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01-13-2010, 01:21 PM
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Daddy's Love

by saucylovers

He was asleep, a deep sleep. He was tired and had decided to have an early night, being a single parent was taking its toll. Not because his daughter was a handful, but just the usual stresses and strains of working life. He had little time for himself and rarely got out, let alone any girlfriends. In fact his only companion outside of work was his daughter, and she worshipped her Daddy. They had become very close over the last few months.

Lucy was 16, almost 17 and not at all spoilt by the youth culture of today. She was a late developer and had yet to fully reach puberty. She had the most beautiful brown eyes that just made her Daddy melt and with them she had him wrapped around her finger. She also had the softest skin that only came with the pureness she had been keeping for that special someone.

Lucy was not sure about the changes her body and mind were going through she was starting to become very aware of her own sexuality and was starting to have some strange thoughts about other people, people close to her, mainly her Daddy. She would often walk around in next to nothing just to see if Daddy would watch her, she'd also walk in on him when he was showering or bathing just for a chat so that she could see him naked. Every time she did this she felt a strange tingling inside her, and she could feel herself getting warm and wet. Sometimes she would want to touch herself but knew that Daddy wouldn't like it. Lucy would dream about being touched and kissed, it would wake her up in the night, she would be scared.

This night she was downstairs alone and watching tv, flicking through the channels finding something to watch. Her Daddy was fast asleep upstairs so she could watch anything she wanted, he didn't like her to watch anything with bad language or violence in. There she was channel hopping looking for something to take her fancy when she stumbled across something, it was an image of two naked bodies intwined in each others embrace. The man on top and the woman laying underneath panting and breathing heavy every time the man lurched forward. Lucy didn't understand exactly what was happening but she could feel the effects it had on her. She could feel the warm wet feeling down below, she wanted so badly to touch her wetness, she couldn't hold it back any longer and moved her hand towards her own breast, covered by her pink snoopy nighty, she brushed her hand against her nipple and felt it harden immediately, she started to press harder as it felt so nice. She laid down on the sofa one had cupping her perfect round breast the other sliding down her torso towards her warm wet pussy. The pressure was to much she wanted to touch it but knew it was so wrong "just a little bit" she said. She ran her hand over the top of her nighty and onto her thighs, she loved the feel of her warm skin, slowly she opened her legs and pulled her hand back towards herself. Feeling the warmth as she got nearer, slowly she edged her hand further and further until at last it was almost touching it. She could feel her juices on her legs and her fingers, sliding one finger over her lips she felt a shiver go down her back, she'd been waiting for such a long time to do this and now knew it was worth the wait. Suddenly there was a bang outside and it shook Lucy, like someone getting caught doing naughty things she jumped up and readjusted herself. Lucy was scared and breathing hard. She went to the kitchen and got a drink. Feeling very bad about herself she decided it was best to go to bed and forget what she had been doing.

On the way to bed she saw the light on in Daddy's room, she was worried that maybe he'd seen what she had been doing and would be angry with her. Lucy popped her head around the door and saw him fast asleep with the tv still on, he'd been watching the same film that had got her into trouble earlier. Turning the tv off she turned and walked over to give him a kiss goodnight. He was a handsome man, how she wished that she could find someone like him to take care of her when she was older.

Tucked up in bed, Lucy began thinking dirty thoughts again, she wanted her Daddy to touch her the way she had touched herself. Without thinking she got up put of bed and crept into his room. Slowly lifting the covers and sliding in next to him, gently so he wouldn't stir. He was laying on his side and naked, as always, this was part of her problem, he was the only man she had ever seen with no clothes on. Turning her back on him and slowly nuzzling herself into him so they were spooning. She felt protected, safe and happy. Pushing back to get closer she felt the tv remote pushing into her back, she slide her hand down to move it, reaching around she found it and grabbed it. Letting go with a fright and a little scream she didn't know what she'd just touched but it wasn't a tv remote, it was something long and hard, very hard but also fleshy. Checking that she hadn't woken her Daddy, Lucy decided to touch it again. Reaching her had down only this time much slower than before. First feeling the tip, it was wet from some juice, opening her hand and sliding it down the long shaft she felt her Daddy move and heard him give a little moan. She knew then what she was doing was bad, but also knew she wanted more, much, much more.

Sliding her hand up and down her fathers hard cock trying not to wake him, her other hand between her legs feeling her own wetness. She had to do this and not ever let him find out as that would be the end for them both. This made it all the more fun for her, she was starting down a road of liking the things that she couldn't have, this could only mean trouble for them both. She soon had a rhythm going getting faster and faster with both hands, she wanted to feel her Daddy touch her so decided to stop and try to make him do it in his sleep. Still laying on his side she got his hand and ran it over her breast making him squeeze them both, it felt great but made her want more. Gently she pushed him to roll him on his back, with her help he was flat out with his big hard cock standing proud. She pulled back the duvet and saw him in his full glory. She kissed his mouth, he responded, his mouth was soft and gentle his tongue slipped into her mouth, she sat on his hand and pushed his finger deep into her wet pussy. She was ready to explode, she had never felt anything like this before, she wanted to sit on that big hard cock. Slowly she moved herself over the top of him and lowered herself, his cock was so big she was sure it wouldn't fit inside her virgin pussy. She felt the tip touching her lips and she was almost gushing over him, pushing herself down she felt the full girth of him pushing at her wet pussy, it was big too big for such a good little girl, but she wasn't a good girl anymore, she was Daddy's girl now, he would be her first and her only. Biting her lip she let herself go and felt his cock sliding in, she nearly screamed with pleasure and pain but it had taken her breath away. Now she needed to keep going, she slowly started riding him, her hand instinctively went to her pussy and started rubbing, she could feel something building up. Her Daddy was breathing heavy and moving with her as one, she was almost there, could she have her first real orgasm whilst fucking her father, she hoped so. She was going faster and faster, strumming her swollen clit, her legs started to shake, she held her breath, this was it, she was coming over her dads big hard cock, she felt the ecstasy take over her whole body, it was amazing, like nothing she had ever felt before. Her pussy was dripping from her own juices.

Checking to make sure Daddy was still asleep, she climbed off and decided to see what happened to him when he came. Slowly she wanked his hard cock, it was covered in her own juices, she could smell them and wanted to taste them, leaning forward she licked up his shaft and over the tip, he quivered and moaned, a deep moan, he liked that so she did it again only this time when at the top she flicked her tongue over the end and then push her mouth over it and took it in her mouth. She felt him tense up and his cock started to twitch, she pulled away but it was too late his first squirt went in her mouth, she swallowed it and carried on stroking with her hand fast and hard. His cock was twitching and spurting his warm sticky cum over his own body. She was amazed at how much there was, she liked the taste and wanted to clean him up but decided it would be best to leave him, he was more likely to believe it was a dream if there was some evidence. Plus it gave her the chance to do it all over again the next time she was horny...

Lucy really did love her Daddy.

Brigit Astar
01-15-2010, 02:18 AM
This seems to be the first part of a story, but I suppose it's complete. It just seems to kind of end rather abrubtly.