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I found this on the internet and thought it would appeal to our members.

Amanda and Her Father
by Dr Kink

Chapter 1

John Clark was sitting in his favorite chair in the family room. He had the television on, but he was not paying attention to it, he was waiting for his daughter, Amanda to arrive. She was his only child and the apple of his eye. While John was waiting for Amanda to arrive, he looked at all the pictures on the family room wall. There were many pictures of John and his wife Betty, some before Amanda was born and others after. He looked at the pictures and saw Amanda grow from a child to a teenager. He thought how proud his wife would have been of Amanda, had she not died of cancer when Amanda was ten years old. John raised Amanda by himself. He was her father, her mother and most important of all, her best friend.

John checked the time; she should have been here by now. He missed having Amanda around the house, but children do grow up, get married and move away from home. He looked at the wedding picture of her and her husband Bill. She looked so beautiful in her wedding gown. She had her mother's hazel eyes and that beautiful smile. She had John's brown hair, which fell over her shoulders and onto her wedding gown. She made a beautiful bride. She got married a year and a half ago, to Bill, whom she met in college. They moved about one hundred miles away from John. He wished she lived closer, so he could visit her more frequently, but that's where Bill's business was located. Bill was a great guy, John liked him from the first time he met him. He was handsome, dressed well, had money and best of all treated Amanda like a queen. Yes, from the very start, John was glad Amanda was seeing Bill.

Bill and Amanda dated for the last two years of college. During college, Amanda had lived at home and commuted. So John got to know Bill quite well, since he was always around the house. The longer he dated Amanda, the more John liked him. Bill was the kind of guy any father would like. Bill even asked John for his permission to marry Amanda. He even apologized to John for taking his daughter so far away from John. However, Bill's mother was running the family business and Bill was going to help her. Bill and his mother relationship was like John and Amanda, at least they didn't seem that close to John. His father was killed in an automobile accident when Bill was about eight. Bill did not talk much about his father, eventually his father was never home.

Bill had to be away from home for one or two weeks every three months. It was part of the business and part of his job. When he traveled, Amanda would usually come home to stay with John. She did not like to be alone. It had been almost three months since Amanda's last visit. That was a visit John would not forget, that's when Amanda told him he was going to be a grandfather.

She and Bill had wanted children and decided they might as well start. John visited them about one month ago, she had begun to show, and you could tell she was pregnant. He was too busy with his company to see them lately. In fact he worked long hours this month so that he could be at home the entire time Amanda was visiting. He could not wait to see her. She told him on the phone, she was getting bigger by the day, but women tend to see a gain of five pounds differently than a man. John remembered back to when he wife was carrying Amanda, she was huge by the time Amanda was born.

He thought he heard a car pull into the driveway, so he got out of his chair and walked to the door. As he passed the mirror in the foyer, he glanced at himself and thought he didn't look like a grandfather, but then he was only forty-three. He only had a little gray in his brown hair and no wrinkles on his face. He still thought of himself as a young man. He got to the front door and saw they had arrived. Bill was helping Amanda out of the car when John opened the door and went to greet them.

"Hi, honey," John said to his daughter. "You look fantastic."

"I look like a beached whale." Amanda said, with a smile on her face. "And I have two and a half months to go. Soon, Bill will need a crane to get me out of the car."

Bill looked at John and laughed, "You know your daughter, exaggerating everything. I told her she looks sexier then the day I married her."

"That's only because my boobs have doubled in size, you sex maniac."

Amanda stuck out her chest to prove her point. "See, that's what he likes about me, Dad. That and my hormones are making me a sex fiend."

Bill looked at John and shrugged his shoulders. "Hey, it's a rough life, but someone has got to keep her satisfied."

The three of them laughed at Bill's comment. John kissed and hugged his daughter. She was right, her boobs were huge, and John enjoyed the feeling of them, pressed against his chest. I've got to get me a woman, if I'm enjoying my daughter's hugs that much, John thought. He shook hands with Bill and then helped him unload the car.

"Can you come in and stay a while," John asked Bill?

Bill replied, "I can't John, I have to get back home and make sure everything is ready for the trip. My mother is going along with me on this trip since she is going to take my place on the next one. I told her I was not going to miss the birth of my daughter, so she would have to make the next trip." Bill gave his wife a hug and a long kiss. "Take care honey, I love you. I'll miss you. Good luck John, she gets into some crazy moods lately."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean," asked Amanda. "Just because I wanted a Big Mac at three o'clock in the morning, I have moods?" Amanda laughed at her own statement.

"Honey, you didn't want it, you demanded it. You even suggested I break into a McDonalds and cook one for you."

John looked at Amanda, who just gave him her innocent little look. "I was hungry."

"It is either wanting something to eat or wanting sex," added Bill. "John, your daughter has turned into a sex fiend; I am worn out from being ravished by my pregnant wife."

Amanda looked at her husband, "now you are complaining about too much sex? I thought you were a stud muffin."

Bill looked at John and shrugged his shoulders, "What can I say."

John just shook his head and laughed. "Sounds like you need this trip more than usual, Bill?"

Amanda pretended to be mad, "From my own father yet, you'll pay for that." And she laughed.

"John, you should have an interesting time," Bill said to his father-in-law. "I hope you have rested up, because you are going to need it." He kissed his wife goodbye, got back in his car and drove away.

John wondered about that comment, but didn't say anything to his daughter. He thought to himself, Bill was probably getting me prepared for Amanda's cravings. John smiled as he remembered his wife's pregnancy. She also had some interesting cravings and demands.

John carried Amanda's things into the house and set them down by the stairway. "I'll take them up to your room later, honey. Come on and give your father another big hug," and he held his arms out to her.

"I have to pee, Daddy. I'll hug you when I get back." After saying that, Amanda hurried to the powder room.

John was sitting on the couch waiting for his daughter to come out of the bathroom. As Amanda entered the room, he stood up and got the hug that was promised him. He loved having Amanda back home, even if it was for only a couple of weeks. They sat on the couch and talked for over an hour. Amanda told her father about her latest doctor's appointment, how the nursery was almost finished and how excited Bill's mother was about the baby. They would have talked longer, but Amanda had to pee again.

As she came back into the room John asked "What would you like to do tonight, Hon? Do you want to go out for diner or should we eat in? You decide; your wish is my command."

"You better be careful with the wish stuff, Bill wasn't kidding, and I have some crazy moods. Daddy, I don't understand what comes over me. I just have to have certain things or be treated a certain way. Bill is so good to me. No matter what I want, he'll try and get it for me. When I wanted that Big Mac, he got up and made me a hamburger at three in the morning. Then, when I told him I didn't want a Big Mac anymore, I wanted Cookies and Cream ice cream; he got dressed and went out to find the ice cream. Daddy he is so wonderful and I keep demanding more of him. I think I'm going crazy."

"Honey, he adores you. He treats you like a man who is madly in love with his wife. Don't worry, these cravings for food will pass, he knows that and so do I. So what do you want to eat?

"Daddy, I have this craving for pizza, Leonie's Pizza. I wish he had a pizza place around where we live. I would love to have his pizza, two or three times a week. Maybe, it's better he only has this one. I'd be as big as a house if I had his pizza that many times a week. Speaking of huge, do you think I look too, uh, too big and grotesque?"

"Amanda, you look beautiful. You look as beautiful as your mother did when she was carrying you. In fact, I think you have never looked more beautiful than you do right now."

"Oh Daddy," she said and put her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss, first on his cheek and then on his lips. I love you so much." She snuggled up in her father's arms and stayed that way for a few minutes. "I feel so safe in you arms, Daddy.'

John kissed his daughter on the temple and put his arms around her. With her belly so large, his arms slid up her waist and rested under her large breasts. John enjoyed the feel of her boobs lying on his arms.

Soon, they were both hungry, so John called and got Amanda's favorite pizza delivered. When they finished eating it was about seven thirty.

"What do you want to do now, Amanda," asked her father?"

"Daddy, can we have a fire in the fire place. Bill and I don't have one and I miss having a fire."

Amanda. It's a little too warm for a fire; I think it's only predicted to go down to fifty five degrees tonight."

"Please Daddy, I love lying on the floor in front of the fire, with your arms around me. When I was growing up, I always felt so safe in your arms. Can we have one? We can open the windows or just wear something light. I brought a few summer nightgowns just for that purpose. OK Dad?"

"Alright, you go change and I'll build the fire."

Amanda acted like a little girl that had just gotten her way. She giggled all the way upstairs. John could always make a good fire. He even went to the closet and got out the sheepskin rug he bought for her when she was twelve. She saw it at a farmer's market and had to have it. They spent many an evening lying on the rug, watching the fire and talking to each other.

As the fire began to get bigger, John started to get warm. He took off his shirt so he was dressed in his tee shirt and pants when Amanda entered the room.

John was sitting on the couch, away from the fire as his daughter walked into the room. As she stood between him and the fire, John could see right through her summer nightgown. It was obvious she didn't have anything on underneath, which was not unusual for her. They were not prudes. Even when his wife was alive, no one made a fuss about nudity. Amanda knew about the birds and bees before most children. Her mother believed it was important for a child to have a positive attitude about sex. She answered any of Amanda's questions and John continued the practice after his wife had died.

"Daddy, the fire looks beautiful and you still have my rug. We spent many fires on that rug together. It's so nice and warm in here." Amanda looked at her father, "Daddy, you are all sweaty. Why don't you take off your pants, it would be much more comfortable if you were in your underwear.

John did not think anything of her request; in fact it made sense to him. So John took off his pants and even his tee shirt. There he sat, dressed only in his boxers, enjoying the fire and the presence of his daughter,

Looking at Amanda, standing in front of him, John saw how truly beautiful she was. She had a glow about her that seemed to be found only in pregnant women, his wife had it when she was carrying Amanda. Seeing Amanda in her condition caused John's mind to go back in time and think about his wife. She truly was beautiful, especially when she was pregnant with Amanda. John had to laugh to himself, recalling that Bill had commented on how horny Amanda was in her present state. John remembered his wife's cravings for sex and thought, like mother like daughter. He was brought back to reality hearing Amanda calling his name.

"Daddy... Daddy... I was talking to you."

"Sorry honey, you made me think of your mother, you look so beautiful, just like she did. Seeing you standing in there reminded me of her."

"I miss her too," and Amanda sat down on the floor next to her father and snuggled up close to him. John put his arm around her and pulled her tight to him. They sat that way for a long while, just looking at the fire.

"Daddy, could you do something for me? My back is hurting; could you give me a back rub?"

"Sure Hon, anything you want." John started to rub Amanda's back as she sat aside of him.

"Wait Daddy, I like it better on bare skin." She stood up and pulled her nightgown over her head. She stood in front of her father nude. "I could use that back rub now."

John looked at his naked daughter; he felt his cock begin to grow, after all his daughter was a very beautiful woman. Her breasts were huge. Her belly was fairly large, but it was still high up, the largest part of it was still above her belly button.

Amanda lay down in front of her father, on her side, like nothing was unusual.

He rubbed her back, first with the shoulders and then worked his way down toward her butt. When he reached the small of her back, he heard her sigh, "Oh yes, right there, that feels so good. Lower, still lower. Yes right there."

John's fingers were massaging her back right between her butt cheeks. He went as low as he could without having the message become sexual.

"That felt so good, Daddy," Amanda said as she got up, "but I have to pee." She walked out of the room without putting her nightgown on. John watched her massive boobs bounce as she walked out of the room. Then his gaze shifted to her cute butt. His cock was now fully hard. He adjusted his boxer shorts, but it was still obvious he had an erection. He hoped she would take her time and be gone long enough for him to come out of his aroused state. His cock was just beginning to relax when he heard the toilet flush.

He looked up at the hallway; half of him hoping that she put something on and the other half hoping she didn't. She came into the room just as she had left it. This was the first good look he had at her from the front. Her tits were huge, she was always well endowed, but she doubled her size. She had sun bathed topless the last time she visited him, she was a C cup then, she must be a DD or larger now, he thought. Her nipples were erect, probably from the coolness of the rest of the house. John noted that even her nipples got bigger and were darker. His gaze then went to her extended stomach; she was quite large for only being six months pregnant. Even though he knew he shouldn't look, his eyes went to her pussy; Amanda had shaved it bare, just like her mother he thought.

Amanda saw right away her father was looking at her body. "I guess I'm not your little girl any more, am I?" She stopped in front of him, put her hands on her hips and said, "Am I still beautiful?"

"Yes honey, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. You are even more beautiful than your mother."

"That means so much to me, daddy. I look in the mirror every day and I think I'm getting fatter and fatter. I need to hear I'm beautiful, it makes me feel good about myself." She went over to her purse and pulled out a tube of something. "Daddy, would you rub this on my belly, it is supposed to stop stretch marks. Bill does it for me every morning and night and it feels so good. Would you please take his place?"

"I'd love to, Amanda, how should we do this?"

"Here, let me lean against your chest and you can reach around and rub my belly with both hands." As she sat down and leaned against her father, she felt his erection pressing into her back. It felt good. "Here Daddy, reach around me and I'll put the lotion on both your hands."

John did as he was told. As his arms went around her, they brushed her breasts. She spread lotion on both his hands. "Now rub in small circles all over my belly, but especially below my belly button.

John rubbed the lotion into his daughter's skin, it was so soft and it felt so erotic. She was totally relaxed, her back against his chest. He noticed her breathing was becoming deeper and he wasn't sure, but he could swear she pushed back against his fully erect cock.

"Here Daddy, you need more lotion." She squirted more on his hands. "You need to go lower. She grabbed his wrists and pushed his hands so far down her stomach, his fingers brushed the top of her vagina. "There, rub there."

John did as he was told, trying to avoid touching her, but wanting to run his fingers up and down her slit. He actually touched her pussy two or three times, by accident. When he realized it he removed his fingers quickly. Amanda's breathing was much deeper now and faint moans were coming out of her lips.

"Time for more lotion," said Amanda. John held out his hands and Amanda squirted more lotion on them. "Rub higher," she requested. John rubbed around her belly button. "Higher!" Amanda was more demanding. John rubbed the bottom of rib cage, the back of his hands brushed against her tits. John was moving his hands down her belly when his daughter grabbed his wrists again. She lifted his hands up and put them directly on her breasts.

"Amanda, what are you doing," said a shocked John. He tried to remove his hands but his daughter mashed them even harder against her breasts.

"I don't want stretch marks on my boobs, Please Daddy, rub the lotion on them. Bill does it for me and it feels so good."

Again, John did what he was told; in fact he enjoyed rubbing her boobs. After spreading lotion over them, John started to remove his hands. Amanda grabbed his wrists and pushed his hands back onto her breasts.

"Daddy, play with my tits, please. I'm a pregnant woman who is hornier than hell. I can't get enough sex. Please, Daddy!"

John thought about the situation for a few seconds, and then he did what Amanda asked of him. As he massaged her boobs, he began to pull and pinch her nipples.

"Oh yes, Daddy, that feels so good,... more,... harder." Amanda dropped her hand between her legs and began to rub her pussy. Her fingers made a squishing sound as she rubbed her pussy up and down. As she became more excited, John increased the pressure on her nipples. As he sensed his daughter was nearing her orgasm, he began to suck and bite her ear lobe. That did it

"Yes, Daddy, oh... That... feels... so gooooood. Harder... pinch my nipples harder. Oh here I cummmmmm." Amanda's body went into spasms for a few seconds, then it became rigid and finally it went limp. She fell back against her father and he held her in his arms.

When Amanda came back to reality, she looked back at her father and kissed him on the lips. "Thanks for helping me out. I don't know what has gotten into me. The more I am into my pregnancy, the hornier I get. I need to have sex three and four times a day. I don't know what's come over me."

John chuckled, "Like mother, like daughter."


Chapter 2

Amanda was shocked by her father's revelation, "You mean mom was like this? How long does it last? Does it go away? How did you and mom cope with it?"

"Hold it, one question at a time. Yes, mom was just like you. When she was carrying you, she became extremely horny, wanted sex all the time. At first, it was fantastic. I was a young man and my wife wanted sex all the time, what could be better than that? Then, the further along in her pregnancy, the hornier she got. As soon as I got home from work, she would be waiting for me and practically tear off my clothes as I entered the door. We would do it right on the living room floor, and then we would get up and do it on the couch. We would make it to the bedroom and have sex there, all this before supper. After supper, it was more of the same. I got worn out. I bought her dildos, vibrators, Ben Wang balls and anything else they had. She was insatiable."

"God, that sounds a lot like Bill and me. I think he went on his business trip for a rest." Amanda laughed at her little joke. "You mean it is going to get more intense, for another three months? Did mom finally get enough, when did her urges cool down?"

"Are you sure you want to hear the answer, honey?"

"What do you mean, Dad? You're scaring me. Come on now, it had to quiet down after I was born?"

"Yes it did, for a few days. However, as she nursed you, the urges came back even stronger. Her nipples became more sensitive and sensual. For the first few weeks, we would have to have sex immediately after you finished feeding. The longer you feed, the more aroused she became. We began having sex while you were still nursing and soon, she would orgasm, just from the stimulus of you nursing."

"Daddy, I am getting worried. I was hoping my constant state of arousal would diminish soon, but it does not look like it will. When did she return to normal, I mean not being constantly horny?"

"Amanda, I don't know if she ever did. Our sex life was very active, up until the time she got sick. In fact, we even got involved with... ah... um... I don't know if I should tell you."

"Dad, after all that has happened between us and the subject of this discussion, I think you can tell me anything."

"I guess you are right." John replied. "Let me see, I think it started about when you were three months old. I was young, but your mother's desire was insatiable and I could not keep up with her. Plus, she was going crazy, during the day, when I was at work. Anyway, we decided to join a swingers group."

"You and Mom were swingers?" said an astonished Amanda. "Whom did you swing with?"

"Quite a few people, most of them you don't know. Don't you remember spending quite a few weekends with your grandparents when you were growing up? Those times we had a party and screwed the whole weekend. That would satisfy your mother, for a short time and I could get my batteries recharged."

"How did she handle the day time, when you were at work? I'm finding that masturbation and dildos are not really getting rid of my urges. What did Mom do? Did she see a doctor about her urges?"

"Yes she did. He could not do anything until she stopped nursing. Then, the doctor first tried giving your mother hormone pills, but she got hot and cold flashes and she would get such a bad case of PMS she didn't even like herself. Then he tried giving her ******, lithium and other drugs that were supposed to calm her down. Unfortunately, they calmed her down so much that she was so far out of it that she couldn't care for you. Finally she told the doctor to forget about it and she would just live with it."

How did she manage when you went to work? I find it is rough when Bill is gone and I'm so horny."

"You remember Betty Vargas. You went to school with her daughter, Cathy. Well, your mother and Betty would get together three or four days a week for some mutual relaxation."

"Mom, like women, she was bisexual?"

"Don't be too critical of her, Amanda."

"I'm not Daddy, in fact I have enjoyed the company of woman too and I did not realize how much like mother I am. Daddy, all this talk has gotten me horny, again and I can see you are also aroused, so I was thinking... that..."

"Amanda, I played with your boobs, while you masturbated, but I don't know we should do anymore than that? After all, that is incest."

"I know Daddy, but it is only wrong if you forced yourself upon me or if I was too young to make a rational decision for myself. Neither one of those things apply to us. I'm not cheating on Bill, he practically told you to screw me when he dropped me off this morning."

"I thought that comment was strange when he said it, now I know how he feels. When your mother and I started having various sex partners, I felt thankful for them."

"See, you would be doping Bill a favor. The only other reason for us not to have sex would be the fear of getting me pregnant." Amanda looked down at her protruding belly and laughed, "I think we can rule that out too. Daddy, please. I love you. To tell the truth, I have always had a fantasy of fucking you."

"Amanda, such words," said John with a chuckle. "Are you sure? This is taking our relationship to a different level."

Amanda looked into her father's eyes and smiled. She brought her face close to his and kissed him on the lips. It was gentle at first, then, she parted her lips and pushed her tongue into her father's mouth. John returned the favor. Soon they were kissing very passionately, like lovers not like father and daughter. Amanda's hand went down to her father's hard cock straining against his boxer shorts. She ran her fingers up and down his shaft. She squeezed it; she could not wait to feel his cock inside of her. She had to have it. She moved away from her father and got on her hands and knees in front of him.

"Daddy, I am so fucking hot, I need your cock inside of me, now! I can't wait any longer, hurry Daddy."

Jim looked at his daughter before him. Her pregnant belly hung down almost touching the carpet. Her heavy tits, with their erect nipples, swayed slightly as she rocked back and forth. Jim could see the moisture leaking out of her pussy and running down her legs. He slipped his shorts off and moved behind his daughter. He took his cock in his hand, he hadn't been this hard in a long while, and he realized he needed it just as bad as his horny daughter. He placed the head of his cock in the entrance to his daughter's hot, wet pussy. Amanda gave out a soft moan. He grabbed her hips and with one push, shoved his cock all the way in her pussy.

"Oh gawd... Daddy,... I have... waited... for... this... for... oh... soooo... long... It feels soooooo... gooood. Fuck... me... hard... ram... your... Stiff... hard... cock... into... me... oh... shit... that... feeeels... sooooo... goooooddd."

John couldn't agree more. He started pounding his stiff meat into his daughter's hot hole. It felt so good. He did not need to pull her hips to meet his thrust. Amanda was doing that herself. She was shoving her ass back in rhythm to his thrust. A loud slapping sound was made when their body came together.

"Baby, take this," John began to tell Amanda. "Take your Daddy's hard cock. I am filling up your hot cunt. Can you feel me buried deep inside of you?"

"Yes, Daddy, it feels so fucking good... Fuck me faster... harder... I'm almost there..."

John picked up the pace. He knew he would not last more than a few seconds. He reached down and grabbed Amanda's right breast and pinched the nipple hard. His other hand rubbed her clit.

"Oh... Fuckkkkk... Daddy... yes... Daddy... oh... my... gawd... Fuck... shit... I... like it... I'm... cuming... FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK..."

Her arms collapsed causing her head to rest on the floor, but her ass was still up in the air. Sweat was pouring off Jim. With one final thrust he shoved his cock deep into his daughter and held it there. "Fuckkk,,,, here... I cummmm... He shot his load of semen deep inside his daughter's slippery cunt.

"Take this, baby, take Daddy's sperm." Again and again, he could feel his come squirting into his daughter's cunt. When he was spent, he too collapsed on the floor aside of his daughter.

Amanda was the first one to speak. "Daddy that was not the way I imagined it would be. Although, that is the way I wanted to be fucked, at that time. Are you alright with what happened, because I am? In fact I am looking forward to having my fantasy of making love to you, come true."

"Honey, I'm OK, I guess. I must tell the truth, I have had thoughts of you in a sexual way, but I never thought they would come true. Now that it has happened I am happy. Will Bill be upset with what has just happened between you and me?"

"Don't you remember what he said to you about being rested up? To tell the truth, Bill and I hoped this would happen. I'll tell you the reason why later. If I tell you now, we'll both get so worked up we will fuck again, instead of making love. And Daddy," Amanda said very seductively, "I want to make love to you. But first I have to pee again."

John watched his daughter walk out of the room. Her tits were bouncing up and down, her ass cheeks swaying back and forth and a mixture of pussy juice and his cum running down her thighs. He looked at a picture of his wife, sitting on the mantle and 'talked' to her. "Honey, I believe you would approve of what is happening between Amanda and me. After all, you always said, if everyone agrees and it feels good, do it. Fuck what other people would think, enjoy yourself."

Amanda came back into the room and noticed her father looking at her mother's picture. "Are you thinking about mom? What do you think would happen if she were still alive?"

"Amanda, knowing how much your mother loved sex, she would probably be joining us and you would have both parents taking care of you urges."

Amanda smiled at her father and lay down in his arms, in front of the fire. She relaxed in his arms, feeling happy and loved. She was glad they had taken their relationship to this level; she had wanted this for so long. She was just glad her father felt the same way.

"Daddy, remember all the times I would lie in your arms and we would watch the fire. I enjoyed those time so much."

"So did I Honey," replied John.

"Can I tell you a secret? When I was first becoming aware of my sexual urges, I use to dream you were my lover and not my father. I would imagine you would kiss me and caress me and we would make love in front of the fire."

"Amanda, I think that is common for a young teenage girl to think of her father that way."

"No Daddy, I am not talking about being twelve or thirteen, I felt that way in high school and even college. To be honest, Bill reminds me of you, I think that is why I fell in love with him and married him. I have always loved you, especially this way."

Saying that, she turned to her father and kissed him on the lips. Their kiss intensified, like two lovers, instead of a daughter and a father. Their lips parted and their tongues intertwined, first in John's mouth and then in Amanda's. John's hand cupped his daughter's breast.

"Oh, that feels nice," purred Amanda. "Daddy, make love to me."

John laid Amanda down on the sheep's skin rug. He continued to kiss her lips, while his hands roamed over her body. He caressed her breasts and then caressed her pregnant stomach. Moving his hands in tiny circles over her abdomen, his touch went lower and lower. Finally his fingers touched the top of her pussy. He slipped one finger inside the slit and moved downward. She was very wet, probably from a mixture of her juices and his cum, John thought. He pushed one finger and then two inside of her. Amanda moaned slightly and pressed her naked body tight against his.

John's lips left his daughter's luscious lips and moved to her neck. Amanda helped her father by throwing her head back, allowing easy access to her neck. John sucked and nibbled at her neck and throat, while his fingers continued to probe her love canal. He sucked and bit her earlobe, and then his tongue traced the folds on the inside of her ear. The tip of his tongue entered the opening to her ear, which set shivers throughout Amanda's body.

"Oh Daddy, that feels good, really good," Amanda half moaning and half whispering.

John's other hand moved to her left breast and began a milking motion on the breast. He would start at the base and run his fingers up until he reached the nipple. There he would take the erect, pink tip and roll it between his thumb and forefinger.

Amanda's whole body responded to her father's caresses. It was if her breasts were direct attached to her clit. "Oh, Daddy, keep doing that it feels so good." Amanda moved her hand down her father's body. She rubbed his hairy chest, felt his muscles. She played with his nipples for a short time before moving her hand downward. Finally, Amanda found what she was searching for, his hard cock. She ran her hand up and down his shaft. It was so hard and so hot; it seemed to be slightly bigger than her husband's cock. She moved her hand lower and cupped his balls; they felt warm. She handled them very gently noticing how soft they felt in her hand.

As her hand moved upward to his shaft, her father's lips encircled the nipple on her right breast. He sucked it into his mouth and then pushed it out again. His left hand continued to play with the other breast, but now it concentrated on the nipple. The fingers that were fucking her pussy stepped up the tempo, but now his thumb rubbed her clit.

Amanda stopped playing with his cock. Her whole body was turned on. Moans began to come out of her mouth. She ground her pussy hard against her father's hand. Amanda's hips moved in rhythm to her father's fingers going in and out of her cunt. Her breathing was louder and her breaths, much deeper.

"Oh... Daadddddyyyyyyy,... More... Harder... She grabbed his head and pushed it hard against her breast.

John responded by sucking the nipple in his mouth, holding it in his teeth and used his tongue to move the nipple back and forth, much like a fighter does to a punching bag. He slipped another finger into her pussy and rubbed her clit with his thumb. His left hand was not caressing her left breast, really mauling it and pinching her nipple.

Amanda grabbed his head with both her hands, pushing it even harder against her breast. She moved his head in circles; it was all John could do to hang on to his daughter's nipple.

"Oh, Fuuuuuucck... Here... I... oh... here... I... cuuummmmmmmm." Amanda yelled and her body went into uncontrollable spasms. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were closed and her body was shaking like she was cold.

John slowed his attention to her body, he continued to rub her clit and suck her tit, but he did it much slower and gentler. He read her body movements and he knew when to stop and take his daughter in his arms and hold her while her orgasm subsided. He watched her face, observing the different expressions she made as she came down from her orgasm. Amanda opened her eyes and saw her father's face smiling down at her.

"Oh Daddy, that was unbelievable. You know just what buttons to push to make me come and come hard. I love you." Amanda pulled her father's head down to her and gave him a kiss on the lips. "That was one of my fantasies of making love with you," said Amanda.

"What else did you fantasize about us?" Asked John?

"Here let me show you," said Amanda. She had her father sit up with his back resting on the sofa. Amanda lay on her side on the floor. She moved her head into her father's lap. She grabbed his semi-erect cock and began to masturbate him very slow. That made his cock stiffen, slightly. Amanda lowered her head and placed her lips on the head of his cock.

John felt the heat and moisture from her mouth and lips encircle the tip of his now fully erect cock. "Mmmmmmmmmm," moaned John," that feels so fucking good, Amanda"

Amanda began to lick her father's cock, like you would lick an ice cream cone. While her tongue was licking her father's dick, her hands gently caressed his balls. She started her tongue at the base of his cock and ran it up the entire length stopping to push the tip of her tongue inside of the pee hole located at the tip. She made sure her tongue had plenty of saliva so that it was hot and well lubricated. She did this for several minutes. She could feel her father's dick get even harder, if that was possible.

"Damn it, you're just like your mother when it comes to sucking dick," John said. "You don't just suck it, you make love to it."

"I'm glad you are enjoying it, but I have only begun to suck," chuckled Amanda. She took the head of his cock in her mouth again and slowly went down on her father's shaft. She paused when the head hit the back of her throat, to get adjusted to the feeling. Then, she continued, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat until her lips touched the base of his cock. A low moan escaped from John's lips and his body relaxed totally. Amanda allowed the hard cock to slowly slip from her lips as she lifted her head. When the head of John's cock was about to slip from her lips, she lowered her head quickly and in one swift motion took all of her father's cock into her mouth until he was again buried up to his balls.

She continued to deep-throat her father's cock, while she played with his balls. After a few minutes she could feel his balls tightening and twitching, she knew he was about to come. This caused her to increases the pace of her cock sucking.

"Oh fuck, Baby, that feels good. Keep doing it, play with my balls more

John thrust his hips into his daughter's face. No longer was he just lying there, he began to fuck his daughter's mouth. Amanda realized what he wanted to do and stopped moving her head, she allowed her father to fuck her mouth.

, Shit I'm going to come. I'm going to fill your mouth with my come. Here... Here... I... I... cummmm, Oh ... Fuck... shit... take this... this... feels... soooooo... Fucking... gooodddd."

John grabbed his daughter's head in both hands and thrust his cock into her mouth. The first stream of come hit the back of her throat. The next one hit the roof of her mouth. Amanda tried to swallow her father's cum, but it is difficult to do, especially while a hard cock is being shoved in and out of you mouth. With one last thrust, John shot the last of his hot come into Amanda's mouth. Being totally spent, his body went limp and he crashed against the sofa.

"Daddy, I am so glad you like it," Amanda said as she swallowed the last of her father's sperm. "That takes care of fantasy number two." John, just raised his head, looked at Amanda, smiled and his head dropped back on the couch. Amanda cuddled with her father in front of the fire, pressing her naked body onto his.

After a few minutes, John regained control of his body and mind. He looked down at his daughter, who was very comfortable lying against him. "Amanda honey, that was fantastic. Where did you learn how to deep throat a cock like that?"

"It took a lot of practice with cucumbers, when I was in high school and you were not around. Mom use to tell me, you should always learn how to make a man happy, that way you can get them to do anything you want. I don't know if she meant sex, after all I was only ten years old when she told me, but I took it to mean that when I got older. Hearing you talk about mom and her desires, I know she meant sex. Anyway, when I found out how much guys like blow jobs, I decided to practice and blow their minds; forgive the pun." John and Amanda both laughed at her joke. "No one had ever complained," Said Amanda, "and I get everything I want."

"One other question, you said that was fantasy number two. How many fantasies do you have involving me?" Asked John?

Amanda thought for a minute and answered, when I was in high school, I believe I only had three, no wait four; after all I did not know a whole lot about sex. Now I would say the number is eight or nine. That is with you and me only. I have many involving you, me and other people."

"Amanda," John declared with a feigned look of shock on his face. "What kind of girl have you become?"

"I think just like mom?" she answered.

"I think so too, replied her father. They lay in front of the fireplace for close to an hour. Enjoying each others company, and talking about all their yesterdays and even what their tomorrows may bring to each of them.

As the fire started to burn down, John looked at the clock and saw that it was almost midnight. "Amanda, are you ready for bed, it is getting late?"

"Daddy, that sounds good to me, I am tired, I have had a busy day."

They walked up the stairs together, holding hands like lovers. The first door they came upon was the door to Amanda's old room. They stopped there and John said "I put your suitcases in there, honey." He pushed open the door. Amanda looked inside, grabbed his hand and continued to walk down the hall to the master bedroom. She pushed open the door, turned on the light and looked at her father. "You can move my suitcases in here tomorrow, I sleep in the nude anyway so I don't need them tonight and I'm beat." She dropped her father's hand and climbed into his bed. "Come on Daddy, come to bed. This is fantasy number three. I get to sleep with you like a woman would sleep with her man. Come to bed, dear."

John climbed in bed and shut off the light. Amanda immediately moved to her father and kissed him good night. She then proceeded to move her naked body next to his and fell a sleep very quickly. John leaned over and kissed the top of her head. "Good night my love, it is good to have you back," and he drifted off to sleep too.


Chapter 3

John woke up to a pair of soft lips kissing him. As he opened his eyes, he saw his daughter's face looking at him. "Good morning sleepyhead, I thought you were going to sleep all day," she said. She gave her father a hug, pressing her nude body against his. Since she was six months pregnant, her belly touched his body first. She quickly rolled on her side; her hand ran down his chest, past his belly and stopped when her fingers found his erection.

"I love men," she exclaimed, "They always wake up with exactly what a horny, pregnant woman needs." Amanda threw her leg over her father's body and sat on him. She positioned herself so that his erect cock was pressed against her hot slit. She leaned down and mashed her lips against her father's mouth shoving her tongue deep into his mouth. Then she sat up. Daddy, just lie there, I'll do all the work this time."

Amanda rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her slit up and down her father's cock. When her clit was pressed hard against his cock, she moved her hips in a circle, mashing her clit against the erect cock. Then, she would go back to the rocking motion.

John just lay there watching his daughter. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of total concentration on her face. As she really got into getting herself off, she moved her hands up to her breasts and grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. The more excited she got, the harder she pulled and pinched her nipples. John could tell she was getting very close to an orgasm, her hips were moving faster and she was pressing down very hard on his cock. John decided to try something on his daughter that turned his wife on when she was pregnant. Using his fingernails only, he lightly traced the outside of his daughter's pregnant stomach from top to bottom. When he got to the bottom, he brought his fingernails up through the middle of her belly, brushing her navel with his little finger.

"Oh, that feels good, Daddy. Keep doing it,"

So John continued to scrap his fingernails over her belly and watched his daughter bring herself to an orgasm. Within minutes, her mouth was open and she was breathing quite deeply. She began to moan, quietly at first, then louder. Her body tensed up, she ground her pussy so hard against John's cock, and it almost hurt him.

"Oh, fuck... here... I cummmmmm," she yelled and collapsed on the bed aside of him. Her hips were still moving in circle and her fingers were still playing with her nipples as she lay there. After a few minutes she stopped playing with herself and opened her eyes.

She saw her father's smiling face looking down at her. "Looks like you enjoyed yourself," John asked?

"It was not bad for a start. I thought we would continue engaging in my fantasies. Of course when I fantasized this I was in high school and I didn't imagine I would be six months pregnant.

"How many fantasies do you have involving me?" John asked.

Amanda thought for a while and then said, "I guess about nine, no wait ten. I figure with me being here so long, I can have my fantasies become realities."

Daddy, what do you say about a nice slow morning fuck, are you ready to give your daughter some hot morning sex?"

"I am, honey, however I better make an appointment to see my doctor if you are going to stay here for two full weeks."

Amanda looked puzzled, "Are you afraid that all the sex we are going to have is going to kill you. You don't have a weak heart, do you?" Amanda asked, half laughing, half serious.

"Of course not honey. I just think I might need a prescription for ******, I know I'll need it to keep you satisfied for your entire visit"

"I like the idea of you staying hard, no matter how many times you come. You should call as soon as we are finished. I had thought of visiting a few of my high school friends while I am here. They can help me with my urges."

"I thought you said Bill wanted you here so you did not fuck other men, only me," Asked a puzzled John?

"He did Daddy, these are my girl friends. In fact quite a few of my girl friends had crushes on you, while we were in high school. I bet we could have some great three way sex."

"You are just like your mother," chuckled John. "Which ones of your friends had crushes on me?"

"Most of them Dad, however Janice, Heather and Keesha were the ones that really had the hots for you. They would even ask about you when we were in college."

"Janice was the thin blonde girl," asked John? "Keesha was the black cheerleader with the huge tits?"

""You are right Dad; in fact I think Keesha is still bigger than me and Heather was the tall redhead. Have I got your interest in any of these girls?" She said with a big smile on her face.

"Amanda, I think I am going to enjoy your stay here," said John with a mischievous smile. "How do you know the girls will be interested in have a threesome with us? You can not really say, hey, I'm fucking my father, want to join?"

Amanda laughed, "Dad, these are three of my wildest friends. I have had sex with all of them, both when we were in high and also in college. Janice has fucked every male member of her family, and Keesha has had sex with her older brother, so I don't think any of them will be taken back by my confession. Enough talk, I need another orgasm, this time bigger" said Amanda.

John leaned down and kissed Amanda on her lips. When she opened her lips, he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues played with each other. While they were kissing, his hand went to one of her enlarged breasts. John liked the way they felt, firm yet soft to the touch. He massaged her breast with his palm and last three fingers, while his thumb and forefinger pinched and pulled on her nipple.

Amanda reached over and played with her father's erect cock and balls. As a teenager, growing up in a house with just herself and her father, she spent many nights she fantasizing about making love. Most often her fantasies involved her father, the first love of her life. She would masturbate to the image of her father's fingers rubbing her clit. When she was in high school she found a dildo in a box in the basement. She would slide it in and out of her young pussy, imagining it was her father's cock filling her up. In college, those particular fantasies occurred less and less, especially when she started dating Bill. But even in college, when she masturbated, some of her most explosive orgasms were thoughts of her father making love to her. After marriage, those fantasies seemed just that, fantasies; that was until a couple of months ago, when Bill and their love making took a strange but enjoyable twist. The fantasies of her father fucking her became active again and in fact she made plans to make those fantasies come true.

She felt her father's lips on her nipple; he sure knew how to push all the right buttons to turn her on. Maybe she took after her mother so much, it was easy for him to make love to her. John's teeth began to tease her nipples, first the right one then the left one.

"Ah, that feels sooo goood, Daddy." Amanda moaned. "Bite me harder."

John did as his daughter asked; he sucked the nipple in through slightly opened mouth. This caused the nipple to scrap against his teeth. When the nipple was in his mouth, he moved his teeth back and forth across her nipple.

"Fuck Daddy, Oh shit, I'm getting so damn horny. Stick your cock in me now. I need to feel your big, hard, cock inside of me. Hurry up Daddy, I need it bad!"

John put two pillows under his daughter's hips. He grabbed a leg in each hand and spread them as wide as he could. He looked down at his daughter's open cunt, her wet lips puffed out slightly, just waiting for his cock to enter it. His eyes moved up her body taking in her round pregnant belly. John's eyes continued up his daughter's body, first stopping for a moment to admire her much larger tits, with nipples as hard and erect just like his cock. Finally he stared at Amanda's face and eyes, which were looking directly at him. Her expression was one of happiness and also sexual arousal.

"Daddy, please fuck me now. I am so horny, I need to come again.

He moved his hips forward causing his cock to move close to her moist opening. When its head touched her pussy, his daughter grabbed his dick and pushed her father's cock inside of her. Then she moved her hands back up to her breasts where she grabbed and pinched them.

John gently and slowly pushed his cock inside of Amanda until his pubic hair was touching her pussy. A low, soft moan escaped from her lips. He withdrew his cock the same way, very slow. When the head of his dick was just emerging from her hot pussy, he pushed his cock back in. He repeated the process for three or four minutes. Amanda's moans became louder and more frequent, her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, her mouth was slightly open and her breathing was very rapid. Amanda's finger's were pinching and pulling on her nipples.

"Faster, fuck me faster. I need more."

John picked up the pace a little bit, but not to the extent of his daughter's wishes. He decided to keep her on the brink of an orgasm as long as he could hold out.

"Daddy, faster... shit... I'm almost there... Fuck me faster Daddy!" Amanda tried to move her hips at a quicker pace, but since her ass was propped up on pillows and her father held her legs, she couldn't control the pace of the fuck, the way she wanted. John increased the tempo of his fucking his daughter, but not too fast.

Amanda quickly came up with another plan. "Oh, Daddy that feels soooo gooood... Fuck me with your big hard cock... Shove your dick up your daughter's pussy... Make me come... I want to feel you shoot your come deep inside of me... Feel how wet I am... You make me soooo hot"

Having his daughter talk dirty to him was having an effect on John; that Amanda wanted. He began to fuck his daughter faster.

"Daddy, look at your cock going in and out of my pussy. See how your cock is wet with my love juice. Look at the way my pussy lips wrap around your hard cock. Your cock is making me crazy. Daddy, can you feel the heat from my pussy on your cock?" She reached around and took his balls in her hand. That did it. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

John couldn't believe how soft his daughter's hand felt on his balls. He needed to come, now. "Here it comes, baby. Take Daddy's cock," John shouted, as his hips were moving like a piston, shoving his cock in and out of Amanda's pussy. "I'm going to shoot my come inside of you." He released her legs and grabbed her hips. He pulled her hips against his body to meet his thrusts.

Amanda wrapped her legs tight around her father's back. She had succeeded in getting her father to make her come. She pinched and pulled on her sensitive nipples, harder and harder she pinched them.

"Fuck, here I come Daddyyyyy" Her whole body went into spasms as wave after wave of one of the most intense orgasms swept over her body. "Oh shitttttt... that... feels... sooooo... fuckinnnnnn... goooooddddd...

Her hands went to her father's hips, pulling him into her, even harder than before.

All this affected John too. He could feel his orgasm was only seconds away. His hips moved as fast as they could, shoving his cock deep into his daughter. Then it happened. "Here I cum baby... Here comes your Daddy's sperm. He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock as hard as he could into her pussy. He held her there as his cock shot one then two loads of sperm deep in her cunt. He moved his cock in and out of her three or four time, and then fired more sperm inside of his daughter.

"Fuck... take... that... feel... shit... I'm... cummmmminnnn. ooh... Damn... Godddd..."John's entire body stopped moving and went rigid.

Meanwhile, Amanda was coming and coming. "Daddyyyy... awesome... sooooooo... goooddddd."

As John slumped to the side of Amanda, she turned her body so that his cock was still inside of her. Her orgasm continued however, only moans and groans were coming out of her mouth. Her hands still pinched her nipples, although she was not aware she was doing it.

John could feel the muscles of her pussy grabbing his cock and then releasing it. Both lay like that for three and four minutes, not moving, just enjoying their orgasms.

They came back to reality at about the same time. John rolled over and lay aside of his daughter.

"Honey that was probably the most powerful climax I have had since your mother died. You were unbelievable, like I said before daughter like mother."

Amanda leaned over and gave John a hug and a kiss. "Thank you Daddy, I'm glad I could make you feel good. You are quite a lover; I think I will be satisfied until after dinner. The way I have been in the last two or three months, that's probably a record for me; not wanting sex for over ten hours."

John got up and went down stairs to make the coffee and fix breakfast. Amanda took a shower, put on a long tee shirt and went down stairs to help her father. When she entered the room John had to smile. In her pregnant state, the tee shirt barely covered her pussy. John gave her a wolf whistle. Amanda smiled and did a little turn around showing her ass off to her father.

"Is that the way you are going to dress today," asked John?

"While I'm home, it's either this or nothing. Don't you like it?"

"Honey you look gorgeous, I told you that. I'm going to take a quick shower, watch the eggs for me, please." John left the room. When he came back in five or ten minutes, he was wearing a short robe. It only came down to mid-thigh and he had it loosely tied; allowing most of his muscular chest to be visible. Now it was his daughter's time to whistle.

"Daddy, you look so sexy." Amanda hugged her father, and then they sat down and ate breakfast.

"So Amanda, you were going to tell me why you decided to seduce me and have your way with me," John said with a big smile.

"It all started about two and a half months ago, just after your last visit. I was just beginning to have those strong sexual urges."

John interrupted her, "I know the few nights I spent at your house; I could her you and Bill making love. You tend to be a bit on the noisy side."

"I know, I am a screamer, but so is Bill. In fact our loud love making was what actually started this whole situation between me, Bill and his mother."

"You mean that tight ass Katherine?" John was mystified. "I never took her for anything but a prim and proper frigid lady. In fact I thought she would be rather cold in bed, I guess I was wrong."

"No Daddy, you were absolutely correct, Katie, as she likes to be called now, was just that, an iceberg; but a series of events turned her into a sex craved woman. She feels she has about twenty five years of fucking to make up." Amanda and John laughed together at that statement.

"Let me tell you the story of how she changed. They found termite damage at Katie's house. They had to rip out part of the first floor and replace the wood that the termites damaged, plus they had to treat the whole house for termites. Since her house was a total disaster, Katie decided to come and live with Bill and me until the project was done. Bill thought it would be nice, they could ride to work together and I could get to know his mother even better. She stayed in our guest room."

"The one I stayed in when I visited you," asked John?

"Yes. It is at the end of the hall, so we thought she couldn't hear our love making."

"Guess again and if you use the guest's bathroom, it is right next to your room, so you can really hear you and Bill making love. It didn't bother me; in fact, I would have been upset if I didn't hear you making love to your husband. But, knowing how Katherine is, or was, I have a feeling she was rather shocked, to say the least."

"You are right Dad. She didn't tell us until she stayed with us for three days. On the third day, she really got an eye full. She had made plans to go to the movies with her friend Elizabeth. She left right after diner to pick up Elizabeth and go to the movies. Bill and I thought we had the whole house to ourselves, so we decided to make love in the family room. Well, it seems Elizabeth was not feeling well, so Katie came right home. She used the back door and made her way to the family room. I guess she heard us and her curiosity got the best of her, so she quietly made her way to the family room. Standing in the shadows she watched her son make love to me. Because we had a few hours to ourselves, we were not in a hurry to make love, so she saw everything. She saw Bill go down on me; she saw me sucking his cock; me riding Bill; Bill giving it to me from behind and even Bill sticking his cock up my ass. She didn't say a word, just watched us for about thirty minutes or so. Finally, she left the house and drove around until the time the movie would have been over and then returned home. She didn't mention anything to us when she came into the family room where we were watching TV."

The next morning, she told Bill she wasn't feeling well and would stay home from work. That left Katie and me alone for the day. She seemed out of it for most of the morning; I thought it was just due to her not feeling well. Finally, after lunch she got enough nerve to talk to me."

It seems Katie's mother brought her up to think of sex as evil, something a good woman had put up with from her husband but not enjoy it. Only sluts enjoyed sex. Good, God-fearing women did not. Her mother got married late in life, when she was almost forty. She married out of necessity, Katie's grandmother had died and her mother had no money left after paying her medical bills. Katie's grandmother had instilled the same sexual values into Katie's mother, so come wedding night; she just laid there and prayed it would be over soon. That was her sex life, lie there and think of other things until her husband was finished. Finally, Katie's father began to seek out woman to fulfill his sexual needs, which was fine with Katie's mother. That was Katie's parent's marriage, until one night her father came home drunk and horny and forced himself on his wife and Katie was conceived."

Katie's marriage was arranged by her mother. It seems they needed money and Bill's dad was an older man with a lot of money, so Katie was forced to get married at age twenty. Her mother moved in with them immediately and continued imposing her views of sex upon Katie. So Katie followed in her mother's footsteps. Bill was born in their second year of marriage. Her mother never forgave Katie for having a son, she wanted a granddaughter, and she couldn't stand males regardless of how old they were. Lucky for Bill, his grandmother died when he was young, so he didn't have to put up with her abuse. That didn't help Katie's marriage though and her husband soon found other woman to occupy his time. He was killed when Bill was eight and Katie never even dated again."

"Boy, she has had a fucked up life," added John. "No wonder, she was so uptight and cold. So what made her change?"

"I did. She heard and saw how much I enjoyed sex and she knew I wasn't a slut. She realized at age forty-five, that sex could and should be enjoyed by women too, the only problem was, she didn't know how to make love. She asked if I could teach her."

"Of course you said yes. Even when you were a young girl, you were always the one who helped everyone else. I always liked that about you, you were never selfish. It made me proud to be your father."

"I found out Katie never played with herself, good girls didn't do that either. The closest she had come to pleasuring herself was when she took a shower and washed herself. She told me, she noticed a strange feeling when she washed her breasts and pussy, but she ignored it.

"So how did you teach her?"

"I did the only thing I could think of; I showed her how to masturbate. She was willing to try anything, so I went and got some of my toys and we both got naked. I masturbated myself and got her to mimic me. She said it felt good, but she couldn't get herself off. I suggested she let me masturbate her to an orgasm. She was hesitant at first, but she had come this far, so she allowed me to do her. I caressed her body, playing with her tits and pussy. At first she was tense, but she did loosen up as she started to enjoy it. I played with her tits while I fingered her pussy. Her body responded to my caresses and soon she had a small orgasm. That was her first orgasm of her life. She couldn't believe how good it felt and she thanked me for making her feel so good. She was taken back when I told her, she could feel much better, but she had to put herself totally in my hands, no pun intended. She agreed and we went into stage two.

I began to make out with her. I had to teach her how to French kiss. She was a forty-five year old woman and didn't know how to kiss. I thought I would meet some resistance, but I didn't encounter any. I think she enjoyed her first orgasm and she wanted more. She was a good student; she learned faster that Janice did when I taught her.

"Janice," said a surprised John. You mean your friend Janice that you hung around with when you were in seventh grade."

"Yes, the same one. I taught her how to French kiss when we were only twelve years old."

"Who taught you how to kiss like that," asked a puzzled John?

:"Mom did before she died. She also taught me how to masturbate. She wanted to make sure I enjoyed sex the way she did. Well, getting back to my story, after I taught her how to kiss, I sucked her nipples, that really turned her on. No one had ever done that to her. Her husband didn't believe in fore play, he just got on top of her and shoved it in."

"I can see why she would be so turned off of sex," added John.

"Exactly, getting back to my story, I sucked her tits for about five minutes, paying attention to her nipples. She was turned on, as I said. Then I went down on her. When my lips and tongue touched her pussy, she went wild. It was all I could to do to maintain contact with her clit. Her hips were moving all over; finally she grabbed my head and mashed it against her pussy. Then she had a giant climax and she came all over my face."

"When she recovered from the throes of her second orgasm, she thanked me again and again, but she was confused. She was happy to have had the first orgasms of her life, but she was upset that a female had given them to her. She thought she was a lesbian. I calmed her and reassured her that she probably was not a lesbian, after all, I wasn't a lesbian, I just enjoyed sex with whomever turned me on, if that person was a female, then so be it, no big deal. She had not had a loving caring man to make love to her; I told her I would help her find such a man. She was not sure I could find her such a man, a man like her son. She told me how she had spied on Bill and me making love and how amazed she was at how caring and tender he was with me. She wanted a man like that, like her son. She asked me if you were seeing someone and before I knew it I heard myself say, yes you were."

"Why did you tell her that, Amanda?"

"I started thinking about all the single men Bill and I knew, that were about her age or even younger. I kept thinking about who I could fix her up with and your face always popped into my mind. I found that I was getting jealous even thinking about you and Katie. It was then I realized I wanted you for myself. Then, I realized that if I wanted to be with you, it was only fair that Bill should be with his mother. I did not suggest that to her, my plan was to have Bill and his mother lust after each other, so much that fucking would be the next logical step."

"Katie and I talked the rest of the afternoon. I said that we needed to change her appearance; she was a forty-five year old woman that dressed like she was seventy. So I told her I was going to do a make over of her, from top to bottom. We were going to get her a new hair style, make-up, clothes and even sexy underwear. I called my hair stylist and got her an appointment for tomorrow morning. We had about an hour before Bill come home, I told her not to tell Bill anything, and we would surprise him tomorrow."

"I began thinking about how I could change Katie into an attractive desirable woman when I felt a hand caress my breast. I looked and found Katie smiling at me; she said she wanted to please me. Her caresses were tender and warm, though she lacked technique, she did get me aroused. Soon she was rubbing my clit and kissing me. Then she shocked me by going down on me. I told her she didn't have to, but she wanted to try. It was not the best pussy licking I have had, but it did make me come."

"How did you get Katherine, sorry Katie, to agree to fuck her own son," asked John? "I would have thought someone that uptight about sex, would have a strong resistance to incest. I mean, your mother and I have tried almost everything, so me fucking you is no big surprise, but Katie?"

"I know and don't forget I also had to get Bill to agree to it. His impression of his mom was very non-sexual. She hardly showed any physical affection for him, even when he was a boy."

"Here is how I got my mother-in-law to fuck her own son. We went to the hairdresser and Katie changed her hairstyle. She looked about twenty years younger. Then, we went clothes shopping for something sexier than those suits and old lady dresses she wore. I picked out blouses and dresses than showed some cleavage and had shorter hemlines. She looked good; in fact, she was taken back with how different and sexy she looked. After we got her a bunch of clothes we went to the lingerie department. There I helped her get some sexy bras and panties. The only problem we encountered was she needed to have her pussy hairs trimmed; they were sticking out all over the place in the sexy panties I made her wear. We also purchased some sexy night gowns and robes. The final stop was getting her makeup done over; she looked like a different person, so sexy. That took most of the day. We made it home in time for me to trim her hairy pussy. She decided she liked my bald one so much, she wanted me to do her that way, which I did."

"When Bill came home, I told him to sit in the family room and I had Katie model one of her less revealing outfits. When she came into the family room, he did a double take, his mouth flew open and he just sat and stared at his mother. He could not believe the woman modeling for him was his mother; she looked so different. Katie waited for him to say something, anything, but Bill was so stunned he was speechless. She finally asked him if he liked what he saw. He just nodded his head up and down; it was so funny, I burst out laughing. I told Katie, that was the first time I can remember that Bill was speechless."

"Finally, Bill got up and went over to his mother. He told her how beautiful she looked and he was shocked that she changed her appearance. When he asked her why she decided to change after all these years; she pointed to me and told him it was Amanda doing. Then, Bill got his second shock in a matter of minutes; Katie went over to me and hugged and kissed me on my lips. She whispered a thank you in my ear. Katie went over to Bill and hugged him tightly, pressing her breasts against his chest and kissed him on the lips. He was flabbergasted; he could not believe how much his mother changed in one day. He looked at me with an expression on his face asking me how I got his mother to change. I just shrugged my shoulders."

"I told Bill to sit back down because we going to put on a fashion show for him. Katie and I went to her room and I picked out something more revealing. I told Katie he would love it, so she put it on. It was a dress with a low cut neckline showing off a lot of cleavage and the hemline was three inches above her knees. When I told her how sexy she looked, she just glowed."

"Bill's eyes bugged out of their sockets when Katie walked into the room, modeling the dress for him. This time he could talk. He told her how beautiful and sexy she looked. That brought a big smile to her face and some tears to her eyes, she hugged her son again, and this time he held her in his arms and pressed his body into hers."

"We sat in the family talking about his mother's transformation. She apologized for not being a touchy-feely mother, but Katie told him that was going to change. She sat across the room from him and while she talked her skirt rose up, so that most of her thigh was visible. She did not seem to notice, but Bill sure did. I noticed his eyes were looking at his mother in a whole different light, he was checking out her legs and then her tits. After about thirty minutes, I suggested we do some more modeling; Bill couldn't wait for to see what would come next."

"Katie tried on all the clothes that she had purchased. Bill was disappointed when we were finished. He told his mother he enjoyed her fashion show and he wished she had more for him to see. I told Bill the only clothes he had not seen were her sexy lingerie. He did not know what to say. I was as surprised as he was when Katie asked him if he would like to see her in her lingerie. Bill quickly said yes. I went with her to her room to help her change."

When we got to her room, she was not sure if she should continue modeling for Bill. She told me she was so happy that a man thought she was sexy looking and beautiful that she had offered to show her son. She did not want me to be mad at her. I told her I thought Bill would enjoy it, he loves looking at beautiful sexy woman. Katie quickly hugged me and thanked me again for helping her change. She decided she would show him one that was not too revealing, but still sexy. It was a long, green negligee. It had a slit; cut up to her hip on one side and the neckline plunged down to just above her navel. She looked extremely sexy without showing anything but some leg and some cleavage."

"When she walked in the room, we both heard Bill gasp. His eyes were wide open, fixed on his mother modeling her negligee for him. I noticed him staring at her legs that were exposed fully when she walked. He also fidgeted in his seat, I learned latter that he was trying to hide the erection caused by seeing his mother dressed like that. Bill told his mother he could not believe how beautiful and sexy she had become."

"Katie was pleased and stunned with her son's admission. She looked at him and asked him if he really thought she was sexy. Bill looked at her and said "next to me, she was the sexiest woman he knew." She was overjoyed, she went over and bent down and hugged her son. She was not aware of it at the time, but she bent down her gown moved away from her breasts, allowing Bill an unobstructed view of her tits. I saw that Bill's eyes were glued to his mother's tits. She pulled him up out of his seat and gave him a big hug. I could see her face when she hugged her son and it had a funny look on it. I found out later from her it was because she felt her son's massive erection poking her in the abdomen."

Just then, Amanda's cell phone rang. She went into the family room and answered it. Who ever was on the line, she talked only a few minutes and then came back into the kitchen. "That was Keesha, Dad," explained Amanda. I told her I was coming to visit you and hoped that we could get together some time. Well, it seems she has today off, so we are going to meet and go shopping and have lunch. I better get a shower and get dressed; I am meeting her in an hour."

"Daddy, can I borrow one of your cars," asked a pleading Amanda.

"Sure you can, honey, but what about the story, you were just getting to the good parts."

She laughed, "I know Daddy, and I'll finish it latter. Don't forget I am here for almost two weeks. We'll have plenty of time to talk; I have got to get ready to see Keesha." She went up and got a shower and got dressed as John straightened up the kitchen and family room.

"Honey," John said to Amanda as she was getting ready to leave. "Why don't you invite Keesha over for dinner? I'll make my world's famous, chicken Cacciatore."

"Oh Daddy, you devil! You want to get in on the action with Keesha. I'll ask her if she is interested in having dinner and then desert with us. Actually, I am in the mood for a little chocolate too. Don't forget to call your doctor for your prescription. You'll need it to tonight to keep two horny girls satisfied. Bye Dad."

John was on the phone calling his doctor before Amanda pulled out of the driveway. Yes, it looks like I am really going to have a good time while Amanda is here, John thought to himself.


Chapter 4

John was cooking when the phone rang. "Hello, oh, hi baby, how is your shopping coming along? Did you get any bargains?"

"We are having a great time, Daddy. I have gotten some great clothes, plus Keesha and I are having had a good time catching up with each other. Keesha said she loves Chicken Cacciatore and is really looking forward to dessert. She says she has been on a **** and has not had any desert in about two weeks, so she's starved." Amanda chuckled, "I hope you got your prescription, because you are going to need it. I have been bragging to Keesha about you, so you better not let me down.

"Honey, I have the prescription and I can not wait to use it. See you soon?"

"I think we'll be home between five thirty and six, love you Daddy," and Amanda hung up

John was just finishing the salad when he heard the back door open. In came Amanda loaded down with packages followed by Keesha. She had a lot of packages also.

Amanda put her packages in the family room and went into the kitchen. "Hi Daddy, I'm home." She embraced John and gave him a big kiss on the lips. She stepped back and waited for Keesha to get in the room. "Daddy, do you remember Keesha? "

"Of course I do," answered John. "How could I forget such a beautiful girl, who has turned into an even more beautiful woman?"

"Thank you," answered Keesha. She gave John a hug. He felt her large tits pressing into his chest. She then kissed him on the mouth, sticking her tongue into his mouth.

"I have wanted to do that every since I met you, Mr. Clark

"Call me John."

"I can remember the first time I came to your house, I was only fifteen, Amanda and I were cheerleaders together and she had a sleep over. I can remember I thought you were so handsome and my opinion has not changed. I can hardly wait for dessert."

"They all chuckled at Keesha comment.

"Neither can I," responded John. "I have a question for you, Keesha. When you kissed me, I felt something metallic brush my tongue, what was that?

"Oh this," answered Keesha, sticking her tongue out. I got my tongue pierced a couple of years ago."

"Why did you get that done," asked John? "I have heard it enhances oral sex, is that true?"

"After tonight, I'll let you and Amanda answer that question."

John looked at Keesha; he had not seen her in a long time. She was at Amanda's wedding, but that was such a hectic day, he barely remembered who was there, much less what they looked like. Keesha was a very pretty African American young lady. As Amanda pointed out, her breasts were large, in fact that is the first thing that caught John's eye. The use of the term melons to describe breasts certainly fit Keesha; her tits were huge. She was only about five foot six, so her chest stood out even more. She had a very pretty face with a beautiful smile. Her hair was in short braids and looked very sexy, John thought. Other than her tits, she had a slender build, flat stomach and narrow hips. When she had bent over to put the packages down' John noticed she had a great ass. Yes, Amanda was right Keesha was someone John would like to fuck.

"I look forward to that," answered John. "Amanda, put your packages away and I'll have dinner on the table when you get back."

John had just finished putting everything on the table when the girls came back from putting Amanda's clothes away. They sat down and began to eat. John found out that Keesha had gone to college and became a nurse. She worked at the local hospital, working four days in a row, ten hours a day. She had finished her four days of work and had the next three days off. She worked in cardiovascular department and enjoyed her work. She lived in an apartment by herself; did not have a steady boyfriend and enjoyed the company of women as well as men. Since she led an active life and had not had sex in two or three weeks, she was going to make the most of it. She was planning on spending the night. He could hardly wait to sink his dick into her pussy. He had not had sex with an African American woman since, well since they were called black women; about fifteen years ago, while his wife was still alive.

After dinner, Amanda's cell phone rang; it was Bill calling to see how she was making out at her father's house. She took the call in the family room, leaving Keesha and John alone.

Their polite conversation finally turned to sex... "John, I am curious," said Keesha, "about something. Amanda said she told you I had a crush on you through high school and even college. Did you have any sexual feelings about me?"

"Hell yes, from the first time I saw you I thought you were sexy. At fifteen, you looked grownup."

Keesha laughed, pointing to her tits, "Yes, these always made me seem older than what I was and had men falling over me. What is it about big tits that bring out the animal in men?"

"Good question, it happens to me, I don't know why. If I see a woman with tits like yours, my eyes are glued to her chest. There must be something that causes men to do it, I don't know why. Let me ask you a question since I know you are like Amanda and swing both ways. Do you find woman as interested in your tits as men?"

"Some are," answered Keesha. "I have gone to gay bars, when I felt the need for a woman and I noticed some women can't take their eyes off my chest. Usually they are the more butch looking girls, although I have had some of the feminine ones get turn on by my chest. It depends, but men are much more interested."

"Keesha, would you see if Amanda would like any desert, while she is talking to Bill?"

Keesha got up and went into the family room; she reappeared at the entrance to the kitchen and motioned for John to follow her. Keesha stopped abruptly in the entrance to the room and John actually bumped into her. Looking in the family room, he saw daughter having phone sex with her husband. She had attached a headset to her cell phone, which allowed both of her hands to be free. Amanda had her blouse unbuttoned and her tits were free from her bra. She had pushed her slacks and underwear down to her ankles. One hand was playing with her pussy and the other hand was on her tits.

Keesha and John stood there watching and listening to Amanda. It was not long before John was sporting an erection that was pushing into the backside of Keesha. She pushed back rubbing her ass back and forth over John's hard dick.

Amanda was really into it and did not see her friend or her father in the doorway watching her. If she had, she probably would have been even more turned on then she was now. She was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy and talking to her husband.

"Bill, I've got two fingers in me and I am putting the third inside, oh shit, that feels so good. I'm rubbing my clit with my thumb; my juices are coating my fingers and running down my legs. I have to have you inside of me."

She took her fingers out of her pussy and opened up her bag. She took out a good sized dildo and placed it at the opening to her hot, wet pussy. She closed her eyes began talking to her husband again.

"Honey, I have my dildo ready and waiting, tell me how you are going to fuck me."

Keesha and John could not hear Bill's response, however the way Amanda was working the dildo in and out of her pussy, Bill wanted a nice, slow fuck. Watching Amanda pleasing herself got both Keesha and John horny. John's hands went around the Keesha's waist and moved up toward her gigantic tits. He had been waiting all day to feel them. As he brought his hands under both tits, he was amazed at how little of her tits, were actually in his hands. His fingers were wrapped around her tits and they still did not surround half of them.

Keesha reached her hand behind her and rubbed John's dick through his pants. Both of their eyes were riveted on Amanda as she moved the dildo in and out of her pussy. She was moving it somewhat faster, but it was apparent Bill was still giving her a nice slow fuck. She was pinching her nipples and urging Bill to fuck her faster.

"Bill, fuck me, come on, give it to me, don't tease me, honey I need it... I need it badly... I need it only the way you can give it to me..." Amanda continued to moan and talk in the phone. It was obvious to John that his daughter and her husband had phone sex often. Even though Amanda wanted to be fucked faster, she never increased the speed of the dildo. She was doing exactly what Bill was telling her to do over the phone.

Keesha and John were hot from watching Amanda. John grabbed Keesha blouse and pulled it over her head. Then he undid the clasp of her bra, freeing her tits from their support. Keesha was young, and her tits had quite firm, for their size. However, they were too big to stick straight out; there was some sag to them. John put his hands under them and lifted them up, his finger were messaging the huge, fleshy, dark tits. He looked over Keesha's shoulder and saw her tits.

Keesha leaned her head backward and her lips found John's mouth. She thrust her tongue inside of it, madly intertwining with John's tongue. John's fingers moved toward her nipples; pinching, twisting and pulling on them. A low moan escaped from Keesha's mouth. She turned her entire body around so that she was facing John. Her hands went to his pants where they began to unbuckle his belt and pull down his zipper. Within seconds, she had his pants and jockey shorts pushed down around his ankles. She dropped to her knees and took his erect manhood into her mouth.

As John looked down at her, he got turned on even more by the color contrast; his white cock thrusting into her black lips and mouth. Then he felt it, the metal stud impaled in her tongue; rubbing up and down the entire length of his cock. He had not experienced a sensation like this in all his years of lovemaking; including all the swapping which he and his late wife had been involved. While Keesha was sucking his cock, John took off his shirt and stood naked before this black exotic woman. He reached down and pulled her to her feet, he did not want to come too soon. He pulled her tight against his body; he loved the feeling of those huge tits mashed against his chest. During foreplay, nothing turned John on more than the sensation of naked tits pressed against his naked chest. He leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips, this time he thrust his tongue inside of her mouth. His hands went to her ass and pulled her lower body tight up against his. He could feel his erect dick pressing against her belly.

John and Keesha were so involved with each other, they did not notice that Amanda had masturbated herself to an orgasm and was now watching them. Not only that, but she was describing the action to her husband via the phone.

John reached down, grabbed the waist band of Keesha's pants and pushed them down her body. When her pants reached her ankles, she stepped out of them. She now stood before John in only a pair of thong underwear. She stepped back from him and did a slow turn.

"You like what you see?" Keesha asked John.

"Yes I do," was his reply. "You are one fucking sexy woman."

"I think you are both sexy," said Amanda.

Keesha and John turned and looked at Amanda, still sitting on the sofa, they had forgotten all about her when things heated up between the two of them.

"Oh, you are finished," said John. "We got so turned on watching you and one thing lead to another, and"

"Pretty soon, we were so interested in each other, that we stopped watching you," added Keesha.

"Well, I am done with myself. Why don't you come over to me and we can get a threesome started." Amanda speaking into the microphone added, "Is that alright with you Bill? How about I describe what is going on between the three of us. Do you think that would get you off?" Amanda turned to Keesha and her father, "Bill says he can't wait. This is the first time we have included anyone else in our phone sex. His cock is rock hard; he can't wait to get off."

"Bill," said Amanda into the phone, "Keesha and Dad are nude. You should see the tits on Keesha. They are huge. Her nipples are large; I would guess they are about three inches around. And they are erect, sticking out almost a half-of-an inch. She has the prettiest brown skin; it looks so sexy, in contrast to dad's white skin. She shaved her pubes around her pussy, but left a patch of trimmed curly black hair above her pussy."

John and Keesha went over to where Amanda was sitting. "Amanda," said John, "you have already come. Let Keesha and me get started before you join in, just describe what is going on to Bill. I'm sure he'll love it. Does that sound good to you Kessha?"

"John," answered Keesha, "I just got started with you. I am not ready to share you with your daughter yet." Keesha lay down on the floor and stretched her arms out to John. He went to her and kissed her ears, neck, throat, and lips. He was working his way down to her luscious tits.

"Keesha, I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw you come in the house." John launched a full attack on her boobs. He fondled, groped, messaged, kneaded, licked, bit and kissed her tits and nipples. Keesha laid back, with her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling. When John got to her nipples, he began to suckle like a baby.

"Harder, John," said Keesha. "Use you teeth. Oh that feels good. I love a man who likes to make love to my tits. Oh bite them, damn... harder... suck and bite at the same time... oh that feels so fucking good."

Amanda was watching her father make love to her friend and telling her husband everything that she saw. It was definitely turning on both Amanda and her husband.

John left Keesha's large hooters; kissing and licking his way down her body. He stopped briefly at her navel, just long enough to stick his tongue in a few time. Then he continued his journey downward until he reached his goal, her pussy. He decided to tease Keesha a little. He kissed and licked around her pussy, but never touching it. He nibbled on the inside of her thighs; he kissed the outside of her pussy lips and he licked all around her pussy without touching it. At the same time, his fingers were moving in and out of her pink pussy. This was exciting Keesha so much, when she could not take it anymore she reached down, grabbed his head and mashed his face against her moist slit. John took the hint and started licking. He tongue fucked her pussy for a few minutes. Keesha's body was responding, her hips were moving, she was breathing fast, and moans were escaping from her lips.

"Damn John, you have a talented tongued," Keesha moaned. "I love to have someone licking my pussy. Shit... that feels... sooooo fuckin'... goodddd... don't stop." She looked at Amanda, who was still describing the scene before her to her husband, and motioned for her to come down on the floor and join her.

When Amanda got close to her, Keesha drew her head down to meet hers and the two women kissed. They sucked on each other's tongues so loudly that Bill could hear them through the microphone that was still attached to Amanda's head. Finally, they broke their kiss and Keesha said. "Suck my tits, Amanda. I want your father between my legs and his daughter sucking my tits. What a turn on." Keesha talked into the mic, "Bill, it is a shame you are not here. I could have you suck my other tit. We would have a family fuck fest."

"Honey," Amanda interrupted, "I think we need to invite Keesha to come to our place. She can come with dad and we can have Katie over; we should have a fucking good time."

Meanwhile, John was still "munchin' at the Y." He attacked Keesha clit with his lips, tongue and teeth. At the dame time, he was pumping three fingers in and out of her pink, slick hole. That got Keesha attention.

"Oh fuck, John... Damn... Right there... oh... yeah..." She thrust her hips up to meet his mouth. "Amanda honey, bite my nipples... yes... Yeses... YESSSSSSS... FUCKKKKKKKKKKK... YYYYEEESSSSSSSS... HERE... IIIIIIIIII... OH SHITTTTT... HERE... I COMMMMEEEEEE," yelled Keesha. With one hand she grabbed John's head and pressed it tight up against her cunt and with the other hand mashed Amanda's head against her tit. She held them that way for several minutes, until she came down from her orgasm. "Whew, that was good," she said. "Now I want to feel your cock inside me. How do you want me John, It's your choice?"

John said, "Keesha, I want you on your back, the old stand by, at least for now. I want to see those tits bounce up and down, when I fuck the shit out of you. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good to me; Amanda, sit back and describe the action to your husband, but tell him not to come yet. After I come this way, I want to eat you, while your father fucks me from behind in my ass. So you better not come either John."

John laughed, "Keesha, I took a ******, right after you got home. I'll be hard for the next three or four hours. I plan to fuck the shit out of you and my daughter."

"I like the sound of that," replied Keesha, "What about you, Amanda?"

"I am a horny, pregnant female; I plan to come hard and often. I'll watch my dad fuck you and describe it to Bill; I think he'll enjoy that." Amanda talked into the microphone, "Won't you honey?" Turning to her dad and friend, "Bill said he can't wait to hear me describing you getting fucked, pointing to Keesha, and hearing you come."

Keesha laughed, "So, I'm a screamer. At least the other person knows that I am enjoying myself. Come on John; stick that cock inside of me. I have felt it played with and sucked it, now it's time for me to feel it."

John put the head of his cock at the entrance to her moist cunt and with one motion, shoved it entirely inside of Keesha.

"Oh, that feels good, John. I like a man who does not fool around. Fuck me!"

John did as he was told and began a slow rhythmic fuck. As his hips pounded his cock into Keesha, her large tits bounced up and down on her chest. As he increased the tempo, her tits began top bounce all over. The sight of her tits, flying all over, turned John on very quickly. It was truly an erotic sight, but he wanted her to come first. He reached down and with his thumb messaged her clit. That really got things moving. Keesha's body was bouncing off the floor, meeting John's thrusts.

"Pinch my nipples, you mother fucker," yelled Keesha. "Twist those fuckers, pull on them."

Again, John did as he was told; he reached down and finally grabbed those bouncing beauties. His fingers found the nipples and her twisted, pinched, and pulled on them.

"Oh... Fuckkkk... yessss... Harder... Harderrrr... HARDER... Fuckkkkkk... ME... HAAAAARRRRDDDERRRR. I'm almost there... FUCKKKK... HARDER... HERE... I... COMMMMMEEEE." Keesha's whole body went rigid, and then it relaxed.

Just after Keesha came, John stopped; he had something else in mind for Keesha, something he wanted to do ever since he saw her. He waited until Keesha got over her orgasm, which took a few minutes. John still had his cock inside Keesha and he could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing his cock every time she orgasmed. Finally she was back in the real world.

Keesha looked up at John, "You didn't come?"

John replied, "I have something else I wanted to do. I think most men want to tit fuck you as soon as they see you and I'm no different. I hope you don't mind?

"Hell no, I am use to it, "Keesha answered. "Like you said, men want to tit fuck me and I like it. Hand me that oil sitting on the end table and I'll oil these babies up."

Keesha poured oil over her tits and rubbed it all over her two breasts. John looked at her, he like the way her hooters glistened with oil. Keesha lay back down and John straddled her chest. He grabbed her tits and pushed them together, then, he moved forward plunging his cock between those slick melons. Keesha had propped her head up and had her mouth open. She could only lick the head of John's cock because the rest of it was trapped inside her tits.

Keesha replaced John's hands on her tits, "Here let me hold these, you just concentrate on getting off. But please do me a favor. I don't now why I like it, but when you come, shoot your load all over my tits. For some reason, it turns me on."

So Bill leaned forward and just concentrated on tit fucking Keesha. Meanwhile, Keesha was pinching her nipples and messaging her tits, she planned on coming again. She hoped John would not come too fast so she could get her rocks off. Every time the tip of John's cock emerged from her tits, Keesha licked it. John was really getting into tit fucking those big black orbs, he was close to an orgasm and so was Keesha.

"Damn, this feels soooo good," said John. Then, in a matter of seconds he said "Fuck... Shit... oh... here... oh... Damn... damn... oh... So... soft... FUCKKKKKK... HERE... I... COMMMMEEEE." saying that, John pulled out his dick. Amanda got off the sofa quickly and grabbed her father's dick. She aimed it at her friend's tits. The first glob hit her left tit and the second one landed on the right one. John's orgasm was greatly enhanced by the soft hands of his daughter, grasping and stroking his cock until he was drained. Some come even landed on Keesha's face. Amanda looked at the white semen laying on the black tits and face of her friend; it was an erotic sight. Amanda leaned down and licked her father's come off her friend's face and then gave her a long French kiss. As Amanda licked the come off of Keesha's tits, Keesha had a small orgasm.

Amanda described everything she saw to her husband. She heard Bill say, Amanda, this is the best phone sex we have ever had, from now on; we need to include other people. Amanda agreed.

"John, you know how to treat a woman. Anytime you want to get together, you just call me," Keesha said to John. "Amanda does not need to be here, I am talking anytime!"

"Thank you Keesha, you can count on it. I have been working too hard lately. I had an active sex life when I was younger. I thought I was too old to have that again these few days with Amanda have made me realize, I can have that again."

Keesha got up on her hands and knees and crawled across the carpet to where Amanda was sitting. Amanda saw her coming and described it to Bill.

"Bill," said Amanda into the microphone, "Keesha is on her hands and knees coming to me. You should see her big tits, hanging down and swaying when she moves. Now, she is spreading my legs and she is rubbing here tits over my body. They feel so warm and soft on my legs. Oh Bill, now she is rubbing them on my belly, and now on my tits. She is rubbing our tits together. This feels soooo good."

Keesha talked into the microphone, "Hi Bill, You have one sexy wife here, but you knew that already. I am going to make your wife come by licking her to an orgasm. Would you like that Bill?"

Amanda said "Bill, said he would like that very much."

"Well Bill, continued Keesha, "wait until your pregnant wife feels the stud in my tongue rubbing her clit, she will go crazy. She is going to make noises you have never heard before. Bill, are you ready for that?"

Amanda shook her head yes, indicating Bill wanted it. Keesha knelt between Amanda's legs. She started by licking the inside of her thighs, pressing her tongue stud against Amanda's soft flesh.

"Keesha," said Amanda, "that feels strange. It feels metallic. I like the way it drags on my skin." Keesha looked up and smiled at Amanda. Keesha licked her way to Amanda crotch. She spread Amanda's pussy lips with her fingers and stuck her tongue all the way in Amanda. Keesha had her tongue curled, so that Amanda could not feel the metal stud. However when she was ready withdraw her tongue, she pressed her tongue flat against the inside of her pussy. Slowly Keesha removed her tongue, dragging the stud against the soft, moist pussy flesh. As the stud came out of Amanda's sweet pussy, Keesha stopped removing her tongue. Instead she pushed her tongue into Amanda, which caused the stud to press against the outside of Amanda's pussy, right against her clit.

A low moan escaped from Amanda's lips. "God that feels unbelievable" said Amanda. 'Then she said to Bill, "I am going to try and explain what Keesha is doing to me and how it feels, but I don't know if I can, you might just hear a lot of moans and groans."

Keesha continued to work on her friend's pussy. John watched the black girl make love to his daughter. He found the contrast in skin colors very erotic. He had taken a ****** tablet, so he had a constant erection, however, he probably would have gotten an erection anyway, since this was the hottest thing he had seen in a helluva long time.

Keesha continued to work on Amanda's pussy. It wasn't long before Amanda's body tightened and she had a small orgasm. Keesha let her relax, then she said, "Amanda, honey, that was just the start, now I am going to give you a mind blowing orgasm and I am going to come too, with John's help" She turned to John, "John get the vibrator that Amanda was using on herself when we first entered the room and lube it up. I am going to ass fuck her as I suck her to an orgasm. And John, lube up your dick, I want that up my ass while I'm fucking your daughter. Any objections, Amanda?"

Amanda only smiled, "I can't wait. Bill, too bad you're not here, it would be exciting to watch." She looked down at Keesha, "Shove that fucker in me and let's get going," Amanda said with a look of anticipation on her face.

Keesha slowly inserted the dildo in her friend's cute, pink, rosebud of an asshole. After she had worked it in and out a few times, Keesha turned to John and told him to start fucking her asshole.

John spread her black ass cheeks, placed the head of his dick at the entrance to her asshole and pushed. His dick went in rather easily; it was obvious Keesha liked her asshole fucked. As soon as John got a slow fucking rhythm, Keesha placed her face between Amanda's legs and went to work on her friend's bald pussy. Keesha worked the dildo in and out of Amanda's asshole, while getting fucked, at the same time, in the ass by John. She worked the metal stud all around Amanda's pussy. She rubbed it up one side and down the other. She moved it up to Amanda's clit and pushed it around and over her clit.

Amanda was really getting heated up. When Keesha went to work on her clit, she couldn't talk to her husband anymore. All she could do was moan, groan and breathe heavy into the microphone.

John was affecting Keesha as well. She had not had such as a competent lover as John in a long time. She was dating men her own age that tended to get their rocks off without worrying about her. John was different; he made sure she got as much enjoyment out of love making as he did.

Amanda was going out of her mind. Never before had she felt such a sensation as Keesha's stud working on her clit. It was so hard and it pushed her clit and tender flesh all over the place. But the tongue that it was embedded in was hot, soft and moist; such a stark contrast. Add the sensation of the dildo up her ass and Amanda was so fucking hot, she knew she would not last much longer.

Amanda couldn't take it any more. She grabbed Keesha's head and jammed it against her pussy. "Bitch, suck my fuckin' pussy. Rub that stud all over... OH, CHRIST YES... Fuck... Keesha... more... More... Now fuck my ass... harder... ram it... oh... Damn... yes... YESSSSS... YESSSSSSSS... FUCKKKKKKKKK... YESSssssssssss... shit! Amanda's thighs clamped around Keesha's head, squeezed it hard, then her whole body went limp.

John was watching and listening to his daughter. When his daughter got excited and started going over the edge, he got caught up in the moment and sped up the tempo of his fucking. He was now pounding his hard cock in and out of the black ass in front of him. He held onto her hips and pulled them toward him as he slammed his meat deep into Keesha's ass.

He and Keesha were very close to coming when Amanda came. Keesha was yelling and begging for more, but John could hardly hear her since she was moaning into his daughter's cunt. One last thrust John started shooting his white sperm deep onto the bowels of the black woman,

"Keesha, take this," John said as he slammed his cock into her ass. The noise that was made from this fucking sounded like very loud slaps against flesh. "Here, take this... and this... and this... oh... fuck..." and John's body went stiff and then he collapsed.

By now, Keesha had also orgasmed and she was lying with her arms across her friend legs and her head still in her lap.

The three of them took five or ten minutes to fully recover. Amanda was the first one, maybe it was because Bill was yelling in her ear. He had heard all the noise and sounds and he had come for the third time. "Bill that was fucking unbelievable," said Amanda. Bill agreed and said he could not wait until they were all in the same room so he could see, touch and taste everyone. Amanda said her goodbyes to her husband and turned to John and Keesha.

John looked at the two naked women and said, "we never had that desert. Anyone interested in some pie? We could use a break, before we start fucking again."

The girls both looked surprised. "Dad, you want to go some more?"

"Amanda my love, I have not had so much fucking since your mom died. You and Keesha showed me I'm not an old man and even if I was, this ****** works great." He stood up and both girls could see he still had a hard on. They looked at each other and smiled, something told them it would be a long, hot, erotic, sexy fucking night.

"Dessert sounds good," they both said. They got up went to John and put their arms around him and pushed their boobs into his side. "Girls what position do you want to try after dessert? Asked John?

"I don't know," said Keesha, "but we'll think of something."

The three of them fucked until everyone was satisfied and fucked out. John was happy he had taken ******, even when he was young he had not fucked so much in one night. They all slept in John's bed, with John in the middle.


Chapter 5

John woke up several times during the night. Each time he would feel tits or asses or a combination of both pressing against him from each side, he was in heaven. He even fought going back to sleep just so he could enjoy the sensation of soft female body parts pressed against him. He was awakened out of a deep sleep by the morning light shinning in the bedroom window. He looked over at the clock and saw it was eight o'clock. Since he was the first one awake, he laid there waiting for the two naked women to open their eyes. After about ten minutes, he decided to wake them up. His daughter had her back to him, so he concentrated on Keesha, who was lying on her back. He shifted his position and leaned over her. Gently he brought his lips to her breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He angled his head so he could watch her face while he sucked her nipple. As he increased the pressure on her nipple, her facial expressions began to change. He wondered what she was thinking as he continued to suck. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked down at him. A big smile came over her.

"Damn, that is a nice way to wake up, beats the hell out of an alarm clock going off," she said. "Don't stop, I am just getting into it. Suck on the other nipple."

John looked over at Amanda, still sleeping, "What about her?" He said to Keesha.

Keesha replied, with a mischievous smile, "Let her wait her turn. You got me aroused; now you are going to have to take care of me. Besides, if she awakes before either of us come, we'll include her. Now suck my other tit and play with my pussy."

John switched boobs and took the other erect nipple into his mouth. When his hand reached Keesha's pussy, he found it already quite wet. He looked up at Keesha who said, "See how you affect me. I can't get enough of you."

John worked one then two fingers into her pussy, after a few minutes he added a third. That seemed to really get Keesha heated up. She pulled John on top of him and guided his cock to her waiting hole, with one push; he slid into her, rather easily.

"Be gentle," she asked of him, "my pussy is a little tender from all the fucking we did yesterday. I haven't had a workout like that in a long time."

So John did what was asked of him. He continued at his pace which seemed to be acceptable to Keesha. Soon, however, she wrapped her legs around his waist and urged him to go faster. Her exact words were "Fuck me John, fuck me harder, and ram that white piece of meat deep in my black pussy."

John obeyed Keesha's wishes and increased the tempo of his fucking. This caused the bed to move and shake which woke up Amanda. "Hey you two, you started without me." Amanda said to them.

"Sorry honey," replied John. "Why don't you join us?"

Amanda rolled over to Keesha and John and immediately took one of Keesha's nipples in her mouth and sucked it. Then she reached between Keesha's legs and rubbed her clit while her father continued to fuck Keesha.

"Damn fine way to wake up," said John. "I forgot how much I missed a good morning fuck. These two days made me remember how good it felt."

God, that feels good," moaned Keesha. "Amanda bite my nipples... harder... Yes,... oh... yes..."She pulled John's head down to her other tit. "Suck It!!... bite me... oh... Shit... that... feels... soooo... oh... so... fucking... so... good... Pinch... my... clit...

Damn yes... oh... yeeessss... Here... I... come... shit... so... good..."

That triggered John and he shot load after load into Keesha. "Shit... damn... Fuck... coming..." and John collapsed on the bed.

Amanda waited patiently for the two spent lovers, lying aside of her, to be able to make love again. She decided the first one to show life would be hers. She waited and was rewarded with Keesha rolling over and looking at her and said. "Sorry, we started with out you, but you know, lust waits for no one."

Amanda moved to her ebony friend and they embraced. Soon their lips found each other and their tongues intertwined. Both young women grabbed one of their tits and held it up to their lover's lips, offering their nipple to be sucked and bit.

John could only watch; he was still too wiped out from his orgasm. He looked on as his pregnant daughter looked at her black friend and said, "I want to taste my daddy's come, let me lick your pussy that he just filled."

Keesha just smiled and lay on her back. She motioned for Amanda to lie on top of her and positioned her so they both could enjoy each other's pussy. John watched as the two girls licked and sucked each other.

The more John watched the hornier, he got. He could not believe his sex drive, especially after the last two days. He was sporting a woody. "Who wants something more than a tongue in her pussy," asked John?

Amanda lifted her head up from Keesha's pussy, "I do, and it's my turn anyway. You already fucked Keesha this morning."

So John got behind his daughter, positioned his cock and with one push was inside of her well lubricated pussy. John started to fuck his daughter while Keesha alternated between licking Amanda's clit and John's cock and balls. The sensation of John's cock sliding up and down Keesha's studded tongue heated John up quickly. Even though he had come ten or fifteen minutes earlier; in the matter of minutes, he was coming in his daughter's pussy. That seemed to trigger Keesha who was licking his balls when he came. Soon after she came Amanda followed. The three of them lay on the bed resting.

"You two girls can get showers and I'll make breakfast, "said John. "I love cooking for my girls." John went to the kitchen while the girls headed for the shower. Soon they were all sitting at the kitchen table enjoying breakfast.

"Amanda," asked Keesha, "who else are you going to contact. I have not seen many of from our crowd since I went away to college; I kind of lost touch with them."

"I contacted Janice and Heather before I came here. They told me they would be interested in getting together. All I have to do is call them and set up date. Why, are you interested in joining us?"

"Sure, it should be fun. I would like to get at Heather's red-haired pussy again. As I remember, she was a hottie. If you are interested in someone new to join us, there is an Asian girl that works with me who loves to get into some girl-girl action. She is petite, but great body and really knows how to get a girl off"

John spoke up. "Are you excluding me from this get-together? I thought these girls had a crush on me. Don't forget, I have ****** now. I can handle all these beautiful and sexy women."

Amanda laughed. "Dad, I would not leave you out. After all, we'll probably have our party here. Amanda turned to look at her friend. "Keesha, that sounds like fun, a new girl. When do both of you have off so I can schedule a date?"

"I told my mother I would eat with my family tonight, but I am off tomorrow and so is Wendy. She has the same schedule as me. If you can have the party tomorrow, I can be here and I'll call Wendy and see if she is available. Call me as soon as everything is arranged. I better being going, I have a lot of things to do before I go to my mother's. Thanks for everything, I had a great time." Keesha turned to John and handed him a business card, "John here are my phone numbers. Call me anytime you want to get together. I mean that." She got up from the table and gave Amanda a big hug and kiss. She turned to John, "remember what I said, anytime." She hugged him and gave him a very sensual kiss. "That is a little something to keep me in your thoughts." Keesha got her things and left.

Amanda and John returned top the kitchen table and finished their cup of coffee. "Amanda, you have not finished telling me how you got Bill and his mother together."

"Oh that's right," she replied, "Where did I stop?"

"You stopped right when Katie modeled the green negligee for her son. He got all hot and bothered and his mother felt his boner when she hugged him. That's where you stopped," commented John.

"Right, now I remember. Well, Katie went to her room after that and went to sleep. Bill and I went to our room and I pressured Bill to tell me what he thought of his mother. He was amazed and confused. He thought she was a very beautiful woman, something he had not noticed before. He could not get over how much she had changed. I had told him of how I had gotten his mother to experience the joys of sex, already. Now I had to convince him, it was his turn to teach her. I told him of Katie's desire to be with a man, now that she had a new attitude about sex. I mentioned some names of men we knew who could take Katie to bed. But Bill reacted the same way I did; he dismissed each man I suggested. He had many reasons, but it was basically they weren't good enough for his mother. According to him, she needed someone special for her. Someone who would take his time and make sure that Katie had the best possible experience, she had come so far for some guy to screw her up."

"After talking for an hour or so, I suggested that he be his mother's teacher. He looked at me like I was crazy, how could I suggest such a thing. I pointed out, that he was sexually aroused by his mother and had gotten a hard-on looking at her modeling her green nightgown. Plus, after I told him of my sexual escapades with his mother, he ravished me. So obviously he was attracted to her. He told me he would think about it, then he made mad passionate love to me for the second night in a row."

"The next day, Katie stayed home with me again while Bill went to work. He called me in the morning and told me after thinking about it, he would do it, if his mother agreed to it. So now I had to work on Katie. Actually, it was much easier than I thought it would be. After she thought about it for a few hours, she agreed also. She told me she always thought of Bill as the man around the house and not her son. I arranged for them to have an evening alone with each other as I went to the movies."

Amanda continued her story. "I came home from the movies earlier than expected. I entered the house through the back door and silently went through the kitchen. I heard voices coming from the family room. The closer I got, the more I realized they were the noises of people making love. I stopped at the entrance to the family room and peeked in on them. There was Katie, on her back, legs wrapped around her son's waist while Bill was shoving his cock in and out of her pussy. Katie's yelling for Bill to fuck her harder and Bill's got his face buried in Katie's tits. While I watched, Katie had a tremendous orgasm, much more intense than the ones she had with me. Bill took his cock out of his mother's pussy and came over her tits and belly; then collapsed along side of her. Just then Katie looked up and saw me standing in the doorway, she smiled and motioned for me to come and join them. I licked my husband sperm off of her tits and belly, then Katie and Bill helped me off with my clothes, We had our first threesome."

"Katie thanked both of us for helping her see that sex is something to be enjoyed. She thanked me for loaning her my husband and she hoped she could find a lover as skilled as her son to satisfy her. She hoped to find one soon, since after waiting this long, she did not want to miss out on her sex life. I told her, she could use Bill anytime she wanted as long as I got satisfied too. We all hugged each other and kissed each other. Katie usually spends three or four night a week sleeping with us at our house or hers."

"So, is that why you seduced me, because Bill was sleeping with his mother," asked John?

"Daddy, I wanted to sleep with you ever since I learned about sex, when I was twelve, I told you that. I guess since Katie and Bill are screwing each other, I don't feel guilty about us fucking. You are helping me to live out my fantasies and keep me satisfied, not a small task. I love you for that. Now, let's get dressed and go shopping," said Amanda.

"Shopping again! You just went shopping yesterday with Keesha."

"Daddy, that was for clothes, this is for the party with all the girls. I only brought some of my toys with me. We need to hit some X-rated stores for some things. Please go with me, I don't like going into those shops alone."

"Sure, I'll go. In fact the shop that your mother and I used is still in business. Let's go there."

So Amanda and John got dressed and headed down to the local X-rated store. Everything you needed for an orgy could be purchased there. John was surprised to find out that the same man owned the store after all these years. He gave John an approving look when he entered the store with Amanda. John decided to let the guy think that Amanda was his woman and she was carrying his child. It was much easier than trying to explain why he was with his daughter shopping for orgy materials. They got everything Amanda wanted and some things John suggested. Since they were out they decided to have lunch and go for a walk in the park. It was a beautiful Fall day. On the ride home Amanda played with her father's dick and gave him a blowjob while he was driving. He stopped her before he had an orgasm. He didn't want to have an accident. When they got home they fucked and Amanda had three orgasms while John only came once.

After they were finished having sex, they sat in the family room and talked. "Do you and Bill have phone sex often," asked John.

"We have had phone sex ever since we have been married. If Bill was at work, he would lock his door, call me and we would get each other off. Since I have become pregnant, it has increased, it's almost ever day. Didn't Mom and you have phone sex?"

"Yes we did, especially after she got pregnant and permanently horny. Have you ever involved other people in your phone sex? That way, it's not just you masturbating yourself to an orgasm?'

"No, we haven't, not until last night. What do you have in mind? Did you and Mom include other people in your phone sex? Oh, this sounds so kinky."

So John discussed his plan with his daughter. She liked it very much and called her husband on his cell phone to arrange things for that evening. Amanda also got in contact with Janice and Heather. They were both able to get free for an afternoon orgy. Janice was already off and Heather was going to call in sick. Amanda called Keesha and told her of the plans for tomorrow. Keesha said she would be there and she thought Wendy, her Asian friend, could be there.

John took Amanda down to the basement. "Amanda, I haven't shown you the playground your mother and I built." He took her over to a wall of shelves, unlocked it and slid it over. John turned on a light and Amanda saw a room the size of the family room, about one-quarter of the basement.

"This was always here?" said a shocked Amanda. "I never knew this was here." Amanda stepped inside and looked around. There were large mirrors on the walls and ceiling. Stacked up, in a pile along one wall, were mats, like the ones used in gymnastics. There was a television set in an entertainment center and many video tapes in the cabinet. Most appeared to be bought, they had pictures on the cases. Others appeared to be home made, VCR tapes with hand written labels. It was dusty, but other than that it looked good.

As Amanda continued to look around the room, she saw one wooden chair in the corner. She went over to look at the strange chair and noticed that in the middle of the seat was a dildo sticking straight up. Anyone sitting on the chair would be impaled on it. She looked over at her father; with a puzzled look on her face.

"This was your mother's and my playroom. We entertained people when you were away at grandmother's house or you had a sleep over at one of your friend's house. We had some rather kinky habits. Look over in the corner," Amanda looked to where he was pointing. "See the swing attached to the ceiling?" Amanda nodded her head. "The middle is cut out, so that someone can fuck the person in the swing from underneath. If the person puts her legs up, you can twirl the swing. Your mother loved that one."

"I have not been in here in three or four years. I still was part of the swinging group after your mother's death, for a few years. Then, since I was single, I lost touch with many of the people in the group. It was made for couples and I was the odd one, I was single. There aren't too many dates you can take to a swinging party."

If you like we could clean up this place and you could have your party here. The mirrors are quite sexy and the mats feel a lot better than carpet, we'll cover them with sheets. If you want, you could tape the girls-get-together for Bill. I'll help you get everything setup before I leave."

"You're not going to leave, Daddy, are you?" Amanda explained. "I told the girls you would be here and they could accomplish their teenage fantasy of having sex with you. They were both very excited. You will stay won't you?"

"Sure honey, I just thought you wanted it to be just girls. Hell why would I pass up the opportunity to have sex with four beautiful girls."

"Five, Daddy," added Amanda, "Don't forget Keesha is bringing her oriental friend, Wendy, which makes five. I can hardly wait. I'll ask the girls if they would not mind being taped. I know Bill and Katie would love to see all of us fucking and sucking each other."

"Thank God for ******," said John. He started straightening up the things in the room, "We have a couple of hours to kill before the phone sex with Bill. We should start cleaning this place up. Let me go get the vacuum cleaner, spray cleaner, paper towels and some air freshener. I'll be right back." John left the room and headed upstairs.

Amanda looked around the room, seeing what was in it. There were big eye bolts fastened to the wall and ceiling. She walked over to a closet and opened the door. Inside were shelves with all kinds of sexual paraphernalia. She looked closely and saw dildos, anal beads, riding crops, short piece of rope, handcuffs, blindfolds and many other things. My parents were really kinky, she thought.

She walked over to the TV and shelves of VCR tapes. She picked up one and looked at the title. Suburban Orgies and it had about ten couples involved in all kinds of sexual positions in a picture on the cover of the tape. She looked at more, Anal Train, Aunt Peg Does Everyone, Taboo, and many others. Then she picked up the tapes with the hand written labels. The first one was just a date, Jan. 18, 1983; another one said The Tuesday's Group. The she picked one up that surprised her, written on the label was Alice's 30th Birthday Party. This must be an X-Rated party, Amanda thought. The next one she picked up was John's birthday surprise. There were about twelve or fifteen homemade tapes in the library. She was so interested in them; she didn't hear her father come into the room.

"Well, it looks like you found the film library. Your mother was very proud of those; she enjoyed watching them as much as she did making them. I told you she had a very active libido, more than anyone else I knew, until you got pregnant. We would put you to bed, and then we would come down here and watch part of a film. We could never get through a whole tape; we would end up fucking before it was over. After she died, I would come down, put the tape in the VCR and make believe she was still alive. I would jerk off imagining it was her hand on my dick. It made me feel like she was still here, then later; it was just fun to watch her in action. That woman could fuck."

Amanda went over and hugged her father. Daddy, I would like to watch one film with you and you could pretend I'm mom. You could even call me Alice."

Thanks honey, but I am at peace with myself over her death. I'll watch them with you, if you would like, but it will be you I'm fucking. I know that's what your mother would have wanted. My only regret it that she isn't here now to keep you satisfied. You two would have fucked each other like machines. You would have been good for each other. However, if you want to see your mother at her best, the tape you have in yourhand, her 30th birthday was incredible, she was never better. In a birthday celebration, the guest of honor gets to pick how they want to have sex with everyone. Our rules were; if you had a birthday, you could set the agenda and your mother out did anyone else. If you want to watch a tape of hers, that's the one I would recommend."

"Sounds good, Daddy," Amanda handed the tape to her father, "Put it in the VCR, let's watch it. We can clean up later."

"Sounds good to me," John answered. "Put some mats on the floor and cover them with the sheets in the closet. I guarantee we'll be using them before the tape is over."

After Amanda got the mats set up, she joined the father on the couch. When she sat down, John looked at her, "Are you sure you want to see this?"

"Daddy, I have seen all the regular pictures and tapes of Mom, I'd like to see her other side. I can handle it."

So John pressed play and they turned their attention to the TV screen. The tape opened with her mother standing in the center of the room with people all around her and they were singing happy birthday. What made this different than other birthday parties was that everyone was naked. A warm glow came over Amanda when she saw her mother standing there, listening to everyone sing. Amanda had seen her mother naked many times, but this was different. First, Amanda was a grown woman and she could appreciate the sexiness of her mother, something she could not know as a child. The other thing was knowing that she was about to see her mother screw all these people; Amanda was very excited. She moved closer to her father so he could put his arm around her.

After they finished singing her mother blew out the candles. She announced it was time to taste the cake and told everyone to line up. John turned to Amanda, "This is where the birthday person shares the birthday cake, well really the icing. As your mother goes down the line, she'll put icing on a part of her body and have that person lick it off."

Amanda watched as her mother went to the first person in line, a woman about twenty-five years old. She was blonde and had a slender build; she had small tits and a well trimmed bush. Her mother put a big dab of icing on her left nipple and the woman licked and sucked it off in just a few seconds. The next person in line was a man about forty. He was about six foot tall. He had black hair and a body that was beginning to show some signs of flab. However, he had a short, but fat dick. She turned to her father, "That is the thickest dick I have ever seen. It may not be long, but it has got to stretch a woman's pussy."

"It sure does," John replied. "But wait until later you mother takes him in her pussy and then her ass. No woman in our group had been able to do that, before or since, your mother did it. She told me later, it was very painful, but the most erotic pain she had ever felt. She came almost as soon as he got it inside of her. You'll see that later, if you make it that far."

Alice put the icing on her neck and had him lick it off. The next person was a woman who looked to be in her late forties or early fifties. She was overweight by a few pounds. She had big hips and flabby stomach, but she had some gigantic tits. They were almost as big as Keesha's boobs. They covered her whole chest down to below her navel and had nipples the size of doughnuts. For her, Alice put the icing on her lips and tongue. The two women embraced while the older woman cleaned the icing off. It was a very exotic sight, seeing the woman's massive boobs envelope Amanda's mother.

The next person in line was a very short and slim man in his thirties. Alice put the icing on her chest, in between her boobs. The man ran his tongue up and down her chest until it was clean. The next person was a sexy red-haired woman. "Hey, I know her," said a shocked Amanda, "That's Mrs. Riley, she was my Girl Scout leader. She always seemed so pure and innocent."

"Well she was one fiery hellcat in bed," John told his daughter. "We use to get together with her and her husband, or if he was traveling, just her. God, she was one hot piece of ass. She had a way of contracting her vaginal muscles, so that it would actually pull your dick into her. Your mother and I both loved to fuck her. Next to your mother, she was the hottest piece of ass in our club."

Amanda turned her attention toward the screen. She looked at her former Girl Scout leader in a whole new way. She had some great tits, hardly any sag to them. She had pale nipples to match her pale skin. She had a red bush to match her hair, but it wasn't very thick, you could see her cunt lips peeking through the hair. Amanda watched as her mother stopped in front of Mrs. Riley and smiled a wicked kind of smile. She took the icing and rubbed it on the top of her pussy. Then she said to Mrs. Riley, "Donna, only the top of my pussy, you can't go lower." The other people chuckled. Donna looked at her mother, with an evil look in her eyes. "We'll see about that." She went to Amanda's mother, took her in her arms and gave her a big, wet, sloppy kiss, all the while rubbing her body against Alice's. When they separated, Donna looked down at Alice's pussy, pointing to it she said, "Oh, it looks like it's smeared all over your little pussy. I guess I'll just have to lick it all off." Then she looked down at her own red bush, "Look Alice," she added, "looks like you have some licking to do too."

Amanda watched her former Girl Scout leader lick the icing off her mother's pussy. Then she watched her mother bend down and lick and suck the icing off the red-haired pussy. When they were both done they kissed deeply.

Amanda watched as her mother went down the line of men and women and had them lick and suck the various parts of her body. It looked like there were about ten couples attending the party.

Amanda was getting very excited. She moved her hand on her father's lap and found he too was excited. She started rubbing his dick through his pants. He leaned down and kissed her and pinched her tit. Amanda tried to pull her father down onto the mats that were in front of them. "Honey, not yet," he responded. "It's just started. Now it really gets exciting. This is the part where all the women get your mother ready for the men. Then she services five men at one time."

"Five men at once," said a shocked Amanda. "Mother took on five men, how?"

John answered, "One in the pussy, one in the ass, she sucks one guy off and gives hand jobs to the other two. It starts out with one guy at each place. They have to last until time is called; about three minutes, then they change positions. If a guy comes, he's out and the next guy takes his place. It continues until your mother has had every man... Then we have the grand finale."

"What happens in the grand finale," asked Amanda?

"You'll have to wait and see for yourself, just the show. if you last through the whole tape, I promise I'll give you one helluva orgasm."

"That shouldn't be too hard," laughed Amanda. "If I see everything you have describe, you'll make me cum by just breathing on my clit."

"Now you got the picture."

The women went to work on Amanda's mother. Some kissed her; others caressed and sucked on her boobs. A few women took turns licking her pussy and finally two women took turns making sure her asshole was well lubed. Finally they were all finished and the woman with the huge tits proclaimed Alice ready to be pleasured by the guys.

Alice picked her husband to have first crack at her pussy and he had to lie on his back. Alice lay on top, facing him. One of the women guided John's cock into her pussy. Then another man was chosen and he got her asshole. He was well lubed by the women and he worked his cock into her hole. Alice had one guy knell right in front of her and she took him in her mouth. Then two more men sat down on either side of her. The women guided her hands to the men's crotch. When everyone was in place and ready, someone said start and the fun began.

Amanda's mom started sucking the guy in front of her and at the same time giving the other two hand-jobs. John and the guy in Alice's asshole got into a rhythm with their fucking of their perspective holes. The people watching would yell out encouragement to the six people. Amanda heard a woman's voice say "suck his dick." That was followed by a man yelling "pound her ass." Her mother was really getting into it, you could tell by the way her body was acting, when someone yelled time. Amanda heard her mother say, "Oh fuck, I was getting close."

The men rotated. The women prepared John by lubing his dick and washed the dick of the guy who was in her ass. When everyone was in position, a woman yelled start. Within a minute the man who was getting a blowjob came and shot his load in Alice's mouth. Then, just before the time was up, the guy who was fucking her pussy also had an orgasm and both men were out of the rotation. The two men coming caused Alice to have her first orgasm and then the woman yelled time. The rotation continued and the two men who had shot their loads were replaced with fresh men.

Amanda watched her mother service all these men and Amanda was getting really horny. When the next rotation occurred, she used that time to strip naked and help her father out of his clothes. By the time the next group began, Amanda and John were playing with each other. It seemed so natural to Amanda, watching her mother fuck and suck five men while playing with her father's hard dick.

Finally, the guy with the huge dick got his turn. Amanda could not believe how broad his cock was; it looked as thick as a baseball bat. He was last to get in the rotation and started with a blow job. Amanda was amazed to see her mother stretch her mouth and try and suck him. It looked like she got about half his dick in her mouth. During the next rotation, he was getting a hand job again. John told his daughter that most women would try a get him off by their hands, so they would not have to fuck him. Most women just refused, John said the guy was used to it. In fact the only women who really got into fucking him were his wife and Alice. "She always loved a challenge," John told Amanda.

When it came for her mother to take him in the pussy, Amanda watched the TV very intently. Her mother's pussy was stretched fairly well after nine guys fucked her and three came inside of her, so it was very well lubricated. As the guy with the thick cock started to push his rod inside of Alice's pussy, the guy getting the blowjob took his cock out of her mouth. "I'm not having my cock in your mouth when he fucks you with that baseball bat," the guy said very loudly. "I'm worried you might grit your teeth when he tries to get that monster inside of you and I don't my cock in your mouth if that happens." You could here people laughing and others saying, "I don't blame you."

Amanda watched in awe as her mother took the monster cock inside of her. Her face was a blend of pain and pleasure. When he was in as deep as he could go, Amanda's mother yelled, "Fuck me with that monster." The guy pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. In the matter of seconds Amanda heard her mother's scream in pleasure. "Fuck... shit... me... Stop... coming." Just then the women yelled time. The guy slowly removed his cock from her well fucked pussy. Alice looked over her shoulder at the women assisting her. "Lube that fucker up, I'm taking him in my ass."

Amanda stopped playing with her father's dick; her full attention was focused on the screen. She turned to her father, "Is she going to do it? Take all of it in her ass!" John just smiled,"Watch," was all he said.

Amanda looked at the screen. She watched her mother present her ass to him. He put his huge cock at the entrance to her asshole and starting pushing. Herr Mother screamed, "Oh, fuck," She dropped her head down onto a pillow provided by one of the women. "Alright, push again, Fuck, fuck, fuck, stop... let me get adjusted to it." Her mothers called out, Donna, Jane come and suck my nipples; I need to get horny enough to overcome the pain." Amanda watched and two women grabbed a hold of her mother's tits and began to suck and lick them. "Alright, I'm ready, give me more." The guy pushed into her mother, "Oh, damn... damn... ,,,,,,,,,,,, Ok... I'm ready for more. Bite my nipples," she told her friends sucking her tits." Amanda watched as her mother slowly took all of the mammoth cock in her asshole. Finally, the guy had everything inside of her, everyone applauded. "I'm not through yet," Amanda heard her mother say, Come on, fuck me; do it slow, but I want to be fucked by that monster." The man did as he was told. Before long, her yells of pain turned to cries of enjoyment. "Fuck... yes... oh... Gooddddd... yes... Damn... I'm cuming..." At the same time she came, he started orgasming. He pulled his cock out of her asshole. The camera zoomed in on a close-up of Alice's stretched hole as the man shot load after load on and into it. Alice collapsed to woops and hollers from her group and the screen went blank.

"Oh my God, I never saw anything like that. That was unbelievable. Mom was an animal!"

"Yeah, well she was sore for a week," laughed John. She was on a liquid **** for two days."

"How about you ravish my body, Daddy? I am so horny watching mom, I need a good fucking."

"Right after the finale," said John. "Watch, here it comes."

Amanda looked toward the TV. The picture was coming back. There was her mother lying on her back and around her, in a circle, were all the men who had fucked her that night. They hand their cocks in their hands and they were masturbating. They were going to jerk off and shot their loads on her mother's naked body. One by one they came. Some jism landed on her face, some on her chest and some on her pussy and legs. She had her eyes closed and mouth open. In about five minutes, every man had shot his hot seed onto her body. She was covered with cum from head to toe. When the men were done they moved away and the women surrounded her mother. While Amanda watched, all the women licked every drop of sperm off of her body. Occasionally, one woman would scoop up a big load and put it on the end of her tongue. She would go to Alice and they touch tongues, so all could see, and share the load of sperm. After five minutes of licking, Amanda's mother's body was free of sperm. Then the tape went blank.

"That was spectacular, Dad," said Amanda. "I never saw anything like it, even in any porn movies Bill and I have seen."

"Your mother was one hot sex pistol. She enjoyed having sex with everyone and anyone. I could barely keep up with her. Amanda, my love, you seem to have inherited not only your mother's good looks, but also her sex drive. I'm glad you have married a man who understands and allows you to satisfy your urges."

"Enough talk Dad, let's fuck. I originally wanted you to fuck my ass, but after seeing everyone licking up all that sperm, I want to taste you." Amanda asked, "is that OK with you Dad?'

"Sure, but I know your juices have been flowing. I want to taste you, let's do a sixty-nine. You get on top, so I don't put pressure on my grandchild. Plus, with your extended belly, I think you'll be the most comfortable."

So they got into position and sucked and licked each other. They were both so worked up watching the film; it wasn't long before each one came. Amanda came first; she ground her pussy hard against her father's lips. She rubbed her clit up and down his face. By the time Amanda was finished coming John starting shooting his load into his daughter's pretty mouth. She eagerly sucked and swallowed every drop of her father's semen. They both lay exhausted on the mats.

"Dad, that was awesome. I needed to come after watching Mom perform."

"Thank you my love, I guess we better do some cleaning before Bill calls tonight. We have a couple of hours."

So, John and Amanda cleaned for another two hours and got the place almost done. Amanda kept fooling around picking up various sex toys and playing with it until John took it away and made her get back to work. She spent more time looking and feeling all the stuff than cleaning. Finally it was time to go upstairs and get ready for supper. Amanda decided she wanted Chinese, so John called The House of Won Tai and had them deliver Lo Mein, Won Ton Soup, General Chicken and Pork Fried Rice. They were just getting out of the shower when the doorbell rang.

"Let me get it Daddy," said a dripping wet Amanda. "I want to have some fun." She put on a short, see-through robe and went to the front door. She peeked outside to see how old the delivery person appeared to be, she didn't want to flash a teenager. Seeing that it was a Chinese man, who looked about twenty, she opened the door.

"Oh thank goodness you're here, we're starving," said Amanda to the man with the food. "How much do I owe you?" she asked.

The man answered all flustered, "Uh, um, I, err, let me look." He was staring at Amanda's body visible through the sheer robe. "$23.45," he finally answered.

"Come in while I get my purse." Amanda's purse was on a chair in the kitchen. She bent over at the waist to open it up, knowing her robe was riding higher and higher. She watched the man's reflection in the glass cabinet. Finally after fumbling around, on purpose, for what seemed to be a long time; she found some money. She turned to the man, "I only found a twenty, please wait, I have some more money in there," she pointed into the family room.

She walked into the room and the man followed her. She got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward the coffee table. "I dropped my purse here earlier today," and she bent down and put her hand under the sofa. She was facing the guy and her robe was loosely tied, so she knew he was seeing all of her tits. Finally she stood up and gave him five more dollars. "I'm sorry I don't have a bigger tip," she said to him.

"That's Ok, I'm fine," he said and wiped the sweat off his red-face. He took her money and left. Amanda turned around and saw her father standing there.

"You are a bad girl," John said to Amanda. "That poor guy strained his eyes looking at you ass and tits. I'm surprised he didn't give you a tip." They both laughed at John's comments.

"I don't know why, but I love to tease people," Amanda said to her father. "I do it all the time, in the supermarket, at the car wash, in restaurants, everywhere I go. I like knowing that even though I pregnant, I still get people hot and bothered."

They sat down and ate their Chinese food. When they were done they went in the family room and waited for Bill's phone call, it wouldn't be much longer.


Chapter 6

John and Amanda were watching TV when the telephone rang. They both got excited, but it was only Keesha calling to say that she and Wendy would be able to make the party tomorrow. Father and daughter settled back on the couch and continued watching TV.

"I am excited about doing this, Amanda said to her father. "Bill and I haven't had much sex with other people; in fact we have only had it with his mother and never on the phone. This should be very erotic, being able not only to describe to each other what we would be doing at that moment, but to have it done to you by your own parent. Knowing that Katie is doing what I want to do to Bill is a definite turn on."

John added, "I am glad they agreed to this, it should be fun for all four of us. It will be rather kinky to have someone tell you how to please the person you are with, rather than you following your instincts and desires. It should be extremely exciting."

The phone rang again, this time it was Bill. "Hi honey, did you and Katie have a good day a work? Let me put you on speaker phone so that my Dad can hear you." Amanda activated the speaker phone feature.

Bill's voice came over the speaker. "Hi John, it sounds like you two are having a lot more fun than Mom and me."

"Katie spoke, "Hi Amanda. Thank you for suggesting I go on the business trip with Bill. It is a lot of work, but we are having fun. John, you have one great daughter. I owe my new found happiness to her. Too bad I didn't know someone like her earlier in my life. I sure would have had a helluva lot more fun fucking my brains out."

"Mom," Said Bill, "such language. "See what you have taught her, Amanda. I use to have a prim and proper mother."

"Well you could call me prim and proper; I call it having no fun." Katie said to Amanda, "Thanks again honey, Bill has been so good to me. I have never been so happy. John, I hear you are trying to keep your daughter satisfied, I pity you; she is insatiable. We would make love all day and then she and Bill would make love all night. I think Bill came on this business trip to rest up." Everyone laughed at Katie's remark.

"You are right Katie, she is a pistol. Thank goodness I have help; I got a prescription for ******." Everyone laughed at John. "Did Amanda tell you about how her mother got when she was pregnant? If she takes after her mother, this is only the beginning." You could hear moans and groans emitting from the speaker.

"Hey," yelled Amanda, "I would think any husband would be happy to be in your shoes, Bill. You know your wife will always want sex and is even willing to share you with other women, lots of other woman."

"Honey, we were only kidding," answered Bill. "I am glad I married you and I am looking forward to screwing your brains out the rest of our lives."

"Hopefully getting a little help from family," added Katie.

"Speaking of screwing my brains out," Amanda spoke up. "I am waiting and so is Dad. You can go first Bill."

"Why thank you," said Bill. "As I understand, your father is going to be my proxy. I will tell you what I would be doing with you if I were there and John will do it. Am I correct so far?'

"Yes," answered John and Amanda in unison.

"I also get to tell you what I want you to do to me. That sounds like fun. One question, my love, how long before you get a turn?"

Amanda thought for a short time and then said "ten minutes or an orgasm, which ever come first. Katie, you get to be timekeeper. Bill, you are on the clock."

"Hold it," yelled Bill. "Where are you and what are you wearing? I need to know those things."

"I am sitting on the sofa and I am wearing my short, white robe, the one with the red flowers on the front, and nothing else. The robe is loosely tied. Does that help?"

"Yes, it helps to give me a hard on," Bill answered.

Katie spoke, "He is right Amanda. As soon as you said nothing else, his dick began to grow. I can hardly wait to get at it."

"Alright, I'm coming over to you and bending down to kiss you on the lips. As our kiss continues, I slip my hand inside you robe and cup your breast."

John followed Bill's instructions. He was kissing his daughter and feeling her tits.

Bill came over the speaker. "Now, I'm shoving my tongue into your mouth and my fingers are playing with your nipple.

John and Amanda did what they were told. This was very erotic to both of them, having someone else controlling their movements, but not knowing what will happen next. Yes, both John and Amanda were getting very excited.

"I'm undoing the belt of your robe and placing a hand on each of your breasts. I am massaging your tits, your whole tits. I am pulling on them, I am kneading them and I occasionally pinch you nipple."

"Oh, that's so nice, Bill," said Amanda, "Your hands feel so wonderful on my tits."

"Move to the edge of the sofa, with your butt half off the seat. I'm kneeling in front of you and caressing your big, pregnant, belly and kissing it all over."

John did everything Bill said to do to Amanda. He could tell it was having a great effect upon her. She was breathing very rapidly and her face was flush. She was definitely enjoying this new type of phone sex.

"I'm throwing your legs over my shoulders and staring at your beautiful wet, bald, pussy. I'm licking your pussy, like a kid licks an ice cream cone. Starting at the bottom, my tongue is parting your lips, and I'm pushing the tip into your hot pussy. Then I move upward, ever so slowly, until I reach the top. There, the tip of my tongue plays with your clit for a second or two and then I start over again."

There is a brief pause while Bill allows John and Amanda to enjoy his instructions. "Now my tongue goes lower and lower, it traces the outside of your puckered asshole." Again he pauses, for about ten seconds. "Now, I'm taking the tip of my tongue and shoving it into your asshole as far as it will go."

"Oh my God," moaned Amanda, rather loudly.

"I'm tongue fucking your asshole and shoving it inside of you, as far as I can."

John felt Amanda's reaction, she sensed his rhythm and began matching it; shoving her hips forward to meet his thrusts.

"Bill that feels... feels soooooo... goooood." Amanda moaned.

"I'm putting my finger up to your clit and rubbing it in circles." Again Bill paused, while John did it.

"Oh shit, I'm... close... so... Good... fuck... harder... shit... I'm... I'm cuminnnnnng." Amanda shoved herself tight against her father's face. "So... Goooooodddd."

John held on while Amanda's body went through convulsions as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure controlled her movements. Finally, she fell back against the couch and relaxed.

"Damn that was good, real good," said Amanda, talking to everyone, but especially Bill. "That was fantastic. I have never come so hard during phone sex with you. I like this added feature. It was such a powerful feeling; hearing what you were going to do to me and then having my father do it. Awesome, totally awesome, you are going to love it, honey. Are you ready?"

Katie answered, "We both are ready. He is as hard as a rock and my pussy is soaking wet. I hope we can carry out your actions without cuming immediately."

"I hope you can last. I had fun and so did my dad, I think." Dad, did you enjoy our phone sex?'

"I sure did. I have been in many different sexual encounters, but never that. It was very erotic, very sexy. Not knowing what I would have to do next and making love different than I would have done. Very stimulating."

"Alright," said Amanda, rather loudly. "Enough talking, let's have some more fun. Katie, what ever you are wearing, take it off. You need to be nude just like me. Bill, I'm moving over to where you are sitting and kiss you. As I thank you for my orgasm. I begin kissing you and unbuttoning your shirt. As I'm taking it off I kiss your neck and chest. Now I'm licking, kissing, sucking and biting your right nipple."

"Damn, that's good, Amanda," said Bill. "You always know what buttons to push on me."

"I'm moving to the left nipple and work on it. While I am doing that, my hand is going down your tight stomach and moving over to your hard cock. I'm caressing it through your pants. Now, I'm unbuckling and unzipping them. I'm sliding your pants and underwear down. As soon as your hard erect cock emerges, I'm taking it into my mouth. Now it's totally free and I'm taking as much of your cock in my mouth as I can."

"Shit," said Bill, "That feels so good. I didn't think Mom could take all of me."

"I have been giving her lessons, Bill," replied Amanda. "As I'm sucking your cock, I'm also reaching down and playing with your balls."

Amanda waited a few minutes, so her husband and his mother could enjoy what was been asked of them. "I make you lie down on the bed, on your back. I get on top of you so that my cunt is on your mouth and I am sucking your cock. I'm playing with your balls, as I suck your cock. I'm moving my pussy up and down over your lips, grinding it into your face, rubbing it on your nose and cheeks" Again, Amanda pauses. She can hear noises over the phone. Most of them are groans, but every now and then she hears a slurping sound. When the moans get too loud, Amanda yells, "Hey, don't you two cum yet. I'm not finished." Now she hears moans of disappointment. "You won't have to wait much longer."

"I'm changing position again. I move and squat over your hard cock. I'm positioning your cock at the entrance to my wet, warm pussy and with one motion I'm impaling myself onto your hard cock. I'm fucking you hard and fast."

"Hey, honey," said Bill, "What do you think of this?"

Amanda and her father heard sloshing noises coming over the speaker phone.

"Is that what I think it is," asked Amanda?

"Yeah, listen to my cock going in and out of Mom's pussy. I put the phone right by her pussy. I bet that sounds great."

"It sure does," answered Amanda. "I'm increasing the tempo of the fuck and I grabbing your hands and putting them on my tits. Now, I'm reaching down and playing with your balls."

That was all it took. In a matter of moments, Amanda and John heard the moans increase and then they heard Katie scream, "I'm cummmmmminnnngggggg." Then Bill yelled, "Fuck, take that Mom and then a lot of moans, groans and inaudible sounds.

After a few minutes, Katie spoke, "Amanda honey that was wonderful. I am so pissed off at all the fun I missed being a prude for so many years. I can't believe I listened to my mother all those years."

"Well, dad didn't help either," added Bill. From what you told me, he wasn't much of a lover. Amanda, did you have something more in mind? Your father still hasn't gotten his rocks off."

Amanda answered, "How about letting your mom and my dad control the action. Up until now, they have been just following orders. What do you think of that Dad, and Katie?"

John answered first, "I like that idea, but how about a little different twist. I think all four of us should be active at the same time. I tell what I am doing to you and Bill does it to his mother. Then, Katie tells us how she is responding and you do that to me. What do you think? Does it sound OK to everyone?"

John heard three yeses. "Alright how do we proceed?

Katie, ladies first," replied John

"I'm so new at this," answered Katie. "Let's see, my favorite position is... Alright, I have got it. Bill sit up in bed, against the headboard. Now I am getting on his hard penis, facing him, with my breasts in his face."

"That sounds like fun for all of us," answered John. "Katie, you don't have to be so clinical, you can call it a cock or prick."

Amanda spoke up, "Katie, you can call them boobs, tits or even twin mounds of pleasure."

Everyone laughed.

John and Amanda got into the same position and began to fuck. Soon, they heard Katie's voice again; I am feeding my tits to my son. Here son, you didn't get to nurse when you were a baby, so enjoys my um... mounds of fun. Yes suck on my nipples, God you do know how to please your mother. Harder, use your teeth. Oh God, yes. "

Amanda did the same; she brought her tits up to her father's mouth. John wrapped his lips around her erect nipple and began to suck on it. He enjoyed sucking tits, especially his daughter's. He couldn't wait until she gave birth and they were filled with milk. When his wife was nursing Amanda, she always made sure there was plenty left over for him. He loved to nurse from her tits and she loved it, too. His wife told him it felt like her nipples had a direct line to her pussy, when he nursed; it sent waves of passion all over her body. John hoped Amanda would have similar feelings; she probably would, since she was behaving exactly like her mother at least so far.

Katie's voice came over the speaker phone, "Come on, Bill suck harder. Bite your mother's nipples. Yessss, that's better, more, bury your face in your mother's tits. Pound you dick in my pussy, fill me up with your hot come." Katie spoke to John and Amanda, "I'm really bouncing up and down on his cock. Oh SHIT, YESSSS. I don't think I can last much... give it to your mother. Fuck me hard... harder. Damn it feels so goooodddd."

John began to talk, "Here listen to this," he held the phone down by his daughter's pussy. Bill and Katie could hear the squishy sound of Amanda's wet pussy being fucked by her father's big, hard cock. "That's my cock ramming into my pregnant daughter's pussy. You should see how stretched it is to take all of my cock."

That did it for Katie, "Fuck... Oh... so gooood... Deep... shove it... damn... I feel it... I'm cuminnnnnnnngggggg." Soon after Amanda and John heard Bill scream "I'm coming... can you feel it... shit... I'm filling your pussy with my cum... Mom... oh... Mom...

That triggered Amanda and John. Amanda came first."Daddy... Oh... Dadddyyyyyyyyy Oh... soooo... gooooddd" Then John, "Fuck, you feel so hot... So moist... Your pussy... is... oh... soooo hot... sit... Oh... shit, and then silence.

No one talked for a few minutes, finally Bill spoke, "That was terrific, God, what a rush. Amanda, all the times we have had phone sex I have not cum this hard. You were right; having our parents help us was awesome. I can hardly wait to get together for a foursome.

Katie spoke up, "Me too, I hope we can get together real soon. I can't wait for you to fuck me, John. I have heard how Amanda has reacted to you, I can hardly wait."

"Mother, such language," said Bill.

"Amanda honey," said Bill, "we may be able to finish this trip up sooner then we expected. The way everything is falling into place, I think we will have two or three extra days. I think Mom and I will drive up and spend time with you and your father. What do you think of that?"

Amanda and John answered at the same time, "Great."

"Bill, have you ever had a black girl," asked John."

"No, I haven't," answered Bill.

"Well then, we'll have something new for you. I know you will like Keesha, you too, Katie," responded John.

"Honey, you are going to love her, she is one hot fuck," added Amanda. "I can't wait until tomorrow, that's when she and three other of my high school girlfriends are coming over to party. Too bad you won't be here. Maybe we can set up something like it, when you get here next week."

"Sounds great," said a rather excited Bill.

"Will I fit in, honey," asked Katie? "I have only been with you and Bill. Do you think they will want an old lady like me?"

"They'll love you, Katie. Hopefully we can take some video of the party." She looked at her father and saw him nod his head. "Dad says he can tape it. I'll overnight it to your next destination. That should give you something to look at and anticipate."

"Well, we better get going, we have a big day tomorrow," said Bill.

"Me, too," laughed Amanda. "Love you honey, you too Katie."

Everyone said their goodbyes and then hung up the phone.

"That was fun," said John. "Katie sounds wild and sexy. I can't believe it's the same tight-assed, frigid woman I met. You and Bill have done a remarkable job. I can't wait to see her and."

"Fuck her," said Amanda interrupting. "That's what you were going to say. She will love you. I only hope she doesn't try and monopolize you."

"I have a feeling you won't let that happened."

"Damn right Dad. I waited this long to fuck you and I don't intend to ever stop. If I get like mom, I may need you, Bill, Katie and more."

"You have that right, but remember; Bill is your husband and is number uno. Your mom never forgot that, that's why I never got jealous. I treated her the same way, that's why we never developed any problems with swapping that some couples seem to get. There would be one or two couples that would split up because they cared more about making love to someone else, rather then their own partner. You and Bill must never forget that and your relationship will be as good as your mother's and mine.

"I hope so, Daddy. I'm beat, let's just watch some TV."

"What my daughter is satisfied, I don't believe it."

"I am," said a smiling Amanda, "at least for now. I don't know how I will feel in an hour or two. But if I were you, I would get prepared."


Chapter 7

Amanda woke up and looked over at her sleeping father. He was lying on his side facing away from her. She had taken the blanket and he was left with just the sheet, which he had kicked down to the foot of the bed. She looked at her father's physique. He was still very muscular and he had such a cute, tight butt, she couldn't help herself, she ran her hand over his back and ass. Then she snuggled tight against his back, thrusting her tits against him. Being six months pregnant, her belly prevents her from feeling his ass press tight against her pussy. She threw her arm over him and allowed her fingers to lightly touch his chest, rubbing his nipples lightly. Then, she moved down to his flat stomach, toward his manhood. She had been getting a lot of use of his hard dick. As her figures wrapped around his cock, her dad stirred.

"God, Amanda aren't you ever satisfied." John paused and then said, "Forgive me honey, I should have realized that you have not had any sex for almost seven hours, not since we went to bed. You are insatiable, just like your mother."

John turned to Amanda and took her in his arms. He held her tightly, feeling her swollen stomach and breasts press against him. He had not felt this happy and content in years, not since his wife died.

Amanda enjoyed the feeling also. She looked at her father's face and saw the contentment in it. She had not seen him this happy since her mother was alive. "Daddy, I love you so very much. I am so glad we have had this time together and I'm happy we have taken our relationship to the highest-level that two people in love can attain. I had fantasized about us for such a long time; I can't believe it has finally come true. Thank goodness, Katie's house had termites; otherwise we might not have gotten this chance."

"I know honey and I'm thankful Bill has gone along with this. Of course, your pregnancy has had something to do with this. I know Bill would have had a hard time satisfying you all by himself. I know I had trouble with your mother. If we had not been into swapping, I couldn't have kept your mother happy. She would not have left me, but she certainly would not have been as happy as she became."

"Daddy, did you ever fantasize about me, sexually?"

"Honey, when you were in high school, I started to notice how beautiful and sexy you had become. At the time, I thought I was just making an observation. Then as time passed, I would see you around the house in some risqué outfits and I would try not to look. I told myself you were my daughter and it wasn't right. However, I would still look at you. I finally rationalized it was because you reminded me of your mother. Once I convinced myself of that idea, I could look at you without feeling guilty. I know now I have always desired you, partly because of your mother, but mostly because of you."

"I love you so much," said Amanda with tears in her eyes. "It feels so good to be in your arms, but I know what would feel better." Amanda moved her hand across her father's back and down toward his ass. She rubbed and messaged it for a few seconds, and then her fingers moved toward his hard cock.

"Amanda!" said John, faking shock. "Is that all I am to you, another piece of meat. Someone you can take advantage of when ever you like?"

Amanda looked at her father, "Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Come on, give it to me, you know I need it and you want to give it to me."

John and Amanda both laughed at her comments, but both knew there was some truth to her statement. She did want him often and he wanted her now. They looked at each other; as their eyes met so did their lips. They embraced, holding each other as tight as they could. As their lips met, their tongues became intertwined. John's hands slipped down his daughter's back until they reached her butt. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and messaged it. Her swollen belly didn't allow them to have every inch of their bodies in contact with each other as they pressed tightly together.

Amanda rolled on her back. "I need you inside of me and I need you now. Please fuck me Daddy."

John positioned himself and he slowly entered his daughter. He watched her face as more of his hard cock slipped inside of her. The feeling was sensational. His cock felt the heat of her body. It had entered a hot, wet, opening that felt so good. As John looked upon Amanda's face, her expression told him she was enjoying it as much as him. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open; and her breathing was rapid. He pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. This was going to be a quick fuck; he wouldn't last very long. Amanda's body was responding similarly, she was close also. She matched him, shoving her pussy up to meet his thrusts.

Then it happened, he came first. "Oh God", he yelled and with one shove he pushed his cock in as far as was possible. He held it there for a few seconds while it shot a load of cum deep inside of her pussy. Then he had three quick thrusts and he was coming inside of her again. He pumped his cock in and out of her as rapidly as he could. It slipped in and out easily, lubricated from her juices and his cum. As his cock exploded for the last time inside of her, Amanda came.

"Daddy, Oh Daddy... I feel you... oh... yes... So good... so... gooooooooddd. Her body shuttered, rose off the bed and then went limp. He collapsed a side of her.

She opened her eyes first and looked at him. "Promise me, you will wake me up that way as long as I am here with you."

"You know I will, honey," he replied.

Finally, they knew it was time to get up, get a shower and wash the smell of sex off of them.

After breakfast, they finished straightening up the playroom. Amanda's guests were scheduled to arrive around Three O'clock and they wanted everything ready by the time they arrived.

"Honey," asked John, "what do you want me to do when your girlfriends arrive? I thought you would like to have some all girl fun. Did you want me to leave or just go to my study?

"Daddy, I want you to join in the fun. I know Keesha wants you there and I know the other girls do too. Don't forget, these are my friends who have had a crush on you ever since they knew about sex. They were always telling me how sexy you were and how much they would like to get you in bed and what they would do to you if they got you there."

"I was hoping you would say that, five beautiful, sexy girls and just me, a man's wildest dreams. I thought you had planned something for just the girls."

"Oh yeah, Daddy," replied Amanda. "I have never been with four girls, it sounds like fun. As horny as I am, these days, it should be satisfying. I thought you could video tape us, that is if the girls don't object. I would like to have something that Bill and I could play back and watch, much like the tapes you have of mom and you. I know Bill is excited to see me with four other girls. Speaking of tapes, do you mind if I show them mom's thirtieth birthday party tape, which is the most erotic tape I have ever seen."

"Yes you may. It will be fairly obvious why we had the playroom, so it won't be a shock to see that we had some great orgies. Also, I will be glad to tape the action of five girls going at it. I just hope I can hold the camera steady. I have dubbing equipment in my study; I can make copies for the girls. However, you have to be sure that they will keep it private; you don't want to see your face on some porno site. I'll get everything setup here." John looked at his watch, "You better get upstairs, your friends should be coming soon."

John finished getting the "playroom" set up for Amanda's "party." He heard the doorbell ring several times and heard voices. He assumed that her guests had arrived. He had just finished when he heard Amanda calling him.

"Daddy, come on up and meet my friends," she yelled to him. "Everyone is here and they are waiting for you."

When John walked into the family room; he was mesmerized by the five beautiful women he saw sitting in the room. They were all dressed very sexy, including Amanda. His eyes went from one girl to another; they were all gorgeous and very desirable.

Keesha was sitting on the couch. She had on a blouse that had quite a few buttons undone allowing her ample cleavage to be visible. She also had on a mini-skirt that showed a good bit of leg. Sitting aside of her was an Oriental girl, probably her friend Wendy. She was attractive with long black hair. John instantly had a picture come to mind, one with Wendy sitting on his cock, her back to him, her long hair down to her ass, bouncing up and down on his stiff, hard cock. She was very petite and beautiful. She had on a tight sweater that showed her small but firm breasts and a pair of tailored slacks.

Then John's eyes went to the other sofa where Heather and Janice were seated. They were even more beautiful then he remembered. Heather had shoulder length, thick red hair and sexy green eyes. Her skin was pale, but not the chalky white color that some red heads have. She had on a green blouse that was low cut and ample cleavage was visible. She had on a short skirt that allowed her shapely legs to be displayed.

Janice was a petite, pretty, blue-eyed blonde. She had a great smile and nice tits although not as large as Heather. Her short skirt showed a lot of sexy leg. John could not wait to fuck each of these young women. Thank God for ****** was all he could think about as his eyes surveyed the room again.

"John, I have missed you," Keesha said. She walked over to him and gave him a big hug and then kissed him. Her kiss was not an ordinary greeting kiss; this was an open-mouth tongue-in-throat kiss. As the kiss continued, John heard some whistles from the women in the room.

As Keesha broke the kiss, her hand patted his crotch. "I see you remember what a good time we had, I do too. You are one great fuck, John."

There were many oohs and ahs from the other woman. Amanda spoke up, "Daddy do you remember Heather?"

As John watched as she got to him. She kissed him, just like Keesha did a long sensual kiss. John felt her tits press up against his chest and felt her pubic mound press against his hard cock. She reached around and squeezed his ass. She finally broke the kiss.

"John, I wanted to do that to you every since I was fifteen. Amanda had a birthday pool party and you were in your swimming trunks. I thought Amanda was so lucky to have a sexy father like you. I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but that night I went home and masturbated while imagined you fucking me."

"You're not the only one," said Janice. "I did the same thing."

"Me too," said Keesha.

"See Dad, I told you. All my friends had the hots for you." Amanda turned toward the blonde girl, "Janice I guess it's your turn."

The petite blonde got off the sofa and walked toward him. She too gave him a long kiss.She made sure to grind her tight body against his.

Finally, it was Wendy's turn. She looked at John and said "I may not have had the opportunity to lust after you as a teenager, but I would have, just like the other girls. One of my friends had a hunk for a father and I had feelings and desires toward him." She gave John a kiss, though not as nasty as the other girls' kisses.

Amanda began talking, "guys, before we go downstairs, I have a question to ask you. Would anyone mind if we video taped our party? I would like to send my husband a copy and all of you can have your own copy. If it gets as hot as I think it will, it should give you some enjoyment on a lonely night. Does anyone object?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Good, It is understood that these are private tapes and not for public viewing." said Amanda. "Dad will set up the camera and film it." As she looked around the room she saw disappointment on all the girls faces. "Don't worry! He is still going to join in, but not right away. It will be just us girls in the beginning. Let's go, Dad we'll see you soon."

The five women went down to the playroom and Amanda had them sit on the floor in front of the television. "Before we get anything going, I'd like to show you a video tape of my mother. As you all know I have become very horny after I got pregnant."

"I didn't think that was possible," said Heather. All the women chuckled.

"OK, so I have been an over sexed person, but now it has gotten really bad. I need it four or five times a day and sometimes even that doesn't satisfy me. My father told me that my mother became the same way when she was pregnant. In fact after I was born, it didn't go away, it got worse. My Dad said the only way he could keep my mother satisfied was to join a swingers club. Evidently, some of the weekends I slept over at friend's houses, they were fucking their brains out here. I have a videotape of my mother's thirtieth birthday party at one of meetings. Wait until you see it, it is very hot. I have not seen a porno flick that is as hot as this." Amanda then put the tape in the player.

As the tape played, one of the women would yell out a name of someone they recognized. Oh, my God, that was my piano teacher," said Janice. "She taught me until I was ten years old."

Heather was the next to talk, "Mr. Thompson! That's Mr. Thompson, he was dad's my golfing buddy. He was always stopping by the house. I never saw this side of him."

"Holly shit!" yelled Keesha. At the same time Wendy yelled, "I don't believe it." They both looked at each other and said together, "Mrs. Weber?"

The three other women looked at Keesha and Wendy.

"She's the head nurse in the hospital where we work," said Keesha, answering their inquisitive looks. "She's so straight and proper; I would not have guessed she was a swinger, not in a million years."

Next to Mrs. Weber, stood the guy with the huge cock.

"Holy shit."

"Oh... my... God."

"What the fuck..."

"I don't think I could get my hand around it."

" That would split me open."

These were the comments that the women made when they saw the large cock. Keesha wondered out loud, "Do you think that's her husband?"

Amanda answered, "I don't know if they are standing together as couples. My dad didn't tell me his name. We'll have to ask him when he gets down here."

"If that's her husband," spoke Keesha, "I have got to try and get that monster in my pussy. Even if he isn't Mr. Weber, I would still like to try him."

Wendy said, "not me, I have trouble taking cocks half that size."

Janice agreed with Wendy, "I couldn't fit that in any opening."

Amanda spoke up with pride, "Wait until you see what my mother does with him. You won't believe it."

"She got that in her pussy," asked a surprised Janice?

"Not only in her pussy, in her mouth and her ass."

"No way," said Heather. "This I got to see." The other four nodded in agreement with her.

As the videotape played, the women watched people lick the icing off of Amanda's mother. When she started taking five men at once; the women began to squirm around on the mats. They were getting horny, very horny. Heather had her blouse open and was playing with her nipples. Janice and Amanda had their hands inside their pants and were obviously playing with themselves. Keesha and Wendy were both naked from the waist down and playing with each other's pussy.

Then, the guy with the big cock got into action. They watched him go from Amanda's mother's hand to her mouth. They were all amazed on how much of his cock she got in her mouth. The close-up of his cock being shoved into her pussy brought a few gasps from the women. When he began to fuck her ass, everyone stopped playing and watched intently. There were oohs and ahs. As more and more of his cock disappeared into her ass, Wendy and Janice just shook their heads. When he withdrew and her ass hole was stretched to the size of a beer bottle, everyone sat in awe, in total silence.

Amanda said, "My dad told me she was sore for a week, but said she said was worth the pain. I think he told me, she said it was the most exquisite pain she had ever experienced. Here comes the finale," she said to her friends.

Everyone sat and watched Amanda's mother being showered in cum from all the men present and then watched the other women in the film licking it up. Finally the screen went blank.

"After seeing that," said Keesha, I need my pussy licked."

"Me too" came the reply from everyone else.

Amanda spoke up, "everyone get naked and then we'll form a daisy chain."

That's what John saw as he entered the room. The five girls had formed a circle; each one eating a pussy while having theirs licked. John had the camera and started taping. The girls were so involved that most didn't even know he was there. John got close-ups of each girl and her pussy being licked. He taped their orgasms, one by one, until all them had came at least once.

Amanda looked up and saw John had taped her climax. "Hi Daddy, did you like what you saw," she asked him? "Girls, even though my dad is here I have a few more activities until we include him in our party. I hope you'll have as much fun as the people we saw on the tape." She turned to her father, "Daddy, what was the name of the guy with the monster cock? Keesha and Wendy want to know if his name is... what is the name," she asked Keesha.

Keesha answered, "Weber, is he Cathy Weber's husband?"

"You know Cathy," asked a somewhat surprised John? "Oh, that's right, you are a nurse and I forgot Cathy is a nurse. Yes, that is her husband, Jeff. Impressed with his package, are you? I don't know if they still swing. I haven't been with any of those people in years. We had a rule; you had to have a partner to be included in the group. After my wife died, a few people set me up with a female friend of theirs, but I felt like the third wheel, so I lost contact with the group. Keesha if you do contact Cathy and Jeff, tell them I said hello." Turning to Amanda, John asked, "What's next?"

"I would like to be the center of attention, like mom. I think Bill would get a kick out of watching a tape of me being serviced by four women. Come to think about it, so would I. It doesn't have to be long, only until I have cum six or seven times."

Everyone laughed at her remark. John got serious, "You think she's kidding, she's not." They looked at Amanda who shrugged her shoulders and said, "What? I told you I was horny. And the six or seven times is just the beginning. I want to lose track of how many times I cum today."

Heather spoke up, "As hot and as horny as we are, that should only be five or ten minutes." Everyone laughed at her remark, but they all knew it was probably true.

"I would like the four of you to ravish me. There are a few toys in the closet that you can use if you wish. I just want this to be a night we'll all remember."

The four girls went over to the closet and looked around. It looked like Keesha took charge and designed the attack on Amanda's body. She told everyone what to do and then they came back to where Amanda was lying. The first thing John and Amanda saw was that Keesha had a strap-on cock. It was an average size cock, so it wasn't something that Amanda could not take. Heather had a large butt plug in her hand. John realized it was the remote controlled vibrating plug he had gotten a few years ago when he was dating a very sexy and anal woman. Janice had a small vibrator and Wendy had a chain with two nipple clamps. John smiled; this looked like they were really going to give it to Amanda.

Amanda was on her back. Janice and Wendy opened her legs and Wendy squirted some lubricant on Amanda's ass hole. As Wendy greased up Amanda's backdoor, Janice put some lubricant on the butt plug Heather was holding. When everyone was satisfied that Amanda and the plug were properly greased, Heather inserted the plug in Amanda's asshole. It stretched her hole open quite a lot.

"Now I know how mom felt," cried an excited Amanda.

"You're not even close," said her father. "Jeff's cock was twice the size of that butt plug."

Amanda's face became distorted as she said, "ouch."

Satisfied that it was in all the way, Wendy attached the nipple clamps. They were lined with fabric so they did not hurt too much; they just put pressure on her nipples. Even so, Amanda gasped when they attached to her. Wendy pulled on the chain to make sure they were attached.

"Ouch," replied Amanda.

"Baby," said a laughing Keesha.

Keesha was next. She got on her knees between Amanda's legs, placed the head of the dildo at the entrance to her pussy and pushed. Inch by inch, the dildo disappeared into the wet pussy.

"Oh God," that feels so good and tight. The combination of the butt plug and dildo in exquisite; what a tight fit," moaned Amanda.

Just then, Heather turned the plug on its lowest setting.

"Oh fuck!!" cried Amanda, "I didn't expect that. What a sensation."

"You haven't felt anything yet," said Keesha and she turned on the vibrator in the cock she had strapped to her. She started to fuck her pregnant friend, very slow.

As Wendy pulled on the chain attached to the nipple clamps, Janice took her small vibrator and touched one nipple and then the other. The look on Amanda's face was unbelievable. You could tell she was lost in ecstasy. The women worked together, just like one person working on her lover. Janice moved the vibrator from one nipple to another, teasing each of them. Heather leaned down and kissed Amanda on the lips, hard, shoving her tongue almost down her throat. While Amanda was getting kissed, Janice moved the vibrator down to her clit. That pushed Amanda over the edge, her hips thrust upward, trying to match Keesha's rhythm of fucking. As Keesha increased the tempo, Amanda matched it. Finally Amanda arched her back upward to meet the thrusts and then froze.

"Fuck," she yelled out. Her body shook and then slowly sunk back down to the mat. Everyone relaxed and waited for Amanda to come down from her orgasm peak. In a few minutes, she opened her eyes. "God that was great, I love you guys," she said.

"We're not finished," said Heather.

"Hell, that's nothing to remember, at least not yet," added Janice. "We have just begun to fuck you. Are you ready for the second quarter?"

"Second quarter," exclaimed Amanda. "You mean I only get three more orgasms?"

"Don't be greedy," yelled Heather.

Amanda lay back down. She still had the butt plug in her and the nipple clamps were still in place. Keesha began fucking her again with the strap-on dildo. Janice moved down by her pussy and alternated licking her clit or using the vibrator on it. Heather moved up and straddled Amanda's head, putting her shaved pussy on Amanda's mouth.

"Here, this should help you get excited. I know it really turns me on to eat a pussy while I'm getting fucked," said Heather. Then, she grabbed Amanda's hands and placed them on her own boobs. "Here, play with these while Wendy plays with yours."

John was taping all of this, alternating between close-ups of Keesha fucking his daughter, Wendy sucking on his daughter's tits and his daughter licking her friend's pussy.

Amanda was getting excited again and for that matter so was Heather. Amanda was really giving Heather's pussy and tits a thorough going over. When Amanda would get close to an orgasm and stop licking the pussy pressed tight against her mouth, Heather would turn down the vibrator. Keesha was in on it too. She would slow her pace when Amanda got too close and Janice would stop stimulating Amanda's clit.

Finally, after having Amanda to the brink of an orgasm several times, Keesha signaled everyone that this time they would let her cum. Janice placed the tip of the vibrator on Amanda's clit and turned the vibrator up to full and Keesha increased the tempo of the fake cock sliding in and out of Amanda's pussy. Wendy took off one nipple clamp and was biting and sucking that nipple as hard as she could. Heather was grinding her pussy all over Amanda's lips, chin nose and cheeks while turning up the frequency on the butt plug.

In a matter of minutes, Amanda was in the throes of a powerful orgasm. As her body tried to anticipate Keesha's slamming of the dildo into her pussy, it bucked so hard it threw Heather off of her face.

""Fuck... yeah... More... God yes... Oh shit... I'm cummmmmminnnnggggggggggggg..." And she collapsed.

When Amanda opened her eyes, she saw Keesha starring at her. "Half-time," Keesha announced. "Take a little break and then we switch field position."

"You are all so very good," responded Amanda. "If I wasn't so horny, that last orgasm would have been enough for me. But, I'm super horny girl and I can't wait for more." Turning to her father, Amanda asked him "did you get all of that on tape? I hope so. Bill will love it and so will Katie." While she was talking to her father, Amanda didn't notice the girls got together in order to plan the next two orgasms.

"Amanda, I got as much as I could. You and the girls were fantastic, this is going to make one hot porno flick. I can't wait to see what your friends are going to do to you next. Your mother would have loved this."

The four women gathered around Amanda. This time Heather spoke up. "Amanda, up until now you have been getting most of the fun, we thought it's time we share some of it. We thought we would go one on one with you for three minutes, we'll take turns timing each other."

"That sounds good, what do I do," asked Amanda?

"We thought that each girl would decide how that will be accomplished. Wendy, you get to go first. What will be your pleasure?"

Wendy answered, "I love eating pussy and having mine eaten. I choose good old sixty-nine. With your large pregnant bell, we should roll on our sides. I think that will give us more freedom."

So Amanda and Wendy got into position and someone yelled start. Both girls started licking each other, but since they only had three minutes, Amanda concentrated all her effort on Wendy's clit. It was a small tiny one, but the way Wendy reacted when Amanda nibbled on it; it was very sensitive. They licked and sucked each other until time was called. At the same instant; Wendy's body shivered and a moan escaped from her lips.

"Thank you Amanda, I needed that, even though it was a small one," said Wendy with a contented look on her face.

"Janice, your turn," said Keesha. "What will be your pleasure?"

"I thought we should rub our pussies together, like in the porno films. I have done this several times and when pussies are as wet as ours, it is very erotic."

They got into position and as soon as their pussies touched someone yelled time. Janice was right about soaking pussies; Amanda's was as wet as she had ever felt it. "Shit, that feels good," moaned Amanda. "Harder, rub harder." Everyone in the room could hear the sloshing noises coming from the contact of the two pussies. John got some good close-ups.

"Fuck, I'm cuming," yelled Janice.

"Me, too," replied Amanda.

"Time." Someone yelled and they both collapsed.

"After Amanda had a chance to recover from her latest orgasm, Keesha stepped up. "My turn," she said with a big smile on her face. In her hand was a large double-headed dildo, that was about eighteen inches long. "I think we should fuck each other," Keesha said to Amanda. "Get on your hands and knees; in that position it will be easier to fuck each other. Amanda and Keesha got into position where their asses were almost touching each other. Someone put the dildo in our pussies, just put the head of it in, we'll take it from there." After Keesha felt the dildo entering her pussy, she asked, "Are you ready Amanda?"

Amanda replied, "Oh yes, this should be fun."

"Let's get it on," someone yelled.

Amanda and Keesha began pushing into each other. They could feel the dildo go deeper and deeper into their pussies. "Damn, that feels fuckin' good," yelled Amanda.

"Oh yesss!" moaned Keesha.

The two women began to sway back and forth, shoving their asses at each other. It took them about a half a minute to get in rhythm with each other and then they went at it. The two of them rocked back and forth, stimulating each other. Amanda was the first one to get close to an orgasm; she dropped down to her elbows, but kept her ass up in the air. Soon she even stopped shoving her ass back at Keesha. It was all Keesha now, fucking her friend.

Amanda just moaned and whimpered, "So good... damn... feels full... here... I... oh shit... Fuck... I'm CUMMMMMMMINNNN..."

Keesha hearing her friend go into a climax had one of her own... Shit... Here I cummm...

Someone yelled time.

Keesha screamed "Fuck you... too close... can't stop... need it... Cuming... Oh YES... YESSS... YESSSSSSSSSS... EEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOO." and she collapsed joining her friend. They looked kind of comical, both resting on their elbows, with their asses in the air and connected by a dildo.

"Wow, that was awesome," said Wendy.

"Yeah, I think so too," said Janice. "I'm glad we are getting a video tape of this. I think it come in handy on some lonely nights.

"Speaking of video taping," asked Heather, John, are you getting in this video tape? I want to make sure I get a copy of you ravishing me."

John answered, "No problem. You see that camera mounted up there." John pointed to a spot to the right of the television. That has also been taping the action, but it's set to capture a wide are, I'm just doing close-ups. I'm sure one of you can operate the camera for close-ups once I get involved."

"Good," said relieved Heather. "I have had a fantasy involving you for almost ten years. When it finally happens, I want a copy of it, for some lonely nights."

"Me too," said Janice.

Janice spoke up, "We would have never said anything. Of course we would have been over at your house all the time."

I want a tape too," said Keesha, who had been listening in on the conversation and was now alert. "We didn't tape our threesome the other day; I want a record of it. I had fantasies about you just like Janice and Heather.

"Did everyone have fantasies of me? I feel so honored. Thank goodness I didn't know about it when your were teenagers, I could have been in trouble."

"Never, no one would have found out," answered Heather.

"I am ready for the fourth quarter. What did you have in mind that can top what we have been doing? I don't know if you can get me any more excited."

"I think we can," answered Keesha. "It will take us a few minutes to get ready." The four girls went into the toy closet and talked among themselves.

"I would not under estimate your friends, honey," said John to his daughter. "They are every bit as good as your mother and our friends. "In fact I can't wait to see what they have in store for you."

John didn't have to wait too long before the four girls returned. Heather added a strap-on dildo, so now both she and Keesha had fake cocks dangling in front of them.

"All right, here's what is going to happen. Heather and I are going to fuck you at the same time, you get to pick," Keesha said, holding the fake cock in her hand, "which one goes in you pussy and which one goes in your ass."

Amanda looked at both girls' strap-ons. Heather's cock was short only about five inches, but it was very thick, about the wide of a large cucumber. Keesha's cock, on the other hand, was rather skinny, about the width of a man's thumb, but it was long about ten inches in length. Heather thought for a few minutes, her face had a puzzled look on it. Then she smiled, "I know what I want, Keesha you have my ass and Heather gets my pussy."

"Good, now here's what will happen, said Keesha, "I'll sit on the floor, with my back against those throw pillows. Amanda you sit on this," Keesha grabbed a hold of her fake cock and shook it back and forth, everyone chuckled; "facing away from me. When you have it all the way up your ass, Heather will put the big boy in your pussy. Wendy and Janice get to suck, nibble and bit your tits, nipples neck, earlobes and anything else they decide. While one is doing that to you, the other will shove her tongue down your throat. I think that should satisfy even you, you horny, prego, bitch."

Everyone laughed at Keesha's remark; the loudest was Amanda herself. "Damn right," she said. "I'm ready."

Janice put some K-Y Jelly on Keesha's fake cock. Amanda backed up to Keesha and put the head of the fake cock at the opening to her ass. She relaxed her asshole and slowly allowed the fake dick to enter her bowels. Within a few minutes, she had the whole dildo in her ass.

"Alright," Amanda said to Heather, "I'm ready for that monster you got strapped to you, push it gentle, I'll tell you when to stop. So Heather did as she was told and soon she too had her fake cock totally inside of her friend's pussy.

"I am stuffed," said Amanda. "In fact I don't think I have ever felt this full. Janice and Wendy went over and knelt down or either side of the three girls. They both looked at each other and then each one took one of Amanda's nipples in their mouth.

"Oh, YES!" yelled Amanda. "Give me everything you have got."

Heather commenced to move the thick dildo in and out of Amanda's pussy. Keesha grabbed Amanda's waist and began lifting her hips up, allowing the dildo buried in her ass to slip out of her rectum. Then she released the hold on her hips causing her body to fall back down and impaling herself back on the dildo. Meanwhile, Janice was still sucking and biting one of Amanda's nipples. Wendy had her tongue shoved down Amanda's throat and they were in the middle of a very passionate kiss. Wendy's hand moved downward over Amanda's extended belly and settled between her legs. Her fingers found what she was looking for, Amanda's clit. As the fat cock was sliding in and out of Amanda's stretched pussy, Wendy began rubbing her clit. The girls kept this up for almost ten minutes until, guttural, primitive sounds were escaping from Amanda's throat. Her body was stimulated all over, her pussy, ass, tits, nipple, lips, tongue, it was too much and Amanda began to have a violent orgasm. She moaned and groaned; pussy juice ran down her legs and onto Keesha. She pressed a head hard against her boob.

"Fuck... stop... no... yes... yes... I can't take... anymore... please... No... More... I'm coming... can't... too... Much...

The girls increased their attention.

"OH... FUCKKKK... never... have... Felt... goooddd... fuck... No... more... no... can't... take... it... GOD... Soooooo goooOOODDDDDD... Fuck."

Then Amanda yelled at the top of her lungs..."FUCKKKKKKKK"... and her whole body went limp and she passed out.


Chapter 8

John could not believe the scene before him. The four female friends of his daughter were really fucking the shit out of her. It was all he could do to keep the camera steady. What prevented him from dropping the camera and joining in on the fun was the knowledge that after the girls finished with his daughter, they were his. He watched Heather's beautiful ass move as she fucked Amanda with her big fake cock. He could not wait until he fucked her doggy style. He wanted to watch that beautiful ass while his cock slipped in and out of her pussy. Of course he also wanted to watch her tits bounce and her facial expressions as he fucked her. He loved redheads with big tits and a shapely ass.

Then his gaze focused on Janice, the small blonde. Even though she had small tits, they were exquisitely shaped. He watched her suck on his daughter's nipples. She really got in to it; she was a hot one. He could imagine her lips wrapped around his cock as he fucked her mouth or her legs wrapped around his back as he drove his cock deep into her pussy.

He then looked at Keesha, Amanda's black friend with the huge tits. He had already fucked her several times, but he was looking forward to doing it again. He also wanted her to work over his cock with her studded tongue. He enjoyed the sensation of that hard metal stud sliding up and down his cock. Keesha was another hot one.

Those three girls were friends of Amanda since high school and some even longer. They all confessed to Amanda first and then to him, that they had huge crushes on him. In fact, most of them told him they masturbated, quite a few times, to the fantasy of him fucking them. They could not wait for the real thing, neither could he.

Then, there was Wendy, the petite Oriental girl, the friend of Keesha. She was a beauty, with long black hair hanging down to her butt and a petite body. She had the smallest tits of any of the girls present, but they were perfect. They had no sag and the nipples were just like John liked them light red in color, small, about the size of a penny and when erect, they stick out prominently. Yes, John was more than happy to make all the young women's fantasies come true. He also thought, thank God for ******, he'd have a boner for the next three or four hours.

Then of course there was his pregnant Daughter. She was as hot as his late wife had been and just as horny. He was glad she came to visit him. He wasn't sure what he was going to do when she left. He had been use to a lot of sexual activity when his wife was alive. In the last few years, he had slowed down a great deal and had very little sex. His daughter's visit reminded him that sex was a big part of his life and his identity and rekindled his sex drive. He was not sure what would happen to him when Amanda left and went back home.

John's concentration was broken by Heather and Janice standing in front of him; "John," said Heather, "why don't you take off your clothes and join us. You promised to make our fantasies come true."

"Yeah, Keesha already had her fun with you. We are still waiting. Here let me help you." Saying that, Janice grabbed John's belt and unbuckled it.

Heather began to unbutton his shirt. The other three girls just watched as Heather and Janice stripped John's clothes off. When Janice pulled his shorts down, his hard cock popped into view. A small gasp escaped from Janice's lips.

"I don't believe it," she said as she took his cock in her hand. "I have imagined that this would happen ever since I was fifteen years old. Finally, I have your cock in my hand. I still don't believe it."

"I hope you're not disappointed," said John. "It's hard to live up to a dream you have had for almost ten years. On the other hand, you girls have grown into beautiful young women. I can remember watching the three of you, at Amanda's parties. I always admired your young supple bodies. I never thought I would be able to see all of them, like I am doing today."

The girl's expressions changed and their faces lit up when John told them he had admired them as teenagers. "You mean you thought we were sexy," asked Heather? "You noticed us?"

"Sure," replied John, "You were beautiful and I knew you would grow up to be beautiful, sexy women."

"Enough talk," interrupted Amanda. "I thought you girls wanted to jump my father's bones, not talk with him. I'm ready to tape," she said picking up the camera. "Now, who is first? Keesha already had fucked Dad, so who is next?"

John looked over at the two naked women, standing there, deciding which one of them would get to fuck him first. He could not lose, regardless of which one got to go first, the other one would be next. He was looking at two knockouts wondering which one would he fuck first. Janice had her back to John, so he was looking directly at Heather. God she was sexy, in fact he always had a weakness for her, ever since Amanda became friendly with her. The first time he saw her was when he picked up Amanda after cheerleading practice. Heather was waiting with Amanda when he drove up. She was stunning even then, tall, her long red hair blowing in the breeze. Her figure wasn't evident then since she had on sweats, but latter John saw she was well endowed. At Amanda's swimming parties, her suits always showed a good deal of cleavage and of course her long sexy legs. More than once John had developed a hard on just looking at Heather. His gaze was just centering on Janice's ass when he saw Heather approaching.

"I get to go first," she said. Then Heather turned to the others standing around, "I want this video-taped. I want my fantasy on tape so I can watch it again and again." She moved to John and they embraced. He loved the feeling of her big bare breasts pressing against his chest. They began to kiss. As their tongues explored each other's mouth, their hands caressed each other's body. John grabbed Heather and slowly, but gently laid her down on the mat. He kissed her eyes and ears. Then his lips made their way to her neck and throat. After his kisses left her face, his lips made their way to her beautiful tits. He kissed the valley between them and then the skin underneath them. John kissed all over her breasts but avoiding her nipples, teasing her. Finally he took a light pink, erect nipple into his mouth and sucked on it like he was a baby.

"Damn, you are as good as I thought you would be," Heather said to John. "You don't know how many times I have imagined you doing this to me. This is the part in my fantasy where my hand goes between my legs."

John replied, "Here let me do that for you." His hand moved down her stomach and came to rest on her moist, hot pussy. His fingers moved into her slit and then two fingers moved inside of her. He couldn't believe how wet she was, then again she had just had that long session working on Amanda, with the other girls.

"Oh John, that feels so good, don't stop," she said to him.

John continued pumping two fingers in and out of her love canal; He increased the attention he was giving to her nipples. His bites were more forceful and for a longer period of time. He added a third finger to her opening and his thumb found her clit and began to rub it.

"Fuck John, you' know what to do to me. Damn, it feels good, so good. Faster, I need it faster and harder. I'm close. Don't stop. Shit. EEEEEYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO," and Heather came.

John held her in his arms until she opened her eyes and said, "that was a nice one. Now I want one with you deep inside of me. I have wanted a long time to feel your hard cock in me.

"So do I," answered John. What position have you imagined?"

"All positions, but the one I imagine the most is me on my back and my legs over your shoulders and you fucking me with that big cock of yours."

That sounds like fun, but let's work into that position. " said John. He got on top oh her, put the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy and with one push; his balls were hitting her ass. As his cock was plugging in and out of her hot pussy, her legs went around his waist. The more he fucked her, the higher her legs moved. He grabbed them one at a time and placed them on his shoulders. This pulled her ass off the mat and allowed him to penetrate deep inside of her. The harder he fucked her the more excited she got. Finally he got his knees off the mat and was on his toes. His entire weight was now behind his cock be shoved into her hot, wet love hole.

Within a matter of minutes, Heather was close to an orgasm again. "Fuck me... harder..." she yelled. Slam your cock into me... harder... Waited... soooo long for... This... sooooo goooddddddddd... Finally... you... Amanda's dad... Fucking... me... good... cock... feels... hard... deeper... oh... so... deep... better... than... dream... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. FFFFFUUUUCCCCCkkkkkkk... uuuu... cccc... kkk!

John could feel her vaginal muscles contract around his cock and then relax. This happened three or four times after she stopped yelling. At first, it really grabbed his cock, but the last one, he barely felt. Then it was gone. He had fucked another one of Amanda's friends. When Amanda said she was coming to visit him, he never dreamed anything like that would come true.

Heather opened her eyes and looked into John's eyes. Her legs were still over his shoulders and his still hard cock was inside of her. "Thank you John, that was as good as my fantasy." She looked over at the girls that were watching them fuck. "I hope you got that on film. I would hate to have to do that again." Everyone laughed at her remark, including herself. "John, you haven't come, I have to make you come or my dream isn't fulfilled. Can I get another fantasy with you come true? Let me lie own and you tit fuck me. When you are ready to come, let me know, I want you to cum all over my face. God, I love that." Then looking over at Amanda, who had the camera, "I want a close up of my face with your Dad's cum on it."

John waited for Heather to lie down, then he straddled her body. "Get me some oil," John asked. "Put some in between her tits." Janice squirted a small amount of oil to the place where John indicated he wanted it. John placed his cock between heather's tits and pushing her tits together, he rammed his cock in the valley. Heather had very large tits bigger than any one else except for Keesha and of course Amanda, but she had pregnancy to that for her large ones. John didn't have to jam her tits together, just hold them in place. This allowed him to grabbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. While he tit-fucked her, he worked on her nipples.

Heather stuck out her tongue so that every time John's cock was near her face, the head went onto the tongue and into her mouth. After John was tit-fucking her for a few minutes, Heather reached down with both hands and played with her cunt. One hand stayed there and played with her clit, while the other coated with her juices found John's ass. As he continued to pound her tits, her lubricated finger played with his asshole. Seeing that John enjoyed what she was doing, she inserted one finger in his asshole as far as it would go. That stimulated John and he began to fuck her tits faster and pinch her nipples harder.

Within a minute or two of Heather sticking her finger in John's asshole and John's increased attention to Heather, they were both ready to come. John yelled first, "Here I come," and he pulled his cock out from between her tits. He aimed the head at her face and started stroking his cock.

Heather opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She began frigging herself almost violently. The first shot of hot cum hit her cheek and the second one landed on her tongue,. The sensation of hot cum landing on her pushed her over the edge and she came too.

"Fuck John, spray some more on me... Damn... Feels... so... fuckin... goooddd" yelled Heather.

"Here take this," John yelled as another blob of cum landed on her nose. Oh... Fuck... Shit... cock sucker..."

They both lay there spent. The people around them clapped.

"Awesome," said Janice.

"What a fucking sight, makes me horny," moaned Keesha.

Wendy said, "Wow, I need someone's fingers in me, mine are tired. I couldn't watch that without coming myself." Keesha went over and to lend a hand to her friend.

"Way to go Dad and Heather, you two are something else," said Amanda.

John and Heather just looked up at the people surrounding them and smiled. They didn't have the strength to do anything else.

John rolled over and looked at Heather, "I hope I didn't disappoint you. Fantasies are hard to live up to, although you have taken care of mine rather nicely."

Heather spoke, "It was even better than I have imagined, John. Thank you so very much," she leaned over and gave John a kiss on the lips. "Amanda, I hope you got all of that because this tape is going to keep me very hot on some lonely evenings. I can hardly wait to see it."

"Girls," said John, "I will have the tapes duplicated for you. Don't forget there is also the fixed camera getting the wide shot. When I get finish, the tape should look almost professional. While I'm talking about the tapes, how do you want them? Do you want only copies of you involved or do you want everything?

Everyone in the room answered together, "Everything, we want it all."

"Alright, but just remember we are all friends here, we don't want any of this showing up on the internet." Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Finally Janice spoke up, "it's my time, and I'm next." She looked down at John's cock, "you're still hard?" She said with some surprise in her voice.

"Yeah, thank God for ******," John answered. "We should have had this back when I was into swapping. It would have made it so much easier and much more fun. Some of the older guys would take a long time to get hard again and that put some stress on the younger guys. What is your pleasure, err I guess I should say fantasy," John asked Janice.

"I have always imagined getting you into a sixty-nine with me sucking and licking your cock to my hearts content; then, I sit on your cock and bounce up and down for all I'm worth. You don't know how many times I pictured this in my mind," said Janice with a lecherous smile on her face.

"We do," answered Heather, Keesha and Amanda. "We all had those fantasies," answered Keesha.

John remembered the first time he saw Janice, she was fourteen or fifteen years old. Amanda had become a cheerleader so John went to her football game to watch her cheer. He noticed Janice because she was so tiny and looked so young. He spent most of the time watching Amanda, but something about Janice caught his fancy. Janice hung out with Amanda, occasionally, so John got to see her in regular clothes, she still looked tiny and young, but had a very beautifully proportional shaped body. Amanda's first cheerleading pool party was something to behold, ten to twelve bikini clad teenage girls running around and sunbathing. During the first party, Janice wore a very sexy bathing suit, whose top was a little large for Janice's small chest of that time. Every time she bent down, her down would fall away from her body giving John an unobstructed view of her small titties. The were smaller then the rest of the girls but they were beautifully shaped and her nipple always seemed to be hard. Yes, thought John that was the day he developed an appreciation of the beauty and sexiness of Janice. Now he was going to make love to the girl that got him hot ten years ago.

John held out his arms to Janice. She looked like a teenager in his arms, she was so tiny, especially compared to her other three friends. The two of them kissed and hugged for a few minutes, then they broke the embrace and laid down on he floor. Janice, being on top, swiveled her body so that John's cock was now staring her in the face. She looked at it carefully. Seeing his cock this close really turned her on. She quickly opened her mouth and quickly inhaled his cock.

Damn, that felt good, he thought, his cock in her hot mouth. He loved the sensation when his cock first enters a woman's mouth; it feels so erotic. One minute its cool and dry, the next it's warm and moist. John enjoyed the feeling of Janice working on his cock, then he looked up and saw her sexy, young almost bald pussy right in front of him. It was already moist from all the activity that had taken place so far today. He stuck out the tip of his tongue and ran it from bottom to top, pausing at her clit for a few seconds. Then he pulled his tongue back into his mouth so he could sample her juices. All women tasted different, it amazed John. He did not know if was in his mind or if it was true, but the younger ones seemed to taste sweeter. John enjoyed these planned sexcapades, the hygiene on everyone was perfect, and since they all knew they were going to have sex. He turned his attention back to the moist, hot pussy in front of him.

He stuck his tongue inside of Janice's pussy, as far as he could and then he wiggled it around, inside of her. Withdrawing it, he traced her inner lips. He brought his lips to kiss and suck them, first one side then the other.

Janice was really doing a first class job sucking John's dick. For a petite girl she could swallow cock. She enjoyed the feeling of having a cock deep in her throat; it turned her on and got her hot and saucy. Some girls she knew, just went through the motion of sucking their man's cock. Not Janice, she loved sucking cock, even more than having it in her pussy. Janice did not forget John's balls, she paid attention to them also. While one hand was on his cock, guiding it in and out of mouth, the other hand was playing with them. She took his cock out of her mouth and licked her way down to John's balls, There she kissed and gently sucked on one ball then the other. She even touched the tip of her tongue to John's asshole. She knew most men liked that and she definitely wanted to please the man in her fantasies for so many years. She was giving John the best blowjob of her life.

Damn, thought John, this girl knows how to suck cock. He stopped licking her pussy and enjoyed the sensations he felt in his body, caused by her expert mouth. John, like most men, loved blowjobs, unfortunately most women do not share the same enthusiasm that Janice and a few other women display. John's late wife did as, did their daughter, Amanda and now Janice. Yes, he would put her blowjob up there with some of the best he had ever received.

Janice went back to sucking John's cock. She debated whether or not to make him come with her mouth. She was one of the few girls who loved men to cum in her mouth. A lot of her friends, during girl talk, would tell how disgusting it is to taste cum, much less swallow it. They would look at her, like she was a freak, when she said she enjoyed tasting and swallowing a man's hot cum. John said he was on ******. From what Janice knew of ******, John would be erect for the next few hours regardless on how often he came. That meant she could taste his cum and still ride his hard cock. She would get the best of both worlds and John would enjoy it twice as much.

Janice used all of her secrets on how to pleasure a man. She nibbled at the underside of the head of his cock. She ran her tongue around the head of it. She inserted the tip of her tongue into his pee hole. Finally, she took all of his cock in her mouth and down her throat. It was difficult to do without gagging, but Janice was determined this would be perfect, after all she had waited ten years for this to happen. As she played with John's balls, she felt them tightening. She knew he would be cuming very soon. She took most of his cock out of her mouth until only the head was visible, then she began to jack his cock.

"Shit, here I cum," groaned John, as he hips rose off the mat. The first spurt hit the roof of her mouth; it tasted slightly salty. She opened her mouth wide and the last two globs of cum landed on her tongue. She held her tongue out so that the other four girls could see it was covered in John's hot semen. Her eyes met Wendy's. There was something in her stare that turned Janice on. She stood up and beckoned Wendy to her. She took Wendy in her arms and Stuck out her cum coated tongue to share with Wendy. Amanda, who had the video camera, got a close up of her father's cum being shared by the two women. Wendy responding like a cum slut, pressing her tongue into Janice's mouth try to get a better taste of John's cum. Their bodies were pressed tight against each other. Since they were similar in size, tits pressed against tits, bellies against bellies and pussies against pussies. The other people in the room just stared at their embrace. It was one of many erotic scenes they had witnessed today, but it still excited everyone.

.John watched the two girls embrace, he was thankful for the rest. Two orgasms within a half an hour, not bad for a forty-four year old man, thought John. As he watched, the two girls broke their embrace, "We'll continue that later," said Janice to Wendy. Janice turned her attention back to John, "I'm not done with you yet. Lie on the mat," Janice told John.

John did as he was told, he was getting a helluva lot of pussy that way. As he got in position, Janice came over to him and straddled his hips. She grabbed his cock, put it in place and slowly impaled herself on his cock. John looked at her face, her eyes were closed, like she was in deep concentration. He could see an expression of pleasure and a look of satisfaction come over her face. When she got all of his cock in her pussy, she wiggled her hips, so that her pussy moved in a circular motion over his cock. Then she opened her eyes and looked straight into John's face. "Thank you," she whispered to him, "it's even better than I have imagined. I would fuck myself with a dildo, pretending it was you, but this feels so much better."

"Janice since you have had this picture in your mind for such a long period of time, you set the tempo and I'll follow. If you want me to do something to you or stop doing it, let me know. As I said to the others, I'm trying to make your fantasies come true."

"Thanks, John," and she leaned down and kissed him on the lips. She started moving up and down on his hard cock. Fuck, she thought to herself, I never would have believed this could happen to me. She raised up and allowed John's cock to slowly slip out of her pussy. When it was almost completely out, she pushed down and put it back inside of her. She liked the feeling of being stuffed. She established a steady fucking rhythm. She looked down at John and said, "play with my tits." She felt his hands engulf her tits, she was not that big and his hands covered them entirely.

John played with the young blonde woman's tits. They were not that big, but they had a perfect shape, there was no sag to them. Her nipples felt good in his hands; they were hard and pointy. He played with them, she didn't ask him to, but John didn't know a woman who did not get extremely worked up by someone playing with her nipples. The only difference among woman was the intensity of the actions. Some woman wanted it soft and gentle, while others wanted it hard and rough. John played with them gentle at first and waited to get further clues or directions from Janice. He had a felling that this petite and tiny woman was really a hellcat in bed.

Janice liked what John was doing to her nipples. It seemed her nipples had a direct line to her clit. The more he pinched them, the hotter she got. John really knew how to make love to a woman, thought Janice. She could see why some girls her age were attracted to older men, if all older men were like John, she may have to find one herself.

John could feel that Janice was getting very aroused, her breathing was more rapid and her pale skin was becoming flushed. He also noticed that the harder he pinched her nipples and tits the harder she fucked him. She got off her knees and was now on her feet crouching over his body. Thrusting her ass and pussy downward from this position caused John's dick to go deeper into her pussy. She was coming down so hard on him she was causing a slapping sound to occur. It got louder the more excited she got. The harder he played with her nipples the hotter she got.

"That's it John... Oh work my nipples... Harder... Pinch... them... Oh... fuck... pull on them... I'm... going... Going... to... oh... shit... SHIT... FUCK... moaned Janice. She was literally bouncing off his thighs, it was almost becoming uncomfortable for John. He grabbed her nipples in between his thumb and middle finger and used his fore finger to flick the very tips of her nipples. That was enough, Janice came like a bat out of hell. She screamed, yelled, moaned, mumbled something and then collapsed onto John's chest. Her body shaking and quivering every time another orgasmic wave would come over her body. She lay across John's body for several minutes before her intense orgasm was over.

"Thank you John. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you." Janice sexily whispered, with a huge smile on her face. "That was even better than my fantasy. I am ready to go again, as soon as I get feeling back in my body."

Everyone laughed. "Daddy, I'm worried these girls were only became friends with me to get close to you. I didn't know my father was such a stud."

"You finally figured us out," said Heather laughing. "We only pretended to like you to get to your father. Hell, if I knew how great a stud your father was... well, let's just say you would be calling me Mom right now."

Amanda laughed, then looked at her father, "Daddy, these women want your body, tell them they can't have you because your mine."

"Well honey, you are mine, for about another week, then your husband comes back for you. After that I am a free agent," looking at the other girls in the room, "I'll go to the highest bidder."

"Oh, I think we can work something out," said Heather.

"Not so fast," yelled Janice, "I'm still in the running."

Keesha and Wendy looked at each other, Double your pleasure," said Keesha. "Yeah double your fun," added Wendy. "You can get two for the price of one."

John looked at the girls and laughed, "You are making an old man very happy. I know you are just saying that to make me feel wanted."

"Bull shit," said Heather. "Anytime you need sex, call."

Janice agreed, "We are not kidding. Look, when Amanda leaves and if you get lonely, you can call me up anytime."

"Me too," said Keesha. "We are not kidding. We may have had crush on you, but all you have to do is call me up and I'll be here."

John looked at the girls standing in the room and he knew they were telling the truth. He could have anyone of them, anytime he wanted. That was a good feeling, especially since these last few days had awakened his strong sex drive. He wasn't ready to go back into hibernation again. He wasn't sure what would happen once Amanda left, but he knew he was not going to stop having sex, that was a definite.

John looked at Wendy and Keesha to see who was next. Keesha turned to her friend Wendy and said, "I already had my fantasy come true with John, and it's your turn. Keesha turned to John, when you are finished with her I have a surprise for you. Then she turned to the other girls and whispered something to them. They all smiled and nodded their heads.

"Just lie down and let me do the work," said the petite Wendy. As John laid down he studied Wendy. Since she was Keesha's friend he had not seen her before today. She was a tiny, typical Oriental girl with small perky breasts, dark nipples, very little pubic hair and a compact ass. He had filmed her making love to his daughter earlier and was impressed with her talented mouth, this was going to be fun, the petite pale Wendy.

John lay on his back and Wendy positioned herself so that her pussy was above John's cock. Her back was facing John, so that her long, straight, black hair hung down to just above her ass. She slowly lowered herself onto John's cock, her pussy was as petite as she was and extremely tight. John wasn't sure if all of his cock would fit inside of her pussy, after a few minutes she succeeded in getting it in... She paused for a few minutes to allow her love tunnel to get accustomed to having such a large cock inside of her. Then she began to move, very slowly at first, then she picked up the tempo. John enjoyed watching her cute little ass bounce off of his stomach and her hair moving all over her back. It was truly an erotic sight.

Even after fucking her for a few minutes, her pussy was extremely tight. If John hadn't cum a few times already. He would have shot his load by now. Instead he was able to enjoy the Oriental girl's tight pussy. Wendy increased the pace and soon she was moaning and screaming. "Oh, soo goood... Big cock... just right... Oh shitttt..." And she collapsed and rolled off of John.

John was proud of himself, it was like the old days where he could fuck all night. He had just made three young women cum, not bad for a forty-three year old man, he thought. He couldn't wait to see what Keesha had planned with the other girls. He didn't have to wait long. Janice and Keesha moved to his crotch. Together they licked his cock, kissing each other when their lips met. John was enjoying the stimulating sight when Amanda knelt aside of him and gave him a big wet kiss. While her tongue was deep in his mouth, a pair of boobs landed on his face,. They covered his nose, cheeks, eyes and forehead. They felt large which meant they had to be Heather's. John was enjoying the girl's work and just when he thought it could get any better, a pair of lips started sucking his nipples. That did it. With all the sexual activity he had seen and participated in today, he didn't last long. As his hips bucked upward, all the girls but the ones tending to his cock sat up and watched him. The two girls at his cock took turns tasting his hot spunk. When they both had a mouthful of his load they went to the other girls and kissed them, sharing his cum with Heather, Amanda and Wendy. John was spent, all he could do was watch the girls have fun with each other. He taped the action until everyone had enough sex.

After the girls cleaned up and left their house, Amanda turned to her father, "Well, that was fun. I don't think I have felt this satisfied since I started to get these urges. Let's go to bed. I'm beat."


Chapter 9

John was the first to awaken. He looked over at his sleeping daughter; that should keep her satisfied for a day or two. What an orgy. He actually fucked five young women, half his age, women whom he had known as teenagers and women whom had had fantasies about him during their high school years.

"Morning Dad," said his daughter. She threw her arm around him and pressed her body against his. "That was some party, don't you think," she asked?

John nodded.

"This is the first time, in a long time, that I have actually awakened feeling satisfied, not horny. I guess that's what happens when you cum so many time that you lose count. I can't wait for Bill and Katie to see the tape of our party. They'll go crazy."

"I should have it edited and duplicated by the end of today, especially if I'm not bothered while I'm working," replied John.

"Oh, so now I am bothering you?" said Amanda with a smile. "Maybe I should find someone else to bother."

"Go a head, I have got the phone numbers of three beautiful women who told me to call them anytime," said John, chuckling.

"You are ready to replace me, are you?"

"Amanda Honey, I could never replace you, in fact I'm not sure what will happen when you go home next week." John gave Amanda a hug and a quick kiss on her lips. "Amanda I love you, I always have, but these few days together have made me not only love you but desire you; just like I desired you mother. I am really going to miss you."

"Daddy, I'm not leaving you forever, you can visit Bill and me anytime. In fact if you lived a little closer, we could get together more frequently." She looked John directly in the eye and said, "Dad, what we started is not going to end, I want you as much as I want Bill and if I'm like my mother, I may need the both of you to satisfy me."

"I think you may need even more people, if you are like your mother. Let's stop talking like this and get up. You take a shower and I'll make you breakfast. Then you can decide what you want to do today."

John got up and headed for the kitchen and began breakfast. In about fifteen minutes, Amanda walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. She was wearing a short silk robe that was belted on top of her pregnant belly. The robe was stretched so much in trying to cover her belly that it allowed the top part to be open to the waist, giving John an eye full of her enlarged breasts. John looked at Amanda while she sat eating her cereal. God she was beautiful, he thought, just like her mother. They engaged in small talk until they were finished eating, then John went to work on the tapes.

Amanda got dressed and decided to go shopping for baby clothes. John was still working on the editing the tape by the time she got home. She decided not to bother him and went to their room to take a nap. It was mid-afternoon when she woke up. She went down to the basement to check on her father's progress with the tape.

John looked up from his work when he heard Amanda come into the room. "Honey, I just finished. Wait until you see the tape; I think it's better than most porno films" John embraced his daughter and kissed her passionately, his hands grabbed her ass. She could feel his erect cock pressing against her.

"Daddy, I thought you were worn out from yesterday's activities. That tape must be awesome if it has gotten you all horny. Can I see it?"

"Sure, we better watch it together because you'll really be horny."

Amanda and her dad watched the tape he made of their sexcapade. They had to stop the video two or three times to make love. Finally they were finished watching it and of course, very satisfied from all their love making.

"Dad, I can't wait until Bill and Katie see this," Amanda said to her father. "I'm going to call him on his cell phone right now and find out where they will be tomorrow. Then, we can go to Fed Ex and over night the video to them. That will get them both as horny as we were when we watched it."

"I'll make copies for the girls," said John/ "We can deliver them today. I'm sure they will enjoy the tape as much as we have.

That is what they did. Amanda sent her husband and mother-in-law a copy of their tape and then delivered the rest of the tapes. The day Bill received the tape, he called his wife. After watching the tape he changed their business contacts so that they finished early. He and his mother would be at John's in three or four days at the latest. Bill also suggested that Amanda arrange another party, like in the video. He found it highly exciting and wanted to experience all the sexual activity that John and Amanda had in their party. Amanda was excited to hear her husband would be coming early. Amanda missed her husband even though her father had been a satisfying lover.

Amanda began to plan the party for Bill and Katie. As she was thinking about who to invite, a thought crossed her mind about inviting males also. She called to John to get input for her idea. At first John was somewhat hesitant about it. He was worried that Bill or even he would be jealous of seeing Amanda with other men.

"Dad, I'd like to invite the guys for Katie. She has only been with two men in her life and Bill's father was not a caring lover. Probably, she will sleep with you but, I'd like her to experience more men than just you and Bill. You didn't get jealous of mom with other men so why should you get jealous of me with other men. As for Bill, the way you talked about mom's condition, it looks like he is going to have to get use to seeing me with other men. I don't think I'll be jealous of him with other women. This is a good time to find answers to these questions."

"I think you are right, honey."

Amanda started calling her friends to arrange another party. She called Janice first. "Janice, this is Amanda, I am trying to set up another party and wondered if you would be interested. My husband and mother-in-law will be joining us this time."

"Would not miss it for the world," replied Janice. "I have been watching the tape. I haven't gotten all the way through it yet. I hope you don't mind but my brother watched some of it with me. After ten minutes of watching we were in the doggy position fucking, but still watching the film."

"Janice, that's fine. In fact I was going to ask you if your brother would like to come to this party. I told you about my mother-in-law and her lack of experience in the area of sex. Do you think your brother would fuck an older woman, someone his mother's age?"

"Would he! He has this fetish about older women, especially our mother. He hasn't done anything about it, but I know he'd jump at the chance to screw her."

"Is any one date better for you or your brother?

"Anytime is fine. I'll take a vacation day and Larry is between jobs right now.

Great, I'll call you back when I get a date

Next Amanda called Heather and got the same response. She was excited about another party. She had a request though, she had shared the tape with her boyfriend and he went nuts over the tape. They fucked so much they were both sore the next day. He wanted to be included in the party. Amanda brought up the incest and the screwing of an older woman scenario and got the same answer from Heather.

Finally she called Keesha. Keesha was eager to attend another party and her work schedule would allow her to be off on the date Amanda was hoping to have the party. Keesha wanted to know if Wendy was invited also and Amanda told her she was. Then Keesha asked if she could invite another friend of hers, a tall light-skinned African American woman. The woman worked at the hospital with Keesha and Wendy. She was drop-dead gorgeous and she loved to fuck. Of course Amanda said yes.

After calling back everyone to inform them of the date. They were all looking forward to attending.

After all the arrangements were made there was nothing to do but wait for Bill and Katie to arrive. John and Amanda slept together every night and made love several times a day. John did his best to satisfy his daughter's over-active sex drive. But just like the similar situation that occurred with his own wife, it was difficult for him to keep providing the amount of sexual activity needed to fulfill her enormous cravings.

Finally the day came when Bill and Katie were to arrive. Amanda and John sat on the sofa in the family room waiting for them to arrive. They had on the television, but Amanda was paying more attention to sounds outside the house. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon when Amanda heard the car pull into the driveway. She immediately jumped to her feet and ran to the door. Bill and Katie were not out of the car before Amanda was running to meet them with John trailing behind.

Bill opened his door and took his wife in his arms. "Honey I missed you so much," he said as he kissed her. Looking at his wife's protruding stomach Bill said, "I think you have gotten bigger since last week."

"I missed you too," replied Amanda, thrilled to have her husband back in her arms.

John helped Katie out of the car. He could not get over how much she had changed. Even though Amanda had told him how she had gotten her mother-in-law to change her appearance; John was still surprised when he saw the beautiful woman emerge from the passenger's seat.

"John, you remember my mother," said Bill as he broke the embrace with his wife and turned to face John.

"Why, yes of course I remember her, but where is she?" You can't be Kathryn," John said to the woman he had helped out of the car." In front of him was a woman who gorgeous. She had a form fitting blouse with the first three buttons undone, her ample bosom and cleavage clearly seen. Her skirt was a few inches above her knee, and her legs, what John could see, were rather shapely. Her hair was cut short and frosted. She wore just enough makeup to enhance her pretty face. The transformation was truly amazing.

"I'm not," she replied. "Kathryn is gone, I'm Katie."

"John we'll get the bags latter," Bill said as he and Amanda ran up the driveway into the house. John and Katie strolled behind them. By the time they entered the house Amanda and Bill were no where to be found.

"It looks like the kids have gone upstairs," John said to Katie.

She laughed. "Yes, I expected that. Ever since Bill saw that tape, all he could talk about was how he missed his wife. He was a slave driver, getting all the work done early so we could visit. I must admit that the tape fascinated me. My sexual background is very limited, as you know. Bill and Amanda showed me a few porno tapes, but I never saw ordinary people carrying on like the people did in the tape. It really turned me on."

In a matter of minutes they heard moans, groans and other noises coming from one of the upstairs bedrooms. Both John and Katie looked uncomfortable, like they had something on their minds. Finally John spoke, "I guess I shouldn't say this, but after these last few days, I have really enjoyed Amanda's company. I guess I'm a little jealous of Bill, right now.

"I know exactly what you mean," said Katie. "After my almost total lack of sex, early in my life, I must say I have never been happier than these last few days. It was great to have a man make love to me several times a day. I was just beginning to get used to it and now reality sets in. I guess I'll just have to get use to have sex less frequent."

"Kathryn... err. I mean Katie; I can't get over how much you have changed. You used to be a... um..."

"An old bitty," Katie interjected.

"Well, yes. You always seem so cold and prudish. Your appearance made you look much older. You are so beautiful; it's hard to believe you were that other person."

"You really think I'm beautiful!" asked an excited Katie. "Bill and Amanda have told me that I'm pretty and people at the office have complimented me, but I wasn't sure if they were saying that just to be nice to me. You're not saying that just too polite."

"Hell no, I can't believe how pretty you are and what a great figure you have."

Katie moved close to John and gave him a short kiss on the lips. "That's for being so kind to me," said Katie. Then, she kissed him again only this time much longer. "And that's for inviting me to your house," she said.

John took her in his embrace and kissed her hard on the lips. "That's for getting me all excited." He kissed her again, this time he thrust his tongue into her mouth where it was met by her tongue. As the kiss progress, John moved his hand up to lightly cup Katie's breast. The moan that escaped from Katie's throat told him she enjoyed his advances. Without breaking the kiss, John eased Katie backwards until she was lying on the sofa with him on top of her. Both his hands were on her breasts playing with them through the fabric of her blouse and bra. John rolled off of her so that he was lying at her side. His fingers began to undue the remaining buttons of her blouse. When he was finished, he opened her blouse and buried his face in the top part of her ample breasts that were spilling out of her sexy black bra.

Katie through her head back and closed her eyes. She was enjoying John's kisses and caresses. It was fun to have another man other than her son, make love to her. She grabbed John's head and pressed it tight against her bosom. John responded by kissing one breast and then the other. He searched for the clasp that would release Katie's beautiful breasts and found that it was in front. He undid it and removed the cups from her tits. He moved his head back from her body to get a good look at the tits he had been messaging and kissing. They were fantastic. He breasts were small, probably a B cup. Her nipples were a dark shade of red, almost the color of red wine. They contrasted her cream colored breasts and made her look very exotic. They were very hard and erect, almost a half an inch long. He couldn't resist taking one in between his lips and sucking on it. It felt wonderful, sticking into his mouth where his tongue played with the tip of the nipple while his teeth gently nipped the base. Katie's whole body responded to John, Her breathing became rapid, her head thrown back with her eyes shut; low guttural sounds were emerging from her mouth. Her hands ran through John's hair caressing it and playing with it. Her hips pressed against his body; rubbing against his erection. Both of them were becoming very worked-up and excited.

"I think we'd be more comfortable up in my bedroom," suggested John.

Katie answered him by rolling of the sofa and onto the floor. She patted the space beside her as an invitation for John to join her. "Let's fuck right here."

When John got aside of her, she pushed him on his back and got on top of him. As Katie's lips were busy kissing John as her fingers were unbuttoning his shirt. As she undid the buttons she opened his shirt and kissed the exposed part of his chest. She sucked on his nipples and ground her pussy on his hard cock. John grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her tighter against his hard dick. Even though she still was dressed in her skirt and John in his pants, they both were receiving pleasure from the friction of their body parts rubbing together. When she had his shirt unbuttoned, she lay on top of him. John enjoyed the feeling of Katie's bare tits mashed against his chest. He always enjoyed the two sensations that occurred in times like these. The soft, cushion-like feel of the woman's breast against his bare skin contrasted with the presence of two hard nipples in the center never failed to get him aroused...

As Katie became more excited she increased the tempo of her hips moving up and down. John realized she was close to an orgasm. He lifted her head up to his and kissed her, his tongue driving into her mouth. As the kiss grew more heated John's hands slide down her back and beneath the cloth of her skirt and panties. His fingers massaged the bare flesh of Katie's ass cheeks. Katie responded by mashing her pussy down on his cock so hard that it was almost painful for John. John squeezed her ass check and pushed his index fingers in her crack and touched her ass hole. That was all it took.

"Oh, John... God... I'm... cuming..." Katie yelled and her body stopped moving.

John held her tight until she relaxed. Slowly she picked her head off his chest and looked up at him and smiled.

"That was good, John. I knew you were good, I watched the tape of you pleasing those four girls. That felt wonderful."

"We only started, Katie. Let's get out of the rest of our clothes so that we can really have some fun. Katie unzipped her skirt and slid it down her legs. Then she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pushed them down also. She looked at John who was intently watching the show she was providing him. He noticed her stomach was soft, not flat but far from bulging. Her hips were nicely rounded and her pussy was shaved bared like Amanda's.

Katie saw the smile on his face. "Do you like what you see," she asked?

John nodded and smiled.

"I thought you would only be turned on by younger women, since that is what you been with, lately."

"Don't put yourself down; you are an attractive, sexy woman. Katie, I enjoy all women, I didn't know how much I missed having women in my life until Amanda came to visit me." John then undid his pants and pushed both his pants and underwear down his legs. He looked at Katie and noticed her eyes were glued to his crotch. "Do you like what you see my lady," John asked.

Katie blushed slightly, but answered, "Yes I do. Your... um... err... penis is only the second one I have seen. I never even saw Bill's father's one." Katie took John's cock in her hand. "I am amazed as to how hard and hot it is." Then she reached down and cupped John's balls, "and how soft these are." She leaned down and kissed and licked the head of the cock she held in her hand.

John's hand moved to Katie's pussy. His fingers rubbed the lips; he could feel that they were very wet. Katie was very aroused. He inserted one finger inside of her and wiggled it around. That brought a moan from Katie. He removed the finger slowly and ran it up her pussy until he reached her clit. There he rubbed her little nub for a few seconds.

Katie stopped what she was doing, "that feels so good, let's fuck."

"Katie, such language out of a refined woman," John laughed as he sat up with his back against the sofa and his legs spread slightly. He held his arms open to the naked woman in front of him. "Here, sit on this."

"Such vulgarity out of your mouth," Katie laughed too, but she moved her body and positioned it so that her pussy was right above John's cock. She reached down and placed the head into the entrance of her slick cunt. With one motion, she took all of John's seven inches inside of her.

They both sighed at the same time. Katie began to move her hips up and down very slowly. John's hands moved to Katie's tits and he began playing with them and her hard, dark red nipples. This caused Katie to increase the movement of her hips which caused John to pinch her nipples harder.

That was the sight that Amanda and Bill saw when they entered the family room. They didn't say a word but watched their parents fuck.

Within a matter of minutes Katie screamed "here I cum." That triggered John to join Katie in orgasmic bliss. Katie stopped moving and John grabbed her and pulled her tight against his body.

They stayed that way until Bill started speaking, "Mother I can't leave you alone for thirty minutes before you seduce John."

"Daddy!" said Amanda.

Then everyone laughed. Bill said, "We felt guilty running up to the bedroom to have sex and leave you two alone, so we came down to be with you."

"If I would have known what you were doing, I would have been able to come a few more times," said Amanda.

John replied, "We were sitting here, talking, enjoying each others company when we started to hear some interesting noises coming from upstairs."

"I guess we were rather loud," said Bill.

"The noises got us thinking," finished John.

"And one thing lead to another," continues Katie. "We decided why should you two have all the fun, so here we are. How long were you watching us?"

"Long enough to know you were enjoying yourselves," said Bill. It was kind of strange seeing you with another man, Mom."

Amanda spoke up, "I saw Dad with my girl friends and that seemed alright, but it was strange seeing him with Katie, I don't know how to explain it."

"We had the same feeling when we heard you two upstairs screwing your brains out," replied John. "We decided it was a slight case of disappointment, knowing the two weeks was coming to an end and we would have to go back to normal."

"I enjoyed having a man in my bed," said Katie. "I know you share Bill with me, Amanda, but I guess I'm just a little jealous."

"Katie, don't let it upset you. I must admit I was a little jealous when we came downstairs and I saw you and dad having sex," said Amanda.

"Me too," said Bill. "I haven't had to share you with another man before. Sharing you with Amanda is different."

"We'll have things to work out," said John. In the mean time, aren't you two over-dressed?"

Bill removed the shorts he was wearing and Amanda took off her robe. John and Katie got up off the floor and the four of them had a group hug.

"How was dad," asked Amanda. "It is a different feel than you get with Bill, isn't it." Bill started to say something, but Amanda cut him off. "I didn't say better, I said different. I love screwing both of you. I have never had any better lovers than the two of you. You both make me feel wonderful."

Katie spoke up, "I'm no expert, but I agree with Amanda, you two are different. I enjoyed both of you."

"What do you say we all get together for some fun, "asked Amanda?

"I need to rest, for a few minutes," said John.

"Me too," added Bill.

"Well, looks like it is just us," said Amanda to Katie. "Dad kept me satisfied and I enjoyed being with my girlfriends, but I missed you."

"I missed you, too," answered Katie.

The two women embraced and Katie gave Amanda a kiss on the lips. Amanda kissed her back and they both reclined on the floor. The men sat on the sofa and watched the show that Katie and Amanda were providing them.

Katie had Amanda lie on her back, so she could kiss her freely. She kissed her lips, neck, ears and earlobes. She worked her way down to her tits and then moved lower to her pussy, where she licked a mixture of Bill's sperm and Amanda's juices out of her pussy. Amanda rolled on her on her side and got Katie to move her body until they were in the classic sixty-nine position. Amanda inserted her tongue into her mother-in-law and tasted her dad's semen that was mixed with Katie's juices.

Bill and John sat on the sofa watching the show the girls were putting on for them. In a matter of a few minutes their dicks were hard and erect from watching the erotic scene in front of them. They got off the sofa and moved behind the women. Bill got behind his mother and John got behind his daughter. They pushed their cocks into their pussies and began to fuck the woman.

"It's about time you joined us," said Amanda. "Dad you feel good inside of me." Then Amanda went back to licking Katie's cunt and her husband's cock as it thrust in and out of Katie's pussy. Katie did the same, taking turns licking the pussy in front of her or the cock fucking the pussy. Since both men had cum a short time ago, they were able to last much longer than usual. The woman each had multiple orgasms and the men were still pumping away. Amanda played with Bill's balls, that excited Bill and he was on the verge of cuming. Amanda could feel his semen building up in his balls so she grabbed the base of his cock, pulled it out of Katie's pussy and sucked on it.

That did it. Bill yelled "Here I cum," and his dick spasm and shot semen into Amanda's mouth.

John came shortly after Bill and Katie did the same thing to him, sucking his cock and receiving his hot load of semen. The men fell away from the women, exhausted. The girls quickly moved until they were in an embrace. They both opened their mouths and stuck out their cum coated tongues. The men watched as the girls French kissed and shared the cum in their mouths

The four sat around talking all evening; finally it was time to go to bed. Bill kissed Katie goodnight while Amanda kissed John, then they disappeared upstairs to their bedroom. John and Katie sat together talking for the next two hours. John told Katie about how he and his wife got involved with swinging. John also talked about how much he enjoyed Amanda's visit and how she got him interested in sex again. Katie told John how her mother hatred of men made Katie into a frigid bitch. She also told John about her sexual awakening at the hands of Amanda and how much she enjoyed the business trip with her son Bill.

John looked at the clock and realized it was almost one o'clock in the morning; they had talked for almost three hours. He turned to Katie and said, "Katie I have a room made up for you if you would like some privacy tonight or you can sleep with me."

"John, I'm so glad you invited me into your bed. When Bill left to go to bed with Amanda, I thought I might be sleeping alone. I must admit, this trip with Bill has gotten me accustomed to having a warm, caring person sleeping next to me; someone with which I can cuddle, before falling asleep and wake up next to in the morning. I am beginning to expect that."

"I know how you feel, Katie. It has been a long time since my wife died and I had forgotten how good it feels to sleep with someone. I never gave it a thought until Bill and Amanda disappeared up the stairs. I am glad you accepted my invitation.


Chapter 10

The sex continued for the next two days. It was so intense that John even shared some of his ****** with Bill, even though Bill is in his early twenties, but having sex three and four times a day can wear even a young man down. The sleeping arrangements changed, one night Amanda and John were together allowing Bill and his mother to sleep together. The other night Amanda slept with her husband while John and Katie were together

Finally it was the day of the party or as Amanda referred to it as Satisfaction Day. They had the “playroom” set and ready. All the love toys that John had were cleaned and ready to go, there was nothing to do but sit and wait.

The first to arrive was Janice and her brother Larry. Janice introduced Larry to everyone. You could tell he was Janice’s brother. He had the same blond hair as Janice and he too was slight of build. He looked much younger than Janice even though he was twenty and only two years younger than his sister. He was about five foot eight inches tall and probably weighed no more than one hundred and fifty pounds. He had an almost innocent air about him. It was hard to believe he and sister had been fucking since they became sexually aware.

As they sat in the family, making small talk, Larry seemed somewhat nervous. Amanda broke the ice when she looked Larry in the eye and said, “I heard you liked the video tape we made.”

Larry blushed a little. His sister sensing his discomfort said, “You better believe it. He spent the weekend at my apartment and we hardly got out of bed. It took us almost two days to watch the video. We would watch it until we got so horny we couldn’t wait any longer, so we would stop the tape and fuck. It was fantastic.

“What was your favorite part, Larry,” asked Amanda?

“I think it was when the four girls made love to you at the same time. I thought it was better than any porno film I had seen. I guess it was because you were so obviously pregnant. That turned me on. I hope you don’t mind, but I made a copy for myself.”

I made him promise not to show it to anyone else,” added Janice.

Just then the doorbell rang; it was Heather and her boyfriend. Heather introduced her boyfriend Paul to everyone. He was tall about six feet three and very muscular. His dark hair and complexion was a contrast to Heather’s red-hair and light skin.

Paul went up to John and said, “I hope you’re not embarrassed by this, but you were amazing. I couldn’t believe any male could satisfy the entire woman at the party, much less a man of your age. Oh, I don’t mean any disrespect about the age comment,” he quickly added.

“No disrespect was taken in fact I take that as a compliment,” replied John. “But I had a little help, I took a ****** pill. It really works.”

Just then the doorbell rang again; it was Keesha, Wendy and a beautiful light-skinned black woman. Introductions were made and it was learned that Keesha’s friend’s name was Jasmine. She was an absolute knockout. All the girls were beautiful, but Jasmine was stunning. She was about five foot ten and probably weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. Her face was the face of an angel. Her hair was styled like Halle Berry. She had a beautiful smile and her outfit showed off a spectacular body; nice sized tits, narrow waist and a cute, tight ass.

The group continued to socialize until John said, “If everyone is ready, follow me to the playroom.” The room was all set up and ready. The room was wall-to-wall mattresses, the toys and apparatus were cleaned and ready to go, and there was tape in all the cameras.

“Does everyone want a tape of this” John asked? “It’s made with the understanding the tape is not to be viewed by just anyone.” As he looked around the room, everyone was nodding their head.

“I hope it’s as good as the last tape,” said Larry.

Paul replied, “Heather and I fucked our brains out while watching it.”

“Why do you think we cut our business trip short,” added Bill.

“Since everyone is agreed, I’ll start the cameras I have around the room. I’ll act as camera man, filming some of the groups before I join in. The way my old group started these gatherings was to divide into groups in the beginning and then people were free to get together with other people or to rest and watch until you’re ready to continue.”

Everyone seemed in agreement.

“We have eleven people, we should divide up into three groups,” continued John. “The easiest way to do it is to pick cards.” He went over to the shelf and got a deck of cards. He sorted through them, picking some cards and discarding others. Finally he came back to the group. He handed Bill a club, Larry a heart and Paul a diamond. He then shuffled the other cards and gave Heather the first pick; she chose a club and went to Bill, who gave her a big kiss. Then it was Amanda’s turn, she picked a heart and went to Larry who kissed her also. Janice was next and picked a heart.

“Put that back in and pick another,” said John. “In the beginning, we separate mates.”

Janice picked a club and went to Bill’s group. She kissed him and then Heather. Katie was next, she chose a diamond and went and kissed Paul. Wendy picked a diamond and she proceeded to go over to where Paul was and kissed him and then kissed Katie. It was Keesha’s turn and she got a club. She walked over to Bill and gave him a long open-mouthed kissed. When she finally broke the kiss, Bill was flushed and breathing hard. She did the same to Janice and Heather and got the same results from them.

“Damn, you know how to kiss,” said an aroused Bill. “I’ve never kissed anyone that had a metal stud in their tongue. It’s different.”

“You think that’s different, wait until she gives you a blow job, what a wild feeling,” added John.

Keesha looked at John, “I intend to give you an even better one tonight.”

“I look forward to that,” answered John.

John moved to Jasmine and held out three remaining cards for her to pick. She grabbed the middle one which turned out to be a heart. She moved to a smiling Larry and gave him a long kiss, trying to out do Keesha. After what seemed like forever, at least to Larry, she broke the kiss and turned to Amanda. First she patted and rubbed Amanda’s pregnant belly, then gave her a kiss to equal the one she gave to Larry.

“I’ll join a group later,” said John. “I want to go around get some close-ups of the action in the different groups. I have three stationary cameras” and he pointed out the locations to everyone. “If each group would go to one of those areas and stay on the white mats, you’ll be in the camera’s view. I’ll wander around the room until I can’t stand it anymore and then I’ll pass the camera to someone else. Is that alright with everyone?” Again everyone nodded in agreement.

“Before we start,” added John. “My old group had a ritual, we started each of our sessions with a little poem and I’d like to continue that, so here goes. Orgies are wicked and orgies are wild, but I like an orgy once in a while.”

Everyone chuckled at John’s little poem.

“Alright, get naked,” yelled John.

The groups moved to the white mats and began to undress. There were hooks on the wall where they could hang their clothes. John moved around to the different groups, taking video of the people undressing. He got Bill’s group just as Jasmine was taking off her bra and panties. It was a sight to behold. When her sexy black bra slipped off her body, John gazed upon her perfect tits. To look at them, they took your breath away. They were the size of a large grapefruit, standing firm and proud. Her nipples were already erect and stood out almost a three quarters of an inch. Her areoles were about the size of a quarter. She looked right at John and the camera as she slowly pushed her thong panties down her legs until they hit the floor. Her pubic hair was shaven so that there was just a little triangle above her pussy. She turned and faced the camera, spread her legs slightly apart, smiled and said, “I hope you like me.” Then she did a slow turn so that her tight, firm ass was facing the camera. She stopped, looked over her shoulder, ran her hand over her ass and smiled. It was the kind of smile that asked “do you like what you see.”

It was all John could do to continue filming. He wanted to put the camera down, tear off his clothes and fuck her. He promised himself he would do exactly that, fuck the shit out of her when he was finished. He turned to the other groups and filmed more people undressing.

He taped Paul’s group next. Paul and Wendy had already undressed and they were both helping Katie shed her clothes. They had her blouse and slacks off and Wendy went behind Katie and unfastened her bra. Paul was in front of Katie; he grabbed the straps of her bra and gently slid it off her body. Wendy put her hand under each of Katie’s breast and held them up to Paul, like an offering. He bent down and kissed each breast, then gave embraced Katie and gave her a sensuous kiss. Wendy grabbed Katie’s panties and slowly pushed them down. When Paul’s cock made contact with Katie’s naked flesh; a low moan escaped from her lips. All three people lay down and explored each other’s body.

John got close-ups of Paul sucking one of Katie’s tits and Wendy sucking the other. One Katie’s hands were playing with Paul’s dick and balls while the other was fingering Wendy. They changed places a few times, but finally Paul had Katie lie on her back and Wendy on top of her, with their pussies grinding together. Paul got behind them and took turns fucking Katie and then after ten strokes, he pulled out and fucked Wendy. This continued until Katie came first and then Wendy. Paul put his dick between the two cunts and pumped away until he came, shot his load between the two women.

By the time John got to the last group, they had already taken off their clothes and Bill was lying on his back and Heather was straddling his head, pushing her pussy onto his mouth. Both Keesha and Janice were licking and sucking his cock and balls. John got a close up of Keesha’s studded tongue rubbing up and down Bill’s cock. The girls were playing with each others tits while they licked and sucked Bill. John didn’t think Bill would last much longer and he was right. As Janice was sucking his cock, Bill’s hips thrust upward and he emptied his first load of the night into her mouth. When he was finished cuming, John got a shot of Janice sharing the cum in her mouth with Keesha. He got a close up as Bill’s cum went from Janice’s tongue to Keesha’s and then back again.

The fun continued all night. One encounter had Katie taking on all four men. Paul was fucking her ass while Larry was shoving his cock up pussy. She took turns sucking off her son and John. Another activity had all the girls making love while the men watched. This allowed the men to rest and get ready for more. Someone wanted family members to fuck, so the three pairs had center stage.

When it was all over everyone had sucked, fucked, licked, fondled, and groped everyone else. As they say, a good time was had by all. At the end of the evening everyone was well satisfied and quite tired. When the company was leaving, each young woman reminded John to call if he wanted to get together after Amanda left. Jasmine gave him a big kiss and gave him her phone number.

The guests left and Bill, Amanda, Katie and John sat, still naked, around the kitchen table talking.

“Well Katie,” asked John, “how did you like your first orgy?’

“It was fantastic. I have never cum so much since I realized sex was something to be enjoyed, not avoided. Although I will say one thing, it was nice to have other people to make love with, but I prefer the three people sitting around this table. Don’t get me wrong I had fun and I would like to do it again, but I get more intense orgasms from the people here at this table.”

“I agree with you,” said Amanda. “This condition I have, being constantly horny, made tonight very satisfying, but I don’t think any of those people could make me more content than the three of you. I think it has to do with the love I feel for all of you.”

“I feel the same way,” added Katie. “How about you guys?”

John said, “I know what you mean.”

Honey, how could I not feel that way about you, I married you,” replied Bill. “Mom, growing up I never thought our relationship would become sexual. although, I saw the caring side of you that you hid from other people.”

“Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired and am going to bed,” said John. “Anyone coming with me?”

“Sure, I’ll come, John.” Turning to her son and daughter-in-law, she said “good night,” and kissed them.”

John did the same.

“After they had left, Amanda and Bill looked at each other with a happy but surprised look on their face. “That was interesting,” said Amanda. “It looks like my dad is falling for your mom.”

“Don’t read something in their relationship just yet. Hell they only have been together the last three days. It may be purely sexual. Your father hasn’t had a companion in a few years and mom has never been in a caring, sexual relationship. Don’t make something out of this, at least for now.”

John and Katie got into bed; Katie rolled over and hugged John. “I hope you don’t mind. I know you have had a lot of people grabbing you tonight, but I need you to hold me.”

Sure Katie come on over. I always like to feel an attractive, beautiful, naked woman lying against me. I have always been a sucker for cuddling.”

“John,” said Katie softly.

“Yes.” He answered.

“Never mind, just hold me for now.”

They were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Katie woke up in the middle of the night, still in John’s arms. She looked up at him sleeping, a smile appeared on her face and she hugged him tighter and then fell quickly back to sleep.

When John woke up the next morning, he had rolled on his side, but Katie’s arm was draped over him. He could feel her tits pressing in his back. He needed to go to the bathroom, but he didn’t want to wake Katie up. He slowly removed her arm and sat up. Just as he was getting out of bed, Katie woke up.

“You’re not trying to sneak out on me, are you?” She asked with a slight smile on her face.

“Katie, I have to go to the bathroom, but I’ll be right back.”

When John got back into the bedroom, Katie was waiting to go use the bathroom. As her naked body disappeared into the bathroom, John starred at her ass. He like what he saw. It wasn’t as firm like the girls at the party last night, hell she wasn’t twenty. A lot of women her age had big, fat, sloppy asses, but not Katie. Just as John was thinking about her ass, the bathroom door opened and Katie came out walking toward the bed. Now John’s attention focused on her boobs. Katie’s boobs were on the small side, but not too small, with small, hard, dark red nipples. His gaze dropped to her bare pussy, she was a sexy woman he thought.

Katie saw where he eyes were looking. “I’m sorry I don’t have a body like those girls that were at the party last night. I supposed you don’t want a fat, old woman to share your bed.”

John held out his arms toward Katie. “Come on, get in bed with me.” Katie got in bed and John pulled her close to him. “Katie, you are right, you don’t have a body like those girls, but I don’t think their bodies will look as good as yours when they get to be your age. Fooling around with those girls is fun, but I wouldn’t want to live with one. What about you? You seemed to enjoy Larry and Paul.”

“John, I haven’t had many sex partners, you know that. It was fun to be with those two, but neither one is the lover that you or Bill is. I guess I just don’t want this to end. I have not had so much fun in all my life. You have had more than your share of sexual encounters and I probably don’t turn you on like some of those women.”

“If you want me to be honest, I will. Yes, I have had other women who have given me great sexual pleasure. However, that’s why we got together, for sexual pleasure. Everyone was very experienced before they joined our ‘club’ and they were looking for the excitement that you get from different partners. But Katie,” John looked Katie directly in her eyes, “you are one helluva a lady. Bill and Amanda taught you well because you are a great lay.”

Katie kissed John, held him tight and whispered “thank you.”

John and Amanda stayed in bed telling each other about their lives and all the important things that happened to them. They were content to stay that way for much longer until there was a knock on the door.

“May I come in,” asked Amanda?

“Sure come on in,” said Katie and John together.

“Are you guys getting up and having breakfast or are you staying in bed all day?”

John pretended to think about it, “We’re not sure. Have you made breakfast already?”

“Bill is putting on the plates now; you better hurry before it gets cold.” Then Amanda left the room.

John got up handed Katie her short, silk robe and grabbed his robe and they both headed downstairs. Bill and Amanda were already eating when they sat down at the table. The four of them ate their food and made small talk until it was almost noon.


Chapter 11

Finally it was time for John's guests to go home. Bill and Katie had to get back to work and so did John. Amanda would be on her own during the day Hopefully she could satisfy herself until her husband and mother-in-law came home from work.

They left and John didn't sleep well that night. He was not use to sleeping alone again. After these two weeks of having at least one female in his bed, he had grown accustomed to having another body next to him. He missed having tits pressing against his back or a hand playing with his cock or being able to cuddle with someone. During the night, he would roll over and his hand would reach out and search for the other body. Not finding anything would cause him to wake up and he had trouble going back to sleep. When he finally got to sleep, the process would occur again.

Finally it was morning. John was actually happy to go to work. He hoped it would take his mind off Katie and especially Amanda. Driving to work, he noticed all the young women waiting for the bus or riding in cars. At work, he began noticing and checking all the sexy young women. Even ones he had hardly noticed, he now was checking out their tits and ass. Unfortunately none of them held a candle to his daughter or even Katie. He decided the best way to get over his longing for the two women that had given him so much sexual enjoyment over the past two weeks was to lose himself in his work. John looked at the large pile of papers on his desk and for once was happy no one had done his work while he was on vacation.

He worked all day and into the night, only taking time off to eat. At ten, he decided to call it quits for the day. He was beat. By the time he got home, all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep. He was so tired that it didn't bother him that his daughter wasn't there. He slept much better than the night before and felt well rested when he woke up. On the way to work, he still noticed all the women but he found himself comparing the young ones to his daughter and the older ones to Katie.

Reaching work, he again immersed himself in all the paperwork on his desk. Sometime in the afternoon, he got an email from Amanda. He opened it immediately and found out she was missing him as much as he was missing her. She wanted to know if he could chat. John thought about it and decided not to answer her until Bill got home. He figured she was lonely and horny and when Bill got home he would take care of her urges and he wouldn't get caught up in her desires.

He again worked late, getting home just in time to go to bed. John slept well but his dreams were filled with naked women and he was fucking all of them. His biggest orgasm in his dreams was when he was fucking Amanda, while Bill was fucking Katie along side of them. He woke up covered with sweat and a very hard dick.

Finally he got caught up at work and returned home at the normal time. The house seemed quiet and empty, he felt alone. He tried watching TV but his mind was on Amanda and Katie. Finally he gave in and called his daughter.

"Dad, why don't you come for a visit," asked Amanda. "I miss you and so does Katie. Even Bill misses you. He said the both of us are draining his strength. So, you can see we all want you to come.

"Amanda, I can't this week, I need to do things around the house. How about next weekend?"

"Alright Dad. See you then, love you."

He could hear the disappointment in her voice. He was disappointed too. When he had called, his plan was to visit them this weekend. But the more they talked, the more he knew he had to make sure his desires for his daughter and Katie were true. He wasn't sure if he was just feeling the effects of his sexual desires being turned on again or if he could not live without Amanda and Katie. He had to make sure it was love and not lust. When he was on the phone, he noticed the phone numbers of Keesha and Heather lying on the table by the phone. He came up with a plan. He would get in touch with all the women that were at the orgies and see if they were interested in coming to his house for some more sex. Then he would visit Amanda and Katie. If it was just lust he would be able to realize it, if not he had to change his life drastically.

John got all the numbers and started calling the girls. Everyone was happy to hear from him and eager to have sex with him again. He made dates for the weekend and into next week. He was able to schedule all five women, starting with Wendy. She was able to come tomorrow night.

John went to bed feeling that he would soon be able to understand his feelings. He had one dream of him screwing Amanda while Katie and Bill were watching. In another dream, he was screwing Katie while Amanda and Bill were watching. The last dream had the four of them screwing together.

The workday seemed to go on forever, he never thought it would end, but finally he was home preparing for Wendy's visit. He had asked her if she would like to go out to diner, but said she would enjoy just being alone with him at the house.

John got home from work and quickly prepared diner. He loved to cook and was preparing his specialty, chicken cacciatore. He had bought a rather nice Chianti to have with the meal. He had just finished the preparations when the doorbell rang. He checked his watch. Wendy was right on time. He opened the door and let Wendy in. She gave him a big hug and kiss.

"Thanks for inviting me John," she said. " "I really enjoyed the few times we have gotten together."

"I have enjoyed it also," he replied. "You look very sexy tonight."

"I'm glad you like it, I picked it out especially for you."

She did a slow turn so John could see all of her. She was wearing a very sexy, tight, short, black dress. It was open down to her waist and John could see her nipples sticking through the thin fabric. It hugged her small, tight ass and showed off her legs. It was obvious; she was not wearing any thing under it. Wendy was a petite girl, but very sexy.

After diner, Wendy threw her arms around John, "Are you ready for desert?" She had John sit down on the sofa and began a slow sexual dance for him. The way she moved her body was pure sex, John was hard and Wendy hadn't taken her dress off. She turned her back to him and while she seductively wiggled her hips, she undid her dress and pushed it down her body. Her long black hair moved back and forth across her bare back adding to the sensuality of her movements. When it got to her ass, she stopped and turned her head to look back at John. She seductively ran her tongue across her bottom lip and then the top one. Her eyes and mouth signaled her wanton lust. She pushed her dress down her ass a few inches and then John watched it slide all the way down while she wiggled her hips and ass. John stared at her almost perfectly formed ass; it was small but very sensuous. John watched as she moved her naked body so erotically that it was all John could do not to stand up, throw her to the floor and jump her bones. She stopped moving and slowly turned around to face John.

"Did you like my little dance," she asked?

"Oh God yes," moaned John. "That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Where did you learn to dance like that?"

I worked my way through nursing school as a stripper, dancing on weekends. My parents didn't have a lot of money, so I had to pay for my schooling. I needed a full time paycheck, but I didn't want to work full time hours to get it. So I danced at a gentlemen's club Friday and Saturday night. That paid for schooling, the apartment, a car, food and anything else I needed. That wasn't bad for ten hours of work a week. My specialty was lap dances; that's were I made most of my money. Would you like me to give you a lap dance?"

"Sure, what do I do?"

"Just sit in the chair and I'll do the rest. A customer cannot touch the girl while she is dancing. I think that's what makes it so erotic, so just put your hands down on the arm of the chair and I'll do the rest."

John looked at Wendy standing there, getting ready to dance she was truly a beautiful woman. He liked the way her long, black hair fell across her creamy white flesh; the contrast was very erotic. Her face was beautiful, her dark eyes and red lipstick were again contrasted to her white skin. John eyes moved to her breasts. They were not large compared to other women, but Wendy was so petite that her orange sized breasts looked large on her small frame. There was no sag to her tits and her nipples were like most Oriental women John had seen - dark in color and not very big in size, especially when they were erect as they were now. John's gaze moved lower, he took in her flat stomach and her small hips. Her pussy was as sexy as the rest of her body. She had a wisp of dark black hair above her pussy, but she shaved the lips, leaving her slit bare. God, thought John, she was beautiful. He had gone to a few gentlemen's clubs and most of the women there were not in the same league as Wendy. He could see why she made so much money dancing there.

Wendy faced John and slowly rotated her hips, her long black hair hung over her right shoulder covering her right breast. She looked John straight in the eye and continued moving her hips. She bent at the waist causing her hair to tumble forward covering all her charms. She looked up at John a wicked, sexy smile was on her face. She stood up and threw her hair back over her shoulder exposing both her breasts. Still looking right at John and then brought her hands up to her tits and cupped them, squeezing and kneading them. She pilled on her nipples and a slight gasp or moan escaped from her lips. Her expression was one of total wanton lust. Her fingers began to pull and pinch her hard pointy nipples.

John fidgeted in his seat. He had to rearrange himself as he was sporting a very hard woody.

Wendy's left hand continued playing with her breast as her right hand slowly moved down her stomach and until it found her pussy. She rubbed her slit with one finger for about a minute and then brought the finger up to her mouth. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it.

"Oh my God," moaned John.

She moved closer to John until she was standing between his legs. Again she moved her hand down her pussy and ran a finger up and down her slit. This time, as John watched, she stuck one finger into her pussy and pumped it in and out several times. She withdrew her finger and moved it up to her open mouth, but stopped just a few inched away. She looked at John and moved her fingers toward him until they were under his nose. John inhaled her scent very deeply. She then pushed her finger into his mouth. John eagerly sucked it clean.

Wendy then moved back and began to move her body faster and more erotic. Her hips were moving, her hands were caressing her body and her hair was being tossed all over. This lasted several minutes and all the time her eyes never left John. Then she turned around, moved close to John and bent over, her hands grabbed her ankles, She had her butt high in the air toward John's face, her pussy was only a few inches from John's nose. He could really smell her sex. She held that position for a short time, and then she moved one hand up to her pussy and spread her lips. John was looking right into her pussy, it was one of the most erotic things John had ever seen.

It was all John could do not to reach out and grab this exquisite Oriental young woman. His hands grasped the arm of the chair, his breathing was very rapid, beads of sweat were running down his face and he had a very hard almost painful erection.

Then she stood up, turned around and sat on his leg. She rubbed her pussy up and down his thigh. She leaned over and gently touched her lips to his. When John responded, she quickly moved away and waited a few seconds before she did it again. She played a game of cat and mouse with John. Every time he began to respond, she moved away. Finally John got the hint and just sat there while she kissed his lips again. She took the tip of her tongue and slowly traced the outline of his lips. She kissed his nose and stood up in between his legs. She grabbed his head and pulled it toward her chest. She pushed her right breast into his face, nose and then his lips. The she did the same with her left breast. She rubbed his face all over her chest. She sat down on his lap, right on his hard cock. While she rubbed her small tits all over his face, she rubbed her pussy up and down his cloth-covered cock.

Her movements began to increase, as did her breathing. It was hard to tell who was more turned on John or Wendy. Moans were coming from both their mouths. Finally she arched her back, threw her head back and screamed. About the same time John grabbed her hips, shoved her down on his cock and came in his pants. She collapsed against his body while he slumped down in his chair.

John was the first to speak, "damn Wendy that was unbelievable. I don't think I have cum in my pants since I was a teenager. You must have had many regular customers."

Wendy lifted her head and looked into John's eyes, "John, in all my years of dancing, I never came that hard from a lap dance. There was something about the way you looked at me while I was dancing that turned me on. God that was fantastic."

"What did you get paid for a dance?"

"A lap dance cost the customer sixty dollars and I got to keep twenty of it, but I got to keep all my tips. I usually made out on the tips. I usually got a twenty-dollar bill for a tip and sometimes more. One night, three older gentlemen came in they were on a business trip. They each got a lap dance and they each gave me a hundred dollar tip. That night I took home almost a thousand dollars."

"God you earned it. I would have given you a hundred dollar tip as well. But now that the lap dance is over, I need to touch your sexy body. God, are you beautiful."

John took Wendy in his arms and pressed his mouth against hers so hard that he was surprised that there wasn't blood on their lips. He stood up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He cupped her ass cheeks and carried her to his bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed and began to remove his clothing. Now it was Wendy who watched as more of his body came into view. She looked at his muscular chest with only a slight amount of hair growing on it. John unbuttoned his pants and pushed them along with his underwear down his legs. When they hit the floor, he simply stepped out of them and sat on the bed.

"Here, let me clean up the mess you have there," said Wendy, pointing to his cum covered crouch. "After all, I'm the one who caused it.

John expected her to get up and get a washcloth from the bathroom. Instead, she pushed him down on the bed and brought her face to his crotch. She proceeded to lick and suck every bit of cum off his body. This caused John to get hard again.

John reached down and grabbed Wendy by the hips. He lifted them up and over his body, bringing her pussy to his face. "After having your pussy so close to my face, smelling it but not able to touch it was driving me crazy, I have to taste it." John took his tongue and licked her entire slit, gathering as much of her juices as he could before his tongue went back in his mouth and tasted her essence. She tasted as good as she smelled or looked.

While John was licking her snatch, Wendy was trying to get as much of his cock into her small mouth. Try as hard as she could, she could only get about three-quarters of his stiff member into her mouth. While his cock was deep in her mouth, she ran her tongue around and around it. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth. She was very oral. She enjoyed giving head as much as she did receiving it. She paused a minute while John's talented tongue was working on her snatch. John could lick a pussy, she thought, actually better then most of the women lovers. Most men immediately attack the clitoris thinking that's the way to pleasure a woman. They don't spend the time exploring her, finding other spots that can cause pleasure to her. John's tongue touched every part of her pussy inside and out. She went back to sucking his cock and playing with his balls, but shortly she abandoned his cock and enjoyed his talented tongue giving her what will be a tremendous orgasm.

John could tell Wendy was close, not only had she stopped sucking his cock, but her breathing was rapid and he could feel her sweat as it ran down on her body and onto his. Her juices were flowing onto his tongue and into his mouth much faster. Up until this point, John had only briefly licked her clit, but now as it was becoming evident that Wendy was close to an orgasm, he concentrated on her clit. He licked it. He rubbed it with the tip of his tongue. He sucked it into his mouth between his slightly parted lips. He nibbled, very gently at it. And finally while he sucked it into his mouth, his tongue moved back and forth over it, much like it was a punching bag.

Wendy was getting closer and closer to an orgasm, but when John's tongue began to push her clit back and forth against his teeth, she went into overdrive. She pushed her hips against his face and ground her pussy into his mouth. She pushed so hard she was actually hurting John, but that was the last thing on her mind.

"Fuck I'm cumming," she yelled.

She was gasping for air, she could barely catch her breath. Sweat was coming out of every pore on her body, she felt like she was in a hot furnace. Juices were pouring out of her pussy and drenching John's face in her essence. She was light-headed. Her body went rigid and then it went limp and collapsed against John.

John tried to lick up all of Wendy's juices, but a lot of it ran down his face and onto his neck and chest. He felt Wendy's dead weight just lying against him. He too was hot and sweating and very turned on. He enjoyed making people cum; it gave him great pleasure knowing he could make another person feel so good.

He rolled Wendy off of him and onto her back. She was totally out of it. Her eyes were closed and her lips were moving but only inaudible noises were escaping from her lips. Every few seconds her body would have an uncontrollable spasm and her hips were moving slowly, in a small circle. John looked over the Orientals petite body; in her state she was even sexier than she had been before. He moved up aside of her so he was looking at her face. He wanted to see her expression when she finally came down from her orgasmic high. It was a good five minutes or more before she weakly opened her eyes.

When she saw John looking at her a smile came on her face. Her lips moved and she whispered to John, "un... be... liev... a... ble." She tried to move arms to hug him but her body would not respond, so she just lay there, looking at him and smiling.

Finally, Wendy came down from her high and could talk to John. "You are something else," she said. "I enjoyed being here the other two times, but I really enjoyed just the two of us. You are a very talented man, Amanda is very lucky."

"I'm the lucky one, although it is very unconventional."

"Not really," Wendy replied. "Many societies have incest between the father and the daughter and in some countries it is forced upon the girl when she is very young. Amanda is old enough to make up her own mind and she is certainly willing. She is a lucky girl, I actually wish I could have the same type of relationship with my father; I think he is so sexy. But, I think my mom might object. I was brought up where sex was not evident and it was never mentioned."

"Well, I would have not believed it could happen to me. In fact, it would not have happened if Amanda didn't push me into it. Maybe your father just needs a push."

"That's something to think about," Wendy replied. "Maybe I'll try something if I can get him alone and speaking of getting someone alone, what would you like?"

John looked at the naked young woman before him, "Last time we got together, you seemed to have difficulty taking all of me. Why don't you roll on your side and I'll slip in from the back. That position doesn't have the deepest penetration."

Wendy did as she was told and pushed her hips back against John's groin. She reached between her legs and grabbed his dick and placed it the entrance to her pussy. She wiggled her hips, making sure it was in the correct position and then she pushed back against him. As wet as she had been, his cock was large enough that it took John a few minutes to get fully inside of her.

"Wendy you have a tight little pussy. I hope I'm not hurting you."

"No, it feels very good. I like getting stuffed, especially when a man takes his time and doesn't try and rush things. Play with my tits. I love it when you play my boobs and rub my nipples. My tits are almost as sensitive as my clit."

John grabbed one of Wendy's tits and played with it while he continued to fuck her from behind. It was a good position for each person; both enjoyed a nice slow fuck. John, while still playing with her tit, leaned over and began kissing her neck and sucking on her ear lobe.

"That feels good, John, very good."

As John continued to fuck Wendy, he could tell she was getting close to another orgasm. She was moaning and groaning and here hips were really pushing back against John's thrusts. She moved her hand between her legs and began stroking her clit.

"Pinch my nipples," she commanded. "Harder... Yes... oh... yes... good... like it." Her fingers were really working her clit. "Pinch my nipples... harder... oooohhhhhh... yeahh... yes... yes... Fuck... here... I... cummmmm."

Wendy's orgasm caused John to increase his tempo and soon he too was cuming, pumping his hot seed inside the small Oriental girl. "Fuck... here... I... Cum, he yelled.

They lay there together for several minutes, neither one moved. John's cock was still buried deep inside of her pussy. After a few minutes John's cock softened and slipped out of her pussy. Finally they both returned to normal. John rolled on his back and Wendy on her stomach.

"Thanks John, that was super, you are a very good lover, one of the best I have ever had. You know how to satisfy a woman, Amanda is so lucky." She looked over at the clock; it was almost ten thirty. "Oh shit, I better leave, my shift starts at six tomorrow." She leaned over and gave John a quick kiss on the lips and then got out of bed and dressed.

John put on a robe and walked her to the door. " Wendy, thanks for coming over. I really enjoyed it. You are a very sensuous woman. Thanks for the lap dance; I never had one before. It was very erotic." He kissed her goodbye and watched her walk to the car and drive away.

John went back inside, got a drink and went to bed. The smell of sex was still in the air as he got back into bed. As he lay there, his thoughts turned toward Amanda. He had just had some amazing sex and he was thinking of his daughter and not Wendy, who had just left. He realized he had enjoyed fucking Wendy, he had some powerful orgasms, but he was glad she had to leave. She was a nice kid, but he had no desire to have a relationship with her. As he drifted off to sleep, his dreams were filled with Amanda and him making love. He even dreamt of he and Katie.

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