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01-20-2010, 09:21 AM
The spirit of 66…05.

After helping Tiffany dress in loose fitting clothes; Melody called a family meeting in the living room! Things had to be sorted and she needed to find out if the other two girls had experienced anything like this too.

Not really knowing how to approach the subject; Melody began, “Herm! Have either of you two had any weird experiences here at home?”

Cassandra and Abigail blushed and looked at each other before shaking their head; “Come on; it’s ok to tell me as I too have had them!” Melody confided.

Melody decided it best to be honest with her daughters and biting the bullet she began to tell them of her experience; by the time she had finished all three young women were wide eyed and astounded. Cassandra then admitted her experience at the hands of the spirits and described the gasping voice she had heard and what it had said. Tiffany also confirmed the spirit had a gasping voice and Abigail admitted she never heard a voice.

After they had all told their tale as to what had happened to them; Melody decided they needed help and went to the living room door to go out into the hallway to use the phone; except the living room door would not open. Just then a swirling mist began to form in the centre of the living room and as it rose it began to take the shape of several figures. Melody managed to count at least ten.

The figures finally stopped swirling and stood before the four women; now their figures were formed although not solid in shape the women could see that they were all naked but sporting larger than average cocks. The women huddled together for safety; suddenly the shadowy figures surrounded them.

As if as one; suddenly the figures grabbed the nearest woman and pulled them apart; Melody being on the end of the foursome was one of the first to be forced apart from her daughters and was now being forced on to her knees.

Abigail, Cassandra and Tiffany watched in fear as their mother had her clothes suddenly ripped from her body; Now kneeling and naked Melody was scared and ashamed but had no time to recover as one of the shadowy figures thrust his now semi hard cock into her face and told her to suck it bitch. Melody refused only to find her arm painfully pushed up her back and her nose pinched. As soon as her mouth opened to get air the cock was in her mouth; Cassandra and Tiffany shut their eyes tight and tried to block out the sight before them but Abigail did not; her bi sexual nature kicked in and she ogled her mother’s ripe tits and her shaven cunt; noting how she was already juicing up and secretly wished she could be licking that delicious looking cunt.

One by one the women were split up and each was undressed without ceremony; forced on to their knees and had cocks shoved into their mouths; the other six shadowy figures were not idle either as they made sure to pinch and suck on the tits of the women.

Before long Melody was picked up as if she was a feather and placed on top of a shadowy figure; its hard cock slipping easily into her cunt and a second figure climbed between her spread legs and pushed his cock into her arse. The three remaining girls gasped as they knew what was coming as they too were similarly double penetrated; Poor tiffany was still extremely sore from her pounding only an hour earlier; this also meant that she was still on the verge of cumming down from the climaxes she had endured against her will. Of course this meant she was easily reignited to that ecstatic condition of screaming out her passions.

Melody was not far behind her because secretly it had been her fantasy even before her divorce to be taken like this and now she was in seventh heaven as her cunt and arse were pounded soundly. Abigail felt disgusted to be fucked like this by two cocks although she would not have minded being in this position had it been two girls with strap on cocks; but to be at the disadvantage to men disgusted her so much. Cassandra found it perverted yet sexy and suddenly became more vocal then the rest begging to be fucked harder and harder!

The two shadowy figures not involved in fucking the women suddenly thrust their expectant cocks into Melody’s and Cassandra’s mouth and began fondling Tiffany’s and Abigail’s tits. As if some cosmic timer had just gone off the shadowy figures all seemed to pull out as one and spray their ghostly spunk all over the women’s bodies. Then Abigail and Tiffany were dragged over and placed in a sixty nine position on top of Melody and Cassandra respectively and all of them were commanded to lick the spunk off each other; much to the maniacal laughter of the shadowy figures.

Those women who refused to lick the stuff up were spanked harshly and soon the women were virtually clean of spunk and then lined up side by side and the figures played musical chairs with them; to the sounds of imaginary music the spooks circled the women and at a given signal they sunk their cocks into the woman in front of them; those at the women’s head got to fuck their mouths whilst those at their backsides got to choose cunt or arse.

By midnight the women felt truly used and abused and resembled cum slut whores after a busy night; but there appeared no sign of the fucking ending. Exhausted and now no longer with the will to fight Melody and her daughters started to be like limp ragdoll’s at the hands of these powerful spirit beings.

Poor Tiffany seemed to suffer more than most but then as the youngest she did seem over popular with the ghosts; frequently she had a cock in every hole and her tits looked like raspberry jelly by the time all the pinching, slapping and sucking had finished. Eventually the women were too exhausted to care what happened next and the ghosts then seemed to lose interest and one by one they disappeared.

At six am Melody came round and seeing the carnage before her began to cry; what had she done that was so wrong to put her family into this hell hole. Tiffany woken by the sound of her mother crying crawled over and cuddled her telling her that no way could she be blamed for what had happened and once the others were awake they were going to do something about this.

At nine am Melody was on the phone to her local church and managed to get the vicar to come over to discuss a rather delicate matter. However no sooner had the vicar entered the house than the lights flashed off and on and the doors slammed for no reason; the vicar himself was attacked by unseen hands.

Shaken and unsure the vicar had left declaring he would be back with an expert but unfortunately it was too late for the family he left behind; no sooner had the front door closed behind him than the family were subjected to assault after assault and the gasping voice told them all they were his whorish harem and he would never let them go. The vicar returned mid afternoon and was told that the spirits had departed and vowed never to return; so no further action was required and as for the family; well let’s just say they never go short of a good fucking and over time the spirits have grown fonder of them and now are much kinder to their concubines.

mrs babyisblue
01-20-2010, 10:03 AM
this is 1 of the best Erotic Horror i have ever read ty

01-20-2010, 11:06 AM
You are more than welcome.

Brigit Astar
01-20-2010, 01:18 PM
great series, niteowl

01-21-2010, 05:54 AM
great story. i think it's one of the best i've read from you in a long time. =) though, it would be nice, i think to read through some of the stories when the spirits decide to be a little nicer to their harem... ;)

Brigit Astar
01-21-2010, 03:42 PM
knowing niteowl's prodigious output, he has probably written stories wherein the spirits are nicer

01-21-2010, 07:40 PM
sorry to disappoint but i have not pre written anymore of this story although it has been suggested i create a sequel entitled 'The spirit of 67'..... which may just happen after my chemo therapy.

03-26-2011, 11:30 AM
This was on of the best storys ever keep them comming!!