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yet another tale from the world wide web.

Family Whores
by Bizarr


John is 40 years old, tall and well hung, a huge 10 inch cock swinging between his legs, an organ which needs a lot of care from his loving family.

His wife Ann is 35, strongly built with big swaying tits, a soft round ass, well shaped legs and a smooth shaven, always wet pussy which needs cock buried in it nearly all the time to keep it satisfied.

Their son Tim is 18, and really grown into a horny young man, taking after his father of course, and luckily for him, also in cock size.

Their eldest daughter Suzy is 17 and already a teaser, ever ready to show off her already big tits and firm teenage body to anybody interested.

Their youngest daughter Linda is a cutie at 16, just starting to bulge out in the right places but, to her disappointment, no pubic hair yet.

Family friend Joe is 60 and lives with them. In short, Joe is a nasty perverted old man with desires for very young pussy. Or ass for that matter.

But enough about the family members. We join them at home on their little farm which struggles to feed the whole family, a situation which has forced them to make other arrangements to earn enough for a living - and in keeping with the family tradition, they combine the need with pleasure.

The family's income problems made the family and the farm very popular in the neighbourhood as the news spread that anyone could have his or her bizarre needs fulfilled there. In short, the family had many visitors and sometimes even did house calls to those who didn't want to travel to the farm.

The customers came from all over and in all ages, but all of them wanted the same thing - lots of cocks and pussies, whether humans or animal.

Enough rambling, let's get to the story! It is presented here in diary form.


Chapter 1

Saturday 5th June 2002

"Hi sweetie," John said as his pretty daughter entered the room. John was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and as she entered he looked at Suzy coming down the stairs in her short t-shirt.

"You're up early today!" he observed. The young girl smiled, walked over to him and looked at the screen where naked people were having a good time.

"Oh goodie, it's the one where granddad had his friends over!" Suzy giggled and snuggled onto her father's lap. "This one is so good, they have such huge cocks!" Suzy said. Her hand slipped into her dad's morning gown and found his rigid cock, and she started caressing it. John's roving fingers found her hairless little pussy, still slippery after she'd fingered herself a few minutes ago while spying on her brother Tim. He had slipped into the master bedroom when he heard his father leave, and in no time had his mother's legs wide apart and was plunging his fat boy cock up her clean shaven cunt.

John and Suzy sat for a while and played with one another while watching the action on the screen. Four old guys surrounded the dining table on which Suzy was naked and spreadeagled. The perverts took turns sucking her hairless little girlcunt while she sucked their huge penises. Before too long the old pervs were tossing a coin to decide in which order they could mount her preteen body.

"Oh God! I still remember how huge they were and how long they could hold back their delicious sperm," Suzy reminisced.

"Yes, they went on for hours!" John laughed. "In the end you couldn't take it any more and daddy had to grab your arms and force his poor little girl to lay still although they almost split your poor pussy in two and you begged me to stop them. Oh fuck, Daddy is so sorry, sweetie!" John said shyly.

"I don't believe you!" Suzy giggled. "All the time you kept telling them to fuck me harder and harder and you even had mummy helping them to have another hard on so they could have another round in me, and secondly I did a lot of pretending. I loved every minute and it made me even hornier having you holding my arms and urging them to rape me over and over".

"Oh, what a darling daughter you are", John laughed as he guided her tight quim onto his huge throbbing cock and pushed her down on it.

"Oh my God, you're so big daddy!" Suzy gasped, and she thought to herself that it was just as well her pussy was well lubricated from watching her brother and mother, as she felt her father's huge bulging cockhead plunge into her tight babygirl pussy, stretching it out in a very arousing way.

Suzy loved the feeling of her father lifting her up and then pulling her down on his fat cock meat and as he fucked her she looked up at the television screen. The video had reached the point where her daddy grabbed her arms and urged the old guys to keep on fucking her, although she begged him to stop them. The scene made her remember it so well, and it felt very exciting to see herself wriggling around on the table pretending to try to pull away from their huge cocks which slammed up her poor babygirl cunt.

She felt her father's fat cock swell another two inches inside her contracting cunt and combined with the screen showing her own granddad slamming her hard made her explode in a shivering orgasm. Seconds her father's cock erupted, shooting load after load of warm, sticky mancum up her immature little pussy.

"Oh, my God," Suzy giggled as her father slowly slowed down the pace and his fat cock started to shrink a bit. "That was so wonderful, daddy! I love it when you're so eager to fuck your little girl. Promise me that the next time you're horny, you'll call your sweet little girl and have me help you out. What else is a horny daughter for?".

Just then her mother came down the stairs with a very satisfied smile on her face.

"Oh, I see that you two have had a nice time," she laughed and looked at the screen where the four old guys were untying her daughter and helping her to the bathroom to get their semen washed off her little body.

"Oh, I remember that day too!" Ann giggled. "I had to suck those old guys so much to keep them hard and ready for my beautiful little baby slut after their first turns on you, darling," she mused.

"Yes, and you did a good job!" John laughed and looked at his wife's thighs where thick white drools had begun run. "So you had a nice morning, babe?" he asked.

"Oh yes, darling. He was so horny after spying a bit on you watching the movie and jerking yourself. He slammed his slut of a mother so good, but now I'm afraid he is a bit limp between his legs after having spurted his wonderful sperm twice in his mom's cunt and then her mouth. I'm not going to brush my teeth, he tasted so good!" Ann sighed.

"Yea, but what about a little breakfast?" John pleaded. "One does get hungry after fucking one's little baby whore!"

"Ok, and did your father do you properly?" she asked Suzy who lay with her slim thighs spread on the sofa and her father's thick white sperm drooling from her wet, hairless pussy.

"Oh yes, he was so good!" Suzy smiled.

Ann prepared breakfast and John and Suzy went upstairs to take a shower together. Standing in the streaming hot water had John's cock rise again and Suzy being such a nice daughter sucked him and showed him what a skilled deep throater she was. He only barely kept control and only because he knew what the day would bring and wanted to save some of his sperm for later.

Later in the day, the whole family sat round the table and had breakfast and John and Ann lay out the arrangements for the weekend. Around noon he had some of his co-workers coming round for a little gang fuck on Suzy. In the afternoon Ann had an appointment in the gym at the school where she worked as a cleaning lady with some of the boys. They had seen her taking on the head master and his two sons in his office and also wanted to use her wet fuck holes. She was thrilled because the boys had seen the head master tie her up on his desk and shove all kinds of stuff from pencils to large bottles up her wet fuck holes before watching his sons of 10 and 12 fuck both her cunt and ass, finishing off in her wide open mouth. Then after he'd slammed her hard with his 10 inch member and cum in her slut cunt, the boys were hard again and had had another round. Anne giggled and said that she was sure the boys would also want to tie her up which she was looking forward to as she loved the tight feeling of ropes fastening her hands and holding her legs wide spread while boys or men used her over and over.

"Oh mom can't I go too?" Suzy pleaded. "I've heard that some of my class mates are coming and I would love to have them fuck me while you watched!".

"No sweety," Ann said. "You know we're going to aunt Mary and uncle Dan's tonight and they have some friends over, so we don't want you to be sore in your sweet little cunny, and you've just heard that your father's friends will do you today. Perhaps some other day if they like your mum's little cunny and want another round".

"Ok, mom!" Suzy giggled and looked at her father. "I hope your friends will fuck me real long and hard, my poor little pussy is dripping wet after that movie and your wonderful fuck, daddy!"

"I'm sure they will do you good. They are used to fucking little girls like you. Last week we met after work because an old grand dad came over with his two grand daughters and begged us to fuck their brains out while he held them down and spread their slim little legs."

"How old were they?" Ann asked lifting her skirt and caressing her shaved cunt.

"Not more than 9 and 11," John said with a smile that told they others that his mind by now was filled with the dirty memory of the gangbang of the tiny girls. He started stroking his rigid cock under the table and Ann nodded Linda who with a happy smile slipped to the floor and crept between her father's parted legs.

"Oh that's good, darling!" John sighed as she wrapped her sweet little mouth round his throbbing cock and sucked it in. Ann looked a bit disappointed and left out as Suzy went to her father and made him play with her wet cunny. Ann got up and pushed the things on the table aside, sitting down on the edge and lying down on her back, lifting and spreading her legs.

"Come on, baby boy!" she whispered at Tim. "Cum and fuck your dirty slut mommy with your wonderful cock!"

"Of course, mom!" Tim laughed and stepped between her legs with his already hard cock in his hand.

And again the whole family were doing what they enjoyed the most.


Chapter 2

After the breakfast round, the family prepared for John's friends' arrival. Among other things this meant that Suzy put on a very revealing school uniform, combined with high-heeled shoes.

"That's awesome baby!" John gasped when she came down and began dancing round showing off to he and Tim. "I'm sure you looking like a dirty little schoolgirl whore will please my buddies!" he observed.

Suzy went round the house and the living room teasing the hell out of her father and brother showing them her young, slim girlish body in the tight school uniform, while she got hotter and hotter.

About ten minutes after the doorbell rang and Suzy rushed off to answer it. She opened the door and the first two men stood there with their mouths open, staring up and down her young body.

"Hi there!" Suzy said with an inviting smile and stepped up to one of them, put her arms around his neck and hugged him, pushing her hips forward and wriggling her ass around. "Please feel free to squeeze my bum!" she whispered in the man's ear, and he followed her advice. Lifting her short skirt he held her ass cheeks in his hands,, lifting the front of her uniform skirt to expose her naked bald pussy.

"Oh yes, be naughty to your little girl whore!" Suzy gasped and lifted her legs, wrapping them around his body while he carried her inside. Once in the door he put her down and she turned to the other guy. Stepping up to him and with a naughty smile on her face she lifted the school skirt in front.

"Please feel me up," she asked, and the man stuck his hand between her legs and slid his fingers over her swollen baby cunt lips and hairless pubic mound while her own hand fondled his crotch.

"Oh my God, you're huge!" Suzy gasped. "Do you think a little girl like me can handle such a giant penis? Please promise you won't hurt my poor little cunny with that huge thing," she pretended to be scared.

"I don't care if you can't. I'm going to fuck your little girl brains out and rip your cunt apart, and if you struggle and scream, it will only encourage me to keep going," the nasty man said.

"Oh yes, please, don't listen to my screams, just go on raping me and ripping me open with your giant tool!" Suzy told him. "And if you need any help holding me down, I'm sure your mates or my father will be delighted to help,".

Then the doorbell rang again and Suzy rushed over to open it. Outside stood three more men, but just looking at the man in front made her pussy almost squirt. In front of her stood a very tall and well built black man. Stories about black's equipment rushed through her mind. Her eyes rushed down to his crotch and she spotted an even bigger bulge in his pants.

"Oh my God, do come in, sir!" she whispered with her eyes hanging by the bulge stretching down the man's left leg. "Can I please touch it, sir?" she asked in a low voice and knelt in front of him.

"Why not, go on girl," the man laughed and pulled down his zipper and out sprung the biggest black cock Suzy had ever seen. Almost as if she was about to touch something very valuable she moved her hand slowly towards the enormous cock and gently wrapped her little hand around it.

"Oh my God, I can't even get my fingers round it. Is it going to be even bigger when you're going to fuck me?" she asked innocently.

"Oh yes, don't you worry!" the man laughed. "My snake here will grow some inches both ways,".

"Now I'm worried," Suzy whispered and looked at her father. "Did you know how big he was?" she asked him.

"Oh yes, darling," John smiled. "And I have promised him a good fuck in your tight hairless little cunny, and you're going to take his cock right up into your belly, is that clear young lady?" he queried.

"Yes sir, I'm going to be a nice and obedient daughter, but please could he be the last so my poor little pussy is slippery from the other guy's sperm?" Suzy pleaded.

"Well okay," John answered. "Please sit down, and my little tramp daughter will perform a little for you, just to make sure you're hot for her," he addressed the guys.

"That's not really needed," one of the men laughed. "I think we're all pretty hard by now,".

But they sat down, John put on some music and Suzy started dancing round in front of them showing off all her assets. Lifting her skirt in front and back, kneeling in front of them with wide spread legs, bending over showing her delightful round little girl bum, taking off the tight blouse and playing with her firm titties. Then the men took off their pants and Suzy spent some time crawling from man to man sucking their fat cocks.

"Ok folks," John said and grabbed Suzy by her arm and pulled her to the narrow, leather bench he had placed in the back of the living room. Suzy climbed onto the bench and John tied her hands above her head, which had to hang down over the edge and then her feet in a position that made it impossible for her to move them. He stepped back and admired his work. Suzy laid stretched out with her bent legs wide apart and her head swung down and back leaving her mouth, cunt and ass very accessible to the men's cocks.

"Ok guys, she's all yours. Fuck my little girl, fuck my preteen whore's hairless cunt with your fat cocks. Make her scream loud, so I know she likes what she's getting" John commanded. And they did as they were bid, and Suzy screamed loud and often when the horny men shoved their huge cocks up her preteen pussy. Ann came in halfway through and watched the group of big cocked guys use and rape her daughter over and over. She urged them to continue when Suzy pleaded with them to stop.

"Don't listen to that little tramp daughter of mine, guys. She's only pretending to make you hornier for her unsatisfiable cunt. She wants you to be cruel to her and rape her. That's why John ties her up, it makes the dirty slut girl so horny being unable to get away, That way she can pretend, you're really raping and molesting her and not just giving her all the cock in her cunt she's longing for," Ann said lewdly. And by the time they reached the black man and Suzy's whole body was covered from head to feet in the other's sticky sperm, the whole family were gathered round the bench to see their sister and daughter being slammed by his horse sized cock.

"Oh no, is he going to stick that thing up Suzy's tiny little pussy?" Linda giggled and leaned forward to have a better look.

"Oh yes, darling," Ann whispered and felt her own cunt contract in spasms by the sight of the huge cock ready to enter her own daughter's little pussy. "John, perhaps you better hold your hand over her mouth, I'm afraid Suzy might scream a bit too loud and Linda may be frightened when she starts screaming. We don't want her to be scared of big cocks now, do we?"

"That's a good idea," John said and covered Suzy's mouth with his hand. He nodded the black man. "Go on, fuck my little baby," he said, and the man thrust forward. Suzy stiffened and tried to move away from the cock, her eyes bulging out in pain as the huge knob split her tiny sex open and sank deep into her belly. The man stopped and looked at John.

"Go on man, what are you fucking waiting for? Slam that little slut!" John barked. And so he did, his huge cock slammed up her little cunny sp far it bulged out her belly every time he thrust into her pussy. He grabbed her hips and thrust forward and slowly Suzy's moves changed to match his rhythm. John let go of her mouth and now it was moans and groans of intense pleasure that came from her.

"Oh yes, you nigger bastard, fuck me with that big black cock!" she screamed. "Don't you just love fucking my poor little girlcunt with your big nigger prick. You like to think you're raping me, but you're not, I'm raping your cock with my hungry cunt! FUCK ME!!" Suzy screamed. That made the man increase his strokes and Suzy came all over him letting out loud screams. The contractions in her pussy made the man loose control and suddenly her yelled out and thrust his hips towards her cunt.

"Oooooooooh Goddddddddd, I'm cummmmming! Take my hot cum, slut!" the black man shouted.

"YA!! Cum in her pussy and get her pregnant! Knock the baby slut up with your black sperm!" Ann panted, creaming all over her hand as she rubbed her gooey cunt to orgasm watching the black trying to father a child on her preteen daughter.

"Yes, shoot my pussy full of your creamy sperm! Give me your big black baby growing in my tummy! Come on nigger bastard, shoot all of your dirty black sperm up my pussy!" Suzy shouted, delirious with orgasm.

When the black guy was finally spent he withdrew his penis with a plop, and a huge river of his sticky white semen oozed out of her abused little fuckhole.

"Oh my God, daddy! Please bring some more friends over another day," Suzy whispered, rubbing her sperm filled slit. "Your friends fuck me so good!"

Then John said goodbye to his mates as they zipped up and left. Ann untied Suzy and helped her to the bathroom.

After watching the gangbang of their little sister, Tim sat in the sofa and let Linda take advantage of his throbbing boy's cock.

"Ok you two, have fun but no shooting, son. Aunt Mary and her girlfriends will be angry with me if you're not full of jism tonight," John warned them.

"Cool! Looking forward to some adult pussy," Tim giggled and one last time shoved his cock down Linda's tight throat before pulling her mouth away.

"What about me?" Linda grumbled. "When am I going to have fun? I want to fuck too! Suzy has all the fun around here. I just have to watch and sometimes have Tim fucking me. I want real big cock from a grown man!" she said.

"Alright, little lady, your time will come!" John laughed. "Actually I'm planning for uncle Dan to break in your tight little pussy tonight in return for him letting me break in your cousin Eve two years ago," he smiled at her.

"Oh thank you, daddy!" Linda squealed and jumped up to hug him. "I have seen him fucking both mum and Suzy and his cock is so big. It will be so hard for my little pussy when he's mounting me, perhaps you have to hold me, daddy, please?".

"Yes, if you like that little pumpkin," John laughed as he thought of forcing his youngest daughter's legs apart while her uncle thrust his fat cock up her sweet little girl pussy.


Chapter 3

Edited By Doctor Dan January 2003

That afternoon Ann went to the school for her appointment with the boys, and she finally allowed Linda, who had been begging and begging to come along, to join her - as long as she stayed out of sight and just watched her mum being gang fucked.

She went to the gym and found the door open as expected - she had already given one of them her keys. They went in and Linda hit in a room next to the gym and Ann went for the big gymnastic hall. She stopped in the door way and was a bit surprised as the room was dark except for spot light lamp which lighted up a bench in the middle of the room. Slowly she walked towards the bench with the feeling that the room was not at all empty but that eyes in the dark were following every move of her.

She felt trembling arousal rising in her body. What an exciting surprise those naughty boys had come up with for her! When she reached the bench, she saw a big, black rubber cock laying on it.

"Oh, that's what they wanted her to do, those sweet horny youngsters", she thought. Then she'd better give them the performance of their life.

Ann slowly walked around the bench opening her long coat and slowly letting it slide to the floor her. She heard gasps and low whispering in the dark as her nearly naked body was exposed. Only a short, thin, black under gown and black self-supporting stockings and high-heeled shoes were between her naked body and their staring eyes. The whole set-up aroused her to a point where she had to control herself not to rip off her clothes and shout at them to come and fuck her right away.

But she wanted to give them the show they obviously wanted and slowly let the gown drop to the floor. Again whispering in the dark by the sight of her big swaying tits.

"Oh, they're so cute", she thought as she laid down on her back on the bench and started fondling her tits and caressing her pussy with her legs dropped on either side of the bench to make sure her cunt was exposed to their eyes.

Ann felt her pussy contract in small spasms and began moving the huge head of the rubber dick up and down between her swollen and already dripping wet cunt lips.

"Oh my God, am I horny", she thought to herself and couldn't wait any longer, but slowly shoved the fat dick up her itching pussy.

She kept pushing the dick in until it was stuck deep in her and the head pushed the bottom of her pussy up her stomach.

She was so horny and her mind was already filled with forecast pictures of the boys taking turns riding her body to heaven. She moved the huge rubber dick in and out of her cunt and didn't even notice the boys stepping up to the table - later she thought she'd counted around ten boys from the age of 10 to 15.

The boys stood still and watched her fucking herself with her eyes shut while they jerked their big, throbbing boys cocks. They didn't move until their leader could see that she was about to cum. He was the boy that had come to her in the cleaning room and told her to come to the gym if she didn't want him to tell the whole city what he'd seen in the head's office.

Just as Ann was about to ejaculate on the rubber dick, he pulled it out and she opened her eyes to complain.

"What are you doing", she cried and looked around and her face lit up in an excited smile. "Oh, you're so many. Do you all want to put your sweet cocks into my little pussy?" she giggled.

"Yes, whore!" he shouted, "and you won't get out before you've drenched all of our cocks!"

"Don't you worry, dear", Ann giggled, "I won't want to get out if their's just one little shot in one of your wonderful dickies. I sure hope some of you will be able to mount me two or even better three times. My bastard husband hasn't fucked me all day and I'm bursting. Come on, you sweet boys, please start fucking my wet fuck hole and let me have at least two of your dickies to suck on while you do my cunny".

The boys almost fought to come between her legs and to have her hands around their cocks. Ann moaned in pleasure as the first cock was shoved into her cunt and she grabbed other two cocks and pulled them to her wide-open mouth and started sucking them. But just after a few strokes the boy in her warm cunt lost control and moaned and groaned as his young hot sperm spurted into her.

Ann didn't reach the heights she wanted and sucked more eagerly at the two cocks in her mouth which seconds later resulted in the two boys almost crying out when they both came and their loads spurted into her open mouth. Ann swallowed as much as she could and let go of the cocks after licking them clean.

"Oh, my God, boys come on, mount me" Ann shouted and one of the smaller kids stepped between her thighs and popped her pussy with his slim but fairly long cock.

"How old are you, dear", Ann whispered.

"Ten", the boy grunted almost like a man and started slamming his eager cock up her snatch.

"Oh, so young and yet so skilled", she sighed and enjoyed the feeling of his long dickie moving rapidly in and out of her pussy.

"You like fucking women's pussies?" she asked.

"Yes", he grunted and increased the tempo, "your pussy is better than mum's".

"Oh, you're also fucking your mum's pussy", she giggled, "What a naughty boy you are".

"No, It was her idea, she's so horny, and my Dad only wants to fuck my sisters, so my brother and I is all she has".

"Oh, how nice of you to help your poor mother", Ann giggled, "my son's also helping me sometimes, when my husband prefers our daughters".

The boy couldn't take it anymore and suddenly Ann felt her cunt being filled with his hot cum. He withdrew and another boy took his place and two other stepped on either side of the bench and Ann gladly began sucking them.

The gang banging went on for a long time and whenever a boy had a bit of trouble getting a hard-on, Ann more than happily helped him with her mouth and hands.

She felt almost like a angel or nurse helping those poor boys get a sniff of adult life, that most women wouldn't give them, and that, more than their fucking, made her have a good time. After all most of their cocks were too small or short to really make her aroused. But she liked her role as a teacher and willing object for their urge to learn about sex and to feel the warmth of a woman's pussy and mouth around their young and throbbing cocks.

But suddenly Ann noticed that something else was going on in the dark room as she heard and recognized the voice of Linda.

"No please, mummy will be mad at me", she heard Linda whisper. Ann raised her head.

"What's going on", she shouted and tried to get up, but at once was pushed back by the leader.

"You just lay still, Mrs slut whore", he grunted, "bring that little slut here".

And then Ann saw Linda being dragged towards the bench.

"Look", giggled the boy who pulled Linda along by her hand, "it's Suzy's baby sister, and she's been a naughty little slut. I found her in the dark playing with her little baby snatch while she watched her mother being fucked in her slut cunt".

"Oh, how nice of you, whore, to bring your little baby daughter with you", the leader laughed, "I guess you also want us to fuck her tiny little baby pussy, don't you, you dirty perverted bitch".

"No, please!" Ann shouted, "her father will kill us all, if I come home with her and she's been fucked. He's promised her uncle he can break her in tonight!"

The leader looked as if he thought a lot about that.

"But sucking us off he won't mind, will he?" he laughed and pulled Linda down in front of him and plunged his fat cock against her face. Suck it, bitch".

Linda looked at her mum and looked very happy when she nodded her head.

"Go ahead, baby, suck those nice boys", Ann whispered and felt her pussy making small spasms as the sight of her little baby kneeling in front of the boy aroused her.

Linda smiled and willingly opened her mouth letting the boy enter her.

He moaned in excitement and shoved his cock deep into Linda's eagerly sucking mouth. She didn't even try to hold back as he grabbed behind her head and pulled her face towards his crotch plunging his rather big cock down her throat.

"Oh my God", Ann thought to herself, "she's a real cock sucker, that little beast, I guess John has already learned her a lot". And luckily enough the other boys got hard-on's again and took another round in Ann's unsatisfiable cunt.

This new opportunity of having not only a horny mother urging them to fuck her but also a little baby girl who made it very clear to them that she wanted them all to fuck her baby mouth made their cocks raise for the third or fourth time.

So before they let Ann and Linda go home, they had all had their boy's cocks sucked by Linda and had another round in Ann's cunt, and their boy's sperm had once more been spewed down Linda's throat or spurted up Ann's hungry cunt.

"Wow, mum, that was so nice", Linda giggled in the car on the way home, "don't you think Dad will let me have them and all other men fuck me after tonight when uncle Dan has learned me what fucking is all about".

"I'm sure, sweetie", Ann laughed, "You really want to be a little baby slut whore, don't you?"

"Oh yes, mum", Linda giggled, "I would be so proud if boys and grown men would call me that!"

And at home Ann told John, Suzy and Tim what a clever baby sister and daughter they had, and Linda was very happy when they all hugged her and welcomed her in the family, and not least when her father promised her, that he would make sure she got what she wanted.


Chapter 4

Edited By Doctor Dan January 2003

In the evening the whole family drove to aunt Mary and uncle Dan.

As they reached the house, they saw a strange car there and John laughed.

"They seem to have other visitors".

"Yes, wonderful", Ann said and spread her thighs and fingered her pussy, "I hope some of you men can do with some old pussy or have brought youngsters with big boy's cock along, I could sure need a lot of cock in my poor unattended pussy".

"I know I have neglected you too much the last days", John laughed, "but what about this afternoon, didn't the boys do the job properly".

"They did all right", Ann whispered in his ear, "but I need more than their slim boy's cocks, and if Linda hadn't turned up, I think I could have had them fist me. I was so ready to have they thrust their hands up my pussy".

"Oh, you're one ungrateful slut", John laughed, "you always want more cock and other things in your horny cunt".

"Yes, and you love it when your dirty slut whore wife begs for more screwing, you naughty man", Ann whispered and squeezed his already hard cock which made a huge bulge in his pants.

The children had already rushed out of the car as they stepped out and went to the front door where uncle Dan waited with Linda in his arms and her slim legs wrapped round his body. His hands roamed inside her thin knickers fondling her soft round buttocks and his cock formed a large bulge in his pants.

"Hello", he said, "is it true what this sweet little baby is telling me?"

"Yes", John laughed, "I want you, my dear brother, to be the first grown man to thrust his cock into her little pussy, just as you let me be the first with Eve".

"Oh Christ", Dan giggled, "I'll do my very best to break her in the right way, and is it true, that you want to hold her lovely thighs wide spread for me?"

"Dad, you promised", Linda giggled, "I'm a little afraid of uncle Dan's big cock, and I want you to be there and watch him when he sticks it into my pussy. Perhaps you'll also like to see for yourself how he fucks my little pussy".

"Of course, dear", John laughed, "you know I want to be sure, you don't make any trouble for uncle Dan when he sticks that huge cock of his up your little pussy. It may hurt a bit at first and that's why I'll hold your legs so uncle can concentrate on fucking you. But let's go inside and say hello the rest. I see you have some visitors".

"Yes, we have some friends over, I sure hope you don't mind", said Dan, "they're all familiar with incest and will of course respect what you want them to do and not do to your family. But of course they hope to have a go on Suzy and Linda and the women are also into boys so Tim will not be left out. They have also brought girls along for your pleasure".

"What a party we can have", John laughed and walked into the living room where Dan introduced him and the rest of the family to the others.

"This is John, my dear brother", Dan said, "and this is his wife, Ann, his daughters, Suzy and Linda, and his son, Tim. And this is my friend Bill, his wife Karen, his son Tom who is 14 years and his daughters. Judy is 13 and Marie is 11"

They all shook hands and John took a more careful look at Judy and Marie. Judy also looked at him with a smile that told him a lot about what she was expecting for the evening and suddenly she stepped close to him and still holding his hand she pushed it against her pubic area and spread her legs.

"You think you like my little pussy, sir?" she whispered and lifted her short skirt. John felt his fingers touch her naked skin as she wore no knickers, and his cock twisted in his trousers.

"Please sir, feel me up, I love men to play with my little pussy", she sighed and rubbed his hand against her pussy lips which felt sweet and soft and already wet and swollen.

John couldn't resist and slid his fingers forth and back between the sweet lips making the horny girl gasp.

"Oh Dad", she giggled, "what a naughty man, I think he's going to finger your little girl".

"Yea, and you're a dirty little slut whore", her father laughed, "come on, let the man come in before you make him angry".

"Oh my God", she little slut whispered, pretending to be scared, "please Sir, don't be angry with me. Please don't' punish me for being such a dirty slut. You won't spank my poor little bum, will you?"

"We'll see about that, girl", John said and enjoyed the glimpse in her eyes telling him what she really wanted.

He pushed her away and walked to Mary, his sister in law, who sat on a sofa between her son Eric and their friend's son Tom, both 14 years old. She had her dress around her waist and the two boys were almost fighting to finger her pussy while she stroked their hard boy's cocks.

"Hi John", she laughed, "they couldn't wait, so to keep them away from the girls, I gave in and let them have a little pussy while we waited for you.

"That's ok with me", John laughed, "why don't you lay down on the table and let the boys have a round in you, that could calm them a bit. I think Tim also would like some fast pussy after the girls sucked him in the car.

"More than happy to oblige", Mary giggled and went to the dining table and lay down on her back and spread her thighs. The three teenage boys quickly agreed who would have the first fuck in her cunt and the rest of the families and friends gathered round the table watching the three boys taking one round each in her hungry cunt and spewing their hot cum into her.

Ass they watched the girls went to please the men. Linda of course went to her uncle Dan, knelt down in front of him and opened his trousers. Suzy went to Bill and her cousin Eve went to John and did the same to them.

"Oh, my God", Linda sighed and looked at the huge cock of her uncle's.

"It's so big, uncle", she giggled, "are you really going to put that big cock up my little pussy".

"Yes, I can assure you that you're going to be fucked by that cock tonight", he laughed, " and I'm going to fill your dirty little pussy with my baby sperm".

"Oh no, you can't do that, I might get knocked up", Linda giggled.

"Oh yea, what a nice thought", he laughed, "what do you say, dear brother".

"Sound's horny to me", John laughed, "knocked up by the first grown man fucking her pussy".

"Did you hear that, mum, Dad's so naughty, he wants uncle Dan to knock me up" Linda giggled.

"I heard him", Ann laughed, " and if your uncle doesn't do it, I think he'll do it himself, isn't that right, dear".

"Yes, that's true", John laughed, "but now you dirty little slut girl just see to that your uncle is pleased with your skills while we watch aunt Mary get fucked by our fine boys.

So Linda took uncle Dan's fat cock in her mouth and gave it a good suck while they watch the three boys gang fuck Mary.

She wriggled around on the table urging them to fuck her dirty cunt as hard and deep as they could, and they all ended up spewing their hot boy's cum into her hungry pussy.

"Thanks boys, that was wonderful", she laughed and rose after the three rounds of boy's cum which ran down her thighs while she walked to the bathroom.

"Now me", Linda pleaded and climbed onto the table and lay down on her back spreading her slim thighs.

"Take my cherry uncle, please", she giggled and wriggled her slim hips around to tease the man who more than willingly stepped between her thighs which her father and Bill grabbed and dragged even further apart.

Dan stared at her little, bare slit and began sliding his huge cock head up and down pushing the tip in between them.

"Oh uncle, please don't tease me", Linda giggled, "let me feel your wonderful, fat thing in me.

And the horny man couldn't resist that and suddenly he thrust his fat cock into her, making her cry out in chock as her little girl's pussy was stretched more than she'd ever tried.

Instinctively she tried to move away from the huge meat but was held fest by the two men. Dan hesitated a moment and didn't know if he should withdraw.

"Come on, man", John urged him and felt his prelum drip from his swollen cock head, "go on, fuck that little teaser".

And Dan kept on and plunged in and out of her, and after just a few strokes her cries changed into moans and groans.

"Oh yes", she gasped, "it's so good, please go on, uncle".

And he did and Linda climaxed twice before he suddenly threw back his head and grunted loud and they all knew that he was shooting his hot loads of man's cum into her little hungry pussy. It was too tight and his white sticky sperm started pouring out of her in squirts every time he plunged into her.

Finally he withdrew and the sperm floated out and made a pool on the table. His daughter Eve stepped to the table and licked up the thick white sperm.

"Don't want to waist your delicious sperm, Dad," she giggled.

Then the evening went by. Uncle Dan's friend, Bill, had his horny pecker in both Suzy and Linda and loved their sweet little pussies clinching to his cock. He had them one after the other on the table and in the end after fucking Linda's tight pussy, he told them to keep their faces close to each other and he spewed his hot, sticky loads on both of them and watched them lick it off each other.

John made Eve happy. She still remembered last year where her uncle broke her in and she gave him a ride sitting on his lap in the sofa facing him.

"Oh, it's so good, uncle", she sighed and humped up and down on his thick cock he and grabbed her already well-endowed tits.

"Yea", he grunted, "have you been a good girl since last year".

"Yes, uncle", she giggled, "lots of men have used my little twat for their pleasure. Dad have many times bought me to strangers having them gang fuck me while he held me down or tied me to tables, arm chairs and even in the back of van which he drove to a parking lot".

"Tell me about that", John grunted and slowed down to control himself.

"You want to hear about the men who Dad found", Eve giggled. "Well, I was tied down to a mattress and when he spotted a single man, he just asked him to come to the van. As soon as they saw me naked, spread eagled on the mattress, they all stepped in, lowered their trousers and humped me like I was just another love doll".

"Oh how awful", John laughed and almost came by the bare thought of his niece getting used over and over by the strangers.

"Yes, awful nice", Eve giggled and humped him faster as she also remembered the situation.

And soon they both creamed on each other and she hugged him like a loving daughter.

"Thank you, uncle John", she giggled and lifted her sperm soaking pussy off his wet juice glistering cock.

"You're welcome", he smiled, "I think, I might join your father when he's taking you for another gang bang".

"Oh, that would be nice", Eve giggled and gave his cock a loving kiss.

John looked around. Judy and Marie, the friend's girls, were playing with his son Tim and Dan's son Eric. The boys had the giggling girls placed on the dining table side by side and took turns in their wet pussies.

His wife Ann and aunt Mary had the visitors son Tom serving them and Dan and Bill sat in the sofa watching a video while Suzy and Judy knelt in front of them licking and sucking their hard cocks and Linda laid between them in the sofa with her legs spread enjoying their fingers play with her little girl pussy.

John looked at the screen. Eve hadn't told him that.

It was obviously a tape from the gangbang in the van she'd told him about.

He sat down and Linda moved to him and cuddled up on his lap. She took his hand and placed it between her thighs and they both looked at the screen while she played with his semi erect cock and he caressed her pussy.

In the back ground they heard groans and moans from the women, girls and boys fucking like rabbits and on the screen Eve laid spread angled on the mattress and strangers came in, stared at her, lowered their trousers and mounted her like she said - just a love doll arranged for their pleasure.

They fucked her like they only had minutes to cum. Eve's body soon had loads from many men covering her from head to knees and thick white drops of semen dripped from her soaking pussy.

John suddenly realized that he had taken Linda and had placed her on his rigid cock and beside him Dan and Bill had done the same with Suzy and Judy.

The three girls rode them to heaven and once more the men grunted and thrust their cocks up the wet girls' pussies and spewed their hot cum into them.

Slowly the party ended and they said good-bye to each other after a fine and exciting evening.


Chapter 5

Sunday the 6. Of June 2002.

The next day they were all but Linda a bit tired after an evening with a lot of sex. After her first rounds with grown men's big cocks her mind was filled with the urge of trying that wonderful thing again, but both John and Tim didn't react in spite of her trying to arouse them by walking naked around the house and sitting down playing with her little pussy in front of them.

She was too young to realize that they were just teasing her and had great difficulties not pinning her to the floor and fuck her, but they had plans.

John also told Ann about the plan and she found it so arousing that she begged him to leave Tim at home with her to prevent her from going mad waiting for him and Linda to return. At first Tim was complaining but the thought of having his mum and sister for himself made him accept.

In the afternoon John told Linda to put on the special school uniform they had bought her some weeks ago. It had a very short dark blue skirt and a white see though blouse. Linda a once knew what that meant.

"Oh Daddy, are we going out", she giggled and hugged him pressing her hips against his crotch where she felt his already semi hard cock.

"Yes, darling", John laughed and gave her a slap in her little bum.

"Oh Daddy, you want to smack your naughty little daughter" she giggled and bend over wriggling her little ass.

"Perhaps, pumpkin", he laughed and pointed to the stairs, "go change, slut girl".

"Yes Sir", she giggled and ran upstairs.

Minutes later she came down walking real slow and trying to make her walk look sexy. And she succeeded, her father thought to himself feeling his cock raise and swell in his pants as he watched his baby daughter sway her slim hips and displaying a lot of her slim legs which looked even sexier with the little white socks and the semi high heeled shoes they had bought for her to wear with the naughty school uniform.

"Do I look ok", she giggled and looked at her father's crotch. "No, you don't have to answer, Dad", I can see it's ok".

"Marvellous", John whispered, "you're a real knock out, darling. Even if I tried, I'm not sure I could protect you out there. Any man with a cock will long to have you in his arms and to plunge his prick up your dirty little pussy".

"Is it this you mean", Linda giggled and lifted the short skirt and stepped up to him, revealing the missing knickers and showing him her naked bare pussy slit.

"Oh yes", John sighed and pulled her in between his parted legs and pressed his palm against her soft, warm pussy lips and slit his fingers forth and back making Linda shiver from pleasure and arousal.

"Oh, Dad", Linda sighed, "Do you think the men will like my little pussy?"

"Oh yes, darling" John laughed running his fingers over her already swollen and wet pussy lips, "they'll go nuts when they see your little baby fuck hole".

"Oh Daddy", Linda giggled, "I hope they'll put their huge cocks up my little pussy. I hope my little pussy can handle those huge cocks. What if I get frightened and beg them not to put their cocks into me, will you hold me down and tell them not to listen to me".

"Oh yes!", John laughed plunging two of his large fingers into her pussy. "I will hold you down and pull your legs apart and order them to go on and slam their cocks into my little girl's horny pussy".

"Oh Daddy", Linda whispered and moved her slim hips forth and back to help him fingerfuck her itching baby cunt, "you make your little baby so horny, when you say that you'll let them rape her like that".

"I know", John laughed and pulled out his wet fingers, " and now we'll go find some horny men to fuck your little pussy"

"Oh yes, Daddy", Linda giggled and headed for the front door lifting her little skirt to let him watch her naked little girl's bum.

She didn't even lower the skirt in the front yard but had fun showing all the neighbours that she left the house with her little ass but naked.

She opened the car door and sat down on the front seat and smiled at John as she made sure he had a fine view between her spread slim thighs to her little pussy.

John jumped in and they drove off with Linda still sitting with the skirt around her hips and wide spread legs - hoping that passers by might see it, as she giggled. John had great difficulties concentrating on driving as the hot little girl did everything to make him watch her playing with herself.

And she kept on telling him how much she wanted the men to take her and use her young body for their pleasure.

And suddenly she leaned towards him and unzipped his pants and managed to free his throbbing cock.

"Wow, Daddy!" she giggled, "you're so huge and hard, is that because you think about what they will do to your little baby daughter".

"Yes, I'm afraid so", John gasped as she took his rigid cock in her mouth and sucked his bulging head.

For about a minute he grabbed her hair and moved her mouth up and down his cock until he felt his precum beginning to leak from his cock head.

"Wow, Daddy, you taste so good", Linda giggled and licked it off her lips, "how long is it, I'm getting hotter and hotter".

"Just a minute, you little fuck slut" John laughed and turned down a very small road that ended at a small almost demolished farmhouse.

They stopped and he told Linda to step out. She looked around and saw nobody.

"Dad, where are the men", she asked.

"Don't you worry", he laughed, "they are around watching you".

"Oh, how exciting", the little teaser giggled, "they can see me now?"

"Oh yes", he laughed, "do you like that".

"Oh yes, it's wonderful", she said and started walking around showing off in her little school uniform. For a child of her age she suddenly knew how to tease, lifting her skirt, turning around so they could see her naked pussy and little butt from all angles. Standing in the middle of the farmyard with her legs spread she fondled and caressed herself like a real hooker or porn star. Obviously she enjoyed being watched and to perform for the hidden audience her father said she had.

"Oh daddy, my little pussy is so hot", Linda giggled, "do you think they like my little girl body".

"Yes, I can assure you, they're jacking off their huge knots watching your hot little body" he laughed.

"Oh how nice, Daddy", She whispered, "Do you think they're going to let me see them play with their huge things?"

"Yes and if you don't stop now, I'm afraid, they'll come out in the open and rape your little slut body", John laughed.

"Oh Daddy you scare me so much, when you say they might grab poor little me and just use me. Do you really want them to rape your poor little daughter", Linda giggled and pushed several fingers up her wet pussy.

"Yes, that might be fun watching them hold you down and take turns raping your dirty little slut body", John said and felt his own cock twist and leak precum in his pants by the thought of Linda being the centre of the horny men gang banging her little girl's pussy.

"Oh please Daddy, don't let them do those horrible things to me", Linda whispered and tried to make her voice sound scared and not as excited as she felt while she kept on finger fucking her little soaked pussy.

"Don't try to fool me, you horny little slut", he laughed, " I know that's exactly what you're dreaming about right now".

"No Daddy, please stop them, please don't let them spread angel me on that table over there", Linda whispered, "I would die if they carried me to the table and forced my legs apart and kept sticking their huge cocks up my poor little pussy until they had all spewed all their hot, sticky sperm up my little womb".

"Oh that's what you want them to do to you, you little slut whore", John grinned and waved as he wanted someone to come forward.

And suddenly several grown men came out from their hidings around the farm yard and walked towards him and little Linda who looked around and felt her hart beat in her chest and her little pussy itch and contracting in small spasms.

"Oh Daddy, they're so many", she whispered, "Do you really think my poor little pussy can handle so many huge cocks".

"Oh yes, honey", John laughed, "you're so soaking wet, you little devil, your pussy won't have any difficulties taking them one after the other".

Linda stood still and the men formed a circle around her and lowered their pants exposing their huge throbbing cocks they had been jacking off watching her showing off to them.

One of them took the lead and grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees.

"Come on, you little slut", he grunted and pressed his fat cock head against her mouth, "start sucking our cocks".

And more than willingly Linda opened her mouth letting him thrust his fat prick into it, and he started mouth fucking her pushing her head forth and back.

After a while he pushed her back. His wet cock slit out of her mouth and Linda gasped for air before the next man took over and thrust his large cock down her throat.

This went on until she'd sucked them all. Then the leader grabbed her, lifted her up and carried her to the table. He laid her on her back and spread her slim girl's legs exposing her naked and swollen pussy. He looked at her obviously over heated pussy and let his hand slide over it between her parted thighs.

"Yea, you're hot all right", he laughed and massaged her little, stiff clitoris between his fingers. Linda let out low moans and rotated her slim hips to encourage him to fondle her real hard.

"Oh please, Sir", she moaned, "use my little girl's body for your pleasure, I'm so hot and I need your big, fat things in me Please hold me down and make me spread my legs for your friends. Please tell me what to do to be a nice little girl, I do want to be at your service".

"You only want one thing, you dirty, little slut", he shouted and looked at one of the others pointing to her pussy, "you want me and all my friends to gang fuck your horny little slit, don't you?"

"Oh yes, fuck me all you horny men", Linda gasped, "I want my father to see how you use his daughter's little pussy over and over".

Linda suddenly felt the man's huge cock head being forced between her swollen pussy lips and she cried out in chock, pain and lust as the stranger thrust forward and in one long, deep stroke buried his fat cock in her to the balls.

"Oh no!!" she cried and twisted her whole body, but the leader only held her in position. "Please stop", she begged, "you're too big, I can't handle you, my poor pussy is burning up!"

But the man kept on and slowly her voice changed and she moaned and groaned in pure sexual lust each time the man slammed his huge cock into her now more that willing pussy.

"Do you really want him to stop", the leader laughed.

"No please, fuck me hard", Linda moaned, and when he yelled out and started spurting his hot loads into her, she climaxed and her young, slim girl body contracted over and over. And when the man withdrew, his sticky sperm dripped from her little pussy.

During the next hour Linda was gang fucked by all the strangers and John enjoyed watching his sweet little daughter being the centre of the men's lust.

And he was so proud of her for not begging him to stop them, and when they began to slow down and getting limp cocks after their first or second round in her, she asked them if they would let her suck them. Some of them stepped forward and she swallowed their huge but soft sausages and gave them another hard-on which at once was used for another turn in her unsatisfiable pussy. And not before all of the men had given up Linda asked her father to take her home. And she laid on the back seat and fell in a deep sleep exhausted from the first gangbang of her life - but not the last, she promised herself with a happy smile.

When John and Linda came home, he carried her to the bathroom and she had a long bath before staggering to bed for a good, long sleep.

John of course had to tell the rest of his family about the gang bang of their daughter and kid sister, and they were all so aroused after his detailed description, that he took Suzy right there on the sofa and Ann mounted her son Tim beside them. They fucked like animals and John and Tim filled the soaking cunts with their hot sperm before going to bed.


Chapter 6

Monday 7 June 2002

And in the morning it all started again, because Linda more than willingly told the story from her point of view, and the details about how the strangers had gang fucked her little pussy and used her little body as their fuck toilet made both men and women so aroused that Ann, Suzy and also Linda begged John and Tim to slam their cocks up their cock hungry pussies.

So not surprisingly they were all late for work and school.

Linda was the first to get home from school and already in the school bus she had a good time in the back seat where she had been the willing victim of two older boys who had seen her sitting with her hand under her short uniform skirt playing with her itching pussy remembering all the hot stuff she had been learning during the weekend.

Linda ha thought to herself that no one could see what she did and was so concentrated playing with her little wet pussy that she didn't see the two boys watching her.

Suddenly they stepped up to her and she saw the two huge bulgs in their pants.

They sat down on either side of her and without saying a word they opened their zippers and took her small hands and placed them on their big, warm cocks.

And instinctively Linda started stroking them while she felt the boy's fingers slide up her naked thighs and at once finding her little pussy slit.

Linda sighed as she felt their fingers probe her little pussy and her hands jacked their throbbing cocks up and down.

They were both so horny after watching her playing with herself that moments later one of them grabbed her head and forced her mouth down to his prelum leaking cock head.

Linda opened her mouth and he shoved the huge knob into her throat and a second later she felt her mouth and throat being over floated with his hot, sticky boy's cum.

Linda sunk as much as she could and when he had shot his last load, the other boy grabbed her hair and turned her face towards his cock which seconds later shot his loads down her throat.

And as sudden as they came as sudden and without a word they left her grinning and laughing over their joke with the little preteen whore.

But of course they also left Linda in a state of total arousal after having her mouth filled with their hot semen and being fingered by them.

So as she stepped out of the bus in front of her home, she ran for the front door to go inside and play with herself.

She didn't even see the two cars parked in the street, so she was totally swept off her feet as she went into the living room and saw the three old men sitting in front of the telly without their pants on and jacking off their huge cocks.

Linda stared at the three men and saw that Joe, a family friend, was one of them. He had a key to the house and he had obviously locked himself and two friends in and watched a video.

Linda's eyes flicked between the three huge cocks and the screen, where she saw herself on the table at her uncle's, and the tape had reached to the point where she'd been begging him to fill her baby womb with his baby making sperm and knock her up.

Linda blushed both from watching the video, looking at the men's huge cocks and her excitement from having the boys shoot their hot semen down her throat.

"Oh hallo darling", she heard Joe, who was a man about 6o years, say, "you came home in the right moment, we all think you're a very attractive young lady, and from what we can see in this fine movie, you're also a very horny, little bitch, who likes grown men to fuck your little pussy, isn't that true. Come here, slut".

He said it in a way that made Linda walk to him. She stepped in front of him and he pulled her in between his parted legs.

Linda looked down and felt her pussy contract in small spasms looking at his huge cock.

"What's that", the old man shouted and pulled her face down, "isn't that dried in sperm on that little bitch's face".

"It sure is", the other two laughed.

"Tell us what you've been up to", Joe grinned.

"Nothing", Linda whispered and cursed herself for not cleaning herself up before walking home.

"Don't you lye to me, young lady", Joe yelled and yanked her hair, "who's been spurting their sperm in your mouth".

"Just a couple of boys in the bus", Linda whispered and blushed.

"So, you're sucking boys off in the bus", Joe laughed, "What else have you been up to today".

Linda sighed.

"Also the headmaster in school", she whispered.

"Hell on earth", Joe laughed, "You tell me that you sucked off you headmaster and had him shoot his cum down your throat?"

"Yes", Linda sighed and remembering the head's huge loads spurting into her mouth made her so horny, she suddenly reached out and grabbed Joe's huge cock and started fisting it up and down.

"Oh shit", he shouted and leaned back pushing her to her knees, which was easy, as she desperately wanted to feel his huge knob in her mouth.

Linda leaned forward and his cock head disappeared between her lips and she started sucking him like a grown woman.

"Oh, my God", he yelled and seconds later his cock contracted and Linda felt his hot sticky cum shooting into her mouth. Load after load of cum overflowed her little mouth and started running down his shaft covering her little hand.

Not until she felt the cock getting limp she moved her mouth back and looked up.

"Oh shit, Linda", Joe laughed and smiled, "that was so good, you're such a skilled cock sucker. Go on, suck off my buddies too and later you shall have your pleasure. I think you're horny for our big cocks aren't you".

"Oh yes, Sir", Linda giggled, "my little pussy is so hot. Perhaps you want to rape me instead of having me suck your big cocks. When I came in and saw you playing with your big cocks, I feared you would drag me to the table and hold me down while you took turns raping my poor little pussy".

"Yes, I'm sure, you were afraid of that, you little tease. I wonder if that's not just what you want us to do to you", Joe laughed, " and being such nice old grand fathers I think my friends here will do what they can to fulfil your perverse dreams, Come on!"

And then he raised and dragged Linda to the dining table by her long hair, and trying to act like a decent little girl she struggled back and begged him not to, but inside her young depraved body the arousal made her shiver with excitement.

"No, please stop", Linda cried out, "please let go of me, please don't spread angel me and stick your fat cocks into my poor little virgin pussy".

"Virgin, my ass", Joe laughed, "we have just been watching your own uncle fuck your young brain out, and you just begged him for more of his huge cock in your little, wet whore pussy".

And while Linda begged and wriggled around to get away, he lifted her onto the table, grabbed her arms and pulled them over her head.

"Come on, guys", he laughed, "dinner is served"

And the two men stepped up to the table and grabbed her legs and forced them apart pulling her so her little bum laid on the edge of the table and her little, hairless pussy was displayed for their hungry eyes.

One of them grabbed his huge, throbbing cock and started sliding the head up and down between her soft, little pussy lips.

"Oh no, please don't do it, Sir", Linda cried, "Please don't thrust that huge cock into my poor, little pussy. Please don't listen to him. Pleaseeeeeeee..."

Her last word was cried out in a deep groan as she felt his cock thrust into her stretching out her hot, wet, little pussy.

"Oh, my God", Linda moaned, "please fuck me hard. Please use my dirty, little whore pussy for your own pleasure, Sir"

And the man did. He fucked her so deep, his huge balls slapped against her little ass cheeks every time he slammed his cock into her, and Linda loved every stroke in her burning hot pussy.

"Oh, my God", she screamed only a minute later, "I'm cumming!".

And her whole little slim body twisted and wriggled around on the table as her little pussy exploded and bathed his cock in her warm pussy juices.

And her orgasm prolonged as she felt the man's warm sperm starting to pump into her filling her pussy so much it started squirting out of her when the man finally withdraw his slippery, wet cock.

"Fear, my ass", Joe laughed, "You just get what you need most, grown men's huge, fat, throbbing cocks being slammed up your depraved, little pussy, don't you, slut"

"Oh yes", Linda giggled, "I'm such a little tramp. But I've found out that a little teasing, begging, struggling back and subbing make you guys hornier so I get more of your wonderful cocks in my itching, little pussy. Please do it again, I'm so horny"

And of course Linda got another round from the third guy and she loved his huge cock as much as the first, and after squirting his loads into her, Joe had another hard on after she'd sucked him a bit and told him that she needed his cock so much.

He sat down in the sofa and Linda straddled him and rode him to heaven, and when he had to spurt his second round of hot, sticky, fat cum, she dismounted him and knelt between his legs and let him push her mouth down forcing the cock down her tight, little throat spurting load after load. And she swallowed it all like a real slut whore.

Linda raised her head and with a satisfied smile she licked her lips clean, suddenly looking directly at her Daddy, who stood behind the sofa stroking his fat hard on.

"Hi there, sweetie", he smiled, "having a good time?"

"Have you been around for long, Daddy", Linda giggled, "have you seen how these perverse rapists abused your little daughter"

"Oh yes", John said, "and I've seen and heard my little angel urge them to go on and beg them to keep fucking her hot, little slut pussy. Now you're Daddy's little whore, and I think you've earned a little fee. Give that little tramp a couple of bucks, guys. You know, whores get paid for their duties".

"Of course", Joe laughed and he and the other two handed Linda a few dollars, "why don't you let me take her out sometimes, I know a lot of old guys who will pay a lot to have that little slut whore take care of their big cocks".

"Oh yes, please Daddy, that sounds great", Linda giggled, "I want to be you little whore for sale. Please let Joe take me to his friends so they can use my dirty, little whore body"

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What a family! I think that may be the wildest incest story I've ever read--really long though--another novella

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very good

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i loved your stories. they are really good and i really enjoy them. thankyou very much