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Another hot tale from the internet.

Carol Cums Home

by Frank Speaks

My name is Carol. You may have read about my time at the lake in Early Retirement. As you might remember, I had to return home on Thursday. Wednesday was a long night and I had more sex than I had had in many months. I learned to enjoy women and big cocks. I learned that night that I could take big cocks, not just in my pussy, but also in my ass and down my throat.

On Thursday morning, I got out of bed where I had slept with Ken, Ruth, and Sue Ann after the party. We all bathed and dressed and I left after kissing everyone good-bye and promising to return. My trip back to Atlanta and my mid-town condo was uneventful. Upon arriving, I unpacked. My sister and her husband were keeping my dog. They also had a reputation as swingers. Now that I had spent the last day and night immersed in sex, I wanted to check out my sister's willingness to get into a sex scene with me. I called her and she told me to come over and tell about my time at the lake and pick up Cat. (I had figured that if a singer could have a cat named "Dog" then I could have a dog named "Cat").

She and her husband, Tom, lived in an old, restored house close in to town and close to Tom's office. It took about twenty minutes to get there. I went over in the same clothes I had worn for travelling; a tube top and high cut short shorts that showed a bit of cheek in back, and nothing underneath. Ruth had recommended that I not wear underwear anymore as it only got in the way.

Patty let me in and we sat down in the den. She was dressed in a short skirt and tank top. I didn't know about panties but she was not wearing a bra. She was a little surprised at me since it was obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra either. My nipples showed through the thin fabric of the tube top. Patty had her eyes on my nipples and said, "Did you have a good week? Tell me all about it."

"It was pretty quiet until Wednesday morning. I had spent the week laying out on the dock getting a tan and enjoying the good weather."

Patty urged, "So what happened Wednesday morning? Tell little sister everything."

I replied, "You may not want to hear everything as it may shock you but, until you say, 'stop, ' I will give you the details. (Patty and I had never hidden anything from each other.)

"It started Wednesday morning while I was out tanning. I had found a suit of yours and was getting my butt cheeks some sun as well as showing a lot of cleavage"

"That would be my light green suit?" She questioned.

"Yes. I was out on the dock lazing and heard a boat pull into the cove and then a splash as the fisherman put in a trolling motor in the water. I then watched him work the docks in the cove heading my way. I had removed the top of the suit since it didn't cover much anyway. When he arrived at my dock, he noticed that I was there and topless. After asking how his fishing was doing, I spread my legs and asked if he'd like to put his pole in here and pointed at my pussy. Then I told him, 'I want you to do more than look. I want you to do me.' He came onto the dock and dropped his shorts as I got the bottom of that suit off. He knelt between my legs and pumped me full of cock."

I could tell Patty was shocked because I never did anything like that. What followed would shock her even more.

I continued, "After pumping his cum deep into my cunt, he offered me his cock to suck and I did finishing him off a second time and swallowing his load. Then he asked me to go to his place with him. I got up, grabbed my suit in one hand and wrapped the towel around me with the other, and got in his boat.

(For the rest of the details, read Early Retirement 6 and 8.)

As I told my story, Patty's eyes got bigger and she began to rub her legs together. I got hotter from the memory and opened mine, rubbing my fingers over my cunt lips. Patty finally groaned and put a hand up her skirt and started rubbing her cunt in time with me. I could see that she had no panties. The story continued and her skirt was pushed higher and higher. I could see her fingers go into her cunt and she was twisting her fingers inside her pussy as she moved them in and out. Her mouth dropped open when I described me eating out Ruth and Sue Ann. I stood up and unbuttoned my shorts dropping them to the floor. Then I lifted the top over my head and off so I was completely nude in front of my sister. She looked at me and, leaning forward, licked my cunt with her tongue. After a moment, I pulled her to her feet and we kissed with open mouths rubbing our crotches and breasts against each other. She pulled away to get her clothes off and then came back for more. Our hands were roaming over each others' bodies squeezing and pushing everywhere. Finally, she had one hand on a breast and the other at my cunt with three fingers buried in it as far as she could push. I wasn't far behind with one of my hands at her cunt. Instead of a breast, I had the other hand moving down her ass. When my fingers arrived at her asshole, I pushed one in to the second knuckle without any pause or resistance. Patty groaned some more and spread her legs wider to let me get more of my fingers into her hot body.

Together, we moved to the floor with me on top in a six-to-nine. We were sucking each others' cunts and running fingers in and out of cunts and assholes. Patty was taking three fingers in her cunt and three from my other hand in her asshole. She was doing the same to me and then I felt wider as she added her little finger to my ass. Then I had an incredible feeling as I felt fuller than when ass fucked by the big one the night before. She had forced her thumb down and had her entire hand in my butt to the wrist. Wriggling her fingers made the top of my head come off as my body exploded in a huge climax. Realizing that I was taking her hand without complaint, she pushed further in and continued to wriggle her fingers in my ass tube and then pushed her hand all the way into my cunt. I decided that she should get the same and quickly began to fist her ass. Seeing she was enjoying that, I added the little finger to her pussy. Then I folded my thumb in to my palm and pushed my whole hand into her wet cunt. With both hands buried in her, I quickly took her to a shuddering climax.

I did not hear the door open. But I heard Patty say breathlessly, "Hi, Tom. Join the fun."

Tom took a quick look at the two of us with hands buried to the wrist in each other and started removing his clothes. When naked, he moved toward us with a nice long cock, hard and leaking pre-cum, sticking out in front. "I want to suck it," which was the only part of me available to do or take anything other than my feet. Tom knelt in front of me and fed me his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He then began to fuck my mouth and throat with long and deep strokes. He moved faster and faster toward his cum. Patty had turned around so our heads were together without either of us missing a beat with either of our hands, each of the four being buried in a pussy or asshole.

Tom cried out, "I'm cumming!" He filled my mouth with his cum spurting about five or six strong streams into my mouth with some going down my throat when he pushed in to the hilt. I realized that Patty was helping as he pulled out of my throat adding her mouth to cleaning his cock. When he lay back, she kissed me and we swapped cum until we both swallowed what we had. During this time, we had both had more orgasms to the point that our asses and cunts were tired. Slowly, we pulled out of each other. I brought both hands to my mouth and licked and sucked the juices off both. Patty watched as I tasted her holes and moved her hands to her mouth and likewise she sucked my cum and ass juices from her hands. We finally lay back to rest.

Tom said, "Not that I didn't enjoy it, but what brought that on?"

Patty responded, "Carol met some new friends and had some exciting experiences. She was telling me about them and we got excited. The result was where you found us when you came in."

Tom then said, "Why don't I order out and we can explore the matter further?"

I asked, "Don't you have to leave for the lake? I thought that was why I was picking up Cat and you came home early."

Patty said, "It's not every day that I have hot and dirty sex with my sister including a deep throat blow job for my husband and cum swapping with me. The lake can wait. It isn't going anywhere. For a while, neither are any of us. Tom, make the call."

Tom said, "Chinese, Mexican or Pizza?"

I asked for Chinese. So, Tom made the call. While he was up, he asked if anyone wanted any wine, beer or other drinks. Patty and I both wanted wine. Tom came back with two glasses of white wine and a beer.

Patty said, "Why don't you give Tom a synopsis of the last couple of days? I'm sure he would like to know why he has two naked women in his living room with somewhat gaping holes."

I looked at Tom who nodded and gave a quick but thorough recap of the last two days and all the sex that had occurred with me. His cock started to harden even with this relatively unemotional telling of my tale. I finished by saying, "Then both of us were fisting each others pussy and ass when you came in and you know the rest."

The doorbell rang and Patty said to Tom, "Give me the money," which he did. She walked to the door and opened it fairly widely letting the delivery person see that she was naked as well as a look at me as, facing Tom, I took his cock in my mouth with my exposed pussy and ass pointed in her direction. She paid and took the bags from him and then slowly closed the door. When she turned to walk to the kitchen with the bags, she said, "I bet that makes his night." I took my mouth off Tom and, still naked, we all sat on the floor and ate our food.

As soon as we finished eating, I said, "Now, I want some dessert." I placed my head in Tom's lap and took his cock in my mouth slurping it all the way into my throat down to the root. Tom exhaled hard and watched as I sucked his cock coming up and going back down to the root again and again. Patty moved behind me and placed her mouth on my pussy and started to kiss it passionately. Without more than a moment passing, she pushed a finger all the way in my ass and then, as I started to moan around Tom's cock, she started adding fingers. In short order, my ass was being fisted again while my pussy was juicing into her mouth. My moans were somewhat muffled because I had a mouthful of cock that was rapidly getting harder until Tom shouted and filled my mouth and throat with his cum. When he subsided, I moved my mouth away after licking him clean and Patty came up for air and we kissed swapping his cum and my pussy juice until her fist gave me another climax and I swallowed. Patty did after that but didn't remove her hand from my butt. She keep it deep within my bowels and continued to flex her hand and push deeper. I couldn't stop moaning and orgasmed continually until I finally lay on my side totally exhausted. Then, and only then, she removed her hand and licked it clean.

Tom said, "Why don't you come back with us to the lake? Bring Cat or leave him in a kennel. We might meet some of your friends. Or I can bring some help."

"Why, Tom?" Patty asked. "Do you think you'll need it?"

"Yeah, it will take more than just me to satisfy you two sex fiends."

"I would like to come with you two," I responded, emphasizing the word, "come." "Oh, and Tom, bring friends, bring lots of friends."

So, Cat went to a vet and I quickly went home to change out clothes for the weekend. I met Tom and Patty back at their house to find four guys there, also. We were introduced and I could tell they liked my bra-less look. Patty, Tom, Jack and I got in Tom's car and, with the other three guys following in another car, headed for the lake.

The drive was quiet because, as soon as we got out of town, Patty went down on Jack's cock and I sucked Tom's cock. Since we were on the interstate, this was a popular move as those we passed in high vehicles could see our heads in the guys' laps. I really wasn't trying to get Tom off as much as just play. Patty had no hesitation as she was working Jack constantly and deep throating him to get his cum. Before we got to the Alabama line, he had cum twice with her swallowing every drop. When we crossed the Chattahoochee into Alabama, she told Tom to pull in at the rest stop. He did and our guys following did likewise. As soon as the engine stopped, she got out and went over to the other car and got in the back. We went back out on the interstate and, looking back, it was obvious that Patty didn't change cars to look at the sights as her head did not show in the windows. I went back to teasing Tom by sucking him as we finished the last part of the drive to their lake house. When we arrived, we all got out. Patty was naked except for her sandals and had her short skirt and blouse over her arm as she walked to the front door. I hadn't kept watch but she must have fucked one or more of the guys because cum was sliding down the inside of her legs. Once inside, I stopped her and, kneeling down, licked the cum from her legs and then moved up to her pussy. As I was doing that, my top and shorts were removed. A hand went between my legs and fingers started working into my body. Patty lay down on her back on the floor allowing someone to give her a cock to suck as I continued to suck the cum and juices from her pussy. The hand was removed from my pussy and a very nice-sized cock pushed in filling me. As he and I moved, I could feel that it wasn't Tom but didn't know who it was, just that it felt good in my pussy. Patty moved to an orgasm and I released her pussy from my mouth. She was moved over and someone got between her legs and pushed a cock into her pussy. Another cock was in my face pushing at my lips. I opened my mouth and took it in. It was the guy who had fucked Patty in the car as I could taste cum and pussy juice as it went down my throat.

"Roll her over," Tom said and I felt activity beside me as Patty was rolled on top of her fucker. Tom came behind her and pushed his cock into her ass to the hilt with one move. Patty grunted with her double impalement.

"Lay back, Ed. I want her ass," I heard. Ed must be the guy fucking my pussy and he lay back pulling me on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. My head was pushed down and I felt a cock at my anal ring. With no more preparation than that, it pushed into my ass steadily until it was deep in my ass. That resulted in a groan from me. Ed and my ass fucker then started a steady hard and deep rhythm as they worked on their cums. I was carried on the ride as my holes were banged hard getting me close to my orgasm. We moved faster, harder and deeper until we all hit our peaks within a second or two of each other. Through my contractions, I could feel the jerking of their cocks as they pumped me full of cum.

When Tom pulled out, he knee-walked over to my face and gave me his cock to suck. As I sucked his cum and Patty's ass juices from his cock, the guy in my ass pulled out, stood up and went over to Patty to have her lick him clean. After she and I finished those two, the two in our pussies pulled out and we licked our and their cum from their cocks. Then, while the guys recharged, we began to six-to-nine each other with Patty on top. This continued until we each had orgasmed again and had licked most of the liquid from each others' pussy and ass. I realized that I loved the taste of cum, pussy, and even ass. Knowing that made me think that more sex more of the time was going to be on my agenda from now on.

The guys were revitalized and moved toward us. Ed pushed his cock all the way into Patty's ass as I continued to lick her pussy. I felt her rise up and then felt a cock enter my pussy. Patty licked at my clit when she could as his body was in her way on the in-strokes. These guys were not being gentle but were fucking hard and deep. Patty moaned out a cum while Ed in her ass rammed his cock even harder as he moved toward his own cum. Moments later, he pushed in and held himself tightly to her as he unloaded. I could see his balls move with his cum. That set me off and my contractions took the guy in my pussy along. I could feel him squirt in my pussy giving me another injection of cum. When Ed pulled out of Patty's ass, he let his cock rest on my face and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean. When he moved, another guy pushed into her ass and started ramming his cock into her. I could feel the guy in me pull out and my pussy was empty. I could hear slurping and figured Patty was sucking his cock. A moment later, there was movement down there. I felt my legs being tucked under Patty's body and a body moved close to me. Then a cock entered my ass and started ramming my body as his excitement was such that he seemed to be in a hurry to cum. I was licking Patty's pussy and occasionally leaning my head back to lick the guy's balls. He liked that as I heard him ask me to keep licking his balls. I did and finally felt them churn as his cum shot into Patty's ass. Patty moaned to his cum with one of her own. Again, when he pulled out, I was given his cock to suck clean. As I licked his cock, the guy in my ass shot a load in me and I came with him. Later, Patty said I even ejaculated a squirt from my pussy! It was good. I wanted more as Patty licked my ass cleaning his cum and my juices just like I did her. Finally, after we each came to the others' tongue, she rolled off me allowing my legs to lay straight on the floor as we both just shivered exhausted. I was tired but I loved the feeling. No one came to either of us and I started to look around. All the guys were laying around. I guess they were tired, too. Patty and I got up after a while and went into the bathroom to clean up. We then went into the main bedroom and cuddled together until we both fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke to the smell of coffee. As I got up, I realized my muscles hurt inside and outside from all the activity. I said to myself, "I'll take it easy today and get some sun and rest."

Patty groaned next to me and looked around. "I guess breakfast in bed isn't being offered this morning."

"I don't think so but, at least, I smell coffee."

I walked into the kitchen area still naked and saw Tom and Jack starting to make breakfast as they drank their coffee. I went over to the pot and poured myself a cup fixing it like I wanted. A minute later, Patty came in and did the same. We sat at the table and watched Tom and Jack cook up bacon, then eggs and make toast.

The other three guys came straggling in and we all ate as we were, Patty and I naked and the guys naked or wearing a pair of boxers. As we ate, Patty announced, "Guys, no sex until after lunchtime because Carol and I need to rest. Unless, of course, you want to do each other."

I chuckled at that and Ed spluttered into his coffee. Fortunately, it wasn't very hot as some slopped over onto his leg.

When finished, Patty got up, took me by the hand, and pulled me out of the room. We went into the bedroom where we slept last night and put on swim suits though they made us look even more naked than just skin. I was wearing the green thong from last Wednesday pulled up into my pussy and my ass crack. Patty brought one of her suits from home which was a one piece and covered perhaps even less of the vital parts than the green one did. We grabbed towels and went out to the dock and lay down.

I untied the top and took it off and applied sun screen to my breasts where they weren't tanned. Patty removed her suit showing that she was evenly tanned and used a low number screen to oil herself. She even pushed a finger into her ass saying, "Just making sure everything gets tanned."

We lay out for a couple of hours turning and reapplying sun screen on a regular basis. Patty asked me, "Can you get in touch with the group you were with day before yesterday?"

"Yes, but Ken is in Atlanta meeting with people. I'm not sure whether Sue Ann and Barbara will be interested in playing without him present."

"There's only one way to find out. Let's call them when we go in."


With that we lay back and snoozed a while.

Tom came out around noon and told us it was lunchtime if we wanted any food. He said that he had made sandwiches and a salad while the other guys took it easy.

Patty got up and carrying her suit started to walk in. I asked, "Aren't you worried about people seeing you?"

"Who?" She answered, "The houses on each side are never used. I know one of the couples is in assisted living in Birmingham. The other houses are used on some weekends but no one ever comes before Friday evening. You can tell if they're staying longer than the weekend by whether or not they leave on Sunday afternoon. The weekdays are, as you know, dead quiet."

I got up topless and followed Patty into the house. Dressed like that, we had lunch. After lunch, Jack and Ed slid on either side of me. Ed said, "It's after lunch." He untied the side string to the thong bottom on one side.

Jack reached for the other side's string and said, "Now, we can have a little good, dirty fun." I didn't resist as Ed pulled me up and, taking my hand, led me into the living room. In doing so, my bottom slid down and off. Ed lay down and pulled me onto him. I straddled him and his cock went into my pussy which already had started juicing. Jack moved up behind me. Pushing me forward, he placed his cock at my ass rim and popped it inside. I groaned and the guys held still giving my body time to get used to the sensations. They then pushed in further until both were in my body to the hilt. There was a charge in the air as they started to fuck my holes. Their movements were disjointed but the constant feeling of one hole being filled when the other was vacated, of both holes being almost empty, and of both holes being stuffed full of cock were taking me rapidly to an orgasm. They were pumping my holes hard continuing not to be in rhythm letting me react to them. I was feeling used, but it was a good feeling. I was starting to cum and the pumping of their cocks was going to set me off that much quicker and harder.

Then I heard a loud grunt and looked over at Patty. She was on Tom in the reverse cowgirl position and leaning back on him as his cock was buried in her ass. Jim had just pushed his cock in her ass with Tom's and the grunt was her reaction. They then started pumping their cocks in and out of her ass and she was constantly moaning. Watching that while both my holes were fucked was too much and I came hard. The guys hardly noticed as they were pumping their cocks in my body searching for their own orgasms. They pounded me harder, until suddenly, they both pushed their cocks as far into my body as they could go, giving me their cums together. This caused me to have another orgasm flooding Ed with my pussy juices.

We all looked over at Patty as her moans rose to a fever pitch and then she started to orgasm repeatedly as her ass was violently fucked by the two cocks. "Harder, more!" She yelled, "Fuck my ass! Don't stop! Pound my hole! I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! Give me your load! Oh!"

She continued to moan as Tom and Jim tried to pound her ass into submission. She started to orgasm crying out her cum and then she continued to cry out as neither Tom nor Jim slowed down but kept fucking her ass as hard as they could. Finally, she started to just huff as their cocks entered and left her ass again and again while she lay limp on her husband. Then, the guys reached their climaxes and both shoved their cocks into her ass impaling her completely as they shot their loads up her rectum.

"Take it, Babe! Feel that cum! We're filling you up, Girl! Shoot it in!" They yelled as they came in her ass.

"That was intense," Jack said and his cock started to harden in my ass. He started to fuck my ass again. Ed felt him start moving and started moving in my pussy, also.

It felt so good as their cocks hardened and they pumped my holes full of cock.

"Let's see if your pussy can stretch like Patty's ass," said Jack as he pulled his cock from my ass and pushed it into my pussy along with Ed's. I moaned as I felt impossibly stretched because their combined girth was so much more than even the big one. I started grunting as they moved faster. After a while, I couldn't keep up and just lay on Ed while my pussy was fucked without mercy. It took a while but Ed and Jack finally came in my pussy. I just throbbed and continued to throb as Jack withdrew and then Ed rolled me off of him. I lay on my back and quivered through the sensations as orgasms continued to rock my body. Exhausted, I finally drifted off to sleep laying on the floor with cum puddling between my splayed legs.

When I awoke, it was late afternoon. I heard noises from the bedroom and went to look. Patty was being double penetrated. Since no one was in there but the three, I went in search. Tom was lying on a bed asleep. I continued my search. I found the other two outside on the deck area by the house. They were drinking beer and wearing suits still wet from swimming. I walked out naked and was immediately grabbed and pulled on top of Nick who pulled his suit down and impaled me on his cock. I saw Bill walk toward me losing his suit as he moved behind me and knew I was in for another double penetration. Bill pushed into my willing ass and the two of them started fucking me hard. All three of us wanted to cum and cum hard and cum soon. They pounded my holes and we all moaned and groaned. It felt so good to feel their hard cocks pumping in and out of my body. It didn't take long until we all came together. My wail was quiet but unmistakeably that of a woman who had orgasmed mightily. If there was anyone out in the cove, they could hear me and know what was happening. I didn't care.

It was now late Saturday afternoon and I was still mounted on Nick with his cock just hard enough not to slide out of my pussy. Bill had pulled out and moved to the other lounge chair as he deflated. Patty came out and saw cum leaking from my ass and knelt behind me to suck my ass. She and I both loved cum, it seemed. I know I wanted it anywhere and would take it orally or suck it as necessary.

"We never did call your friends." she said when she lifted her head from my ass.

"No," I said. "It doesn't matter. None of us has the energy to move that much. I just want to go inside and get fucked until I pass out. It can continue after that because I won't mind one way or another."

Bill said, "Well, then, let's go inside." We all struggled up and walked in.

Tom was in the kitchen preparing steaks for the grill. "Bill, please go outside and light the grill. Patty, can you get potatoes ready? Carol, you and Nick can work on a salad. That is, if you can stop fucking long enough."

"We'll try," I chuckled.

Food was prepared and cooked. We sat at the dining room table and ate. No one was wearing clothes. We killed two bottles of red wine with our meal and then put the dishes in the dishwasher and went into the living room with more wine.

Once in the living room, Jack and Ed lay down and motioned Patty and I over. We mounted them pushing their cocks deep into our pussies. Tom got behind me and pushed his cock into my welcoming ass. Bill got behind Patty and more slowly, but firmly, entered her ass. Nick and Ed moved in front giving us each a cock to suck making us air tight. Neither Patty nor I had to do anything as we were fucked each by our three. I felt the power of their cocks going into my body and loved the feeling. I let it take me higher and higher into a swirl of sexual joy. Finally, I was coming and coming. Ed fired his load down my throat and I inhaled it directly to my stomach. I felt the cocks in my pussy and ass fire into their holes filling me with cum and almost passed out with the thrill of their cocks pulsating in my holes. I realized that I loved sex and wanted more all the time. The rest of Saturday night passed in a similar manner. The guys would fire their loads into our cunts and asses. We would then suck cocks clean and go to each other and Patty would suck the cum from my pussy and ass as I would hers. Finally, the guys couldn't get an erection and both Patty and I were exhausted. We slept on the floor in the living room.

In the morning, I awoke feeling sticky and used and just a little sore inside. I got up and went to the bath room to clean up. When the shower was warm, I got in and luxuriated in the warmth of the water as it flowed over my body. I washed slowly and sensually not to get clean but to enjoy the feeling of my body. I again realized that I had become a totally sexual being. Some would even call me a slut. I just knew that I enjoyed the feelings and wanted more.

I turned the water off and got out. Getting a towel from the closet, I dried off. I went in to a bedroom and found my clothes and put on a skimpy tube top that just covered my large breasts and a pair of short shorts that fit like an extra skin. I went outside as the sun had been up for a while and it was already warm. I walked around the yard for a few minutes.

When I went in someone else had risen and started coffee. I got a cup and went back to the deck and sat down drinking it. Tom came out freshly clean and dressed with a cup, also. He sat down.

After a moment, he said, "Carol, are you doing okay?"

"Yes," I answered, "Why do you ask?"

"Well, your actions since you returned from here the first time are somewhat different from how you have always acted."

"Yes, I see what you mean. I'm not sure what it is but I do know that I am enjoying everything that I am doing and having done to me. I do not plan to stop. I will work and have to have a persona there but, when not at work, there will be no holes barred, pun intended."

"As long as you are alright. Patty and I have been involved in this type of life style for a long time and enjoy it but we realize it's not for everyone. You've always been a very sexy lady and I have to admit I enjoy being part of your sexual activities."

"Tom, I like you and I like your cock in me, too. I hope this is not a one weekend thing."

"That's what I was checking on. Patty and I will be glad to include you in our activities as long as you wish and you are welcome to bring friends, too."

"Well, that's covered that issue. What's on the agenda for the day?"

"We should leave some time after lunch which leaves us time for one more good, hard session before we have to clean ourselves and the house."

"Great! Let's go inside, wake the others, and get started."

We did.

Brigit Astar
01-15-2010, 02:35 AM
I like certain types of incest stories, for example father - daughter, but mother - daughter and sister - sister just does nothing for me. This story I could tell from the first page is a story involving sister - sister, so I didn't read on. I suppose there are many readers who find this type of incest story appealing. I just don't.