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01-19-2010, 11:17 AM
The spirit of 66 03.
Cassandra had been turned on by the thought of her sister having been playing with herself so she headed off to her own bedroom to contemplate these thoughts. No sooner had she entered the bedroom than the door inexplicably slammed behind her; she turned in shock for she had not even touched the door.
She took hold of the door handle and tried to open the door once more but it would not budge; at that exact moment she felt herself being thrown over to her bed; she landed heavily on the floor beside her bed catching her stomach on the bed base caused her to be winded. Struggling to catch her breath she managed to stand up and was immediately knocked down on to the bed. Although alone in her room she found herself being turned on to her back and her hands being dragged above her head.
Then she felt ropes being tied around her wrists; binding her hands together and then them being pulled tight above her head as they were bound to the headboard. She opened her mouth to scream but felt as if a hand was preventing the sound coming out and as she managed to draw a breath in she was greeted with a sharp stinging sensation on her right side of her face as she felt a violent slap.
Next her legs seemed to be being forced open and no matter how she tried to stop them they were dragged wide apart and again she felt the rope tightening around each ankle in turn and then being pulled tight as it was bound to the bed bottom posts.
Now panic was setting in as she could not see her attacker; when she heard a grasping voice close to her left ear say, “Go on bitch; scream and give me the reason I seek to slap you around some more!”
Almost paralysed with fear she lay there thinking what could she do to get out of this; calling out to her sister would not be a real option because she was in the shower now and under running water there was no guarantee that she would even hear her. Just then Cassandra watched in shock horror as her blouse was ripped open the buttons flying everywhere; then the sleeves were ripped also removing the shreds from her body. Even more terrifying was the hand impression pressing down now on her stomach. Yet glancing around the room she was totally alone.
As she watched the hand indentation she suddenly saw a cut mark appear in the bottom edge of her skirt and watched as the cut moved in sections up towards her waist. It was as if someone was using scissors to cut off her skirt; then the skirt was whipped out from under her bottom and the hand indentation now moved to her thigh very close to her panties. She almost felt so sick in her stomach as she saw a smaller indentation follow the line of her cunt lips; her mind telling her a unseen finger had just traced a path outside her panties.
Her mind was racing and her body betrayed her as she realised the first tell tale signs of her arousal had begun to show on her panties; she saw the start of a wet patch appearing; this was not missed by the phantom rapist; for the unseen finger prodded that same wet area now spreading in her panties.
The same gasping voice spoke again, “I see the slut is getting excited; I am sure by the time I have finished with you; whore you will be pregnant and my total slut slave!”
Cassandra freaked out at this; begging to be left alone and nothing would be said but the voice reminded her that as he could not be seen and therefore traced; who was she going to tell. Besides if she did she was virtually booked her own place in the sanatorium. Unfortunately she saw this made sense and instead uttered, “Well in that case I hope you go to hell!”
“I am in hell; my little cum bucket and you soon will join me; only yours will be a living hell for I will posses your body when you least want me to! Imagine your boyfriend sliding his hand down your knickers only to find my fingers already there or worse he goes down to lick you out and finds my spunk already deposited in your slutty fucking cunt!” the voice threatened.
Then Cassandra saw her bra being pulled from her chest and suddenly the bridging piece cut exposing her large 36C tits; almost immediately she felt and saw invisible hands pinching her tits; felt their presence and power but saw only the indentations the fingers were making. Despite the terrifying aspects of her assault; for some reason Cassandra’s body responded by becoming even more aroused and she actually experienced a small orgasm which flooded her panties with cunt juice and soaked them further.
Then the hand marks were gone from her tits and as Cassandra tried to bring her breathing back to something like normal she felt her panties being ripped from her body. She saw her panties floating in mid air and then become almost a tight ball and head towards her mouth. She tried to scream out but the spirit used the opportunity to shove the panties into her mouth. Cassandra could not help but taste the tangy flavour of her own cunt.
Now naked and exposed but unable to defend herself Cassandra expected to feel this spirit’s cock begin to fuck her cunt; instead she felt a great weight settle on her stomach and then felt the stinging attack on her tits as the spirit slapped left and right with some force. The really weird thing was that Cassandra felt the stinging pains but did not hear the slaps although her tits soon turned bright red and angry looking.
Cassandra began to cry and sob but no or little sound emerged because of the panties stuffed into her mouth; then the spirits voice spoke to her again, “Just to show you that I can do whatever I want with you! Or do you need further proof?”
She lay there thinking of her response when seconds later she felt hands closing around her throat; squeezing the life out of her she almost passed out before the hands released; Cassandra suddenly nodded her submission to this powerful entity. The voice said, “Good choice after all I am already dead so I cannot be hung for murder, can I?”
This comment seemed strange to Cassandra because in her last year in school they had done a project on corporal punishment if pros and cons in the UK and she knew that hanging in Britain ended in 1957; so she surmised this being passed over before then.
Now Cassandra felt hot breath on her exposed but open cunt and soon her hips began to jerk in rhythm with the licking of her clit; now this she found much more pleasant and could live with when out of the blue she screamed in agony into her panties; the spirit had bit her quite hard on her clit and she once more heard its chilling voice saying, “Tut tut you never asked for my permission to enjoy this, bitch; you are my slave now and must ask for every pleasure!”
She tried to explain that with the panties in her mouth; how could she speak let alone ask for pleasures. But the voice just laughed and went back to licking her cunt. She tried really hard to resist the sensations invading her mind and her body but to no avail suddenly she orgasmed and feared her punishment. To her surprise she was not punished; instead the spirit began to probe her cunt with his tongue.
Then in an instant the tongue was gone and she felt pressure on both her thighs and what seemed a finger enter her cunt; then another one but it seemed different somehow! Suddenly she realised why it felt different for it was fingers from different hands as she found out when they stretched her cunt lips wide apart; the pain was intense as she felt she was being torn apart. It lasted only seconds before the cunt lips were released and allowed to return to normal; quickly followed by the fingers return inside it.
This time she felt one finger then two from the same hand quickly followed by a third and forth from the same hand; God she thought he was going to fist her and instead of panicking her body reacted by supplying copious amounts of cunt juice to lubricate the fingers. Soon the thumb joined the fingers invading her cunt and the pressure against her cunt entrance increased till the hand slipped inside her.
Just as Cassandra was getting used to the size of the hand up her cunt the spirit clenched his fist making a proper fist shape and began thrusting it violently in and out of her cunt; Cassandra was in outer space as her orgasms became one continuous event. When the hand disappeared from inside her cunt she could not say but she was aware when she felt what seemed like a tree trunk begin pushing up her cunt; she tried to relax but she had never encountered anything which seemed this big before.
The voice grunted his passions in her ear as he told her in no uncertain terms he was going to fuck her like the whore she was and give her his baby making spunk deep inside her womb. Cassandra felt the thick prick pressing against her cervix and winced in great pain when it broke through. For almost an hour the cock pounded her cunt before a hellish howl in her ear helped to announce his impending climax. She felt every single spurt of his cock and passed out just before he withdrew from her.
She woke hours later to find her clothes torn and herself freed from her bonds but with the lasting memory of her first taste of being dominated and abused; She could not decide whether she liked it or not but she was sure of one thing the guilt of doing these things did not show as she ahd no control over what happened to her.

Brigit Astar
01-19-2010, 05:17 PM
I do hope you continue this. Actually, you could go on and make this a novel and I think it would maintain its interest.

01-19-2010, 06:11 PM
Thanks for the encouragement but I think it will have run its course in four or five chapters; so if that makes it a novella then so be it.