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Strange dates.
Gina was five feet tall; around a hundred and eighty pounds in weight; with a small cute pear shaped ass and 44DDD tits; her long black curly hair hung to mid back length and she was sixteen when I first met her. Me; well I am Sam; six feet tall athletic build; sandy coloured hair and have an average six inch cock; and I too was sixteen; I suppose in honesty it was her large tits which I first noticed; not that she was plain looking or anything like that.
Around the sixth week of seeing her in the same classes I finally plucked up courage to ask her if she would like to go for a coke or something; I was shocked but surprised when she agreed. I know it was stupid in hind sight but I think that was when I fell in love with her. That evening after school we sat and had a glass of coke and chatted; she confessed she was going to approach me anyway but for different reasons; for she was struggling with her sixth grade chemistry homework and wondered if I could explain it better to her.
I was delighted and in the finish I actually did her homework as well as my own; obviously I did not copy it word for word but put all the salient points over but in a different way; anyway to cut a long boring story short; a week later she grabbed me as we walked home and kissed me full on the lips thanking me for the first A+ mark she had ever got. That was something over the next year she was to repeat times many.
It was three months later I finally got to sleep with her at her parent’s house; they were away for the night on business and she invited me over. Before we could go to bed though; which to be honest was the sole reason I was there; I had to complete her English and Maths homework. Then we went up to her room and I was surprised because instead of a single bed like I had at home she had a queen sized bed almost double the width of my own bed.
Nervously I hesitated before undressing for this was my very first time and I longed to leave the room a man no longer a virgin; but that never quite happened. She mean while did not hesitate and soon slipped beneath the sheets wearing just a flimsy pair of panties; I was gobsmacked; I had caught glimpses of my own mothers tits in the bathroom but Gina’s were so different somehow; less sag more in general and her areola’s were about the size of a dollar piece and the stubby nipple was already erect and so inviting.
She saw my nervousness and chided me to hurry up; so like her I kept my pants on and moved towards the bed but she told me to remove them before I got in bed. She smiled as she saw my cock already semi hard from just seeing her tits; she threw back the covers and invited me in. I reached over to kiss her but at the last minute she turned her head away so instead of a full mouth on mouth kiss I only got her cheek.
I let my arm move close till I was touching her skin and turned to face her; I felt the side of her breast against my chest and brought my hand over to touch the nipple. She grabbed my hand and said, “Before we start; I need to know you will still respect me and I will only let you do these things if I know you love only me and no one else?”
“Oh Gina; if only you really knew how much I do love you; I would give my very soul for you!” I replied.
With that she placed my hand on her panties and moved her arm to behind my head; pulling it down till my mouth found her nipple. I confess I did not really know what to do but I thought of a baby suckling from its mother and imitated the actions I thought that would use and it worked for she began cooing in my ear. I was scared to move my hand from where she placed it but could feel the heat of her cunt through the panties; my own rapidly hardening cock beginning to press into her thigh.
Eventually I began to move my hand up towards the top of her panties when again she stopped me; I am a virgin and have promised my mum I will remain so till I marry she lied. Not knowing any different I believed her and agreed to respect her wishes; so I thought nothing of it when she threw off the covers and then told me to remove her panties; her thick black bush over her cunt confirming she was truly a raven haired beauty.
Then the weirdest thing happened; she pushed my head down and at the same time opened her legs till my nose was pressed against the top of her cunt; I could smell the strange heady aroma of aroused sex; but did not know what to do. She laughed and told me to lick it; I anxiously stuck out my tongue and probed the slightly open slit; I suppose more by luck than judgement I hit her clit and she groaned and jerked; so I did it again a bit more forcefully and once more received the same encouraging signals.
Continuing this probing my tongue slipped into her cunt entrance and I tasted my first ever cunt juice; it tasted strange but something told me I wanted more so I dipped my tongue in again. Looking back now I realise this was a very crude effort of my first attempt at cunt licking but I did seem to get the desired results as suddenly she gripped my head and held it tight to her cunt while it seemed to me she was pissing; later I worked out it was her orgasm.
I was hoping she would now repay the favour and at least suck my cock; but she refused saying, “Mommy would not like her daughter to do things like that!” Instead she took hold of my hand and wrapped my own hand around my cock; holding it in place with her hand she stroked my cock.
Where she got my pants from or when I do not know but as my cock twitched; she instantly had my pants in her other hand and covering the one eye of my cock; so my spunk flew into my own pants. She said it was so her parent’s would not find traces on her bedding. I was allowed to sleep with her but no further contact was allowed and I must confess I found it hard to sleep but felt happy to be so near my own little princess.
After that she was more demanding; I was now doing all her homework and she was coaxing half my pocket money from me too; but I thought that’s what you did for the one you loved; what a sucker I turned out to be; because at the end of the school year she dumped me. I protested that we loved each other and she just laughed in my face telling me, “I never loved you; you limp dicked moron, I needed you to get my averages up so I could graduate and not spend another summer in summer camp!”
My ego was hurt and badly bruised as I wondered if all women were like her. So I vowed that in future I was going to concentrate on my own education and fucking leave women well alone. To this end I graduated with flying colours and gained a entry place at Harvard business school; graduating five years later still a virgin but with a masters degree in business and commerce.
I took my father’s ailing business and within four further years I had turned it into a million dollar empire; but somehow I never forgot my one first true love; Gina.
Now some of you will be saying how come a guy reaches 25 still a virgin if he is so successful; well I did not. After graduating from Harvard I went out celebrating with a few guys had too much to drink and ended up losing my virginity to a street whore in a back alley for 10 bucks. Not something I was proud of but it cleared the decks; I did have several suitors as I built my dad’s business up but I could never fully trust them and so never let them get close enough to qualify as a lover.

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Chapter 2….
In this chapter Gina and Sam do not meet; but it is essential for you to understand how they come to where they are in later chapters.
Gina and Sam parted company after graduation from school; whilst it was not an amicable parting of the ways; neither was it particularly bitter. Sam with his grades good enough to get to Harvard put all his pent up passions into driving himself forward to complete the business and commerce master’s degree. Gina tried to go to a more localised college but without the help of Sam found it too much and she ended up dropping out mid way through the first year.
Drifting away from college; she returned home but constant rows with her parents about her throwing away her golden opportunity to make a life for herself after her good grades at school. Of course she could not tell them the results they referred to was obtained by deception and belonged to Sam; so she ended up leaving home and finding a flat but because of her low income it was in a poor part of town.
This led to her coming into contact with various undesirable characters, drug dealers and pimps to name but a few. It was one of these characters who introduced Gina to just enough drugs to get her hooked and dependant on him. Then in order to pay for future drugs he began bringing paying clients round and forcing Gina to give the guys a blowjob or face a beating.
It was a very slippery road from giving a blowjob to prostituting herself to feed her drug habit. The first time she had to give herself completely was with a man old enough to be her grand dad; he was over sixty years old and he paid seventy dollars to be the first to go all the way with this new 22 year old whore. Gina was taken to a room and told to strip off; she started to protest but a clenched fist under the rib cage knocked the protest from her. Then as she struggled to regain her breath; her pimp took hold of her blouse and ripped it straight down the front; the sound of ripping material sounded so loud in her ears and she felt her pimps eyes devouring her ample tit flesh. Then she struggled as the torn blouse was dragged down her arms; no sooner did her blouse hit the floor than her bra was ripped from her body; as the bra strap snapped her tits bounced free, much to the amusement of her pimp. Next her skirt was dragged down her legs and she tried hard to stop her skirt being taken and was rewarded with another fist in the stomach; with her skirt gone she stood almost doubled over only wearing her panties and she soon felt her pimps hands grasp the waistband of them; she knew what was coming but knew better than to object again, and quickly they were dragged down exposing her shaven cunt; now she was stood naked. When she saw herself in the mirror she was shocked for she knew she looked a mess but she needed her cocaine and just know she was prepared to do whatever she needed to get it.
Her clothes were taken from the room and she sat naked on the edge of the bed wondering what was to befall her now; the door opened and in stepped Charlie; he looked seventy if a day and he sneered at her large tits; walked over to her and slapped her face telling her to stand in his presence with her hands behind her back. Quickly Gina stood up and did as she was told; only to find him stood in front of her; he reached forward and sharply pinched her nipple smiling as he saw her wince.
Then he stepped back and began to undress himself; Gina felt reviled as she saw his wrinkly body and sagging man tits; she just thought things could not get any worse when he took his teeth out and placed them on the table. His off white dirty pants streaked with skid marks where he had not wiped his backside properly really made her feel sick; his withered cock looked like a standard sausage with two wrinkled walnuts hanging below it. Then she felt further revulsion as he opened his toothless mouth and began mashing his gums on her soft tit flesh whilst sucking hard on her nipple.
Then he pulled away and ordered her to kneel and suck his cock; knowing one complaint from him would get her another severe beating she did not object but meekly knelt; the smell of stale sweat and the cheesy smell of his unwashed cock made her stomach turn but she knew she would have to put that horrible thing in her mouth or she knew what would follow. She gagged at the horrid taste; as the cock slipped into her mouth and she felt it was slimy against her tongue. No sooner did she close her mouth than he began forcefully fucking her mouth. She tasted the old spunk beneath the rim of his cock head and almost baulked; but thinking of her next supply of drugs managed to keep her going. Hoping that he was going to be happy with cumming in her mouth she began to work her tongue and lips to suction the spunk from his balls ; but she was disappointed for he pushed her head away and ordered her to stand; then laying on the bed he ordered her to climb on and put his cock up her cunt.
Although she was not a virgin; she hated the thought of such a dirty cock being allowed up her cunt; but again she could not refuse. She lowered herself on to his cock and as soon as the tip of his cock touched her cunt lips he thrust his hips upwards and slammed his cock into her; then he just lay there while she did all the work; the only thing he would do was occasionally reach up and torture her tits with his sharp nails by either sinking them into her soft tit flesh or else he would dig them into her nipple flesh.
For what seemed ages she bounced up and down on his cock and her tits became so sore she almost cried out a couple of times before she felt his cock twitch and then spew forth its load of spunk inside her cunt; then the man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off him; dragging her head down to his cock he brushed the fresh sticky slime against her lips; knowing what must be done she opened her mouth and sucked his cock clean only to be rewarded by his hands hold her head tight to his pubes as he pissed directly into her throat.
Then when he had done he literally threw her off the bed and squatted over her face rubbing his shitty arse over her nose and mouth; before grabbing his clothes and teeth and laughing loudly as he left the room. Five minutes later her pimp entered and told her the man was not pleased and for that she was only going to get the bare minimum of drugs she was supposed to have earned; with that he gave her just a single dose of cocaine and when she snorted that her pulled her obver his knee and spanked her till she was screaming in pain.
After that she swore she would never again be punished for any sexual act and always put her heart and soul into her performances. She was soon turning tricks at ten a day earning her pimp thousands of dollars a week and still never earning enough to feed her drug habit; many a night she went into cold turkey craving another fix. It was a fellow whore who took pity on her and phoned the police and emergency services to get her the help she needed. Unfortunately she was scarred mentally and now only saw sex as a means to get what she wants.
She went away for almost a year to get her life sorted and just happened to return to her home town around the time of Sam’s dad’s funeral. With such a multimillion pound company behind them it was big news about the dutiful son who took care of his father and business for the last two years; Gina decided she would contact Sam initially to offer her condolences and see if he still had any feelings for her.

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Strange dates 03.
Chapter 3.
Two days after the funeral; Gina approached the office block and entered the grand foyer; pausing the marble reception desk she asked for Sam. She was told he only saw people by appointment but she asked to use the phone to call to make an appointment. The receptionist passed the phone over and gave her the number to dial; by chance she got Sam and not his personal secretary who was out of the office at that moment; she mentioned her name and instantly he remembered her.
She was told to pass the phone back to the receptionist; the receptionist then informed Gina to take the elevator to the fifth floor and then along the corridor to Gambitt and Gambitt. At the end of that corridor she would find Mr S Gambitt’s office and in that office she would find Sam. Gina had already formed a plan of what she was going to say to Sam even before the elevator doors opened and she stepped out on to the fifth floor.
She thought to herself; “Wow how tastefully as this place been decorated! This company must be worth an absolute fortune!” she was even more determined to cut herself a piece of this wealth; all she had to do was play on Sam’s feelings for her; she surmised that as his first girlfriend it should be a really special relationship and as the old song goes; the first cut is the deepest.
She approached the end of the corridor and directly opposite each other were two enormous heavy oaked doors; each with a brass name plate beside. The first one she looked at read ‘Mr. Benjamin Gambitt. C.E.O.’ while the one opposite read ‘Mr. Samuel Gambitt. Vice C.E.O.’
Gina knocked on the door and waited; instead of someone calling out for her to enter as she expected; the door swung open and there was Sam ushering her into the outer office; he then escorted her through to his own private office and she was once more very impressed for everything was solid mahogany and leather; in the centre of the room was a huge mahogany desk which was most imposing and she could imagine many a client feeling at a disadvantage talking to Sam as he sat behind such a desk; for this reason she steered him over to the large leather sofa by the window.
She meekly thanking him for agreeing to see her and no sooner had she sat down she began to sob uncontrollably; Sam naïve in his dealings with women fell for it and soon had his arm around her shoulder consoling her. She managed to mumble she was sorry for she had promised herself to be strong and now realising what she had messed up and seeing him again was just too much.
She laid it on with a shovel; how she had been wrong to had walked away from their relationship but it was because she felt too young to commit to a steady commitment and marriage; she told him that she had deeply loved him and not wanted to lose him but had lied to him about not loving him because of fear to commit to him fully. She swore on her mother’s life that she had constantly blamed herself for her own misery at losing him and would give anything to have the chance to restart over.
Sam reassured her that there had been no one else for him since they had split up and if she was willing to try again then so was he; he got up and walked over to the desk taking a box of tissues from the top drawer and handing them to Gina; she modestly dried her eyes. Then he took from his wallet a thousand dollars and told her to go buy herself something nice and he would call her later to arrange to go out for a meal and see where they went from then. After making a half hearted noise about taking the money she accepted it and promised to buy something new to wear just for him and even hinted at luxury underwear for his approval. She knew she had him when he blushed at this comment.
Drying her eyes as she left the office she was almost laughing by the time she stepped into the elevator to go down to the ground floor. She was actually whistling a happy tune as she left the reception area and called hail a cab before disappearing. Sat in the back of the cab she saw the black cab driver giving her the once over; she knew she looked good and felt good so one quick fuck instead of paying for the cab would not hurt matters. Besides she had no intention of staying faithful to Sam so why start something now which was not meant to be for good.
She asked the driver to stop and then moved up front beside him; now as he drove; she slid her hand on to his thigh and stroked lightly up to his now hardening bulge; He turned slightly to her and said “Yeah go on suck it bitch; you know you want to!”
In a flash Gina had his cock out of his trousers and was happily sucking on it like her life depended on doing so; suddenly the driver took a left turn and parked up on a lonely deserted car park in part of the industrial area of town. Now turning to Gina he demanded she slip out of her clothes and as she reached up to unbutton her blouse he stopped her. He told her to get out the car and follow him; he led her through a door and into a disused basement; on the floor was an old mattress with shit and piss stains on it from the winos; now he commanded her to unbutton her blouse from the bottom up. As she undid each button he made her tell him what a black cock loving white bitch she was; he also made her tell him where she wanted his black mamba baby making hose pushed.
By the time she had her blouse fully unbuttoned her cunt was running like a river and that was just from his verbal assault. He ordered her to toss her blouse towards him and as she did so he asked her hat size her fucking tits were; an almost out of breath Gina answered; “44 DDD”
“Big enough to wrap around my fuck stick then, bitch!” he answered. Gina nodded as she reached behind her and unclasped the clip that held her bra closed; without being told she tossed that to towards the driver and held her hands behind her back thrusting her tits further forward. “Remove your skirt; Slag!” the driver demanded and once more she obeyed tossing this in his direction too. Now she stood naked apart from her panties, self supporting stockings and bright red shoes. Eagerly now she awaited his command to remove her panties; for since she had gone into rehab for the drugs and it had been recognised that she had traded sex for drugs; she had abstained from any form of sex and now; here she was going to get fucked by a monster black cock because she wanted too and not to obtain drugs.
The driver licked his lips and nodded in her direction; she followed his gaze and saw the red panties she was wearing was heavily stained with her cunt juices and that was just from sucking his cock and removing he clothes as and when told to. He indicated with his hand moving in a downward direction that she should slide her panties down and almost in a trance s flashbacks to her life as a whore invaded her mind; she obeyed. She still could not get out of the habit though of shaving her cunt; and the driver once more licked his lips as her panties finally hit her shoes.
Finally she stepped out of her panties and expected the driver to get a blanket to cover the smelly mattress but instead he called her over to him; as she sashayed her hips over to him she expected a warming hug at least; instead she had her arm twisted violently up her back and she was pushed face down on to the old smelly mattress. She started to complain and had her ass soundly spanked for her trouble.
Then she heard the unmistakeable sound of his zip going down and then the clatter of his belt and sensed rather than saw his trousers sliding to the floor. Suddenly she was being pushed down into the mattress as he pressed his large hard cock into the entrance of her cunt. It had been a year since she last had sex so her cunt was not used to being stretched so much and she felt the pain become unbearable; just the his cock head pushed through her labia and the pain eased and her body began to react to the pleasure of such a large hard cock. She began moaning for him to fuck her harder and was shocked but still obeyed when he told her to lick the yellowish stain on the mattress now pressed against her mouth.
He fucked her hard for twenty minutes and she swore she would get even with this black bastard for treating her like shit but regretted her thoughts when his cock slipped from her cunt and she felt it line up with her tight sphincter muscle. “God; No!” she screamed as a tearing sensation ripped through her arse; quickly followed by a burning sensation as the driver slammed his cock up her anal recess. She screamed that he was killing her and he responded by firstly slapping her arse around like it was a big bass drum and then he whispered in her ear if she thought this was killing her then he would do it and show her the real difference. Now in fear for her life she regretted starting the whole experience and vowed to be much more careful in future.
Suddenly the cock in her ass exploded showering her inner walls with hot scalding spunk and the driver laughed loudly as he declared her to be his white fucking whore; Then he pulled his blood stained shit and spunk covered cock from her arse and delighted in making her lick it clean like a lollipop; before forcing it down her throat. Gina really could not breathe with such a large thick cock jammed into the back of her throat and she blacked out but her body responded and she began automatically breathing through her nose.
Around twenty minutes later she woke up to find the cock still fucking her mouth as the guy verbally abused her; he even threatened to call his mates to come and service her and really freaked her out by telling her that two of his mates had much bigger cocks than he did. She started to scream at him and he thumped her under the jaw knocking her clean out; now he wanked his cock over her and made sure to splatter his load all over her face and then he left her still unconscious; taking her clothes with him.
The clothes he dumped in a skip not far from where he had parked the cab; but she did not know that when she came to; so she had to duck and dive avoiding all contact until she got home; luckily for her the driver had forgot to take her handbag and when she opened it she found both her front door keys and the thousand dollars; that Sam had given her. She showered and changed her clothes before going off to the shopping mall where she bought some real sexy underwear from ‘Victoria’s secrets’; later she wore them under a plain dress and went to meet Sam for the dinner he had proposed.
Sam picked her up from the place agreed in a chauffeured limousine and they dined in style at the most expensive restaurant in town. After wards Sam asked if she wanted a night-cap at his place and she was caught in a spot; she was tempted to say yes as she knew she need him to fuck her soon to strengthen her grip on his emotions but she also needed to let her cunt and arse get back to normal size after the big black cock fucking she had taken only hours early; so she declined his offer but arranged to meet him at his place the following evening and she kissed him full on the mouth as she promised him a night to remember.

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Strange Dates 04.
Chapter 04.
The next day being Wednesday; Sam had to work whilst Gina had time to prepare herself. For Sam the day dragged and he almost gave in to his inner feelings and was sorely tempted to take an early day. However his secretary told him it would mean rescheduling two really important meetings and could affect the company standing; As usual Sam saw that what she was saying made complete sense and so he stuck it out for the meetings.
Gina meanwhile used some of the money from Sam to pamper herself; she went and had her hair done; manicure and even a sauna massage. Something only a year ago would have been unheard of for her as the money would most certainly gone on drugs instead. Now she prepared for her date; she showered making sure to closely shave her cunt; she laid out her ‘Victoria’s Secrets’ underwear choosing a satin Basque which emphasised her cleavage even more; semi transparent lace panties which clearly showed her cunt lips and her clit; on top of this she chose to wear a button down the front dress; electing to leave the top three buttons undone to show off her cleavage; another thing the Basque held show off was an hour glass figure.
AT five pm; Sam left the office and raced home in the limousine; he then showered and dressed casually in shirt and suit trousers. He decided to indulge in one of his most enjoyable hobbies and began to prepare a meal for Gina; for he had inherited his mother’s passion for cooking. At six thirty pm she sent his chauffer in the limousine to go collect Gina; knowing it was a forty five minute journey both ways and by the time she got here the meal would be ready.
Gina felt like a movie star as she rode in the back of the limousine heading away from her rundown neighbourhood; at seven thirty she noticed the housing becoming more impressive; with larger more secluded houses. At five to eight she noticed the car turn off the road and pass through an ornate gateway; it took a further five minutes to drive along the lane and come to the house, which only be described as palatial.
The chauffer got out and immediately opened the door for Gina to exit the car; whether by accident or design she showed him quite a lot of thigh flesh and he must have seen straight down her cleavage; she noticed his cock stirring and bulging in his pants. She thought that once she was Mrs Gambitt she would make good use of that cock.
Soon she was shown into the living room by a maid and was greeted by Sam; who stepped forward and kissed her on the cheek. He then turned to the maid and told her, “Tell Jake and Martha that all three of you are released for the rest of the day; If and when I need the car I will drive this young lady home!”
The maid curtsied and left the room; Gina was well impressed and quite fancied the idea of having these people at her beck and call. She imagined having the maid run her a bath and then bathe her and could imagine the maid’s embarrassment when told to shave her mistress’s cunt. She was lost in her fantasy world and did not hear Sam announce dinner is ready; Sam repeated his statement and led her through to the dining room where a cosy table for two was laid out; beside the table was a hostess trolley and Sam seated Gina before opening the first tureen.
“Would you care for Maryland spiced Asparagus for starters?” he asked.
Gina nodded and held out her plate; Sam placed four of the green shoots on her plate and served himself a similar portion. Gina watched as Sam took his seat and she hesitated before starting to eat the asparagus; Sam picked up a dainty two pronged fork and gently stabbed the asparagus before raising it to his mouth and biting off the top inch. Gina followed suit picking up the same type of fork and as she tried to stab the asparagus it shot across the table hitting Sam in the chest. An embarrassed Gina apologise but Sam was laughing; he picked up the offending asparagus and placed it on the trolley reaching out he took hold of another one from the tureen and placed it on her plate.
“Eat them eau natural; just use your fingers!” he suggested.
Gina now picked up an asparagus in her finger and seductively sucked on its head as if sucking a cock; an action not missed by Sam; suddenly as he watched her; he felt her foot sliding up and down his shin; she was actually playing footsie with him as they ate. He simply smiled at her and blew her a kiss.
First course finished he stood cleared the plates on to the lower shelf of the hostess trolley; now he offered her Cajun Chicken and Milwaukie Steaks; New Orleans potatoes and petite pois. Again she smiled as she nodded and seemed genuinely impressed when he explained his love of cooking.
She enjoyed the well cooked food and chose a small Baked Alaska as desert. As she broke the meringue casing and broke into the ice cream; she ended up with a smidge of ice cream on the end of her nose. Sam grabbed a spare napkin which was to his right and handed it to her. Immediately she felt it to be a little heavy for just a napkin so she unfolded it and discovered a small blue velvet box. She opened the box and her eyes flew wide open for there was a star shaped diamond and emerald brooch. She figured it was worth over $200,000 dollars; in fact it was closer to $250,000; she never had any intention of not accepting it but protested that he really should not spend his hard earned cash on her like this. Sam admitted he liked spending money on his special lady and inwardly she grinned for it was exactly what she wanted to hear.
After finishing their meal; Gina suggested they sit on the terrace and catch up on things; they were shortly sat on a swing couch overlooking the large lawn and pond. Sam explained that he really owed her a debt of thanks for her rejecting him when she did had led him to knuckle down and study even harder and as such he graduated with his master’s degree with six outstanding credits.
Gina began to tell him about how she went to college; only in her version she left after the fourth year to nurse her ill mother and therefore she never qualified; she confessed she lost her mother the following year and it led her dad to begin drinking and eighteen months later he too died. So she was now all alone; at this Sam slipped his arm around her and promised her she would not be alone any more.
Well one thing led to another and Gina suggested they go to his bedroom; and as soon as he closed the bedroom door she began unbuttoning her dress. She told him to sit and watch as this was her treat she had promised him; she went on to describe how she was going to smother him with her tits and feed him like a baby. By now she had only two more buttons to undo on her dress and he was already interested in her Basque flashing glimpses from beneath the dress; With a small flourish Gina slipped the dress off her shoulders and allowed the dress to drop to the floor; Sam licked his lips as he saw her Basque properly and her almost transparent panties slick with her cunt juices. Gina stepped up to Sam and taking his head she pressed it tight into her breasts; He instantly began kissing the tit flesh and even licking up traces of sweat between her tits. After several minutes she release his head and he pulled back; went to kiss her full on the mouth but she backed off and taking his hands; she placed them on the sides of her panties and gasped, “take them off for me; lover boy!”
With trembling hands; Sam began to slip them down her legs; as he did so he leaned forward bringing his head close to her shaven cunt; he inhaled and took in the sexual arousal aroma of her hot wet cunt and instantly his cock lurched again. Gina quickly stepped out of her panties and then reached behind her back and undid the four clasps holding her Basque in place. Slowly and seductively she pulled the Basque away from her body but still hiding her tits from Sam’s view. Then in a flash she dropped it and stood naked in front of the man she intended to take for a ride.
Sam’s memory played tricks on him for he saw the young sixteen year old girl in front of him and not the mature woman and her slightly sagging tits. Gina pulled Sam to his feet and then kneeling before him she began to undo his trousers and soon they were round his ankles. Sam nearly fell over as he tried to step out of them. Now standing again; Gina began unbuttoning Sam’s shirt and soon he was stood only in his pants. He half expected Gina to kneel again and slide his pants over his cock and for her to suck him; but she did not; instead she strode over to the bed and spread herself out on top of it. She told Sam to slip his pants off and to come over for she needed him to fuck her.
As he approached the bed as naked as she was; she opened her legs and guided his head between her legs; once more his maid raced back to their younger days and he knew she wanted him to lick her out just like he used to do; he soon got back in to the swing of it and midst her groans of passion; most of which was being faked I may add; she pulled him up her and grabbing his hard cock she guided it into her cunt; poor Sam had dreamed so often of this exact moment that it proved too much for him and by his third stroke he was shooting his load into her. He apologised and she smiling told him not to worry but was thinking what a fucking useless wanker!
As soon as he cum she kissed his face and rolled him over; he eagerly went hoping she would suck him back to life but she turned her back on him and pretended to quickly fall asleep; whens he thought he was asleep she slipped out of her side of the bed and taking her mobile phone out of her handbag she called her pimp.
“Jimmy, I will have your release fee by this time next month; yeah this useless wanker won’t know what hit him; now remember when I pay you off I am free from you forever!” she whispered into the phone.
What Gina did not know was that Sam had heard every word and now the boot was on the other foot. Next morning he approached Gina; “You know the brooch I gave you last night?” he said.
“Yes Darling!” came her reply.
“I Think it is too old for you; really so if you give it me back I will get you a more modern design in a heart shape!” he continued.
“Oh no Babes; after all it is not just the brooch but it is the fact you decided that it suited me and that means so much to me right now!” she lied.
Knowing he was not getting anywhere he asked if he could pin it on to her and she agreed; she never saw him bend the pin and so he told her that he would get it repaired. This time she had to agree and so he placed it back in its box and placed it in his pocket. It took all his will power to now kiss her but he knew he had to keep up appearances until he could arrange his revenge; so he reluctantly kissed her and travelled in the limousine with her as far as his office; the then instructed Jimmy to take Gina home.

01-28-2010, 07:51 PM
Chapter 5.
It was Friday morning when Sam called Gina; he had deliberately avoid any contact with her all day Thursday; he coyly suggested she may like to spend the weekend as his place getting to know one another again after all these years; he even hinted he would give the servants the weekend off so they would not be disturbed. She jumped at the chance; but secretly hoped to get her hands on the brooch he had given her and then needed to get repaired; for that would go a long way to clearing her debt to her pimp she thought.
She even planned to take Sam for everything she could to set herself up in business; but there was the crux of the matter the only business she really knew was the sex business and she hated that; but she reasoned that as a madam in a brothel she would not have to do the dirty sex thing as that was what she would pay the girls to take care of.
Sam arranged for Jimmy to fetch Gina around 8.00pm and they would have a late supper before the staff; would be sent packing for the weekend. Gina ever taking care of business when and bought herself some new clothes to show off her charms to their very best perspective. She finally spent the last of the thousand dollars Sam had given her in his office.
Her newest gown in shimmering chiffon was almost transparent and borderline obscene with its dipping neck line and high cut jagged hemline; but who apart from the handsome jimmy and poor wimp Sam was going to see it. She finished the ensemble of with gossamer light platform bra to support her tits and crotch-less panties of the same gossamer design. She also bought a miniscule bikini to wear over the weekend as she anticipated getting some sunbathing in on the terraced swimming pool.
Sam meanwhile made half a dozen calls to people he reluctantly knew and arrange his own surprise for Gina. The day dragged for both Sam and Gina but for different yet similar reasons; similar in that they both were itching to put their plans into operation and yet different because those plans had very different agendas.
Sam locked himself away in his office taking very few business calls; of those he did take; he then delegated the work to his colleagues and understudies; he did find it extremely hard though not to daydream about his plans for the weekend and even harder not to play with his semi hard prick. If fact at lunch time he actually took his prick out under his desk and froze when his secretary walked in. she had an urgent document that needed a signature and as usual knowing Sam was alone she simple walked in to his office. Sam hurriedly moved his chair tight to his desk but too late for Mary his secretary has caught a glimpse of his cock; she blushed slightly but never said anything handed him the paperwork and turned and slowly left the office. As she did so she thought; why play with yourself Sam when I would love to play with that for you; if only you knew how much I worship and love you.
As soon as the door closed Sam stuffed his hardened cock back in his trousers hoping his secretary had not seen anything and knew if she had she was trustworthy not to say anything. He never suspected that she had such a crush on him.
Sam busied himself with work; pushing his plans for Gina to the back of his mind; and yet the time still dragged. Unbeknown to Sam; Mary had her ear pressed to the door hoping to catch Sam wanking so she could interrupt him and tell him he need not do it alone when she had expert hands and other holes he could use whenever he wanted; but she was disappointed for she only heard the shuffling of papers and eventually her intercom buzz. She answered it, “Yes Mr. Gambitt! Right away Mr. Gambitt!” she then rose and entered his office. Her heart jumped when he asked her to go to the florist and personally select a large bouquet of flowers and either bring them back here or have them deliver them here.
Mr. Gambitt had never bought her flowers before; maybe he realised she had seen him about to have a wank and wanted to make it up to her; as she reached the door she turned and asked. “To what value should I go to; sir!” Sam shrugged his shoulders I will leave it to you something impressive but not too ornate he advised.
She smiled as she left the room thinking her personal favourites were orchids and they could be expensive so she planned on five orchids and seven roses a mixture of other flowers should suffice.
Half an hour later she returned with a dazzling display of flowers and handed them to Sam; “I am afraid I spent $125 dollars sir is that alright?” she asked.
“Absolutely fine, I could not have picked a finer bouquet myself!” “Phone the shop and have them make a similar one up for yourself; Mary!” Sam announced.
Mary turned and actually scowled; damn I thought those were for me. She almost forgot herself and nearly slammed the office door as she left.
At five pm Sam ordered his car and carrying the bouquet of flowers he left his office to be greeted by a similar bouquet sat on the sideboard facing Mary’s desk; It had occurred to Sam during the afternoon that Mary may have seen more than she was letting on and she probably thought the original bunch of flowers were for her. So he stepped over to her desk and whispered, “I do not know what I would do without you to guide me Mary! I promise it will be reflected next month when we discuss your new pay rise!” and with that he did something he had never done before he kissed Mary on the cheek.
A stunned Mary; cursed under her breath; I do not want a pay rise I want you; you silly; silly man.
Once downstairs and in the back of the limousine; Sam carefully placed the flowers on the rear facing seat and instructed jimmy to take him home and then take these flowers to Gina’s house and collect her; then the strangest part of the instruction was that he was to arrive back at Sam’s home no earlier than eight pm. Jimmy nodded and started the car.
As soon as Sam arrived home he quickly slipped through the shower and once more images of his plans for tonight and the weekend invaded his brain; his cock rose to its full six inches and he fought the temptation to play with it so close to the start of his plan. Quickly after his shower he dressed casual in jeans and a shirt and called his kitchen maid and gave her the list of foods he wanted cooked for tonight a meal for two he stressed. The house maid was told to make sure the Guest bedroom was properly cleaned and he made a strange request; he wanted the bed stripped but not remade only a silk sheet was to be placed on the mattress; and the bed should be pulled out into the centre of the room. The maid was curious but was paid far too well to enquire why. She simply asked what colour silk sheet did he require the bed to be covered with and upon receiving an answer of black she smirked and turned walking quickly to carry out his wishes. As she did as she was told she could not help but think that the master was going to have a kinky sex session with some lucky bitch; little did she know the full extent of the planned session.
With everything now prepared; Gina about to arrive any second; Sam called his staff together and handed then each an envelope; he told them, “You have served me well since my father died and as a reward for that hard work here are tickets for you and two others to go away to Las Vegas for the weekend and at the hotel where your reservations are made you will find a five thousand dollar deposit for you to use as spending money; enjoy yourselves; you have earned it.”
The kitchen maid and the house maid thanked Sam profusely and hurried to phone their families. The barely heard Sam tell them that their duties were finished as of now and he would see them Monday night. When Jimmy arrived with Gina; he was carrying a small suitcase and explained these were Gina’s things. Sam told him to place then on the stairs and they would deal with them later and he again handed Jimmy a similar envelope and told him the same story. Jimmy again offered his deepest thanks and bade them farewell.
As he turned to leave Sam told him to take the limousine and park it at the airport for when they all returned. Jimmy once more thanked Sam and continued to leave. Alone at last he turned his attention to Gina; she looked stunning but he could not accept it was for him he knew it was all part of her plan. Fighting his revulsion he led her over to the dining area and the meal set out for them. They made small talk during the meal; both seeming a little on edge and Sam thought; why the bitch did not even mention the flowers, how different from Mary’s reaction. It then hit him that maybe Mary had a crush on him and it had been right under his nose from the start.
After they had finished the meal; Sam cleared the table and stacked the plates and dishes in the dish washer; set it going and walked out on to the terrace; the moon shone down reflecting on the heated swimming pool and Gina suddenly touched his arm; turning slightly to her he heard her say, “Fancy a late night swim?”
Sam declined her offer and said, “I have to confess; I was hoping to show you one more of my newly acquired skills of a masseuse; and give you a full body massage with aromatherapy oils and the works.”
Gina smiled and whispered, “That would be great, we can always swim tomorrow; for I feel tonight is the first day of the rest of our lives and they will be here together!”
Sam looked at his solid gold Rolex watch; and suggested they make their way to the guest bedroom. Hand in hand they climbed the stairs; Sam picking up Gina’s case as they passed and he placed the case in inside the master bedroom and then led her on to the guest room.
Gina was shocked to see the double bed pulled away from the wall; but smile as she run her hand over the silky shiny black satin sheet; she beamed at Sam as she said, “Oh so sensual sheets. I can just imagine rolling around with you on these, but where are the other sheets to cover ourselves with?”
“Why would I want to cover your beautiful body up? That would be sacrilege!” Sam truthfully said; for he had to admit she had a body most men would drool over.
Gina blushed slightly but beamed a great smile; thinking to herself this will be easier than she ever thought possible. Sam sat on the lone chair placed in the middle of the window alcove and asked Gina to reveal her body to him sexily. Gina smiled again as she thought “You poor lovesick fool!”
She then stepped in front of him and swaying her hips sensually she reached behind her and began to slide the zip on her dress downwards; the straps flowed down her arms and more and more of her cleavage was being displayed. As she reached the bottom of the zip she looked down and faked horror to see her tits on full display; quickly she hid them again and sexily mouth the words naughty boy peeking at mummy’s titties. Sam laughed at her choice of words for he recalled his few glimpses of his mother semi naked and he never got to see her tits however much he would have given to do so.
Then slowly and seductively Gina allowed the bodice of her dress to slide down her arms and reveal her platform bra and slender stomach. Then reaching behind her again she thrust her tits forward and located the lower zip which release the elasticised panels on her hips and allowed the lower dress to slowly slide down her legs; Sam took a sharp intake of breath as she revealed the gossamer light semi transparent panties and he actually gasped when she opened her legs to reveal they were crotch-less. Now Gina stepped out of the dress and placed it over a stool before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra; this she tossed to Sam and then in a gasping sexy voice she begged him to come to her on his knees and remove her panties with his teeth.
In a flash Sam slipped tom his knees and scurried over to her; while Gina held her waistband away from her skin; Sam gripped it in his teeth and dragged them down; of course Gina helped by lowering the rear of them until the floated towards her ankles. Now naked stand before the close head of Sam she could feel his hot breath on her cunt and she actually shivered.
Sam as he stood up almost decided to cancel his plans but the thought of her taking him for a fool brought him back to his senses. He quickly stripped off his shirt and trousers to reveal loose fitting shorts and then he turned to Gina and said; “please lay on your stomach on the bed; whilst I fetch my tray of aromatherapy oils!”
Gina slid on to the cool sexy feeling sheet; marvelling in how the quality silk made her nerves tingle sexily and how sensual the whole feel made her. Soon Sam returned with a small table on which were lots of bottles of oil; placing this beside the bed he asked if she was feeling sexy and was she in the mood for a little risqué game. The sheet had its effect on her as she dreamily answered oh yes lets.
“Reach above your head then sexy with both hands!” Sam commanded. As Gina did so; Sam reached to the bed head and took hold quietly of the prepared handcuffs, quick as a flash he snapped them on to her wrists; a startled Gina shot him a look and he smiled; “don’t worry babes; I intend to tease you as I massage you and I don’t want you to get away!” he lied.
Gina smiled and relaxed again; Sam stroked down her legs until her reached her feat and then quickly fastened her ankles in cuffs of velvet and leather spreading her legs to the widest he could; Gina now felt totally at risk for she now could not move her arms or legs and her only defence was her mouth; she began pleading with Sam to let her go! Sam’s attitude also changed for he now snapped back at her; “so you wanted to use me to pay off your Pimp!”, “You never really loved me so now it is my turn for revenge!”
Gina began to scream her innocence of his claims but was silenced when he told her he had heard every word of her conversation when she thought he was asleep and had arranged his own revenge plan which had worked so well; what was more it was worth the thirty thousand dollars it had cost to set up.
Now Gina was screaming to be let loose and she would not press sexual assault charges against Sam; he laughed and told her quite clearly, “who would fucking believe a two bit whore; especially when I have proof from you pimp that he would rather keep you as his whore! You really should have dialled a second number after your conversation because redial proved to be a really useful tool in this case!”
Gina was shock and for once speechless; she just began to scream to be released again when the heavy hand of Sam slapped her arse and told her to be quiet. Shocked that Sam actually hit her she was silent; then with fearful eyes she watched as Sam removed his shorts and approached Gina’s head. Remember all those times I tried to get you to suck my cock and you always refused; well today you will suck me and swallow my load or your poor body will suffer. To prove his point he opened a vial of oil and placed it near Gina’s nose. She yanked her head back as much as she could; as Sam told her it was etching acid and whilst it would not burn her skin off it would however cause a burning irritation which was enough to drive a person mad with pain. The only remedy for it was here in this second vial and oh Dear seems I have none left; so best you don’t make me use this on you!
He then said, “You will suck my cock and if you even think about biting; I will pour this on your back and inject some in your arse and cunt!” he said waving the vial in her face. Gina nodded her consent. Climbing on the bed Sam placed his cock against her mouth before teasing her to open wide like the whore she was. Soon Gina was sucking on his cock while Sam belittled her by calling her a worthless whore bag and someone he could easily sell for a few dollars. Gina for her part tried hard to concentrate on sucking his cock and not listening for she thought the sooner she got this over with the better. She felt the tremble in his cock and thought here he goes it did not take long to make him cum; Sam realised as well he was about to cum and at the very last minute he pulled his cock from her mouth and sprayed his load all over her face; he quickly took pictures on his digital camera of her face plastered with his white streaks of spunk.
Sliding off the bed he said, “Very good my little whore, but you can swallow my spunk later but I remember you would not allow me to fuck your arse either; well tonight I will be fucking it and at the same time I will fucking your cunt too!”
“Impossible!” Gina screamed! “How can your single cock fuck both holes at the same time?”
“Oh I never said it would be with my cock did I!” Sam taunted, he then held out a large black rubber truncheon but what scared Gina was the heavy rubber spikes which protruded from its sides; it was about twelve inches long and looked almost three inches thick. “This will be up your cunt; bitch, and when turned on just watch!” he taunted her further and with that he flicked the switch on its base and the whole sides of the truncheon began to rotate and gyrate. Gina soon realised the effect this would have on her tender cunt walls and when she realised it vibrated as well it nearly blew her mind; she now began begging and whining for him to show her the love he once had for her and not to hurt like this.
“You never cared about my feelings then or now so why should I return the favour now just because you are pleading for my mercy!” he snarled.
With that she felt him climb behind her on the bed and felt the rubbery tip press against her cunt; she tried on more barrage of pleading but to no effect as Sam slowly rammed the truncheon firmly up her cunt; Gina felt the rubber stretching her cunt and felt each of the spikes scraping against her inner cunt walls but what really blew her mind was when they began spinning slowly at first and then speeding up as the vibrations started. Soon she felt like her cunt was being assaulted by an egg whisk and her cries became loud sobs of pain and tears.
Sam then began pressing his hard cock against her anal ring she screamed out loud and clear as the pressure increased both on her anal ring and inside her cunt. Sam laughed out loud as he said, “scream all you like my little whore for you know I have sent my staff away for the weekend so we will not be disturbed and this house is a quarter of a mile from the road so no one will hear your screams.”
By now his cock has forced her anal ring wide enough to slip inside and he too could feel the effects of the truncheon inside her cunt through her membrane wall; as he slid his six inches into her arse he leaned forward and then reached under her and grabbed her tits squeezing them hard.
Again Gina screamed for mercy; but once more it fell on deaf ears; Now Sam began to fuck her arse with short fast thrusts; he also began telling her for a cheap two dollar whore she had managed to keep her arse tight and he admired his slut for doing that. Almost gasping now as the effects of the truncheon and his cock took effect Gina promised him anything if only he would let her go.
“My Dear of course I will let you go! On Sunday night you will be free to leave here with $10,000 dollars in your purse but I tell you this you will never return and never ever contact me ever again.” He grunted into her ear, “Oh and in case you’re wondering by Sunday night you will have earned the money you leave with!” he added. “Have you ever taken a dog up your arse bitch!” he enquired.
“Oh god no please anything but that; bestiality is disgusting and an affront to human nature!” she screamed.
“So now you agree to anything as long as I do not fetch in my guard dog to fuck you! But minutes ago you were begging to be let go and no more action! Typical a woman who cannot make her mind up and stick to it you are just like all the others!” He snarled.
Gina realised her argument was getting know where she just wanted to get free of the bed and then she would show him; she thought if she just hung it out till it was feeding time he would untie her and then she could get the upper hand. By now he was fucking her arse at lightning speed and soon felt the urge to shoot. Once more he pulled out and sprayed his load all over her arse; then he delighted in taking more photographs.
Sam then climbed off the bed and sat on a stool he brought up beside the bed and he stroked her hair; he adopted the caring approach saying, “there; there my dear girlfriend; it will soon be all over for now! I just need you to do one more thing for me before I rest for a while!” He then climbed in front of her face and she immediately smelt the shit and anal juice on his cock. She panicked thinking he cannot be serious expecting me to suck that clean after it has been up my arse; by now she could see the shit streaks on his cock length. He sensed what was going through her mind and he laughed as he nodded, “Oh yes you filthy bitch; you will suck my cock clean and you will love it or else!” He said as he pointed to the vial he had shown her earlier.
Reluctantly she knew she would have to carry out his wishes but did so unwillingly adding this insult to the catalogue of items she would be seeking revenge for. Now Sam slipped his cock against her still clenched mouth. Pinching her nose made her open her mouth eventually and as soon as she did so; Sam slammed his shitty cock into her mouth and held the back of her head forcing his cock deeper into her mouth as he told her to bathe it with her saliva and wipe it clean with her tongue.
Almost choking on his cock she was powerless to prevent her saliva flowing and of course in the process of swallowing this she swallowed traces of her own shit. She soon found it pointless to resist and began to wash his cock with her tongue and tried to complete the job quickly. This job was not sped up by Sam thrusting his cock fiercely into her mouth until he finally spurted his third load actually in her mouth and Gina swallowed quickly. After years of doing this for paying customers it was no big deal but what hurt most was that she had been forced to do it by a man who she reckoned loved her.
Sam pulled his cock from her mouth and looked down at her still stained face from his first load and laughed; “Sorry my little fuck slut but you have worn me out I need to rest but do not panic for I will recover in plenty of time to make you earn your money, Just so you don’t get out of practise though I have a double surprise for you!” he smirked.
Then he ripped the truncheon violently from her cunt and pushed this into her mouth; telling her to lick her own cunt juices off while he waited for his extra guests to arrive. Gina panicked at hearing about the extra friends and wondered just what Sam had tricked her into.
As Gina struggled to lick the spiky truncheon clean what with it still rotating and vibrating too; she heard the front door bell ring and Sam quickly left the room not even bothering to cover his body. What Gina did not know was that he grabbed a dressing gown from his room on route and opened the door; to six of the most untoward people; one of which he did not really know but knew of him.
He showed them in and told them that they were to make themselves at home for the week end; all food would be provided and there would be an envelope each for their departure. Then he led them up to the guest room and there was Gina still tied down and a black rubber cock like shape sticking from her mouth.
She turned her head and gulped; unable to scream because of the truncheon; she soon recognised the one Sam did not really know as her own pimp. God she had been double crossed; no wonder Sam had said with confidence that her pimp would prefer her to keep working than be paid off.
One by one the guys undress and she noticed one thing common to them all; not one of them had a cock measuring less than nine inches in length. God; how was she going to cope with all this cock when they got going.
Then Sam removed slowly the truncheon from her mouth letting the six guys see how much she had taken in her mouth; then he said, “Don’t be shy Gina; Say hello to my friends and of course you already know Paulo here!”
A blushing Gina smiled and said hello everyone! Sam now feeling confident his plan would work; announced the rules they all had to agree too; which to be honest for the guys was not a problem; however for Gina it was a major problem. “The only rule is ‘Do as you will’ our horny whore of a bitch will take anything you can give her; although she may complain and beg you not too I would ask though before you do anything you tell her what you are going to do to her and how!” he said.
The first guy; Stuart stepped forward and stroked Gina’s chin and said, “As you are tied face down; I think I should stretch you a little and place pillows under your stomach till you form a hump and then I can slam my cock deep into your fucking horny cunt!”
Gina gulped for her arms already ached from being stretched above her head and her legs strained against their bonds too. So to have her arse raised up on pillows; would place extra strain on her legs and arms; she began to beg him not to do this unless he released either her arms or her legs; he just shook his head and laughed.
Five pillows were pushed under her stomach while two of the other guys held her up in the air; now her arms felt really stretched and her calf muscles pulled taut. Then she felt the bed creak as the man climbed behind her; she felt him part her arse cheeks and examine her cunt lips. Then she felt an agonising pain driven deep into her cunt as his hard cock ripped into her. He fucked her like a madman and much to Gina’s astonishment he seemed to last ages; driving six orgasms from her body in quick succession before filling her cunt with spunk; his thick nine inch slimy cock was then presented to her lowered head and he grabbed her hair to pull her mouth level with his cock and he pressed his cock against her lips. She reluctantly; because of the pain of having her hair pulled; she opened her mouth and was forced to suck his cock clean.
As she sucked on the cock in her mouth another body joined her on the bed behind her and after slapping her arse harshly he stuck his large cock up her arse in one strong push; now Gina was being spit roasted on two massive cocks; she stopped registering the fact the one in her mouth was covered in slimy spunk.
The cock in her arse plunged relentlessly on send wave after wave of electrical sparks flying in her cunt and brain. She was already seeking flashing bright white lights in her mind when the cock in her arse erupted flooding her anal canal walls with scalding hot spunk. This cock soon replaced the one in her mouth as another cock now slammed into her cunt feeling swamped in the spunk already there as the guy told her she would soon be sucking twin spunk from her cunt his and the first guys.
Gina tried desperately to plead for forgiveness from Sam to try to end this savage assault by these cocks on her body; but she could not even see Sam now; for he was sat on the chair by the window filming the whole episode. For poor Gina she did not know if he heard her pleas because it was difficult to talk with a cock plunging in and out of her mouth. Sam only heard gibberish and simply assumed it was her cries of passion. Round and round the cocks went fucking from her cunt to her mouth; arse to her mouth and always depositing their spunk in the cunt or arse and making her against her will to suck their shitty cocks or slimy cocks clean. It was nearly six am when they finally finished fucking her and Sam then had one last surprise for Gina; he picked up from under the bed a large syringe with a rubber hose attached to the end and probed Gina’s arse and sucked the shit stained spunk from within; once the syringe was full he told Gina he had her food for breakfast already and promptly forced the tube into her mouth beyond her tonsils and down into her throat; then he pressed then plunger on the syringe sending the mixture of seven different loads of spunk and Gina’s own shit down directly into her stomach.
He was delighted to tell her that for desert she had a similar surprise of the spunk from her own cunt and of course that included her own cunt juices. The seven guys then left Gina still tied to the bed and went downstairs where Sam cooked them all a traditional breakfast of ham and eggs.
One by one the guys finished their food and wandered up stairs to resume their weekend fucking of their captive. Now an exhausted Gina had no fight left so when she was untied from the bed and had her left hand and left ankle fastened together and similar her right hand and right ankle fastened she put up no opposition to it.
Now her positioning was more flexible and she soon had one guys large thick cock slammed into her cunt whilst an even larger thicker one ravaged her arse and to stop her screaming the rubber truncheon was jammed into her mouth and turned to full power. The energy she need to resist had long left her body and now she was just like a rag doll; he body began to shut down and she no longer felt anything from her cunt and arse although the sensations in her mouth were indescribable.
Suddenly she blackout out and unbeknown to her she was carried down stairs and simply tossed still tied into the swimming pool which immediately brought her round although she was now submerged in the deep end of the pool and immediate began to fight the feeling of drowning. She need not have worried for instantly two of the guys jumped in and lifted her clear of the water before passing her on to the pool side.
She was left to dry naturally in the sun and later was told to crawl her way back to her fuck chamber; She cried out that she could not but soon discovered a person can do wondrous things if the pain gets bad enough and with seven men slapping her arse hard the pain was enough for her to discover she could crawl in a fashion.
All day long she was technically raped in every hole and often had her holes sucked clean by the syringe and was force fed the contents of the syringe. Once when the two of them were alone she asked her pimp why he back tracked on their agreement and he simply said that even she was not worth a one to five stretch in the pen.
By Sunday night Gina was a quivering wreck and could barely walk when she was finally released and tossed out of the house naked except for a brown envelope which contained the promised $10,000. But she only kept that till she reached the gate at the roadside for it was quickly seized by her pimp in exchange for a ride in his car and some clothes to ride in. One week later she was back working the streets for her pimp regretting ever having seen that Sam Gambitt had been so successful; As for Sam he began to slowly develop a relationship with Mary his personal secretary and eighteen months alter actually married her and settled down to raise a fine family of two sons and a daughter.

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