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09-17-2006, 06:07 AM
This is an exerpt from a novel posted on the site.....The complete Story can be viewed after membership is activated....:D

Slowly Amanda worked her way down the hall. The door to her parent's
room was slightly ajar and she could see her dad standing by closet in
his slacks. He didn't have his shirt on. She stared at his naked back.
It looked so strong and masculine. Her dad was in great shape with well
formed muscles that rippled when he moved. His daughter almost went weak
in the knees looking at him.

John noticed someone outside his room. It had to be Amanda since Jen had
already left. He turned and called to her. When she walked into the room
John was transfixed. It was his daughter but not his little girl. The
woman that was standing five feet from him was the sexiest thing he'd
ever seen. He was getting turned on just looking at her.

09-22-2006, 02:42 PM
This weeks sneak Peak is in the Incest Forum...By uncle David......To view the entire story you must Become an Active Member...

wanted to tell you the story of something that happened to me recently. My wife had invited her two young cousins to spend the night at our place and watch some movies. The older of the two was named Hanna and she had just turned 15. Hanna is a fun, cute girl to hang out with. This was the first time that I started to notice her development and I think she is going to be a stunning beauty when she gets older. But back to the story.

We all took our showers and were hanging out in our pajamas. My wife was still getting dressed when the two girls got into an argument about who would sit on my lap. So they both tried. This was nothing new. They had sat on my lap many times before so I thought nothing of it. Well, Hanna’s sister complained about not having enough room so she scooted back further on my lap.

09-23-2006, 07:11 PM
I'm sure that will catch someones eye...good choice...that's a good story

09-28-2006, 03:36 PM
This next choice is by....wifwat....Dance of sex......Join the forum and read the entire story...VERY HOTTT STUFF......

We were quite packed in on the dance floor, so I took the opportunity to feel Beth up as I was sure that no one could see as we were surrounded by other couples. The music now was all slow songs, so there was a lot of smooching going on all around us. I had my hand down between us and up inside Beth’s mini skirt. I was just gently rubbing her through her thong. Not enough to get her over excited but just enough to have her murmuring in quiet passion as she rested her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed.

09-30-2006, 04:30 PM
hot hot hot .....

10-05-2006, 10:07 PM
This weeks selection is from our very own Super Mod Freedom37803....an exerpt from her first chapter.......

Mandy was scared but excited all at the same time. She had never thought of herself as anything special. She was tall for a woman at 5’11” but had never thought anything about it. Her auburn hair was straight and fell to her ample hips. She loved her long hair. It was her one vanity. She loved the way it framed her grass green eyes. She couldn’t wait till the dresses arrived. She was a nervous wreck.

She could imagine the layout. A big fancy dinner table with the mysterious host sitting at the far end of the shadows. It was almost like a fantasy of some sort. She wondered what he looked like.

Who could have been watching her? She worked at a local five star restaurant called Le Une. It was a high class place that only the rich came to. Was it one of her regular patrons? Which one? She started running their faces through her head. But none of them seemed the type to do something like this.

She sat back down on the couch and picked up the remote. She started to flip the channels but she couldn’t get her mind off of what had just happened. The whole idea of someone watching her made her blush. She tried to imagine herself walking through the restaurant past tables shrouded on darkness. Her heart began to race as her mind tried to see who was watching her. Mandy had to be at work in a few hours. How could she work knowing that one of her customers could be the man she would meet on Friday?

10-11-2006, 04:13 PM
This weeks choice is by our Author Chris..."Fire Within"......Very Hot story....to view the entire story just become a member today.....

Sophie gulped and struggled to control her breathing as she stood across from Brad’s silhouette in the dark bedroom. She had never felt this aroused by a man, and could hardly wait to feel him inside of her. But she vowed to pleasure him in ways that he had never experienced before in the process. Slowly she moved toward him, diverting her mouth at the last second to kiss his ear and whisper, “You’re so sexy.” Roughly, he pulled her to him and tangled his hands in her hair, transferring all the passion he felt through his lips. She slowly removed his shirt and ran her hands along his contoured upper body, feeling even more aroused by the moment. She unzipped his jeans and helped him remove them, and then, kneeling, pulled down his boxers, kissing his thighs and on his abdomen before swiftly taking his entire penis in her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. “Oh god…” he murmured. Sophie pushed him back onto the bed and slowly walked away, her back to him. Sighing, she peeled off her wet shirt and clutched her breasts, turning slightly to allow him to enjoy the profile.

10-18-2006, 09:32 PM
Hello folks....this weeks sneak peek is from the story "The Confession" by our own Usedtichue2....To view the entire story and the Hot sex contents you need to join us here at Blue....

recently had an event happen in my life that I feel like I have to come clean about. I am a married man and I just had my first affair on my wife. Something that I never ever thought that I would do. I feel guilty and I thought that maybe this is a way for me to get it off of my chest and start over with a clean slate.

I met a women actually through this forum and her name is Amber. Right from the beginning she was someone who peaked my interest. I have always had a thing for Asian women. It has always been a secret fantasy of mine to be with one.

I guess it started when I was in the Air Force. I met a girl named Gretta Tan. She was this sweet little Chinese girl who I got along with very well. We would hang out and talk for hours. Well one night I could no longer resist my attraction to her and I leaned in to give her a kiss. It was one of the most exciting nights of my life.

Later, Gretta and I would have some serious make out sessions that would include fondling of one another. It never went further than that. I am not sure why but it just kind of stopped there. Although Gretta and I remained very good friends.

10-24-2006, 02:05 PM
My choice this time around is a well established writer on Blue as well as Poetry...he has a brilliant way with words and always weaves a fabulous tale....his stories are not all fluff and sex though......this snippett is from "the Interview part.1"...bywritermike

“You are right, as I said earlier the bidders become your owner. You sell your freedom. The first month gives the couple a chance to see what they bought. The five-month term gives you an opportunity to see if you want to go for another year, in six-month increments or back out and take some money. During the contract, you will not be allowed to go anywhere that you are not taken to by the owner. They will go places and not take you must stay home. You will be eating, bathing, and sleeping, with them, and you cannot be potty shy. Keeping up appearances is very important. Your day off is spent in a private room ‘in’ their home. Well by the end of the third contract, four and a half years, I’m afraid you will have lost your appeal to those long term clients.” Leon explained and added, “Remember it is your youth and innocents that is of value. There are other lucrative contracts available, but that’s for another time. Any way I suspect that if you stay and complete all three contracts you won’t need to work.”

“So I cook, clean house, and have sex with my ‘owners…’ as you call them. I submit to their every whim and nothing else.” Rachel commented dryly.

“You won’t get past the first month with that attitude.” Starr jumped in. “Hun your going to act fun and be fun. You must be seductive and seduce them and be seduced by them. Think of them as your mates your lovers. You’ll need to melt in their hands, and you will need to make them melt in your hands.” She paused as she mused over a memory and remarked, “What makes a toy popular is that it is fun and easy to play with.”

10-31-2006, 04:33 AM
This weeks sneak peek is an Author I featured before.....heres a peek from "Summer Job"...by Chris

He stood in front of the toilet with his hands at his sides, then I remembered I had to just about pee for him, so I took his dick out. I was really impressed with its size, soft, it was six or seven inches long and I thought, what a waste, a cock that size and it couldn’t be used. I held it while he peed, was wiping it off, pulling the skin back and forth to get all the drops out, like my ex boyfriend had shown me, so there wouldn’t be a wet spot on his pants and it started getting hard. By reflex I guess, I gave it a squeeze, it got hard as stone, grew to about eleven inches and was more then a handful. I had to check it out, so I was moving it around looking at it, he started rocking back and forth and when I didn’t do anything at first, he started to get real agitated. I remember what his mother said, sure as hell didn’t want to blow this job the first day, panicked and started to jerk him off. He calmed right down, so I wrapped both hands around that beauty and stroked it until he arched his back and shot enough cream out of his cock to fill a small bottle.

11-07-2006, 04:38 AM
This weeks sneak Peek is from a great Author and Poet here on our site...this is an action packed hard-core story....to view it in full just become a member

The Crime, The Criminal, The Victim.....by writermike

Chp. 1 The Crime pt. 1
“I’m home Lincy honey.” Greg Mineras called out as he entered their house and hung his coat on the tree, the returning silence sent a chill running through his spine urging him to call out again, “I’m home honey…” his voice trailed off as he entered the living room to find the coffee table turned over, the light tree knocked to the floor, in the middle of the room a torn shirt and one shoe… “God one shoe.” Greg thought as he slumped to the footstool as if the weight of the world was upon his shoulders and the feverish protests of his wife Lincy echoed, “No honey I can’t… I’ve told you too much already… I won’t tell you anymore and I won’t tell anyone else or he will know! I tell you he will know!” in answer to his urgings, “Honey he is just going to keep doing it if you don’t help the police; other women will have to suffer just like you have, anyway the police will catch him long before he finds out you told them anything.”

The suddenness of his realization; ‘she was right’ the clothing left behind as a grim reminder of the smash and grab rapist, and the cold emptiness of the house ripped Greg’s heart open. His face twisted in agony as his tears spilled down his cheeks and his stomach heaved in wrenching gags caused by his intense rage, and fear; helplessness and loathing, disgust of his own arrogance and the painful realization that his wife may soon be dead or worse tortured and kept at bay for the cruel entertainments of her captor, then turned into his concubine to breed more bastards. Gone, taken, just as she had predicted he some how knew, he some how knew.

Through his tears he gazed at the phone wondering; the call that took his wife as she predicted came from that phone, and would yet another call worsen her fate. He remembered the news flash that spawned his urgings and now confirmed, his wife’s warning that the police are powerless to stop him, inept compared to his cunning. As he hung his head in surrender he moaned out and thought to him self, “How could I be so dumb; not realizing the number of years this diabolical criminal has held all of the law enforcement agencies including the military at bay, while he picks and chooses his prey at his leisure, and taking them at his convenience.” Greg’s thoughts soon gave way to the echoes of that news flash.

“We have some late breaking news about the smash and grab rapist; in yet another one of his daring day time attacks he has taken another three victims today; one of them thought to be the youngest known victim yet, her information will be with held because of her age. The other two are Nicolia Grinnell age twenty-two and Yvonne La NaÔfay age twenty-eight, their families have been notified. All three victims lived at the apartment complex and it is our understanding that all three victims knew each other, and as is all too often the case no one heard or saw anything out of the ordinary. We will continue our coverage and interrupt the scheduled programming as the case develops.”

11-14-2006, 01:51 AM
This weeks sneak Peek comes from one of our Older Authors...not older as in age, but been here as a member for a spell....

Im hoping they may decide to honor us with some more stories and start writing here again....This is a bit from:

Home again, Home again.....by thearchivist....to see the really good stuff you have to join the site.......:)

Every evening Dad and I would get ready for bed and cuddle on the couch and watch TV. We would talk about my day and he’ld knock back his beers until he eventually fell asleep. One evening while we were watching a game he asked me to get him a beer, which I being a dutiful daughter did. As I got another beer from the refrigerator I looked at the pile of cans that he had already accumulated it dawned on me that Dad might have a drinking problem. When I returned to the couch I purposely set his beer on the coffee table just out of his reach and turned to glare down at him. Puzzledly he looked up at me and grinned shaking his head as he leaned forward to grab his beer. I put my arms around his neck and straddled his lap as I sat blocking his path. “Daddy, I love you but I think you may have a problem,” I said in my sternest voice. He gave a chuckle, while shaking his head and leaned forward, hand outstretched in a vain attempt to grab his beer. I grabbed both his hands and pulled them to my chest while pleading, “Daddy you have got to listen to me!” His bleary eyes glared into mine and I felt his fingers trying to wiggle free. I bent my forehead to his and asked again, “Daddy, are you listening?” That’s when I realized his fingers hadn’t been struggling to get free but were rubbing my nipples as his hands grasped my breasts.

11-20-2006, 12:35 AM
This weeks choice is from one of our New Authors to the Site...Big Hello to Deputy Duffy....this tale is called "The reluctant Call Girl".....to view it all Just join the Forums....it's quick...its easy...and its FREE

"Wait just a fucking second!" Jenny screamed. She pushed Adriana away. Jenny sprang up and grabbed the surprised madam by the neck with one hand and a sharp letter opener from the desk with the other. "How the fuck did you know she was my cousin?"

"And you, don't fucking move!" Jenny screamed, looking at the startled nephew. "Or I'll gut her like a pig."

"Adriana, check his clothes for a gun."

Jenny had to tell her stunned cousin twice. She didn't find anything on them, but then Jenny had her search the desk. Adriana found a black handgun in the bottom drawer. She quickly passed it to Jenny and then raced over to her pile of clothes.

"Answer my question, bitch!" Jenny snarled, now pointing the gun at the madam.

"Please, put the gun down before you hurt someone. It's not a toy," Sonia whined. Ricky tried to sneak closer, but stopped when she pointed the gun at his still hard spot. She ordered him onto the floor face down. He did so with some discomfort. Then Jenny had Adriana tie his arms behind his back with his belt and stuff his underwear into his mouth.

Jenny sneered, "I know this is a nine-millimeter, and it will put a good size hole in your head. The one thing my daddy taught me before he died was how to use a fucking gun. I think he wanted boys; he was a cop after all."

11-28-2006, 03:09 PM
This week's sneak peek is from one of our more established Members......City of Lust...by Char......to view the entire story and the hotter parts, just join the site....it's fast, easy, and freee

I woke with the sun streaming through thin gauzy curtains burning into my eyes. The room was warm, but not hot, creating an urge in me to snuggle deeper within the lacy coverlet I was under. My cock began its morning ritual of stiffening and begging to take a leak, I reached to give it a good scratch when I realized my hands were bound, above my head. I saw the bars of a wrought iron confection that made up the head board. My mind raced, attempting to remember the night before, I remembered going for a gondola ride after leaving the museum. I remembered stepping onto the street where my hotel was located and seeing a beautiful girl. She had smiled and flirted, speaking to me with an adorable Italian accent that made every word sound good.

12-05-2006, 05:40 PM
This weeks choice was not written by me....but one I posted to the site......"professors office Hours".....to read the really hot and juicy parts just join the forum.....;)

Preface: These two characters know each other-- they're having an illicit affair and decide to live out one of her fantasies-- or his fantasies, whichever you prefer.

Story: She walks briskly into class a few minutes early and sits in the front row. She pretends to look over her notes from the previous class. She sits up straight, her eyes down, swinging her crossed leg rhythmically. She has a big secret and she's deathly afraid some one will surmise. She's wearing a short, flirty summer skirt and her legs are bare, no tights. The professor comes in and class begins. He notices that she is sitting in the front row, notices her posture and her big black mary jane wagging at the end of her long, bare, tightly crossed leg. He notes the slight flush on her face and the way she won't look up from her papers. To make her look at him, he asks her a question. She squirms noticeably in her seat, re-crossing her legs. As she is answering, he interjects, "I'm sorry, Miss Jones, could you speak up a little," and she has to answer the question again while the professor examines her.

She's blushing and she feels hot and flushed when she finishes. "Well, that's only half the answer. What about the ..." And, as he proceeds to complete her answer, he watches her closely. He's enjoying her nervous antics, the way she presses her legs together so tightly, her slightly arched posture--seemingly attentive but unable to look him in the eye, obviously distracted. When he is through, he reassures her somewhat derisively. "Don't be troubled, Miss Jones. This isn't the final." Then he turns out the classroom lights and puts a video on the monitor, excusing himself for a few minutes while he gets last week's quizzes from his office. She stays in her seat as long as she can but can stand it no longer. She leaves the classroom and heads for the women's bathroom. She sees the professor returning to class and he tells her he needs to speak with her in his office immediately. "Can it wait till after class, Professor?"

12-12-2006, 02:55 AM
This week's sneak peek comes to us from a New Author....."Helping Dad" pt.1 by gramps......to enjoy the hot and steamy stuff you'll have to join the forum

It's fast its easy and its free......;)

At home the doors to the two bathrooms faced each other
across a small alcove, and the washbasin in my dad's
bathroom was right inside the door. I had come out of my
bathroom and my dad was standing in front of the wash stand,
completely nude, shaving and I could see his cock very plainly.

When it was soft it was about the size of half a polish
sausage. About seven inches long and it looked like it was
nearly two inches in diameter. And it was wrinkled like the
inside had shrunk and the outside hadn't. Not at all like
mine. Although I was a generous and fairly thick seven
inches when hard I shrunk up to the size of my thumb when I
was soft. I often wondered how big Pop was when he got hard!

12-23-2006, 05:39 PM
This week's sneak Peek comes from a New Author Here at Bluestories.....The story is: A very Nice Kinky Lady......by eric

To view all the good stuff...join the forum...it is fast, easy and free.....;)

This is one of a few stories that I will post of hot times I have been lucky to have had...First one that I have wrote and let me know how it is!!!

I want to tell you about a kinky married lady (Mary Ann) that I played with off and on for 3 years or so. Her husband was in the navy. When he was on duty, or out on cruises, we had time to play. How we met was cool also, I lived in base housing (I am retired Navy) and she lived right next door...the navy housing was attached townhouses. Her husband was out to sea, and she knocked on the door one day, my ex came in and asked if I could help Mary change out a light bulb. I jumped up and went next door with her, and changed out the kitchen lightbulb, asked her if there was anything else she needed, and she said the upstairs hallway light was out also. I had to get my ladder out for that and told my ex...I changed that bulb and she tried to give me $10, I told her I would rather have a hug and a kiss. Now I do love to kiss and have been told I am a good kisser. I laid a long deep kiss on her and then another. My ex happened to be going out that evening with a couple of girls from work,,,I told Mary that I could come back over around 8ish that evening if she would like...well I did and we had a lot of fun for a couple of hours...but that story would be boring for what I can write about her. As we played, several months down the line, I would get kinky letter magazines and circle ones that I wanted her to read, and she vice versa and we started into a lot of kinky game and role playing.Here is a story about one kinky night of play, with her being dominate...

12-31-2006, 12:25 AM
This little exerpt is from our own wifwat...Fantasy Club...in our Slut Wife Forum.....to view the hot sex...join the forum.....

Now it was happening, it was about to become a reality. I reached for the phone, my hand shaking. I managed to get it to my ear but I was having difficulty hearing with the sound of my heart beating in my ears. A mans voice said ‘Barb, go to the bus stop at the end of your street and wait.’ Then the line went dead. I had to pull myself together. A few deep breaths and I started to relax a little. My next worry was what if I should meet someone I know. I was wearing a raincoat in the middle of summer.

Well thankfully it was just going dark so perhaps no one would be about or at least wouldn’t recognise me. I had just got to the bus stop when a car pulled up; a man got out of the back and held the door open for me. Now was the moment of truth, could I go through with it or turn and go back home.

Without thinking about it, I got into the car. Another man was on the back seat and as I turned to see the first man climbed back in beside me, the other man slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I think it was a sleeping mask, the type they give you on planes. I didn’t have a chance to see who the driver was. Both men then started to unbutton my raincoat. My first reaction was to stop them but they took hold of my hands and placed them at my sides. My coat was pulled open and my breasts were bared to their gaze.

01-08-2007, 04:38 PM
This week I chose another exerpt from Deputy Duffy.....The Undecover Paralegal......In the Nonconsent Forum....To view it in full...Just Join the Forum....

Next, it was off to buy a new bikini. She went to a small, name brand clothing store. The well-dressed sales girl helped her pick out a few to try on. Cheryl blushed when she offered to help. Cheryl just shook her head and scurried off to the changing rooms at the back of the store. She hurried out of her clothes and tried on the first one. She took some time looking herself over, as it had been a few years since she had worn a suit that brief.

"I guess I can still pull this look off," she said with a nervous giggle. "Plus, I still have these." She pulled the string on her bikini top, and her breasts fell out. Yes, the surgeon that fixed her breasts after her second son had done a marvelous job. Everyone said so. She pirouetted, her exposed breasts bouncing and staring back at her in the mirror. She reached up and cupped them in her hands, running her thumbs around her pink areola and then, with a purr, over her erect nipples.

"Are you all right, Ma'am?"

"Ah...yes!" Cheryl squeaked. Her face flushed when she heard the sales girl's voice, and she suddenly remembered where she was. She tried on a more conservative solid red one next and thought it was more appropriate. And she felt less naked. Though she liked it, she still tried on a dozen more before she left with the simple red one. Before she left, she also grabbed a white silk robe. On her way home, she made a stop to get a spray-on tan, since having two sons to look after didn't leave her with a lot of time to laze in the sun.

While she was shopping, she also thought about what to tell her husband -- and what not to tell him. She decided that, after they put the kids to bed for the night, she would tell him she had to work tomorrow with Jack Donahue and that they had an important meeting...with Carrasso (just in case). And that's all she dared tell him, for now.

01-14-2007, 02:22 PM
This week's choice is from an Author that has graced our site with Numerous Stories...I thank him for that.....Here is a bit from "Learning The Ropes"....by Deputy Duffy

To read the entire juicy story...just join the Forum....and look under NonConsent.....:)

I looked her over. Ann was dressed in a tight form fitting blue skirt and a matching sweater that hugged her large breasts. Looking lower, she wore sparkling blue, high heels that made her about six feet tall. As my father was running his hands over her body, he began asking her rapid-fire questions (he told me to write her answers down on the clipboard that was hanging on the wall), all of which she seemed none to happy to have to answer.

Name: Ann Davis

Age: 35

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 122

Measurements: 34d-24-35

(I had no idea what the measurements even signified when I wrote them down, but that sheet of paper still hangs in my locker to this day.)

"Your turn," My father barked, having finished giving Ann's body a good going over.

I turned to look at Ann's green eyes now welled up with tears. She was obviously embarrassed, but with the handcuffs, she was helpless. I guess, in my blue uniform and with my baby 19-year-old face, I had to look more like a "Boy Scout" does than a "Deputy" does. I moved slowly, my face flushed, not really believing this was happening. I followed my father's instructions that he was barking. I started running my hands over her blue skirt, and then up her back, and then down her front, just lightly brushing her breasts, and then finally down the front or her skirt. I stood back and exhaled, not even sure I breathed a single breath, throughout. I thought I did a good job but my father just looked at me and laughed.

"Son, you weren't paying attention," he huffed. (Something I've heard a couple million times before.)

"When searching a busty suspect like her, you have to take your time and do a thorough search, she can hide a lot of contraband in there." He said this while fondling Ann's breasts over her sweater. He stopped and shoved her into me and I went next trying to do a better job this time. I was trying to act professional but I had to admit I loved having Ann's soft sweater covered breasts in my hands. I noticed Ann squirming under my touch, as I started slowly squeezing them, but she remained surprisingly silent, but I'm sure if she weren’t cuffed she would have slapped my face.

"Son, when a suspect is wearing heavy clothing you might have to make some adjustments. Now unbutton that sweater," my father said, tapping me on the shoulder.

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Nice peeks :jo

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Thanks I hope folks are enjoing them.....:)

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This weeks choice is a New Author....WyldWil....this story can be found in the Erotic story Forum....."Jesminder and Me"

Join the forum to read the entire story...and lots of other great stories...;)

As I said, I knew she had a wild side buried under the expectations of what it was to be a ‘good’ Indian woman, and whilst we’d been having sex and enjoying it for a long time, I thought I could probably make it better for both of us if I just unlocked that part of her. This would need a cunning plan. A plan so cunning (warning: lame pun ahead),only a cunning linguist could execute it. Fortunately that is, if I do say so myself, my specialty. I knew from long experience that I could reduce my darling Jesi to a quivering, screaming (she has this funny habit of shouting in Hindi when she’s orgasming. It’s absolutely adorable, trust me.) mess with a bit of work. The question was how long I could keep her on edge, and what I could get her to admit to whilst she was there. Even if it didn’t work, this was going to be fun.

So, one warm Autumn evening I took her out to dinner. We talked over the meal, sharing a bottle of red wine, and becoming steadily more flirtatious as the evening progressed. By the time we left, her stockinged feet had progressed from stroking my ankles to teasing my groin, bringing me to an erection that lasted from the start of dessert and all the way home. We left the restaurant with my arm around her waist and her head nuzzling against my chest. As soon as we got home to my flat we wrapped ourselves around each other, our mouths together, our hands urgently exploring, groans of too-long repressed lust filling the room around us. I lifted her, already falling out of her pale blue dress, her lips warm against my neck, her divine nipple hard in my mouth as I fed ravenously on her irresistible round, brown breasts. As we more or less crashed through the door to my bedroom, I lay her down on the bed under me as she pulled my shirt off, caressing my back as we kissed, electrified with our shared passion.

We stopped briefly, gasping for air, me propped up over her on one hand, whilst the other tenderly stroked her hair and face, looking into her eyes. I’ve already mentioned what effect they have on me, but when we’re amorous like this, they positively burn with the heat in them. Sometimes, during long nights, all she has to do to get me back up is look at me like that, and I’m a new man, like some of the desire in her eyes has leapt into me. The moment stretched on, as she whispered ‘make love to me’.
“Not yet”, I responded, a wicked gleam in my eyes as I begin to kiss her, working down from her lips, across her chin, lingering on her neck, which I know is exquisitely sensitive. As my lips brushed ever so lightly across her skin, she began to whimper.

02-10-2007, 04:29 AM
This Sneek Peak comes from our own jallen944...A regular Author here at Bluestories....the story "Soccer Camp" can be viewed in the First Time Forum....here is a bit of that story...to find out what happens to poor Ethan you will have to join the site....

Mom chuckled. "Oh, yes. I'm not surprised. His father was hung, too. I mean well-endowed. He once told me it is a trait of all the McCullen men."

"I see. Well, it's nothing to be concerned about. It won't affect his health in any way ..."

He went on, but Ethan didn't listen. His mind was working on what Mom had said. His father was hung like this, too. All the McCullen men had abnormally large penises. Ethan began to forget his shame and embarrassment. For the first time he began to feel proud of what he had between his legs.

Nurse Thomas came out and stood beside him. He looked at her. She was smiling at him. On the front of her uniform was a big stain where he had shot his cum, and her nipples were hard points showing through the white fabric.

"I hope you have fun playing hockey, Ethan," she said.

"Thank you," Ethan answered politely. He wanted to ask her to show him her nipples, but he didn't dare.

"Maybe I'll see you again sometime."

She leaned over and quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek, then went down the hall into one of the rooms. Ethan watched her gorgeous ass.

02-20-2007, 03:19 PM
This weeks choice is a bit different but a good read...It's in Nonconsent...Called "Boot Camp Blues" by Deputy Duffy...

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"Ok, you six on this side," she said, as she looked our way.
"Remove all of your clothing and put it in the basket."

Gasps and moans quickly followed the order. I couldn't believe my
ears, even though that's what I thought she might say. I knew we
were going to relinquish our personal belongings after arrival --
that was spelled out in the forms that I had to sign at the
courthouse. But never, sis, did I dream it would happen like this.
I was looking around, dumbfounded, for a moment, and I guess most
of the other girls were, too.

"I said, 'STRIP'!" She snatched her nightstick off her belt. The
bald guard also pulled out his weapon. It was like a whip that a
jockey would use. It also reminded me that HE was there.

"In front of him?" one of the girls on the far end moaned out,
seemingly for me, or all of us.

"What! You don't think I've seen a pair of tits before?" he
snarled, as he raced over in front of her. He punctuated his
question with a whack on her thigh from his whip. She cried out,
probably more from shock than pain. I noticed the girl next to
me was already down to her panties. She slid them off, too, and
I gasped, realizing just HOW naked they wanted us.

"At least we have one camper that knows how to follow orders," the
female guard said, standing in front of the naked girl. She slid
over to me. "What the fuck is your problem, are you deaf?"

03-03-2007, 04:43 AM
This weeks Sneak Peek is by our very own Freedom37803....it can be viewed in the BDSM Forum...Here is an exerpt from "Dark Mansion 2"....

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She slipped out of bed and into the hall. Slowly she made her way back through the maze of halls and rooms until she came back to the foyer. She stood at the top of the stairs debating whether she should go down or not. He wouldn’t know she was there. Then maybe she could sleep in peace. She put a foot on the top stair then with a deep breath made her way down.

She reached the bottom easily and quickly. She had expected it to be pitch black once she reached the bottom but there were faint lights on in the ceiling above. She could make out huge pieces of furniture and things hanging on the walls but she couldn’t see them clearly. Suddenly the lights came on full force and she was blinded.

“I told you that you weren’t ready for this. I ask you as a guest in my house and you trespass into areas that you are not welcome in. I can only handle this one way my dear.”

Mandy had yet to turn around as she took in the site before her. There were whips, floggers, canes and chains hanging everywhere. All kinds of racks and torture devices hung from the walls. She felt her heart jump into her throat when his hand touched her shoulder.

“I’ll have to punish you Mandy. You brought it on yourself so I expect you not to fight me.”

“No please Eric. I’m sorry. I’ll go home if you want me too. It’s just that I kept dreaming about it. Please…I won’t tell anyone.”

“No. You did this now you must pay for it. Then I may let you go home.”

“May let me go home? You can’t keep me here. People will be looking for me. They will miss me at work.” She knew as soon as she said the last thing that it wasn’t true. Eric owned the restaurant and could tell her boss whatever he wanted.

She tried to turn to face him but he wouldn’t let her. “Just so you know…you are actually fulfilling a fantasy of mine. I’ve dreamed of having you in my service.”

She felt fear grip her heart but she also felt other parts of her respond as he grabbed her roughly and moved her towards a huge cage in the back of the room. “Please no…don’t put me in that thing.”

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LOL...you didn't tell me you picked me for this week...hope everyone likes it!

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Hee hee...sometimes I like things to be a surprise....

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This week's sneak peak can be found in the erotic stories section...if you like this join up and see what other goodies we've got!

Enjoy WyldWyl's Sweet Release.

This moment, so long awaited and filling my heart with a fiery joy as I pull you down to my bed. I feel your comforting weight on top of me as our lips meet, and I can feel a crackling energy passing like electricity between us, joining us, limbs entwined, lips together, tongues dancing and our bodies together. We move sinuously as one, clothes shedding as we go, breaking our kiss but soon rejoining with passion newly doubled. My mouth makes slow moves to your neck, drinking in the heady perfume of your beautiful hair. I feel your teeth, sharp and strong, but tender in the waiting, electrified skin of my neck, and I arch my head back, gasping your name.

03-26-2007, 11:19 PM
This weeks sneak peak is from Gloryboy's Suggestive Sister...to read the rest of this hot story you have to join. Plenty more where that came from!

When he awoke on Monday morning, he felt very strange. His knees hurt and his neck and back were sore. His sister, Dawn, smiled as he stumbled to the bathroom. It felt strange to be walking. He looked in the bathroom mirror. His hair was rumpled and then he noticed it- the indentations and a slight leather burn from where the collar had been. His hackles rose in anger and his neck hairs stood on end in sudden fear as he realized what must have happened.
“DAWN!” he screamed as he stomped towards her bedroom.

The world had been an even crazier place than usual in the last few years. Nobody knew exactly why yet but, here and there in the world, girls and women were beginning to develop extraordinary powers of the mind. They ranged from being able to read minds to directly speaking to someone telepathically to being able to control minds along with a few less common abilities. Dawn had begun to develop an ability to control minds about four years ago. But she had little control of it. Oh she made some high school jock that mouthed off to her lie face down in the mud while she walked over him so she would not have to step into the mud (as if she could not have stepped around it and, luckily, she remembered to release the control before he suffocated, leaving him running away from her in terror), but that was done in a fit of anger. Normally, she did not have enough power or control to do something like that. Then she started studying hypnotism.

Now, she had blossomed into a powerful ‘suggestor’ as they were called. Combining her telepathic ability to control minds with verbal suggestion and body language, she could quickly put people under. She was now eighteen years old, almost nineteen, and had moved into her own apartment for the first time. Her best friend from high school had made plans to move in with her right after high school graduation. Together, they could afford the apartment. But before the first month was over with, her friend had chickened out and moved back in with her parents. Dawn’s name was the one on the lease so she was stuck. Her Mom and Dad helped her out as best they could. But around that same time, her brother, Doug, was looking for a new apartment.

04-08-2007, 04:41 AM
This weeks sneak peek comes from an awesome new story by Frozen_North called Rite of Passage. It's a great story and well worth the read. Join us and read the rest of this wonderful tale!!

It was nearly spring, and I was rapidly approaching my 16th birthday. I was growing more and more anxious as the day approached. Not only would it be my sweet 16, but I would have finally come of age and be eligible for marriage... almost. Only one thing stood in the way, my Rite of passage.

The Rite was a law and a religious decree, "No girl may be considered eligible to marry unless she has undergone the Rite of passage and been sanctified into womanhood within the first fortnight of her sixteenth year". The nature of the Rite however is a closely guarded secret; girls who have gone through it are given explicit instructions to discuss it with NO ONE who has not already undergone it. The penalties for breaking this silence, I am told, are quite severe. My best friend Laura went through her rite about six months before. When I asked her for details, all she would say was, "It hurt! That's all I can tell you, and I probably shouldn't have even told you that, so you never heard that, ok?!" Disappointed and nervous, I dropped the subject.

A year ago, my mother dropped the bombshell on me that she had arranged for me to marry my grade-school sweetheart Micah. I had known that this was coming (It is custom after all) but I was still furious about not having a choice in the matter. Eventually I realized that she made the choice that I myself would have made. Micah; I had always been enamored with Micah. Mom couldn't have chosen better so I quickly got over being mad.

Micah and I used to spend all our time together before we hit 7th grade. After that he was transferred to the boys schools, while I and all the other girls were sent to the girls schools. Since then we hadn't seen each other as much as I would have liked.

Once we found out we were betrothed, we officially began our courtship, and renewed our love for each other. All our dates however, were VERY closely chaperoned by my parents, or his, or both.

Though I loved Micah dearly, the thought of spending the rest of my life with him was terrifying. I'd heard about the things that husbands and wives did together and I just didn't think that I could bring myself to DO those sorts of things; not even with Micah.

04-16-2007, 06:34 AM
This weeks sneak peak comes from our Supernatural section. Willow Chronicals #2 to enjoy more join....it's free...easy and painless.

We got on our bikes and headed off down the trail through the woods toward Erica's house. Erica had been acting differently for the last week or so. She seemed happier, more confident, more secretive, and I was Interested in finding out which guy was at the bottom of it.

About halfway down the trail Erica stopped and got off her bike. When I pulled up next to her she said, "Let's take a detour." Then she turned off the trail and walked her bike off through the trees.

"Where are we going?" I asked when I caught up to her.

In response she raised her right hand out flat and paused for a moment and concentrated. After a couple of seconds her hand started to glow slightly and then a match size flame came up from the center of her palm and hovered about an inch above her hand. She looked at me and smiled.

"I've been learning." She said.

I was so startled I almost wet myself.

"How?!" I asked.

Erica motioned off into the woods and said, "SHE taught me. She's taught me many things. And she wants to meet you, if you're willing. Trust me; she could answer your prayers in ways you couldn't even begin to imagine."

"Exactly who is SHE?" I asked.

Erica held up the flame again and winked. "SHE, as I said, is the answer to your prayers. Think about it Tara, Magic, like we've always dreamed of. There's more, so much more."

"But, aren't we headed toward the old willow?" I asked.

"That's where she lives, in a manner of speaking". She said. "Trust me. I've been going there for years. It's not what all the old stories say it is. However, all those old legends keep people away, so it's a nice private, secret place."

"So, what's she like?" I asked.

"She's very old;" Erica said "and very beautiful. She's very warm and loving and wise. However, I must tell you, she's so unlike anything you could possibly expect that your first meeting will be scary; mind-bendingly terrifying in fact."

05-11-2007, 03:40 AM
You'll find the rest of this great story in the Novels section....if you like cheerleaders...then you'll love this!

I was watching football one Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. I don't get a lot of unannounced visitors, so I was fairly sure that this was another solicitor of some sort. I peeked through the peephole and saw that I was probably right. It appeared to be some teenage girl.
I opened the door. The girl was probably seventeen or eighteen, cute, five-six or so, long blonde hair, full breasts, wearing shorts and a spaghetti strap top. I recognized her as Marianne, a girl who lived down the street.
"Hi. I'm raising money for the cheerleading squad. We're selling magazine subscriptions, and we have some really great deals.” She tried to stick a brochure in my hand.
“Is there anything you might be interested in?”
There was, but it wasn't magazines. Besides which, I knew these fundraising programs were complete rip-offs, raising twice as much money for the magazine company as they did for the kids.
"I don't think I need any magazines. But if you want, I can just write a check directly to your squad.”
Her eyes lit up. "You would? That would be really cool of you.”
"Come on in. Let me get my checkbook.”
She stepped into the house, and I shut the door. I got my checkbook out of the kitchen and returned to the foyer.
"This is a really nice house.”
"You must be rich or something, huh?”
"You could say that.”
I sat on my couch and opened the checkbook, setting it on the coffee table to write the check.
"How does fifty dollars sound?”
Her eyes swelled. "Fifty bucks? You're just going to give me fifty bucks?”
"I'd rather give it to you than the fundraising company you're working with.”
"Thanks a lot. You're sure there's nothing you need that we could do? Like wash your car or something like that?”
I smiled at her, looking her over slowly, pausing at her ample chest.
"Well, there might be something you could do, but I rather doubt it is what you had in mind.”
She returned the smile. "Like what? You may be surprised at what I may have in mind.”
"You are a very pretty girl, with a very attractive figure...”

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These are all great stories...Come on in and Join us here and read the stories in Full.

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These are all great stories...Come on in and Join us here and read the stories in Full.

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Another great sneak peek of one of our great authors. To see more join our wonderful site...registration is free and painless...lol...and there are hundreds of great stories and just about all the subjects you could imagine.

The Circle chapter 1

Mandy was twenty five years old, dark brown hair, well endowed and well proportioned. Mandy was still a single woman and although she would never have admitted it she was actually a virgin.
She had been on her way to work at eight o`clock in the morning when a taxi had pulled up beside her. Before she had had time to think or react she had been pushed into the taxi and grabbed by at least two pairs of hands. They had been totally uncompromising, not to say brutal, and had forced her hands behind her and tied her wrists before she could even think of struggling. When eventually she managed to break out of her shock and stupor it was too late, her hands were tied and a gag was being forced into her mouth.

05-20-2007, 03:12 PM
Great choice Freedom......Yes do join us here at Bluestories and enjoy in full all the Hot and sexy stories we have...

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Leonina (by Eve Adorer)

Synopsis: Is there a beast in all of us?


The doll that stepped from the SUV looked petulant.

In truth she was shy and self-conscious, covering her shyness by bossing her six-month-younger half-sister, who was giving as good as she got. Their attractive mother looked on, smiling indulgently.

For a fleeting moment, as another four-by-four, containing two very attractive blondes: driver and front-seat passenger: pulled into the parking slot beside the doll’s vehicle, this triumvirate were lost from view.

Then, as the doll, her kid-sister, and their mother waited to cross the car park, a reassuring ‘beep’ sounded in unison with amber lights flashing fore and aft, and five retracting door-locks ‘clunking’ as their Japanese SUV was instantly secured.

Locked also were the eyes of Sarah and Mary, two ‘Chocola-Consultants’ who had stopped off at this wayside halt for weary travelling salesgirls such as they. They met up once a month this way. Sarah covered the south of England for ‘Chocola de Royale’, and Mary the English midlands.

‘Chocola de Royale’ claimed to bring ‘the shear indulgence of the finest Belgian chocolate to the select few’, at a ‘reassuringly expensive price’. The ‘Chocola de Royale’ advertising also averred that their product was to be found ‘at all good emporia’.

Thus their advertising implied that by buying the Chocola de Royale product, at its ‘reassuringly expensive price’, one was, somehow, transported to very select circles, and that those ‘emporia’ that did not stock their product, were, by that very fact, self-defined as inferior.

Sarah and Mary’s two territories, or ‘patches’ as they themselves called them, overlapped, marginally, here at Sirensister. And old school-friends, and ex-lovers, as they were, they would meet here for a monthly coffee, and the occasional sinfully indulgent doughnut, under ‘the silver Q’ of the local MacQuims.

Was she fourteen or fifteen maybe? Sarah and Mary were transfixed. What pretty legs she had. They shone as if she had undergone a very recent waxing. Sarah and Mary thought alike, as great minds are said to do, and knew where else this little angel, and her kid-sister come to that, would definitely have been carefully fully waxed.

06-14-2007, 10:56 AM
I know Incest is our favorite forum so here's a sneak peak of one of our great stories...join up to see more!!!

My Incest Girl By Black Roses

It was 1986 and I was seventeen at the time that I first laid eyes upon her. Her name was Christine. She was seventeen, also. I didn't spot her anywhere, she wasn't an after school crush or anything like that. I found Christine in a magazine. Yes, a dirty magazine. And definitely not the kind kids, of any age, should be looking upon. But when you're seventeen living in a house with people 6 times your senior, you try not to explore, but end up finding things anyway. So in the midday Saturday afternoon of cleaning up after 50+ people I lived with, I was tucking the sheets in my Uncle's bed when I felt something underneath the mattress. Any kid would've looked, so I did. And found to my surprise, a magazine.

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This weeks sneak peak can be found in the sci fi section and is part on of many...lol...this is a great series...join up to check it out :)

Time Stream By Wizardwriter

I came to groggy, flat on my back staring up at a gray ceiling, feeling like I had a colossal hangover. The unsettling thing was I had no idea what a hangover might be, or for that matter who I was, not to mention where I was. I closed my eyes and concentrated hard on these facts. Flashes of images ran through my head, and then thoughts, but I wasnít sure I knew what they were.

Despite the images, not a clue to any of these questions came to me, but I felt the faintest of rocking motions. I couldnít place the sensation either, although there was a definite pattern to it. Funny thing was I knew what sleep was, but it didnít feel like I had been sleeping. Again there were no clues to what it might be, just what it wasnít.

Opening my eyes, I found the throbbing pain between my ears was still there. Ceiling and walls were smooth as glass, seamless, had to be metallic or one hell of a finish job. By this observation I reasoned I must have been some type of builder. No, that didnít feel right. How the hell would I know all this, but not something as simple as my name.

I held up my right hand, my left, then my right leg, and finally my left leg. My body parts were what I expected to find, five digits on each, all in working order. I looked down to see I was wearing some type of one-piece gray garment, reaching mid-thigh and sleeveless. Clothing was a tight enough fit to see I was male, something I already knew, although happy to confirm. Female was the only other choice I had on the matter. As for the garment, God only knows what it was made of. Different materials came to mind, but not this.

A thought hit me. ĎGod, a superior being that no one has truly seen.í Why on Earth would I know this? Earth! Yes, the world I came from, but neither of these told me who I was. Why would I think I wasnít on Earth? Identification! Yes, I should have some form of I.D. in my pockets. No pockets. No I.D. This was so confusing. I even knew the term for this condition, amnesia. As for this condition being so selective, not even a hint.

08-06-2007, 01:32 AM
This sneak peak is from Morning Musings by Daddybare...for more join up and check everything out...

Blinking awake in the too bright morning sun streaming in the bedroom window I pulled the covers over my head hoping for a few minutes more sleep. As I snuggled deeper under the covers, it was then my mind, still fuzzy started to pull the differentness together. I was in my bed but not on the edge I normally sleep on, I was in the middle, sandwiched between two naked girls! The one on my right was always there, my wife Carol. The other was my seventeen year old daughter Laura. For half a heart beat I pondered why she was there, then all the memories of what we three did the night before came flooding back in a rush!

08-17-2007, 08:43 AM
A Sneak peak of Sherrie Finds Legal Loopholes

By Eve Adorer

My name is Sherrie Nathan. I am a lawyer; a criminal lawyer; a defence lawyer and, yes, I have heard all the jokes about the similarity of the sound of my name with another far better known but, in his case, entirely fictional American defence lawyer.

I am thirty now. The story I have to tell you, the story all my friends ask me to tell over and over, is about what happened to me when I was just twenty-five and a complete know-nothing first time defending barrister in a court of law in a foreign land.

I am proud of my ability and feel no shame for what happened. A lawyer has to learn her craft. Apart from that one event, my record is second to none. Is it because I am a girl that people only want to hear of that one failure? Is it because I am a coloured girl that they enjoy it all the more? I have had to rise above petty jealousy and race discrimination to get where I am……………but I must not indulge my anger, you, I know, will understand and take my side.

You need to know more about me to understand my side of the story; especially if you have heard the version of my ex live-in girlfriend Hannah ***** whom I still love despite her bad mouthing me. It was Hannah I defended in court that day……..but once more I am starting at the end and setting a bad example, most unlike the cool calm logical and ordered lawyer I was and still usually am.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

This is the opening snippet from a great lesbian story of legal proportions by a new member and promising Authoress, Well worth a read folks and please remember to let the author/authoress know if you liked their story as their only reward is to have the feedback you provide...