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The curious case of Helen.

Helen Featherstone was a nurse; not just any nurse but a staff nurse in charge of the male ward at a world famous London hospital; She was 42 years old and what with her job and her mania for exercising she had a slim trim figure topped off with large 40 D bust; he short cropped blonde hair and hazel eyes gave her a lesbian appearance or to be more accurate the look of a dyke.

Nothing could be further from the truth; for in her own way Helen was cock crazy; when not working she was usually on the prowl for spare cock and frequented many of the swinger clubs in Central London. Of course she kept her job secret from the people she met at these clubs and likewise she always tried to keep her clubbing activities secret from work. Sod’s law says that sooner or later the two worlds were going to collide and collide they did that fateful day in January 1990.

A man was admitted and ended up on her ward; nothing unusual there then as it was a male ward but as soon as he saw her he recalled her from the previous Friday night when he had seen her minus her clothes let along her nursing uniform. He contemplated calling her straight over to let her know he knew her but decided that discretion be the better form of valour. On the pretext of needing some medication he got a junior nurse to bring the staff nurse over.

Once alone he whispered to Helen; “Hello again, I almost did not recognise you with clothes on!”

Helen looked shocked and tried to think where she would have met him but no she could not place his face; she blurted out, “I think you must be mistaken I do not recognise your face!”

“No my dear; you wouldn’t after all you were quite busy with lots of different cocks last Friday night at Club Casabianca!” he added.

Helen now knew he must have seen her there and recognised her and she now began to panic; until he told her that her secret was safe with him. After that he never bothered her too much; well no more than any other patient. With in the week his procedure was complete and he was being discharged so he knew he would have to act or lose the chance.

“Staff Nurse Helen; Can I have a word with you please?” he asked as she was stood talking to a couple of junior nurses. Helen excused herself and came over making sure no staff was anywhere near. “I would like to thank you for the way you have looked after me by taking you out for a meal: I have already checked with your colleagues and I know you are not working tomorrow night!” he stated.

“Well, it is really against hospital policies for staff to go out with patients and besides you owe me nothing it is my job after all!” she replied.

“Oh surely rules are sometimes meant to be broken or at least bent!” he insisted.

“Are you telling me that if I refuse you may accidentally let slip about the club the other Friday!” she enquired.

“Absolutely not; I told you your secret was safe with me and it will no matter what you decide in regard to this meal; I actually thought that knowing your sort of private likes I could offer you something you would most likely love. That’s all!” he responded.

Now intrigued; Helen thought for a moment and said; “Ok I will write down my phone number and just give me a call at four pm tomorrow!” Five minutes later she slipped him a piece of paper with her phone number on. A smiling Frank Welbeck left the hospital actually whistling to himself as he went.

Next morning he began to prepare the night for Helen; it took several phone calls to arrange everything and finally he booked a table for two at a restaurant near Epping Forest. Mid afternoon he got the call back he had been waiting for and everything was set.

At exactly four pm he called the number Helen had given him half expecting it to be a non-existent number but sure enough Helen answered after the fifth ring. Although she had reservations she was intrigued when Frank told her that he had made a reservation for two at the Robin hood restaurant; High beech; Epping forest; (Restaurant does not really exist) for seven pm and if she gives him her address he would be happy to pick her up at six pm. Helen decided it was better to meet at six pm outside the hospital she worked at. Curiously Frank told her to wear stockings, suspender belt, lacy panties, quarter cup bra, blouse and a loose fitting skirt. Helen never committed to wear any of these things and was a little worried when Frank said, “I would hate to have to punish you for incorrect clothes!”

Helen almost replied. “Fuck you; telling me what to wear!” but something told her to be careful and find out what she was getting into before she did anything to anger this man. In the finish she simply said. “Ok I will meet you at the hospital!”

At six pm; Helen was impatiently pacing up and down outside the hospital and had almost decided it had been a wind up when she was tooted and saw a man waving for her to come over to his car. As she approached she saw it was Frank and she let herself into the passenger seat; clicked on her seat beat and the car sped off. Forty minutes later the car pulled into the car park outside the Robin Hood Restaurant; found a vacant space and pulled to a stop. Helen unbuckled her seat belt was about to get out of the car when Frank stopped her; he simply said, “It’s check time! So raise your skirt my fine young slut!”

Helen was taken aback; she was not used to her dates talking to her like that but secretly it turned her on; she had to admit she was pretty free with her charms at the clubs she went to. Without any argument she opened her legs and raised her skirt; sure enough she had on black fish net stockings a red suspender belt and red floral lacy panties; Frank smiled and then slipped his hand inside her coat and sought out her large tits through her blouse; he knew instantly she had no bra cup covering her tits because he felt the instant heat of her flesh but instead of releasing them he slowly and deliberately sought out her nipple and gave it a twist; causing Helen to groan slightly.

“Oh my wanton whore is getting excited; are you; Bitch!” Frank teased.

Again Helen was shocked but excited but said nothing; Frank opened his door and walked round to Helen’s side of the car and opened her door for her; As she stood up he told her to remove her coat and follow him. It was not until she caught a glimpse of herself in a darkened window that she saw why he had told her to remove her coat; her large tits support by the quarter cup bra did not sag but instead it helped emphasise her erect nipples; you see Helen had unusual nipples once erect they stood out nearly three quarters of an inch and always made the front of her clothes stick out.

Now she actually felt slutty and felt every man’s head turn and watch her walk passed; normally she would have shrunk away from such open ogling; that is unless it was at one of her favourite clubs; but today she stuck her chest further out and smiled her way to the table with Frank.
Everything seemed to settle down during the meal except Frank kept hinting that she would love to fuck the waiter; who was a youngish slim man about 21 years of age. Every time he went away from the table he would comment on what a cute butt he had and how Helen ought to flash her stocking tops the next time he came back. Helen decided to join in with the fun because it was turning her on seriously; the next time the waiter came over to their table Helen dropped her fork and the waiter dutifully bent down to retrieve it for her and she opened her legs wide and flashed him not only her stocking tops but also her suspender belt and panties.

The waiter tried his best not to show he had seen anything but hurried away with a tray strategically placed tray to hide the start of his hard on. Bringing a clean fork he found that Helen had undone the top three buttons f her blouse and thanks to some skilful manipulations by Frank’s fingers was sporting very erect bullet pointed nipples. The waiter waited to attract the couples attention but marvelled that she was allowing this man to almost openly massage her stupendous tits. He took their order and disappeared; Frank watched his retreat and soon noticed that about four men stuck their head around the kitchen door and looked in their direction.

Frank told Helen she had peeked more than just the waiter’s interest and told her what he had seen; Helen blushed slightly but felt even hornier knowing that several men were probably fantasising about her right at that moment. The rest of the meal went without incident until just before the desert course when Frank told her to go to the ladies; make sure her panties were well and truly soaking in her cunt juices and then remove them. Then she was to wait near the kitchen run for their waiter before kissing him on the cheek and then pressing her panties into his hand as his tip.

Helen replied, “No please Frank; I could not do that!”

“Yes you can; bitch after all you’re the slut of the Club Casabianca!” he replied.

Reluctantly Helen stood up and walked towards the toilet area feeling all the eyes of the other customers male and female on her; this in its self made her feel even sexier and gave her the courage to continue; In the ladies she was confused as to whether to go into the tiny cubicles to rub her cunt hard or stand in the wash area and do it as she looked at herself in the mirror. She decided to be ultra adventurous and to do it in the open wash area. She hitched her skirt up and watched herself in the mirror as she began to stroke her cunt through her panties; she had just begun to bite her lip as her passion rose when the door opened and in stepped a woman.

Helen was not quick enough to drop her skirt without being seen and the young woman aged about eighteen or nineteen stopped dead in her tracks and looked; Helen was about to apologise and hurry away when she was surprised as the woman stepped up behind her and simply cupped Helen’s tits. Quickly Helen turned to face her and the woman hooked out Helen’s right tit and latched her mouth on to her hard nipple. As she sucked like a baby; she slipped a hand up Helen’s skirt and pulling her panties aside she slipped two fingers up her hot wet cunt. Helen moaned loudly and began to gyrate her hips in time with the thrusting of the woman.

It did not take long for Helen to orgasm and her panties were now truly soaking wet; she slipped them off and thanked the young girl with a long passionate kiss and also the promise to come back here again to meet with her and to return the compliment real soon. Then stepping out of the toilet with the blush still showing on her face she made her way to beside the kitchen run. The waiter who had been serving them was actually on his way back to the kitchen and thought there was a problem when he saw Helen stood there.

It was hard to tell who was more turned on Frank or Helen as she leaned into the waiter and kissed him not on the cheek but full blooded on the lips and pressed the panties into his hand. With that she hurried back to Frank’s table and begged that they should leave. Frank insisted that they stay for the desert.

He deliberately took his time in eating his desert and then called the waiter over to pay the bill and asked the waiter, “I believe you have something belonging to my lady friend here! I would like them returned right now!”

The waiter never said anything; he simply reached into his trouser pocket in the region of his hard cock and pulled out the red panties and simply dropped them on the table; Helen went to grab them but Frank stopped her and slowly took them off the table and held them up to his nose before saying, “Yes they are the ones!”

Having paid the bill; he and Helen slowly walked out of the restaurant; but as they walked out he slipped his hand up the back of her skirt and suddenly flipped it up showing her naked ass just as they reached the door. Once back in the car; Frank turned to Helen and asked, “Well did anything unusual happen when you went to the loo?”

Helen told him in great detail about the young girl and how she had surprised Helen by reacting as she did and Frankie listened intently; then he said, “ I knew Jeanette was the right girl for that job!”

Helen could not believe he had set that up and she had fallen for it hook; line and sinker; she genuinely thought she had been discovered by accident and everything that had happened had been so natural.

Now Frank drove off and headed for a lonely house deep in the middle of Epping forest; Helen was impressed thinking he owned this house but he shot that thought down saying it was a company property belonging to the company he worked for and he had borrowed it for tonight. He opened the front door and they entered; he turned and told Helen to take the door on the left; enter the room; remove her clothes and put on whatever she found on the table in that room. Then she was to wait to be fetch.

Helen curiously entered the room and before removing her clothes she looked at the items on the table; which was not a great deal. There was a dog collar and lead; a pair of leatherette handcuffs with clasps; a silky flimsy negligee and that was just about all; apart from a blindfold. She put on these items and waited patiently; there was something strange and sexy about wearing a dog collar and lead and have her hands in the handcuffs; it was a form of submission she had never even contemplated before; with her eyes denied the sights and light her mind was intensified and her imagination was able to run riot. She could feel the leather lead hanging between her tits and the silky negligee help to arouse her skin where ever it stroked her skin as she breathed.

Her hearing was also heightened and she sensed someone’s approach and felt the lead being lifted away from her body; slowly the lead became tight and a hand gripped her fore arm and began guiding her. She felt a slight breeze across her tummy as she assumed she exited the room and the person leading her stepped really close to her for she felt their body heat as she once more assumed they passed through another door. Then she sensed but could not hear or see any of it; she was being stared at by more than one other person.

She was led to a point and then made to stop; without a single word being spoken. The negligee slipped off her shoulders and seemed to be gone and then her hands were pulled behind her back and she felt the clasps being locked together. Helen tried to pull her hands back in front of her but found them held fast; Frank’s recognisable voice told her to stand still and to open her legs. Then she heard him obviously talking to others as he described her as a horny fuck slut who could not get enough sex; whether it was being sucked by another bitch or being fucked like the slut she was or even becoming a cum bucket for numerous males.

Helen could not help but feel a strange form of pride as she listened to Frank describing her like this; also she noticed her cunt again became soaking wet as he continued to describe her as a two bit whore who would fuck at the drop of the hat for peanuts. Then she heard a strange whirring sound and suddenly realised her hands were being pulled up behind her; this forced her to lean forward letting her tits hang down like a cow’s udder.

The talking stopped and suddenly she felt her thighs being pulled open and hands everywhere; she was confused for she was unable to tell how many pairs of hands were now feeling her; but she knew they were turning her on. They were pinching her sensitive nipples and probing her cunt lips she shuddered as she suddenly felt a tongue flicking at her clit and another one rimming her anal ring. Just as quickly the tongues were gone and she now smelt the unmistakeable aroma of male cock. Then she felt it pressing against her mouth and instinctively she opened her lips and felt her tongue sliding against the veiny texture of a cock.

Helen had sucked enough cocks to recognise a cock in the mouth when she had one and immediately set to work working her tongue around the head while suctioning her lips to meet its girth. The cock began to thrust and she was happy to occasionally flick its head with her tongue. She was so preoccupied by giving good head that it came as a surprise when she was almost lifted clean off the floor by the cock now buried in her cunt; Right she now knew there were at least two cocks to deal with and secretly she hoped there were many more.

The two became four when she felt cocks being placed in her upturned straining hands; her mind kept telling her this was getting better by the second when out of the blue the cock in her mouth was gone; although she could still smell it close by. What she could not see was that the cock was now being stroked by Jeanette and was aiming to shoot its load all over Helens Smiling face.

Helen’s first indication of what was to come; pardon the pun; was when the first spurt of spunk hit her just below the nose; soon her lower face was awash with the white sticky stuff. The cock in her hands were now gone too and she imagined they too were preparing to douse her face in their loads; she was not wrong. The cock pummelling her now over excited cunt was going at it like a jackhammer and suddenly thrust and held as it deposited what she hoped was the first of many loads up her cunt. No sooner had the cock disappeared than she felt a mouth sucking at her open cunt and drawing out the spunk from her womb.

As the mouth continued to suck at her cunt; a large thick prick began to press against her anal ring; this proved too much for Helen and as the cock forced entry her climax erupted with such force that she squirted her cunt juices all over the cunt licker.

For what seemed like hours and hours she was fucked by one cock or another; so much so that she was constantly in the middle of orgasms and her poor cunt just could not keep pace with the flow of juices; she began to feel the soreness a cunt only gets when it is fucked to exhaustion and yet she still craved more.

Just then her hands dropped and she nearly toppled over; she was grabbed by two pairs of strong hands and led over to what she thought was a table; in fact it proved to be a low bench. On this bench lay a man with an erection already and she was literally lifted up and guided on to his cock; no sooner had she bottomed out on this cock then another was being forced up her well used and abused anal ring. As the two cocks now began to fuck her in unison a third cock was pressed against her mouth; she went to open her mouth to beg enough was enough but simply got a mouthful of cock instead. Helen could feel the crusty dried cum on her face now begin to crack as she was forcefully face fucked and her poor cunt was red raw as it took it umpteenth cock of the night only matched by a similar number that had fucked her arse too.

These final three cocks seemed to last forever until within milliseconds of each other they too erupted filling her orifices with a final load of spunk. Then to a round of applause Helen had the blindfold removed. As her eyes adjusted to the light she managed to count fifteen men and six women who had used and abused her body over the last six hours.

Barely able to stand up two young girls maybe sixteen or seventeen gently kissed her cunt and arse as they sucked the last loads of spunk from her body; this achieved they led her away to get dressed and both confessed they were in total awe of her for managing to satisfy so many cocks in one session. A very tired Helen admitted that anything was possible when you are just a cock hungry slut.

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Mmm... gangbang. Nice. Although, one question: was she suspended after her hands were pulled behind her. Because if so, how were the guys able to reach her hands?

01-16-2010, 08:49 PM
No her feet were still on the floor and her hands were never higher than waist high.

01-16-2010, 09:15 PM
Ahh... i see. my apologies. over active imagination on my part. =) thought that i read something that wasn't there.

Brigit Astar
01-16-2010, 10:35 PM
Thank you, niteowl, for this story. You sure are a prolific writer.