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01-20-2010, 09:19 AM
The spirit of 66… 04.
Tiffany came home to an empty house; strange she thought as her two sisters were supposed to be at home and they had promised to help her with her latest project towards her A levels. Annoyed that they had let her down she stormed off to her bedroom and decided to do some research on the computer she had there; she had started the boot up process and when to get out of her school uniform before getting comfy; She cast off her blouse and her pleated skirt and was bent over the drawer looking for her favourite tracksuit when it happened.
Suddenly the room went black and she fell forward; how long she was out she could not tell but she was now laid on her bed as she came around. Gone were her bra and panties and she was alarmed for she felt something strange; her cunt was tingling like it did when she played with her clit; for as a virgin she had never seen a cock let alone play with one. She glanced down at her body and screamed for her tits were clearly being squeezed as she could see the indentations of the fingers gripping her body. Yet she saw her nipples rocking as if being licked and her senses went into overdrive as the feelings rose; whilst she was a virgin she knew all about stimulating her nipples and clit for she often played with them when she just could not sleep.
Tiffany had just about got her senses together when they took another battering for she felt her entire body being lifted clean off the bed and she swore she could feel several hands holding her up; her mind kept telling her that this could not be happening because she was alone in her room.
Now she was held against the wall two feet clear of the floor and she felt kisses on several parts of her body at once; in all she figured there was three or four mouths kissing her; two kissing her tit flesh and two more kissing the inside of her thighs near her knees. All this intimate attention was so new to her that she did not recognise the tell tale signs of her first non self induced orgasm; so it shook her deeply when her cunt suddenly spasmmed and squirted like a fountain.
Gasping out her passions she froze when she felt something cover her mouth and nudge her lips; suddenly a foul smelling breath and tongue invaded her mouth almost making her sick; this tongue forced itself into her mouth and tried to slide down her throat. As she fought off the sick feeling her body suddenly became racked with pain as her nipples were savagely attacked with what felt like sharp nails.
Tiffany’s mind went into overdrive trying to work out what was happening to her and this was confused even more when she felt a mouth clearly sucking hard on her cunt; so hard was this suction that she felt her insides being pulled out of her body; impossible I know but that is what she felt was happening.
As she tried desperately to shut out all these assaults on her senses; her body began to react to the stimuli and she found her cunt flooding; her nipples becoming erect and her passions invading her mind and clouding her common sense.
Suddenly she was away from the wall and held level with the floor but almost two feet above it; her legs were then pulled apart and she felt something pressing against her cunt. She knew what was about to happen and tried to fight it only to find her stomach receive several blows taking the wind out of her sails and then she felt hands grip her hips. Her body cried out in agony and she thought her cunt had been split wide open as this invisible prick pressed hard into her cunt; hitting her hymen and simply ignoring her feelings it continued to push home till the hymen tore allowing the thick object to finally turn her from a girl into a woman; Tiffany tried to scream out but unseen hands covered her mouth preventing her from doing so and her ears where assaulted by a gasping voice declaring that she was a virgin and then laughing maniacally. The cock now ravaging her cunt never even allowed her the luxury of adjusting to its size; instead it merely continued to plough in and out like a piston. Absolutely no consideration was given for her feelings; in fact it seemed to her that the cock was just taking its pleasure and not trying to give any in return.
Harder and harder the cock thrust into her cunt until the inevitable happened and she felt hot splashes of something hitting the insides of her cunt; she only knew the cock had cum because the gasping voice declared it was cumming. No sooner had that cock gone from her cunt than it was replaced with another and the process repeated. Five times her cunt was ravaged by different cocks and Tiffany felt every single thrust of every single cock. She swooned several times and was always brought back to awareness by having her nipples tormented.
Tiffany’s now limp exhausted body was dumped on her bed and she hoped her ordeal was over but the spirits had other ideas; as she almost drifted off to sleep she suddenly found herself turned over on to her front and her nose being pinched; when she opened her mouth to gasp for air a cock was pushed into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. She gagged and coughed as she almost choked before natural reflexes took over and she began breathing through her nose. She feared that she was going to have to endure all five cocks fucking her mouth and the thought of having to swallow five loads of spunk made her baulk.
Her hair was gripped and pulled forcing her head further on to the cock when she felt her legs again being held open; then she tried to scream out as she felt her anal ring being pressurised; A searing pain shot through her arse as the cock forced its head passed her anal ring. God she thought how could anyone enjoy anal sex if it hurt this much; but soon the pain disappeared and was replaced with a strange sort of perverted sexy feeling as her anal walls began to respond to the fucking they were taking.
She had heard at school about being spit roasted and always assumed that it was a cock in the cunt at the same time as one in the mouth but here she was being anally spit roasted and now began to find her body was responding in a horny fashion to the actions. She knew what orgasms were but had never experienced such deep orgasms or multiple ones and it blew her mind.
Her body had reached such a peak now that even the thought of taking five cocks up her arse and five more in her mouth just turned her on further; gone was all the distaste she ahd felt only minutes ago.
As each phantom cock erupted inside her arse or mouth; it was quickly replaced by another and when there was no cock to enter her mouth she was now screaming for the one in her arse to fuck her harder. It was this noise which attracted the attention.
Suddenly her mother entered her room and at the exact same moment Tiffany was alone and unsupported falling the two feet to the floor with a loud bump. Her mother rushed to her side and asked what was going on; a bewildered and still panting Tiffany confessed she simply did not know but she could only describe it as getting he fucking of her life by multiple cocks whilst being alone.

Melody went white and began to shake.

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keeps getting better and better