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The perils of being a teacher 03.
That night Pauline was in turmoil; should she tell her husband about the incident with Leroy or not. Of course if she did it was going to be hard to explain how he got the drop on her over a phone call from her dad; if she did not then how was she going to stop further incidents with Leroy.
Jack noticed something was agitating Pauline but every time he asked what was wrong she said nothing and when pressed she put it down to a problem at school. Things were not helped when her Dad turned up unexpected around 9 pm. Jack immediately went to the fridge to get the pair of them a beer but found there was none.
“Honey, where are the beers I fetched from K Mart Saturday?” he asked. Seizing this as an opportunity Pauline responded by telling him that her dad and he drank them all Sunday night and maybe he should pop out and get a six pack now. Mumbling to himself about his beers disappearing; Jack slipped out and off to the store.
Immediately Arthur came over and grabbed his daughter pulling her to him he landed a kiss which was more than the norm between father and daughter; Pauline actually pulled away saying there was a problem. She quickly explained how his phone call had been over heard by Leroy who was now blackmailing her; she had to tell her dad several times to stop trying to pinch her tits. He finally asked in what way was he blackmailing her.
Pauline blushed and said nothing; “Is he demanding money?” her father asked. She shook her head; “Demanding sex then?” asked her father. Pauline slowly nodded; “the bastard he needs to be taught a lesson!” snapped Arthur.
“Yes but how?” enquired Pauline.
Suddenly Arthur slapped his thigh and said, “leave it to me; I have a couple of buddies who owe me a favour and they will be happy to sort him out!”
“Oh promise me you won’t hurt him! After all I would not like to think of him being harmed because of me!” Pauline continued.
“You are too soft! But ok I promise no rough stuff, but i will arrange for him to have the shock of his life!” he teased.
Just then an almost out of breath Jack stuck his head through the living room door and offered Arthur a can. Instantly there was a respectable gap between father and daughter although I must point out a rather guilty look on Pauline’s face. Soon Jack slouched down on the settee beside his father in law and raising his can announced, “Cheers”
Jack never left Arthur’s side that night adding to Pauline’s worries; did he now suspect something because even as Arthur was leaving Jack escorted him to the door, something he never normally did; but what she did not know was that Jack was actually tapping her dad for a contribution to the beers; hinting that it was getting too expensive to be buying beers for two buddies all the time.
When Jack returned; Pauline immediately announced she was going to bed; but was halted when Jack told her to wait a minute; she expected a row and was suddenly almost bursting out laughing when Jack apologised saying, “Sorry but I thought it only fair he contribute to the beer fund as he seems to be here all the time drinking ours!”
Pauline smiled and said, “whatever you think is fine; babes!”
That night Pauline tossed and turned as she wondered what her father had in mind to sort out the problem at school; by morning she felt shattered and still sleepy; Jack put it down to them not having any sex during the night and argued to himself that Monday morning she was so different when he had fucked her silly although he could not remember doing so and never quite understood how he ended up in the single bed in the spare room.
All day at school she found it hard to look straight at Leroy and he thought that was because secretly she enjoyed his dominance over her at the detention; little did he know it was because of fear of what might happen to him at the hands of her father and his two friends. At the end of the school day Pauline’s father was there at school and quietly asked Pauline to point out Leroy. Then he disappeared and Pauline continued home alone as usual.
Pauline sat nervously all evening scanning the radio news and television news channels dreading to hear of an attack on a local coloured guy; but now bulletins were given to that effect so at ten thirty she went to bed; closely followed by Jack. Jack suggested if she was in the mood they could have a repeat performance of Sunday night and he would make her happy and relaxed again. Pauline had to hide her shock; and put him off saying that she had a bad migraine and she thought it probably better if she slept in the spare room tonight so as not to disturb him if she had to get up for tablets and what have you. She kissed him lightly on the forehead and hurried off to the spare room.
As she lay in the darkened room naked beneath the sheets she allowed herself a little chuckle as she thought, if only you were half as good as the sex she enjoyed on Sunday night there would be no need for her to he screwing her father. She suddenly felt guilty; not about messing around with her dad but for using words like screwing even in her thoughts.
The night passed slowly as Pauline imagined every siren she heard was heading to a dying Leroy; she thought she had just closed her eyes when the alarm went off to get her up for school; as she prepared the breakfasts she listened to the local news station and was relieved when no mention of an attack was given out.
At school she saw Leroy; he looked normal apart from a little scared; She managed to catch up to him before the third lesson and asked him if he was alright; he turned and snapped saying “Alright when you sent those two police officers to see me; they told me that they had built a case file two inches thick on me and with a few other unsolved crimes in the area could make sure I was sent away for a very long time.”
A stunned Pauline walked away; had Dad really sent two police officers to see Leroy and would they really fit him up with all the unsolved crimes just to get rid of him; Pauline’s moral conscience now bothered her greatly; no doubt in her mind that Leroy was a bad ‘un but to fit him up for crimes he never committed she could not condone; she made sure she was alone when she phoned her dad.
“Dad; what have you done?” she asked and having been told he had sorted her problem out; she added, “Yeah but to involve the police and to threaten to fit him up with things he did not do! I cannot go along with that!” she said idealistically.
Her dad laughed as he said “I see you spoke to Leroy, it’s good he believes they were real cops then; but babes they were two ex army buddies who were led to believe that Leroy had been selling drugs at school; I never mentioned blackmail at all!”
A more relieved Pauline saw out the rest of the school day and later at home was even pleasant with Jack but made sure not to promise too much for she wanted so much now that the baby she hoped she was carrying to be her dad’s and only her dad’s.
Next morning Jack heard sobbing coming from the bathroom and gently tapping on the door he asked if Pauline was alright; instantly the sobbing stopped and a weak voice said she would be fine and he should go down and put the kettle on she would be down soon. AS Jack messed up trying to make coffee for the pair of them; Pauline entered the kitchen and immediately scurried to clean up the mess telling Jack he was hopeless around the kitchen.
Jack took Pauline’s arm and led her to the kitchen table and asked why she had been crying in the bathroom; with tears welling up in her eyes she said she was so convinced she was going to have a baby and this morning she had started a heavy period and so it was just another pipe dream.
Jack slipped his arm around his wife and said there will be other days babes; maybe we could wait a week or so and have another big session like the Sunday night and you would be pregnant then. Pauline had to stop herself from snapping back at him that the Sunday night session he kept going on about was between her and her dad not her and him; but she did not.
On the Saturday night once more her parents joined them for an evening meal and Pauline told them of her false hope; only she saw the flickering smile from her dad and both parents consoled her and said there will be other times.
Sure enough As Jack left out of the front door to go on his planned fishing trip the following Friday night her dad was slipping in through the back door. Even before Jack’s car had left to pick his buddies up her dad had his hands up her skirt and her knickers down round her ankles as he passionately kissed her neck promising her a weekend of nonstop love making. As if to prove the point he had her undressed and on the floor doggie style in the living room before carrying her upstairs to her bedroom and laying her on the bed.
Eagerly she sucked his cock back to hardness and then climbed on top of him riding him hard as he played with her tits; Pauline’s mum phoned on the Saturday morning to find out if her dad had stayed there overnight night as she was a little worried and whilst Pauline explained he had stayed and had drunk too much beer to drive home he was ramming his cock into her from behind for the fifth that morning.
By Sunday afternoon she had lost count of the number of orgasms she had experienced this weekend and also lost count of the number of sessions they had endured but she did know her cunt was sore but happy and her husband was due home in the next half an hour. Her dad had left only moments ago after leaving his final load of spunk deposited deep inside her cunt.

Three months later after several more sessions with her father she found out she truly was pregnant and at the 12 weeks stage of pregnancy so she figured that fishing weekend had certainly baited her hook.
Pauline had her baby a beautiful baby boy at seven pounds thirteen and she noticed in proportion to his body his cock was going to be a real lady pleaser.

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This entire story gets an 8+ from me. Outstanding--all three chapters