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02-04-2010, 05:51 AM
This is my first attempt at a story. If people want more, please comment!!!

Sasha stood at about 5 and a half feet with very round and pert C cup breasts. At 16, she had gone to school with James for a number of years and trusted him as a close and personal friend. James stood at about 6 feet tall, was 17 years old, and, while he was not bad looking was not the hottest guy in school. The two were soon dating and it was an instant success. They did not excel in the lovey dovey romantic crap, but as soon as their lips touched, the needs for words fell away.
Soon enough, it became clear to Sasha that, while James seemed innocent enough on the inside, he had a deep desire for sex. From their long years of friendship, Sasha trusted her new boyfriend completely, which would quickly prove to be her undoing.
A week after they first got together, the couple was in the school library. Sasha, having never had a boyfriend before, was amazed at how wonderful James' moist tongue felt as in darted in between her lips. As he tending to the young woman's neck, Sasha lost track of everything else, most notable, his hands. It was not until he had a firm grip on her right tit that she faltered--and he noticed.
He immediately pulled away, "Are you okay with going there?"
The feeble girl fell right into his trap: "No, No. It's ok, you just startled me."
Deciding to make up for this lack of devotion, she redoubled her efforts on his mouth and slipped off her jacket, playing right into his hands. He pulled her close, and before long was pulling her shirt over her head. She was compliant, but nervous. They were in the library, for goodness sake!! Anyone could catch a glance and know that her boyfriend of one week was eagerly kneading at her virgin titties. She tried to pull away and explain her worry. He wouldn't let her go, he just dragged her into a dark closet and locked the door!
"It will all be ok, Sasha. Nobody will find us, we can do whatever we want."
Sasha was afraid, she had never seen this dominant, sex driven side of James. She could sense the marked increase on the pressure he placed on her breast. Something inside her snapped and she bolted for the lock, trying to escape. He grabbed her, forcing her against the wall. It the dark she could just make out his face as he flattened his body against hers. She could feel it on her thigh: a raging hard-on. For a second she forgot to be scared as she marvelled at how big it must be--8 inches at least! She had caught glimpses of her brother masturbating his 5 inch cock and had thought that was big. As his body pressed against hers, she could feel his hot breath on her ear and neck.
"Don't worry, baby." said James, "this may seem scary at first, but I promise, in a week you'll be begging to take my giant dick up your tight virgin cunt."
James hardly ever used vulgar language, nor was he ever cocky or forceful. Now he was both. To think, sweet, kind James was almost raping her and claiming that she would be begging for sex within two weeks of them first getting together! The very idea was mad! She was shocked and appalled...and suddenly a little wet. True, it was all very scary, but Sasha could feel her body getting hot at the trapped sensation. She had never been told she would definitely want something, not something like that. All she knew was having a man pin her against a wall made her pussy itch and her whole body want more.
James saw the break in the girl's fear and jumped on it. Still right in her ear, he whispered, "I've got you now, and you will like this, my little pet."
Before Sasha knew what had happened she was had been spun around and pushed against the wall. Her fear spiked again, but there was nothing she could do. Her bra loosened as she felt nimble hands undo the clasp. As her bra was quietly removed, a hand eagerly grasped one of her amply sized melons, but not like before. If somewhat gruff, the first contact had been protected by clothing and much more gentle. Now, James gripped hard, pulling her back against what had quickly become a bare chest. She first grimaced at the feeling.
"Stop it, James, you're hurting me," she cried. She almost immediately regretted the complaint. In the darkness, she felt a stabbing pain as twisted her nipple this way and that. Then she heard his voice, slightly changed now.
"I still care about you, but it's time to realize your priorities. A woman's first job is to provide pleasure to men. Allow me to do as I please and I may reward you. Don't and a sore nipple will just be the start of your pain."
She was speechless. Had James really just spoken to her like that!?!? If she tried to run now she might be able to escape this relationship, if it went any further, she didn't know what would happen. As she struggled to decide, the pain on her nipple subsided, even though there was still a firm grip on her left breast. Then she felt it. It was very faint, but through her clothing she felt a slight pressure on her vagina. She went half-limp before the pressure subsided, but only for a second. Then the hand invaded her pants and before she knew it James was cupping her wet, ruffly shaven cunt.
"Now, it's time to decide, Ms. Miller. You can leave right now and we will never acknowledge the others' existence again, or you can stay. I promise to open your world up to untold pleasures, but you must agree to be mine, in every sense of the word. and never refuse me anything i want from you."
She froze. Did she want this? Her body did, but it seemed unlikely she would be able to leave the relationship after today unscathed. The thought whizzed by in a millesecond before she that divine sensation broke through--that of a masculine hand cupping her cunt. Compared to that feeling, her relentlessly squeezed tit felt nothing. She knew that she needed more, she couldn't walk away.
"I'm yours, Master" was her only utterance. She briefly contemplated that she had lost any say in what she did around James and that she was now effectively a slave, before she was deftly spun around and pushed to her knees. Her pleasure hole immediately felt the hands absence, and even her sore breast felt naked without his strong hand on it.
"You will do whatever I ask?"
"I will."
"And obey my every command?"
"To the best of my ability."
A sudden slap across her face was all she felt. "You will do it right or be punished!, understand slave?"
"Yes, master." Sasha said, tears welling in he eyes.
She smelt it first. She had never smelt cum before, but it was unmistakable. At the word "suck" she opened her mouth and accepted the long member. She had no clue what to do, so she just closed her lips around the fat cock and started sucking. As her hand arrived at the base of the incredible dick to assist, she fainted in fright. The rod must have been 10 inches, maybe 12. In the dark she couldn't tell, but was quickly brought back to reality with a demand for more tongue. She knew right then and there, by the tone of his voice, that her master's fantastic appetite would never be fulfilled, and that her only chance would be to keep pace as best as she could. Turned on by the giant meat stick in her mouth, she began accepting more and more into her mouth. James was breathing roughly now and she wanted to please him. She dove forward, slamming her head on to the penis. It penetrated her throat she gagged, but pushed farther, determined.

James had been looking for two years now for his own charge, the type his mistress would be proud of. He was unsure about young Sasha. Having pushed her she had accepted him, and after that, she had started sucking on his cock without much prompting. He knew she would need a lot of work (she was probably still a virgin!) but as she plunged her head onto his rod, he knew she was the one. Her only concern was clearly pleasuring her as she gagged in obvious discomfort. He had been trained to hold off cumming for hours if necessary, but he showed mercy, and released a torrent of white spunk down the Sasha's young throat.
She tried to swallow it all, and for the most part she succeeded.
"Slut, you have done very well, showing your enthusiasm, but unfortunately you have let some of my precious baby making seed go to waste. You don't expect me to let this slide do you?"
He didn't seem angry, but she knew she would be punished. She was new to S and M, but it was clear by his tone that there would be pain. Still locked in the closet, the light was suddenly turned on. The light from the crack of the door had been sufficient for James to see the cum that had seeped out of her mouth and fallen on her chest. Now, in the radiant light, she looked down and saw the white stuff on her mound. Level with her eyes was his cock, it may have been a trick of the light, but she thought she saw it getting hard again. She bowed down and apologized, but it fell on deft ears.
"Failure must be punished, my young fuck slut." With that James pulled her up, turning her another 180 degrees before resting both hands on her C cup melons. And then the pain came, her nipples were twisted. She cried out, but he didn't stop. It was ruthless, and she loved it. Every stabbing pain was filled with sexual tension and when he finally released streams of her own precum had run down her legs.
"Your swallowing skills need work, but they can be improved. When we leave here today, we will act as a normal couple, and u may call me James again, but when we are alone, you will be my slave. Next time, if you perform flawlessly, I may reward you."
With that he left, ignoring her and the need for a orgasm built up inside her cunt. She quietly finger fucked herself to an orgasm, hoping for the day when she was truly rewarded.

mrs babyisblue
02-04-2010, 09:15 AM
very good for your first attempt i like the way you have left it open so if you want you can add more to this story well done

Brigit Astar
02-04-2010, 04:45 PM
thank you, sexmaster, for this story. Please continue

02-12-2010, 09:37 AM
mmm.... intriguing. i want to know more about james' previous training and his mistress. =) and of course, i want to know more about sasha and her growth with james. keep writing!

02-12-2010, 03:16 PM
good story, keep up the writing