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I found this on the internet and brought it here to share.

A Pervert is Born
by fintinman

This all happened a long time ago, when I was only twenty five years old. I had met and married Katerina Tropmen at the age of seventeen. She was a nice girl from a good Jewish family. The only problem I had with her was she was a party girl. she liked to get high, and then fuck any one she wanted, even after we were married. I had caught her more once with a man in the house. Oh, before I get to far into this tale, let me tell you about us.

My name is Rolf Taylor, I was seventeen and a nerd, in all seance of the word. " young dumb, and wanting to cum, hits me right on the head, yes I was a virgin. Kandy, as she likes to be calls is 5/8 blonde, blue, at 135lb, with a 36cX25X36 and knows how to work it. At seventeen she talked me into taking the blame for her being pregnant with her first child, who just happened to be from a black guy. The child had a Coffey complexion. She was a girl, who kandy named FEBE. Thats where I come into all this shit.

My sister was bast friends with kandy and they had been playing around with a gang from the south end near eight mile. Yes this first took place in Detroit. Well the year was 1964, the place Willows Berth, Detroit. Now willows berth was the upper class neighborhood and they didn't mix with anyone but their own class. That is, all but Kandy and my sister Francie, both were all around SLUTs. Well they had went to a party with some black boys, from brant boulevard and came home knocked up. Well a months later Kandy was with child, so was Francie. Well I being a good old boy and they needed a SUCKER, that they could trick. I got fucked by them both and a week later they told my mother that I had had by way with them. Well the parents hymned and hawed and all about it, but they were willing to set us up with all the best of things. Somewhere else that is.

My mother told me that if I hadn't fooled around with that slut kandy, I could have went to collage. I told my mother that this was only a marriage of convince. I told her that I was geting twenty thousand from her parents for marring her. I also told mother, that she and Francine would be looking for someone also very soon. Mother turned red with anger and went for Francine, and she beat the hell out of her. In the end, She lost the child, thank the gods. We had found a little house in Scottsdale AZ. And we soon moved in, one week later. I had gotten a job as a programer some fifty miles away, with the help of my new in-laws.

Well lets see where to start. I had just completed school first in my class. I had also competed my second year collage classes and was working on my third year. We as I said, we had just move in and the first night there, kandy had to go out and find the locals night life. Well around four A.M. she came stumbling in with a guy named Stew. I walked out of my bedroom and she said; Stew baby, this is my husband, and she started to laugh. So did Stew, I turned around and said; use the guess room slut, and I returned to my bed. This went on every night for four months, until her belly was to big for her to get anyone to out with her. The ones that did mostly were real dregs, but some were rich johns. I just let her have her fun she just only my wife in name only. The baby came along two months later, she was cute for as baby go. I thought that the baby would have mellowed kandy a bit. Boy was I wrong, she only got worse.

Now the house and money had been put in my name, where she had no say as to how it was spent. I came home one night, and she had been having an orgy, with twenty five guys, and ten women. Who looked no older then fifteen or sixteen. They weren't. Kathy had gotten some of the high school kids to come to our house for a party. She gave them booze and smoke (reefer ) all this was going on in a busy neighborhood at seven o'clock at night.

As I drove up to my house, there were five naked guys chancing two young women around my lawn, also naked. As I was getting out of my car, as the police pulled up. That did put a kink in Kandys play time. The police asked me; who I was, and what I was doing there. I told them I was just done work and had come home. They asked me who I was. I told them the owner of the house. They arrested me. I asked what for. Contributing to the delicacy of minors, Child endangerment, amongst others. Kandy got off with probation because she just still a minor.

I lost my job, after the court dismissed the charges on me. I had to move out of my house and find a new place to live as well as pay support for her for the baby.

I tried to devorice Kandy, but was told that she was still under eighteen and need to be kept. She was arrested three more times for prostitution that year. The last time, she was eighteen and received four years, and my headaches were over, or so I thought. She was pregnant once again shortly after going to jail, only this time to one of the guards. So that kid got my name also, Gwen Taylor. That was two kids, I'd be paying for that were not mine. My sister came to visit after she turned eighteen. After the first month, I couldn't get rid of her. Not even after a years. A year after Kandy was arrested, I was broke due to legal fees and court costs, and that bitch of a sister of mine was being even more so a bitch, since she had to deal with the kids. While I worked at Chubie Burger, for minium wage. I called home" (witch I did at least once a week)" one night to see if mom could help out. Her only words were ; you made your bed, you sleep in it. I asked about getting fran to go home.

Mom laughed and said; that bitch, isn't welcome here anymore, after what she did. So like a fool I asked; What she do mom. Mom went nuts; and started to yell ; that bitch, slept with your father, your Uncle John, and preacher Comstock, and who knows, how many more men. Now dad was a nut case, but a good man at heart, but uncle John he was seventy four years old, and preacher Comstock, was sixty five, and everyone thought he was gay. Wow mom, was all I said. Mom told me to call later in the week. She said; she had to go shopping and hung up.

I was home for about an hour or so, when the front door slammed open. Francine came in with two large black men. I stood up and told her to leave and not come back, if she was going to continue with these type of antics. The first man was named Carlos " who had been with my wife as well", he stood 6/3, 230lb, fairly muscled. Told me to shut up and go back to my room like a good little boy, before he and his friend beat me up. I at nineteen was not a wimp, by any means. I stood 6/4 245lb, and very muscled. Two years of working out, with marshal arts three times a week. I told them they were welcome to try and kick my ass. But they would be sadly mistaken if they thought they could take over my home.

Francine started to talk big; oh don't worry about him Carlos, hes a pussy com-on lets go fuck. I said; Franny I meant what I said, get out and take these scum bags with you. The second man named; Baba, was 6/6, 460lb, and fairly well muscled, took my comment to heart. He took a swing at me. I ducked under him and hit him with an upper cut to his jaw, knocking him out. Carlos had to get into the action and he to tried to hit me. I hit him with a round house kick to his face, braking his jaw, and noise. Francine screamed that I was killing them. Someone had called the police. They asked; what happened. I told them that I had thrown out my sister for her promiscuous behaviors. And she brought back these two goons, who tried to assault me.

It turned out that both had priors. So both were taken away, Along with Francine, for criminal trespassing. I was alone with two children, a four year old and a two year old. And a job that paid 4.45 cent an hour.

I called home again, later that week and told mom, what had happened. She said; Good for you son, its about time you got rid of the trash. I told mom I still had the girls to care for. Mom wasn't happy to hear about the girls, and asked me to give them up. And move back home with her. I told her mom, I can't do that to them mom, they didn't have anything to do with their mothers life style.

Mother said; your right son, they didn't, but neither did you. Yes thats true mom, but they are mine in name. I have come to love the kids. I couldn't give them up to a life as orphans, its not right mom. You always said, to take care of your own. Then I asked; Mom why haven't you and pop come to see us. Its been a little over, two years. Mom mumbled something, and I asked about the Tropmens. I said; they too have not been interested in us at all.

Do you know why. Mom said; yes it is because of them half breeds, and their slut daughter.

I said; Mom thats not right, the kids don't have anything to do with this stuff, it was there mother. Mom said; Rolf, you know how people are around here, its would be hard on them and us if we accepted them as ours. Yeah mom I know, how you are. Mom was going to, but I hung up on her. I sat there thinking to myself. How could this have happened to me. Why me. Then there was the answer. The kids! FEBE came into the room holding Gwen, asking; whats a matter daddy, why are you crying. I picked them both up and said; I guess I just figured out, whats going on baby.

I told them that we were going to be moving soon. Some where that people didn't care what color the skin was, or the way people were. FEBE, kissed me and said; daddy but why were you crying. Do you hurt, do you have a boo, boo or something. I hugged her and said; No pets, daddy doesn't have a boo, boo. Not that anyone can see anyway. So there I was with a house that way paid for, a job that was going no where, and no future to look at. In other words I was dead to my family, unless I gave up my kids. I month after talking with my mom, I received a call that my wife and sister had been killed in a riot. The state was going to pay for our loss. It was investigated that they had been model inmates, and were due for early release. They had come between four other inmates, who were taking hostages. They were the first to die. They offered me two million dollars, for each relative. Since Francine had listed me as next and only kin.

Here I was with Four million dollars from the state, and the insurance company paid me double, that was five million. Mom tried to get in touch with me. I avoided her calls. I even got a visit from her and Carol Tropmen. Trying to say how sorry they were about Kandy s death, and Frannys as well. But it came down to the money. Mom said; Rolf, now that you have all this money, you can set up a good life for yourself. Put the kids away and move on with your life. Go back to collage, and get your degree. The kids will be better off with someone else. I walked to the door, and asked them never to contact me again. I called them a few chose words, Blood sucking leaches were in the first few. They left, but said they would be back with the law. Telling them that if they did it would be the last thing they ever did.

I didn't here a word from them again, but I also sold the house a week later and moved to Florida. FEBE luckily had her mothers features, and she had lighted up a bit. She looked to have a really dark tan. Gwen also was dark skinned, but lighter the FEBE. I opened a office for trouble shooting computers, and it hit big time. I let FEBE and Gwen pick the name; TRENDIER. I had to hire ten people the first month to keep up with the flow of work. We worked hard and long hours. On FEBEs tenth birth day, she and Gwen came into my bed, late one night well I slept. They were naked, I always slept that way. Well FEBE had gotten my dick hard, and mounted it. She had got about six of my ten inches into her before Gwen told her I was awake. It felt so good to be fucking again. Its been six years. Well I just let her have her fun. We came together, and then Gwen sucked me clean, and I was hard again. It was Gwens turn now. Her little pussy worked hard to get me into her. FEBE helped her by playing with her clit. It didn't take them long to get me fully into her pussy.

I was hooked on their pussies for life. It was an every day event after that. They would climb into bed with me each night and give me the best sex anyone could have. This went on for three years. FEBEs thirteenth birthday was a killer for me. She wanted me to give her a baby. She had been having her monthly for over two years. And they both wanted me to give them a baby.

But Gwen was still to young. Anyway FEBE wanted a baby, I sat them down and asked, why a baby and why me. FEBE said; Daddy you have given us a life and we want to return that life to you. Gwen said; we have been talking with Grand mom Taylor and Grand mom Tropmen, we know all about how you wouldn't give us up and all. Its our way of telling you that we love you. I kissed them both and said; I know you love me girls, and there isn't anything, I wouldn't do for you, both. But a baby is way to much. Gwen said; daddy, look at it this way, its one more girl to love. I said; well, what if I gave you a boy baby. Oh, was Gwens reply. We didn't think about that. FEBE said; well you would have a son. Gwen reply; yea daddy, a son to play with and teach him to be a man like you are. I kissed them both and told them no baby, not yet anyway.

Both girls tried a few more times, to get me to let them have my baby. I finally told them when they were eighteen, if they still wanted to then I would then give into their request. So the years roamed on. FEBE turned eighteen, and never even asked about going out with other boys, Gwen either. Well the day came, where FEBE wanted her baby. Gwen also wanted hers, and they were going to get them, no matter what I said. It was a Friday morning, June 28, 1978. Both girls had stop having sex with me for close to a month now. They came into my bedroom with breakfast, and a note. It read; Daddy, its time to give us our babies. No and, if, or buts. We are making this your roll from now on. To be our babies father. We love you with all our heart and body and soul. We are your sex slaves, your women, daddy, from this day on.

I said; is this really what you both want girls. Both said; More then life itself, daddy.

I said; then thats the way it will be. I am no longer your daddy. You will call me Rolf, lover, and husband. We will move to some place that doesn't know us. And live a happy life raising our children. Now the girls had something else to say, but were learly to do so. I knew my girls. So I asked; whats up girls. Gwen was first to speak. Well daddy, um I mean, Rolf there is something that we want you to do also. I asked what that would be. They both said; take our girlfriends too. I was shocked to say the least. My girls had, had four of the hottest girls ever seen. I had a hard-on when ever they were around. And they knew it. None of the girls had hair anywhere below the head. They all were at my house everyday, for swimming in the nude.

Now the four girls in question are Chloe Mc Mantis, a seventeen year old sex goddess with blonde hair light blue eyes, 5/8, 127lb, with a 36X24X36. Then we come to Beth Aryan she was sixteen a sex little thing at 5/3, with brown hair and eyes, 105lb, with a 34bX24X35. Then we come to Aileen Sanchez, she was seventeen and a spicy little number with Black hair, Green eyes, 5/3, 102lb, with a 34bX24X35. Then last but not least was Toby Hague, at eighteen, she had red hair, green eyes, 5/9, 135lb, with a 38ddX25X26 and man could she move that ass.

Now I watched these girls grow up, day in and day out, they were at my house using the pool or tennis court, or spa/ Jacuzzi or just playing with my girls. When I'd come in to the family room from my den, after doing a days work on my programs. Oh yeah, I had went back to school and gotten my degree, in computer sciences. I held a 4.0 GPA threw out my classes. And had changed my companies name to, Web Tech. I make a good living off it. Now back to my girls. Well I said. That is an interesting aspect to consider girls. I get to have all six of you as my own women. There won't be another man later on, will there. Both my girls said; No sir, daddy. We all want you to be our man, and we are willing to prove it. I had to ask; How are you all going to prove it girls. Gwen said; You are going to hypnotize us, one at a time.

I had been playing around with parlor tricks for years. You know getting people to do things, that they wouldn't normally do, like dance around with a flower pot on their head, or swim the English Chanel, well they were lying on the floor of a night club. Dumb shit like that. And here were six sexy vixens willing to under go the same treatment. So I told my girls to have them all over for a sleep over weekend. This went on all the time, and their parents won't get mad that they were here.

Most won't anyway, they were off cruising the south pacific or something, but I had to make it look good. The girls showed up that Friday after classes. Each wanted to give me their best. I in turn asked each girl, with out the others to pressure them. I took Beth first and asked; Beth is this what you really want from me. Beth got down on her knees and said; Oh please, yes please take me as one of your women. I asked are you willing to share me with the others. Beth blushed, and nodded and said; yes sir. Then I went about putting her under. After she was under, I told her to always tell me the truth. She was then asked again about wanting me to be the one and only. Beth told me that My daughters had told them about me fucking them, since they were younger. And I had never told anyone or made them do bad things. Her words were; Your safe, Rolf, we have been trying to get you to fuck us for years, and you never asked anyone, you have drove us crazy with lust for you.

Gwen told us about your monster cock, and we all want it. Febe told us that you will go seven of eight time a night. And we all want and need for you to take us. I asked; have you girls been with other men. Beth shook her head and said; NO, we have been with each other and are still lovers, but we have to have a man to father our babies. I said; you all could get other men to father your babies. Beth again shook her head, no. I asked; why. Beth said; No one would be as loving as you would be, Rolf and we want our children to know that they will be loved to the best of our abilities. You have done such a great job of loving your daughters, we want that for our children as well. I had to ask. Do you mean that you all want me to fuck our children. Beth nodded, yes. I then gave her instructions.

Beth you will always love, and respect me and only me. When there in a man involved, and you will, never fight with me, or your other mates. Our children will be loved at all times, no matter what they want to do with their life. Discipline will only be done by me, when it is necessary. Your goal will be to see to my happiness, and that of your mates. You will never want another man to fuck you, but will let my sons, if they have my permission. You will come to crave my cum, and suck in off anyone. But will never fight for it, you will always share it when you are to get some. You will always fine the need for more sex with me or my other women, and never get jealous of who I'm fucking. You will want to find me more women to mate with. And be happy when its your turn. You will never try to hurt me or our family in anyway. Your only want is to make me happy.

So it went with the others, they each gave the same want and need to be with me, thanks to my girls. I have got full circle, with my girls now after fifteen years with them, we are now, where we had been at the start. I was being asked to have sex with my daughters all nine of them. My seven sons now are fucking there mothers daily, and they are all happy that Dad gave them the idea. Man have I become a pervert or what, well its time I close this tale and move on to showing my new girls a good time. Just think, in a few more years, I'll be fucking the next generation of daughters, or I still hope to be. Enjoy the time you have, and the people you have to do. For you never know where your next pussy shot is coming from.

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