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Chapter 3 Secret discovered.

Jonathon and Stella his mother were lying on the bed sleeping after her energetic evening of debauchery; totally unaware of the early morning arrival of Stella’s husband George.
Jonathon was first to rouse and with his morning woody slipped his cock into his mother’s eager horny cunt; spooned as they were it allowed Jon to control the pace of the fuck and for Stella she just thought it was an erotic dream although she did call out Jonathon’s name as her excitement rose.
Meanwhile George dumped his luggage in the living room and decided what nicer way to announce his arrival home than to wake his wife with a gentle morning fuck. Quietly climbing the stairs he paused briefly as he heard her mumble Jonathon’s name but thought it nothing more than a dream where she was telling him off; opening the bedroom door; George was shocked and found he could not move for there was his own son incestuously fucking his own mother and George’s wife.
Suddenly Stella woke with a start and looked straight at the open door and screamed; she had wanted George to be told not find out like this; Stella’s scream alerted Jonathon who casually pulled his prick from his mothers soaking wet cunt and slid off the bed before approaching his own dad. He noticed how his father’s eyes followed every sway of his cock and not him; he thought this was going to be easier than he thought.
Standing now just a foot from his father and looking directly at his bowed head; whilst feeling George’s eyes burning into his cock; Jonathon Coughed. George dragged his eyes away from his son’s cock still glistening with his mother’s cunt juices and was about to say something; when Jon snapped, “Well if it isn’t Mr Wimp. Mother here has been telling me about your antics before you met her and to be honest I think it will serve both our purposes if they were reinstated! Don’t you Wimp!”
George was taken aback by his son’s demeanour and was about to answer him when again he was cut short by, “Now get the fuck out of those clothes; you cock sucking wimp and be bloody quick about it!” demanded Jon.
Suddenly all the fight had left George because for reasons he could not explain his hands immediately began undoing his shirt and it was soon laid on the floor as he removed his trousers. Jon turned to Stella and said, “Hey bitch, get me a pair of your old knickers, but make them real lacy and a pair of tights!”
Stella jumped out of bed and raced to her underwear drawer rifling through it she returned with a peach pink pair of lacy panties and a new pack of tights. Taking them from her Jon went to the dressing table and unseen by either of his parents he slit the front gusset of the panties just a little bit to create a hole and did the same with the tights. Then returning to Stella he deliberately rubbed the inside of the gusset against her still soaking cunt.
By now George was naked and trying to hide his semi hard cock; until Jon slapped his hands away, then he handed George the panties and told him to put these on; he pointed to the hole he had made and instructed George his cock should pass through this hole. As George pulled the panties up and adjusted them so he could slip his cock through the hole he felt the cold wet patch created by his wife’s cunt juices, juices his mind registered as being made by his son’s glorious cock. Then being given the tights he was told to put those on too and same rule applied; his cock through the hole.
George felt debased and humiliated wearing women’s wet panties and tights like this in front of his own son but also he could not hide the fact it must have turned him on for his cock was harder than he could remember it having been for quite some time.
Jonathon was not finished yet; for he turned to Stella and told her to get the shortest flared skirt she owned and by the way the matching bra to those panties would be good too. Stella rushed off to get these things while Jon explained the new rules to his belittled father; “From now on; Wimp you will do exactly as I say and when I say it! You will watch me fuck your wife my slut of a mother whenever I wish it; oh and just so you know; you can forget ever fucking her cunt again! That belongs to me from now on!”
George found himself nodded as he still stared at his son’s still hard cock; Jon thought he even saw him like his lips and decided to test this out. “On your knees; wimp!” he declared and sure enough George meekly knelt down; his face now in direct line with Jon’s cock.
“You want to suck the bitch’s juices off my cock; don’t you? You cock sucking poor excuse for a man!” Jon bellowed.
George trembled as he nodded; disgusted with himself that he did not have the balls to stand up to his own son and yet secretly enjoying being comfortable at last with his sexuality for the first time in decades. Just then Stella arrived back carrying the items; Jon told her to put the bra on George; while he got busy sucking the master cock of the house. George never hesitated instead he merely opened his mouth and leaned forward till his lips touched the tip of his own sons cock; suddenly all those wonderful memories and feelings of his time at the hands of Eleanor and her master came flooding back.
Now as Stella fastened the badly fitting bra around George’s chest; she too watched with more than a little envy as her husband was now sucking furiously on her son and lover’s cock. Poor George looked pathetic in tights and panties with his stiff cock protruding from the makeshift hole and an empty cupped bra around his chest while his wife and son’s slut waited holding out the skirt he was soon to be wearing.
Before George could manage to bring Jon to a climax; Jon grabbed his hair and gave it a hard pull telling him to stand up; George disappointed to be deprived of sucking the cock he was enjoying; rose to his feet. Jon then made his father open his legs and placed his index finger and thumb around George’s cock; to be honest it was not even a tight fit. But instantly George began jerking his hips as if trying to fuck the ring; Jon laughed at this pathetic effort and mocked his dad for the size of his cock and his will power.
Then Reached between his father’s legs he grabbed his balls through the material of the tights and panties and squeezed hard; George rose up on tiptoe and took a sharp intake of breath; Jonathon then said, “Disobey me or miss behave and this will seem like a gentle kiss compared to what I will do to these worthless bollocks!” George; his face twisted in pain could only manage to nod.

George was handed the skirt and told to put it on and then come over to the bed. Stella was told In no uncertain terms that Jon was going to finish his interrupted fuck but as she was a horny fucking bitch she would be fucked like one; doggie style. Stella meekly nodded and climbed on the bed; got on her hands and knees and waited for Jon to climb on behind her.
Once George was stood beside the bed; Jon climbed on behind his mother and told his father to take hold of his prick and guide it into his wife’s cock in submission that he was giving her totally to his son. With a trembling hand; George took gentle hold of Jon’s cock and led it to his own wife’s sopping cunt; George had to slide his hand down to the base of Jon’s cock as the cock kept sliding into Stella’s cunt; for George knew better than to let go without being told to.
Soon George’s hand was trapped up tight against his wife’s cunt as his son’s cock filled that same cunt and for that period of time it seemed all three were joined as one. Then George felt the cock pulling out and he began to feel his hand pulling away from his wife’s cunt till Jon told him to hold his hand against the fucking bitch’s cunt all the time. Then for forty minutes Jon fucked his mother through the hole George’s fingers created; to Jon it felt surreal to feel the touch of his father’s fingers as he fucked his mother’s cunt.
All too soon Jon felt the tingling in his balls and he suspected that George felt the throbbing in his cock as Stella felt the same thing heralding the arrival of yet another load of spunk destined for his mother’s cunt. Spurt after spurt erupted forth flooding her cunt and escaping the sides somewhat; of course that which did escape ended up on the finger’s of his father.
Pulling his cock away from his mother’s gasping cunt he ordered his dad to lick the fingers clean and then to kiss his son’s cock and lick it like a lollipop till it was clean; meanwhile Stella did as she was told and did a head stand against the bed head holding the spunk in her cunt. Once Jon was happy with the efforts of his dad to lick his cock clean; he told him to suck the spunk from Stella’s cunt; but not to swallow it until he had shown him his tongue covered in the white sticky mess.
Whilst George sucked his son’s spunk from his wife; Jon reached under George’s skirt and began wanking his cock; now Stella’s face was inches from the hem of George’s short skirt so she saw everything right up until the spurting cock of her husband wanked by her son; its spunk hit her full in the face and coated her eyes in the thick white viscous liquid. The last act of his home coming was for George to actually lick his own spunk up from Stella’s face while being told the clothes he was wearing right now would be his home wear kit and had to be worn whenever he was at home and Jon was present.