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The perils of being a teacher 02.

A second chapter of the story commisioned by a very sexy lady.

Next morning Pauline woke up with much more vigour and energy than she could remember for a quite some time; she was busy in the kitchen preparing her and Jack’s breakfast when he popped his head around the door. Seeing his wife so perky at this time in the morning; even he noticed the difference and cheekily asked if anything happened last night. Pauline smiled to herself as she answered, “No, Lover boy; nothing out of the usual happened!” Jack never spotted the sly smile and thought he had done his duty the night before and had excelled for once.

Pauline arrived at school a little exhausted from her activities last night with her father and the fact that she had some more powerful erotic dreams; which led to her masturbating most of the night and to this she felt different in herself, she could swear she felt the tiny seed of life starting inside her body; impossible I know but she was convinced her father had done his work so well that she would soon announce her impending baby. As she turned the corner near the cycle shack she saw literally collided with a coloured youth.
His name was Leroy and he stood six feet tall slim build and was usually in trouble one way or another; but such was her haste to get to the teacher’s common room that her force of colliding with him caused him to drop the magazine he had been so engrossed in. She bent and picked up the magazine and was about to hand it back to Leroy when she noticed it was a porno magazine. This led her to demand he empty his pockets; to make sure he was not carrying anymore of this filth; she explained to him. There was nothing untoward found apart from a white envelope and her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the envelope to protests from Leroy that it was private. She replied that if it was private why did he bring it to school.
The envelope contain some pornographic pictures; they were actual photographs and all the same topic of black males fucking white females; this made Pauline blush slightly; she shoved the pictures back into the envelope and turned her attention back to the magazine.
She opened the first page and was shocked to see a blonde haired white woman about to suck on a large black cock; her first thought was fuck me he has even more cock than my dad; she quickly recovered and told Leroy he knew these things were not allowed at school and as such she was going to confiscate them and he was to come to her classroom at the end of the day for a detention.
She then continued on her way to the teacher’s common room having pushed the magazine and envelope into her bag; she had intended to destroy the magazine and during the detention give Leroy a lecture on the evils of pornography. As she sat in the common room her mind went over the changes to her life of the last 24 hours; if anyone would have said that not only would she fuck her own dad but she would enjoy it so much and actually hope he had made her pregnant; let alone deal so calmly with a coloured boy looking at porn, she would have said they were crazy.
She sat a little uncomfortably because such was the images she recalled from last night that she found herself a little turned on; she knew she could not sit here much longer or people would know she was feeling horny. She decided to go prepare for her first lesson of the day Female physical education, a double lesson. So she headed off to the gym and putting out the vaulting horse and some benches; she felt good to channel her thoughts away from her own feelings and now made her way off to the female locker room and her little office there.
She tossed her bag onto the little desk in her little office; quickly undressed and slipped into her gym kit; she caught a glance of her tits in the small mirror and noticed the slight bruising near her nipples and two things hit her; one they were made by her own dad’s teeth as he nipped and sucked her nipples and the fact the dark bluish black bruise was not that far removed from the colour of the boy she had taken the magazine off. The magazine; of course she had better remove it from her bag or anyone who saw it would swear it was hers and not something she had confiscated.
She took it from her bag and absentmindedly flicked through a few pages; the white woman on page one about to such the large black cock on later pages took more and more of the clearly eighteen inch cock into her mouth. Pauline wondered how a small woman like that could get so much into her mouth for the last picture she glanced at showed the girls nose pressed against the pubic hairs of the black man. Closer inspection of the picture clearly showed the throat of the girl was bulging obviously with the cock in it; It suddenly hit Pauline she felt admiration for the girl having the talent to swallow such a large cock. She opened the desk drawer and tossed the magazine into it before turning her attention once again back to the envelope and the pictures; She closely studied the pictures and swore the girls face looked familiar but for the moment she could not place the face. So she put them back into the envelope and added them to the magazine before closing and locking the drawer.
Now Pauline came out of her office to a melee of noises as the sixteen year old girls were in various stages of getting changed for her lesson; at the top of her voice she screamed for them to keep the noise down and they had five minutes to be in the gym or face extra chores. As she walked to the gym she realised the pictures had an effect up her and she felt squishy in her cunt and made a note to make sure she did not display that to any of the girls.
Half way through the lesson she had cause to go to one of the girls who had tried to leap the vaulting horse and had crashed on the other side; the girl was laid winded and as she knelt beside her to make sure she was alright she suddenly noticed the girls face; it was the girl in the pictures; no it could not be but it looked so much like it was her. The girl was sent to the school nurse to be checked out and Pauline supervised the rest of the lesson but the thought of that being the girl in the pictures in the envelope would not go away; at the end of the double lesson there was a twenty minute break between change over lessons; so she went to the school nurse to make sure the girl was ok and when she got there she was told there was no damage done and the girl could return to her lessons.
Pauline escorted the girl back to the female locker room and when they arrived it was deserted; all the other girls had changed and moved out; Pauline took the girl into her office and sat her down and after ensuring she was not suffering any effects from her accident; she began to probe on a more serious matter.
In the finish Pauline explained she had confiscated an explicit magazine and photographs of interracial nature; from one of the boys this morning and had Susan anything she wanted to tell her. Susan blushed and began to cry; she blurted out that Leroy the boy in the picture had managed to get some personal details on her and had blackmailed her into having sex with him but she did not know he had arranged for someone to take those photographs and the first she knew was when he showed to her last Friday. Susan confessed that she had been made to perform on Saturday night for three of Leroy’s friends and was seriously worried now that more photographs may exist.
Pauline promised to help her sort this out and promised to keep the information quiet; she now had a major problem with Leroy though; bad enough was the fact he was underage looking at pornography but now he was also accused of blackmailing other underage persons into the acts portrayed in those filthy photographs.
Pauline hugged Susan and the told her to leave it with her and get dressed and go to her next lesson; for Pauline that lesson was going to be teaching sex education to the mixed class which contained both Susan and Leroy. She needed to think how to broach the subject of respecting people’s privacy without giving the game away.
She made her way to the next lesson; the sex education lesson in which she already prepared posters showing the internal workings of the male anatomy and similarly the female anatomy. Pauline sat with her back to them awaiting the arrival of the class; Pauline decided to deviate from her planned lesson just a little to talk about personal relationships.
She began by asking the class, “What is important in a relationship?” after several non descript answers; Leroy added his comment; she suspected to score brownie points with his peers; “Good sex is a good start!” he called out. Seizing on this Pauline continued; “OK Leroy and just what makes good sex as you put it?” she asked.
“Stamina and a good length!” he retorted almost grinning from ear to ear. Again Pauline seethed inside as she thought his attitude was almost typical of all the young men size may matter but feelings were far more important she thought.
“Stamina and Length!” she echoed, “A typical male response if I may say so!” she continued; “So Leroy; If I was to tie you upside down; stick a large sex toy up your arse and turn its batteries on and leave you like that for an hour or two; that would be good sex then?” she emphasised.
Now the class erupted in howls of laughter and Leroy scowled taking it that they were laughing at him; he finally snapped, “Just like to see you try it, that’s all!”
“Oh but surely; all I need do really is find out something you would be ashamed of others finding out and then you would have to agree to my wishes!” she pressed home her point.
Leroy Glared at her and swore under his breath. “Listen I am not having ago at anyone here I am just trying to point out that there are much more important aspects of relationships than the sex side being as simple as a good length and stamina; it is much more rewarding to develop a trust and understanding as well as respect and care for each other!” Pauline explained; hoping now to lead Leroy away from his aggressive stand.
Now the class was silent and as she glanced round the room a lot of the students were nodding their approval. However Pauline knew she had to deal directly with Leroy’s attitude; so she continued asking Leroy why he felt so aggressive about the humour of the class. Now getting very defensive Leroy simply said he did not like people laughing at him.
Pauline realised that to continue would simply make matters worse and just asked Leroy to stay and have a word with her at the end of the lesson. She then turned to the poster of the female anatomy and carried on with her original prepared lesson.
She explained about the ovaries and the egg producing cycle as well as giving a good detailed description of what happened when a fertilised egg reached the womb; at this though she had a hollow empty feeling inside her which she put down to her desire to become pregnant herself; almost instantly a really wicked thought entered her mind and she thought about she may be already pregnant.
As she turned to being talking about the male anatomy she glanced up at the appropriate poster and stopped dead in her tracks for the poster had changed; no longer was it the internal workings of the male penis but instead it was a massive 3D image of a black cock enticing her to suck it; even the students noticed the pause in her speech; she quickly tried to recover but her shaky voice betrayed her inner feelings and she was glad to hear the school bell announcing the end of the lesson.
Everyone rose and began leaving the classroom as Leroy remained seated; once there was only the two of them alone in the classroom; Leroy stood and slowly walked towards her; he had a distinct swagger about him. Pauline cut him short by telling him she was aware of his little side line and as a blackmailer he was now entering the realms of crime and could be reported to the police and end up with a criminal record. However she was prepared to give him the chance to come clean and stop this disgusting practise by collecting the photographs and giving them all to Susan after the detention tonight; the alternative would be that she would have to report the matter to the police along with the fact she had recognised the girl in those photographs.
Leroy said he would think about it; Pauline recognised this as his way of backing down without losing face so she simply agreed.
At dinner time she deliberately avoided her office and went to lunch in the staff canteen but the forty minutes after lunch before the afternoon lessons began proved too much and she found herself on her way to her little office; when suddenly her mobile phone rang; taking it from her bag she saw her father’s number and without thinking she answered, her father said “how is my little sexy mum to be this morning?”
Pauline replied, “I am fine, Dad!”
Her dad then said, “Tell me babes; did you enjoy last night and what would you like to do next time we get the chance?”
“Oh Dad; I am at school and its awkward but you know I want to suck your cock before you fuck me again and again!” she said without thinking.
Unseen by Pauline; Leroy now grinned and turned and quickly disappeared; he now had a bargaining tool with his prim and proper teacher. The afternoon passed without incident apart from Susan thanked her for the way she had dealt with the matter that morning.

At the end of the day, Pauline hurried off to her office and its private shower; quickly showered and it took a great deal of determination not to look at the magazine again; but she dress in a sports bra and panties and then slipped a tracksuit on and made her way to the classroom for the detention.
She had been sat there for about ten minutes when Leroy entered; he sat at the front directly in front of Pauline and had already planned to stare directly at her 38 DD tits no matter what she said to him.
It did not take Pauline long to realise he was staring; but it took her longer to realise it was her tits he was staring at; she cleared her throat and demanded he stop; with that he simply stood up and moved to the door; Pauline reminded him that if he left she would have no alternative but to suspend him from school and show the material to the headmaster and police.
Leroy stopped at the door as Pauline thought she had scared him; but he simply locked the door and turned walking quickly back up to her. He then stopped and said “I really don’t think you would want to do that unless your own secret means so little to you that you don’t mind the world knowing it!” Now astounded by the brash attitude of Leroy Pauline was taken aback; She demanded to know like what secrets do you think you have on me.
Leroy began; “Well for a start there is the fact that you cheated on your husband only yesterday; but more scandalous is the fact it was with your own father that you did the dirty deed!” he sneered
Pauline blushed badly and almost stuttered; “How do you know that?”
Leroy laughed and said, “that’s for me to know and you to find out, but you really should be more careful about taking calls from your lover in school time!”
Leroy then looked Pauline directly in the eye and said “Remove your blouse; bitch!”
Pauline crossed her arms and flatly refused telling him to show some respect and not speak to a teacher like that or he would go to the headmaster for further punishment.
Leroy simply said “Fine then let’s go right now and while you tell him about my attitude you can explain to him who you justify teaching morals to us students while having an incestuous relationship with your father!”
Pauline suddenly realised she was sunk and had better just do as she was told; she knew that she could not justify her relationship with her dad even if it was to bring about her pregnancy; but she was not going to simply become another of his slutty bitches for she was already working on a plan to stop Leroy lording it over her.
“OK; Leroy you have the upper hand right now but your photographs of Susan are not here as I gave them back to her!” Pauline replied; “Just so you are aware, whatever happens right now this is a one off and will never be repeated I promise you!” Pauline answered.
Slowly she began to unbutton her blouse biting her lower lip as she did so just hoping she could end this before she went too far. Next Leroy demanded she remove her blouse before he touched her bare tits and was soon pinching her nipples until they were swollen and erect. All the time Pauline had her eyes closed from embarrassment.
Leroy then snapped for her to open her eyes and she stepped back against her desk; shocked to see he had his cock out; it was not even hard and looked twice the size of her husband’s; Leroy then took her hand and placed it on his cock her slender fingers barely touched around his mammoth cock; much to her disgust she began to feel her cunt get wet and marvelled as despite her not moving her hand the cock began to thicken and harden.
Her eyes opened wide as she saw it physically growing in her tiny hand; she could not believe a boy aged seventeen could posses enough blood in his body to still be alert with a cock as hard and as big as this one.
Leroy seemed to sense her feeling as he said; “Go on; I dare you to tell me you don’t want that sliding in and out of your fucking cunt; bitch!”
Pauline shook her head and murmured that she did not think she could take all that up her pussy; Leroy noticed her breathing was becoming ragged and he told her more gently now to remove her trousers and panties and he would see how wet her cunt was! He really stressed the word cunt as if to unlock her will power further.
Pauline knew she was falling into the abyss of sex and was already powerless to stop herself; she undid her waist band of her trousers and soon stood naked before her young student; he took in the sight of her largish tits and her shaved cunt before he said “No wonder your dad wanted to fuck that!” just then he slid his hand between her thighs and touched her cunt; then he sought out her clit and pinched it between his thumb and forefinger bring a gasp of delight from Pauline.
Instantly Leroy knelt and blew gently on to Pauline’s cunt before slipping his tongue over her sensitive clit; without thinking Pauline grabbed his head and pulled him tight to her cunt and began rubbing her cunt roughly against his face.
Leroy then pulled away and slapped her hard across the arse and told her to only do as he told her; then he made her lay on her desk and open her legs. All pretence of Pauline’s reserved exterior was gone as she now just wanted to feel that cock buried in her cunt; As Leroy stepped between her legs she suddenly closed her legs tight and begged him to put a condom on. Leroy laughed and asked her why; did she not want to get pregnant and bring a child into the world well she would not be able to if he wore a condom.
Pauline gasped, “Yeah, but a half caste child would be impossible to explain away!”
“Tough shit; because I ain’t got any condoms with me; my raging hard on won’t wait for a trip to get any so you will just have to have it bareback!” Leroy Declared.
With a firm hard push the head of his cock pressed against the soft giving entrance of Pauline’s cunt; Stars exploded in her brain as inch by inch all eighteen inches were fed into her wanton cunt. Pauline was now lost in her sheer lust and began humping the rigid cock as Leroy began to slowly fuck his teacher.
Pauline began to feel his cock throb and tried pushing him away begging him to pull out before he shot but he grabbed her hand and pinned her down as he pumped loads of his baby making seed deep into her womb; the exquisite feeling Pauline was enduring was too much as she blacked out and woke some thirty minutes later naked but alone in the class room; she brought her hand down to her cunt still wide open and leaking copious amounts of white sticky spunk.

She struggled to her feet and finding her clothes she just about managed to get dress; sitting down on her chair she winced because her cunt was so sore from the pounding she had taken. She sat in a daze as in her mind she relived what had just happened to her; technically she had just been raped by her student; she had begged him not to cum up her cunt and he had ignored her pleas.
She now began to plan her revenge on Leroy but would need her father’s help and she was sure he would be only too willing to assist.

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moving right alomg--chapter two of an excellent story