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01-17-2010, 10:53 AM
The spirit of 66.
Melody was a divorced mother of three daughters; although 44 years old she was still quite appealing appearance wise being five foot tall; auburn haired slim with 38C breasts with elongated nipples which when erect were extremely sensitive and she only had to pinch them to set off electric explosions in her cunt. Her three daughters Tiffany; Cassandra and Abigail were sixteen, eighteen and eighteen respectively; yes Cassandra and Abigail were twins born only five minutes apart; although not identical the shared the main characteristics of their mother; namely the 38C breasts and same sensitive nipples although they never talked about it.
Tiffany stood four foot eleven tall had the same auburn hair like her mom although she was by no means fat; people used to pull her leg about her puppy fat; she currently did not have a boyfriend nor to be honest did she want one just yet; she preferred to concentrate on getting good grades in order to go on to university.
Cassandra and Abigail both stood five feet two inches tall and had slender almost athletic bodies gained from excelling at netball and female volleyball; as I have already said they shared the same breast size as their mom and frequently rifled her bra drawer to spice up their variety. Cassandra had a boyfriend Roger who her mother did not like; she saw too much of her ex husband in him, the way he seemed to insist on Cassandra doing everything for him like fetch a beer and even insisted she open the can for him. Abigail would never admit it to her mum but she actually preferred females; not that she was a lesbian or anything but very bi sexual.
Now the story begins three months after Melody and her daughter got the divorce settlement and moved into a period house in a quaint little cul-de-sac. They had decorated the house and sorted out all the packing cases when the first incident happened. It was late at night and Melody was on the receiving end; she had just been in the bath and having kissed goodnight to her youngest daughter Tiffany; retired to bed. Now Cassandra and Abigail were out and staying over at friends so there was only the two of them at home.
Melody seemed to drift off to sleep rather easily considering she had enjoyed a rather tranquil day; she seemed to be dreaming as she felt a hand gently caress her lower thigh and stroke softly up towards her cunt under her nightie; her nipples became erect and her cunt began to juice up her breathing became irregular as she began panting.
Suddenly she thought she was dreaming about her nightie being raised but for some reason she opened her eyes and whilst not quite fully awake she realised she was not dreaming; her nightie was now up at the front and exposing her tits; she looked down and could not believe what she saw for there on her thigh was the indentation which could only come from a hand pressed into her flesh and yet there was no one there. She tried to scream out but nothing would come; so she tried to raise herself out of the bed and again it felt like some heavy weight was holding her down.
The indentation in her thigh now disappeared and she looked on in horror as her breast flesh was being squeezed by an unseen hand. She became aware of what can only be described a sucking sensation on her other nipple and in amazement she watched as her nipple jerked as if being sucked; gripped and dragged from her body. As frightening as this seemed it was also uncannily erotic and no matter how hard she tried; she began to respond and could not help but endure the weirdest of orgasms.
Now her legs were being forced wide apart and she could not believe what she was now seeing for her cunt lips were spread and she felt a large rigid cock pounding her cunt except there was nothing there; She looked down again and her inner lips were being dragged from her cunt as if gripping a cock as it pulled out only to be plunged back in. Melody could not help her orgasm burst forth for the second time as her invisible lover fucked her hard; then she went overboard again in the biggest mind blowing orgasm of all time as she could almost feel the throbbing of the cock as it spewed its load inside her cunt.
Then almost instantly it was gone and she was able to get up off the bed and everything seemed normal again except she could feel what felt like thick spunk dribbling down her leg; she touched her leg where she felt it and only found clear cunt juice but when she tasted it; it clearly tasted salty like spunk. She thought she was losing her mind and vowed she would never mention it to anyone and that included her daughters; after all she did not want carting off to a mental hospital.
Only three days later; she was naked and about to get in the bath when she felt herself being forced on to her knees beside the bath; suddenly her head was being forced forward over the side of the bath and she ended up almost with her nose touching the water as she felt strong powerful hands opening her thighs. She tried to resist them but they were just too powerful and their seemed as though there were more than one pair. For she was still being forcefully held over the side of the bath; now her nipples were being pulled too as she definitely felt what seemed like a finger plunging into her cunt from behind; she felt the need to scream but as if sensing her thoughts the invisible being pushed her head beneath the water preventing her from doing so.
She spluttered as her breath was forced from her lungs by the rigid bath side and as she did so the thing allowed her head back up so she could breath; It was clear to Melody now that this thing whatever it was intended her to be its lover and would punish her for any wrong doing but also demanded sex when it wanted it. All thoughts of screaming having now gone from her mind her head was allowed to remain out of the water.
Her senses seemed to be in disarray for as the finger in her cunt now appeared to feel like two she smelt what could only be described as the cheesy smell of an unwashed cock and alarmingly she felt something prod her mouth; she opened her mouth to protest and suddenly could taste the stale spunk on her tongue. Just then her airway became blocked as if a large cock had been forced into her throat and was cutting of her air supply; her automatic reflexes cut in and she managed to breathe through her nose.
At the same time her mouth was now being fucked with some fury she felt her anal ring come under pressure; she still felt the fingers in her cunt and in her mindís eye she figured someone or thing was trying to push a large cock up her arse whilst frigging her cunt and clit. Fearing her punishment for resisting she relaxed and felt the large weapon slip past her anal ring. Then with and almighty thrust her thighs hit the bath side as if the cock in her arse had been rammed savagely and fully up her arse; of course this thrust her head forward and she felt the invisible cock in her mouth now jammed against her throat.
On and on these thrusts went; even the fingers up her cunt ploughed in and out; she was a wreck but despite all the fears her body betrayed her and she had the most massive and mind blowing orgasm she had ever had as she felt the two unseen cocks unload what seemed like gallons of spunk in her arse and her mouth. So much spunk in fact she actually visualised the loads flowing like a rip tide and crashing into each other somewhere around her stomach. This was just too much for Melody and passed out; only to come around minutes later alone and able to move again.
Gingerly she stood up and more or less staggered to the mirror; she examined her breasts in the mirror and found tell tale teeth marks around the nipple areas; slight bruising on each side of the breast flesh where it looked like invisible hands had gripped too tightly on her tits. She turned round and looked at her arse and when she gently parted her arse cheeks she saw her anal ring still stretched like an o ring and thick milky liquid slowly dribbling out. Stunned she sat down and tries to think through what was happening to her.
She had heard of poltergeists but did not believe in them; nor did she believe in ghost, spooks elves or goblins but what was the logical explanation to her new experiences. Gently she slipped herself into the warm bath and soaked away her aches and pains from this assault; she swore to herself that this was just that a sexual assault and if it happened again she would contact the police and they could take DNA tests.
She closed her eyes to relax and suddenly her feet were pulled from out the bath and her head slipped under the water; frantically she fought to regain her balance but could not free her feet from whatever it was that held them; through the water of her bath she saw her life passing before her eyes and was just about to succumb to drowning when she felt her hair being pulled and her head surfaced; gasping for air she managed to regain some composure but in her heightened state she swore she saw a shadowy figure at her feet wagging its finger in her direction as if to tell her that reporting it was a definite no no.
As if to prove a point the shadow disappeared and she felt her legs being parted again and began to feel a sensation that she could only describe as a tongue licking her cunt and clit; this was unbelievable because her cunt was still submerged beneath the water; her mind told her it was the spirits way of making her aware that he could do absolutely anything.

Brigit Astar
01-18-2010, 08:03 PM
This is so good, hot and intense--and so vivid. Your writing is such that it involves the reader right from the start and pulls the reader in, and the question of disbelief never enters in because the reader is involved and engrossed in the story right from the start. Your descriptive power, if I may call it that, is very good and realistic. This story, although it is fantastic and in the realm of the supernatural, is totally believable.

I think this is one of your better stories, fantastic as it is.

01-18-2010, 08:19 PM
Why thank you kind lady........

Hope you enjoy the second installment then!

I see this as being a much longer story than my normal type.

I see a minimum of five chapters.

mrs babyisblue
01-19-2010, 07:55 AM
i think so as well is very very good