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01-18-2010, 08:20 PM
The spirit of 66 02.

Two weeks after the onset of Melody’s strange events; Abigail was laid naked on her bed; teasing her sister; for Abigail was very strongly bi sexual and loved trying to embarrass her heterosexual sister. Finally despairing Cassandra had stormed out of the room declaring that Abigail was nothing more than a slut; it was taken in a jovial manner because Abigail responded by saying, “Better a bi sexual slut than a heterosexual prude!”

Ten minutes later Abigail still naked on top of her bed almost dozing; when she felt the lightest of touches on her upper thigh; dreamily she sighed and opened her legs a little. Still softer touches followed as the unseen hand stroked up towards her cunt; she moaned quietly as her cunt opened like a flower and the sweet sticky scent of woman hood began to glisten on her lips.

In her mind she visualised a young nubile woman, lightly stroking her thigh. In her mind she imagined this female to have large tits even larger than her own and a blonde downy cover over her cunt.

Now the invisible hand was stroking Abigail’s stomach and working their way up towards her tits; now the imaginary fingers circled her tit flesh in ever decreasing circles until Abigail gasped as the fingers flicked her erect nipple. The entire touches were so light and yet extra sensual that Abigail swore she was dreaming but yet the feelings were real enough.

The sensations continued as she was sure that she just felt the warm breath of someone on her pubic bone; but as she sat up she was totally alone. Fearing she had disturbed these exquisite feelings she was undergoing she sank back into her pillow and screwed her eyes tightly shut; murmuring “Please take me to heaven again!”

Once more she felt the wisp of breath on her shaven cunt and then felt her cunt lips being gently parted by what she swore was a tongue; her thigh muscles trembled as she felt the tingle of a tongue being dragged across her inner cunt lips and on to her clit. Such was the intense feeling she had to bite her lip to stop screaming out.

The feather light touches were quite unique to Abigail for she was used to experiencing much stronger more physical embraces; so she was amazed at the effects on her body; her nipples tingled her clit throbbed like 10,000 volts of electricity were passing through it and her cunt ran like a tap; every single nerve ending was in overload and yet she was just laid there and no one else was visible in the room. Her mind was in turmoil and yet her body longed for more of this exquisite torture.

Suddenly her orgasm erupted like an atomic bomb going off; her eyes rolled back into her head; her body trembled and perspired. Yet the tongue as still unseen was now probing her anal ring with slow deliberate forceful licks; she had experienced fingers and vibrators up his arse but never had she been rimmed like this and what was more she wanted to experience it again and again.

No sooner had her first orgasm ended and started to calm down; when the tongue pushed its tip passed her anal ring and she swore she could actually feel it licking her anal walls; crashing waves and thunder and lightning erupted once more in her brain; her hands gripped the bed sheets and her hips bucked violently but the sensations just increased.

Her bedraggled body collapsed and became limp as she lost herself in the world of unimaginable sex; just then she felt a weight come over her body and felt her cunt being opened up by what felt like a thick cock and through teary eyes she looked and could see her cunt opening wide to accept a transparent weapon; Abigail was so confused now that without thinking she thrust her hips up and felt the cock thrust into her at the same moment as she felt teeth gently grazing against her aroused nipple. What followed could only be described as the fuck of a lifetime for Abigail; she found herself not only multi-orgasming but also calling out to an invisible lover to make her pregnant. Suddenly she bit her tongue as she thought how weird this would look if her sister Cassandra entered the room and saw her being fucked by the invisible man and not only that but her begging him to give her a baby. At this Abigail let out an almost maniacal laugh as she realised the humour side of what had just passed through her mind.

On and on the fucking went and yet there was no force used really; I mean that she had not been forced to accept this invisible cock instead she had felt that the desires within her being stoked to the point where she would have fucked her mother to gain release.

The cock ploughing into her cunt although invisible suddenly thrust forward and held fast; then Abigail felt the hot tingling spurts of semen hitting her cunt walls but the cock simply slipped out of her cunt and then Abigail felt her legs being lifted; the slimy cock now pressed against her anal ring pressing forward and deeper into her anal recess; All Abigail could think was that this magical lover was better than any man she had ever met; not only was he caring in making sure she enjoyed the experience but it was not just a one hit wonder too.

She grabbed the pillow and pressed it over her mouth as the passion she was now feeling reached yet another fever pitch; harder and harder she felt the cock in her arse thrusting and her anal walls felt every single vein on that glorious cock. Now bathed in sweat as if she had just run the marathon in record time Abigail actually passed out as once more the cock spewed its load deep in her arse.

She knew not how long she had been out but when she came around she felt cold and clammy; her arse felt like it was in a very wet patch and as she moved she saw in fact she had been laid in a pool of cum; although she had never seen her lover; during the whole experience; she could clearly see now in the wet patch the tell tale signs of semen.

As Abigail; staggered to her feet her cunt feeling very tender and her arse aching with desire; she suddenly felt a cock pressing against her mouth; bewildered she opened her mouth out of curiosity mainly because standing five feet two tall this would have meant the cock she was tasting now was on a man over eleven feet tall. She felt her tongue being pressed into the base of her mouth as she felt the veins of the cock sliding deeper into her mouth and what could only be described as a cock head hitting the back of her throat.

Although bi sexual; Abigail knew about sucking cock and she had developed long ago the technique of breathing through her nose when sucking large thick cocks; The cock now began fucking her mouth in earnest and she felt hands gripping her hair as the cock continued; Then suddenly she felt the tell tale throbbing of the cock announcing its imminent eruption; sure enough she gulped as the first strong spasms of spunk hit the back of her throat. Swallowing as fast and as hard as she could was still not enough as her mouth filled quicker than she could cope with and some escaped her lips and dripped on to her tits. She knew it was not possible but it sure tasted like real spunk and the other thing which troubled her was that as it hit her tits it still felt hot; hotter than normal spunk should.

All too soon for Abigail the cock was gone and as she spun round to check the room for her mystery fucker she suddenly felt a playful slap on her arse; it was a gentle slap after all if it meant harm it could have been so much harder.

Abigail sank onto the edge of the bed and tried to analyse what had just happened to her; when the door opened and Cassandra entered the room; she looked at Abigail and asked if she was alright as she looked flushed. Abigail managed to mumble she was fine and stood up to grab her clothes and Cassandra asked why did Abigail have a hand print on her arse; Then spotting the wet patch on the bed Cassandra laughed and said, “Why Gail; you been frigging yourself again; and by the look of it you are well into self punishment!”

Abigail blushed and simply grabbed her clothes and beat a hasty retreat to the bathroom; where she examined her arse in the mirror and sure enough a large red hand print showed where she had felt the slap also after closer inspection there where slight traces of white streaks on her tits and now running down her thighs from her still sensitive cunt.

mrs babyisblue
01-19-2010, 09:43 AM
as good as the 1st well done

Brigit Astar
01-19-2010, 05:08 PM
I agree--as good if not better than the first. Niteowl, in case you didn't know, I think you are the best writer on this site, and each story you post only confirms it.

01-19-2010, 06:09 PM
Stop it...... too much flattery will mean i have to pay to have my doors widened to get my big head through them......lol

No seriously though thank you for the wonderful compliment.

Brigit Astar
01-19-2010, 09:59 PM
It's not flattery--it's simply the truth