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02-07-2010, 08:21 AM
The first casual encounter.

Let me introduce my wife, let’s just call her that.
Her description, Thai, 48 years, 148 cm tall, 48 kilo, A+ tits, nice figure, good ass, long black hair, brown eyes.
Had three children, some stretch marks on her belly, and a rather tight, juicy pussy.

My wife was married before, for nearly 16 years, to some shitty bastard that treated her like shit, and had a lot of pleasure in belittling her, ignoring her, threatening her, in short a genuine bastard.
When she decided to divorce him, he kept on threatening her, for another 3 years, until he had to good grace to have a fatal car accident, to the relief of my wife and his children.

Anyway, that is all past history, but maybe illustrative of the life my wife had.
Never in her life did she go out alone, never had any men beside her ex, never had a good time.
Always taking care, working very long days for 7 days a week

Some 6 years ago I met her through the internet because of a common friend.
At first there was nothing serious, but I soon found out this was a very good woman.
I visited her a few times, and got really smitten with her,
So we got married.
I assure you, I found myself a very good woman who takes care of me and who let me take care of her.
I also found out very soon, after the initial reserves were gone, that my wife was a very sensual woman that liked sex very much indeed., she was always in the mood and could go on and on.
It was not long before I bought her a dildo.
At first she was affronted by it, but slowly she got interested, and it did not really take long before she used the thing.
She loved it!

About 3 years ago, being on holiday in my home country, I asked her is she would like to visit a club.
At first no, but a week later her interest was raised sufficiently to ask me to go there.
Well we did, and she did have sex with another man and enjoyed it very much.

We came back home, and she never talked about what had happened.
After nearly a year she asked me if there might be a club like that in Thailand.
Tried to find out, but could find nothing of the kind, maybe they exist, but not in the part of the country we live in.
However, I asked her if maybe she was interested in meeting another man in our own house.
Again it took some time before she got used to that idea, and finally she asked me if this could be done.
I heard from a friend that he used Craigslist for finding sex-contacts, so I did put a small ad in there.
We received maybe 6 answers, and after some sifting decided on an America guy living in Korat.
He was duly invited and arrived on a Friday evening.
Had a meal together, some drinks, and around 21:00 my wife decided to go the next step and disappeared in the batroom for a shower and a change in something easy, and quite revealing actually.
The guy also took a shower, and reappeared in his shorts.
It took them about 10 minutes to go to the bedroom for further proceedings.
I heard a lot of noises indicating sex, for quite a long time, and joyfull sounds from my wife, and after maybe an hour a grunting sound from the guy, I would say he climaxed too.

Later my wife came out of the bedroom, spread a towel on the couch, sat down, and was followed by the guy with a very big grin on his face.
He put his arm around her and fondled her tits, something she likes very much.
But, time for a drink, she broke of the fondling walked to the kitchen to get drinks.
She called me, and said she was so sorry, but she forgot a condom, please do not be angry with me.
I got kicked into 3rd gear by that, and I asked her to let me feel.
Well, let me say it in this way, the guy had saved!
Her pussy was leaking sperm on her thighs, and her inside was overflowing.
I just answered, no problem, I like!

Maybe midnight we went to bed, the guy to the other bedroom, and I took my wife to bed.
It did not take very long before I also emptied my balls into her pussy.
Maybe half an hour later my wife was asleep, and just before I followe her into dreamland, knock…knock.
I opened the door, and ther was the guy, with a very stiff dick, and asking me softly if it might be possible, please?
I told him to go ahead.
So I gently woke up my wife and told her someone was having a sriff dick, can you please help him.
She smiled, and answered, ok.
So before my eyes the guy sat down on his knees between her opened legs, and slowly entered her overflowing pussy.
After some slow moves, the speed of his pumping went up and he fucked her, very hard , for about half an hour,
My wife climaxed several times, and when he started to climax they came together.
Again he pumped his sperm inside her.
After he went to his own bed, I was so horny, I fucked my wife again.

In the morning, quite early, I felt my wife get out of bed.
Not too long later, I heard the sex sounds again from the other bedroom, and heard both climax again.
My wife came back to our bedroom grinning with a leaking pussy, and said to me “next please”.
Which I did.
After breakfast the guy went back home.

We repeated this happening another three times with 3 different guys,
All encounters were succesfull, and very well liked by my wife.

Time for the next step.
I asked my wife if she ever went out alone, before her marriage with her ex, or after her divorce.
I knew she never did, but one has to start somewhere to reach a target.
She told me she never did, and maybe did not dare to.
So I decided to make a bet, I dare you to go out alone, have a drink somewhere, and maybe some guy starts to talk to you.
And maybe he will ask you to come with him, who knows.
OK, she said, and what then, I go with him.
Well, was my answer, that is up to you, but maybe the guy will ask you to come with you because maybe he would like to have sex with you, don’t you think so.
To make a long story a little shorter, last Saturday evening was the try-out.
I told her to let me know, one way or another, that she went with a guy, and only give her second mobile number!

Around 21:00 I brought her to the entertainment area from our home town, and my wife disappeared into a bar.
Being an open-fronted bar it was quite easy to keep an eye on her.
I found myself a spot in another bar where I could see her, and just waited.
Maybe half an hour later a young guy, maybe 30-35 years old, arrived in the bar, sat down at the bar and looked around.
Took him about 5 minutes to make up his mind that maybe my wife could be interesting.
So he strolled over to her table, and asked her if he could sit down, and she indicated with her hand to feel free to sit down.
They started talking, quite animated I think, had a few laughs, consumed a drink or two, all very promising.
Then another man, also 30-35 years of age I guess arrived, sat down opposite my wife, ordered a drink and also started to talk to my wife and the first guy.
Maybe 22:30 another guy arrived, also sat down at the same table, also had a drink and started to talk too.
In the meantime the first guy had his arm around my wife’s shoulder, and he gave her a kiss.
After that, things sped up.
The whole group stood up, paid the bar, and walked out.
I followed them from a distance to a house around 10 minutes from the bar, where my wife and the three guys entered.
After a few minutes my mobile rang, my wife, she told me that she was ok, with some guys, and would stay there.
I could get home, because they would bring her home.
I decided to wait for half an hour, saw the light n the bedroom switched on, some one closed the curtains and I heard the airco start it’s cooling work.
Just before I decided to go home, another guy arrived at the door, and was let in by a man dressed in only underpants.
So there were four guys there, hopoe they would not really hurt my wife.

I went home, what else could I do, left my phone on, was only a few minutes away from the guy’s house, so in an emergencey……

Around 2 in the morning my wife called me to tell me all was well, but she was very busy, bye!

Around 7 in the morning she called agian to tell me she would be brought home, so I opened the gate and waited.
A car came, my wife got out, I went to her, closed the gate again, and we went to the bedroom together.
She looked awful!
Her hair in disarray, dried sperm in her hair, and obviously, she had no bra, nor I saw later, a slip .
She laid down on a big towel, asked me to undress her, and there she laid.
Her legs apart, her pussy was leaking sperm, looked very red and swollen.
Her tits were swollen, and there were some marks on her hips of lovebites.
Then she started to tell me what happened.
All in all she was fucked 15 times.
Twelve times in her pussy and three times in her mouth.
The last time she was fucked by all four guys was between 6 and 7, 3 times in her pussy and one time in her mouth.
So that was the score.
When they arrived in the house she was undressed directly after entering the house, and the guys started to feel her up.
One of the guys went upstairs and came back naked, he took her by the hand and brought her upstairs.
They started licking and feeling her, kneeding her tits and nipples, fingering her pussy.
Then the guy number 4 arrived, and things started to heat up.
When the first one entered her, she climaxed.
She went on climaxing, and climaxing again.
Around 3 in the night she fell asleep with a guy on each side of her.
Around 5 she woke up because someone had put a finger in her pussy, and another guy was licking her tits.
Then they started to fuck her again, and three cum in her pussy and one in her mouth.

After that she asked to be brought home, one guy brought her home.
And there she was.
Fucked out, with a sloppy, wide open, irritated and very full pussy,

Well did I fuck her too?
Of course I did, although her pussy was very sloppy and stretched wide open, I loved it.

Will she do this again?
Who knows?

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thank you for this addition