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01-11-2010, 08:23 PM
I found this on the internet and thought i would share it here.

A Daddy's Love
by Tom Land

Ron wanted to stop in and see how his youngest daughter, Amber, was doing with her new 6-month old baby that she and her husband had wanted so much.

They'd only been married two years and within just a few months after they'd wed, Amber had managed to get pregnant and she'd looked forward to being a new mommy more than anything. Now her little girl, Wendy, was almost six months old and Ron occasionally liked to drop by and see what his little girl and her family might need, if anything.

Ron was totally shocked when Amber came to the door at his knock and she burst into hot emotional tears the moment she saw him. Ron was so shocked by her reaction that he took her into his arms and just stood there, letting her plentiful tears soak through his shirt as she sobbed and wept openly.

"Amber, honey, it'll be OK, baby. It'll be OK; Daddy's here now," Ron said as he found himself wondering what could have distressed his married daughter so much.

"No, Daddy, it won't all be OK. My husband doesn't find me attractive or sexually desirable anymore since I had the baby," Amber said as she looked into her father's eyes and wanted him to make it all good again. "He used to want me all the time, and even after I got pregnant with Wendy, he'd still make love to me a lot, but since the baby was born, Daddy, my own husband won't even touch me anymore. I haven't had sex in over six months now and it's about to drive me crazy," Amber said as she nestled up against her father's chest again.

"Honey, we'll make it OK, I know your husband will come around. He just needs a little time to get used to have a baby and to you're being a mother," Ron said as he stroked his hand over Amber's hair and tried to comfort her. Ron stood holding his young daughter in his arms, hearing her sobbing and as he felt her body close against his, he was suddenly embarassed to realize that he was actually getting a hardon from having Amber's body close to him. He fought the realization that he was getting turned on by being there alone with his youngest daughter, and as hard as he tried he couldn't get his erection to go down even the slighest bit. Then, Ron began to let his heart and his head come to grips with what his cock was trying to tell him. His horny dick was telling him that Amber was a sexy and very attractive woman and he wanted to fuck her right then more than anything he could think of. And, his horny cock was also telling him that not only was Amber sexy and hot to trot for a fuck, but his own daughter was telling him that she was extremely unhappy and that she didn't feel sexy anymore since she'd had her baby and her husband wouldn't even look at her or touch her intimately. As Ron stood there, holding Amber close, he began to feel her breasts pressed firmly against his chest as he hugged her and then he knew his hardon was touching Amber's body through his pants, too.

Ron struggled with what his body, his mind, and his heart were all telling him and then he broke away from Amber slightly, reached down and scooped her up into his arms and he began walking down the hallway where he knew her bedroom was located.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" Amber asked Ron as his sudden actions caught her attention and she felt her heart fluttering without her Daddy even saying anything to her. There was something about standing close to an attractive man and feeling your body against his and then having him suddenly pick you up and start carrrying you towards the bedroom that caught a woman's attention without either of them saying a word. "Daddy, tell me, what are you doing?" Amber asked, more wanting Ron to verbalize what was in his head than anything.

Amber almost knew exactly what her father had in mind. She suddenly recognized that she'd been feeling his horny hard cock touching her leg and now she looked into his eyes and saw a hot burning fire of lust there that she'd seen before in her husband's eyes and in the eyes of some of the boyfriends she'd fucked in her teen years. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Daddy," Amber moaned as she could almost tell him without him saying a word that he was taking her to her bedroom where he was going to quickly strip her naked, mount her and fuck her before both of them changed their minds. Amber wanted that. She let herself bring back hot fantasies she'd harbored in her teen years of her own father making love to her and now that she was in her Daddy's arms and he was nearly to the master bedroom, Amber knew that her father was about to become her hot sexy intimate lover, too.

Ron kicked pushed the door to Amber's bedroom open and he walked over and laid her down there on the bed. Then, Ron stood there for just a moment, looking down at his daughter lying there in front of him still clothed but then he reached down, and groped the large bulge of his hard erect cock through his pants and Amber's eyes went to his crotch and saw that her father's cock was hard and nicely big inside the front of his pants. She felt her pussy wetten as she realized that her father was very aroused and he was about to become her sexy hot lover.

Ron then bent over, closed his lips hotly over his daughter's as she lay there physically and emotionally vulnerable to his sexual advances and then as he kissed Amber's mouth, he let his hands cover her large milk-swollen breasts underneath the material of her top and the cups of her nursing bra. Ron felt his cock grow even harder now that he'd actually started foreplay in preparing to fuck Amber, and he kept on kissing her, feeling her hot hungry response to his kisses and then when their kiss broke, Ron pulled Amber's top up and reached underneath her back to unfasten the clasp of her bra. With her breasts uncovered, then he undid her pants and pulled them down and off, leaving his sexy young daughter lying there naked while he pulled his own pants and shirt off as well as his briefs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, Daddy, yes, yes, please do this with me, please," Amber said as she felt her body growing very hot and aroused at knowing that her own father, Ron, was on the verge of fucking her. Amber could hardly believe the sudden turn in their lives and she was so ready for it. Inside herself, Amber had sometimes imagined her own Daddy making love to her, but she'd never actually lusted for him to make love to her. Now, at this moment, she didn't want anything more than she wanted her own daddy to climb on top of her, spread her legs and bury his large thick cock inside her and make her his woman.

"Yes, Daddy, please, come here and fuck me, baby," Amber said as she reached over and grasped her father's large thick hardon and she actually guided the head of his cock straight in between her legs as he'd joined her there on the bed. As Amber felt Ron's large swollen cockhead slid in between her horny pussy lips and then she felt her father's large thick cock entering her pussy, she moaned hotly and bucked her ass up from the bed to take him inside even more quickly than he was doing it on his own. "OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, Daddy, fuck me," Amber moaned. Ron thrust his cock all the way inside Amber's tight cunt on the first inward stroke and then he quickly backed out halfway and fucked inside her cunt again. Then, he lowered his lips to her large rounded post-birth titties and closed his mouth over her left nipple as he began to piston his large thick cock in and out of her pussy in a quickly rapid rhythmic thrusting in and out.

As her horny Daddy Ron was fucking her, Amber could tell that her lusty father also wanted her milky tits to give him a treat while he was driving his cock in and out. "OHhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, suck my nipples, Daddy," Amber moaned as she placed her hand behind her father's head as his lips worked her lactating nipple and she spread her legs even farther apart so he had plenty of room to fuck in and out of her hot tight cunt. Ron's suckling was quickly rewarded by a sweet plentiful spurt of mother's milk from her tit since she'd been actively nursing her baby and it had been awhile since that morning when she last nursed. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, suck my titties, Daddy," Amber moaned.

Ron loved the feeling of having his daughter's breast milk flowing into his sucking lips and he leaned up for a moment, angling his cock just right as he pounded in and out hotly in Amber's pussy and then he bent over and locked his strong sucking lips around her other nipple and quickly generated a plentiful milk flow from it as well. As Ron's naked ass flashed back and forth, Amber exploded in a much-needed hot orgasm underneath her father's fucking cock and then he moaned as he buried his hardon deep inside her pussy and began shooting her pussy full of his hot virile manseed.

Ron stayed buried inside Amber's pussy for some moments and as his cock grew hard again, he began thrusting in and out and he kept on fucking Amber as she moaned and came underneath him until he felt another big cumload spurting and he buried his cock fully inside his own daughter and kept it there as she climaxed with him while his hot cum pooled at the mouth of her newly fucked cunt.


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very good story, thank you, for finding this