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Mysterious lover.
Dee was a forty four year old married woman who worked as an estate agent; usually she hardly ever left the office but occasionally she was allowed to show prospective clients around properties; there were built in safe guards ever since the now famous murder of the single female estate agent Susie Lamplou.
Dee stood five foot two inches tall medium build with extra sensitive nipples on her 36 C breasts; her black hair neat shoulder length always looked immaculate; Dee had two children a girl and a boy. Her daughter is eighteen and already studying away at university and her sixteen year old son was studying at home for his A levels and possible entry to university, All in all life felt good for Dee.
On this day there was trouble afoot at work for three of the four male estate agents were off with man flu and supposedly dying in bed with high temperatures; so there was no alternative but to allow Dee to show some of the clients around some of the more isolated properties. Still if she phoned the office upon meeting the client and again upon leaving them she should be safe.
She was delighted to get out of the office for the whole day and even more so that she was allocated one of the three company vehicles to get to the properties; so with a list of seven properties to show she set off. Everything worked really well until the last appointment of the day; she met the client as arranged, called the office and then drove to the property. She then had cause to phone the office again to report some damage to the property as several windows had been smashed. An hour and a half later she called a third time to let them know she was finished with the last client and was going to go home via the damaged property.
She arrived at the property just as the last of the maintenance men were leaving; she thanked them for their prompt response and repairs and then went inside the house to check it was properly locked up. For some reason Dee decided to start up in the attic checking all the dormer windows were properly locked and then she was going to work her way down.
Everything was fine till she got to the first floor back; where she found a window wide open; she crossed the room to close it and no sooner had she done so; everything went black. Now she was wide awake and her hearing was functioning properly but her vision was prevented by a heavy hessian sack over her head. As she instantly screamed her voice jammed in her throat as something hard and oppressive was pressed tightly against her mouth. At least two pairs of strong arms held her and prevented her from escaping or screaming further.
Then there was an overpowering smell directly beneath her nose; Dee was not aware of it but it was ether and soon her senses faded and she became unconscious. Now her limp body was laid on the floor and the sack removed; the two men surveyed their handy work and both smiled at their latest victim. Working as a well oiled machine they stripped her naked; delighting in her sexy lacy underwear and her firm largish tits. One of the men wanted to finger her shaved cunt right there but was stopped by the other; he simply said, “Stick to the plan!”
Dee was next turned face down her hands tied behind her back and then her elbows were roped together; this thrust her tits further forward as the elbows nestled into the small of her back. Now rolled back on to her back; they tied thin string around her tits pulling it tight till the tits bulged; finishing off their handiwork by gagging and blindfolding her and once happy they stuffed her back into the hessian sack and fastened belts around her waist and upper arms to secure the sack in place. Between them they then carried her down stairs and placed her in the bushes by the gateway whilst they finished off in the house. Collecting up all her belongings and securing the property they made their way to the small van they had parked in the next street. Dumping her clothes and handbag in the back of the van they drove carefully back to the house and quickly loaded a now recovering Dee’s body into the van.

Slowly so as not to attract attention they drove away smiling to themselves that once more their plan had worked like a dream. For over an hour they drove until they arrived at their destination and old public air raid shelter left over from the Second World War. They had discovered this three years ago and had cleaned it out and made it into their centre of operations; ideal because the bomb proof walls made it sound proof and the fact it was subterranean meant it was less likely to be discovered.
Quickly they took Dee’s now fully recovered body inside the shelter and soon joined her after fetching her personal belongings. In the kerosene lamp lit surroundings they released her from the hessian sack and fastened her to a make shift haulage pulley; tightening it just enough to make her stand on tiptoe.
Deprived of sight Dee strained her ears to hear the slightest sounds; she was sure she could hear two sets of feet approaching her; what she could not see was the two people carrying buckets of icy cold water. Dee tried to think how best to get out of her predicament but her train of thought was dashed when she felt the first sploosh of the icy cold water hit her body; howls of laughter followed.
Then she heard a gruff voice say, “Fuck imagine if that had been sulphuric acid! Her skin would be blistering bigger than her fucking tits!”
The other voice the responded, “Yeah but who the fuck wants to screw a body burnt with acid!”
“true!” replied the fist voice. For Dee the next sensation was like having her body wiped down with sandpaper as rough feeling towels were used to dry her body and the two men took great delight in taking an end of the roughest towel each after passing it between her legs. The guy behind her pulled the towel up tight against her arse as he pulled most of its length through her legs.
Dee screamed out as it felt like someone rubbing a coarse file against her delicate skin; even worse followed as the towel was now dragged forwards and the front guy held it high against her cunt; Dee’s soft cunt lips offered no protection against its harshness and her clit took the brunt of the pain generated. All the captive could do was to try to avoid it rubbing against her clit without much luck. After 15 agonising minutes of this torture the towel was gone and Dee breathed a sigh of relief; however this was short lived as now her tits were the focus of their next attack.
The two men delighted in hitting Dee’s firm tits with wet towels causing red welt marks and them to become tender. Once they had had enough of this sport they began pinching her tits; no; not pinching her nipples in an arousing way but physically grabbing her tit flesh and pinching hard. All the time Dee was begging for mercy and promising them if they stopped hurting her she would be nice to them in any way they wanted her to be.
The two men talked quietly and Dee tried in vain to hear what they were saying; however she soon got the answer to her please when the men began spanking her hard. They were laughing as she tried to anticipate their slaps and dodge them; Eventually they tired of their sport and released Dee from her hanging; they dragged her over to the side and made her kneel.
Then Dee had her nose pinched and held; as she opened her mouth to breath a hard cock was rammed unceremoniously in to her mouth; Dee could not be sure but she suspected it was a filthy cock unwashed in a while by its taste. The cock was forcefully rammed in and out of her mouth and the aroma and taste was starting to make Dee feel sick. Just then she felt her cunt being probed by the other man’s cock and he was now slamming that in to her too. Every thrust of the cock in her mouth sent her backwards impaling her further on the cock in her cunt and vice versa.
Despite the hardship and pain Dee found her body begin to respond to the stimulation it was getting and she felt ashamed that she now wanted to be fucked by these two wretches. He was actually starting to physically participate when the cock in her mouth suddenly erupted sending spurt after spurt of hot sticky semen down her throat; this triggered her own orgasm and as her cunt contracted in spasms she found it stimulated the cock in there to deliver its own load of spunk. It was not till later as the cock in her cunt pulled out that fear gripped Dee; she had just had unprotected sex with a stranger she could not even identify.
Worse was to follow though as the guys changed ends and she had to suck the slimy cock that had just fucked and deposited its load in her wanton cunt; as she adjusted to the size of the new cock she was sucking she suddenly felt the other larger cock pressing against her anal ring. The pain of being buggered racked through her body but soon subsided to be replaced by a strange new feeling; a feeling she had never felt before of anal orgasms; she found herself thinking that if she had known it could feel so good she would have persuaded her husband to do it to her years ago.
Once more the men worked as a team to fuck her thoroughly and once they sated their initial lust they again swopped places; this time she had to suck on a cock covered in traces of shit and spunk. The cock that had been in her mouth now replaced the one which had been in her arse. As they fucked her this time; one of the men who had gone through her handbag began to speak; “Well Dee! You certainly are a fuck slut; I can see you’re a two bit whore who loves spunk!”
By the time the two men had exhausted their sexual urges Dee had taken three loads of spunk up her arse; three loads up her cunt and four loads down her throat. To be fair though she had experienced three orgasms of her own and two of them were stronger and more intense than anything she had experienced with her husband.
When they had taken their fill of Dee; the two men simply dragged her out and dumped her still naked in the back of their van and drove her off to a public park where they simply carried out and into the nearest bushes; Still leaving her hands tied behind her back they dumped her belongings minus cash of course beside her and disappeared.
Dee’s scratched and abused body still leaking spunk from her cunt and arse was later discovered by a young couple just about to enjoy themselves in the privacy of the bushes. This was shelved as they immediately called the police and help Dee recover. Despite extensive enquiries the police drew a blank on the van; two men and the secret hideout; but for Dee the experience was not so short lived for she discovered she was pregnant but unsure as to if it was her husband’s or one of the two rapist’s; even worse for her for years she had such vivid dreams of the repeated raping of her body and always it was with men she could not see. Many a night she would wake up in a cold sweat her cunt soaking wet and in the afterglow of an intense orgasm as her mind relived the time she still found strangely exciting.

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niteowluk, you must write every day, I don't see how else you can write so prolifically