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I found this on the interent and it may be of interest here.

Amy's Family
by scouries

Part 1: Amy's Grampa

I saw her for the first time on a blustery, February, San Francisco day, and with the wind blowing a cold rain across the quad it was amazing that I even noticed the tall, bundled up girl as she rushed past me going towards her next class. But as we had passed I couldn't help but notice the long blond curl of hair that had escaped her hat and which had seemed to dance in the air, a waving invitation to all to notice her.

I finally pulled myself to a stop about twenty feet down the path and turned, and was surprised to see her already facing me, her hand shielding her sparkling, green eyes from the rain, a bemused expression on her face. For seconds I watched her, immobile under her stare as the water pelted me mercilessly.

The flash that exploded around us, followed milliseconds later by the roar of thunder galvanized us into action, but just before she turned away I saw an almost crazy, hungry smile cross her brightly illuminated face. I stood transfixed as she flew down the path, her long athlete's legs carrying her effortlessly away from me.

Before I could react she was around a corner and gone and when I finally rushed after her I soon found I was too late, for she had disappeared into one of the many large University buildings that lined the walk.

During the days that followed she haunted all my waking moments, and my dreams were filled with visions of her running naked across a beach, always just out of my grasp as I chased after her, my large, erect penis swinging madly as I ran.

No one I asked knew who she was, it was unbelievable to me that this 6'1", blond, green eyed beauty could be on the campus and no one could tell me her name or even recollect seeing her. It was finally luck that brought us together again ten days later, with me going to the Friday night party at Sigma Chi Epsilon only at the last moment, agreeing only because two sweet sophomores I had bedded a month earlier begged me to take them.

Not a great fan of the Greek Societies, I still knew that pleasing them by taking them to the party would result in a weekend of wild sex for me, and the remembered smell and taste of their twitching cunts was an undeniable lure.

It was around midnight, my arms filled with the two sexy coeds, when I looked up and when the mob separated for a second, I saw her at the end of the raucous, crowd filled room. Her green eyes seemed to bore straight into my head, a dazzling luminosity that drowned me in their glow. Just as the gap in the crowd closed I saw her turn and head for the door and I actually yelled incoherently as I lost sight of her.

Trying to disengage myself from my two little friends, their protests held me for precious seconds, "Johnnie, where are you going?" one asked, holding onto me tightly while I struggled to move.

"You, you blondie," I yelled, almost hysterically, but knowing full well she was gone and that no one could hear anything over the rock music blaring through the room. There was no trace of her when I finally got to the door and outside, and eventually went back inside, determined to find someone who knew her.

An hour and a half later I had still learned virtually nothing, ' She's new, ' one thought, 'just transferred in from up north, I think', and from another, 'She's in History or Sociology, I think, third year, ' and from another 'I think she's a friend of Carla', whoever she might be.

I left my two eager dates disappointed, but knew from watching the sharks circling them that they wouldn't sleep alone that night, and I berated myself silently as I walked home alone for giving up two such beauties for a vision I might never see again.

I was inserting the key in the door of my second floor apartment when I heard a small noise behind and above me, and turning, saw her sitting, totally naked, half way up the stairs to the third floor.

"What?"... How did..." I managed to croak, a stutter in my voice, as she stood and moved towards me.

"God, you're good looking Johnnie," she whispered, "You are sooo fucking hot."

Awestruck at having this angel fall into my arms, I continued to mutter, a stream of inarticulate sounds drooling from my mouth.

"Don't tell me you're the silent type Johnnie, God, I was really hoping you were a big strong intelligent guy who liked... ," but she didn't finish because my lips had finally found hers, burying any further protest with my probing tongue.

Effortlessly I lifted her and after kicking the door open, carried her to my bedroom, dumping her unceremoniously onto the King size bed and jumped on top of her. She ripped the shirt from my back as I fought to undo the belt of my pants and she immediately grabbed my fat cock the second it appeared.

"Christ, give me a sec," I growled, as she pulled my hard boner towards her. With her free hand she helped pull my pants over my ankles and then pushing me down climbed on top of me, impaling herself brutally on my shaft. I was stunned she could take me so easily; most women struggled to accommodate my thick, long penis.

Grabbing her two wrists I flipped her over and on to her back and then smashed brutally into her again and again. We were fucking like wild animals, our hunger and lust unlike anything I had ever experienced, and I felt her nails raking my back raw as I filled her sopping cunt again and again.

"FUCK ME... FUCK ME... GODAMMIT FUCK ME," she screamed in cadence to my powerful thrusts, her iron-like thighs now wrapped around my back, imprisoning me in her clenching, demanding cunt. We exploded together, my cock bathing her insides with a deluge of hot, sticky cum as we both groaned in relief.

"God, lady, what's your name anyway? How'd you find..."

"Later," she growled, and twisting, lowered her dripping pussy onto my face as she grabbed my slimy, semi hard prick and brought it to her lips. As I licked my sperm from her glistening slit and sucked on her twitching erect clit, I could feel myself grow hard in her mouth.

"Jesus, no one can do that," I exclaimed flabbergasted. "You'll suffocate," I added, feeling my long shaft fully swallowed for the first time. As her slit started to splash out her orgasmic discharge, I felt the first spasmic tremors releasing the cum from deep in my sack, each shot releasing a string of cream between her hungry lips.

Giggling, white strands hanging down her chin, she rose and embraced me, her full mouth leaking my seed into my mouth as we kissed.

Three more times we joined, each time as fierce and wild as the previous one before finally falling apart exhausted, our bodies and hair coated in our sexual juices. At last, panting I asked, "Fuck, when was the last time you had sex anyway lady?"



"Amy, that's my name, Amy Christine Johansson. And it's been a while, since I've had sex I mean," she added, a contented grin on her face.

"So Amy, tell me, this wasn't your normal coupling, right," I asked, not knowing what I wanted her answer to be.

"It was pretty normal," she said after thinking a sec. "But I don't really have that much experience, you're only the third boy I've ever slept with," she finished, an innocent look on her face.

"God, not much experience," I said unbelieving, thinking 'third boy' my ass, "How'd you find me anyway? Christ I've been looking high and low for you for ten days. I had almost given up; sure you had just been an impossible vision in the rain."

"You're famous," she replied chuckling, "I just had to ask about any girl on campus, 'Who's the 6'4", 230 pound, blond haired, blue eyed, sexy dreamboat' and invariably I'd hear, 'oh, you mean Johnnie C', and then I'd get your life story as well as a recital of all the girls you'd slept with in the past three years."

"Hardly any," I muttered, wondering just who was trying to ruin my reputation with this girl.

"Ha, ha, ha."

Suddenly serious I moved on top of her and looking deep into her green eyes, said, "Amy, you're all I'll ever want, all I've ever wanted. There's no one else now, never will be," and as I said it realized I had fallen hopelessly in love.

"So you say now," she teased, a twinkle in her eyes.

"Move in with me, marry me, have my babies and give up all other men in the world is all I ask," I demanded.

After thinking a second, she grinned and offered back, "I think I can agree to three of your four requests Dear Sir."

"Which three?" I asked menacingly.

"Well, I'm ready to move in now," Amy replied mischievously, "Geeze, I've been packed for a week waiting for you to find me." But she never told me which of the other three conditions she wasn't ready to meet and I wasn't ready to insist that night, after all it was only our first date.

And she did move in with me the next morning, as we found one hour between bouts of lovemaking to go and collect her clothes and other stuff. She didn't have much, just some books and toiletries, although there was one item I found weird. It was a full sized poster of an old mountain man, a huge man in furs brandishing a rifle.

As she went to tape it to the inside of our bedroom door, I protested, saying, "Why are we putting this dirty, old guy on our door hon?"

"This dirty, old guy as you call him Johnnie, just happens to be my Grampa, and he goes where I go," she replied, in a voice that brooked no argument, and after giving the old man a kiss on the cheeks, stepped backed and asked, "Isn't he wonderful?"

"Where'd you say you came from anyway Amy, Outer Fucking Mongolia?" I asked, perhaps a bit too sarcastically for my new bride, as I could immediately see the storm clouds forming on her brow.

"I'm kidding, I swear," I laughed, trying to diffuse the situation, "He looks very nice." But to describe this hairy, dirty, giant of a man as nice was obviously an incredible misuse of the word nice, so I added, smiling sweetly, "How big is he anyway hon?" sure she wanted to tell me all about him.

"He's 6'7" and 270 pounds, and he happens to be an ex-professor at the University of Washington, a published author, an inventor, and he has a PhD. in Computer Engineering, Mr. Smarty Pants Johnnie fucking Cooper," she began, and when she saw the doubt and amusement in my eyes added, "He is, he goddam is, you bloody..."

"Sweetie," I started, trying to placate Amy who was becoming increasingly irritated, but then thought action might be better than words and pushed her down on the bed. Once our mouths were locked together I knew I was safe but as my hand found her already aroused nipple I thought to myself that I was sure to hear more of her mountain man in the near future.

And of course I did! In the weeks that followed we slowly learned each others stories. I told her how I was raised in Hawaii by my Mom and Hawaiian step-dad, my only sibling a seventeen year old half sister, how the only things I had ever loved before I met her had been surfing, sex with dark haired Hawaiian girls and mathematics.

"What are you doing here any way?" she asked one day, "Its cold and the surfings' shitty."

"This is the only place on the West Coast where I can study with the best," I answered, indicating the red buildings of Stanford that circled us.

Her Mom and grandmother were ski bums she finally admitted to me one day. When her Mom was about six, her mother bundled her up one day and the two had left her Grandfather. Her Grandma had had no use for the academic life, and hating Seattle and big city life, she just moved from one Rockies ski resort to the next, shacking up with a new ski instructor every year.

"What about your Mom? Did she go to school or what," I asked.

"She skied," laughed Amy, clearly remembering the stories, "Mom could ski like the wind. At thirteen she was on the Junior National Alpine Team, at sixteen she was on the National Team, a season in Europe under her belt. Oh, to hear her she could have been World fucking Champion," Amy said bitterly, and paused before she added, "Except for goddam Amy."

"What! Why'd she say something like that?"

"It seems she wasn't just skiing over there Johnnie, she also came home with yours truly growing inside her little tummy. Mom thinks my Dad is either a downhiller from Austria or a giant slalomer from Sweden."

"You look more Swedish," I offered, trying to be helpful. "Does your Mom look like you?"

"Exactly, except for the hair and eyes, she's dark, I'm light."

"So what happened?"

"Ma went back to Aspen, had me, tried to get back in shape but then got pregnant again just when it looked like she could make it back on the team," she finished, a rueful look on her face, a look I'm sure she had seen on her Mom's face a hundred times before when she told the same story.

"So she's like you I guess," I started, "She prefers fucking to anything else."

"Har, har, har, isn't Mr. Cooper funny today," she said scathingly, but soon she proved my point as she thrashed and screamed under my penile pounding.

Later she continued her story, telling me how her Mom, six months pregnant and carrying little Amy in her arms, arrived penniless at her father's doorstep in Spokane one morning in early 1984.

"He had never lost contact, you know," she explained, "He had always tried to keep in contact with Grandma and Mom, visiting whenever allowed and continually sending money. He had felt a little guilty I think, he must of known Grandma would never last in Seattle."

"They had both grown up in the mountains, wild kids who both loved the outdoors. Grandpa was smart though, Christ a genius I think, and once he found the world of books he went crazy. He's a bit like you Johnnie," she explained, "Math and computers were easy for him, and at twenty-two he had a Doctorate in Computer Engineering."

"Grandma loved him so she finally followed him to the University, but sitting in the rain while she could see the mountains beckoning in the distance was slowly driving her crazy. Sure, they vacationed every summer in the wilds, remember Grandpa loved the outdoors too, but finally it just wasn't enough and she left."

"Anyway, Grandpa took us in, ecstatic at his daughter's return. We lived with him for six years, while Mom got her teaching degree and taught for a couple of years in Seattle."

Laughing now, her memories clearly happy, Amy went on, "One day she came home, loaded the car, kissed Gramps, got Sis and I dressed and hit the road. We stopped in a small town just outside Yakima, she got a job in the local school, and her two daughters started to ski big time."

"You're poor Grandpa," I said, feeling sorry for the first time for the wild man in the poster I'd had to look at constantly for the last month.

"No, Mom and Gramps had talked about before she left, it wasn't a surprise. Gramps immediately built us a beautiful house out there, and always came at Christmas, Easter and most of every summer. He was already deep into his plans for escape."

"How so?" I asked, gripped now by her family tale.

"The second summer we were there, he came and used our place as a base for his search. With maps he'd try to pinpoint potential places and then fly over in a helicopter, checking to see if it met his needs."

"What was he looking for?"

"Complete privacy in a perfect natural setting," Amy answered almost reverentially, "And he found it eventually, deep in the Cascades, oh God its beautiful Johnnie, wait til you see it."

"Me? Geeze honey, I'm a beach bum, a surfer, not a snow person."

"Ha, wait til I get your bum planted in a snow bank fellah, my little portable oven the only thing keeping our little Johnnie warm."

Her tale was finished for that night, as little Johnnie grew enormously, and insisted on filling Amy's oven three times before he slept.

Ten years ago, her Grandpa had gone, selling everything he had in Seattle and moving to his idyllic valley. "He was rich by then," explained Amy, "He had both book royalties and royalties from his various inventions rolling in. He was able to buy like six thousand acres ridiculously cheap. It was state land that backed onto a national park, no one will ever be able to live anywhere near him."

"But what's he do up there?"

"He loves it up there Johnnie. He hunts and fishes for his food, has a small garden, writes, designs computer gadgets, hikes in the mountains, studies Mountain ecology, Christ, he's always doing something. He stays there from April til mid December every year, coming down to Yakima to stay with us for the three worst months."

"We always went up to the valley for a month each summer, Mom and Sis and I, and Gramps would teach us about nature and take us for walks and tell us stories and cook for us and... I was starting to like this bozo, I thought to myself as I listened to Amy's tales in the days that followed while watching a scowling, dirty Grampa fastened to the door.

A couple of weeks later I came home one Saturday to find Amy rapt before the TV, showing for her an uncommon interest in the flickering screen.

"Whatcha watching hon," I asked settling down beside her.

"Shhhhhhh!" she hissed as her eyes stayed glued to the small figure hurtling down the snow covered mountain.

"Yessssssssssss," she finally screamed, an impossibly wide smile on her face. "Oh, fuckkkking yessssssss Johnnie," she yelled and threw herself in my arms.

"What? What is it hon?"

"That was your future sister-in-law winning the fucking downhill at Chamonix, France, Johnnie, and she is now the World Fucking Downhill Skiing Champion of the Whole World Johnnie," she finished, tears of joy cascading down her cheeks. "The Whole Fucking World!"

"But Christ Amy, you never said a goddam word about her," I complained.

"What, and jinx her," she replied seriously, "No fucking way baby. Oh God, Mommy will be so happy."

As we watched, Amy told me the story, her body trembling in excitement as she talked, "We could both ski Johnnie. The day we first stepped on the slopes we knew we had found what we loved. We were one-two in every race we entered, and with Mom as coach, we knew we were going to end up world champions some day, like it was fated or something, sort of like the Williams sisters in tennis."

"I broke my leg on my fourteenth birthday," she explained seeing the question in my eyes, "And I had to take a year off. I went to live in Seattle with Gramps while I healed, while Mom and Sis chased the dream. I... I found books, learning when I was with Gramps... I lost the desire for racing... it was replaced by something else... Other interests," she ended, a touch of regret in her voice.

"But Johnnie, I know how she feels, how both Mom and Ingrid... oh look," she yelled pointing at the screen..."

I recognized them both immediately, Mother and daughter laughing together in a joyous embrace among a crowd of well wishers, oblivious to everything but each other. "Well they're certainly Johanssons," I said, but my words didn't come close to penetrating into my love's consciousness.

She almost killed me that night, riding me like a bull rider, demanding more and more of me while she repeatedly screamed, words I knew she had heard from her Mother all her life, "Those bloody Europeans owed us, those bastards finally got what they fucking deserve Johnnie," tears of joy still streaming down her cheeks five hours after the race.

It was three weeks later when she finally broached a subject she had been hinting at for a while her previous sex partners and her desire to tell me about them.

"Honey," I said again when she brought it up, "I don't want to know. I'm not discussing my previous partners with you and I don't want to hear about yours."

"Yes, but you've had hundreds, half of whom I seem to run into every week," she replied, a frown on her face. "You have to know... I mean we can't go on... I don't know, even stay together if you don't... Fuck it, Johnnie, you're going to hear the story whether you want to or not, that's it, I'm not going to have you meet, talk to someone without knowing he's slept with me." she finished.

Women, I thought silently, "OK honey; tell me, but Christ, I thought there were only two of these guys in the whole world. Can't you just keep me away from them?"

Fuck You Sweetie, she mouthed at me, and then started to talk, "I wasn't much interested in sex," she started, but then seeing my grimace of disbelief added, "Shut up Johnnie, this was when I was young, now just listen, you ass," she threatened.

"I went to University at seventeen," she said proudly, "A virgin princess in Pullman, Washington and it was that year I realized there were males in the world and I might want one sometime. I was shy and being inexperienced didn't realize my confidence, my size might intimidate a man and so went most of the year dateless. I came home to Yakima that Spring both frustrated and horny, the wild dormitory tales of unbridled sex still just stories to this little virgin."


"It's true. I was eighteen, had spent a year at University and had only just been kissed by one boy, my hard, tingling nipples had never been touched, let alone sucked by hungry male lips," she recounted to me as she lay next to me naked in our big bed.

"No Johnnie," she insisted, pushing my dipping head away from her pink aureoles with their erect toppings, "Listen to my story, its important."

"I had never even seen one of these, not hard anyway," she continued, her fingers lightly touching my straining manhood, "Never dreamed they'd be so big... I had a part time job in Yakima when I returned from school," she went on, "But Mom and Ingrid were going to Argentina for Summer training with the National Team and I was going to be alone for six weeks from mid July to the end of August."

"Grampa and Mom both insisted I go to the valley during the time when she was to be away and I was elated, I love the place so much and I had been afraid I wouldn't be able to go that summer. I also was nervous... shit, excited really... the thought of being alone with Grandpa... living with him in his cabin... swimming and walking with him... it... I dreamed of him in the days before I went... I dreamed of sleeping with him Johnnie..."she whispered, her hand now insistently pumping my cock.

"YOUR GRANDFATHER?" I finally croaked after seconds of silence, the import of Amy's words at last penetrating my brain. "You fucked your fucking Grandfather and put his fucking picture in your boyfriend's room," I demanded, pulling back from her embrace.

"Let me finish," Amy wailed, her hand still tightly wrapped around me. "He wanted me of course, had desired the woman I was becoming, only waiting until I became a woman."

"What'd he do? How the old bastard go about it anyway?" I wanted to know.

"It was me," She admitted. "I had been dreaming of him, I told you, and then when I saw him that first day, after having walked three miles through the forest, I just knew, he was going to be my first. I was sweating and dirty and he welcomed me smiling, taking me into his huge, comforting arms, whispering how happy he was to see me.

"When he bent to kiss me on the cheek, I turned and our lips met, and I held it longer than I should have, and I forced him to feel my wet tongue probing at his lips. I hadn't planned anything Johnnie, but in those seconds we both knew...

"It was late in the afternoon when I arrived, and after breaking our kiss, I turned and told him I needed to wash, to get the grime off me. We always washed in the lake in front of his cabin, and walking to the water I pulled off my clothes as Gramps mumbled that he'd get me some soap and a towel.

"I was naked, water dripping from my body, when he returned, and I turned toward him when I heard him approach, letting his now greedy eyes drink in all of me, let him see my ripe breasts, my welcoming hips, my blond curls. 'Could you soap me up Gramps, ' I asked, when he offered me the soap, and I stood motionless as he started to move the bar of soap across my skin.

'You've so beautiful Amy, so bloody beautiful my darling girl, ' he whispered, his fingers moving insistently over me, the soap dropped forgotten in the lake.

'Let me wash you too, Grampa, ' I begged, my wet hands struggling to lift his t-shirt over his head.

'We shouldn't Amy, ' he groaned, but his hands were now caressing me hungrily.

'Help me Grampa, please, I want to see it' I demanded, as my fingers worked frantically to undo the button on his shorts and lower his zipper. I could see its length uncoiling under the fabric but couldn't help jumping back when it finally leapt free from its confinement.

'My God Grampa, it's so big!' I yelped, incredulous that I was somehow supposed to find a place for this monster between my legs. I had seen it before, of course, during the preceding summers, nudity had never been a big deal for us camping out in the wilderness, but this rampant pole, at least 10" long and thick as my forearm, bore no relation to the remembered penis softly hanging between Gramps legs.

"It scared me Johnnie, I didn't now what to do, but he was gentle with me, slowly touching me everywhere, awakening my deepest desires. 'Touch me Amy, ' Gramps asked, and directed my timid hands to his hairy chest, his hanging sack.

"He lifted me easily in his arms and started to carry me, finally placing me gently among the colorful field flowers that grew profusely in front of the cabin. 'Wait here my darling granddaughter, don't move, ' he demanded softly, and then rushed into the cabin. Seconds later he was back, his King size mattress over his shoulder and then he dropped it among the waving flowers.

"He lifted me up and on the bed, and as he crawled up to join me, he huge prick brushing against me as he moved, I shivered nervously, but somehow knew he'd never hurt me.

'We have all night Amy, Christ all week, all month, ' he assured me, 'You tell me what you want, what you'd like.'

'Can I touch it Grampa?' I asked timidly, and when he simply nodded and lay quiet on his back, I explored his shaft, marveling at its length, its hardness, its silky smooth feel, its little eye peeking from its proud head, its foreign maleness. He quietly directed me, explaining about his balls, and about a mans erectile tissue, never in a hurry, always reassuring.

"His first ejaculation stunned me, and even though he had explained what was coming, the jerky explosion of milky strands left me gasping in surprise. 'Taste it sweetie, ' he said laughing, and offered me a finger full of his creamy sauce, a strand he had quickly scooped off my left nipple where it had been dangling loosely.

"Unsure of swallowing his seed, so recently discharged, I tentatively licked at his finger, but then said giggling, 'Umm, you taste good Grampa, Yummy, yummy, ' and slid his finger into my mouth.

'Lick Grampa's penis Amy, ' he urged, 'he likes it when a moist tongue tickles him. Oh God yes, honey, ' he encouraged, as I popped his fat cockhead between my lips.

"For hours we touched, and then it was Grampa using first his fingers and then his mouth to pleasure my pleading pussy, the first orgasm of my life coming as his lips sucked my clit while two fat fingers filled me.

"He didn't fuck me that night, knowing not to rush me, letting myself adjust to his body. The next morning, after eating a country breakfast and swimming in the clear cool waters, I took his hand in mine and let him to our bed. 'Fuck me Granddad, fuck your little Amy with your big cock, ' I ordered, 'It's time I felt a man in me.'

"It hurt Johnnie," she admitted to me as she restarted her story, her hand still resting on my groin. "When he just rested its big head against my lubricated slit, looking down I wondered again where it all could possibly go and involuntarily groaned as he pushed the bulblike top within.

'Oh Grampa, it so big, ' I complained, and feeling how wide he was stretching me looked down and saw how much he still had left to stuff in me.

'Don't worry sweetie, ' he cooed, 'We've got all day to fill you up, ' a hint of a suppressed chuckle in his voice.

"Slowly he forced more and more into me, I couldn't stop watching his slow progress. 'Don't look Amy, ' Gramps advised. 'Relax your body, let me in honey, ' he added, now slowing pumping five or six inches of his cock in and out rhythmically.

"I was finally starting to enjoy it, the nerves of my vagina tingling wherever I felt his fat cock touch, when suddenly he smashed completely into me, burying his full length in me, filling every cubic inch of my insides with his heat.

'Grammmmmmmpa, nooooooooooo, 'I wailed, completely impaled, my body unable to accommodate the pain.

'Yes Grampa, yes, ' I cried as he slowly pulled out, leaving a huge empty space as he went.

'Noooooo, ' I cried, as his shaft again tunneled into me. God, he went on and on, each release of pain followed by another impalement, and it was only slowly that my body started to respond to his insistent thrusts. He seemed to never tire and it was only after my cunt started to clench him, to hate the feel of him leaving, when my orgasmic juices started to bathe his big prick, that he finally climaxed, his flood of semen easing my lingering soreness...

"Johnnie," my sweet girl shrieked, and laughing added, "What are you doing?" as my penis ejaculated great gobs of spunk over her stomach and tits. "My story got you excited, didn't it? I think Johnnie liked hearing about little Amy getting fucked by her Gramps, didn't he."

"I think Johnnie would like his little Amy to shut up and suck his big cock," I answered, waving my shaft at her threateningly.

"I'd love to, my beautiful Prince," she replied, "And maybe tomorrow I'll tell you how Grampa taught me to deep throat him," she added giggling and then took me hungrily in.

I lay quietly afterward, and as I heard the slow breathing of my sleeping love, tried to analyze how I really felt about her story and what it would mean to our relationship. I knew now which of my four conditions she'd never agree to, I knew she'd live with me, marry me and even carry my babies, but I knew her Grampa would always be welcomed between her receptive thighs.

I looked over at Gramps, scowling at me from his place on my door and smiled, understanding I didn't mind sharing my love with this crazy old man. I knew Amy and I would soon be traveling up to see this old man, and wondered what it would feel like as Gramps and I both pumped our long pricks into this beautiful girl...


Part 2: Amy's Mom

It was strange for both of us in the days following Amy's revelation to me, her boyfriend and lover, that the man who had taken her virginity, her first lover, had been her grandfather.

William 'Jackrabbit' Johansson, now 67 years old, all 6'7" and 270 pounds of him, an engineer, ex university professor, inventor, entrepreneur and now mountain recluse, had been and still was the man she gave her body to willingly.

Before telling me about him, Amy and I had planned to go to Hawaii for the months of May, June and July, before returning to the mainland and going to her grandfather's hidden Cascade Mountains retreat for an August with her family. Now I knew that if we didn't go visit her Gramps as soon as school ended and resolve our issues our romance would be over.

It was hard for me, a man who had never had problems finding and seducing women, to face the fact that I had fallen hopelessly in love with a girl that I was going to have to share. But I also knew that if I didn't at least try, I'd regret it for the rest of my life.

We left at seven in the morning on the day after Amy's last exam, and hoped to make the 800+ mile trip in one day, arriving in Yakima sometime after dinner time. As we drove we were both quiet, each of us thinking our private thoughts. Finally, after hours of silence, she ventured a, "You're nervous Johnnie, aren't you?"

"Yeah love, a bit," I answered, a half grin on my lips.

"Me too," she whispered and then added, "A lot Johnnie..."


"You're more experienced than me. I haven't slept with... God, I don't even know many men, I'm not like you or Gramps... Can't we just go to Hawaii now, can't we worry about all this later?" she pled.

"Are you willing to give him up, never sleep with him again," I asked hoping she'd say yes. "If so, we can turn around right now."

"But... I can't Johnnie... No I just can't."

"Well then, lets go face the monster," I said with false bravado, wanting as much as Amy to turn the car around.

We arrived in Yakima around nine, planning a night's sleep at her Mom's house before the final drive to the valley the next day. Her Mom wasn't getting back from Europe until later in the week so we had the house to ourselves and while we slept cuddled in each others arms that night we didn't make love, our nervousness kept us apart.

For three hours we drove the next morning, mostly on small, poorly kept, back roads, our only company the majestic snow tipped peaks that spread out around us. Finally Amy ordered, "Slow down, we have to turn in a sec. Yes there," she finished, a happiness in her voice I hadn't heard over the last two days, while pointing to an overgrown, muddy track.

"You sure?" I asked as we slowly inched up the almost impassable lane.

"Of course," she almost sang, her eyes sparkling in anticipation.

A quarter mile in we came to a small turnaround, where an old, black pickup sat forlornly parked, its dirt covered body making it look as if it hadn't been moved in months. "It's Grampa's," Amy said, and laughing added; "Now I get to see how my handsome surfer does climbing mountains."

We had parked at about three thousand feet and over the next two hours climbed another twelve hundred through dark and disorienting forest. Minutes into our trek I realized I was at the mercy of Amy, that I'd be lost in seconds without her.

The oppressive nature of the woods seemed to continually build as we walked, finally broken only when we topped a ridge and looked down into an impossible Shangri-La type valley that spread below us.

Amy heard my gasp as the panoramic view presented itself and smugly said, "So it's not so bad up here after all is it Mr. Island Man?"

"Its beautiful honey," I started, but knew that no words could adequately describe the pristine natural setting before me.

"See, there's Gramps place," she said, pointing at a cabin about a mile off, sitting proudly in a field of wildflowers between a little stone beach at the edge of the lake and the forest looming behind.

After minutes spent silently contemplating the vista we plunged down the slope and back into the dark woods, but knowing what lay ahead, I was as excited as Amy as we hurried forward. When we finally broke through the forest and into the open we were about two hundred feet down from the cabin and the first thing I saw was a giant of a man, slowly emerging naked from the lake, water streaming off his massive torso.

Amy put her hand in mine and was about to talk when I said, "I know sweetie, that's your Grampa."

He heard us when we were about forty feet away, and when he looked up in surprise and saw Amy his face exploded into happiness and he held his arms wide to accept her already running approach. I watched bemused as she took one splashing step in the water before launching herself into the old mans muscled arms.

They hugged joyfully, her tall 6'1" body easily cradled aloft by this massive man, and their lips hungrily arched together in lustful need. As I slowly neared them he put Amy back down and with an arm cradled possessively around her shoulder turned to me and with hand outstretched said almost dismissively, a soft growl in his throat, "So, you must be the Hawaiian boyfriend I've heard about."

Watching him, standing proudly in front of me, holding my love, his large penis already three quarters erect, puffing out his chest like a big stag protecting his does, I knew I couldn't back down now.

"Yes sir, you must be Gramps," I began, smiling and grasping his hand, "I'm Amy's husband, John Cooper, call me Johnnie..."

"You're already married?" he asked Amy, his surprise evident in his voice, his confidence shaken just for a second.

"Not yet Gramps, soon but... ," then she moved, and put one arm around each of us and pulled us together. "Now you two boys be good, I want my two men to get along."

'Sure' I thought sourly to myself, and saw the same thought flash angrily across Gramps face as Amy laid her head against my shoulder. "Ughhh, you stink Johnnie, I can smell half the forest on you," she complained. "C'mon, let's wash up," she ordered, as she quickly stripped the soiled clothes from her body.

As Gramps and I both looked on, drinking in her translucent white skin, her full, high breasts with their rosy firm tips, and her blond patch of pubic moss that just adorned but didn't hide her pink, inviting nether lips, both our cocks rose in unison, eager to pierce this woman we loved.

"C'mon Johnnie," she yelled splashing me, "Get in here. And Grampa, can you go get the bed?" she asked coyly, clearly wanting to relive the day her Grampa took her virginity in the field of flowers.

I thought I was having a heart attack when I innocently dove into the clear blue water, the cold hitting me like a kick in the groin. "Fuck, its fucking freezing," I screamed, scampering over the wet stones to escape the icy grip of the lake.

"Did you think you were in Hawaii sweetie, paddling on the Pipeline," Amy cooed at me, as she stood soaping herself. "Let me help you love," she offered, her foamy hands reaching for me.

"Jesus," I finally groaned, "How cold is that water anyway?" It was a beautiful sunny day in the valley, already in the mid-seventies in the early afternoon, and the coldness of the water had stunned me.

"Oh, probably in the high fifties," Gramps shouted down, his king sized bed already placed in the sun among the wild profusion of flowers sprouting everywhere.

Amy, standing behind me, her hard pointed nipples pressed into my back, and with her hands snaked around my waist and lightly soaping my now shriveled penis and balls, said to me, but loudly enough so even her Gramps could hear, "I don't think this little thing is going to able to do much today, Johnnie, he's gone into hiding."

"Ha, ha sweetie, you're very funny," I answered, and then lifted her and carried her shrieking in glee into the freezing depths. Gramps was holding a big towel for each of us as we dashed for shore, but Amy ignored hers as she ran laughing into the field of flowers.

As I toweled off and watched her dancing among the colorful natural mosaic, I suddenly realized that everything was OK, that I loved this girl so, so much, and that everything was fine, that I could share her with this man who also loved her, but who would never be a danger to our love.

She finally rushed back to us panting, a sprig of bright red flowers entwined in her long, blond, flowing hair. Quickly she twisted some flowers into my hair behind my ear and then laughing twisted two blue blooms into my pubic snarl.

Turning to go, Gramps mumbled, "Well, I better be..."

"Where do you think you're going?" demanded Amy, grabbing her Grampa's long shaft. "I've got some flowers for you to," she insisted, weaving flowers into her Gramps thick mat of graying chest hair. "Besides I don't think Johnnies quite ready yet," she teased, her fingers fondling my still recovering shaft.

Winking at me, Gramps, his sudden acceptance of me clear and with his hand cupping Amy's mound, said to her chuckling, "Oh I don't think Johnnie will have any problem filling your hot little pussy, granddaughter, in fact I think the two of us just might fill you completely today."

Lifting her easily, blood already starting to course through my manhood, and quickly growing longer and fatter, I carried Amy, giggling now, to the bed, her Grampa's hard shaft held firmly in her hand.

After setting her gently down, I kissed her deeply, passionately, and then turning to Gramps, bowed and said, "Age before youth Sir, just don't tire the poor girl out too much."

"Thank you Johnnie," he answered smiling, his long pole pulsing in the air. Grabbing her under both thighs he first lifted and spread her, and then pulled her now distended pink slit towards him just as he thrust forward and buried himself fully.

"Awwwwww,... Oh Fuck Grampa," she yelled, impaled under her Grampa's huge body, her shriek going out to the surrounding mountains and echoing eerily back to us.

They ignored me as they fucked, each of his deep, long thrusts met by her eager hips, their grunts and moans rising in a crescendo of noise that finally culminated in a flood of their juices. Quickly he turned her and still hard, entered her blazing gash from behind, drawing a squeal of delight and an "Ohhh Grammmpa' from deep within her.

"Suck Johnnie honey, suck his big cock Amy" he ordered, simply lifting her up as he rammed into her, and turned her so her already lapping tongue was brought to my now straining python.

I felt his movements as each of his thrusts forced more of my fat prick into her gaping mouth, and as he pulled back she'd run her wet tongue over me before she was forced again and again to swallow me fully. Finally, exploding simultaneously, we both could feel the others spasms of release, each of our contractions followed by a discharge of thick strands of our cum.

When her Gramps finally released her, his cock slick with their juices and still looking ready for another round, Amy lay back on the bed, sperm oozing slowly from her cunt and dripping thickly from the corner of her mouth. "Fuck me Johnnie," she urged, "Fill me, please..."

She was already widely spread, and as I easily fit my thick slab into her, I could feel myself coated by both their sticky juices, but then immediately felt her cunt clench me, pulsing as I pistoned back and forth inside her.

She came twice more before I bathed her insides with my cream, her womb pulsing rhythmically as it tried to draw my fertile seed down into her core. Gramps and I each took her again before we all fell apart sated, our burning lusts momentarily assuaged...


Later I asked, "So, what's for dinner Gramps? Do you have enough food for the three of us?"

Minutes later, proudly naked, he was casting a fly onto the calm waters of the lake with an effortlessness that bespoke a lifetime of fishing and soon he had a 1 1⁄2 lb. trout dancing on the rocks at his feet. As he continued to fish Amy started a fire and then filled a skillet with sliced potatoes and onions. Gutting the first trout quickly, she impatiently waited for the second, already being played into shore by her Granddad. This resulting simple but tasty meal was ravenously devoured by the three of us, satisfying me more than any meal I had eaten since I had left Hawaii.

When Gramps said, "I guess it time to turn in now," at just after eight as the sun was setting, at what normally would be an unbelievably early hour for me, I found I was more than ready. After the day Amy and I had spent, waking early, the drive and then the long trek through the woods, the swim, the sex, the higher elevation, and the excitement, I found myself exhausted.

The bed was now back in the cabin (Gramps's admonition of 'It still gets cold up here at night Mr. Hawaii' was enough of a warning for me) and with the three of us lying naked, Amy keeping warm tucked between our two bodies, I was content to drift off into slumber.

"Hey, hey what do you think you're doing?" Amy whispered, nudging me with her elbow. "I didn't come all this way to end up listening to you snore."

"Jesus honey," I complained, "Tomorrow OK, I'm tired. Or see what Gramps has to offer," I finished, trying to roll away from the arousing feel of Amy's body.

With her fingers lightly caressing my balls, she bent and licked my right nipple and then said, "I want you and Gramps in me,... at the same time..."

I knew exactly what she craved; it was a fantasy she had whispered to me a week ago when we had been making love back in our Palo Alto apartment. When Amy had first told me about her Grandfather taking her virginity I had been both disgusted and aroused, and we had ended that conversation with a glorious, hard fuck.

It had only been in the days and weeks after her initial revelation that I had heard the full details of her six week sojourn two years ago with her sex starved grandfather in this hidden valley. He had fucked her eighteen year old body day after day, continually trying and showing his young granddaughter new positions, new techniques. The two were naked always, six weeks together without clothes.

He'd fuck her anywhere and at any time; while they swam, or while she worked by the fire, or as they rested on a trek in the hills. She found that she was as hungry, as lustful as he and often it was she who initiated their unrestrained, lustful coupling.

"He taught me how to take his penis into my mouth," she admitted one night, talking to me between greedy licks, "How to lick it and suck it and how to let it go deep into my throat, how to savor his seed as it slid down my throat. He made me swallow buckets of his cum," she said laughing, "God Johnnie, I love the taste of a man's creamy sauce."

Another night she told me that Grandpa had taken her other virgin hole describing how he had painfully stuffed her ass despite her protests and how finally he had filled her with his hot cum, his finger buried in her pussy as he jerked spasmodically behind her. "Even that first time Johnnie," she told me, "I liked it, even forcibly bent over, even with the pain, he made me come."

Myself, I had never been a rear entry man; a pink, well lubricated vagina was what I loved and had always seemed a better choice to me. Oh, I had fucked girls in the ass before, but it had always been a minor part of my sex life and usually driven by my girl of the moment's desires, not mine.

In my months with Amy I had satisfied her anally more than once, but we both preferred penile/vaginal sex and so that was our main sexual method. But she had let me know that one of her main sexual fantasies was a double penetration, the feel of two giant cocks deep within her, and I knew as I lay in that cabin, with her hand grasping me and her Grampa now looming ominously on the other side of her, that she wouldn't sleep until she had experienced her fantasy.

She moved over me, her legs spread wide spanning my thighs, and slowly moved so that my now throbbing penis pushed insistently at her gate. Smiling, she slowly lowered herself so that we were locked in a greedy embrace; our nipples rubbing together, our tongues interlocked, and then she dropped onto my eager shaft, impaling herself fully, her only reaction a long groan.

"Grandpa... Grandpa," she suddenly urged, looking back impatiently over her shoulder, her hands going to her rear cheeks, pulling them apart, opening herself completely to him. "Please Grandpa, please," she insisted again, seconds before I felt him enter her. "Ahhhh,... ohhhh Shiiiiiiiiiiit,... oohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss," she wailed, now stuffed with close to twenty inches combined of our fat meat.

I could feel him through the thin membrane separating us as our large penises pumped furiously inside Amy, his testicles bumping mine on each thrust, her deep groans of pleasure spurring us on. Neither of us wanted to be the first to spurt, our male egos demanding we outlast the other. Finally, her body thrashing through its second orgasm we came together, flooding her with our cum...


I awoke the next morning late, alone in the big bed, but quickly spied Amy in the other room and for minutes just watched her silently, loving the way her beautiful body moved.

"Hi sleepy head," she said grinning, after finally noticing me, "I thought you'd never wake. Do you want a coffee?"

"Please," I said nodding.

As she handed me the cup, I let my other hand linger on her hip, holding her and tracing invisible circles on her skin. "I love you Amy, I love you so much," I began, but immediately she silenced me with a finger to my lips.

"It's you Johnnie," she quickly interjected, "You're everything I ever dreamed of, ever wanted. You let me... no, you trust me, my love, its... you accept me, my sweet lover," she finished, as tears of joy slipped from our eyes.

"What's with you two?" Gramps called brusquely, just having banged into the cabin with a fat trout in his hand.

"Is that all you feed your guests? Fish?" I asked, wiping the wetness from my cheeks.

"It'll put some lead in your pencil Mr. Surfer," he said jokingly, "Fish is the best food for sustaining hard-ons."

"Christ, Amy tells me you've got about 1000 pills of ****** stashed around this cabin, that you wouldn't have made it through the summer with her without them," I joked back.

Grabbing his hanging length and comically waving it in our direction, he answered, "This huge guy has satisfied woman from every corner of the world junior, and even at sixty-seven years old is still capable of pleasing all comers."

"So you say." Laughing, I turned to Amy and asked, "What do you think honey? Is this old man any competition for your handsome young love? He's certainly not as big as I," I finished, brandishing my growing shaft threateningly.

She couldn't stop laughing as we took turns making love to her and later as we lay beside her, our white sauce pouring richly over her thighs, she simply said, "I guess you two will have to do for now."

We had only four more days with Gramps before finally starting back on Friday morning, as Amy was eager to spend a weekend with her Mom, who was going to be back home in Yakima, before we left for Hawaii on Monday. But it was an incredible four days!

You'd think that two well endowed males, both highly sexed, could easily satisfy one little, twenty year old girl, but by the end of the week both Gramps and I were close to drained. For five days we cavorted nude, only occasionally putting on boots when we wanted to go on a hike in the hills.

Our couplings were random and often, with our dear lusty Amy always cheerful and welcoming. We stayed up late on Thursday night, our last evening with Gramps, sleeping outside for once, sipping wine while a large bonfire warmed us and provided a warm glow by which we made love.

With Grandpas and my shafts again working in unison inside Amy, just millimeters apart, our final climax was shared by us all, our eruptions a testament to the connection that had grown between the three of us.

We were all emotional as Amy and I prepared to leave the next morning. As we turned towards the woods Gramps had a last question, hope in his voice, "You two are coming back in August, aren't you?"

Turning and giving her Gramps a last kiss, Amy answered, "Of course, you think Johnnie and I can go without you for long?"

"Good," he answered gruffly.

"Is there anything you need Gramps? Something we can bring back or get Mom to send you?"

At first it didn't look like he was going to respond, but then said, "Why don't you tell your Mom to come out here next week. I haven't seen her for a year; tell her I'd love to see her."

Amy and I climbed silently up the ridge and through the forest, only looking back once as we crested the top. We could see him walking along the shore and I chuckled out loud as we started our descent.


"You never told me," I started, a wide grin on my face, "That Gramps and your Mom had something going on."

"That's what I've been thinking about ever since we left," she admitted. "It's weird, but I never even thought about Gramps and Mom together until now. Shit, they've probably been lovers since Mom went home to Gramps in Seattle sixteen years ago. We lived with him for six or seven years before moving to Yakima. Is it possible they weren't lovers Johnnie?" she asked.

"Honey there's no way that old man was living with a woman for six years and didn't fuck her silly. It's simply impossible! He's the horniest old guy I've ever seen. I just can't figure out what he does up here all alone for months with no woman."

"He must have been sleeping with Mom when we used to come up here in the summer too," Amy mused, shaking her head. "God, its obvious now looking back. Ingrid and I used to sleep in that little bunk house most nights, and Mom and Gramps stayed in the cabin."

"You didn't notice anything? Hear any noises?" I asked incredulously.

"We must have, but... I was pretty innocent. We were naked a lot around each other, but it was just natural, swimming, whatever, nothing sexy." Seeing my look she went on, "I know Johnnie, it sounds weird but I just didn't know."

"So, what's she like now?"

"Mom? I don't know, as crazy as ever I guess. She coaches Ingrid, they travel the world skiing, racing..."

"Does she have a man?'

"She really never has had a steady, at least as long as I can remember. After she had Ingrid and me, it was just us, and Gramps I guess." Then laughing she added, "Of course a week with Grandpa two or three times a year is probably enough for any woman. Maybe you should sleep with her Johnnie you could find out her secrets."

"Yeah right. What about Ingrid? Has she ever slept with your Granddad?"

"She's only nineteen Johnnie and she's been away so much skiing the last three years, most winters in Europe and summers in South America,... I don't think so... Mommies pretty sexy you know," she finished, a sly smile on her lips.

These Johansson's are all crazy I thought to myself as we plunged the last few feet down into the clearing where we had left our car. But as we drove towards Yakima I couldn't stop the images flashing through my head, pictures of Amy and her Mother, both naked, leaning over me, pleasuring me in a large soft bed.

We arrived around five to find her Mom cooking in the kitchen and the joy of their embrace spoke volumes about how much they loved each other. Janet Johansson was only thirty eight that summer and looked more like Amy's sister than her mother. Outside of the different colors of their hair (Amy's light blond contrasted with Mom's soft brunette), they were almost exact replicas of each other.

Both tall, at 6'1", their sleek bodies almost shone with good health and strength. Just clad in shorts and tank top, Moms powerful athlete's thighs and shoulders advertised her skiing background and she looked like she still could compete at the highest levels.

"Ingrid, I didn't know you were going to be home," I started as I approached her Mom, figuring I might as well start on the good side of my future mother-in-law, "Amy said only her Mom was going to be home."

Momentarily confused, Mom looked around, and then laughed. "I didn't know you Hawaiians were so smooth Mr. Cooper, but I at least understand now what all the fuss is about," she finished, her eyes languidly moving over me, slowly appraising me.

When we lightly embraced, and as our cheeks touched in a European type greeting, I felt a tremor pass between us, a primitive charge of energy, a feeling as old as sex itself.

"You need any help here Mom?" Amy asked, and seeing her nod of dismissal turned to me and said, "C'mon Johnnie, I'll show you the house and then we can shower and get dressed for dinner."

Minutes later, as the warm water rained down on us, both of us squeezed close in the guest shower, Amy, her hands lightly soaping my chest, laughed and said, "You looked like you were ready to ravage poor Mommy right on the kitchen floor sweetie. Calling Mom Ingrid, really smooth Johnnie," she teased.

"I was just trying to be a gentleman honey," I said blushing.

Now softly stroking and soaping my semi-hard penis, she replied grinning, "The only thing you were thinking about Johnnie was how you were going to get Sir Lancelot here up between Mommies thighs."

"The only place Sir Lancelot, as you call him, is going is right into your hot little pussy, my love," I told her as I lifted her up and dropped her smoothly onto my lubricated and now straining piston.

"Ohhhhhhh Johnnie," she murmured in my ear, her tongue moving wetly between words. Gasping, she added, "Wouldn't you like Mommy kissing your other ear? I wonder if Mommy will like the taste of your cum as much as I do. Think Johnnie, two hungry mouths moving on your big prick, sucking yo..."

"Jesus, enough!" I groaned, her words and body driving me wild. Forcing her hard into the wall, I pounded into Amy, lifting her and filling her again and again with my long pole, each thrust eliciting a wail of pleasure from her depths.

We exploded together, her vagina becoming a sea of our juices as it held me until my last spasming thread coughed into her. "Oh Fuck Johnnie!" were her only words before falling to her knees and milking a few last fat drops onto her tongue. Rising she forced her tongue between my lips, sharing the mixed taste with me.

A half an hour later we descended the stairs to the dining room, washed, combed, smelling good and pretty spiffy. Amy was stunning, braless in a spaghetti strapped, bright red summer dress and I followed, very yacht club like in a pair of ivory colored, casual silk pants topped by an incredibly colorful, silk Hawaiian shirt.

But Mom wasn't going to be outdone, and looked simply extraordinary as she greeted us in a simple, almost see through white top, held up by gossamer thin straps, the straight cut of her bodice just loose enough to give a hint at the charms below.

"You look wonderful Mom," I started, my eyes flicking from her sparkling eyes to her chest and then back again. As we entered the dining room our noses were assailed by the most wonderful smells of well cooked food.

"Sit here Johnnie," Mom commanded, putting me at the head of the table, "You're the man of the house tonight."

It was only minutes after we sat down, almost before we had had a chance to drink one glass of the lovely Burgundy that accompanied the tender roast, before the two women started a gentle teasing, innocent I the target of their wit.

"I heard some noises before, from upstairs, I hope there wasn't any problem," Mom innocently asked me, "I almost came up to investigate."

As I started to blush, Amy replied, "No Mom, I think there was some kind of problem with the plumbing when we were showering, the pipes were making some weird noises."

"Was it a big pipe Amy?" Mom continued, as she smiled sweetly at me.

"Very big Mom," my little vixen replied, as her hand slipped onto my thigh.

"Girls, girls, forget the plumbing, lets talk about something else." I interrupted, "What about Europe Mom, tell us about the season, about Ingrid's championship."

And for the next hour and a half, Mom did just that, regaling us with a complete recap of the Nordic Skiing World Cup, explaining how she and her daughter had triumphed in the face of all the nefarious Europeans who didn't want to see an American crowned champion.

After demolishing the salad, the roast and all its trimmings and the warm apple pie and ice cream, the three of us retired to the den, where our talk flowed easily after the two bottles of wine we had downed. As we sat in front of the low fire, its soft light the only illumination in the room, Mom, perched between Amy and I, leaned back into me as I encircled her shoulders with an arm.

"OK Mom," Amy started, and I winced inwardly, sensing just from the tone of her first few words that she was off on another of her verbal sorties. "Johnnie and I have a few questions about Grampa, in fact about Grampa and you."

"Do you really?" she asked, her full breasts now exposed to my view by her loose top and the angle she was sitting at. I could see down to her pink aureoles, and as she moved a firm nipple slipped out of the frilly, silk support demi-bra she wore.

Feeling me stiffen for a second she looked up into my eyes, and smiled as she saw me admiring her lush hills before turning back to Amy. She even turned her torso slightly away from me so that the arm I held around her came into contact with the side of her breast.

"He's my lover," she admitted simply, "Has been for fifteen some years. Like you are now Amy."

Her candor surprised Amy, for once at a loss for words. Then finally she sputtered, "But... But Mom, I mean... I didn't even know!"

"Honey, I wasn't going to tell you, 'Gee Amy, I'm off to fuck my Daddy now. I'll come down later.' You know what he's like now, don't you."

"Did you know? About me, I mean?" Amy asked.

"That he was going to take your virginity. Of course I knew! Grampa wasn't going to spend six weeks in the wilderness with a girl as beautiful as you and not make love to her."

"But Mommy, I was only eighteen! I didn't know anything... gee," she finished, her voice trailing off into a whisper.

"It was the best thing for you," Mom answered adamantly, "At least this way I was sure you'd know what a real man was, what it felt like to get made love to properly. There's no one like Grampa hon."

"There's Johnnie," Amy retorted angrily.

We sat for minutes without words, with Mom now leaning back into me, her long soft brown curls tickling me as she moved.

"I'm going to bed Johnnie," Amy announced suddenly, jumping up off the couch, "I'm tired and a bit drunk. I'll see you tomorrow."

"No wait, I'll come too hon. I'm ready," I said as I extricated myself from Mom and slowly rose.

"No, you keep Mom company Johnnie; I don't want us finding her passed out on the floor tomorrow morning."

"Ya sure," laughed Mom.

As I took Amy in my arms to give her a quick kiss goodnight, she whispered in my ear, "Be good to Mamma Johnnie; all night,... understand."

As I watched Amy's heels disappear up the stairs I undid the buttons on my shirt and then undid my belt and zipper. Turning to Mom, my shirt already sliding off my back and my pants at my ankles, I saw her eyes open wide in shock before quickly signaling happiness.

"Are you sure?" she asked, her eyes looking upward, "We don't have to Johnnie."

"Shhhhhh," I whispered, and then suddenly she was in my arms, her body immediately glued to mine as our mouths met hungrily.

"I've wanted you since the second you came in the door," she growled hoarsely, pushing her skirt down as I struggled to get her top over her head. As I unsnapped her bra I felt her hand snake into my boxers, grabbing my rearing penis in her long, strong fingers.

"God, you're bigger than Gramps," she moaned, pulling me towards the rug in front of the fire. "Fill me Johnnie, fill you're new Mommy with your big cock. Oh yessssss," she howled, as I pushed relentlessly into her, filling every inch of her sopping pussy.

"Jesus, you hardly fit, I haven't had a man like you in me for more than a year," she groaned, her cunt slowly stretching, trying to adapt to my size. She was a screamer, and as her grunts and moans filled the house I momentarily thought of Amy upstairs, hearing her lover ravaging her Mother, but then quickly forgot her as my penis was brought to a cascading orgasm by Mom's moist insides.

We fell apart panting, gasping noisily as we stared at each other in wonder. "You're still hard... Jesus, you're still fucking hard," she cried, her hand circling his dark red, cum dripping head. "I want to taste you," she added, her tongue licking her lips as she lowered her head and then popped it in her mouth, sucking the last of my seed from its trembling length.

Fuck it, I thought, and stood, lifting Mom, her lips still engulfing me, and started to carry her up the stairs. "What... what Johnnie?" she asked, looking back up my body as I climbed.

"No, that's not my room... its Amy's," she struggled to say as I carried Mom to Amy's bed and dropped her next to her daughter.

As soon as Mom landed on the bed, I covered her, sliding easily into her and impaling her even before she started to rebound. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Johnnie," she screamed, filled completely, "Ohhhh Johnnie!"

"Mother, what are you doing to poor Johnnie?" Amy howled, a wicked grin of delight on her face.

"Poor... Johnnie... My ass," Mom hissed, "He's splitting me in two."

"But you like it don't you Mom?" Amy insisted, but her Mom's only response was a rising chorus of sound, a series of guttural groans that threatened to wake anyone within miles.

Later, as the two girls lay with their heads in my groin, engaged in a battle of tongues to see who could clean up the most of my sticky seed, I asked Amy, "Honey, are you telling me your Mom's been making love with your Gramps for fifteen years, shrieking like a fucking banshee, and you never knew anything?"

"Well, I jus..."

But she was interrupted by her Mom asking, "Did you have both Grampa and Johnnie all alone for a week? I can't believe you're still alive."

"Oh I forgot to tell you Mom. Grandpa asked us to beg you to come visit him next week, he said he missed you so much."

"That horny old goat," she complained, but we both could see her eagerness. "How long are you kids staying anyway."

"Just tomorrow Mom, then we've got to leave Sunday morning for San Francisco."

"Well maybe I could go up and see Grampa then, after you've gone, it really has been a long time," she mused aloud, and we could see she was already thinking of a week getting filled by her Daddy. "But Johnnie is still here," she said grinning, her mouth dipping down again towards my thick shaft.

"But it's my turn isn't it?" protested Amy.

But I had to agree with her Mom, "Honey, let your Mommy go first. Remember we're only going to be with Mom another day. We'll be together three months in Hawaii."

"But Johnnie," Amy whined as her Mother, now sitting astride me, slowly covered my rearing monster with her hot furnace...


Part 3: Amy's Surfing Adventure

As Amy's and my plane slowly taxied away from the gate at San Francisco's International Airport, an elation started to build within me, an elation born of knowing that I was finally leaving the dreary, rainy, foggy Northern California days behind, and that for the next three months I would be in the place where I belonged, Hawaii.

~ HAWAII Just the sound of the name is magical, conjuring up visions of blue and green and aquamarine seas, of an explosion of colorful plant life, of surf crashing against the rocks, of sunsets never imagined by any mainlander, of yellow, red and turquoise fish darting through the coral reefs, of verdant mountains inexplicably thrusting upwards in the middle of the sea, of...

"What are you smiling at?" Amy demanded, as our jet erupted through the clouds and embraced the waiting sun, "You look happier than I've ever seen you."

"Don't you remember what I looked like when I arrived home and found you naked on my doorstep?" I teased.

"That was lust Johnnie," my darling answered, "Which is something completely different."

"I think I'm in lust with you right now," I answered as I brought one of her hands towards my mouth and then sucked in her ring finger, topped now by the diamond ring she had accepted from me, her future husband.

"Johnnie," Amy squealed, as she swiveled her head around like a turret on a tank, checking to see who was watching our antics.

"I can hardly wait to see you swimming naked on the reef," I whispered, "Naked among a school of iridescent fish, your white skin and blond strands drawing them ever closer to you."

"Naked?" she laughed.

"Yes, of course! It's a law now on Hawaii All perfect, tall, blond females have to skin dive naked, its part of our state environmental campaign to improve the beauty of the reefs."

"You're blond. Do you dive naked too?"

"Women only, I'm afraid hon, it's the law. God, I'd be in grave peril if I swam nude, all the predators of the deep would soon surround me, all trying to eat the fat sea snake nestled innocently between my legs," I said laughing. "And Amy, you're the only one who gets to feast on my snake," I finished emphatically...

... Later, as our jet sped unerringly towards those small dots hidden in the middle of the ocean, Amy asked pensively, "Do you think your sister will like me Johnnie?"

"Kailani will love you honey, how could anyone not?"

"But... what's she like anyway?"

"Well, as you know, she just turned seventeen, she's going to graduate high school next month and she loves surfing..."

"But how come she lives alone Johnnie, she's so young?"

"After Mom and my Step-dad died three years ago, Kailani and I were left the house and some money so we just went on living there. It was OK, we missed our parents a lot but it worked. Dad had like a thousand cousins all living near us on the North Shore. Sis and I ate three-quarters of our meals at one Aunts or another's."

"But what about when you came to Stanford Johnnie? She was only fifteen then."

"She refused to move. I wanted, we all wanted her to move in with one of her aunts but she just refused. 'This is my home, my Mom and Dad's home' was her only response to our pleas."

"But she was only fifteen! Weren't you worried about boys, about sex?"

"Ha! Every boy within fifty miles knew they'd die a slow death if they hurt Kailani. My step-dads two brothers live on the same street as we do, they're both about 6'5", 280 lbs. and both are ex-marines. The worry is she'll never get to meet a boy."

"And she's a surf champion?"

"She's the best woman's surfer in Hawaii hon, and after last year everybody in the state is expecting her to win the Triple Crown."

"Is that a big deal?"

"Honey, you wouldn't believe. To have a native Hawaiian girl win the Banzai Pipeline at Sunset, shit it's bigger than an Austrian winning the downhill at Kitzbuhel."

"She and Ingrid should get along then," Amy mused, but it was the relationship that would develop between Kailani and Amy that most concerned me, the relationship between the two most important people in my life...

We had carried a birthday cake on board with us and as I turned from the luggage carousel, a suit bag over my shoulder, a suitcase in my right hand and the cake in my left I spotted Sis rushing toward me. "There she is honey, here hold the cake," I almost ordered, pushing the cake box into Amy's hands and dropping the bags as I turned and ran open armed toward my sister. "Kailani," I shouted as she flew into my hug.

"Johnnie, oh Johnnie, God I missed you," she said hugging me, a radiant smile splitting her face.

Finally breaking apart, I held her at full arms length and examined Sis from head to toe and added, "So who is this beautiful woman who stole my little sister's body anyway?"

Blushing and smiling, she replied, "Don't tease Johnnie." Then noticing Amy standing bemused next to her, a suitcase in one hand and the cake box in the other, shouted, "Oh God, sorry, you must be Amy. This nut will never introduce us, Aloha Amy, I'm Kailani," she said as she put three colorful orchid leis around Amy's neck and then kissed her on each cheek.

Dropping the suitcase strap, Amy pulled Sis to her body with one hand and answered, "Johnnies told me all about you, I'm glad we're finally getting to meet," and then kissed Kailani on the lips.

"Don't I get a lei?" I complained.

"Just wait your turn," they both ordered simultaneously as they continued to hold each other.

Letting Kailani free for a second, Amy opened the cake box and offering it to Sis said "Oh, here's your cake, I know we're a couple of days late but... anyway here goes"

"Happy birthday to you," Amy started, and nudging me, insisted, "C'mon Johnnie" and we both continued, loudly singing as surprised travelers stopped to watch, "Happy birthday dear Lani, happy birthday to you."

As we finished I took Kailani in my arms again and kissed her, and as our tongues momentarily touched, I couldn't help but feel the woman sculpted against me, the firm breasts, the hips, the mound, "So when did you grow breasts anyway?" I asked as the three of us walked toward the parking lot. "The last I remember, you were just a little..."

"Ignore him Kailani," Amy advised, "He just likes to start trouble, he thinks he's sooo smart, don't you Johnnie?"

"I know," Sis concurred giggling, "Boys aren't good for much are they?"

"Don't let your boyfriend hear that, dear sister," I laughed, and then asked, "So who is your boyfriend anyway? Do I know him?"

"I surf and go to school Johnnie, I don't have time for boys," Lani replied firmly, a blush appearing on her golden skin.

As we got close to our pickup and I saw the three boards sitting in the built-in rack, I turned to Lani and asked, "Where can we surf today? What're the conditions?"

"Surf's been small the last two weeks, a weird wind direction," Sis started, a complaint in her voice, "But the little cove at Wamawama Bay should be good today and no ones ever there."

"We're going surfing today?" asked Amy.

"Hon, it's only ten thirty, we gained time flying, we should be able to get three or four hours in," I explained.

"But we're going to your house first, right?"

"Wamawama's on the way Amy, it'll save us a lot of time to go right there."

"But... ," Amy started but then I could see she recognized the eagerness on both Lani's and my face and just ended with a, "Okay, I guess."

The cove was relatively small and remote and hence most locals avoided it, but on certain days when the wind and waves blew just right, it was a perfect spot for a days surfing. "God, it's beautiful," Amy gasped, as the road emerged from the dense vegetation and came to a dead end thirty feet above a pristine and deserted beach, a beach under a continuing attack from an endless line of foam tipped, turquoise waves.

As soon as we stopped, Kailani was out of the truck, and in seconds had lowered the boards to the ground. As Amy and I stepped down, Lani, facing away from us, was pulling her white tank top over her head, and when her jean shorts followed, leaving her naked in front of us, Amy let out an involuntary gasp.

Turning, and looking up, Lani said, "Oh Amy, I'm sorry, does this bother you?"

"No, no! I was just surprised. I've been expecting a girl," she said, quickly looking crossly at me, and then turning back added, "And now I find my new Sister is the most beautiful woman in Hawaii, right Johnnie?"

I had been standing mouth agape ever since Lani had turned towards us, her high, firm dark tipped breasts proudly erect, the moist intersection of her thighs so inviting, covered in a perfect triangle of black fur.


"Yeah, well, it's been a while since I saw... I mean, Lani has grown up a bit," I stammered.

"He never notices me Amy," Lani complained, "He always has so many girls chasing after him, he doesn't have time for... Whoops, maybe I shouldn't have said..."

"Don't worry about me Lani, I know your brother, back at school there's a continuing parade of hussies chasing him, I have to fight them off."

"Lies," I protested smiling, "All lies," and then watched as Amy slipped out of her dress and underwear and stood naked in front of us.

"What do I have to wear for this surfing anyway?" she demanded of me.

"I'll get your suit hon," I promised, grabbing her suitcase, and seconds later turned back to the girls, with Amy's suit and her digital camera in hand. "A few shots of your first day in Hawaii sweetie," I said smiling as I snapped the two girls. God, they're both beautiful, I thought, my athletic, 6'1", blond, future wife arm in arm with Kailani, at 5'9", taller than most Hawaiian girls but with all the other Polynesian charms.

I became rock hard as I took the pictures and would have gone on and on snapping if Amy hadn't finally interrupted and said, "I thought we came all this way to surf Johnnie, let's get going." They both had pulled on their panties and were attaching each others top when I turned back from my bag with my yellow Quicksilver shorts, and both watched intently as I stripped down in front of them, my prick snapping upwards as my pants cleared its fat head.

I tried to ignore Kailani's gasp of shock, and pulling my suit on, turned, and after grabbing my board, raced towards the sea, just hearing my little Sisters plaintive question, "But Amy, where does it all go? It's sooo big."

While I rode the surf, Sis spent a half an hour on the beach with Amy, teaching her the proper stance and technique before sending her into the water. But it was clear within minutes of the two paddling through the surf that Amy would learn quickly, and within an hour was standing easily on the board as she rode the five foot rollers toward the beach.

It was impossible not to recognize that Amy was an athlete as I watched her learn that day; her concentration and coordination soon had her surfing at a level many amateurs never approached. Standing in ankle deep water next to Kailani, we both watched Amy as she took her last ride of the day, her powerful skiers thighs keeping her firmly planted as she flew down a high crest, before finally turning out and doing a flip 360 into the foamy surf.

"God Sis, you've unleashed a monster," I complained as Amy splashed towards us.

"Hey Dudes," Amy started, a huge grin on her face, "I'm really stoked man, I went to drop into that barrel, I was hanging ten, and then, like wow, I wiped, so rad..."

"Jesus," I mumbled and then as I hugged my girl, we both fell over into the raging foam, laughing wildly as we fell.


Our house was set on a hill, off a small dirt road, just past Popukea on the way to Sunset Beach, a three acre lot covered lushly in a riot of vegetation you can only see in the tropics.

"It's like you're in the middle of the jungle, "Amy gasped, as we snaked up the hill from the wooden front gate. "Does anyone else live around here?"

"We're the last on this road," Kailani explained, "The other two houses we passed were Dad's brother's places. There are some homes down slope from us but there's no one above us. We're the Kings of the hill."

"Oh wow," Amy almost shouted when we turned through an alley of Jacaranda and Orchids and stopped in front of the house, a house built in the Hawaiian style, all wood and lanais, with an open floor plan and slowly circulating fans, surrounded everywhere by wild beds of vibrantly colored flowers.

"C'mon, I'll give you a tour," Kailani offered, taking Amy's hand and leading her into the house, and turning ordered, "And Johnnie, please bring in all the bags."

After a quick tour the two girls arrived in the backyard, a space hacked out of the surrounding jungle, an area that held a small fish pond, a swimming pool, a hot tub and shower, and an open, natural lounging area.

"Oh Johnnie, you never told me about this," Amy gushed, "It's like I've gone to heaven!"

"A typical day in Hawaii hon," I answered.

"C'mon Amy, lets shower and get this salt off our bodies," Kailani said, leading my still bemused bride to the shower next to the hot tub. I sat on the edge of the tub watching as they both stripped down, and was immediately and incredibly aroused by their contrasting beauty.

As their hands worked up a foamy lather on each others bodies, seemingly caressing more than washing, Amy, with a twinkle in her eyes said, "Well Johnnie, don't you want your two favorite girls to wash your back?"

Embarrassed by the thought of Kailani seeing her brother's fat, engorged organ for the second time that day, I tried to refuse, but was quickly assaulted by the two naked vixens and pulled under the warm spray. "I've seen it before Johnnie," giggled Kailani, and then added chuckling "Although I must admit I don't remember it so big. Or ever erect!"

We ate alone that evening, just the three of us talking comfortably over grilled fish and cool beer. I hadn't realized before that night how badly I had wanted the two most important people in my world to like each other, and watching them chattering happily to each other like long time bosom buddies brought a joy to my heart.

"Why are you grinning like a Cheshire cat Johnnie," Amy asked, breaking the spell their voices had produced in me.

"Because you're such a wonderful, perfect person, my sweet love," I replied.

"Oh, oh, Kailani, I think your brothers after something" Amy moaned, and then to me added, "Your sister just told me that we're going to a party tomorrow to celebrate your long awaited return and her birthday. With, like a thousand people coming."

"Well hon remember, Lani is the great Hawaiian surfing hope, the girl everyone on the North Shore is counting on to win the Triple Crown next winter. They'd come from miles just to glimpse her sweet face."

"Yeah right, Brother dear. Maybe ten of them, the rest will be coming to see the wonder woman who finally tamed blue-eyed Johnnie Cooper. You'll be the star tomorrow Amy," she warned.

Whether it was due to it being our first day in Hawaii, or because I had surfed for the first time in months, or maybe even because Kailani was just a room away, I'm not sure. But for whatever reason, Amy and I made love that night with an abandon and wildness we had never approached before, with each of her screaming orgasms shaking the walls as her fingers dug relentlessly into my back and her legs locked around me.

As we lay panting afterwards, my thick, creamy cum oozing from her gaping pussy, I couldn't help but wonder whether we had started a baby that night, if somehow the tropical vapors hadn't been propitious for the penetration of Amy's waiting egg by my seed.

Kailani was grinning when Amy and I arrived at the kitchen table next morning around ten-thirty, obviously just waiting to harass us. "Suns been up for about five hours Bro," she started, "I've already spent ninety minutes riding the pipe out at Sunset."

"Some of us have social lives my little Kailani," I teased back.

"Amy, it sounded like you were riding some pipe too... and very noisily," Lani continued, teasing.

"Morning luv," Amy offered, and after giving her sister-in-law to be a quick peck on her lips, added slyly, "Well everyone warned me that the body surfing in Hawaii was the best in the world. I hope we didn't keep you up."

"No, not at all, at first, I just assumed we were under attack from an armed team of maniacal mullahs, out to raze the North Shore. Then I realized it was just you and my brother making love."

"Sorry sweetie," Amy said, a wide smile on her face.

"It sounded fun anyway," Kailani finished, an almost regretful tone in her voice.

The three of us surfed all afternoon, only quitting when we had to leave to get ready for the big party. It was wild and crazy, that party, and Kailani's attendance estimate of the night before was not far wrong, and the three of us were the center of attention all night.

It was three in the morning before Amy and I slumped exhausted into bed, almost, but not quite, too tired to make love. But we kept our lovemaking both soft and silent, allowing little Sis at least one quiet night of sleep.

She's still a virgin Johnnie," Amy told me as we lay in each others arms late the next night.

"Who is?"

"Your Sister, Kailani."

"C'mon, what are you talking about? Didn't you see her last night at the party? She had at least ten boys panting after her wherever she went," I protested. "Why do you think that anyway?"

"She told me, when we were in the hot tub after surfing today."

"A virgin? I don't know honey," I argued back, finding it hard to believe Kailani's perfect body hadn't yet been pierced by a spurting spear.

"She is, promise. I told her I'd teach her to kiss tomorrow when you're in town."


"She's pretty nave Johnnie. She's never felt her nipples between someone's lips, or had her little clit sucked, or touched a throbbing cock, or licked... anyway, I thought I'd give her a lesson or two tomorrow when you're not here. Sorta big sister advice, you know"

"Christ Amy," I interrupted, "I'm not sure you're the best person to be advising young virgins."

"Why? What's wrong with me Mr. Cooper?"

"Nothing honey, I swear," I started, not wanting to upset my bride, "But maybe, for an innocent girl like Kailani, we should have a person a little less wild, someone like Aunt Molaki, someone who can teach her about love and fidelity and abstinence..."

"Now that's a fucking joke," exploded Amy, "Mr. Johnnie effing Cooper advising abstinence and fidelity for a member of the female sex. What, you don't approve of my lifestyle?"

"Amy, Amy, I'm going to marry you for Christ sakes," I said, knowing even as I spoke that I was just burying myself deeper and deeper into a hole. "Of course I want you to give Lani some advice, but maybe"

"Just shut up Johnnie, before I get really mad," Amy warned.

"Yes hon," I agreed meekly, knowing that retreat was my wisest course.

"Besides," she added, grasping my penis in a vice like grip, "Don't tell me you wouldn't like to put this fat thing between Kailani's golden thighs.

"God, she's my sister Amy," I groaned, and then felt my penis surge as the thought of Kailani sitting astride me, her long black hair hanging down onto my chest, riding me hard, flashed through my brain, the same thought that had increasingly come to me over the last few days. "She's just a girl Amy, just a girl."

Sliding on top of me and quickly fitting my trembling shaft into her welcoming and moist sleeve, Amy whispered in my ear as she lifted and lowered herself again and again on my hardness, "And what's so wrong with her being a girl, my beautiful lover."

They were both in the hot tub when I returned home the next night, tired from a day spent in Honolulu doing some research. They were both buck naked and were smiling in that way only a woman can, an almost pitying smile that every man understands can only mean trouble for him.

"Girls," I offered tentatively, "Good day?"

"Yes, great honey. How about yours? Why don't you grab three beers and join us?"

Like a lamb going to slaughter I warily went, all my male senses telling me I'd be much better off down at the local watering hole watching a football game with my buddies. "So, did you two surf today?" I asked pleasantly.

"No, this morning we went over to Aliola Reef and snorkeled," answered Kailani. "We swam naked though, apparently someone told Amy it was the law over here," she added grinning.

"Was it crowded over there," I asked, still wary.

"No honey," said Amy, "Except for the two tour boats full of Japanese couples that visited. They did take a lot of pictures though, didn't they Lani?"

"Pictures," I gurgled.

"Yeah Johnnie, especially when Amy and I left the water and stood kissing on the little beach," laughed Sis. "And when Amy got down on her knees in front of me you should hav"

"Enough, enough, I don't need to hear any more"

"I'm afraid our pictures may end up on some interesting Japanese internet sites over the next few days brother," Kailani warned, and then giggling added, "You know, with lead-ins like 'Bare Blond Nordic Beauty fondles Pert Polynesian Princess', I think you'll like some of them Johnnie."

"Ha, ha, ha. Okay my sweet little girls, you've had your fun with me. Now can't we just BBQ a thick steak and drink a beer or two."

We ate outside on the lanai, the girls simply attired in colorful Polynesian skirts, their breasts proudly bare like Kailani's Pacific Islands ancestors. And even though there was a rippling of sexual current in the air, our conversation was easy and relaxed, almost as if all three of us knew that we'd soon be sharing more than just conversation together.

"So?" I asked Amy later, as we cuddled atop our silk sheets.


"C'mon, talk to the love of your life sweetie," I hectored, "Remember good communication is the most important part of a happy relationship."

"It's not this?" She whispered as she slid her pink nether lips over my shaft.

"That too," I agreed as I cupped the two perfect cones floating in front of me.

"She tastes soooo good Johnnie. Your sister I mean, yuummmy, she was just delicious," Amy said before locking her lips on mine.

Twisting her over and then under me, I started to deep stroke her as I held her hands over her head. "And just where does she taste so good?"

"Unnh... unnnhhhh... unnnhhhhh... everywhere Johnnie... just fucking everywhere."

"JESUSSSSSS," I screamed as I felt her cunt spasmodically clench my now spurting cock, sucking the hot cum greedily.

"She wants you to be her first Johnnie," Amy panted, still holding my burning prick deep inside herself.

"God, did she tell you that?"

"No, we both just understood. I let her know in the same way that it was okay, that I wanted you to be her first man. I loved having her in my arms Johnnie, for a second I wished I had a dick so I could be her first."

"You're not turning gay on me are you?" I asked growling, moving my hips so she felt all of me.

"Yeah, really likely," She laughed as her legs locked around my back. And then later, as my cum oozed thickly from her she added, "Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to go to Honolulu for two days to see Sally, I promised her I'd see her when I was over."

"Why now? We're supposed to go to Aunt Molaki's for dinner tomorrow."

"I'll go visit her when I get back. And Johnnie, you be gentle with Kailani or else."

"Or else what?" I asked laughing, secretly ecstatic at the prospect of my little sister thrashing under her brothers fat prick.

"Just 'OR ELSE', understand?" she finished smiling.

As Kailani and I ate the next evening, at the big family table Aunt Molaki had filled with Hawaiian delicacies on her lanai under the stars, we were both nervous, our eyes constantly finding each others. I lightly rubbed the top of her foot and her calves with my toes as the family conversation swirled around us, already hard just knowing that the perfect brown tipped breasts, breasts that I could see peeking from her low cut dress, would be soon be in my mouth.


"You don't have to Johnnie," Kailani whispered as we stood facing each other in my bedroom at midnight, her body trembling in the moonlit room. "I don't want to interfere with you and Amy or..."

"Shhhh," I answered, slowly slipping the gossamer thin straps from her shoulders. "God, you're beautiful," I gasped as her light dress dropped to the earth, held up just momentarily by a straining black nipple. My shirt, already unbuttoned, fell from my back as I drew her against my chest and I could feel her quivering as her nipples pushed into me.

The first touch of our tongues, that incredibly sensuous, moist interlocking, produced an instantaneous reaction throughout me, and as I lifted her gently towards the bed, felt my penis throbbing hugely between us.

She was already soaking when my finger lightly brushed through her bush and found her pink channel, and her hips humped urgently against my finger when it slipped inside of her. "Ohh Johnnie, now," she begged, as I lowered her to the bed and knelt over me. "Please Johnnie, fuck me, please," she continued to groan as she reached for my fat prick and pulled it to her now widely distended and engorged pussy.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she screamed as I filled her in one long stroke, feeling her cunt urgently trying to adjust to the foreign body that now pinned her totally, filling every cubic inch of available space.

Almost immediately she was rising to meet every piston like thrust I made, each of my thrusts also met by her groaning 'yesssss', an echoing demand to fill her now gushing sleeve. She orgasmed as I spent, and I could see our combined juices dripping from my shaft as I slowly pulled out. "No Johnnie, don't take it away," she pled, grabbing my back to pull me back.

"We have all night honey," I promised, my hand caressing her long tresses from her face.

"I want to taste you Johnnie," she suddenly said laughing, "Amy told me you taste better than chocolate ice cream."

I jumped as her lips found my nipple and shivered as she drew it between her teeth and stretched me almost painfully. "Jesus," I groaned, "I think you've been talking far too much to Amy."

"She said to just start by licking it like an ice cream cone," she said laughing as her tongue slid downwards over my stomach. "Ummmm good," she finally added as she looked up into my eyes, a thick strand hanging from the corner of her mouth, a strand she quickly sucked in. "Then she said to slip your mouth over the fat head and pop it into your mooo," she finished, as her sounds became just incoherent mumblings.

As she sucked hungrily, I turned her and pulled her still pouting slit to my mouth, and reveled in the spicy taste of our rich juices. As she struggled to take more and more of me into her throat, her hand continually pumping me, I found and unhooded her scarlet clit, its little head trembling under my insistent tongue.

We both came quietly, our guttural sounds muffled by the flesh we were eating. As I spurted, filling her cheeks and throat, her teeth lightly clamped on the ridge just behind my cockhead as her hand continuously milked every last drop from me.

"Oh God Johnnie," she finally gasped, as she crawled up my body, pressing herself wantonly into me, "I never guessed, Oh Christ."

We coupled again and again that night, both of us indefatigable as we rolled and thrashed and explored and fucked and...


I was on my back next to the pool, with Kailani kneeling above me, her mouth filled with my blood filled cock, when Amy came home a day and a half later. I watched her watching us as I ejaculated into my sister's mouth, and acknowledged the twinkle in her eyes even while gasping at the pleasure my little sister produced in me.

"So, being a virgin is not all it's made out to be, is it?" asked Amy, a huge smile on her face.

"AMY," screamed Kailani, who leapt to her feet and engulfed her sister in her arms.

When Amy finally broke away from their long, deep, passionate kiss, giggling, and with some of my sperm on the end of her tongue, she asked simply, "So?"

"Well, maybe boys have some use after all," she chuckled, "At least some parts of their anatomy anyway."

"And what about you honey, is there still a little steel in that pipe for your intended?"

"Hi baby," I said, welcoming her into my spread arms. "And yes, just maybe, if you're very, very good, I might be able to..." I didn't get to finish my sentence as Amy had lightly shoved my chest backwards, propelling a surprised yours truly flailing into the pool. But watching them arm in arm, their breasts bouncing gleefully, laughing at me, I couldn't help but be happy with life, even if I had to suffer a little female abuse...

For the next three months we ate and slept and surfed and snorkeled and partied and of course made love, an endless orgy of cock and cunt and nipples and balls and breasts and...

It was early August when we were scheduled to leave, and as that fateful day speedily approached, our couplings became more and more frantic, our imminent parting from Kailani almost physically painful.

As we sat together that last night, the three of us huddled naked together, I tried to let Kailani know how much we loved her, how badly we'd miss her. "And remember sweetie," I told her, "I want you to find another man, and soon. There's lots of fish in the sea, I'm very easily replaceable, I'm"

"I only want you two," she cried, soft, silent tears trickling down her cheeks, "I love you two, just you two."

"We love you too Lani," Amy said, hugging her sister to her breast, "Forever sister, forever."

"After I'm the Triple Crown Woman's Champion for 2005 Johnnie, I want to have your baby; I want your baby in my belly."

"I'll make a deal with you," I offered, quickly recovering from her surprise request.

"What?" my beautiful sister asked eagerly.

"Well, if you agree to be my Best Man at my wedding, I'll let you have my baby"

"But I'm not a man," she protested.

"Who else do you think I want standing next to me and Amy?"

"Really! Amy? And I can have your baby, promise," the suddenly radiant girl sputtered.

"Guess who's already pregnant?"

"WHAT! Aaiiimy, you didn't tell me," she screamed, throwing herself on her new sister.

As our plane soared back towards the mainland I couldn't help but smile to myself, knowing Amy and Kailani were going to always be in my life, and that in the years to come would make me a father many times and that somehow we'd forge a loving family together, perhaps not a conventional one, but surely a happy one. But then I thought, there was also Grandpa and Amy's Mom and Ingrid...

Brigit Astar
01-15-2010, 02:08 AM
very well-written, with some very hot intense scenes, but it's awfully long--it's defintely a novella--it took me two days to read it.