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Perils of being a teacher.

A commisioned tale for a very sexy lady and she knows who she is.

Pauline Jones was 26 years old, married but not happily and desperate to become a mother; No matter how she tried with her husband it just seemed one of them was not firing on all cylinders and she just could not get pregnant.

Maybe I should describe Pauline; She was five foot five tall slim build with long blonde hair which came to just above her waist; she had graduated as a teacher at nineteen and currently talk physical education and sex education to her sixteen year olds. What made things worse she had for the last few months been having very erotic wet dreams and it was always with some of her muscular male students; the dreams became very powerful whenever she dreamed of the Black students of which there were three or four in her year.
Pauline had three great assets; one her firm 38 DD tits with their striking nipples; which when aroused stuck out almost half an inch, Her long shapely legs which she kept in shape with lots of jogging and finally her cunt which had extremely large lips and an over sensitive clit.

Last week the doctor’s report had come back about her and her husband Jack’s fertility tests and it seems he was the one at fault having an extremely low sperm count; so low that the doctor who spoke to Pauline had joked he may as well be a Jaffa, a seedless variety. Now Pauline was still determined to get herself pregnant and secretly swore that if he could not manage it then she would find a family member who would; She had several contenders in mind already; for she had noticed the way Jack’s dad and grand dad had given her more than just a passing eye whenever they saw her; mind you come to that her own dad had on more than once occasion been caught drooling as she bent over in his presence.

Today being Sunday she was supposed to be preparing for return to school tomorrow preparing all the papers and such for her lessons but she could not shake off the idea of choosing a father for her child; as Jack seemed incapable then she saw the child as hers and hers alone. She weighed up the options; if her dad was to be the one it would be incest and she would have to live with that; something she was determined not to be bothered about. If it was his dad then he would have to be sworn to secrecy or it could ruin two marriages; Believe it or not the best bet was Jack’s uncle; a widower but she was reluctant to go there because he would expect it to continue well after she was pregnant and would not see it as a one off event.

She found herself dozing as her mind went into overdrive about the three candidates; so much so that in her subconscious she was already highly aroused and she lazily stroked her cunt through her lacy panties until she suddenly woke with a start at the onset of her orgasm; she instinctively brought her fingers to her mouth and without thinking licked them clean. She chastised herself for thinking such naughty horny thoughts in the middle of the afternoon and wanted to slip off to bed to dream in comfort and safety. Just as she decided to tell Jack she was going to take a nap he announced that her dad, Arthur was going to pop over to set up a family holiday.

Fuck she thought to herself; I hope that doesn’t mean that the pair will be hitting the booze and she will have to skivvy after them; like fetching their drinks, clearing away the empties and making them nibbles and such. Suddenly she thought; what the fuck; I am feeling so fucking hot and horny; I don’t care if dad looks and gets excited by his daughter; let him look in fact I have a good mind to give him something real sexy to look at; so she went upstairs found out her old cheerleaders uniform and tried on the skirt; it fitted just right but was ashamedly short. She tried in vain to get the top on but her bust had grown since she last wore it but wait a minute I have a new top almost similar in my wardrobe she thought. She slipped off her bra and found the new top out and it looked so similar she was sure that no one would ever know it was not the proper top.

She decided to wear the smallest panties she had and finished off the entire ensemble with white knee length socks and white pumps; she went downstairs avoiding Jack and sat out in the back garden awaiting the arrival of her dad. As soon as she heard the door bell go she was up going through some warm up exercises with the story already fixed in her mind that if he asked why; then she had been asked to work out a new routine for the cheerleaders at school and was making sure the ideas she had would work in their uniforms.

Suddenly the patio door opened and out stepped her dad Arthur. Pauline was in the midst of leg stretching exercises when he spoke to her; She gave him the phony story and was shocked when he agreed to watch her and give his opinions as to how good the routine was. She was caught in her own trap and now had to improvise a routine; luckily she was able to remember a lot of the moves she had done as a cheerleader and managed to work them in but not without flashing her cunt lips and bouncing tits to his lusty gaze.

As he watched her he had begun drinking beers; with Jack having more than anyone else; the inevitable happened Jack got so pissed that he passed out and the Pauline’s dad put him to bed; Pauline was just coming in from the garden when her dad was coming downstairs. He told her that he had put Jack in the spare bedroom in case he was sick and it would not affect her sleep what with school tomorrow. Pauline smiled and excused herself saying she needed a shower now; but what she did not know was that her dad had decided to do more than just gaze lustily at his daughter; he had often heard comments from Jack’s grand dad about how even at his age he would love to fuck Pauline and had found himself mentally agreeing.

He gave Pauline enough time to go into the shower and then crept upstairs; he tried the bathroom door quietly and found she had not locked it; ever so quietly he entered the bathroom and silently cursed; for they had an opaque shower curtain which prevented him seeing Pauline’s nude wet glistening body. Not to be out done; Arthur crept close to the shower curtain; then quick as a flash he whipped it open exposing his own daughter to his lusty stare. Pauline had soap in her eyes which stung really badly so she could not see it was her dad, she thought it was Jack so never tried to cover herself. Arthur stepped and stroked his own daughter’s thigh; but when he suggested she be nice to him; she instantly tried to cover up; he slapped her face and told her she was still not too big to go over his knee.

He helped her out of the shower and wrapped her in a large fluffy towel making sure to get a touch her cunt and tits in the pretence of drying her; then he led her to the master bed room and pulled the towel from her telling, “I know about Jack’s low sperm count and how desperately you want a child so I am going to be a good dad and give his daughter what she really wants!” He suggested she should kneel down and suck some fucking cock. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her dad removing his trousers and she was sickened by the thought of committing incest but had to marvel at the size of his rock hard cock for it was almost twice the size of her jack’s. She was horny from her wet dreams and exercise but she was torn between getting her baby and carrying an incestuous act; Her father sensed this and told her to obey his instructions and she could then always say he made her do it. He placed his hand on her shoulder and gently pressed down; she was forced on to her knees by her dad’s hand and her dad stood now prodding her closed mouth with his boner. To be honest it took little persuasion for her to open her mouth and accept his cock.

In a flash her mouth was full of Arthur’s cock and he held his hands behind his daughter’s head refusing to let her back off his eleven in cock; she was choking again as the cock pressed against the back of her throat and her dad advised her to relax and breath though her nose.

Arthur never made any attempt to move his cock; instead Pauline was allowed to get used to the feel of such a large cock in her mouth and it was she who started to try to move her head forward and back. Pauline begged him to fuck her mouth but it all sounded gibberish with a mouthful of cock. Arthur gently spoke to her telling her to suck him to full erection and then he would show her how to make a baby; Pauline’s mind was now in a whirl; the excitement of an incestuous relationship with her father and the prospect of having the one thing she really wanted above all else in the world; a child.

She relaxed and held her hands up; Arthur backed off till his cock slipped from her mouth and she was able to speak; feigning indignity she said “Well if you are intent on fucking me I cannot stop you so I may as well enjoy it; however I just hope you will be able to live with yourself after its all over!”

She was shocked when her dad said “Oh don’t worry I have dreamed of this for a while now; in fact ever since you turned 16 years of age and developed those cute tits of yours. Your mother knew I wanted you but always insisted that I wait till you were married and out of the house; she knows I am here to solve your problem by solving my ten year itch!”

With that Pauline stood up and said “well let’s get this over with”; then pointing at her father she suggested he got naked too. Pauline was surprised and soon hoped her dad would cum up her cunt and help her achieve her secret wish to become pregnant.

Her dad stepped forward and caressed his daughter; almost reassuring her he only wanted to help; he whispered in her ear he knew she was desperate to have a baby and better a family baby than one with a stranger. He brushed away her arguments that incest was still incest and therefore wrong; but when he slid his hand over her stomach and down to her pubic mound he sensed her shiver; he hoped it was with excitement and not fear.

Then as his hand made first contact with her cunt lips; she let a low moan escape her mouth and he felt the hot wetness of a fully aroused cunt and this drove him on still further. Whispering; he told her he wanted her to enjoy this and suggested as it was to save her marriage in a way it was appropriate it should be in the marital bed and asked her to climb in bed with him.

In a trance Pauline simply turned and climbed into bed; her eyes never far from her father’s exquisite cock; she lay on her back legs slightly open almost embarrassed how hot her cunt was feeling; for her father the sight of his daughter’s opening vulva and obvious wetness just made this seem so right, he could not resist and he lead in from the side of the bed and kissed her pubic bone before sliding his tongue down on to those open cunt lips. His mind went into outer space as he tasted his daughter cunt juice for the first time and flashes of memories of his darling daughter growing up shot through his mind.

Always though those thoughts were when he and her were in close embrace or when she sat on his knee; clearly innocent incidents but now in his mind’s eye much more erotic and sexy. Now his tongue dipped into her womanhood and he lapped up the juices which escaped as he withdrew it; Pauline for her part now opened her legs as wide as possible and without thinking had her hands behind his head pulling his tongue into greater contact with her horny cunt, as she mewed her way to ever increasing groans of passion.

Then her orgasm hit; her head yanked back as she screamed out her lust loud enough to wake the dead; her hands shooting up to clutch her ears as if to try to shut out the flashing lights and sounds invading her senses. Arthur took this chance to raise his head and brought it close to his daughter’s head and bent into her to kiss her tenderly on the lips but Pauline was quicker her tongue snaked out and tasted the cunt juice which surrounded his mouth and almost tickled him just under the nose. Then their lips met and this was definitely no father / daughter kiss but more the kiss of wild lovers; their lips mashed together as their tongues almost fought a duel for supremacy.

Without breaking the kiss; Arthur now climbed on the bed and slipped between her legs; his rock hard cock now brushing her upper thigh. Instinctively her hand sought out his cock and she guided it to the entrance of her soaking cunt; sensing her urgent need Arthur thrust firmly forcing his cock into his daughter’s eager cunt; looking her deep in the eyes he watched as her expression changed to one of sheer lust. Soon his length was as far up her cunt as it would go although it did not stop him trying to add his balls inside her too.

Slowly he withdrew his cock until just the tip remained and as if co-ordinated they both slammed their hips together ramming his cock hard in to her accepting cunt; on and on they thrust together until his balls twitched and his cock shuddered and delivered its baby making seed deep inside her welcoming cunt; only then did they break the kiss and his mouth moved down and sought out her left nipple; closing his lips over her nipple he flicked it with his tongue and sucked hard at the same time. Form the first time in more time that he cared to remember his cock never went hard and he began pumping her again; Now Pauline locked her legs behind his arse and pulled him on to her even tighter and she whimpered into space. “OH Dad, fuck your horny daughter again and again; I want your child to raise as my own!”

It was a couple of hours later an almost exhausted Arthur crept from the house and left a well and truly fucked young lady still panting in her marriage bed and his son in law asleep in the spare room. Arthur’s wife never asked him why he was so late coming home but did pass comment that he seemed much happier tonight and did anything special happen. He could not resist smirking as he said “wouldn’t you like to know!”.

Brigit Astar
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excellent...on my richter scale I give it an 8+

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Got me all excited as well. Well written. Hmm...now I'm starting to have fantasies about my own father.... Hehe