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Chapter Two….. Mum shares son’s wishes.

Stella sat quietly as Jonathon told her of his plan to have friends over and she would wear only a flared skirt to greet hem and serve them food and drinks all night; She waited for him to ask what she thought and she said that it was too dangerous because his friends knew her as his mother and they would instantly know that he was fucking his mother and how could he guarantee they would keep quiet about it.

Jonathon snapped, “I am not fucking stupid! Bitch! The friends I would invite over are ones who would not know who you were!”
Stella; found herself apologising to her own son for her comment and actually expected further punishment; but it did not come.
Instead Jon said, “You never let me explain the full details of the night; mother dearest; under your flared skirt you would have a large carrot shoved up your arse and a big loud vibrator turned full on up your cunt! Furthermore when told to do so you would bend over and flick your skirt up over your arse cheeks and show everyone there where the noise was coming from.”
Stella blushed and admitted that would really make her look like a slut and if the guys did not know she was his mother they would try to touch her up or play with her and that would make her hotter later for her beloved son her master lover.
Furthermore Jon continued, “The simple rule of the night is your cunt is mine and only mine; no more will you allow dad to fuck you up your cunt but for the purpose of this party; anyone who wants to fuck you must choose between your mouth and your arse and only then if they wear a condom to fuck your arse. Then when they shoot their loads you will pour the used condom over your tits and parade it as a trophy; the bare cock’s you suck must pull out of your mouth and shoot over your face and tits and likewise that too will be a trophy for the wanton slut you are!”
Now Stella swallowed hard as the mental images of her sporting many loads of spunk on her face and tits flashed through her mind. She knew if Jon was serious then she would be thought of as a common cock sucking slut and it warmed her heart to think she could be so sluttish especially at her own sons beckoning.
George had only been gone for two days and here she was being the sex slave of her own son; he was due back in two further days and she was now worried how she was going to keep him from fucking her cunt; for despite her wanting her son so much she also knew she would want as much cock as she could get.
Jon seemed to be reading his mother’s mind and told her not to worry for he would soon put father in his place and he would see the error of his ways too; He then went on to tell his mother of his secondary plan; he was going to fuck her bareback until she became pregnant with his child and hopefully that child would be a girl he could raise as his sex slave too.
Stella was now scared for she felt she was too old to raise another child and what would friends and family say to her passing off her own son’s offspring as hers and George’s child. She even worried what if the child was a boy would that mean he would carry on breeding her until a girl was produced.
Jonathon was now steaming full speed ahead and told Stella the party was going to be tomorrow night the night before George returned home; he left Stella with specific instructions about food and drink for the party and also how she was to prepare herself for the party; then he left her to go to work.
That night upon his return he demanded a cup of coffee and was promptly served by his mother naked from the waist up and he demanded to see what she had on under her skirt and complimented her when he saw she was naked; her cunt freshly shaved and looking well oiled.

As he prepared to drink his coffee he told his mother to kneel beside him and begin to suck his cock; immediately she dutifully knelt and unzipped his pants before pulling his semi hard seven and a half inch cock from his trousers. As Stella began to suck her son’s cock he sipped his coffee and between sips he told her how he loved her when she was her natural cock loving whoring self and the thing he really liked about her best of all was that she would obey his every command or face his terms of punishment.
Now Stella worked her jaw and tongue to the bone sucking and slurping on his rapidly hardening cock; soon her jaw ached but she knew better than to slacken in her duties. Jon meanwhile delighted in flicking her nipples with his finger and watching how she would flinch but never attempt to move out of range. Then he reached out and pinching her left nipple he twisted it sharply; his mother moaned around his cock and he felt her nipple reach another notch of hardness. Teasing her now that she liked being his sex toy and he bet she was just hotter than hell in her cunt hoping he was going to fuck the shit out of her; to which Stella immediately nodded vigorously.
He laughed and told her not tonight for he wanted her to be extra horny for his guest’s tomorrow night and even suggested that one of the guests Jerry was bringing his Alsatian dog to fuck her in front of the other guests. Stella shocked by this actually let the cock slip from her mouth and pleaded with her son to protect her from this act. Jonathon simple pushed her head down on to his cock and quietly said; “Mother dearest, As if I would allow a dog’s cock to tie with you; well not unless you displease me that is!”
Stella returned to her duties trying to get her son’s cock to spurt its heavenly baby making seed directly into her mouth; when Jon felt his balls tingle and knew his climax was imminent he pulled his cock from her mouth and delighted in spraying the white sticky cum on to her face; hitting almost directly in the eye and across the bridge of her nose before consecutive spurts landed on her chin and then her upper chest. He then sat there and watched as Stella under his careful directions used her finger to scoop up the white stuff and suck her finger clean before finding more of it; till she was clean again.
Later as they retired to bed; he took great delight in making his mother sleep bound to the foot of the bed on an old duvet whilst he sprawled out in the matrimonial bed of his parents; Twice during the night he woke Stella up just to suck on his prick whilst he pissed into her mouth and made her drink it all down; knowing to spill a single drop would mean at least a spanking. But Before settling down to sleep he rounded up all his mother’s sex toys and he laid them all around her just out of reach and then he asked her about each one in turn; like when did she buy it, where did she use it on herself and what did daddy say about her using it and most importantly had she tried to use it on daddy himself.
Jonathon decided he liked being lord of the manor and was going to do everything in his power to make sure he stayed that way. When Jonathon woke next morning his cock was already rock hard as he thought about the little party that night; he slipped out of bed and found his mother asleep on her side; so he stroked her cunt area until she automatically opened her legs. He was amazed that she never woke up but this served his purpose even better. Picking up one of the sex toys; a large bright red vibrator some 12 inches long and at least 2 inches thick; that had been scattered the night before and he eased it into her cunt making sure she was well lubricated by his tongue; then he turned her more on to her side and slipped his own cock up alongside the vibrator before flicking the switch.
The vibrator burst into life and he could not believe the incredible sensations it was sending to the root of his balls let alone what his own mother must have been feeling. He began to leisurely fuck her and as soon as her eyes opened and she murmured good morning my lover and master; he began his tirade, “Morning my horny fuck slut; just look how wide your cunt goes taking my cock and this monster vibe and yet you still pour cunt juices out like a Chinese whore in a piss factory!”
By now he was slamming his cock into the very cunt that bore him and his mother was begging him to fill her cunt with her baby boys spunk; by accident more than design Stella moved at the exact moment that he was about to thrust in again and his cock missed it intended target and instead speared straight through her anal ring; Well what with the strong vibrations of the vibe and this sudden intrusion into her arse; Stella mind went in to melt down and she screamed her orgasm so loud that Jon ended up pressing a pillow over her face until he cum up her tight arse.
After making his mother suck his shit stained cock he released her and told her to go make his breakfast but not to remove or switch off the vibrator or else! On very shaky legs his mother tottered downstairs and still naked as the day she was born she went right into the kitchen and began to make him a breakfast fir for the lord and master of the house. Several times while frying the bacon and eggs she had to stifle groans as the vibrator did its utmost to cause havoc with her insides.
Meanwhile Jonathon took a leisurely shower and wondered how his mother was coping with her toy at full power; he decided that she ought to be teased all day and further more she should not be allowed to orgasm until the party that night. So with a towel wrapped around his athletic torso he entered the kitchen and withdrew the vibrator. God; he thought; if this thing had been a sponge he reckoned he could squeeze at least a pint of cunt juice out of it right now. He then told his mother, “Today you should prepare for the party tonight! You will not wear anything that hides your cunt or tits all day and every hour you will stroke your clit to the point where you almost cum but I warn you I will know if you over step the mark because you are not allowed to climax until I say so tonight!”
With that he ate his breakfast while watching his mother finger fuck her cunt until her thighs twitched and then he made her sit still until she had calmed down; Breakfast finished he went to his room and grabbed clean clothes but his mother had been left to wash the breakfast things and he crept downstairs just in time for her to have to play with herself again. Once more she stroked her cunt till the tell tale signs of an approaching orgasm showed and then she stopped.
As Jonathon left for work; he kissed his mother goodbye; but not the kiss of a mother and son for he forced his tongue into her mouth and at the same time squeezed her tits whilst sliding a finger into her hot wet horny cunt. Breaking the kiss and the contact he said, “See you later mother; you fucking whore; remember to keep that cunt hot and wet till I get home and do not orgasm or you will find your cunt too sore for the fun of tonight; for the punishment for disobeying me is set; twelve slaps with this thin Tawse directly on to your open cunt lips! He vowed.
Stella had never been one for pain but realised that the tawse would be just that extremely painful with just one slap let alone twelve. She vowed to herself his will be done; she would play with herself but not go overboard by cumming.
Poor Stella had to go hide every time someone knocked at the front door; because she knew better than to disobey Jon and that meant she had to remain undressed all day; she actually became quite adept as diving into the hallway cupboard at the first sign of anyone being at the front door. Every hour without fail she teased her cunt to within seconds of climaxing and then sat panting hard till she calmed down enough to continue cleaning the house in preparation of the party planned for that night.
Hour by hour she teased herself and her will power to avoid orgasm waned by the hour too; At four pm she almost gave in saying to herself the pain of the tawse would not be as bad as the empty hungry pain of not climaxing was now; but she resisted. At five thirty the front door opened and in stepped Jonathon; immediately he walked into the downstairs bathroom and waited five minutes before coming out and calling to his mother, “Hey slut fuck; come here right now!”
Stella dutifully trotted out of the Kitchen still as naked as when he left that morning and following his instructions she stood in front of him open legged and hands behind her back. He quickly ran his hand lightly along her slit and saw the immediate response of her legs tremble; he made out that he already knew she had obeyed his command but really it was this instant tremble which confirmed it all.
He then told her she had one hour to go shower to have a bath; then she was to go into his new bedroom and select the shortest flared skirt she had and put that one and then wait for him on her hands and knees on his master bed. Instantly Stella recognised that his new bedroom meant her and George’s room as was and his master bed was what used to be her and George’s matrimonial bed.
As she turned to go take a bath she heard the last part of Jon’s instructions to his mother, “Hey fuck slut; shave closely your cunt and under your arms too; then soap and massage your inner cunt lips and anal ring; but don’t you fucking dare cum or the worse it will be for you; fucking two bit tramp!”
An hour later Stella was in position on Jon’s new master bed as ordered; wearing a bright red sixteen inch flared skirt which barely covered her hips let alone hide her cunt. Jonathon wearing shorts and a tee shirt entered and placed a strap on cock inside out and pushed it up her cunt before adjusting the straps to hold it in place; then he took the largest carrot Stella had seen in years and greased it with ky jelly and pushed it slowly and firmly up her arse till only the top and the green shoots were still sticking out. For Stella she had never felt her arse so full of anything like this in her life and as she climbed off the bed she hoped it would not be too long before one of the intended guests removed it to replace it with is own condom covered cock.
Jonathan then told her to go to the kitchen and prepare any last minute things she had not already done. He went and sat in the living room watching through the open door as she busied herself trying very hard to adjust to and ignore the large carrot. Suddenly the door bell went and Jonathon Called out, “Well come on you worthless whore answer the fucking door and be quick about it!”
Stella hurried to the door and peering around the solid door she asked if she could help; a young man aged between seventeen and twenty stood there and asked if Jonathon was home; Stella answered and was told tell him James is here! She took a deep breath and invited him in.

James could not believe his eyes and he had to admit he was happy to pay up his bet with Jonathon; for Jonathon had bet him he would have a horny fucking woman wearing minimum of clothing acting as a servant at his house from six pm onwards and not only that she would put out as he put it for them all provided they did not try to fuck her cunt. Jonathon then approached James and Stella only saw James hand over the Fifty pounds in cash and she did not know about the bet so to her mind; James had just paid in advance for her services as a whore; this startled her because she would have expected to feel dirty and ashamed but she did not she felt horny and sexy.
Once more the door bell rang and again peering around the door Stella came face to face with two young men this time and having enquired if she could help them she was again asked for Jonathon and she merely invited them in and opened the door to allow them entry exposing herself to the stares and leers. She was told this was Colin and Andrew; she gauged their ages to be late teens early twenties.
Again she witnessed the exchange of money and her mind was set that she had been sold as a whore by her own son for the price of fifty pounds per person for the night when she saw both Andrew and Colin handing over the cash. Quickly she hastened to the kitchen returning with a tray with four large ice cold beers on and stood nervously waiting till Jon invited then to take a drink with him.
Jon was in the middle of telling them they should enjoy Stella but her cunt was out of bounds and if they fucked her arse they would be required to wear a condom and once used please feel free to tip its contents on this sluts face for there is nothing she likes more than cum showers; when he slipped his hand into his pocket and flicked a switch on a mini remote he had there; suddenly Stella cunt erupted into a crescendo of vibrations and sounds; so much so she nearly dropped the tray.
Jon smiled and told her to place the tray on the table and show our guests what was making all that noise; gingerly moving to the table for her pent up passions were close to boiling now she bent forward flicking her skirt up over her arse and opening her legs to reveal the green carrot topping and the spread cunt lips parted by the strap on cock which was vibrating like an electrified rabbit.
Jonathon Dismissed her back to the kitchen; as he pulled the vibrator remote from his pocket; with a laugh he turned it up to maximum and everyone’s eyes followed the almost staggering body of Stella as she went to the kitchen. As she reached the living room door, Jonathon called her name and when she stopped and turn to pace him; he said, “Well don’t you think you should thank me slut for giving you your good vibrations?” he asked as he suddenly turned the vibrator off by the remote.
“Thank you Sir, for demonstrating the power you have over me, in such a clear concise way!” Stella replied courteously.
“When we want you I will summon you by switching this on several times like so!” Jonathon said as he stopped and started the vibrations six times “if we do not need you to attend I will do this!” he said as he turned it on just once and let it run for some seconds before stopping it.
“Very well Sir!” Stella answered.
Although Jonathon could see her preparing snacks and morsels; Stella was too far away to hear their conversations as the guys demanded to know where he found such a willing little slut. He promised they too could have one of their own if they had the bottle to do so and further more this was going to be only the start of things from now on.
After a while Jonathon flicked the remote on and off several times and as Stella entered she was told that James here did not believe that she was a cock sucking bitch and she should get on her knees and suck his cock to prove him wrong. Instantly Stella was on her knees and waddled over to James where she unzipped his flies and pulled out his semi hard cock; She licked her lips before starting because this young virile cock looked to be at least six inches long or would be when fully erect. She soon got into her rhythm and was rewarded with her first dousing of spunk on her face quickly followed by a load from Colin’s five and a half inch cock and Andrew’s seven inch cock.
Now with white streaks of spunk in her hair, eyes and hanging from her chin she was dismissed to the kitchen but denied the right to clean herself up. The Three friends were no less shy about things and simply cast off their clothes whilst a ever watchful Jonathon made mental notes of their behaviour. He was trying to gauge how men reacted so he could form plan to use on his father.
Forty minutes later Stella was summoned again and this time she had to suck Jon’s cock whilst the other three sporting hard cocks wrapped in condoms took turns to fuck her arse; after each cock came they pushed the carrot back into her arse and the next guy took it out and replaced it with his cock; fucked her and then replaced the carrot.
Jonathon added his spunk to the already cold clammy mess now drying on his mother’s face but he was relieved she had enough restraint to refrain from calling him her spunking baby; then the three used condoms were poured on to Stella’s face and when done so it was turned inside out and she had to suck it clean. Before she could swallow these traces of spunk she had to show everyone there her white coated tongue.
By two am Stella had taken each of the three friends twice in her arse and three times in her mouth so her face, hair and tits were almost a mask of now dried spunk and streams of newer drying sprayings too. The three friends dressed and thanking Jon left as He told Stella to sit on the chair before him and now scoop up the drying spunk on her fingers and slowly lick them all clean.
It was almost five thirty in the morning when Jon finally got into his mew master’s bed and because she had been a good little whoring slut he allowed Stella to climb in beside him; switching the strap on cock from her cunt to her well used arse, he set the vibrations to mid level and slipped his cock into her cunt; A cunt I may add that was wet enough to catch fish in and horny enough to only take three or four thrusts to bring about her hardest orgasm of the night; mind you Jon was not complaining for the vibrations through the cunt/arse membrane soon sent his rockets firing high into her cunt too and as they discovered later that was the start of his seeding of his mother and soon to be expected half sister.