christmas. She kissed each one before she set it
She pulled his belt loose with her sexy fingers before she undid his
pants and pulled his zipper down. Next he saw her push his pants down,
leaving him standing in his underwear.

She looked at him and smiled. He'd looked like that their first night.
His hard cock was clearly outlined in his briefs. That glorious night
she'd been uncertain what was happening. She was so innocent, naive, but
already in love.

Like that night of their first date, he picked her up and carried her to
the bed. There he gently removed her bra and panty before he stripped
off his own briefs. When she reached out and touched the tip of his hard
cock he almost cried.

"Oh, darling," he moaned, "it's almost like... oh.. that..."

"I know, the first night. Oh, daddy! Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"For what sweetie?" he said with surprise.

"For loving me, for letting me love you, for... for... being my...

"Oh, sweetie.... Mmmmmmm" He kissed her and felt her tender lips open to
him again. It was like that night but so much better. They still had
the same hunger and passion but it had been shaped and strengthened by
the months of loving touches, caring words and all the glorious time
they'd been together. He held her head tightly and tried to kiss her
with all the love and passion he felt for her.

"Mmmmmm,...." she swooned in his strong arms, surrendering completely to
him. Her body belong to him now, to use, possess. It was the ultimate
gift of her love, her complete being. As his tongue entered her mouth
now, she knew soon his cock would enter her pussy and their union would
again be complete. The foretaste of that coupling gave energy to their
lips beyond what would have been there.

"I need you, daddy," she cried.

"I need you, too, baby."
He slowly pushed forward, making gentle contact with her sensitive
flesh. He felt her skin tingling when his cock started to spread her
pussy lips. He saw her opening for him. When he was in her lips closed
about his shaft in the incredible tightness he knew no other man would
ever experience.

His shaft slid relentlessly into her body. The shear size of the organ
amazed her. It was so big, so hard, so... wonderful. And it was all
hers. As much as she'd given her body to him she knew his body now
belonged to her. This was her cock that was entering her. No other
woman, not even her mother, would ever again know the intense pleasure
that was now reserved for her and her alone. Even before it was
completely buried in her tender flesh she felt a preorgasmic spasm
eminating from where it touched her.

"Oh..." she moaned as another such spasm shook her. "So good..."

"Yes.." her father replied as he pulled back the first time. "So

"Oh daddy, yes..." he was entering her again. Faster this time. The fire
burned hotter. "Oh yes..."

Back out, leaving a trail of pleasure and then back in. Firmly. Driving
deeper than before. "OH!" she couldn't take much more. But she hungered
for it anyway. To be driven to that point of climactic release.

He was fucking her now. His ass rising and falling as his cock slammed
into her repeatedly. Her slender body twisting with each thrust, her
face contorted by pleasure. "Oh daddy..."

"Yes, baby... Oh god, yes... So... good..." His breath was ragged now as
the shear intensity of the act began to take hold. His body now lived to
service his cock. His heart pumped blood to keep it hard. His legs
supported his hips so they could drive it in and out of this daughter's
hot pussy. The essence of his being concentrated into the organ as she
started to shake uncontrollably.


He knew she was cumming. On a less intense night he'd have held back,
prolonging her climax for as long as he could but not tonight. He wasconsumed by his need. Her screams only made him want to fuck her harder.

"YES!" she cried when he slammed his cock in with all his might. "YES!

"OH BABY!" He cried. It was close. His body was tensing. "OH... GOD...
I'M... GOING... TO... CUM!!!!!"

He almost lost consciousness as his orgasm exploded. His well practiced
muscles continued to move as his mind disconnected and floated in a fog
of the most intense pleasure he'd ever known. And he wasn't alone in
that fog. While the rest of the world was hidden in the mist, he saw
her. Amanda. His lover. His daughter. She had arrived at the same place.

He held her tight as his body convulsed against her. He felt her pussy
pulling on his spasming cock as he was drained of all energy even as the
last of his cum shot into her.

THUD THUD THUD "Keep it down fer christ sake..."

John and Amanda looked at each other. The rude interruption brought them
back to the real world. Their bodies were still joined as their intimate
parts continued to twitch. Both of them were so out of breath they
couldn't speak.

Completely exhausted from the intense release he'd just had, John
collapsed ino the bed beside his daughter. She rolled against his side
and rested her head on his broad chest.

"Oh darling..." he gasped, "that was..."

"incredible." she finished. "Oh, so... so... oh...."

"Yes, exactly."

"I love you, daddy. Oh, god do I love you."

"I love you to, baby."


"Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES!"
John had her in the shower. It was almost an hour later. It had taken
most of that time for them to recover enough strength to move. Then he'd
taken off the last of her clothes and carried her to the bathroom. For
the last ten minutes he'd been bringing her to this new climax.

He was standing, holding her by her ass while he slammed his cock into
her. This was not as intense for him as the first time that night but
that allowed him to concentrate on his daughter's pleasure. He seemed to
be doing a decent job.

"YES! DADDY! FUCK ME! YES! Mmmmmm..." She kissed him about the time her
eyes went out of focus. She'd been cumming for almost five minutes and
it still was building. If he kept going she might go insane. She used
her legs and arms to slow him down.

"What baby?" he asked.

"Oh.... daddy," she begged. "I... need a break. Oh, so hot. Can't cum
any longer. Mmmmmm..."

He kissed her while he let her slide down his rock hard shaft one last
time. Her pussy was still jerking and pulling on him. They stood like
that, under the warm water. It took her a long time to recover.

"Oh daddy," she said feeling again his hard cock still embedded in her
tired pussy. "Oh, you're still hard."

She lifted her ass, pulling her pussy slowly off his shaft, then let him
set her down. Her hand was on the thing before her feet hit the tub
floor. He saw her lick her lips as she sank to her knees.

"Oh baby!" he cried as her lips touched the tip. Her tongue came out and
started to clean her pussy juice off. Then she squeezed a drop of
pre-cum out and lapped that up.

"mmmmm..." she said and then took his cock into her mouth. John watched
the incredibly erotic sight of her lips stretching to admit his thick
pole into her mouth. He felt her tongue continuing to move, finding all
the most sensitive spots. Then her cheeks caved in and she was sucking
it. Her mouth pulled back and the pleasure was doubled.
She took her lips off it and slid them down the shaft. When she got to
the base she kissed his balls and then sucked one of them into her

"OH BABY!" he yelled at the unexpected move. "OH..."

He trusted her but the instinct to protect that most vulnerable part of
his body made him jerk back.

"HMPHFD!" she mummbled as she grabbed his ass with both hands. He forced
him self to relax but then she used a finger to push the other ball in.
Her mouth was swollen like a puffer fish while she worked her tongue
over them. Finally she released them.

"Don't move when I do that," she warned. "I don't want to bite them off
or anything."

"Oh baby! Where did you..." but he knew where she'd learned about that.
It would have been a suggestion Elaine would have made and she'd have
expanded on. This wasn't the first time his daughter had experimented
in this way. "It's just that I wasn't expecting it."

She had taken his shaft back in her mouth so she couldn't answer right
away. He'd almost forgotten what he'd said when she finally had a
chance to reply.

"Did you like, though? I didn't know if I could get them both in, but I
guess I can, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so, but, it was great, but a little of that goes a long
way, understand?"

"Check, suck balls once in a while."

He laughed at how clinical she could be at times. This was play time for
her. His body, specifically his cock, was her favorite toy and she was
still trying to find new things to do with it.

But just like that she was all business. She pulled out the tested and
proven techniques to get him off. Her tongue did most of the work but
her lips and hands did their share too. It wasn't long before John was
on the verge of cumming.
"Now daddy!" she commanded. She'd taken her mouth off him and was
pumping the shaft like crazy. "Cum on me! Make a mess!"

He felt his ass tighent and then....

Cum flew out of his cock and hit her on the cheek. The next blast went
into her hair. Then her eye. Finally she caught a blast with her mouth
and then swallowed his cock and sucked the rest out of him.

He gently wiped his cum out of her eye and then watched her lick his
finger clean. She'd done it dozens of times now but each time he watched
in disbelief even though he knew exactly what was coming next...

"Hand me my shampoo," she said as she pulled herself up using his body.
He already had the bottle in his hand. "Thanks, daddy! You're the best.
Want to scrub me up while I do this?"

"I love you," he told her.

"I know," she said. "That's why you give me so much cum. But why do you
have to shoot it into my hair? God, it's like, so hard to get out."

"I'm sorry, if it really bothers you..."

She stopped him with her finger on his lips. "I love you, daddy. You can
do anything you want. Anything."

That in a nutshell was the beauty of their love. While it was
constrained to the point of suffication by outside forces, between them
it was totally free.

09-16-2006, 10:46 PM
Chapter 83 - Getting Down to Business

"Mmmmmmmm...." John kissed Amanda as soon as he saw her stir beside him.
She woke happily and kissed him back.

"Oh, daddy..." she sighed contentedly. "I'm just so happy... Mmmmmmm..."
She kissed him as they rolled over to his side of the bed. She ended up
lying on his chest. "Last night was, like, perfect. I hope we have lots
more times like that."
"I loved it to, sweetie," he replied. "I wouldn't have changed a thing.
Mmmmmm...." Slowly their kisses heated up. They each still had a store
of passion left over from the night before. Soon Amanda felt her
father's hard cock bumbing against her inner thighs.

"Oh, daddy!" she exclaimed as it grew until the tip brushed against her
pussy. She was wet instantly and started shifting herself down slightly
until she caught him at the entrance. Then she lifted herself by pushing
against his chest and took his long, thick shaft deep into her tight
tunnel. "Oh Daddy!" she moaned louder.

John watched her fuck him. When her ass lifted he saw his cock deeply
embedded in his daughter. She rode up it slowly and let herself fall
gently down. On each rise or fall she twisted or turned, bending a bit
forward or back. Never did two strokes feel the same but they all were

He reached up and held her puffy nipples. There was definite
developement there now. Her bras were getting well filled and he
suspected that in a few months she'd have to buy new, larger ones. He
looked forward to picking some of them out.

Amanda sat more upright, shifting her hands to her father's knees. Her
hips were thrusting faster now, sliding up and down his pole with her
typical energy. "Oh... so... good! I love... doing... it... in... the

"Oh, baby!" John moaned. "Slow down... or I'm going to finish before

Amanda slowed a fraction at her father's suggestion. In part she wanted
to keep fucking him until she came but she also wanted to prolong his
pleasure. They were in no hurry. She sat bolt upright and started
lifting herself straight up before she settled back down on his long,
thick cock.

John moved his hands from her soft breasts to her slender waist. He
supported her weight but let her control the pace of their lovemaking.
It was wonderful to watch his hot shaft sink into her wet pussy.

The erotic sight of his daughter fucking him was driving John to a
climax. If she kept fucking him like that he'd cum long before she came,so he gently lifted her off him and rolled them over. He kissed her
before they continued. "Mmmmmm...."

He knelt between her legs and let her guide his cock into her once more.
Her pussy lips slowly spread to admit his cockhead before he gently fed
her the rest of his shaft. He began to fuck her with long, controlled
thrusts while manuevering to find all her most sensative spots. He also
put a thumb on her clit and started rubbing.

"OH DADDY!" she yelped at the sudden burst of sexual plesasure. "Oh yes!
Oh... so good!"

"I love you," he said needlessly.

"I love you, too, daddy!"

He could tell by her voice and her ragged breathing that she was getting
close. He fucked her harder and faster. His thumb massaged her clit
more aggressively. Soon he felt the first quivers and heard the first
gasps of her climax.

"Oh... Yes... I... Close... Yes! Oh.... So good! Yes... Yes! YES! OH

He saw her body convulse in sexual ecstacy as his cock continued to fuck
her. He felt the warning signs of his own climax but knew she wanted
him to cum now so he didn't hold back. Soon her legs were high in the
air and he was driving down into her with all his strength.


"Oh baby! So... good... OH! YES! GOD! YES!"


John slammed into her as the first blast of cum erupted from his cock.
He saw his daughter's eyes go dreamy as she felt his hot semen fill her
wet pussy. He slammed in again and added a second load. Again and again,
more and more, until he was spent and she was worn out.

"Oh god...." he moaned beside her. "That was so good."
"Mmmmmmmm...." she kissed him. "Yes it was. You can really get me off
now, daddy. It happens almost every time. This time was really nice."

"I love seeing you cum," he admitted before he kissed her. "Mmmmmmm...."

They cuddled in bed for a while but they both were getting hungry. They
got up, dressed and went down for the Sunday brunch in the hotel
restaurant. At their table they discussed the day's agenda.

"We have to get the presentation on the new organization polished
sometime," he informed her, "but I'd like to take you out to see the
city. There's a lot to do here." He sampled her hash browns.

"That sounds good," she said after swallowing a bite of omelet, "but I
guess we should work on the presentation first. Try the omelet." She
helped herself to a piece of his bacon.

He tasted her eggs. "Mmm, this is good," he commented and then
continued, "I've been working on it all week so it should be pretty

John offered his last piece of bacon to his daughter. "I'm going to get
one of these omelets," he explained as he got up. "If the girl comes by
I'll take some more coffee."

"John," she stopped him, "get some more hash browns."

"Sure, honey. Want some more juice?" She nodded happily as she ate the

As John waited for his omelet he reflected on how relaxed he was. It was
so easy working, living, loving with Amanda. They fit together so well.
Even sharing their breakfast was natural. He'd started to really love
treating her as his girlfriend. She'd told him she felt the same way. He
vowed to enjoy every second of the trip but worried he'd mess up back

They finished eating and went back to the room. John started getting
frisky. "Mmmmmmm..." he kissed her and at first she kissed back. Then
she laughed and broke free. He grabbed her from behind and tossed her on
the still messy bed.
"Daddy!!!!" she wailed but let him kiss her again. "mmmmmmm." Then she
squirmed out from under him and rolled off the bed.

"I thought we were going to work now," she said.

"Oh, sure, but first..."

"No," she said with her hands on her hips. John smiled at her sterm
image. She was so cute like this. "We have to get this done. It's like
homework, right? I've learned that I have to do my homework right away.
If I put it off I don't do as good."

"Oh, we'll be fine, sweetie," he said reaching out for her hand. She
slapped it away.

"No," she said. "No sex until we're done."

"Gosh, that's harsh..."

"Sorry, dear, but... I promised Elaine I wouldn't distract you... too
much. And, well, I'll make it up to you later. Promise."

He sighed and surrendered. If it was up to him they'd spend the next
hour making love but instead they both broke out their laptops and went
to work. John had loads of background information on his computer and
he started double checking the presantation, looking for errors.

They ended up putting the slides on Amanda's computer. She laid on the
bed while he sat at a small desk against the wall. As she read each
slide aloud he checked the information and told her what corrections to
make if any.

"Uh, dad?" she asked after a particularly big correction. "Would you
mind if I like, you know, jazzed this up some? I've been trying a few

"No, just keep a copy before you start changing anything and let's get
this stuff done first, okay?"

"Sure," she said happily. Her dad's presentation was full of good
information, she supposed, but it sure was boring to look at. She'd seen
how you could use colors, fonts, pictures, even animation to make one ofthese things more fun.

When they finished reviewing the slides she gave him a copy and started
working on the one on her computer. First she created a nifty background
based on West Coast's logo. Then she went through and made sure all the
slides used the same set of fonts the same way. This font for titles,
this for bullet items, this for quotes, and so on. Then she put some
animation in for slides with several important ideas. Each topic would
scroll onto the screen one at a time. She kept at it, getting more
excited as she worked.

"I think we have everything," he declared when he finished reviewing the
file. "Thank's for your hard work, sweeite."

He looked at the bed and saw her nod absently as she concentrated on her
computer. He'd forgotten about giving her permission to edit the thing
and thought she'd gotten bored and started playing solitaire. He got up
and started to lie on the bed.

"Not until I'm done," she said and playfully closed her laptop. "I'll
show you then, but give me a few more minutes."

"Show me what, sweetie?"

"Our presentation, silly. I've made some changes."

"Uh, okay," he said, happy he had a copy on his disk. Just to be sure,
he copied a backup to his memory stick and started worrying about how
he'd tell her he couldn't use her version. Her enthusiasm was
endearing, but he couldn't believe that at thrirteen she'd have anything
to add to such a complicated presentation.

She worked quietly on the bed and it was John that ended up playing
games while he waited for her. An hour went by and she showed no signs
of stopping. He got up to take a piss. On an impulse he stripped naked
in the bathroom and stroked his cock until it was hard.

He came back to the room and sat in the desk chair, still stroking his
cock. She was so intent on her screen he had to work hard to attract
her attention.

"Hmmmmm..." he moaned. Loudly. Finally she looked up.
"What are you doing?" she asked with a laugh when she finally saw him

"Well, you're busy so I desided to, eh, take matters into my own hands."

"Oh, daddy..." She rolled off the bed and knelt at his feet. With her
hand wrapped around his cock she looked up with her loving eyes and
asked him, "Are you really that horny or are you just bored?"

"Some of both, but horny is winning now."

"Alright, but I've still got some work to do, okay?"

He nodded as she started licking his cock. "Mmmmmm...." she took the
head in and worked her tongue around it while her hand started pumping
the shaft. He relaxed and let her pleasure him.

Amanda laughed at him even while she was giving him the blow job. It was
like trying to get a kid to do their homework. She now had a better
understanding of how frustrated her mom used to get with her. Her dad
was just as bad. 'I wonder if that's were I get it from?' she asked
herself as she took his shaft deep into her mouth.

"Oh, baby..." he moaned. She was working very hard to get him off. John
was surprised since she seemed to want to finish quickly and get back to
work. 'Was his stupid presentation more fun than sex?' At least he'd
gotten her to take a break. He wondered if she was feeling anything at

But she was, of course. As her dad's excitement grew she got aroused as
well. She started using one hand to undo her slacks while she kicked
her pumps off. When she had the zipper down she let go of his cock,
keeping just her mouth on it, and used her hands to push her pants down.
She was smiling when she stood up.

She went to sit on his lap but the chair was too narrow. He stood up
with her in his arms and kissed her as they crossed to the bed. Once
there he sat on the side. She faced away from him and bent over,
offering her pussy to him. He used one hand to line up his cock and the
other to gently pull her back until it slid smoothly in to her.
It didn't take much of that to get his balls ready to burst. His
daughter sensed it too and started encouraging him to cum. "Don't stop,
daddy. Yes. Mmmmmm. Good."

John stood to get better leverage and had Amanda kneel on the bed. He
came up behind her and found his cock was at the perfect height. It sank
back in easily. Soon he was fucking her hard. Not satisfied at simply
getting his nuts off, he reached up and found her sensitive nipples.

"Ohhh! Daddy!!! Oh god! Yes!" Finally he heard the unmistakable sounds
of her growing pleasure. "Oh god! Fuck me! OH!"

John smiled. It was just in time. He couldn't take much more of her
tight pussy before he'd spew deep inside her. He brought her to a climax
just before he started unloading his cum.

"OH YES!" she cried as he started pumping it into her. "OH... OH YES!"

She rolled over and pulled him into the bed. They kissed and held each
other tight. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her laptop screen. She
saw him staring at it and started to proudly show him her work.

"I put a title slide on..."

"I see that, where did you get this?" he asked, pointing at her screen.

"Oh, the logo? It was in some Word templates. I blew it up some. It's on
all the slides."

John started paging through the presentation. It looked professionally
done. The text was neat, even visually appealing. The colors were clear
and yet warm and inviting. His rough charts were much better presented.

"Sweetie, this is fantastic," he praised her and then kissed her too.

"Thanks, I'm, uh, not quite done. A few more minutes." She rolled over
to her stomach and resumed working at the computer. John was amazed at
how she looked, all serious, concentrating on the screen, while her
naked butt was just inches from his face and his cum was still leaking
from her pussy.
He got up and dressed. Housekeeping should be by shortly. He tossed
Amanda her panties and slacks. She laughed and took a few seconds to put
them back on. And none to soon, either, five minutes later the maid
knocked on their door.

Amanda closed up her laptop and put it on the desk next to her dad's
while he got the door. Amanda slipped her heels back on and they
wandered the hotel while their room was cleaned.

"Daddy, I... uh... hope you like what I've done," she said. "With your
slides that is."

"Baby, what I've seen is fantastic. Really! It looks like a pro did it.
Where did you learn to do that?"

"I donno, just kind a picked it up, I guess," she said. "It's kind a fun

"I'm going to have to have you help me with all my slides from now on,"
he said.

She punched him in the arm. "Daddy! Don't tease..."

He stopped and held her by the shoulders. "I'm not, sweetie, you're
that good." He stooped and kissed her. The housekeeper in the room they
stood by had overheard their conversation and when she came out to dump
the dirty linens in her cart she was shocked to see the girl in a
passionate kiss with the man she could have sworn she'd called daddy.
Amanda smiled sweetly at the maid and led her daddy down the hall.

When they returned to the room Amanda went right back to work. She sat
at the desk this time and her dad could see what she was doing. He
started kibitzing and eventually was as engrossed in it as she was. An
hour later they are finished.

"Baby," he said pulling her into his lap. "All I can say is wow! You've
done a fabulous job."

"It was fun, daddy."

"Now, how about I take you out for dinner?"
"Actually, I thought, maybe, we could, like. try the room service here,
ya know?" She twisted in his lap to half face him. "Why don't you go
order us something while I use the bathroom?" She kissed him.

"Mmmmm..." he said. "It's like starting with dessert. Your kisses are so
sweet, baby. Mmmmmmm..."

"Okay, Romeo," she said. "Unless you want a wet lap, let me go, okay? I
really have to pee."

John laughed and lifted her lithe body off him and set her on her feet.
She gave him a quick kiss before he took out the menu. "What 'cha want,

"Whatever," she called from the bathroom. He scanned the list.

"Wanna split a pizza?" he called out.

"Sure! Everything but fish." Amanda called as she came out of the
bathroom. Her dad was just then picking up the phone. His back was to
her. She smiled mischevously, tip-toed to the dresser and pulled out
something pink before she snuck back to the bathroom.

"It'll take an hour!" he yelled.

"That's fine. I'm not that hungry."

John finished the order and turned around. Standing at the door of the
bathroom was his daughter in a pink chemise. He chuckled as she
sauntered toward him.

"I told you I'd make it up to you, didn't I daddy?"

"Oh baby, when did you get this thing?" he asked as he ran his fingers
inside the plunging neckline. "It's so soft."

"Hmmmm," she said. "I got it last week when Elaine and I went to the
mall. I just knew you'd like it." Her hand had found his hardening cock
and she was rubbing the bulge it made in his pants. John quickly had
them around his knees.

Forty minutes later they were still at it. John was on top and was
fucking her in slow motion, savoring every inch his rock hard cock
penetrated into her tight pussy. She was just as engrossed in their
mating as he was, flexing her hips and resting her hands on his back.

"Room service!"

"Shit!" John cried. He pulled out and jumped off the bed. They'd thrown
the covers off and that covered his pants. He searched comically while
his daughter calmly pulled the sheets over her naked body.

"Room service!"

"Daddy," she giggled. "Just put on the robe in the bathroom, silly."

John laughed. She was much more relaxed about this than he was. He
grabbed the terricloth robe and opened the door. A young man, about
eighteen or ninteen was there with a pizza box in one hand. He handed
John the receipt. John carelessly asked the guy to put the box on the

"Oh, hi!" the young man said when he saw Amanda, naked, in the bed with
the bed sheets pulled up to her shoulders. "Hi," she said back as calmly
as if this happened every day.

"Here you go," John said as he handed the receipt back with a fifty
dollar bill. The boy gave him a broad smile as he left. John closed the
door and came back to bed.

"Gosh, dad, you know you didn't have to like have him come all the way
in here," Amand said. "I'm kinda naked here, ya know?"

"Oh geez! I didn't even think..." he suddenly turned crimson. "I'm so
sorry, baby..."

"Shhhhhh... just hand me a piece and what's there to drink?"

09-16-2006, 10:48 PM
Chapter 84 - The Dynamic Duo

"Do I look okay?" Amanda asked when she came out of the bathroom. She
turned around for her dad so he could see her from all angles.
"Baby, you look great!"

"But, will anyone know I'm, you know, just a kid?"

"Not unless you tell them. Really, sweetie, you look fine. The perfect
executive intern." That was going to be their story. Amanda was to be
his intern. They thought about giving her an assumed name and not
letting people know she was his daughter but that was too complicated.
They would just have to control themselves as best they could while in
the office.

"I'm still nervous," she said checking herself out in the mirror. She
wished more than ever that Elaine was there so she could check her
clothes, makeup and hair. The teen thought she'd done a good job but her
surragate big sister would know for sure.

"Well, do you think you can handle some breakfast?"

"Ahhhh... Sure. I think," she turned to him suddenly unable to make up
her mind. "What do you think?"

"I think you're going to be fine. Just try to relax."

He walked her through the agenda for the morning and explained what she
was to do. It was really pretty simple. Sit in the back and observe. If
he need her to do something he'd let her know. After breakfast they
went back up to their room to get their coats and briefcases.

"Oh daddy," she babbled. "I'm still, like, shaking all over... It's like
before a big test and... mmmmmmmm"

He stopped her with a strong kiss. It took a few seconds but he felt her
relax and return it. When he released her she was much more calm.

"Thank you, daddy," she cooed. "I... I'm much better now."

"Good, you'll do fine, really. Ready to go?"

"Just a second..." She stepped into the bathroom and fixed her lipstick
when she came out she had a tissue in her hand. She wiped her lipstick
off his face and said, "Uh, pink just doesn't go with that tie, yaknow?"


John had been to the headquarters of the corporation that owned West
Coast several times in the past years and knew many of the people there.
American Consolidated was an old style conglomerate. They had divisions
all over the world in everything from transportation to food service to
landscaping. The common thread was business services. They worked for
and with the biggest and most well know companies in the world.

"Good morning, Marge," he greeted the long time receptionist.

"John! Or Mr. Carmichael, I should say. Everyone here was so happy about
your promotion." Amanda watched the grandmotherly woman come out from
behind the desk to give her dad a hug.

"This is my daughter Amanda," he said putting a proud hand on her
shoulder. "She's also my intern."

"Very nice to meet you, Amanda." The girl smiled and nodded still too
nervous to speak. "Mr. Simon is expecting you, John."

Amanda followed her dad out of the reception lobby and into an office
that was smaller but much more richly decorated than the one back home.
The hall they were in was lined with pictures of the various businesses
AmCon owned. She spotted the one for West Coast and pointed it out to
her dad. He smiled and nodded. At the end of the hall was the CEO's

Alexander Simon was a wunderkid. At thirty-five he had earned his way to
the top position of this company through brains, hardwork and nerves of
steel. John had great respect for him.

"Come," he called when John knocked on the mostly closed door of his
office. "John! You made it! Good! And this is Amanda, right?" John had
informed Alexander that he was bringing Amanda.

"Yes, she's going to by my assistant while we're here."

"So you left Elaine Cooke home to run the place while you're gone. Good.
Good." It always amazed John how much Alexander Simon knew about thecompanies AmCon owned. He seemed to know every employee and what they
did. "William told me how Amanda has been helping out. I've heard great
things about you, young lady. If you're half as good as your father
we're going to have to bring you on as a regular associate in a few

Amanda glowed at the reflected praise and started to like Mr. Simon a
whole lot. It was partly due to how he seemed so energetic and excited
about everything, not what she imagined a CEO to be. She'd expected
someone more like Mr. Parker, solemn and wise but a little boring. This
guy looked like he could be in a band. Even his clothes and hair were

But the real reason she liked her dad's boss was the she could see how
much the man liked her dad. It wasn't anything he said but she could see
in his eyes that he respected him.

"Let me get right to the point," John stated when they sat down at one
end of a large conference table in Alexander's office, "I want to shake
things up a bit."

The CEO started to smile. Amanda could see he liked the sound of that.

"Right now we're organized functionally. Rail, pipeline, air frieght. I
want to focus on the industries we serve. I've got a proposal I'd like
to share with you while I'm here."

"Parker said you were a mind reader," Alexander said. "John, that's
exactly what I want too. We're all about our clients here at AmCon.
That's the thing we need to do to set us apart from everyone else. I
can't wait to see your proposal."

The two men started making an agenda for the next two days. Mr. Simon
had a habit of throwing out random questions or topics. "I want to talk
about this." or "Do you have an opinion on that?" Amanda started taking
notes so her dad wouldn't forget to cover something his boss wanted.

Mr. Simon had his admin round up all the executives that did not have an
urgent commitment. While they waited for them to show up, John hooked
his computer to the projector on the conference table and called up his
Amanda moved to a seat against the wall. She took out her computer and
started it up. She figured she'd transcribe her notes and add to them
while her dad made his presentation. When her system came up she was
surprised to find that new e-mail had arrived.

It was a message from Elaine. She was in the office already (even though
it was only 6:30 back home) and wanted to know how everything was going.
Amanda suddenly had an idea. She saw the room was filling up with men
and a few women in expensive business suits. Her dad was at the far end
of the long table talking to two of them.

While his back was turned she went to his computer and configured it so
the presentation would show on the projector but she could still send
him messages on his screen that would not be seen by anyone else. Then
she went back to her seat and sent a message explaining what she had

John sat down when he heard Alexander call the meeting to order. At
first he was shocked when he saw his presentation wasn't running on his
laptop, then he saw the note from Amanda. "cn snd u notes this way." He
quickly turned to look at the screen. The opening slide of his
presentation was still up. He looked sternly at his daughter who just
smiled back.

from amandac at 06:31:13:

im chat w e 2

"Everything okay, John," Alexander asked from the other end of the long

"Uh, yeah," John answered. "Everything is fine."

John had met most of the people in the room and had talked to or
e-mailed the rest. He was formally introduced anyway. After everyone had
a chance to congratulate him on his new position the boss setup John's

"It took all of a week for John to want to change everything. He's got a
proposed org chart for us to look at. I haven't seen it myself. Go for
it, John."
"Okay, thanks Alexander. Uh, the basic idea is to focus more directly on
our customers." John advanced to the next slide as he noted numerous
heads around the table nodding. Confident that his daughter's little
game wasn't going to mess up his presentation and that his plan seemed
to be getting a positive reception he dove into his explaination.

Amanda listened attentively. She quickly noticed that Mr. Simon's habit
of interrupting to throw out comments or questions was just as bad while
her dad was talking as it was when they met privately. It annoyed her to
see her dad's carefully prepared presentation broken up but she
dutifully added his comments to her notes.

"Good, good," he interrupted again. "But, well, how much stuff did the
pipelines carry last quarter? What I'm getting at is do we have enough
business here to care about?"

"Uh, well..." John cussed silently. If he'd asked about rail operations
he would have any number at the tip of his fingers but Sam Cotterman ran
the pipeline department.

from amandac at 06:48:13:

i have e get #s STALL

John looked twice at the screen and back and his daughter's smiling
face. He decided to trust her and went into his best stalling game.

"Well, Alexander, there are lots of reasons to keep that business going.
We have customers that are primarily rail users that ship some bulk by
pipeline. If they..." Amanda heard her dad go on talking as she got a
reply from Elaine.

from amandac at 06:49:50:

50000 oil 44000 gasoline 500000 nat gas (no shit?) some other stuff
too e says nok em ded

"... and anyway we contracted for around 600,000 metric tons last month.
That's 75% of our capacity and it was an off month. So you see..."

John went on about how regional executives would be better able to
package their products for specific customers. He saw Amanda smilingproudly in the back of the room. He couldn't acknowledge her effort in
the meeting but he never felt prouder of his daughter than right then.

Three more times a question came up that John didn't have the answer to
but he managed to stall long enough for Amanda to get the data for him.
He'd never done a presentation this way before but he liked it. As he
was wrapping up one final message came up.

from amandac at 08:10:33:

great job daddykins i luv u

John soon had a crowd around him discussing his plan. Everyone was
enthusiastic, due in no small part to the obvious endorsement Alexander
gave it. As his senior executives chatted the young CEO stood back and
listened, judging which ones truly got the beauty of John's idea and
which ones were trying to bluff him.

He happened to glance down at John's laptop. The IM chat box Amanda had
setup was still open and the last several messages were visible. He
quickly realized just how the man had so much data at his fingertips. A
more traditional CEO would have been miffed that one of his people had
put a fast one over on him but not Alexander Simon. This was something
he wished he had thought up. He looked over at Amanda and gave her a
very knowing smile.

She had seen him looking at her dad's computer and suddenly she went
cold with fear. She didn't want anyone to know it was her that was
feeding the information to her dad. She saw Mr. Simon look at her. Then
he smiled and gave her a quick thumbs up. She relaxed a bit and smiled
back weakly.

"Okay, okay," Alexander broke into the gang still hanging around John.
"I've got to make some calls and John is meeting with Cristina. Let's
get going. He's here tomorrow too."

Amanda had her laptop packed away so she closed up her dad's and
disconnected the projector while he had a quiet word with his boss.

"Neat trick you worked out with your intern, John," Alexander said when
he got him alone. "Wished I'd thought of that myself. You are a clever
man. I think we're going to see some really big things from West Coastin the future. Really big..."

Amanda handed her dad his briefcase as they were ushered out of the
CEO's office. He knew she had heard Alexander's last comment. "Uh, I
should tell him it was your idea, sweetie."

"No!" she whispered emphatically. "Let him think it was your idea.
Please? You rule this place, daddy. That was so cool!"

John checked up and down the hall. It was empty. He risked a quick kiss
as a token of his thankfulness. A more substantial reward would come
later. Finally he went in search of Cristina Black's office so he could
get the CFO's take on his plan.

09-16-2006, 10:49 PM
Chapter 85 - The CEO and the Movie Star

"Oh, yes daddy," Amanda moaned. She was kneeling on the bed and her dad
was behind her, fucking her doggy style. "Fuck me. Oh so good..."

"Take it, sweetie," he grunted. The day had gone much better than he had
hoped, due in large part to Amanda's help. His presentation had been a
huge hit and the rest of the day everyone seemed to be
uncharacteristcaly eager to help him. He had left the office with such
a sense of euphoria that he needed this release before the rest of their
evening began.

"Harder, daddy," she urged him. "I can take it. Fuck me. Yes! Oh..."

John smiled as he looked down at his long thick cock sliding into
Amanda's tiny pussy. She had stripped her jacket and pantyhose off but
was still in the skirt and blouse of her business suit. The skirt was
thrown up over her back.

"Oh, baby... Getting... Oh yeah... Close..."

"Me... too... Oh! Yes! Oh Yes! OH YES! YES! YES!!!"

John felt Amanda's pussy clamp around his shaft as she starting cumming.
He hadn't expected that so soon. Could she have been that juiced by her
first exposure to high level business? Did she have the same hunger for
it as he did? That would almost be too much to hope for.
"OH BABY! YES!" The marvelous friction of her tight hole had brought him
to a fast climax but that wasn't the only force at work. The idea that
Amanda could someday be a partner in all parts of his life had also sent
surges of excitement through his veins. "OH OH!"

"Oh daddy," she cooed as they collapsed onto the bed. "You came so hard.
That was wild." She twisted under him so she could kiss him. "Mmmmm..."

John relished these after sex moments but they were getting short on
time. Alexander and his wife Erika were meeting them in the lobby in
twenty minutes and he'd learned that Amanda would need most of that time
to get ready.

He rolled off her after one last kiss. "Mmmm... We have to get ready,"
he explained. She just smiled as she grabbed his head and pulled it back
to her for another kiss. "Mmmmmmmm..."

She bounced off the bed humming contentedly and started stripping her
blouse off. John was wearing his suit that night so he only had to put
his pants and jacket back on and straighten out the rest. He was ready
while she was still changing her lingerie.

He took a seat on the small couch in their room and watched her get
ready. She was dashing around the room in nothing but a sexy bra, thong,
garterbelt and stockings. She had tossed her dress on the bed along with
a pair of high heeled sandals. John liked the look of the dress and
longed to see it on his sexy daughter.

She disappeared into the bathroom to fix her makeup and hair. She was
getting better and faster at it but it was still taking a long time. He
did not want to keep his boss waiting.

"How soon, sweetie?" he called.

"Soon," she replied.

Five minutes later he called again. "We're supposed to be down there
now," he informed her.

"I know..." she called as she came out. John didn't get a good look at
her face but her hair looked fantastic. She grabbed the dress and pulled
it on. He dutifully got up to pull the zipper. She slipped her sandalson and took a last look in the mirror.

"You look great, honey," he said standing behind her.

"Are you saying that because I look great or because I'm late?" she
asked with out turning around. She spotted a clump of mascara on her
right eye that she was able to get off with a fingernail.

"Both," he said. "Now can we go?"

To John's relief there was no sign of Alexander in the lobby when they
got there. He and Amanda sat in a cozy loveseat in the lobby bar to
wait. They didn't have to wait long.

"John," the young CEO called from somewhere behind them. John and Amanda
both turned and saw Alexander striding energetically toward them with a
tall, stunningly beautiful blond woman. They rose to their feet to great

"I don't think you've met my wife, Erika," he said. John hadn't but he
had heard about her. She was a former actress and model from Sweeden.

"No, I haven't had the pleasure," John replied taking the lovely woman's
hand gently in his.

"And you are Amanda?" she asked in an sensuously accented voice.

"Yes, ma'am," the girl said.

"Oh, no... I've been ma'am'ed," Erika replied in mock horror. "Am I that
old? No, dear, please, I insist you call me Erika."

As he watched John and Amanda meet his wife, Alexander noted very
interesting elements of their personalities. First he saw that John did
not react with some degree of desire as most men did to Erika's stunning
beauty. He didn't take offence at that unless they were unable to get
past their initial reaction. The ones that did not react were generally
gay or so in love with a woman of such worth that they were blinded to
any other.

Not that it would not matter to Alexander, but he did not get the sense
that John was gay. It was possible and could explain the problems in hismarriage although there seemed to be much else to explain them. He'd
learned a great deal about John before he agreed to his promotion.
Rumors of the man's wife's drinking problem had reached him. Alexander
doubted John's wife would hold his attention so strongly that Erika
would have no visible effect on him. But if not her, who? Was there some
other woman he had not heard about that owned John's heart. And if he
was so in love with this hypothetical woman, why did he stay with his
wife? Alexander was finding it very hard to figure John Carmichael out.

Amanda was easier. The girl was in awe of his wife. Like most girls she
wanted to have what Erika had, her looks and grace. For most that would
be an unachievable goal but he thought it might not be so out of reach
for Amanda. She would never be as tall as his wife and perhaps she
would not have her classic, super model looks but the girl was very
beautiful in her own way and certainly he had rarely seen so much charm
in a girl still in her teens. With the proper seasoning she would be
every bit as graceful and elegant as his wife.

That was very hopeful. The fact that Amanda was going to be John's
social partner at company functions still worried the CEO. Her
performance in the office had eased some of his fears but that was not
the environment she would have to impress her father's clients in. While
he would never tell either one of them, tonight was a test of the young

"Our limo is waiting," Alexander announced. He took his wife's hand and
saw John do the same with his daughter. When they got to the car
Alexander and Erika waited while John and Amanda got into the stretch
Rolls Royce first.

They chatted amicably in the luxurious car as the driver navigated the
streets of downtown Chicago. Alexander let Erika lead the conversation
so he could observe both their guests. We was beginning to really like
what he saw.

"Alex tells me you are your dad's intern," Erika commented.

"Well," the girl smiled and looked at her dad. "It's just a nice way of
saying I'm following him around. I do get to learn a lot though."

"Don't let her fool you," Alexander corrected. "She's going to be just
as smart as her father. In a few years she'll have to come to work forus. Where do you go to school, Amanda?"

"Uh, Northridge Academy," she answered honestly.

"I haven't heard of that one," Alexander replied.

"Well, it's a private prep school," John informed him. "College is still
a few years off, isn't honey."

"Yeah, but, well, I just wish I was all done with school and I could
come to work for you," the eager teen declared. "I learn a lot more in
the office than I learn in school."

The discussion of Amanda's continuing education was cut short when the
car's door was opened admitting a blast of cold air. Everyone headed
into the small restaurant as quickly as possible. Alexander and Erika
were well known and the party was ushered into a private dining room
with out delay.

The atmosphere was relaxed as the first course of the five-course dinner
was served. John and Alexander started talking about his proposed
changes while Erika engaged Amanda in girl talk. She had already decided
to steal the girl away the next day.

"Do you think your father can manage with out you tomorrow?" the woman
asked in her enchanting voice.

"Uh, I guess, I mean of course he can, but why?" the girl replied.

"Well..." Erika caught her husband's eye and smiled, communicating her
verdict on the girl's acceptiblity as John's social partner. "I thought
I would take you shopping at some of my favorite shops. It would be a
shame to come here and not see them."

"That sounds like a lot of fun, Erika," the girl replied. "If it is
alright with my dad."

It was, of course and so the girls made plans for shopping. Amanda told
her hostess about the upcoming Winter Formal at school. They decided to
find an outfit for her to wear.

John saw how he and especially Amanda were making a positive impressionwith the Simons and started to relax. He was finding that he liked
working closely with Alexander. The younger man was bolder and more
intuitive than he was but he felt he was able to contribute his
experience and analytical skills.

One unintended side effect of the growing ease that both John and Amanda
felt was that they let their guard down a little. Amanda had been to
fancy restaurants with her father many times in their almost eight
months of dating so it was not surprising that when she started getting
comfortable she started acting like she would on one of their dates.

The change in their behaviour was both subtle and gradual. She quietly
stole his uneaten asparagus. He held her hand tenderly between courses.
They both seemed increasingly like a couple. The transition was so
smooth that Alexander, normally as keen an observer as any, took no note
of it. By the end of dinner he was treating them as he would any other

After dinner they all went to the Simon's estate on the north lake
shore. Their house made the Carmichael's residence look like a cardboard
shack. It was huge, of course, but extremely well styled with exquisite
art work through out.

They stayed for a little more than an hour, continuing the conversations
begun at the restaurant. It was decided that Amanda would come to the
office with her father in the morning and Erika would meet her there.
Alexander had his driver take John and Amanda back to their hotel in the

"Oh daddy," Amanda cooed as she rested comfortable against him in the
back of the Rolls, "that was wonderful. Erika is so nice. I'm looking
forward to tomorrow already."

"Good," John replied. He had seen how Alexander and his wife had taken
to Amanda. He was starting to see a big future for himself that would
involve Alexander Simon and that meant that the better Amanda and Erika
got to know each other the easier it would be to work with her husband.
He didn't know what they thought was the extent of his relationship with
Amanda but he could see they didn't view her as simply his daughter.

"Uh, daddy?" Amanda asked.
"What sweetie?"

"Uh, like, how much can I spend? Like, Erika isn't going to be taking me
to Target, ya' know?"

"You're probably right," John cuckled at the idea of Erika and Amanda
checking out the sales at a store like that. "Spend what ever you want."

"Really?" she said shocked that he had said that.

"Look, we're doing pretty good now," her dad explained. "I think we can
afford a little shopping spree."

"Like really? No limit?"

"I trust you sweetie."

"Mmmmmm..." Amanda plastered her lips on her dad's mouth in gratitude.
John saw the driver glance into the back and then raise the privacy
screen. He smiled and started kissing his daughter back.

Amanda's dress had full sleaves and a fairly high neckline in deference
to the chilly temperatures which frustrated his attempts to play with
her budding breasts. Since she had on a thickly padded bra feeling her
up outside her dress wasn't very fulfilling.

Amanda was not as limitted as he was. She quickly pulled his zipper down
and had her hand deep into his trousers. Before long she had his hard
cock out. The large back seat of the limo allowed her plenty of room to
get on her knees between his legs and he was treated to a blow job as he
watched the traffic on the expressway.

"Oh baby..." he moaned when she started sucking hard. "Oh..."

"Do it daddy..." she started calling to him between sucks, "cum in my

"Oh... so good... Oh sweetie..."

"Yes daddy," she said. "I love you."

About the time the limo pulled off the highway John started to feel hisclimax get close. In minutes the car would be at the hotel and the
driver would open the door. He had to finish before that.

"Suck it, baby," he cried. "Do it... make daddy cum."

"Mprhaf," she mumbled. Her hand was now pumping him furiously as she
sucked and licked with enthusiasm.

"OH! CLOSE! YES! OH SO GOOD!" he was at the bursting point. He could
tell it was going to be a great cum. "OH!!!"

Amanda knew they were getting close to the hotel. He needed to finish
and soon. She couldn't suck any harder. She pulled her mouth off and
tried to warn him, "Come on da..."

His orgasm picked that moment to arrive. A huge splat of cum shot out of
his cock and splashed onto his daughter's face. A second followed it and
landed on her neck. A third flew past her ear before she could get her
mouth back around his pole and swallow the rest.

Amanda licked her dad's cock clean and put it away before she reached
into his jacket and pulled out his handkerchief. She wiped off the cum
as best she could with out messing up her makeup. Fortunately she had
seen Erika use a light to check her face after they left the restaurant
and after a few tries she found the proper switch to turn the light on.
Her dad was just recovering when the driver opened the door.

"Good night, miss," he said as he helped the teen from the car.

He looked into the car and saw the expression on John's face. As a
professional limo driver he had seen that look hundreds of times and
made a note to check the back for any stains. It would not do for Mr. or
Mrs. Simon to find out what their guests had done in the back of their

09-16-2006, 10:51 PM
Chapter 86 - Serious Shopping

"I can't believe how cold it is here," Amanda said as the limo pulled
out of the parking garage.

"Oh this is nothing," Erika told her. "Where I come from it gets much
colder. At least we have a warm car to ride in."

"Yeah," the teen agreed. She had only met the tall, stunningly beautiful
woman sitting next to her the night before but already she liked her
immensely. She was classy but not stuffy. She certainly looked like she
knew how to have a good time and it was also clear that that was what
they were about to do. They were going shopping.

"So, tell me a bit more about this dance."

"Eh, well, it's the Winter Formal at school. Not as fancy as the company
party last month. It's in the gym so how fancy can it be? Although I've
seen the gym done up pretty nice."

"I'm sure," Erika said in reply. "But you are going to dress up, right.
Fancy dress, nice hair, yes? And the men will be in tuxedos?"

"Gee, I don't know. Dad wore a tux to the party but I'm not sure what
he'll wear this time. I guess his tux, or a nice suit. He has a black
one that looks very nice."

Amanda was staring out the window at the unfamiliar city and did not
notice Erika give her a sideways glance. While the teen watched piles of
snow, blackened from car and bus exhaust, slide past, her companion felt
her suspicions of the previous night were confirmed. She smiled

"Well, we'll have to find you the perfect dress," Erika said to the back
of the teen's head. "I know just the place."

She tapped on the partition between the driver and them. It slid down
about halfway. "We're going to Max's, Carl." "Yes Miss," he replied with
a curt nod.

Ten minutes later they were there. Erika was assisted out of the long
car first and then Amanda followed her across a broad sidewalk andthrough a glass door to find herself in a corridor lined with very small
stores. Each one had very plain lettering on the door. They went into a
store about halfway down on the left.

At first it did not look like any dress shop Amanda had ever seen. There
were only four dresses displayed, two on mannequins and two on hangars.
There was no service counter or register. A girl at an oak desk stood
the second she saw Erika.

"Ms. Simon!" she called excitedly. "We were not expecting you. I... I'll
call Ms. Hornpepper." She quickly grabbed the phone on the desk and hit
a button. Amanda did not catch what she said but two seconds later a
very skinny woman with tiny glasses perched on her extremely sharp nose
burst out of a door Amanda had not noticed was there.

"Erika!" she cried in a loud voice. "Guten morgen, guten morgen. Wie

"Good, Max, very good," Erika replied as the two tall women exchanged
quick air kisses on both cheeks. "This is my friend Amanda Carmichael
and she needs a dress. Amanda, Maxine Hornpepper sells the best dresses
in Chicago."

"True, true," said Ms. Hornpepper nodding emphatically at Erika before
turning to Amanda. "So, I take it you are looking for something to wear.
Something nice. A big party? Yes?"

"Uh, sort of," Amanda said, more than a little overwehlmed by Max. "It's
the Winter Formal at school."

"Amanda lives in California," Erika added.

"And of course you came here to buy your dress," Max stated as if it was
a fact no one could argue. She started walking around Amanda, muttering
to herself, "Well... well..." Suddenly she grabbed Amanda's hand and
examined her fingers. "You like pink. Hmmmm... Pink is nice...
Hmmm..." Amanda was unused to someone examining her so clinically.

"Yes..." Max said standing back, nodding. "Give me a moment... Ellie?
Yes. Take Ms. Simon and Ms. Carmichael to the lounge. I'll meet you
there, darlings." She left muttering to her self, Yes..."
Amanda and Erika followed the young girl that had greeted them through a
door into a lavishly decorated parlor. They were offered drinks as they
waited on a plush sofa where they waited, sipping their coffee and hot

"Now tell me," Erika said, smiling broadly and turning halfway to face
Amanda, "what kind of effect are you looking for with this dress?"

"Sorry?" Amanda replied also smiling. "I'm not sure I know what you

"Every time a woman puts on clothes she says something," Erika
explained. "It can be 'I'm powerful' or 'I'm looking for fun' or 'I'm
smarter than you think'. What are you going to want to say for your

"Gosh, I don't know..."

"Well..." Erika said, still smiling, "When I go out with Alexander, I'm
usually saying, treat me right and I'll treat you right when we get

Amanda giggled at the veiled reference to the couple's sex life. "So, is
that what you want to say to your date?" Erika asked.

Suddenly Amanda froze with her mouth open but unable to speak. Had Erika
figured it out?

"It's alright, dear," Eriak said, patting her hand. "He is a sexy man. I
can see how you look at him. I'm not blind. So, are you looking for
something to get him hot for later?"

"I... I..." Amanda stuttered. Was this a trap, like Elaine used? Would
she tell Alexander? Would this ruin her dad's promising career.

"It is truly alright, dear," Erika said. "I know you and John are
lovers." She took a sip of her coffee and then continued, "Let me tell
you a story. When I was a just little older than you are now, and
already I was doing modelling, for magazines mostly, I met a
photographer, Franz. Great talent with the camera. He worked for all the
big German fashion monthlies.
"Franz had an assistant, Lida. Very dedicated. Lida kept Franz
organized. The poor dear would have forgotten every appointment if his
dear Lida wasn't there to tell him.

"One time, oh, about a year after I had met them, we did a shoot in
Hamburg. Well, the hotel made a mistake and we only had one room. We all
had to share. I slept in one bed, Franz and Lida the other. Well, they
did sleep eventually, if you understand.

"Why do I tell you this? Hmmm..." Erika asked. Amanda just shrugged,
still too shocked to speak. "Well, you aren't trying very hard. You're
smarter than that. Come now..." Amanda shrugged again.

Erika took another sip of coffee. "You see, Lida was Franz sister."

"Oh..." Amanda said. "and..."

"This is not so strange to me," Erika went on. "You, uh, you seem to be
happy about it, hmmm?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so. I mean yes. But..."

"But..." Erika said into her coffee cup.

"Well, I'd just die if dad was, well, you know, if he..." Amanda saw her
dad's career crashing into ruin just when it was about to take off to
heights never expected before. "I don't want it to hurt him. It's our
business. Please, don't tell anyone. Don't tell..."

"Alexander," Erika said reaching out for Amanda's hand. "Oh, dear, no. I
didn't meant to scare you. I only wanted to assure you that your, uh,
secret is safe with me. I do understand. Love is found in the most
surprising places."

"Uh, ain't that the truth," Amanda agreed, draining her cocoa.

"Good, now, let's get you the hottest, sexiest dress we can find. John
won't be able to keep his hands off you."

"Uh, he can't anyway," Amanda confided. Both woman were still giggling
when Maxine Hornpepper and her assistant came in with armfulls of
designer gowns.
A few hours later they left having bought a Vera Wang that looked
absolutely fantastic on Amanda. She winced inwardly when she found that
the dress cost almost $4000, but then her dad did say she could spend
whatever. Hopefully he would like the dress enough not to be upset about
the price.

Max's assistant, Ellie, was making the alterations so it would fit
Amanda perfectly and they were promised the dress would be ready by
3:00. Since it was almost lunch time, Erika suggested they eat.

"There are some nice restaurants in 900 North and after lunch we can
find you some shoes to go with that dress."

Amanda had never been in a mall like this one. It was on six levels with
stores loaded with fabulous things. Amanda found the perfect shoes at
the Gucci store. She didn't feel too bad about these, seeing they were
only $700, but she did feel a little guilty for getting the boots she
just fell in love with. They cost $1700, but they looked so good on her.

At a store up on the fifth level she found a stunning, short red dress
that she just had to have ($1400). She didn't have any shoes that would
really do that dress justice so it was back to the shoe stores, finding
a pair of red pumps (Gucci, $550). She added two handbags, a pair of
pearl earings and matching necklace to her shopping spree.

On the escalator down from the fourth level Amanda started adding up her
purchases. When she realized she had just spent almost $10,000 she
froze. Erika had to nudge her to get off at the bottom.

"What is the matter dear?" she asked.

"He's going to kill me," she uttered as the sense of dread grew.

"John? Why?"

"Look what I've spent. Oh shit! He said he trusted me, and look what I

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," Erika said with a knowing smile. "Men
are easy to manage, if you know what they value. Your guy is making
enough to cover this, trust me, but if you really think he is going toneed some, uh, extra motivation... Follow me."

There was a lingerie store on that level. Erika strode into it
confidently with Amanda in tow. Before the teen knew where exactly she
was Erika was picking out very sexy nighties. "Come to bed in something
like this," she said holding up a black, see through babydoll, "and by
the time he cums he will have forgotten how much you spent. Trust me."

"He does like black, but..." Amanda said, slowly showing Erika an
embarrassed smile, "uh, I already have a nightie just like this one."

"Oh..." Erika looked surprised. "Well, something red? Like this?"

"Hmmm..." Amanda said fingering the filmy material. "This is nice."

09-16-2006, 10:54 PM
Chapter 87 - Home

Six hours later Jen found Amanda resting against her dad's chest on the
curb at the airport. When they saw her pull up Amanda waved excitedly
while John started picking up their luggage including a dress bag she
knew they had not left with.

"Hey mom! Great timing," Amanda said enthusiastically as she jumped into
the front seat next to her mom. "We just got out here."

"Uh, thanks Jen," John added as he got in the back.

"Did you have a good trip?" she asked automatically as she pulled out
into traffic.

"Super," Amanda assured her. "They just loved daddy's ideas and the CEO
thinks he's just so smart and everything. Erika, that's his wife, took
me shopping today. Oh, it was the best."

"I thought you were going to help your dad, not shop?"

"Huh?" John asked. He had not been listening carefully. "Oh, she did
help. Lots. I... uh, would have flubbed my first presentation if it
wasn't for her. Even Alexander thinks she's super."

"They're so nice. We went to dinner with them last night and then to
their house for drinks after," Amanda added as she turned in her seat tolook at her dad. "Isn't their house something?"

"Yeah," John agreed. "Amazing what a few million can buy these days."

"So, uh, what did you buy?" Jen asked to stay in a conversation she
could just feel was slipping past her as many did these days.

"Oh, a dress for Friday night," Amanda said. "And some nice shoes to go
with it. And a date dress, some shoes for that and some boots I just had
to have, a clutch that is just perfect, some ear rings..."

"My lord," Jen looked at her daughter in shock. "How much did you

"Ah, well, it was a bit more than..." Amanda's enthusiasm was suddenly
gone. The last thing she wanted to do was tell her dad how much she'd
spent, at least when she wasn't wearing the red teddy.

"I told her to have fun," John cut in. "Jen, I'm not kidding, she saved
my ass yesterday. She figured out how to hook into my laptop and send me
data while I was talking to all the senior execs. She was in touch with
Elaine back here and between the two of them they made me look like a
genius. Nobody even knew what they were doing until after I was done.
Alexander saw what she had done but he loved it!" He turned to his
duaghter and added, "Oh, sweetie, he wants you to send his assistant
instructions on what you did so he can do it next time he has a
presentation like that."

"Oh, sure," Amanda said, her spunk back in full force after avoiding her
mom's question. She eagerly torn into her briefcase for her PDA so she
could make a note to send an e-mail to Alexander's assistant. When she
put it back she pulled out her digital camera and started reviewing the
pictures she had taken. A lot of them were of dirty piles of snow,
something that fascinated the teen. A few were of their hotel room. When
she saw a good one she passed the camera back to her dad so he could

When they were almost home John asked Amanda if she had the assistant's
e-mail. She set the camera down and pulled out her PDA again. "Yup," she
told her dad after looking the guy up. "He zapped me his e-card right
before we left yesterday."
When they pulled in the garage, Amanda left the camera in the car as she
helped her dad retrieve their bags. She especially wanted to make sure
she and only she carried the dress bag into the house. Her mom casually
picked up the camera and followed the pair into the house.

"Mind if I look at your pictures, dear?" she asked her daughter.

"Huh? Oh, no. Go ahead. They're pretty lame. Snow mostly," Amanda said
as she headed up the stairs.

Jen saw that her daughter was right. She seemed to have recorded every
snow bank in downtown Chicago. There must have been thirty pictures of
snow or slush. The rest were of the hotel.

From the way the lobby looked, Jen could tell the place was nice. Lots
of obviously expensive furnishings filled the place. There was a series
of pictures taken out of the glass elevator as it went up.

Their room was a suite with a large bedroom dominated by a king sized
bed and a small livingroom with a couch that must have pulled out to be
another bed. The bathroom was larger than most hotels Jen had stayed in.

The next few pictures were obviously taken some time later. For one
thing the bed had been slept in. Also, the room was much brighter,
probably indicating the presence of sunlight.

Something in the next picture caught her eye. Jen couldn't say what
right away but a lump had formed deep in her gut. Then she saw it. The
picture was taken from the far side of the bedroom toward the bathroom
door which was open. In the mirror she could see John standing, naked at
least from the waist up, shaving.

"Uh, John?" she said standing at the door to his room. "Can you explain
this picture?"

He had been unpacking but fortunately he had already stashed Amanda's
sexy nighties. There was nothing in view that would incriminate him. He
took the camera from his wife and looked in the display.

He didn't see his own image in the mirror at first but he did see
Amanda's black nightie tossed carelessly on the rumpled bed. "Uh, what
am I supposed to explain?" he asked with a trace of concern in hisvoice.

"You're in the bathroom, shaving. See?" she said pointing to the
display. John signed inwardly. She hadn't noticed the nightie.

"So? You can't see anything."

"It's just... You should have closed the door," she told him.

"Sorry," John replied and just stared at her. She furrowed her brow,
turned on her heels and headed to her room in a huff. When she was out
of sight, advanced to the next image and saw Amanda sitting in the bed,
smiling. In that frame she was wearing the black nightie.

Jen did not come back down after that. Amanda crept down the stairs a
little after 10:00 and found her dad getting ready for bed. She kissed
him for the first time in several hours, a lapse that seemed like
eternity after the glorious freedom they'd had the last few days.
"Mmmmmm... God, I missed you," she said when they came up for air. "I,
uh, have a little surprise for you. Something I got this afternoon."

She slipped into her dad's bathroom with the red teddy hidden under her
blouse. She closed the door and quickly stripped off her clothes. She
got out the little scissors from the top drawer of the vanity, cut the
tags off the sexy nightie and slipped it on. She looked in the mirror
and smiled. It was perfect, well... almost perfect.

She had stashed some makeup in the second drawer of the vanity. There
wasn't time to do a lot but she fixed up her eyes a bit and put on some
fairly bold red lipstick. Now she saw a sexy temptress reflected in the

"Oh baby..." John gasped when she walked out. "That's... oh wow..."

"Oh, this?" she said casually, pulling on one of the spaghetti straps.
"I found it this afternoon and thought, just maybe, you might like it."

"Oh, yeah," he said as she crawled into the bed. "I like it."

"Are you sure?" she asked in a mocking tone. "How can I be sure you're
not just saying that?"
John pulled the covers back to reveal his throbbing cock. As usual it
had already been semihard while he waited for Amanda but the instant she
came into view it rose to full strength. "What do you think this means?"
he asked.

"It means I should probably do this," she said, bending down and licking
the head. John sighed as his daughter's tongue wiped around his hot
cock. When she closed her lips around his hard shaft he moaned. As she
started bobbing her head up and down he gasped, "Oh sweetie."

She kept at it for a good ten minutes, slowing several times when she
sensed he was getting close to cumming. She could tell quite easily now.
There was just something in the way his balls felt that just said 'we're
about to pump our stuff out'. When she figured he was again as aroused
as he could be with out shooting off she started her confession.

"Uh, daddy?" she said as she waited for his latest imminent climax to
back off. "I, uh, spent a bit much today."

"That's... okay..." he was almost panting. She smiled at how cute he
was. To keep him from settling down too much she sucked his shaft a few
more times.

"I mean, well, a whole lot more than ever before," she informed him.

"I'm sure... it's fine..." he assured her.

"It's just that, well, Erika doesn't shop at Target, right?"

"That's what you said."

"And, I got a great dress and some really, I mean really, nice shoes."

"I can't wait to see them."

"Well, the thing is," she said and then licked his cock from base to
tip. "It was sorta close to ten thousand."

"Uh huh," John replied. Amanda started sucking him hard again. He had
started to get too relaxed for her plan. Her dad just rested his head on
the pillow and let her pleasure him as her sweet voice echoed in his
head. Slowly, as if he was drugged or drunk, he realized exactly whatshe had said. "Uh, did you say _ten_ thousand?"

Amanda pulled her lips off him and looked fearfully into his eyes. All
she could do was give him a teensy little nod as she bit her lower lip.

John looked at her and saw the consternation in her face. Her hand was
still wrapped around his shaft and he could see her budding tits through
the flimsy red fabric. He reminded himself of all the times he'd told
himself how she was priceless. He smiled at her and saw her relax.

"Well, that's okay," he said. "Just promise me you won't do it every
week, okay?"

"No," Amanda assured him. "It was fun though. I mean, it was really,
really fun."

"I'm sure," he said, now grinning from ear to ear. "Come here." He
pulled her by the shoulders until she was straddling his hips. She
reached between them and found his rock hard cock. It went deep into her
pussy with one smooth move.

"Oh daddy," she moaned when it was completely buried. When she started
to rise she let out "Oh..."

"So," he asked as she started fucking him in a nice slow rhythm, "are
you going to be this sexy every time you go on a shopping spree like

"Gosh, I don't know," Amanda admitted. "It was exciting. I... oh... I
can't wait for you... ah... to see me in the dress. Oh, yes... And I got
another one for some... mmmmm... date. It's really hot too."

"Well, good," John said with conviction. "I'll just have to work that
much harder to keep you in the style you seem to be getting very
comfortable with."

"Oh..." she moaned. "You're hard enough right now..."

09-16-2006, 10:55 PM
Chapter 88 - Putting on the Vera Wang

A new dress, shoes and some jewelry were not the only things Amanda
brought back from Chicago for the Winter Semiformal. Erika had made somecalls for her and got her an appointment with a hair stylist. Rolf
worked on the most beautiful and rich women in Southern California, an
area where beautiful women became rich and rich women became beautiful.

Amanda would have felt selfish if she was pampered while her mom stayed
at home, so she called the salon and gotten her mom an appointment with
one of Rolf's assistants. Jen picked her up from school that Friday and
while Amanda had her tresses styled into a spectacular coiffure, Jen
also got a new hairdo.

Amanda made sure she put the charge on her credit card so her mom would
not freak out when she saw that the bill came to almost $900, and was a
bit over $1000 when she added a generous tip for both stylists. It
wasn't that she was really worried about what her mom might say but from
the way her mom was running her hand through her hair she could see how
good her new style made her feel. It would be a shame to spoil it with
such a stupid thing as money.

When they got home Amanda had a request for her mom. "Uh, could you make
sure he's not like, just sitting around. I don't want him to see me
until I'm like totally ready."

"I suppose," Jen said, still cheerful from the pampering she had
received that afternoon. She found John sitting in the family room.

"Uh, your daughter doesn't want you to see her until she's like totally
ready," she informed him. He smiled at how she mimicked Amanda's style
of speech and moved into the library. Jen informed the girl that the
cost was clear and followed her up the stairs.

As her daughter started on her make up, Jen noticed she had invested in
an eyelash curler and an eyelash comb since the big party a month ago.
She watched Amanda carefully apply some eyeliner and then pick out some

"What do you think about these colors?" she asked her mom.

"They will look nice," Jen assured her. "Uh, you've been practicing some
since last month."

"Oh, uh, yeah," the teen said as she prepared to apply mascarra. "I
probably wear too much but it's fun, ya' know. And, well, daddy likeshow I look."

"I'm sure," Jen replied with a trace of iciness. "Well, you are getting
pretty good, but, uh, do the mascarra in one stroke. It clumps up if you
dab it on."

"Oh! Is that what I've been doing wrong?" She wiped the clumpy mess off
her right eye and tried again. "That's better..."

"If you want more, just do another stroke," her mom advised.

"Like this?" Jen watched her apply a second coat to both eyes. "Oh yes!
Oh man, is that easier. Thank's mom. I don't think I'd ever have figured
it out on my own." She gave her mom a quick but strong hug.

This time Amanda chose a much more appropriate blush, complementing her
natural skin tone while giving her cheeks a glamorous definition they
lacked with out the color. The only thing she seemed to have difficulty
with was her lips.

"Here," Jen said taking the lip pencil. "Let me do that."

Amanda turned and smiled before she pursed her lips and let her mom
outline them. She also let her brush on the color, but the teen added a
top coat herself. "This keeps it from smearing," she explained, "you
know when you eat or kiss."

Jen inspected Amanda's face, added a dab of powder to her chin and
pronounced her done. "Thanks," Amanda said again hugging her mom,
careful not to undo all their work. "Now..."

Jen watched her daughter select her lingerie. This time she picked out a
strapless bra, g-string, garter belt and stockings. The teen quickly
changed out of her school clothes into the sexy underwear. With that she
went from looking like a very young teen with overly done hair and
makeup to a ravishingly sexy young woman whose hair and makeup were
perfectly matched to the rest of her appearance. "You're really growing
up," she observed.

"Huh, oh, hee hee, yeah," the girl said pulling on her bra. "You're not
the only one that's noticed. Uh, could you get my dress out of the
closet. It's still in the bag."
Jen let Amanda's comment go unresponded to and got the long dress bag.
She laid it on the bed and pulled the zipper down. A pair of boots
spilled out. "Uh, you're not wearing these are you?"

"Oh, no, those, well, I just loved them," Amanda said as she started
digging in the bottom of the bag. "These are for tonight," she announced
as she pulled out two jewelled, high heeled sandals.

"Oh, Amanda!" Jen cried in shock when she saw the stunning shoes.

"Pretty aren't they," her daughter said as she started to put one on.
"And they go so nicely with the dress."

Jen had grapped the other shoe and was looking at it closely, turning it
this way and that. "Are these... crystal?" she asked fingering the shiny
baubles across the toes.

"I think so," Amanda said reaching out for the shoe. She twisted it
until it caught the light just right. "See how they sparkle?"

"How much were they?" Jen wanted to know.

"Uh, well, almost seventeen," her daughter admitted.

"Seventeen?" her mother asked as if she had no clue what Amanda meant.

"Yeah, but daddy said it was okay," she was assured. Amanda had pulled
the dress out of the bag and was holding it up to her front. "See how
they look with the dress?"

"Do you mean $1700?" Jen asked and got a crooked smile as an answer.
Then she noticed the dress. "Is this..." she reached up to the thing and
searched for a label. "This is a Vera Wang!" she cried. "This must have
cost as much as the shoes."

"Actually, more," Amanda admitted with a sheepish grin. "but wait until
you see it on me." Amanda stepped into the dress and held it up while
her mother zipped the back. Jen could see how good the thing looked, but
for a school dance? This was something some starlet would wear to the
Oscars. She left the room shaking her head and headed downstairs.
John was waiting in the livingroom in his charcoal grey suit. He smiled
serenely at his wife when she came down. "How's she look?" he asked.

"Like a million bucks," Jen admitted, "which is about what it cost. Do
you know how much she spent? Almost $4000! On a dress and shoes! Have
you talked to her about that?"

"Uh, actually, yes," John told her. Jen stared open faced at him. "Look,
she's been working for me and not getting paid. She, well, saved my ass
this week in Chicago. I'm making enough for a splurge like this every
once in a while. I asked her not to do it every week."

Jen noticed that John had gotten Amanda a wrist corsage and was holding
it in one hand while he tapped, nervously, on it with the fingers of his
other hand. He was wearing some new aftershave, probably one of the
scents Amanda had gotten him for Christmas. She could also see he had on
his new tie clip.

As she examined him she realized how sexy he was. Tall, strong, fit,
rugged looking, and more handsome than she could remember him being. Not
for the first time, she wished it was her in the Vera Wang going out
with him.

When she saw his eyes light up she knew Amanda was coming down the
stairs. She turned, expecting to see her daughter looking like a
stunning beauty but even so was unprepared. She had added some pearl ear
rings and a matching necklace. A pretty handbag dangled from her hand
and she had the fox stole she had borrowed a month ago over her

"Oh baby," John groaned, his voice dripping with desire. "Oh you... Oh

"You like?" she said airily, twirling around when she reached the bottom
of the stairs.

"Oh yeah," he said striding over to her. Amanda could see he intended to
wrap his arms around her and kiss her right there. She deflected his
advance by reaching for the corsage.

"Is this for me?" she asked, taking the box from his hand.
"Huh? What?" John said as if waking from a dream. "Oh, yes, uh, here,
let me help with that." He took the box back, opened it and held it so
she could slip her hand into the elastic band. She took a quick sniff of
the flowers, held it to his face so he could enjoy them and then took
his arm.

"Oh, honey, you are so..." he started, trailing off when he could not
find words to describe her beauty. She got his meaning just the same and
tightened her grip on his arm to signal her appreciation.

"Are you going to be late?" Jen asked. She felt cut off the second
Amanda walked into the room. John no more noticed her standing there
just a few feet away than he noticed the pictures on the wall. She was
getting used to it but that didn't mean she liked it.

"Oh, I don't know," Amanda said looking into her dad's eyes as if she
could read his mind. "We're probably going over to Jake's after the
dance for a bit. It might be late, midnight at least, huh?"

"What ever," John said. "Uh, shall we go?"

"Sure," Amanda replied and let him lead her out to the car. At the door
to the garage she turned and gave her mom a sweet, contented smile. Jen
felt her face twist into something close to a smile in reply.

When the door closed she just stood there, staring at the space her
daughter and husband had just vacated. She could still see her standing
in her designer gown with those exquisite shoes. The fact that the dress
and shoes cost so much did not seem so important now. Amanda wore them
well. On her they looked great. Jen consoled herself in how beautiful
her little girl was becoming.

Amanda finally let her dad kiss her when they got to the car. "Mmmmm....
You almost lost it there, ya know."

"Huh, oh, I guess," he said going in for a second kiss. "Mmmmm..."

"Nice," she said a full minute later, "but I think we'd better go before
she comes out here to see why we haven't left." He helped her into her
seat and then rounded the car almost skipping with excitement.

Now that they were on their way to the dance Amanda felt a bitdisappointed. Her whole focus had been on how he would react when he saw
her in the dress and while that had been everything she had hoped for
she realized she was not nearly as excited about going to the dance. As
they drove along the familiar roads she stared blankly out the window.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" he asked when she was quiet for an
unusually long time.

"Oh, nothing," she said but he knew otherwise. She looked into his face
and realized she was not going to get out of telling him what she was
thinking. "It's just... You know the party is going to seem so lame.
We're dressed for something much better. What if we ditched it and went
out, just us?"

"Hmmmm, sounds tempting," he said. She smiled hopefully at him but he
soon let her down, "But I think we should go. Our friends are expecting
us and, well, we'll go out soon. I promise."

"Oh you're right, of course," she said with a frown. "I mean, I want to
show Cloe and Sam my dress and all, but..."

"But what, honey?"

"It's just I don't want them to think I'm, you know, showing off."

"Are you?"

"Maybe. Just a little, but that's not the point."

"Then don't worry. Just be yourself and have a good time."

"But, I don't know, I feel all grown up when I get dressed like this.
With them, well, I feel like a kid, ya know?"

"But you are a kid," he said and got her best pout as a punishment. "And
you're all grown up. That's the magic of you. Tonight you can be both.
You can hang with the gang and, well, I'm looking forward to some nice
slow dances. Then, when we get home..."


"What do you think?"
"So you like the dress, huh?"

"Oh baby, yes! But even more I love the woman who is wearing it." That
got him her warmest smile. The rest of the way to the school they rode
in silence while he held her hand.

09-16-2006, 10:56 PM
Chapter 89 - The Winter Formal

Amanda was pleasently surprised by how nice the gym looked. She had been
there only eight hours earlier for PE class but you could hardly tell it
was not a ballroom unless you looked up and saw the basketball hoops all
folded up toward the ceiling. The overhead lights were off and all the
light came from fake lamp posts scattered around the floor. The center
of the room was open to allow dancing, a band was set up on the stage.
The north and east walls were lined with tables loaded with food and
drink. The rest of the place was filled with round tables.

Each table sat six and had a candle burning in the center. Amanda and
John found Cloe and Martin already camped out near the north east
corner. They were both waving energetically when they saw John's head
above the sea of teens.

"Hey guys," Cloe called when they got closer. "Over here. We saved..."
When Amanda stepped out of shadow into better light and she saw what her
friend was wearing Cloe's voice fell to nothingness. "Oh! My! God!" she
practically screamed a few seconds later when they were only feet away.
"What are you wearing? Oh! My! God!"

Even Martin who was normally no more aware of fashion than your average
potted plant was staring at the girl. Amanda smiled, gave a dismissive
wave of her hand and explained, "Oh, I found this in Chicago. Nice huh?"

"I've never seen something like that," Cloe went on. "Not in person

"Hey, come on, it's just a dress, ya know," Amanda said letting them
know she was getting a bit embarrassed by the attention. John saw most
of the other girls, most of the female chaperons and even some of the
boys gawking at his date. The only way she could have stood out more
would be if someone shined a spotlight on her. He smiled, thinking,
'She's with me, folks. She's all mine.'
They took their seats and chatted while they waited for Sam and Jake. At
8:30 they started to get worried about them. When they finally showed up
at a quarter to nine you could tell Sam was upset and Jake was the
target of her anger.

"Sorry we're late," she said, tossing her purse onto the table. "Someone
got lost."

"I said I'm sorry," the boy practically wailed. "I mean, I've only been
driving for two weeks and I've never been this way. It looks different
at night."

"You're hopeless," Sam growled. Cloe nudged her and directed her to look
at Amanda. "Oh, hey guys," she said and then she too stopped and stared.
"That dress... oh man... What are you wearing?"

"Oh, that?" Cloe said sarcastically. "I understand it's just some rag
she found on the streets of Chicago."

"Uh, right," Sam said. "You look like someone on TV. You know, at some
award show."

"Thanks, but I love your dress too," Amanda replied feeling even more
embarrassed but not enough to regret wearing the dress.

Now that everyone was there they got some food from the buffet line. It
wasn't fancy but at least the cafeteria didn't make it. Since they were
about the last ones to eat there wasn't much time for conversation
before the music began and they headed out onto to the floor.

The first set was all fast songs. Everyone pretty much danced as a
group. Then the music slowed down and they paired off properly for some
close dancing. When it speeded up again John saw Martin and Jake sneak
off the floor. He felt Jake needed some cheering up so he let Amanda
know he was going and followed them.

"I don't know," he was explaining when John walked up. "I turned wrong
back at the highway and... We had to go eight miles before I could get
off and turn around. I could have sworn the sign said East but it
didn't, as I've been told about a billion times."
"Easy mistake to make," John assured him when he sat down. "It's no big
deal. She'll settle down soon. Just let it go and have some fun."

"Yeah, but, I make mistakes like that all the time. Mixing things up.
I'm just so stupid. I'd never make it in a school like this," Jake said
still looking glum. "I can't read. Math? Forget it! I just can't wait to
get out, ya know?"

Something about how Jake was talking was ringing real loud bells in
John's head. He caught Martin's eye and let him know he wanted a few
minutes alone with their friend. Martin understood and left them. "Uh,
I'm gonna get some punch. Want some?" The other two just shook their

"Uh, Jake," John started, "when you say you mix things up, what do you

"You know, get it wrong. Wrong words, wrong numbers, wrong everything."

"Yeah I do know," John said firmly. This was starting to sound much too
familiar. "I want you to try something for me, okay?"


John took a pen out of his jacket pocket and grabbed a napkin. He wrote
a sequence of words and numbers on the napkin and then handed it and the
pen to Jake. "Grab another napkin and then copy what I just wrote." The
boy looked at John like he had two heads but was told, "Just do it. I'll
explain after."

With a shrug he copied the one napkin to another. It took him almost a
full minute of painful work to produce

A 17 boy car 1919 Fred lots my oh my

John smiled when he was done and handed him another napkin. "Try again
but his time cover your, uh, you're right handed, so, cover your left
eye." Jake now looked at John like he had three heads but shrugged and
did it again.

A boy Fred 17 lost a 1991 car oh my my
The second try took only a few seconds. "Uh, Jake," John said, "have you
ever been tested for dyslexia?"


"I thought so," John said half to himself. "It's dyslexia. It's a
problem in your brain that makes you mix up words, numbers, pretty much

"So you're saying I'm brain damaged?" the teen asked with a growing
trace of anger.

"I guess, but, hey, join the club," John said unperturbed. "I have it

Now Jake just stared at John with out expression. "But... you're like
the smartest dude I know."

"Not likely," John replied. "You're what, in tenth grade?"

"Yeah, they held me back two years ago. I'll be held back again unless I
can pass math and english this year. Fat chance of that though."

"If you made it to tenth grade only a year late with this thing, and I
think you have it pretty bad, you have to be close to a genius."

"Oh shit! I thought you were serious for a second."

"I am," John said firmly. "Look, you can learn to beat this thing. Uh,
there are tricks and, I won't kid you, it takes lots of work, but, if
you've made it this far with no help, you will do great if only someone
can show you what to do. We're going to your place after, right?" Jake
nodded. "I'll have a quick chat with your folks, if that's okay." Jake
shrugged uncommittedly. Martin was coming back with three punches, even
though his friends had not asked for any. John quickly wadded up the
three napkins with writing and stuffed them in his pocket.

The rest of the night, John caught Jake reading things with his hand
over his left eye. Amanda saw him watching and asked about it but was
told he'd explain later. The music had slowed down again and they were
dancing. Amanda rested her head on her dad's shoulder and held his
strong back with her pretty hands. He held her tight about the waist asthey swayed gently to the beat.

At one point the girls trooped off to the restroom, enmasse. Not long
after they entered they had the place to themselves and chatted like
only teen girls can.

"You are coming to Jake's, right?" Sam asked her friends and got eager
nods from both. "Cool. Uh, his folks might want to take some pictures.
They kind of said something before we left."

"That's cool," Cloe replied. Amanda grunted her approval as she leaned
closer to the mirror to fix her lipstick. She heard the door open and in
the mirror saw her social studies teacher enter. Ms. Greene had been her
favorite teacher at the start of the year but that all ended when she
started to suspect she was dating her dad.

"Amanda," she said in greeting as she too started fixing her own lips.
The girl watched her friends slip out of the room quietly as if being in
the same room as a teacher outside of class hours caused acne.

"Hmmm," the teen replied as she finished applying her gloss. "Hello, Ms.
Greene. Nice party, isn't it."

"Yes," the teacher said coldly. "I see your father brought you tonight."

"Yes," Amanda said with a smile. "He did."

"You know any boy in the eighth grade would love to date you. Or any of
them in ninth or tenth for that matter."

"That's nice, Ms. Greene," Amanda said as she closed her purse, "but I
already have a boyfriend and we're very happy together." She beamed a
brilliant smile at the stunned teacher who she left standing at the
mirror with her mouth agape.

09-16-2006, 10:57 PM
Chapter 90 - A Prayer Answered

The party continued full blast until almost 11:00. Then, almost as if by
prearranged signal, the gym emptied. John, Amanda and their friends were
some of the first to leave. Jake and Sam drove off in his car while John
and Amanda followed with Cloe and Martin in their backseat.
Sam gave Jake a few funny looks when he started covering an eye to read
road signs but he just smiled as if everybody did that. There were no
wrong turns this time and they all pulled into his parents' drive just
after 11:00.

Paul and Liz met them at the door. Paul had an ancient 35mm camera in
his hand. Liz waved the group in excitedly and when they had all
entered, herded them into the family's large livingroom.

Paul proceeded to take some pictures, mostly of Jake and Sam but at
least one of each couple and more of the whole gang. Liz prompted him to
take some of just the girls and then just the boys, a group that
included John. When the camera was put away they all sat down and
visited for a bit.

John caught Paul and Liz exchange a look after a while while Sam gave a
play by play description of their unscheduled tour of the highways.
While she held the attention of everyone the two started to slip out.
John followed them to the kitchen.

"Eh, can I talk to you guys?" he asked when he had them alone. They both
leaned against a counter and nodded. "Uh, it's about Jake. I recognized
something in him today I thought, well, you ought to know about."

"Shoot, man," Paul prompted. John saw more concentration in Liz's face.

"Has he ever been tested for dyslexia?" John asked.

"Uh, I don't know, the school might have," Liz answered. "Why?"

"Well, I have it," John explained, "and, well, his story about getting
lost was very familiar to me. I used to do stuff like that all the time.
Mix things up." He saw both parents' eyes focus more keenly on him. "I
tried a little test on him, one they did on me when I was a kid. I'm no
therapist, but I'd bet he has it too."

"I've heard of this thing," Liz said. "I just never connected it to

"Hey, they talked about it on NPR last month," Paul recalled. "Something
with how the brain works."
"Yeah," John agreed. "I'm not an expert, but I know I got some great
help when I was in school."

"Great," Liz said, "but, uh, we're not..."

"It would have to be free," Paul admitted. "We never told Jake, but, we
filed bankruptcy last year. We're struggling month to month."

"That sounds familiar, too," John added and got bizarre looks from Paul
and Liz. "Oh, not recently, but, my mom died when I was a kid.
Expensively. Dad worked for the railroad, which was a good job, but,
well, we never had lots of money. If you want, I can call some people I
know. I do some volunteer work for a few foundations. They know people
that know people."

"Hey, man," Paul said instantly, "if you can get Jake help we'd be in
your debt."

"No, I'm the one with a debt," John said. "This is just a way to repay
part of it. I got lots of help way back when."

John rejoined the teens in the next room. The makeout sessions had begun
and he saw his daughter looking very put out alone on the couch while
her friends were well on the way to second base.

"Where did you go?" she asked in an irritated wisper when he sat down
next to her.

"Uh, I had to talk to Jake's folks," he explained tersely. "I'll tell
you about it later."

"Are we going to leave again?" Amanda wanted to know.

"Not unless you want to," he said. He had seen Paul and Liz leave the
kitchen the same time he did, headed for the other side of the house. He
figured it was safe to do some making out and he would rather get home
later when they could be sure Jen was sound asleep.

That changed Amanda's mood in a heartbeat. She slid into his lap and
kissed him hard on the lips. "Mmmmmm...."

"Oh, daddy," she said after ten minutes of uninterrupted smooching. "Ilove you."

"I love you too, sweetie," he said and started kissing her again.

He could see their friends had a head start. Cloe was already giving
Martin a blowjob and he could see Sam climbing into Jake's lap with her
dress pulled up. As he watched she started bouncing slowly on his lap,
obviously fucking him although there was nothing showing.

Amanda noticed his distraction and craned her neck to check on her
friends. "Which looks more interesting?" she asked her dad. He answered
by looking over at Sam and Jake. "Okay, then help me get my panties

John reached under the expensive dress and found her g-string. He pulled
it down a bit but then released it and felt for her pussy. She was
starting to get wet and his finger slid in easily. "Hmmmm," she moaned
as he finger-fucked her gently. "That feels so nice." He gave her
several more minutes of this form of pleasure before he removed his
finger and finished pulling the panties off her legs.

Amanda slid off his lap and pulled his zipper down. She extracted his
hardening cock and started stroking it gently. "I'm just going to get it
hard," she explained as she lowered her head and started licking the
head. With out waiting for an answer she slid her lips down the shaft
and sucked it for a few minutes until it was fully hard.

John used a finger to lift her chin, forcing her to release his cock.
She understood and climbed into his lap, lifting the skirt of her dress
as she did. John had to grab his shaft and find her hole so she could
manage the pile of fabric but quickly he felt himself sliding into her
her hot pussy. She kissed him when it was completely in. "Mmmmmm..."

Not one of the teens and not even John heard Liz come back to the
kitchen. She and her husband studiously avoided thinking about what
might or might not be happening in their livingroom. They had made a
promise to themeselves to respect Jake's privacy and the privacy of his
friends. They knew Sam slept over a few times but also avoided asking
what they did on those occasions.

Still, only a deaf person would be able to ignore the sounds of teenagedlust coming from around the corner. At least several people were
breathing quite heavily. She smiled as she recalled her own teen years
in the basement of her mom's house.

"Oh yes!" she heard one teen cry, possibly Cloe, her voice was higher
than the others. "Oh, oh, there..." It sounded a bit more advanced that
she ever experienced at their age but then she knew kids these days were
much more sexual. Perhaps Martin had worked his hand under her skirt.

Then she heard her own son's voice rise about the background. "Oh! Yes!
Oh yes! Yes! YES! OH FUCKIN' YES! OH! OH!" That was a pretty obvious
orgasm. She certainly hadn't expected that level of activity. Of course,
Jake was sixteen, and Paul cetainly was no virgin at sixteen. She would
make sure he had a long talk with his son about condoms and all.

Cloe's voice came to the fore again. "OH YES! OH GOD! YES! OH! OH FUCK!
FUCK! FUCK!" It was so hot she found herself getting aroused. She forgot
about getting a glass of water and started back to her room.

She froze in her tracks when Amanda's clear voice rang out. "OH DADDY!
YES! OH! So close. Fuck me! OH DADDY! YES! FUCK ME! YES! YES!"

"OH!" John's deep adult voice answered. "OH GOD! YES! OH! TAKE IT! OH!
YES! YES! Yes! Oh..."

Paul saw her face when she returned and asked, "What's wrong, babe?"

"Uh, well..." she tried to sort it out in her head first but there was
only one explanation. "You know how Amanda never really told us much
about her boyfriend?"

"Uh, yeah, she was always with her dad," he said as she climbed back
into bed next to him. "She probably doesn't like to talk about the kid
around him."

"Well, that's not exactly what's going on," she told him. "It would seem
that John _is_ her boyfriend. Unless they are pulling some wierd joke on
us, I just overheard them fucking in the livingroom."

Paul stared at her in the dim light for a while before observing, "He
doesn't seem like the type of guy that..."
"I don't think that's what's going on," Liz cut in, seeing what her
husband was starting to think. "It sounds crazy, but, I think he really
is her boyfriend. She was just as, uh, into it as he was."

"How do you know that?"

"I quote: 'Fuck me! Oh daddy! Yes. Fuck me!'"

"Well damn," Paul said unsure what to think.

"Oh, and, did you talk to Jake about safe sex and all?"

"Uh, yeah, last year," he answered.

"Well, you might want to remind him about the importance of protection."

As the two confused parents tried to get to sleep, they heard John's car
pull out of the drive, probably with two very satisfied couples in it.

John and Amanda dropped Cloe and Martin each back at their homes before
heading home themselves. They entered the house quietly, not wanting to
risk a repeat of getting caught by her mom. The house was quiet but when
they walked through the family room they could see light from Jen's
bedroom window shining on the patio.

"Shit!" Amanda cursed. "She's up."

"But her door's closed," her dad pointed out. No light was coming down
the stairs. "I... I think we can risk it." He led her into his room and
softly closed the door.

The next morning Jen woke at her customary 6:00 and prepared for her
morning run. The house was quiet. She heard them get in just after
midnight but fell asleep before Amanda came upstairs. After splashing
some cold water on her face to drive away the last of her sleepiness she
pulled on her new jogging suit and laced up her running shoes. She
started swinging her arms in wide circles, part of her warmup routine,
as she left her room.

As she passed her daughter's door she noticed the bed had not been slept
in. She did not stop to investigate but her mind started working on
where Amanda could be as she descended the stairs and left the house.She did her stretching on the front porch and tried to think about what
she had and had not heard the night before.

The only thing she knew for certain was that John got home. She did not
hear any voices after the sound of the garage door closing. Perhaps
Amanda had stayed over at Sam's or Cloe's house. There was no other way
to explain her daughter's absence. At least, no way that Jen was willing
to consider.

09-16-2006, 10:59 PM
Chapter 91 - Flowers and Candlelight

Jen heard her daughter's music spilling down the stairs as she vacuumed
the livingroom carpet. The girl had gotten home a few minutes earlier,
even more effusive than usual. After a quick but warm hug she had
scampered up the stairs with her school books. When Amanda started her
homework as soon as she got in it meant only one thing, her father was
taking her out later.

Even a few months earlier that only happened on Friday nights. It was
every Friday but never any other school night. But since the first of
the year, or so, they went out two or sometimes three nights a week. At
first Jen resented being left alone so often but she had come to welcome
their absences. When they were both in the house it was intolerable.
They flirted constantly, touching, kissing... Jen could not stand being
in the same room with both of them.

When they were seperate and she could stand being around them, each of
them seemed to be as happy as she could remember them being, especialy
Amanda. The teen just seemed to have a smile every waking minute. Once
Jen got used to her perpetual good mood she found it was infectious. She
found herself smiling if she was around her daughter for any length of
time, provided she wasn't flirting with John.

Even he was treating her better. He was excited about all the things
going on at the office. On nights the family sat down to dinner together
he went on and on about how his new organization was working out. By all
accounts it was doing better than he had hoped. It had already allowed
him to increase the size of the business thrity percent, in little more
than a month.

Ding Dong!
Jen shut the vacuum off when the door bell rang and walked to the door.
Through the peep hole she saw a delivery van from some florist. She
opened the door.

"I'LL GET IT!" her daughter yelled even as the driver handed Jen a long
box. A note taped to the box read "To my Sweetie, Love Forever."

"There is one more item," the driver said. As Jen opened the box she
heard Amanda rushing down the stairs. The box was full of red, long
stemmed roses. That was when Jen remembered that it was Valentine's day.

'Maybe he's coming around?' she thought. John had often gotten her red
roses for Valentine's day in the past.

"Oh," Amanda said pulling up short at the door. "You got it."

"Flowers," Jen said still looking at the pretty roses. She did not see