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Company dominated cuckolds. 04
Chapter 04. Things take a strange turn.
It was about three weeks after Dad came home and a few things had changed; firstly Jon had found he liked having his cock sucked by men and had taken occasionally to visiting a glory hole he had heard about; He still fucked his mother regularly and enjoyed making his own dad suck his spunk from his mother.
The second major change was that Having not only taken over the home; Jonathon now took over the finances as well; first time his father handed over his bank account with a power of attorney for his son was so strange; but proved that George had now totally accepted his diminished role in the family. As a result of this change; George was sent out to a sex shop spe******ing in cross dressers and told to purchase a set of 38DD false boobs set with appropriate crotch less panties and bra set.
Then after a further four weeks; George came home in a panic; his boss was interviewing for possible promotions and insisted in those in the running entertain him, his wife and two teenage daughters for a full evening meal. Jonathon realised that their routine evening of dad dressing as Georgina; as they had come to call him was not going be acceptable so a compromise was agreed; he could wear trousers and a shirt and leave off his bust but he still had to wear his panties and tights beneath those trousers.
It was at this time that Stella announced she was expecting and was about six or seven weeks pregnant. Jonathon smiled but George wore a worried expression; supposing someone found out it was not his and was in fact his own son who had made his wife pregnant.
On the night George’s boss was coming to dinner; George prepared the meal himself for one of the side effects of him becoming cuckolded was his passion for cooking which he had proved he was good at. At seven thirty the door bell rang and a prim and proper Stella answered it.
She led in the family and George introduced everyone; “Stella this is Bill my boss; Bill this is Stella my wife and my Son Jonathon!” George announced.
There was silence before Jonathon reached out and shook hands with Bill, then hastily Bill introduced his wife Simone and twin eighteen year old daughters; Gemma and Clara. As they settled into the living room Jonathon suggested he help George prepare some drinks in the kitchen. Once out of sight of the others; Jon turned to his father and said all deals are off; fuck off upstairs and get your normal clothes on wimp.
George panicked and asked why; He only got a slapped face for his answer and just then Bill stepped into the kitchen. Knowing to continue to argue now would damage his chances of further development at work George excused himself and headed for the stairs. “Well if it isn’t cock sucking Bill!” Jonathon began.
An embarrassed Bill held his finger up to his mouth; indicating he should be silent. Such was Jon’s confidence now as a dominant male that he simply slapped Bill’s face and told him to shut the fuck up. Quickly Jon asked if Simone knew of his extra marital liaisons with other men. Blushing even redder Bill confessed she did and what was more she encouraged him to do so. But he said he did not want Jon’s father to know or his prestige would be shot to pieces at work.
Jon now answered with one word perfect! He told Bill to relax for it was a good evening for everything to come out into the open and besides he thought Bill had a real fuckable family and he even hinted he had always wanted to fuck a pair of twins.
Bill was about to blow his top when George gingerly entered the kitchen as Georgina; Jon simply ordered Bill on to his knees and the lifting Georgina’s skirt he made bill suck on the cock he found there. He warned them to continue or face more punishment as he slipped into the living room and had a word with Simone. She immediately stood rather blushing and followed him out to the kitchen; there she saw George dressed as Georgina and her own husband was on his knees sucking away at a man’s cock.
Simone was about to storm out when Jon slid his and up her skirt and smiled as he discovered she too must be a slut for she had no knickers on and her shaved cunt felt extremely sticky. Suddenly with three fingers pressed against her cunt Simone grunted a sexy groan; as she felt them slip inside her hot wet cunt. Just then A sound behind Simone attracted their attention and there stood the twins Gemma and Clara. “Mother you promised!” the screamed together.
Simone turned and immediately responded, “I know but look at your father; he promised this would not happen around you too; and besides I have to be honest I miss a healthy cock!”
Jonathon let go of her cunt and told her to wait here and watch as he would ask her later to describe how well this pair of cock sucking wimps performed. Then he led the twin girls off towards the stairs leading up to the master bedroom and asked them; “I recognise the signs so how long have you been fucking your parents?”
Gemma looked at Clara and said “Don’t know what you are talking about!”
“Ok play it that way but we are wasting time here! Look be quiet and watch!” he responded then he called out, “Mom can you come here please?”
A few minutes later Stella is stood in front of Jon and he makes her turn round and raise her skirt; she too is without panties and he promptly lets the girls watch as he plays with her cunt; dipping his fingers into her cunt before holding them out to Clara; she sniffs then and then when they are offered to Gemma she seductively sticks out her tongue and tastes them.
Then Clara and Gemma look at each other and finally admit they have been enjoying eating their mother’s cunt for about six months and also enjoy fucking each other with strap on cocks. Stella is sent to get her own Strap on and bring it with her. Jonathon explains that by chance he had met their father in the shopping mall glory hole six weeks ago and first time it had been a anonymous cock sucking but he had enjoyed it so much that he had insisted on meeting the man with the talented mouth.
Since then they had met in motel rooms at least once a week and he had actually fucked their father’s boy pussy; before making him suck the spunk from the used condom. The two girls said so what.
Jonathon simply said, “Well you do exactly as I say or word will get around that you two are incestuous lesbians and your father is a glory hole cock sucker; Gemma shot a look at Clara and was about to tell Jonathon to fuck off till Jonathon handed them photographs showing their dad sucking on a large cock; It was clear in the picture that he was clearly enjoying it and obviously not being forced.
Both girls agreed they were stuck; realising that if that bit was true then the rest would be accepted as true even if there was no evidence. Jon Told all three women to undress and then come down stairs; he meanwhile grabbed the strap on and two other vibrators and headed back to the kitchen.
As he entered bill was just finishing swallowing the last of George’s spunk and Simone was stood with her hand obviously rubbing her cunt beneath her dress. Jon told them to finish up quickly and then join him in the living room.
As soon as they entered he produced the first vibrator and told George to stick this up Bill’s arse and fuck him with it; He handed the strap on to Simone and told her to put this on and then fuck George’s boy pussy; he meanwhile undressed and sat watching from the sofa; suddenly the three other women entered and stood flabbergasted to see the two men being fucked while Simone was ramming her rubber cock into George’s arse.
The three already in the living room were shocked too; as the three naked women entered; Clara was handed the last vibrator and told to fuck Stella with it whilst Jon Grabs Gemma and tells her she is going to feel the power of a real man’s cock. Gemma thought she was going to get it up her cunt and froze in fear as she felt it pressing against her anal ring. Jon called his bitch of a mother to come suck on Gemma’s cunt; whilst he fucks her arse.
The scene for the next two hours was one of orgiastic performance as the dinner was forgotten and both Bill and George became sex slaves to the other five; mean while Simone willingly accepted a good fucking from Jonathon while describing each thrust to the others present; Gemma, Clara and Stella formed a daisy chain as the gobbled away at each other’s cunts. The whole atmosphere was one of latent sex and the room smelt like a Turkish brothel as they finally slowed down due to hunger more than anything else; at midnight the tucked into a slightly overcook meal.
Just before Bill and his family left he announced the promotion was now assured and George could expect a four thousand pound a year pay rise; he also hinted at other perks in the work place but was soon slapped down by Jonathon who said, “No he won’t for I am the boss here and you will all do well to remember that!”
Jonathon began to plan his scheme; he fully intended to impregnate all the women and have them raise the kids as their own and hopefully they would have girls and future sluts for his rampant cock.


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I don't know how you do it but i have never read a bad story written by you

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Why Thank you for the compliment.